April 29th, 2011 (#822)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt April 29th, 2011:

The Bottomless Crater of Fantastic Data:

"Net Surfing on Fear Sites, Sooner or Later
Leaves You Neurotic, Psychotic with Data,
To Preserve Sanity and Clear the Mind
Go Like a Terrier Knowing You'll Find
All Info on a Subject, Stay on That One
Discard Mickey Mouse Until it's Done,
Don't Be Distracted from Your Task
With the Dozens of Links, Really a Mask
To Overwhelm with Extraneous Links
Until Concept's Confusing the Way You Think,
So Follow One Concept Until You Know All,
Discard the Fantastic, Else You Will Fall"
© Alan Watt April 29th, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė April 29th, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 29th of April, 2011.  Newcomers, look into the website, cuttingthroughthematrix.com and help yourself to the audios which are there for free download.  Thereís hundreds and hundreds of them, where I hope to give you shortcuts to understanding this incredibly complex system youíve been born into, and how this superstructure, really, you never see the superstructure.  Itís way above politics, comprising of big foundations, NGOs and big bankers, the big people who really run the world, how they interlock with each other, interweave to shape a future, a desired goal that doesnít just evolve as they go along, making it up.  They actually had it planned a long time ago, and you find youíre living through an old script, really, thatís all these things are, including the wars that are going on now and the wars in the past.  These are all part of the script, because places have to be taken over, standardized into the one system, under the one banking system too, globally, before these conquerors can say they control the whole planet.  And pretty well, they do already, to be honest with you, at least financially.  So, help yourself to the audios and remember too, on all those sites listed on the .com site, you can get transcripts in English of a lot of the talks Iíve given, and go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu if you want transcripts in other languages.  Help yourself.


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We are going through an amazing system.  See, we have been completely managed our whole lives, as was your parents, of course.  All the way through, into the days of Bernays, who came up with the idea of controlling whole continents, basically, through advertising and propaganda put out by government.  He worked with all the presidents of the United States, pretty well, for the whole length of his life, and heíd been taught these arts from much more occult systems that preexisted him, of course.  He didnít come along as a young fellow and get invited along to the League of Nations to find out how to put it across to the countries, at about the age of 21 or whatever.  He didnít learn all that by himself.  He was taught this stuff, and he was very successful at it.  And of course today, itís even more pervasive and more perfected, because propaganda works through all entertainment, all media, all advertising as well, all the PC terms and so on, will also be used in advertising, until, as simple as can be, you start parroting it yourself in conversation.  And before you know it, youíve been changed from this position in things to that position over there, without really a conscious thought about it or any reasoning at all.  Thatís the beauty of being brainwashed.  You donít need to have any reasoning powers whatsoever involved.  Itís a lazy manís way of losing your mind, you might say.  And lots of folk really like it that way.  They donít like having to figure things out for themselves.  And they certainly donít like looking at their own countries and saying, are these protectors actually fooling us?  Oh, they hate that one, donít they?  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And thereís a caller there already from the UK, so Iíll take it.  Itís long distance.  Thereís Daniel hanging on there.  Are you there Daniel?


Daniel: Oh, yeah.  Hello.


Alan: Hello.


Daniel: Hello, yeah.  You were involved in the music industry for a long time.


Alan: Yeah.


Daniel: Thatís right.  I wanted to ask you a question about this, because, you know, I havenít got a television.  I havenít had one for years and years, but if I ever hear sometimes, like a pop song, if I was ever in a waiting room, or someone had it blaring out from their radio, although I hate this music, and itís absolute rubbish, sometimes I find it gets stuck in my head, and I think, why would a song that I canít stand get stuck in my head.  And Iím just wondering.  They must have analyzed music, mathematically and have some formula that theyíve come up with where they can sort of churn out tunes, and they know that it effects your brain in a certain way.


Alan: Oh, absolutely.


Daniel: It canít be a coincidence that this terrible music gets stuck in your head.  Can you just explain that to me. 


Alan: Itís very old techniques that have been used.  Theyíve been studying this for hundreds of years, in fact.  And even with Beethoven and others, they found out that certain discordant techniques used in a live theater could make people angry, aggressive and even attack each other.  So, they understand how the sounds work.  Also they know, through again, youíve got to understand, when you are in a theater, youíre being observed.  And theyíve been observing audiences for well over a hundred years with cameras, etc, to see how they react with their facial expressions, to certain scenes and so on.  This is also used in television too.  You can also sit and watch your own family staring at television with their mouths open.  Theyíll laugh at parts, cry at parts, and look really nervous at other parts.  Itís an old, old, technique.  When it comes to music too, they know exactly, it doesnít matter what the background slush is.  I call it slush.  I was listening to, someone sent me one, it was about lesbianism being heavily promoted in the music industry now, and bisexuality, through the females.  And thatís what theyíve always said, even Bernays said, it will change society, totally turn it upside down, via the female, because sheís the first to adapt or try something new.  And thereís one song, it was called, ďI Kissed a Girl and I Liked ItĒ it was called, by a girl, you see.  And then her boy might not mind, her boyfriend might not mind, so sheís also bisexual.  So thatís the message.  But the background slush, youíd never remember what she was singing about, but the hook part, is the little melodious part, itís like a jingle.  ďI Kissed a Girl and I Liked ItĒ, da-da-da-da, da-da-da-da, like that.  Itís very simple.  That sticks in your head, and especially in youngstersí heads.  In fact, theyíll repeat this stuff without consciously sometimes even remembering or thinking what it says. 


Itís always really been like that when you go back through music.  Youíve got to understand, most people donít write their own music for a start.  You can hire people for pennies and make them stars if you want to, and still take most of it off them, let them live in big houses, and collect pennies, but the boys who run them and run the music and give them their image, because you always get an image built for you, and even all the stories about them are fake too.  Theyíre put out there from the media and by the media, by again, managerial experts to give them a bad boy, good boy, bad girl, whatever, image.  And thatís all taken.  Itís thoroughly professionally managed is what Iím saying, and even the scandals are managed.  Theyíre created, most of them, because you must get the people to watch these people and copy them.  So, the whole thing is emulation, but the thing is, most of these songs, that have got the hooks in them youíll notice, are aimed at really young children.  And when you look at the ones now all about sexuality, etc, theyíre definitely all aimed at young children, to coincide with their brainwashing at school, that thereís no such thing as normal anymore, you see.  And that does tie together perfectly well.  And also, they look up to these celebrities, just like adults would do with celebrities, and they want to emulate them and be like them and try what theyíre saying.  So, this is a very old technique. 


Once they got to the Madonna stage, they really started to pump it up then, and push the envelope.  And thatís the term they use in the industry is pushing the envelope.  And itís a term they use in the censor departments, which are not there to censor stuff thatís going to shock the public.  Theyíre there to see how far they can push it and are you ready for the next bit of degradation.  Thatís what censorship is all really about.  Seeing if youíre ready for the next part of degradation, because this is a planned takedown of all that was normal, and definitely the eradication of the family unit.  Thatís all part of this, and you can read about it from very old books, that they planned this whole thing out.


Daniel: Well, yes, I can see that.  But it was that, the term you used, the hook, that I was saying.  Because, I mean, although it doesnít affect me in the same way, I can definitely notice that it gets stuck in your head, and although it affects, obviously women more and then youngsters even more, etc.


Alan: Youngsters, youíll actually hear the youngsters, even if they canít even speak the words properly, theyíll go, da-da-da-da-, you know, and so that little hook too, effects them too the same way.


Daniel: And even, like you say, people even who donít speak the language, it can get them, because itís the tune, itís the melody, or something in there that hooks them, isnít it.  There was just one other thing I wanted to ask you as well, itís a music thing.  But, you know, when I see these, you talk about people being chosen for specific roles, like president or prime minister or someone else, and theyíre chosen a long time ago, well, after all this fuss about Obama and his birth certificate and all this nonsense, well, I was just wondering, what sprung to mind was that film, the Boys from Brazil, where he clones Hitler, and then he puts them with foster parents.  You know, Iím just wondering, do you think that happens?


Alan: Well, what I do know has happened in the past, when you go into histories of the special breeding programs in the 1800s, within the United States, and many of them were given protection because they went under the guise of Christian communes, and they were called Communistic Christians, by the way, who were trying to do special breeding programs.  One of the best known was the Oneida project Ė thereís many others actually, including in Mormonism Ė but they were allowed to have sex every day with other partners who were picked for them, but not to get one pregnant.  They were only allowed to, certain ones were allowed to breed and some not at the Oneida Community.  Well funded, by the way, big connections.  The President of the United States was a cousin of Noyes, who really came from the Neumann or Noyman family, the big banking family.  He ran it.  And Darwin got his magazine, he was keeping up on how the breeding experiments were working.  Now, they claimed to have lost all their records of their offspring, at the end of World War II, because of the bad publicity of Hitler and his particular eugenic program.  So, they had a convenient fire, but Iím sure they never lost their records.  Iím sure many of these particular characters, by the way, are in high positions today, because they were specially trained from childhood due to their supposedly superior breeding, scientific mating and so on. 


Youíll find it too with Obamaís mother.  If you go into her, she belonged to one of these particular sects.  And she literally, from a very young age was trained to be what she called a revolutionary.  In a Christian community?  So, youíve got to think about this.  And then she immediately, she knew from a very early age she was to marry a black man.  And so, she was definitely being coached from a very early age for her particular role.  Weíll never get the whole story, unless you had a confession coming out of someone which will never happen, but Iíve no doubt at all, that this is how itís been done.  Special breeding has definitely been behind it.  You donít need cloning for a president, because presidents really are lesser beings than the people behind them.  The vice-president is far more important.  He gets the work done behind the scenes.  Although his breeding is very important.  Youíll find that generally theyíre from the same breeding, actually, if you know what I mean. 


Daniel: When I say, the cloning part wasnít critical, I just meant that they would choose people literally from birth, or even pre-birth, and say all right, this person is going to be doing this role in 30 years time, that sort of thing.


Alan: Yes, in fact, Huxley touched on that and Russell touched on that too, that they would breed the leaders of the world.  Now, he was talking about the real ones, above the Obama level, actually, the ones who really run the world, not the guys that we think we elect.  They actually have been at this an awfully long time with selective breeding for leaders for the future.  And itís been going on for well over a hundred years, as I say.  From the mid-1800s we get traces of it coming out, with communities like Oneida, that literally had to obviously kill off the children that were born by accident, because only certain people were allowed to actually breed with a mate.  And they claimed that they used stirpulation, which is almost like the Catholic method of withdrawal, etc, which is nonsense.  But they also publicly admitted to practicing pedophilia.  They do the same thing in school today, getting the children used to sex before theyíre even going into puberty. And they would use post-menstrual women, elderly women to introduce the boys into it, etc.  And this is all plain record on various sites and libraries in New York.  You can get this information.  But under the guise, they got the protection of pretending they were a Christian cult, but they were not Christian whatsoever.  In fact, some of them were actually Jewish, like the guy who left the cult at the Oneida Community and went straight to McKinley and killed him.  He belonged to that community there.  So it was part of a revolutionary movement you see. 


Daniel: Yeah, and people attach, sometimes I think people attach too much significance of religion, you know, this group are Jewish, they say Jewish bankers, or that itís the Jesuits, or itís the Catholics, and I personally, I donít think it really makes any difference because their religion is really just being in charge and being in power, isnít it?  I donít think, itís probably lots of different religions of the people in charge.  I donít think, in fact, a lot of them are probably even atheists, arenít they?  I mean, what do you think?


Alan; A lot of them are atheists, but they believe in genetics.  Certain religions believe they are superior genetically as well as every other way.  And theyíre very boastful about it, if you read their own magazines. 


Daniel: Well, I was going to ask you, this Masonic knowledge, ancient knowledge, secret knowledge thatís been, I take it, this knowledge of the Earth, does it involve sort of the Sacred Geometry and the Golden Ratio and all this sort of stuff, the Fibonacci sequence, and how they carved the Ramses IIís statue and built the pyramids.  Is that all the sort of knowledge weíre talking about here?  And is that passed down?  At what level is that taught? 


Alan: Hold on, and weíll touch on that when I come back.  Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix, talking to Daniel from the UK.  And you were talking about geometry, Daniel, werenít you?


Daniel: Iíve been looking into the ancient stuff as much as I can, a massive subject, the Sumerians and the Egyptians, and Iíve come across this, the flower of life drawing, Sacred Geometry, and how the Golden Ratio, that 1.618, whatever it is, and the Fibonacci sequence, how this is all linked, and how this is what knowledge, amongst other things that the ancients seemed to have.  In order to do these carvings, they obviously had a very good understanding of mathematics.  Iím just wondering that, what is this ancient knowledge that, you know, the Masons had?


Alan: Well, what they believed, what they believed in ancient times, and right through to the Middle Ages in fact, was that by understanding what they called nature, that was the way that they couched it amongst members and initiates and so on, nature, in other words, how things work in nature, theyíre talking about science, if they found out ways and patterns and laws, fixed laws in science, then eventually they would get to understand and then break down and then utilize science, and then alter nature itself by using the powers within nature.  And that still goes on today, within science.  Thatís all science really does.  But they used that for initiates, of course, to show that there were within geometry fixed values, fixed things which will always turn out, like the Golden Ratio and so on, and the box will always end up being the same little box and so on, perfect dimensions, regardless.  And how there were connections between different kind of numbers, binary numbers and so on.  That was all part of the teachings as well.  And that was a phenomenon at the time, because most of the public were absolutely ignorant, couldnít read or write, and here youíd feel very, very special, when youíre let in on the fact that even within this thing of mathematics you have all these fixed, definitely fixed laws, of which the public were ignorant; it made you feel superior over the public, who hadnít a clue of anything, really.  And itís even more so today, in science.  Science is very elitist and very snobbish.  They used this technique all the way through, and back to the Mystery Religions, I mean, at one time you had to be taught within the Mystery Religions, in the higher echelons, to get a good religion. 


Plato talked about his own initiations in Egypt and then being sent over to the Levant, and then onward to India, in his own day, to complete the perfect travel, the circle around them, to be the perfect adept, who knew it all, basically.  And of course, he got that from Socrates and all the rest of them, who had all done the same circuit, long before.  So, knowledge was always to be kept from the masses by the ruling caste or class.  And much the same as today, really, but it was very, very important for them in those days.  They thought they had a form of magic in a sense.  It did have a form of magic.  They could certainly build wonders to astonish the lowest peasant, and the peasant would be dumbfounded as to how they actually worked out the dimensions to even do this.  They couldnít fathom it.  So, really they were trying to be like Gods on earth in a sense, and thatís how theyíd appear to ordinary people. 


Then, of course, we know in the Middle Ages, when Rosicrucianism broke out too, they built many cities along certain lines of the Earth and directions.  Of course, you can all measure them all up with a compass, etc.  And they mapped them out, much like Washington DC with Masonic, using Masonic squares, compasses and symbols and so on.† Itís an old technique they used from way back in Egypt, because what they were doing in Egypt, since the stars represented the gods, as a representation of the gods, the Milky Way was the pathway of souls, going up to get reincarnated to come back down, and of course, Orion was the big god.  So every pharaoh was technically Orion, the hunter with a club, and the three stars on the belt, also, they tried to put that down on earth, so the three stars on the belt became the three great pyramids.  Thatís the belt of Orion.  And then if you look down, across that whole region, youíll find all the rest of the stars that make up the rest of Orion, round about it in places and so on. 


So, they were bringing heaven to earth, a very ancient technique.  Youíll find that even in the Old Testament, bringing Heaven to Earth, the idea that you can make a Utopia on Earth, as opposed to Christianity, which says, your heaven is a different place.  You still have these people who want to bring a Heaven on Earth, a Utopia, so itís all connected, of course, from an ancient time to the present.  And donít forget Algebra as well.  It was very important, and even a lot of the slates for training students in Babylon and Sumer, ancient Sumer in fact, they show you, theyíve unearthed schoolhouses where they were doing pretty well advanced algebra for student children.  They would become eventually the administrators as they grew up.  So, this is very, very ancient these things, but again, always kept for a select few as knowledge always is, because knowledge is power, you know.


Daniel: Yeah, sure.  No, I understand.  Thatís made it a lot clearer now, because itís a massive subject.  Do you think thatís the reason they went into Iraq, was two-fold, one to get the oil, but do you think two, it was because they wanted to get control of all these ancient sites?


Alan: I think theyíve always known they would get control of it regardless, one way or another, but theyíre after water.  One of the largest aqueducts really in that whole region, it even goes under Egypt, is in Libya, and masses of water.  Thatís going to be gold of the future for them.  And also, of course, for the oil, and lots of other minerals too.  Itís also three-fold.  Itís also to bring them under this standardized con of democracy, where they put in their puppet governments, who will scam the public well and be allowed to do so, as long as they go along with the global agenda.  Thatís really three reasons for it.


Daniel: And do you think the pyramids, I was looking at information about this, the pyramids were some sort of way of manipulating and creating energy?


Alan: Well, you certainly spend a lot of energy climbing them and going through the tunnels, but it was much more than that.  It was for a spiritual thing and a spiritual connection to the stars.  More after this break.


(Commercial Break)


Alan: Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And I should take Paul from Maryland now.  Is Paul there?  Hello, Paul?


Paul: Yes.  Hello, Alan.  Iíve listened to you for years and also RBN, and other alternative stations, networks, etc.  My question, Iím retirement age.  Iím an aerospace engineer type.  And my parents were from Canada.  I have many relatives in Canada.  I was born in the US, so Iím a US citizen, because my parents moved in, and theyíre gone now, but I have relatives up there.  My question is, since Iíve heard all these other gloom and doomers talk about what they project is going to happen, and Iím sure you talk about that as well, whether it would be the thing to do, to relocate to Canada, although Iím a US citizen, but since my parents were from there, I donít know if that would make any difference or not.


Alan: Youíd probably find it easier to get in, for sure.  And youíve got to remember too that Canada is tied to the US, through so many treaties through the NAFTA and North American Free Trade Agreement and so on.  And technically, whatever happens in the US will affect Canada as well, financially and otherwise.  I mentioned that in 2005, the Council on Foreign Relations came out on Canada, as its own group, the Council on Foreign Relations and they talked, the Waco meeting was going on with President Bush and the Canadian Prime Minister and Mexican President, and they talked about unification of the Americas, there again, including all financial unification.  I think theyíre going to give us the same deal, basically, as theyíve done with the European Bloc, so one country goes down financially, the rest have to chip in and become indebted as well to bail them out.  I think thatís what theyíve set up already.  Canada wonít be hit so hard, I donít think, with the totalitarian kind of scenario.  What we see in the US is obviously totalitarian, where youíve got military guys dressed like combat, you know, something out of a Ninja Turtle sort of thing, all over the place, and X-raying.  Theyíre even going into X-raying people in the streets now, in buses.  I donít think it will be quite as bad as that in Canada for maybe a few years longer.  It will come here eventually, of course.  See, they do expect riots.  If you go into the Council on Foreign Relations, and you really waste your time going through their boring stuff to find the good stuff, they do tell you about there will be coming riots, food shortages, all that kind of stuff, down the road.  Well, that will hit everywhere, including Canada.  What the US is to be taught right now is a lesson, by the way, by the big money boys, to teach the public that theyíre now poor.  And they have to now start to really hike up inflation, cost of living, until you donít have disposable income anymore.  And youíre also going to have the mass rush into the already overcrowded cities, with Agenda 21 taking place.  Itís going to be faster in the US, I think, than anywhere else.  Even today, Iíve got three or four articles with different US large townships, in California and other areas, where the people are all moving out to the big cities.  So, thatís scheduled for the US.  Theyíre not going to, how can you bring back the economy which they gave away to China?  You understand, theyíre not coming back.  And we canít compete with China on any level now, really.  All we can do is buy things from them.  So, thereís nothing scheduled to take the place, the void that was left from all that lost employment.  So, itís not going to get better in the US.  And definitely, there will be more riots in the US, I know that, because thereís more of a spirit of believing they have more rights in the US than other countries, so there will be riots. But again, theyíre prepared for all that too.  And they have discussed this with all their think tanks.  It might be easier to come to Canada.  It would certainly be more laid back, because the public here know nothing.  Theyíre quite happy knowing nothing.


Paul: Iíve noticed that.  Yes.


Alan: They know nothing.  Theyíre very happy and it doesnít matter what happens with tax increases or whatever.  They donít really even complain about it.  They kind of avoid serious topics, so I donít think the police and military will be used on the Canadians for a bit, some time.  But theyíll definitely be used on American citizens much quicker.  The Canadian dollar, as they say, is a bit stronger right now, compared to, itís been like that now for six months, maybe a year.  The Canadian dollar is stronger, but, as I say, weíre so tied to the US, economically, that could plummet too, if they decide to make it.  It can be done with a stroke of a pen, and it can just plummet.  So, itís all hit and miss, if you ask me as to where you care to live.  I know lots of people who have left the US already, and taken their chances in other countries, including Thailand for instance, and they like it there, by the way.  Itís hit and miss right now as to where to spend the last few years of your life, kind of out of it.  You know itís all going to happen, but youíre kind of out of it.  And thatís all you can really do, because these plans are coming ahead, regardless of what the public say or protest about.  Theyíre going to be fulfilled.  I know that.  And you might want to look at a place where you can just simply retire, even part of Canada, and live the last few years of your life in some sort of decent standard of living.


Paul: Iíve heard good things about some countries in South America.  Do you follow that at all?


Alan: Iíve really looked at that too, people who have moved there.  Some people are moving into it now, in fact.  Some have already moved into different places.  The problem with South America is, you still have US involvement, even patrolling jungles and so on.  The drugs, the Narco trade is a great excuse for US involvement there.  They can also put up a dictator overnight and cause mayhem.  Thatís your problem too, because the US is always playing geo-politics in Latin America.  Brazil is scheduled definitely, like India, by the CFR and all the rest of the boys, and the World Bank, to be brought up to a 1st World Level.  So, I think youíll have an easier lifestyle if you go into one of the main cities in Brazil.  The cost of living will be kept down as they bring them up.  Itís our tax money thatís bringing them up by the way, as we go down.  And they get all the tax benefits, and they wonít get the carbon taxes for twenty years, according to the trade treaties theyíve signed with the WTO.  So, these are the places, the up-and-coming countries, like India, and as I say, some Latin American countries, like Brazil, theyíll probably have a better standard of living, as long as they can keep peace and order in the meantime.


Paul: How about Argentina?


Alan: Argentina too.  Theyíve been hacked before, of course, as you know.  Thereís a lot more to it than the public have ever been told, even to do with the big financial crash, and it was the public again, who took to the streets to drive out the bankers, many who by the way came to Canada.  It was actually on television, there were special exemptions made for a certain people who ran the economy of that country.  And it might be, but once again, when you have a volatile nature that can be stirred up very quickly, it could be done again.  It depends what the big boys want.  Now, if Argentina goes along with WTO and all the rest of it, than theyíll certainly bring peace to that area, as they will with the other main cities in Latin America.  What you have to do is use your own head, and you can make your own inquiries.  Donít listen to any website, including mine.  If I advise you to go, you should check everything up.  Look into whatís scheduled according to the Council on Foreign Relations.  Thatís your best bet as to what they plan for any area or any country, for the next ten, fifteen years or so, even twenty years.  They always tell you whatís coming up.  They always tell you if theyíve got a problem with any particular political organization or a leader.  And they also tell you where the money is being pumped into through the World Bank, the IMF, and so on, and your tax money through all the deals theyíve made.  Thatís what youíve got to rely upon.  Nothing else. 


Paul: One other question Alan, the gloom and doomers are talking about a very soon dollar drop.  Is that a scare tactic, or do you think thatís going to be prolonged?


Alan: Theyíll prolong it.  Theyíll stretch it like a rubber band as it falls in value.  That is scheduled to happen.  Itís called inflation.  Itís only now theyíre talking about inflation at all.  Really, the US should have had inflated currencies back in the 70s onwards, but they artificially kept it low, because they had the oil revenues coming in.  When the big boys again, like the CFR, World Bank and so on start saying America has got to start inflation to pay back the debts, etc, than you know it is going to happen.  It might be done gradually.  It will start with food, of course, and then on to other basic necessities and then itís across the board.  They want to bring you down to the same standard as Britain, where all disposable income goes back in fees and taxes and so on.  Youíre post-consumer, remember.  This is what theyíre telling you in the world organizations.  Itís a post-consumerist society.  And so, all your cash will go on survival, basically.  Thatís what they want.


Paul: One other item that I wanted to ask you about, was the concept of peak oil, thatís peak oil which has been a concept of certain types and thereís other ones that are saying that thereís abiotic oil, which replenishes itself, and there are those that say that thereís so much oil, thereís no such thing as peak oil.  Whatís your opinion on that?


Alan: Well, peak oil theory came out at first from the guys who wanted to stop industrialization.  In fact, they say, they must never have another America, again.  They want to deindustrialize and literally rip down any existing remaining factories in bringing you back to a happy Indian Village.  Thatís what they want to do.  Theyíve said it openly, and Iíve read their articles from their own websites at the United Nations.  And the fact is, thereís stacks of oil out there, and Iíve got an old childrenís schoolbook here, I got at a yard sale, and it was about all the oil fields that had been found in the 1920s.  In Ontario alone thereís hundreds and hundreds of them.  And they capped them then for future use.  Theyíve never been touched yet.  Now they have these, obviously, all over Canada, for instance.  A lot of Americans donít realize that most of the gasoline they use in the US comes from Canada.  They donít know that.


Paul: So, you do not believe in the peak oil theory?


Alan: Not as itís being pushed.  Absolutely not.  And as I say, Iíve met many people from BP and Shell and so on, as I used to cross the North Sea all the time, in the 80s and 90s, and talked to some of the executives, when they had a few drinks in them would tell you that they were constantly finding more and more.  They said they were only starting to find the oil fields.  They said, thereís hundreds of them, enough in the North Sea alone to power the world for a few hundred years.  They all said the same thing.  And that was just there, from there.  And thereís oil all over the place.  But, youíve got to understand, in a society which is scientifically controlled, you will have no private transportation.  The United Nations stated that in the Agenda 21 Report.  There will be no private transportation.  In a totalitarian regime, in a scientifically created society, you donít allow people to travel outside their community.  Every previous tyrant regime has done the same thing.  So, this is the system theyíre bringing in to us, public transportation only will be the way to go.  Everything else will be used as an excuse, of course.  Do you understand?


Paul: I have also a question about, there is one gloom and doomer who says that the Gulf Stream has stopped.  And I guess this was in coordination with the Gulf of Mexico situation, and heís talking about the 10th planet and Planet X and all that.


Alan: Oh, no, no.  Iíve watched this con being pulled out so many times over twenty years.  And every time they want to divert you, oh, Planet X is coming back in again, and all that rubbish.  And even when Mars a few years ago was the closest to Earth itís been in thousands of years, they pulled that out of the bag again, so when people could see this star that was kind of reddish for the first time in their lives, because people almost never look upwards, they were all getting told, oh, thatís Planet X coming in, and theyíre all parroting this stuff on the New Age circuit.  No.  Thatís utter, utter rubbish, you know.  And the stream is still going yet.  The guys who tell you about the stream are local fishermen.  When you talk to those guys, they can tell you exactly whatís happening. 


Paul: Well, I donít talk to them.  Well, I would not, my personal opinion is that the Gulf of Mexico is probably not a safe place to go to. 


Alan: It will take years for all those chemicals to disperse, thereís no doubt about it, but they do disperse pretty quickly, because that stream is on the go.  Itís very powerful, but it moves the stuff elsewhere of course.  Thatís all it does is move stuff.  Same with the radiation off Japan.  It hits one of the main streams and then itís pushed all over the planet.  So, itís true, whatever you dump into the sea, or whatever you spray on the sea is going to end up getting spread across the world.


Paul: Well, thatís the case with Japan, I believe.


Alan: It is, yeah.  And itís going to continue in Japan, because they canít concrete it underneath.  The sea water is under the ground there, right next to the sea, and literally itís seeping in all the time.  And the rest of it is still disintegrating and going up in fission, into the atmosphere.  And they say itís going to continue for ten months minimum, and it will take ten years to decommission those plants.  So, youíre looking at this ongoing for a long time.


Paul: And weíre talking very long half-lifes as well.


Alan: Cesium and so on, and some of the plutonium, the mox plutonium, is half a million years.


Paul: Yes.  Way, way beyond our lifetimes, the human lifetime in fact.


Alan: Well, it will depend on what kind of trans-humans they bring us out, they might bring some trans-humans out that are resistant to it, who knows.  (Laughter)


Paul: Can I ask another question?


Alan: If youíre very quick.


Paul: Okay, one of the other gloom and doomers was talking about a navy secret presentation that talked about the infiltration of the ocean into the Madrid/Mississippi area and the flooding of coastal areas within our lifetime. 


Alan: Well, youíve got to understand as well, that anything you look at in geography and oceanography, and so on, anything you look at where thereís fault lines or whatever, you can let your imagination run riot.  All you have to say is, if I wanted to create earthquakes, this that or the other, what would I do?  And you can take that to the Nth limit.  And there are people who are fear addicted.  Theyíre addicted to fear programs, all the time.  Itís a natural thing.  They know this too in psychology, that if you keep pumping out terror, terror, fear, fear, people will tune in every day to hear, in case they miss something that might be vital for their survival, so they become addicted to this kind of stuff.  So thereís lots out there who will utilize that for their own benefits and sell advertising and all the rest of it.  However, it is true that governments in warfare have admitted, and you can find their things on, they can set off fault lines themselves with underground charges, and they have patents on subs that can do that and all that too.  Thatís the other part of the equation.  Thanks for calling, back with more, after this.


(Commercial Break)


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And weíll talk to Dave from Wales on the line.  Are you there, Dave?


Dave: Hi, Alan.


Alan: Hello.


Dave: How are you?


Alan: Hanging in here. 


Dave: Iíll try to be as quick as possible.  Have you heard about Charlie Veitch being arrested?


Alan: Yes.


Dave: You already know, do you?


Alan: Yes, there was another professor too, who was arrested as well, who was a professor of anthropology or something.  Theyíre arresting everybody who wants to put on even like a street theater show to mock the royalty.  Everyone is being rounded up and arrested, pre-arrest, they call it, and thereís nothing really new in this, whenever the bigwigs are out.  They do this with Olympics and things like that too.


Dave: Yeah, itís pre-crime.


Alan: Yeah, pre-crime.


Dave: Itís incredible.  I think last year, Infowars.com covered, had an article about, I donít know whether you saw it, the pre-crime, they wanted to create in Washington state.


Alan: Well, they do it.  They actually do it.  When bigwigs come even to Canada like the G20, they clear out lots of the tenants along the way that the cars will drive.  They clear them out and put them up elsewhere.  And basically, youíre under house arrest.  So, anyone who could possibly, possibly ever, ever be any kind of threat or problem, even someone who just wants to go into the street and show their bare bum to them or whatever, is considered a criminal, a potential criminal, and must be pulled off for pre-crime reasons.  See, weíre under Marshal Law, so we shouldnít get crazy because of this fairy tale wedding where some Princess kisses a Toad and turns him into something else.  I mean, we shouldnít go crazy about this one, because, I mean, when youíve been under surveillance since 2001, openly, with millions of cameras and everything about you is being tracked and traced, I mean, we shouldnít take too much out of this one.  Weíre already under Martial Law, so why are we surprised when they just round folk up?  We shouldnít be surprised at all.


Dave: Yeah, thatís true.  You know, you were talking about some of the bloodlines in the families.  Have you heard of the Aga Khan?


Alan: Yes.


Dave: Thereís two points Iíll tell you, first thing is that heís building a new temple in Canada.  Have you heard about it?  Have you seen the plans for that?


Alan: I heard something about it.  I havenít seen the plans.  No.


Dave: Yeah, heís building literally, itís like a pyramid shaped temple.  And you know like his father and his grandfather were all Masons, and itís all like very Masonic.


Alan: Well, they go back actually to the assassins, they called them, or it was really called the Hassassani, and they were one of the real assassins that the Knights Templars met by the way.  The old man of the mountain was the Grand Master, traditionally, and it was passed down through to these particular people. 


Dave: Like the sect he belongs to has kind of three ranks, and itís exactly like Freemasonry.  You know what Iím talking about, thereís three ranks.  And this was like almost a thousand years ago.


Alan: Yes, it was in fact.  Omar Khayyam was one of the members.  In fact, the guy who founded the order was his best friend. And as I say, itís quite an amazing history.  Thereís a book called The Assassins, well forth reading.  It gives you the history of them and how the Templars met them.  The Templars tried to impress them with their jousting and knocking guys off horses, and the Grand Master, the old man of the mountain says, well, if thatís impressive, watch this, and he ordered about a hundred of his men to walk over a cliff, which they immediately did.  He says, thatís power, thatís real power.  And then they had a kind of merger and agreement between them, to share their spoils of war.  Thatís why the Knights Templars, of course, often fought against their own sides.  And thatís a fact of history.  They fought against their own sides to save some of these characters down through the ages.  The assassins were placed in high positions, could be sleepers for years, and then told to assassinate other princes, and they would do it.  Very old techniques, still running today of course, in high levels of government.  Thanks for calling.  From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, itís good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



Pre-Crime Arrest of Street Theatre Artists in UK to Ensure Disney Wedding goes Through



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