May 3, 2011 (#824)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 3, 2011:

Which Hollywood Master Wrote Osama -- Final Chapter?:

"Has Osama Bin Goldstein Met Final Fate,
Allowing the Masses Two Minutes of Hate?
Been Resurrected Many Times Before,
Will He Return for a Final Encore?
Perpetual War, Plunder and Destruction
Means Psy-Ops P.R. is in Full Production,
Swaying the Taxpayers to Where They're Led,
After Trillions of Dollars to Be Offered a Head,
No More Lives for that Bogeyman Cat
Military Industrial Elites are Grinning --- and Fat"
© Alan Watt May 3, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 3, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on May the 3rd 2011.  For newcomers, go into and help yourself to the audios which are there for free download.  Thereís hundreds to choose from and hopefully youíll get some idea of the massive superstructure which overlays, way above government, this whole system and runs every little facet of really not only your life personally but even all the different degreed systems above you which run the country, your county, your local area, everything, in every single department; itís massive.  Itís huge.  Itís interlinked and it was planned a long time ago.  Youíre born into a system where your reality is given to you and mammals, of course, have to be warned by the adult mammal what to be weary of.  If the adult doesnít know it then neither will the youngster and it would be no different from any other mammal.  If your parents donít know they were born into a big kaleidoscopic LSD trip basically, run by very very intelligent people above them, then neither will you know.  You will take everything for granted.  And all the gadgets and gizmos and the wonders of science that are given to you, youíll grab them all up and gobble them up just like predecessors gobbled up rock music and everything else.  So itís all quite natural to you.  You think itís all just evolving in your lifetime and nothing is further from the truth. 


So help yourself to those audios and remember too, youíre the audience that bring me to you so you can keep me going by buying the books and disks that I have for sale at  Remember too, all the sites listed there have transcripts in English for print up as well of a lot of the talks Iíve given.  If you want transcripts in other languages go into and help yourself to the variety offered there.  Again too, buy the books and disks I have for sale.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember, straight donations are definitely welcome in these hard times.  Itís astonishing how the US dollar is just falling against all other currencies and itís way below the Canadian one and it has been now for, oh, a couple of years now I think, or maybe three. 


Itís really going down as of course they bring out all the bread and circuses for the public to gorge upon, like Osama and all that kind of nonsense, all the big psy-op operations which are pulled out now to make Americans think theyíre getting some kind of value for all the trillions of dollars the taxpayer is spending abroad, for the few to plunder oil fields and everything else, and of course all their big plans for the future across Afghanistan, Pakistan and elsewhere.  So itís just astonishing that psy-ops can pull off operations.  Weíve had so many in the past.  People never learn; they never remember, in fact.  They have very short memories and they canít remember all the ones to do even with Iraq never mind anywhere else.  Really, Osama is just the latest trick to divert the public and to make you think youíve actually got something for your money.  And itís good enough for the average person at the bottom; theyíll actually take it like a big football match and cheer them on:  oh yeah, yeah we got the guy at last.  And all Osama is, and always was really, is a bogeyman.  He was the Goldstein that George Orwell had in 1984. So Osama Bin Goldstein is being handed to the people, supposedly, Ė weíll never really know the truth about anything Ė on a platter, and heís probably been on ice for the last 10 years.  Anyway, Iím sure the whole story is a fake.  And Iím so used to the fakes coming from the Pentagon I donít take much notice of them at all.  I donít think youíll ever get any truth out of them whatsoever on any particular topic.  So Iíll try and avoid that whole story tonight and go onto things that are happening and which we can relate to and where itís all supposed to be going.  Iíll be back with more on this after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back, Cutting Through The Matrix.  As I say, people have no memory, really, in this fast-paced massive data overload system we all live under, and inside in fact now, lots of us.  They canít remember all the scams that have been pulled on them in the past, even though there are so many to choose from.  And even the recent past they canít remember either.  They have no short-term memory, unfortunately, and never mind long-term memory.  They have no short-term memory and thatís a symptom of something awfully wrong Ė and I mean that, really, literally Ė with their brain, because we used to have very good short-term memories, at least we could go back 5 years, 10 years without a problem.  Most folk canít do that anymore.  Somethingís happened to them. And of course theyíre all getting poisoned with the food and everything else too, and the spraying from the air, and lots of other things as well. But of course it doesnít really matter at this stage of the game.  Most folk are unfortunately pretty well gone. 


And they go with the flow because the average person belongs to what they call the Ďmass man,í or Ďmass woman,í and they go with the flow.  Whatever is in for them and set as a trend for them they follow and thatís as simple as that.  People canít remember Saddam Husseinís statue getting pulled off its mounting in the square in Bagdad.  Even though all the press of the Western world, all the biggies were there on the balcony of the main hotel, facing it, and that was in John Pilgerís film The War You Donít See, well worth seeing by the way.  Not one of them showed you the tanks with the chains pulling the thing down.  Not one of them told you that theyíd actually brought in these characters as a part of a psy-ops operation to appear as natives on the ground pulling it down.  They were actually hired to do it.  Stuff like that, thatís a psy-ops operation. 


They canít remember Jessica Lynch, who really basically jumped out of a humvee and hurt herself and of course the psy-ops boys in intelligence services used that, that she fought to the last bullet, you know, and pulled her knife out and eventually she was captured and taken into a prison.  In reality the Iraqis had, very nicely, taken her to a hospital and she wasnít even guarded.  So psy-ops put on a great show of bringing in the Rangers to rescue her.  They made a big show of this nonsensical thing as they all walked in, nobody fired at them, because there was nobody there to fire at them.  And she was being looked after and of course they brought her back.  And that was a big thing too, all Hollywoodish you see.  Then the story came out much, much later what had actually happened. 


And of course they even used the football hero/soldier Pat Tillman whoíd packed in his career and joined the military, in that actual operation.  So they were using him too, all geared for the American psyche unfortunately.  They understand the American psyche so well; just watch the movies, geared at the American psyche.  They created the American psyche actually, in Hollywood.  And then of course Pat Tillman himself, who eventually ran up a hill chasing phantoms that werenít there, and left his platoon, the rest of his platoon came along, down in a gorge in some vehicles, didnít know it was him and they opened fire and killed him.  So his own guys killed him eventually, which is pretty typical in reality.  Even then they tried to use him, again the psy-ops operation, that he was leading a platoon up the hill chasing the enemy when he was shot.  But it came out eventually what had actually happened because his family insisted to know the truth.  They wanted to know the actual truth.  And even though he had put it in his will he didnít want a big fanfare as a hero or anything, he knew he would be used of course, the Pentagon still put it on regardless of what the familyís wishes and his own wishes, and still tried to make him a sort of martyr, etc, a great hero. 


So this is another one with this whole Bin Laden, or Osama Bin Goldstein as I call him, that theyíve pulled out of the cookie jar at the right time as things plummet at home.  And the public are saying, God how many years is this going to go on? Spending billions and trillions of dollars?  So they give you a nice Hollywood ending to it all.  Thatís all Iím going to say about that nonsense because itís a complete psy-ops operation.  And if we ever know any truth of anything it will come out maybe 10 years from now, if weíre lucky. 


Whatís happening across the rest of the world is more important in real life, and I mean real life because folk are hurting everywhere in the US and Canada too, as foodís going up 35%, gasolineís at $1.40/liter today in Canada, or Ontario.  Even though we make most of the gas they use in the US, by the way, most of the US donít even know that itís made in Canada.  They get it cheaper there and always have done, than the Canadians get it, even though itís made here.  Itís because Canadians are more laid-back too, and actually more dumbed down than other countries.  They seem to be quite happy being dumbed down. 


I was surprised today, even going into a little garage not too far away, even the Toronto Sun, itís a rag that always has, its main story is always front-page sports or itís a female with hardly anything on.  Thatís what they give Canadians, you see. They even had Osamaís picture on that.  I thought, oh my God, you know, definitely a psy-ops operation when that rag carries that too.  Theyíve all been told to carry the nonsense.  Anyway, and Harper too, I mean it was amazing.  I looked through the Canadian media today to see about the election and there was hardly anything much mentioned about it really.  Harper is back in again.  Of course he is because heís high Council on Foreign Relations. Heís their man and heíll keep the war going too.  Anybody else of course would have to pretend they were left-wing and pull the boys back home.  So they want the guy to continue, his masters do, and his masters are definitely not the public. So it was just like a nonevent, the whole thing, and it wasnít even mentioned in some papers that he got back in.  Anyway, thatís Canada for you. 


In Britain, for instance, thereís an article here called...


The new Victorians: Families face biggest cash crunch since 1870 / By Daily Mail Reporter / 3rd May 2011


(Alan:  ....1870....)

Families face the greatest pressure on their finances for nearly 150 years, a report has warned.


Workers face a combination of inflation and low pay rises or even freezes for a fourth year in a row, according to international financial consultants Deloitte.


It will be the first time since the 1870s that Ďrealí wages, the sum you earn after inflation has been taken into account, have fallen for four successive years.


The report said average earnings will rise by 2.4 per cent this year and inflation is expected to be 4.4 per cent.  (A:  It will be a lot higher than that with all the extra fuel charges and stuff.)


Deloitte economic adviser Roger Bootle said householdsí disposable incomes will fall by £780 this year.  (A:  And thatís what I said.  You see, this is austerity.  Your disposable income is the stuff that youíd spend on other things, the extras outside of necessities.  Now everything will be spent on necessities and even then youíll be lucky to meet the targets for those necessities.  Thatís what austerity is. And thatís what they mean by austerity.  Anyway, this company, this firm also predicts...)


He also predicted incomes will not return to their 2009 peak until 2015. 


Well, Iíll laugh at that because it ainít going to come back folks.  Itís not planned to.  And if you read the CFRís reports and look at all the greeniesí and the UNís agenda youíll find out they donít plan to let you have disposable income eventually.  Itís astonishing too, in the US, how they can just keep borrowing and borrowing on the backs of generations to come and get away with it, only because itís such a large country, really, even though theyíre not really producing anything much, except for bombs and missiles and propaganda.  Theyíre just borrowing like crazy and keeping a lot of prices artificially low compared to the rest of the world.  But of course the piper will be paid eventually and itís going to be chaos within the US and they know this at the top too. Theyíll use every means possible to suppress the public when it all goes down again.  You havenít hit bottom yet and even the final crash hasnít come yet either; thereís no doubt about that.  Theyíve been planning this for the last 20-odd years, 30 years, with internal armies to take care of the fallout.  Weíre going through a script, remember, a long-term business plan to take the world over, for the few, and to eradicate what was once called the middle class.


And in Japan of course, that doesnít apparently exist anymore and Fukushima never happened, and says, what, whatís that youíre talking about?  You know, Iíd forgotten all about that.  Well of course those plants are still giving off radiation.  And theyíre going to continue to do so apparently for 10 months or more.  And even 10 years they say it will take to basically disassemble the plants and move everything, whatís left out of them.  The fissionable material is still fissioning away there but weíre not supposed to know that.  Weíre supposed to think about, well, Osama Bin Feinstein... or Goldstein I should say; the steins start to get rather confusing thereís so many.  Anyway it says here...


Fukushima parents dish the dirt in protest over radiation levels /  Mon 2 May 2011


Furious Fukushima parents dump school playground earth that may have radiation levels well above the old safety level. 


Furious parents in Fukushima have delivered a bag of radioactive playground earth to education officials in protest at moves to weaken nuclear safety standards in schools.


Children can now be exposed to 20 times more radiation than was previously permissible. The new regulations have prompted outcry. A senior adviser resigned and the prime minister, Naoto Kan, was criticised by politicians from his own party.


Ministers have defended the increase in the acceptable safety level from 1 to 20 millisieverts per year as a necessary measure to guarantee the education of hundreds of thousands of children in Fukushima prefecture, location of the nuclear plant that suffered a (A:  ... and I wonít even say a...) partial meltdown (A:  These were complete meltdowns.) and several explosions after the earthquake and tsunami on 11 March.


It is estimated that 75% of Fukushimaís schools may have radiation levels above the old safety level of 1 millisievert. The local authorities in Koriyama have tried to ease the problem by digging up the top layer of soil in school and day centre playgrounds, but residents near the proposed dump site have objected. 


By the way, what they do is they dig the stuff up and they say theyíre going to fill them in in holes elsewhere.  Well, I hope they do something that Britain never did when they had their nuclear accidents because they would dump them in areas where eventually theyíd build houses, and the people were coming down with cancers. I was watching an old documentary on that and of course the governmentís not owning up to the fact. They admit thereís high levels of radiation in the soil under these housing units in England but they wonít say where itís come from, and they never will by the way, but everybody is dying of cancer there.  Thatís what they do with the soil.  What else are you going to do with it?  Back with more after this.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix.  Thereís a good video, in a sense itís good.  Itís well produced but itís a light-hearted take by the Council on Foreign Relations basically on the Council on Foreign Relations.  Itís called The American Ruling Class and itís introduced by Lewis Lapham who appears in the documentary comedy you might say.  I call it a comedy; itís comedy to me.  Anyway, Lewis Lapham who is the editor of Harperís Magazine.  It gives you the story of two guys leaving Yale and of course of one of them goes right into Wall Street because the doors are opened up for him. And the other one goes through this little, just for the documentary, oh I donít know what to do with myself, Iíll try this, try that.  And Lewis Lapham guides him through this documentary basically, how itís like to be poor, what itís like to be poor. And then he takes him to the CFRís main door in fact, in New York at the Harold Pratt Building and he says to him, everyone whoís ever been anything in America is a member or has been a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.  At least thatís one true part they have in it.  And he says, I canít bring you through the door Ė itís very Masonic in that way Ė you have to enter by yourself.  Itís something worth seeing, at least for the way they put it right in your face, even in a light-hearted manner the way itís presented.  On the cover of it itís got the White House, meaning they own that, you see.  In the middle theyíve got Wall Street, they own that too.  And then thereís a photograph of the Pentagon, they own that as well.  Thatís your three elements of power, you see, and thatís all you have to own. But they do talk about different members of course, that are in the Pentagon, in Wall Street, etc.  And it was made just a year before they took the banks down. Before that theyíd actually take you, in the documentary, into Wall Street and some of the top corporations there.  They wouldnít dare show them right now, Iím sure, after they looted you all. But they kept talking about this Ďvirtueí thing, how come they could manage to run the country, really, the real establishment and the ruling class, how could they run the country and always be sort of beneficent to the people, and they keep bringing up this word Ďvirtueí, this Masonic term theyíre always using: well, theyíve got virtue.  In other words, they know just how much to plunder you but not enough to starve you and stuff like that.  So have a good laugh at that and see what you think. 


Talking about Chatham House, I was looking at the Chatham House Rule, they call it Ďthe ruleí.  It says...


Chatham House Rule


"When a meeting, or part thereof, is held under the Chatham House Rule, participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed."


The world-famous Chatham House (A:  Thatís the British one as opposed to the Harold Pratt Building.  Thatís the one that rules Britain.) Rule may be invoked at meetings to encourage openness and the sharing of information.


The Rule originated at Chatham House with the aim of providing anonymity to speakers and to encourage openness and the sharing of information. It is now used throughout the world (A:  Well it is because they have organizations throughout the world now.) as an aid to free and open discussion. Meetings do not have to take place at Chatham House, or be organized by Chatham House, to be held under the Rule.  (A: This means they are ALL affiliations of the House; in other words, many organizations all run by this ruling establishment.  Again, read Carroll Quigley who goes through it as an historian for this group.  Read Tragedy and Hope and also get The Anglo-American Establishment to find out about this ruling class, this dominant minority.  Well worth reading Quigleyís books; you have to actually to understand anything at all.)


This whole idea of anybody can make it in America is quashed totally by the American Ruling Class; you have to come out of the top Ivy League schools.  What is interesting too, in The American Ruling Class documentary, they actually say that, they keep their eyes open in the universities for up-and-coming people with the right stuff, youngsters with the right stuff in other words and thatís how they select them in the US and in England as well.  That means theyíve got their own embedded professors, obviously, there to give the nod that this is a likely one, a candidate here, someone who can be trusted, tested and will keep their mouth shut wherever you put them.  Thatís really what they mean by that.  So thatís how the world is really, really run, by a dominant minority as Huxley called them. 


Just to touch on the scams that they pull off, and the elite are always pulling off scams on the public.  Thatís how they live, you see. Everything is a scam, even the idea of the government is a scam, or even voting is a scam.  When there is only one agenda and the CFR members make sure that the head of all parties has to be one of theirs, thatís all you need; the rest of them are just trained seals, you see, a circus that clap for the leader Ė you know they slap their fins together there.  Wind farms, we know itís one of the biggest scams ever and Britain and other countries have dished out these, through government agencies, these massive grants for wind farms to get started up.  And you can get them put on your land if youíre a British Lord for instance, maybe 9 of them and get paid thousands of dollars each per month just for having them sitting there.  It says...


Wind farms paid £900,000 to switch off for one night

Wind farms operators were paid £900,000 by the National Grid to disconnect their turbines for one night because the electricity was not needed.  (A:  So even when itís not needed you get a massive reward through government. Thatís how the real scams work, isnít it?  Weíre all stupid at the bottom arenít we?  We put up with all this nonsense.) / By Victoria Ward / 1 May 2011


The payments, worth up to 20 times the value of the power they would have produced, raises serious concerns about such subsidies, which are paid for by the customer.


The six Scottish wind farms were asked to stop producing electricity on a particularly windy night last month as the National Grid was overloaded.


Their transition cables do not have the capacity to transfer the power to England and so they were switched off and the operators received compensation. (A:  ...for not producing!  Compensation for not producing, even though theyíre getting subsidized even to exist.)  One operator received £312,000, while another benefited by £263,000.  (A:  Back with more after this.)


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and going over the nonsense with wind farms, because it costs way more to keep them operating than they ever put back into the grid.  And even when they donít produce they get paid for it as well, by the taxpayersí money.  And itís all done by lobbyists, you see, because true money Ė true wealth, put it that way Ė comes from the taxpayers via government in grants and so on.  Thatís why the big boys lobby all the time; they lobby governments all the time. So whenever a new con comes up theyíre in like a shot, the sharks, and they pay off the politicians and get kickbacks too for giving out contracts and then they get all their grants given to them.  It says here, and this is for 6 wind farms basically, they got £900,000 for one night for switching off.  It says...


The payments were discovered by the Renewable Energy Foundation, a green think tank (A:  They should give them a new building, eh, so itís not covered in fungus.), which accused the Government of building too many wind farms in northern Britain.


John Constable, director of policy and research, said not enough care had been taken to ensure there were enough high-voltage cables to transfer the power to other parts of the UK when it was needed.  (A:  Well, thatís not the point.  Itís just a big scam.)


"Hasty attempts to meet targets for renewable energy mean some Scottish wind farms are now in the extraordinary position of not only printing money when they generate, but printing it even faster when they throw their energy away (A:  When they shut down.)," he told the Sunday Times.


The average turbine is understood to generate power worth about £150,000 a year, but is awarded incentives (A:  Thatís cash grants.) in the form of subsidies (A:  ...per year...) worth £250,000.  (A:  What a deal, eh?  So they get £250,000 in incentives to produce £150,000 worth of electricity a year.  Ha, ha... not bad, eh? A great scam isnít it?)


Such payments were intended as a way to pay householders above market rates to generate electricity from solar panels and small wind turbines on their roofs. (A:  Thatís how they got the law through, you see.)


But in February, Chris Huhne, the Energy Secretary, announced a review of financial subsidies for renewable electricity after large-scale "photovoltaic farms" began springing up all over the countryside. (A:  Now there are actual farms doing it, like businesses, big businesses.)


The operators which halted production and benefited from the payments last month include Scottish Power, which owns Whitelee wind farm near Glasgow and Npower Renewables, which runs Farr wind farm near Inverness. (A:  I think some of these are owned by British Lords as well.)


A spokesman from the National Grid confirmed the payments. He said: "On the night of April 5 and 6, the demand for power was low but the nuclear generation plants in Scotland were running as expected. There was also heavy rainfall, which meant hydro power plants were operating well, too.Ē (A:  So they told them to shut them down and it cost £900,000 just for the night, eh.  You canít lose if youíre in the scam, eh, if youíre INSIDE the scams.  Youíll never get in there but the big boys do.  Unless you can afford to lobby and get the payoffs youíll never get into it.)


Alan:  Thereís a caller on the line and itís Mike from Chicago. Are you there Mike?


Mike:  Yes, I am.


Alan:  Yeah, go ahead.


Mike:  Alan, I remember, I think maybe a week ago you were talking about how the media will talk about something serious and then the next instant they talk about something fantastic, something like fantasyland.  And was with my Dad, I was watching CNN; I donít usually watch TV.  They were talking about how, you know, Osama Bin Laden, heís dead. Then in the next instant theyíd talk about zombies and like something that will never, you know, that can never exist.  And I was thinking in my head like I saw Bin Laden and the zombies, thatís kind of ironic.  Itís kind of like tongue in cheek.  Tongue in cheek because technically heís a zombie, because you know, they brung him back to life.


Alan:  Many times.  Many times.  Itís like a Superman serial, you know, he dies in one but you find out in the next one heís not dead at all.  And so they revive him.  [Alan laughing.]


Mike:  I got one question because I know youíve got other people on the lines.  This is about ancient religions and ancient societies.  Have you ever heard about the ancient Moors and the ancient Kenites?  Can you like, you know, tell the listeners about these civilizations?


Alan:  Well, again too, the Kenites, Canaanites and so on, itís an interesting term because youíve got to understand, itís kept under wraps of course because the real histories are kept in archives and they know exactly who everybody happened to be, but in old times, and in more recent times, they would give them a broad spectrum of an area, a term, so they were all called Canites and so on, and Kenites as well.  And you also have the Phoenicians, for instance, which was the Greek name for the Canaanites basically, the same people.  Itís very confusing until you go into the real, real old, old, ancient history from other countries, not from the English educational system but from other old countries, or Persian records and so on, as to who people actually were.  Even the land they call Palestine is mentioned as Palestine in some histories, but itís also called by the Romans who occupied it Edomia; they called them all Edomites in their particular day.  So it gets very confusing. 


Thereís no doubt about it, they do know who everybody was and where theyíre all descended from today, and some have disappeared off the map all together of course as time went on and people were moved out.  Weíll never get all the truth on who was who.  Except, except what you do get, even through what snuck through the authorized histories, is that there have been peoples coming down through time that have always run trading and banking and money lending to nations.  Youíll get it when you are reading histories of other countries, even the Spartans, the Spartans held out against the monetary system of ancient times.  When the Phoenicians were paying armies, or basically getting countries that they conquered through debt, they were using those armies to then try and attack the Spartans.  And the Spartans did not want to go on the silver standard.  They used their own iron money, specially tempered iron so you couldnít copy it.  It was a long, long war but eventually they lost it.  So even in ancient times it was similar to today where theyíre trying to get a world currency going; they were trying to do it in ancient times as well.  Itís only when you look into who was financing the wars and the armies against Sparta do you find the same people cropping up again, that ran the trade routes, lent to nations, got them into debt and part of the debt deal would be that the armies would then be used for the Phoenicians to conquer the other countries and introduce the same currency.


Mike:  Okay.  Letís say that the Phoenicians and the Canaanites, theyíre the ancestors of the, you know, the black nobility and the blue bloods and so on.  Is it true that the only reason... you know, the Canaan and Phoenician areas are around like Israel, right?


Alan:  Actually it included the whole lot.  In fact thatís what the Romans called even that part that is now called Israel, they called it Edomia as well.


Mike:  Okay.  Is it true that in order for West Africa to do business with Russia, or for the British Isles to do business with India, they had to go through what is Israel, that region or area, because they didnít have any planes or you know, the transportation and everything was by foot.  You had to walk through that area.  Am I right?


Alan:  It was a crossroads.  That area was a crossroads from armies going east to west, north to south all the time.  And even before the Romans, of course, you know the Greeks ran it for a while too.


Mike:  Wow.  That is amazing.  See thatís, so everything revolves around money.  So thatís the only reason why itís called The Holy land, because itís you know, it was like the banking center of the world. 


Alan:  Banking center of the world and through compound interest the money goes into a black hole, never to be seen again.  [Alan laughing.]


Mike:  And how about the Hyksos people, are they basically the Phoenicians and the Canaanites, are they the Hyksos people who invaded 18th dynasty Egyptian pharaohs?


Alan:  There were two people at the same time, invaded Egypt in that particular time.  One was by land and they were the Hyksos, often miscalled the Shepherd Kings; thatís what it means.  They were really drovers of cattle; cattle was their main thing.  They came from the east.  And of course they also had coming from the north by sea, they had The People of the Sea coming in as well.  It was quite an interesting combination that eventually conquered Egypt at that particular time.  The Hyksos were the worst, recorded in Egyptian history as the worst rulers theyíd ever had.  They were utter barbarians to any other people except their own.  They slaughtered many of them, cut their arms off too Ė which is an ancient tradition by the way, in Hebrew, was to cut off the right arm of your enemies Ė and filled carts with them and paraded them around the cities.  Eventually they were overthrown and kicked out again by an actual Egyptian much, much later.  Thereís a lot of history definitely involved in that. Even the ones who came from the sea, the Egyptians were really surprised to find out that they were all circumcised like they were themselves; the Egyptians at one point thought they were the only guys circumcised.  They were surprised to find these other guys were circumcised as well. 


Mike:  Now, isnít it true that, as you know, that Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt... the Upper Egypt is really the south.


Alan:  Thatís right.


Mike:  And, because [inaudible] was in and he got the 6 cataracts and so on.  So ancient Axum and ancient Kush, the Kushites, is it possible that the Egyptians could be descendants of the ancient Kushites and ancient Axum dynasties?


Alan:  Well, the Egyptians themselves claimed they were Hamites and that theyíd come through there, in very ancient times, and that they formed the Nile.  Iím not kidding when I say this, that was the first bank, they banked the water, they made the banks for the water, the water of life that made everything grow, and you had to eventually pay for the water if you lived alongside where they channeled the water into.  It used to be like swampland at one time and there were different tribes living around there, small farmer types that had cattle, etc.  A lot of them were put out of business or had to go into slavery under the pharaoh.  They actually banked the water.  They split it into two, the north and the south, and they often had one pharaoh that ruled over both, the north and the south.  He would be called the Pharaoh of the Two Hats.  At one point there was actually three parts of the hat but later on it was only two parts; that was the red and white part.  They also had a blue one as well.  Red, white and blue; thatís where you get your flag colors for revolution from, like Britain, the US, France and so on.  Thatís a fascinating history behind Egypt all together.  The Hamites themselves, they claimed to belong to that group, while other bands of Hamites went across that whole region and the Middle East and they were despised by every other tribe because their whole attitude, it was very much like William the Conqueror, very similar in their techniques.  They would come to the castle gates or the city gates and they would demand everyone surrender and if you didnít they would show you by previous prisoners that they got from elsewhere, theyíd kill them in front of everybody who were looking down from the city walls and they would slaughter them in the most horrible way.  They would burn their eyes out and everything, long nasty deaths to terrify the inhabitants to give up. Then they would plunder the city and they would take the younger people for slaves and then theyíd sell them off elsewhere.  The older folk they would take outside the city gates and cut their hamstrings; thatís where hamstring comes from.  That came from the Hamites; theyíd cut the hamstring and allow them to die slow deaths where they had to crawl and crawl looking for water until they died, just for a slow death just for the hell of it, you know.  So they were despised wherever they went, the Hamites.


Mike:  The Hamites, and isnít this like from the Bible, where like Noah, Ham is the son of Noah, right?  And where do the Hamites come from?


Alan:  Well, they pretend, wherever that they come from... You have to go into the Talmud to get the story and itís really a nasty story; of course you get a little bit in the 5 books of Moses.  The Hamites really, supposedly, are the descendants of Ham.  And of course Ham was cursed, supposedly, for looking upon his fatherís nakedness.  It wasnít looking upon his fatherís nakedness by the way.  I mean old Noah Ė this is a fairytale of course Ė but Noahís first thing that he did when he got out of the ark was to plant a vineyard and then he got himself drunk when it grew.† Supposedly something happened when he was asleep by one of his sons, and this is traditionally, and itís really a nasty story they give.  And they say that all the black folk were descended from Ham and go into nasty details about basically being subhuman. And there was a black professor of history that goes through this in a great way and shows you how incredibly racist it is.


Mike:  I actually heard it.  I mean, you donít have to worry about me, right.  But I actually heard about it.  Yeah, the Hamites are, yeah, they were black.  Everybody knows that.  So they would actually do these things? And just, you know...  Wow.  Thatís crazy.  [Caller laughing.]


Alan:  We also know too, from other tombs in Egypt for instance, that a people did come in, we donít know when Ė I think it was even before the Hyksos came along Ė and somehow took the country over, probably through finances and debt and so on, or simply rose up there by having incredible wealth.  And they wore black wigs, and they were white and they had light-colored eyes.  Lots of their effigies in the tombs have been found that show you the colors of their eyes and underneath they had red hair or even blondish.  So we donít know who these people were; they have found them too in the graves theyíve dug up in ancient Sumer 5,000 BC, with these black wigs, made from local native hair; even the beards the guys wore, the pharaohs wore, were actually artificial.  So itís never been explained who these people were.† Then when you go into the people who maybe had moved out of Egypt at one time and ended up in the area called Kazaria, because they had a lot in common with Egypt, they worshipped the phallic symbol; it was their only symbol, religious symbol at all.  They converted to Judaism a few centuries AD, en mass.  They also had this inner clique of kings and queens who were blue-eyed, green-eyed and who were reddish-haired.  So they had two distinct types of Khazars at the time.  So itís often thought that they actually had been one of the groups that came out of Egypt.  Weíve never known where the ruling classes of Egypt went to.  And even its latter days, it supposedly just went down and down but it was still a very prosperous area.  Even ancient Rome used it for agriculture; they got most of their grain, it fed the empire.  I mean, it was a very wealthy area.  But it was never explained where the ruling classes of Egypt ever went to.


Mike:  So on the ethnicity of these people, it was basically almost like it was a mix of people.


Alan:  I think the ones with the money eventually would always take over and probably did take over, over the ordinary peoples.


Mike:  Right.  So really, it doesnít matter what color you are, greed is always turning a good man bad. 


Alan:  Absolutely.  And they form their cliques and clans and then you have a ruling class.  Thanks for calling and Iíll be back after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  The professor of black history who came across the history of the Hamites and where it all came from and so on was Tony Martin and he was a professor who taught at Wellesley until 2007.  Heís a good talker and he knows his facts and so on, quite interesting to listen to. 


Alan:  Now thereís another caller, Steve from Texas on the line.  Are you there Steve?


Steve:  How you doing Alan?  I called your show previously and just recently I received your Volume One book in the mail and I wanted to appreciate you and thank you for sending me that book.  I support you, I try my best, as far as buying your books and sending in donations.  I know you need them. 


Alan:  I certainly do.


Steve:  Keep doing what youíre doing, Alan.  But I wanted to bring to your attention as far as the weather and everything, especially here in Texas and the whole southern region.  Recently weíve been having droughts and on days where there have been droughts, and weíve been having forest fires and things of that nature, wildfires, excuse me.  You look in the sky, of course there are the chemtrails and the sky is cloudy and white and things of that nature.  But in the morning time, you watch the news anchor, he tells you that today weíre going to have a blue sky as ever.  Blue skies, and of course the atmosphere is filled with the chemtrails.  I wanted to ask another question to you, a point that was happening in Alabama.  They recently had tornadoes, and Iím used to, when I was growing up, tornadoes being a single vortex, or a single funnel.  Recently these tornadoes were triple vortex, and they were huge, colossal tornadoes that demolished homes in Alabama.  I wanted to know, you know Iíve been reading government white papers such as 2025, by the Air Force, We Own the Weather, or Control the Weather.


Alan:  Thatís right.


Steve:  And also another paper written by a gentleman, How to Wreck the Environment.  I wanted to know, it kind of baffles me too, when I think about all these things, what they can do and how.


Alan:  ...and they are doing.


Steve:  They are doing it.  They would create a tornado with a triple vortex to wipe out peopleís homes, you know.


Alan:  In the 1970s, I think 1974 or 1975, agreement at the United Nations under Weather Warfare and Weather Modification, they said that, literally, weather warfare was more dangerous, far, far more devastating than any atomic bomb would be.  And so it was a big thing, high priority of course.† They also admitted they can create tornadoes, they can steer tornadoes, actually steer them to the target; this is at the United Nations in their treaty section.  They admitted too, that they can cause it to rain and flood as a tactic of war, or they can literally cause a drought as a tactic of war; they can do either depending on the type of spray they put out there.  So all of that which youíre talking about they CAN and ARE doing.  Of course theyíre going to continue to do it.  They have used it steadily now since 1998; thatís when they officially started spraying constantly. They tested it for many, many years in the past but they started doing it constantly across Canada and the US and elsewhere. And part of it too, will be to convince the public that there is weather change, as they say, climate change, and get us to all go under their new types of rules, and moved into communities, into their big cities, so we can get fed and get jobs, etc, and it would be too dangerous to live in the country.  Itís all part of the same structure.  Thereís no doubt about it, they have used it in other countries during warfare.  And they have wiped out economies, especially farming by floods and drought.  Theyíve done the same in the US at one point too, and Canada; they gave us floods for about 4 years in the bread basket, same in the States, at the same time, and then it was followed by drought for 4 years.  They are in control of it; thereís no doubt about it.  As I say, you donít let a weapon like this go to waste, and it was built for a purpose.  Thanks for calling. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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