April 19, 2011 (#814)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 19, 2011:

Those Who Rule the "Big Society"
Are Purposeful, Confident, Lacking in Piety:

"Is it Communism, Fascism, Can't Make a Decision?
Read Norman Dodd on the Reece Commission,
So We're Fasci-Socialist, All by Coincidence?
Peruse "Foundations: Their Power and Influence",
Hear Yuri Bezmenov's Critical Examination
On Success of KGB's "Social Contamination",
And on Money, Disbelieve Nations are Insolvent,
The Military Industrial Complex has Banker Involvement,
Big Bankers have Ruled Down Through the Ages,
Building and Destroying Empires in Stages,
Never a Lender nor Borrower Be,
There's a Rich Cabal at the Top of World Tree"
© Alan Watt April 19, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 19, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 19th of April 2011.  Newcomers, I always suggest you look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com  and help yourself to the audios which are there for free download; thereís hundreds to choose from.  Hopefully youíll understand thereís a big, big system above, way above politics that runs this world system, that interacts with other major parts of the whole system, the intricate parts, and literally your whole life is managed by them in one way or another, right down to the social level; thatís your hobbies, the cultural changes, the shifts that are planned for future cultural changes.  Theyíve all been done, long ago in fact, and youíre living through a kind of a script, as the big guys play with the dollís house they call the world, and dress you up the way they want you to, move you from room to room, which is country to country or area to area, and literally thatís how the world is really run.  Run by what they call experts, you see, because weíre not in a democratic system at all.  In fact, we havenít ever really been in one at all, but weíre given that excuse to make us think that we had rights and we had freedoms and so on, but weíve seen how quickly they can change all of that.  They still keep up the pretense after 9/11, when really the whole world went under a form of martial law, again all coordinated by every single country on board with the same agenda at the exact same time, to make sure that no one has the right to privacy or to even disappear; thatís one of their main things that they talk about, the right to disappear; you donít have that anymore. 


So help yourself to the audios.  Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you so you can buy the books and disks I have for sale at cuttingthroughthematrix.com and youíll find out how to do it if you go into the site.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember, straight donations as well would certainly be awfully well accepted because this is not what you think.  Itís not an hour per day here doing this broadcast.  It takes an awful lot.  Even just answering emails, important ones too, takes a good part of your day.  There are so many people out there, losing their jobs, people you get acquainted to, even by email over the years, and thereís a lot of hardship across Canada, the US, and Britain, and Australia too, and even in New Zealand itís starting to hit there too.  So I deal with an awful lot of people, and itís more like a social work department sometimes because people in distress have to talk to someone and thatís what you end up doing. 


It isnít just a talk on whatís happening in the world.  Itís a matter of forming the bonds that you need to survive.  You donít realize you need to survive as a species.  If you want to survive as an individual nowadays you almost have to become a hermit, change identity, or lose all identity and go to a country thatís not up to this so-called, so-called, first world standard.  First world now means total surveillance; thatís really what it means.  It doesnít mean that youíre wealthy or you have a good standard of living.  It means youíre under total surveillance because every aspect of your life is being monitored and updated constantly by all the gadgets and gizmos which you buy, thinking theyíre yours of course, and itís so much fun isnít it.  And then of course you have all the extra intrusion from cameras being shoved up everywhere that do facial recognition and so on.  Youíre living in a world police state.  And if people cannot get that now they never ever will.  I remember years ago, Bill Cooper and others said that some people will love this world socialism and these are the happy slaves.  Thatís what they are, theyíre perfectly indoctrinated.  Theyíre quite content with the way things are and they will continue that way as long as they have lots of entertainment, cheap entertainment, some cash to rattle in their pockets and the ability to party at weekends.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix.  Many years ago I mentioned that this particular generation of slaves would be the best-educated generation thereís ever been.  By that I meant, the best educated in whatís happening across the world, and to them in particular, and they wouldnít mind.  And itís true.  Theyíve never had so much information of whatís coming up by the big societies, the big agencies that run the world, these private corporations and so on that work with governments and actually tell governments what to do. 


Theyíre the best educated.  They know whatís coming down.  They know thereís massive inflation coming.  They know all this but they also live in an almost semi-fictional state, like a child does. By the way, this is all from neuroscience as well; they know this about humanity too.  Children live in a semi-hypnotic state all the time, young children. Theyíre in and out of daydreams, theyíre back into reality.  Youíll hear parents, do you hear me, are you listening?  No, yeah, yeah.  Well, theyíre going in and out of their little fantasy world.  And when you promote that also and augment it with lots and lots of entertainment, where theyíve seen everythingÖ  Theyíve seen wars galore.  Theyíve seen more bullets fired than World War II in a single movie.  And theyíve watched hundreds and hundreds of these movies with slaughter and guts and all the rest of it, that nothing really affects them anymore.  But theyíre still in that world of the super man, you know, because thatís what youíre given when youíre a child if they want you to grow up to be a silly warrior, that might last 2 years before youíre killed.  And thatís what theyíve been given for the last 20-odd years. 


But theyíre the best educated as far as whatís coming down the pike and they donít really mind.  They donít really mind because, again, being in that semi-hypnotic state, itís partially unreal.  In fact everything is partially unreal to them.  They know it but it canít happen to me.  Itís the same thing that happens when you do join the military; everyone else dies.  Itís all the bad guys in the movies die, but the good guys donít die.  And the bad guys can never shoot straight for some strange reason, so youíll come out and youíll be a hero and youíll get little stars on you and youíll be awfully proud and all that kind of stuff.  But thatís how they live their actual lives too.  They canít imagine an end to anything.  Very similar to Rome going down at the end, when the barbarians literally were at the gates and they were still partying in big balls inside the middle of Rome.  They could not believe it was happening.  They literally thought that the guards were joking.  Thatís how society happens to be.


These things that have happened in the past are of vital importance to those that run the world.  They never throw out information to do with controlling societies, in any era.  In fact, they collect the data, like you wouldnít believe.  Thatís why big professionals and professors are always on board with them in their big agencies like the Council on Foreign Relations, like Professor Carroll Quigley.  They come in and they can actually give you scenarios from the past that could be applicable to today, and this is how things were managed at that time and this is how society reacts to it, and this is what we do then, etc, etc.  This happens all the time.  Knowledge is never discarded if you want to control people and if you want to use them for your own purposes.  And knowledge is never discarded when you want to give new indoctrinations.  Thereís very little thatís really new.  Everythingís been done before in one way or another, but as Plato said, itís all formula and if you understand the formula for change and how the public will react to that change, or go along with that change, you must see how it was introduced in the past, for big changes, and how it was then promoted step by step until the changes had occurred.  This is still applicable to today. 


Iíve often mentioned too, what is the news?  The news is owned by the ones who rule the world.  What they tell you is what they want you to chatter about.  If they didnít want you to chatter about it you wouldnít hear about it; it wouldnít be out there.  So basically, even if things that youíll go ooh and aah on, or my God look what theyíre doing to us now, donít really matter because itís all been authorized for you to chat about.  And thatís all you do is chat, or twitter, like little birdies in trees.  Birds donít do much except go around and fly and look nice and all the rest of it, and eat things, and twitter to each other.  And itís awfully pleasant but they donít really cause big changes in the world.  So even the terms they give you to use are actually insulting to you, whether you know it or not. 


Itís astonishing how the big boys love to mock the general public.  Astonishing.  And yesterday too, I mentioned how the big two main news routers, really... Theyíre routers; thatís a direction, like a canal, they love the word Ďcanalí too.  And it comes from Reuters, which is awfully close to routers.  And Reuters was set up in the 1800s by the Rothschilds.  Then there was the AP and that was then bought over by Reuters as well.  So all the stuff in mainstream is funneled through the same organization; itís owned by the same organization.  And that is why of course, the big push is on now to get everybody IDíed and off the internet with alternate sites.  Thatís why itís full of mainstream reporting now; thatís all we see, mainstream reporting.  And again, itís meant to titillate you, grab your attention, get you to complain, and get you to complain amongst each other.  It doesnít do much if you just complain to each other and nothing happens from the basic complaints.  So weíre given the information at the bottom level to talk about.  And thatís what certain other good authors in the past have mentioned, that you have a bottom level of news; thatís the mainstream.  And then you have the second level where people know itís all wrong, they have memories of things happening at that time, they add to the mainstream, but theyíre still taking their base from the mainstream.  So if the premise is false to begin with or slighted or whatever, then anything that you build on is also false, you see.  You canít build anything on a weak foundation; thatís just fiction youíre chatting to each other about. 


Then thereís the third level where you have the few people who do real investigative reporting and actually go to characters in history, while they live, and get the statements from them of how they saw their parts in making history at that time.  Thatís really shunned by mainstream.  Itís called Ďconspiracyí of course.  Regardless if youíre actually talking to the real honchos involved at certain times in recent history, it still hasnít been authorized, and it could be volatile in fact because weíre always meant to look on the past in the way that it has been authorized.  Thatís why an Ďauthorí is called an author; heís authorized by those who own the media.  And thatís why you have Ďauthorizedí history. 


What we do know is what gets put out every day.  And Iíve said it for years, that America is definitely the big military and financial machine thatís been used since World War I to the present, to be the worldís so-called policeman.  And by that too, itís a misnomer because theyíre not policemen at all; theyíre a warrior class thatís sent across the world to plunder and to secure the plunder for their masters.  And they donít even know it; how perfect can it be?  They donít care.  They donít care whoís going to profit from this war, what the real reasons of the war happen to be about.  Theyíre given their initial indoctrination and thatís good enough for them.  They personally get nothing out of it except the ability to run around like a guy from a movie with a big gun and shoot folk, you know, in a free kill zone.  So thatís really what the modern military is all about.  Itís always been that way too.  Karl Marx did tell a lot of truths.  He did say, every war has been a war of economics, and plunder; thatís what itís all about.  The great Queen Elizabeth the 1st, if you go into the history, was set up by her court, Walter Raleigh and all these guys, and Frances Drake; these guys were all pirates.  They flew the skull and bones; just like the Knights Templars that they were descended from.  And they plundered all the Spanish galleons and took the gold and brought it home to old good Queen Bess, and got a good cut for doing so, and lots of knighthoods and stuff. 


Nothing much has changed by the way, because if you want a knighthood today, in fact most of the Lords in the House of Lords whoíve went up from the knighthoods to a higher level, all started as merchants in the 1800s and then because of their gifts towards political factions, their nameís put forward for a knighthood and then eventually, as they start loaning to governments and so on, they become Lords.  Thatís how most of them in the present House of Lords happen to be there.  The same with the Senate in the US, or the Senate anywhere else for that matter; thatís how they work.  Interesting too, the word Ďsenateí comes from an old Egyptian word which meant chess, like the chess board.  Itís quite interesting when you go into it.  It was the precursor of chess actually.  And itís interesting too that a lot of these senate hearings that they have, especially when they bring in foreign members from other countries, they stand on basically a checkerboard floor, but thatís just coincidence of course. 


Anyway, you have all this amazing history around you and you get this information thrown at you daily and youíre supposed to get hyped up about it.  But whatís the point in getting hyped up about something?  You canít think logically if youíre being hyped up.  Youíve got to keep a cool mind so that you can help plan at least.  And I think George Orwell probably was closer to the truth than anybody else when he said, in his 1984 novel, which was really a prophecy in fact, when he was talking to OíBrien and Winston was getting tortured, and OíBrien said, well youíre no problem, what makes you think the proles, the ordinary folk could be a problem?  Then OíBrien sat back again and he thought, well maybe in a thousand years.  In other words, it could take a thousand years because of the totalitarian structure of the ruling power.† It could take a thousand years for people to be so educated enough to not only rebel but be able to rebel and be successful at the same time.  It would also mean too, youíd have to have a clear idea of where you were going. 


And today under the Patriot community thereís no clear idea.  Itís very vague again, like a movie; itís getting back into the past, some time; thatís the common mistake people make.  Thatís not even a revolution; itís a kind of rebellion.  You rebel against something thatís changing.  Well the times for rebelling even have passed because if you have a standing army, as the founding fathers of the US said, it can be the greatest threat of all, outside of banking.  Because all standing armies are turned on their own people and thatís why they had debates, of should the United States of America have a standing army?  So unless you get an army on your side you wonít get a fast change.  And a slow change takes an awful lot of time to build up, and a lot of cash and a lot of hard workers, who are working full-time at it.  Just the same as the Marxist movement had as well; thatís how they were so successful.  Big bucks behind them, from the bankers of course.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back and weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and Iíll go to, thereís a caller hanging on from the UK here.  Itís David from Wales.  Are you there David?


David:  Yes.  Hello. 


Alan:  Hello.


David:  Hi.  Thanks for taking my call.  I just wanted to tell you that, you know the Libyan shenanigan, the whole escapade, and the foreign secretary today was saying that he hadnít sent, you know, they werenít going to send in any troops and theyíre not going to send, you know.  And the next thing you see is, thereís a military, thereís a commando with a gun in a back of a truck, you know, sitting with one of their so-called rebels.  And itís just like total doublespeak, you know.


Alan:  It is doublespeak.  Youíre absolutely right.  In fact, it just came out too, in Britain that Tony Blair along with the oil companies and government sat and discussed what they were going to do with the oil wells a year before they invaded Iraq. 


Secret memos expose link between oil firms and invasion of Iraq

Independent.co.uk / Paul Bignell / 19 April 2011


So weíre lied to all the time, but thereís nothing new in this.  You expect lies all the time, and thatís what the mainstream is really there for.  Itís the same mainstream, remember, that go in as embedded reporters and give you all the propaganda that the government tells them to put out there.  The thing is too, when someone lies to you, why on earth would you ever go back and expect the truth the next time?  [Alan laughing.] 


David:  Yeah.  Thatís true.  I just wanted to ask like one last question.  Would you say like Britain is gone, basically like thereís no hope, really?  Well, I donít know about hope but thereís no opportunity here really to fix... I donít know whether the word is fix... but do something to turn around this whole situation.  I donít know.  It is gone?  because Iíve heard you say that Britain is just gone and thereís just, you know, no chance, really...


Alan:  It is gone.  Itís gone because itís planned to be gone.  I mean, when you look at the different governments that have come in, theyíve all signed the same UN treaties, theyíve all been lending money, your own tax money, out to foreign countries since World War II, under the OECD group.  So I mean, theyíll be spending more money abroad than they have been at home often.  The rest of the cash that they take in goes to the big Military Industrial boys and into the pockets of politicians.  You have the Royal Institute of International Affairs running every Prime Minister for over 100 years now.  So it doesnít matter what party you vote for, they are a member of the same group, for world government, and not just any world government. See, this is the whole thing.  People think, well world government might not be bad, weíll all be kind of happy.  No, no, no.  Theyíve got the whole plan figured out for world government, reducing the population to what they call Ďa manageable level,í science should rule and experts should rule and decide all the things that have to be decided upon to get them to that particular little utopia that they claim.  And in the meantime, weíre all disposable now because weíre non-manufacturing nations.  That was also discussed before they signed the agreements with the World Trade Organization to put your tax money in to build China up as the main producer for the world. They knew what would happen afterwards and they knew how they were going to handle it, right down to communitarianism and bringing down the populations in a post-democratic society.  You understand, you cannot keep the same system thatís cutting your throat.  You canít keep it.  You canít keep voting for this same system.


David:  Like the main so-called alternative parties, they all accept the British monarchy.  And thatís the central point.  If you accept the House of Saxe and Coburg, which is just a bunch of inbred Prussians, Germans, if you accept that, thatís, you know, itís like signing a death warrant.  You know, you canít keep this monarchy going.  It has to go. 


Alan:  They have to go.  And every postman even, policeman and military guy, anybody who works for the government doesnít swear allegiance to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Britain or whatever.  They sign their allegiance to the Queen.  Youíre absolutely right.  Thatís their oath.  They even show it in Canada here when the politicians come in; their oath is to the Queen.  And you cannot... How can you have a democracy when youíre ruled by a private cabal that literally has your country down as a dominion or a possession of hers?  I mean, thatís crazy, but thatís what you got. 


David:  Yes.  I just wanted to say one last thing.  You know, like in the 1990s, I donít know whether you noticed, there was a flood of Iraqis and Somalis that came into the Western countries and then later on you saw the action, actually, the wars go on.  Iíve seen a lot of Iranians suddenly turn up in Britain now.† And the last time, last year, you know there were protests, Iranian protests.  I was in Heathrow Airport dropping off a relative and I was literally in the airport and I could see this Iranian girl, she had a British passport, she spoke, as you say, perfect Oxford English.† You wouldnít believe... I thought about when you were talking about this.  I thought, you know, I donít know whether this is true or not, but I literally witnessed this.  Iím seeing a lot of these guys turn up here.  When they turn up itís only within a few years, like a handful of years, it was like within, what, less than 7-8 years, less than a decade, suddenly you had the war in Iraq, when I saw all the Iraqi refugees and you know Iím seeing it right now. 


Alan:  They brought them in by the thousands and trained them to go back as agitators and back and forth.  All working for MI6.


David:  Yeah.  Itís on the cards.  Itís definitely on the cards.


Alan:  Thatís right.  Thanks for calling David and Iíll be back after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix and this is what has always got me.  Iíve lived long enough to watch politicians, in different countries, get in and out, different parties in and out, and as I say, in a democracy you donít vote people in, youíre really voting the last lot out.  And thatís how it goes on time after time.  And they continue with the previous groupís laws that theyíve passed, treaties with the UN and so on.  No one turns around and says, okay that lotís out now, we are different from them, weíre scrapping this, this and this, and helping the public.  That never happens.  So you have many clues that thereís no difference whatsoever.  And Thomas Jefferson said the same thing in the United States.  He says, when you see the same Ė the word was something like Ė Ďthemesí Ė Iím kind of paraphrasing Ė going through from one house to the next house Ė in other words one group to the next group in politics Ė when you see the same theme carried forward, he says, that you know youíre under tyranny.  And weíve had plenty of that in our own lifetimes.  Weíve got to understand itís out there. 


We see the same globalization.... no oneís asked for it.  No oneís ever asked your opinion on anything, to be honest with you, if you stop and think about it.  And you have this massive push towards not only globalization but, again, a thing called free trade where the countries that have cheap labor can dump everything on you.  They talk about this nonsense of balance of payments and balance of trading.  What balance of trading when all the produced goods are coming from, say, China and dumped on you?  What do you got to give back to them except youíre borrowing money and youíve got debt.  Thatís it.  You can sell their debt to China; thatís what the US is doing.  And every countryís getting to be in the same boat.  Now this is not happening day by day:  Oh dear, this has happened, what do we do now?  No, no, no.  This was all thought out before they signed the World Trade Organization and set up this system to not only encourage but almost force your own producers abroad.  And you paid for it all with your tax money.  You paid for the factories to get uprooted and built in China, under the WTO agreement.  Your tax money funded it all and left you without work.  And youíre going to vote for the same peoples over and over again? 


Alan:  Now thereís Bob from Texas on the line.  Are you there Bob?


Bob:  Hello, Alan.  How are you?


Alan:  Iím hanginí on here with my fingernails.  [Alan laughing.] 


Bob:  [Caller laughing.]  Good.  Hey, youíve brought some excellent points here.  Thanks for taking my call.  And you know, you talk about not going back to the past.  If people would remember, you know this Tea Party movement, it all sounds good. But you know, itís... I donít know.  Sometimes I wonder if the grass roots movement, if it didnít start and it got perverted or it wasnít perverted from the beginning.  But you look at it like the, are you familiar with the Whiskey Rebellion?


Alan:  Thatís the first one they had, after the revolution.  After fighting the British for taxes and stamp taxes and so on, they go and put a tax on the booze.  [Alan laughing.]  And then they sent the army after them.


Bob:  Yeah.  And I mean, it was a nasty revolution.  It was one that almost toppled the government.† And from what I understand there were a lot of Scots and Irish were involved in that one.


Alan:  Iím sure. 


Bob:  Hey, donít touch my liquor here.


Alan:  Thatís right.


Bob:  And itís like, if people would look at that, I always wondered about that.  I said, my gosh, immediately after, you know, they talked so harshly about taxes, well then they turn around, because liquor was considered medicinal, and it was very, they knew it was in high demand, they were going to make sure to get their moneyís worth out of that. 


Alan:  Yes.  Oh, absolutely.  Absolutely.


Bob:  And then also, you know, as far as the caller before, Dave, he was talking about, you know, is it gone?  It makes you wonder, was it ever there? 


Alan:  Was it ever thereÖ how much was myth in fact.  Absolutely.  Youíre quite right about that.  I can even remember the 70s, and I used to call them the blah 70s, because so much was happening on a high secretive level, planning and putting in the machinery for this present time weíre in now in fact.  But the public was kept in the dark about that and they were told to just have a good time and have fun, and money kind of flowed to an extent, even down to the lowest levels.  But so much, they were actually working so hard on setting up the infrastructure to take over from that system at that particular time.  So we were kept entertained just as we are today.  And of course, theyíd altered the culture beyond recognition almost, from the 60s, and theyíd actually accomplished most of the Communist Manifesto Ė people donít even realize itís actually accomplished now Ė and itís still called democracy. 


Bob:  And you know, weíre doing business with China, who is supposed to be... itís a communist country, supposed to be the adversary, and here weíre building their infrastructure.  If common Joe citizen would go out and do business with China then they would be thrown in jail for, you know, treason or whatever.†† And then you look at democracy, you know, and I donít know, I kind of came up with this.  I thought, well if you have a choice between an apple and an apple for dinner, well you know, what are you going to get?† So anyway, thanks for taking my call, appreciate ya. 


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  Bye now. 


Itís so true, if you look at the history, and youíve got to understand and really look at the history of the systems that have been tried.  Now, America was called Ďthe first great experiment.í  The Soviet Union is officially called Ďthe second great experiment.í  In the US you had a revolution for something new.  Not something that had been done before but for something new.  And supposedly, under the pretense or whatever, of giving people the rights to run government and the government would be subservient to the people, and of course you know how long that really lasted; it wasnít very long at all.  But it was a new system.  So you look at ones that have tried to go back to the past, theyíve never been successful. 


And the reason they have never been successful is because the governments had already signed treaties, just like today, with foreign powers, to intervene if you try to pull out.  Youíre actually called Ďa rogue stateí under the United Nations agreements and they come in with the United Nations forces against you, or theyíll blockade the food coming in or whatever else it is, or trade.  So this has happened in the past.  So you canít go back to some past.  You have to go to something new again, or even take something from the past, rip out all the stuff thatís been added to it with the crooked politicians over many years, and start again from the basics where the power is in the hands of the people. But even then, as I say, youíve got the UN to contend with and you will be called a rogue nation.  And they will come in with the rest of the worldís armies to do you in, and do the same thing with cutting off medical aid, food, you name it, and trade, just like theyíve done with these countries that theyíre after right now. 


So you cannot vote the same system in again with the same crooked money system.  With the UK and the British Empire thatís now merged with the American Empire, the Queenís still the boss, and the cabal of bankers around her who lend to nations are really running all the rest of the world right now as we speak.  Why would you want to vote the same system in?  And there is not one single Council on Foreign Relations appointed future Prime Minister thatís ever going to stop that system or say weíve had enough, Iím on the side of the public.  Itís never going to happen. Theyíre all members of the CFR.  Theyíve sworn allegiance already.  And you should be asking each person too, WHAT ORGANIZATIONS THEY BELONG TO, WHAT HAVE THEY GIVEN OATHS TO?  Youíve got to ask that in advance as well.  And if you canít get a straight answer then you can pretty well, you know darn well who theyíve given the oaths to already.  You cannot have it.  But thatís where we are. 


So eventually if anything comes out it will be down the road in the future, whatever the future is, and we know itís going to be a pretty bad one, unless even thatís impossible, and this is what they mean by, when Bertrand Russell said, it will be impossible for the people to rebel down the road, as it is for sheep to complain about the price of mutton.  He was talking about the scientific indoctrination that everyoneís had.  He was also talking about the fact that theyíre going to use drugs on you. And they have departments in every university working on medicating the populations; you can go into their sites and look at the papers.  Look at Oxford, for instance, itís fantastic on it, the amount of stuff they put out, for social behavioral improvement.  And theyíre also going to use more and more HAARP technologies and neuroscience.  The Royal Society just put out a big paper on the impact of neuroscience and how itís going to affect society, right down to the legal levels, where theyíll prescreen you. 


Brain Waves Module 1: Neuroscience, society and policy -- royalsociety.org


They can actually do it remotely by scanning brainwave patterns, and this is going to become a science supposedly.  So if you fall short with the little graph, and that line should be up there and itís down there, theyíre going to have you marked and youíll go in for treatment.  Iím not kidding.  This is already being taught and discussed with big organizations, with the Royal Society, right now as we speak.  So it will be impossible for you to have a unique thought down the road in the future.  Thatís what Iím trying to say, UNLESS YOU DO SOMETHING NOW.  And itís time people just stopped voting all together.  Seriously. 


Alan:  Now thereís Tom from Massachusetts on the line.  Are you there Tom?


Tom:  How are you doing Alan?


Alan:  Not bad.


Tom:  I had a question, considering all the hoopla that seems to be generated as we approach 2012, do you think that thereíll be some type of red flag, or some type of false flag operation, maybe like a Project Blue Beam or something, that may be put into effect, at that time, to further shock and control the masses and lead them further into the new world order?  Or what would be your thoughts on that?


Alan:  I think everything could be tried.  They have a whole bag of tricks of course, that theyíve tested them out before.  You probably know about the big test that they did back in the 1930s, in the late 30s, with HG Wellsís War of the Worlds, with Princeton University, the psychological department, working with the Rockefeller Foundation, with the authority of the American government to broadcast that and do massive surveys to see how it affected the public.  Could they give them a fake alien invasion?† This is on the books, folks, in the university, you can go and check it for yourself.  They had people fleeing cities and people who were shooting people by mistake thinking they were aliens.  Iím not kidding you, that they could drum up a fear like that, and that was just with radio remember, and professional actors.  Now, today, theyíre definitely going to get the go-ahead to get what they want.  Weíre in a state of shock and awe so weíre perfectly set up to believe pretty well anything that comes down the pike, be it real or staged.  And they will use anything.  Remember what they say at the top, the end justifies the means.  So anything is possible.  People who will blow up towers to get a war going, and we know that Powell and other ones talked about this, we know that the New American Century talked about this in the early 90s, itís on their own web site in fact, and I have all their copies of stuff here, at the time I saved everything.  And they said at the time, we need a new Pearl Harbor to kick off this whole war agenda.  And bingo!  The towers go down.  You canít plan things like this, you canít hope for these kinds of things without making it happen, obviously. 


Tom:  Well, it certainly softened up the worldís population to the possibility because of all the shock and destruction movies that have come out, particularly in the last 5 or 10 years.


Alan:  The whole world has gone into the same emergency mode. † And weíre all being scanned with computers and x-rayed and all the rest of it.  However, if they are willing to kill thousands of people, thatís nothing to them.  Their own people... well actually, they donít have their own people because they donít belong to you.  They might live in your countries but they donít belong to you, the ones who rule over you.  Theyíre international. † And, if it takes 20,000 folk to die or even half a million, theyíll do whatever it takes to get this big agenda through.  Or they lose everything if they donít.  So whatever it takes is what theyíll do.  And I do believe, and Iíve looked through, you must go into Chatham House and look at the Council on Foreign Relations and Royal Institute of International Affairs projects, that theyíve been doing for over 15 years now, a whole think tank working on the coming food crisis and starvation.  Youíve got to look into that, because theyíre going to use food as a weapon as well, definitely inside the United States and Canada.  I have no doubt about that.  So youíll have that coming down the pike.  Most of the public will behave the way they want them to.  They turn to the abuser.  The abused always turns to the abuser to help them, and theyíll ask the government to do something, the same government thatís destroyed so many small farms, by the thousands, to make sure that youíre going to have a food crisis, that itís unbelievable.  Anythingís possible.  Or even causing... we know darn well with... I was looking into Stanford University recently and theyíve got a whole array, itís called the HAARP, the auroral array for HAARP technology, theyíve got a whole array across the world, and Iíve got the map with all the people and the installations they have across the world.  Theyíre doing this all the time for weather manipulation.  And as we speak the Royal Society are having a meeting in London about the new geoengineering theyíre going to come out with shortly, never mentioning the last, the present geoengineering and what theyíve been doing since 1998.  So theyíve got so many high sciences on the go at one time, that DO work, that literally anything could be done to make incredible things, miraculous things even happen in our environment.


Tom:  Oh, yeah.  Well, I appreciate your help on that one and that just means that weíve got to make sure our seatbelts are on for the ride ahead I guess.


Alan:  Absolutely.  And donít be fooled and donít be panicked either.  Thatís the other key to it as well.


Tom:  Thank you much Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. 


We must never get panicked because you know, if you listen to a movie, and I watched one of the predictive programming movies and it was The Bourne Conspiracy; thereís a trilogy of them.  And itís very similar to a BBC series thatís called The Last Enemy.  The Last Enemy is the person who wants privacy, by the way.  And the whole thing, apart from the silly little pathetic one-paragraph story, itís all chasing and following with the CIA and all their high-tech cameras and listening devices and all the rest.  Thatís programming you that the big Wizard of Oz is omnipotent and you canít do anything without them knowing and thatís getting drummed into you with every darn movie that you watch.  They certainly are putting a lot of money into this.  Itís your tax money; itís pretty well limitless as long as they can keep borrowing more from the big bankers.  This is the kind of world theyíre setting up for you and youíre being trained now to accept it.  Well personally, coming from Scotland, weíve got an allergy to tyranny there.  Weíre all allergic to tyranny, and so are the Irish too and other peoples as well.  Weíve always seemed to be... it must be a genetic thing I guess.  First you start sneezing and then you start, you know, swearing, and thatís how it goes.


However, the people now have been so dumbed down, and personally I think theyíve already been medicated already with their water supplies, because years ago they talked about doing this in the water supply.  Not just with fluoride and so on, but by using various other tranquilizers and so on, medications; I think theyíve actually been doing it.  And remember, you donít need a name of a medication.  A medication, say, like Valium is made up of certain molecules arranged in a certain fashion.  You can create the same effect by simply adding different chemicals to the water and youíve got the darn stuff right there; thatís it.  So this is already happening to the public; Iím sure of it.  And then you have Brzezinski, a guy who doesnít talk off the top of his hat and in imagination context.  He actually comes out in his own book and says theyíre going to use very low frequencies, just like the ones at Stanford there, and cover whole continents, and it can actually make people very tranquil, it can actually put them to sleep if they alter the frequency.  And then you have short wave radio where literally you tune in every night now, and itís been like this since 2000, 2001, every night, 24 hours a day across the band youíll pick up the HAARP.  They call it Ďthe woodpecker effectí, which is a bit of a misnomer really, it doesnít really sound like a woodpecker, but itís the loudest frequency there.  Weíre being bathed in this stuff already.  High technology, thatís what they said would basically reign us all in.  Back with more after this break. 


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and we're back Cutting Through The Matrix and thereís Milan from New York on the line.  Are you there Milan?


Milan:  Yes, good evening Alan.  Iím very glad that I can talk with you and share a couple of thoughts.  Iím coming, originally, Iím in New York and Iím coming originally from Croatia, which was previously a communist country.  So in Croatia I lived the last part of communism so I really understand how that works.  And I see here how they are implementing everything, very similar to the communist system.  So itís unbelievable. But people in the end, they donít want to hear it.  They just...


Alan:  They canít believe it.  They canít believe it because theyíre taught that thatís an alien concept and it canít be, even when it is here and theyíre adapting to it as well.  It is here, absolutely.  And Iíve talked to many people from the communist countries; they are the first ones to notice it.


Milan:  Yes.  Thatís unbelievable.  Iím a driver and I came two years ago.  I saw the difference, I saw that when I was here.  But other things, itís very unbelievable for me, as a people, as humankind, in Croatia before communism, in ex-Yugoslavia.  Then we had war, everybody wanted independence.  And now they want again to join the European Union, so, thatís unbelievable. 


Alan:  Yes.  Thatís what they call, out of the frying pan, into the fire. 


Milan:  Yes, and I came there and then I come here.  I said America is changing a lot, Iím a driver here, you come to help us, and itís like a mix of communism and fascism together.  They cannot believe me there too. They said, oh you live in the best country, the best city in the world.


Alan:  Thatís again, what Bertrand Russell said, and he helped design this present system a long time ago; before we were born in fact he helped design the present.  And he said the same thing, theyíll all be happy because the government will tell them so.  Theyíll tell them that youíre in the best country in the world, and they believe what theyíre told.  [Alan laughing.]   


Milan:  They absolutely believe.  They cannot, literally they cannot understand anything else.  And I want, another some thoughts, which Iím experienced, even from my family.  They were all agricultural; they live on the land, in a village.  I know even now, itís so drastically changed, life there.  A new generation, they donít know anything to do around the land anymore. 


Alan:  That was also part of it too because the Royal Society, again, and the CFR, said, through the United Nations Department of Agriculture, that farming was too important to be left to farmers.  And the big agri-food businesses, in this communists/fascist system thatís combined together, the big agri-business now, these massive corporations have taken over farming and so theyíre putting the small farmers out.  And they are encouraging the children to go into something where they canít even compete.  Everyoneís into graphic design and so on now, thereís no point in going into it because thereís millions of others doing it.  They donít know how to feed themselves, because you must be interdependent and that means totally dependent on the system for everything you need to survive.  Thatís the system theyíre bringing into us.  Absolutely.  Youíre right on.


Milan:  Absolutely.  Thatís here already.  Already here.  I donít know, maybe some new generations, maybe something, I donít know really. 


Alan:  Well, it has to get awfully bad.  It has to get so bad that they canít even dream anymore, before they start to take anything seriously and start asking questions, and actually get the WILL to do something about it.  Thatís the problem.  They havenít hit that stage yet.


Milan:  Yes.  Yes. 


Alan:  Thanks for calling and take care. 


Milan:  Thanks. 


Alan:  And Steve from Connecticut, maybe tomorrow weíll get you.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada Ė where itís going to snow again tonight Ė itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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