May 5th, 2011 (#826)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 5th, 2011:

Psychological Operations:
Your Brain They Penetrated,
When Your Eyes Were Fixated:

"Those On the Internet are Kept at Their Station
By Info Controllers Dishing Out Information,
While Way Up Above, Serving the Elite in Control,
Are Trained, Psy-Op Officers Who've Sold Their Soul,
They Admit Their Releases Cause Disorientation
Because Few Can Discriminate Such Vast Information,
The Agenda You See, is Planned Long in Advance,
And Not One Iota is Left Down to Chance,
Which Means Psy-Ops, Reuters, All Work as One,
How They Must Laugh Having Frolicking Fun,
Knowing They Shape the Minds and Opinions
To Maintain an Elite in Power Over Minions,
They Weaponized Culture for Home and the World,
Forward-Looking to When Victory Flag is Unfurled,
A Planet Conquered, Debased, Libidinal Cannibals,
Dumbly Led to the Abattoir While Rutting Like Animals"
© Alan Watt May 5th, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė May 5th, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on May the 5th, 2011.  I always get this over at the beginning of the broadcast, so itís a reminder to look into  Help yourself to the audios, which are available for free download.  Lots to choose from, and hopefully, by the time youíre finished, if you can get through them all, youíll understand the massive superstructure that overruns way above government, way above all governments in fact of the world, and brings in this global system for the few, designed a long time ago.  Big agencies, big foundations involved in it, the big banking foundations and everything, and the global elite, all the elite families across the planet really made a club a long time ago, and decided theyíd never let their power go.  They must make sure of their own survival down through the ages, as they bring our populations down by various methods and so on.  And they view us basically as farm animals.  And our usefulness has been very good in the past to bring in the world empire, but weíre getting to the stage where they claim thereís too many of us, and they donít need us all so much anymore.  So, itís quite an interesting journey I take you on through the audios.  Remember too, all the sites listed on the .com site have transcripts too, of a lot of the talks for print-up.  And you can go into for transcripts in other languages.


Remember too, you can buy books and discs that I have for sale, and hopefully that will keep me going.  If not, too bad.  Thatís the way it will go.  And from the US to Canada, you can order using a personal check or an international postal order from your post office.  You can also use PayPal to order. Use the donation button youíll see in the .com site.  Follow it with an email with your name, address and order, and Iíll get it out to you.  And straight donations are really appreciated, believe you me.  Cash is okay too, you can send from the US to Canada. 


Across the world, youíre left with PayPal to order and donate.  And youíre left too with Western Union or Money Gram.  As I say, I try to show you the traps that we fall into.  Weíre managed all the way through our lives.  Weíre managed.  Your parents were managed all through their lives too.  And when you go back into very old books of the top clubs, like the Council on Foreign Relations, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, same deal actually, one is in Britain, one is in the US, theyíre brother and sister, you can find their plans for World War I, II, and ongoing wars to take over the resources of the world.  They were doing that right from the very beginning, when they were comprised mainly of the Cecil Rhodes Group that blended with the Milner Banking Group, and become the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  Grab all the worldís resources.  That was all the things of wealth for the big corporations they knew would come along, which they would own, of course, and also all the food supplies towards the end of it.  And thatís what youíre in today.  Youíve been living through the takeover of the worldís food supply as well.  So, thereís nothing that surprises me, personally, as they go through their job of standardizing the world into one system.  And the last few countries that donít use usury, itís against their religion, the Islamic countries, are being bombed into the Stone Age.  Either that or they have to be turned into democracies, these phony democracies that we all have, of course, where governments pretend, very poorly I should add too, they pretend to serve the people, and they really serve the ruling elite. 


Thereís always been a ruling elite in every country, and as Huxley himself said, I donít see why they wouldnít always be there.  Thereís no reason why they would be taken down by any means possible.  They have so much behind them, so much science, so many foundations, think tanks.  They own the military.  They own the sciences for weaponry and they didnít sit back waiting for nasty things to happen to them.  Theyíve got it made, they say, at the top.  And now theyíre going for the final run, the final finish.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And yesterday I mentioned an article where the US was putting in intelligence officers for psy-ops to learn to work with, actually to learn their trade really from mainstream media, so they were sitting in on television stations and so on to see how the public have been managed so far by your general mind manipulators and spin merchants, which is the mainstream media, which works for, of course, through their membership in the Council on Foreign Relations and the globalists, they work for the establishment, those who own and rule America.  Britain is exactly the same.  They even have a cabinet officer in Whitehall who really is put there.  This position is always there, unelected, of course, and he makes sure that whatever government comes in follows the right track laid down by the Establishment, those who own Britain.  And itís the same in the United States.  Thereís nothing different about that at all.  The Establishment will always be here. 


And the Intelligence Services, youíve got to remember too, back in the 50s onwards, were getting all this futuristic training at the very high levels of a post-democratic society, a world society, internationalism and the end of sovereignty as they blended everything together.  And they had various articles out, even back then, if you look through the net and so on, where they talked about winners and losers, winners and losers.  Itís always about winners and losers, because thatís how they see things in a Darwinian perspective.  And they talk about civilizations coming and going and coming and going, and then theyíre always talking about, thatís the masses, you see, that come and go and die off and all that kind of stuff as youíve seen down through history.  And thereís big good profound reasons for them dying off down through history, because the elites always make sure thatís whatís happens when they move out with their cash and their systems and money into some other area to start a new empire.  However, Iíve mentioned before, this article.  Iíve gone through it.  Itís well worth reiterating it and going over it again, because it ties in with whatís happening now, for those who are falling, and I mean falling for the stories put out by psy-ops, because, you see, everyone is supposed to argue about impossibilities, like the Osama story, and stuff like that.  And they do.  They grab a hold of it, chomp at the bit, and youíre supposed to get all upset and everything else, and full of righteous indignation, which you do, of course, because itís such a farce anyway.  But it takes up your time and so on.  When all this is going on it has different outcomes, even personally itíll have a different outcome, because if you get tied up in the arguing of what you know to be ridiculous with other people, you start to feel inadequate at the end of it all, because you canít resolve anything.  Itís like 9/11.  We all know what happened.  We all saw the buildings coming down in controlled demolitions, but it doesnít matter what you know, because itís the masses who go along unconvinced.  The masses are quite happy with the stories put out for them.  It makes them feel better and safer that Big Brother is looking after everything.  And we are run by psychological operations in reality. 


And this article was written by an intelligence officer back in 1997.  And it touches on a few topics to do with psychological warfare on the public.  And it also mentions the New American Century.  If you donít understand why weíre going all through the Middle East and all through the Bush regime too we were going through the Middle East, youíll understand nothing of whatís happening today.  But heíll touch on it here, this officer.  And remember too, as I said before, donít forget.  Weíve got short memories now.  Donít forget, these officers trained to be post-national and international, and winners and losers for a dominant minority to come through, and they see themselves as part of that.  And thatís why, in their own predictions for the next thirty, forty, fifty years, and Iíve got them up in my archives section at, you can go in and find them.  Thereís one from Britain, and one from the US army, and they talk about eventually, weíll get a World Government.  It wonít last too long.  Itís not meant to.  Itís more of a putting the flag in and the laurel leaves around them or oak leaves around them for victory, and then theyíll split up the world into major city-states as the rest of the population are dying off, obviously.  So, this guy, and Iíll put these links up again tonight, at, and itís from their major magazine, Parameters, and this goes back to 1997 from the military.


We have entered an age of constant conflict.


(Alan: Now, remember that tem, constant conflict.  And theyíre already in it, remember, from the first attack on Iraq, as Iraq went into Kuwait to try and get them to stop using that new horizontal oil drilling system, which they were going under into Iraqi soil and taking all the Iraqisí oil.  Thatís why, thatís why Saddam attacked them, by the way.  It says:)


We have entered an age of constant conflict. Information is at once our core commodity (A: Now think about that.) our core commodity and the most destabilizing factor of our time.  (A: Destabilization, right?) Until now, history has been a quest to acquire information; today, the challenge lies in managing information.


(A: Managing information.  Now, your countries have had departments of information, like Britain and so on, since World War I.  All major things that are put out there go through one department.  So, whatever they put out, they want you to talk about and chat about and argue about.)


Those of us (A: Now, listen to this terminology.)  Those of us who can sort, digest, synthesize, and apply relevant knowledge soar--professionally, financially, politically, militarily, and socially. We, the winners, are a minority.


(A: Remember that.  We the winners are a minority.  Heís talking about this class, you see, not your country.  We the winners are a minority.)


For the world masses, (A: And that includes everyone listening out there.  Weíre all part of this big bulk of things that they call the masses) devastated by information (A: Devastated by information) they cannot manage or effectively interpret, life is "nasty, brutish . . . and short-circuited."


(A: Because the information is meant to make you go around in circles and get nowhere.)


The general pace of change is overwhelming, and information is both the motor and signifier of change. Those humans, in every country and region, who cannot understand the new world, or who cannot profit from its uncertainties,


(A: Now, thatís like all the guys on the stock market that own your food now.  Theyíve got it up in the futures there.  Theyíre gambling on your food.  Is it going to be a bad crop next year, and all that kind of stuff.  So they know how to profit on uncertainties.) 


or who cannot reconcile themselves to its dynamics, will become the violent enemies of their inadequate governments, of their more fortunate neighbors, and ultimately of the United States. We are entering a new American century, in which we will become still wealthier, (A: Theyíre talking about we, remember going back to we.  We the winners are a minority, right?) in which we will become still wealthier, culturally more lethal, (A: More lethal. Culturally lethal.  Think about that.  You think youíre degraded just because it happened?  It evolved that way?  Culturally more lethal) and increasingly powerful. We will excite hatreds without precedent.


We live in an age of multiple truths. (A: Because all your information is managed by these characters, like guys who write this stuff.) He who warns of the "clash of civilizations" is incontestably right; simultaneously, we shall see higher levels of constructive trafficking between civilizations than ever before. The future is bright--and it is also very dark. More men and women will enjoy health and prosperity than ever before, yet more will live in poverty or tumult, if only because of the ferocity of demographics. There will be more democracyó (A: And this guy pretty well admits that itís a myth anyway, democracy.) that deft liberal form of imperialism--and greater popular refusal of democracy. One of the defining bifurcations of the future will be the conflict between information masters and information victims.


(A: Information victims, eh.)


In the past, information empowerment was largely a matter of insider and outsider, as elementary as the division of society into the literate and illiterate. While superior information--often embodied in military technology--killed throughout history, its effects tended to be politically decisive but not personally intrusive (once the raping and pillaging were done). Technology was more apt to batter down the city gates than to change the nature of the city. The rise of the modern West broke the pattern. Whether speaking of the dispossessions and dislocations caused in Europe through the introduction of machine-driven production or elsewhere by the great age of European imperialism, an explosion of disorienting information intruded ever further into Braudel's "structures of everyday life." Historically, ignorance was bliss. Today, ignorance is no longer possible, only error.


(A: Error.  So, a lot of those folks who think theyíre actually educated and theyíre up on things, because theyíre following all the stuff that these guys, these disinfo merchants, put out, these psy-ops operators, youíre actually in error.  And theyíre laughing at you when you fall for it.  And he says.)


The contemporary expansion of available information is immeasurable, uncontainable, and destructive to individuals and entire cultures unable to master it. The radical fundamentalists--the bomber in Jerusalem or Oklahoma City, the moral terrorist on the right or the dictatorial multiculturalist on the left--are all brothers and sisters, all threatened by change, terrified of the future, and alienated by information they cannot reconcile with their lives or ambitions. They ache to return to a golden age that never existed, or to create a paradise of their own restrictive design. They no longer understand the world, and their fear is volatile.


Information destroys traditional jobs and traditional cultures; it seduces, betrays, yet remains invulnerable. How can you counterattack the information others have turned upon you? There is no effective option other than competitive performance.


(A: And you canít afford competitive performance, because youíve got to have the truth to start with, as well.)


For those individuals and cultures that cannot join or compete with our information empire, there is only inevitable failure (of note, the internet is to the techno-capable disaffected what the United Nations is to marginal states:


So, heís talking about the internet is basically a tool for them.  It gives an illusion of empowerment and community, it says.  Back with more, after this.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Reading an article put out by the military college of the US.  As I say, itís to serve an elite, when theyíre all taught that too.  They know that theyíre going towards this global system and itís the end of nations and so on, but they give a lot out of the bag in the article, because itís really aimed at their own kind, you see, people coming into that field of mind manipulation and information manipulation.  He says here, again, just to recap, he says:


The internet is to the techno-capable disaffected what the United Nations is to marginal states: it offers the illusion of empowerment and community.


(A: How many friends have you got?  Theyíre all fake, most of them.)


The attempt of the Iranian mullahs to secede from modernity has failed, although a turbaned corpse (A: Hereís the terminology they use, because they really hate these people too, of course.) a turbaned corpse still stumbles about the neighborhood. Information, from the internet to rock videos, (A: Now, listen to this.) Information, from the internet to rock videos, will not be contained, and fundamentalism cannot control its children. Our victims (A: Our victims.  Our victims.  You hear that?)  Our victims volunteer.


(A: Because, you see, everything that will come from this article that Iím going to read, heís telling you that theyíve already degraded all of you to utter filth.  They actually go into that.  And they used television for fifty years and Hollywood and specialists in degrading cultures.)


These noncompetitive cultures, such as that of Arabo-Persian Islam or the rejectionist segment of our own population, (A: Rejectionist segment of our own population.  The reason Iím repeating this is because, as the guy said at the beginning, most folk canít assimilate information.  They canít.  So the ones who are:) rejectionist segment for our own population are enraged. Their cultures are under assault; their cherished values have proven dysfunctional,


(A: Because theyíve been made to be dysfunctional.  In Britain, itís utterly multi-cultural, and thatís not working either, because theyíre all breaking up into their separate societies all vying for power.)


and the successful move on without them. 


(A: Because within each culture, thereís those who know to play the game, how to play it and get up there, out of their own culture and move on up into the elite, you see.  Actually, theyíre picked and selected for it, as Iíve mentioned before.)


 The laid-off blue-collar worker in America and the Taliban militiaman in Afghanistan are brothers in suffering.


(A: Heís saying this almost in a gloating manner isnít he?)


It is a truism that throughout much of the 20th century the income gap between top and bottom narrowed, whether we speak of individuals, countries, or in some cases continents. Further, individuals or countries could "make it" on sheer muscle power and the will to apply it. You could work harder than your neighbor and win in the marketplace. There was a rough justice in it, and it offered near-ecumenical hope. That model is dead. Today, there is a growing excess of muscle power in an age of labor-saving machines and methods. In our own country, we have seen blue-collar unions move from center stage to near-irrelevance. The trend will not reverse. At the same time, expectations have increased dramatically. There is a global sense of promises broken, of lies told. Individuals on much of the planet believe they have played by the rules laid down for them (in the breech, they often have not), only to find that some indefinite power has changed those rules overnight.


(A: Like the global treaties and the G20 and stuff like that, the stuff Iíve gone over here so many times, and the Council on Foreign Relations.  And look at the European Union, nobody wanted it.  They did it in secrecy for years.  They lied that it was going to end up with a Super-Parliament, and they got it.  So itís changed overnight, you see.  Some indefinite power.)


Some indefinite power has changed those rules overnight. The American who graduated from high school in the 1960s expected a good job that would allow his family security and reasonably increasing prosperity. For many such Americans, the world has collapsed, even as the media tease them with images of an ever-richer, brighter, fun world from which they are excluded. These discarded citizens (A: This is in the 90s, folks, you know.  They knew they were going to crash your bank.  Again, these indefinite powers just crash your banks and make you pay, and then they borrow from the world banks and down you go.)  These discarded citizens sense that their government is no longer about them, but only about the privileged.  (A: And heís not going to deny this in his article, either.) Some seek the solace of explicit religion. Most remain law-abiding, hard-working citizens. Some do not.


The foreign twin is the Islamic, or sub-Saharan African, or Mexican university graduate who faces a teetering government, joblessness, exclusion from the profits of the corruption distorting his society, marriage in poverty or the impossibility of marriage, and a deluge of information telling him (exaggeratedly and dishonestly) how well the West lives.


(A: And who was doing all that stuff, well, it was guys like Brzezinski was doing all that back then, when they created the Al Qaeda.)


In this age of television-series franchising, videos, and satellite dishes, this young, embittered male gets his skewed view of us from reruns of Dynasty and Dallas, or from satellite links beaming down Baywatch, sources we dismiss too quickly as laughable and unworthy of serious consideration as factors influencing world affairs. But their effect is destructive beyond the power of words to describe. Hollywood goes where Harvard never penetrated, and the foreigner, unable to touch the reality of America, is touched by America's irresponsible fantasies of itself; he sees a devilishly enchanting, bluntly sexual, terrifying world from which he is excluded, a world of wealth he can judge only in terms of his own poverty.


I think this is the same guy in the military who wrote the speech for Bush where he says, they hate us.  They hate us.  Remember that?  And they made sure that they saw all these reruns, mind you, abroad and at home too.  The American Dream, you know, that fantasy.  The dream.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about psy-ops operations and the high levels of military intelligence.  Theyíre all basically compartmentalized, right to the very, very top, of course, and they serve, those at the top, serve the elite, the dominant minority as theyíre called. The ones who own the country, own the game, own the worldís cash and so on.  Anyway, he goes on to say:


Most citizens of the globe are not economists; they perceive wealth as inelastic, its possession a zero-sum game. If decadent America (as seen on the screen) is so fabulously rich, it can only be because America has looted one's own impoverished group or country or region. (A: Which they eventually did eleven years after this article was written.) Adding to the cognitive dissonance, the discarded foreigner cannot square the perceived moral corruption of America, a travesty of all he has been told to value, with America's enduring punitive power. How could a nation whose women are "all harlots" stage Desert Storm? It is an offense to God, and there must be a demonic answer, a substance of conspiracies and oppression in which his own secular, disappointing elite is complicit. This discarded foreigner's desire may be to attack the "Great Satan America," (A: Thatís was a term that he borrowed from Ronald Reagan, who first used it on Gaddafi by the way, the Great Satan.) but America is far away (for now), so he acts violently in his own neighborhood. He will accept no personal guilt for his failure, nor can he bear the possibility that his culture "doesn't work." The blame lies ever elsewhere. The cult of victimization is becoming a universal phenomenon, and it is a source of dynamic hatreds.


It is fashionable among world intellectual elites to decry "American culture," with our domestic critics among the loudest in complaint. But traditional intellectual elites are of shrinking relevance, replaced by cognitive-practical elitesó(A: This is what they call them, by the way, cognitive-practical elites.  They train them and put them out for you to follow.) figures such as Bill Gates, Steven Spielberg, Madonna, or our most successful politicians--human beings who can recognize or create popular appetites, (A: Recognize or create popular appetites, eh?) recreating themselves as necessary. Contemporary American culture is the most powerful in history, and the most destructive of competitor cultures. (A: The most destructive of competitor cultures)


While some other cultures, such as those of East Asia, appear strong enough to survive the onslaught by adaptive behaviors, most are not. The genius, the secret weapon, of American culture is the essence that the elites despise: ours is the first genuine people's culture. (A: Really?) It stresses comfort and convenience--ease--and it generates pleasure for the masses. We are Karl Marx's dream, and his nightmare.


(A: This is what they teach them at the high levels.)


Secular and religious revolutionaries in our century have made the identical mistake, imagining that the workers of the world or the faithful just can't wait to go home at night to study Marx or the Koran. Well, Joe Sixpack, Ivan Tipichni, and Ali Quat would rather "Baywatch." America has figured it out, and we are brilliant at operationalizing our knowledge, and our cultural power will hinder even those cultures we do not undermine.


(A: So the job is to undermine all cultures.  And see they started on America itself and finished with America.)


There is no "peer competitor" in the cultural (or military) department. Our cultural empire has the addicted--men and women everywhere--clamoring for more. And they pay for the privilege of their disillusionment.


American culture is criticized for its impermanence, its "disposable" products. But therein lies its strength. All previous cultures sought ideal achievement which, once reached, might endure in static perfection. American culture is not about the end, but the means, the dynamic process that creates, destroys, and creates anew. If our works are transient, then so are life's greatest gifts--passion, beauty, the quality of light on a winter afternoon, even life itself. American culture is alive.


(A: Who creates it all?  Thereís a cultural industry, isnít there.)


This vividness, this vitality, is reflected in our military; we do not expect to achieve ultimate solutions, only constant improvement. All previous cultures, general and military, have sought to achieve an ideal form of life and then fix it in cement. Americans, in and out of uniform, have always embraced change (though many individuals have not, (A: Remember, change is good.  That was the slogan for Obama.  This is before Obama came along.) and their conservatism has acted as a healthy brake on our national excesses). American culture is the culture of the unafraid.


Ours is also the first culture that aims to include rather than exclude. The films most despised by the intellectual elite--those that feature extreme violence and to-the-victors-the-spoils sex--are our most popular cultural weapon, (A: And it works of course.  And how do they know it works?  Itís because you see, they used it on you and your parents before you.  Thatís why.  It works perfectly well.) bought or bootlegged nearly everywhere. American action films, often in dreadful copies, are available from the Upper Amazon to Mandalay. They are even more popular than our music, because they are easier to understand. The action films of a Stallone or Schwarzenegger or Chuck Norris rely on visual narratives that do not require dialog for a basic understanding. They deal at the level of universal myth, of pre-text, celebrating the most fundamental impulses (although we have yet to produce a film as violent and cruel as the Iliad). They feature a hero, a villain, a woman to be defended or won--and violence and sex. Complain until doomsday; it sells. The enduring popularity abroad of the shopworn Rambo series tells us far more about humanity than does a library full of scholarly analysis.


When we speak of a global information revolution, the effect of video images is more immediate and intense than that of computers. Image trumps text in the mass psyche, and computers remain a textual outgrowth, demanding high-order skills: computers demarcate the domain of the privileged. We use technology to expand our wealth, power, and opportunities. The rest get high on pop culture. If religion is the opium of the people, video is their crack cocaine. When we and they collide, they shock us with violence, but, statistically, we win.


As more and more human beings are overwhelmed by information, or dispossessed by the effects of information-based technologies, there will be more violence.


(A: You see, they already went through, taking away your privacy, even before this was written in the 90s, and they knew that would cause violence down the road, as eventually you get forced into more and more of it.  And you become just a cow thatís owned by a master.)


As work becomes more cerebral, those who fail to find a place will respond by rejecting reason. We will see countries and continents divide between rich and poor in a reversal of 20th-century economic trends. Developing countries will not be able to depend on physical production industries, because there will always be another country willing to work cheaper. (A: And, of course, these boys will make sure of that.) The have-nots will hate and strive to attack the haves. And we in the United States will continue to be perceived as the ultimate haves. (A: Not anymore.) States will struggle for advantage or revenge as their societies boil. Beyond traditional crime, terrorism will be the most common form of violence,


(A: This is in the 90s.  Terrorism will be the most common form of violence, because they already saw the century of change by bringing in terrorism, and they needed it to bring in all the information age to spy on you.)


but transnational criminality, civil strife, secessions, border conflicts, and conventional wars will continue to plague the world,


(A: You see, they already had their whole plan for the New American Century published, when this guy wrote this one.  And every country in the Middle East they would take it out, right across to Asia.  And it says:)


albeit with the "lesser" conflicts statistically dominant. In defense of its interests, its citizens, its allies, or its clients, (A: Or its clients, interesting term.  Private armies and stuff.) the United States will be required to intervene in some of these contests. We will win militarily whenever we have the guts for it.


(A: They canít lose.  Itís the biggest military in the world and most mechanical too, and technological.)


There will be no peace. At any given moment for the rest of our lifetimes, (A: Right.  Iíll repeat that for the hard of thinking.)  There will be no peace. At any given moment for the rest of our lifetimes, there will be multiple conflicts in mutating forms around the globe. Violent conflict will dominate the headlines, but cultural and economic struggles will be steadier and ultimately more decisive. The de facto role of the US armed forces will be to keep the world safe for our economy (A: Now, remember heís talking on behalf of a we, a small minority.  He says, we, who are a small minority.  Not the masses.) safe for our economy and open to our cultural assault.  (A: Open to our cultural assault.  Think about it.) To those ends, we will do a fair amount of killing.


We are building an information-based military to do that killing. There will still be plenty of muscle power required, but much of our military art will consist in knowing more about the enemy than he knows about himself, (A: And you, remember, who are all listening, are the enemy, folks, as well.) manipulating data for effectiveness and efficiency, (A: Manipulating data for effectiveness and efficiency.) and denying similar advantages to our opponents. This will involve a good bit of technology, but the relevant systems will not be the budget vampires, such as manned bombers and attack submarines, that we continue to buy through inertia, emotional attachment, and the lobbying power of the defense industry. Our most important technologies will be those that support soldiers and Marines on the ground, that facilitate command decisions, and that enable us to kill accurately and survive amid clutter (such as multidimensional urban battlefields). The only imaginable use for most of our submarine fleet will be to strip out the weapons, dock them tight, and turn the boats into low-income housing. (A: Well, thatís a little joke about the lower classes, you see.) There will be no justification for billion-dollar bombers at all.


(A: They knew then that they were going to put drones out there.)


For a generation, and probably much longer, we will face no military peer competitor. Our enemies will challenge us by other means. The violent actors we encounter often will be small, hostile parties possessed of unexpected, incisive capabilities or simply of a stunning will to violence (or both). Renegade elites, not foreign fleets, should worry us. The urbanization of the global landscape is a greater threat to our operations than any extant or foreseeable military system. We will not deal with wars of Realpolitik, but with conflicts spawned of collective emotions... (A: Interesting, eh?) ...conflicts spawned of collective emotions, sub-state interests, and systemic collapse. Hatred, jealousy, and greed--emotions rather than strategy--will set the terms of the struggles.


We will survive and win any conflict short of a cataclysmic use of weapons of mass destruction. But the constant conflicts in which we selectively intervene will be as miserable as any other form of warfare for the soldiers and Marines engaged. The bayonet will still be relevant; however, informational superiority incisively employed should both sharpen that bayonet and permit us to defeat some--but never all--of our enemies outside of bayonet range. Our informational advantage over every other country and culture will be so enormous that our greatest battlefield challenge will be harnessing its power. Our potential national weakness will be the failure to maintain the moral and raw physical strength to thrust that bayonet into an enemy's heart.


(A: In other words, to slaughter.)


Pilots and skippers, as well as defense executives, demand threat models that portray country X or Y as overtaking the military capability of the United States in 10 to 20 years. Forget it. Our military power is culturally based.


(A: Our military power is culturally based. Theyíve risen a whole army up, a whole generation up on X-boxes and so on to kill.)


They cannot rival us without becoming us. Wise competitors will not even attempt to defeat us on our terms; rather, they will seek to shift the playing field away from military confrontations or turn to terrorism and nontraditional forms of assault on our national integrity. Only the foolish will fight fair.


The threat models stitched together from dead parts to convince Congress that the Russians are only taking a deep breath or that the Chinese are only a few miles off the coast of California uniformly assume that while foreign powers make all the right decisions, analyze every trend correctly, and continue to achieve higher and higher economic growth rates, the United States will take a nap. On the contrary. Beyond the Beltway, the United States is wide awake and leading a second "industrial" revolution that will make the original industrial revolution that climaxed the great age of imperialism look like a rehearsal by amateurs. Only the United States has the synthetic ability, (A: Synthetic ability) the supportive laws, and the cultural agility to remain at the cutting edge of wealth creation.


(A: What they plunder off you too, once you create it.  And he goes on about:)


Freedom works.


In the military sphere, it will be impossible to rival or even approach the capabilities of our information-based force because it is so profoundly an outgrowth of our culture. Our information-based Army will employ many marvelous tools, but the core of the force will still be the soldier, not the machine, and our soldiers will have skills other cultures will be unable to replicate. Intelligence analysts, fleeing human complexity, like to project enemy capabilities based upon the systems a potential opponent might acquire. But buying or building stuff is not enough. It didn't work for Saddam Hussein, and it won't work for Beijing.


(A: Then they go into basically how theyíre bringing up generations to continue this perpetual war.)


The informational dexterity of our average middle-class kid (A: Child, they call it kid here.) is terrifying to anyone born before 1970. Our computer kids function at a level foreign elites barely manage, and this has as much to do with television commercials, CD-ROMs, and grotesque video games as it does with the classroom. We are outgrowing our 19th-century model education system as surely as we have outgrown the manned bomber. In the meantime, our children are undergoing a process of Darwinian selection in coping with the information deluge that is drowning many of their parents. These kids are going to make mean techno-warriors. We just have to make sure they can do push-ups, too.


(A: Thatís his wee joke there, because, you see, theyíve trained the generations in advance for this time.  Iíve always told you, youíre living through a script.  Every generation is.  They plan a hundred years ahead, and more.)


There is a useful German expression, "Die Lage war immer so ernst," that translates very freely as "The sky has always been falling." Despite our relish of fears and complaints, we live in the most powerful, robust culture on earth. Its discontinuities and contradictions are often its strengths. We are incapable of five-year plans, and it is a saving grace. Our fluidity, in consumption, technology, and on the battlefield, is a strength our nearest competitors cannot approach. We move very fast. At our military best, we become Nathan Bedford Forrest riding a microchip.


(A: Then they go into 2015 and beyond.  It says:)


We will be receiving systems into our inventory that will be no more relevant than Sherman tanks and prop-driven bombers would be today. We are not providing for tomorrow's military, we are paralyzing it. We will have the most humanly agile force on earth, and we are doing our best to shut it inside a technological straight-jacket.


(A: And then they go on about the hierarchical structures and so on, and how theyíll keep managing information, and getting more and more high-tech weaponry out there etc, etc, etc, and keep training the children, to walk out of school right into the uniform.  And theyíll manage of course, the propaganda for that child, all through his life.  And then of course, they go into the debasement, how theyíll debase all other cultures and so on with their techniques through managing culture creation, debasement and so on.  It says:)


The next century will indeed be American, but it will also be troubled. We will find ourselves in constant conflict, much of it violent. (A: Because itís planned that way.) The United States Army is going to add a lot of battle streamers to its flag. We will wage information warfare, but we will fight with infantry. And we will always surprise those critics, domestic and foreign, who predict our decline.


And thatís one of the intelligence officers who teaches these guys in psy-ops that theyíre using against you, as well.  We the winners are a minority.  Back with more, after this.


Hi folks, Iím back.  Weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  And Iíll put that article up or the link to it up tonight, and you can save it for yourselves.  It might disappear one day.  Iíve read it over a few years, once or twice, because youíve got to bring yourself back to reality, from the heads, the top levels of those that serve the establishment as theyíre called, the minority that rule and own your country.  And this is how they think.  They show you how they think.  And this guy is obviously a top lecturer to high candidates that get into this particular elite of psychological operations, not the lower levels that go out and work with the TV boys, much, much, higher than that.  And theyíve got the whole future planned for you.† And theyíre basically talking about winners and losers, and of course the masses are the losers, but they do go into how they degrade the world with their culture, and it works well, because you see, they already did it in all of you.  And remember what they accomplished, the dissolution of the family unit.  Theyíve got women now who are quite happy to have abortions.  They donít really want children at all.  And on and on it goes.  Everybody goes out to weekend parties.  For young guys itís just a candy shop, all the available women who donít even need to know their names or necessarily want to.  Thatís what they want to push across the world, a completely dysfunctional society that really canít function very much longer the way it is.  Canít do it.  None can stand like that, and thatís history for you too. 


And they know this at the top, because youíre not supposed to stand.  Youíre supposed to merge with Canada, as this other article Iím going to put up tonight will show you.  Theyíve got some things wrong with it.  But itís to do with Canada/US integration and Steven Harper.  Thereís one little video where Harper talks at the G20 about the need to give up certain amounts of Sovereignty and how we canít make decisions as a country anymore, weíre global.  And what is global?  Heís talking about the global system that helps to run this system, itís called the G20, you understand, that no one elects and you did not give any permission to any politician to be in the G20.  No one was ever asked, do you mind if we have this international new Parliament, basically.  Youíll hear him basically endorse it, and he talks about Fortress America and so on, Iíll put this article up too.  Itís more against anti-conservative, this article, but the liberals, believe you me, are just the same.  Theyíre all members of the Council on Foreign Relations, regardless of what party it is.  And even one of the guys mentioned here, the former elected leader of the Canadian National Party of Canada, I think was also a member of the CFR.  So, they havenít quite been honest with you, but the rest of it is pretty well true about the integration thatís still happening yet, and how literally the US and Canada, will have basically a border going around the coasts in the North and again down the East and West Coast, and that will be our new type of country, and then it will last for a certain amount of time, obviously, and then be sold off piecemeal like theyíre doing in Britain.  And tomorrow Iíll read some articles on how theyíre actually selling off parts of Britain now in regions, making regions of, and then selling them off as well.  That is happening.


So, donít fall for all the stuff psy-ops throws out deliberately for you to grab and run with and argue with and so on, because, too many times when you end up having utter frustration, as I say, with righteous indignation, youíll feel more and more helpless or despondent or depressed, and thatís a psychological war thatís been waged upon you.  Donít forget that.  Donít ever forget that.  Always keep your goal in sight, and always retain your memory of what really is going on.  And look around at what theyíre doing right now, as they keep you spun and arguing and feeling indignant about things.  From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



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