April 13, 2011 (#810)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 13, 2011:

The Untouchables:
To Know Colour Revolutions is to Be in Loop
Re: Geopolitics of International Crisis Group:

"There's Many a Nation Drowned in the Soup
After Targeting by the International Crisis Group,
By Crisis Promotion and Crisis Creation
And Flying in NGOs, for Agitation,
Then Professional Mercenaries Added to Pot,
The Globalists Grab Nations, Resources, the Lot,
Not for Good Government, Causes Noble,
But to Ensure Corporations Rule Over World Global"
© Alan Watt April 13, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 13, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on April the 13th 2011.  I always suggest newcomers look into the web site cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  You’ll see a list of the sites I have there; these are the authorized sites I have.  You’ll find hundreds of audios to download from these sites where I try and give you a lot of history that goes into making up the big system into which you’ve been born.  Also, all these sites listed there have transcripts in English of a lot of the talks I’ve given over the years.  You can also go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts in other languages and you can take your pick from those ones there.  Remember too, you are the audience who bring me to you.  I don’t bring on people to con you and to terrorizing you with the latest news and then selling you a product; that’s what often happens in the business, and it is a business too, in the Patriot business.  I try and get through a lot of stuff, if possible, in one hour on this particular broadcast.  So it’s up to you to support me by buying the books and disks I have for sale and you’ll find out how to do it on the cuttingthroughthematrix.com web site.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  And remember, straight donations are really awfully welcome. 


We are going through, as I say, the biggest changes that we’ve seen for an awful long time.  The planned changes, nothing’s happening by chance at this time.  You understand, you are in a system, a system that plans the future to make sure that this wonderful utopia with a depopulated planet comes into existence, with its recreated types of humans to serve, you know, the better types that are going to be ruling you, that already are ruling you in fact, and they’re generally working in non-governmental organizations but they also relate to governments, a lot of them, and work with government to do with the agenda.  I’ll be going into some of that tonight to show you one particular group that’s got a big, big impact on the world, The International Crisis Group, which really is an international group that CREATES the crisis. They’re behind the Colour revolutions mainly and I’ll go through the names of the big players who are on board with them, on their own executive committees and so on.  Also I’m going to go into some other articles and all the other articles I mention I will put up at cuttingthroughthematrix.com at the end of tonight’s broadcast and you can look them up for yourselves.  There’s so much, as I say, to cram into one hour and it’s not possible at all to do them any justice. 


The media, they really mislead you by giving you a partial truth and omitting three-quarters of the rest of the story and so you’re left with the impression that you are intended to get.  I try and fill in, with the little knowledge I have, the other parts they miss out to give you a better understanding of how things truly work.  The media, as I say, is not your friend.  It’s owned by the big boys who own the big corporations and they work together in the big global club bringing on a new world order as they like to call it themselves.  And it’s not a pleasant world order because it’s to shake up the entire planet’s way of living.  Every culture, every system has to be shaken up and brought into the same communitarian system, so that they’ll live fairly happily, to an extent, over the next 30 years and gradually die off.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and it’s interesting that there are some very good little clips up there on video on YouTube and other places to do with Japan.  Things were done in the past and one of them is by Akira Kurosawa, Dreams, he calls it, of Nuclear Meltdown – Mount Fuji in Red it’s called.  He made it in 1990 and it’s only about a few minutes long; that’s the only reason I could watch it at all, on satellite download without getting cut off.  It shows you, in 1990, this little drama they staged for a play.  The whole thing was based around 6 nuclear reactors melting down.  It’s quite interesting to listen to.  It’s also interesting to listen to how they talked about the radiation effects towards the end of the clip, where even a ten-millionth of one gram of plutonium, or uranium, was enough to give you cancer.  Stuff like that, the stuff they say, oh it’s so tiny it doesn’t bother you, don’t be worried, and then tell you if you eat bananas, you get radiation from bananas and all the rest of it.  So it’s interesting to watch.  I’ll put that link up tonight and you can look at it for yourselves. 


Akira Kurosawa's Dreams of Nuclear Meltdown - Mount Fuji in Red



We find that in yesterday’s papers it says...


Radioactive iodine in city water spurs enhanced testing

articles.philly.com / April 12, 2011 By WILLIAM BENDER


(Alan:  City waters often get their water, mainly in fact, most of them, get it from reservoirs which are open to the air and they get the rain coming down; they also get the dew in the morning coming down.  So anything coming down ends up in your drinking water.) 


The Philadelphia Water Department announced yesterday that it is enhancing its testing procedures and reviewing treatment technology after federal environmental officials found radioactive iodine in the city's drinking water.


The level of Iodine-131 found at the Queen Lane treatment plant is the highest of 23 sites in 13 states where the particles have appeared following the massive radiation leaks from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant in Japan. Lower levels were found at the city's two other plants.


(A:  Then listen to this...) But the Iodine-131 in Philadelphia may have no connection to Japan, officials say.


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency told the Daily News yesterday that Philadelphia water samples from last August contained nearly twice as much radioactive iodine as the recent samples collected after the Fukushima disaster.  (A:  Now if you’re to believe that, then someone’s putting the stuff in the water.  Hmm?)


"This is just unacceptable that this stuff is showing up," said Chris Crockett, the department's acting deputy commissioner of environmental services.


Perhaps more disturbing: Nobody knows exactly how the Iodine-131 - which can cause thyroid cancer if consumed (A:  It says here...) in large quantities (A:  You don’t need large quantities.) or over a prolonged period of time - is getting into Philly's drinking water.  (A:  So the radiation and the various materials they’ve found in Texas’ drinking water too, everyone’s getting sterilized and brought down with the population reduction.)


"At this point, that is not really known," said EPA spokesman David Sternberg. "We're investigating."  (A:  Well sure.  They know what’s causing it.  You wouldn’t get a puzzle like that without being on the ball immediately.  And if they knew last year, or last August what was happening, they’ve found out what it is.)


Kathryn Higley, a health physicist at Oregon State University, said the most likely source is a nearby or upstream medical facility that treats cancer patients with Iodine-131, which can enter the water supply when patients go to the bathroom.  (A:  So they’re trying to say they’re pumping all that into your water supply?)


"That's the big wrinkle. If you saw it last year, it wasn't from Japan," she said.


"It's probably from a hospital."


Higley said the iodine levels found in Philadelphia and other U.S. cities did not pose a health threat.  (A:  It’s fantastic, that one.  Actually there’s no safe level for this stuff.)


So this is how we’re treated at the bottom level of reality.  This is what you give out to peasants at the bottom, you know, who are happy, you know, just sucking up the trivia.  That’s generally what they talk about as you well, well know.  And that’s good enough for them, and they’ll forget it before the day’s out anyway.  And that’s another sad statement of truth. 


Canada, it says...


Canadian food unharmed by Japan radiation so far (A:  ...so far...) Canada CBC News


 (A:  Then you go onto the next one...)


Slightly higher radiation found in Ontario

Cbc.ca / Apr 12, 2011


Ontario Energy Minister Brad Duguid is pictured...


Higher-than-normal radiation levels have been detected in Ontario as a result of the nuclear crisis in Japan, but officials said Tuesday the increase is so small  (A:  There’s that ‘small’ chart again.) it doesn't pose a health risk.  (A:  In other words, they’re not going to tell you.  You see, they’re not going to tell you.  They’re not going to give you any kind of possible system to compare anything to, and how can you compare ‘so small’, to ‘tiny’ or ‘miniscule’ and all this nonsense that they dish out to the... well, the peasants, again.)


Energy Minister Brad Duguid said levels have gone up slightly, but he didn't have any specific details on whether the increases were found in water, air or food.  (A:  Well why is he the darned Energy Minister if he can’t tell you anything?  ...if he doesn’t know?)


"There has been some detection of some minor increase in radiation, but it's not anywhere close to something that would impact human health," Duguid told reporters. "It's not something that Ontario residents need to be overly concerned about."  (A:  How, how arrogant.  How arrogant, eh, and condescending to bring this gibberish to the general public?  How they talk down to you like you’re a child or something.)


The news comes one day after Japan increased the severity rating of the crisis at the tsunami-ravaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant to the same level as the Chornobyl disaster.


The energy minister's office distributed information from the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission and Health Canada on normal background radiation and some radiation that may "have been carried by the wind" from Japan to this country.  (A:  So then they try, you know, to confuse you by talking about background radiation, normal radiation and all the rest of it, the usual stuff.)


"However, very minute levels of isotopes in the radiation have been attributed to the release in Japan."  (A:  ‘...very small levels of isotopes...’ What is it, 10 millionth of one gram is all you need to give you cancer?  I mean, that’s pretty small, eh, very minute.)


The actual increase in radiation "is so small that it is extremely difficult to measure against normal background radiation," (A:  Rubbish!) the commission said. "The findings from these detectors further confirm that radiation doses do not pose a health risk to Canadians."


So they’re all on board with what they’ve been told to tell the public and they’ll all tell you, all these officials will tell you the same spiel one after another because that’s how they work at the top level.  And from another source, the Globe and Mail, the same kind of thing; they try to mislead you in this other way that they use.  It says here... 


McGuinty under fire for not disclosing elevated radiation levels

KAREN HOWLETT /  Apr. 13, 2011 / theglobeandmail.com


A five-hour airplane flight from Montreal to Vancouver exposes an individual to 50,000 times more radiation than the level detected in Canada (A:  Yeah, but it doesn’t give you the same kind of radiation that comes off melted down plutonium and uranium and so on.  See how they mislead you, with nonsense.) as a result of the stricken reactors in Japan, Health Canada said, adding that such a flight does not pose any health risks.


The agency initially detected on March 18 that some radioactive material had travelled thousands of kilometres from Japan to Canada’s west coast. It was forced to issue a news release on Tuesday after opposition members raised the matter in the Ontario legislature during Question Period.


France Gélinas, health critic for the New Democrats, asked if government officials were testing the province’s milk supply for radiation levels. Energy Minister Brad Duguid accused Ms. Gélinas of “fearmongering” and did not answer the question.  (A:  Well that’s how they keep Canadians in the dark on everything.  You know, they really do.  Canada’s a very easy country to manage.)


In fact, the government began weekly testing for radiation levels in milk shortly after March 11, when a magnitude 9.0 earthquake struck off the northeast coast of Japan, killing more than 13,000 people and crippling the Fukushima plant.


The Ministry of Labour’s Radiation Protection Services has also increased the frequency of testing to weekly from monthly of drinking water, precipitation, air particulate and seasonal fruits and vegetables, said spokesman Greg Dennis.  (A:  Well, what about radiation though, eh?)


To date, he said, tests have shown no increases in the acceptable amount of radioactive isotope iodine-131.  (A:  And they keep going on about isotope 131.  What about the uranium?  What about the plutonium? The Thorium and all the other ones?  What about all of them?  They aren’t going to mention those to you, you see.)


You see, this isotope here, iodine-131, it’s got the shorter lifespan, you know, as it breaks down and in a fairly quick time.  The other ones do not.  They have thousands of years of half-lives and so on.  So they don’t want to talk about them.  But that’s how you simply manage the general public who are kept... you’re supposed to be ignorant if you’re in the general public and that’s how you’re treated by these pompous prunes that pretend to rule over you on behalf of their bosses, and I’m not talking about Prime Ministers either.


Now, the Deutsche Bank is going to...


Deutsche Bank to restructure U.S. operations: report

(A:  Within the US, it says here.)

Apr 13 2011/ reuters.com


FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Deutsche Bank will change the legal status of its main U.S. subsidiary to avoid having to endow it with up to $20 billion in fresh capital, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday.


Citing an internal document at the bank, the Journal said that Deutsche Bank executives last year were concerned that U.S. unit Taunus Corp would need that amount to comply with the Dodd-Frank financial reform law that Congress passed last year in the wake of the financial crisis.


The restructuring would see Taunus give up its bank-holding company status, the paper cited unnamed sources as saying.


Under the plan, presented to the Federal Reserve last year, its banking unit Deutsche Bank Trust Corp would be moved out of Taunus and become a direct subsidiary of the German lender, the paper said.


Deutsche Bank's investment-banking business and several other nonbanking entities would continue to reside in Taunus, the paper said. 


So all the big banks now, because the dollar is going down the tubes, as it’s planned to do of course, it was planned to do that before they even went through the World Trade Organization to set up China to take all the jobs and factories over.  They knew what would happen in the States.  They had it timed right down to, pretty well, the year where your dollar would start collapsing, on queue, and when you’d eventually merge into the system that the US helped create.  That’s the world system; the US has paid for most of it, in blood and machinery for war and all the rest of it.  So the big engine, the US, now has to submerge itself into the system it helped force across the world on other people.


Now, one of the better articles that’s out, really, is about the REAL people who sit on the big private foundations that cause war across the world.  They’ve been doing it for over 100 years.  I’ll go into that and some of them when I come back from this break.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix.  You’ve got to understand that the big society that was intended a long time ago to take the whole planet over, they weren’t new at the game when they changed their names and created various front groups in the 1800s and came up with the Cecil Rhodes group and the Milner Group, Lord Alfred Milner, and then combined those two together, for instance, as an example, out of many, into the Royal Institute of International Affairs and also the Council on Foreign Relations which followed for America. 


What they did was to foment wars through private mercenaries, or even in those days what they would call Colour Revolutions.  At one time even before that, you could go as far back as Mazzini and you’ll find they had armies with red shirts; they called it the Red Shirt Brigade.  They used to hire these guys out to different countries to foment revolutions and then the British government were only too happy to move in afterwards, to give them military support, that kind of stuff, the same thing they’re doing across the world today.  It’s a very old technique.  The Milner and Rhodes Group were responsible for creating the Boer War and Carroll Quigley documented that in his book called The Anglo-American Establishment.  Then of course they got Britain involved with its military in order to save the English settlers, who were not under attack at all but they fudged their stories because they even took with them a reporter from the London Times to give you a completely different story.  So they’ve been at this incredible deception for an awful long time and still going strong today, actually stronger today because they’ve got a time table to do.  These guys believe in business and it’s a long-term business plan and they’ve got to accomplish their acts on time.  This article here is about Soros and Brzezinski and others and it says...


Soros and Brzezinski Talking Thai:

International Crisis Group shines spotlight on Thailand

Tony Cartalucci, Contributing Writer / activistpost.com / April 12, 2011


Bangkok, Thailand April 12, 2011 - As International Crisis Group (ICG) member Mohamed ElBaradei wrestles with 80 million Egyptians for control of their country, stooping as low as to threaten war with Israel in a feeble attempt to score political points - his fellow trustees are expressing their ambitions elsewhere, including helping IMF  (A:  International Monetary Fund.) operative Alassane Ouattara butcher his way into office via international armed intervention in the Ivory Coast. They are also fixated on the power struggle disguised as a "democracy movement" in Thailand.


To understand why it is important to consider what the ICG (A:  International Crisis Group.) is saying it is important to note that within the ICG, globalist banker George Soros sits as a trustee along with Wesley Clark and Kenneth Adelman, while geopolitical manipulator Zbiginiew Brzezinski and Neo-Conservative Richard Armitage sit in as advisers among many others.


Behind this unsavory convergence of ambition are equally unsavory corporate and foundation sponsors including the Carnegie Corporation of New York, Open Society Institute, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank Group (A:  The one we talked about earlier.), Soros Fund Management LLC, Chevron, and Royal Dutch Shell. In Thailand's case in particular the political upheaval centers around one multinational corporate-backed billionaire, Thaksin Shinwatra who tried and failed to ramrod through a US-Thai FTA (A:  Free Trade Agreement.) before being ushered out of power in 2006. Many of the corporations that stood to gain from the US-Thai FTA (listed here on page 8) (A:  The list of all the big corporations.) are also well involved in the many groups not only still supporting Thaksin's bid for power, but an entire global agenda of military and economic hegemony.


Thaksin Shinwatra, a former adviser to the Carlyle Group, was literally standing in front of the CFR (A:  Council on Foreign Relations.) in NYC on the eve of his ousting from power in 2006. Since 2006, he has been represented by fellow Carlyle man James Baker and his Baker Botts law firm, International Crisis Group's Kenneth Adelman and his Edelman Public Relations firm (also a corporate sponsor of the "color revolution college" (A:  Did you know that, Color Revolution College?) Movements.org), Belfer Center adviser Robert Blackwill of Barbour Griffith & Rogers, and now Robert Amsterdam of Amsterdam & Peroff, a major corporate member of the globalist Chatham House.  (A:  ...the Royal Institute of International Affairs.)


To say Thaksin has the support of multinational corporate interests is an understatement - in particular, Kenneth Adelman not only was Thaksin's lobbyist, but also sits on the ICG board of trustees and the board of directors of Freedom House - both of which have tirelessly meddled in Thailand's internal affairs since 2006. Freedom House's "Freedom in the World" report downgraded Thailand from free under the globalist-friendly cleptocratic Thaksin regime, to partly free under the current Thai government which has been steadily distancing itself from free-trade with the US, ignoring US calls to enforce "intellectual property," and pursuing a more protectionist policy in regards to the West and its unraveling economy. Freedom House has also nominated National Endowment for Democracy funded "Prachatai" for one of the many contrived awards given to lend agents of the globalist agenda legitimacy. (A:  They’re always giving themselves awards; it sounds more important doesn’t it?) Prachatai of course, is a propaganda clearing house for Thaksin's "red" movement.


The ICG Report


ICG's April 11, 2011 report, "Thailand: The Calm Before Another Storm?" attempts to encapsulate the political turmoil by deeming Thaksin's "red shirt" mob as "anti-establishment demonstrators." (A:  So this ousted guy wants back in, this billionaire, backed by the Council on Foreign Relations and this Crisis Group as they call themselves, and he’s using his red shirt mobsters as the guys who are fomenting trouble within the country, but they’re followed in with these other guys dressed in black.) [Break.]


Hi folks, we’re back and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about how this same system’s been used for well over 100 years by a small elite, incredibly wealthy group, that have front organizations all over the place too.  Remember, communism as well had nothing but front groups, thousands of them, and many of them sounded rather innocuous and you would never associate them with communism.  It was all to change society from within and so on.  It’s the same thing of course, they were also often confused with the Royal Institute of International Affairs or Council on Foreign Relations because their goals are exactly the same as what seems to be a form of Trotskyism or Marxism and they actually ARE to an extent, they are the same because really we know that communism was totally backed by the Western bankers, the same guys who literally started up the Royal Institute of International Affairs. 


When you read this article here about what they’re doing in Thailand, it’s a good example of what they’re doing across the so-called Arab countries as well.  Because their so-called NGO red shirt group, you know, have been rising over there and when the Thai soldiers tried to disperse them, in come these guys dressed in black; these are mercenaries flown in, professional mercenaries.  And there’s a video here where you’ll see them opening fire on the Thai troops that are trying to contain this red brigade you might call them.  And they’ve got M79 grenade launchers and fire them into the riot troops.  And the guy who’s in charge of the red shirts, Seh Daeng they call him, security advisor, admitted that admitted that “300 armed men were under his command.”


April 10, 2010: Thai soldiers attempt to disperse Thaksin's "red shirts."  Mercenaries called "men in black" show up firing assault rifles and M-79 grenade launchers into the riot troops. Violent crossfire ensues. Red shirt security adviser "Seh Daeng" would go on to admit 300 armed men were under his command in the Australian newspaper "The Age."


So here you have 300 armed mercenaries, professionals, probably all from Special Forces, flown in to take over from the Colour Revolution, as they’re determined to get Thailand under their thumb like every other country that resists joining this global system.  So I’ll put this link up tonight; it’s a very long article, very well done, well documented, and you can look at it for yourselves.


Alan:  Now, I’ll go to the callers now and there’s Stew from Texas hanging on the line here.  Are you there Stew?


Stew:  Hey, I am Alan.  How are you?


Alan:  Not bad. 


Stew:  Good.  Question, man; actually a couple.  I guess the first thing is a statement.  A couple of times, every once in a while I hear somebody who seems to call in and they are in the first year of panic mode, of learning, you know, that pretty much the first part of their life has been a lie.


Alan:  That’s right.


Stew:  Basically they need to know that you need to turn lemons into lemonade, you know.  When you hear about Fukushima, what can you do to make that a positive?  So we have radiation going over us, you can’t get a Geiger counter, you know.  Look online, teach yourself electronics, because there are Geiger counter kits.  You can test your food; make it fun, you know.  You don’t have to freak out over everything.  And the more you know the less freaky it gets.  So to anyone that panics, you know, just calm down and it will all be cool.


Alan:  This is the problem, you see, you’ve already been born into the war, you just didn’t know ’til now that it was actually going on.  [Alan laughing.]


Stew:  Right.  [Caller laughing.}


Alan:  Really, that’s what it is.


Stew:  Yeah, for sure.  And another thing.  I’ve got a buddy of mine that kind of has been researching stuff and has kind of been pulled off on the Alice Bailey, Madame Blavatsky, you know, Theosopharian angle, pineal gland and stuff.  Is there anything that, you know, any kind of alternate opinion beside myself that you could make a statement on, that kind of direction?


Alan:  Well, you’ve got understand that Blavatsky’s stuff was designed, first of all it was designed primarily at that time but not now, at that time for women.  It was to create a big women’s socialist movement in actual fact, and part of the empowerment of women campaign.  The woman who took over from her actually was the first female member for women’s... basically, not rights but beyond rights actually; they had a special role for women coming up in the future.  She was the first member on the Fabian Society.  And you’ll find too, that their goal was also to find someone who would be a new God of the world. So they hunted around and they found Krishnamurti and he was raised up by Alice Bailey and the other one that took over from here.  Everyone is an A.B., if you notice; Alice Bailey, and there was another one that took over from her.  And the one who took over from her, her father was a Lord in the British government, a traditional hereditary Lord, and he schooled him hoping he would come out and talk the world into just giving up their freedoms and being nice and putting themselves under a hierarchy of more intelligent beings.  He turned against them.  But they tried to come out with a lot of Hinduism.  They were blending... Blavatsky said it, her job was to blend Hinduism with that of Christianity, but it was with the express and purpose of destroying Christianity in the process.  That was the idea.  And women were more easy to approach, because they like the idea of magic, they’re more into the perennial religion of power, personal power through magic, etc; that’s traditional through all cultures.  So that’s really what that was for.  The pineal gland came up too, as another big con idea and lots of stories came out if someone would touch you on the forehead with a feather and suddenly you could see the whole world as it really is, if a guru did it, all that kind of nonsense but it’s very intriguing.  The general public like to be intrigued.  They like this idea of not doing much and suddenly becoming powerful; it’s all done for you, by someone who knows a lot more than you do.  That’s why you put yourself under their, not just influence, but you become a slave to them.  Guru means God, remember; that’s the meaning of a guru.  And so you put yourself body and soul into their hands to do as they wish to you because you have total faith in them.  So the pineal gland was a big, big part of it.  But I don’t care how often you try and get it stimulated and whatever you try to do with it, so far I haven’t met anybody who’s actually, they might say they have, but who have actually enlarged their capacity for understanding through enlightenment by doing all these oddball things with chanting or Buddhist bowls or anything else.


Now, the whole thing, again, the idea was to try and, again it’s this old, old alchemical idea of uniting left and right brain.  And of course the pineal gland sits in the center; it kind of shrinks with age as well.  It really doesn’t do much but light does go through the back of the eye and does stimulate it, so it might release a few hormones and make you feel good here and there. Apart from that it doesn’t seem to do much at all.  But this combining of left and right is also male and female, by the way, and they mean that, down the road, in its esoteric literal sense, because the hermaphrodite’s always been part of the big global agenda and we know that they’ve actually been working on that with transhumanism for instance. That’s why they created also all the in-betweens in sexuality; now you’ve got all types within sexuality.  That’s all to blur the concept of what we used to call normalcy as we go forward, and eventually of course they’ll bring through along cloned beings – I’ve no doubt about that at all – and they’ll have the same rights as humans.  Maybe after this radiation washes over we’ll have a lot more in-betweens of the sexual groups, after it’s done its genetic work.  Who knows, eh?  [Alan laughing.]  However, you’ve got to be so careful with these groups.  Remember too, theosophy also had big ties to the same groups that ran Freemasonry, and Blavatsky was granted a side charter, they call it, for females, a side charter, where it’s a Masonic institution, so they go by the Masonic rules to change society.  And also too, Blavatsky said that their job also was not only to blend Christianity with Hinduism but also to blend basically science and spirit together into one.  Whenever I hear that I always think of electronics, the brain chip and all the rest of it; that’s how I see it.


Stew:  So, very good man.  Hey, I appreciate the input.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. 


Stew:  Alright, take care.


Alan:  I can remember the new agers too, they used to say that in 2000, coming up to 2010 and then they changed it to 2012, we would go through a big photon belt; that was all around the new age circuits.  Everybody was emailing me, oh we’re all going to suddenly become enlightened when we go through this photon belt in space, as the earth travels through it.  And by doing nothing of course; it would just all happen to you, just like that.  You’d wake up and you’d just know everything, and no one could dominate you, and we’d all be light beings, and how wonderful it was going to be.  They kind of got it right and wrong because we’re going through a radiation belt right now you see, and in a sense they’re being illumined alright, but with the wrong kind of stuff; it’s not too good for your brain cells.   Now we’ll go on to Alex from Victoria, if he’s there.  Hello Alex, are you there?


Alex:  Yes, I am.  How are ya?


Alan:  Not bad.  Yeah, I’m hangin’ on here. 


Alex:  I think they’ve shrunk my pineal gland for some reason.  [Caller laughing.]


Alan:  Yeah, I think mine’s fossilized now.


Alex:  [Caller laughing.]  It’s kind of like half lives, you know, they deplete.


Alan:  They certainly do.


Alex:  With the psychotronic frequency.


Alan:  Well, there’s no doubt about it, HAARP’s being used.  Sometimes, when I’m up late, I’ll tune in the shortwave and you can hear and compare it with the one that came out in that television series when they first came out back in the 70s.  It’s the exact same sound just banging away there.  They said, and Brzezinski said that they could use it to calm the people, keep them dumb, stupid and fairly happy.  Well, why not use it now in a time of crisis?  They use it all the time.


Alex: Yeah, they sure do.  It’s amazing how many different ways they’re attacking us.  I’m overwhelmed by the myriad of different mechanisms through which we’ve been... all the systems that we thought were there to keep us safe, all the regulatory agencies and everything seem to be completely weaponized. 


Alan:  Well these agencies are actually not... Everything you have up in government is there for a different purpose than you generally take for granted. And we do, we take things for granted.  We hear what it says, oh it must mean what it says, but it’s generally not that at all.  It’s like the Food and Drug Administration, I can’t remember the US Senator that has got a YouTube up there where he actually attacked the FDA for certain things that they allowed to pass.  They admitted at the FDA that they didn’t test anything themselves; the Food and Drug Administration doesn’t test anything themselves.  They would take pharma’s word for what pharma said about this and that. They would take pharma’s studies and just pass it.  So I mean, they’re not there for you at all.  Then you find out that everybody on the board of, say, the FDA have worked for the big corporations, big pharmas, Monsanto, all the rest of it, and they’re all on board.  So they’re all cons for the public to believe in.


Alex:  Oh yeah, like it’s a puppet show from hell.  Yeah, the smart meters and all the ELF we’re exposed to from things like cell phones, like the one I’m talking on, I try and keep it on speaker but still, when you hit send on a iPhone, like typical radiation coming from a computer screen or OnStar on a car or whatever, it’s down around 3.5 or 4.  You hit send on my iPhone, it goes up to 1,000.  So if there was some kind of protection from government that people all have this false confidence in, surely they wouldn’t be allowing all of our teenagers to walk around with these things glued to their head.


Alan:  The public are simple in structure.  I mean, even the term, ‘the public,’ what is ‘the public’?  It’s like looking at a... I’m not saying this unkindly, but it’s like looking at a mass of humanlike beings with no particular single mind.  You’re talking about a collective mind almost when you say ‘the public.’  That’s how the courts use it too.  What is true though, is that mass behaviorism, the understanding of the masses is so well understood. And the masses do believe, and they’ve been taught through socialistic indoctrinations, that experts are running things and they would never do anything to harm them.  Therefore if it’s passed to be allowed for sale to them or to eat or something, it’s obviously safe to eat because these guys would not lie to them.  That’s how simplistic they are.  They really believe that.


Alex:  Yes.  It’s kind of safe to say that we’ve gone from livestock to lab rats now. 


Alan:  We’re not even lab rats because you see, everything they’ve done with technotronics and what they’ve used with chemicals and all the rest of it, they’d established maybe 100 years ago or more, who knows, but a long time ago.  They know exactly what these things do to humans, so they’re not using them as testing anymore. They’re actually using them; it’s weaponized basically.  And why not?  To bring in a world society where you’re going to cause mass upheaval, get folk off the land for instance, crammed into cities where it’s already abnormal being crammed together like that, that’s why they have so much crime and deviant behavior breaks out in cities, very old concept, Plato knew this too.  So they have to either use tranquilizers of some kind in your food, water, so they’ll use both of course, but also to use the frequencies since you have these cell towers set up everywhere, and all these booster cell towers along the buildings; you’re being bombarded the whole time.  So why not?  Brzezinski doesn’t talk about using this stuff, technotronics, without meaning it.  He doesn’t just say it off the cuff like a wayward thought.  This was the agenda to keep people calm, quiet, as literally they have their whole life changed around them, so that they won’t mind going through the changes; they’re kind of half stupefied.  And that I think is happening.  People used to even complain when gasoline went up 2 or 3 cents; at least they complained, even to each other.  You don’t even hear any of that anymore, when it goes up 20 cents or 30 cents.  Something’s happened to them. 


Alex:  Was it his book, Between Two Ages, where he said that by the time they were finished with us, with reference to the psychotronic frequencies, that we’ll barely be smart enough to repeat last night’s download of, quote/unquote, news?


Alan:  He did and he also said that the public will be taught and have been taught that the media is there to do their thinking and their reasoning for them.  And that is so incredibly true.  They don’t question.  They truly think it’s an appendage to their brain, some charitable thing, some Godlike thing that would never tell them a lie.  They really do believe that.


Alex:  It was amazing today, Hayden and I bumped into one of his old soccer coaches outside the library; we were returning Eustace Mullins and Ezra Pound books.  And he said, well he’s got to be back, you’ve got to get him outside, you’ve got to get him running around outside.  So we looked up, like we’re under attack for Christ sake, there’s so much metal in the sky and now with the depleted uranium, and they’re using in the oceans, and possibly the Fukushima radiation as well, which I heard was up around 181 but I’m not certain it was that high but it sure seems to be a realistic number, it came from a good source.  I just said, I’m amazed you’re even out here running around, you know people have died of lung, you know, respiratory failure.


Alan:  Sure and they’ll continue to as time goes on.  Depopulation, rapid depopulation, that’s what Rockefeller wanted, and we’re going through it.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and we’ll try and fit in Jay from Ohio there.  Are you there Jay?


Jay:  Yeah, I’m here.  As usual, lots of good points on the show as you light up all these things.  I’m reading the [Political] Ponerology book; I’m like halfway through it.  It describes, well you know, you’ve read it, these sociopaths, psychopaths.  There’s a part where it’s talking about how, they’re explaining, he is explaining their point of view, that the perfect world is the world in the way they see it, you know.  You know, I kind of knew that, you know, because I’ve been around people like that.  It’s like, they don’t understand us, we don’t understand them.  So as I go through and read these things online and documents from foundations, you know, it sounds... it does, it wrenches my heart.  My heart says, well that sounds like a noble cause, you know, and then it’s like, I think, it’s just like they know how to use virtue as a weapon, well anything basically.  You know what I mean?


Alan:  Absolutely.


Jay:  And so, it’s like using people as they say the terrorists use people as shields, you know.  All these words like, well, the American public wants this or that or... You know what I mean.  It’s like different, different things that we find value in they’ve been able to use and...


Alan:  It sounds wonderful, it sounds like something that we’d thought about ourselves, but of course they’ve got a totally different definition of what they mean by it.  And they also want to bring in a controlled society.  A psychopath, the only fear he has is the fear of losing his powerful position when he gets up on top.  So he must secure that position and bring in totalitarianism, but he also spins off by his very nature a psychopathic culture upon the people themselves who will then emulate those at the top.   That’s why you have celebrity worship and so on and that’s why you have degradation at the bottom levels of society as well, as we try and copy what we see being projected from the top.  So they help to destroy society in the process, which gives them more power as they go into take control over all the crisis and problems they helped cause.  So it’s a perfect system for control.


Jay:  It is.  It is and I was speaking with my mom, she’s 80, and we just stumbled on that subject, the culture, and she brought up, you know I think it was that one song, you know, “It’s your thing, do what you want to do.”  [Caller laughing.]  I was like, you’re right.


Alan:  Yeah.  And they were starting that kind of stuff back in the 1930s.  People don’t realize how long they’ve been at this, to change the culture, to get it going.  They tried the roaring ’20s with booze, drugs as well, the miniskirts, dancing, promiscuity.  It didn’t work out because they didn’t have the abortion clinics, they didn’t have the pill.  So there was a lot of fallout from it, a lot of venereal disease, no penicillin.  So they brought the same agenda back for the 1960s under the guise of free love, rock and roll, miniskirts again, do what you want to do, the state will take care of any problems, abortion, the pill, and drugs.  And it worked very, very well.  If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again, as they say.  [Alan laughing.]


Jay:  [Caller laughing.]  You’re right and I’m a sore loser so I will keep fighting.


Alan:  Yeah, you have to.  You can’t give up.


Jay:  You can’t.


Alan:  And being aware, of course.  The greatest thing you can have is being aware.  It’s not scary at all.  You can understand.  Understanding is the most pleasant reward you can possibly have; it’s the strength too that comes from it.  Thanks for calling. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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