April 20, 2011 (#815)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:


Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 20, 2011:

The Final Frontier:
Take Your Mind Back,
It's Under Attack:

"The Technique of Control is Shock & Awe,
Crisis after Crisis and Cancerous Law,
Stampede the Herd, Guide the Direction,
Point the Way for "Your Protection",
World's Masters have Complete Reliance
Via Royal Society in Neuroscience,
Coupled with Strategy of Military Campaign,
They're Sure to Conquer Every Brain
Unless Individuality is Reclaimed
And Dastardly Academia is Defamed,
For Participation, Through Grants and Greed,
Enabling Tyranny with Techniques to Lead
A Somnambulant Public Down Garden Path,
When Sentience Awakes, See Righteous Wrath"
© Alan Watt April 20, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 20, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on April the 20th 2011.  For newcomers, I suggest you look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and help yourself to the audios which hopefully will give you a greater understanding of this big system that you were born into.  It wasnít just taken over in your lifetime, itís simply moving onto the next stage of its plan.  I hope to give you, as I say, lots of information on them by tying in the big organizations, that have been around for an awful long time, that all work together economically, socially, culturally and so on, to bring in this big world society, a society that was decided even as far back as the 1700s, should be decided and run by experts, scientists, the scientific crew and those in philosophy as they called it at the time, which was the higher Freemasonic institutions, rather than going all along with religion, which they called superstition, and allowing just willy-nilly politicians to come along and help themselves to the big honey pot, which is where the taxpayersí money goes.  It was actually better in those days to an extent because you had fewer politicians; you didnít have all the experts to pay as well.  You didnít have, oh, millions now of bureaucrats across the planet reaping a harvest for themselves.  Weíve got so much to pay for today that thereís very little left at the end of the day for the people themselves. 


So help yourself to the audios.  And remember, all the sites listed have transcripts in English too of a lot of the talks, not all of them but a lot of them, for print up.  If you want transcripts in other languages go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu and take your pick from the choice offered there.  Remember too, you are the audience who bring me to you.  I donít bring on the advertisers that will really scare you to death and then sell you something.  I depend upon you to keep me going, so you can do so by buying the books and disks I have for sale at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Across the rest of the world, you canít use personal checks, of course, outside the Americas, in this day and age. At one time you could use postal orders but you canít even use that now except for the US; thatís the only exception, and itís an international one at that.  And remember, straight donations are certainly appreciated because it is expensive to do what I do. 


You know, the only person who can make decision of you, yourself, in this big world thatís around you, is yourself.  You canít allow others to do it for you.  Youíve got to take the information, toss out the garbage Ė thereís a lot of garbage out there Ė and try to get the truth, and then, hopefully, if nothing else, truth will empower you, and there should be a kind of a peace that comes from truth, not anxiety.  If youíre getting anxiety thereís something wrong with the information youíre getting or the way itís presented to you.  Youíve got to learn how to handle truth because really, the worldís never really been that great a place especially since money came into it an awful long time ago.  With money you can buy armies and you can set up your own conquerors and empires and you use people as slaves, really, it doesnít matter what you call them Ė democracy is no different, youíre a wage slave Ė and you must keep a massive ever-growing bureaucracy, plus all the experts above you too nowadays, in a high style of pretty well luxury compared to how youíre living.  So itís never been a good place to live in really, since the advent of money.  And the system that used to work for everyone, at one time, was really a tribal system.  Thatís long gone for most of us and I canít see any chance of it coming back.  Thatís the only time that people could live and have a say in how the tribe would go and actually participate in the changes themselves.  In this system you have none, as we well know.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about fear really, because fear is the technique used, not simply to get people on their knees to obey, but itís also used to keep you going along in this system.  Even when you donít realize all the things that are wrong with it, Ė you know something is wrong Ė itís fear based.  Itís when you get hit with a thousand things, from all over, from all around in a circle, at the same time, and you kind of crumple and you may manage to keep going, or you might just stumble and go under, and go off and see a psychiatrist or something, or join a new age therapy group.  However, thatís really how the system works. 


Itís all fear based and government exists, in fact, on protecting the people Ė this is the con that theyíve always used Ė protecting the people against threats.  Generally theyíre external threats.   When you have a system thatís going global, based on the soviet system, once you have no borders and so on theyíll use the same as they did in the soviet system where they actually created a border and they had to find a threat from within.  And thatís what all this antiterrorism stuff is all about.  And believe you me, theyíll make sure thereís lots of threats now and then.  I can remember even when the whole thing started with 9/11 and the CIA got into setting up websites with fake Muslims, to entice young guys, living in America, into the system and then theyíd pick them up of course after they set them up.  And MI6 in Britain talked about it too, and they even had an article in the paper where MI6 says, this will probably cause the very problem that weíre trying to avoid.  Because they were putting out guys there to, again, entice youngsters into what they thought was a righteous movement. 


So they can create any kind of system that they want to. They can create the terrors, the horrors, and itís an old technique thatís been used all down through the ages to get things kicked off, when government wants more and more and control.† Ancient Rome used similar techniques as well.  When the emperor thought he was losing power or there were different factions fighting for power within the system, heís get someone killed, theyíd blame it on someone else, and then they would have a martial law throughout the country.  Thatís how it works, always does work the same way.  So thereís nothing new about it.


Those in government, and governance as they call it now, have always used the same techniques and their prime function is for continuity of themselves.  They call it government, continuity of government, but itís really continuity of themselves theyíre talking about.  Because no matter what system you could possibly think of, no matter what system youíd think of, whether itís religious or democratic or communist or fascist or whatever else, youíll always get the psychopathic types heading into the top.  They donít mind what itís called; theyíll adopt the uniform, the outfit, the lingo, the language, the slogans of the ruling party, in order to get up there. They always do in all ages and thatís why we have this awful problem right up to the present time.  Theyíre very aggressive.  Theyíre cunning.  They tend to get their way because theyíre ruthless in climbing to the top.  Theyíll set other work mates up, they do this in corporations, and let them take the fall for something.  They calculate and plan.  Theyíve got a great affinity for getting people on board, behind them, because psychopaths have that type of power, and they rise to the top.  But once theyíre at the top youíre in big trouble. 


Youíll see this even in the banking scams that happened.  There was the documentary that was made, Inside Job.  It didnít start off with the Federal Reserve, which it should have done and showed the scam of that to begin with, but it did interview some of the people involved in the big banking scams, all the bubbles and so on, who are still in there today doing the same things.  Youíll see these psychopaths, not really squirm, but youíll see them evade every straight question you could possibly put to them.  Because a psychopath must first and foremost always protect the ego; itís awfully important to them.  Lesser psychopaths, those with less intelligence, that end up in prison systems, at the street level, generally love to boast about how they got off with things before they were caught.  They really think that theyíre superior to other people, even at that level.  But the ones at the top truly believe it and theyíre aggressive. Theyíve handled billions of dollars; they often earn billions of dollars, even if itís all a scam.  They can actually rationalize to themselves too, why theyíre worth it.  Even getting this kind of money, being allowed to carry this money, and still have the money in their bank accounts that they scammed off the public, theyíll rationalize why theyíve got it. Thatís a psychopath, you see.  Once in a while during that particular documentary one of the psychopaths kind of gets rather aggressive, their natural aggressive stance, as though heís being challenged, but most of them are more evasive than this particular one.  Itís interesting to watch all the same. 


Youíll get them through politics.  Youíll get them throughout the bureaucracies, the higher bureaucracies.  And we forget about bureaucracies because weíre taught to concentrate on the politicians, that come and go you know, one generation after another, until itís just a vague memory of faces. Theyíre all front men as we know.  They will take their money from the bribes they get through lobbying and all the rest of it.  However, the bureaucrats are awfully important, and Hitler said that.  Winston Churchill actually quoted Hitler at one point, because Winston Churchill was planning for World War II before the Prime Minister of that day was.  He was planning for it and actually acting on it as though he himself was Prime Minister by using the old school tie, his connections, and getting the air force really working and the armies up and so on before the war broke out.  He was actually asked, how will we do this?  He says, through the bureaucrats, he says, the same way as Adolf is doing it.† You must get the bureaucrats on your side, and so the high appointees within the bureaucracies are very, very important in order to run.  And we donít elect them, remember.  We always forget that; we never elect bureaucrats Ė not that it would make much difference, but we donít get to elect them.  So they carry on with party after party coming and going with the same global agendas because they are the only ones who actually know what their departments are supposed to be involved in as regards to long-term planning. 


Now as I say, fear is the big technique that makes you watch a lot of movies because most movies have the chase in it, they have the guy and the gal that he picks up on the way, she generally hates him to begin with and loves him once she sees how macho he is; itís standard technique.  Youíll see the chases and the guns going off and how he evades them all too, and how smart and clever he is, etc, etc.  And the reason you keep watching them, even though theyíre so close to each other Ė one of these movies after another, theyíre all so similar Ė is because in your brain, your brain is wired to watch something thatís to do with life or death.  Itís to do with self-preservation actually, and therefore the amygdala becomes fixated on it.  It will hone in on it and even though itís a rotten movie with the same smashes until youíre yawning, youíll still watch it because youíve got to know how it ends, for self-preservation.  Even though you donít realize that youíre not going to die at the end of the movie, unless itís with boredom.  Thatís why you watch these things and thatís why the same formulas are used time after time after time.


The neuroscientists know all this stuff.  Itís very old knowledge, before they called it neuroscience.  And of course Hollywood is completely well informed on how these techniques actually work on you.  They never make a movie that they knew people would never watch, except for CBC Canada; they use the tax money to give us awfully boring movies that nobody does watch. So anyway, as I say, youíre managed in many, many ways.  Your cultural conditioning comes through fiction, primarily.  You also get it through school indoctrinations and techniques you donít even know are happening to you, because theyíre given innocuous-sounding names, these courses that they give to students, sensitivity training and so on, when they effeminize the males, and many other techniques which are used upon them until they come out like the characters that we see today.  And itís the same thing too, with your entertainment, with your music television where theyíve completely blended all factual stuff, the old stuff, male and female, now itís all intermixed, and females with females and men with men, and everythingís okay. 


This is all the agenda.  Itís not simply to make money.  Itís an authorized, promoted agenda, a world agenda.  Because the world youíre going into is going to be one where the old enemies, the old enemies of those who wanted global total control, have to be eradicated.  And the old enemies were generally logical, down-to-earth MEN who knew who they were and what they were and didnít have to sit and think about it.  And they would stand up in past times and rebel or have fights against those who tried to take over, by various techniques, the land that they sat on or the food that they ate or anything else.  So they had to destroy that particular enemy. Thatís why Marx and all the other boys had it in their Communist Manifesto, the end of the family unit; it HAD to go.  And Julian Huxley, Iíve read from his own books on the air, where Julian Huxley, the first CEO of UNESCO remember, said that theyíd have the children basically rutting like rabbits.  Thatís what they were going to do with society.  It didnít matter if it was male with male, female with female, or a mixture with both, in fact they wanted all of that to be mixed in with it because then youíre really confused.  And theyíd use peer pressure eventually to make sure that everyone would go along with the same agenda, as long as they didnít have offspring, for depopulation purposes. 


So youíre living through a very elaborate plan.  As I said before, many times, itís not safe to even watch television unless you can clinically analyze it as youíre watching it.  Youíve got to be able to literally see it through a directorís eyes you might say, to see what points theyíre trying to push in any particular scene.  Iíve talked to people before, in BBC and others, who do little movies and so on, and theyíve told me many times, thereís nothing in a set that you see, even a 2-second clip in a set, that isnít discussed.  Whether itís a chest of drawers, where should the seat be, what kind of seat, even the flower in the vase, all that stuff is debated by panels.  Because everything that you see is awfully important; it affects you, even the symbols.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and Iím talking about fear and fear-based control over the general public.  Iíve talked about all of the things that have happened since 2001 for instance, one thing after another.  Itís just never ending is it?  And of course itís all shock and awe, shock and awe to make you basically, if you canít fathom things out or youíre terrified about things, you kind of pull into yourself and you escape into fantasy.  Thatís what most people actually do when they canít handle the big picture.  And thatís why people tell you, I donít want to hear the bad NEWS; I donít want to hear it.  They really canít handle it. 


Of course the neurologists and all the people involved in how your brain ticks, and they know an awful lot about how the brain ticks, they know too, that the average person canít handle more than 2 major crises in their lives at one time.  Now you add 2 or 3 on to it and they start to crack and crumble.  Iíve mentioned before how youíll often see the old pictures of Viet Nam, and I think itís now various Arab countries, where the storm troopers smash down the doors and you see the little people outside, the peasants, hunkering down, hands on their heads, and theyíre shaking and theyíre urinating and defecating.  Thatís what happens when all of the things that you could have done are of no use whatsoever, your life is in someone elseís hands, and itís just a whim whether you live or die, and thatís what happens to you. 


The same thing happens, to a lesser extent, as I say, when youíre terrorized, in shock and awe, with constant bad stories and nasty stuff happening.  And at the same time when something otherwise is really happening, like Japanís nuclear facilities going up in the air, the same media, with academia Ė that shows you how they all work together, everything works together, thereís nothing independent in this system Ė suddenly it comes out, pulls down all the web sites from the government stations that show you the radiation levels, wafting across the Americas, and they all pull them off. And the day they started bombing Libya, it was almost like Japan never happened.  The media just went blank on it.  And most folk today out there, by the way, have already forgotten it because theyíll only remember it if the media tells them to remember it.  Most people do really depend, like Brzezinski says, on the media to do their thinking and their reasoning for them.  By the same token, the media will tell you what to be terrified about and it will also tell you whatís of no concern whatsoever, generally by not even mentioning it. 


So itís almost like Japan never happened even though, of course, theyíve had the drones going over, these little helicopter drones, with even better pictures, to show us the massive damage there, disaster, where thereís nothing left except maybe 20 feet of radioactive material still going off in fission and going up into the atmosphere, and blowing our way.  But not a peep on mainstream.  As I say, all the top sites from governments have been pulled, even though they kept telling us at the time it was very low, it was miniscule, tiny even, or as they say in Scotland, it was wee or a totie wee bit; Ďtotie weeí is almost like a milli-millisievert.  So anyway, this is the nonsense that youíre fed because they didnít want to show you the actual levels, because then the brighter ones would figure out it was pretty high, you see.  Thatís the only reason youíd pull them, obviously.  Otherwise, if it was very low, weíd be able to see for ourselves it was very low, and weíd feel a little bit more secure. 


So weíre being conned left, right and center and itís just astonishing that the public are so easily manipulated, as I say, through massive fear, one thing after another, and thatís why I hate even reading a lot of articles from the media.  Youíre given the articles by the media to read, obviously.  I remember when I tuned in many years ago to Patriot Radio there was an elderly lady in her 80s I think she said she was, and she said sheíd been following the Patriot community her whole life... her whole life.  And it was set up initially during the Cold War, at that time using Christian groups to slag basically the communist system, that was CIA funded at the time.  And she said, you know, Iíve been following this for about 60-odd years and, she said, Iíve never seen the public being able to change any of this agenda.  Theyíve all chattered about it, lots of folk make their living off it, but nothing has stopped this agenda or even diverted it, in fact. 


And that is true because you see, unless you have an organization, a very powerful dedicated organization, with a hard line, as hard as the communists used Ėthey wouldnít allow and tolerate any deviation from the hard line, with a philosophy to back it up and their own plan to back it up Ė then really all you are, is chattering.  Like lab rats stuck in a cage waiting for the technicians to come in the morning and youíre chattering, are they going to inject us today, are they going to shock us today, and oh my God, what are they going to do to us today? Thatís literally where people are today.  Thereís no real unification. Thereís no philosophy.  And thereís no dedication. Thereís got to be a hard line dedication or dedicated group that can put across their philosophy and will not tolerate any deviation from the philosophy.  Any true grass roots organization that starts up is infiltrated very quickly, and whatever tenets they start off with are quickly subverted into the mainstream, and then thereís argumentation, fragmentation, and then theyíre dissolved.  Thatís the techniques that are used against them.  Itís not hard to do either.  So what I try to tell people here, is youíve got to be an individual first, because if you notice, everyone keeps saying, what should we do?  WE.  Youíve got to be a person first to know who you are before you start off with we.  Think about that.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back Cutting Through The Matrix, just trying to tell you that really you should be very discerning about not just movements themselves, but also what truth is and whatís the most pertinent truth, of course, you can find, whatís actually the most pertinent information you can get, and what order of priority would you list it all?  Because you have to decide these things for yourself because ultimately no oneís going to help you except yourself.  No one can, you see.  And if your premises are all askew or youíre all over the road map, with a thousand terrors and fears at the same time, you wonít be able to come through anything that really does happen. 


Getting back to how weíre kept under the gun, so to speak, with fear and terror, remember the New American Century came out with their list of war plans for the countries they wanted to take down.  They first published it in I think 1992 or 93 and then back again in 1997 or 98.  And they had a whole list of countries, all the Arab countries theyíre finishing off now, were on that particular list, and Syria was to be I think one of the last ones, and Iran too.  So nothing changes.  Youíre living through constant fear and terror as the big boys, the same boys that run the banks and all the rest of it, Iím talking about the BIG banks and do all the bubbles and the cons and award themselves billions of dollars.  Theyíre behind it all.  In fact, a guy I think even on that Inside Job mentions it, and heís from the Federal Reserve.  He says, well, the banks run the country, they run the government.  


Look at whatís happened with the spraying that started before the 21st century, because this is the Century of Change and they werenít kidding when they talked about the Century of Change.  We had the constant spraying from 1998 onwards. That was like daily spraying to the present time, in the air, across most parts of the world.  Then in the 90s too, we also had the West Nile virus; that was going to kill us all, right; then that faded away into nowhere.  Then we had 9/11 in 2001.  Then we had Afghanistan invaded, 2001, because they were already on the border before the towers were hit; the invasion armies were ready to go in.  Then we had SARS 2002-2003 that was the first big test to see if the public would panic and do what theyíre told, and all wear masks walking around like idiots and so on, even though it only affected people who are of Chinese descent.  Then we had the avian flu 2003-2005, right, that went nowhere, kind of flopped out.  Then we had Iraq in 2003 invaded.  Then we had Thailand 2004 with the tsunami.  Then we had Katrina 2005.  Then we had the bombings in London on 7/7 2005.  Then back to Swine flu; that was the new one, again, in 2007-2010, going to kill us all, you know.  Then we had the bank crash in 2008.  Then we had all the subsequent bailouts across the world, and itís still ongoing yet, and the same guys are still in charge really; some of them were even promoted.  Then we had Haiti in 2010, with the earthquake; then the Christchurch 2010.  Then we had the Gulf Oil Spill in 2010. Then Fukushima in 2011. And then the invasion of Libya, and weíre still on a roll, you know. 


So this is the stuff that the mainstream is full of, all the time, and theyíll have a whole list of things to come, Iím sure Ė Iíd like to get a little look at it to see what itís going to be; itís good to have advanced warning what not to read.  But itís one thing after another and theyíre never going to stop because this is how they keep you feeling miniscule and powerless and then when youíre powerless you do what the big boys tell you to do.  You allow your rights to be taken away from you.  You allow yourself to be pushed around.  And you answer them all as Massa.  Youíre getting taught to call the bosses Massa:  Yes, Massa, no Massa.  Simple technique of terror.  And this is of course the latest technique theyíre using in psychology and neuroscience to manage the public and it works very, very well.  The odd thing, as I say, is the more terrified people become the more theyíll escape into fantasy; itís the only little safe place they think they have.  And then when they go into the fantasy theyíre being indoctrinated with even more terror because most of the big movies now, the big hits, are to do with how the CIA is monitoring the bad buy or the good guy, it depends who he is, all through countries and so on with all their high-tech equipment.  And youíre getting the messages now, theyíre all powerful, the Wizard of Oz is running the whole show and you canít escape his gaze, like the all-seeing-eye of Horus or Ra. 


So, weíre on a roll, as I say.  So donít be terrified by the news.  And a lot of the news, really, is simply reinforcement of previous stories and a lot of the news, too, is really to make you buckle under and escape.  Talk about safe things, nice safe things, and youíll feel better about yourself, because even if someoneís listening you have less fear of them coming to do anything about it.  Do you realize that the top levels of governance, as they call it Ė and Iím talking about the spy agencies that are way above, Iím sure, the levels of the CIA Ė they know whatís going to happen.  They have everyoneís calls and so on. They have all the gangstersí and crooksí calls and all the rest of it.  They know whatís going to happen.  But they donít act on it, because if they act on it, they give the game away just how under total surveillance the whole system really is.  They leave it to the bottom line guys, if they stumble across it then good luck to them; thatís how they see it.  Otherwise they wonít even tell the lower agencies below them how much they know. 


Now, one article Iím going to put up tonight too, is from World Watch Institute and itís your typical conditioning spiel.  Theyíve been doing this since the days of Thomas Malthus.  Itís called...


Global Population Reduction: Confronting the Inevitable (Alan:  You see.)



(A:  The guy goes on about consumption and so on, he says...)


It has become increasingly apparent over the past half-century that there is a growing tension between two seemingly irreconcilable trends. On one hand, moderate to conservative demographic projections indicate that global human numbers will almost certainly reach 9 billion, (A:  Now thatís rubbish, itself.  You know in fact, when I think back to reading Thomas Malthus, all his figures then were fudged; itís been admitted much later of course that he fudged all his figures.  But he gave you nice little graphs and that; we like pretty pictures and graphs to prove a point.  Thatís why everything runs on flow charts today and it never works, but it never stops them from doing it.  Theyíre still churning out their graphs and all the rest of it. But really, how do we know how many people are really in the world?  How do we really, really know?  ...that what youíre being told is true?  Weíve already seen the war departmentís plans for the next 50 years and so on, and they talk about a massive decline in population thatís going to take place leading up to 2030 and then suddenly dip even faster.  What do they know that we donít know?  And why doesnít this guy pushing this stuff forward here actually take that into consideration?  He says...)


On one hand, moderate to conservative demographic projections indicate that global human numbers will almost certainly reach 9 billion, perhaps more, by mid-21st century. On the other, prudent and increasingly reliable scientific estimates (A:  Thereís nothing reliable in the scientific estimates.  Look at the global warming fudged figures that theyíve admitted to.)  suggest that the Earth's long-term sustainable human carrying capacity, at what might be defined as an "adequate" to "moderately comfortable" developed-world standard of living, may not be much greater than 2 to 3 billion. It may be considerably less, particularly if the normative lifestyle (level of consumption) aspired to is anywhere close to that of the United States.  (A:  Now the United Nations already said, in its various publications, that the planet can only sustain about 2 billion people at the US lifestyle level, and the rest is going to be dirt stinking poor.  Thatís what theyíve said.  And this guy obviously is tied in with the United Nations; all these guys get funded by the UN or the various foundations around the UN to put out this kind of stuff, to make you think about they might be right.)


As a consequence of this modern-day "Malthusian dilemma," it is past time to think boldly about the midrange future and to consider alternatives that go beyond merely slowing or stopping the growth of global population. The human species must develop and quickly implement a well-conceived, clearly articulated, flexible, equitable, and internationally coordinated program focused on bringing about a very significant reduction in human numbers over the next two or more centuries. (A:  Well heís really, you know, heís more moderate, this guy, because the rest of them are going to do it before the year 2050.)  This effort will likely require a global population shrinkage of at least two-thirds to three-fourths, from a probable mid-to-late 21st century peak in the 9 to 10 billion range to a future (23rd century and beyond) "population optimum" of not more than 2 to 3 billion.  


Anyway, the figures are roughly the same, itís just that his timeline is more far-reaching; the rest of them want to bring it down much, much faster.  Iím only reading this to show you the stuff that theyíre terrifying you with because you see, in all the Western countries, or the first world countries, the population has been plummeting... plummeting.  In fact, it was dropping from the early 1900s in Britain alone.  And Iíve got the old books here to prove it, that they were churning out then.  And the reason that they kept bringing immigrants in and then eventually flooding them in was to pay off the national debt; Margaret Thatcher admitted that in the newspapers.  The same excuse is used in every other European country now; theyíve got to bring in the population because the resident populations are not having children.  If fact, they donít even get married now, thatís kind of an old-fashioned thing now, but they definitely donít want children.  So theyíve got to bring in the third world countries that generally do have big families to pay off the national debt and have another generation growing up to keep the system going. 


So you canít please these guys by doing what they say, which is donít have so many children.  When you do that, the floodgates open and youíre bombarded with third world country peoples to take over the jobs and keep jobs going because youíre not having any children to take over.  You canít have it all ways, you see.  And you canít please the boss. The boss has a different agenda, of course, and part of the agenda was to destroy, as Tony Blair said, any last vestige of the traditional British culture.  Now itís been done everywhere else in the world as well, this same technique, because youíre already run by a very well organized system, that does have a philosophy, that does have a set of tenets they do not deviate from, AT ALL, under any circumstances.  And theyíve been here for a long time.  And to conquer the world youíve got to destroy the systems that kept the peoples together that fought against them.  And thatís pretty well happened... pretty well happened. 


Iím also putting up tonight too, I mentioned John Anthony Hill a while back there, who ran off to Ireland because he was the guy who did 7/7 Ripple Effect.  He mailed some disks to judges and so on, to do with the hearings that were going on at the time with the supposed bombers.  And because of that he was lifted under the terrorism act basically and held in Ireland until his appeals were up and then they shipped him off to Britain.  This is from The Sovereign Independent and it says...


Deported for Supporting John Anthony Hill (7/7 Ripple Effect)  in Freedom of Speech Related Case

sovereignindependent.com / By Those Deported


A lot of supporters came in and they came in by boats, some of them were from New Zealand, and they were turned away from the British mainland because they were there to basically support John Anthony Hill in his final court case in England.  So they tell you what happened and how they got the runaround and how they were actually told eventually it was because they were there to support John Anthony Hill, which they said it was a very sensitive political case.  So itís under the terrorism laws.  So now you canít, if you have information you think might help a judge, or itís your duty, actually, to bring forth information, donít do it because youíll end up in the slammer.  If itís a political case and theyíve got make a bunch of martyrs out of a few guys theyíve picked up Ė who couldnít possibly have done it, according to the actual video, he shows you all the holes in the story, very, very well, in 7/7 Ripple Effect.  So see it for yourself and see for yourself, the maker is now awaiting sentence here. 


Then this is followed up by...


New breed of gagging order could send journalists to jail, MP (A:  Member of Parliament.)  claims

Lib Dem MP John Hemmings fears reporters could face imprisonment simply for asking questions, creating a 'recipe for hiding miscarriages of justice'

guardian.co.uk / Matthew Taylor / 17 April 2011


The Magna Carta is being contravened by the new breed of gagging orders, (A:  Well, Tony Blair said it was obsolete and kicked out now and destroyed.) claims Lib Dem MP John Hemming.


An MP who is launching an inquiry into excessive and possibly unlawful court secrecy says a new type of gagging order is hampering the work of investigative journalists.  (A:  It ties in with John Anthony Hill because as I say, if you canít get journalists in there to even record the history of whatís happening at the time, weíre in STASI-land, folks.  We are IN Stasi-land.  Weíre THERE.)


"This goes a step further than preventing people speaking out against injustice," said Hemming, the Liberal Democrat MP for Birmingham Yardley and a longtime campaigner against secrecy. "It has the effect of preventing journalists from speaking to people subject to this injunction without a risk of the journalist going to jail. That is a recipe for hiding miscarriages of justice." 


Thatís what itís intended to do, because you see, weíre beyond court justice anymore.  Weíre in authoritarian tyrannical society.  That is what the European Union is all about.  Iíve mentioned it in many, many talks Iíve given over the years.  Itís a system set up in Europe with guys at the top, the big commissars, that meet in secrecy, you donít even know who they are.  They make all the rules and laws and pass it down to bureaucrats below and the bureaucrats have the same force as basically the judicial system has.  Thereís nothing fair or democratic about it.  It was never meant to be democratic.  So now, if journalists want to speak out about something and tell the public whatís happening, or even if someoneís been picked up and theyíre going to be put in a dungeon forever, then the journalists are going to be threatened with prison themselves if they report it to the general public.  A new set of special gagging orders coming into effect...  Isnít that wonderful, eh? 


And I mentioned too, about the Royal Society yesterday.  I just touched on the fact that they were playing God now, to do with the weather; theyíre getting us used to the fact that more geoengineering is to come, even though they wonít admit theyíve been doing it already.  The Royal Society, again, this strange Masonic authorized, scientific group.  Great history to it too, because Francis Bacon had to leave his wife Ė that was part of their conditions at the time Ė and give her a lump sum basically, his family, in order to join it.  Then he was allowed to join and it was the same with the other members too.  It kind of had a homosexual trait to it, I think, this particular Masonic group; thereís no doubt about it.  It wasnít until the 20th century they allowed women in at all.  Itís been on the go for hundreds of years, as I say, and they were set up to really guide the world in how technology wouldnít just help humankind but could actually control humankind.  This article was about...


Brain Waves Module 1: Neuroscience, society and policy 

(A:  ...and how neuroscience today and literally their ability to pick up sensations from the brain, even remotely, with their gadgets Ė theyíre even using them on computers now and you know all about that Ė and how this is going to impact society and give more legal rights to people to INTERFERE in peopleís lives.  Because theyíll pick up brain wave patterns and theyíll say, oh youíre being bad or thinking bad thoughts and all the rest of it.  And this is all coming, folks.  Itís all scheduled to come. They have these gadgets that can actually, at least, at the very, very least that they admit to, is read certain parts of your brain to see if youíre anxious, angry or whatever.  So this says...)



The essays, authored by leading experts (A:  ...experts again...) in neuroscience, bioethics (A:  Again, they are the eugenicists.), and science and technology policy, review the state of development of neuroscience and neurotechnology Ė such as neuroimaging, neuropsychopharmacology (A:  They also want to drug you for better behavior.), and neural interfaces (A:  Itís all in the open now.  Thereís nothing to guess at.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and just before I go to a caller Iíll just mention too, that youíve got to look into the neuroscience that theyíve got in the US too, and theyíre really way ahead of anywhere youíd imagine.  And theyíre working with all other universities across the world to bring in, basically, their formats and their systems for governance over the populations, even reward decision making and neuroeconomics.† Thatís to make you feel good and give you little rewards when you pay taxes and so on, increasing taxes to save the world and so on and so on.  So theyíve got it all worked out how itís going to work on you already.   Donít you get fed up being managed like this?  Donít you get fed up with it?  And just say no, no youíre not doing that to me?  And stop being politically correct with your peer group?  ...as they parrot all the PC terms and use the techniques on you thatís been conditioned into them, and just say, thatís rubbish, and then explain why itís rubbish to them. 


Alan:  Now weíll go to Harley in Detroit if heís there.  Is Harley there?


Harley:  Good evening, Alan.  How are you this evening?


Alan:  Not too bad.


Harley:  Thatís good.  Hey listen, I agree with you wholeheartedly.  I mean, theyíre just beating us down with all this terror, terror, terror and the things is, is that, what Iíve been seeing more and more are people have been noticing the change.  And youíre right about being an individual.  Because when you donít come with the same hoopla and something with a different angle and in a calm manner and begin to talk to people about whatís going on and then have them do some of their own research, and you know, just give them kind of a guiding step.† And you can know which ones are really truly waking up and see whatís really going on.  Itís very surprising what kind... you get some pretty good results. And thatís what Iíve been noticing, a lot, is that when you begin to talk to people on a one-on-one basis, not bringing the terror like a lot of people have been bringing when they first wake up, oh my God the sky is falling.  This is a plan thatís been going on for a thousand years. Theyíre going to play the Michael Corleone role to the 5th hour, you know, just being calm but steadily moving with their plans, but we have to be aggressive but being calm, in a calm manner and talk to people.


Alan:  Youíve got to be firm.  Youíve got to be firm and donít... I call it the shotgun approach; thatís bombarding them until theyíre shaking in front of you.  Donít do that.  Donít do that.  Just give them one thing at a time and let them ask the questions.


Harley:  Right.  Because what I see now, Iíve been looking into the history of John B Watson, I think thatís his name, who studied on behaviorism.  And he said, I can take ANY baby and I can shape him into what I want him to be.  And thatís a powerful statement in his book on the study of Behaviorism.  And to me thatís one... and you know what?  Itís working out there.  Itís just like you see people, because of the television, the sion, and the on, the male and female generating force on the television, just really, just giving birth to people that donít even...  Like you said, they donít even have opinions of their own, they donít have opinions. Their opinions are lived through what they read in main media and on television. And thatís what I wanted to say, and I just want people just to, you know, be calm with people and you know, like you said, donít tell them something thatís going to just scare the bejesus out of them, but let them know this has been going on for a long, long time.  Have a good night. 


Alan:  Thanks for calling. 


And itís so true, youíve got to realize, as I say, people canít handle more than 1 or 2 crisis at the same time.  And when you can point out itís not really a crisis, you know, your parents lived through similar stuff, they didnít know it either, and grandparents, and show them how to get TO reality, and avoid being terrified by people who pretend to expose the truth and do terrify people, you know.  Youíve got to use your head here and really think for yourself. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.   And Lark in Texas, maybe you can call tomorrow.  Thanks. 



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