May 10, 2011 (#829)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 10, 2011:

What's Perpetual War Really For?

"The U.S. and Allies Set Up Next Blunder,
Continuing Invasions for Rich to Plunder,
Perpetual Warfare is Now the Norm,
Till Their Civilized Feudal System is Born
All Over the World Where Elect Rules
Over Obedient Populations of Drugged Fools,
Arrogant Global Management is in Your Face,
So Special and Trained, A Grand New Race,
The Well-Paid Lackeys of The World Elite,
Pulling Normalcy from Under Your Feet,
Experts at Genetics to Create New Adam,
To Till the Soil for Master and Madam"
© Alan Watt May 10, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 10, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on May the 10th 2011.  Newcomers should look into the web site and help yourselves to the audios for free download; there are thousands to choose from.  Hopefully I give you, the start at least, in understanding the big system, this overlaying system over all governments and within all governments, that really merge together to run a world, a planned world, always knowing where they were going, from well over 100 years ago, into a planned kind of socialist society, where everyone is monitored, tracked and traced.  HG Wells wrote about that in his own book A Modern Utopia.  Eventually theyíll be coming right into the genetic pool and decide who will get married and who wonít get married, or even excluding marriage; theyíll actually just say youíve got the wrong genes basically, youíre not the kind that we want, so theyíre going to sterilize you.  That was all in his book too a long, long time ago.  And he worked, of course, for the association that became known as the Royal Institute of International Affairs or the Council on Foreign Relations on the American side.  So weíre living through a big planned script, a socialist society, reduced population, and again, sustainability and austerity is all part of what weíre going through on the way to all of this, to the ending.  Itís all parts that youíll go through along the way, forced austerity and into moving from the rural areas into the overcrowded cities, as a generation goes down and dies off basically because theyíre certainly not breeding in the Western countries.  Thatís what they hope for, for their lovely year 2050 or so where they can start the world afresh.  So weíre going through the tumult right now and thatís what all these wars and so on are about, grabbing the last of the resources for the big boys who still plan to hold onto the world right through up until 2050 and beyond, the big rich families. 


So remember too, you can buy the books and disks I have for sale at  I donít bring on guests as advertisers, and most do, which is okay.  So I depend upon the listeners to keep me going.  You can buy the books and disks by [Order and donation options listed above.].  Remember, straight donations are certainly, certainly welcome.  Thousands and thousands, God knows how many people listen to this, from all over the planet; I know that from all the emails that flood in and take you two days to read through one dayís emails.  But very few help out at all.  And thatís the way it goes, unless I start bringing on guests who will scare the bejesus out of you, as they say, and then offer you the fantastic solution that they offer thatís going to save your life, grow your hair, and make you live to 150 or whatever the case may be.  So itís up to you if you want it done this way or not.  If you do want it this way, donít take it for granted that Iím always here, that I always will be here, because I wonít be, obviously, with the costs that I incur here just doing this particular broadcast. So itís up to you. 


I try to get past the media, what the media throws out to you for you to panic about because you see, thatís the stage weíre in today.  Itís control by, really, panicking people.  When people are panicked, and they get very angry too, along with their panicking as well, because all things are being done via government basically to them; they get disorientated and when they are disorientated they are very easily managed by the ongoing media.  And remember, you can get addicted to fear as well.  Thatís another interesting thing that neuroscientists understand perfectly well.  Iíll touch on that when I come back from this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about fear because Iíve mentioned before how horror movies, for instance, and the neuroscientists know this, that we get hooked on the rotten stories; itís generally pretty bad stories that they have written into these horror stories.  We get hooked in because we start to identify with the main characters and thatís basically the hook on it.  Of course all movies use the same technique; the men generally identify with the hero, the woman with the heroine. Theyíll bring you through a lot of garbage to get there, and indoctrination as well.  Thatís where we get our new terms from, the cussing words and swearing words that happen to be.  It used to be called profanity, now itís just common terminology.  We get all that from the movies, and children see them too and copy them as well.  But when you watch the rest of these rotten movies, because weíre hooked, itís not them thatís getting chased, you see, itís us thatís getting chased, weíre getting chased.  So the amygdala responds to that as though you are really being chased, and they have car chases and hunts through all of these particular movies today.  Because we are built for survival, the amygdala, it will keep you hooked on to it until the end. Thatís what the guys who make the movies hope for so they can put predictive programming all the way through it.  In other words, new ways of behaving that you will then emulate.  Itís based on fear.  You think, if I miss something then Iíll die, you see; if I was the hero Iíd die if I missed something important, I didnít see something coming Ė whatever it was Ė or I ignored it, Iíll die


Itís the same with news and they know this too, because you have a lot of psychologists working in the media.  You have to see some of the courses these characters take through their university courses, the ones who get up to the top Ė you know, the special people.  They use the same techniques as well.  Itís a bit more suave and sophisticated but itís the same techniques.  And you get hooked into stories.  Theyíll even tell you before then, tune in tomorrow or you might miss something that might save your life, something like that.  And this Homeland Security of course, uses it on mainstream through all their multiple outlets. They give handouts to all the media to keep you up on a height, terror alerts coming:  oh my God, weíre going to get blown up and thereíll be ships in New York harbor with nukes on them Ė theyíve been saying that since 2002 and nothingís actually happened, but it doesnít matter.  If you miss out you might be the one that gets blown up, and thatís how your mind thinks. So donít go overboard when you listen to one bad story after another.  The whole idea of education is to be able to handle the news that youíre getting and to decide what is relevant to you and what to DELETE from your brain basically, or your brain canít cope with it all. 


Itís very simple:  Whatís worth saving and what isnít worth saving?  Because youíll find, like I did a long time ago, when I listened in, and it was John that was on, John Stadtmiller in fact, and an elderly woman called in back in the 90s and she says, you know, Iím around 82, I think she was, Iíve been following the Patriot movement for about 60 years, and she said, everything is always discussed about whatís coming and it always happens, nothing stops it.  And nothing had ever, ever stopped anything the big boys wanted.  And there is a truism there.  They do get what they want and if they donít get it initially theyíll change a term of a bill or something and sneak it through an omnibus bill that gets rammed through that nobody reads.  One way or another they get what they want.  So weíve got to understand this, that just listening to news isnít going to stop anything and even me speaking about it isnít going to stop it by itself. 


Youíre dealing with people who go into a mindset once they join governmental groups; itís an actual mindset they go into.  Everything is very politically correct inside that mindset.  You canít bust out and be apart from your group that youíve now identified with.  These characters will bring you into science fiction land, which they have done, in mainstream, into believing our lives are all at stake AS the people who own your governments and who own your countries, the big boys with the big rich characters, plunder the rest of the world for all the resources, for themselves not for the countries.  Donít ever think itís for you or the countries.  Youíll get nothing out of it.  When Britain, for instance, ruled the world as they said, and when I went to school they had all these pink bits on the map of the world and the teacher used to say, these pink bits are what we own.  And we owned nothing; we didnít even own our own houses, or rooms that we rent.  I actually was born in a room that housed four people.  That was GREAT Britain at its height.  In other words, all the loot of all the countries and all the resources of the countries that Britain had occupied over an awful long time never, ever helped the people back home out in any way, shape or form at all.  All the people were basically, were cattle fodder for the guns and to join the army when thereís no work and stuff like that, much the same as theyíre using in America for today. 


Thatís how governments really are.  Marx said it right, and just because he was Marxist donít think he was actually wrong on a lot of aspects, or people would never have followed him.  He was quite right, he said, all wars are wars of economy; theyíre economic wars.  Thatís what youíre seeing today, is big rich companies Ė the new feudal system as Quigley talked about, that he was all for by the way Ė are plundering the last resources.  And the Royal Institute of International Affairs was set up with the premise... They took over from the Milner Group of international bankers, combined them together with the Cecil Rhodes Society, and their job was to go across the planet grabbing the resources of all the other countries.  And thatís what the Cecil Rhodes himself had been sent out to do by Rothschild, his benefactor.  So theyíre still at it today. 


People still think ďour boys,Ē weíre supposed to support our boys in the field.  Well, I cannot support a mercenary.  I cannot support mercenaries, when war has not been declared.  Itís an unfortunate thing when youíre young; you never think youíre going to get killed.  Youíre still playing, they used to say, cowboys and Indians, it used to be, and now theyíre playing soldier, or x-box, right into real life, but youíre still a child in your head.  Thatís why of course, the military always pick young guys, guys who have no wisdom, no maturity.  They have no foresight into whatís coming or how what they even do is going to affect them down the road or affect others for that matter.  They canít see it at all.  And they think theyíre immortal; thatís why they join up.  The bad guys always get killed in the movies, not the good guys.  Because bad guys canít shoot straight and thatís what Hollywood gives you over and over again. 


There are quite a few good books out on the history of Hollywood and propaganda for the military.  Iíve got some here; they go way back to World War I in fact, and onwards, and how they, the Pentagonís always worked with Hollywood and churned out lists and lists and lists of movies.  And for 30 years now theyíve done ones on BAD ARABS.  Iíve mentioned that link before Ė itís worth seeing Ė that shows you some of these ones for 30 years that Hollywood has been churning out.  Oneís called Reel Bad Arabs, on how they really defame Arabian peoples.  They always show them living in the desert and their faces covered and stuff like that.  They never show you the cities or the culture, or their universities and hospitals, or even the places like Libyaís got where literally everyone gets the money, revenue, the oil revenue money goes back into the people.  You get free education right through university level and then you get an apartment given to you as well.  I mean, they never mention all of these things when they defame the Arabs, the real bad Arabs.  Itís so that your young generation will grow up brainwashed with this stuff.  Theyíre so ignorant.  They havenít read anything else themselves.  They wonít look in to check up and see, are they really, is that how they really are?† You canít trust them; Itís always guys with big noses and long knives Ė thatís what they show you in Hollywood Ė that you just cannot trust.  And thatís how you create an enemy, you see, through fiction and then the fictionís carried on by the governments that then go take you to war.  Itís still a fiction, you see.  The causes are always fictitious and theyíll never tell you the truth of why theyíre at war at all.


So be careful with the news.  Be careful about fear.  Donít get addicted to it.  Donít think you canít listen to something one day or youíll miss something thatíll save your life.  Donít get hooked.  There are techniques, a lot of psy-ops out there, so be careful what you let in to your mind.  Because you must keep a cool head at all times.  The ones who plan all the fear mongering certainly do have very calm minds, that plan it all for you to soak up and become terrified and immobilized by.  Psy-ops war covers a lot of fields.


Now, from people outside the US looking into the US today, itís not a place you would want to go and visit.  This Homeland Security, itís gone way beyond the Stasi Ė way, way beyond the Stasi Ė where every citizen now is basically suspect.  And thatís what total information network is all about.  Itís about YOU, the AVERAGE person, even the ones who are not average people.  Theyíve got to have all the latest information on you.  You must be predictable in every thing that you do and say.  That IS the new world order for you.  Then you have Homeland Security going absolutely haywire.  Youíve got these black-clad goons in TSA that are now going into your train journeys.  And Iíve said before, I said a few month back, theyíll probably end up doing the buses as well, and youíll probably get strip-searched in front of all the other passengers.  I mean, when you allow yourselves to go down this path of utter humiliation you become an object, a lower animal in the eyes of the abusers.  And they treat you all the more harsher every time you go through their system, because THEY have no respect for YOU.  If you canít have respect for yourself, they will certainly not respect you at all. 


I remember that movie V for Vendetta, there was a little scene there where the woman scientist who was given the job of fomenting this killer virus, using them on guinea pigs, the prisoners theyíd picked up.  She says, theyíre just so disgusting, they wouldnít look you in the eyes, eventually they just looked at the floor.  And she began to hate them.  Well, thatís how any abusive system, and using the abusers at the bottom, will tend to look upon YOU, as youíre scared to look these characters in the eyes in case they slam you down and kill you or something or tazer you.  Thatís what the government wants.  Youíd better start thinking what kind of government do you want and youíd better start making sure you get it, quickly.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix, just, as I say, giving a warning of how things are going because when you accept all of this degradation to yourself and other peoples, then you truly are on the road down to the abyss because itís happened before in history.  It always happens. And when a country run by criminals, believe you me, who have been scamming the public for an awful long time lose control, they get worse and worse and worse, as they go overboard in their paranoia, because really, theyíre not afraid of al-Qaeda or anybody.  Theyíre scared of the general population; thatís why they spend so much money and time and theyíve got so much of a media out there all paid to keep you in the dark and give you Disneyland.  Thatís why.  Thatís what theyíre scared of.  And how it will change I do not know.  But I do know that this is the road when a country literally is an empire run by criminals thatís going down fast.  This is what they turn on.  They turn on their own people. 


Now, one article today that came in was from K5 News in Seattle.  Theyíll show you this beefy steroid thug of a cop basically kill people, or try to at least, by his tactics of bringing them down.  It doesnít matter what theyíre doing, he wants to bring them down, you see.  Now, Iíve done articles before from various military magazines to do with the soldier of the future.  What I read then is here, because the soldiers now are prescribed so many drugs in the field that theyíre living in a haze, a psychedelic haze.  And donít think itís just the soldiers.  Itís happening to the police too because for years they have known and allowed and maybe encouraged in fact, the cops to take lots and lots of steroids to beef them up.  You can always tell that beefy look; itís chubby and more than muscular, and they get no neck at all basically, and theyíre very aggressive, incredibly aggressive and nasty.  Theyíre not too bright to start with but theyíre aggressive.  And thatís true too because quite a few years ago I read the entrance for police in the US and if you had above a certain IQ they didnít want you.  Iím not kidding.  So they wanted this type for this particular period in time. 


Anyway, this cop, youíll see him body-slamming people and breaking their necks and stuff like that, literally.  And heís still on the force. See, that is the image across the world of the ugly American, because he speaks not for himself in his own actions, he speaks for those who keep him going, who are behind him, who back him up, which is the system.  Thatís whatís called the ugly American, like the old book called The Ugly American, the old novel.  Itís actually here and theyíre roaming the streets, given pretty well a license to kill, as far as I can see.


Predator Cop ALLOWED To Stalk Citizens Of Seattle!  SPD: "Nothing We Can Do" -


And at one time they could get away with it.  Now of course, everything is international and so they tend to get judged by the world, or the society at large.  If anything is done it wonít be by pressure from outsiders really and saying, how can you treat your own people like that basically.  Because nothing else is going to work it would seem.  So Iíll put that link up at at the end of this broadcast and you can see it for yourself.  Thatís what scares people off from even going in to visit the United States.  Thatís exactly what it does, because you donít get that in civilized countries.  And policemen are supposed to be polite and address you as Ďsirí.  Youíre not supposed to be the serf. 


Another video Iíll put up is about the Fukushima #4 reactor.  Theyíre saying itís leaning now.  Itís quite interesting because Iíve seen inside of it, at least from the drones theyíve been putting up.  And itís a mass of... this is where all the really dirty, dirty plutonium, the mox plutonium was kept and youíve got about 40 feet now of this stuff, still fissioning off and breaking down into smaller pieces.  There was about 40 feet of it to go yet.  And the smaller pieces, the smaller the pieces get of course, the more dusty they become and the more they flow off into the air and get whisked across the world.  The interesting part for me in the story was this one man describing perception management towards the latter half of it.  He talks about, because heís asked the question, why isnít the media even talking about Japan anymore? And he says, the governments have gone into action to handle perception of the public, perception management, and theyíve come to the conclusion itís best to give them no news at all, and let them forget it basically, which has already happened to most folk.  Rather than give them any, any truth, or lies, at all, just give them none at all, for perception management and play it all down.  So youíll hear him talking about that on this particular interview from Russia Today. 


Nuclear collapse looms? Fukushima No. 4 reactor 'leaning'  -


Now, the US is also pushing out into trying to surround Russia once more with missiles and jets and so on.  Itís as though they want, really, a last gasp.  This is what Toynbee said a long time ago when he went through the history of the US, how it would become the policeman-of-the-world and how it would have a few wars here and there, it would be successful in some, it would be defeated in others, and then theyíd have a final push and then theyíd be utterly bankrupt.  And he wrote that back in the í40s, and he was a professor, of course, at Oxford University for Rhodes Scholarship.  So anyway, it says...


US to station F16 jets in Poland

President Barack Obama is set to formally announce the deployment of US military aircraft to Poland, in a move that could damage Washington's relations with Moscow.  (Alan:  Well I would think so.) / Matthew Day, Warsaw / 10 May 2011


Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza claimed that 16 US jets will move from the Aviano air force base in Italy to Lask in central Poland.  (A:  And Iíll read some more of this when I come back from this break.)


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the US now again militarizing Europe against Russia.  And reading from the Telegraph it says that...


Mr Obama visits Poland at the end of the month and is expected to confirm the stationing of F16 combat aircraft on Polish soil.


Citing diplomatic sources, the Polish newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza claimed that 16 US jets will move from their current home at the Aviano air force base in Italy to Lask in central Poland, and will be stationed on a rotational basis from 2013.


The American president is also expected to hold talks about stationing SM-3 interceptor missiles in Poland as part of Washington's plans for a missile defence shield. The United States already has a Patriot missile battery in Poland. (A:  Then when you go to the next article, itís from the English Pravda.  It says...)


USA and Romania (A: The US and Romania as well, are to...) aim missiles against Russia (A:  Itís really upsetting, obviously, Russia.)

05.05.2011  /


The elements of the U.S. missile defense system will appear at the former Soviet military base in the Romanian town of Deveselu in some five hundred kilometers from the base of the Russian Black Sea Fleet. This was stated by President Traian Basescu, who stressed that the two states have already agreed on everything.


"We have chosen and agreed upon the former air base Deveselu as the site for the deployment of a missile defense system," Basescu stated in a Romanian television broadcast. According to him, approximately 200 American troops would be stationed there, but if necessary their number will increase to 500. They will be supported by radar complex "Aegis", the center of operational control and missile defense batteries, and mobile batteries with interceptor missiles "Standard-3".  (A:  So thatís really ticking off the Russians.)


Thereís two articles, Poland and now Romania, and some other countries, are bringing in the US troops, and with permanent bases, and with Air Force jets as well.  Big things are happening on the quiet because they intend to keep... I think the only thing keeping the US going right now is war.  If it was not for the war industry then whatís left?  Theyíve already told the Chinese to stop sending so much to the US as they bring down austerity into the US citizenry, theyíre telling us.  But in reality, you see, the government is producing nothing, I mean, the country is producing hardly anything at all.  Itís all raw materials that are getting shipped out... or war... or military items.  Thatís really what the US is left with.  Itís quite the state of affairs. As I say, thatís what happens at the end of really a fascist takeover and at the end of the life of the fascist system because it lives on warfare, even to keep its own citizenry in check. 


Alan:  Now Iíll go to the callers and thereís Georgie from Pennsylvania on the line.  Are you there Georgie?


Georgie:  Yes, Mr Watt.  Greetings to you.† I wanted to touch on a few things, but first thing first.  You spoke of fear quite a bit this evening.† Now, the BBC, invented for propaganda, and weíve all heard in the past how these psychopaths in control love to gloat and admit how evil they are.  Well there was recently, you can find on YouTube, a BBC documentary show 6 parts long entitled How TV Ruined Your Life


Alan:  Oh yeah, Iíve seen that.


Georgie:  Yeah.  It was presented in a comedic comedy, but it was absolutely true.  They did fear, love, aspiration, on television, the life cycle, progress and knowledge.  And despite the fact that it was presented in a comical format it was true.† And I wonder why they presented it in a manner of comedy?  And I think, hey you know, if you tell the truth in comedy people are more prone to listen.  But on the other hand if you tell through comedy, youíre only going to take it so seriously because hey, itís to make you laugh. 


Alan:  Yeah, but thereís a lot of commentary in there too from the guy whoís giving all this out, to show you how degraded he himself is by being brought up in that system of television.


Georgie:  Well he had another show where he delves into how if you get involved in television you will inevitably be driven mad.


Alan:  Yeah, you would.


Georgie:  You had also mentioned the policemen.  Now, I would like to refute that, just a little bit, because Iíve had many encounters with police officers and I think for the most part, as citizens we tend to forget that they are human beings as well. 


Alan:  Hold on a minute here.  Hereís the thing here.  Watch the video first.  And then watch his supervisors, watch his supervisors who are shielding him and know his history; right from the academy they were warning them about this guy. And theyíre still standing up for this guy who literally breaks peopleís necks, who are quite innocent by the way, it was found out afterwards, and he gets away with it.  So the thing is, you canít have a system... what theyíre showing you is they donít mind having these guys on the force anymore. This is a message for the public.† Itís the same with tazering; when they brought out the tazer gun in no time at all we had all these deaths all over the place, in every country including Canada, and NO ONE ever got suspended for it or anything else because thatís the message also to the police:  Yeah, now you can shock them with cattle prods, you can shock the cattle with cattle prods because thatís all a tazer is.  And itís the same now when they brought in the dumdum bullets, they call them hollow points in Canada and elsewhere, which are forbidden under United Nations treaty to be used in warfare, but you can use them against your own citizens now.  So every time they pull their gun out a person is killed, you see.


Georgie:  Well, interesting you say that.  I had a gun pulled out on me by a police officer once and I got very lucky.  He did not pull the trigger.† And when I was put into the... what I was doing, I was shoplifting; this was years ago, and I had ran far and fast.  I couldnít do that again if someone had asked me to.† And when they finally caught me one of them had the gun pulled.  Then Iím in the back of the car and one of the officers had commented, wow you ran very quickly and far, how did you do that, you gave us quite a fright.  I said, yeah I know, you even had your gun pulled.  And then they both got silent and I had noticed that the two officers had shot a.. whatís the word Iím looking for... I guess intrepid, a fearful glance at one another like, oh no this kid could get us in trouble.  And I replied to them, hey donít worry about it, Iíve been watching the news this month, and what was happening on the news that very month was every day, literally every other day, police officer shot, police officer shot.  So what they were doing was, through the media they were literally scaring the daylights out of the police officers, into thinking that...


Alan:  You understand too, there are things that work together.  Thereís an overworld you live in, and thatís the one you take for granted.  Thereís an underworld you live in which is run by the same boys that run the overworld.  The legal and the underworld are run together by the same people who control a society.  And youíll see it in action.


Georgie:  Oh, I have.  I have.  Iíve traveled the world and seen it in action actually.


Alan:  When you want laws passed, what you do, you cut off the drugs going into a city Ė this happened in Canada by the way, when they were trying to get more restrictions on firearms and rifles and hunters and so on.  For a whole year there was a spate of shootings, mainly in the black areas of Toronto, as gangs were fighting gangs over drugs.  Because what was happening, they were cutting off the drugs getting in, you see.  So the guys who were addicted, and the prices go up and what happens, they end up raiding each other. The gangs raid each other to try and get whatís left of the drugs to sell.  And then of course, they let it go for a whole year, then immediately they say, oh the people of Canada have spoken and then they passed laws that every hunter had to register a rifle or whatever. 


Georgie:  Thatís despicable.


Alan:  And thatís what they said, the people of Canada have spoken.  No one asked the people of Canada.  Anyway, hereís the thing.  As soon as they passed the law all the shootings in those areas stopped immediately because they let the drugs start to flow back in. 


Georgie:  Well let me ask you, is it law or color of law, as they call it in the US?


Alan:  Everything is color of law.


Georgie:  Interestingly in that, last night you had a fella call in asking about the straw man.† Well I would advise your listeners, just go to your search engine of choice and type in UCC1 law.  Itís not actually a law, itís a bill; again, itís color of law.  And much of it is confusing.  It has to be because youíre being had.  And basically what it means, as I understand it is, if you see your name... like, take out your driverís license.  If you see your name spelled in all caps, and/or last name first, or with abbreviations, thatís not you.  Thatís not me.  Thatís the straw man.  Now, on your passport as your name appears first, middle, last, a Roman numeral afterwards, if you have one, with only the first letters of each proper noun capitalized, that is the real you.  According to the UCC1 Bill when a person turns 18 Ė and they never taught me this in economics class while I was in school.  When youíre 18 you have a one month window to petition the Federal Reserve to claim the copy of the birth certificate they took when you were born.  Now you can still do it afterwards but itís much harder; Iíve actually downloaded the form, cost $15.00 to get it back, but Iím sure you have to go through all sorts of...


Alan:  But do you really think theyíd scrub it all for you because they care about what your rights are?  Do you really believe, in this day of all data collection, that that makes it alright and they donít know who you are?  [Alan chuckles.]


Georgie:  No.  I think all that matters is that I care about my rights and the rights of my fellow human beings.


Alan:  Really, the only way to stop anything is literally to change all the laws and toss all the old laws out of the window and start afresh, as itís supposed to be done, because...


Georgie:  In fact, in Florida theyíre passing a law right now that children will not be allowed, like the youth.† They like to wear their jeans below their bum.  And theyíre trying to pass a law to basically tell them how to dress.  Now whether or not I approve of a kid walking around with his ass hanging out, I certainly donít think there should be a law telling anyone how they should dress. 


Alan:  Youíve got to understand, they dress the way theyíre told to dress by the media and entertainment industry.  And this year the International Censorship for the US, and the world by the way, now said itís okay to show the bums, bare bums on television. And it went right into effect on music television and you see all the stuff, and the children will copy whatever they see.  Thatís what itís for.  Thatís why it works that way.  So your own censor departments have pushed the envelope another step to make sure that the youngsters follow the next part of the agenda, which they do.  Thanks for calling.  Iíll have to go on with the program here tonight too. 


You got to understand thereís always more behind what youngsters do. They donít just come out with these fashions for them.  It was the same with the baggy stuff that they gave for the rappers and so on.  They didnít come out and invent the stuff themselves.  Itís all done by big, big business and the fashion industry.  They come out, hereís an image for you, or do you do you want to be rebellious, hereís the image weíve created for you, join it, you know, take your pick.   And everything in society is like that; itís been like that all along for an awful, awful long time.


Now, in Canada, itís bad enough that weíre all in the same system together, this fascist system as everything goes down the tubes, to an extent.  But itís supposed to be a new system that comes out at the end, the way that the planners have got it all made, once theyíve trained us all to just obey and be good and be austere and donít eat meat and donít drive and all that kind of stuff.  Well, just knowing someone, that the governmentís got an interest in, can get you on the no-fly list, for Canada, going anywhere else or even across Canada.  And they wonít have to tell you either that youíre on that list or why youíre on it.  This is from the Canadian Press and it says...


No fair no-fly? Suspicious friends could land you on airline no-fly list / Jim Bronskill, The Canadian Press / 9 May 2011


OTTAWA ó Simply knowing someone suspected of terrorist activities could land you on Canada's no-fly list, according to an internal document the government tried to keep secret.


Criteria for possible addition to the list includes a person "who directly associates with" an alleged extremist, says the draft document prepared by Transport Canada officials.


The no-fly list, which came into effect in June 2007, is intended to prevent people considered a threat to airline security from getting on a flight taking off in ó or heading to ó Canada.


The government says candidates for the list are assessed "on a case by case basis," but the precise criteria for inclusion have long been a mystery.


Civil libertarians, opposition MPs and the federal privacy commissioner have all raised concerns about fairness of the no-fly roster.  (A:  Well it doesnít matter because the Federal Privacy Commissioner has no power in parliament, in any of the British Commonwealth countries.)


The Canadian Press requested records related to the planned no-fly list under the Access to Information Act more than five years ago. While some documents were released, others were withheld. A complaint to the federal information commissioner only recently dislodged the late 2005 draft memo outlining "selection factors" for inclusion on the list.  (A:  So theyíre giving you stuff thatís 5 years old.)


Transport Canada did not reply to questions about why the material was kept under wraps for years.


The one-page memo divides the selection factors into three types of threats: individual, criminal and terrorist. (A:  Now, whatís an individual threat?  I mean, speaking your mind in an age of terrorism, terrorism everywhere, right... itís like Orwell said, speaking the truth in an age of universal deceit is a revolutionary act.  So youíre considered a terrorist if you speak the truth, or even disclose what the government is doing from their own websites.)  All three categories flag people with an interest in or history of attacking civilian aircraft. But they also provide new details about who might be added to the no-fly list.


The individual category singles out those whose "mental instability" is considered a threat to an airliner as well as people with "a history of unruly violent behaviour against aviation."


The criminal criteria include those with a record of violence coupled with "a motive to attack or harm an air carrier."


A person who has "attended a terrorist training camp and has gained knowledge (A:  That means any army cadet [Alan laughing.], because thatís what you teach them there.) that can be used to target the aviation sector" falls under the terrorism-related criteria. The category also includes someone who "directly associates with an individual who is known for or suspected of terrorist acts." 


Now the thing is though, you might know that person but you donít know theyíre involved, or suspected, of terrorist acts.  Now, you might find before they get the person theyíre after, they could have a thousand people all wanted for that one act, that eventually are scrubbed, maybe scrubbed off, maybe kept on the list, but theyíre not actually terrorists at all.  And for that each one person, that probably knows about a hundred people themselves, and youíll know them too, but the fact is you donít know whoís who.  It might be someone you say hello to every day, how is it going, and thatís all you do, and you know nothing else about them.  They leave it so wide open so they can rope in anybody they want, when they want. Thatís what they do this for.  Because you see, weíre all suspect in this day and age.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  I let that guitar wail a bit longer there because sometimes youíve got to wail and get it out of your system.  Iíve talked about memes before and how they set trends and how they insert things in newspapers that most folk donít put together.  Theyíll see it in one article, one paper, one magazine, they seem like all different articles but theyíre actually the same articles to shape the way that you think about certain things, to get you to start to accept the idea or possibility that somethingís coming along the pike, that might be good for you, and get used to it.  Here is one of them today.

Taking Birth-Control Pills May Mask the Signals That Draw the Sexes Together, Research Shows (A: says.) / MAY 9, 2011 / SHIRLEY S. WANG


Then it goes into how, literally, drugs can alter your various hormonal responses and so on, and chemical signaling, etc.  Then you take it with the next article.† See, this is done with pharmacology and neuropharmacology to change behavior and everything else too.


Obese mothers-to-be get a pill to prevent fat babies in NHS (A:  National Health Service) trial / Fiona Macrae / May 2011

There you go, get them in the womb and the mums can take the pills and hopefully the children wonít be obese. But what else wonít they be?  Maybe not too bright, eh.  And then you go on to this one here and it says...


The pills set to make you WANT to exercise more, quit smoking and stay faithful to your partner / Brian Clark Howard / 9th May 2011


These are three separate articles all put out, obviously, to set a trend of thinking, in the same day.  It says here...


Science fiction writers have often imagined a world where pop pill to cure or curb a range of ills.† But, according to a new book The Compass Of Pleasure, that futuristic world may not be far off.


The book, by Johns Hopkins University neuroscientist (A:  Hereís the guys who want to manage all your brains for you.) David J. Linden, explores the search for drugs that may alter behaviour by working on the brain.  (A:  This is a big push now in all pharmacology, working together with the universities, big bucks involved of course, to get the whole populations on drugs to alter behavior, to make them obey their governments and do whatever theyíre told.  Thatís exactly what Bertrand Russell said back in the 30s and 40s they would do, plus using injections he says, the needle too, to make them a bit dumber.  Anyway...)


Magic pills: The new book The Compass Of Pleasure suggests new pills may alter our behaviour, blocking addictions and enhancing relationships.  (A:  Well no wonder.  Youíll be too dozy to notice when anybody else is around you.)


These drugs are often called 'psychopharmaceuticals', and they can be used to stop smoking, quit drinking, ward off midnight cravings or even stay faithful to our spouse.  (A:  What a joke, you know, with these claims theyíre making.)


Critics argue that it is dangerous to meddle in human behaviour, which has many nuances and factors that are poorly understood.


There is also the possibility for harmful side effects, as anyone who has seen a pharmaceutical ad on TV might suspect.


Further, could behavior-altering drugs become tools of criminals, or even terrorists.


Well, it will be your governments, because THEY are the guys that want you all to take them, by the way.  Iím not kidding about that.  Iíve got stacks of stuff from governments and this particular field, that they want to add this stuff to the water supplies and so on.  Itís discussed at big, high level meetings.  All the top professors at universities know of this stuff and what the proposals are all about.  And they all get into it of course, in university, because they see it as the way of the future, you know.  thereís a winning horse here, letís get into that field,  thatís how these characters do it, the lower psychopaths. Thatís how they do it, and then they create the business.  And the governments are happy because they want this, for a happy predictable population, of subjects.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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