May 2, 2011 (#823)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:


Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 2, 2011:

Eyes to See, Ears to Hear Aid Meanings to Be Clear:

"Symbols, Symbols Everywhere Yet Very Few Can Think
About the Inner Meaning, Language is the Link,
Existing Through the Ages, Power Never Broken,
Secret Science Passed to Recipients of Hiram's Token,
As Philosophies Go it's Simple, There's Wise & The Fools,
The Wise Man Adds to Coffers Using Men as Tools,
Groups are Formed for Conflict, Followers Never Knowing,
Only Leaders' Benefactors Know Where it's All Going,
The Morning Star is Heralding a New Purple Dawn
Of Royals and Their Court, The Fool is the Pawn"
© Alan Watt May 2, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 2, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on May the 2nd 2011.  For newcomers to the show, look into and help yourself to the hundreds of audios which are up there for download for free.  Bookmark the sites youíll see listed on the .com site because sometimes youíll find a bit of sticking when everyone goes into the .com to download at the same time.  So youíve got a whole variety to choose from, from the other sites listed there. Remember, they all carry transcripts of a lot of the talks Iíve given for print up.  You can also go into for transcripts in other languages and print them up and pass them around to your friends.  Remember too, youíre the audience that bring me to you.  Iím not backed by any big backers at all, or any backers in fact, and I donít promote various items for sale, etc, except the books and disks I have.  So itís up to you to keep me going by buying those.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember too, that straight donations are certainly welcome.  It doesnít matter how much it is either because if I got a couple of hundred a month Iíd be awfully, awfully happy, even a hundred a month in fact for that matter, straight donations.  But thatís how things are in the suicidal way that I do it which is really to bring on no advertisers at all.  I donít attempt to terrify you and then sell you the antidote on this particular broadcast.  I just try to get you to understand the basic system into which youíre born into, a system that preexisted your birth and your parents birth, to show you that youíre living in a long-term business plan to shape the world and create the right kind of people, the right mentalities, the right belief systems, for those who are born into it so theyíll never really break through from the bottom level.  Thatís what itís all about. 


Thatís why you have continuous wars and youíre given utter lies about what the wars are really all about.  The plunderers have been here for an awful long time. They run your money supply.  They plunder yourself sometimes through the banking system, at least twice a century, and all your politicians are preselected, who work for the bankers, and they keep proving it by using your tax money to bail out their fellow crooks, the bankers, their bosses.  So, if people canít get that through their head theyíll really get nothing through their heads.  And it doesnít matter what politician you pick, they are all preselected by the banking boys. They all belong to the Council on Foreign Relations, Royal Institute of International Affairs, and they have done for a hundred years; thatís Professor Carroll Quigley who was their official historian.  So thatís the name of the game and weíre given these jokers to choose from.  We donít vote people IN, really, new faces in, we vote the old bunch OUT weíre so sick of them.  And then it goes on and on indefinitely with the same scenarios with each party coming and going.  Promises, promises, we live on promises, eh?  And the people fall for it too donít they?  And of course they all cater to special interest groups, thatís why they create special interest groups as well, for the vote; it doesnít mean that they have to actually cater to them once theyíre in, mind you, at least theyíll give them more lip service.  But the fact is you see, weíre all managed in this circus.  Itís a simple circus to manage in fact, and all media of course is part of the media circus to keep you entertained, distracted, and to believe the lies they give out about what they claim is the truth.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix.  For everything that happens in this world on a large scale thereís always a plan behind it, a long-term plan, long-term agendas.  And Iíve always mentioned too, that the elite themselves must always survive.  Thatís their first tenet.  They must go on down through time with their progeny and so on, in command, in control, with the same power or accumulating more power.  Thatís primo amongst all of their tenets. So theyíve got to make sure they survive, against everything that could possibly, possibly go wrong and they have covered everything, even if asteroids were to hit the earth, or things like that.  Theyíve got whole think tanks working on it, lots of your tax money working on it to make sure that they of course will survive through thick and thin, in underground chambers, inside mountains, all the old stuff.  And they have these places already of course, again, using your tax money, not much different from the ones they made during the Cold War for the important people to survive, supposedly under the guise of Ďcontinuation of government.í  And nothing should really surprise us about this because you see, we at the bottom donít really live, even the middle class, they donít live in a reality.  Theyíre given a reality and their schooling reinforces that reality by the way, in all classes, into what they eventually believe.  Then theyíre given their favorite media for each class, etc; there are even ones for the Washington crew alone, just magazines and so on Ė Quigley went into that Ė so that they would get their opinions about what they would think about things too.  Everyone is given their opinions on how to think about things.  Nothingís been missed here, nothing has been missed.


Of course the only little blip in time where people could get any other views out on anything was during the brief time with the internet before they started censoring it and before even big supposed opposition groups got into it under the guise of freedom.  Itís just the usual right-wing and left-wing, Marxist stuff, again backed by foundations and so on.  So the internet really has almost had its time.  Then the rest of it too is extraneous stuff that goes all over outer space, UFOs, aliens, and so on, just to make sure that anybody whoís a bit weak in the mind to start with will be utterly, utterly devastated by the time theyíre finished the round-about of conspiracies and aliens, and theyíre looking everywhere in the sky for the perpetrators of whatís happening here, rather than looking at the characters that sit on top of the banks and all the rest of it and at the international meetings. 


Everything is taken care of by psy-ops operations and so on.  Sunstein and others have talked about that.   Theyíve been into the internet for years, since it started, putting in opposition groups, putting out groups too that work full-time just to defame people in fact, as well, and even to get other groups fighting other groups; theyíre very good at it.  Theyíve been doing this in countries before they had the internet, just getting groups to fight other groups.  Theyíre doing the same of course with the internet as well.  So I always knew it would be a temporary thing and its main function of course, ultimately, is to monitor every individual who will be quite happy being monitored.  And it actually trains them to be monitored because theyíre constantly told that they are.  And eventually a generation comes up that doesnít mind having no privacy at all.  Thatís what the governmentís been after for thousands of years.  They donít have to send spies in then, youíll put everything up quite happily yourself. 


Everything that they really look at too, even with nuclear facilities Ė now, they knew back in the days of Madame Curie and all the rest of them, what radiation did, to the early pioneers, and how it killed them off and so on.  They were dying like flies in the early days.  They also knew from all their testing with weaponry, World War II, what the Atomic bomb did and plutonium did and strontium 90 and all the rest of it.  They knew what it did to people.  Now, the elite donít sit back and say, my goodness this is kind of nasty, if this is ever used, or even if thereís a fault at some nuclear plant, weíll be affected too.  No, they donít do that. They tell their underlings to get busy on ways to make sure that they wonít die through one of these catastrophes.  A while back I mentioned one of the pills that theyíve announced that theyíve got, on the lower level mind you because if itís announced to the public then itís a low-level type pill, which is meant to try and attempt to stop mutations happening, in the mitosis, or the splitting off of cells; in other words it goes into cancers, to stop that from happening.  And believe you me, thereíll be much higher ones youíll never hear of for the elite.  Because theyíve got all the money in the world, itís called your tax money, and they make sure, through various national security organizations, itís funneled into the proper researches to save themselves at the top.  They donít sit back and say, if this goes down weíll go down too. 


A few weeks ago I was thinking, you know, the last thing you want during a radiation fallout is rain, because rain of course accumulates on its way down, all the radiation floating in the atmosphere and brings it right down to ground level, and you and the plants and soil and everything else.  I tinkered with the idea at the time, I says, well Iíll bet theyíve thought of that too.  I even joked about it, I said, I wonder if theyíre sacrificing us, in parts of Canada and the States, with lots and lots of rain, as they have been doing, to stop it from going further, even across even to Europe or even further from Europe into the Middle East.  And lo and behold, up comes an article to verify of course theyíd already thought of all that, a long time ago by the way.  And for those who have probably seen the many disclosures on the old-fashioned techniques of making it rain with silver oxide and so on, and especially with China who always announce that theyíre doing it for Olympic Games and special occasions and stuff.  Well, hereís an article here, it says...


'How we made the Chernobyl rain' / Richard Gray / 22 Apr 2007


Russian military pilots have described how they created rain clouds to protect Moscow from radioactive fallout after the Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986.


Major Aleksei Grushin repeatedly took to the skies above Chernobyl and Belarus and used artillery shells filled with silver iodide to make rain clouds that would "wash out" radioactive particles drifting towards densely populated cities.


More than 4,000 square miles of Belarus were sacrificed to save the Russian capital from the toxic radioactive material.  (Alan:  Now, that tells you it was already on the books, because they do look at every possibility, even before they build the things, what could happen and how would they deal with it.  You wouldnít believe the amount of your money that goes into all the what-ifs.)


"The wind direction was moving from west to east and the radioactive clouds were threatening to reach the highly populated areas of Moscow, Voronezh, Nizhny Novgorod, Yaroslavl," he told Science of Superstorms, a BBC2 documentary to be broadcast today.  (A:  And this is April 22.)


"If the rain had fallen on those cities it would've been a catastrophe for millions. The area where my crew was actively influencing the clouds was near Chernobyl, not only in the 30km zone, but out to a distance of 50, 70 and even 100 km."


In the wake of the catastrophic meltdown of the Chernobyl nuclear reactor, people in Belarus reported heavy, black-coloured rain around the city of Gomel. Shortly beforehand, aircraft had been spotted circling in the sky ejecting coloured material behind them.  (A:  Does that sound familiar to anybody?)


Moscow has always denied that cloud seeding took place after the accident, but last year on the 20th anniversary of the disaster, Major Grushin was among those honoured for bravery. He claims he received the award for flying cloud seeding missions during the Chernobyl clean-up.


A second Soviet pilot, who asked not to be named, also confirmed to the programme makers that cloud seeding operations took place as early as two days after the explosion.  (A:  See, that was already on the books, obviously.  And it will be on the books across the planet.)


Alan Flowers, a British scientist who was one of the first Western scientists allowed into the area to examine the extent of radioactive fallout around Chernobyl, said that the population in Belarus was exposed to radiation doses 20 to 30 times higher than normal as a result of the rainfall, causing intense radiation poisoning in children.


Mr Flowers was expelled from Belarus in 2004 after claiming that Russia had seeded the clouds. He said: "The local population say there was no warning before these heavy rains and the radioactive fallout arrived."


So, for those who are wondering why weíre being pelted with incredible rain here, maybe it will be the same idea, bring it down here.  Youíre going to sacrifice some to save the many, as they say in some holy books, and that kind of thing is probably happening.  And actually there is a truth there, thereís no doubt about it, because weíve had rains in Canada in Ontario here, that literally put the water up about 12 inches within 2 days in some of the streams and so on. So they would definitely bring it down obviously to save something further on.  Plus you add all the other weather modification and the way they can alter the winds with weather warfare technologies today.  They can also direct where they want it to go and where they want it to stay away from.  Even with tornados and so on, they can suck really massive storm clouds from elsewhere, guide them to a target and suck all that rain with them.  So weíre living, literally, in not science fiction anymore, itís science reality, and itís really been here for an awful long time.  Because weíre at the bottom, in mushroomland, and are supposed to be the last to know about it. 


Now also...


Japan admits daily radioactive release from Fukushima at 154 trillion Becquerels, many times higher than previously announced ó

 Nuclear commission blames (A:  They actually say....) calculation error (A:  They couldnít find a good computer or a calculator... but your country and government would tell you the same nonsense.)

April 23rd, 2011 /


Trillion becquerels of radioactivity released into the atmosphere last 154 day, Yomiuri Shimbun, April 23, 2011:


NSC 23, the Cabinet Office, the amount of radioactive material were released into the atmosphere from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station TEPCO, even at five days this month settled emissions, Terra 154 becquerels per day (One terabyte is 1 trillion) announced that it had reached.

Read the report here.  (A:  Iíll put this link up at at the end of the broadcast and you can read it yourself.)


This stuff is still spewing out by the way, but you wouldnít know so according to the mainstream media. And I hope you all really, and I keep saying this.  I really, I wish youíd all learn your lessons, that the mainstream media is not there to help you.  And people have forgotten already... oh, look at the Princeís wedding, oh wow; oh theyíve got Osama, oh wow.  They just donít learn do they?  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and itís true, itís true, bread and circuses for the public.   Distract them; itís not a difficult thing to do is it?  And of course they gave them this fairly tale princess/the toad royal wedding there and of course about 80% of women they say tuned in to watch it.  Because it really is a very primitive thing where they can fantasize thinking, project themselves, that could be me.  Itís a genetic thing.  Itís the old thing where kings used to have the honor of taking a virgin bride from someone else, for the first night, prema nocta.  And of course that was practiced pretty widely in some countries.  And it was an honor for the woman because then she could boast to all the rest, you know, he chose me above all of you, etc, etc. 


So they give you that, never mind the lavish expense, but itís all paid for by the taxpayers anyway so it doesnít really matter, to keep all this farce and this ruling system and all the oligarchs going.  Distract you from the fact that every countryís going down the tube financially as you go into communitarianism and austerity, etc.  Thatís a favorite thing that they do, read your histories, and look at the incredible lavish parties that were laid on in previous ages when the countries were going down the tubes; they get worse all the time.  It just seems to work with the public, though.  Out they come with their Chinese-made flags and they stand in the field like theyíre told to stand in the field.  Then theyíre told to come out at the right time to wave to the passing car, which theyíll do obediently.  Everything is staged of course, as it always is, to make sure that thereís another generation of freeloaders going to rule over you to make sure the same system continues forever.  So I have no faith in the general public, I never have had.  And I keep saying that youíve got to become an individual to even understand what is happening.  If youíre still stuck in the group mentality you havenít progressed terribly far.  Thatís a basic truth there. 


As I say, the media is not your friend and never will be your friend.  And remember, all the groups out there have their other causes.  People love to follow groups.  You have shopping malls, I call them, and shopping stores for everything.  Youíve got stores for religion, basically.  Theyíre all preset for you and you go in there and find the suit that fits you; thatís your religion.  I like that, Iíll take that one, thank you, how much does that cost? and you wrap up your religion and walk out with it.  Then you can go back next week and try another one.  Itís the same with everything else out there.  What should I join, what cause should I join... and theyíve got a whole ready-made store for that too.  And people do that all the time.  They canít stop and say, gee I should sit and think for myself for a while.  No.  Theyíve got to look for some group where they have at least something in common with, at least on their propaganda level, draw them in, and before you know it youíre a working drone for some other direction.  The people who follow never, EVER know the real motivation of the leaders of a group.  Never.  Never do.  Thatís why the worldís been setting up groups for thousands of years to fight bad things, and the same bad things just keep going over and over them like a steamroller, right up to the present time and nothing changes.  It just gets worse. 


Now, hereís another article here...


Japan: Radiation Leaks from Fuel Rods Suspected at

(A:  ...ANOTHER plant at...) Tsuruga Plant

May 2nd, 2011 /


Leaks of radioactive substances from fuel rods are suspected to have occurred at a nuclear power plant in Tsuruga, the Fukui prefectural government said Monday, citing a rise in the level of radioactive substances in coolant water.  (A:  Probably theyíve been dumping it too; thatís what they always do everywhere else.)


The operator, Japan Atomic Power Co., will manually shut down the No. 2 reactor of the plant on the Sea of Japan coast and examine the primary cooling system for it. The local government denied that the levels of radioactive substances could threaten the nearby environment. 


Well of course now theyíre telling you that radiation is quite safe and everything, and you might mutate into the next great leap forward and become a superior human creature, you know.  It gives you the chills to envisage it, with all the propaganda thatís out there with, you know, androgyny and stuff.  Anyway, thatís whatís happening in Japan too.  Remember, your own plants do this quite frequently; they superheat and of course when hydrogen builds up theyíve got to release it into the atmosphere, and keep quiet, and then they pump the radioactive water into the nearest available lake.  And thatís just the way it is.


This article here is interesting too.  Itís been out there on the internet for quite some time but itís still apparently taking place, I think this month or whatever.


White House readies ĎUS Shake Outí to prepare citizens for earthquakes

By Jordy Yager - 04/21/11 /


(A:  Now, this is the cover that a massive Homeland Security operation, with multi-jurisdictional task forces, including the civilian authorities theyíve set up in every area, for martial law.  This is the guise that itís going under.  It says...)


The Departments of Homeland Security and Education are reaching out to millions of people in central U.S. states to get them to participate in an earthquake preparedness drill.


In an event called the ďGreat Central U.S. Shake Out,Ē Homeland Security Secretary Janet (A:  Napoleon... sorry I keep saying that, itís a Freudian slip...) Napolitano and Education Secretary Arne Duncan are reaching out to areas in the Midwest that could be impacted by an earthquake along the New Madrid fault line.


According to the eventís website, more than 2.5 million people have committed to taking part in Thursdayís drill in which participants will be told how to react in the event of an earthquake.  (A:  Itís total... just martial law preparation thatís all.)


Participants are told to drop to the ground, take cover under something sturdy, such as a desk or a table, (A:  Remember the old nuclear, Cold War drills they had, go under your table, you know...)  and hold on to it until the shaking stops.


ďIt's critical that all members of the nation's emergency management team ó including the federal government, state, local and tribal officials, the private sector and the public ó are prepared,Ē said Napolitano.  (A:  Theyíre also going to do preparations in moving whole communities from one area to another, like refugees.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, weíre back.  This is Cutting Through The Matrix and from another article too, from FEMA itself it says...


National Level Exercise 2011 (NLE 2011)


National Level Exercise 2011 (NLE 2011) is scheduled for May 2011. The purpose of the exercise is to prepare and coordinate a multiple-jurisdictional integrated response to a national catastrophic event.  (A:  Which is just martial law, because it doesnít matter what happens, even if it was a real disaster; itís martial law that they implement.)


NLE 2011 is designated as a Tier I National Level Exercise. Tier I exercises (formerly known as the Top Officials exercise series or TOPOFF) are conducted annually in accordance with the National Exercise Program (NEP) (A:  Itís sounds like a fitness thing doesnít it?), which serves as the nationís overarching exercise program for planning, organizing, conducting and evaluating national level exercises. The NEP was established to provide the U.S. government, at all levels, exercise opportunities to prepare for catastrophic crises ranging from terrorism to natural disasters.  (A:  And they should really add into it, ďand bank failuresĒ as well, because theyíll go down the tubes when they pull the plug with the next part of bank collapse part 2 or 3 or 4 or whatever it happens to be.  But they give you all the areas itís supposed to take place in, all the counties and all the states that are involved in it, and all the agencies that are going to be involved, stacks and stacks of agencies.  Then of course itís got...)


Mass care (sheltering, feeding and related services)

Medical surge

Citizen evacuation and shelter-in-place (A:  That also goes for pandemics and anything else that happens, etc, etc.   Then it says...)

Validating the Homeland Security System


See, theyíve got to... once you create a system, itís just like cops, you know, youíve got to... theyíre all standing around doing not much at all.  If thereís not much crime theyíre just sort of walking around and chatting, or theyíre in donut shops and stuff like that.  So youíve always got to get a make-work project for them.  So when youíve got this massive institution under FEMA and Homeland Security youíve got to do something with them.  And theyíve got panels at the top that sit and try and validate their jobs, by making big work projects for them.  Itís make-work projects really; thatís what they are.  Itís also for something thatís coming down the pike at the right time, because they ARE pulling the Western countries right down to the bottom; thereís no doubt about it.  And the US just has to finish off paying taxes, sending drones across the world to bomb folk and making missiles and so on, and supplying the military and the taxes that go with it all.  Theyíve just got to finish off a few countries across the world and thatís the last job theyíve got left for them.  Thereís no work to go home to.  And yet theyíre pulling the plug from underneath them, the rug from under their feet as they do it all. Iíve said this was their technique for years.  Why?  Because this has been done before in history in other countries. 


Alan:  Now Iíll go to the calls and thereís Derek from Pennsylvania.  Are you there Derek?


Clarence:  Hi there.  Surprise, surprise Alan.  Itís actually Clarence; Iím a friend of Derekís.  I first of all wanted to say, I saw Order of Chaos.  It was an incredible movie.  You know, very vulgar, very new agey in that the... or new age morality rather.  But actually an incredibly good movie.  I just wanted to say that and if anyone wants to check it out they really should.  But you know, itís not something they should give to their kids.† Because Iím sure you could say that...


Alan:  Actually, their children now probably have seen worse at school.  Iím not kidding you.


Clarence:  Yeah, I can relate.  I also wanted to say, in the beginning of the show you talked about how you need a little extra change.  So if people could, you know, people who have more, I personally am broke.  Iíve been thinking about sending you a few quarters, you know, at the end of the month, in my bank account.  But anyone who has more they could really help out, and it would be helping me and all the others who are listening as well.  Maybe if someone wants to send you a question over the web, maybe send you a couple quarters or something, and you could talk about it for a little while.  That was just on my mind.  And I wanted to ask you a few questions after the introduction.  Stanley Kubrick, Iím sure you have opinions on him.† I actually saw Full Metal Jacket recently, again; Iíd seen it when I was younger but I never saw it with a discerning glance.  He actually hailed Satan in that movie.  Have you heard of that?  Like, full on.† He hailed Satan, in the movie; he actually, in one of the backdrops, one of the Vietnamese sayings in the back.  Have you heard of that?


Alan:  Thatís right.


Clarence:  Yeah.  I mean, I was blown... I was blown away.  And thereís just so much you could talk about on that issue.  I mean, the whole concept of the soldiers, it seems like theyíre going through a Satanic... like a metaphor almost of the eliteís religion, in that theyíre... the destruction of your conscience into a psychopath and they also take snipes at the dumb soldiers, how they, you know, born to kill.  And one of them actually says, I am become God, the character called Animal Mother.† That was Oppenheimer actually but I see it kind of like a little snide joke.  Well, Iíll just say one more thing, well, maybe two more things, quickly.  Firstly about women in Stanley Kubrickís films, it seems to be like a philosophy of the elite, that they hate women.  In every single film of his, itís extremely vulgar.  And you know, I honestly wouldnít even recommend people watching them, except unless youíre, you know, the noble sort who can endure the pornography and etc; Eyes Wide Shut, etc.† And this is way off topic and maybe you can talk a little about it in the show.  Iíve noticed pictures on them, historical, I guess Renaissance period pictures, some of the faces seem like theyíve been scraped off and replaced with a different face on them.  I believe I heard about this, reading online, a long time ago.  And it comes to mind; you know I usually research things on my own before I ask you.  But I remember something, Hermes or something and the trismegistus, that cult.  I was wondering what the connections are, if youíve heard about this group of people, and you know, if what I believe is correct it seems like part of their religion is, you know, the destruction of beauty in that Iíve noticed itís always been a beautiful womanís face that they scrape off and put on a less pretty face.  So just talk about that a little if you could and Iíd appreciate it so much, and just have a good night.  Thank you so much.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  Thereís no doubt about it.  I could go on actually with so much about even just the movies and the things you donít see in the movie unless you use special filters and so on, and the symbols that will actually appear on peopleís faces.  One of them is Indiana Jones, and of course the actors are totally unaware; this is always done in the studios.  Youíll see lots of phallic symbols in the shadows of the neck and the face and so on.  This works on the subconscious level.  One fellow actually did it, a very good documentary on this.  It showed you what you were seeing; he blew them up and filtered them.  And by God, itís very, very incredibly explicit, with so much in occultic symbology all through it. 


Weíre talking about ancient, an ancient brotherhood basically, put it that way, thatís existed for thousands of years, and we get the traces down through time.  Iíve mentioned before, youíll get it through the Greek philosophers, who all trained in Egypt pretty well, and who all were given the same image of society.  Itís very much Hinduistic in style in that it truly believes in a caste system, a natural caste system.  Even when you go down through the ages youíll find the same characters coming out in front to try to reintroduce their perfect utopia where everyone knows their place.  Socialism of course was one of the big champions of it and so on.  But they do definitely tamper with everything down through the ages, great portraits and everything else, because you got to understand that the great artists, as theyíre called, always had patrons.  The patrons were always very incredibly wealthy people, members of the high brotherhood.  Basically the artist had to please his master.  Technically artists are prostitutes, it doesnít matter what type of art youíre in to.  If you want to make it big you have to prostitute yourself according to what your master demands, and that goes for music as well by the way.  Most are very, very willing to do what theyíre told.  If you go into, say, Leonardo Da Vinci, he was allowed, he was given special permission by the Pope to dissect bodies, take them apart, which for anyone else was desecration of a body and that was a crime, a capital crime.  Of course they made an exception for him because he was one of these special chosen.  Thatís why he was also privy to even more further ancient history to do with science than he let on about of course, but it came out in his drawings and stuff.


So youíre looking at a very occultic system down through the ages.  Symbols, everything is a symbol to them.  Itís a whole language of symbology.  Thatís why members of the groups, regardless of what country they came from, could always understand the same language by reading the symbology, on walls and the steles and that kind of stuff.  So itís still used today.  Itís all around you.  Itís everywhere you look actually.  Itís in all parliaments.  Itís in the US Congress and youíll see the fasci and all the rest of it.  Thereís nothing there by chance; very, very, very ancient.  The Roman Curia at one time had the fasci Ė the Roman Church that is Ė where they walked holding the fasci, the bundle of rods round the axe; there were about 6 of them in a procession around the Pope at one time.  That at that time was ultimate power.  And the symbol of course is that if you take one stick out of it, yeah you can break that stick.  You tie them together and try to break it over your knee, youíll break your knee.  So it was strength, unity through numbers, strength through numbers, into one, weíre all one, many are one. 


Theyíve used the trick of art all down through the ages to trick everyone into a sort of forward-looking direction.  When you look into the different levels of art too, and the time periods they give you them Ė and they name them for you, Baroque and Rococo and so on Ė theyíre actually giving you systems that are shaping mankind, because youíre altered mentally by the system in which you live and the generation in which you live. This hasnít stopped to the present time, by the way.  It has a tremendous effect on the psyche; that is, everything around you has a tremendous effect on the human psyche, in ways you donít even know itís happening to you.  Today itís into technical stuff.  Itís almost a sterile environment; itís emotionally sterile in fact.  Although youíre allowed to stimulate all the basic desires, to the ultimate now, but when you stimulate the desires and you take away any beauty from anything around you, you end up with a very cool psychopath or a sociopath, and youíre also ready for destruction.  People fight and die for things they love and can relate to, the land, even the building types around them that the ordinary people live in.  Thatís what they fight and die for.  When you take all that away and you put them in a concrete jungle of squares and no beauty whatsoever, and you give them electronics, and that becomes their focal point for all their attention, then you are literally taking away the human part of the human being, and theyíre being programmed to think almost like a computer and react like a computer, with no emotion or very little emotion. 


And they cannot relate, in fact, once theyíve been through the indoctrination system within the school system.  They canít relate to even what youíre talking about.  You are now the barbarian.  Youíre the old man in Brave New World where the created humans, the so-called advanced ones, tolerated the barbarian and thought he was rather quaint with his ideas of having a partner and a mate for life and having children.  Where they had been taught of course, that they could have a different partner every night; in fact it was mandatory you couldnít sleep with the same partner twice in a week Ė which, again, was tried in the Oneida community in New York in the 1800s by the way.  Anyway, youíre looking at an ongoing system that understands how your mind works and how you perceive, visually, how you perceive auditorily, even smells.  Everything is catered to and you donít even know it; people havenít got a clue. They donít know it at all that theyíre being shaped by very intelligent people.  Iím not talking about computer programmers; theyíre a dime a dozen.  Iím talking about the people way above that on the higher levels of science that also work with what is now called neuroscience and neurolinguistics and even neurosymbology, because we work more with symbols than we do with actual words nowadays. 


So these high artists like Kubrick and so on, and many others, know how to put these things into their movies.  And they do degrade women because women, they say, have one function and that is to pass on the progeny of superior types.  Thatís really what they believe.  In fact youíll find traces of it in Pikeís books, for Freemasonry Ė Freemasonry is a front for another religion by the way; itís a gentile front.  They talked about the same thing, that whatever they would change the world, through the female psyche because the female will adapt to change quicker than males; males were far more conservative.  Women will try something new IF thereís mass persuasion.  And they said too, that they would stop tailor-making the cultural changes for different countries, like weíll try this in one country, but the cultureís different, here weíll try that.  He said, whatever will work on the female of the one country will work on the female of the other; thatís what theyíd already found out by the 1800s. 


So the end of the family unit was to come; thatís happened pretty well.  We went through the 80s where single parent housing was getting built all through most of Europeís countries, by the government, by mandate, because they knew darn well, they already knew, they were absolutely certain that they would not take mates for life, because theyíd been conditioned that way.  And all entertainment of course, augments that too and basically conditions them that life is just one happy string of lovers one after another, until they get rather old, they feel theyíve missed out on something and then they got psychiatry to take over the big gap in their lives, and lots of pills.  All discussed, by the way, back in the 1920s.  All of that that Iíve just talked about was discussed back in the 1920s at very high level think tanks and so on. 


So weíve gone through it all generation after generation until we live in a generation of total degradation.  And those who are involved in degradation donít know theyíre degraded.  They quite enjoy it because when you take a country down, towards the end, itís no different than Rome.  Anything goes, everythingís promoted, satisfy the senses and youíre oblivious to whatís happening around you, and you wonít stand up collectively to fight for anything which is right because you donít know what is decent anymore.  And these characters that make it up to the high movie level, Kubrick of course knew, as did Clarke, that 2001 was to be the kickoff.  Thatís why he wrote 2001: A Space Odyssey; it was to be a kickoff for a Brave New World.   The next novel was called 2010; thatís really when the countries of the world would see the great change Ėthis is the Century of Change Ė where they start unifying all the monies and the systems of the world under the United Nations.  Weíre living through an agenda.  And itís very occult, to those who have not eyes to see or ears to hear.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and Iíll have to dig up that link, if I can find it, where the guy shows you all the different shadows in various movies.  And these are obviously put in after when they make the movie and the actors are oblivious of it all, and you wonder why that little shadow is there.   It seems out of place until you blow it up and look at what youíre looking at, and itís very, very clear what youíre looking at, incredible sexual symbology everywhere, even in shadows on peopleís faces. 


Alan:  Weíll go to Bob from Texas now, if Bobís there.


Bob:  Alan, how are you?


Alan:  Not too bad.


Bob:  Thatís good.  Still waiting for the literature, but hey, I think weíre still on the same page, so Iíve been doing a lot of reading.† Anyhow, you talking about all this symbology and so forth, I was going to ask you some other things, but as this went on I couldnít help but think about the Bin Laden death coinciding with the Mayday eve that the druids find, you know, ceremonial type thing, and then Hitler of course being supposedly killed on the same day and how theyíre promoting that.


Alan:  But it doesnít really matter because they probably had him frozen for the last 10 years.


Bob:  Exactly, but I just think itís kind of strange how they would bring it out on this day.  It almost seems like, too, that there might be something theyíre diverting you from.


Alan:  Everything is diversion.  Even that story is a diversion.  Whatever really is happening today will come out maybe in a monthís time from the Council on Foreign Relations to do with some global agreement that was signed that we heard nothing about.  That will be the real story.


Bob:  Right, but everyone was focusing on this and maybe the birth certificate issue and this sort of thing. 


Alan:  A media that can agree globally to censor all radiation news, on the same day, and implement it on the same day, why would you trust them about anything?  [Alan laughing.] 


Bob:  And then you know, talking about the rain, like strategic raining, you know, they have the capability of doing that.  Theyíve had that technology for years to seed the clouds and put rain where they want it.  Itís not like itís anything new.  And you know so, people, I donít... and then watching this thing... I just canít believe how people can sit there and see, you know, watch the media with this and just not think anything about it.  You know, itís just one lie after another.


Alan:  It is one lie after another.


Bob:  And then you know, you mentioned about of course the big wedding, the big Royal wedding, and thatís such fanfare...† Unbelievable how, how... and you know, there is a patriotic sense here in America for Britain.  You know.  And seeing little kids, I was in Austin the other day, and I saw little kids wearing the union jack t-shirts.


Alan:  Hereís the thing with people.  See, people really want to worship other people.


Bob:  Yeah, itís a fairytale thing, is what it is.  Itís a fairytale fantasy, like you say.  Everyoneís oooh.  And then I noticed too Ė and I caught glimpses of it on the news, you canít help but see it, itís all over the place Ė of how the Princes, you know these two modern day Princes are much different from stuffy Prince Charles and you know, of course that puts them more down to earth, you know.  Do you know what Iím talking about?† You know, kind of appeal to the different cultures.


Alan:  Oh, sure.  I mean, thatís why they had to start to breed up again because they were inbred and it showed in Charles, but then they got Diana in.  But youíll find their natures are just the same, by the way.  Their natures will be... and by the way, I mean their real natures; their natures will show and their real preferences will show down the road because itís tradition with them.


Bob:  Right.† Okay.  Thank you so much Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.


Hamilton said it too, he said people really want to worship a king.† theyíve got to worship somebody but they prefer a human being to worship.  And unfortunately lots of people do; thatís what celebrities are all about, you see, and thatís why the big boys use them.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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