April 21st, 2011 (#816)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 21st, 2011:

Media for Masochists:
Media Trust Causes Brain Rust:

"Brzezinski said Media Would Do People's Reasoning,
Churning Out Data Soup without Any Seasoning,
With Important Events Their Minds are Diverted
To Harmless Trivia, So No Action Expected,
Telling Truth to Public at the Time They Won't Dare,
Long After Events is Fine, Public Don't Care,
Regardless of Sameness of Scams that are Pulled,
They Always Work and the People are Fooled,
Believing They're Informed, From a Myriad of Sources,
Media's Owned by the Boys Grabbing World's Resources"
© Alan Watt April 21st, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – April 21st, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 21st of April, 2011.  I always suggest at the start of this show, or this broadcast.  I’m trying to get out of the habit of saying show, because it’s not entertainment and it’s really an attempt, hopefully, to help some people take some knowledge off into the future, whatever future that may be, because I try to go into what’s behind all the systems, rather than just parrot off what’s happening by the day, which is dished out by the media anyway for you to parrot off.  So, hopefully, you go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and help yourself to the audios there, where I try to give you some leads to the big system which you’re born under, really.  You’re born into a system and you’re born under a system, a system which has been here for a long time, with very powerful, wealthy people of course, running with something called an economy, across the world, who can rise a nation up to the top or sink it if they want to.  They’ve done that on and off down through the centuries, and empires as well.  And you’re simply going through the stages of the big shake-up towards the global empire, as they finish off the last few, they’re tidying up really the last few places that aren’t quite under their wings yet, and they’re using military force.  They’re using food as a weapon in some countries, and other techniques to make it all happen.  You live in a planned society, a planned world society. 


And so, hopefully, you’ll help yourself to the audios, as I say.  There’s hundreds to choose from.  And you can also get transcripts of a lot of the talks I’ve given on all the sites, on the .com site there, cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  You’ll see all those sites listed.  They all carry transcripts in English.  And you can also get into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu, for transcripts in other languages.  So, help yourself to those.


Remember too, you’re the audience who bring me to you, so help me just tick by here, and keep trickling on, you might say, until it’s all over of course, which it will come, eventually, as we go on to the next stages of the big global society, which must by its very structure be authoritarian and tyrannical initially to bring it all under and reshape us into the new society.  That will definitely come.  So, buy the books and discs I have for sale.  From the US to Canada, you can use a personal check to Canada, and you can also use an international postal money order from your post office.  You can use PayPal to order.  Use the donation button you’ll see, follow it with an email with your name, address, and order, and I’ll get it out to you.  Remember too, straight donations are certainly, certainly welcome.  And across the world, you’ve got Western Union, Money Gram, again, and PayPal to order.  Use the donation button, followed by an email, name, address, and order.


And this system, again, you’re born into it.  Every generation is born into the system and they think it’s quite natural because their parents accept it.  The parents don’t think there’s anything wrong with it.  They just see things happening as they go through their lives, as you yourself eventually do as well with big things happening, which you’re given simplistic answers for according to the media, and of course you never, ever clue in generally, that there’s a big long-term business plan on the go, and the part that you play in your own lifetime is a tiny little part, all designed to go in a certain direction to bring in this big world society of Communitarianism, an authorized, planned society, which eventually will be very rigorous in its authoritarian regimes that rule over it.  There’s so many systems already set up to deal with it and bring it in.  In fact, they’re training us right now, and they’re training the children, who will go a lot further in what they’ll accept in the totalitarian way than we would ourselves.  They always go for the children to make sure they get it first.  And they don’t mind going through scanners.  They get trained at school, fingerprinted and ID-ed for their dinners and so on.  And they’ll go through all the rest of it without much hassle.  Back with more, after this break. 


Hi folks, we’re back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  As I say, this big system you’re born into is so complex, because you could spend many lifetimes just going over the information which they themselves make available even today with the internet.  And you would get gray in each lifetime before you got halfway through any of them, because there’s so many, there’s thousands of organizations out there, and hundreds and hundreds of major foundations, running a parallel government, basically, where they hire NGOs and lobbyists to get what they want, and they’re tied in with big, big, big banking.  They’re tied in with guys like the Rockefellers, who go way back towards the same group really to help start it up for America.  Actually they were there before Rockefeller came along in the US actually, but he took over.  And their idea in this little club was to take over the world and its resources and eventually run it, like a form of, they call it a sort of beneficent dictatorship, you might say.  They see themselves as being beneficent towards societies.  And they know better how you should live.  And you’re too silly and stupid and not evolved enough to do it all yourself, you see.  So, they decide that you need experts to run the world and run your own lives in fact, for you, and tell you what to do and so on. 


This is not a new concept.  This is an old thing going back to the old societies, even from the 1700s and 1800s.  And you’ll find they had Utopias planned.  You’ll find the ones they tried in the United States, quite a few of them in fact, many of them being financed from London, England.  And you can also find that they tried it on smaller scales, even Voltaire tried it at one time.  He tried it over a certain area that he took over, with workers and people who lived there, and they had to come to him in fact, to ask if they could get married.  And he would say yes or no according to how he saw the two to be.  That kind of thing.  They call themselves benefactors of all things.  And they made sure it was like a factory town system, where everyone was employed under this guy who owned it. 


Ford tried this same thing, by the way, with his car companies.  He knew every member who worked for his corporation, right down to the bottom level.  And when there was something happening in a domestic dispute, he would go to the worker’s home and get involved right there on the spot and put both of them straight, basically.  And that’s how he ran it too.  A very old idea. 


But from these particular people, of course, they also had a big, global club.  And a very old club, centuries old, and they planned, as I say, to not only take over the wealth of the world, but the resources too, and they eventually would set up organizations, which would distribute it to the people, while they themselves, of course, would keep the power by having the ownership titles of all the resources basically.  And so, they formed the Royal Institute of International Affairs, for Britain, and they Council on Foreign Relations for the US, and they had a Canadian Branch, an Australian Branch, a New Zealand Branch, one in India, it’s still there, and a few other ones too, across the world, as fronts, basically, that would eventually go under a world government.  They set up the United Nations, as they had the League of Nations before them.  And people tend to think of the United Nations as some guys, through all the propaganda they’ve given out, some guys that just walk around giving blankets and food to people, and there’s nothing further from the truth.  It was set up to basically through treaties and binding treaties to become the boss over countries, which is actually happening.  They can actually fine countries now, just like the EU.  In fact, the EU is still subservient to the United Nations. 


So, they wanted trading blocs in the world, a United Africas.  They wanted a United Europe, and a United Americas, just like Karl Marx did before, because he wrote about it a long time before.  Same agenda, and it has a Socialist flavor in that people at the bottom think they’re going to get something back from all the cash they pay into it through taxes and so on.  In reality at the top it’s more of a fascism, where experts and so on, and the better class decide that they will rule your lives for you, but definitely run by a communistic type government.  And it will get more and more ridiculous as they unfold their plans to the people and the countries, and so on. 


For instance, in Europe now, and in France and other countries, you get massive fines.  Your country gets fined if you fail to comply or keep up with certain quotas they give you for whatever, from the European Union, the big Soviet guys that run them now.  And they comply with this.  Now, who pays that?  It’s the taxpayers who pay for it all.  They’re getting nothing back.  They’re getting screwed into the ground with every massive fine that’s brought out.  And I’ll touch on that later on tonight. 


You’ve got to understand, as I say, the media, again, was brought on board.  I’ve gone through some of the history of when the Rockefellers, the Goulds, and the Morgans got together to do studies.  They paid think tanks to do studies to find out how many newspapers in the US for instance they’d have to buy up to make sure that the media all gave the same spin on the same stories at the same time, thus forming public opinion.  And I think they came to the conclusion that 22 would be enough, and now it’s even better, because everyone is getting it from Reuters and AP, which is really one company owned by the Rothschilds.  So you’re all getting the same spin, same news and so on.  Every one is in the pockets of the same characters, and it’s hard to find the truth on anything. 


When it comes to war, they can always drum up the reasons for war, even though it doesn’t seem logical to most people who are thinkers.  Many people truly are not thinkers.  They do believe the media tells them the truth.  And they go along with anything.  The few thinkers that are out there are often surprised even, when a year or two years later, even more, they’ll announce the truth about why they went to war, but it doesn’t matter by then.  You see, they’ve already achieved their goals.  The whole intent in war is to get into the country, take over its resources, and then they’ll say, well, we can’t pull out now, because there’s no active government left.  There’s no this, there’s no that. We’ve destroyed it all.  We have to stay here and rebuild.  That’s their typical strategy that you get told.  So, there’s an article out, of course, and you’ve probably seen it already.  It’s from the Independent.  It’s been in all the newspapers.  It says:


Plans to exploit Iraq's oil reserves were discussed by government ministers (Alan: that’s politicians) and the world's largest oil companies the year before Britain took a leading role in invading Iraq…


(A: And I’ve already mentioned this link earlier on in the week.  It says:)


The papers, revealed here for the first time, raise new questions over Britain's involvement in the war, which had divided Tony Blair's cabinet and was voted through only after his claims that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction.


(A: We all remember that, at least.  It says:)


The minutes of a series of meetings between ministers and senior oil executives are at odds with the public denials of self-interest from oil companies and Western governments at the time.


The documents were not offered as evidence


(A: Of course, this is what they do too.  You think nothing is rigged?  These are all the same.)


in the ongoing Chilcot Inquiry into the UK's involvement in the Iraq war. (A: They kept this back.) In March 2003, just before Britain went to war, Shell denounced reports that it had held talks with Downing Street about Iraqi oil as "highly inaccurate". BP denied that it had any "strategic interest" in Iraq, while Tony Blair described "the oil conspiracy theory" as "the most absurd".


(A: Like the good little psychopath he is.)


But documents from October and November the previous year paint a very different picture.


Five months before the March 2003 invasion, Baroness Symons, then the Trade Minister, told BP that the Government believed British energy firms should be given a share of Iraq's enormous oil and gas reserves as a reward for Tony Blair's military commitment to US plans for regime change.


(A: And by the way, that’s why he ended up getting all that cash given to him after he left office.  These are all kickbacks.  It says:)


The papers show that Lady Symons agreed to lobby the Bush administration on BP's behalf because the oil giant feared it was being "locked out" of deals that Washington was quietly striking with US, French and Russian governments and their energy firms.


(A: Same thing that has happened already before they went into Libya.)


Minutes of a meeting with BP, Shell and BG (formerly British Gas) on 31 October 2002 read: "Baroness Symons agreed that it would be difficult to justify British companies losing out in Iraq in that way if the UK had itself been a conspicuous supporter of the US government throughout the crisis." 


The Foreign Office invited BP in on 6 November 2002 to talk about opportunities in Iraq "post regime change".


(A: So, it’s all done, everything that you hear on the news is done in advance.  All the deals are made in advance.  Everything.  It says:)


Its minutes state: "Iraq is the big oil prospect. BP is desperate to get in there and anxious that political deals should not deny them the opportunity."


(A: So, you know, to the victors the spoils, before they’ve even invaded.)


After another meeting, this one in October 2002, the Foreign Office's Middle East director at the time, Edward Chaplin, noted: "Shell and BP could not afford not to have a stake in [Iraq] for the sake of their long-term future... We were determined to get a fair slice of the action for UK companies in a post-Saddam Iraq."


Whereas BP was insisting in public that it had "no strategic interest" in Iraq, in private it told the Foreign Office that Iraq was "more important than anything we've seen for a long time".


(A: Not bad when you get it free too, eh?  Well, actually paid for by the taxpayer and the lives that it cost too.)


BP was concerned that if Washington allowed TotalFinaElf's existing contact with Saddam Hussein to stand after the invasion it would make the French conglomerate the world's leading oil company. BP told the Government it was willing to take "big risks" to get a share of the Iraqi reserves, the second largest in the world.


Over 1,000 documents were obtained under Freedom of Information over five years by the oil campaigner Greg Muttitt. They reveal that at least five meetings were held between civil servants, ministers and BP and Shell in late 2002.


The 20-year contracts signed in the wake of the invasion (A: There you go, they made it all in advance for 20-year contracts) were the largest in the history of the oil industry. They covered half of Iraq's reserves – 60 billion barrels of oil, bought up by companies such as BP and CNPC (China National Petroleum Company), whose joint consortium alone stands to make £403m ($658m) profit per year from the Rumaila field in southern Iraq.


Last week, Iraq raised its oil output to the highest level for almost decade, 2.7 million barrels a day – seen as especially important at the moment given the regional volatility and loss of Libyan output.


It doesn’t stop the gasoline from going up and up and up though, does it?  You know, we’re screwed one way and screwed the other, but it’s all planned that way.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  It’s quite astonishing really, it’s always astonishing really, when you see that after these big things happen, big wars are caused, and we find out what happens years afterwards, of course.  We always suspected what was really going on, regardless of the denials from governments and such.  It’s amazing that most folk don’t really care after the event.  And that’s an odd thing with humanity.  They don’t really care.  They’ve been taught already, in fact, that past news is of no significance to them at all, and then they’re all getting up and cheering on Color Revolutions, that they think are spontaneous uprisings from disaffected peoples across the world, never realizing it’s the same game going on today, and the big boys come in and they benefit, because no one else will benefit, believe you me.  They’ve got everything marked out: what they want, how they’re going to rule the countries, the puppet governments they shall replace them with, and so on, and so on.  It gets rather disgusting, but that’s how folk are. 


You know, most folk today can’t even remember that Japan.  They remember the tsunami, because they all watched it on google and went, “Oooh, awhh, look at that wave.  Oooh.”  Just like the movies, you see.  And after, of course, the media stopped talking about radiation, then it was gone, it was deleted from their memory banks, and that unfortunately is what happens when people are perfectly indoctrinated, and they’re domesticated.  By domesticated, I mean perfectly indoctrinated.  They’re trusting.  They trust everything they’re told.  And they see no reason to be suspicious of anything.  And they’re quite content with their state. 


Now, I’ve talked too about this new system that brings on more and more scientists.  A lot of government work now is just farmed out to private corporations and think tanks, etc, etc.  They’ve also started to bring the scientists on board.  They call them, quite openly, they call them czars, because it’s a nice Soviet term.  And it says in this article here from The Daily Caller:


In marked contrast to vows as a candidate not to use presidential signing statements as “an end run around Congress,” President Obama released a statement on the just-signed spending bill saying despite the law’s restrictions on “czars,” he will “construe” the law not to interfere with “presidential prerogatives.”


(A: That’s a nice way of saying that he’ll alter and wangle it round.)


The move is an aggressive power play by Obama to gain an added advantage from the deal struck a week ago between the president, Republican House Speaker John Boehner and Democratic Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to narrowly avert government shutdown.


The legislation prohibits government money being spent on four Obama “czars,” newly created positions with far-reaching sway over federal agencies but facing no confirmation vote in the Senate.


(A: Or anybody’s vote for that matter.)


However, some of the czars banned in the bill have already stepped down, and it is unclear whether replacements will be appointed.


(A: Well, you can guarantee they will be appointed because it’s happening across the world in every other country, too.)


Obama in his signing statement says the provision in the legislation prohibiting funding for the salaries of the four czars runs afoul of the president’s “well-established authority to supervise and oversee the executive branch, and to obtain advice in furtherance of this supervisory authority.”


The signing statement vaguely refers to a constitutional line that might have been crossed.


“Legislative efforts that significantly impede the President’s ability to exercise his supervisory and coordinating authorities or to obtain the views of the appropriate senior advisers violate the separation of powers by undermining the President’s ability to exercise his constitutional responsibilities and take care that the laws be faithfully executed,” the statement says.


So anyway, they prattle on about the pros and cons, and he’ll get his way, of course, because they’ve got to have these czars on board, across the world, just like every established prostituting newspaper out there has to have an environmental czar on board as well.  That’s some petty little journalist that could never make a living doing any real journalism, since mainly what they do is just hand out stuff and re-parrot the stuff from the United Nations. 


We’re not living under a democracy any more than the countries that we’re supposedly pushing it on in the Middle East will get democracy either.  It’s never really existed.  It’s a nice idea, but it will never happen, unless the public themselves truly have governments that work for them, not the other way around.


In Japan, of course, as I say, when the media stops talking about something it’s like it never happened.  And that’s all you need for most folk today, because they are perfectly conditioned.  And it’s interesting, as I say, that they pulled all the major websites down, the official websites from different governments, and monitoring stations that were giving us the different levels of Iodine, Cesium, and Plutonium and all the rest of it, were all pulled down, one after another, each time we put them up, and now you can’t get access to any real data at all, except a little bit of what’s happening in Japan.  And luckily, some of us have saved all the different sites when they had the radiation coming over the Americas.  It’s still coming over, because the things are still smoking and steaming away, by the way.  And the media is not going to talk about it.  We’re not supposed to know.  Why worry the children?  That’s their attitude at the top.  And they want you to concentrate on other things.  And they also want you to keep working and don’t panic, because if folk really knew what was happening, they might start thinking and not go to work and stuff like that, stop buying stuff, and the economy would fall flat on its face.  So they’re going to work you to the end.  And you’re going to see, and I’m not saying this because I like saying it, it’s just a fact, with the amount of radiation that’s being released here, and still going on.  And they say it will keep going for at least ten months, they say, before they can do anything, and up to the year 2015, before they even attempt to encase or bury this stuff, that’s smoking and steaming away into the atmosphere, maybe five or six kilometers high and then blowing across to the Americas.  They won’t be encasing it until the year 2015, maybe.  That’s reassuring, eh?  Now they’ve got radioactive iodine found in the breast milk of the Japanese mothers.  Well, you’ll find it here too, unfortunately.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back, Cutting Through the Matrix, and going through some of the media, but then again, adding to it and so on.  And this one here is an article that’s about the radioactive iodine now in mother’s breast milk in Japan.  And of course, it will be elsewhere, wherever this stuff is blown as well, because we were getting massive doses coming across the Americas and Canada before the sites were actually pulled down.  I’ve kept as many as I could here, in fact, the different graphs showing the different levels of Cesium and so on.  And the very reason that they pulled them from the public’s view is obviously because it’s so high that they don’t want us to know.  Simple as that.  We’re supposed to be happy, buy, spend, work, and so on.  Obvious.  It says here:


The government faced calls for a full investigation into the impact of the nuclear disaster on mothers and babies following the discovery.


The radiation contamination came to light after tests were conducted on breast milk samples taken from nine women living northeast or east of Tokyo.


Four of these women were found to be contaminated, with the highest reading of 36.3 becquerels of radioactive iodine per kg detected in the milk of the mother of an eight-month-old baby in Kashiwa, Chiba prefecture.


There are no current legal safety levels for radioactive substances in breast milk…


(A: Like they don’t know.  You know how many tests they’ve done even before the atom bomb in World War II, and they tested it on individuals to find everything that could happen with all kinds of radiation.  They’ve all been done.  They know all this stuff.  Anyway, it says:)


There are no current legal safety levels for radioactive substances in breast milk as set by the Nuclear Safety Commission of Japan.


However, the breast milk readings were below the safety limit of 100 becquerels per kg of tap water consumption by infants under one year of age and no radioactive cesium was found.


Well, I don’t really believe any of that, because they upped all the safety limits.  And now, if you’ve got a safety limit, an old safety limit, that meant anything above the safety limit was obviously dangerous.  And we know that all levels are dangerous, but especially for infants as they’re growing, because their cells are constantly splitting so quickly and dividing and multiplying.  That’s when you get the deviant cells coming out, and you know where all that leads.  So, but that’s the kind of little bits they give you about it.  And no one is really hunting for information.  The press has been told to ignore it, and sure enough, the public will ignore it too.  They’ll remember something in a year or two’s time, kind of vaguely, about a big wave coming in, because that’s what awes them, basically.  They like that kind of stuff, just like the movies. 


It’s just like that movie, Deep Impact that they showed too.  Predictive programming.  It even taught you in the movie, too, how they would eventually draw straws or lottos for a few folk at the end, who would be lucky enough to be saved in the underground establishment.  They also told you that all the elite ones, that were really important for a future society, would all get free seats right away, of course.  You at the bottom would get a lotto.  Isn’t that nice?  And that stuff is actually taken from various scenarios they’ve already worked out in advance from years ago. 


And this Soviet EU, of course, that’s not happy enough with Britain and the poor status it’s come to with massive taxations and so on, and bankruptcies and bailing out bankers, like America and Canada, it says:


The last straw for British taxpayers: £400 per family demanded by EU (A: Economic Union Soviet system)


Downing Street reacted with fury last night after Eurocrats demanded an inflation-busting budget increase which would saddle British taxpayers with a £10billion EU bill - the equivalent of £400 per household - for the first time.


(A: That’s on top of all the other.  I don’t know how they live over there now.  I really don’t.)


The European Commission ignored David Cameron’s demands for belt-tightening and demanded a 4.9 per cent budget bump.


(A: Uhh.  How do you people put up with this?  I can remember when they put out all this stuff.  Oh, you’ve got to join the EU.  You’ll be left behind.  You’ll all be left behind.  All the benefits you’re going to get out of it.)


While the Government is making cuts at home, British taxpayers will be told to pay an extra £682million to Brussels, where the annual cost of Eurocrats will soar by £5.5billion to £117billion a year.


Well, there’s a jump for you, eh?  From £5.5billion to £117billion a year for the Eurocrats?  I guess that’s for all the big parties and prostitution things that they all engage in all the time now.  You understand, we’re not in any kind of democracy, but the EU definitely was never set up to be a democracy.  Never, never.  Even ex-Communists have come out, or people from ex-Communist countries, the heads of some of these countries saying that this is actually more Soviet than the Soviet Union, and they’re quite right about it. 


Another article I want to touch on, and I don’t like touching on it, even, because I’ve mentioned the mobile phones so many times, and mentioned that anyone who uses them is a stupid fool, because I’ve read articles over the years where the big boys have told you they’re monitoring, tracking you, and tracing you and all the rest of it, but folk just can’t put them down.  They’ve just got to get them.  Now they’re all up in arms again when you get the new latest articles to do with they’re not only tracking and tracing you, they’re storing your records in the phone, for a hundred weeks or so many years or whatever.  And the cops can access it at any time.  Well, didn’t you suspect that?  Didn’t you suspect that stuff?  I mean, you’ve already heard all the other warnings.  The whole point is to bring in a controlled society where everyone is predictable.  They must make sure you are predictable. You are going where you normally go on that particular day.  You’re talking to who you normally talk to.  You talk to someone different, they want to know why.  And they put that information into their little virtual reality “you” they have set up in their big computers, where they actually do scenarios and put you through tests in your virtual world, to see how you’d react in different situations.  It’s there for you to help them. It’s not there so as you can yap all day and text each other.  So, I’ll put up the link tonight from the guys who discovered it, and to tell you how they found out, that they had this extra capacity as well of storing all the data for about a year or so in that tiny little thing.  Folk won’t give them up anyway.  They’ll forget this quick enough, and get used to the fact they’re being even more than just monitored and triangulated and tracked, and they’ll carry on, because that’s how most folk are. 


And also, in this article here in Britain:


Phone workers facing the axe (A: Meaning, getting fired, are:) told: 'You can move to the Philippines... and it includes a RICE allowance'


(A: No kidding, eh?  Actually, you might be better off taking that than staying in Britain, the way it’s going.  It says:)


Workers facing the axe at a mobile phone company have been offered alternative employment in the Philippines.


Staff at the Orange customer service centre in Darlington, County Durham, say they were even given details of a 'rice allowance' they could claim as part of the 'transfer' package to work for IBM in Manila.


Orange, which last year merged with T-Mobile to create Everything Everywhere, recently confirmed that 40 staff would be affected by plans to outsource some work abroad.


(A: Anyway, it says here:)


The Darlington jobs are being moved to the firm's service partner, IBM, based 7,000 miles away in the Philippines.


Staff were told they could move to the new customer services hub in the Far-Eastern country. They were also offered alternative roles elsewhere in Britain.


(A: If they can move, eh?)


So far, a small number of staff have accepted severance packages, while others have moved jobs.


I don’t think it’s a bad idea, moving to the Philippines.  At least you’d get rice, and maybe you won’t get taxed the same way, as well, and put up with the awful frustration of just bad news and more taxes every week.  Who knows?


And an article from the Herald Sun, Australia.  It says:


A PROPOSAL to require food labeling of even tiny quantities of genetically-modified (GM) ingredients would result in all foods being labeled as possibly containing GM material, an industry body says.


Matthew Cossey, chief executive of the pro-GM plant science organization CropLife, said companies would do that to limit liability for possibly breaching labeling laws.


He said testing was sufficiently advanced to show up even tiny quantities of GM material in food.


"I would think you would nearly get to the safe position that they simply put on the label on everything that this may contain GM material to ensure that they don't expose themselves to any action," he told a parliamentary committee.


(A: In other words, everything, all food is contaminated, and so they’d have to label everything, just in case.  And it says:)


Greens' senator Rachel Siewert suggested this was an admission that GM material was right through the food supply chain.


"That's what you are arguing," she said.


Mr Cossey agreed, but he added that GM material hadn't entered the food supply chain until it was proven to be safe.


And there’s so much stacks of stuff on the fact that it causes tumors in rats in their stomachs and intestines and other mammals too.  And then of course, it’s goes up to us and we’re also a bigger mammal, that’s all.  So anyway, everything is pretty well contaminated by the looks of it.  And to be honest with you too, when they announced in Canada that Canada had been eating this stuff for ten years as the guinea pigs for the world, that was years ago, and it only broke out because Tony Blair was deciding to try to bring it into Britain and the British were complaining, and one NGO mentioned the fact that Canada had already been eating the stuff for ten years.  No one had told the Canadians, eh.  No one had bothered to tell the Canadians.  And then, of course, they came out with an admission after this happened, and the Canadian government admitted it made secret agreements for ten years with Monsanto and some other company, to test it on Canadians.  And then the National Health Service would monitor our health, and of course wouldn’t tell us the results either. 


And most folk in Canada didn’t care.  It’s astonishing, because a few years after that, I went into one of the biggest grocery chains they had there, it’s called Zehr’s, where you need roller skates to get around the place.  And I asked the manager, what was Organic and what was Non-GM vegetables, and he literally said, and he was honest, you could tell by his face, he was stunned.  He says, well to be honest with you, you’re the first person that’s ever asked that.  He says, I don’t know myself.    And that tells you how people are, doesn’t it?  It says an awful lot about people, because they all saw the same news as I did.  It was in the same newspapers.  And one article too I want to put up tonight is from Watts Up With That?, who does the climate science and disproves a lot of the bogus stuff they’re always on about.  And it says here:


The UN ‘disappears’ 50 million climate refugees, then botches the cover-up


Oh boy, government idiocy at its finest. Not only is the original claim bogus, the attempts to disappear it are hilariously inept. Apparently, they’ve never heard of Google Cache at the UN. Rather than simply saying “we were wrong,” they’ve now brought even more distrust onto the UN.


On April 11th, Gavin Atkins of Asian Correspondent asked this simple question: What happened to the climate refugees?


(A: Because in 2005 it was all over the newspapers, it was going to be 50 million climate refugees in a few years time.  And it says:)


In 2005, the United Nations Environment Programme predicted that climate change would create 50 million climate refugees by 2010. These people, it was said, would flee a range of disasters including sea level rise, increases in the numbers and severity of hurricanes, and disruption to food production.


The UNEP even provided a handy map. The map shows us the places most at risk including the very sensitive low lying islands of the Pacific and Caribbean.


He shows you too, what they said about their populations going to skyrocket in the Caribbean.  And he shows you the Census figures of what they actually are.  He also manages to show you the cache from Google of the map which the UN pulled off, by the way, after it was mentioned in the press, recently.  They pulled off the map but they forget that there’s another part of Google that you’ve got to go in for the better map.  They keep that stored.  Of course, they didn’t know that at the United Nations.  So, he’s managed to give you links to all that here, and you can see it all for yourself.  They’re always giving us scary scenarios, eh, to get what they want.  That’s what they say in their own writings, we must give the public scary scenarios, or they won’t listen to us.  The only refugees we’re getting now are economic refugees, and lots of refugees from all the wars across the various countries that we’re at war with right now.  Which is pretty standard.


Now, there’s callers there.  There’s Luke from Vermont on the phones.  Are you there, Luke?


Luke: Yeah, I am.  Thanks for taking my call.  So, back in high school, I’ll just tell a quick story, I was in psychology, and the teacher started talking about binary beats, for anxiety.  And just a little glimpse into my mindset back then, I was always talking about how we need to reduce the world’s population, because I was up to my eyeballs in propaganda, as I now know.  So, I was all over this binary beat stuff.  Well, now, a couple of days ago, I was playing X-Box Connect, and I was playing this game and at the same time, I was grazing on the Alex Jones Show, with my iPhone, which was in the corner of the room.  And the signal cut out.  And he was talking about the Police State, and I was debating in my head, about how serious this Police State is, because my dad says, there’s nothing to worry about.  And he says that me worrying about the New World Order is just me being a scaredy cat, and there’s nothing to be concerned with.  But, I’m debating this in my head.  And right for about ten minutes, the signal from Alex Jones was cut off.  And right as I allow myself to sort of see it his way, and say, oh, well yeah, he’s probably right.  That moment, when my thought process went there, his signal came back on, and binary beats for sure, binary beats I’m sure it was, started pumping out of the X-Box and I could hear it in the whole room.  And it’s just this low like thumping.  I don’t know if I’m being ultra aware here.  I’m just trying to put that out there, because I heard you talking about X-Boxes and it connects mood things with it, you know.


Alan: There’s no doubt about it.  Google have put up articles.  I’ve gotten them stored here too, articles over the years, where they’ve admitted that while they were working on a helmet even, that would literally stroke your brain, as they called it, and pulse different parts of your brain, so you could interact with a computer in games, they also admitted they had one at the same time they were working on, where the frame of your screen would be basically the antenna that would beam the stuff right to you.  You wouldn’t even need a helmet.  And I think they’re way, way, way beyond that to be honest with you too, looking at some of the stuff from Russia they were testing out even back in the early 70s.  They’re way beyond anything that they’re actually telling you.  And just like you find out later on, there’s different little chips put in your cell phones and all the rest of it, to store all your data for them to use, not you, then of course, they’re going to do the same with games and everything in any computer you buy now, too, that they’ll never tell you what it’s really all about.  It took them fifteen years to admit that laptop computers, they tune in every so often to hear what you’re saying.  They simply turn the mike on.  And they’ve been doing it with thousands, maybe millions of people, unbeknownst to themselves that it’s even happening.  It’s the same with everything.  You’ve got to understand that everything that comes out electronically today is part of the military-industrial complex that does go along with all the government’s demands to embed chips for their own access.  They must be able to access everything that you are doing, from all electronics, right down to the Smart Meter that literally detects what you’re using and how much you’re using it for and so on.  Hold on.  I’ll come back, after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back, and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix.  And it’s not far-fetched at all.  They have enough movies out now, showing you stuff that they’ve probably had for many, many years, also predictive programming too, to get you used to being monitored and watched.  That’s all part of what the movies are about as well, showing you how far they are with so much of this stuff.  Of course, literally the old idea of reading the mind, that’s come out with the Royal Society recently.  I touched on the article the other day there, gave the website too.  It’s on cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  If you look into there, they’re talking about all the things on how it’s going to totally change society, and even down to the legal stage, where they’d be able to predict if you’ve got a bad motive before you do something.  Now, that’s remotely.  That’s passing all these gadgets and embedded chips that are going to be all over the place and interacting with each other.  The internet of things they like to call it.  And they’ve already got this stuff up and pretty well running, and they’re going to go a lot further with it too.  It’s going to change all of society, they said, and the way we behave, because we’ll know our thoughts are being monitored down the road and our intentions.  So, it’s not farfetched, whatsoever, as to what has been actually happening today. 


Now, we’ll go to David in the UK if he’s still there.  Hello, David.


David: Hello?


Alan: Yes, David. 


David: Hi.  How are you?


Alan: Not too bad, yeah.


David: Hanging in there?


Alan: Yep.  Hanging in.  Hanging on.


David: I wanted to know, you were talking about the Philippines and the agenda.  That’s Jacques Attali, right?  That’s, you know, Jacques Attali wrote about the future Americans, but he really means the industrialized world, I see now.


Alan: That’s right.  They’ll be leaving in boats.  The next boat people will be the people in the West going to the East, looking for work.


David: Yeah, that’s already going on now.


Alan: And it has been for some years. 


David: It has, yeah.  And I don’t know, is that basically, you know, I think of it in the context they’re re-wilding everything.


Alan: You’re right.  They’re re-wilding. 


David: And people over into the new Dharavis, if you know what I’m saying, the new cities of the world that they want to create.


Alan: That’s right.  If you were to check out how many people had already moved to China for instance, and other countries, teaching English or whatever they can teach, whatsoever, or whatever they can do.  They’ve already been doing it for many years now, and lots of them contact me in fact, and they’re glad to have left the old countries that are just going down the tubes.  So, it’s been happening.  And what they’ll do with the rest of them, that can’t get out, I think Attali and others have mentioned, they’ll take the crème-de-la-crème, those with the highest university qualifications, but the ones who are left behind will simply get corralled in, I think.  And eventually, you’ll simply die off of one thing or another, as we all go down the tubes, that’s how I see it. 


David: It’s like in Japan.  Every time I think about the agenda in Britain, I think of Japan, because their population is just collapsed.  It’s just, it’s a mess.  You know, but it’s because of, you know, the Nazis said, it doesn’t matter whether you live in a democracy, a republic, or a parliamentary system, it’s the leaders, the decision of the leaders. And a long time ago, in the 19th century, the Emperors of Japan, they decided to destroy Japan off.  Like you can see that in the film, The Last Samurai


Alan: Modern Japan was created during World War II.  In 1942, they came up with the plans of a post-war Japan that would lead the world in electronics, but only for a certain amount of time.  And you’re quite right.  And now they no longer hold the American debt.  It’s now China holding it.  They don’t need them anymore. You’re quite right.  Thanks for calling.  That’s the end of the talk.  So, from Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your god or your gods go with you. 



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