April 28th, 2011 (#821)
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Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 28th, 2011:

Dizzy Sensation from Toxic Culture Creation:

"The Trivia of Media's Not Worth a Mention,
News of Importance Held in Detention,
Japanese Meltdowns Must have Been a Dream,
All News of the Aftermath Vanished from Scene,
It's Back to Celebrities for the Masses,
Latest MTV Chicks Baring Their Asses,
Planned Toxic Culture Never Over and Done,
Complete Sexual Confusion Instilled in the Young
Who are Told to Try "Everything", Go on Be Wild,
Till There's No Memory of Man-Woman-Child"
© Alan Watt April 28th, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė April 28th, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 28th of April, 2011.  I always start off by telling newcomers to go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and help yourself to the audios which are there for free download.  Thereís hundreds to choose from.  And hopefully, youíll get a better understanding of the massive superstructure of interlocking organizations which run the world basically, above governmental level, although they have some lesser members down in government, the guys that hope to get up higher into the superstructure, of course.  So, I try and give you shortcuts to understanding how this big system operates.  Itís been here for an awful long time, and of course, they do have their plans and think tanks working on their future.  They must always make sure of their own personal survival for the offspring into their own future, the one they design.  And thatís all youíre going through today with the restructuring of the world, very old plan, and weíre watching them use the finishing touches to some of it, as they basically standardize the last few countries that are free, to an extent, from the central banking systems and the IMF into the same system. 


So, remember too, youíre the audience that bring me to you, so help support me by buying the books and discs I have for sale at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Remember too, you can get transcripts as well from all of those sites in English, and you can get transcripts in other languages, if you go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu.  Help yourself to those ones.  But as I say, as the audience that bring me to you, buy the books and discs, etc, and from the US to Canada, you can use a personal check or an international postal money order from your post office, or cash, or you can also use PayPal to order or donate.  Use the donation button and follow it with an email with name, address and order and Iíll get it out to you.  And remember, straight donations are really, really welcome, especially at this time of the year, because Iíve got a whole bunch of sites to renew for another year.  And other bills on top of that, of course.  And across the world, Western Union, Money Gram, and you have PayPal again, to order or donate.  Use the donation button, followed by the email, with name, address and order.  Iíll get it out to you. 


Now getting back to this big system, this overlapping system, you can pick it up quite easily if you do have a memory and you do listen to little quips from either radio or you read it in magazines or newspapers throughout your lifetime.  You start to see how the hierarchy kind of works, the interlocking structure, and itís much the same as the way that Plato described it in his book called The Republic, the perfect utopia for an elite to rule over.  He called it The Republic, where you would have a Guardian class, and some of them at the top actually refer to them, because theyíve all read Plato, they really love The Republic, and they talk about themselves as being part of the Guardians, of their world, basically.  They also talk about the helping class thatís brought in to manage on behalf of the Guardian class, manage the people down below, trade, industry, right down to reproduction in the people they use for different occupations, how theyíd breed people together at the bottom for tall people, for short people for mining, and so on, just like how you manage livestock or pedigree dogs, for instance.  They talked about that thousands of years ago.  And, of course, thatís why theyíre using science to basically make it happen in our day and age. 


So, thereís nothing new under the sun as they say.  Itís just that itís a better cover today.  Youíre actually under this kind of system, and of course, we know from Quigley and others, and Russell and various other higher members of this organization, how they select their helpers, the ones that you see on television as Prime Ministers or Presidents.  Really the guys behind them are far more important, all the appointed advisors and so on.  Theyíre far more important than any puppet they can put in front of you for public appeal.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix, and just talking about the system, this over-structure, the superstructure that runs across and above all institutions across the world.  In fact, they make sure they have these institutions, these lower institutions as a kind of safeguard for them.  Itís also their watchdog for them.  And itís also the means by which they can get their big agenda put through, because those who are incredibly well paid, people who are picked, selected from Ivy League Universities, and chosen before they pass any degrees or whatever, these guys are really slated for a life where the doors are opened for them, to make sure they get put into the right positions, over the military, commerce, etc, etc; everything that runs your system and politics as well.  And thereís nothing new at all in this system.  Itís been here for an awful long time.  And Carroll Quigley did a very good job, being a member himself of this particular working, ruling group, sort of subgroup you might say, not in the Guardian class, but the working group for the elite, he mentioned that you have to be a part of this organization to get up in life at all.  And thatís been verified by even the CFR themselves, who admit that they themselves had to join the CFR to be accepted in amongst what they called, they called the ruling class.  Itís not really.  They might bump shoulders with some of the higher members, that youíll never hear mentioned in the news, but they themselves technically are still a working type, worker bee, for the ruling class, but very well rewarded.  And thatís the key to it all.  Those who get in from the Ivy League Universities and brought up are incredibly well rewarded for the system into which theyíre brought into.  And they become incredibly loyal to it as well. 


As a species, we can adapt into doing anything, you know, anything youíre told, if youíre well rewarded for it, and youíll start to rationalize it in your own head.  Just like the bankers, who shortly after plunging the whole world into a Great Depression by their bubbles and basically being a bunch of criminals, and then getting rewarded for it, by the public, bailing them out.  And then giving themselves multi-billion dollar pay raises and so on, and bonuses, these are the kind of characters who can always rationalize what they do.  Itís quite easy as a human apparently to rationalize anything you do.  And itís the same if you took them into any other era, time, place or whatever.  These guys, if they were executioners for a very strong political semi-military group, running a country, they would justify the slaughters and atrocities and executions theyíd do too.  These are the same personalities.  It works all the way down the line, right to the cop at the bottom of the street. 


So, thatís how the system works.  Unfortunately, weíre too well understood, and itís getting worse all the time as they understand more and more about us, because they have ongoing psychological testing on the public, constantly in fact.  Itís constant, and data collection and so on, to find out, how many people are really basically corruptible.  And thatís what it is.  Itís much easier to be corruptible when they donít call it corruption.  What youíre doing technically is not illegal, itís immoral, you see.  And these guys make a big distinction between legal and immorality to suit their own egos, obviously.  Thatís why, as Iíve said, so many times before, even before the last financial crash, they wonít change the system of banking, because itís meant to be left to crash at least twice a century, so they can loot real businesses, real businesses, and small businesses, billions of them, and pension funds and everything else.  Theyíre meant to be able to do that so that they can loot it from the public.  Thatís why theyíll never change it.  And they havenít changed it since the last crash. 


Itís the same when George Soros boasted that he and two of his buddies did a speculation deal to crash the British economy and they made millions and millions of pounds off it.  And then, the British taxpayer had to get the prime minister to go off to the international money lenders to get cash back to float the economy again, and pay all that compound interest that never seems to end.  Thatís how the world really runs.  And we call this a sane system.  Itís quite amazing how we can be brought up in a system, youíre taught to be proud of it.  You can really condition people to be proud of the country, and we get confused, you see.  We take the country and the people you know, and the land itself, and even the way of life.  We take that as how the elites see it, but they see it in a different way altogether.  The elites see the country as a big farm, a great big ranch.  And they see you as down there amongst the animals.  And theyíre proud of that too.  Theyíre proud of that, nice, well behaved animals, and so on, who keep paying them through taxes to be up there, to get big projects done, under the guise of national roads or whatever it happens to be, and then, of course, they clap themselves on the backs when they get their politicians to hand it to them as a corporation to run instead.  I mean itís just a wonderful system being a rancher at the top. 


And they really do exist, these people, if youíve ever mixed with any of them or met any of them, thatís how they see the world, and so, Charles Fort was right on that count, we are being farmed, technically.  And of course, that is simply verified by the ongoing data collection on the animals, right down to wanting to chip us all down the road, weigh you and know everything about you, because a farmer, a good farmer, he knows his livestock.  He really knows the heredity of that bull there and that cow there, and he can pretty well guess the strength of the offspring, their weaknesses and strengths and how much cash heís going to get down the road from them, as they work away and get milked.  So, that really is the simple system that we do live in.  And the feudal system never disappeared, of course.  It simply transformed under a different guise, and they called it democracy, which is actually better for them to run from the top, because itís harder to actually see it for what it really is, when youíve been brainwashed into thinking that a prime minister or a president runs the country and that he represents the public.  Itís much easier to run the public that way.  Itís a good Disneyland cover. 


Youíll notice too, how they manage all media, and itís quite fascinating too, as I say.  Youíll always find this, throughout your life as major events happen.  And then, suddenly they vanish, like they never happened at all, like Japan going up with radiation, its economy almost wrecked, and radiation traveling across the Northern Hemisphere, still is, of course.  They say it will keep happening for another ten months, as all this stuff fissions off.  And, of course, here theyíre all quiet about it too, because you see, the atomic energy agencies and so on, have got big bucks tied up in all these things across the world too, all these different plants, and believe you me, they all vent off the hydrogen every so often or theyíd blow their roofs off, just like what happened at Fukushima.  They do this all the time, and then they dump the superheated water thatís supposed to be the coolant into whatever handy lake or sea is around, and this happens pretty continuously, for those who have lived around Toronto long enough, for the Pickering Plants; youíll know that too, yourselves, by little bits in the paper if you can remember.  Youíre supposed to forget, of course, as youíre deluged with trivia.  This is a common practice, and of course, you also have the opposition who wants to tear down every reactor without stopping to say, wait a minute here, theyíre going to do away with all coal-fired reactors, that give you all your power.  If they do that, and they close down all your nuclear plants, you wouldnít be playing with all your fancy electrical gadgets, would you?  Youíd be in dire straits altogether.  Tremendously dire straits, and no one is thinking about that either.  However, it doesnít mean to say that they canít in the meantime tighten up and be more forthcoming or put laws out so that we can know whatís happening in the local reactors and how safe they are, or how many inspections are taken out of it, repairing parts and refitting them, etc, with worn-out parts and all that stuff.  We should be entitled to know that kind of stuff.  And private corporations should not rule our lives with their secrecies when it comes to literally our lives.  Thatís very simple. 


However, as I say, thereís the power of the press, Iíve mentioned it before, that really Reuters is the leader for this, the Rothschild-owned company that bought over AP, so basically itís one corporation running the worldís media, and all the rest of them down below it just trickles out to them.  All the other media is owned by the Council on Foreign Relations, if you again, read Carroll Quigleyís book, the New York Times and so on, the Times of India, all the Times across the world, they own, in fact.  And many, many others, to boot, to make sure youíre all fed the information that will shape you opinions for you and unfortunately that works very well, as well.  We have no real independent reporting on anything.  The little thatís left on the internet is either fake or is disappearing, or itís a mixture of UFOs and all the rest of it to make it all ridiculous.  So, youíre getting stuck with the mainstream again for every little bit of information which they want you to know. 


So I wonít be sidelined by the trivia, because, honestly, even today, I looked through, and before Japan happened, there was almost nothing happening.  It was hard to get any real information or even news on anything that really mattered to us.  And itís gone back to the same thing again.  Even the invasion of Libya is quieting down, and of course, theyíre getting in there for the long haul, along with Syria too.  Theyíre going to get into Syria, and every country that was on the New American Century list is being continued with Obamaís bunch, which is really the same bunch, by the way, the guys behind him, with the same agenda.  So, nothing changes, you see.  Everything is a show, and then, when they give you almost a dearth of news, thereís nothing except trivia.  Who cares about Obamaís birth certificate?  Who really cares? Who designed this one for us to be supposedly obsessed about?  Who cares?  It wouldnít matter if it was a pygmy they brought in from outside.  It really wouldnít matter at all.  It wouldnít matter if it was some guy that couldnít even speak English, because all they are is someone to take the praise, and take the tomatoes when he does the wrong things.  Thatís his job.  And the guys behind him, as I say, and all the unelected and appointed people are the ones who really run the show.  And thatís what they call democracy.  So, I wonít even touch on that. 


As I say, the only things of interest today are to do with Japan, Toyota and Honda in Japan, their production plunges, and how bad it is for their economy.  Thatís about all theyíre saying, and then how theyíve been down-rated by the top fake guys that give ratings to the world.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi, folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just talking about Japan and how its exports obviously are way, way down, and itís really hurting them, of course, and the world is fairly quiet on it.  Itís like they donít really like it.  And I know one of the reasons is because the people in Japan are pretty nationalistic, and you canít be nationalistic in other countries.  Thereís only one country allowed to be nationalistic today and the rest of them, if youíre nationalistic youíre bad; youíre not part of the world community.  So, theyíre all putting the boot into Japan right now, of course, and then you find out that Standard and Poorís have basically lowered their rating on Japan.  Now, Standard and Poor were awfully good at rating all these bubbles at very high, very good, you know, solid investments and stuff.  So, theyíre a bunch of fakers anyway, but why are they doing this to Japan.  They donít really like Japan.  And, as I say, the US doesnít need Japan anymore, because it used to hold and buy the bonds of the US, before they moved them all to China.  Now China buys the bonds so they can let Japan sink.  And thatís really the way for it too. 


And in Europe, part of the whole idea of destroying all nations and Rompuy has talked about this in the European Union, that he would never bring back the old systems, the age of the nation state is gone forever, is to flood it with immigrants from all other countries, so as to destroy the existing cultures.  And Germany now has been told many times before to let in other European migrants and in todayís paper it says here that:


Germany prepares for Polish influx as labor market opens


Theyíve been told to by this super-Soviet system that presides over them, but theyíre also letting people in from countries all around.  It isnít just Poland.  And of course, theyíre going to flood it again with cheap labor, which is handy for people who hire.  They like this kind of stuff.  They can bring down the cost of labor.  Itís from all the other countries around Europe as well, theyíre going to have to allow them in too.  And they must destroy whatís left of any German culture too, for this wonderful world zoo thatís called the New World Order.  Now, thereís a caller on the line from Ireland.  Itís Robert from Northern Ireland, I think.  Are you there, Robert?


Robert: Hello, Alan.


Alan: Hello.  Yes, go ahead. 


Robert: Alan, I basically wanted to ask you one question.  Iím from the North of Ireland.  I have some friends from the South.  I just wanted to ask you a wee bit about the Lisbon Treaty.  Well, basically, you know, they thought it was a great idea, the first time round.  When it came on, they seemed to think it was a great idea.  We were kind of trying to put them off, you know, voting for whole Yes thing.  I really wanted to ask you what you thought about it, you know. 


Alan: Well, Iíve got books here from the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute on International Affairs that go back to the 1920s and 30s.  And in one of their books, it was under their annual meetings for the British Empire they called it at the time, they had members from both Northern and Southern Ireland on their committees, on their boards, high members, and they talked about the future of Ireland, how theyíd eventually bring it into a European Community, the Bloc they called it at that time.  This is 1937.  And Iíve got the names of the speakers and so on.  Theyíve been running both sides of the country since at least that time, to be honest with you, and working steadily towards integration, only to be integrated under the Super Parliament of Europe that was always their plan.  Remember, that was the same organization that set up the United Nations, that also wanted to set up regional Blocs, and eventually dissolve the countries in under a Super Parliament.  And theyíve been pretty successful in it.  So, these guys, youíve got to understand what the real mission is here.  And itís to destroy all national sovereignty altogether.  And eventually private organizations, private companies will be able to, as youíre lumped into a region, you see, theyíll be able to buy whole sections of your region and privately own them.  So, that will be the death knell of even saying we have an Ireland or Northern or Southern Ireland.  Theyíll just buy chunks of it up.  Thatís on the cards to go down in the not too distant future. 


Robert: Okay, Alan.  Thatís great.  Thatís basically hit the nail on the head for me.  Thatís all I wanted to ask you.


Alan: Thanks for calling.  Thatís what it is.  And this was decided, as I say, back in the 1930s.  In that same meeting these members, and it was all sponsored and paid for by the Rockefeller foundation by the way, that meeting, they had all the top bankers of the day there, from across all the countries, the British Empire countries, and from the United States, even though it was talking about the British Empire, because the Empire was to eventually merge with the US Empire.  The US was to take it over, basically, which it has done.  And they talked about bringing China up to be the manufacturing center for the world.  And this is before World War II, when China was a Third World country.  And it was even after World War II.  They had World Trade Organization already planned back then, that would eventually come along, the World Court was to be planned.  And through various treaties like the GATT Treaty, etc, they would basically set up the rules for trading for the world, where literally, eventually, they could buy whole countries up if need be, whole regions, multiple countries, all lumped into a sale, basically.  And they even had it planned right down to bringing the new feudal system.  Then, later on in the 60s, Carroll Quigley, being the historian for this group, put some of that in his book, not as much as Iíve said here though.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about, really, how weíre just living through a script, a long-term business plan, written up a long time ago, by a group that is called roughly, the Anglo-American Establishment.  That covers all peoples and races and so on by the way, for those who think itís just a sort of a very white thing.  Itís not at all.  It may be actually far from it in some ways.  Anyway, itís a cover, because it was really the power banks of London and the power banks of New York, and those who had the big investments in them that really were part of the ruling establishment and still are today, in fact, that set up their organizations to maintain rulership, over not only their two countries, but to take over what was then the British Empire and expand it beyond, into a World Empire.  And thatís what youíve got going today.  Rudyard Kipling talked about this himself, and even wrote the poem where he talked about passing on the torch to the Americans.  Thatís what it was, passing it on to you.  The Americans had to take over because they had more land mass, more resources, more tax base, more men for cannon fodder and thatís what youíre seeing continue up to this present time.  So, weíre living through a long-term business plan. 


And of course, academia is completely on board because they get massive grants from the big foundations that comprise the parallel government as Quigley called it.  And Margaret Thatcher called it that too, by the way, when she retired, she joined it.  She says, we are all ex-prime ministers, presidents, across the world.  We all know each other, and we form a parallel government.  They can get the jobs done.  We donít argue.  Weíre not responsible to the general public for elections, and so they could get the actual thing right through.  Theyíre talking really of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, Council on Foreign Relations, and theyíve now changed the name after I played some of their talks from Canadian Television in 2005, about Amalgamation of the Americas.  They changed their name in Canada to the CIC.  But itís the same organization, and they have one in Australia, New Zealand, India, Pakistan, and elsewhere across the world.  So, youíre working toward, and they all get into, they make sure they all get into politics as prime ministers and presidents.  Thatís what Quigley said.  There wasnít a single president or prime minister who hadnít been a member since the late 1800s, to make sure, of course, that the agenda goes on. 


And youíre living through it going on.  Youíre watching it, and youíre seeing it, and youíre living through it going on, as they take down the last few countries in the world, get them on a central banking system that will borrow from private banks and the World Bank and the IMF and then theyíre under this world rule of a tiny minority. 


Getting back to the trivia on the news, I wonít bother even repeating the awful stuff that theyíre giving out as news now, because itís rubbish, utter trivia and rubbish. Iíll talk a bit about propaganda, because youíre given propaganda, which really comes through neuroscience today, and you have these guys calling it neuroscience, not just psychology, but neuroscience.  How to manipulate public opinion constantly, and itís through all government ads.  Itís through all general ads, by the way, because Madison Avenue is a big, big part of the Establishment.  And itís through all your entertainment, and itís quite simple to do, really.  Anyway, getting back to Aldous Huxley, actually, I mention him and his book, Brave New World Revisited, where he tells you how they can bring in this type of system, and how they probably will.  And he talks on propaganda.  He uses Hitler.  They always use Hitler for an example.  They never use Stalin and so on, because Communism is almost a holy thing for these guys, since they set it all up.† They talk about Adolf Hitler, how he used a lot of techniques that they use today.  Motivational research was a thing that he was already into, what really worked on the masses.  And he would use unqualified assertions and sweeping generalizations.  He says:


These are the propagandistís stock and trade.  All effective propaganda,Ē Hitler wrote, ďmust be confined to a few bare necessities and then must be expressed in a few stereotyped formulas.Ē


(Alan: Global warming, global warming, global warming, weapons of mass destruction, weapons of mass destruction, and so on.  That kind of stuff.  It says:)


These stereotyped formulas must be constantly repeated, for ďonly constant repetition will finally succeed in imprinting an idea upon the memory of a crowd.Ē


(A: And Hitler said the same thing.  People were just a crowd.  Individuals donít fall for it, but the crowd does, you see.)


Philosophy teaches us to feel uncertain about the things that seem to us self-evident. Propaganda, on the other hand, teaches us to accept as self-evident matters about which it would be reasonable to suspend our judgment or to feel doubt. The aim of the demagogue is to create social coherence under his own leadership.


But, as Bertrand Russell has pointed out, "systems of dogma without empirical foundations, such as scholasticism, Marxism and fascism, have the advantage of producing a great deal of social coherence among their disciples." The demagogic propagandist must therefore be consistently dogmatic.


(A: Always dogmatic in their statements.  Itís climate change.  Itís climate change.  Global warming.  No matter if itís pouring down rain or itís snowing and youíre up to your eyeballs in it.)


All his statements are made without qualification.


(A: And thatís what you get.  No qualifications.  Any study theyíve done, it proves the opposite.)


There are no grays in his picture of the world; everything is either diabolically black or celestially white. In Hitler's words, the propagandist should adopt "a systematically one-sided attitude towards every problem that has to be dealt with." He must never admit that he might be wrong or that people with a different point of view might be even partially right.


(A: And you find that with all these things that are put out for the carbon taxes coming and the global warming and all that.  Theyíre completely dogmatic about it.  Theyíre all onboard, as they say.  Their opinions are all unified.) 


Opponents should not be argued with; they should be attacked, shouted down, or, if they become too much of a nuisance, liquidated. The morally squeamish intellectual may be shocked by this kind of thing. But the masses are always convinced that "right is on the side of the active aggressor."


(A: And isnít that true.  Isnít that true?  The active aggressor gets the confidence of the public.)


Such, then, was Hitler's opinion of humanity in the mass. It was a very low opinion. Was it also an incorrect opinion? The tree is known by its fruits, and a theory of human nature which inspired the kind of techniques that proved so horribly effective must contain at least an element of truth. Virtue and intelligence belong to human beings as individuals freely associating with other individuals in small groups. So do sin and stupidity. But the subhuman mindlessness to which the demagogue makes his appeal, the moral imbecility on which he relies when he goads his victims into action, are characteristic not of men and women as individuals, but of men and women in masses.


(A: Think of Music Television, folks.  Theyíre turning every female into a lesbian whore.  Have you listened to the words in the stuff?  Have you listened to any of the words?  But thatís for the mass woman, you see, not for the individual.  Thereís too few individuals in male or females.)


Mindlessness and moral idiocy are not characteristically human attributes; they are symptoms of herd-poisoning.


(A: And again, thatís music television, thatís your entertainment industry and so on.  Itís done on purpose too, by the way, because thereís an agenda behind it, and a reason for it.  Herd-poisoning.)


In all the world's higher religions, salvation and enlightenment are for individuals.


(A: And thatís true too.  People miss that point.  They always attack the mass church.  They never understand that true religion can only appeal to the thinking intellectual.  Itís not something you just dump yourself in a bucket of water and you suddenly see the light or get on your knees like Masonry, with a blindfold and your chest exposed and your pants rolled up.  I mean, itís actually an inner thing that happens to the person, the individual.  Thereís nowhere where Jesus says he came to save the world.  Far from it.  He says he came to save the few.  And he talked about the broad way, it was for the masses, and the road to heaven was very narrow and few would find it.  And itís the same in the other religions too.  Itís for the few who understand the higher meanings.  So:)


The kingdom of heaven is within the mind of a person, not within the collective mindlessness of a crowd. Christ promised to be present where two or three are gathered together. He did not say anything about being present where thousands are intoxicating one another with herd-poison.


(A: Look at the tent preachers on television today, with their buckets of money going around as they pretend to heal people.)


Under the Nazis enormous numbers of people were compelled to spend an enormous amount of time marching in serried ranks from point A to point B and back again to point A. "This keeping of the whole population on the march seemed to be a senseless waste of time and energy. Only much later," adds Hermann Rauschning, "was there revealed in it a subtle intention based on a well-judged adjustment of ends and means. Marching diverts men's thoughts. Marching kills thought.


(A: It kills thought.  Thatís what the army is for, to make you uniform.)


Marching makes an end of individuality. Marching is the indispensable magic stroke performed in order to accustom the people to a mechanical, quasi-ritualistic activity until it becomes second nature."


Hitler was perfectly correct in his estimate of human nature. To those of us who look at men and women as individuals rather than as members of crowds, or of regimented collectives, he seems hideously wrong. In an age of accelerating overpopulation, of accelerating over-organization and ever more efficient means of mass communication, how can we preserve the integrity and reassert the value of the human individual? This is a question that can still be asked and perhaps effectively answered. A generation from now it may be too late to find an answer and perhaps impossible, in the stifling collective climate of that future time, even to ask the question.


(A: I always say to people, who are you?  Because theyíll ask you who you are.  What they really mean is, what are you?  And they judge you by what you do.  And what you do will generally tell them what you think that your bank account will be.  Thatís how people judge you in a commercialized system.  But when I ask them, who are you, and they give you a name, I say, no, thatís not what I meant.  Who are you?  I want to know who you are, as a person.  And what theyíll try to do right after that is to give you all the things that would satisfy a herd mentality with their answers.  They will not try and tell you who they really are as a person, what they think about things, what theyíre uncomfortable about in society and stuff like that.  Theyíll try to give you all the status-quo politically-correct answers.  He goes on in this book too, he says:)


In the two preceding chapters I have described the techniques of what may be called wholesale mind-manipulation, as practiced by the greatest demagogue and the most successful salesmen in recorded history. But no human problem can be solved by wholesale methods alone. The shotgun has its place, but so has the hypo≠dermic syringe. In the chapters that follow I shall describe some of the more effective techniques for manipulating not crowds, not entire publics, but isolated individuals.


In the course of his epoch-making experiments on the conditioned reflex, Ivan Pavlov (A: That monster of a person, I added that part in.) observed that, when subjected to prolonged physical or psychic stress, laboratory animals exhibit all the symptoms of a nervous breakdown. (A: Well, thatís what they had.) Refusing to cope any longer with the intolerable situation, their brains go on strike, so to speak, and either stop working altogether (the dog loses consciousness), or else resort to slow≠downs and sabotage (the dog behaves unrealistically, or develops the kind of physical symptoms which, in a human being, we would call hysterical). Some animals are more resistant to stress than others. Dogs possess≠ing what Pavlov called a "strong excitatory" constitution break down much more quickly than dogs of a merely "lively" (as opposed to a choleric or agitated) temperament. Similarly "weak inhibitory" dogs reach the end of their tether much sooner than do "calm imperturbable" dogs. But even the most stoical dog is unable to resist indefinitely.


(A: Do you understand, heís not talking about dogs here.  And Pavlov wasnít interested in just how dogs.  They wanted to know how people would react.  Thatís what all experiments are about ultimately.)


If the stress to which he is subjected is sufficiently intense or sufficiently prolonged, he will end by breaking down as abjectly and as completely as the weakest of his kind.


Pavlov's findings were confirmed in the most distressing manner, and on a very large scale, during the two World Wars. As the result of a single catastrophic experience, or of a succession of terrors less appalling but frequently repeated, soldiers develop a number of disabling psychophysical symptoms. Temporary unconsciousness, extreme agitation, lethargy, functional blindness or paralysis, completely unrealistic responses to the challenge of events, strange reversals of lifelong patterns of behavior -- all the symptoms, which Pavlov observed in his dogs, reappeared among the victims of what in the First World War was called "shell shock," in the Second, "battle fatigue." Every man, like every dog, has his own individual limit of endurance. Most men reach their limit after about thirty days of more or less continuous stress under the conditions of modern combat. The more than averagely susceptible succumb in only fifteen days.


(A: You see, itís not normal to go out and slaughter folk.  Thatís why they have to train you to slaughter people and kill other people you donít even know.  And the army is very good at that.  Thatís its job, itís to train you to go off and slaughter people you donít know, and maybe even to like it for some.  And itís not normal either to be chased up a battlefield with shell chasing you the size of a Volkswagen that blows everything to pieces when it lands.  This is a form of madness, you understand.  And itís economic war too.  The guy thatís going to get blown to bits hasnít got a clue of the big corporations that are involved in this and whoís going to profit, is he?  Heís not been told that within his propaganda sphere.  Anyway:)


The more than averagely tough can resist for forty-five or even fifty days. Strong or weak, in the long run all of them break down. All, that is to say, of those who are initially sane. For, ironically enough, the only people who can hold up indefinitely under the stress of modern war are psychotics.  (A: Interesting, eh?) Individual insanity is immune to the consequences of collective insanity.


(A: So you have to be psychotic.  Have you noticed too, the soldiers can keep going back for tour after tour, year after year today?  Have you noticed?  Thatís because all the drugs theyíre on and the better psychological conditioning they get, and training to be impersonal about slaughtering folk, and to feel good about it.  Iíve always thought it odd, when your propaganda goes in, in any country, and they show you some soldiers coming home, and they always show you the loving wife and maybe a child or two, and the hugs and theyíre so happy to be back.  But this guy has just come back from slaughtering other mothers and children somewhere else across the planet.  Thereís something wrong here, you know.  As I say, this character too will give you the pat answers of his propaganda.  ďWeíre over there to bring them democracy and give them freedom,Ē and all that rubbish, when you know damn well, that Chase and all the rest of the big corporations are involved with the war and massive profits and theyíre all getting dibs on first grabs on everything to be had in the land thatís going to be conquered and plundered.  Nothing changes, just better techniques of brainwashing.  He says:)


The fact that every individual has his breaking point has been known and, in a crude unscientific way, exploited from time immemorial. In some cases man's dreadful inhumanity to man has been inspired by the love of cruelty for its own horrible and fascinating sake. More often, however, pure sadism was tempered by utilitarianism, theology or reasons of state.


And then he goes into physical torture.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about reality and how reality is manipulated.  And itís always manipulated by propaganda from many, many sources.  And people today are trained, of course, not to listen in silence to anything.  Theyíve got to have a radio blaring or a television blaring or on the cell phone or something blaring or occupied by a game, or whatever it happens to be.  Youíve not been taught to sit and think for yourself.  Thereís a peace, you know, that can come when you sit and think for yourself.  Itís quite amazing to try it.  Personally, I think a lot of folk have never done it in their whole lives.  Children have grown up watching their parents turn on the radio first thing in the morning, until theyíre out the door to school, and back they come at night and thereís the TV on, now itís all computers.  And theyíre scared to think for themselves.  In fact, theyíve become accustomed to having their free time given to them, basically, everything is laid on as entertainment or something is laid on to occupy you.  Even children donít know how to make their own games anymore.  They donít play anymore, as children. 


Everything that they play with is put out by characters who are going to make them the future soldiers for the next war that theyíll grow up into, fighting and so on.  And theyíll want to go off, because theyíll think itís going to be fun.  They really will think that.  And they will blow people away, because theyíre not real people.  Theyíre just the little things on the machines that theyíre playing with their X-boxes and so on.  Theyíre not real people, so itís easier to detach what youíre actually doing from the reality of what youíre doing.  And thatís great for military and for those who own the military.  And you donít own the military.  The military works for the big boys, who go abroad with the president, the big corporations that follow in his wake, to attend global meetings, where all their interests happen to lay together. 


The soldier doesnít know anything about that, nor does he care.  He enjoys for the first time in his life, getting pulled into a place of status by a uniform.  Very simple thing to do.  Dress him up in a uniform and suddenly he gets status.  You know, suddenly, from a nobody, youíre a somebody, because the general population has been trained to see you that way too.  Quite something else.  And like every army before them, like the Russians going into Germany at the end of World War II, they were shocked to find the public didnít want to be liberated by the Communists.  Just like the American troops were shocked to find that they didnít want, the Iraqis didnít want to be liberated either by the Americans, because they knew what the scams were really all about.  They knew more than the troops did.  They said youíre after the oil.  And they were correct.  And the troops were actually parroting that stuff, ďWeíre bringing you freedom and democracy.Ē  Do you have freedom and democracy?  As your banks plunder you over and over again?  Do you have any say in the direction of this world?  Do you have any say at all?  Do you have any possible chance of getting up into even the higher, even the basic lower ends of politics without being vetted by special committees and clubs, never mind the higher realms of the CFR.  Do you have any of that at all?  So why do you bother voting for the people who do?  Because all theyíre doing is guaranteeing, you put me in, and Iíll make sure the same banking scams will continue, because theyíre the real bosses.  Iíll make sure the military boys get their way on behalf of the big corporations and so on.  The same system goes on, and Iíll make sure the taxpayers will continue bailing us all out at the top.  Whose system is it anyway?


From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, itís Good Night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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