April 14th, 2011 (#811)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 14th, 2011:

A Gene Residual Creates Individual:

"Being an Individual is Sometimes Fearful,
Not for the Timid or Easily Tearful,
To Decide for Oneself is Not Always Easy,
Uncertainty Looming Makes You Queasy,
Yet Sense of Achievement Comes Victorious
With a Success from Thing Laborious,
No Need to Be Rich, Dying for Wealth,
Life for Living is Best with Good Health,
Success and Failure Makes You Proud,
To Think for Oneself, Apart from the Crowd"
© Alan Watt April 14th, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė April 14th, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on April 14th, 2011.  For newcomers, look into the website, cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Thereís hundreds of audios to choose from, and hopefully, I can help to tie a lot of loose ends together for you, to show you how this big system that youíre born into actually works.  And it works far differently from the techniques that you think about, if you think about it at all, in fact.  Most folk think we just go through time, down through time, and politicians deal with crisis after crisis, as they just happen to be at the time.  And nothing is further from the truth, because youíre in a planned agenda, a planned society.  And the thing about government, itís like any big corporation, which actually it is.  They plan far, far ahead into the kind of society they want to have in fifty or even a hundred years, or maybe even more.  And we have evidence of this, of course, in writings of the big boys, who belong to the big societies, which advise, actually they order the government as to what to do.  And they love to write about their hand in shaping the future, and the kind of society, what kind it will be, Fascist, Socialist, whatever, or a combination of the two.  And itís ongoing with all these international meetings with big, private corporations and clubs.  Clubs which pretend theyíre foundations into charities and so on, but, in reality, theyíre very active in shaping cultures, and the financial systems across the world into one big happy, not so happy family.  Happy for those who certainly will rule it and actually do rule it already. 


So, help yourself to the audios.  And you can also find transcripts in English of a lot of the talks as well, in all the sites youíll see listed at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  These are the official sites I have, the only ones.  And you can also get transcripts in other languages, if you go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu.  You get a choice to choose from there, so help yourself for the transcripts there.  And remember, you are the audience that bring me to you, so, if you want me to continue, I come from a different perspective, generally.  I donít just hype up todayís hype or terror and leave it at that, from what the media tells you.  I add with my knowledge to what the media omits, and itís very important, that, because, you see, youíre left with a certain perspective on things, according to what the media leaves you with, and they always omit big, big parts of the story, and you always get the false perspective, so I hope to fill in all the blank spots for you, to give you a better picture of whatís actually happening.  And I donít sell things either, on this particular broadcast.  So, itís up to you to keep me going.


Buy the books and the discs I have for sale, and hopefully I can tick on a little bit more.  Youíll find how to do it at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  You can use a personal check from the US.  You can use international postal order from the US.  You can use cash.  You can also use PayPal to order.  Use the donation button and follow it with an email with your name, address, and order.  Iíll get it out to you.  And across the world, you know how to do it, just Western Union, Money Gram, some people can send cash, and you can use PayPal again to order.  Use the donation button.  And remember straight donations are also very, very, very welcome, because things are getting tight all around as inflation goes up.  And the prices in Canada are even far higher than in the US.  And even though theyíve gone up about a third in the last few months, even for their food, Canada has even gone up much higher.  Plus, weíve got extra taxes and new taxes added to that too, this year as well.  So, as I say, if you want to keep me going, you know how to do it. 


This big system steamrolls ahead, regardless of wars or catastrophes.  Everything, every disaster is used to their advantage.  The CFR often, their members often come out and say this after disasters.  How can we use this to our advantage?  What they mean is, will it fit in to our plan for the big, great society of the planet that theyíve planned for us.  Giving up your rights, thatís what it means.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  You know, sometimes I get an email, an occasional email about someone, and thereís so many folk out there who are really into types of societies and so on.  And theyíre either really into a form of capitalism, or even Fascism, or Communism, or Socialism.  All the isms.  And they get upset once in a while when you talk about certain things that riles them.  Itís against their grain, their doctrine, their indoctrination.  And this is the key to all isms, you see, because people like to lose themselves.  The whole thing about mass movements is to lose yourself within the mass movement.  You give up your independence, willingly, happily, in fact.  You give it up, because other people then will run the show for you.  And that really is what Socialism is about. 


I remember a few years ago, someone who emailed me quite a few times, he was down on his luck.  Welfare people were coming in, and after a while, he got worried because his young daughter began to call the social workers by their first names, and would phone them up when she had any problem on anything at all that she would normally work out for herself, or work through the family, or friends, or whatever.  Any kind of trivial problem at all.  What should I do about this or that or whatever?  And she was treating them like parents.  And thatís exactly the system that Bertrand Russell said they would encourage, where the state would give the values to the children, and really become the form of parents, really.  All the parents had to do according to Russell was to provide the money to raise the child.  The state would do the rest.  Well, weíre pretty well there. 


And you also get generations in of people who are dependent on welfare.  And they themselves have an awfully hard time, one in maybe a thousand have the ability to break out of the mindset when youíve been born and raised in that kind of society, because itís not easy to.† Itís easier to go along with social workers saying, youíve got to look for this job today, and they send you the job to go and look for and so on. They decide everything for you.  All the responsibility is taken off of you, and so whatever individuality you had is submerged into the mass as they say.  Same with people who join big organizations, even including religions when theyíre on a roll.  And religions once in a while do go on a roll.  They lose themselves in the great belief, the greater system, and responsibility is taken off of them, because in all mass movements, the leaders are supplied for them, who make all the decisions, and then you end up with a bureaucracy.  It doesnít matter what, if theyíre wearing dog collars as they call them or not, or called wardens, or whatever.  Itís the hierarchy above you that makes all the right decisions for you, and lots of folk like that.  So, lots of people do like Socialism.


And lots are going into this New World Order, and theyíve got different ideas about it, but generally they think itís going to be some sort of happy melting pot of the world.  Some of them still think they can be able to travel across the world and live where they want.  Well, you wonít be able to do that, because you havenít read the books on it.  Youíve got the external propaganda thatís put out by word of mouth, but you havenít done your study to find out what youíre even talking about.  So, thatís a sad comment on humanity, but people have in the past joined mass movements, and itís a relief for many of them to do so.  As I say, the responsibility is now off of them for all the failures or successes or whatever in life.  Itís on someone elseís shoulders or the collective hold it together, and you simply know what your duties are within the system. 


Thatís why those who have brought in this New World Order have used the Ďisms, have used capitalism, have used Communism, Trotskyism is big right now, actually, and Socialism, all the different Ďisms have been used to bring in this future planning to a world society, which is to be authoritarian, remember, as all Ďisms ultimately must become.  And they donít like democracy.  Theyíve said that at the Club of Rome.  They said, in fact, itís obsolete.  And theyíve said that they canít get their big plans done for the world with different parties arguing and haggling over what they want, therefore they do it in a different way.  Right now they go through a parallel government.  The parallel government consists of about a thousand major foundations and think tanks.  Itís a thousand points of light that Bush Sr. referred to.  And they also have all their hundreds and hundreds, maybe thousands of non-governmental organizations and their front groups, that do all the lobbying, all the work, all the protesting when required to governments, and then the governments come along and say ďthank God you turned up.  We want to pass this bill and youíve given us a reason to do so.Ē  So, government works hand in glove with the NGOs that protest against them.  Thatís really how it works.  Itís a wonderful show.  Itís a show for the public who donít belong to different camps.  And itís a wonderful thing for a lot of people who are technically Socialist by nature. 


Remember Communism really was Socialism, and Nazism was supposedly Nationalist Socialism.  Communism is International Socialism.  The Fabian Society was also International Socialism.  And the Fabian Society was a society that was designed to bring the same system across the Western countries, which werenít fertile ground, as Lenin called it, for the doctrine.  They couldnít get uprisings the same way in what technically was a free society.  It wasnít as free as you think.  But when thereís a form of freedom within society, itís much, much harder to get folk to revolt and get the quick revolution over and done with.  So they had to do it through infiltration, and through universities and teaching by professors, who would ensure that students became indignant when theyíre given half a story on something.  Itís easy to get youngsters angry about something that seems obviously unfair to them.  And the professorís job was to omit a lot of the stories to make things obviously unfair.  They still do this today.  And theyíre all hand-picked, these particular professors.  Theyíre well funded, of course, and in with the professorship comes a big grant from a foundation.  Often the grant comes first, and then the foundation tells the university which professor theyíre going to have.  Thatís how it really does work.  So, in a sense, theyíre agents, many of them.  Not all of them, but many of them. 


And lots of folk will love Socialism, when they donít have to make a single decision on what they have to do.  Youíll have bureaucrats and then youíll have down to the local level and agencies deciding for you and calling you up and visiting you at the door.  So, if you want that kind of world, youíre welcome to it.  But personally, I really donít.


Individualism is what itís all about here, because all the big foundations, the United Nations and others have said they must destroy the cult of individuality.  Thatís what they call it.  They really hate it, so they call it the cult of individuality.  Itís an oxymoron, because if youíre an individual you donít belong to anything, really.  You think for yourself.  And when you even look at extreme right wing, as it used to be called, extreme right wing meant youíd have hardly any government at all.  Thatís what it really was about, where, a society where people would govern themselves, and have the rights to govern themselves and defend themselves too, when required, without government agencies coming down on them for doing so. 


Itís almost akin to the original form of anarchism.  Anarchism too, a true anarchist wasnít someone who went around lobbing bombs at people.  He wasnít someone who assassinated people or joined groups to do so.  He was supposed to be an individual, who could travel the world, go through communities, listen politely to people, not be obnoxious, but would never be coerced into joining anything he didnít agree with.  And that really is what the original anarchism was all about, the idea that the person could be self-governing.  People have forgotten all about that. 


And people definitely, in the US for instance, have been taught, whether they know it or not, itís a subtle intergenerational training that government is there not to serve the people, but youíre there to serve them.  Every movie they churn out, especially the disaster movies, which have many predictive programming scenarios within them, are also teaching you that government is an authority, and itís there by itís own means.  Itís self-perpetuating and you just simply jump and do what youíre told.  You never see in these disaster movies anything about the rights of the people.  Itís always government deciding for the people whatís best for them, supposedly.  In reality, as you know, governments, especially when youíre left to vote between two or three parties where theyíre all multi-millionaires, which ones do you want to vote for?  These people have so much in common with you, right?  Well, they all belong to the same organizations, clubs, golf clubs, and all the rest of it.  And theyíve gone to the same schools, Ivy League schools and so on.  And theyíve got nothing in common with you whatsoever.  They all have shares in the same big international corporations, and they do whatís best for their own kind, their own class.  And itís something too, you have to understand, class, the class system, definitely, definitely, has always been with us.  And as far as I can see, the way itís going, it always will be with us.  Theyíll just give it different names for different levels.  Itís as simple as that. 


So, for those that want to lose their individuality by joining the big crowd, as they call it at the top, then thatís up to you.  It certainly is easier.  Itís easier to be given all the propaganda to spout so that youíll be politically correct amongst your own kind.  And if you can put up with it, good luck to you.  I really try and speak to those who are trying to attain individuality, because itís far more important you do that in your lifetime.  No one else can do it for you.  And to know the truth about things, and to suffer the occasional setbacks and defeats and victories as well.  Thatís what makes a person a complete person. 


Itís the same with advertising too.  No ad would ever sell with straight faces and a product displayed in front of you.  Itís always people who are having mass orgasms because they bought toothpaste or a toothbrush or something like that.  And theyíre also taught this in society, ego-syntonic behavior, again, egocentric behavior, that youíre supposed to be happy, happy, happy all the time, like someone in acute mania.  Of course, nothing is further from the truth.  You have to have the ups and the downs in life to make you, to give you wisdom.  And wisdom at one time was highly valued from all tribes down through the ages.  Highly valued, that was the most important thing of all.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just talking about the individual versus the mass, and how lots of folk like to join the mass.  And you can be trained to join the mass too, once youíre in it, especially if it carries on a long time, maybe your whole life, and you end up with third, forth generation welfare.  Thatís normalcy to people then, where every decision is made by superiors and agencies and social workers and so on.  And all the big decisions in life are taken off of the shoulders and itís easier for some people to do that.  For others itís anathema.  Itís a killer.  It destroys them totally, body and soul, and thatís why you have so much problems when it really is in its heyday, its height.  And of course weíre getting more and more of that, as the economy goes down the tubes, and more folk are joined to the welfare lists and need aid from different sources, etc. 


And we also have, of course, the massive, incredible armies of bureaucracies and government agencies now, invading homes for children, taking children off and all the rest of it, regardless of the class that they go into.  And itís happening across the world, because youíre living in a globalized society, where all organizations really are all connected at the hub of the United Nations, and so they all work together.  Everything eventually comes down from the United Nations. 


At the end of tonightís show, Iíll also put up a link to youtube, where it shows you the Cesium thatís been coming in over Canada and the US, and theyíre now up in the mid-levels, sometimes occasionally the higher levels.  And the mainstream media is totally silent about this.  And almost every single radiation, government radiation site has pulled its graphs down, so that we canít see whatís going on.  Thereís only one or two left, and even they are being censored now.  I know that for a fact.  Iíll put this link up tonight, so you can see whatís been happening over the last day or so, and whatís to come scheduled for the next few days.  Theyíve also mentioned too, that I think number 4 reactor is in trouble again.  I donít know how many times it can be in trouble, or whatís left to fission off in there, but they say it will take three months or so to stop doing this, and then theyíre going to try and decommission them.  Decommission them, it takes ten years to clean it out.  But for three months this stuff is going to be giving this stuff off into the air and the sea constantly pretty well.  Iíll put that link up tonight. 


And also with Japan, theyíve had meetings, before about moving the capital over to a different area, the capital of Japan, because itís so prone now to earthquakes, they want to build a new capital.  And Iíll put that link up tonight for those who want to see it. 


Iím also talking about the suicide rates tonight, because hereís an article here for instance.


Suicide Rates in U.S. Increase as Economy Declines, CDC Researchers Find


(A: It says they:)


tend to rise during recessions and fall amid economic booms, according to study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


(A: It says they:)


reached a record high of 22 people per 100,000 in 1932 during the Great Depression, CDC officials said in a report published online today in the American Journal of Public Health. That was double the rates seen in 2000, when 10 people per 100,000 took their lives as the economy prospered, the study found.


The study is the first to link business cycles and suicide rates among specific age groups, according to the Atlanta-based CDC. People in their ďprime working agesĒ of 25 to 64 years old are the most likely to commit suicide during recessions, the study found.


(A: Well, itís nothing new, because Britain already had done theirs and itís much the same.  And one of the top politicians came out and was actually reprimanded for saying, of course thereís more suicides in a recession.  And thereís also way more burglaries and so on as folk try to survive.  So, he was slapped on the wrist for that.  It says:)


ďEconomic problems can impact how people feel about themselves and their futures as well as their relationships with family and friends,Ē Feijun Luo, an economist in CDCís Division of Violence Prevention and the studyís lead author, said today in a statement. ďPrevention strategies can focus on individuals, families, neighborhoods or entire communities to reduce risk factors.Ē


What theyíre doing is setting up, again, another little branch, itís tucked in with Homeland Security for those who donít know, and they wonít tell you in this article here either, to actually monitor everyoneís lives even more thoroughly, and have people in your local areas monitor what they think is mental health of everybody.  Thatís what theyíre using this for because the CDC is not there again, like every other agency, to actually help you, or to do what you imagine itís there to do. 


And another interesting article too, because it says:


Customs officials in Vladivostok seized a radioactive cargo of 50 cars from Japan. Their level of radiation is two times higher than normal.


The cars are being kept in an isolated area while it is decided what to do with them. Their recipients say they do not have the right to send them back to Japan.


Earlier this week, customs in Vladivostok seized a cargo of 20 radioactive cars.

Intensive beta-radiation was discovered during a checking of the ďAsian IceĒ ship.

This is the first large shipment of radioactive second-hand cars from Japan. (A: You can see them all dumping them from the area, canít you?  I mean, obviously, the people around there are selling them like crazy, used cars, which will be in excellent condition, apart from the fact that the lifetime warranty will be about three years, if youíre lucky.) Earlier, heightened levels of radiation were found on several private vehicles.


So, there you go, as they keep telling you itís not too bad, etc, etc.  You get free lead underwear with every car.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back.  This is Cutting Through the Matrix.  And this world we live in isnít really a pleasant world.  We have the Disney World view of it, because weíve been trained to view things from a Disney perspective.  But the real harsh world out there, and when you understand the real harsh world, you can decide yourself if you want to join those at the top by being a shark yourself, or being a loser, as they call those who are in the dark.  Thatís the general population, the ones who believe in the Disney World that theyíve been trained to believe in.  Hereís an article here that really exemplifies this.  It says:


Healthcare scoring for the ďdead poolĒ: (A: The dead pool.  This is the term of it.) hedge funds betting on how long you will live


A bond made up of life settlements would ideally have policies from people with a range of diseases ó leukemia, lung cancer, heart disease, breast cancer, diabetes, Alzheimerís. That is because if too many people with leukemia are in the securitization portfolio, and a cure is developed, the value of the bond would plummet.


(A: So they donít want cures, you see.  It says:)


Those medical records that are now available to anyone and everyone who might have a financial interest in your ďhealthĒ (the same records about you that you yourself can no longer gain access to in most cases),  are for sale to stakeholders, investors and interested partyís.  Insurance companies are particularly interested. 


As we stated in an earlier article, when Obamacare is implemented it will establish a health score to be applied to your records and updated with each doctor visit. This score will be available to insurance companies with the accompanying medical data that will allow them to determine how much of a risk you pose to the profits they anticipate by insuring you under a hedge fund.


(A: Quite something, eh?  Itís like a real stock market.  Stock means cattle, by the way, you know, like animals.  Thatís where you sold them.  They were called stock.)


You will be rated as to how much of a risk you represent to the system.  This score is being used to determine what and how much healthcare you are eligible to receive.  (A: Itís to be rationed, you see.)  As the bill clearly states, panels will determine what risk you pose to the system and weigh that against the odds you can recover, and if you do, what would be the value of your future contributions to society?  (A: Can you keep paying taxes and work?  Thatís what it is.  Iíve been saying this for years.) Odds not good?  Off to the dead pool you go!


Enter the insurance companies.

Your score on these medical records are being used to determine your eligibility to be entered into the ďdead poolĒ being constructed by life insurance companies.  The dead pool is comprised of those in the healthcare system who have diseases such as lung cancer, breast cancer, leukemia, heart disease or any possible terminal, genetic or acquired illness.  Hedge funds are being established wherein investors in the fund are betting against you and how long you might live with the disease. The hedge fund is projecting your possible life expectancy and betting against you.


(A: Now, itís also true, the pharmas buy these up too, because they like long-term diseases.  They donít like to cure anything, because itís not profitable to give a cure out for anything.  So, they want to treat you for the rest of your lives, you see.  Thatís how it really works.  So it says:)


ďThe solution? A bond made up of life settlements would ideally have policies from people with a range of diseases ó (A: As I mentioned earlier.  It says:)


This should effectively halt any real research into finding cures for many diseases.  Not that there is much of that actually occurring anyway, in my opinion.  


This article from the New York times in 2009 shows these plans for dead pool investments are well underway.  Anything for a buck right? Even the morbid betting on how long you will live:


So, Iíll put that link up too, at cuttingthroughthematrix.com at the end of this evening.  And weíll go to the callers now, and thereís Ted from New York City.  Are you there Ted?


Ted: Yes, I am, Alan.† I thank you so much for providing the gracious knowledge and service you do.  I have a question.  This kind of harkens back to the country of Rhodesia, when they declared independence and became, moved from Southern Rhodesia, Ian Smith and his unilateral declaration of independence.  I think it was í64, maybe í65.  What was their role in the world system at that time?  And they were a pariah state, so, Iím kind of interested because, since they were founded by Cecil Rhodes, at least that countries of Southern Rhodesia and Northern Rhodesia were founded by Rhodes.  Could you tell me please?  Iíll hang up.


Alan: Yeah, number one it was a base as well, because, Cecil Rhodes and the group that he worked for, which again became the Royal Institute of International Affairs, this private corporation that was given a charter by the Crown to exist.  As you know, they also used the same group, and Cecil Rhodes was involved in creating the South African or Boer War, to grab South Africa, too. They used Rhodesia as a primary base to set it up, and also a base where they would try and bring in whatís happening today, a United African bloc, by fomenting riots and tribal fighting, in-fighting across the whole of Africa.  Not all at the same time.  Just one place after another, and hopefully get it under what they called at that time the British Empire.  And so, private companies.  I mean, what youíve got with the Rhodes foundation at that time is the exact same system youíve got with that group I mentioned last night, the International Crisis Group with Brzezinski and Armitage and all these guys on it.  They cause riots.  They foment riots, they pay agitators to go in and get the fighting started.  And then they call on the troops from outside.  Britain did this too.  Cecil Rhodes did this.  He would say, oh, weíre under attack, even though they werenít and in would come the British troops and stick the flag in for them.  So, it was really a base to an extent, but it was also rich in diamonds and gold etc, because at the same time as they were taking over these countries, these private companies, like the Rhodes groups, etc, working with the Rothschilds, were actually grabbing the diamonds and the gold and so on, and all the minerals on the land that was taken over.  So, private companies have really always been on the forefront of guiding governments to use troops to come in and protect where theyíve put their stakes down.  So that was its whole purpose.  Once they claimed Rhodesia as well, they had the backing of the British government, and Britain, of course, worked heavily with them as part of the sort of Commonwealth, and so they were totally protected.  They wanted a whole bunch, a whole collection, of states to be unified eventually into a solid African Union, and thatís still going on today, by the way.  It hasnít really stopped.


Ted: And finally, Ian Smith.  He died in 2007.  Iím just surprised at his role, because he kind of did something, at least the face value of history, the exoteric reading of history, that he declared independence like the United States from England, even though his project failed.  They didnít have the mandate of heaven, because they didnít have a really positive organizing principle.  You know, they didnít reach out to their native populations.  They just focused on their white people there.  What was his role in the world system, and I was surprised that he was able to live to a ripe old age, because he lived in Zimbabwe, under Mugabe.


Alan: Itís because theyíre all, at the right time, I mean, these guys at the top are always preselected by the same organization, that was the Milner group, and then it was called the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  Every president they had was the same way.  Still is today, in fact, across the world.  The idea was, it was time.  They knew eventually that to get Africa to unite into a bloc country, theyíd have to give them what appears to be the power.  And theyíd have to eliminate, again, the white people who had ruled over them for so long.  And even when, thereís no doubt about it, when Rhodesia went down for instance, Britain had plenty of warning.  Hereís a country, and South Africa, that had gone to war each time Britain called, as being part of the Commonwealth.  They sent their boys off.  And so they thought that Britain and the rest of the world would come in to stop the African National Army coming in.  And the ANC were coming through Africa.  They were heavily equipped, well armed and all the rest of it.  And the oddest thing is, at the time, Margaret Thatcher for instance did nothing to stop it.  Nothing at all to stop it.  And hardly even mentioned it.  And immediately, some people, myself included, I knew that this was the plan.  They wanted this to succeed.  They wanted the whites to be driven out and to give the Africans a sense that actually they were in charge of their own country for the first time, in the hope that they would carry on and unite the whole of Africa as a trading bloc.  And again, itís always a con, these trading blocs, because you still find that private corporations end up still ruling them.  And then they get their puppet governments, you know from their own population, to represent the people.  And the guys at the top always know in reality what their roles are.  So, it was really geo-politics at work.  And the white population had done their job for long enough, but to really grab the goodies and the whole of Africa, they had to let the Africans pretend that it was now their country for the first time.  That was really what it was about.  If you notice, the big companies, like DeBeers and so on, still are running the countries, really, and theyíre still the biggest employers.  And they can actually set lower prices under the new governments, for extracting the stuff and getting the diamonds and so on out of the country than they did under the old system, so that itís even more profitable for them.


Ted: Thank you, so much.  Thank you so much.  Very good.  Okay.


Alan: Thanks for calling.  So, yeah, I mean, they can set up the systems.  Youíve got to understand too, those who run this international system have no allegiance to any country or any particular group of people.  The peasant in England is the same as the peasant anywhere else.  And theyíll use those peasants for a certain amount of time, fifty years or whatever it happens to be.  Theyíll plan it way in advance in fact, and then, if it means writing them off, physically, at the end, they allow it to happen.  And thatís just how these big guys work.  Thatís how they work.  Now, thereís also Joe from California there.  Are you there, Joe?


Joe: I just had a comment and then a question and then Iím going to have to hang up and listen offline.  The comment was, you mention a lot about saying that you shouldnít watch television, and I just wanted to say I totally agree with that.  I havenít watched TV for about five or six years.  Whenever I do see it now, it just, it seems really kind of strange, and almost like an assault on your senses.


Alan: It is. 


Joe: And I just wanted to encourage people out there to try and do the same, even if you have to wean yourself off it, just try doing it.  The question I had is, you mentioned something last week in a program about merchant banks.  And it reminded me of some Monty Python sketches where they always seem to take shots at the merchant bankers, and I was just kind of wondering if you knew, you know, sort of what that, you know, what the sort of bias was towards Merchant Bankers and that Monty Python?


Alan: The merchant bankers, itís a term that you donít hear much today, but the merchant bankers really, the guys who owned the commercial trading routes and shipping lines and all commerce, were also the guys who set up the banks themselves, and they were called merchant banks.  And they used to also basically put out loans there for ships that would come in, or might not come in.  They also had insurance companies.  Thatís how Lloyds of London started along with the merchant banking system.  And so they also bet just like that last article, on people betting on your life, with your healthcare.  They also bet on ships not coming in.  I mean, you canít beat these guys.  Theyíve got every con literally worked out.  The merchant bankers really were families that came in to Europe.  A lot of them were based in Frankfurt, for an awful long time, and they moved into other countries.  The Rothschilds did that.  They were merchant bankers.  They did world trading.  They owned trading routes.  They owned corporations across the world that dealt with trading, and they dealt also with the money lending, even to people in trading.† Trading could be a risky business, so they would lend money to them, high interest rates and so on, and eventually they set up their big merchant banks in London especially, after Frankfurt; they also did the same in Italy and elsewhere.  So, theyíre a different breed.  Theyíre just not your normal little bank that you go and cash a check in.  These guys deal with literally trade across, massive trade across the world.  International trade in a sense.  And thatís how the big banks in London, around the Templar area, the old Templar area, and thatís not by coincidence either, thatís why they set up there.  And they have four banks facing each other, and then you have the big obelisk next to the river right next to them.  Thatís one of their symbols, wherever they go down through time.  So, merchant bankers are a different kettle of fish, as I say, from a small branching bank.  They deal with even lending to nations, for instance, you know.


So, itís a different breed again.  Youíll find interestingly enough, if you read into Benjamin Franklinís writings and his diaries and so on.  He mentions that he went over to London.  Itís never been explained, of course, this strange little guy, Benji Franklin.  He went over to London, and he went over to meet and mix with and learn from the merchant bankers of London.  You donít get just to go over there and meet them in any era, just like that.  Believe you me.  There are certain things you have to be in the first place to even mix with them.  He got a lot of his tuition over there at that time, before he was made more popular and famous.  He even met Rothschild and discussed how the American money system worked, compared to the British system, and Rothschild wasnít very pleased with the fact that he found out that Americans created their own scrip, as they called money, and that it wasnít based on debt as it was in London.  So, Rothschild wasnít too happy.  He actually wrote about it in papers and said that theyíd have to alter the American system, because if it wasnít debt based, then America could really take off and show a different system of creating money to the world.  So, the merchant bankers are awfully important people.  And, as I say, they own all commerce of the world.  They own the banking, the real banking systems, through the big, big banks of the world too.  Thatís what they are. 


Thereís Tammy from New Jersey.  Are you there, Tammy?


Tammy: Yeah.  Hi.  Isnít it funny what you just mentioned about South Africa.  In case you didnít know, the capital is called Praetoria, as in the Roman Praetorian Guard.† They gave the country the Afrikaners and later on they burned them.


Alan: Thatís right.


Tammy: And I was just looking at what you put up, the YouTube Akira, about the nuclear reactors.  And I was thinking of what you said about predictive programming.  Then I thought about what Alex Jones had mentioned, and that is the people who think that, the people that are the social engineers think that there are three groups that need to go into the future, Northern Europeans, Jews, and the Japanese.  So then, why would they go ahead and destroy Japan if thatís one of the groups that needs to go into the future?  And Iíll take my answer off the air.


Alan: Okay.  Back after this.


Hi folks, weíre back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just to answer a question about, what is really most favored nations and races actually, Darwin called them, most favored races, in his book, the ones who should survive into the future.  I donít know about the Japanese but I know that H.G. Wells wrote a list out of the ones that he was taught at that time, by the Fabian Society that he was a founding member of.  And his boss was Lord Astor.  And he mentioned that the different races that should go on into the future and the ones that should be eliminated, that those who cause trouble and wouldnít cooperate in this economic system and obey a sort of Socialist Master system, would have to be eliminated.  And he wrote a few down, the Scots, and the Irish, and a few other ones were to be eliminated.  He said that the Africans would also have to either mimic the White Man, and those who could mimic the White Man in economics would be allowed to survive, the rest would just have to perish.  But the Japanese, Iíve never heard of the Japanese.  I know John Stewart Mill was the first one to ever write this for the British Crown, a list of races that were desirable races with all their different characteristics and traits, the ones who should come into the future, and he was a top economist, as was his son, but they talked, a very similar list was put out by them, that H.G. Wells augmented.  And they mentioned Jews in it too, as did Wells.  And Wells said because of the various purges theyíd had down through time, then the fittest of them had succeeded to come through and be very successful economically, so they would be saved as well.  That was again mentioned by Charles Galton, cousin of Charles Darwin, who if I remember, he talked to the Jewish Congress of Britain, twice, on two occasions, and he also said the same thing, that Jews should actually be grateful for all their purges, because it really killed off all the weak, as he called them, and allowed those with the most cunningness and the most ability to survive, so theyíd be very, very successful.  And so I guess he thought that was a good thing for all people to go through.  So, the Japanese if they were possible to come through, it would be because once again, Americans and those who ruled Britain, I donít say the British people, those who ruled Britain, thought the Japanese were so obedient to a system, and thatís what they like, is people who are obedient to a system without question, and theyíre very thorough.  They have pride in their work, etc.  So, if they were to come through, I donít know about them, I havenít seen a list with their names on them, it would be for that purpose only.  They have a personal pride, a personal honor, and pride in their work, and they have a hierarchy system, which they donít question at all, much of a caste type system you might say, as far as the workplace goes.  So, that would be the only reason I could see for them coming in too.  China was to be picked, because again, theyíd never really had individuality.  It was never a thing in China to promote individualism, and they were very obedient first to emperors and empresses and then to the Communist State.  And the Communist State now has been really applauded by the United Nations, as the perfect example for the world to follow for the New World Order, where itís non-democratic, itís an orderly society, everybody obeys their bosses or else.  And theyíre hard workers.  They donít put the pride in it that the Japanese do whatsoever, but thereís so many of them too, that labor is cheap.  Thatís why they picked China to make, to be the manufacturer for the planet.  The Council on Foreign Relations/Royal Institute of International Affairs decided that back in the 1930s, when it was still a Third World Country.  Your money, tax money, and the World Trade Organization, and all the Treaties sent your factories over to China, for those who donít know.  Well, from Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís Good Night and may your god or your gods go with you.



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