April 27, 2011 (#820)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 27, 2011:

Humiliation of Information:

"To Be Questioned for Passports is No Big Surprise,
But What's to Be Asked, "Are You Circumcised?
Address at Which Mother Lived Before You're Born,
Did You Have Parents, Are You a Waif Forlorn?"
Every Address Where You've Ever Resided,
Any Wrong Answer You're Denied and Derided,
On Second Thought, You Should Claim Circumcision,
Escape Groping at Airports, Nothing to Cling On"
© Alan Watt April 27, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - April 27, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on April the 27th 2011.  For newcomers, I always suggest you look into my web site cuttingthroughthematrix.com and bookmark the other sites you see listed on the front page because sometimes the .com gets overloaded with too many people going in at the same time.  So bookmark these other sites for future use.  If you find sticking on downloads then try these alternate sites.  Remember too, thereís hundreds and hundreds of audios to choose from where I try to give you shortcuts to understanding the system youíre born into and to show you how complex it is, this superstructure above politics, way above politics, that really runs the whole system that you take as normality.  In fact, it gives you what you think is normality and itís working on every generation right from kindergarten onwards to make sure theyíre given their idea of their reality for their time period too.  Itís very complex, very precise.  Itís all done through science of course and big money backing it.  They really work, all these big think tanks work on behalf of the big international bankers; itís been their world for a long, long time. 


Remember too, you can go into the sites to get transcripts as well as the audios in English; they all carry the English transcripts of a lot of the talks Iíve given.  Go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts in other languages.  Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you.  I donít generally bring on guests, who are really advertisers, which is the normal way for a host to make their living.  Iím trying it the suicidal way, so Iím putting it up to you to buy the books and disks I have for sale, or donate, and keep me going.  If you want to do that, buy the books and disks, youíll find out how to do it at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember too, straight donations are certainly, certainly appreciated.


What I do on this broadcast is to try to show everyone how the whole world is moving with their supposedly independent governments, working all together along the same path, same laws, all bound together through various treaties, put forward by private organizations working on behalf of foundations Ė which you donít elect of course; theyíre all private Ė and binding us all into this prison which they call the new world order.  And thatís what it is.  Itís a planned society.  As we depopulate over the years and become sterile and all the rest of it, they plan to bring out their Brave New World for their Darwinian grand finale, where the elite themselves, the ones who are fittest to survive go on down through the ages living on whatís left of the earthís resources.  Thatís the whole idea behind it.  Theyíve used the masses in the past to make this all happen for them, make it possible for them, as they built empires and took over other countries and added to empires.  Weíre seeing the finish of the empire building as they finish off the last few countries in the world which were not on central banking systems beholden to The World Bank and the private money lenders.  They try to hold onto their own resources.  Theyíre all being bombed out of existence, into the Stone Age, and all their oil and minerals and all the rest of it are being stolen from them, added to the bankersí coffers.  So thatís the world youíre really in.  Itís quite simple.  Thereís nothing mysterious about it at all.  Of course most of the real governance, as they call it, of the planet is done in secrecy.  Itís never exposed by investigative journalism because there is no investigative journalism these days.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt and weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and as Iíve mentioned on so many broadcasts, you know you canít really trust the media for anything.  Iíve gone through some of the history of how the big boys themselves, 100 years ago, set up the system of controlling media.  They even did surveys to find out how much of the mainstream theyíd have to buy up, for instance within the United States, how many papers do they have to buy up so that the others would follow.  And you didnít have to buy up all of them, just a fraction of the biggie papers and the rest simply follow the big ones.  Itís quite easy to control information.  Itís even easier today, really, because on the internet, that really has just gone mainstream of course, as we always knew it would do, the big boys give you, make sure everybodyís getting their daily dose.  In fact, people who would never even listen to the news are now addicted to it because itís so easy on the internet to parrot the stuff off.  And it becomes of course, it gives you your opinions on all the topics that they hand out for you to munch on.  And we mushrooms at the bottom just munch on pretty well all the garbage thatís churned out for us to be distracted with.  Itís quite easy. 


As I said at the beginning of this broadcast, weíre fed stuff to keep us diverted and the REAL structure of control of this world, and it is a world system integrated through many, many treaties and much bill signing by different governments all getting on board together, stuck like glue in a sense through all these treaties, so much so that certain countries canít back out of the agreements, even to their detriment.  Theyíre not allowed to back out, so they go ahead with more and more treaties until theyíre in a prison, and thatís been discussed.  Even within the European Union where countries that could have made it on their own went bankrupt because of the EU laws.  They couldnít do all of the things they used to do to get themselves out of a jam.  They were totally stuck there, imprisoned by treaties and laws and regulations. 


This is the world of course theyíre bringing in.  And it isnít just on that level.  Remember, this comes down to a personal level.  Itís called interdependence, which means you must be dependent for everything you need to live and survive on the system.  Thatís what itís all about.  Just like they can bring down countries, they can bring down individuals.  Youíre going to seen an awful lot of changes coming, an awful lot of changes within the next 10-20 years as they really go ahead.† Theyíve written all of this, as to where theyíre taking us, through all their releases through their big think tanks, where theyíre taking us.  Weíre going to see all that coming in.  Weíre going to see the food rationing; Iíve said that for years.  That will come because the United Nations said it when they set up their department of agriculture, that THEY would eventually distribute the food rations to the various trading blocs across the world.


They called them regions at the time and thatís what regionalization is all about.   The regionalization IS working already.  You donít realize it.† Even to do with the so-called cons on carbon taxes and sustainable development and so on, youíll find that your own states, in the US for instance, are working together with provinces in Canada, bypassing the federal level all together, and doing their own little binding treaties.  So itís called regions and thatís what itís divided up into, until even countries like Norway are then ascribed to other nations as belonging to certain regions, not the old Scandinavian regions that they used to belong to.  Theyíre divvying up the world to make it what they call more Ďscientifically practicable.í  And thatís where we are with all of this nonsense today.


And itís interesting too as I say, that most folk have already forgotten about what happened in Japan, quite recently, and the devastation that itís caused there.  Itís been a total news blackout since the day they started bombing Libya; that was to become the number one story.  Suddenly thereís just no more information.  We find that before they were telling us, of course, that radiation levels were Ďminisculeí and Ďtinyí and all this kind of stuff.  Something that you can really work on a graph; you know, hereís the tiny part and hereís the miniscule part.  In other words, weíre too dumb and stupid to be told the truth about anything.  We wouldnít understand it.  We might panic if we saw the real levels and could find out what, you know, acceptable levels are supposed to be.  And then you find too, that they put up their different web sites, the government web sites, and we could see what the radiation levels happened to be across the world and then as they started to rise, they simply pulled the sites off and kept talking about miniscule levels, etc, etc. 


Donít scare the children, because the children have to keep going to work and pay taxes to keep this big mammoth system going and supply more children to go off and slaughter other people across the world until itís all completed, you see.  Weíre all useful for that reason and weíre all expendable as well, to be honest with you.  That is the reality of the system that runs the world.  Itís nothing at all...  We tend to think, because weíve been conditioned to think, that WE really matter... we really matter to those at the top.  But weíre just numbers to those at the top.  Thatís all we are, numbers.  Theyíre even doing experiments in Britain, Iíve mentioned before, where theyíre going to track people from basically 5 years of age or even birth to the age of 30 Ė it will continue obviously through their life Ė to see how they progress through life, what their income will be and so on.  And thatís to help the economists calculate the debt and how many folk are going to be able to pay off the debt, how much they can tax them 20 years from now, stuff like that, etc, etc.  You wouldnít believe...  Thatís what itís all about. 


And youíll find in no old Holy book that thatís why people were born, of course, was to simply collect debts and pay them off.  That seems to be absent somewhere.  So something snuck in along the way to give us a new definition of what it means to be alive and what the reasons for living happen to be, and itís called economics apparently, and economics is held by very trusted people in very high positions, who lend out to other countries this odd thing called money, and compound interest.  They pay off the front men, which you elect, or you think you elect at least, to make sure that the system continues on the right path.  And then they have hundreds and hundreds of think tanks working out geopolitics of how to take the whole world down and put it under their wings and stuff it away in their little cellar.  Because as I say, the world does not belong to the people and never, ever has.


The people are made to be the way theyíve been conditioned to be.  You know, if you had a hundred mad people all taught the same reality, like Platoís Cave Ė and you have to read about Platoís Cave to understand how itís quite easy, and they knew it back in ancient Greece.  You can raise people to think and believe the reality you give them.  They will think that and theyíll all have the same conversations about the same reality.  And thatís how you judge your own sanity; you bounce off your ideas to those next to you and they will reply in kind, and say, yeah youíre right and so on and so on, because theyíve all had the same conditioning.  But you could be absolutely stark raving mad, as long as theyíre all mad as well.  Quite easy isnít it? 


As I say, Japan is still raining down nuclear fallout across the northern hemisphere.  Weíre supposed to just be worried about Obamaís birth certificate and nonsense like that.  Because it doesnít matter who they put in there as the front man, he doesnít run the show; the guy behind him does.  Thatís why you donít hear much about the guy behind him.  Just like when Bush was in, Cheney seemed to be absent most of the time; he was doing the real work.  Here is an article here to show you, from a nuclear expert by the way, who found some odd radiation levels in his own garden in Kent in England, and this is what it says. 


Mystery of nuclear expert's high radiation levels

kentonline.co.uk / by Danny Boyle


Mystery surrounds sky-high radiation levels recorded in Gravesham (Alan:  Thatís where he found it.) by a retired nuclear engineer.


David Strudwick, who has 30 yearsí experience in the industry (A:  Thatís the nuclear industry.), has been left "flabbergasted" by the readings in his Vigo garden.


The 75-year-old was carrying out a routine test with one of his Geiger counters, which detect radiation, when the dial "went crazy" and rocketed to the highest level.


He claims to have taken a number of readings at up to 40 milli-Sieverts. The Government has set the public dose at one milli-Sievert over a year.


The Environment Agency does not dispute Mr Strudwickís readings (A:  Which is telling in itself.) Ė but claims they were caused by a radon washout (A:  ... a radon washout, a washout...), which it describes as a "well-known natural phenomenon".  (A:  ...they said.  And this is them telling this to a guy whoís been in the nuclear industry his whole life, right.)


However, Mr Strudwick claims this is not possible and believes he recorded some sort of nuclear fallout, which the agency denies.  (A:  Well they have to because theyíve all agreed to deny it, you see.  I mean, Japan doesnít exist anymore, according to the media.)


Mr Strudwick, who has lived with his wife in The Coach Drive for 32 years, has suffered what he believes are radiation burns on his hands, arm and ankle Ė which he claims could only have been caused by radioactive material.


He said: "The levels I recorded absolutely flabbergasted me. In all my years, I never thought I would see radiation of this kind outside a nuclear reactor


"If radiation of this sort was recorded inside a nuclear establishment, all the sirens would be going and the building evacuated."


Environment Agency radiation officers visited Mr Strudwick to discuss his findings, concluding he had experienced a localised natural event.  (A:  [Alan laughing.] Can you imagine, theyíre all getting radiation burns in town, eh.)


They said the Radiation Incident Monitoring Network system, set up after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster, did not pick up anything other than normal background radiation at monitoring stations in Gravesend or elsewhere.


A spokesman said it is satisfied there was "no widespread source of man-made radiation attributable to any event at a civil or military nuclear establishment in the UK or abroad".  (A:  And that will be their official parroting line.)


If you ask them anywhere else in the country theyíll all come out and say the same thing, because you see, theyíre all controlled by the one head you see, in these organizations.  Thatís why itís so easy to control organizations that are supposed to monitor and so on.  The guy at the head says, look guys this is the official story and any odd thing that comes up you stick to this official story.  And thatís exactly what they do.  They do the same thing when it comes to inoculating people and then you find that autism skyrockets.  Oh itís not caused by the inoculation, and that comes from the head of the departments that deal, for government, with big pharma.  You see.  Itís the same thing across the board.  So anyway, as I say, Japan doesnít exist anymore.  Apparently it was a non-event, all that stuff going up in the air and getting washed across America and Canada and into Europe.  Itís just one of them things, you see.  Even when Viet Nam found uranium traces in the leaves of pine trees, it was just one of them there things.  I guess it was a natural phenomena, just like this poor guy here with his radiation burns.  Thatís how youíre controlled by the media.  The media literally takes it from the supposed experts that come from official sources, which is government of course, and governmentís job is to treat you like children and give you little bedtime story lies.  Thatís what theyíve always done.  Thereís nothing new about that. 


Something else I saw years ago and I talked about, when they started to show you all the SWAT teams, I remember it was even Hill Street Blues I think it was, was the first series on television that we got in Britain, generally after theyíd shown it all in America.  They showed you all these SWAT teams and all the human, you know, hair pulling theyíd have to do:  Should we send in the SWAT teams or not?  They were so concerned about civilians and stuff.  The whole show was meant to start to get the idea that SWAT teams are necessary and every force should have them and get you used to guns and guys wearing combat gear; very militaristic, you see.  So I knew then, because I already knew that mediaís job and entertainmentís job was to condition you for things to come.  I knew it would happen in the US too.  Iím just waiting for them to all wear the same helmets, the regular cops that is, and the regular cops now all wear the same combat gear anyway, the black.  In Canada itís black ties and black shirts and black everything, like the executioner.  Thatís what black stands for, you see; itís intimidating; itís not a color, itís in between and itís a neutral, but there they are in all their black gear.


Here is the West Memphis police, because of one incident, right.   This is like what they did in the Soviet Union; if something happened theyíd pass a law that affected everyone, it didnít matter where it happened in the Soviet Union. 


West Memphis Police Now Using Assault Rifles on Traffic Stops

(A:  Thatís routine traffic stops, folks.)

abc24.com / Reported by: Joyce /  11/15/2010


WEST MEMPHIS, ARKANSAS - Police in West Memphis, Arkansas are packing serious heat these days.  The department's new AR-15's, high-powered assault rifles (A:  Fully automatic; thatís like machine guns.), are locked and loaded and ready to be used during routine traffic stops.  (A:  Isnít that comforting, eh?  Have you been drinking, sir? Well... What should you answer them, eh?)


Up until recently, West Memphis cops only carried 40-caliber Glocks on their hips and kept shotguns in their patrol cars.  But now, many officers have an AR-15 in their arsenal.


After losing two of his men, including son Brandon, to a 16-year-old armed with an AK-47, Chief Bob Paudert says it's time to level the playing field.  (A:  Well see, that shouldnít happen, number one.  You canít have a person involved, thatís emotionally involved already, such as this police chief, to make this kind of decision.  And you donít make these kinds of decisions that are going to affect everyone because of one incident, by the way.  Or weíd all be in straightjackets right now.  And thatís where theyíll go with it all.)


"If Brandon had an AR-15 in his car in his trunk, he'd still be dead," says Chief Paudert.  "If Brandon had an AR-15 locked in the seat, he'd still be dead.  You have to get out with it, because you never know when the shooting is going to start."  (A:  So everybody now is a potential machine gunner.  Right.  Thatís how theyíre treating you all.)


Six months after Sgt. Brandon Paudert and Officer Bill Evans were outgunned by two anti-government cop killers (A:  I wonder what the ďanti-government cop killersĒ were?), Chief Paudert wants all of his officers armed and ready for anything.


With Paudert's endorsement and the approval of the West Memphis City Council, the department purchased 30 AR-15's to use out in the field.  (A:  I guess theyíre supposed to be hunting for mice; I guess weíre the mice now in the field, eh.)


"Every officer will stand back (A:  See, itís all military terminology theyíre using now.) when he backs up a fellow officer," Paudert tells abc24.com, "with an AR-15 at the ready.  Period.  There's going to be some squawk in the community that we're getting machine guns.  That's just too bad.  That's just the way it is.  We're going to protect our officers."  (A:  You understand where this is all going?  Hmm?)


West Memphis resident Robert McKinney is leery of the plan, even though the officers have to get specialized training, and be on the force for at least one year, before using their AR-15.


"Training or not," says McKinney, "that's very intimidating.  I wouldn't be comfortable with it pointed at me or anywhere near me.  They could accidentally discharge it or whatever."  (A:  Do you know how many folk in the US Army come back, getting shot by their own people?  Itís astronomical.  Anyway, then they got the story in there by someone who knows the family.)


Joy Harrell knows the family of Officer Evans.  She understands the WMPD's desire for more protection.


"I'm sure there will some who will be upset," says Harrell, "but I believe in our police force.  I know one of the officers who got shot.  I go to church with his sisters.  I'm for it, really."  (A:  So they always give you the ones who are for it, because again, theyíre emotionally involved.)


Whether it's on city streets or on the interstate, Chief Paudert wants his officers to be able to match the fire power available to the bad guys.  (A:  So everybodyís going to be a bad guy now and youíre going to get some machine gun pointed at you.)


Thatís really the prototype for the US and itís been coming for a long, long time.  Because the biggest purchasers now of military weaponry, outside of the military itself, is the police forces.  They want it all. They want all these toys.  Thereís even agencies working for the Military-Industrial Complex that routinely go out with their marketers trying to sell all their gear onto the police forces and councils of towns and cities and so on.  And the cops want it because theyíve all been brought up on television, and they want to be the big guys with the guns and stuff like that, you see.  So this is going to really skyrocket now.  Well, theyíve got them in the next state, why shouldnít we get them?  Thatís how they do it nowadays.  But thatís things to come, and itís already here. 


In New Zealand of course, theyíre catching up with the US and every other country with the compulsory electronic identification and tracking systems for livestock.  It says, Big Brother is coming to an animal farm near you.


Livestockers worry Big Brother is coming down to the farm

nzherald.co.nz / By Adam Bennett / Apr 27, 2011


Big Brother is coming to the animal farm with a compulsory electronic identification and tracking system for livestock, warns Federated Farmers.


Parliament's primary production committee will today hear submissions on the Government's National Animal Identification and Tracing (Nait) Bill.


The Nait regime, first mooted by the last Labour Government (A:  That was the Fabian Socialists that were there before the present Fabian Socialists.) and picked up by National, is a data recording and collection system by which cattle and deer will be chipped, with information collected and held on a database.


Agriculture Minister David Carter said the system would bring New Zealand into line with many other countries (A:  Just like the cops there, you see.  Well you see, theyíre doing it elsewhere so we should do it too, thatís the excuse they do for these international treaties that they havenít told you theyíve signed already, through the UN.) and will deliver benefits of at least $38 million a year.  (A:  Utter rubbish, how itís going to deliver any benefits; itís going to cost a fortune, which the taxpayers will pay, or the purchasers will pay, after the farmer pays it; everything gets passed onto the consumer.)


While the system wouldn't help prevent an outbreak of foot and mouth disease it could reduce the financial impact by as much as $1 billion over two years, said Mr Carter.  (A:  What financial impact?  ...if it wonít stop anything?)


However, while the legislation has the support of the meat industry (A:  Which is owned by the packers of course, just like the US and Canada.), it is bitterly opposed by Federated Farmers whose dairy sector spokesman Lachlan McKenzie will present the organisations's submission this afternoon. 


So anyway, theyíre getting the same runaround as the rest of the world.  Everything is going to end up on the big master world computer, and theyíll probably call it Jehovah or something like that, you know.  And weíll all be sacrificed to the altar of Jehovah, everything that walks, flies or whatever is going to be on it.  Itís just astonishing that the people canít see it coming.  And thereíll be people with absolute ultimate power on this world, who literally have ALL data on EVERYBODY, every living thing... up-to-date, real-time information, above all intelligence agencies, because actually there is one above all the ones that you know of, and itís global. 


And I get so fed up with people who still forget that every communications device Ė even before the mid 90s when they passed the laws to chip all these communication devices was passed, worldwide, at the same time, through a treaty Ė I get fed up with people who canít really get that through their heads.  And youíll be amazed what people prattle on the phones, or what theyíll tell you sometime about personal stuff that no one should know.  Iíve told people before, talking to them on the phones, thereís always a third ear here so be careful what you say.  And it should be the same thing too, thereís another pair of eyes here when you send off your emails to different people.  And folk canít learn.  They canít learn.  If you want something to be quiet and secretive, donít tell anybody. 


Google and Apple of course, collect location data from computers.  I mean, this is like nothing, itís just a nonsequitur, this whole darn thing about them collecting information about you.  You see, they were doing it from the first computer they gave you before they passed the laws.  Why are you so surprised?  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and you know, as I say, Iím so surprised at people that they never really get it.  Itís just like Japan; itís out of their head as soon as itís gone from the media.  They forget too, that theyíre being tracked and traced on everything that they do, and itís being happily scooped up by government agencies 24 hours a day.  So...


Google, Apple collect location data from computers

theaustralian.com.au / Amir Efrati & Jennifer Valentino-Devries From: The Wall Street Journal / 4/27/2011


GOOGLE and Apple collect and store information about the location of personal computers, as well as mobile devices (A:  Thatís not new.), according to company executives, disclosures that may heighten concerns about the scope of data collected by tech companies.  (A:  And this is coming from Australia too, this particular article.)


Apple gathers information from some Apple Macintosh computers connected to WiFi networks, and Google collects data from WiFi-connected computers that use Google's Chrome browser or search "toolbar." They obtain the information after a computer scans the area around itself for available WiFi networks, typically after users give a website permission to determine the computer's location.


The disclosures came in an interview with a Google executive and a letter from Apple executives to federal lawmakers.


In most cases, the companies ask users for permission before gathering their information.  (A:  Well whoís going to allow them the information?  Who?  Hmm?  [Alan chuckles.]) But sometimes when they ask, it isn't clear exactly how the data will be stored and used.   (A:  Well thatís another reason not to do it, eh.  Deny it.)  Some Apple computers send location information to Apple if a user asks the computer to use his location to automatically display the correct local time.  (A:  And that is true too, thereís a little Trojan in there that comes with most computers now, that keeps the time exactly right.  It is a Trojan; what else is it sending back?)


Last week, The Wall Street Journal reported that mobile phones using Apple and Google software regularly transmit their locations back to the companies.  (A:  Well they ALL do. They ALL do.)


You ever wondered about these free antivirus and so on programs and malware programs that you get?  Theyíre all free.  Some guy sitting in a shed somewhere you think is just generously putting this all together, working full-time 24 hours a day to bring you this free program, so that you can feel safe?  Do you really think thatís what itís all about?  Do you really, really believe that?  Itís never been like that.  Everything is data collection for the big boys.  The ILLUSION is that itís all different agencies and different people doing different things all for your benefit.  Thatís the illusion you get.  Thatís how you run a world and make them think theyíre free.  Itís quite easy.  So anyway, I mean, personally Iíd be quite happy once I eventually go off the air and just toss the computer out the window and never see it again, because I really donít need it, except for doing broadcasts like this.   Because Iíve got paper books on everything that I could possibly get my hands on.  Over the years I collected and collected.  As I say, thatís the only safe way you can be.  And you can certainly teach privately too, when you have the documentation, physical documentation in your hands and youíre not hoping for stuff coming off the net, as eBooks and so on, which are always revised and stuff goes down the memory hole.  Youíve got to have the hard copies in paperback or hardback or whatever. 


Every time they have wars of course, it helps to overcrowd the overcrowded cities of Europe, because theyíre overcrowded by mass immigration because they have to bring in newcomers who will actually have children, because they have families you see from those countries that theyíre bringing them in from; they actually believe in families and they have children. Itís amazing isnít it?  Strange concept.  They have to bring them in all the time to pay off the national debt; thatís what every country is telling you.  As they mix multiculturally the societies together, to destroy the existing cultures, and that came out from Tony Blairís, from his assistant Prime Minister; he disclosed that in the papers a while ago.  So they love these wars because these wars always start the refugees coming in from the countries that those same countries in the West are pounding with their air forces and their armies.  Itís guaranteed to get the people, whoíve had enough and want to go out to somewhere safer and they see it as being the winners, those in the West that are doing all the damage.  So now they start arguing about the refugees coming in.  It says...


The Eurostar migrants: North African refugees mass at the Paris gateway to Britain as Sarkozy and Berlusconi row about open borders

dailymail.co.uk / By Peter Allen / 27th April 2011


Immigrants who have fled Tunisia say Britain is their 'only hope'.  (A:  They shouldnít say that, unless theyíre bringing in very long snorkels, because Britain is sinking under the weight of everybody.)


Franco-Italian immigration problems comes amid international business tensions and discord over Libya.  (A:  ...etc, etc.  So all this is driving immigrants into these countries.)


Desperate immigrants fleeing the chaos in North Africa (A:  ...that the West is causing.) are massing around the Eurostar terminal in Paris Ė prompting fears that they will head for Britain.  (A:  ...which has the best welfare system yet, and even yet thereís some people from certain countries coming over there who are taking incredible... one of them was living in a £40,000, per week, house, paid for by the taxpayer.  And he was claiming every benefit you can imagine, which the people who live there canít get, these benefits, certainly not at that kind of height anyway.)


Most are refugees from the recent revolution in Tunisia and the continuing conflict in Libya who have arrived in Europe via Italy.  (A:  Wait till they take Syria out too and then Iran.)


Up to 1,000 North Africans have set up temporary home in squares surrounding the Gare du Nord, from which fast trains reach the UK in less than two hours.


Almost all are complaining about harassment from the French authorities. They say their hopes of finding accommodation and jobs in France are next to nil.


President Nicolas Sarkozy has pledged to do all he can to get rid of the migrants. (A:  Well stop bombing them, eh.  Stop bombing their countries, eh.)  Some 25,000 North Africans have arrived in Italy by sea since the start of Ďthe Arab Springí (A:  ...these so-called, paid for, Western financed revolutions.) and many then moved on to France.


Paris has accused Rome of abusing the Schengen open-borders treaty, which allows free movement of people between 25 countries in Europe, by issuing travel documents to migrants fleeing North Africa.


Some of the others in Paris are illegal immigrants who may pay people smugglers up to a £1,000-a-head to make the journey to Britain, where they can claim asylum or else disappear into the black economy.


ĎIt may be our only hope,í said Hamadi Trikki, a 19-year-old Tunisian who travelled by boat to Italy and then by train.


ĎMany of us believed that France would offer us a future because we speak French and have family here, but the French do not want to help us.  (A:  No, they only want your land.  Thatís all, donít worry about it.)


So thereís the reality of the news.  Itís amazing, you know, nothing changes in thousands of years.  You always get the official history of how, you know, ancient Rome and even the Greeks at one point were spreading their Ďcivilizationí across the world, with bloody swords and all the rest of it. Then of course you get the real story, that they were plundering everything around them for their cash and their resources, and slaves and all the rest of it.  Quite something, eh? 


Now, another article too, is controlling information in the news.  Iím going to put this link up tonight.  I think itís a BBC thing, but itís from Chatham House about who controls the power in the internet age.  It should be quite an interesting talk to listen to as they go through.  Mind you, itís staged for the public, but itís got all the big players there, all the Sirs and etc, and General Secretaries of different organizations talking about who controls the real power in the internet age.  Well, we know itís certainly not the people.


Controlling Information: who holds the power in the internet age?

ID in the News - no2id.net


Then you go into this next one; itís quite funny.  Itís to do with US passports.  It says here that itís a proposed questionnaire for US passports.  You wouldnít believe the questions they ask you if you canít find your birth certificate, like Obama, you know you just make it up on some little cheap program on the computer.  It says here...


Were You Circumcised? New Passport Questionnaire Baffles Many With Absurd Info Demands

theblaze.com / April 26, 2011 / Jonathon M. Seidl


Who was present when you were born? (A:  Who was present when you were born... well, can you remember that? [Alan chuckles.])  Can you remember every address youíve ever had? How about every place youíve ever worked? (A:  And then...) Were you circumcised?  (A:  Were you circumcised... Hmm?)


What if I told you that those were some of the queries the State Department is proposing for a new ďbiographical questionnaireĒ as part of the passport application?


Sounds absurd, doesnít it? Itís true. (A:  And thereís a link there to the actual site.  And it really is phenomenal.) 


According to BoingBoing, the form is meant for those who, while applying for a passport, canít produce a birth certificate. ďBut as the FA suggests,Ē the site notes, ďthe circumstances in which people unable to provide a birth certificate will be given this form (rather than the traditional bureaucratic investigation) are not spelled out; further, the form itself remains a Kafkaesque impossibility for most people to complete.Ē  (A:  And itís true.  It even asks you where your mother lived before you were born and stuff like this, even grandparents and all that kind of stuff.  Itís absolutely impossible to complete.  Bureaucrats are a strange creature, arenít they?  They are strange creatures; you canít get into their head space.  You just canít do it.  Itís impossible, the stuff that they come up with, that causes everybody else so many incredible problems.)


Then youíve got, another link Iím putting up tonight too, is on the Club of Rome.  Now, the Club of Rome, again, itís a big think tank, global think tank, one of these private institutions, linked to the Trilateral Commission and the CFR and the United Nations.  They present basically suggestions for all the big boys to follow, to bring about this planned, sustainable society in the world.  This has got a lot of their talks on it and you can actually look into the links they present on their site.  Some of itís quite interesting.  Last night I mentioned Globe International who gets funded by the taxpayer, a private so-called charitable organization that also does a lot of funding and shifting of cash back and forth across the world. They fly in thousands of people to attend the various world meetings on climate changes and all the rest of it, and carbon taxes.  They have spoken AS a company in Parliament in Britain; you canít do that but they can do that.  Itís got the statement from Globe International...




Statement from GLOBE International Legislators Forum to Leaders of G8 and Major Economies Forum.


So this is this big, massive, private organization, who gets paid through the BBC as well, and through the British taxpayer to not represent them, telling the government what to do.  So Iíll put that link up too.  And itís got other speeches by their members as well.  Itís quite interesting.  If you really want to know whatís going on this is where you find the stuff, not from the mainstream. 


Now, another site Iím putting up too is on...


Mexican Narco-Traffickerís Revelation Exposes Drug Warís Duplicity

narcosphere.naronews.com / Posted by Bill Conroy - April 25, 2011


A high-level player with one of the most notorious narco-trafficking organizations in Mexico, the Sinaloa ďcartel,Ē claims that he has been working with the U.S. government for years, according to pleadings filed recently in federal court in Chicago.


That player, Jesus Vicente Zambada Niebla, is the son of Ismael ďEl MayoĒ Zambada Garcia ó one of the purported top leaders of the Sinaloa drug-trafficking organization. Zambada Niebla was arrested in Mexico in March 2009 and last February extradited to the United States to stand trial on narco-trafficking-related charges.


The indictment pending against Zambada Niebla claims he served as the ďlogistical coordinatorĒ for the ďcartel,Ē helping to oversee an operation that imported into the U.S. ďmulti-ton quantities of cocaine Ö using various means, including but not limited to, Boeing 747 cargo aircraft, private aircraft Ö buses, rail cars, tractor trailers, and automobiles.Ē 


And for those too, who remember all the scandals that broke out in the past, and there have been so many scandals with the US agencies using drugs to buy weapons across the world, black budgets, all the rest of it, and Bill Clinton of course was steeped up to his eyeballs in that too; thatís why they put him in there, as a payoff for allowing the stuff to come into his own state too, by the CIA.  Anyway, Iíll put this link up and you can look through it for yourself.  Big government has always been involved with the drug trading.  Look who brought all the dope into, hashish and so on, and opium, into China.  It was all the big boys who eventually went to Yale, and all the families that went to Yale, and some of their descendants are still running the US yet, and Britain too. 


This is the real world.  Itís the real world thatís so far removed from that nice little Disney world that you like to believe in. Itís so distant, too, from the little dramas they put on your television shows for you as well.  Itís way, way above all of that.  Nothingís as it seems to be in the real world.  Itís always generally the opposite meaning of a term or a name or a title or whatever; itís generally the opposite thing that theyíre involved in.  So thatís the way the world is really, really run.  And then to get things even crazier, you find to do with bringing in more and more cash of course, hereís from Britain. 


£350 to run in the park: Fitness trainers, nannies and teachers hit by fees by council who classifies it as a work place

dailymail.co.uk / Steve Doughty and Colin Fernandez / 26th April 2011


(A:  Theyíre all claiming sour grapes and so on.)


Personal trainers, nannies, dog walkers and even teachers face hefty bills for using public parks under a town hall diktat.  (A:  Theyíre using all the communist terms, which is good actually.)


Council chiefs have decided anyone using the open spaces for business must pay for the privilege.  (A:  You see, in this new world order everything is a fee, for a privilege. There are no rights you see.)


Personal trainers, like Zibby Mucha, and football coaches have already been hit by the policy, devised by a West London authority. And it is likely to be copied by other councils (A:  ...across the country.).


The rules say that if anyone is making money by being in a park, they will be billed. That means that a paid nanny pushing a pram (A:  A baby in a pram.), a paid dog walker, or a nursery school teacher leading her charges through the local park could face bills of £350-£1,200 a year.


Mr Mucha, 35, who works in Hurlingham Park in Putney, South London, was exercising with a client when a park ranger told him he couldnít operate without filling in a form.  (A:  This bureaucracy is just the start.  Iím not kidding.  Itís bad enough right now, wait till a few years come by.  You see, youíre in the new soviet system, run by masses of bureaucracies and levels of bureaucracies right down to the guys on the streets, from all kinds of agencies.)


Mr Mucha, who charges clients around £45 an hour, said the warden Ďasked if I had got the licence to be in the parkí.  (A:  ... a license, eh? Mind you, I think itís right; I think joggers and that should pay extra because after all, with all that heavy breathing and stuff, and people who have too much sex, theyíre putting too much CO2 into the atmosphere.  I think really we should get discounts on us if weíre breathing normally. There you go.)


Alan:  Now, thereís some folk on the phones; Iíll try and squeeze them in.  Iíll try Steve from Connecticut. 


Steve:  Hello.  How are ya?


Alan:  Not too bad. 


Steve:  What youíre talking about here, yeah, that jogger should be put away; I mean his carbon footprint... 


Alan:  Youíre darn right. 


Steve:  ...is extreme. 


Alan:  Very extreme. 


Steve:  Yeah.  But anyway, I wanted to comment on basically how the media basically molds how we think.  I mean, I saw a report the other day on how not to lose your car keys.† And this went on for like 2 minutes. 


Alan:  Hold on a second, Iíll be back with you and you can tell me about it. 


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix talking to Steve from Connecticut about car keys, he was talking about car keys.  On you go Steve.


Steve:  Yeah, itís just a joke how they basically, you know, they tell us how to think and even, you know, what to wear.  When you watch the Weather Channel they let you know when to wear your gloves and your thermal underwear.


Alan:  And your radiation suit too; thatís it.  [Alan chuckles.]


Steve:  Itís just a joke.  I mean, I donít know if you guys in Canada have those Sunday shows...


Alan:  Oh, yeah.  See, all this started in Britain and it came to all the British Commonwealth countries.  And Iíve got an old MP3 here of all the ads the British government put out across the Commonwealth countries telling them, from the 1940s onwards, how to do certain things.  Thereís hundreds and hundreds of them.  Hundreds of them. 


Steve:  Yeah, itís like you said, they put the experts up there for you.  I mean, you donít come to your own conclusion because you have some expert from Harvard in some suit telling you how to think. 


Alan:  Thatís right.  Bertrand Russell said that, in the 20s and 30s he said then that they were training the public to only listen to experts, so that they wouldnít listen to themselves.  You wouldnít think for yourself or youíd doubt yourself. They were training them to actually doubt themselves and to only listen to experts, way back then.  And theyíve achieved their goal today.  They have achieved that goal.  Most folk cannot think for themselves.  Youíre quite right.


Steve:  Yeah.  I donít know if you have those political shows on Sunday but we do down here and itís always, you know, a republican versus a democrat and how theyíre making these cuts, for us, or theyíre raising taxes.  But they donít get to the underlying cause of everything and thatís because of the problems that weíre in because of cheap money. 


Alan:  Oh, money, thereís no doubt about it.  And this is the whole key to everything.  Unless this primal question is answered, of money, it doesnít matter.  As long as the guys who are in charge today stay in charge of it, nothing is going to change for the better of the public, nothing at all, this crazy creation of cash and who controls it, nothing will change.  Thatís the one thing that must go all together.  As I say, Canada did have a banking system, right through the Great Depression, the last one, and they came from all over the world to find out how Canada did not get into debt.  Itís because it issued its own cash.  Thatís why.  It borrowed from no private bank whatsoever.  That lasted up until after World War II and then in the 60s and 70s Trudeau got in and he changed it all into private banking, so weíd borrow from private banks. But after World War II Canada pretty well had no national debt at all. 


Steve:  What gets me too is like, you know, a lot of these other alternate media sites claim weíre in a currency war.  But if we have central banks throughout the world and theyíre all under the same umbrella, the IMF and the Bank of International Settlements which is above that, like you said, weíre living through a script.


Alan:  Youíre living through a script and there are 13 banking families that lend to the whole world.  13. 


Steve:  Chinaís set to win. 


Alan:  Chinaís set to win because we set China up to win and the 13 banking families have got them in their pocket too.  Chinaís not independent. 


Steve:  But the full illusion of the dollar getting devalued, like itís, you know, weíre being outsmarted by other businessmen in other countries, which Trump claims is happening, itís a total fallacy.  Itís all scripted!


Alan:  Itís a fallacy.  When they set up the World Trade Organization and the GATT treaty to build up China and your tax money paid for it all and sent off the factories abroad, they knew then exactly when the dollar was going to go down as the main trading exchange currency for the world.  They knew way back then it was going to happen now, and they were right on.  It was planned that way.  Youíre right.  Thanks for calling.  For Luke in Vermont, maybe try tomorrow.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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