April 22nd, 2011 (#817)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 22nd, 2011:

Austerity Measures Make Bankers' Treasures:

"From Here on Out You'll Never Relax,
For Government's Churning Out Tax Upon Tax,
Once on the Books, Before, the Ink Dries,
It's Jacked Up Again, Big Surprise,
They've All these Plans as We Go Global,
They Need the Cash with Elastic Total,
Under Wealth Redistribution and No Consultation,
We'll See More Corporate Welfare and Depopulation,
For "The Fittest" Must Survive, the Lesser Perish,
Not Pleasant for Peasants the Elite don't Cherish"
© Alan Watt April 22nd, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė April 22nd, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on April the 22nd, 2011.  Newcomers, I always suggest that you look into the website, cuttingthroughthematrix.com and help yourself to the audios.  Thereís hundreds to choose from, where I try to show you shortcuts, or give you shortcuts at least to the big picture of this system which runs this world that youíre born into.  And it shows you how you accept so much which has already been planned for you, socially, culturally, and even behavior modification, which is all planned out long even before you were even born, how they would bring out generations from one step to the next step to the next step to the present debased step we have today.  And we really are truly debased, and we donít know it, of course, most of them.  I show you how itís done, the organizations involved, academia, the funding for academia from government, and from big foundations, all interlocked together in a global system for a planned society.  And weíre all products of it, really.  And of course, with the electronic age weíre in today, weíre all under massive surveillance, every single one of us.  It doesnít matter if youíre quite average, and you donít get involved in anything at all, youíre of vital importance to those who want to have everyone predictable.  Thatís what itís all about, predicting how you will behave in any situation.  Where you are at all times, and what youíre chatting about.  And of course, if youíre chatting about what the media gives you to chat about, youíre generally pretty well safe. 


And remember too, when you go into that site, thereís transcripts too, youíll find at cuttingthroughthematrix.com in English, of a lot of the talks for print-up.  And you take your pick from those.  And go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu and youíll find a bunch of transcripts too, in other languages to choose from for print-up as well.  Pass them around to your friends. 


And remember too, youíre the audience that bring me to you, so you can help me just trickle along here by buying the books and discs that I have for sale.  And youíll find how to do it, at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Thereís a price list there.  And you can order, remember, from the US to Canada with a personal check or an international postal money order from your post office.  You can also use cash.  And you can also use PayPal.  If you want to order through PayPal, just use the donation button, and then follow it with an email with your name, address, and order, and Iíll get it right out to you.  Across the rest of the world, same idea, youíve got Western Union, Money Gram, and PayPal to order using the donation button.  And also, too, remember straight donations are certainly, absolutely, certainly appreciated, because money is in short supply, as you all out there Iím sure know too, as inflation really goes up and up and up.  And we have a whole bunch of new taxes to come in too, with carbon taxes and so on coming shortly. 


So, as I say, if you want to hear this stuff, you can help me to keep it going.  Because I donít just give you scattergun or shotgun news which leaves you quivering with a hundred topics, of them all coming to get you from different directions at once.  I try to stay a bit focused when I can, and just show you whatís really important and not even so important.  I show you the techniques of control, including what the media gives you to terrify you, because weíre really kept on our toes by fear and uncertainty, and thatís what the media is about.  Theyíre part, of course, of the control mechanism for government.  And government depends on media; media is an essential arm of government, and itís an essential arm of the big system which rules over government, and that is not by any people.  Itís definitely not by the electorate. Itís by the military-industrial boys, the banking boys, all tied together, a big conglomerate of fat-cheeked chubby guys, who all go to the same types of schools.  They all know each other.  I can remember Thatcher talking about subsidizing private schools, the big ones, the really big ones, the Ivy League ones.  And she said, thatís where our future leaders come from.  Not from the red brick ones, and therefore weíve got to subsidize them, because these guys will be the future leaders and they must know and meet their own generation and bond with them at school.  So, thatís why we subsidize them.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And weíre going into a system now of austerity as they call it, austerity, which means, it was a long, long plan in the making of course, to bring us down to almost a third world country and give some of the third world countries your cash, and thatís whatís called the redistribution of wealth, which Karl Marx talked about in the 1800s.  This is the same system on the go.  Marx was backed up by the same banking boys and so on.  They always knew where they were going to take the 20th and then 21st century, and I have no doubt beyond that too.  And so, youíre going into a system where the cash that was your superfluous cash, the cash you would spend on little goodies to please yourself, little rewards for working all month, or week, or whatever, youíd spend it instead on fees and taxes and bare essentials.  Thatís the system youíre coming into, because they call it the post-consumerist system where we wonít have all these junky toys from China that keep breaking anyway.  Thatís why you keep replacing them, obviously.  And you wonít have it at all.  Youíll have to make due with what youíve got, get lots of superglue and stuff like that, and youíll eat very modestly. 


In fact, your food choices will definitely be limited because theyíre going to bring in a vegetarian society where youíre stuck with Monsanto and other boysí GM food, lashed and soaked with pesticides, to make sure that the population comes down at the right speed and equally.  They like equality in that case, in the masses, anyway.  It will be equally distributed with all the cancers, as it already is already in fact.  But what I try to show you in this talk, in the broadcast, is how things really are planned so far, far ahead.  And how youíre played at the time as though it was something new by the media, and that means theyíre really doing their job.  Thatís what theyíre there for.  Theyíre not there to bring you up-to-the-minute reality, theyíre there to bring you up-to-the-minute non-reality or spin, or however they want to leave it with you.  You will get the proper impression from the experts in the media, and that will become your opinion. 


Hereís a little article as an example here, and itís from CBC.  Itís the Communist Broadcasting Corporation owned by the government of Canada.  And it says here:


Analysis: Should Canada have a cap-and-trade system?


(Alan: Now the very name itself, you see, is meant to throw the public off.  When they see something like that, they wonít read any further, without little pictures and stuff like that, or cartoons, something they can follow easily, quickly.  But to read something like this, it sounds silly and complicated, which of course it is.  At the beginning of the story, it says:)


Three out of four parties in the House of Commons (A: Thatís like their Congress here) support introducing a cap-and-trade system to control carbon emissions. But very few Canadians understand how such a system would work and some provincial leaders think it is just an excuse for the federal government to tax their energy industries.


(A: Well, itís to go further than that.  Itís to go down to personal taxation levels, and Iíve already gone through some of that on previous talks.)


In its simplest form, cap-and-trade is a market-based system where the government puts a cap on the total amount of pollution industry is allowed to emit. Each company would receive permits for how much pollution it could produce. If a company produced less than its limit, it could sell ó or trade ó permits to other companies that have gone over their limit.


Cap-and-trade is not an untested ó nor unsuccessful ó system of reducing emissions. The United States introduced a cap and trade system as part of the Clean Air Act amendments of 1990. It aimed to control industrial emissions that cause acid rain. (A: Thatís all gone now.  Now itís just raining down plutonium and cesium.)  According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, "The Acid Rain Program introduces an allowance trading system that harnesses the incentives of the free market to reduce pollution."


(A: All they do is trade this carbon, this bogus carbon, this nothingness amongst each other, is what they do.  You can buy other peopleís carbon credits and add to your own and all the rest of it, and they go up in price, and then you can sell them.  It says:)


According to the Pacific Research Institute, an American free-market think tank, (A: Itís actually attached to the CFR.) acid rain levels in the U.S. have dropped by 65 per cent since 1976.


Actually it was long before that if it ever existed at all.  Anyway, itís coming down to a personal level, and this is one of the methods theyíre going to plunder you, again, and again, itís to be an alternative on the stock market to actual tangible goods.  Rothschild himself said that, by the way. And Iíve also mentioned too, that Rothschild put the bill forward in Britain as well, for it all to go, for the worldís carbon trading to go through, not just Al Goreís bunch in Chicago, but also to go through his main bank in Switzerland, the family bank.  And thatís a lot of cash to be going through there and gathering interest as they hold it for weeks or months or whatever, and then pass it on to the lesser banks beneath them, no doubt, you know their minor relatives and stuff.  Anyway, thatís from this here. 


It shows you three of the parties, three of these house parties youíre going to vote for are all on board with the same agenda.  The fourth one will be too, I can guarantee you.  So, theyíre all on board with it.  Everyone is pre-selected thatís put in front of you.  You know, the faces that are put in front of you: Politburo 1, 2, 3, or 4, take your pick, because thatís really how it is today. And itís been like that for an awful long time, in fact.  Everyone at the top is a member of what used to be called the Canadian Institute for International Affairs, and now itís just the CIC, they call it.  They changed their name in about 2007, because I was talking about it too much on the radio. 


Thereís another article here to do with this.  Now, Chicago, Iíll put up tonight too, links to that last article and to the people who have got holdings in the Chicago carbon scam business, the Board of Directors for Climate Change.  Al Gore and all these guys, and you see all the big companies are on board with it.  Now, when you see all the big, top, top companies on board with this, then you know itís going to be an awfully profitable market for these guys to share all these nothings and to buy these nothings and to sell them for big bucks out of nothing.  I mean, itís just beautiful.  Itís better than even the scam to do with money.  Itís wonderful because you can stretch your imagination as far as the horizon and just capture as much carbon as you want, whatever number comes into your head, make a figure and buy or sell it.  Thatís really what itís all coming down to.  So, Iíll put this list up for you all to see the founder, the chairman, and all the big corporations that are part of this, that claim theyíre not going to make any money on it.  Even though theyíre already made millions and billions in Europe, because the European Common Market, the new Soviet, gave out billions of free ones to the corporations to get them started, but itís to get passed down to the people at the bottom, the people who finally purchase things, and theyíre going to tack it all into your personal purchasing.  You are going to get personal taxation shortly on carbon and what they call energy consumption. 


And here too, this article here is from SA Country hour, itís called.  It says:


Bank accepts carbon credits as currency
by Michael Condon


Merchant Bank Rothschild Australia have set up a joint venture that is aiming to begin trading in carbon credits. Rothschilds have made the move on the assumption that the Kyoto protocol will be ratified next year.


(A: Now, this was back in 2002, for all you guys who didnít know that.  This is how long theyíve been at this, long before agreements were signed and before the public were getting the whiff of carbon and all the rest of it, that they were already setting this up.  Itís a must-be.  It will go ahead, and old Rothschild certainly knows it, because, after all, he pulls the strings, and he puts most politicians into parliament.  Anyway, it says here:)


The scheme has been welcomed by the agriculture sector for the environmental and economic spin offs that may be open to farmers in the future in selling credits.


(A: Now, Iíve already given you links in the past of farmers who canít use their land anymore, because theyíre using it as carbon sinks, supposedly.  The government has decided to use them as carbon sinks, so they canít touch their land at all.)


Rothschild Australia is setting up a managed investment scheme, that aims to buy and sell carbon credits to multinational companies, to offset the companies' greenhouse gas emissions. (A: Utter rubbish.)  Rothschild's Simon Games-Thomas says the scheme is more about learning how to legally sell this new type of commodity, rather than turning a profit. (A: What a liar.  What an utter liar.  I mean, itís just bogus.  I mean, if you want to make a sack of gas, just make it as big as you want, because itís anybodyís guess.  Thatís all it is.  Absolute, ah, what a con.  A beautiful con though, I must admit.  It says:) "Itís less of a profitable enterprise (A: What a liar again.)  than trying to get involved in the market place. Thereíve been a lot of questions asked by clients of the bank about how the protocol or how working in a carbon constrained world is going to affect their business and in response to those questions we decided to put together the consortium."


The move has been welcomed by Professor Snow Barlow, from the research centre for Greenhouse Accounting. (A: Youíve even got Greenhouse Accounting, eh?  Youíd think these guys were a bunch of guys in the horticulture business.)  Professor Barlow says the process of trading carbon credits can earn money for farmers with tree lots, as well as having an obvious benefit for the environment. "I see it as another step along what is proving to be quite a long road towards actually giving a value to carbon Ė thatís what itís all about. (A: Even though itís all worked out mathematically because they canít. Itís all guesses in other words, eh.)  People that own land and who cultivate woody perennial vegetation are essentially farming carbon."


So, you understand, youíre going to get put back to the stone age with these guys, as they make billions off you, plunder you again, the same banking boys who own all the mines too, because Rothschild owns the mines over there too, along with the Queen of England in Australia.  And of course, weíll sit in poverty and go and vote again, for the next bunch of, you know, yo-yos that come along. 


And this article here, too, these are the guys who actually brought all of this stuff in, in Canada.  As I say, the Canadian Institute of International Affairs, before it was called that it was really the Milner Group it was called, and then they formed the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the Canadian Institute of International Affairs, the Australian Institute for International Affairs, the New Zealand Institute for International Affairs, and a whole bunch of other ones, one in India, and a few other ones as well.  And the more they get talked about, they often change their names.  So, now they change it, and it says: In 2007, the CIIA was reformed as the Canadian International Council.  It sounds, you know, better.  Canadian International Council.  And the CIIA was founded in 1928 and closed in 2007.  Actually, it was transformed into the new name, Canadian International Council.  And thereís not much up there on them.  You have to sign in to get into their website.  And they want to put cookies on, because they want to track everybody whoís interested.  That means youíve got a brain, you see, if someone tries to get into their website.  And then Iíll read this other article too about Value Added Tax, as well. Back after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  When they set up the Milner Group that became the Royal Institute for International Affairs and all the British Commonwealth branches which still exist today, in fact all the Prime Ministers are members of it.  They have to be, regardless of the party they come from, theyíre already members before theyíre elected.  And only the leaders, thatís all you need to do, and a few of the ones you appoint at the top as advisors, because they run the country, the advisors.  Anyway, this Value Added Tax was a brainchild of course of the same group.  They brought in income tax for Britain as well.  They were the same group in Britain that brought in income tax and in all the Commonwealth countries, temporary war tax, I think they called it.  And they also brought in property taxes.  They boast about that.  But they also, a long time ago, tried to bring in a Value Added Tax, because in this global system they were going to bring in through treaties and binding countries together into blocs and so on, at the beginning of the 20th Century, they wanted to bring in a collective tax called a Value Added Tax.  In Canada, eventually they got it through under the GST.  The same thing, they just changed the name, and they call it General Sales Tax, rather than Value Added Tax, but it is what they always wanted.  And the US is still to get theirs yet, and I donít know if theyíll call it the same thing or not.  And we know in Britain, itís way up, I think over 20% on everything you buy. 


Again, itís very much like the Carbon Tax too, where it comes from the raw resources from material to make something.  Thatís taxed at a certain percentage, maybe 20%, and then itís put on to the next stage of manufacture, who will take over, and what they make out of it, another 20% is taxed on top, right up the line, right up through the sales middlemen, and right to the consumer.  So, literally, itís like a steamrolling taxation system that just keeps multiplying and multiplying with every change of hands.  You wouldnít believe the money the government rakes in from all taxes, and theyíre always pretending theyíre so darn short.  Anyway, this article here is from the Financial Post, Canada, 1923. Thatís when Lord Grey was working with Mandell House and other ones in the United States, to set up whatís called the Council on Foreign Relations in the US.  And he came over from Britain, from London, from the Milner Group at the time to do it.  This article says.




Discontent Over the New Sales Taxes is Growing




That is Argument Advanced Before Meeting of Toronto Manufacturers Ė How it Would Work


A modification of the suggestions made for a more workable sales or turnover tax than that coming into effect January 1st, is being considered by some of Torontoís leading business men.  It is for a tax to be applied to all manufactured goods with the amount of the cost of the raw materials deducted.  In other words it would be a percentage of the increased value during the processing by the manufacturer.  The chief recommendations advanced for such a tax are that it would prevent pyramiding...


It is a pyramid scheme in itself.  Again, doublespeak, has been used an awful long time.  Itís actually a Value Added Tax, and now theyíve got it, of course, across the board, except for the US, pretty well, and that is still to come for the global society, along with your carbon taxes, and your energy taxes and all the other taxes that they are going to take off you by this strange thing called law, that everybody obeys, because weíre all obedient to authority, as Milgram said.  Anyway, Iíll put this article up for yourselves to look over too, for the value added tax. 


And you know things are getting bad.  You know things are getting bad when McDonaldís is the main spokescompany to tell you how bad it is in the food industry.  Really.  Itís kind of like Walmart now.  They come out and tell you whatís happening in the economy, and how prices are going up.  And now youíve got McDonaldís coming out.  I think the guys above them are too scared to tell us.  Anyway, it says:


McDonald's warns of higher food inflation


(A: No kidding.  Maybe theyíll get little rubber chickens and blow them up, and theyíll sell you that, you know.  And then it says here.)


McDonald's results landed a day after rival Yum Brands Inc reported strong China results that masked rising food and labor costs. Chipotle Mexican Grill, which has nearly all of its 1,100 restaurants in the United States, saw higher food costs eat into margins.


McDonald's and other restaurant operators are getting squeezed by accelerating food costs and must figure out how to raise prices without scaring away already skittish diners.


(A: I think theyíre awfully brave or stupid, I donít know really which of the two, to go there and eat, anyway.)


"It's very hard to pass through price increase right now," said Stifel Nicolaus analyst Steve West.


McDonald's Chief Executive Jim Skinner said customers are getting "pinched everywhere. They should not suffer the same fate at McDonald's."


Chief Financial Officer Pete Bensen said the company would sacrifice some short-term margin to protect long-term growth. He added that McDonald's has experience finding the right recipe for price increases in fragile economic times.


(A: Thatís when they generally throw out any protein in stuff and put chemicals in to substitute.  Thatís what Iíve seen in the past.)


McDonald's now expects food costs to rise between 4 percent and 4.5 percent in the United States and Europe this year.  (A: I think itís going to go up a lot more than that.) That is up from its prior call for a rise of 2 percent to 2.5 percent in the United States and an increase of 3.5 percent to 4.5 percent in Europe.


McDonald's in March put through a 1 percent menu price rise in the United States, where it plans additional increases. Prices in Europe are up by the same amount and the company plans to raise prices in China.


As well.  So, things are getting bad, as I say, when McDonaldís actually admits that theyíve run out of chemicals and things to add and substitutes to add to what they call, you know, ďfood,Ē that comes out of there.  So, itís getting pretty bad all over.  Theyíre telling you no more than theyíll tell you in the government, anyway.  Theyíre telling us less than the government.  Actually, theyíre telling us how wonderful is, itís still wonderful to be alive in our own countries, just great and wonderful.  Like others have said before, people will be happy because their government will tell them so.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  And this big Soviet system, called the European Union, with its strange form of governance of secret people at the top actually, and itís completely non-democratic, but it was set up, again, as the brainchild of the Royal Institute for International Affairs and the Council on Foreign Relations, and they have, in fact, every politician at the top now, pretty well, is a member of it, and the high bureaucrats too, and they call it the European Institute for International Affairs, just because itís European.  But itís still run, of course, by the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  And itís non-democratic.  And thatís exactly the way they set it up.  They wanted that a long time ago, over a hundred years ago, when the Milner Group were talking about this very, very system for the whole of Europe and the unification of Europe.  They didnít believe in democracy.  They believed in using the term democracy, just for the public to get involved in the wars and do all the fighting for them, as they took over countries, but they believed that scientists and themselves, just like Rockefeller, because you see, the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Milner Group were made up initially of bankers, International Money Lenders, big, very wealthy bankers lending to nations.  And Rockefeller said the same thing himself.  He said, itís far better that bankers and intelligentsia run the world and direct the world than leaving it to the self-determination of individual nations.  So, they meant that.  Theyíve always meant that.  And they all belong to the same club with the same agenda. 


So, theyíve formed this big mammoth thatís taxing everybody into utter poverty, as they spread their wealth across the world, ala Marx, because of course before they were called the Milner group, they were already funding the Marxism as a technique to take over countries.  Itís the fastest way to take over entire countries and form the Bloc system.  In fact, thatís what the EU is based upon. 


Theyíre acting gods at the top there.  Itís just astonishing what theyíre doing, and how theyíre fining countries millions and billions of Euros if they fail to comply, or they canít comply with all the regulations they churn out, they churn out from a machine.  You know, just turn the handle, and by the thousands just pop out these laws.  Hereís an article, for instance, that shows you how theyíre involved in everything.  And again, theyíre into the crisis creation and so on, because you must always give the public crisis all the time to keep them off balance and feeling frantic.  It says:


Smog alert for England and Wales


(A: Especially when youíre robbing their pockets.  It says:)


The government has issued a "smog alert" in England and Wales for ozone and polluting particles known as PM10s, (A: Probably Prime Minister, ten of them.  Maybe itís a G10 for the Prime Ministers.) which can affect people's health.


(A: Well, they certainly do affect their health.  Anyway. )


The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs said high levels of pollution were likely from Thursday and would continue over the Easter weekend.


(A: Itís now called, what, Earth Day, as well.)


It said the alert was due to warm and still conditions brought on by a high pressure system.


(A: No one can see anything.  Itís been pretty nice over there, actually.)


Defra is urging the public to take "sensible precautions".


(A: Whatís a sensible precaution?)


It said some people, including those who have asthma - and particularly the elderly - could be affected by the high pollution levels and may notice an impact on their breathing.


(A: Maybe itís the radiation, eh?)


It advised people to avoid taking exercise outside in the afternoon


(A: You know, you get told everything to do now.  If itís raining, this is what you wear.  We canít do anything without being told by people who are brighter than ourselves, obviously.  Anyway, it says theyíve got their free phone help lines up and all the rest of it.  And it gets down to it here.  You find that the European Union actually allowed Britain, because itís an Easter weekend, you see, itís a long weekend, they allowed them to disregard the levels of their smog alert, so that the people could get out of their towns and their cars and so on for the drive.  Otherwise, they would have been fined millions of Euros.  Isnít that nice of them?  They actually, like God, just wave a wand in the sky, and say, okay, we can up these levels, just like radiation, of course, and give you that little break for being hard little tax payers, who are paying for these million Euro salaries of these top unknown leaders of the EU.  It also says too, in this article here, that:)


About 18m people are expected to use their cars, but the AA predicted high fuel prices will mean people will make shorter journeys.


(A: See how they control you with the prices too, because, remember, economic warfare is used on you all the time, as well as many other techniques of warfare.  But that was awfully nice, awfully, awfully nice.  It said here actually, it:)


Comes as monitoring in London revealed that one site, on the Marylebone Road, has exceeded EU rules (A: One road, right?) on the Marylebone Road, has exceeded EU rules for the number of days in the year in which high levels of PM10s are permitted.


The UK will not face fines (A: Thank you, teacher.) for the breach, as the EU has given Britain an extension, which means it has until June before it has to start meeting the standards in the capital.


And of course, if they donít meet that, theyíll be fined millions.  Well, the public will pay millions more of pounds to the wonderful dictatorship they live under, the EU, that big cabal.  Itís just incredible they put up with this stuff.  It really is absolutely incredible they put up with this stuff, getting plundered and plundered and plundered, but they do.


Also of course, the US has to really get involved now with Libya, because, you see, once a big nation commits itself to making peace by war, then it has to prove it can fulfill it, even if it bankrupts whatís left of the country.  And otherwise they say, well, the smaller nations might take that as weíre becoming weak, you see, and theyíll tell us to, you know, piss off.


Armed US Drones To Start Libya Missions


Armed US Predator drones will start missions in Libya as rebels take control of a key post on the border with Tunisia.


US President Barack Obama has given the go-ahead to use the unmanned aircraft which have already seen action in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iraq.


Marine General James Cartwright, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said the drones can help counteract Gaddafi forces' tactic of travelling in civilian vehicles.


"What they will bring that is unique to the conflict is their ability to get down lower, therefore to be able to get better visibility on targets that have started to dig themselves into defensive positions.


Well, we saw what happens.  Weíve seen what happens on the border of Pakistan and Afghanistan, and weíve seen all the villages that have been bombed out of existence when they make all these mistakes, because theyíre using young children, basically, whoíve done nothing but play X-Box games and here they are, sitting somewhere in the US playing with a stick, watching cartoon figures that are real people, blow up.  But they seem to like it, you know.  No responsibility to it, you see.  Again, back to the Milgram Experiment. 


Thatís what theyíre doing.  They canít back out now.  And of course, war is a racket, as Butler said, General Butler.  And it is a racket.  Itís awfully profitable, and every thing that goes pop and boom has to be replaced immediately by your tax money.  And the businesses that sell it to them are always lobbying the governments.  Itís an awfully profitable business to be in, warfare. 


And itís just astonishing, all this stuff that really is coming out too, to do with for instance, I was talking about VLF frequencies and ELF frequencies, and how theyíve been using that and experimenting on the publics for an awful long time.  Now theyíre using it pretty well consistently, 24 hours a day across America and Canada, probably other countries too.  And I know that Iíve put up Stanfordís chart.  Theyíve got a whole array of them across the world with a map on it, where you can see all the different locations of these HAARP projects, that, you know, pulse our brains, make us docile and fairly happy, because, you see, itís very important, and we find big authors who helped plan this stage of society and who were involved in it too, like the Huxleys for instance.  The Huxleys both were involved in the Tavistock Institute, where they stuck wires in peopleís brains, long before Delgado came along.  And they were making people turn left and right and sit down, stand up, and do all these kind of things by remote control.  They thought it was just wonderful, creating a society like that.  It would be awfully peaceful, as along as no one blew a fuse.


Anyway, itís far more advanced than that today.  They can do things remotely.  Thereís no doubt whatsoever about it. They are using HAARP.  And if you go into the weather warfare treaties to do with HAARP, youíll find that they admit that.  They can put a secondary signal on the HAARP as a carrier, and they can certainly manipulate the brains.  And Brzezinski did put that in his own book, Between Two Ages, written in the 1970s, that they would use it on whole continents.  They are using it.


Itís very important, you see, itís irresistible for governments not to use any technique whatsoever for control, and that includes HAARP type technologies. It includes drugs and pharma.  The history of fluoride is very, very old, in fact, going way back to the late 1800s.  They knew what it did to the human brain.  It made them very passive. And we know that governments started to add it in.  The Communists were the first ones. In fact, when Communism took over Poland, that was one of the first things they did was put fluoride in the water to make them passive.  And Germany did the same to some of the countries they took over.  And while weíre at too, of course we find your own governments are doing it across the world, because itís a must-be.  Thatís only one chemical they add to it. 


Theyíve even been talking about using Lithium too, under the pretext that theyíve noticed that some Japanese people at one little island, where the drinking water was high in Lithium, it made them awfully compliant, pleasant people, very obedient.  And to that, and for governmentís control, thatís irresistible.  Theyíre going to use stuff, if not already.  We know they already have put stuff in the water for a long, long time.  The guys that dump it in donít even know what theyíre dumping in.  They just do what theyíre told.  And they get a good, fat paycheck.  And people who get fat paychecks, believe you me, can rationalize anything they do.  It doesnít matter if itís a cop, an execution squad or anything else.  Theyíll always rationalize what they do.  This article came out of India, The Hindu, and it says:


Scientists target drugs that improve behaviour


A pill to enhance moral behaviour,  (A: Even the terminology, remember this is written by neuro-ethicists, as they call it, which means they lie to you.  They want to modify your behavior.  So, they say enhance.  No, itís to modify moral behavior.  After all, what is morality?  Who decides what morality is?  Who decides that?  Well, government decides it for you, by the way.) a treatment for racist thoughts, a therapy to increase your empathy for people in other countries (A: Thatís so as you feel better paying taxes, by the way, and Iím not kidding about that.) ó these may sound like the stuff of science fiction but with medicine getting closer to altering our moral state, (A: And by God, weíre at the end of any morality at all.  Itís all, as they say, relative.  But I wonder who itís related to.  More like Old Nick.) society should be preparing for the consequences, according to a book that reviews scientific developments in the field.


Drugs such as Prozac that alter a patientís mental state already have an impact on moral behaviour, (A: Itís caused a lot of murders and suicides.) but scientists predict that future medical advances may allow much more sophisticated manipulations.


The field is in its infancy, but ďitís very far from being science fictionĒ, said Dr Guy Kahane, deputy director of the Oxford Centre for Neuroethics and a Wellcome Trust biomedical ethics award winner.


(A: That means heís done a lot of work for big pharma.)


ďScience has ignored the question of moral improvement so far, (A: No, itís not, thatís a big lie too.)  but it is now becoming a big debate,Ē he said.  (A: Because H.G. Wells talked about it back in the 1920s.) ďThere is already a growing body of research you can describe in these terms. Studies show that certain drugs affect the ways people respond to moral dilemmas by increasing their sense of empathy, group affiliation and by reducing aggression.Ē  (A: I guess heís talking about ecstasy drugs.  Apparently thatís what that does.)  Researchers have become very interested in developing biomedical technologies capable of intervening in the biological processes that affect moral behaviour and moral thinking,


(A: Now, you should really get to know what they mean by moral thinking and moral behavior.  They mean doing what youíre told.  Being obedient to every dictate that comes down from above.  So, it says here:)


Drugs that affect our moral thinking and behaviour already exist, but we tend not to think of them in that way.


(A: And he goes on to talk about Prozac again, and then he says it could:)


make people more agreeable.


(A: Well, is it right to make someone agreeable when that person is going to do you in?  I donít think so.  It says:)


Or Oxytocin, the so-called love hormone ... increases feelings of social bonding and empathy while reducing anxiety,Ē he said.


(A: Well, it will also make you feel like youíre going to give birth to a baby.  Anyway.)


ďScientists will develop more of these drugs and create new ways of taking drugs we already know about. We can already, for example, take prescribed doses of Oxytocin as a nasal spray,Ē he said.


But would pharmacologically-induced altruism, for example, amount to genuine moral behaviour? Guy Kahane, deputy director of the Oxford Centre for Neuroethics and a Wellcome Trust biomedical ethics award winner, said: ďWe can change peopleís emotional responses but quite whether that improves their moral behaviour is not something science can answer.Ē He also admitted that it was unlikely people would ďrush to take a pill that would make them morally better.Ē


(A: And they know all this stuff too, and theyíve already had big meetings about putting it in your water and your food and everything else.  Even spraying it on you, by the way.)


ďBecoming more trusting, (A: Do you want to be more trusting when youíve got a bunch of people who rip you off like bankers at the top?  Plunder you?  Millions get homeless because of it.  And you all get screwed for more taxes.  Do you want to be more trusting, folks?) nicer, less aggressive and less violent can make you more vulnerable to exploitation,Ē he said. (A: No kidding.) ďOn the other hand, it could improve your relationships or help your career.  (A: So, youíll be utterly poor on the street, but youíll have a good love life, right?) Ē Kahane does not advocate putting morality drugs in the water supply, (A: No, he wonít.  Not openly.) but he suggests that if administered widely they might help humanity to tackle global issues.


ďRelating to the plight of people on other side of the world or of future generations is not in our nature,Ē he said. ďThis new body of drugs could make possible feelings of global affiliation and of abstract empathy for future generations.Ē Ruud ter Meulen, chair in ethics in medicine and director of the centre for ethics in medicine at the University of Bristol, warned that while some drugs can improve moral behaviour, other drugs ó and sometimes the same ones ó can have the opposite effect.


(A: As I say, thereís been umpteen murders with folks on Prozac.  They just go crazy and they donít know theyíre doing it.  And itís very sudden.)


The use of deep brain stimulation, used to help those with Parkinsonís disease, has had unintended consequences, leading to cases where patients begin stealing from shops and even becoming sexually aggressive, he added.


ďBasic moral behaviour is to be helpful to others, feel responsible to others, have a sense of solidarity and sense of justice,Ē he said. ďIím not sure that drugs can ever achieve this. But thereís no question that they can make us more likeable, more social, less aggressive, more open attitude to other people,Ē he said.


(A: Well, maybe they should give it to all the politicians, and all these people, so when we come and say, ďWould you mind stop taxing us, and cut out these taxes?Ē  Theyíll say, ďWell, thatís a good idea.  Weíll do that.  And thanks for asking.  Weíll do that, no problem at all.Ē  Hmm?  Also give them the test for psychopathy as well.  None of them would pass it, mind you.)


Meulen also suggested that moral-enhancement drugs might be used in the criminal justice system. (A: Thatís why they call it the criminal justice system, you know.  Itís criminal what they do.)  ďThese drugs will be more effective in prevention and cure than prison,Ē he said.


So, I love how scientists have total faith in everything.  Itís just like a documentary I watched on the 50s and 60s to do with atomic energy.  And they showed you some of the ads that were getting put on television.  Oh, it was going to be a wonderful Utopia.  Cheap, cheap, cheap energy everywhere.  Eventually there would be robots doing everything.  And science would make our lives so much easier.  Youíd only have to work one or two days out of the week.  And on and on it went, with all these experts conning us once again.  After all, itís our tax money that builds their sciences for them.  We build our own chains.  Back after this.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And itís interesting too, Iíve mentioned before how, if you read the writings of Lenin and Marx and other ones, Lenin especially, he said that the dictatorship, itís not of the proletariat, itís over the proletariat, obviously, would last only for about a generation or so.  Then he said, eventually it would merge with the West.  It would be not quite Capitalist, not quite Communist.  And of course, he meant Socialist with the banks on top, of course.  They all knew that.  They all knew what they were doing.  Itís interesting now that Fidel Castro is doing the same kind of thing.  Heís starting to ease up on buying and having private ownership and so on and property, because itís time now, you see.  Heís been in long enough, and itís time now that they merge in with the Socialized system that the rest of the world is already being forced under, with the Fascists at the top and a Communist bureaucracy, a massive bureaucracy running the lives of the public.  Thatís how it was designed.  Thatís what came out at the Reece Commission as well. 


Thatís what we have today.  So, in the Miami Herald, they talk about him attending the Party Congress in Cuba, and heís a very old guy.  79-year-old now, I think, is it?  Heís not far from it at least.  He may be even older. 80-year-old, I think.  Oh, itís 84, 84 years old, Fidel Castro, life-long smoker of Cuban cigars.  And theyíll probably start importing them back into the US again, right at the time when very few folks smoke any more, because of the laws. 


Anyway, it says here that he was at the gathering and all the rest of it.  Theyíve appointed the new ones to take over.  And obviously, Cuba is going to go the same way as China, more liberalistic as they call it.  When it happened in China it was the same thing.  It was a sudden thing done in a week, in China, from total Communism to this sudden, ďOh, itís okay.  Commerce is good.  Profit good.Ē  They showed us it on the Communist Broadcasting Corporation in Canada, the CBC, and this wonderful display of people just suddenly, suddenly all for capitalism, and it was good.  Well, itís happening now in Cuba, and they can now buy homes there for the first time, supposedly.  Before you could only pass homes down after the Revolution to your family members, or wangle your way around it through bribes to get it done other ways, sell it to other people.  Now you can actually buy your own home, although you canít accumulate too much property, which, see, things like ďtoo muchĒ is very vague for lawyers.  They can run rings around that.  So, itís time now obviously.  Itís done whatever they were meant to do in Cuba, apart from helping get a lot of drugs coming into the US and stuff, for the CIA and everybody else, but itís time now to merge everything together and start being more palsy-walsy. 


And itís so amazing.  Weíre off blasting across the world, using the most sophisticated, most expensive technology that has to be replaced every few months with Mark 2, 4, 5, 150, Mark 2000, as they keep advancing in science, and we all pay for it all.  And meanwhile, thereís a little place next door to you that theyíve left alone all these years, eh?  Itís such a joke, isnít it?  Such a joke.  There you go, thatís Cuba, obviously going to liberalize a lot of its rules, regulations, and laws, and the Big Boys will be in there like a shot, once they can start buying up stuff; theyíll have their front men in there too, to do it for them as well.  And thatís how Communism was intended to work.  Itís to create a system for a period of time, a generation, and as I say, then itís to merge with the West.  So theyíre going to the format as planned. 


Everything is planned in your life.  Your future is planned, and your childrenís childrenís are planned.  Theyíll still be tax slaves, even worse, because theyíve all been put down as collateral to pay off the debt or guarantors to pay off it, many generations to come. And thatís why the Big Boys at the top are smiling away, and weíre going into austerity. 


From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, itís good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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