April 8th, 2011 (#807)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 8th, 2011:

Power-Elite and Scientific Combination,
Guaranteeing Life's Ruination:

"There's Radiation Swirling Around Each Head
It Will Add Many to the Great Book of the Dead,
Over Many Years Propagandists Will Shout,
Blustering, Denying the Effects of Fallout,
Whilst Elitists, Comfortable in City-Size Bunker,
And the Common Fearful in Cellars Hunker,
The T.V. Slave Will Go on Without Knowing,
In Blissful Ignorance of What's Overhead Blowing,
Thank Arrogant Science with Intellectual Ischaemia
Churning Out Minute Godlings of Academia"
© Alan Watt April 8th, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė April 8th, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 8th of April, 2011.  I always start off this talk by suggesting newcomers and thereís always newcomers coming into this particular site or this broadcast actually, being broadcast, and I suggest they go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and help themselves to the audios which are there for free download.  Thereís hundreds to choose from.  And I do intend to give you shortcuts, if you can pick up on the little clues I give you, to the big picture of the incredible system youíre born into, which is vastly different from what youíve been trained to believe.  Actually youíve been trained not to even look at the system that really rules over you, but itís a Mammoth.  Itís so incredibly huge, with the interweaving of governments and private corporations, think tanks, even basically paramilitary organizations, that really have a lot of members from the CIA working onboard, NSA and so on, working worldwide, all to make sure that this wonderful New World Order, this global domination, this empire of the world takes place.  So, help yourself to the audios, and youíll find the big institutions, and organizations, theyíre all private, that really run the world and they own your governments.  And your governments are well aware of it too.


Remember too, all the sites you see listed on the .com site also carry transcripts in English of a lot of the talks Iíve given.  And if you want transcripts in other languages, got into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu and take your pick from the variety offered.  And remember too, that you are the folks who bring me to you.  I donít bring on guests to scare you and then sell stuff.  I prefer to do it the crazy way, the sado-masochistic way, and hope that you in fact will want to keep me going.  And thatís a good measure too, because it will let me know when itís time just to take off to sunnier climes, hopefully where thereís less radiation.  In the meantime, you can buy the books and the discs that I have for sale.  And you can use a personal check from the US to Canada.  You can use an international postal money order from the US to Canada, and you can send cash, or you can use PayPal.  Youíll see the donation button on the .com site.  Use that and then follow it up with an email, with your name, address and order, and Iíll get it out to you.  Across the rest of the world, youíve unfortunately got the choices of Western Union, Money Gram, or once again PayPal.  They donít allow personal checks from outside the Americas.  And PayPal, remember too to order, and to use the donation button.  And remember, straight donations too are really welcome, because the orders arenít flying in, and itís generally a few people who keep me going day after day and year after year. 


We are going through, as I say, the most profoundest changes ever since really the Industrial Revolution was forced upon peoples across Europe, forced upon them by those with the big money powers.  And they also got them off the lands to go into these new red-bricked cities they called the industrial cities and towns.  And they died off pretty quickly.  Mind you, they kept flooding in, so they replaced them quickly too, for a long time.  That was how they got it all off the go.  Massive transition from the land to the city, and of course, what weíre going through today is a massive transition of migrating peoples across the world, who are being encouraged to come in, of course, because multiculturalism, as Tony Blair said himself, was part of the system of destroying previous cultures.  Blair actually said he didnít want anything to survive of what he called the British culture at all.  And he was very successful with that.  Theyíre all doing the same kind of job, because itís not a matter of the countries not just getting on.  Itís just that thereís such a clash, and a lot of these people come from countries that have never known what democracy meant, or even human rights and personal rights, so theyíre quite content to go along with the big guy with the bucks and the big stick, who runs the country.  So theyíll take totalitarianism quite easily in their stride.  Back with more, after this break. 


Hi folks, weíre back, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  And I generally talk about the big picture in this ongoing saga of imperialists, really, world imperialists, who belong to a big world club, always have done for a long time, actually.  And theyíve got a history of moving the world towards an interlocking system, where eventually theyíll have world government.  Itís actually here in fact, and youíll find that the more you go into a lot of the links that I give you from the big organizations involved, youíll find that from the horsesí mouths themselves.  They do like to boast about it.  They donít mention it in the mainstream media, because the media is owned by the same big groups as well, the big banking boys and so on.  So, youíre kept in a fake reality at the bottom level.  Youíre even told what to worry about and what not to worry about.  When thereís fake flu scares theyíll tell you itís real, and everybody is going to die, everybodyís going to die.  How many times have we heard it?  And they sold billions of dollars of shots through governments to the public and said itís free.  Of course, youíre paying for it all through your taxes.  And then the Big Pharmas get their contracts for maybe five to ten years to do the same thing every darn year.  So, theyíre very good at giving you fake things. 


Theyíre also very good at giving you countries to suddenly hate.  And Reagan was very good at that too, when he changed gun sights all the time, just like Orwell talked about, East Asia/West Asia.  And Reagan was on about the Evil Empire.  And at one time he even had Gaddafi down as the Great Satan and stuff like this, and back and forth theyíd go all the time.  It was all the same thing in Gulf War I and then II, and now of course, itís Libya.  Itís back to Gaddafi, again, even though they made a lot of agreements with him, at the United Nations to leave the North African countries alone.  Of course they donít intend to keep their promises, and theyíve broken every promise theyíve ever made.  But why shouldnít they, because these boys are so powerful, theyíve been scamming the public and the generations for hundreds, maybe even thousands of years for all we know, because a lot of them really are from very high born families that go way, way back at the top of the tree. 


Weíre conned, as I say, so they give you your fears, what to worry about and the trivia to think about, etc, etc.  They also give you predictive programming.  They put trial balloons up there, to see how the public will take new taxes and so on, before theyíre introduced.  And then, of course, with Google and all the rest of it, they take a constant pulse of the public to find out how far to push.  Everything is pretty well dead-on in their reckoning with all these little quiet polls that they take.  When things are really happening too, and there really should be things to worry about, they just clam up, just like the nonsense thatís happening with Japan, and this ongoing, incredible drama, as theyíve done everything apparently wrong to stem the problems there.  I donít think personally they could probably have stopped them from the beginning, but once these things melt down it just keeps going.  Itís absolutely lethal.  And the stuff is still being spewed up into the air, and thereís a total clampdown, obviously by agreement across the world.  The EPA has withdrawn its own daily figures and readings and so on.  And youíre back to little comforting things, like, oh, itís very low, and itís not dangerous to human health and all this kind of nonsense.  Canada really says nothing to the public generally, so they donít expect it from the government here.  Theyíre far more docile and happy with sports it seems and their weekends partying.  So, itís quite easy to control a world when something really is happening. 


Hereís an article here, and itís from Washingtonís blog.  I meant to read it a few days ago.  It says here that:


The U.S. federal drinking water standard for radioactive Iodine-131 is 3 picocuries per liter, but levels exceeding that by as much as 181 times have been detected in rainwater sampled in California, Idaho, Minnesota, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts.

(Alan: And itís obviously all over when you see the stuff wafting across.  Even though theyíve pulled all the main sites, except one.)


Radioactivity has also been found in milk from Spokane, Washington.


Safe Levels of Radiation? 

The government says there is no danger, as these levels (even levels in rainwater above drinking water standards) are ďsafeĒ. Specifically, they explain that the exposure is only short-term, while federal drinking water standards assume a constant level of radiation over the course of a year.


In addition, not all of the radiation from the rainwater will end up in the drinking water supply. So Ė say federal and state governments Ė there is no danger from short-term exposure to such levels of radiation.


(A: Then it goes on to say:)


But as I pointed out recently: 

Physicians for Social Responsibility notes: 

According to the National Academy of Sciences, there are no safe doses of radiation. (A: And Iíve said that over and over and over again.  There are no safe doses of radiation.  Youíve all been brainwashed with these scanners and propaganda as they keep X-raying you.)  Decades of research show clearly that any dose of radiation increases an individualís risk for the development of cancer.


(A: Even X-rays over a few years can do it too.  There was a program on Canada a few years back with I think it was Wendy Mesley, who got breast cancer, and she did a documentary on herself and other women who had had lots of X-rays for problems when they were young, and how they all developed the cancers later on, just from standard X-Rays.  Anyway it says:)


ďThere is no safe level of radionuclide exposure, whether from food, water or other sources. Period,Ē said Jeff Patterson, DO, immediate past president of Physicians for Social Responsibility. ďExposure to radionuclides, such as iodine-131 and cesium-137, increases the incidence of cancer. For this reason, every effort must be taken to minimize the radionuclide content in food and water.Ē


ďConsuming food containing radionuclides is particularly dangerous. If an individual ingests or inhales a radioactive particle, it continues to irradiate the body as long as it remains radioactive and stays in the body,Ē said Alan H. Lockwood, MD, a member of the Board of Physicians for Social Responsibility.


(A: Many of these particles, you know, this radiation can go on for thousands of years.)


Radiation can be concentrated many times in the food chain and any consumption adds to the cumulative risk of cancer and other diseases.


John LaForge notes: 

The National Council on Radiation Protection says, ďÖ every increment of radiation exposure produces an incremen≠tal increase in the risk of cancer.Ē The Environmental Protection Agency says, ďÖ any exposure to radiation poses some risk, i.e. there is no level below which we can say an exposure poses no risk.Ē The Department of Energy says about ďlow levels of radiationĒ that ďÖ the major effect is a very slight increase in cancer risk.Ē The Nuclear Regulatory Commission says, ďany amount of radiation may pose some risk for causing cancer Ö any increase in dose, no matter how small, results in an incremental increase in risk.Ē The National Academy of Sciences, in its ďBiological Effects of Ionizing Radiation VII,Ē says, ďÖ it is unlikely that a threshold exists for the induction of cancers Ö.Ē


(A: In other words the tiniest dose is enough.)


Long story short, ďOne can no longer speak of a Ďsafeí dose level,Ē as Dr. Ian Fairlie and Dr. Marvin Resnikoff said in their report ďNo dose too low,Ē in the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.


And Brian Moench, MD, writes: 

Administration spokespeople continuously claim ďno threatĒ from the radiation reaching the US from Japan, just as they did with oil hemorrhaging into the Gulf. Perhaps we should all whistle ďDonít worry, be happyĒ in unison. A thorough review of the science, however, begs a second opinion.


That the radiation is being released 5,000 miles away isnít as comforting as it seemsÖ. Every day, the jet stream carries pollution from Asian smoke stacks and dust from the Gobi Desert to our West Coast, contributing 10 to 60 percent of the total pollution breathed by Californians, depending on the time of year. Mercury is probably the second most toxic substance known after plutonium. Half the mercury in the atmosphere over the entire US originates in China. It, too, is 5,000 miles away. A week after a nuclear weapons test in China, iodine 131 could be detected in the thyroid glands of deer in Colorado, (A: Well, obviously people too have got it.) although it could not be detected in the air or in nearby vegetation.


The idea that a threshold exists or there is a safe level of radiation for human exposure began unraveling in the 1950s when research showed one pelvic x-ray in a pregnant woman could double the rate of childhood leukemia in an exposed baby. Furthermore, the risk was ten times higher if it occurred in the first three months of pregnancy than near the end. This became the stepping-stone to the understanding that the timing of exposure was even more critical than the dose. The earlier in embryonic development it occurred, the greater the risk.


A new medical concept has emerged, increasingly supported by the latest research, called ďfetal origins of disease,Ē that centers on the evidence that a multitude of chronic diseases, including cancer, often have their origins in the first few weeks after conception by environmental insults disturbing normal embryonic development. It is now established medical advice that pregnant women should avoid any exposure to x-rays, (A: Any, any it says here.) medicines or chemicals when not absolutely necessary, no matter how small the dose, especially in the first three months.


(A: And it goes into epigenetics which is a fascinating field actually.)


ďEpigeneticsĒ is a term integral to fetal origins of disease, referring to chemical attachments to genes that turn them on or off (A: like switches) †inappropriately and have impacts functionally similar to broken genetic bonds. Epigenetic changes can be caused by unimaginably small doses Ė parts per trillion Ė be it chemicals, air pollution, cigarette smoke or radiation. (A: And Iíll add chemtrails too.) Furthermore, these epigenetic changes can occur within minutes after exposure and may be passed on to subsequent generations.


And then he goes on into the endocrine system and so on and so on and so on.  So thereís no safe level or radiation.  There simply isnít.  It doesnít happen.  They know this well in medicine.  They know it darn well in medicine, because the whole field of radiology is tied up with cancer deaths, even from the earliest days with those around Madame Curie, including her husband and others, that they know what it does to people, even in so-called low doses, and even in short, low doses.  Short time, it doesnít matter at all.  And the changes literally can start very quickly, or they might take a few years, before something becomes very evident.  But weíre in a bad, bad time for it. 


Now, as I say, the same media and the same governments that hype up fake flu and all the rest of it, are so quiet now, theyíve pulled all the sites off pretty well that were monitoring the radiation, except one, and Iíll be putting that up tonight at the end of this talk, which youíll have to grab quick before thatís also pulled.  And believe you me, the radiation is going up every day.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And talking about a site Iíll put up tonight, that is an official site, and how long it will stay up, I have no idea, however, it shows you that government has been tracking daily the doses and projected flows, airflows across the US, Canada, Alaska, and the world.  And theyíve got the quantities of the various substances that are coming, raining down on us actually, there too, from the past to the present day and projected for the next few days.  So, they know exactly where the stuff is coming down with the dosage levels of all the different types of radioactive materials and particles, so it does not look good at all.  And, as I say, the rates have actually been going up daily.  Itís quite amazing.  Itís really not good news, whatsoever, but itís going up and up and up, with all of the really nasty stuff coming down, not just the radioactive iodine.  Itís got all the other nasties in there amongst it too.


So, when Iím off the air, give me time to get this up, and then download it as fast as you can, before eventually they put a lock on that too, which no doubt might happen if more people on the radio start to get this word out.  Thatís what always happens, and then they clam up, because weíre not supposed to know at the bottom level, but it makes you wonder what theyíre doing in government with the so-called coming shutdown.  Is it really a shutdown, or are they going to head off for their bunkers.  I often wonder.  This article here is:


"Obama: 'Machinery of shutdown has begun to move'


Obama, lawmakers say they have made progress -- but no deal

07 Apr 2011

President Obama said tonight that congressional leaders have made progress on a new budget deal, but added that they need to reach a final agreement by Friday morning or face the prospect of a government shutdown that would hurt the economy.


(A: Really?  You know Belgium had no government for about seven months I think it was for the last year or the year before, and the country just went along smoothly.  There was no new taxes that went in.  The bureaucrats kept everything running like robots and everything was fine.  It says:)


"There still are a few issues that are outstanding," Obama said after an hour-long meeting with House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nevada. [No worries! The wars will still continue. Even if the government is shut down, the US unsubs will still be bombing civilians in Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. Blackwater will still get itsÖ


...Something else at the end, you can read it for yourself.  Anyway the fact is, I wonder really if weíre being conned here, because these characters know whatís happening with the radiation thatís continuing to come in daily.  As I say the levels of all the materials have gone up, daily to the present.  And I see no reason why it should start lowering now, because the Japanese havenít been doing anything about it, it would seem, or theyíre unable to do anything about it.  But all the nasty stuff is definitely coming down, and thereís going to be an awful lot of repercussion, an awful lot of repercussion coming out of this on everyone in North America, and itís going across to Europe eventually, of course, but youíre getting the brunt of it here, and anywhere where itís raining too, it brings it down quicker.  I noticed today that theyíre chemtrailing the skies again, really big time, and of course, that stuff also will absorb some of it, and bring it down even faster.  So, maybe theyíll just sacrifice a particular area to bring most of it down.  Who knows.  Iím sure all of this actually has been discussed in think tanks, believe you me, thatís the kind of stuff they really do.  They really, really do.  So, weíre under crisis management obviously and if the levels were as low as they had said, which is like very low, and tiny, then I think they would have kept the other sites going up there if that was the truth. 


Now, just to make you safer, in Britain, there was a shooting on a nuclear submarine.  And two were injured, at least two were injured, and it says:


Nuclear submarine HMS Astute, on which two people have been injured after a shooting at the Southampton.


A man has been arrested after a shooting on board a nuclear submarine, police said.


Two people are believed to have been injured in the incident on HMS Astute, which is currently docked in Southampton, and there were unconfirmed reports that one had died.


It was not a terrorist threat.  Several police vehicles were sent


Blah, blah, blah, blah.  Well, hereís a nuclear, well, itís definitely a high missile class sub thatís come back from, the rest of itís actually like a PR piece about how wonderful this submarine is.  A powerful nuclear attack submarine, one of the best ever built and so on, just back from sending missiles over to Libya there, where they did a great job of slaughtering people they couldnít even see, and who certainly couldnít fight back.  But there you are. I mean, that makes you feel safer now that youíve got mad people on submarines, nuclear submarines.  Just to make you feel safer in this crazy, crazy world.


Iím also putting up tonight a paper on geometric modulation, which is to do with HAARP technology.  Itís an official paper.  And it says:


Geometric modulation: A more effective method of steerable ELF/VLF wave generation with continuous HF heating of the lower ionosphere


Theyíve been doing this for quite a few years actually, and Iíve seen the effects sometimes even here, a couple of summers ago, when I could see this incredible display in the sky.  Thatís the quiet lightning you actually see.  Thereís no noise to it at all, and you see rippling, like piano keys above your head from horizon to horizon at night.  Itís quite something to watch.  It also causes explosions once in a while, and thatís what they were using actually, over Canada a few years ago, when alarms went off all the way from British Columbia, down into, I think it ended up in Washington.  They tried to say it was a meteorite, of course, even though nothing was detected on their radars, and then about two months later the same thing happened in Australia.  Theyíre testing this stuff all the time, folks.  Thatís what they can do.  They could set the atmosphere on fire if they superheated it enough.  Thatís what Tesla said.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And itís interesting too, Iíve mentioned before how provinces in Canada have merged with some of the US states, and theyíve been working for years on harmonizing their energy and carbon and all the rest of it for the future taxes coming along, and in other words, what they do is simply bypass the usual federal level, sometimes even the local level, and just go ahead with these things.  After all, weíre public/private now.  Itís a new feudal system, as Quigley called it, and itís already in effect.  Well, hereís Europe doing the same thing on carbon taxes, because theyíre doing it with US states to integrate them together.  And it says that:


Europe, California discuss harmonised carbon market


(A: And thatís from EurActive, itís called.)


The European Union opened the world's largest cap-and-trade scheme for greenhouse gases (A: Which is a lot of baloney) in 2005 and California is aiming to open the second-largest next year.


"How can we take care that we are not building isolated systems, but linkable systems?" Hedegaard asked, describing a theme of her meeting with Brown.


Countries such as China, South Korea and New Zealand were already trading carbon, or planning to, she said.


(A: Yeah, so did Europe, because they already gave billions of dollars or Euros out of free ones to the big corporations to kick it off.  Thatís why.)


The Californian carbon market had been due to begin on 1 January 2012 but on 18 March, environmentalists won a court order that could delay it.


The Association of Irritated Residents (AIR) will now draft a detailed order outlining their case that the proposed regulations will allow the state's highest polluting industries to continue or even increase pollution.


(A: Now, all these little, like AIR and so on will be paid by the foundations to lobby and lobby.  Because, you see, they want everyone taxed, personal; itís not just business.  Youíre all going to get taxed on energy consumption.)


They claim that alternatives to a carbon market have not been properly considered. The state of California will appeal the court order.


(A: Maybe we could actually trade radiation, the radioactive materials from each other.  Maybe topsoil and stuff like that.  Eh?  Maybe trade it to some people we donít like and get some good stuff back that hasnít been tainted yet.  It says:)


"Each country might want some special ways of doing it, but of course it's also practical that whatever we do in each different region can be linked, so that in the end we sort of have this vision of having a global price on carbon," she explained.


Well, we know thatís to happen, because Rothschild already said it in the British papers and it will all go through his bank for the global carbon market, his private bank in Switzerland, you know, the family bank.  So, everything is just simply bypassed and government will say, ďwell, you know, weíre not really involved.  Itís up to separate states and provinces and places and so on to do their own.Ē  And theyíll just snigger up their sleeves as they get their cut out of it, for themselves, of course. 


Thatís the world youíre in today.  Itís more blatant than the days of ancient Rome when certain Caesars like Caligula and so on used to have fun by throwing servants into pools where electric eels used to shock them, just to end the party on a bright spark.  I mean, this is where we are today with the arrogance of the feudal system.  Theyíre treating the people as the people really are, which are the peasants, you see, or serfs.  And theyíre dumbed down.  Theyíre quite happy being serfs.  Itís true, you can make people actually happy being slaves, wage slaves and tax slaves, as long as they have enough little entertainment and fun and pornography to keep them going.  And that seems to have been well taken care of by those who know how to rule you.


Another article Iíll put up too is on one of the many big organizations that was spawned off from the CIA and MI6 a long time ago, because you see too, they donít want to be restricted by government laws or even government treaties with the UN or anybody else.  And when they go private they can nip around that.  And of course, governments use these services all the time, and when theyíre caught doing something, they say, ďwell, itís nothing to do with us, you know.  Weíre government.  We can only deal with government agencies.Ē  And this one is:


SAIC on Vanguard 2..2.1


The SAIC Team (A: Itís pretty sick, actually.) was recently awarded the opportunity to apply our collective business and technical expertise to consolidate and advance information services for the Department of State (DoS) under Vanguard 2.2.1.


And then it goes into what itís all about, and basically itís a parallel world.  Itís a global system of intelligence service, involved in every aspect you can imagine.  And they also work with governments, and use that data for their own purposes, and no doubt theyíll sell it too, and do lots of other things with it.  These are the kind of characters that are again your new feudal overlords.  And they give you a bogus nonsense of how it was started, absolutely ridiculous.  This thing was slated from the beginning with very big powers, big personalities, and of course the big bankers to go ahead and do what they did.  They didnít start in the way they try and tell you.  But theyíre huge, absolutely, incredibly huge, and theyíve got members in every country working away on you.  Itís all about you, just like the movies, eh?


And just to put it even better, weíve got this wonderful system, you know, transparency, peace, love and all that stuff.  Itís got UK news:


The New Economic Union Anti-Terrorist Body (A: Which theyíre setting up right now) Will Be Like the KGB


(A: This is from a mainstream paper.  It says:)


Eurocrats are plotting to set up a new European Union counter-terrorism agency that could cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of pounds.


(A: Well, thatís what the taxpayers are for.  What else are they for?)


And critics warned last night the body could turn into a Europe-wide secret police force that would be ďlike the KGBĒ.


(A: Or the Stasi, Iíd say.)


The move is also likely to infuriate MI5 and MI6 chiefs as British spies could be forced to share intelligence with European agents.


EU counter-terrorism director Olivier Luyckx envisages the new (A: I like the way they spell the same names in different countries.  L-U-Y-C-K-X, itís just Lucas.) organisation working alongside the EUís vast new diplomatic corps, headed by foreign affairs supremo (A: I like how they say that too.) Baroness Cathy Ashton.


He raised the proposal in the European Parliament in Brussels earlier this week.


Mr Luyckx called for a series of existing EU security agencies including Europol, Eurojust, Cosi, Frontex and Cepol (A: Thatís probably like cesspool) to be pulled together in one body with sweeping powers.


Mr Luyckx said: ďThere is new room for action at EU level. This is how I see the change: To set up a system that would mirror the one that is being set up for monitoring external crises, a one-stop shop for information-sharing.Ē


(A: Well, this is going to be one incredibly powerful spy agency, this one, believe you me, with its own police and everything, and its own equipment to monitor everyoneís sites, and get into your personal computers and all the rest of it.  Itís really something else.  Welcome to the new Soviet.  Iíve said that for years, because thatís really what theyíre modeling it all after.  And thatís what came out from the Reece commission too.  So, it says:)


UK Independence Party Euro MP Godfrey Bloom said: ďMy worry is that it would be less like Americaís CIA and more like Russiaís KGB.Ē


Well, donít worry about it.  It already is.  You can stop worrying about that.  Itís actually, definitely like it.  Thatís what it is.


Now, Iíve always said too that charities have always been the biggest rackets.  Not that theyíre the biggest, thereís other ones too.  Al Capone started off old-age homes actually to funnel, thatís how they started off the retirement homes to funnel and launder the dirty money.  Iíll also mention too, Iíll put up tonight an article along with all these articles, cuttingthroughthematrix.com about Wells Fargo, of course, everyone has known about the big scandals coming out with the money from Mexico for drugs all being funneled through the big banks in the US.  Thatís nothing new, really, but Iíll put that up tonight too.  This one here is about the Red Cross.  This is the one that the governments now recommend, you see.  This is the one that they advised you with the first big tsunami a few years ago, to put all your cash into.  And every country matched charitable donations dollar for dollar, until it was billions of dollars, and I said at the time, not one penny would get to its victims.  And thatís exactly what happened.  And no one every finds out where the money goes.  And Bush Sr. was put in charge, along with Bill Clinton, just to reassure you.  You know, two honest, trustworthy men.  So, anyway, hereís the new one.  Theyíve raised millions, billions again for them.  Same characters running it at the top.


Red Cross aid hasn't reached Japan quake victims


The relief organization has distributed none of the $1 billion it has collected. The chief Cabinet secretary says the process must be streamlined.


Oh, it will be streamlined into various pockets, because, you see, thatís the racket of the real world under which you live.  Youíre all taught to be so nice at the bottom and watch Disney all the time, and you really do believe in it.  You have no idea of the real world at all.  None whatsoever of the real world at all.  Well trained.  Well trained into a fake Disney reality.  And, as I say, what a world we are living in.  Eh?  What a world.)


Iíll also put up a link on the:


Special Committee on Decolonization calls the United States to Expedite Puerto Ricoís Self-Determination Process. 


(A: Itís an interesting article.  Itís an interesting article too, an official paper from the general assembly.  And it goes on too, what the US have been doing there with radioactive materials, and all the rest of it too, and various other kind of HAARP type facilities.  Itís quite fascinating, further down, if you keep reading through it and scrolling down.  Itís just amazing.  It says:)


Fine radioactive particles were forced 2000 metres into the atmosphere and carried by the winds and hurricanes to populated areas throughout Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. 


From all the tests that they were doing down there.  And thatís where they practice by the way all their depleted uranium weapons testing as well, and theyíre leaving the place an absolute mess.  Ahh.  Donít you just love science, eh?  These boys at the top certainly do.  They call it in the old mystery religions, they used to call it, by understanding nature we shall conquer the world.  And of course, Nimrod said the same thing.  And today they get science, itís the word for the same thing today, that theyíd conquer the world.  Well, Iíd say that they certainly are, because theyíre certainly recreating hell on earth.  And hereís another little article, interesting too:


Return of the Triumph: With the skull and crossbones flying defiantly at its mast, submarine that launched attack on Gaddafi comes home


Isnít that wonderful, eh?  Itís a wonderful thing.  Itís a big PR job.  I mean, here they are, sitting way out in the water, you know, thousands of miles away, just sending missiles over to bomb targets they canít even see, and all that kind of stuff.  The article really talks about they flew the Skull and Bones defiantly at its mast, defiantly, oh, wow.  You know, as they came back into their home port.  The Skull and Crossbones.  We all know what that symbol means.  Of course the Nazi SS used it as well, but it really comes from the Jolly Roger.  The Jolly Roger was also the attack flag of the Knights Templars fleet, by the way.  They had their own fleet.  And thatís the one that they raised, and of course thatís why, because these boys literally set up banks across the planet, and they had an awful lot of loot in those days, because they collected it for centuries.  And they actually put out the first cheques you might say too.  Actually cheques.  You could leave your gold at one country, move to the Middle East and then hand your cheque over and get cash back there.  These guys were into banking from the very beginning.


Thatís why you also have Templars Square in London, right in the middle of the City, and the Chancellor of the Exchequer actually works out of there too.  And Temple Bar for the lawyers, that also is where theyíre trained, at the temple, and youíll still see the original chessboard outside, or the checkerboard they call it, outside, in the square, where the Templars used to move the stuff around like drafts.  That was how they worked out their money and their debt and returns and so on, on that massive floor outside, which is still there today.  And thatís why the police wear the black and white checkers around their helmets there as well, for those who havenít a clue.  All Freemasonic, of course.


Now, weíll go to the callers now.  Thereís Darlene on the phone from Colorado, if sheís there. 


Alan: Hello?


Darlene: Hello.  Can you hear me?


Alan: Yes, I can.  Go ahead.


Darlene: Okay.  I wanted to address the issue about what my grandfather called the golden rule.  He who has the gold rules.


Alan: Yeah, he got that from I think it was Armand Hammer used that, and so did the Bronfmans.  Armand Hammer was the first one.  He put it across his bed, in gold, by the way, a big sign that said, ďHe who hath the gold maketh the rules.Ē


Darlene: Have you seen this movement called transition towns?† In Boulder they have transition Boulder, or transition 2010 or something like that.† Have you heard of this?


Alan: Iíve heard about, thereís a lot of these ones to do with the transition this and transition that.  Itís all again to do with a form of Communitarianism, which theyíre introducing across the world and in the US as well.


Darlene: Well, first off here, itís talking about alternative currency.


Alan: Ah, listen.  Youíve got to understand that this has already been tried.  A guy was put in prison recently for doing something that was apparently quite legal.  These boys at the top donít stay in the top by following any rules or regulations that they make, which you can use.  Theyíre quite quick to come down on anybody who upsets the boat.  And itís way above trying to fight them or beat them at their own game.  Itís way beyond that.  You cannot use the same techniques, you know.  You canít use democracy either, by the way.  Itís never worked.  They set up this farce of democracy.  And so, you simply cannot try to outwit these characters.  Theyíre not nice, and they have all the force in the world, and money in the world, and agencies in the world to make your life hell, or keep you tied up in courts for years, or else, just kill you, you know.


Darlene: Okay, then, what about Bill Mullison?


Alan: I donít know about him.


Darlene: Do you like his ideas?


Alan: What is he into?


Darlene: Permaculture.


Alan:† Well, I donít really know anything about him, to be honest with you. 


Darlene: Okay, thereís a seminar thatís going to be put on by one of his disciples, I guess.


Alan: Heís got disciples.  Ha, ha, ha.  That doesnít sound too good to me.  Listen, Iíll tell you one thing, Iíve said for years and Iíve watched this too.  Their whole attack now and for this whole New World Order is to take over the land of the world, to eliminate private property, and I know lots of people too, whoíve tried the same thing, trying to get together little groups and plant their own stuff and so on, which is great, as long as you can get away with it for a certain amount of time.  Eventually theyíre going to do away with even having private property.  Thatís one of the tenets of the characters at the very top.  Theyíve said that through Freemasonry for centuries.  Albert Pike said it too.  And the ones who took over from Pike, that were trained by him, reiterated that too.  Marx said the same thing.  And when you look at Agenda 21, itís the same thing thatís going on there.  Eventually, everything will be rental only, and it will be in the main cities.  If youíre trying to be independent, youíre counter to what theyíre after.  Theyíre wanting you to be totally dependent on them.  Interdependence is total dependence for everything that you need on the system.  Thatís food, water, shelter and heat, clothing, everything.  Thatís the system that they are bringing in.  I mean, I kid you not.  Itís not to be scary about it, or to terrify folk.  Itís from their own writings, you know.  You understand?  But thatís really how it is though.  Thanks for calling, and weíll be back after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And itís not to be pessimistic about things either, itís just being realistic.  When you read enough of their material, you can see, and see what theyíve done in the past too, when they created the Soviet system.  They confiscate everyoneís land and property.  Here they do it through regulations and inspections, and fines and fees for pollution of all kinds or upsetting a waterway if thereís a little stream one foot wide, or something like that.  You wouldnít believe the tricks theyíve played already on American farmers to get them off and out.  Corporate farms only are what theyíre going to allow eventually.  In the meantime, go ahead and do it, as long as you can, but eventually theyíll come down on you too.  Thatís definitely on the cards, under this globalist system.  Now thereís Joe from Illinois there.  Are you there Joe?


Joe: Yes, I am, Alan.  How you doing?


Alan: Not so bad.


Joe: That is a good show tonight.  You know, Iím glad that you brought up about the upcoming government shutdown here in the US.  Because, you know, I was hoping if they had a government shutdown, that it would shutdown this war, but...


Alan: No, it actually says in the articleÖ


Joe: God forbid their precious war ends.  You know, I see the Republicans are scrambling to make sure the soldiers and military are paid, undisturbed.


Alan: Thatís what Obama said.  Obama said that the strikes in Libya and the war will go on regardless.  I really wonder if theyíre shutting it down to go down into their bunkers or something.  I really do wonder about that. 


Joe: Because I was hoping it would shutdown and the soldiers would be like, alright, thatís it.  Weíre not getting paid.  Everyone else isnít working.  Letís put our guns down, and maybe there would be no more war.  But, you know, their precious little war thatís sucking the lifeblood out of every American.


Alan: Thatís right.  And what itís for too is to make sure, make sure that a small elite can go down in the future and survive.  It wonít be the rest of us.  These guys literally work ahead in centuries, and itís not for the people that all this is happening.  This is for a few elite into their lovely Utopia for the future.  Thatís what itís all about.  So, thatís still got a priority, even if they do head off to their bunkers.  (Chuckle)


Joe: And as far as the economy and the budget crisis, I mean, thatís the gusher right there, is the war, billions and trillions a day.  And they want to talk about us, the people in the unions, like me, that have a pension, have health and welfare, and able to afford my mortgage, itís all my fault, us wicked union men, that collective bargaining.


Alan: Thatís right, thatís what it was.


Joe: That stand up and stand together like Americans should, you know. 


Alan: Itís incredible how they always end up, and Iíve said this for many years, they always end up blaming the victim, you know.  And thatís exactly what theyíre doing.  And everybody is being conned in every country, with the same con game, oh my god, youíll have all this cash when you retire.  It will be a wonderful life, and in reality, your dollar is worth nothing by the time you get it when you do retire.


Joe: Yeah.  Do you mind if I ask you one other thing.  I was listening to you, like years ago on short wave radio.  I think it was in Nova Scotia, a Christian lady was interviewing you, and she kept interrupting you when you were explaining the significance of the meanings of names, like anyone Ham and Cunningham is a descendent of Ham.  Lee and Levi, descendents of Levi.  But you were going to explain the significance of the meaning of the name Gray.  And she kind of cut you off, and I never got, I never heard that.  I was intrigued about it.


Alan: The Gray, the gray is an old term that was used even in the Middle Ages for those that go between the chessboard, between the black and the white, the world of the solid, to the world that you donít see.  Technically, Kissinger is a gray.  And his job, he does see an elite higher above government, the ones that you donít see.  And he is also visible back down to the government level.  So, these are the gray men.  They call them the gray men.  And they actually call the people who live in one part of the US, the gray men, where a lot of them are based, actually, for the very high levels in CIA.


Thanks for calling. And from Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, itís Good Night, and may your god or your gods go with you.  And of course, theyíll also levy taxes, which is levi taxes, because they carried the thing around, you know, on their shoulders.  They raised it up.  You raise taxes by levying it or levi-ing it up.  Itís a very old world.  Nothing changes. 



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Over 1 Billion Dollars in Red Cross Aid Collected for Japan Relief and Not One Penny Distributed to Victims

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