April 18, 2011 (#813)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:


Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 18, 2011:

To Hell the Elite the World will Send,
Using Money as Means to an End:

"Money to THE ELITE is but Means to an End,
By Debt, Compound Interest, They Can Send
Any Nation to the Bottom or the Top,
Foment Revolution, War, or Cause Them to Stop,
Long-Term Planning and Total Control,
Using Academia and Politicos Selling Their Soul
To Be a Few Rungs Up on Old Jacob's Ladder,
Away from the Bottom Where it's Getting Sadder,
To Own the World is the Elite's Ambition,
Exposing Them Now is Called Sedition,
Giving Up Free Will Once Termed Derangement,
Billions of Addicts Stuck on Entertainment"
© Alan Watt April 18, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 18, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 18th of April 2011.  For newcomers, I always suggest you look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com website and bookmark the other sites that youíll see there; these are the official sites I have up.  Youíll find hundreds of audios to choose from where I try and give you shortcuts to understanding this incredibly complex superstructure of systems which operate above you and around you, right down to your local level in fact, and how theyíre all connected and how your reality is shaped for you.  Youíre taught how to behave in each era.  Youíre given the culture for each era.  And youíre actually dumbed down as well, according to what used to be given out as education as compared to today.  So literally, weíre really at the bottom level of the pyramid.  Weíre the grass growing around the pyramid there, that sparse grass there, not very well fed either.  Thatís what you really see when you look at the dollar bill, for instance, all the weeds down below.  That literally is what they meant by the wilderness, the public, the general public, those in the dark.  So hopefully Iíll give you shortcuts to understanding how this system works and show you the big organizations that are all tied together, that shape the future, plan the future, and they do everything to ensure that nothing can go wrong with their planned future. 


All the sites listed there have transcripts in English of a lot of the talks I have given over the years.  If you want transcripts in other languages go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu and youíll find a selection there too.  Remember too, you are the audience who bring me to you.  I donít bring on guest advertisers so itís up to you to keep me going and just help me get through the day, after day after day, with contributions and so on.  You can buy the disks and the books Iíve got up, listed on the .com site.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember, straight donations are certainly, certainly welcome because itís a lot of cash to try and keep this all going here and itís not something Iíd wish on anybody.  I donít have the staff.  I donít have the organizations around me to help me out that others do. 


I try and take this big system from a different point of view.  I donít pretend to get anything back, like any previous time that weíve had in the past.  I donít believe we can get that back to an extent.  I believe we must go off in different tangents to try and beat or break this system.  It also starts with the individual and breaking your own dependency upon this system, because thatís what itís all about.  Itís to take all ability for independence away from you, and itís now called interdependence.  Everyone must be interdependent; that means completely dependent for food, water, clothing, shelter, heat and so on, all from the big governmental sources.  And weíre going into world government and believe you me, it is a merger between the soviet system, the Marxist system, Trotskyist system and perpetual wars, thatís what itís all about in the Middle East too, and grabbing all the worldís resources for CEOs and corporations to run this world in a feudalistic fashion, as one of their historians at the Council on Foreign Relations, Carroll Quigley, said himself in The Anglo-American Establishment.  So thatís what youíre in today.  This is what they call public/private because you see, the big building projects require incredible amounts of money and the big bankers arenít willing to put it out themselves.  They use your tax money to do it and then they call it public/private when they give off these made items like roads and so on as gifts to them.  Then you pay for the upkeep as well; they take the profit.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about this big system that has been going on forever, really, as they build a new world order from existing empires.  The whole idea was to go down through time basically, as bankers, and loan out to countries and eventually take those countries over through debt, create empires, fund standing armies, make sure you get your return on the funding of course, and war is awfully good for empire building and for bankers.  And eventually once youíve settled on your final plan and youíve standardized the world into the same so-called democratic system Ė that means a system where government becomes totalitarian, it runs through a central banking system which borrows money from private banks, or lenders Ė then youíve made it, you see, thatís what they want.† Right now theyíre finishing off the last countries that donít borrow from outsiders, they donít borrow from private banks.  In fact, Libya, even from the 70s, was debt-free; thatís about the only country that could possibly say that at the time.  Anyway, weíre watching them being standardized into this wonderful bankersí utopia, and an academic utopia as well because academia is part of the Military-Industrial Complex now with all the incredible grants they get for science and weaponry and so on; itís put through different professors and universities who use the grants to please their bosses and find what their bosses really want.


Still, people think of getting something back, like, letís go back to a previous time.  Iíve often said to them, what previous time do you want to go back to?  Apart from hundreds of years ago when maybe you had some kind of chance, when, for instance, the US or Canada was pretty well unexplored and there were no government officials chasing you and so on for cash or whatever; thatís about the only little breathing space there was.  And once they bring in this odd thing called civilization and progress, youíre all under the rulership of panels and boards and committees and then governments.  So you canít really go back, and even in the US they keep talking about getting back, getting America back, but back to what time?  With the corruption of FDR when he changed the system, and got congratulated by the communists for bring a very similar system in?  They had massive work gangs doing roads, forests and so on, all wearing army uniforms Ė that was their make-work projects Ė and they were doing the same thing in the Soviet Union at the same time.  So what part do you want to go back to when the banks didnít get a stranglehold on the nations?  Youíd have to go back to the founding, really, at least with the American Revolution, and youíd have to plug every single hole that was left there for the bankers to come in.  Every single one would have to be utterly plugged, with no amendments on them, basically, at all.  And the Bill of Rights really should have been at the top of everything, with listing all the rights of the citizenry.  Thatís the only thing you could have done because theyíve all been ignored now.  The Council on Foreign Relations published years ago, theyíd have to do an end run around the Constitution.  In other words, keep building new laws, bridging over the Constitution until that becomes normal.  And thatís what they have done over the years. 


So you canít go back to a corrupt time.  It was just as corrupt in previous times, itís just that from maybe World War II, the end of World War II onwards, for 20 years they left more cash in the ordinary working peoplesí pockets.  Thatís really the break that they had.  After that it was time to move the factories and so on out of the country to China and through the 80s and the 90s they did that with the World Trade Organization, that all the leaders signed on to because your leaders have never served the general public.  They belong to a global society, a global club; thatís why theyíre picked and presented in front of you to vote for.  Carroll Quigley, again, went through that scenario in Tragedy and Hope, and youíve got to read The Anglo-American Establishment, as well, to understand it all. 


Now, many people, too, try to get people indignant.  Iíve tried that myself in the past; it doesnít really work.  Because when people are fairly happy and lazy and theyíve never had so much entertainment, regardless of their income, cheap entertainment, they generally will go along with whateverís happening.  As long as they have enough there to go to the bars and pick up somebody at the weekends, that type of stuff, theyíre quite content.  And this has all been thought out at think tanks too.  They keep the pulse of the people, constantly. Theyíre always taking the pulse to see how theyíre accepting things, and they know exactly how far to push it.  I remember reading years ago that when the Frankfurt School set up, as an arm of communism, a specialized branch, that Lenin and then Stalin had said that, in the West the people were simply not poor enough, not disgruntled enough, for a revolution.  And so they hoped to... they used the Great Depression to an extent, hoping the people would rise up and then actually theyíd jump in at the end and install a communist government. Thatís what they always do; you have a little coup at the end and they jump over all the guys that have been doing the fighting, and grab the government.  And thatís still, by the way, something that certain Marxists are hoping for today; theyíd even put news out there, to even Patriot people and so on. 


At the moment of course, you donít have that.  You donít have the extreme poverty.  You donít have elements of starvation creeping in, as evident as itís been in the past, in times of depression.  Of course thatís why theyíre rampaging ahead with every single part of this Brave New World/Orwellian world of globalism and a post-democratic system. They keep using Ďdemocracyí but democracy now means post-democratic.  Democracy means Ďrule by expertsí today; thatís what it means.  And the biggest groups are listened to.  If you donít belong to a massive group thatís authorized and politically correct, like a massive NGO funded by a foundation, then you have no voice at all.  That was even predicted over 100 years ago in Britain with those who were writing about what really was democracy at that time and where would it go in the future.  So thereís nothing new in any of this when youíve studied your history. 


So indignation doesnít even get the people up when theyíre too comfortable too.  In fact, it upsets them because they have been taught, generation by generation, through liberalism, as Yuri Bezmenov said, an ex-KGB guy, he says, theyíve been contaminated.  By that he meant that they didnít know what was right or wrong anymore, in fact anything was okay.  Thatís what everyoneís been taught in school and itís been taught, again, through philosophy and through even the junior schools as well, but itís still basically a philosophy of moral relativism.  Thereís techniques on how to Ė using toolkits the teachers can buy even for junior school and how to teach it and get it across, where you start off with a premise Ė and children see things in very black and white, somethingís really wrong or itís really bad Ė and then you get them to question their premise. Well in this situation what would you do then?  And then you just simply break it up until, yeah, they start to question their judgment on everything.  Thatís exactly what government has done with generations.  And a country thatís morally bankrupt cannot stand either, and Yuri Bezmenov also knew that as well. 


It was all brought down deliberately because people who are narcissistic and hedonistic do not help others, and they donít care whatís happening to others either.  Bertrand Russell exposed that back in the 30s and 40s.  He said, thatís the system we shall bring in for the public because they wonít stand together.  Thatís already happened.  So as I say, when theyíre hedonistic and narcissistic and theyíve got lots and lots of entertainment and lots of things to amuse themselves with, an endless internet of nonsense to surf over forever and ever, then they will not stand up and do anything about whatís coming down the pike, even though itís in front of their faces.  In fact, they have been taught to oppose any negativism.  Anything thatís true, anything that matters that might affect them negatively down the road, they actually call Ďnegativeí in a different sense.  Itís bad news, itís called negative to them.  Donít tell me that stuff, I donít want to hear it, thatís what they say to you. 


So all you can really do, on broadcasts like this, is really give out information and knowledge and try to keep on focus because the internet, too, is designed to have your thoughts scattered in a billion directions.  Data overload, an overload, really, which most of it has nothing to do, or is simply the fallout of the progression, as they call it, of the system.  Itís just the fallout, the scattering of the fallout that youíre taking up in bits and bytes.  So youíve got to stay on course and realize whatís happening.  And everyone knows, across the world now I think, that unless the folk get rid of these independent central private bankers who form the central banks of each country and literally lend to the nation, when it should be the other way around, when each country should be printing up their own money debt-free, itís been done before and it worked fine.  Canada was a great example of that before the boys were sent in to destroy it.  So unless that was done, you donít have a snowflakeís chance in hell of changing anything.  Everybody is corruptible, and the big boys know that too.  They hire guys all the time to get on board to rule over the sheep and thatís what weíre seeing today. 


Now here is an example of trying to get folk indignant, and this article is spot on with what it says. 


Corrupted!:  5 Shocking Examples Of Government Corruption That Will Blow Your Mind



(Alan:  Well nothing really blows their mind anymore because 5 seconds later theyíre watching something else on the internet.)


At times it really is breathtaking how corrupted the U.S. government has become.  (A:  When you scroll down, he talks about the Federal Reserve and so on and he says...)  But shouldn't we all get hopping mad when we learn that the Federal Reserve sent billions of dollars in bailout money to addresses in the Cayman Islands?  Shouldn't we all be furious when one of the leading candidates for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, Mitt Romney, declares that he is "not going to spend my time focusing on the Federal Reserve"?  (A:  None of them will do that because theyíve all been bought off and put in there by the Federal Reserve.)  Shouldn't we all be alarmed when Nancy Pelosi gives a speech in which she says that "elections shouldn't matter"?  Shouldn't we all demand that someone be held accountable when we find out that a CBO analysis shows that the "$38.5 billion" in spending cuts will only reduce the budget deficit for this year by $352 million dollars?  On top of everything else, shouldn't we all be absolutely horrified when the TSA gropes little 6 year old girls and virtually none of our politicians demand change?  (A:  Well, what does all that TELL you about your politicians?  They donít represent the people.  Who DO they represent?  They represent the same big banks which they bailed out with your cash.  Thatís what democracy is all about.)


So remember too, Iíll put these links up, of the topics I bring up tonight, at cuttingthroughthematrix.com at the end of the night.  As I say, appealing to emotion doesnít really work.  Itís fine in the old church tent circuses they used to have but today it really doesnít work.  It can get you hopping mad, sure, and it can get you angry and it can get you disgruntled or even depressed but it doesnít last terribly long because you have to have the information behind it so as you can relay information to other people in a coherent, cogent way, that doesnít talk about the aliens doing it all.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix.  Iíve said for years that itís the US thatís the big military machine, taxpaying machine, for the United Nations and for the world, thatís been used to bring in this new world order.  Thatís why they call it partly the new world order, from the new world, but itís not really based on the new world at all. However, Iíve said for years, when they were finishing off the agenda and standardizing the world for the big boys who own American basically, then theyíd be pulling away the rug from under their feet back home at the same time. 


Thatís whatís been happening since they brought on the bank crash, on queue, because as I say, the stock market is just a big bubble anyway, lots of bubbles and con games built on, really, speculation and lots of optimism, and shysterism as well.  And they could have kept it going for another 20, 30 years if they did wish to.  They could have. They could have collapsed it in the past if they wanted to, before it happened.  Itís all done according to plan because the whole world was to go into Bretton Woods Part 2, as Iíve mentioned before.  Part 1 was done in 1945 and part 2 was to come out about now.  Thatís why, of course, we have Soros and others attending that big massive meeting, demanding a new Bretton Woods to, again, reorganize the worldís money situation, because the idea was to create The World Bank to dole it out to the world, give drawing rights to the world, and then the IMF would come in as the heavy and do each countryís bookkeeping for them, and take their massive share, and also have a big say in how you run your country, which meant massive austerity as they call it, meaning poverty, as they loot everything of value from that country.  Because theyíre all standing up for private banks, weíve got to remember that.  The IMF, really, and The World Bank, are just the same collective private banks that lend out to nations that run and lend to your central banking systems.  So this is really the system that we live in today. 


And some countries are really pushing it, for rioting or revolutions, such as Greece.  They have come out with anarchy again.  One article here is from The Independent; it says...


Anarchy erupts in Greece as austerity bites

As Thessalonika riots, a town near Athens spins out of control with angry residents setting up massive roadblocks and hurling Molotov cocktails

Independent.co.uk / By Elena Becatoros in Keratea, Greece / 17 April 2011


As explosions boom, the town's loudspeakers blare: "Attention! Attention! We are under attack!" Air-raid sirens wail through the streets, mingling with the frantic clanging of church bells. Clouds of tear gas waft between houses as helmeted riot police move in to push back the rebels. This isn't a war zone, but a small town just outside Athens. (A:  Thatís where it is; this isnít the Middle East.  What theyíre telling you here is, theyíve just simply had enough, as they get all this con game of austerity pushed upon them.  This is one main town of 15,000 people that just got up and had enough and started attacking all the government buildings and so on.)


So this eventually, of course, was all anticipated a long time ago, before I was born, that this stage would come of course, across the world, when they brought this Bretton Woods Part 2 in, a planned society, communitarianism of course, where youíll all get collected into your communities and youíll all have to be awfully austere or poor as they say.  Based on the Marxist model because you see, they donít believe in anyone with idle hands in Marxism; youíre either part of their system or youíre a non-entity, and thatís the system weíre coming into today.  The Council on Foreign Relations have said for many, many, many years, theyíll bring in a world of service Ė this is what all this Ďserviceí and Ďvolunteerismí is about, service Ė and your only purpose will be to serve the world state.† This is what itís all about; itís all teaching you.  So donít think itís just the banks; the banks are only one arm of the boys that rule the world.  Thatís just one arm to get you all under the gun so to speak. 


Iím also going to talk about whatís happening in Britain because theyíre really pushing ahead with communitarianism and theyíre still flooding the country, thatís sinking, I think, with immigrants, as they have been for many years now.  They are way ahead with communitarian projects and the government is initially supervising them, as they set them up.  And youíre stuck in your little community; you have to attend your little community meetings.  And of course your little commissars are already prepicked and trained for you by people and organizations funded by big foundations.  Here is an article here about whatís happening as they push austerity in Britain.  It says....


Massive rise in UK farm animal thefts (15Apr11)

youtube.com / Recorded from Channel 4 News, 15 April 2011.


Thanks in large part to the rise of the price of commodities, especially meat, there is a massive increase in cattle being stolen from British farms and either sold abroad, or slaughtered in illegal slaughterhouses.  (A:  Itís the sheep too.)


Unsurprisingly, the bone idol UK police do not tear the problem seriously. They prefer to fine old ladies who drop tissues accidentally.  (A:  And that is also true.  Iíll put this up, this link up tonight, from a TV interview, of some farmers whoíve lost a lot of sheep and cattle and so on.  And that will come elsewhere across the globe as the prices go out sight.  And they were meant to go out of sight, by the way, especially the meat. They want you off protein so as you can get fed nothing but Monsantoís lovely GM poisonous green stuff.  It looks green so it must be good, right?  Isnít that how it works?)


Now, getting back to what I said earlier about a country that has no culture, itís really debased, which was all part of the communist system, to debase societies step by step, until you had massive promiscuity but no children.  They would teach you to not want children; well thatís happened.  Very successful.  Bezmenov himself, the ex-KGB guy in the 70s said the same thing, that they were so amazed how so well it had taken off, the free love and the drugs and all the rest of it.  Well now, for 14 year olds in school in Britain, theyíre being given talks on euthanasia.  Isnít that nice?  ...the death culture.   Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix.  If you read Brave New World or saw any of the movies made on Brave New World, youíll see the stage where the young children are taught to go around the death shops basically, where the elderly simply are helped to die off as the natural way it should be.  You help them to die off and it should be a joyous occasion and all the rest of it.  Itís also, again, part of moral relativity as well.  You understand, the elite want those who are nearing retirement age to simply die off and then they wonít have to give you your pensions.  I mean, itís as cold-blooded and simple and practical as that; thereís nothing complicated about it.  So they could actually train you to do anything, including wanting to die off:  well I guess itís normal.  Get one generation to do it and, I guess itís normal, Iím 55 now, I should just kick the bucket now...and they give you a nice little movie, like Soylent Green, to watch, of green fields, as they inject you with a lethal injection.  Anyway, this article is mainstream too. 


Dr Death suicide film being shown in schools: Euthanasia fanatic gives workshop on how to kill yourself in educational video for 14-year-olds

dailymail.co.uk / Tom Kelly and Nick Fagge / 16th April 2011


Pupils are being taught about euthanasia with a video featuring a notorious assisted suicide campaigner nicknamed Dr Death.  (A:  Now, these guys are allowed to be out here.  Itís predictive programming.  And they want you chatting about it too, because youíll find somebody in your community: well I agree with that, you know. )


Dr Philip Nitschke is shown demonstrating his machine that delivers lethal injections in the film, which is already being shown to pupils as young as 14 across the country.


There is also footage of him giving workshops on assisted suicide methods, which church leaders have criticised as an 'invitation to commit suicide'.  (A:  Then they show you a scene from the video as well.)


The decision to include Dr Nitschke in the video was condemned by campaigners both for and against assisted dying, and a psychologist warned that it could encourage vulnerable teenagers to end their lives.  (A:  Well why are they showing it?)


The video is being shown as the BBC stands accused of being 'a cheerleader for assisted suicide' after filming a man killing himself at the Dignitas clinic in Switzerland.


Writer Sir Terry Pratchett, an outspoken advocate of euthanasia, presents the documentary which is due to be broadcast on BBC2 this summer.  (A:  And of course, thatís the British Broadcasting Corporation that is funded and works for the British government, or at least those who own the British government.)


Dr Nitschke was held up for nine hours by immigration officials at Heathrow when he arrived to give his first UK suicide workshops in Bournemouth two years ago.


At his workshops he demonstrates chilling suicide methods including a helium-filled 'exit bag' which is placed over the head, Mexican drugs, morphine and 'DIY Peaceful Pills'.


He has co-written a book detailing eight ways in which terminally ill people can kill themselves, including using veterinary drugs. 


Well I guess it comes down to, weíre all animals, eh, according to these guys.  But believe you me, thereís big money and big powerful people behind this character, and the other characters they put out there, because Ė Iím not kidding about it Ė you can train society Ė Iíve observed this my whole life long Ė you can train them to accept anything.  You CAN.  You can train them, if you do it in a proper scientific way, of indoctrination, you can train them to do anything.  And they donít want to have to pay out pensions.  Itís an awful nuisance when governments spend the money thatís send in, as soon as it comes in, on their other big important projects, like stealing land and oil and resources from other countries... stuff like that.  Thatís where your cash goes. 


Iíll also put up tonight too, because we know darn well theyíve been playing with the atmosphere for many years now, to do with weather warfare purposes.  It is documentable.  And we know that HAARP Treaty, was signed years ago Ė they keep signing updates to it every other year Ė with the United Nations.  However the countries that are involved are allowed to use these techniques of superheating the atmosphere, even punching holes in the atmosphere, as long as they donít harm their own people; thatís what they say, but they do it anyway. 


Geometric modulation: A more effective method of steerable ELF/VLF

wave generation with continuous HF heating of the lower ionosphere

M. B. Cohen, U. S. Inan, and M. A. Golkowski1

Received 19 March 2008; revised 23 April 2008; accepted 8 May 2008; published 18 June 2008.



And it gives a list of all the people who put in this particular academic paper.  Itís interesting too, that Stanford University are into this big time.  They have a world array of modulators across the planet, that they pulled off their map just the other day that listed them all.  You could even scroll over the little sites they had across the world; it would give you the names and phone numbers of the guys running them.  But they pulled that off when people got wind of it; luckily Iíve got a copy here.  Theyíre using this, these array type modulators, of even low frequency; you donít need high frequency.  Low frequency, by the way, is the way you also alter peopleís moods and behavior because our cells work on very low frequency.  You donít need much to make us all placid, happy, or just simply dazed or dozy, very simple stuff, as Brzezinski talked about in the 1970s theyíd use over entire continents.  Well, guess what?  Theyíre actually at it, folks. 


Now we also know that this gimmick called the internet, that, again, Brzezinski talked about in the 70s, was part of the Military-Industrial Complex.  At that time they used it between all the military establishments during the Cold War.  They decided to give it to the general public.  They said at the time too, that they could overload it with data.  Theyíd also have many fronts there to make sure lots of data, irrelevant trivia was introduced to literally fragment your brain you might say, with irrelevant little stories and quips and so on.  And that has certainly happened.  We also saw the mainstream news media coming into it big time until theyíve pretty well taken it over.  We know as well that internet taxation is coming in for internet sites.  Thatís also going to try to eliminate sites they donít want up there, obviously, or price it out of existence.  Anyway,


Internet Sales Tax to be Introduced in US Senate

foxnews.com / April 17, 2011 | New York Post


WASHINGTON -- Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) (A:  Thatís like Turpin, he was the highway robber, like this guy is maybe descended from him.) could propose sweeping legislation as soon as Monday to tax all online purchases, in a move aimed at closing states' budget shortfalls.


Such a tax would plow more than $1 billion in tax revenues into New York's state coffers for the 2012 budget, according to some estimates. (A:  But it always disappears from those budgets, doesnít it? It never goes back to the people.)  William Fox, a University of Tennessee economics professor, said that based on his own estimates, New York lost about $865.5 million in tax revenues in 2010 -- almost enough to close that year's $1 billion budget deficit (A:  Well I donít care if you triple that, quadruple it, theyíre always going to claim theyíve got a deficit, you see.) -- based on its four percent tax rate.


Anyway, thatís coming in, and licensing too, as I say, for licensing with IDs.  Youíve got to have an ID shortly to be able to get on the internet. 


Obama Administration Unveils Internet ID Plan  --  April 15, 2011 | FoxNews.com


Brave New World... get them on it, get a good mouse trap, everybody gets into it, and then you come out with its real purpose, because its real purpose is also to make sure that you read nothing but standard media. The standard media is totally controlled by a couple of people, across the planet; AP and Reuters are one corporation.  Reuters is owned by the Rothschild; Reuters bought over AP, so basically youíre getting all your news from the same bankers who have the whole world by the short and curlies.  Thatís where your so-called news is coming from.  Thatís where they decide what kind of news youíre going to read, what kind of trivia, or what kind of spin youíre going to come away with, and believe.


Also, in North Queensland, youíve got aftershocks.  It says...


Aftershocks shake north Queensland (A:  That was yesterday.)

abc.net.au / Apr 17, 2011


Several aftershocks have been felt by residents in parts of north Queensland following a 5.2-magnitude earthquake.


The quake, one of the largest to hit the state in many years, was recorded 60 kilometres west of Bowen just after 3.30pm (AEST) Saturday.


The rumblings were felt in several towns throughout the region, but police say there are no reports of damage or injuries.


Itís quite interesting, because thatís going to take forever to settle down, as the earth settles and the crust settles and so on.  Itís kind of like having these little wafer biscuits all piled on top of each other, overlapping each other, and when one main one goes they take forever as they all resettle themselves again, and anything, believe you me, can happen in the meantime. 


And Iíve always known they would eventually not only put food out of sight, under austerity programs, to get you all to be good obedient slaves, terrified slaves, but also theyíre going to tax the food now as well.  And where else do they start all this stuff?  The flagship, Britain, of course; itís the flagship for all these worldwide austerity measures.† They show the way weíve all to copy, you see.  It says...



dailyexpress.co.uk / Thursday April 14 2011 / Macer Hall Political Editor


THE threat of a double tax raid on millions of Britons by the European Union caused uproar last night.


Business leaders condemned moves by Brussels to seize control of VAT (A:  Thatís Value Added Tax.) on thousands of everyday items.  (A:  When they brought Value Added Tax in, and by the way every country that goes into this world system or into a trading bloc has to introduce it, under one name or another.  In Canada itís called the GST (General Sales Tax); in Britain and in Europe itís called the VAT.  Itís the same thing.  Initially when they introduced it, in Britain and elsewhere, they said it was going to be a luxury tax on things you didnít really need like binoculars and so on.  And within about a year they started tacking it on everything, every other purchase you were making.  Anyway...)


It could send prices soaring Ė and even allow the EU to decide whether to slap VAT on essential foods and childrenís clothes.


In a second money-grabbing proposal, the European Commission (A:  Which is the new soviet by the way.) yesterday announced plans to overhaul ďgreenĒ fuel tax (A:  I wouldnít want green fuel, would you?  You want green fuel? I donít think your car would work very well on it.  Anyway...), which could mean a new eight per cent duty on diesel.  (A:  Which means if they put that on diesel everything thatís transported by train or tractor trailer is going to go up in price too.)


The Daily Express is campaigning to free Britain from EU rule, and 373,000 readers backed a petition delivered to Downing Street on the issue. (A:  The reason they call it Downing Street is everything you put in there as a petition ends up going down into the basket; thatís the waste paper basket.)  There was outrage last night at the latest EU bid to squeeze more cash from British taxpayers.


Tory MP Douglas Carswell said: ďLetís hope that Chancellor George Osborne is a bit more vigorous in stopping this initiative than he was when allowing the UK to join the euro bail-outs.Ē  (A:  Well of course theyíre not because heís their boy; thatís why heís in that position in the first place.)


And Iíll put up tonight too, a YouTube video on how the...


'War lobby won $700 billion budget boost,

 wants MORE as collapse looms' 



(A:  And theyíre actually asking for more as the US literally, literally... if you put all the dollars together that the US owes, and put it in a line like a string, youíd be out into the far reaches of the galaxy and back again, probably looping around a few times.  Youíre supposed to pay compound interest and all this stuff too; itís just astonishing.  It really is.  Simple trick, started long ago, compound interest and private borrowing.  And of course they always talk about balancing the budget, well what they mean is balancing the interest payments; thatís all they pay on it, they canít afford anything else, is the interest payments, on the budget.  Every countryís the same, by the way.  It says...)


The U.S. budget may include $38 billion of spending cuts, but there will be a financial boost for the military. This year's planned military spending is $700 billion, while other areas including healthcare, education, and infrastructure are on the chopping block. The decision came after a long struggle between lawmakers and the Pentagon saying military cuts will threaten national security. (A:  [Alan chuckles.])  Journalist Chris Hedges says the decision was made under severe pressure from some lobbying circles.  (A:  What lobbying circles would that be?  Well you know who the Military-Industrial boys are.)


And The World Bank, The World Bank, as I say, is not your friend, believe you me.  It was set up, again, as the big con to make you think this is an official, real world bank.  Itís simply the meeting place for the 12 big banking families that lend out to countries, and own, literally, the banking system of the planet; they go back to the days of Vienna in fact, and then to Frankfurt.  Anyway it says...


World Bank president: 'One shock away from crisis'

(A:  This is from their own article here.)

bbc.co.uk / 17 April 2011


The president of the World Bank has warned that the world is "one shock away from a full-blown crisis".  (A:  Boy, heís bright, this guy, eh?)


Robert Zoellick cited rising food prices as the main threat to poor nations who risk "losing a generation". 


(A:  Itís also because he and his boys, you see, have financed and encouraged through the IMF, these poor nations take on all the GM food, the intensive farming which destroys their land as well and actually poisons it with all the Monsanto pesticides that they have to put on it too.  Look at the state of India, and Iíve read these articles before from India, whatís happened there with the state of their soil.  Anyway, the only interesting part, down here, is he mentions that thereís a generation basically who will be without work.  Margaret Thatcher was the first one to mention that when she came on national television back in the 80s and says, thereís a generation who will never see work in their lifetime so get used to it.  Then you doff your hat and, you know, bow, I suppose.  Anyway, heís basically saying the same thing in this article here.)


"It's probably too much to say that it's a jobless recovery, but it's certainly a recovery with not enough jobs," he said.  "Especially because of youth unemployment... there is now a risk that this will be turned into a life sentence, and that there is a possibility of a lost generation," he said.


A lost generation who literally will have no, pretty well no future.  Why does he know that?  Because he and his buddies planned it that way, thatís why he knows it.


And then too, one of the symptoms of those who are brain dead, and I mean that literally, there are people who are brain dead out there. They are the perfectly conditioned.  I mean, you can be brain dead and become alive again, if you really wanted to; itís a decision that you make.† This article here is showing you, it doesnít matter, of all the goodies and toys they give you, itís not for your benefit.  Itís to monitor you, find out how you tick, how you think.  The Pentagon has a twin you in a virtual reality.  Iíve told you that before, I read the article from the Pentagon, where they take the daily updates and information on you, add it to their little avatar and they can predict everything that youíre going to do.   This says...


Snooping: It's not a crime, it's a feature

New apps hijack the microphone in your cell phone to listen in on your life (A:  Itís their policy, you see. Everythingís policy.  You donít need laws now, just policies.)

Mike Elgan / April 16, 2011 / computerworld.com


Cellphone users say they want more privacy, and app makers are listening.


No, they're not listening to user requests. They're literally listening to the sounds in your office, kitchen, living room and bedroom.


A new class of smartphone app has emerged that uses the microphone built into your phone as a covert listening device -- a "bug," in common parlance.


But according to app makers, it's not a bug. It's a feature!  (A:  Itís a feature...)


The apps use ambient sounds to figure out what you're paying attention to. It's the next best thing to reading your mind.


Your phone is listening

The issue was brought to the world's attention recently on a podcast called This Week in Tech. Host Leo Laporte and his panel shocked listeners by unmasking three popular apps that activate your phone's microphone to collect sound patterns from inside your home, meeting, office or wherever you are. (A:  Now that includes what youíre talking about, folks.)


The apps are Color, Shopkick and IntoNow, all of which activate the microphones in users' iPhone or Android devices in order to gather contextual information that provides some benefit to the user.  (A:  Thatís what they always tell you, itís going to benefit the user, weíre helping you.)


Color uses your iPhone's or Android phone's microphone to detect when people are in the same room. The data on ambient noise is combined with color and lighting information from the camera to figure out who's inside, who's outside, who's in one room, and who's in another, so the app can auto-generate spontaneous temporary social networks of people who are sharing the same experience. (A:  I guess that means orgies.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and weíll go to the callers now and thereís Kathy from New York.  Are you there Kathy?


Kathy:  Yes.  Hello.  Iím sorry to be so off topic.  I was calling about the recent cancellation of all the soap operas and I wondered if anything was in the agenda with them doing this?


Alan:  I canít see it, to be honest with you.  I mean soaps will go on forever.  You donít even need soaps anymore, you just watch the average movie and youíve got everything in it, you know.  Everythingís based on formula in writing novels or movies; thereís only a handful of formulas that you use.  Youíll see the same formulas now used in all of the movies regardless if itís a soap even or a particular movie.  And basically the end thing is, are they going to end up in the sack or not.  I mean, itís as simple as that.  Thatís all there is to it.  I canít see them stopping it.


Kathy:  I thought they wanted more talk shows so they could give us, control the talk shows and control the content and script whatís said and whatís told to us. 


Alan:  Oh, theyíll do that too.  As long as they can get a viewing audience there and they throw something out that grabs you, itís one of these ooohhh, aaahhh type things, topics, people will tune in in droves just to hear the nitty-gritty stuff, and Lady Gaga killing her cat and using the blood for coloring her clothes, and ooohhh, aaahhh, and all that nonsense, you know.  Thatís how the public are unfortunately.  These are the ones who are already perfectly conditioned and all theyíre doing is updating them into the next stage of debauchery.  Thatís all it is.  Yeah.


Kathy:  Yes, thank you.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  Thereís Daniel from the UK.  Are you there Danny?


Daniel:  Did you read the article on Sunday in The Guardian about the terminators?   The drones?  The Ministry of Defence review on the drones?† You did see it?


Alan:  Yes, I did.  I read an article about it at least.


Daniel:  Okay.  Well then, another thing I want to ask you quickly was, I read about the Rothschilds buying vast swathes of India.


Alan:  Yes, for two years theyíve been doing that and I did a whole talk on it one day, a couple of years back there, as Evelyn De Rothschild was buying up massive chunks of India, after theyíd bankrupted the farmers by the way, by calling in their loans, and thousands of them committed suicide.  So heís buying them up for peanuts.  It was incredible strategy which heís used before.  And then theyíre coming in with the big GM manufacturers and theyíve poisoned whole areas there.  There have been documentaries out in mainstream even on the incredible seepage into the water supply, going on for miles around these particular fields and so on, and how itís affecting the health of the population.  And theyíre making massive grabs too, in Brazil, because thatís going to be, again, where the meat which the elite will eat will come from in the future, and in Chile as well.


Daniel:  Is this part of Bertrand Russellís The Scientific Outlook or whatever it was, to control the food supply over here and put all our farmers out of business, yeah?


Alan:  Oh, absolutely.  The United Nations stated in their charter back in the 40s, in í48 I think it was, for the Department of Agriculture at the UN.  They said that food was too important to be left to farmers, and it would be used and controlled as a weapon, as it had been in previous ages Ė food has always been used as a weapon Ė and that eventually all foods will be dished out, just like your drawing rights for cash from The World Bank, said all foods will be doled out to each region of the world, via the United Nations, in order to keep your populations down; you have to find a way to bring it down, because your rations will not go up.  Guess what?  The rations will decrease each time too.  Itís all control, absolutely.  Youíre right on.


Daniel:  Okay, thanks very much. 


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  Also too of course, the Rothschilds get massive grants and funding from various world bodies, because theyíre helping to bring India up to a first world country, so it doesnít cost them much at all.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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