April 12, 2011 (#809)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 12, 2011:

Gift from Banking Aristocracy  -- Idiocracy:
Scientific Socialism Breaks the Link,
Between Curiosity and Trying to Think:

"The Perfectly Conditioned You Will Find,
Are Predictable as to What's on Their Mind,
On Each Topic They have Two Views,
Downloaded from the Daily News,
Reality to Them Goes Undetected,
Personal Reasoning Completely Neglected,
Content to Be Global and Still a Nation?
Mass Trivia Abounds in Their Conversation,
Adapting to Changes, Automatically, Finding
Thinking Brings Headaches Totally Blinding"
© Alan Watt April 12, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 12, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 12th of April 2011.  For newcomers, I always suggest you look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and hopefully you’ll find hundreds of audios to enlighten you, as they say, into the big system into which you’ve been born and to show you how big, incredibly big organizations, worldwide organizations, all working together, plan the future as they planned the present and as they actually planned the past, the past that your parents and grandparents lived through, all for a form of global governance as they call it, but it’s also to do with an orderly society, a society which is planned, as opposed to individuals just mating up and having children and then deciding what they want to do, including even school.  They want school-to-work and so on; they’ll decide what you’re good at and that’s all you’ll be trained in, in fact.  Who needs geography when you’re going to be a carpenter?  That’s the idea behind all of that.  So it’s a planned society by those who’ve deemed themselves the most fittest to plan it all; that’s the most wealthy elite families on the planet who’ve held onto power for many generations, and their wealth.  They haven’t squandered it by having children who go off and just blow all the cash.  That’s why they have arranged marriages and so on.  So they’ve pulled off their big trick to build empires, use empires, and then eventually they’ve got a world empire.  Then they flatten all the countries they’ve used in the past – that’s what they generally do – and go ahead from there with their big plan.  We’re pretty well there at the moment actually.  And of course the United Nations is the focal point, the big hub for all the global agreements that we go through.


Now remember too, you are the audience who bring me to you so if you want to buy the books and disks I have for sale go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and you’ll find out how to do it there.  [Order and donation options listed above.]    Eventually there’ll be one [monetary] system for worldwide, even local in fact; it will be a worldwide system, when you have your international ID card, which most of you already have even though you don’t know it, because most folk have driving licenses and they’re using that, even in international databases as well.


The world that we’re living in today, as I say, was planned long ago.  I’ve mentioned many of the big authors who took part in the planning stages.  Often they dealt with philosophy, and they were classed as philosophers, many of them, and they wrote their own books and memoirs, and you’ll find the accolades for them in many universities across the world, the Ivy League universities, for helping to plan this big society on behalf of their masters and the masters, of course, are the ones with more cash than they have, the international banking families, and there’s not very many of those characters, guys who actually lend to nations.  But this is the plan, as I say; we’re living through it today.  They’ve almost finished their mission.  You can follow them down through history as they move into a country, build it up as an empire through trading, and war eventually, and then collapse it behind them leaving it in masses of debt.  Meanwhile, before they’ve left of course, they’ve already set up another country to hop into and do the same thing again there.  When the money pulls out the countries basically collapse behind them, left with massive debt.  And that’s what you’ve seen all down through history.  It’s interesting to me that Arnold Toynbee and others, big people at Oxford University – there were actually two of them, a father and a son – talked about this system, and the US eventually would be the empire for a while, the policeman for a while of the world, and then it would be flattened basically.  That’s what you’re seeing now.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  Perception is what everything really runs on and how we perceive things.  Even in ancient times they used to alter perception, the priests did at least, for the ancient people in the old pagan times, as they call it, paganism.  You’ll find that at one time the priests would, in other countries too, even in Latin American countries, in ancient times, as well as the Middle East.  The priests who had studied the stars for God knows how long, we’ll never, ever know just how long humankind really is, at least for knowledgewise that is.   Civilization didn’t start with the city and it didn’t start really just with the writing that we know of.  It started long, long before in previous times, even previous disasters.  The thing is, the priests always knew the art of controlling the general public, in ANY country.  They eventually taught the people that if they didn’t hand in their goodies and toss a few diamonds or jewelry their way or some gold, silver or something that sparkled and had some value, then the sun wouldn’t come up.  And they would do their ritual singing to the sun every morning just before dawn broke, and of course people were too afraid really to deny them because they were terrified of the darkness.  In ancient times darkness was a scary thing because you didn’t know what was coming at you in the dark, either people or animals, kind of much like today.  Anyway, that’s how they drew in the loot from the public.  And eventually after a generation or two, of course it’s quite natural.  The children grow up thinking it’s all quite natural these guys bring the sun up every day and they are awfully important for your survival. 


Today it’s a bit different.  It’s scientists of course, who’ve had waged a 500-year war on the old religions and they’ve taken over the place of the priests.  Because you don’t even have to name them now a lot of the times in articles that they hand out to the newspapers.  They just say ‘experts say’ and ‘a specialist and so-and-so said’ and that’s all we have to hear, exactly as Bertrand Russell said in one of his books back in the 1940s; they would train the public to listen to experts until they couldn’t think for themselves.  And the trick to that is, that you don’t perceive for yourself.  Same thing; you’ve altered perception on things.  You find the same thing with behavior modification.  It’s really geared towards altering the person’s perception on any event or thing that’s happening.  And that happens also with whole populations via the media, something that Bernays knew awfully well because he gave America its consumerist society.  He was a big manager.  He worked alongside Presidents to give thoughts to the people, to get them on board for wars, that type of thing.  He was an excellent con man.  He just knew the tricks of the trade and obviously he had been taught since a very early age to do so. 


These are sciences which have always existed, kept quiet initially through priests in ancient times and eventually up to The Enlightenment. They started to break through then but still kept it pretty secret amongst a few.  Then it carries on to today.  Because knowledge is power.  Even the old alchemists, under the guise of hocus-pocus for their masses to believe, were actually teaching their disciples how to conquer the mind basically, how to con people, how people really did behave especially in the mass type situation, the crowd as they called it.  These techniques came down through the ages and now they’re of course sciences.  They always said too, the old alchemists, that their real secrets were making things like explosives and stuff like that, things which really did work, that they would sell dearly to kings and queens or governments because it would give them power over governments and that’s actually how it is today in a sense. 


All governments now look towards the experts, the scientists, for all advice and they outsource, as they like to call it, all their stuff to all these different organizations that eventually, of course they’re private organizations, and you end up with this new feudal system that Carroll Quigley said was the aim and the goal of the Council on Foreign Relations, always.  A new feudal system where the CEOs and the captains of industry would be the new feudal overlords, and we already have that.  Governments really are pretty helpless today because the guys that go in there don’t really know very much.  What good is a degree in law, and most of them are lawyers of course, if you’re going into be appointed the Minister of Health, or the Minister of Physics or something like that?  It’s no use at all.  So now of course they’re openly bringing on environmentalists and so-called specialists on to the teams, and you don’t elect them of course; they’re just appointed.  And they now have a big, big say, a big clout because they’re the new high priests you see, of government.  We know that government is really a charade, if you’ve been listening to this program, or broadcast I should say, over the years; government has always really been a sham.  Francis Bacon put that out quite succinctly when he wrote a kind of a treatise, or basically a résumé to the king to show how smart he was at conning the public.  He said that the public really should always be kept in the dark basically as to the true machinations of what the government’s really going for, the goals of government.  Nothing has changed. 


The trick of course is to alter, again, perceptions by giving you a massive media, a variety (you think) of media so that you all chat about the same things.  A very simple trick, you’re all chatting about the same things.  Your opinions already given to you via the media, or you’ll actually follow it to the desired conclusion, each story for instance, and that’s how they’re written. There’s no real honest news out there at all, on anything, and the rest of it is just trivia.  All the big stuff is kept out of the papers and it always has been kept out of the papers. 


There are very few reporters out there that are genuine.  John Pilger has done an awful lot of good work on exposing, being a reporter himself, or an investigative reporter, and there are very few of them of course.  He’s done many, many different documentaries on how the big world system works.  And it also justifies and verifies what I said earlier, when the big boys move in with the cash they build up a country and they’ll use a kind of fascist system or dictatorship to keep slave labor going, across the world, and then of course when they see something better somewhere else they just pull out and leave the mess behind them.  That’s how it’s really always been.  Same thing with the embedded reporters in war, there’s nothing new whatsoever about that.  Pilger’s done a documentary on that, one of his last ones in fact, to show you how that operates, from World War I onwards especially. 


So at the bottom level, at the bottom level we’re still dependent basically on, from what the media throws at us basically, the chicken feed.  The stuff that’s been through all the filters and the sieves at the farm until you’re left this chicken feed at the bottom and you’re supposed to make sense of it.  Well, I always think of Albert Pike because he said that a person who wouldn’t use their own intellect – meaning your judgment, your intellect, your reasoning power – a person who wouldn’t use his own was nothing more than meat on the table and a beast of burden by choice and consent.  And that’s really how you’re viewed, you see.  You are given a lot of clues, a lot of hints, but you’ll still wait to be told what to do, by the same media.  Brzezinski talked about this too.  He said the people eventually will expect the media to do their reasoning for them.  He actually said that in one of his books in the 1970s and that’s all come true.  Most folk today, if you told them what was happening, even with radiation, they’d wait ’til the media told them if it was too unsafe to stay there; they really want to believe the media if the media tells them to stay where you are, it’s fine, you know.  That’s how people are.  They will not use their own individual, and that’s the key, individual abilities to reason out anything that’s given to them.  Many folk, too, get hostile, very hostile if you bring up any truth whatsoever that makes them feel uncomfortable.


Now, this is again because society has been trained, through generations actually, with a scientific technique, again outlined by Bertrand Russell.   He said, back in the 30s and 40s, that eventually the public will be given a form of an egosyntonic, egocentric society where the world will revolve around each individual and they’ll seek pleasure and avoid pain.  Now, he’s talking there about mental pain, things which make you feel uncomfortable, and that’s what you have today.  That’s why you get reactions from people who don’t want to listen to you, and they get hostile if you persist.  They are waiting for Big Brother to tell them that everything’s going to be nice and cozy and comfortable for them.  That’s what they want to hear.  You are looking at damaged people, the totally conditioned.  They’re perfectly conditioned and that’s the problem. 


I’ve also mentioned before about Aldous Huxley’s book, Brave New World.  Now, the guy was well in, being again from a family associated with the Darwin family.  He was well in on the agenda, as was his brother Julian Huxley.  He took part in experiments in Tavistock on mental patients where they stuck wires in their brains, long before Delgado was given the fame of trying it on a bull.  They were actually using people in Britain, and he thought that was wonderful by the way, Aldous Huxley.  He did mention this same thing in Brave New World, that the society would be created, dominated by a small group of men.  We find him verifying this in Brave New World Revisited and his talks that he’s given at some of the top Ivy League universities.  I’ve got the links in my archives section at cuttingthroughthematrix.com; you can hear him talking about it.  He knew this was the plan.  He talked about genetic engineering back in the 1930s.  I’m sure they were talking about it long, long, long before that and actually playing on it too, before they supposedly even discovered the gene, on the lower levels of reality.  That’s why you have REsearch; they’ve already done the searching.  He talked about it in Brave New World, how a society would be created where people would be cloned for their work stations basically and you have your Alphas, Betas and Thetas and so on, all the way down for your particular type of work to do.  I’ll continue with this, on this line because it will tie in with what I’m talking about tonight.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about Brave New World and how the Huxleys and many of the other top players, who helped design the present system by the way, and who knew exactly where they were going to take society, and they knew they could do it.  They had no problems in doing it at all because the biggest money boys in the world were backing them for cultural changes, to ensure that it happened and giving grants to universities to ensure that certain curriculum would go through, and certain things would be taught and other things would not be taught.  However, in Brave New World you look at the so-called primitive that gets to go into the modern city of these advanced types of cloned people, they think he’s kind of quaint, this guy who talks about Shakespeare and he talks about mating, having a wife and stuff like that.  And they titter, they’re very polite and they listen to him, and they’re kind of quizzical about him too because they can’t relate to what he’s talking about because their system was so far different.  It had gone ahead so far they couldn’t imagine any of the things he was talking about, staying with a person, having children of your own, that kind of stuff.


Well I mean, when you think about it, many of us have lived through all of the changes that brought all this about in our own lifetime.  And none of them happened from the bottom up.  They all happened from the top down.  As Plato said, any cultural changes much be not only authorized from the top, it must be created and promoted from the top.  And that’s exactly how the culture has been right down to the degradation we see today.  So you simply take that example of taking the so-called primitive and putting him in today’s culture and he would be utterly at a loss to understand them at all and they would be at a loss to understand him.  Well that’s how it is with the perfectly conditioned.   And what Huxley was showing you were the perfectly conditioned, those who had been given a completely different view of life – again, perception alteration – and never the twain can meet, basically, with the perfectly conditioned.  They cannot relate to living in any other system. That’s why people get their backs up when you try to teach them something or even get their curiosity going.  It’s very, very difficult unless you stay on very simple things that affect them directly.  Generally it’s a fear-based thing, like loss of job or inflation, something they can basically, basically, simply understand.  Otherwise you can’t get through.  You cannot make them indignant, any more than the primitive in Brave New World could get those in high civilization, supposedly, supposedly high, you couldn’t get them indignant about anything either. 


That’s really how it is today.  Many, many people call me or email me to do with this problem.  How do you wake up, etc?  How do you live when you know things that the others don’t want to know?  Well you cannot force them to know; they are the perfectly conditioned.  And they will turn on you, either individually or en mass, as a troublemaker because you’re upsetting them, literally upsetting them.  They don’t like to feel uncomfortable.  They’ve been taught to be narcissistic, live for themselves, their own little circle of friends, their little world, and they don’t want anything else to make them scared.  They like Big Brother who tells them nice things and reassures them all the time. They like to believe there are professional people up there, with very expensive suits and so on, gone to the best universities, who are taking care of them, and that is what’s called socialism.  That’s what socialism is.  It’s Big Brother, where you leave all the big important things to better brains than your own, that’s how you’re taught to see it all, from the bottom, and many of them like that.  They’re taught to play and spend and just be happy.  No matter what happens, just be happy. 


That’s where we are today, even though everyone’s fiddling while Rome burns, because the US is literally going down the tubes, very quickly.  And I’ve said this for years, that the US was really created to be the big military and industrial machine for war, to conquer the rest of the countries, to push the same system; it took over from Britain and it pushed the same system across the world as it’s still doing today.  Not for the world’s benefit, not to bring in some wonderful world society where you’ll get an even bigger brother giving you soothing words and so on, but really to bring in their scientifically controlled society where no one will get born without their go-ahead, of selection, on a selection basis that is from your genes and so on.  And eventually they hope to actually breed, just like Brave New World, they’ll breed workers for the future.  And I am certain they have the abilities to do it now and probably have tested a lot of things out on little islands off the coast here and there over the last 100 years.  Because if you notice, even in the James Bond movies, it wasn’t the big countries really that was the problem; it was very, very wealthy men with lots of cash to hire lots of scientists, and they actually had islands and all that kind of stuff to do it, experimentation.  Who’s going to stop them?  What law is going to stop them? There’s none, you see. 


So we are living in the dark at the bottom level and we’re taught to be afraid all the time of the economy, the economy, and the economy.  Because you see, you’ve been trained that that’s what you really exist for is to serve the economy and if the economy goes down we all go down, a collective punishment.  Now, where did this idea of collective punishment come from?  Because really, if you’re a free human being and you’re born into this world here, why is it that if some banker, for instance, or a bunch of stock brokers and gamblers make bad bets, why should you end up suffering for it?  Why should your employer that you work for end up suffering for it and laying you off?  None of this is answered.  It’s given to you as the normal way and most people never think through that, the whys and wherefores, or who on earth designed this?  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about this big system and how they used Britain for a long, long time to create an empire. The Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations really pushed for this global empire and the US was to take over from Britain, a bigger tax base, more resources, more guys for the military, so they could certainly carry on as the world policeman. 


And getting back to Toynbee, Toynbee talked about this too, at Oxford back in the 30s and 40s, and he mentioned that the US would come forward a few times towards the end of its life as the policeman of the world.  It would be beaten on one, he said, they’d rally and come back again for a final push, be successful and then fall again, mainly through economic reasons.  Well, it’s amazing these professors can just predict this, isn’t it?  Like a crystal ball or something.  But no.  Again, Toynbee was a globalist.  He was a guy who personally taught many Rhodes Scholars for world government.  And he knew the agenda. They even had a time table; Lenin talked about it, Toynbee talked about it, many of them talked about it, even Russell talked about it.  He says, the end of the millennium into the new, that would be their time, the Century of Change where their big plans would come into fruition.  Well, you’re living through it today. 


Just like you get all these quakes around Japan, you got the whole world quaking as the big changes are pushed through, again, through treaties and agreements that they’ve signed at the United Nations, all run, again, by one big powerful group.  As I say, the Royal Institute of International Affairs are the ones who set up the League of Nations and then oversaw the setting up of the United Nations.  So world government’s always been their goal, not to bring a happy family together, not to have multiculturalism, and not to feed the poor, but actually to bring in a scientifically controlled and planned society, an orderly society where there’ll be no free will.  None of this free choice stuff.  They can’t get their work done, their big agendas through if everyone’s haggling with each other over what should be done.  So that’s what you’re going through today.  And the US definitely, as you’ve noticed – I hope that you’ve noticed – it’s going down the tubes rather quickly, with a debt that I don’t care how many generations they could even have, if they were allowed to have children, or even wanted to have children in this culture, it would take to pay it all off, it would be phenomenal.  It’s impossible. 


Now, I’m going to put some links up tonight, too.  I’m sure everyone’s heard about Japan and so on, about what’s going on today with the quakes and the tremors.  There’s more tremors than a guy with the DTs, I’m telling you.  It’s the biggest drama we’re living through for a long time, or we will live through for a long time. 


Japan's reactor crisis hits maximum level, equal to Chernobyl - Rick Wallace/theaustrailian.com.au/4/12/2011


Strongest radioactive cloud covers Vietnam  --  April 11th, 2011 / enews.com


Japan: Nuclear crisis raised to Chernobyl level  --  bbc.co.uk / 12 April 2011


I used to wonder, would it be a plague they’d set upon the world or what?  Well, they’re certainly drawing this thing out.  It makes no sense whatsoever that one private company, supposedly, can hold the whole world with bated breath to ransom; it just seems impossible.  This is what we’re told anyway.  It all comes down to this particular private company that owns the nuclear reactors there.  Even though the United Nations has admitted that the effects of the radiation are crossing international boundaries, obviously, because radiation doesn’t care about borders or who owns the sea to this particular area and beyond.  It carries across the world.  And they have the right to go in with specialists and all the rest of it, and call upon the rest of the world to go in and help out if need be.  Well, why haven’t they done this?  Why haven’t they done this?  Why has this been allowed to continue?  Who benefits?


Well, we already know that the big greenies, the so-called guys that are the fronts really for the big foundations which are the fronts for the big international bankers, and the NGOs that also are the foot soldiers for them.  We know that through all their agreements they’ve made at Copenhagen and so on, they want a world of austerity.  They want a world where all of your disposable income won’t go on goodies that you’ll buy from the stores or for extras.  It will go on major necessities, ALL of your disposable income.  ALL means ALL.  That’s what post-consumerism means.  And look it up at the United Nations yourself if you want to find out what it means; they’ve got lots and lots about it.  And you’ll find this with taxes too.  We’re getting more and more taxes coming in.  And taxes on gasoline are to come in.  Carbon taxes, even taxing by the mile; of course they’ve talked about this at the United Nations for many years now that it’s coming in.  Britain I think is actually passing it and they’re the first ones to do it. 


We’ve also gone over in this particular talk, format, that I’ve done over the years, the agenda from the United Nations Agenda 21 and how you’ve all to go into your little community areas.  Initially they’ll put you in existing communities or cities, actually cram you into the cities, because they expect the population to plummet; they’ve said that themselves.  I’ve put up even the army think tank for NATO and Britain, their own web site, a few years ago.  I put that up on my web site; again, look at the archives section at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  There’s about 90 pages on the future up to the year about 2050 or so, where they say there’s going to be a drastic reduction of population.  Well how are they going to do that?  Well we’re going to find out with this radiation for sure because that’s going to affect an awful lot of people, both in sterilizing and killing off over the years.  


So you’ve got to understand why you’re going through what you’re going through.  It’s all planned this way.  The stock market was always a big balloon, big bubble, and it’s run on faith and conology, the art of conning of course, and again, greed... for the suckers down at the bottom.  If they wanted to keep it going for another 20, 30, 50, or 100 years they’d have kept it going, believe you me.  Quite easy to do.  And every economist is taught, right off the bat, you never give out bad news because then people get scared – and small investors especially, millions of the small ones – and they pull their cash out.  And who do they get to announce it to the world that the stock market was going to be worse than the 20s and 30s?  They got the President to come out.  The PRESIDENT, that means it was meant to happen, to kick it all off for the 21st century.


So we’ve got martial law across the whole world in this 21st century.  They say you’ve got every right except the right of privacy and to escape the system.  That’s it basically.  You have no right to escape the system.  Across the whole world.  And everyone’s adapting into it.  Again too, getting back to those who are perfectly conditioned, you see they don’t know themselves that they’ve been trained to adapt into everything.  Everything must be okay because the government’s authorized it, so it’s fine.  They adapt into everything.  You cannot humiliate them enough.  If they asked them to strip off naked and don’t even bother about wearing clothes at the scanners in airports, they’ll do it.  Give them a little bit of time and encouragement and they’ll do it. 


Anyway, as I say, Agenda 21 is rolling on.  I’m going to put a little bit up tonight on that and from the Club of Rome.  The Club of Rome are big players, another private foundation funded by the same bankers, getting cash from the same big foundations, other foundations like Rockefeller and so on, Ford, Carnegie, etc, all the big boys.  And also a list of their newest members and you’ll notice, if you go through these members, they’re all into environmental sustainability, population control, all that kind of stuff, and they all work for governments.  So you see, the Club of Rome have members on every governmental panel across the planet.  And you did not elect them.  And electing doesn’t mean a darn thing today anyway because your presidents are the same thing; they all belong to the Council on Foreign Relations.  You can get anybody to be the president, as long as they can read the script.  We know that from George Bush.  With Obama, they’re shielding him more. 




Local plans for sustainable development - extension phase 2007-2008   --  ncsd.ro


And notice this too, another thing you’re finding in this day and age, there’s less and less articles coming out about speeches given out by presidents or prime ministers.  The new type of governance is to shield them and also to train you that somehow they’re way above you, even further above you now, more remote than they’ve ever been in the past.  You’re getting trained that lower-down officials will give you what’s happening and you’ll obey the lower-down officials.  That’s how you’re being trained for a global society.  It’s all to do with training.  You’re trained all the time, through fiction and nonfiction.  It all works together.  Even all the commercials, just watch your commercials if you want to see the path that it’s all going down, because Madison Avenue was taken on board back in the 50s with this big agenda, and again, Bertrand Russell talked about that. 


The EU, again, the European Union is adding their green tax to the price of gasoline.  That will kick off across the world now.  They’ll say, well Britain is doing it and France is doing it, so I guess we’d better do it here too.  That’s how things work today, because you’re already global.  I’ve always said the answer to that is, well if they cut their heads off in this little country there should we cut the heads off of people here?  You know.  But of course that reasoning doesn’t stand up to these characters because it’s all bogus anyway.  Everything they tell you is bogus. 


EU green tax to add 1.5p to the price of a litre of fuel  --  By Ray Massey / 12th April 2011 / dailymail.co.uk


Now, another two articles too, on the same topic and it’s...


Human rights proposed for birds, bees, trees  --  Steven Edwards / Apr. 12, 2011  / nationalpost.com


...as though it’s some big fancy, big laugh, you know, the way that they’re wording it, “the birds, the bees and the trees.”  Well this is just the continuation of Maurice Strong’s agenda from the Earth Summit that he had, the first one at Rio and there’s another one to come up shortly, I believe.  They gave all the animals, under the Biodiversity Treaty, all the rights, and the insects and the trees and the grass and everything else, and the weeds as well, the rights of people supposedly.  Actually more than people; people were not mentioned in their treaties.   People had no rights at all.  So there’s two links on that.  Again, Agenda 21 from the United Nations again, under sustainability, is all part of this. 


And again, Bolivia is one of the articles.  Bolivia is planning to table a draft United Nations treating giving...


UN document would give 'Mother Earth' same rights as humans -- By Steven Edwards / 4/11/11 / canada.com


So there you are.  I guess when they call you dirt poor you all came from the mud I suppose, if that’s your mother.  But that’s up to you what you want to believe.  As I say, I’ll put up the Club of Rome stuff and that all ties in with it as well.  And you’ll find another article too I’m putting up at cuttingthroughthematrix.com after this talk, is to do with communitarianism. That’s the term they’re using officially.  George Bush Sr is the first one who openly came out and used the term.  Rather than communism they called it communitarianism, which is collectivism, under, again, appointed officials, not democratic.  The Club of Rome said, the system they’re bringing in is a NON democratic system.  And we’re here, folks.  In England...


Cornwall Council, new eco-communities call for sites

cornwall.gov.uk / 12/04/2011


Cornwall Council is currently preparing the Core Strategy for Cornwall, which will shape the type and location of new development in Cornwall through to 2030. (Alan:  Remember I told you about their 5, 10, 15, 20 year plans, the same as communism.)  As part of this process the Council wants to explore opportunities for additional highly sustainable developments (eco-developments). (A:  Then they go into...) This is a unique opportunity to bring forward sites for consideration for a large-scale eco-development.  (A:  And when you go down it all, you’ll find out all the requirements for these so-called eco-developments and so on.  I’ve got other sites here as well on the same topic from other countries in the Economic Union.  And what’s missing off this particular one is that there’s going to be no... Actually it has, they got it on here actually. 


Demonstrating increase in travel by non-car means.  (A:  See, under Agenda 21 there’s to be no private ownership or travel in vehicles, your own vehicle.  That’s all part of it.)


Remember too, when they set up the United Nations, and really it was simply the phoenix rising from the ashes of the League of Nations with the same departments, the Department of Population Control, which gave it a nice, a better, kinder sounding term for the United Nations; they just call it the Department of Population.  They worked with the agricultural agencies, under the United Nations Agricultural Department, and they said eventually THEY will be responsible for doling out the food across the world, and each REGION, as you get built into regions, will be responsible too, to keeping DOWN its population for its rationing of food.  And therefore, you know, it’s your problem; YOU bring it down one way or another because you’re getting no more food.  That’s really what they said in their early charter. 


You’re living through an agenda!  This is what I’m trying to get through.  You’re living through a planned agenda.  And if you go through the United Nations’ plans, the military think tanks’ plans, the RAND plans that they’ve worked out for all the governments, they’re all identical, with timelines.  5 year plans for a certain project, 10 for another, 15, 50 for another, 100 for another, etc, that’s how they work it out.  And really, you have very little free choice in anything.  Very, very little. 


And getting back to this Japan disaster, it’s astonishing that they are allowing this to continue, and continue, and continue.  Why?  Well it ties in, as I say, with the Copenhagen treaty and all the other treaties to do with we cannot leave this kind of thing to private enterprise anymore, we can’t even leave it to governments; there’s got to be world government. There’s got to be new forms of energy, you know the safer kind, where you can get a little windmill that will light a light bulb if you’re lucky, stuff like that, as they close down the coal plants and all the other things that bring you your electricity.  That’s what’s happening in the world. 


Now also, they’ve got to put private farmers out of business.  Like everything else, there’s to be no private business.  And I mean across the board eventually, no private business.  It will be corporations only.  That IS the plan.  Margaret Thatcher even touched on that at one point.  And when she was in there were more private businesses that went under, small family businesses went under than anybody ever before her.  The same goes for farmers because the United Nations, again, has said that farming is too important to be left to farmers.  That’s why you have the five agri-food businesses taking over all of the world’s food supply.  That’s why Monsanto and the boys that poison you cannot be touched; they’re above all legality, by a special decree. 


Nitrogen pollution 'costs EU up to £280bn a year'

bbc.co.uk / 10 April 2011  / By Roger Harrabin  Environment analyst


(A:  Again, there’s your fallacy off the bat.  It doesn’t cost them anything, but that’s how it’s supposed to hit the average person who reads it.)


The study by 200 European experts (A:  There’s those expert priests again.) says reactive nitrogen contributes to air pollution, fuels climate change and is estimated to shorten the life of the average resident by six months.  (A:  No kidding, 6 months... I should add maybe 2 days and 5 hours and you know, 30 minutes and 20 seconds.  I mean, utter bogus figures they just pluck out of the air and this is how they do it.)


It calls for changes in farming and more controls on vehicles and industry.  (A:  Again, that’s their vehicles out of the way, industry closed down.  Remember what they said at the Club of Rome, too, there can never be another America.  Everything in American should be dismantled, totally, that’s what they said, and returned to the wild basically.  So, “controls on vehicles and industry,” well there’s hardly any industry left here.  It’s all in China, but they got SPECIAL permits under most favored nation trading status, under the World Trade Organization.)


The problem would be greatly helped if less meat was consumed, the report says.  (A:  So you have to be vegetarian.  Toffler came out with his book The Third Wave and he pushed that too, a big player in these big think tanks.  And I’ve said this for years, you will be vegetarian whether you like it or not.  And it won’t be any of your choice of vegetables; it’s what Monsanto and the boys throw at you.  That’s all you’ll get to eat. Again, it brings down the population quickly too though.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, we’re Cutting Through The Matrix and it’s interesting too that the nitrogen goes to the farms of course, as a substitute for natural fertilizer of course, which is a bad thing.  Again, it gives off methane and all that stuff, as they say, all the greenies say.  It’s interesting it was invented by Fritz Haber and that came out from the BBC actually recently.  I’ll put that link up as well.  He was a guy who created poisonous gasses to kill folk in warfare, came out just in time with his nitrogen for World War I, made a fortune on it, made a killing you might say.  And of course he’s portrayed as this sort of hero as well, because the side effect is that they could use the surplus and dump it on the farms, and that’s really what helps to grow your tasteless food today. 


Fritz Haber: Jewish chemist whose work led to Zyklon B. - - bbc.co.uk / 11 April 2011 / By Chris Bowlby


Alan:  Now there’s a caller on the line.  It’s Willis from Idaho.  Are you there Willis?


Willis:  I am, Alan.  Say, I just got to tell you man, love your show, love how your presentation, the whole thing, you crack me up.  I read your poetry and then I hear your little giggle as you’re telling some of these stories, and I just, understand it, there’s like nothing you can do about it but laugh.  But when I hear that from you, because I think I hear you on a different level in your poetry... you’re a funny guy and I appreciate that. But anyway, I had a question as far as peak oil goes.  I’ve heard you talk global warming and this and that.  If peak oil is a... where does oil come from, I guess would be a quick question. 


Alan:  You have to look at what’s called The Oil Tree put out by British Petroleum.  Shell did one as well.  And they showed you how even the vegetation and so on eventually comes down. We forget that these dessert areas that they’re pulling oil out of were covered in forests many thousands of years ago.  And the ancient Egyptians even talked about the Hamites coming in to create Egypt and how they had to hack their way through forests to get to it at that time. Then they banked the river and sold the water from the bank; that’s the meaning, that’s where ‘bank’ comes from.  So we know that they had forests then and we find too, that in places like Louisiana where you’ve still got lush vegetation and so on, the oil soaks down, goes through the ground, etc, trees fall and then carbon is created and coal and all the rest of it.  And you always get oil amongst it as well.  So supposedly it’s an ongoing process.  Supposedly. 


Willis:  And so, supposedly then, we would have a very hard time running out of oil, at all, because the oil that we’re using now is thousands of years old. 


Alan:  And let’s be honest too.  We’re at the bottom level of science, at the level of the reality of the average person.  There are three levels.  And they can certainly create synthetic oils and so on.  They could have gone way past the internal combustion engine a long, long time ago if they wanted to, but the plan was not that.  The plan was to give folk, especially in the US and Canada, where they had to travel to work, long distances sometimes, the ability to do so as they built up the big industrial and war-making machine.  Once it was done they would simply take them all away from you.  They don’t want you traveling in a controlled society for the new world.  That’s really what it’s all about.  They could certainly have given you something way beyond gasoline.


Willis:  Okay, thank you very much Mr Watt. 


Alan:  Thanks for calling. 


It’s true, you’ve got to laugh or you’ll cry, I tell you, because we’re going through so much utter nonsense today.  And remember, the media is not your friend.  The media is there to keep you at the bottom level.  I wouldn’t even call it reality; it’s conditioning.  That is their true function today.  Most articles in the paper are handouts from big corporations to the media who are happy to put them out for them, or they’re given out by governments to them.  They don’t even need journalists now. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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