April 7th, 2011 (#806)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 7th, 2011:

Flip Side of Sunny, the Darkness of Money:

"Thousands of Years in the Making,
All Resources of World for the Taking,
A Few Societies Brought this Together,
Bound by Blood and Oaths of Terror,
Intermarried, With Nieces They Mated,
Gathering Wealth, Power Never Satiated,
Their Code of Life is Code of Survival,
Ensuring in Future Their Planned Arrival,
A World to Conquer, A World for Keeps,
Minions Once Useful, Discarded in Heaps,
Seeing Peoples as a Simple Resource,
Wringing the Life Out Without Remorse,
The Goal's in Sight, The Future is Sunny
For Cunning Psychopathic Masters of Money"
© Alan Watt April 7th, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – April 7th, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix, on the 7th of April, 2011.  I always start off this talk by suggesting you look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and help yourself to the audios which are there for free download.  There’s hundreds to choose from.  And hopefully, you’ll glean some understanding of the big system into which you were born, and the many layers of what they now call governance that controls you.  It gives you your thoughts, in fact, it gives you your fads, it gives you your hobbies even, and it gives you your fashion, your music, the culture that you’re living in, and the changes in the culture too.  The system as well, the social system, everything is really worked out at very high levels, way above you, and above even the politicians that you think you elect.  They’re not elected by you, of course, they’re actually put in there by the Council on Foreign Relations for America and Canada, and of course, it’s the Royal Institute for International Affairs for Britain.  They also have their club now for the whole of the European Community, the European organization, which really is still run by the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and Soros is at the head of the one for Europe, so that tells you all you need to know there.  So, help yourself to the audios.  Remember too, all the sites I have up listed on the .com site carry transcripts of a lot of the talks too, for print up, and if you want transcripts in other languages, go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu and help yourself to the variety offered.  There’s a bunch to choose from.  And you’ll see the sentinel site on the .com site, as well.  It takes you directly to it. 


Remember too, you’re the audience who bring me to you, because I’m not pushed by any big organization, and you’d be surprised at some of them out there who are.  And I don’t get backing for the books and so on that I sell.  So, it’s up to you to keep me going, by buying my books and discs, and hopefully I’ll keep on for a little while longer, as we go through these amazing changes.  And that’s the only reason I came out into the public was to start to share some of this knowledge before we really rapidly would transform into the new society.  I knew it was coming for a long, long, long time, because I’d read the books by the CFR and others.  From the US to Canada, remember, you can purchase by books and discs with a personal check, or an international postal money order from your post office.  Cash is okay.  And you can use PayPal to order or donate as well.  If you want to order, use the PayPal button on the .com site, and follow it up with your name, address and order in an email, and I’ll get it out to you.  Across the world, Western Union, Money Gram, some people send cash, and you can also use PayPal again to order or donate. Remember, straight donations are certainly welcome, because it’s very expensive to do what I do.


And it’s not a job, sometimes I think it’s a futile, masochistic thing I’m doing actually, going through what I’m doing, because I don’t try and appeal to the crowd, the large groups, because individuality is the only way that this could possibly change for the world, or any country within the world, or any area within any country within the world, believe you me, because the crowds are too easily manipulated.  Individuality was recent phenomenon, really, in the 1700s onwards.  And then the Big Boys with their banks and so on, who really use you as a herd to work in their factories, or whatever kind of employment they give you, so that they can tax you, use you for the military, use you for the big plans they have abroad for their global society.  They give all these ideas to you, they use you, and then they discard you when you’re of no more use.  They don’t keep pets around.  I keep telling the public that.  And unfortunately, the public, being descended from tribal organizations, long, long ago, are so easily fooled.  They still think in the terms of we and us.  And even if you got a group together under the right wing or the left wing, you’d be surprised how many variations of we and us there is in it.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And, as I say, this Matrix is a system that was in existence long before you, or most of your ancestors in fact were born, because it’s been on the go for an awful long time.  When you think about it, when money was created, money was on the go in other forms, of course, apart from coinage.  Coinage came in about 800 BC or so, and before that, they used to weigh it out in raw form sometimes in the ore.  Or, they would actually make big sort of bangles around their arms. They just twisted it round, round their arms, a very soft metal, and they’d cut off a piece here and there in the ancient times, especially in the Middle East where most of it was used.  And silver of course was really predominant for a long time, then gold came in later.  When you go into the Phoenicians and other peoples, the Phoenicians in ancient times were really the international bankers of ancient times.  And they were also the merchant bankers.  They ran the big groups for merchandizing and so on.  A lot of the deals that they’d make with countries who wanted to invade other countries, and they’d put up the cash for them, on loan, of course, and compound interest, was that they would also get a share of the surrendering enemy and they’d use them as slaves.  And those slaves would work in the mines.  And they actually averaged how much gold each slave would get out before they died.  They were just worked to death, literally.  And they’ve found these mines as far off as the Urals in what is Russia today.  They certainly got around the world. 


And really, money is supposed to be a means of exchange.  And we’ve all heard the nonsense about how we’re supposed to be able to create our own money.  It’s true enough, we’re supposed to be able to do it.  But I don’t think you could ever get any honesty, with a system with money in the first place, to be honest with you.  Bartering is about as honest as you can get, where you simply barter what you have with someone else, and you haggle out the weights and measures of oatmeal or whatever it happens to be.  Once you bring a third party in who trades the cash and loans it out, now you’re in trouble, because again with the nonsense with inflation and deflation, they can say that bag of oatmeal is only worth so much today, because this gold coin is deflated or inflated or whatever it happens to be.  So, those who want to really get rich in the world sometimes are thought of as being aberrant to the species, because, really, how much do you need to live, in actual just living circumstances that is?


Of course, everyone is born into this system of money today, where you have fears built in with you, because the fears are a fear of loneliness, poverty, sickness and no money to help yourself out, having no home.  All these different worries play upon the people, which again can exasperate and neuroticize natural needs to survive, because they’re really above all the things we naturally need to survive, because you have this thing called money, that’s what you need to survive.  Not hard work or planting anything, it’s money, because even if you can plant your own stuff, the government comes in with its regulations and maybe puts you out of business, so you can’t feed yourself, or it confiscates your land because you can’t pay taxes.  You need money to pay the taxes.  So it’s always been a scam.  Always. 


What it did was to allow an elite class, even in ancient times, to rise up.  And they employed the upper leisurely class of the middle class of those days.  And these guys did all their thinking for them, of course, their writing for them, their planning, and their scheming.  And technically, nothing has changed.  We just have fancy titles for the groups and organizations and think-tanks that are employed to make sure the elite and their great plans go off, down into the future, as we help them get there, and then we’re cast off as being useless or eradicated, as the case may be.  So, that’s really what it comes down to with money.  There’s no fair system. 


And even countries that had good systems like Canada, and I’ve mentioned the video before, it’s called “Oh, Canada,” it’s well worth seeing, of how Canada was debt-free through the depression and everything.  Leaders from all over the world came to see how it worked.  It was rather simple, but again, again, eventually the big banking boys, the international money lenders, the guys who lend to nations, bought their way in through corrupt politicians, because money has that tendency to corrupt people, and it’s just too easy to buy people off.  And then they put their own boys in, eventually, and then they form clubs to make sure that only their boys get in.  And the whole world basically is like that today.  They call it democracy.  A nice term, of course, to give a fake reality to the people at the bottom. And they make sure that you’re well entertained.  They even make sure that you think you’re well informed about things, but these same people who own the world and its resources and so on, own the media.  They own the licensing corporations from government.  They own everything, basically, and this is the system of totalitarian control into which you are born and you presently live. 


And they have their plans for the future.  They have lots of plans for the future.  They’re always at least a hundred years ahead and more actually, from gleaning information from their think-tanks of all the what-ifs, of the possibilities that could be there.  We’ve heard people like Rumsfeld for instance, there’s a very good little YouTube clip out there somewhere, where he goes on about the unknown knowns, and known unknowns, and unknown unknowns, etc, etc.  What he’s saying there is all the stuff that comes from the think tanks, where they take every possible thing that could go wrong in the world, including nuclear disasters, including getting hit with comets or meteorites or whatever, and they try to figure out ways that they, this elite, could survive.  And it’s not a new thing.  They’ve been doing this all along.  They’ve had their underground bases all through the Cold War, using your tax money, to ensure that they do indeed survive.  And we’ve had articles in the mainstream too about incoming possible asteroids and all this stuff.  They literally leave nothing to chance. 


They also go through everything with military strategy to do with social policy, because the public have a function.  That is to be a good dutiful citizen, work, consume, and do what you’re told; go into the Army when they tell you to go and fight and kill whoever they want to kill at the time, and then come back and work and pay taxes.  That’s your duty as basically a citizen.  It’s an interesting term, citizen, because it started a long time, in ancient times too, when money came in and the first cities were formed.  Cities could not be formed in fact, without cash, without money flowing.  They can’t feed themselves in a city.  They live on a kind of supra type of work, which is to do with passing paper around and numbers around and to do with companies and so on.  Not with actually manufacturing anything in itself as such. 


This is the system into which you are born, and you’ve all noticed, I’m sure, that you’re rapidly changing, it’s all rapidly changing around you, and the big boys are on a move.  And it’s a move that was planned a long time ago.  They’re not hurried up because of what’s happening in Japan at all.  Although they’ll use that to their advantage.  And they’re going ahead with what they said they’d do with (for instance) the Bretton Woods Agreement Part II.  I’ve talked about that for a few years, because John Maynard Keynes was the guy who gave you your present monetary system for the governments to adopt, and basically off the gold standards, all that kind of stuff.  Keynes himself said this would only be Part I.  And now of course, we’ve got Part II coming up.  The IMF has been pushing for it.  And I’ve talked before, you’ve heard it in my archives section, where Keynes’ speech, his last speech was published and he talked about the Part II that would come in. 


Now, Keynes was an ardent Fabian type Socialist.  And again, I have to tell Socialists, a lot of Socialists don’t really know what Socialism is.  They think they know what it is, and I’ve talked to many of them.  I’ve talked to Marxists too that had never read Lenin or anything else, just that it’s for the workingman.  That’s what they think.  And lot of Socialists think, well, it’s when government puts the cash that they take off you back into the society. And that sounds all wonderful.  But you understand, those at the top have a higher understanding and a different understanding of Socialism.  It was the same with Communism.  The Politburo were given one version of what they were working for, the working class were given a different version, and Lenin himself said only the top members were allowed to know the true goals and aims of Communism.  It’s the same with Socialism. 


We’ve had enough of slaughters throughout the last century and here we are into this world, doing more slaughtering, pretending with this farce that it’s to bring equality and social democracy across the planet. Utter rubbish, the stuff that was put out by the think tanks for George Bush is being used by Obama, who’s even been congratulated by Rumsfeld of the New American Century group, who planned all these invasions back in the 90s by the way, for carrying on the same tradition.  But Obama or no, makes no difference because, I don’t care if you put a puppet up there, I mean a literal puppet on strings, or even a Muppet, that would do the job just as well, because they’re given their lines to speak.  Their scripts are written for them by professional script writers who are more savvy about the agenda than the front men who have to read them.  And we’re on a roll now into this New World Order as they say.


The New World Order has been always transitioning itself for years into parts.  It’s partitioned.  Part I, II, III, IV, etc, etc, etc.  And I’ve said for years, this 21st century was to be the new century, the Century of Change.  And that was a term used by Academia, who of course are all funded by the big foundations which are run on behalf of the banking boys, again the banking elite families, and the Century of Change was to bring in a World type of Collectivist Socialism, run by professionals above them, academia, who would run the world in a non-democratic fashion.  They’d know what was best for us.  And we’d simply have the laws thrown upon us, heaped upon us in fact, and we’d simply obey.  It’s as simple as that.  And that really was the goal too of Fabian Socialism, for those who don’t know what Socialism really is. 


There’s still that link up there that I went through, The Soviet Story, and on there, of course, you have one of the founders, George Bernard Shaw, of Fabian Socialism, giving his speech about the world to come, the same H.G. Wellsian type of Utopia, where you’d have to go to the Big Boys and defend your right to exist to them.  He wanted to gas all the useless eaters.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back, and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just talking about the big system, and how it’s going along the way it’s supposed to go, because they’ve been telling us what they’ve been going to do for years from sites like the Council on Foreign Relations and their Foreign Affairs magazine, and other articles they put out there by the big think tanks, the big workers and shakers for the world.  They’re employed, of course, by the big international bankers.  Look into the Foundations of the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations.  See the guys who started it up, the Rothschilds, Milner, Lord Milner who was German as well, and of course their sons took over, and they actually fomented wars and owned medias to tell them that the other sides had attacked, like the Boer War.  They got the Boer War going because they wanted the grab the diamond fields and the gold and silver and so on.  This is factual, it’s in the history books, and their own historian Carroll Quigley wrote about it in Tragedy and Hope and The Anglo-American Establishment, the two books you have to read to understand any of this that’s really going on.  And, of course, they want to bring in a World Socialist Type System.  They greatly admired the Communist system, because it created instant obedience.  You get things done quickly, the same in China.  That’s why they love China.  And China of course gives an order from the top, and everyone jumps into action and simply obeys.  There’s no arguing like you do in a so-called democratic society; we just get a show of the arguing, because they all drink in the same pubs, basically.  It doesn’t matter what side they pretend they’re on. 


This is the reality in which we live.  A Communistic society.  They’re divvying up the world.  They’ve already grabbed most of the resources of the planet.  Their big corporations which they own literally own the food supply of the world.  They’re going for the water supply of the entire planet too, the drinkable water, and most folk out there are so brain-injured with their indoctrination, and their incredible entertainment.  I mean, who’d have thought that entertainment was the best drug to keep everyone dozy and stupid, as all this is happening?  But they have raised generations on television, and now they’re going much further than just TV.  And it works terribly, terribly well, because people will escape from the negative into what they think is the positive, which is actually fiction.  Escapism, you see.  And that’s what they counted on back in the 30s and 40s, when big players for the same organization wrote in their own books that they would create an egosyntonic society, people who would seek pleasure and avoid pain. And narcissism would be pushed to its extreme.  Well, you’ve got all of that today.  And yet, they don’t know that Rome is burning, basically.  They don’t know.  And they can’t imagine it ever happening. 


It was the same when the Goths and all the other ones invaded Rome.  You’ll find out if you read Gibbons or any of the other historians on Rome, that the people inside were actually partying, big parties were going on at the time, big balls, and they couldn’t believe when they were told that literally the barbarians were at the gate.  They couldn’t believe it.  It doesn’t happen to them.  And the same thing is happening now, as big movers and shakers, all outside of governmental offices, are working with government to bring in this system, because government was bought and paid for a long time ago.  If there ever was a free government, it was conquered a long time ago, and taken over a long time ago, because they’re all on board on the same agenda.


They have told us we all exist to serve the economy.  Really?  Is that why you exist, to serve the economy?  Did you know that’s your reason for being?  Well, that’s what they tell you.  Your reason to exist is to serve the economy.  What’s the economy?  It’s whatever they say it is.  And it also means that they must tax you.  You see.  They’ve got the right to tax you.  Tax means labor, labor.  You tax yourself when you labor. You see.  And they’re taxing you.  They call it taxes, it sounds better than labor, because technically, anyone who took money off of your labor, which was actually your own labor, was putting you in a form of slavery.  If it wasn’t your employer than it’s a form of slavery.  You see.  We’re conned left, right, and center. 


Anyway, George Soros, as you know about George Soros, he’s an incredible psychopath.  Well chosen, mind you, for his past histories, and picked up by Rothschild, it was in fact who picked him up.  He’s the kind of guy that they want.  And he literally was risen to the ranks of a multi-millionaire doing scams and sinking economies across the planet.  He is pushing for Bretton Woods Part II.  Just coincidentally, that’s what the IMF was prattling on about a year and two years ago, Bretton Woods Part II, and I read all that stuff on the air at the time.  So, remember it ties in too with this New World Order, because they’ve said that at Council on Foreign Relations and governments have said it too with private/public partnerships, that they’re also bringing in philanthropists, big, rich philanthropists into this new makeup of the world, to make decisions for us, people you don’t elect, you see.  And it says:


Apparently, megalomaniacs need schedulers.


(Alan: This is from Fox News.)


Just ask George Soros. The left-wing billionaire is helping fund two major conferences that start on the same day, in two different locations just a three hours apart by car. Two liberal events packed into one long weekend. God created the world in six days. Apparently, Soros, who sees himself as “some kind of god,” needs just a long weekend to start remaking today's world in his image.


(A: Now, he’s obviously a front too.  And he is a front, but he’s got the right stuff.  He’s a pure, pure utter psychopath.  It says:)


The emphasis of both conferences is a familiar one to American voters – change. (A: Change is good.) Soros wants to begin changing the global economy in one event. In the other, his flunkies want to “Change the world. Change the media.”


Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back, Cutting Through the Matrix, just talking about George Soros, just one player of many front men who are out there, who are brought up to be multi-billionaires, and they do work for a master, of course.  And believe you me, if he wasn’t, if he was a Lone Ranger here, he’d be bumped off by much bigger fish than him.  Anyway it says here:


The first gathering in Bretton Woods, N.H., is an economic conference Soros once described as “a grand bargain that rearranges the entire financial order.” (A: He’s talking about the planet, remember.)  In October 2009, Soros committed $50 million to the Institute for New Economic Thinking (INET). A week later, the glib lefty investor wrote a column calling for a new Bretton Woods event, to recreate the one that helped design the post-WWII economy. Only he wants this one to knock America down a peg or three.


(A: It will be more than three, believe you me, with the debt.)


Now, it's been a little over a year later and the group he funded is making King George’s wish come true – bringing together a whole slew of important people to discuss how to change the global economy. In Soros speak, that means “establish new international rules” and “reform the currency system.”


(A: Well, that ties in with what the IMF is on about too, with their new global currency and special drawing rights, of course.  It says:)


The announced speakers include a lot of prominent lefties, globalists and economists on the board of the organization (A: And by the way, a lot of right wing too because they’re all the same.  And you need two wings to fly the bird, you see.) he has throwing the event – more than two-thirds of the overall total have ties to Soros. To underscore their connection to history, INET (A: That’s the fifty-million dollar company that he formed) is hosting the conference at the Mount Washington Resort, the very same hotel that held the first gathering.


So this is not happenstance.  It’s meant to be a very big, real event to reshape the world’s currency.  But what an awful history this guy has got when you look into it.  A born psychopath.  He turned Jews in during WWII, and he was a Jew himself, and he was rewarded for doing it.  And he actually said he never regretted it, and he had the best years of his life.  Just astonishing psychopath.  And that’s why he was picked up, of course, by the better, calmer type of psychopaths, who’d had many generations of managing the planet.  And I’ll put these links up remember at cuttingthroughthematrix.com at the end of this particular broadcast. 


And as this is happening too, we have all these global societies now that started off as private organizations.  And Interpol was also started up, by the way, by the Rothschilds.  And:


Interpol chief calls for global electronic identity card system


The head of INTERPOL has emphasized the need for a globally verifiable electronic identity card (e-ID) system for migrant workers at an international forum on citizen ID projects, e-passports, and border control management.


(A: Now, this is for the whole world.  That means it’s for everybody.  Not just for migrant workers.  It says:)


Speaking at the fourth Annual EMEA ID WORLD summit, INTERPOL Secretary General Ronald K. Noble said that regulating migration levels and managing borders presented security challenges for countries and for the world that INTERPOL was ideally-placed to help address.


That means, because they’re all in league of course with the Big Boys that sell all the ID stuff and all the X-ray scanners that do wonderful things for your genetic mutations.  Anyway, I’ll put that link up too.  And then, Britain that’s way ahead of where the US is to go.  Actually I should say, it’s not way ahead at all.  They could bring it in very quickly in the US too.  And it’s really the flagship for the world to copy; it’s already got its Communitarian projects well under way, as they pretend to decentralize government, and bring you down to the collectivist society, living in your own little neighborhood, with your little pre-selected leaders, of course, just like the Soviet system was run.  Soviet means rule by councils, and of course, the councils are already set to take off and run you and organization your lives.


Neighbourhood plan pilots announced


The first 17 communities to test neighbourhood planning, a key feature of the Localism Bill, have been named by Decentralisation Minister (A: Politician, that is.) Greg Clark.


People in these communities - a mix of cities, urban and rural areas - will be able to decide the types of development given automatic planning permission through a Neighbourhood Development Order.


Now, of course, the ones who already ran the cities, the money boys, in the urban areas will also obviously be in charge of these boards.  They’re going to start doing away with elections altogether for councilors and so on.  They’re appointing mayors, in fact.  And there’s two other articles to go with that too, because they’re giving out a new system to literally tax you if you want to build a home.  So, even to build a home now might cost you twenty to thirty thousand pounds to begin with, just for the taxes, to build your little.  You know, if you were a turtle, you’d have more rights carrying your house around on your back, or a tortoise, believe you me, than a human being in this day and age.  Of course, they can’t make a turtle or a tortoise pay up.  That’s the only difference.  But how disgusting when you cannot just throw up a shack if you want to, and live and be left alone, eh?  Of course, this is an economic system, and your function is to serve the economy, as they say. 


Now, Salt Lake City is going cash-free.  The first city in the States is going wallet-free, it says, with the new system called Isis.  Oh, they love their little jokes, don’t they, Isis.  And it says:


Operator consortium Isis has selected Salt Lake City as its flagship deployment to show the rest of the USA what NFC can do for them.


(A: Oh, it’s all to do something for you.  You know something, they could take us like the pied piper over the cliff edge, by giving us these services, eh.)


The plan will see Salt Lake City's public transport system accepting pay-by-wave from a mobile phone by the middle of next year. Retailers have also been encouraged to adopt Near Field Communications technology at the point of sale, as Salt Lake City strives to become The Place You Can Leave Your Wallet At Home.


Isis was set up less than six months ago: a consortium of US network operators including AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. The consortium is dedicated to ensuring that electronic payments based on NFC keep their secure element in the SIM (A: That’s for the simians, I guess, you know, that’s what we are) – under the control of the network operator, not the handset manufacturer or bank-card supplier – by promoting the technology and business models associated with it.


In Salt Lake City, that involves working with the Utah Transit Authority to convert all the buses and trains to accept NFC payments, as well as flooding the area with NFC handsets and SIM chips.


And on and on it goes.  Well, you’re going to get the same thing, of course, in these Communitarian areas in Britain as well, because they’ve got to track everything that you do and every penny that you make.  And if you make any other penny that’s not on their little list that you’ve earned that week, they’re going to come and see you.  That’s what it’s all about too.


We also know that Japan has being whacked again by an aftershock.  And one report I read said the plant workers at the stricken plant, stricken, they’re demolished actually, those plants, were evacuated.  Well, each time they evacuate, you understand, they’ve got meltdown.  So, really, those things were melting down from the very first time they evacuated it, and you can’t stop these things once they start.  And I also want to put up an article tonight too, on an ex-governor from Japan who blasts Tesco’s cozy ties to the government.  It says:


Earthquakes and tsunami are unavoidable natural events, but the ongoing disaster at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear plant was induced by "human errors" stemming from cozy ties between bureaucrats and Tokyo Electric Power Co., former Fukushima Gov. Eisaku Sato told The Japan Times on Wednesday.


Sato, who served five terms from 1988 to 2006, said the inappropriate relationship between government bureaus and the utility often resulted in them burying major troubles, including cracks in reactors and safety shortcomings at Tepco's two nuclear plants in the prefecture.


"Their improper bond means that no one was keeping an eye on Tepco," Sato, 71, said, adding it ultimately led to the inadequate preparations for the March 11 disaster.


The first hint Sato had of inept supervision at the nuclear plants was in January 1989. Tepco, despite being aware for weeks that one of the reactor coolant pumps at the Fukushima No. 2 nuclear plant was malfunctioning, did not report the trouble to prefectural authorities.


Sato said he quickly filed a complaint with the old Ministry of International Trade and Industry over a development he felt endangered the public. But Tepco only received a slap on the wrist and the power plant was back up and running after a temporary shutdown.


(A: It’s the same across the world, even in factories by the way.  I’ve seen it myself, with my own eyes, where inspectors were told of umpteen laws getting broken, and they get a backhander under the table by the boss, and they go out with their heads down, past all the people who complained to them prior to that.  It’s the same thing everywhere you go.  Again, money corrupts, believe you me, and it doesn’t matter what position they’re in, they’re corruptible.  That’s the unfortunate thing.  And this is what he’s getting at here.  He says:)


Sato was prompted to take further action in 2002, when a whistle-blower claimed Tepco was hiding malfunctions and cracks in reactors at both Fukushima No. 1 and No. 2.


"It turned out that the Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency had received the same insider information — but in 2000, two years before we did," Sato said. And yet the nuclear safety watchdog, under the wing of MITI's successor, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, not only overlooked the accusation and failed to inform prefectural authorities, it even gave Tepco a heads up.


That’s massive bribery and corruption.  That’s how that works.  And it works across the globe.  So, this actual governor himself was up on charges, apparently for taking bribes.  Whether he did it or not, I don’t know.  Sometimes it takes someone who’s already under the microscope to blow the whistle on others, and that seems to be what’s maybe happening here.  Who knows.  But I’m sure they had cracks in those pipes and so on, and various other parts of those reactors, long before the tsunami hit, and hence their inability to get everything working very quickly again.  It makes no sense at all that all the big pumps, the big generators went down, because, believe you me, those guys could disassemble those darn things so darn fast, and put them back together if they had to, I don’t see why they couldn’t.  There’s something else at the problem here.  We also know that those reactors were sold to them by General Electric, and the Mark 1 was really a disaster in the waiting.  They also have some of those Mark 1s in the US as well. 


And another thing they’re doing in the wonderful Communitarian country of Britain, where the Socialism is really working ahead, while a small elite get richer and richer and richer, because that’s true, the true New World Order you see is to eradicate all Middle Class altogether, and have a stinking rich at the top and all the peasants at the bottom, who will be taught to believe they’ve got a say in things, just like democracy gives you.


Social mobility drive to track us to age of 30


(A: So, from birth to the age of 30 the government is going to track everyone.)


Everyone will have their educational and work achievements tracked from birth to the age of 30 under radical plans to improve social mobility.


(A: Oh, it’s to improve social mobility.)


Ministers will unveil seven new ‘Life Chance Indicators’ next week as part of a plan to help children from poorer homes do better.


(A: Ho, ho, ho.)


The indicators measure everything from a person’s weight at birth to their university achievements and earnings at the age of 30.


(A: What it is folks, it’s like any business project, and government is just one big business.  It’s a corporation.  Your country is a corporation if you didn’t know it.  It’s registered as a corporation.  And what they do with their investment, which is you of course, because you’re the only ones who create anything and you’re the only ones they can tax, is to try to figure out, basically what their income will be in a certain year, 2030, ’40, whatever it happens to be, and what they can go and spend in the meantime and borrow on what they expect to be coming in from each person’s lifetime.  That’s what it’s all about in reality.  Incredible.  It says:)


Five-year-olds will be tested for their ‘readiness for school’, including their academic ability and ability to listen.


(A: I guess they’ll drug them if they’re not.)


The measures will be used to judge whether initiatives such as the Sure Start programme to help children from poorer homes are effective or should be scrapped.


Etc, etc, etc.  By the way, they’ve been doing this stuff for years.  Long before you even heard of a computer.  Long before it.  There’s nothing they didn’t know about you from about the fifties onwards.  School, up through, records are never tossed out the window or put in the trash bin.  Nothing from any government sponsored association or paid association is disposed of.  It all goes upwards into the big data collection vaults.  It’s astonishing when you find out just how much data they already had about every single person.  And you wonder why and where they got it all from.  A very, very different world you live in indeed than the one that you’ve been taught to believe in.  Now, there’s callers on the telephone.  There’s Matthew from Arizona there.  Are you there, Matthew?


Matthew: Yes, Alan.  I just want to say, anyone listening right now, please contribute to Alan, just like at least five dollars through PayPal or ten dollars, if you can, as much as possible.  Because he’s an extremely valuable resource.  But I just wanted to say, first of all, for them having information from being those who have the access to those kinds of resources, that a microchip can fit by now, what, millions of pieces of information on one microchip.  Mind you, it’s a microchip, so that say you have a country like America with 300 million people, why is it such a farfetched idea that a microchip can be made for each person, considering that one can fit millions of pieces of information on it?  You know.


Alan: Yeah, it’s easy to do.  In fact, there’s microchips which they can actually implant in people, and then program each chip externally, for personal ID. 


Matthew: Yeah, it’s not farfetched that they create a virtual you, just like you say.  And the people that are in the system, and locked in the system, another point that I wanted to make, you were mentioning in one of your videos, the square peg and the round whole of the graduation cap of college graduates, that they’ve been indoctrinated through this insane system.  So, you see the cap that’s positioned in kind of an oblique way, with the round in the middle and the square at the top, and positioned in an oblique way, is a symbol of exactly what is going on, the indoctrination into the system of what they want you to learn.  Not what you wanted to learn, because, when you go to college, you never learn what comes natural.  It’s always this forced, you know, learning process with the multiple test questions, and things, is it grey, is it grey-blue, is it grey-blue with a tinge of red type questions.  And it has nothing to do with learning, it has to do with this whole idea of a memory.  I mean, I’ve met people with an excellent memory that don’t have any creative abilities at all.  They’re totally right-brained, and they do perfect in the educational system. 


Alan: They do.  That’s very, very true, because you’ve had a good education doesn’t mean you’ve got intellect.  It does not mean you’ve got intellect at all.  It means you’re a good parrot.  It also means you’re very susceptible to peer pressure, because that’s why everyone in the classroom will always go along with the same agenda, the same parroting.  They don’t want to stand out from anyone else with a different point of view, so they’re perfect for that.  And the studies have been done on them.  They’re far more politically correct.  They could be upgraded much quicker than the rest of society, because, again, they don’t want to miss out in their social class.  So they’re easily programmed and reprogrammed in political correctness for any agenda.  And the big universities have actually done studies on it, and again, I’ve got it in cuttingthroughthematrix.com’s archive there.  It’s interesting too, that little hat they wear, you know, it’s really a hod.  It’s a form of hod of Masonry where they used to put the bricks on it.  That’s what it symbolizes.  Underneath the round part is what the real, normal stone, which is round, the rolling stone is round, you see, they make you abnormal.  And you’ve got that little limp, that little thing hanging down there, that’s another symbol as well.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix, and we’ll go to Cameron from New York now, if Cameron’s there.  Hello, is Cameron there?


Cameron: Hey, Alan.


Alan: Yes, hello.


Cameron: Hey.  Thank you for taking my call.  It’s great to talk to you.  It’s an honor.  Thank you for everything that you do.  I just had one question.  I was wondering, are you yourself taking the potassium iodide, and should people on the East Coast of the United States and Canada be concerned, or do you think that, like people in our area are okay?


Alan: Well, they admitted themselves before they blanketed out all the news out on it from the EPA, and so did the European, French sites and German sites, that they’d already found radioactive iodine on the East Coast of the US and going across the Atlantic.  And they expect it to reach France, I think last week it was, early last week, which it did.  So, I think anyone who can take precautions should take them.  Everyone really is depleted in the stuff to begin with because, if you noticed, the culture that’s been created now has been very low on a fish diet, salt fish or sea fish diet, and kelp and so on.  That’s for sure.  The problem is, that was developed for the military too, remember, to get them through to fight a battle and win it.  It didn’t matter if they died afterwards, and technically, you’re still breathing the stuff in too, and it’s embedding in your lungs, so, mutations happen very, very quickly with these things, when it hits the particular types of tissue, especially.  But it isn’t just that, we’ve got traces of strontium coming over as well.  And there’s even strontium 90, which is really nasty stuff.  One molecule in the lungs is all it takes to cause genetic changes.  So it’s really being played down.  Any precautions that folk can take for themselves, they should absolutely take if they can afford it, and they can get access to it, you know.  You can’t listen to governments when it comes to this kind of stuff.  It would fall in with the depopulation plans.  Even a lot of the cancers won’t start to be visible until maybe five to fifteen years for a lot of people, and I’m sure that would fall in with depopulation and sterility too.  They want to bring down the population drastically, and in fact, Rockefeller himself asked for rapid depopulation and I kept wondering how is he going to get it, at a world meeting, mind you.  How is he going to get it?  They’ll either put out a bacterium or a virus into the people, or well, Bingo, this came along and they’re certainly using it to their advantage.


Do what you can for yourself.  The problem is, we’ve got to go outside, we’ve got to breathe, and the problem again too, is so much of this stuff is brought in, you’re ingesting it through the food too, obviously, because this stuff is coming down with the dew in the mornings or at night, and it’s coming down in the rain, and it will definitely be contaminating the earth, as well.  They had the same problem when we had the problem in Russia, years ago, when the reactor melted down, different kind of reactor but giving off similar stuff.  And they traced it right across Europe and Britain even, and where the prevailing winds went to.  And they’re still finding the occasional mutation in newborn babies, on that particular path that the wind followed.  So, you know, it’s a disastrous thing.  It’s one of the worst things we could have.  This stuff doesn’t occur in nature, you understand, these radioactive substances.  They’re man made, and the planet cannot deal with them, and technically, we’re not meant to deal with them either.  But do what you can for yourself.  And that’s the best advice I can give you.  It’s kind of helpless, to an extent, but it’s the best I can give you.  Thanks for calling.  And Darlene from Colorado, you have to call again.  And I’ll also put a spoof video up on Obama, reassuring the American public about the safety of radiation in America.  From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, it’s Good Night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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