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Oh Well, What Can You Do?:

"Fascism is Riding High, Their Cover is Democracy,
Pushing Austerity for Masses, Ultimate Hypocrisy,
The Rich are Getting Richer, Public are So Broke,
Coffin Lid is Lowering Down, What a Bloody Joke,
Problems Arise Daily, Taxes Said to Solve Them,
People Elect New Government, While Government is the Problem"
© Alan Watt May 9, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 9, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)


Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on May the 9th 2011.  Newcomers should look into the web site  There are thousands, actually, of talks to go through at your leisure if you have the time, and hopefully youíll learn how this big superstructure of systems and interlocking systems runs all across the world, ABOVE governments and within governments, and literally plans the future, what kind of society they want at any given time and prepares the youngsters for the next kind of society thatís planned for them too, to always make sure, or ensure, that the dominant minority continue to hold power over the globe, which theyíve done for an awful long time.  And itís done through associations of philanthropists for instance, foundations, big bankers, international money lenders, that kind of stuff, very important people, very rich people.  Thatís how you become important today, youíve got to be awfully, awfully rich, and hold on to it for a few generations and suddenly youíre successful and youíre into the club, but few manage to get in these days.  However, help yourself to those and remember, [Order and donation options listed above.].  Remember, straight donations are certainly welcome; I wouldnít get by at all without them.  They trickle in all the time.  And you donít have to send much either, remember that too, an awful lot would be better than a couple of bigger ones; an awful lotís much, much better. 


Weíre going through a new world order, of course, a change in the system.  And thereíll be many to come yet, new world orders, because these are all stages of the big plan Ė they always call it a new world order when they change the next system and the next system.  Eventually when they hand over the policeman-of-the-world to China to do, it will be another new world order and thatís how it will be presented in the media too.  And by that time no one will care because weíll think Chinaís just a wonderful country and all the youngsters think they all run around doing Kung-fu.  Anyway, thatís how life goes. 


Weíre trained from cradle to grave for our part in going through the new world order, whatever stage we happen to be at, without really knowing whatís going on.  And they make sure of this by giving you a nasty, rubbishy history, written by the Royal Institute of International Affairs or Council on Foreign Relations members in the US side, to make sure you get the right view of the past which is the one that they want you to have.  Of course you think too, that youíre more enlightened than ever because you have this thing called the internet, which was also given to you as well, to further befuddle you, believe you me, and itís certainly done an awful good job of that too according to all the studies that are coming out now on the minds of younger people.  But as I say, weíre going through the biggest changes that the worldís experienced for an awful long time and they expect whole migrations, much much more than youíve seen already of migrants coming in to different countries, to first world countries, where they think the streets are paved with gold, an old trick of course.  They used that for London with the Irish in the 1800s to get them over to work as navvies on the roads; thatís why they wrote the song too, you know, Mountains of Mourne.  However, it never fails to work when you always think that youíre going to be really getting something better out of the next system.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and I was thinking today, really, that the war for the mind is a great technique really because itís like most weaponry.  Most weaponry is designed to hit the most major bulk of the population.  It never gets everyone.  Itís like a virus too; it might kill a lot but not everybody.


Most propaganda is aimed at the general population.  Itís a steady barrage of propaganda.  Last week I read from the army war collegeís Parameters Magazine, and one of the guys who joined them from the old KGB who now works for the US said that ALL major media is psy-ops; ALL MAJOR MEDIA is psy-ops.  And it surely is because even today someone emailed me that a notice has been served on all the British media not to mention the hike in gasoline prices.  So theyíre not... none of them can mention this, like itís a national security issue, you see.  By the same token theyíre given the go-ahead to publish all the other nonsense they give the general public to keep them in la-la land.  One of the techniques that they use to disable people, and there is a technique of disabling people, literally, and thatís to overwhelm them with data, generally from different areas, and the sky is falling in a thousand different areas at once.  And you simply crash up, you crash down because you canít handle more than about two major crises in your own life at the same time. And when youíve got all these different ones going to destroy you, you simply withdraw into your shell and then go into utter denial.   Then youíll meet your neighbor whoís also in denial and youíll have a happy chat about being in denial.  Itís much more cozier than being terrified.  Thatís how it works. 


So they always aim at the vast majority of the public, and they call it democracy.  Because they know themselves, in democracy, itís not really mob rule.  Itís the mob that you can count on; thatís what it means and itís always been that way.  Plato went through the stages of democracy an awful long time ago, and all systems in fact, and democracy is always followed by, basically, a form of dictatorship; it just follows night and day, a form of communistic dictatorship.  We call it today International Socialism, although the banking boys, the ones you think are the capitalists, are the ones whoíve always funded it.  For them itís a much tidier world to handle socialism, via government; that makes sure that they can lend straight to governments and the governments will soak the taxpayers and pay them back.  Itís a guaranteed system for them.  It saves them going door to door and saying, you as a citizen owe me money.  And who are you?  Iím the bank of so-and-so.  Thatís why they love this lending business and socialism. 


It was much more tidier too to have such incredible masses and layers and layers of bureaucracies to deal with ALL the citizenry and know everything about them because you see, in a totalitarian system thatís what it all is based upon, absolute data, constant updated data on every single individual Ė you cannot be outside the system; thatís what they want.  And most folk are already in it.  Even the ones who think theyíre waking up, they think theyíve got a tool on the internet and so on, and they have their little blogs up and all the rest of it.  All that data, really, is just going into helping the security organizations understand you much quicker and better and you help to update your own profile for them all the time.  Then they can take counter-measures on a general scale for you and people like you.  So itís really, itís doing them no harm whatsoever.  And they give us the things to yap about, on mainstream, like Osama and Obama.  I mean, two names you couldnít get together at the same time except obviously they change one name to sound almost the same as the other one, a real psy-ops operation.  So even when youíre talking about them, you get the two of them confused because itís so close.  And one of them just happens to change his name before he becomes the president; purpose-made for the job obviously... just to slap us all in the face.


So they give us these silly things to argue about, even though you know itís psy-ops and all the rest of it.  And they got Osama Bin Goldstein eventually, the man that literally had the world under terror, just one man, and all that rubbish!  So I wonít even touch on that tonight because itís disgusting to even mention and lower yourself to bring yourself to talk about that absolute rubbish of an obvious psy-ops operation, from the very beginning of the creation of Osama.  Except that Brzezinski, and Iíve got the link here for the video that was done with him in Afghanistan when they were fighting the Russians.  He went over, on behalf of the National Security Agency and the CIA, to get the Jihads going against the Russians.  There are also photographs up there too, where Brzezinski is standing next to Bin Laden in uniform, when Bin Laden worked... he was trained and he worked for the CIA.  And thatís all Iíll say about it. 


When all this is going on of course, there are massive movements going on for integration of the Americas, further integration of the countries of Europe into new regions, as they split up the old countries and kingdoms and so on.  Of course itís obviously got permission.  They got permission from the kings and queens to do it, who are all part of the system anyway.  Iíll touch on this tonight because hereís an article here.  It says...


Baroness Ashton (Alan:  Baroness Ashton...) puts Europe and Britain on collision course over call to give Brussels a seat on UN Security Council / By Mary Ellen Synon / 8th May 2011


Baroness Ashton is due to attend a debate in which European Parliament members will call for the EU (A:  This super soviet of Europe.) to have a seat on the UN Security Council.  (A:  As an actual entity, not a group of nations, you see, which will do away with Britain, Britainís seat and Franceís seat and everybody elseís seat eventually.)


Labour peer Baroness Ashton (A:  ...a Baroness in this day and age, the 21st century, right.), the unelected head of the European Unionís new global diplomatic corps, is poised to threaten Britainís position and influence at the United Nations.


Last week, Baroness Ashton, who was parachuted into her £313,000-a-year Brussels job by Gordon Brown in 2009, convinced the UN General Assembly to give the EU Ďenhanced statusí.  (A:  ... special status, ambassador status it was, enhanced I should say, ENHANCED status.)


This means that she and other unelected Eurocrats, including European Council President Herman Van Rompuy, will enjoy nearly all the privileges and powers of the representatives of a sovereign state at the UN, such as addressing the assembly and taking part in debates.  (A:  And I should add, heís sitting at a top table too, getting the special wines.)


Ashton is also expected to attend a debate in Strasbourg next week at which members of the European Parliament will call for the EU to be given a seat on the UN Security Council.


This puts her on a collision course with Foreign Secretary William Hague, who says he is determined to prevent the EU acting Ďas if it were a nation state with a national foreign policyí. 


Well that was the whole point of creating it, to get rid of all the old nations, and thatís happening, by the way.  Theyíre all deculturalized, multiculturalized and no culture at all.  Thatís part of the strategy because when you have nothing to remember, to fight for, for good things, then youíll fight for nothing and they can with you as they please.  But who is this Baroness, eh?  I went into Wikipedia and itís quite a funny thing.  It says here...


Catherine Ashton



Former Home Secretary, Charles Clarke said: "Cathy is a bit surprised and so is everyone else.  (A:  ...about her promotion.)  I have seen Cathy in action. I have great respect for her. She is excellent at building good relations with people and a good negotiator." (A:  That means sheís a psychopath.)  On the other hand, critics say she is likely to be out of her depth, never having been elected to any office. (A: any government.  Never been elected.)  For example, on her appointment, the associate editor of The Spectator, and former editor of BBC Radio 4's Today programme, Rod Liddle, wrote: "Never elected by anyone, anywhere, totally unqualified for almost every job she has done, she has risen to her current position presumably through a combination of down-the-line Stalinist political correctness and the fact that she has the charisma of a caravan site on the Isle of Sheppey."  (A:  Thatís like a trailer site; thatís her charisma.  Other ones say sheís a complete disgrace and all the rest of it, but she is a good strong Stalinist and thatís why the Labour government pushed her to the top. And then she turns round, by the ones who pushed her, and tries to get them even higher too, into the European Union, on a personal basis like Tony Blair.  Thatís how the system works with psychopaths, you pat my back and Iíll pat yours.  There you go; theyíre really going at it.)


And also, hereís another great blockbuster as they are doing all this stuff.  Iíve talked before about how, I think a year or two years ago, how they plan to carve up the countries so they canít get back together again.  Itís the same technique, remember, that they did with Germany at the end of World War II; they carved it in half.  That was designed to happen during World War II by Hopkins and others who wrote about it in their memoirs, that way theyíd never have nationalism again.  It says in this article here...



Monday May 2,2011 / Macer Hall Political Editor /


FURY erupted last night after a European Union plot to ďcarve up BritainĒ by ≠setting up a cross-Channel region was exposed.  (A:  See, theyíre setting up regionalism through the United Nations across the world.  Canada, for instance, will be carved up too, and even bits of the States; it will be joined with Cuba and be separate entities from the rest of the country.  Anyway...)


Senior Tories condemned plans to merge southern England and northern France into a territory called ďArc ≠MancheĒ complete with its own flag.


Brussels chiefs have already earmarked millions of pounds for lavish projects designed to give the zone its own ďidentityĒ.


Schemes include a £7.6million ďcross-ChannelĒ network of cycle paths (A:  Thatís wonderful, eh, because nobody is going to be driving except, you know, the big limousines that carry the bureaucrats back and forth.), a £2million travelling ≠exhibition of ďcontemporaryĒ ≠artworks and even a ≠bizarre ≠international tour by ≠circus clowns costing £5.5million.  (A:  This is how they squander your cash.)


Tory Cabinet Minister Eric Pickles yesterday revealed details of the plan inherited by his Whitehall department from the previous Labour government.


(A:  And then...) The Communities Secretary (A:  See, youíve all got communities now.  You donít have countries anymore; youíve got little communities.) said: ďLabour ministers have been caught red-handed conspiring with European bureaucrats to wipe England off the map and replace our historic boroughs, counties and cities with transnational Euro-regions. (A:  Itís already happened to a few already.  And a few, maybe a couple of months ago an Irish guy asked me about that and I said itís the same with Ireland; theyíve got them ready to join with other nations.  Scotlandís to merge I think with Norway I believe.  I guess theyíll try eventually to get us all to change our language, into some Pigeon Norwegian or English or something like that.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and in 2009 in Canada, Bill C-46 was put forth and itís The Investigative Powers for the 21st Century Act, itís called.  It covers so much and thereís a PDF with it; Iíll put these links up at at the end of tonightís broadcast and you go through it all and it covers an awful lot of stuff.  It says...


Bill C-46: Investigative Powers for the 21st Century Act

Dominique Valiquet - Legal and Legislative Affairs Division / 24 September 2009 /


Bill C-46:

An Act to amend the Criminal Code, the Competition Act and the Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Act (short title: Investigative Powers for the 21st Century Act) was introduced in the House of Commons on 18 June 2009 by the Minister of Justice, the Honourable Robert Douglas Nicholson.


The purpose of the bill is to modernize certain offences in the Criminal Code (the Code) and the Competition Act to take into account new communications technologies (A:  Thatís all the computers and everything.) and to equip law enforcement agencies with new investigative tools that are adapted to computer crimes. (A:  Now, it covers everything.)  To facilitate collaboration with foreign law enforcement agencies (A:  Because weíre all merged with the US.), the bill also amends the Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Act.


(A:  Then it goes on to...


make it an offence to lure a child by any means of telecommunication (clause 3);  (A:  They always use children and stuff like that, you know, to get all this stuff through.)


create a new offence consisting of agreeing with a person, by a means of telecommunication, to commit an abduction or a sexual offence against a minor (clause 4); (A:  They make sure thereís lots of porn up there against minors, mind you, but I think they themselves probably put most of it out.)


provide that hate (A:  Thatís hate laws.) propaganda offences can be committed by any means of communication (A:  That means even talking to someone.) and including making hate material available (clause 7); (A:  So they decide what hate is, you see.)


create the offence of possession of a computer virus for the purpose of committing mischief (clause 12); (A:  Now, generally most folk donít know theyíve got a virus and they pass it on.  But theyíll use this as an excuse of course, to come into your home and say, yeah we suspect youíve got a computer virus and youíre spreading it to other people.)


make it possible for law enforcement agencies to make a demand or obtain a court order for the preservation of electronic evidence (clause 15);


creating new judicial production orders for obtaining data relating to the transmission of communications or data for tracking a thing or individual (clause 15);  (A:  Thatís all your tracking gear that you walk around with that you bought; all your personal stuff as you call it.)


create warrants for obtaining transmission data in real time (A:  ...listen to this...) and for the remote activation of tracking devices in certain types of technologies (clause 21);  (A:  Thatís everything that you buy with communication.  Itís got these remote activation technologies built into them so as that your authorities and your local cops can listen to everything that youíre doing and watch what youíre doing, in real time; as youíre watching it on the computer and going from site to site, so are they with you.)


modernize the deceptive marketing practices offences in the Competition Act (clauses 28 to 30);


amend the Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters Act so the new production orders can be used by Canadian authorities who receive assistance requests from other countries (clause 36).


(A:  So anyway, theyíre working with Canada, the US and the EU.  It goes into cyber crime and tells you what all the definitions of cyber crime are.  Under the guise of, it says, the Additional Protocol on hate propaganda, that they first brought out in July 2005.)


C. Convention on Cybercrime

Canada signed the Council of Europeís Convention on Cybercrime in November 2001, and the Additional Protocol on hate propaganda in July 2005.


Itís quite interesting, as I say.  Theyíve got all the tools built in, they have since they first gave you all the garbage, to entrap us all, in some guise or another.  And we buy this stuff.  If they made you take these you might be a bit suspicious Ė but I kind of doubt it in this day and age.  Most folk in previous times would be a bit suspicious if they made you have a computer and your little personal phone and all the rest of it.  But when you buy it they call it personal and itís yours, and it calls you by your first name.  You quickly forget, donít you, that all these agencies are sitting looking at you; youíre under the microscope and you bought it to help them to do it all.  Oh, they donít even pay... actually, they should pay us to buy their tracking gear, shouldnít they, since they want us all to use it. 


Now, euthanasia is a big coming thing because since the 1950s theyíve talked about the baby-boom generation as though somehow there were too many children getting born after World War II and through the 50s.  They were bewailing and bemoaning the fact, there was just too many people and itís going to cause a terrible crunch on the economy when they get elderly. But they never mention the fact that all these folk, you see, have worked all their lives paying into the government schemes and all the rest of it, and insurance systems and all the rest of it, to take care of themselves when they got old.  No. Because they knew when these children were born they were going to scam that whole generation for their cash and spend it on other things, which they have done of course.  Thatís why thereís hardly any National Health Service left in most countries that had it.  Theyíre even getting down to the dirty now and saying, oh itís because of you people that weíre broke.  No.  Itís because of the bank scams that weíre all broke, and the collusion of government in bailing them out, with your tax money.  But they never... they always blame the victim.  Abusers always blame the victims, donít they?  Anyway, hereís an article coming forth, from the wonderful Guardian, that lefty paper.


End-of-life healthcare Ė a model for the 'big society'

(A:  Thatís what theyíre calling this communitarianism in Britain and elsewhere, The Big Society.) 

Charitable money (A:  I always warned you about charities and foundations.), mixed with good partnership with the NHS locally (A:  Meaning public/private, right.) and supported by volunteers can make a huge difference / Thomas Hughes-Hallett / Monday 9 May 2011


David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Andrew Lansley, End-of-life healthcare could offer a useful model David Cameron, centre, and Andrew Lansley, right.  (A:  What it is... and it was written by Thomas Hughes-Hallett, a very important name, that.  It says...)


Is there a perfect example of the "big society" already in existence? The prime minister wants this to be his legacy. As a nation, we are so fortunate to have a perfect working example in every community in Britain Ė end-of-life care. I would encourage David Cameron to invest in and celebrate this great example of a model for government and society.  (A:  Itís a big society but itís killing you off to make it smaller by euthanasia.  Back with more after this.)


Hi folks, Iím back Cutting Through The Matrix talking about the public/private partnerships of charities now with government.  And remember, I read articles about a year or so ago where philanthropies were to take a more responsible job combining with government to take over the systems that used to be run by the government agencies themselves.  And theyíre filling their pockets awfully well with the cash thatís getting thrown at them.  Anyway, this character here, Mr Thomas Hughes-Hallett, says....


I am the chief executive of Marie Curie Cancer Care, the only national charity that provides nursing care in people's homes when they are dying, working in close partnership with district nurses, hospitals, GP surgeries, and the many wonderful independent hospices. I know how a little charitable money, mixed with good partnership with the NHS locally and supported by dedicated volunteers can make a huge difference to people's lives.  (A:  Thatís when thereís any money left that trickles from the top pockets down to the bottom.)


Last winter, I was asked by the health secretary, Andrew Lansley, to lead an independent review with Sir Alan Craft into the funding of end-of-life care for children and adults. A daunting task but, through months of evidence gathering all over England, Alan and I have heard at first hand how when state and society come together in partnership, so much can be achieved for patients and families and precious funds used more efficiently in the NHS.  (A:  ...whatís left of this tattered National Health Service.)


So he goes on and on and on about how wonderful it is and so on, etc, etc.  Who is he exactly, this wonderful charitable and foundation leader?  You go into the history on him...


Thomas Hughes-Hallett


Thomas Hughes-Hallett has been chief executive of Marie Curie Cancer Care since 2000.


Educated at Eton College and Oxford University (A:  Thatís where they teach you to be charitable, you know.) (where he gained an MA in modern history) Hughes-Hallett went on to qualify as a barrister (A:  ... a lawyer.). From there he spent 22 years in the banking profession (A:  Oh, thatís where you learn how to get the cash coming in from government into charities.) working as chief executive of Enskilda Corporate, chairman of Robert Fleming Securities, and later, director of Fleming Asset Management. 


Hughes-Hallett is now also chairman of the Michael Palin Centre for Stammering Children and holds the same title within the Stanley Gardens Residents Association.


In December 2010 he was announced as chair of the new independent Philanthropy Review (A:  Oh, hereís philanthropists with their foundations just like the Rockefellers and so on.), a collaboration of voluntary and private sector bodies who aim to identify ways of achieving a step-change in charitable giving in the UK.  (A:  Isnít that wonderful?  Oh, what a martyr this guy is, as they all are, mind you, all these philanthropists are, like Soros and so on.  And of course they have no agendas.  How silly.  Thatís paranoid; thatís conspiracy theory isnít it?  But thatís how the system is run.)


And then of course, as you end up getting your little bottle of painkiller as youíre dying in some dingy little council apartment somewhere, theyíll make sure that you donít take too much of it.  Whatís left, mind you, theyíll pour into another bottle and give to the next one across the road.  Thatís how theyíll save their pennies and give themselves massive salaries at the top, managing your exit out of this world... which most folk today are quite happy to get; theyíre living in hell.  [Alan chuckles.]


And Prince Charles, oh Prince Charles...


Prince Charles tells America to cut down on steaks

... for the sake of the world

America's appetite for beef is jeopardising the world's water supply,

the Prince of Wales said during a visit to the US. / By Jon Swaine, in Washington / 5 May 2011


Prince Charles delivers a speech on sustainable farming in the Gaston Hall at the Georgetown University, Washington.


In a speech in Washington, the Prince said that the need for vast amounts of irrigation in industrialised food production was threatening to deplete reserves of the "magical substance we have taken for granted for so long".


"For every pound of beef produced in the industrial system, it takes two thousand gallons of water," (A:  ...oh...) he told the Future of Food conference at Georgetown University. 


This is a guy, heís always been mystified, like they all are in his family, where the maids take the cutlery and the dirty cups and go into a place called the kitchen Ė theyíve never been inside it Ė and they bring out clean ones.  They havenít a clue what happens inside the place.  No kidding.  And here they are, all these front people, telling YOU not to eat meat and stuff.  Heís got herds and herds of his own Angus beef, on the hoof, up in Scotland, as they all do, all over the place, multiple farms of them.  And no GM food fed to these particular cattle too, by the way.  Heís got mansions everywhere and these big massive estates, etc.  They spend more than this, watching this meat, more on that getting their lawns nice and green, believe you me.  This is the hypocrisy youíve got today with these inbred, Akhenaton-type looking characters; if you really look at Akhenaton and compare him to Charles, the big hips and that, you kind of get the idea. 


And then, theyíve got, oh, who else of course.  Itís the same favorite name that comes up, about Charles Schumer.


Senator proposes TSA-style security for trains (A:  So itís a no-ride list that theyíre compiling.) after al-Qaeda plans revealed 

(A:  Utter rubbish, al-Qaeda; the boogeyman again.) - By Reuters / May 8th, 2011


NEW YORK (Reuters) - A senator on Sunday called for a "no-ride list" for Amtrak trains after intelligence gleaned from the raid on Osama bin Laden's compound (A:  ...ah, hoo-ohh....) pointed to potential attacks on the nation's train system.


Sen. Charles Schumer said he would push as well for added funding for rail security and commuter and passenger train track inspections and more monitoring of stations nationwide.  (A:  I guess youíll get x-rayed getting on the trains now as well.)


"Circumstances demand we make adjustments by increasing funding to enhance rail safety and monitoring on commuter rail transit and screening who gets on Amtrak passenger trains, so that we can provide a greater level of security to the public," the New York Democrat said at a news conference.  (A:  Itís like your computers, isnít it?  Itís for YOUR... we want all this data so as that we can serve you better.  [Alan laughing.] So itís to make you safe, you see, that youíre going to have no peace and privacy whatsoever.  And tracked for every little train run that you take.  Thatís what itís for.)


Hell is on earth.  Hell has come down to earth and theyíre just ramping it up a bit more as we go into the more and more crazy systems.  Isnít it interesting too, that before World War II the Great Depression came along and Stalin was congratulating FDR on copying the same system of make-work projects and stuff that they were doing in the Soviet Union?  And getting guys dressed in uniforms, old army uniforms, to work in forests and clearing roads and stuff, just in time for World War II where they could go right in with the uniform, used to living with the guys now, and right into the army.  It kind of worked out very well.  And at that time, because of the depression you see, that never really ended, the Great Depression, until World War II came along, thatís what got us out of the depression, and Britain and every other country too that had been felled by the bankers.  So weíre in the same state that we were then.  You either keep on fighting and conquering new places, in true fascist style, or you go under.  Remember, fascism, really, is a form of corporate/private/public partnership, as Mussolini defined it, with a socialist overlay basically.  So weíre right at the same stage today because weíre producing nothing except warfare weaponry and stuff like that, and debt.  Mind you, the small elite at the top, just like before World War II, were grabbing oil and resources across the planet, in true Royal Institute of International Affairs style, and CFR style.  Thatís what their job was to do at that time.  So here you go, eventually youíll need, oh I donít know, a tracking unit for your bicycle, no doubt, so that you can travel from A to B. 


Then after the Rothschilds took over pretty well the whole farming industry of India by basically pricing it and causing a bankruptcy amongst the farmers and then forcing in, buying all their land off them for peanuts, a traditional Rothschild tactic, and then bring in the GM food and so on and all the poisons as pesticides and poisoning their landscape.  India now has rising food prices and so theyíre tightening their belts and all the rest of it, stuff that Britain heard for years, tighten your belt, tighten your belt, things will get better in the future.  So as I say, Rothschilds took it over; Iíve read the articles before, a couple of years ago, when they took it over.  Evelyn De Rothschild was buying thousands upon thousands of farms up and putting them under a corporation, introducing the new food supply, destroying their old grain so that theyíd have to buy the GM stuff, every single year, to plant or they couldnít plant anything, and then they had to buy the chemicals too.  And even their water supplies are now really terribly polluted.  There are some very good documentaries out there on that subject; people should look into it if theyíre interested.


India Food Prices Rise, More Tightening Expected / MAY 5, 2011/ BY ANANT VIJAY KALA AND MUKESH JAGOTA


Alan:  There are some callers on the line.  Iíll go to Michael from California if heís there. 


Michael:  Iíve been listening to your show for a long time and Iíve read all your books.  I really appreciate all this information because I just started becoming aware of all these things very recently.  So Iím someone whoís generally concerned about my family and things that are going on. Iíve often heard you talk about the Project for a New American Century and how they were planning on invading Iran and Syria next on the agenda in the Middle East.  I was wondering if you were sure that was going to happen, or when do you expect that to happen, or anything?


Alan:  Well, theyíll definitely... I think theyíre going for Syria first, and Syria was on the same list as Israel.  All the same American Century lands to be invaded were on Israelís list as well; they were identical and I got that from the Jerusalem papers, the Jerusalem Post and a couple of other papers from Israel.  So theyíre identical.  They wanted Syria out of the way because they claimed that Syria was the one that was harboring a lot of the so-called terrorists from other countries.  They even tried to even use that as an excuse to invade at the time, after Iraq, because they claimed that all the weapons of mass destruction had been smuggled into Syria; of course there wasnít a shred of evidence of that at all Ė but who needs evidence in this day and age.  So Syria... and you will see a big exodus out of Iran of people before they go in there; thereís no doubt about it.  So youíll know when itís happening for Iran.  But theyíve pretty well accomplished most of their mission already, and how theyíll take down Iran, it will be another story.† Then theyíve got to get more and more of the worldís troops involved rather than the US taking the brunt, and Britain.  France comes in when itís got a direct promise of an oil field or two; theyíll come in for that as they did in Libya, but outside of that they wonít really put in much fighting forces at all.  So itís up to, again, the British Commonwealth; thatís Canada, the US, and Britain thatís left to police that massive area, a massive area.  They really had hoped that they would have many more countries on board with them, even the Japanese, to police all these areas.  Itís not just the taking down of the countries. They literally bomb them into the Stone Age.  They take out all their infrastructure.  It would be like you waking up tomorrow and you have no electricity, you have no pumping, running water, you have nothing, your food supplies, the stores are demolished, the factories that make the food are demolished, the farms are demolished. Everything literally is demolished and thatís what they call tactical surgical striking for initial invasion.  Youíre literally bombed back into... and that makes everyone then dependent on the invading army; youíre in there for years then.  And itís a free-for-all for all the big boys coming in and grabbing whatever resources theyíre after.  So I think maybe theyíll leave Iran for the end, the way things are going right now.


Michael:  Okay.  I also have one more question.  I recently learned about this whole straw man theory.  I donít know if youíve heard about this, about how the whole fictitious, corporate entity, you know, operating in commerce, and you being a natural person. And also I learned about how your birth certificate is basically a bond on the stock market.  And I donít know if any of this stuff is true, but people have written that you can somehow get access to that account and that bond, and is that all as just a bunch of crap, basically, that theyíre just trying to feed us now?  thinking that we could somehow, you know...  Is that possible to do that, to be able to avoid any... to avoid the legal system and everything like that?  Is that... do you know what Iím talking about, the straw man?


Alan:  Technically, technically... as I say, technically itís true.  Technically itís true.  Thereís so many cons. Everything in the world, that you live in, is legalities, it depends on legalities.  Everything is contractual as well.  Itís true enough too, that when youíre registered as a child, or register anything at all, even your car, technically itís not yours either; it can be confiscated.  So that is true too in legalistic terminology.  The problem is, they donít care. If they want to get you, theyíll get you one way or another.  And over many, many years Iíve watched different movements come and go, based on the same common law and so on, protocols, and the ones who lead them end up in the slammer, or the followers do.  I can remember one of the guys who ended up in the slammer, who wrote a book from the slammer, still encouraging others to do it.  Well, he ended up in the slammer.  But weíve had the high chutzpahs in Canada, the Canadian government come out and tell us that it doesnít matter what rights you think you have, using, trying to fight the legal system, he said, you canít, he says, weíll get you anyway.  So thatís what it boils down to.  If they want you theyíre going to get you. 


Michael:  So thereís no way you can gain access to that fund and basically have this magic account that they basically... Because thatís what I read, I read that you can go to the, if you write to the Treasury and file certain documents and things like that you can gain access to that account, that basically all the corporations have used and built up and were created when you were born.  I mean, can you do that or not?


Alan:  Well, itís true that technically you could try and disassociate yourself from being what they call a citizen and become a free man as they call it and so on.  But you go through an awful lot of kafuffle with them.  And then when you drive your car youíre back on their road and they generally will grab you there and make your life hell, so you canít.  Unless youíre willing to go across country on a donkey I donít know how else youíll be able to travel and so on.  But theyíll get you one way or another, believe you me.  See, theyíre not even going by their own laws anymore.  You understand.  Theyíre really not going by their own laws. And when the word goes out to get someone whoís being a nuisance, they come out and they get you; theyíll just drum up a bunch of charges and put you in the slammer. 


Michael:  Okay.  I just had one last question because I was really curious about this.  Iíve also read your first book, talking about the hermaphroditic agenda.  I was wondering, do they actually plan on changing humanity completely into basically an asexual being, if I understand correctly from what Iíve read?


Alan:  They actually talked about this.  NASA of all people put out a documentary, a very good one, a two hour long documentary, on long-term space travel.  They mentioned in it that they might have to create hermaphrodites that are born on the way, and the hermaphroditic crew, thereíll be no male/female relations obviously, no tension in that respect on long journeys where they could end up fighting with each other and all the rest of it.  So theyíve talked about this in very, very high levels.  See, people are already being biologically reengineered through chemicals, drugs and so on.  And the guys have lost, theyíve lost their shape; the females have lost their shape.  So weíre already being bioengineered through traditional methods like food and water and injections and so on, the things that Bertrand Russell talked about.  So much so that even Quigley mentioned in Tragedy and Hope, this odd thing that happened in the 60s where the youngsters began having sexual promiscuity and being friendly with all the ex-partners and all the rest of it, he said it was really extra ordinary, but it had been promoted through universities; thatís where it started off.  He said too that the females were beginning to lose their hips and becoming more mannish and so on. And that is true; in the 70s that was the start of medical teaching that the women were, it was hard for them to have children now, they were having narrower and narrower pelvises.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back, and just before I take Barry from Britain Iíll just mention that...


Fannie Mae seeks $8.5 billion from taxpayers / May 6 2011 / By Corbett B. Daly


...because they made bad loans prior to 2009.  Thatís on top of the $100 billion theyíve already got.  So another $8.5 billion, no problem, your tax money to the banking boys. 


Alan:  Now is Barry from England on the line?


Barry:  Yes.  Hi Alan and thanks for doing such a good job. Iíve really enjoyed your shows so far and I think youíve done a great job of filling in the gaps, as a lot of people realize or become aware of some of the political agendas.  I think youíre providing a lot of good detail.  I have a question for you related to some of the things you were mentioning earlier on regarding public transport.  Recently there was something, about a month ago, looking at how the European Union has released a report saying it wants to halve the use of conventional cars in cities by 2030.  That was in an EU party paper at the end of March.  Theyíre actually aiming for bringing a shift away from the combustion engine in urban transport by 2050 at the latest.  Now, Iím thinking this is a really... you know, we know the actual, the final goal ultimately is to get rid of private transport for the individual, entirely, you know, all together.


Alan:  Thatís Agenda 21 itís called.


Barry:  Exactly, yeah.  So how exactly do you feel this will happen because itís such a major shift?


Alan:  Well theyíre already doing it by jacking up your tax for the cars, your insurance for the cars, the gas, the petrol prices for the cars.  And theyíll do what Germany is doing too, is penalizing people who even park their cars in front of their own houses. Not only that, Prince Charles also opened up a new eco-village, a new communitarian eco-village for the middle class, or upper middle class, expensive ones.  And it says right in it that you can put a bid in for a house here and itís all eco-friendly and thereís grass everywhere and flowers and all that kind of stuff, kind of like some of the movies weíve seen on the Stepford Wives type of an idea, like gated communities. They say part of the thing in this new system is there are to be no private vehicles allowed, only bicycles.  Thatís what theyíre giving you.


Barry:  It seems like such a major thing to happen even over such a long period of time.


Alan:  Oh believe you me, theyíll get it done long, long before that. They always give you these far-away times thinking, oh Iíve got a long time, a way to go.  No, no.  Theyíre already implementing it in some areas, especially across the other European countries.  Germany has towns now where you canít drive at all and the people own no cars.  And others have to copy them too.  And itís all pushed through the United Nations, on sustainability. 


Barry:  I spend part of the year in Denmark and Copenhagen and you know theyíve also introduced a very punitive tax on cars; youíre over there and they are just so expensive, you know, a car can cost more than a house.  But you know, Iím thinking, to bring it in as standard across the board, would some major event would be necessary to justify, or do you think theyíll just bring it in in a phased way over a long period of time? 


Alan:  I think really itís mainly through the cost of gasoline as they keep jacking it up and up and up, and extra taxes, as I say, and insurance policies, and even penalty taxes.  Plus they want to track you and you pay per kilometer, for every mile, every kilometer that you drive.  The same in the US too; theyíre introducing the bill here too under Obama for the same thing.  So the power of the purse is what they use at the end, law and the power of the purse to get what they want.  And thereís nothing to stop them because we donít own the oil companies or the government.  And under Agenda 21 it says that no private vehicles will be allowed in the 21st centuryís modern villages and towns and so on;  It will be essential vehicles only, is what it says.  Thanks for calling. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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