April 6, 2011 (#805)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 6, 2011:

Knowledge by Degrees Starting on Your Knees:

"Circles Within Circles, Rule by Something Sinister,
The Low Circle Knows Little, Being at Perimeter,
Intersecting Circles are Where Power Comes Together,
Those Outside the Intersection Talk About the Weather,
Such Circles are Revolving, Members Know their Places,
Ones Chosen for Higher Things Never are in Stasis,
Lower Masons, Like Military, March Around the Floor,
Elites Live the Good Life, Wardens Guard their Door,
For Eager and Ambitious, Here's a Handy Tip,
Handshaking with Grand Master, Insert Cash Between the Grip"
© Alan Watt April 6, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 6, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on April the 6th 2011.  Newcomers should look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and help yourself to the audios which are there for free for download; thereís hundreds to choose from.  Hopefully, hopefully you will get shortcuts to understanding this big picture of the system, or the matrix, in which youíve been born into and which preexisted you, your parents, your grandparents and for many previous generations before you.  Thatís what youíre born into, a very complex system where everything is conned. Itís conology actually; I call it the art of conology.  Itís controlling the whole worldís populations and giving them basically fake realities, or at least fake reasons for those particular realities as they actually happen and various incidences within them too.  So thatís what I hope to do and show you the big organizations that have been here for an awful long time, which interlock with each other from economics all down the way, right down to the bottom governance level and how they basically plan the future 50-100 years ahead at a time, like any big business plan.  And all big corporations actually do that, even their business plans are about 50 years ahead, sometimes more. 


Thatís what youíre living in, the world corporation.  Before you had individual nations, which were really just corporations, and amalgamating them all...  Itís just a sort of takeover process thatís going on right now. They amalgamate them all into one global system and they hammer out the details amongst themselves, to share the loot and to find out who owns the rights to tax the slaves and how to use them and so on.  Thatís really what itís all about.  Itís as basic as that to be honest with you.  It truly is.  And the mediaís job is to keep you in confusion and to give you the latest target, the latest Hitler, the latest anti-Christ, where the guns are trained so as that the big guys can go and plunder for themselves.  Itís quite straightforward.  Thereís nothing you have to really figure out for yourselves once you understand the process of the real world.  Itís a brutal world and itís always really been that way.  Today they have a much better way of covering it over, with suits and ties instead of uniforms and soothing words through PR companies, as they plunder the planet and use you to your full extent so that they can profit from you.  Thatís really how the system works.


So look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com, buy the books and disks I have for sale, hopefully, and you can keep me going.  [Order and donation options listed above.] 


As I say, the world weíre living in is quite something.  Itís all based on economics and money and profit and all the rest of it.  It really plays on fear factors.  Everyone is terrified in a money system of being poor and being out of a home, out of food, heat, all the basic things you need to live.  It makes sure, in fact, this system, of personal reward, in financial terms, it makes sure that the psychopaths naturally get up to the top. They claw their way up because theyíre very cunning, theyíre true survivors, and they have no emotional qualms about using people on the way up, or even destroying people on the way up.  And of course once they are at the top they donít really care much about how many people they destroy once they rule over them either, to be honest with you.  They can cooperate with each other.  They do; they form their clubs, their groups, their special G20 organizations, stuff like that, stuff that is para-governmental you might call it, because we didnít give anybody permission, any nation, to form these big super global clubs that they all go to, using your tax money.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and just mentioning that this system is very, very old.  The other day I went on about Kings and Queens and how they got to the top of the power by slaughtering neighboring peoples and then taking over their land. Again, they had to work hand-in-glove with those other types of royalties, those who were in charge of the money system down through the ages.  And theyíve always been the same people in charge of the money for the last couple of thousand years; thatís no hard thing to find out for yourselves. Even the Catholic Church forbid usury except for one group. 


People shouldnít be surprised that a kind of kingly association of aristocratic people dealing with money developed over a very short period of time and blossomed into the present orders of today still running the whole show.  People donít give up that which they have gained in power, and money of course is power. The Kings of course, used to simply tax the public for their wars and so on and other times they would borrow money from the money lenders and put the people down as collateral to pay it off.  Nothing has really changed from those particular days.  Money rules this system.  Money rules the world.  And as long as money exists and people have the right to create it, out of thin air and definitely control it, then youíll get the biggest top psychopaths, very intelligent psychopaths, getting into that field.  Of course many of them are interbred too; thereís no doubt, just like Kings and Queens, because money marries money, power marries power, and therefore those who started off as being very vicious, naturally, have more of a chance of having the same kind of offspring, especially when you give them the same kind of training. 


So nothing has changed really for an awful long time except that academia is now on board.  Theyíre part of the big team. Theyíre team players as they like to say, along with the money boys and the governance boys.  They have taken what they claim is their rightful place to manage the world, a world that basically has turned into mainly an atheistic kind of society across the whole board and science has been put up there in charge, or really enthroned as the new God I should say.  Bertrand Russell and others talked about the scientific dictatorship that would come, that was planned to come, and how under a kind of socialist organization they would manage everybodyís lives through agencies and expert rule and all this kind of stuff.  Thatís where you are today. 


Youíll notice with this nuclear crisis for instance, a week or so ago on a Saturday, actually it was the day they started bombing Libya, someone had switched the media off as far as Japan was concerned.  It just didnít happen any more. Canada gave 40-odd minutes to Libya on its news and it gave about 15 seconds to Japan which had taken a back seat. Thatís because a decision obviously was made at a high international council to govern the media, get them on all board.  Meaning they were already on board, and they were given the order just to keep quiet about it, because youíre all under emergency management.  Emergency management means you tell the people nothing.  And what you do tell them at all is very simplistic, very brief and itís meant for children.  There-there, donít worry, daddy will kiss it all better... thatís really the stories youíre getting now. 


I was thinking last night, when the European commission and the United States EPA and Canadaís commission end up changing the limits for radiation in the food, in the air, and in your body for instance, and your water, when they change it into a new high level Ė which is now the new low level, and the old high level used to be getting into the lethal range, now youíre starting off at the lethal range and getting higher Ė that should tell you that youíre under crisis management and theyíve already had their big discussions.  They know that a lot of people are going to die over the years of various kinds of radiation poisoning, tumors, and that kind of stuff, sterilization, which all, mind you, goes along with the depopulation agenda.  And theyíre basically treating us like children.  And thatís not unusual because they do the same in wartime too; theyíve had plenty of practice on using public relations companies to treat us like children.  Unfortunately weíre so dumbed down and stupid today that most folk are really children their whole lives. 


Thatís why you see adults walking around dressed as though they were in music television when theyíre in their 50s and 60s.  Itís just amazing how theyíve created this youth culture, that youíre not supposed to ever grow out of.  They donít really like adults at all you know.  And they certainly donít like older people because older people used to have wisdom accumulated over their lifetime of personal experience, with watching the world, watching politicians and the games they play.  But itís ideal when youíve separated generations and youíve taught the young always to basically dismiss anybody whoís older than about 30 or 40.  Thatís why you have such ridiculously young actors playing professionals in television dramas and movies.  Itís to make you think that anyone older obviously is senile and therefore you ignore them.  That was all intentional.  As I say, itís worked very well because in every major city now youíll see, mainly itís the women, who are trying to dress like the dancers on music television and it looks absolutely ridiculous. 


We are dumbed down and stupefied, as I say.  Most people, really, out there are quite content with the news they get.  Theyíre quite content, because they have been taught, and again Russell and many others talked about this, the public would become trained and theyíd come to like their masters in a sense. And they do.  They do expect government to take care of them.  And thatís not what governments are in the business of doing actually, but thatís what you think that theyíre there for, thatís what youíre encouraged to think they are there for.  And you donít have to worry about big events in the world because the media, as Brzezinski said, will do your reasoning for you.  You expect them to do your reasoning for you.  So when the same media can go on a hype and a hype and a hype about global warming, for instance, to get a social change put through, where youíre going to go into austerity of course, thatís the whole purpose of it, with more layers of specialists and academics on top of you Ė and they can also hype up fake flu epidemics to flog billions of dollars worth of flu shots Ė the same media can suddenly go quiet on something which is real, like radiation.  Why would you ever want to trust the media again, eh?  Hmm?


And yet Iíve watched this before when things have happened in the past and sure as blazes the people are immediately prattling on about the media about a month later as though suddenly theyíre telling you some truth again.  See, they never told you the truth.  Iíve gone through the history of how the media corporations were formed, a long time ago.  Rockefeller was the first guy to form his little group with Gould and others to find out how many major newspapers theyíd have to buy up that would then influence the remaining newspapers.  In other words, the smaller ones would copy the bigger ones.  They actually came down to the decided number of all that they would have to own to make it so and thatís been done a long, long time ago.  Itís the same with all your news wires.  Reuters was started up by the Rothschilds, by the way; at the same time they started up the Interpol because they own that too.  You have the API and others but theyíre all basically run by the same groups, to make sure youíll get the standard indoctrination and propaganda that youíre supposed to get. 


Any truly alternative out there on a mainstream scale would not get off the ground.  It would not get off the ground, any more than people who have tried to start up their car companies in the States got off the ground when the big boys teamed up against them. They couldnít even get parts to get the particular cars going.  And some did try that and suffered for it.  Thatís the real world youíre living in.  Itís violent.  Business is not a pleasant thing at all.  Itís very aggressive at the top.  And once the cartels formed, a long, long time ago, and cornered all the markets, they donít allow intruders to come into it.  Itís the same when they knew darn well they were going to give the public the internet back in the 1970s, early 70s, when Brzezinski talked about it in Between Two Ages, a communications system that would change the world, for the public.  They knew then that theyíd also have to make sure that they controlled what they called information technology Ė information wars they called it Ė because they could never allow the public to start to figure out amongst themselves what the truth was, neither could they allow any truly high-up position to even inadvertently put out truth to the public. 


Weíre so controlled, thatís how bad the system is in which weíre born into.  Itís incredibly controlled.  Once in a while you get inklings of other things happening where people like Kelly are killed or assassinated because heís about to disclose stuff at a big tribunal to do with various bacterial warfare information.  We see stuff like that happening.  And even that of course is covered up and itís always an accident.  Theyíve had accidents in the past where people have committed suicide by shooting themselves 5 times in the head.  And Iím not kidding about that.  Thatís what goes down officially as history in, for instance, the United States.  And Canada has its quiet ways of doing it too.  All countries do have their dirty teams and they have their wet jobs and theyíve got dry jobs, where they can actually kill you by a thousand other methods if need be.  And they all use that. 


So youíre not living in this nice Disneyland thatís projected to you, where youíre told to be a perpetual child, be happy forever, just go out and play, work and be a good citizen, and carry out the duties of a citizen, obey government and play.  Thatís what theyíre telling you that lifeís all about, as far as you are concerned.  And for most of the people concerned, thatís good enough for them.  For those who are trying to get to the truth, you can go through different layers of truth.  Donít get stuck on any level, because thereís so many of them.  And donít just get stuck on what the mediaís prattling on about today, because any bits of truth that come through are really inadvertently there.  And also, remember too, there are certain things that youíre not allowed to talk about anymore; itís just too dangerous and itís against the law.  Remember that.  Thatís how the world really is today.  Thatís what totalitarianism is, and itís a world thatís under it now.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix.  Actually thereís a caller from the UK been holding on the line there, Daniel.  Iíll talk to Daniel now if heís there.  Hello?


Daniel:  Hi.  I just wanted to ask a few questions please.  The first one is about music.  Now, I listen to classical music, a lot, and itís been out hundreds of years, as you know.  I was just wondering, were there any famous composers who were influential Masons or involved in, you know, the higher echelons of society?


Alan:  Oh, definitely.  In fact, I think Beethoven became one as well.  Thereís also The Magic Flute that was written; thatís about Masonry if you ever go to see it.  If you watch it youíll see all the Masonic symbols in the background and even the notes in the various ways they put it on the music sheet too, itís actually a kind of Masonic coding.  This is old stuff though.  At that period too, when the classical age came in, it was the in thing to become a Freemason because revolution was the talk of the era.  A lot of the operas that first came out too, started off in Italy and they were actually promoting rebellion inside the operas; some of them were banned at the time because of it, or banned in other countries when they went to play because they were promoting revolution through the opera and it was all Masonic-led.  It hasnít stopped, mind you.  I remember they had a kind of strange thing, a musical put on in Canada, and it was a few years ago in fact, and it was almost a Celtic type theme they had in it, where you saw these people dancing and they had pyramids behind them.  And somebody who was not Celtic wrote the music score for it again too.  Again, it was very highly Masonic and it also was about the superior types that should live through from age to age; thatís really what it was about.  It think it was Dance of Fire or something they called it.  Anyway, musicís always been used by Freemasonry.  All the arts have been used by Freemasonry, including the painters as well, going back an awful long time.  Definitely, youíll find that, I think it was almost mandatory to become one to get up the ranks and have your work noticed in those particular time periods.  And nothing has changed today, by the way.  You donít have to be a Mason to be in a group.  The guys who manage you are all Masons, and thatís good enough; you just take orders from them.


Daniel:  Yeah.  Well, on the same theme of art and symbolism and that sort of thing, I was looking up, listening to one of your shows, I was looking through, listening to the CFR web site.  And on one of the pages there was a picture of a meeting table on the program on international institutions and global governance.  And if you look at the picture, you talk about inner and outer circles, you know, and you said that Quigley does as well.† And if you look at this picture on the web site, itís a circular table with a picture of the globe in the middle.  And people sat around it. And then thereís like a space and then thereís a secondary outer ring of people, on desks, who sat around it.† So you got an inner circle and an outer circle.† When I saw that the first thing that sprung into mind was the DCHQ building at Childham [?], you know, the donut.† It looks exactly the same.  Itís got a ring and then thereís a secondary outer ring of buildings.† And I thought, itís the same as Stonehenge.  And even the UN emblem is like a series of rings.  Is there anything in all this?


Alan:  Oh, there is definitely.  Count all the sections, or segments that make up the UN logo.  Theyíve got it in a graph system; count them up and look at the number youíve got.  And remember too, itís surrounded again by the oak leaves for victory.  Well, the UN was set up by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, paid for and funded by, again, our tax money, via the Milner organization, to bring in world government.  And the oak leaf is to conquer the world.  Itís not the olive branch.  Itís to conquer the world and we should really take that seriously.  Thatís the purpose of it.


Daniel:  I mean, this inner and outer circle issue, is that actually, is that something significant?


Alan:  Yes.  If you go through the book from the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations, which IS the Royal Institute of International Affairs, just the American branch.  If you go into Carroll Quigleyís The Anglo-American Establishment and Tragedy and Hope he discusses how the system was set up by Milner and of course the Rhodes group that joined them and how they had their outer circle, he called it the outer circle, where they knew so much up to a certain degree but then there was the inner circle that only met in All Souls College, even today.  Theyíre lifers and they are given access to All Souls College as lifers and they still meet there, regardless of their age, to really go forward with the big, big plan.  So to get into the inner circle is the higher honor they can have, to get into the higher reasons for what theyíve been doing so far.


Daniel:  And is that why they build these buildings like DCHQ in this circle with outer rings around it?


Alan:  Yes.  Itís also highly Masonic too.  Itís ancient, as you say, because in Freemasonry, you know that you have the cord, or the rope around your neck, and that signifies your tow rope.  Itís also Ďtoe the lineí and all that; that all comes from Freemasonry.  It signifies that you, from a point in a circle, can go around in a circle, for the outer circumference, thatís the only length that you can go to.  Hold on and weíll go into that when I come back from this break. 


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking to Daniel from the UK and I was talking about Masons and their circles and so on.  And even, as I say, the tie Ė thatís where you get a neck tie from as well.  Thatís a Masonic symbol.  Thatís why itís called a Ďtieí, it ties you to that spot; youíre tied and bound to the lodge basically.  Thatís what Albert Pike referred to as, even those Masons who do not know they are.  Thatís those people in the system, working for the system, that are doing all the things that the higher Masons would want you to do, without initiation.† Your tow rope really signifies the length of your understanding, and of course the wider the circle that you can subscribe across in a circle with that tow rope, the more your understanding.† Then you have interlacing circles as well and that was the different associations and higher lodges that you could possibly get into, if you had the right stuff. 


Itís fascinating to realize how much Masonryís really inside the language of each country; itís definitely in the English language.  So many of the sayings they have are even out of the Masonic initiations.  So itís alive and well.  Itís always been alive and well, but itís a degreed system.  I should also mention too, that at one time, when the Masons were coming out, when the classical era was in, thatís when they came out with the forms of neck tie.  The neck tie at one time used to be tied in a bow; that meant you reached the grand master stage because at that time you bowed to the grand master, so bow and bow are the same things.  And then the two bits came down, at that time when you tied it you had two pieces coming down, it would be at generally a 45į or even sometimes 60į angle; youíll see that on solicitors in England, the people who work in the courts in England.  So this is all purely Freemasonic.  As I say, thatís to do with your circles.  Itís also mentioned with the higher circles in the Milner, Royal Institute of International Affairs groups; they talk about Ďinterweaving circlesí and even before you get up to the top of acceptance into, as I say, All Souls College, you have to interact with other circles, higher levels of understanding, so your tow rope you might say is becoming longer and longer, if youíve got the right stuff.  All these things interconnect.  And then they have their round table societies as well, where they hammer out all the problems for the think tanks, how can they implement policies across the world, what media should they use to get it across to the general public and get the public to accept it.  So this is all a very ancient art, of course, of true governance, economic, military, social, academic, and so on, all the way right down the board.


Daniel:  It goes back how long?


Alan:  Well, Freemasonry definitely preexisted the 1700s when they claim it came into being as Freemasonry. 


Daniel:  Can I just ask something, because Iíve been trying read up about the Sumerians and Babylon and this, and itís not a coincidence that the MI6 building is modeled on the ziggurat, is it?


Alan:  No.  Itís not a coincidence at all.  Absolutely.  This is an amazing thing.  Even when the Rosicrucians broke out in the 1500s and the 1600s, they really were this same organization coming out with yet another name before they gave it the name Freemasonry.  It was the Rosicrucians because there were more people at that time still Christian in Europe, for instance, and so they had to have a kind of Christian sound, the rosy cross.  The rosy cross was also used as a fiery cross; we mustnít forget that too.  It could either be a pleasant thing to look at or it could be something you could be burned upon; everythingís got double meanings within their symbols, because itís based, again, on opposites and Cabala and so on.  Very ancient.  And even if you go into Budgeís, he was the main translator for the Egyptian Museum, Sir Wallis Budge.  He talks about how he had found, by perusing so much ancient Egyptian stuff and for translation, that he came to the conclusion that they were definitely Cabala, in its early form, not the 15th century later form, because they really finished it in the 15th century.  Early Cabala was actually in existence in ancient Egypt, maybe about 500, 600 B.C. 


Daniel:  I was going to ask you, do you think that the ruling elites now can actually trace their blood back to, you know, Babylon and Sumeria and that sort of time?  Do you think theyíve actually got direct links?


Alan:  Iím certain that certain ones of them do.  Absolutely. 


Daniel:  Do you think thatís why they see themselves more as pharaohs and Gods than people, donít they?  Thatís why theyíre so obsessed with ruling.  Is that what it is?


Alan:  Oh, absolutely.  I mean, even in the pharaohsí day they had massive genealogies then going back thousands of years and thatís never changed.  In all of the Mid East countries genealogies are incredibly important.  Even within Judaism and high Judaism theyíre fanatical about keeping records going back for hundreds and hundreds, maybe a thousand, maybe further, so many years, absolutely fanatical about it.  So there is no doubt whatsoever, genealogies.  Even the Bible, they gave you the Old Testament, I mean half of it is begatting, who begats who.  So which lineage do you come from.  Itís so important to them, even in those days, and it hasnít really changed.  Most people, mind you, donít even know who their great, great, great grandparents were.  These characters at the top certainly do, because as I say, power and money has always made sure of its own perpetuity, its own survival down through the ages; regardless of conditions they must always survive.  That has never changed to this present day.


Daniel:  And is this why they breed with common stock now and then?  For example, youíve got Kate Middleton, and this Mike Tindal is marrying Zora, and Fergie?


Alan:  Donít forget that Kate Middleton too, sheís a 7th or 8th cousin removed from George Washington. 


Daniel:  Oh, really?I mean, what Iím saying is they have to mix the blood otherwise theyíd become inbred like Charles...


Alan:  Well, I donít know if you remember when Prince Charles was getting married, but it was over the mainstream news media at that time with the cartoons; he was Ďbig earsí and she was Ďnoddy.í  That was Spencer.  They said in the mainstream at the time it was because it was obvious in Charles that through too much inbreeding they were degenerating physically.  So by bringing new blood in this would help to spread the gene pool a bit and maybe negate the terrible... I mean, if you look at Prince Charles he looks like Akhenaton.  Heís got the big ears.  Heís got this scrawny long neck, you know.  Heís got big hips.  Thatís inbreeding.


Daniel:  And so the offspring, like Fergieís offspring now, theyíll probably be married off to the aristocracy wonít they?  They wonít be allowed to have common spouses will they?


Alan:  No, they wonít be.  Now, youíll find too, it was one of the few things that was true in the Jack The Ripper movie they put out a few years back there.  The Royal physician was also the Royal abortionist.  Because you see, it isnít just Kings and Queens; they have hundreds of cousins who also have entitlement to the throne down the line.  And these particular physicians act as royal abortionists when they go a bit astray you might say with commoners.  They go behind them and clean up their mess.  And they were doing that in the 1700s, 1800s and so on, to the present time. 


Daniel:  I understand.  It gets bigger and bigger with the subject, doesnít it really?  It just gets bigger and bigger.  And just one more thing before I go.  Did you see the article, it was actually in The Sun; they started teaching atheism in schools over here now?


Alan:  Yes, I have.  I knew that would come though because the guy who set up UNESCO was Aldous Huxleyís brother and his brother was adamant theyíd have to eventually eliminate all religion and then eventually bring in secular humanism and the humanistic values.  Now, secular humanism is a religion actually.  The ones who promote it never mention that but itís a belief system.  It doesnít surprise me at all because from the 1500s onwards, even when Rosicrucianism came to the fore, their mission at that time was to destroy, and they knew it would take centuries, the prevailing religions, and theyíve been very, very good at that.  And thatís still promoted down through Freemasonry today. 


Daniel:  Okay.  Do you know anything about the Barcelona project or the Mediterranean project, to amalgamate northern Africa with the Mediterranean, because I thought itís not something many people know about and I thought that maybe this business weíre seeing in north Africa now is part of that, because now weíre going to see a massive influx from south to north.


Alan:  Youíre right.  Under, again, the United Nationsí policies for regionalism, theyíve given out information on which countries will be merged with what other countries.  Theyíve even put Canada along with Norway and Greenland and so on, for the time thatís coming ahead, as they basically divide up the countries into little regions and segments, and probably sell them off too; Iím not kidding about that.  So that falls in with their policy at the United Nations, regionalism.


Daniel:  Yeah.  Okay, well thatís great.  Thanks for your help. 


Alan:  Thanks for calling. 


Itís fascinating, as I say, the reality that we have versus the actual truth.  The truth is the hardest thing to find.  And even when you do itís in the odd book here or there, where a little paragraph stands out and something is mentioned, when youíre half asleep with the darn book, and thatís the trick, you know, thatís the trick of how itís written.  If you look again at Freemasonry, itís based definitely in the West upon whatís called the Old Testament, and if the Old Testament is read properly, because thereís always an esoteric and an exoteric way of it, itís a how-to book, really, on how to survive, not just as a people, but I mean to survive and prosper by using cunning tricks.  Thereís so many cunning tricks that even God approves of, you see, that itís astonishing when you compare it, for instance, with Christianity, which is kind of the opposite.† Jacob even fools his old daddy to get the blessing, for instance, and thatís okay by God.  One of the main characters in the Old Testament gives his wife to pharaoh pretending sheís like a hooker, then he tells pharaoh thatís actually my wife and he gets rewarded for it, because it was against the law to do that.  So he basically got a big reward for his wife sleeping with pharaoh.  Itís full of these little things like that.


And itís also full of how people can be tricked and populations can be tricked as well.  Thatís why itís used in Freemasonry, on the esoteric level.  Itís quite fascinating to go into that kind of study to see how you can learn to be a dominant people, or species, or club or group, like Freemasonry.  And Freemasonry definitely, once you go up the high degrees, youíll find nothing but disdain for the ordinary base people down below who are not in Freemasonry and even disdain for lower Masons who havenít got up to the high degrees.  They chat like arrogant fools to each other on how clever they are up in the higher degrees.  Bill Cooper had an interview with one who had been a 32nd degree Freemason, I donít know if itís up on YouTube but if itís up there itís worth listening to, because the guy said exactly what Iíve just told you, that thereís so much elitism and pomposity amongst them, as though theyíre at the top of the lineage and in reality a lot of them just paid their way up there.  Some of them can even pay their way up through the degrees Ė if youíve got enough cash to do it Ė very, very quickly, even in a few weeks, even in a couple of weeks.  So money rules it all.


Now, as I say, getting back to even the rubbish thatís being put out by the media now, this same media that youíre supposed to trust after it lies to you, when thereís fake pandemics coming out just to get millions of dollars worth of flu shots moved and to get your government to sign on with it, and then when something real happens they can all clam up and pretend itís not there.  Why would you ever trust them again on anything?  I hope you all take your lesson from that.  Professor Anthony Sutton talked about the 3 levels of media reality and one of them was the basic one, your everyday rubbish put out by the mainstream.  Then he went into revisionist history is the next level where those who know things are not jiving, events in the world are not jiving with this mainstream view of things; they try and work out whatís really going on, but theyíre still dependent upon the initial newspapers that were put out in the first place, you see.  So supposing you have a false premise to start with, then everything you try and get from that or argue around is all going to be false.  Then thereís the investigative history, or historians who go into the older books to find out the bits and pieces of long-term agendas, and you can certainly find them out because theyíre out there.   Theyíre disappearing fast, mind you; the libraries are dumping books.  Not all of itís going on eBooks, believe you me, and a lot of them that are going into eBooks are not the full editions.  I often wondered why they call things full editions.  [Alan chuckles.] 


Anyway, itís interesting as I say, how things are changing so fast now because the new world order is here and theyíre already selling off to corporations chunks of England, as harbors and bases and all the rest of it.  Then the new world order is obviously, obviously here.  In the US alone, if you go into the Chinese companies for instance who are taking over more parts of the US, theyíve actually got sovereign status and their own customs status.  Thatís not a new thing; that goes back to FDR.  He was the guy who said that this free trade thing for America would be great, and he started that way back when he got in and he gave them the sovereign status to actually come in and basically rule their little area like a kingdom.  And Chinaís recently got one new place; itís got a river in it and everything.  Thatís America thatís being sold off.  Weíre kept in the dark like mushrooms, as I say. 


Now, one of these articles Iím going to read too, is one of the predictive programming articles, to show you how it works because weíve already read on this particular program Ė or broadcast Iíll call it, because Iím not wanting to program you at all Ė that you basically are taught and trained, without knowing it, for things to come.  I remember when reading a book on Lenin, Lenin says, we shall win by slogans.  Well, in other words, repetition of the same words, like weapons of mass destruction, or when Bush was in it was invading countries to bring them freedom and democracy, which now theyíre still using under Obama of course; why throw out a good slogan, you see.  Then itís the same thing when they give you articles which are pushing on a certain topic to give up more and more rights, and to get you ready to be ruled by experts.  And this one comes from England.  Itís lying right from the beginning, this article.  It was from March the 9th and it says...


Tweaking the climate to save it: Who decides?

By CHARLES J. HANLEY - AP Special Correspondent / TodayOnline.com / Apr 4, 2011


CHICHELEY, England (AP) -- To the quiet green solitude of an English country estate they retreated, to think the unthinkable.  (A:  Itís written like a poor novel, you see; itís definitely a public relations exercise.)


Scientists of earth, sea and sky, scholars of law, politics and philosophy: In three intense days cloistered behind Chicheley Hall's old brick walls, four dozen international thinkers pondered the planet's fate as it grows warmer (A:  So thereís a premise right there thatís not true.), weighed the idea of reflecting the sun to cool the atmosphere, debated the question of who would make the decision.  (A:  ...to interfere with nature, to try to save the planet.   This isnít the first meeting. They had one last year in the US which I read on the air, but youíre not supposed to remember that one.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix, reading this awful article of predictive programming, which lies from its beginning because it pretends itís the first main meeting of these high chutzpas, you know, the guys, the great scientists, scientists all, the kind that bring us the nuclear disasters and stuff like that.  Theyíre going to save the planet, you see, by causing global dimming.  Global dimming, you see, they mentioned that a few years back too where theyíd already debated that.   So global dimming means filling the sky with these particles of metals and so on acting like mirrors and blocking sunlight hitting the earth and all that kind of stuff.  Sulfur and all theyíre talking about, which is great for health, breathing in sulfur, for those that have maybe tried it.  This is the rubbish theyíre putting out, so I wonít read all of this.   And how theyíre really in a quandary over, oh should we do this or should we not, to save the world that might end in 50 years if we donít, ohh my God, and all that rubbish.  Then one of the things that come out of it too, is because of the global dimming they want to cause.  These guys obviously are low-level guys because they donít know itís been going on daily since 1998 and actually tested out back in the 50s and 60s all through, but daily since 1998 when they started spraying all the countries on pretty well a daily basis.  I guess they havenít looked up, these guys, these experts, eh.  One of the things that come out of this is a little quote.  It says...


We may never again see the blue sky?

3. April 2011 / 20min.ch/wissen/news/story  --  translate.google.ca


I havenít seen a proper blue sky since about 1998.  Youíve always got this white tinge around the horizon even when you think itís fairly clear, and the little half chemtrails and full chemtrails all over the place.  Even after a rainstorm theyíre still up there.  Maybe we should tell these professional guys, these experts that are going to save us all whatís really been happening, or tell them to kick themselves up the stairs a bit to find out the reality of whoís really doing it, because they seem to have no clue whatsoever.  In other words, itís a predictive programming thing.  The thingís already underway; it has been for years.  Itís been happening for years and this is just to get the vast unwashed masses, who are generally ignorant of it, used to the idea that itís coming.  So that one day theyíll say, by the way weíre doing it now and theyíll think, well I guess thatís okay.  You know.  THATíS how itís done. 


So weíre kept in the dark at the mushroom level and the world is run completely different from anything the mainstream is going to tell you.  Itís not that the mainstream either, most reporters and that are given handouts on things to put in their papers.  Theyíre not real reporters anymore.  And even if they came up with something of real interest to the public they have to go through their editors for censorship and so on.  Yes you can print that, no you canít print that; things are that tight.  Thereís no such a thing, no such thing out there as a free press.  I donít think there ever truly was.  Maybe small local papers at one time but even they are all compromised; they all look to the big boys and just copy the information thatís put down from above, exactly as Rockefeller and his group, and Gould and all the rest of them said back in the 1920s.  It was done then. 


All you can do is do your own thinking for yourself and when things donít seem to make any sense, like why would you up the radiation levels for safe, where the now, now new low levels for safe are into the lethal last levels for maximum.  Just think for yourself and it should tell you all you need to know.  Youíre not going to be told the truth under any kind of crisis management and crisis management has been in effect long before 9/11 but definitely, 100% since 9/11 pretty well across the rest of the world.  Not because of the bombings but to get the new world order rammed through.  Theyíve been planning this for centuries, they canít go back now.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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