April 4, 2011 (#803)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 4, 2011:

You'll Be Starvin' because Elites Follow Darwin:

"Private Military Industrialists Peruse Your Information,
Dissects and Assimilates Each Association,
Everyone Must Be Predictable for "Reasons of Safety",
You'll Know This if You've Read News Articles Lately,
Post-Nation-State World is Now Consolidated
In a Post-Democratic System Contemplated
Long Ago by Elite Rich "Wise Men",
Relayed to Public by Scribblers with Pen,
The World's Too Untidy with People and Rights,
Depopulation is Underway by Some Guiding Lights,
Going Down by Inoculation, Radiation Austerity,
Hammer of the Big Boys Swings with Severity,
Elites' Pristine Planet, Future Anticipated,
A World Re-Wilded, Population Decimated"
© Alan Watt April 4, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 4, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on April the 4th 2011.  Newcomers, I always suggest you look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and help yourself to the audios which are there for download for free; there’s hundreds to choose from.  Hopefully it will give you shortcuts to the big picture of the system into which you’re born.  It was on the go long before your parents were born and their parents too.  We’re kept at a low level of a fake reality basically, at the bottom.  We’re entertained and kept very, very busy too, working away and we’re given nonsense by the media to give us this fake reality.  It’s in the movies too and so on, although you actually get more truth in some of the movies than you will in the media.  I try to give you the shortcuts to understanding how it works and how your mind is basically run for you by think tanks and professionals in psychology, mass behavior, all that kind of stuff, the culture creators basically. 


When you are in the site, remember that you are the audience that bring me to you so you’ll find the paypal button and how to order books and disks that I have for sale.  Hopefully that will keep me ticking over because I don’t bring on guests who really are there to sell things to the audience.  That’s what most hosts do. That’s how they make their money and that’s okay; that’s called commerce and business.  But I try to keep this basically down to a broadcast, a broadcast where hopefully I can educate you to some extent and at least give you pointers on how to start looking for yourselves.  I don’t try to take you over or tell you to follow me.  I just want you to look into what I show you and you can take yourself from there, because everyone must decide for themselves what’s going on.  And we’ve got to become individuals again too, and certainly knowledge is power.  I try, hopefully, and give you the organizations and the articles and the books from the big boys themselves, which are far superior than reading anything out of the media.  So buy the books and disks I have for sale.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember too, straight donations would certainly be appreciated because that’s generally how this thing just trickles over here.  This is more than a full-time job.  It’s not even something I would push on my worst enemy.  It’s something I decided that had to be done, years ago. 


Because I saw all this coming up a long, long time ago, this wonderful new world order, a utopia eventually – after the horror, of course, that we all have to go through – for a FEW to come through; you know, the better kind, the better families, that type of stuff, the ones with the long genealogies.  That’s also what they really do.  They have massive think tanks working for themselves always planning their future, and prime of all and foremost of all, is their own personal survival through anything at all.  And they literally have looked at every possible scenario of things that could happen, things they want to happen, and things that can happen outside of their control, and how they themselves will survive.  That’s what it’s all about.  It’s a form of Darwinism and they were on the go long before they put Darwin out there in front to bring in a form of secular humanism. 


So look into the site cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  If you find sticking on downloads try the alternate sites which are listed there; these are the official sites I have.  That might go through easier, so many folk go into the .com site at the same time you might find problems once in a while.  Not too often but once in a while and that’s why there’s lots of my sites listed; they’re right up there.  Now, I’ll go into the events as you hold onto your sanity, as I said years ago, because you’ll have to hold onto your sanity as we go through what’s going on and coming up.  Back with more after this.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix.  Tonight, as always, I’ll be putting up links to the articles I read so that you can look them up for yourselves and see what you think.  Maybe save them for future use because really a lot of this stuff goes missing down the road.  So save them and burn them onto disks or whatever you want to do, put them onto external hard drives.  One day in the future, hopefully, there’ll be some people around with some knowledge of what’s happened before, as opposed to the new reality you’ll have even then, as we constantly see history go down the memory hole, even when it’s happening.  One or two days and they’re gone, a lot of the articles, so you got to really keep these articles.  You can’t explain to people; they all want proof of course.  And the ones who are too far gone, you can show them the proof and it won’t make any difference anyway; they’ll go with the most current government version.  And they’re well trained; they’re simply totally indoctrinated, really.  It’s done very well on them.  So I’ll put these articles up, as I say, that I read.


We see the intertwining of private business, which is really fascism, private business and government.  Public/private partnerships they call it now; it sounds much better than fascism.  And our tax money is used to finance the big corporations and they get their kickbacks, for the contracts to government that gave it to them.  That’s how the system really works.  It always has worked this way and sometimes, once in a blue moon, we hear the fact that it has always worked this way.  I can remember when Mulroney was in and they had a big contract for aircraft for Canada and a guy who was the middleman to do the dealing eventually was charged, because they had to get a scapegoat when it leaked out.  He said, this is the way, we always put a bribe out towards the people who want to buy it, to get the contract from – and this is in the millions of course – and that’s standard business practice at that level.  That’s what the lobbyists are all about of course too.  And we like to pretend it’s nice and clean and it’s anything but clean.  It’s a different set of rules up there, of course, different laws for special people.


As I say, we see this, private businesses getting in touch with everything.  I also mentioned before, last week, and before that too, that you’ll find, for instance, your taxes for the year are really done and sent over to India, this outsource as they call it, from Canada and the US and they do the taxes and then saddle it back to the States again.  Well it’s even worse than that because they’re also doing the same with the Census.  I mentioned the big companies that are in on the Census deals this year.  This article comes from Sheila in Scotland; she’s got the schoolhouse.  I’ll put the site up too for her because she does a lot of exposure of Big Brother Scotland and what’s going on there with all the social engineering for this beautiful new world order.  This one is about – she sent me the link to the one – the company that’s called CACI.  It says...


CACI awarded £18.5m contract to process Scottish Census



The contract, awarded by the General Register Office for Scotland (Alan:  Which is called...) (GROS) (A:  ...appropriately.) for census printing and data capture services, is for the 2011 Census. This will be the first time the Scottish Census has used both traditional paper and new online questionnaires. Scotland's last Census was held in 2001.


It goes on and on about how it’s done and so on and how it’s legal, you got to fill it in, etc, etc, but here’s a private company.  Now, who is CACI?  You’ll find this company is involved... this is the same company, intelligence agencies, that also works with governments too.  They took over Abu Ghraib in fact, to do with interrogation, after all the bad news came out and kept interrogating too.  So here’s basically the Military-Industrial boys again, the private corporations, who’ve been involved in intelligence for CIA and all the rest of it, doing the Census for Scotland.  So they know all the people’s data in Scotland as well. 


It’s just astonishing, but not really because I said in 2001, if you think this is bad, hold on to your sanity because we’re going on a rollercoaster from now on. And we truly are.  We truly are.  We’ve seen the whole world change and that’s what one of the big boys said themselves at 9/11, they said, the world’s never going to be the same again.  And he meant it because you see, it’s not planned, it was never planned to be the same again once they got what they wanted. These ‘fortunate events’ that they always want, and need to happen to get a totalitarian world system rushed through you see, and 9/11 just happened to fall in their lap, just like that.  We find the same thing with the Copenhagen agreements to do with bringing down the people to austerity, reducing carbon and all the rest of it, closing down the coal plants and then they go and start this whole thing for closing down nuclear reactors, because they got what they wanted in Japan.  I mean, these guys could walk into a casino and clean the whole place out they’re so darned lucky aren’t they?  Hmm?  Is this luck?  Is it really luck?  Well I wonder.


And as I say, I’ll put up 2 or 3 articles on CACI.  You’ll find their home page and so on and what else they’re involved in.  They’re a big, kind of mercenary intelligence outfit, out for hire, and that’s what they do, employed by governments now as well.  I’ll put up Sheila from the schoolhouse too; she does the home education forums, this is for homeschoolers and so on too, and tells them how to try to get around things without getting put in the slammer. 


CACI – Ever Vigilant  -- A National Asset for Priorities   CACI.com


Scottish government hires firm accused of torture in Iraq - heraldscotland.com /26 Jul 2008/Neil Mackay


Sheila Struthers – Big Brother Scotland - Home-education.biz


Now, ha!  As I say, hang on to your sanity as we go through the rollercoaster because you’d think you’re living in insanity just scouring what’s given as news... you really would.  Because see, every pressure group is out in force right now all clamoring to get what they want.  And it’s all working in towards either equal rights – which are actually beyond equal rights, it’s special rights for different groups – and to change the face of society forever, to change what’s left... there are very few families left anyway to destroy; they have new definitions of families and so on.  It’s a whole new way of living that’s coming in; it’s to be different than any that’s been seen before.  We’re already really in it.  In Toronto, for instance, they’ve got a....


‘Sluts’ march against sexual assault stereotypes (A:  No kidding.)

thestar.com / Apr 3 2011 / RICHARD LAUTENS/TORONTO STAR


Hundreds of self-proclaimed “sluts” marched through downtown Toronto Sunday afternoon, protesting a police officer’s suggestion that women could avoid sexual assault by not dressing provocatively.


In fishnets and stilettos, t-shirts and jeans, a three-piece suit and a birthday suit, hundreds of self-proclaimed “sluts” marched through downtown Toronto Sunday afternoon, protesting a police officer’s suggestion that women could avoid sexual assault by not dressing provocatively.


Polly Esther walked off the subway in a plunging neckline and knee-high platform boots to join the noisy, spirited march from Queen’s Park to police headquarters on College St. She raised a hand-lettered sign, its simple but stark message definitive of that of the protest: “Xmas 1985. 14 years old. Bundled in layers. How did I deserve it?”  (A:  In other words, someone who was raped before, because supposedly of the way they were dressed... at least that was the connotation.)


“It has nothing to do with what you’re wearing,” said Esther, 39. “And I’m living proof of that.”  (A:   I wonder what a slut is today anyway.  I mean, what is a slut today?  I don’t know what it is.  I’ve seen music television, once in a blue moon, and I just don’t know what a slut is anymore so it’s hard to figure out.)


Now, in Libya we also know that, from The Independent, it says...


Western military advisers become visible in Benghazi

Former Royal Navy officer is 'consultant' to rebels and small British convoy say they are 'engineers'

Independent.co.uk / By Kim Sengupta in Ajdabiya and David Randall in London / 3 April 2011


The first discernible signs of mission creep by the coalition were detected in Libya yesterday. In several places around Benghazi, there were palpable signs that Western "assistance" was active on the ground. 


What they’re doing, they’ve found out there’s UK personnel, special forces, there and they’re bringing in high-tech surface-to-air missiles, training the so-called rebels how to use them and so on.  And it’s right out in the open that there’s massive Western aid coming there and they’re getting these missiles via Egypt; they’ve brought in Egyptian special forces to work with them now that they’ve conquered Egypt.  So that’s really way on the go.  And mind you, they’ve killed I think more civilians than any of Kaddafi’s forces.  Anyway, that doesn’t matter; it’s collateral damage and they’ve got to get this done.  I’ll try too and put a link up to Brzezinski and you’ll see him on television where he talked about the US’s role there because he was talking about American strategic interests and the vital interests and so on. So, nothing about saving the people or anything else, just about American interests and Israel’s interests combined.  So he talks about it quite openly.


Zbigniew Brzezinski On CNN About Libya / youtube.com


I’ll put another one up too, on Big Brother Scotland [See above]; it’s quite interesting, where they go through... Scotland’s way ahead now on snooping on children and maybe children even snooping on parents, and the electronic child surveillance systems they’ve got rolled out there.  For a country that’s so small, and it’s supposedly bankrupt along with the rest of them, they’re doling out money from the Military-Industrial Complex like crazy with contracts to make sure that everyone’s under the Big Brother in a big way, big style.  Quite amazing but you know, Scotland really was a socialist country for a long time and the big boys that put the union boys in there too made sure that it would stay that way.  That was always the plan of course. 


One of the articles too, is to do with Japan.  They are now disposing of the radioactive water at sea, more of it I should say.  It says...


Japan to dump radioactive water in sea

Japan plans to dump 11,500 tons of radioactive water at sea to free up storage space at its crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant for more highly contaminated water, the plant's operator said Monday.

bangkokpost.com / 4/04/2011


The operator of Japan’s damaged Fukushima 1 nuclear plant has announced its plans to dump water containing radioactive materials into the sea to free up storage for more highly contaminated water. 


Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) said  Monday that some 11,500 tons of relatively low radioactive waste water (A:  I love this ‘low’ stuff, eh?) will be released into the Pacific ocean possibly from Tuesday. 


"We have no choice but to release water tainted with radioactive materials into the ocean as a safety measure," Edano said.


So that’s that on Japan.  And I’m also putting up, too, links to some very good photographs of a small drone that was sent over the sites there.  You’ll see there’s nothing left to see.  These things were in fission in the first day that they melted down, as far as I can see.  And they’ve been hiding this from us all.  Tremendous photographs, you’ll see what’s left.  You’ll see the pipes broken outside and all the rest of it, of these reactors.  You’ll see some of them have actually melted right through to the ground; you can actually see the holes where steam or something is coming out, or smoke is coming out.  So we’re really being radiated in a high, high dosage.  I’m also putting up a link to a site to show you from the government’s own web site, which is well hidden by the way, so you can check up to see the radiation levels in your own area, especially in the US.  Back with more after this break.


Real Time US Radiation Monitoring Of Japan Nuclear Radioactivity Fallout

blog.alexanderhiggins.com /   Posted by Alexander Higgins - March 19, 2011


Hi folks, I’m back and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about the articles that I’ll put up at cuttingthroughthematrix.com at the end of the show.  One of them is also from UNESCO.  It says UNESCO is involved in new atomic weights table. They’re actually altering it all, and they are including carbon this time as well, a different kind of rating for carbon.  After all, we’ve all to get charged money for breathing in the very near future and so on.  So I’ll put that up for you. 


Atomic Weights of Ten Chemical Elements About to Change  -  12/13/2010  /  usgs.gov


Also, there’s another one.  It’s to do with the Economic Union, the Commission, the EU parliament has got an increase of safety of radioactive foods as an emergency measure, prewritten of course for such an incident like this, where they actually up the safety standards of the radiation contamination allowable in foodstuffs and water and so on.  You have to go through Google translator to get it, it’s in French, but it’s from the EU parliament itself.  So that’s already in effect.  They’ve increased the so-called safe levels, by quite a lot in fact, and are trying to keep the public fairly quiet and in the dark about it.  That’s why it wasn’t widely publicized outside of their own site.  So I’ll put that up for you to look at as well tonight. 


Official Journal of the European Union  -  eur-lex.europa.eu


Quite something that’s happening though isn’t it?  Another one too, is from Greenpeace actually, and we know they’re all lefties and they’ve got a big agenda and all the rest of it. But they did a good one on going around outside of the Fukushima plant, around the so-called evacuation zone, and they show you themselves going around with the different radiation meters, and they’re off the charts apparently; one of them maxed out at 9999+ cpm and that was 35 kilometers from Fukushima, well beyond the so-called evacuation zone, which was far to small to start with, that one.  So you can watch that from YouTube as well. 


Fukushima meltdown may be worse than Chernobyl…  -  enenews.com / April 2nd, 2011


I’ve said this for years, you know, once we go into this mayhem, this chaos that would be created, and that’s what we’re in right now by the way, a deliberate created chaos, as they ram all these different things through for carbon taxes, energy taxes and new kinds of taxes all over the place, after being 9/11’ed.  We were 9/11’ed, we were bankrupted with the banks, then we bailed out the banks by borrowing money from private money lenders again, and taxes go up and all the rest of it.  Then we have this thing happening now with terrorism everywhere of course, we’re all under terrorism and we must all be watched and every military supplier is in on the act now.  The Military-Industrial Complex is in the act of monitoring us, watching us, and doing private contracts with governments to monitor the internet and all the rest of it.  But you’ve got to pay for all this, you see.  It says here in this article from The Real Time Economics.


To Contain Future Budget, US Must Raise Taxes By 35%,

Cut Entitlements 35%

blogs.wsj.com / April 4, 2011 / By Ian Talley


(A:  Now I said that, when we’re finishing off the last jobs to be done, that’s the Middle East, the countries that are not on a standardized central banking/borrowing system, usury free.  When they’re finishing all that off they’ll be pulling the rug from underneath the people back in America at the same time, and that’s exactly what they’re doing.)


To restrain the U.S.’s future budget crisis, the federal government must raise taxes by at least 35% and cut entitlements such as health care and Social Security by 35%, International Monetary Fund economists warned Monday in a new working paper.  (A:  The IMF, the big daddy of them all, that works for The World Bank.  That’s again, what Carroll Quigley talked about.  He talked about the Bank for International Settlements, these ones come underneath it, the International Monetary Fund and so on; the International Settlements Bank would be the ultimate bank for lending money across the world, which it’s pretty well become now.)


While the projected ballooning of future costs of entitlements as the so-called baby boomer generation enters old age (A:  They’re always on about that, like there’s nobody getting born or nobody’s immigrating into the country, eh.) isn’t new, the IMF paper’s quantifying just how much the federal government will have trim its balance sheets sheds fresh light on the political hurdles ahead.


Raising taxes and cutting spending on health care, Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are some of the most sensitive issues for voters.


The IMF paper, written by Nicoletta Batini, Giovanni Callegari and Julia Guerreiro, shows that if the government doesn’t cut entitlements, it will have to raise taxes by 88% to pay for their costs.


Since the federal government has historically collected around 18% of gross domestic product in taxes, the mandatory entitlement programs may absorb all federal revenues as early as 2026, when the cost of servicing the debt is included in the calculation, the economists say.


The IMF officials use the Congressional Budget Office‘s most realistic scenario for future U.S. budget outlooks, which say that President Barack Obama‘s new health-care law will save some costs, but the ability of the Independent Payment Advisory Board to slash costs will be limited. Also, the IMF assumed that existing tax cuts remain until 2020, given that many analysts say it will be nearly impossible for the government to raise taxes.  (A:  When you’ve got all these wars to pay for too and money to give out to certain countries across the world as well.  So it does not look good whatsoever.)


Of course the same thing is happening elsewhere.  In Britain they’re slamming them, because they’re all part of this one too, to bring them down to a third-world state level once they’ve finished off their job.  And it’s almost there now.  It says...


Ministers (A:  That’s the politicians.) admit family debt burden is set to soar

Toby Helm and Daniel Boffey guardian.co.uk, Saturday 2 April 2011


(A:  You wouldn’t want to go to Britain now.   I don’t want to go there; I know how bad it is.)


Chancellor George Osborne unveils the budget. The Office for Budget Responsibility (A:  What a joke, eh?) predicts average household debt will reach £77,000 by 2015.


Families will be hit by a spiralling debt crisis over the next four years that will see average British households plunge further into the red as the government austerity programme bites, official figures reveal.  (A:  Austerity means POVERTY, folks, and that’s the goal of the new world order.  Back with more after this.)


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and there’s Al from Oregon hanging on the line there so we’ll talk to him now.  Are you there Al? 


Al:  Yes I am, Alan; thank you for all the information you disseminate.  Being a baby boomer, rock music had a huge influence on my perception and now in retrospect I can see that I was maybe misguided in some of the things that I believed in due to music.  You having a background in rock music, is it your contention that groups like the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, Frank Zappa, you  know the list goes on and on, were in on this new world order philosophy?


Alan:  I’ll tell you what they knew about it.  What they knew, or were taught, and they were selected too, for their opinions, for their social leanings, and that was that there would be a nice utopia, a socialist utopia coming out of it.  That’s the level they were at.  You see that more with John Lennon who had a tremendous dilemma later in life because he ended up being a multi-millionaire and he was still pushing socialism for the working person, and his lifestyle was not conducive to his politics anymore and he went through a hard time obviously trying to reconcile the two, when his wife had a mansion, one mansion just to hold her minks you know, stuff like that.  So they’re taught about this wonderful utopia and it’s also sold to them as a kind of freedom coming along the road.  When you go into ones like the Stones too, the Stones weren’t a bunch of just rugged dope smokers.  Mick Jagger was an economist, and he still does the group’s books today, you know.  That’s why they became so wealthy and didn’t lose the cash, they did their own bookkeeping. So the guy had smarts on him too.  They were given heavy promotion at that time because the big boys in the culture industry, especially the BBC which you thought would be ultra-conservative, was the main station pushing the drugs and having interviews with them falling off chairs and tee-hee aren’t we naughty so that the children would copy this stuff.  So this is promoted from the top down.  Like Plato says, no cultural change happens from the grassroots, if it did they’d have to eliminate it or they’d lose control.  It’s all authorized from the top down and that’s how it is.  There’s a good site, too, I’ll put up as well about the history of the Frankfurt School. They were brought in early to manage all music and to manage the messages in music and find new ways... they even brought in strobescopes and stuff, the guys that worked with them, and the guys who worked with The Grateful Dead too; I’ve gone through the history of those guys.  They were all ex-military guys at the top that ran The Grateful Dead; they went around America handing out bags of LSD.  They had the same thing in Britain, throwing literally sacks of LSD over the university walls, all for free, to make sure it was kicked off properly. 


Al:  This is interesting stuff.  Do the fact that people like, were, are getting knighthoods now, and the irreverent Englishmen Ron Stewart singing American standards.  It’s just all those in... quick for some reason, but I can see that maybe it was part of a plan.


Alan:  Oh, it’s part of a plan and there’s a good web site out too.  It does some of the history of the head groups that were brought out at that time.  You mentioned Zappa, and it’s about Laurel Canyon if you look it up; it’s probably in my archives section too in my web site cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  [davesweb.cnchost.com]  They go through the history of these characters. They all came from military families you know, intergenerational military families, even Madonna comes from an intergenerational military family.  So they all have that in common.  That’s what they use for the US of course.  As I say, the Military-Industrial boys, or military families were also in charge of many of these top groups right through to the present day. 


Al:  And right up to the present, there’s a group down here in the States under the flag of United We Strike and they’re pushing for an economic national, international boycott.  What are your thoughts on something like that?  Is that the way to get to these people, through their pocketbook?


Alan:  You could, but the problem is you’d never get enough people on board at the same time to do it.  The public have a tremendous power, but remember most of the public are quite content with this system; even when it’s changing they adapt into it and as long as they don’t personally get kicked out of their homes or beaten over the head with uniformed guys, they go along with everything.  You can’t get people on board.  You can bring the country to a standstill if enough people just said, we’re not going to work tomorrow, you know.


Al:  Well, that’s what they’re shooting for I think, they’re going for something on the 15th, tax day down here.  Well, thank you. That’s my input for today.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. And it’s true too, you know, when you think about it, enough folk just saying no.  What are they going to do, lock you all up in prison?  Well they can’t do that so they’d have to find some other way to compromise or whatever.  Politicians are very good at compromising especially when it’s cash going into their pockets unfortunately.  They’re known for compromising on most stances.  But they would have to keep the economy going, what’s left of it, somehow to pay the taxes and all the rest of it, or the money that’s due to the banks, although it’s all a big con.  You can bring the country to a standstill over the price of fuel if you wanted to, or just not going to work and saying, that’s enough, you know.  But people won’t get together and do that sort of thing.  The ones who will are generally at the lower strata of society; they’ll say okay, we’ll go along with it.  The ones who are a bit better off and into the middle classes, they never think anything’s going to happen to them and that’s why they don’t come and help the lower classes; that’s traditional in history. That’s why they squeal like pigs when it ends up hurting them too; they actually squeal like pigs... because they never thought it would happen to them, right.  [Alan chuckles.] ...they were too important.  So that’s the reality of it. 


Now, there’s Brian in the UK.  Are you there Brian?


Brain:  Hello Alan.  You were mentioning earlier about the internet being monitored.  I was wanting to find out if this is primarily private organizations that are empowered or contracted to do this kind of work?


Alan:  Well, I’ll tell you how it works.  The NSA, for instance, the National Security Agency, is in charge pretty well for global monitoring.  What the CIA do and have always done, MI6 does it too, MI5 does it, they put out legitimate companies out there and they might even produce something or do secondary services, but their main job is intelligence gathering.  So they’re private, technically private; it gives them an awfully free hand to do a lot of things because you can’t get back at them through them.  They’ll say, well we’re not really government, so you can’t complain to the government about them.  Or the government will say, well they’re not our boys, you know.  So that’s how they do it.  Now, you’ll find...


Brain:  ....also [inaudible] security isn’t it?


Alan:  Yes.  And that’s why Google’s up there.  You understand, systems are made to be winners.  Any competitors come up, they end up getting bought over or they’re losers because they must make sure that everyone’s data is going through the same systems.  That’s why they created Google. Google is an intelligence gathering system, that’s also allowed to take contracts from private contractors as well for advertising and all that kind of stuff.  But they’re essentially part of the Military-Industrial Complex.  There are some YouTube videos up there where the CEO of Google talks about that, that they give everything over to MI5, MI6 and so on.  Everything!  So it is part of the intelligence systems network.  Now there are some other ones too which are given a free hand.  You’ll find your governments also give special universities select data access to computers as well.  It’s the universities that are doing the psychological profiles on you for the Pentagon and for Whitehall and so on, in England.  They do your clusters of friends, all that stuff, and actually personality profile you for them.  So it’s an amazing system up there.  There’s nothing out there anymore that really is private.


Brain:  Also I heard of foreign companies being contracted, say, within the UK or wherever to do this type of work, maybe because they’ve got the ability of the expertise.


Alan:  Oh, it’s already happening.  As I say too, that first article I ready by CACI, that’s an intelligence gathering system.  It also works and it’s worked with the CIA and it’s doing the Scottish Census 2011.  They were given the £1.whatever million contract for it, 11 million or 22 million, I can’t remember, contract to do Scotland.  And it’s based in America.  It’s definitely hand-and-glove with the CIA, no doubt whatsoever.  These were the guys who ran Abu Ghraib, by the way.  It’s an intelligence service.


Brain:  What was the name of that company again?


Alan:  It’s C-A-C-I and I’ll put up the links at cuttingthroughthematrix.com at the end of this talk tonight, to their web sites and to their contracts with Scotland and so on and you can read it for yourself.


Brain:  Just before I go, I’m sorry to keep you, but is there any books that you can pick up or read that you would recommend on this subject, communications and sort of national security?


Alan:  The best places to get them, actually, are to go into university web sites, because see, all the big universities now are working for government. They get massive grants from government; they also get grants from the foundations, the big foundations like Rockefeller, Ford, Carnegie, Guggenheim and so on, which again is part of this new world order system.  They print up a lot of their papers, as they call them.  You can also go into the Council on Foreign Relations web site and they’ll give you the external plan; they have another one for the inner members, inner circles they call it.  For instance, I was reading today that Harvard has been working on a project, Harvard University, on the Black Sea area that’s called the Black Sea Project.  They’ve got all the big military-industrial boys on board with them because they expect trouble down there in the future.  Their job is to find ways, as a massive think tank using public taxpayer’s money, and the university itself, to find ways to make it another American satellite and under American dominions.  So your big universities are a big, big part of all of this.


Brain:  Well thanks very much, Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


And that’s how it works.  Nothing is as it seems.  This blurring now between private and corporate and government is well underway and government can always wash their hands and say, well it’s not our company, even though they’re using it to collect data on people.  It’s just astonishing now.  See, the real power in this world... see, we’re SUPRA governmental now.  We’re above governments in this world order.  Professor Carroll Quigley said it himself.  He said, this new system is based on corporate feudalism, a new type of government, or governance, and the CEOs of the big corporations are eventually to be the masters of the world.  Well that’s what we have already. The world is being privatized.  The countries are being privatized.  That’s the key to it all.  I can remember even Thatcher being in saying, we’ve got to privatize everything.  She meant EVERYTHING, folks.  And your governments now are simply provincial governments under, say, the Economic Union.  It’s not a national government anymore; it’s like a little provincial government and the EU is the new superpower.  And that’s what’s happened as well.  So, that’s to be the same for the Americas as well.  And no government today in the West uses its own people; they subcontract everything out to these shady organizations which are private but are really all to do with world and international security that will work basically for the big banking elite that are at the top of them.  And that’s how it is run, the banking elite, the international money lenders at the top and the CEOs of the corporations beneath them.  You can also go into IBM’s annual, different meetings they have throughout the year.  Every major corporation you’ll see listed there; they attend.  Everybody who’s everybody must go to the IBM’s meetings and that shows you how this new feudal system is run.  It’s quite fantastic. 


There’s Jay from Ohio on the line there.


Jay:  Hi Alan.  Just been listening to you as usual every day, this massive... cognitive distortions in my head.  [Caller laughing.]  It’s just a lot of information.  You know, from time to time I’m very upset, you know, and then sometimes I just want to completely just throw in the towel and say, what the hell, we’re screwed.  You know.  [Caller laughing.]


Alan:  Well, I know what you mean.


Jay:  Yes.  I bet you do.  But you know, it’s not, you know, I just... I’m a sore loser, so that keeps me going.


Alan:  That’s the way to do it.  Yeah.  We’re all sore losers.  Sore losers might save something yet.


Jay:  Yeah.  I hate to lose, but, you know, thinking about massive foundations, among many things, it’s just, you know, I think about the people that are with these.  Of course there’s those at the top that know exactly what they’re doing.  But it’s just hard for me to conceptualize anyone that would want to partake in this.  I don’t know if it’s their ego.  I know they get paid quite a bit.  Now, do they all know what they’re doing, like the people that are working for them?  I know some do but some think they’re just, you know, doing humanity a good thing. 


Alan:  There are levels.  Again, Quigley put it down pretty good, talking about circles within circles and how circles overlap. That means your circle of friends.  In high society, it’s very much a strata type of system, different levels of strata into higher organizations and higher organizations.  And the ones below at the bottom, even in the beginning in politics, they’re so keen to get on they’d sell anything out.  They’d sell their souls to get up the ladder.  That’s the type that go into politics.  They will get sussed out.  They’ll be spied upon.  They’ll be tested before they’ll get up higher at all.  Most of them of course are given, by the way, and they have since the 90s, Canada, Britain, the US and other countries at the same time, all agreed that all higher politicians were to get special treatment at top military hospitals, and no one said at the time why they were even talking about this.  Weren’t your hospitals good enough, for everybody else, or even private ones?  No, it had to be military.  So you knew then something was coming down the pike for the future.  Now, there’s no doubt they get advanced science.  There are 3 levels of science; you get up to a doctor’s level and professorship level, that’s the lowest end of science.  There are two levels above them, including all physics, medicine, and so on.  So these guys, once they get in on the higher levels are given lots of promises, you know, when the bad times come you will come through, your wife will come through, your family will come through, we’ll take care of you, but here’s the deal.  And it’s presented to them; they can’t turn back on it, and they don’t want to. They want to have longevity.  They want to have the access to the real, untainted non-nuclear food and so on.  So all of that stuff’s already up and running.  A few years ago I read articles where across the world there were special, very expensive places built under domes and greenhouses, special ones, where the workers went in with basically DUI suits and masks on, no bugs from the outside were allowed in, no air from outside, it was all filtered through heavy filtering systems.  And I kept wondering at the time, who’s going to afford this kind of food?  Well, now we know.  Now we know, because everything else is contaminated.  We’ve got all this stuff... we’ve got Cesium right now going over America.  I’ll put up these maps tonight and let you see the radiation levels.  Well these guys ain’t going to be... they’ve all got the access cards to the better stuff and that’s why they go along with it, believe you me, all the perks and so on.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and just to tie in with that, private companies surveillance, private shadowy companies, CEOs, feudal system and all the rest of it...


FBI Launches 1 Billion $ Biometrics Project With Lockheed Martin

(A:  ...the guys that make all the bombers and stuff.)

By VC | April 2nd, 2011 | vigilantcitizen.com


The FBI launched this week a massive program aimed to record all citizen’s biometrics data. This will eventually enable instant surveillance and recognition of any individual walking on the street or entering a building. The 1 Billion $ deal was awarded to Lockheed Martin -  world’s largest defence company, who is part of elite groups such as the CFR (Council of Foreign Relations) and the Trilateral Commission. In short, Lockheed Martin is the official defence company of the world’s shadow government.  (A:  It’s a parallel government as Quigley called it, and Margaret Thatcher called it that too when she joined it and left politics.)


And also, we find the advisor, the climate advisor, the eco-fascist for Germany, Hans Schellnhuber, declares “human society needs to be managed by an elite group of ‘wise men’.”  Here we are again, the benevolent dictatorship, post-democratic; that’s the system that they wanted, remember.  He says he would unveil a master plan for transformation of society.  This is from Der Spiegel.  It says...


'We Are Looting the Past and Future to Feed the Present'

spiegel.de / 3/23/2011 / By Katrin Elger and Christian Schwägerl


In a recent interview with Professor Hans Joachim Schellnhuber, the Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research, announced that he would unveil his master plan for transforming society.  (A:  One, no doubt, that suits his world view.)  In Schellnhuber’s view, human society needs to be scaled back (A:  That’s depopulation massively.) and managed by an elite group of wise men.  (A:  ...who know what is best for the rest.  That’s post-authoritarian.  This has been in the works for centuries, by the way; this is the system they want to bring in.  They call them ‘benevolent dictators,’ and of course they like the King Solomon thing where they’ll sit there and resolve all the disputes from their high thrones down on the rest of you.)


I’ll put these links up at the end of the night, and we’re almost there now; give me an hour or so and hopefully you can start to use them. Everything is getting pushed through at one incredible pace right now.  Most of the public are kept in the dark about all of this. They’re kept entertained with stupid things on television and ridiculous Idiocracy type movies and comedies, that even children won’t laugh at.  That’s what they’ve reduced society down to as all this gets rushed forward.  We’re not supposed to know what’s going on, or care, because you see, as Arthur Koestler and also Bertrand Russell said, they won’t have to think about anything because the state will be doing all their thinking and deciding for them.  That’s where we are today, for most folk.  Perfect indoctrination.  They’re happy being managed.  They ask no questions.  And they really do believe that there are superior people above them that have come out of special wombs, who are just there, who have benevolent attitudes towards them.  That’s what they want to believe, and these people are gone.  These people are gone.  In every age they used to call them ‘the dead.’  Even 2000 years ago, ‘let the dead bury their dead,’ that’s what that means.  They’ve never been truly alive because they’re victims of perfect indoctrination of the system. 


So all these links, as I say, are well worth looking at and keeping and saving because they will all disappear down the road, down the memory hole, as Orwell called it, of history, where they constantly rechange history all the time and put in new fake past histories and all the rest of it.  It’s happening as we speak, folks.  It’s been happening all your lives in fact; that’s why they’re getting rid of all the old books in the libraries and have been since the early 90s. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



Topics of show covered in following links:


CACI, the Private Intelligence Agency Which Supplied Interrogators for US Abu Ghraib Hired to do Scottish Census

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Self Confessed "Sluts" March in Toronto against Stereotyping

Western Military Advisors to Libya Become Visible in Benghazi

Brzezinski on Wars and American Interests

More Nuclear Waste to be Dumped into Sea of Japan

The Melt-down Reactors in Japan--Photos

Real Time Radiation Monitoring from EPA

UNESCO Involved in New Atomic Weights Table, including Carbon

European Commission Implements Radiological Emergency Law (Euratom No. 944/89) Enabling Increasing Radioactive Safety Levels in Food for Animal and Human Consumption.

Radiation Projection over Japan-Pacific-US--Canada for Next few Days

US Taxes to Increase 35%

UK Budget to Finish Off whatever is Left of British Society

The Birth of the "Hippie" Generation/Pop-Rock Music and the Celebrities Selected to Promote Cultural Change

FBI Launches 1 Billion Dollar Biometrics Project with Lockheed Martin

German Climate Advisor Says We Need a Counsel of Wise Men to Lead the World


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