April 15th, 2011 (#812)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 15th, 2011:

Economic Dreams and Schemes of John Maynard Keynes:

"The Bretton Woods Agreement by John Maynard Keynes,
An Ardent Socialist Elitist Believed that the Means
To Establish a World Government was Via a World Bank,
For Financial Reconstructing We Have Him to Thank,
The Bank of International Settlements, Big Money Stash,
A World Bank through the IMF to Ration Out the Cash,
Money to Be Issued for Socialist Control,
And Secular Humanism Taught to Liquidate the Soul,
Keynes Said that Part 2 Would Be Down the Road,
Now They're Completing Mission, IMF Carrying Load,
It's to Issue Special Drawing Rights to Every Nation,
Hail IMF and Maynard Keynes, Lord of Our "Salvation" "
© Alan Watt April 15th, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė April 15th, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 15th of April, 2011.  Newcomers, I always suggest you should look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com website, and help yourself to the audios which are available for free download.  Thereís hundreds to choose from and hopefully Iíll give you some shortcuts to understanding this incredibly big system into which youíve been born, a radically different system than the one that youíve been taught at school and that the media has helped to reinforce once you leave school, because it truly is completely different from your Disneyland version.  And you can also remember look at these sites that are listed on the .com site.  These are all the official sites I have.  You can get transcripts of a lot of the talks Iíve given in English from any of those sites, and you can also go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts in other languages.  And if you find sticking when youíre downloading the audios, try the alternate sites listed on the .com site, because sometimes too many folk go into the .com at the same time.  Thatís what causes some problems.


Remember too, youíre the audience that bring me to you, because I donít bring on advertisers as guests, and the ads you hear on this show, itís not a show, itís a broadcast really, go straight to RBN to pay for the airtime and their staff and their equipment and their bills.  So, help me with mine, by buying the books, discs, and so on Iíve got at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And from the US to Canada, you can still use a personal check.  You can use an international postal money order.  You can send cash and you can use PayPal to order.  Use the donation button and follow it with an email with name, address and order, and Iíll get it out to you.  The same across the rest of the world.  Youíre stuck, Iím afraid, with Western Union, Money Gram, or PayPal for ordering.  And straight donations, believe you me, are certainly welcome too. 


As I say, itís a big system.  Youíve been taught a fake reality, and of course, itís been on the go for an awful long time.  Iíve gone through the histories of the big organizations that helped to set up this particular system, first on a national level, then international.  Now itís completely global, in fact, and they run all the media.  All mainstream media comes through a couple of sources, really one source, as far as Iím concerned, owned by the same little group, to make sure that everybody is on board, as they say, with the same information.  And on the bottom level of reality, thatís the information youíre given from the media.  On the second level of reality, youíre given people who can add to it, add to the mainstream by other knowledge that theyíve got from books and so on.  And itís not arguing of course, because if youíre given a premise, a false premise to begin with, all youíre doing is babbling with other people about false premises.  So, we donít expect, really the truth at the bottom level. We can get the results of them, of increases in things and taxes and all that.  That we can take as a fact.  But any of the reasons why things really happen, of course, weíre kept in the dark.  Weíre given childrenís stories in fact.  And advisors to presidents back in the 1920s and 30s used to say that for everything that happens in politics, thereís a good reason, and then thereís the real reason.  And thatís truly the way it is.  Thatís truly the way it is. 


Weíre under one big global club, been going on for well over a hundred years now, to bring in a global system.  Itís based on Darwinistic principles.  It believes in eugenics.  It believes in always planning the future, what kind of society they want, how many they need, and of course, they use your tax money to create their future for their own selves and offspring to come through into.  Thatís what we build for them.  These are the big builders, down through the ages.  They love big building projects.  And thatís why they love central governments, because they can centralize all taxations and so on, into their big projects for conquest across the world.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix. To understand this system that youíre living in, itís partly an economic system, a big part, of course, is an economic system.  And itís a different economic system for those who basically own the world.  Iíve gone through much of the history of the initial group that came to light in our histories.  Iím sure they had many names before they called themselves the Cecil Rhodes group and the Milner Group as well, that became the Royal Institute of Affairs, with the goal of using a British Empire system as the embryonic egg to shape the world.  And the US was to take over from that, and push it further across this whole planet.  Part of the idea was to get a world body where they could negotiate and get treaties signed.  That was the League of Nations.  They set that up, a long time ago.  And then they set up the United Nations.  They transformed in fact into the United Nations.  And under the UN of course, they planned to bring in what seems to the outsider, people who donít really know much about it, it would seem very Marxist initially.  But youíve got to understand that the big boys who founded the Milner Group and the Rhodes Society, were all bankers, big international moneylenders, lending to nations. 


And they funded the Soviet system.  The Soviet System was also called, just like the US, the Great Experiment, and they wanted to iron out all the problems theyíd have if they brought this system worldwide, and so they used the Soviet system to do that.  The Soviets too would push the Sovietization on every other country, Communism on every country they took over.  Just today, weíre doing the same thing of course, across the Middle East and elsewhere, weíre having revolutionary democracy, they call it, as we force other countries into the same system that weíre in today.  Terms are always changing, but itís the same thing.  If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, itís the same duck.  Thatís what it is.  And so, weíre going through the biggest changes as they bring the Sovietized system, which is much, much better for bankers and those who deem themselves worthy to rule the planet, and into the new system.  And bankers prefer having centralized governments.  That was a tenet of the Marxist policy.  And thatís why, of course, Marx telegraphed Lincoln at the end of the Civil War, and he said, now youíve really centralized government, and he congratulated him for doing so.  And thatís in the Congressional records if anybody cares to look it up. 


So, itís very, very different, as I say, this reality, from the one you get on television, through your entertainment and so on.  We are born into cultures.  We believe this can be the only culture there is, simply because it exists, even though the culture youíre born into is generally drastically and radically different from that of your parents and grandparents.  And itís not because society by itself evolves.  Itís because those who plan the future decide what kind of culture theyíre going to give each generation.  And itís working along a path of course, to a sort of Brave New World scenario, where there would be a far reduced population, much, much lower than it is today.  And there will be those who can breed and those who are not allowed to breed on conditions of the state.  Thatís been written about by all the top eugenicists for well over a hundred years now, and itís still ongoing today, if you look into some of the sites which have got different names now, bio-ethics, etc, which is just the new term for eugenics.  And theyíre actually practicing it on the public without their knowledge, in fact, in many different levels.


Theyíve also had talks at the top about reducing the populations for the Brave New World, and they did talk about even using radiation years ago, at some of their big talks, and plagues and all the rest of it.  Go into the books written by Charles Galton.  Go into the books written by again H.G. Wells.  He advocated that, a lot of different techniques to be used in his book called A Modern Utopia.  And he worked for the same organization.  They take certain authors, build them up to popularity, just like they do with actors and so on, or musicians for that matter, and make them stars.  And Darwin was one as well.  They brought him up to the top.  No one had heard of him before, and they made him a star, because he had to bring through this breakthrough from separation of what they called superstition or religion and start to get people convinced that science was the new religion, and that the scientists were the new high priests.  And thatís where we are today.  Weíre run by what we think are experts, even though they seem to be wrong most of the time.  It doesnít really matter.  Itís a political agenda, you see, and science is used to simply confound it.  Hereís an article here to do for instance with radiation, and itís from 2005.  And Iíve read on the air how theyíve upped, the EPA has upped the safe levels of radiation.  Sometimes doubling them.  Sometimes putting them up by thousands, and the same has happened in Japan and elsewhere, even while theyíve been taking off all the sites, the national sites down on the internet, where you could actually judge things for yourselves, according to different scales of radiation.  Well, we donít get that now.  We get little releases called minuscule, tiny, and in Scotland they call it wee; for milliSieverts, they call it wee totie ones.  And stuff like that.  Utter nonsense, just to make you feel that everything is fine.  If everything is fine, why have they pulled their sites down?  Hmm?  Think about that. 


So this is back to 2005, and it was from the Nuclear Information and Resource service.  And it says:


Washington, DC July 30, 2005 The National Academies of Science released an over 700-page report yesterday on the risks from ionizing radiation. The BEIR VII or seventh Biological Effects of Ionizing Radiation report on "Health Risks from Exposure to Low Levels of Ionizing Radiation" reconfirmed the previous knowledge that there is no safe level of exposure to radiationóthat even very low doses can cause cancer. Risks from low dose radiation are equal or greater than previously thought.


(Alan: So, theyíre telling you this then, what they had then was the chances of getting cancer were equal or greater than previously thought.)


The committee reviewed some additional ways that radiation causes damage to cells.


Among the reports conclusions are:

There is no safe level or threshold of ionizing radiation exposure. (A: No safe level.)


Even exposure to background radiation causes some cancers. (A: Background radiation is what youíll get in sunlight and so on.)


Additional exposures cause additional risks.


Radiation causes other health effects such as heart disease and stroke, and further study is needed to predict the doses that result in these non-cancer health effects.


(A: Itís not just cancers you get from them.  Think about that with all your X-Rays, by the way.)


It is possible that children born to parents that have been exposed to radiation could be affected by those exposures.


(A: So it affects the genes of course in sperm and ovum.)


The "bystander effect" is an additional, newly recognized method by which radiation injures cells that were not directly hit but are in the vicinity of those that were. "Genomic instability" can be caused by exposure to low doses of radiation and according to the report "might contribute significantly to radiation cancer risk." These new mechanisms for radiation damage were not included in the risk estimates reported by the BEIR VII report, but were recommended for further study.


The Linear-No-Threshold model (LNT) for predicting health effects from radiation (dose-response) is retained, meaning that every exposure causes some risk and that risks are generally proportional to dose. The Dose and Dose-Rate Effectiveness Factor or DDREF which had been suggested in the 1990 BEIR V report to be applied at low doses, has been reduced from 2 to 1.5. That means the projected number of health effects at low doses are greater than previously thought. RADIATION RISKIER THAN THOUGHT-- RISKS TO PUBLIC and NUCLEAR WORKERS.


The BEIR VII risk numbers indicate that about 1 in 100 members of the public would get cancer if exposed to 100 millirads (1milliGray) per year for a 70-year lifetime. [1] This is essentially the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission's allowable radiation dose for members of the public.


In addition, 1 in about 5 workers [2] would get cancer if exposed to the legally allowable occupational doses [3] over their 50 years in the workforce. These risks are much higher than permitted for other carcinogens.


Specifically, the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission allows members of the public to get 100 millirems or mr (1 milliSievert or mSv) per year of radiation in addition to background. The BEIR VII report (page 500, Table 12-9) estimates that this level will result in approximately 1 (1.142) cancer in every 100 people exposed at 100 mr/yr which includes 1 fatal cancer in every 175 people so exposed (5.7 in 1000).[4]


The risk of getting cancer from radiation (in BEIR VII) is increased by about a third from current government risk figures (FGR13): BEIR VII estimates that 11.42 people will get cancer if 10,000 are each exposed to a rem (1,000 millirems or 10 mSv). The US Environmental Protection Agency Federal Guidance Report 13 estimates that 8.46 people will get cancer if 10,000 are each exposed to a rem.


The Nuclear Information and Resource Service interprets this as further evidence that unnecessary radiation exposures should be avoided.


"This means that the government is not justified in deregulating nuclear power and weapons wasteó


(A: Because theyíre using it in what they call depleted uranium.  Thatís part of the reason theyíre having all the wars too, to get rid of all their waste, and render uninhabitable vast areas of land.  It says:)


releasing it to regular trash or "recycling" it into everyday household items as proposed by 5 US federal agencies at the behest of nuclear waste generators hoping to save money,"


(A: No kidding, they want to recycle it into household goods.  And that was:)


stated Diane D'Arrigo, Radioactive Waste Project Director at Nuclear Information and Resource Service Radioactive (NIRS). "This also means that remediation of radioactive sites should be done to cleaner levels and that nuclear transport standards should be strengthened."


So, it goes on and on, actually.  Thereís a lot more to it.  Itís got a good chart here on milliSieverts and so on and different risk levels.  As I say, theyíve more than doubled them now.  Some are up by thousands of what these were claiming were even dangerous back in 2005.  And thatís the music coming in, so Iíll be back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And Iíve talked many times about banking systems.  Iíve talked about the bankers.  Iíve talked about the scams theyíve pulled off before.  I generally say that they rape a nation or even the world at least twice a century.  And thatís held up by history itself.  Itís an ongoing scam.  And when they pulled the last one, of course, and crashed the stock market, intentionally as well.  As I say, itís just based on faith anyway.  They could have kept it going forever if they wanted to.  It was running on it long enough.  And I mentioned too that there would be a Bretton Woods 2, Part 2, and I knew that because I had read the books and the speeches given out by John Maynard Keynes, who helped set up the Bretton Woods agreement.  And he gave speeches about it at the end of his life, and he was happy to get this through.  He was a devout Socialist, pretty well Marxist.  He also believed in the true Marxism, which is that an elite, even a wealthy elite, should rule the world.  And people really donít understand that about Marxism.  Thatís why youíll find an awful lot of multi-billionaires are involved in Marxism, on behalf of their bosses, the bankers, like George Soros of course, and heís working for the Rothschilds.  Anyway, getting back to Bretton Woods.  If you go back into my archives section at cuttingthroughthematrix.com, on October 31st, 2008, youíll find Bretton Woods Part 2.  And if you go into 2009, I also gave a talk, and I did discuss what Keynes had said about Bretton Woods.  He said it would be the first part, the second part was still to come.  And that he said, I wonít see it in my lifetime, and he was right.  He says, but it will come.  And it was all part of this world globalist Socialized system that they wanted. 


And Socialism, as I say, does not mean that itís there to help the ordinary person at all.  Theyíve got a different definition of Socialism in the high levels.  You have to go into Fabian Socialism, and listen to the documentation, put out by people like the founders of it, to see what they meant by it, because eugenics is a big part of it.  They donít like useless eaters.  And George Bernard Shaw, one of the founders talked about creating a gas, a painless gas to kill off the useless eaters.  So, you better find out what they really mean by Socialism, all you people who truly believe in it, and vote for them.  Anyway, youíll find both of these.  One of these is from December 30th, 2009, and itís called To Help the Poor, Bretton Woods 2.  And back in 2008, Bretton Woods Part 2, October 31.  And you can read them for yourself, right from the horseís mouth of John Maynard Keynes. 


So, just a byline there to do with this particular article here.  And we know of course that George Soros is fulfilling the Part 2 of the Bretton Woods.  We knew before it too, because the IMF was to be brought up to its full power for Bretton Woods 2, according to Keynes.  And here we are:


Bretton Woods outlook dark for America


Wednesday, April 13th, 2011.


The George Soros-backed Institute for New Economic Thinking's just-concluded Bretton Woods weekend conference (A: Multi-million dollar affair, by the way, for all the top boys across the planet.  It says:) of leading economists didn't actually focus on America's future, (A: Thatís not true.  They have their inner party and their outer party, and the inner party doesnít tell the public what theyíre up to.) but the sum of the discussions produced a pretty grim outlook.


The current political and cultural polarization of the country was seen as probably worse today than at any time since the outbreak of the Civil War exactly 150 years ago. The geography of this polarization is also similar to that of the Civil War period and the issue of a powerful federal government versus states' rights remains pretty much the same.


The polarization today is being propagated by wealthy and powerful elements on Wall Street and elsewhere that fund bitter, attack dog politics and sharply polarized media commentary.


The power of big financial and corporate lobbies is such that they overwhelm reform efforts with huge lobbying campaigns. The effort to regulate the banks and establish accountability for them has failed to a large extent. (A: Well, you canít do that until you get the Federal Reserve all sorted out.) The Dodd/Frank law that is supposed to re-regulate the banks fails badly because the reform of the banks to date has involved actually making them bigger and fewer. (A: Which is the name of the game.  That was part of the crash deal.) The biggest 50-odd institutions are being designated as too big too fail, but are not being subjected to any rigorous or vigorous oversight and regulation.


(A: So itís business as usual.)


By dint of being understood to be too big to fail these banks are effectively in a position to "short" the government, meaning that they can essentially force the government to subsidize them by pursuing risky investment policies that the government must then support. The cost of capital of the big boys is lower than that of the medium and smaller fry by reason of the "too big to fail" designation. Thus, they will eventually squeeze the other banks out of the game. So bye bye community banking and ever getting to a real person at the end of the endless telephone menus.


But it gets worse. Americans are far too indebted and are trying to repair their personal balance sheets and cutting consumption to pay down debt. But this is retarding recovery and forcing the government to spend more in order to keep some kind of growth going and unemployment falling. To avoid falling back into recession, the government spending will have to continue for quite some time. But this will exacerbate the U.S. trade and current account deficits and increase overseas dollar holdings.


The rest of the world is pretty strongly dedicated to export-led growth. The Germans are forcing the rest of Europe to deflate and the only way for Europe to get any growth is through exports. China says it wants to rebalance its trade and focus more on domestic consumption led growth. It's nice that China wants to do this, but it will be extremely difficult if not impossible in practice for China actually to reverse its export led policies.


The result is likely to be a continued shift of the production of tradable goods and the provision of tradable services outside of the United States to off-shore locations.


So, more business is going to leave the US.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just to finish off an article here that talks about Bretton Woods.  And it said, basically that:


The result is likely to be a continued shift of the production of tradable goods and the provision of tradable services outside of the United States to off-shore locations.


(A: So, in other words, itís a continuation of whatís left in the US to probably China and elsewhere across the world, as has been happening since they signed, your own politicians signed the World Trade Organizationís Treaty for China and so on.  And thatís the way itís going to be.  It says:)


These trends will see a continued erosion of America's ability to provide a good, middle class standard of living at home and to extend security abroad.


Well, they shouldnít be doing all this extending security.  I donít know what that means anymore.  Itís just plunder as far as Iím concerned.  Itís the global agenda.  So, Iíll put these links up tonight too.  Just to show you how bad it is too, Detroit is to give layoff notices to all public teachers.  And we know that itís been utterly decimated in that area.  It says:


The emergency manager appointed to put Detroit's troubled public school system on a firmer financial footing said on Thursday he was sending layoff notices to all of the district's 5,466 unionized employees.


In a statement posted on the website of Detroit Public Schools, Robert Bobb, the district's temporary head, said notices were being sent to every member of the Detroit Federation of Teachers "in anticipation of a workforce reduction to match the district's declining student enrollment."


Bobb said nearly 250 administrators were receiving the notices, too.


The district is unlikely to eliminate all the teachers. Last year, it sent out 2,000 notices and only a fraction of employees were actually laid off. But the notices are required by the union's current contract with the district. Any layoffs under this latest action won't take effect until late July.


Mind you, theyíre going to have other work in that area, because this article here says:


Prostitution and pot legalization could make Detroit attractive, Fieger says

Could Detroit be the new Amsterdam -- a city where prostitution and marijuana are both legalized to help attract young people and turn the troubled cityís prospects around?


(A: Isnít that nice?)


Why not, barrister and occasional mayoral candidate Geoffrey Fieger said during a taping of ďMichigan MattersĒ on what he would do if he walked in Detroit Mayor Dave Bingís shoes and tried to address the cityís woes.


ďI could turn it around in five minutes,Ē Fieger said.


(A: Heíd be doing a lot of tricks, that guy, turning them around.)


ďIíd shovel the snow and Iíd clean the streets and parks. Then, Iíd tell the police department to leave marijuana alone and donít spend one dime trying to enforce marijuana laws. I also would not enforce prostitution laws and Iíd make us the new Amsterdam.Ē


ďWe would attract young people,Ē Fieger said. ďYou make Detroit a fun city. A place they want to live and they would flock here.Ē


(A: Well, you certainly wouldnít want to raise a family if that was what the business was.)


Fieger, who ran as a Democrat for governor, appeared with Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson, who took exception to his idea.


ďHow does that fix the schools or unemployment or illiteracy in the city?Ē Patterson said.


Besides, the outspoken Republican leader added, ďHave you been to 8 Mile recently?Ē in reference to strip clubs and other elements found along certain stretches of the road.


Fieger still thought the idea had merits.


ďDonít let any self-appointed, self-righteous person say we couldnít do it,Ē Fieger added. ďThe city of Detroit couldnít get any worse.Ē


Well, itís interesting too that Iíve watched city mayors for years now, even in Toronto, I think Mel Lassman took a whole bunch of his councilors, a lot of relatives of his, actually, over to Amsterdam and he came back with the same plan for a big red light district where they could tax the prostitutes.  I donít know how you work out the taxation rates and timing and stuff like that, but Iím sure theyíve got it all figured out.  Heís got lots of relatives in that area, Iím sure.  Anyway, thatís how the system really works folks.  And thatís what America and other countries have been reduced to, as they have totally destroyed the culture of society, to a desired level, because this was planned to come down to this level long before I was born, and Iíve read a lot of the articles and books by the big boys who helped plan it, during their lifetimes.


Now, Cyber Responsibility, the Department of Homeland Security in another draft bill it says here.  It says:


Under a White House plan, the Homeland Security Department will have far-reaching oversight over all civilian agency computer networks.


Iíll put this article up tonight on cuttingthroughthematrix.com, along with the rest.  It shows you how theyíre really getting into some really nasty stuff to do with websites and so on and so on.  And even the guys who are allowed to read this, the politicians, the brief period theyíre allowed to read it, it doesnít look good at all, as they rampage ahead with Homeland Security taking over all of this, under the guise of e-commerce and different things and so on.  Itís much, much more than that, of course.  Theyíre going to go ahead and literally, itís not just policing the internet anymore, itís beyond that.  Theyíre going to start dropping sites.  Theyíll just disappear, one by one by one, and we saw that coming a long, long time ago.  Iím sure we all saw that coming. 


And from the Activist Post, it talks about the Budget.  It says:


The Budget Deal Turns Out To Be A Gigantic Fraud


(A: Well, they always are.)


Originally the deal between The White House and Congressional Republicans was touted for delivering $38 billion in cost savings.


Then, yesterdayís analysis showed that the savings were probably just half that, since a lot of the savings came from not spending money that was never going to be spent.


Turns out, the spending cuts are even more minimal than that.


According to the CBO, via National Journal, the total savings come to a whoppingÖ $352 million. With an M:


A comparison prepared by the CBO shows that the omnibus spending bill, advertised as containing some $38.5 billion in cuts, will only reduce federal outlays by $352 million below 2010 spending rates.


(A: Theyíre spending more than that per day over in the Middle East.)


The nonpartisan budget agency also projects that total outlays are actually some $3.3 billion more than in 2010, if emergency spending is included in the total.


And itís got the full article there, if you want to read it.  Now, thereís a caller thatís been hanging on here.  Thereís John from Canada.  Iíll take John now, if heís there.  Is John there?


John: Hello.


Alan: Yes.  I can hear you.  Go ahead.


John: Hey. Yeah.  I called.  I wanted to, you were talking earlier about how thereís media control on information.  And you know, have suggested that thereís a eugenics agenda, which Iím not disagreeing with.  But I just wanted to hopefully give you two quick examples of media control.  And then you could roll with it, if you want, or just something to consider.  The first one, real quick.  You know, the UV ratings that the TV and the corporate news tell us, well, itís a 6 today, so you better wear some suntan lotion.  And oh, itís an 8.  Well, thatís a floating scale.  So, we have to figure out, whatís the millirems.  You know, what kind of danger is it out there.  So, I phoned Environment Canada, and itís like top secret information.  They decided this about ten years ago or so.  It was very, very difficult to find out how this thing was run.  And apparently, every year, what they do is they take some reading in a tropical rainforest near the equator and they call that an 8.  And then they take measurements and measure it against that 8.  So, todayís 8 isnít tomorrows 8 or next yearís 8, but itís a way of placating the people, because you know, it will never get worse than an 8, even if you die in an instant by getting a massive dose of radiation.  Now, itís gotten a lot better, because I guess HAARP has stopped burning holes in our ionosphere, which they admit to doing.  And New Zealand a number of years ago, five or six years ago, had some really high, extremely high cancer rates.  And milk was contaminated, and it was really bad, because largely they had this huge hole above their country where the ionosphere wasnít filtering out this biologically dangerous poison.   So, motivation is there.


My second example is the casinos.  Detroit, incidentally, is criminally victimized through this, through the scams theyíre running in the casinos.  But hereís an example that fits what youíre saying.  You know, the general public donít know about this.  It isnít necessarily forbidden knowledge, because you can get the information if you pursue it yourself, but very few people do.  And they canít believe it, because, of course, the lotteries would be honest.  Of course the casino is not cheating us.  And whoís motivated to tell us theyíre not cheating us?  In Canada, in Manitoba we only have really one newspaper and they have endless ads for the casino every day.  One radio station.  Only one radio station in Manitoba that covers the news.  Every free minute they have is another casino commercial.  And plus a free helicopter, free cars, everybody gets free everything.  And as a consequence, they donít tell us, theyíre stealing.  Itís a criminal theft, as much as 70% through slot machines.  They tell you, like they do in Detroit, weíre only taking 3%, but really theyíre taking 80%.  And these people pocket this cash.  And the cops canít get on the job as it is in Canada.  Iíve spoken to the RCMP on this particular criminal issue, and they canít move forward because itís operated through the provincial government.  And it breaks all kinds of laws.  But theyíre worried, youíll lose your job.  And a number of years ago, the so-called Liberal Party, disbanded the corporate crime division of our nation.  We had the corporate crime division of the RCMP.  The whole place was disbanded.  All of them were offered double salaries to work for Monsanto.  So, we donít even have a corporate crime division.  You know in Ontario they have backlogs that go back more than a decade of crimes over a million dollars.  And W5, one of our news shows, comparable to 60 Minutes, showed a police office, I think it was in Toronto, where the undone investigates are stacked up all, right up to the ceiling in one room, and thereís no cops allowed to investigate, and theyíre all crimes that have been touched upon by officers, but havenít been allowed to carry through. 


So, the idea of eugenics being a motivational factor, we can surely apply that to them not telling us what the millirems per hour it is or whatever measurement.


Alan: Of course.  The very fact, as I say, the fact that they actually pull all the sites across the world off at the same time.  If the readings were so low, as they keep telling us, well, why have they pulled all these sites off, so that we can see for ourselves?  I mean, thatís an indication, obviously, something is wrong.


John: Yeah.  And I totally agree with you, you know.  We do get the disinformation that, well, maybe radiation isnít bad.  Look, people who have cancer get radiation treatments and they die instantly.  That must be a good thing, you know.  One of the things about the death panel, I know weíre probably going to be totally diametrically opposed on understanding with this issue, but the one thing on the death panels that Obberman did cover, was that if somebody was approaching treatment for cancer, they would be told that if you take this radiation treatment, youíre almost guaranteed to die.  If you refuse it, because these are the numbers that are recorded, you have a greater, much greater, higher chance of surviving.  And this would have been in one of the provisions that applies to what is referred to as the death panel.  Nobody discusses it, because itís very difficult to understand the language.  But anyway, thatís one particular thing where radiation for cancer is crazy.  But anyway, I donít want to get off track.  But, like you say, they donít want us to know what we can measure to be so.


Alan: Obviously, obviously.  And getting back to casinos and so on, I can remember when they started up the lotto in Ontario, Lottario, and once in a blue moon theyíll show you someoneís picture there, you know, who won it.  Once in a blue moon, just to make it sound like itís really okay.  And youíll always find if you do your background checks on the people who win, theyíre always just-retired police chiefs or their wives.  Or, theyíre retired bureaucrats, always, always by the way.  And there was one famous scandal that came up, I think the CBC covered it, where the board that selects the winner had actually made a deal with a woman that theyíd make her the winner, and obviously, she had to split the loot with the guys that made her the winner.  And that came on CBC, the cops had initially investigated it, superficially, and then I think they were told to back off.


John: Oh, thatís exactly it.  Iíve called the cops myself numerous times, they stillÖI wrote a paper called stand together or donít that covers the criminal shenanigans in Manitoba which is very similar.  No matter where you look, thereís crime happening, because thereís no accountability.  Our newspapers refuse to defend ourselves.  But in Texas I was told today that a woman has won like the fifth time, super lotto.  And the thing about, if anybody works out the numbers which nobody does.  Like I say, itís not necessarily forbidden material.  Itís just, nobody really discusses it, and nobody is too knowledgeable on it, although you can get the information.  I mean, the Lotto 649 as we have in Canada is just corrupt.  Everything is corrupt.  The scratch and win.


Alan: Everything is corrupt.  Youíre dead on.  Everything is corrupt.  But you know what?  The politicians are corrupt.  Theyíre chosen because theyíre corrupt.  And they can keep quiet about it.  And their bosses above them, will do what theyíre told.  It was the same when they brought in the GST.  Mulroney said that this is going to help pay off the national debt.  When he got out of office, he says, not one penny went to the national debt.  So, I mean, why do we bother voting at all?


John: Yeah, well, weíve got to get a guy in there thatís going to say weíre opening Bank of Canada branches right across the country, and weíre going to give extremely low interest loans.  Weíre going to do a favor for everybody and stop letting these private banksters clear tens of billions of dollars each quarter in Canada.  And weíve got a much smaller population than the United States.  And theyíre just, theyíre billionaires.


Alan: Youíve got to understand that thereís something much bigger above all of them, and itís the big, big gang of globalists that run it all.  Itís the big moneylenders that lend to the banks.  They run the whole worldís show.  And theyíd never allow an honest system.  Itís not on the cards.  Itís not in the future, because theyíve planned the future already and the kind of society theyíre going to bring in.


John: We see the same kind of crimes.  These guys donít carry guns at the casino, but they know, you canít communicate well enough.  Plus, nobody even wants to hear what you have to say, because everybody agrees we need to rip off Grandma Jones.  If Grandma Jones wants to lose her money at the casino and getÖ


Alan: And whatís amazing too, I used to watch these little minibuses come around and carry all the pensioners; it was mainly women whose husbands had died.  And theyíd pick them all up and bus them off, one little minibus after another, from little rural towns in Ontario, and bus them down to Windsor, to spend all their pension money.  I mean, this is incredible, but this is the real face of government.  Weíre run by gangsters.


John: Yeah.  And yeah, it wouldnít be as bad if they actually paid out some cash.  Like, theyíre so greedy they wonít give out a dime.  Like scratch and win tickets, they print up the tickets, of course.  If you print 30 free tickets out of a hundred, then theyíll say we paid out 30%, and they didnít pay back a single penny.  And thatís what theyíll do.  You know, those Super Seven tickets.  Youíve got to get like five out of seven numbers and you win, I think itís five out of seven, pretty close to that, and you win a free ticket.  Oh, boy.  Well, theyíre going to count that against you.  You lost $2 bucks there, sucker. 


Alan: Well, to be honest with you, the whole thing is for suckers.  Do you understand?  Thatís what the whole thing is.  We are suckered our whole life long. You pay into pension funds.  You get a carrot there.  If you can get through this crisis-ridden life here, with everything going up and wars and taxation and bank failures and manage to save something up, youíve got this carrot stuck in front of you that you never get to bite, because by the time you retire, the dollar is worth nothing, and all your money is worth damned all.  So, weíre suckered at every level, and thatís the name of the game.  Thereís very intelligent people in this big global gang here, above the government level, running the show.  And they literally have figured every darn thing out for all of us.


John: Except our success on arresting them for criminal fraud.  We can prove very easily.


Alan: We can prove anything.  Thereís so much we can prove, but itís never going to happen, because you see, this is not the peopleís system and it never was.  Thatís when it really hits you.  Itís not your system.  It never was.


John: Weíve got to change it.  Fair.  Weíve got to be treated fairly.  If weíre treated unfairly thatís not good.  Nobody should support ripping off Grandma Jones, even if the newspaper says thatís the only option.  Like, they gave a free helicopter to the radio station.  They get free cars.  When you work there at the lotteries, everybody gets a brand new free car.


Alan: Well, of course.  Thatís Mafiosa.  Thatís how it works.† Of course it is.


John: Right.  Theyíre stealing our prizes.  And they need to go to jail. 


Alan: But here you are watching your federal government have their G-20 meetings and hiring prostitutes, male and female for the dignitaries that come in. They do this every year.  Itís published in the paper sometimes.  And how do you expect any honesty whatsoever when youíre run by gangsters?  Itís not going to happen.


John: The Pentagon buying child pornography and just figure they canít be arrested because theyíre the Pentagon.  We could change that.  


Alan: The people could change it if the will was there.  Back with more, after this break.


HI folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And just before I go to Bob from Texas, Iíll just mention, Iíll put all these links up tonight at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Plus this one here on Canada, because they want to put, basically, metering systems as they call it, to do with your internet.  Theyíre still pushing this bill through apparently.  And they want to literally start, youíll be paying by how much you use the internet and so on. So, thatís the way it will go, first in Canada and then the world.  Now, Iíll go to Bob from Texas.  Are you there Bob.


Bob: Yes, yes, Iím here Alan.  Thank you for taking my call.† I really appreciate that last caller.  Man, I mean, he had a bunch of information.  Same thing here in Texas.  They were against that Lottery, and it came in, and just like you said, they bus, they have special buses that go to Louisiana to participate in all this gambling and all this sort of stuff.  And, you know, didnít Orwell do this sort of thing in 1984.  Didnít he touch on that lottery a lot?


Alan: Well, they had that.  Theyíve all talked about Lottos even for a hundred years.  Theyíd bring in Lottos for the people at the bottom.


Bob: Yeah.  Entertainment distraction.  Iíve got a question here, and itís kind of been gnawing at me, and I wanted to see if I could worm this in here.  You know, Iíve done some reading on, I donít know if it was from Hiram Key or some of the other Masonic writings that I have read.  And you know, they kind of talk about not liking the Apostle Paul a lot.  In fact, really kind of despising some of the things he touched on.  And I have personally heard of some churches, and Iím not going to name them or whatever, but they actually say that the Apostle Paul was a chauvinist, and just kind of bashing him.  As far as his beliefs.  I didnít know if you had any thoughts on that. 


Alan: I know that the Communists, actually it was the Frankfurt School, had a wide variety of targets and one of them was of course to eradicate Christianity, and Paul, of course was the guy who brought Christianity to the gentile populations.  Before he came along, it was just a little sect within Judaism.  And youíll find even today that you canít mention Paul even in Judaic circles, because they have an awful hard time with Paul for bringing Christianity, what they claimed stealing a religion of theirs and giving it to the world. 


Bob: Kind of a perpetual cat of nine tails.


Alan: And thatís what they say, he changed his name from Saul to Paul.  He gentilized his name, which was a taboo thing to do, and so on.  And Paul, by the way said, you see, that the women should keep quiet in church, not because they kept yapping in church, what the feminists have been taught.  Itís because in those days, it was common for women to stand up, just like in Pentecostals today, and start channeling God through them, messages from God, and so you couldnít get a service finished.  It would be one after another channeling, oh, God loves you, and God loves you all.  You see.  So, that was the reason.


Bob: Paul was saying they shouldnít adorn themselves a certain way, and a lot of the Pentecostals took it the way that they shouldnít dress or whatever.  No, he was talking about donít let that adorning be the image or so forth.  Let it come from your heart.  But itís doctrine twisted.  But I wanted to touch on another thing.  I saw an EMS thing, vehicle that had a placard that said, funded, this vehicle funded by the Department of Homeland Security and it was a municipality/county vehicle.† You know, theyíre creeping in, federalism is creeping in to the local municipality.


Alan: Itís into your home, actually.  Thatís where as far as it is.


Bob: Itís incredible.


Alan: Yeah, I know, thanks for calling.


Bob: Yeah, thank you Alan, bye-bye.


Alan: Bye now.  From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, itís good night, and may your God or your Gods go with you. 



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