May 11, 2011 (#830)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 11, 2011:

Wealth and Hilarity at Top of Charity:

"The U.N. is Here With Annual Rant,
Saying World's Poor Women Want Abortions But Can't,
At Least an Agency Stood Up to Refute,
Saying Third World Wants General Care From the Loot,
Problem is Big Agra has All the Food,
They're Upping Prices for Their Own Good,
So Food Itself is Used as a Weapon
To Reduce Populations and Teach Them a Lesson,
The First World, A Term Now Obsolete,
Is Plummeting, Swaying on Bankrupt Feet,
Yet Government Through Treaties Gives More Dough
To International Agencies, Money Trails Go
Mostly in Pockets of These Charity Leaders,
A Few Cents Get Through to Bottom Feeders,
The Shield of the Scammers is "No Moral Shame",
Psychopaths are Rewarded in U.N.'s Hall of Fame"
© Alan Watt May 11, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 11, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on May the 11th 2011.  I do these broadcasts as an educational, hopefully, tool for you to use where I show you how a massive superstructure overlays all your governmental systems across the whole world.  It interlaces with foundations, big money, big banking corporations and so on.  And to show you that it’s not just a collection of winners.  It’s actually ONE system that was planned a long time ago, that created the corporations and the foundations and the people who seem to be winners today.  That are called basically the new world order, this system we’re under.  This new world order where everything that was, has to be vanquished and destroyed to bring in the new, as they say in some of the higher lodges, and certainly are attached to lodges, all these big boys at the top, as well as to many institutions as well, and foundations too.  We’re run really by a higher elite who planned this a long time ago.  And I try to show you the threads down through history where materials have been published often by themselves in fact, as to the agenda and their plans and so on.  Through philosophy often it is discovered, their plans, and sociology and various other kind of characters involved in the planning stages of each phase of this ongoing plan. 


So help yourself to these audios.  All these sites I have listed on the .com site,, have transcripts in English of a lot of the talks.  If you want transcripts in other languages to print up go into and take your pick from the ones offered there.  Remember too, you are the audience who bring me to you so you can order the books and disks – hopefully – that I have for sale.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  It’s a lot of money to keep all this going and all these sites too.  And I have to keep these sites going because sometimes I get trouble with the major servers who will give me hassles with disk space and so on.  Even though I’m supposed to be on unlimited I’ve had them actually stop it before, stop me uploading.  I’ve had to argue for months sometimes with them before they’ll resume, even though I’ve been paying for it all.  That’s what happens when you’re not really authorized to come out and really say what’s really going on. 


I could keep you distracted and give you a hundred horror stories a day, which you’ll forget next week because by next week there’ll be another hundred horror stories to go over.  So I try to show you, at least for the ones who want to know, how the system was started up and how it’s operated.  There’s no magic to it. There’s a lot of secrecy of course.  But as I say, when you find old bureaucrats and retirees who love to publish their psychopathic lifestyles in memoirs, you’ll find a lot of good data from the big players who helped plan society and the changes within society, including the cultural changes that they wanted to bring through. Everything they had planned over 100 years ago and wrote about 100 years ago has been accomplished pretty well, right down to going after all of the resources of the world.  That was one of the first things they started off with – starting with gold and so on, diamonds, things of wealth – to make sure that they were the most powerful on the planet and then to go after everything that you need to survive, from your food, water, everything, heating, the lot.  That’s where we are today as they push on for total control and domination under a new feudal system, the feudal system that Carroll Quigley talked about in Tragedy and Hope and The Anglo-American Establishment, his other very good book; a must-read to understand how it’s done.  He talked about the wars they’d cause; they fomented wars. They ran governments; they still do.  And they’ve almost completed this segment.  Back after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and as I was saying, a group long ago, that really came out first to the publics’ ears basically under the guise of the Cecil Rhodes foundation that merged eventually with the Lord Alfred Milner foundation and became the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  And that was really their mission from the Cecil Rhodes days, was to send their bright young men across the world and really through taking over the other countries via wars, starting wars, blaming the enemy, the so-called enemy, and going in and plundering them using British troops, they would take over the world’s riches basically, starting with the riches, then the food supplies and so on. 


They had a socialist idea of running the world where the bankers themselves and elite would be at the top, the right kind of people, intelligentsia, academia, running it all for them basically.  They would use a socialist type of structure to run the citizenry, massive governmental bureaucracies and so on, all to keep everyone in line.  That’s where we are today as they push... and they always had it in mind from the very beginning to use the British system and eventually the American system which they merged with, to be the policeman of the world, to take over the countries to do what they wanted to do, take over the mineral resources, oil, everything, and again, push the same system, called democracy, which they knew was simply a front.  It’s an elastic term for many kinds of systems; in other words, anything they want it to be at the time.  That’s called democracy.  And as long as the people have a right to vote, that’s all, that’s really the only right that you have, and sometimes it’s not a right at all; it’s a law that you have to vote in some countries.  Once you vote you’re giving power to the authorities to basically do with you as they please, which they always do as you’ve noticed I’m sure, those who have lived long enough.  They never fulfill promises.  They simply go off on tangents and say, well we’ve signed all these treaties at the United Nations and we can’t break the treaties and so on and fulfill our promises and so on and so on and so on, ad nauseam.


Here’s an article here as to the progress of the final part of their takeovers.  Because they’ve taken over the food industry by using governments, since they do put people in governments all the time.  They claim that their members have always been put in at the top of governments in Britain and America, and Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and elsewhere.  Since the late 1800s every President and Prime Minister has been one.  They also put other ones, high placed in the bureaucracies of those governments. The bureaucrats are always there; they know the real agenda.  This article is on about water, because they’ve taken over the food supply through their chains, their big, big massive chains in corporate farming and they’re going after the water as we well know.  And many big companies, the big well known ones of course, have taken so much water even for their soft drink bottles and so on from different areas of the US that they’ve run towns dry.  Literally, they take rivers basically, whole rivers per day in a sense, to churn out their bottles of all the chemical garbage they sell you as pop and fruit drinks, etc.  Here’s one of them here and this is from Geneva and it’s through Reuters, again, Rothschild-owned.  It says...


Water trade part of answer to feeding world: Nestle / May 10 2011 / Barbara Lewis


GENEVA (Reuters) - Selling water on exchanges in the same way other commodities are traded could help solve a shortage of the world's most precious raw material likely to hit long before oil runs dry, the chairman of Nestle (Alan:  Nestle, the Nestle company, which was in the news recently for killing people in China by substituting, taking the protein, the white out of milk and putting in a plastic substitute basically, that was a waste product of the plastic industry, which they managed a long time ago to get the FDA to approve as a protein, they even put it in baby food.  And that’s melamine of course, and highly toxic.  But they don’t want bright populations.  Anyway, getting back to the story, this is from the chairman of Nestle.) said on Tuesday.


"I am not against the idea," Peter Brabeck, chairman of the world's largest food group, told Reuters when asked about the idea of exchange-based water trade.  (A:  Then he gives his examples to try to lull you into this new way of thinking – this is what they always do.)


The first place to consider it should be Alberta province, he said, where competition could be particularly fierce between farmers needing water for crops, and oil companies needing water to exploit oil sands, which require far more water than other kinds of oil deposit.


"We are actively dealing with the government of Alberta to think about a water exchange," Brabeck said.  (A:  I mean, these guys have been doing this con for ages with the governments, even local governments and so on. As I say, throughout the US and elsewhere they have run whole towns dry and they’ve grabbed all the water rights. So he goes on to even give ancient examples.)


He also cited the ancient example of the Gulf state of Oman, which had a water exchange system dating back thousands of years (A:  And I bet these guys never lost the history of that either.) and noted how the strong rally in oil, which climbed to more than $127 a barrel for Brent crude in April and was above $117 on Tuesday on international futures markets, could erode demand.


"You see what happens when demand is growing. The market reacts and people start to use oil in a more efficient way," he said.  (A:  Strange it gets more expensive as it gets more efficient, isn’t it?)


"One thing that does not move at all is the price of water."


The non-executive chairman refused to comment specifically on the current rally across commodities, including cocoa and coffee, as well as oil, used in huge quantities by Nestle. He said he could not comment on "operational issues."  (A:  You know that’s all top-secret stuff.  Then he went into the same kind of spiel and he says...)


He echoed comments made at the World Economic Forum (A:  Another one for the big boys that run the world.) in Davos earlier this year, saying biofuels should not be allowed to devour the precious resources available.  (A:  These are the guys that pushed for biofuels.  And the farmers now, which they own in corporate farming, are growing biofuels rather than food for the public, which is great because it puts the food prices up for these guys that run all your food.  [Alan laughing.])


"One of the first decisions we should be taking is no food for fuel," he said, adding even second generation biofuels, which use non-food raw materials, were not the answer.


He argued the second generation would never be able to produce the amounts of biomass required by ambitious government targets to increase the amount of biofuel in the energy mix.


"The Arab spring was really started when the governments had to increase the price of food. The political side came afterwards. It came because people were pushed backwards into extreme poverty," he said. 


You see how it really works?  See, these guys get together who already own the food supply.  They basically hold a lot of the stuff back until the prices skyrocket and then they use war as an excuse, or they get these folk to rebel as an excuse to go in and invade them. They’ve done this for well over 100 years, because you’ll find the same stories in the old Milner exploits with Cecil Rhodes and so on as they wanted to take over good parts of Africa, which they did, by invading those parts with private armies and then blaming the Boers, the Dutch, for invading the British compounds and then of course, what could the British do but send in the army and take it over.  That’s what they did. And they even had their own reporters on board to wire back to London the lies which they wanted to be spread to the public. This is an ancient technique.  Unfortunately news has always been used by these characters who own the media, to give us our perceptions of how the world works, and it’s the ones that they want us to have.  Nothing to do with truth.  Nothing to do with truth at all.  All information is weaponized and you’ve got to remember that. 


Then you take that up, too, with the United Nations.  Now, these same groups, the Royal Institute of International Affairs set up...  Before that they set up the League of Nations under Milner and his bunch and then that transformed into the United Nations. Interesting logo, by the way, if you look at the League of Nations, it’s a 5-pointed star, a pentacle, inside a pentagon, then of course they changed it to the United Nations with the whole world there, with the oak leaves around it, meaning victory.  That’s what its job is, to bring victory for those who set it up and own it.  And they do own it.  Remember, the United Nations is not a democratic system. It’s a private system. 


UN population projections prompt calls for population control / Rebecca Millette / May 9, 2011


(A:  Now, think of water, think of food, and think of what they’re saying here.  It all ties in, you see.)


NEW YORK, May 9, 2011 ( – In the wake of the release of increased population projections by the United Nations Population Fund last week (A:  And their job is always to cry wolf.   Always.  Oh my God the sky is falling...  That’s what they get paid for.), predicting the birth of the world’s 7 billionth baby in late October of this year, calls for measures to control the world’s population have surged.


The report says that the global population is rising faster than anticipated in previous reports and will likely reach (A:  ...likely reach...) 9.31 billion instead of 9.15 billion by 2050.” (A:  They’re always doing these fantastic calculations.  It’s always way off in the future so they can get more cash and more rights to go over and do abortions and family planning and stuff.)    


Under the guise of aiding women’s “universal access to reproductive health,” UNFPA has been promoting abortion and contraceptive availability for years, especially in the developing world, and has recently begun pushing STD vaccinations as well.  (A:  So big pharma profits as well, and as well as bringing down the fertility through the STD vaccinations because they’ve got an awful lot of side effects.  You can’t trust these guys at all.)


They used to say, beware of Greeks bearing gifts, you know, because of an old story where the Greeks came in and offered gifts and food and so on, and they sat and ate and drank it and then they all died and the Greeks won.  Anyway, it’s the same thing with the United Nations and all their vaccinations programs, across the whole world.  Now, couple this too, with Kissinger.  Kissinger, back in the 70s I think, put out his little bill to decrease the populations of the third world, which he said was an enemy, a clear and present danger to the state, to the US.  Meaning, his own cronies and the system they had planned for the whole world, that’s what it meant.  And they also didn’t want any of the other countries, third world countries, rising up to first world status and basically overturning them as leaders of the world; that was another part of it too.  Everything has got strategy to it.  Everything has got planning to it for other reasons.  Mandell House said the same thing too.  Mandell House is the guy who helped, behind the scenes, to push forth the Federal Reserve and a lot of other big plans for the US.  He advised many presidents.  He says, we always give the public a good story, he says, then there’s the real story.  We never get the real story.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article about the United Nations with their usual calling for feminism and population control and all the rest of it.  It continues here and it says...


Suzanne Ehlers, president of Washington-based Population Action International, called the new projections “a wake-up call for governments to fulfill the global demand for contraception.”  (A:  It’s amazing all these massive NGOs, all incredibly financed, huge financing from these foundations, which are just the fronts for the international boys, the bankers and so on.)


“In developing countries around the world, millions of women want to prevent pregnancy but don’t have access to contraception,” said Ehlers. “This impacts their health, their educational opportunities, and their ability to provide for their families.”


Ehlers advocates universal “access to family planning” for “healthier lives” and “protecting our planet.”   (A:  All the usual stuff, you see.)


Meanwhile, Steven Mosher, President of the Population Research Institute, takes a different view.  UNFPA’s claims of women demanding contraceptives are “simply not true,” said Mosher, adding that these women instead are “crying out” for better health care (A:  ... all around health care...) for themselves and their families.


“Their cries are ignored by the population controllers at the UNFPA and elsewhere, however, who are bent not upon saving lives, but upon reducing the number of people on the planet,” said Mosher.


Demographics indicate a world better off with population growth, cited Mosher.  Worldwide income, infant mortality rates, life expectancy, education level, and caloric intake have been getting dramatically better since 1800 or when there was only 1 billion people on the planet.


“The UNFPA and other population control organizations are loath to report the truth about falling fertility rates worldwide, since they raise funds by frightening people with the specter of overpopulation,” he said. “They tell us that too many babies are being born to poor people in developing countries. This is tantamount to saying that only the wealthy should be allowed to have children, and is a new form of global racism.”  (A:  It’s always been a form of that, though, that kind of racism.)


“We should stop funding population control programs, and instead turn our attention to real problems like malaria, typhus, and HIV/AIDS,” concluded Mosher. “Baby Seven Billion, boy or girl, red or yellow, black or white, is not a liability, but an asset. Not a curse, but a blessing. For all of us.”


So there you go, as I say.  And of course the mainstream media generally only prints the one side of the story, which is too many people and too many poor.  And that’s getting more and more frequent now.  There’s just too many poor people, including inside the US, by the way, all the people down south there better remember that, because they’ve taken away all your industry and you’re bankrupt basically.  Think about it.  Think who’s ruling over you before you start supporting, because you’ve been trained to support these ideas in the past. 


Now there’s callers on the line there.  There’s Jacob from New York City; I’ll see if he’s there.  Is Jacob there?


Jacob:  Hey Alan, how you doing today?


Alan:  Not too bad. 


Jacob:  Listen, my question is, you know, there’s so much of the occult, as far as, you know, like the EU building, the rebuilt tower of Babel.  And it seems to me that, you know, I don’t think there’s reptilian aliens or anything like that.  But it does seem to be some sort of overarching doctrine, or overarching religious belief.


Alan:  Yes, you’re right. 


Jacob:  What are your thoughts on that?  I mean, where are they drawing all their inspiration?


Alan:  Well, it’s easy to get inspiration when you’re selected at university as a bright young man who will serve them very well and paid handsomely and you’re guaranteed the doors will just open for you, which they do.  So greed is a good factor for recruitment.  However, there’s definitely a religion behind this.  It’s very old.  We can go back into ancient Rome; we can even find traces of it there, with their initiation ceremonies, with their equestrian order and so on.  They’re very much, they copied almost the same system – either that or one copied the other – but it’s very similar to the Jewish celebrations or even systems when they had the tent traveling in the desert idea.  The Romans did the same thing with the equestrian order.  They would set up a big massive tent, no roof on it, and they had their lit flame and so on, and that’s where they initiated their new members.  This was going on across the ancient world, even in ancient Greece as well.  So there was a brotherhood already existing in the ancient times who were incredibly wealthy.  We can find traces of it through the philosophers who belonged to these groups because they talked about the differences between the poor and the rich, the aristocracy and the rest of the public.  Some of them, even then, like Plato, tried to rationalize the fact that some children could pick up on mathematics very quickly or geometry and so on, because he believed, he says, that he and the elite had lived before.  In other words, a form of reincarnation, very much linked to Hinduism.  And the ones who couldn’t grasp it well hadn’t been born before so they were a lesser type of being.  It was a form of religious classism, or racism, where they classed you according to, had you been born before or not.  And that was their evident truth because they believed that they knew because of a previous life or whatever.  This was very popular, this idea, all right up through the brotherhoods that existed, through the very rich men who came up through the Middle Ages.  You find it breaking out again in Rosicrucianism when it first broke out to the general public in France, same idea.  They claimed not only had they riches and could make you wealthy if you served them well, but they would give you life extension because they knew sciences.  That’s still used today by the way, in high circles, and you will get life extension.  You will be someone like Kissinger or Brzezinski or a Maurice Strong and even Rockefeller himself trotting across the world when you’re in your 90s giving lectures.  They don’t get arthritis. They don’t get old age problems.  They don’t go senile.  There is something else given to them. So you’re absolutely right.  Hold on, we’ll get back on that when I come back from this break.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and talking to Jacob from New York City.  Are you still there Jacob?


Jacob:  Yeah, I’m still here.  When I see these guys up there in, you know, like Bohemian Grove, they’re doing all, you know, the runes and the fire and the owl.  I mean, what religion is that?  What book are they reading from?


Alan:  You’ll find traces of that, again, in ancient Greece.  You’ll find it in ancient Rome.  You’ll find it even in the accompanying literature for ancient Judaism, because even in Judaism they claimed that the staff that Moses raised in the Valley of the Serpents, for wisdom, the brotherhood of serpents means wisdom, those in the know, Gnostic, high Gnostic.  That was their symbol.  They brought that back, they claimed, eventually into the Holy Land and planted it in a grove and the high elders would meet there with the Levites every year.  Eventually they claim that when the Romans invaded they destroyed the grove.  So you’ll find this in pretty well all the ancient world. 


The ancient world was not separate, you know.  They had commerce and trade and intellectuals traveling back and forth, and builders and all the rest of it.  So there was a system much like today’s system of commerce, wealth, lots of wealth, and trading in slaves, and even depopulation programs, even programs where they moved whole populations after war, out of their land, a very common occurrence, and put them elsewhere, still going on today.  Generally they immigrate now out of the countries we’re bombing into the countries that are bombing them.   So it’s really the same techniques.  They’ve gone down through the ages under many names; ‘the underground stream’ was one system they called.  The underground stream, that was the gaining of knowledge, keeping of knowledge, never to be shared with the profane. The knowledge really was chemistry and other sciences.  In the Middle Ages they said that eventually our power will overreach that of kings and queens and governments because they will come to us for their weaponry.  You might call it a Military-Industrial Complex too. But today they’ve brought all their symbology down into the modern sciences as well, especially medicine, etc, with the serpents and so on, the caduceus, showing there quite simply. And even the computers too, Apple is from the tree of knowledge, you know.  That’s why...


Jacob:  You know, if I knew what they knew, and like with NASA, and they have like the Apollo space program, or whatever.  I mean, you know, if I’m one of those elite guys, do I know what it’s all about, even without knowing what it’s all about, the names and symbols and things like that?


Alan:  Oh, they know.  They know what it means. They’re very careful how they choose them, of course they are.  Because they mean elements of the structure of power, or arms of power and each arm of power is given a particular name; so they use the ancient deities for their speciality, much the same, again, as you’ll find in demonology.  In the Cabala, for instance, you’ll find certain fallen angels had specific purposes, so you would call them down if you wanted to use them; it’s still done by some sects today.  It’s the same thing when they use Apollo and Apollo, again, his symbol was the serpent, as it was Diana’s too.  So they use these terms all the time. Even NASA is an old, old Aramaic word meaning ‘the head’, so the head or the leader, NASA.  That’s why they like NASA.  And even the NSA, if you speak the NSA it’s na-sa, it’s a similar thing.  So they’re very careful on how they use these terms and give them names.  They’ve always used the same names all down through history.  And again, the profane speak them but they don’t know what it means.  They think they know what it means but they don’t really.  So what they’re really telling you is, these terms when they’re used for projects, are theirs, they are in charge of it, it’s their project... even though you’ll be paying for it.


Jacob:  So they have their own secret language and whatnot?


Alan:  Well, actually what it is, is a compilation of occult terms and terminologies, coupled in a very clever way with, say, philosophy or some of the ancient writers of the day that wrote plays even. So they’ll add things in and use these terms in amongst them and they all understand quite, quite ably what they’re talking about because they get a classical education, you know.


Jacob:  Okay, and my last question and I’ll be done with you.  The Skull and Bones man, I mean, what’s the root of all that?


Alan:  The Skull and the Bones.  Well, the skull has always been used, right even from the ancient to the modern times in the high system, the high cults and the high lodges.  It’s always been used as a reminder of your own mortality. Because when you join these things, it’s not just there to make you aggrandized for yourself – and they will aggrandize you; they’ll get you honors and all the rest of it, but it’s not just to fill your pockets – you’ve got a mission to accomplish and the mission will be the speciality, the area they put you into, and that’s your mission.  So you’re a knight on a quest and the skull represents, as I say, the basic reminder of your own mortality.  That’s all through Shakespeare as well.  You’ll find that symbol all across the whole of Europe.  And the crossed bones, again, is a symbol, actually on different levels it’s given different meanings.  This is what they always do, from the lower disciple to the higher one.  In the lower ones they’ll always tell you that on one hand it’s crossed, a cross means it’s barred, you’re barred from entry, unless you understand the passwords, the meanings and so on.  On the other hand it means that which carries you, don’t forget that which carries you, what carries you is the temple, it’s the Jachin and Boaz crossed together, you see, the two, the left path, the right path, working together.  That also was the symbol of the Priory of Sion which the Pope gave the charter to that became the Knights Templar.  And that became their flag for their ships at sea.  That’s why it was used as a pirate flag because they became the pirates eventually when they were tossed out of France.  And they plundered all the other ships.  So it’s still used today.  You’ll see it all over temples and places in Europe, in Britain especially; you’ll see the skull and bones not just on graveyards but you’ll see it on building as a sign of where the brothers would meet, you know. 


Jacob:  Is the Pope really supposed to be like a fish god, like what’s his name, Dogan?


Alan:  Dagon was one name for them.  There’s a couple of names for them; they copied it from India actually.  You’ve got to understand that they talk about nature.  If you go back into ancient Egypt you’ll find that the Egyptians said that Ra, almighty Ra, the God that was behind all Gods, and they talk about this today too, that there’s a God behind all Gods, meaning their God, the one that runs everything.  The lower entity that you worship here is basically the Lord of the World, a lower entity – the Greeks were very good at explaining it; he was called the Demiurgos.  The Egyptians said that the fish, you know, the fish symbol was a symbol of life and superior life, virility.  And of course the Nile was even called Happy with a God called Happy because all things came from the water of life, the bank, they banked the river and they owned the water and it nourished them, fed them and gave them life.  The fish was a symbol of it too.  They’ve got a lot of old stories of a guy walking out of the water; that’s all nonsense and stuff.  The reality is the fish was a symbol of fertility with the mouth open to get the water of life which Ra rained down upon the high priest, or even a pharaoh who sometimes wore it too. Because the water of life was literally the semen, semen actually, coming down as rain. That’s what they called it.  It was the life from the God, was the water coming down to fertilize the land and give life to everything, life symbolized by the fish, so the mouth is open for it. And even today we use that term when they take oaths to the Queen and they sing the anthem, long will she reign over us.  ‘Reign’ is literally, they put a slight spelling difference to throw you off – that’s what a spell is, it’s to throw you off – but it’s the same term.  She ‘rains’ over you, all the God’s hierarchies rain down on you and over you.  So it’s a very ancient system that folk don’t even know what they’re looking at.  I never watched the royal wedding but it took place in Westminster, again, just like the Queen was coronated in; I saw the coronation on old reruns.  What you’re seeing there is a reenactment of even a system they used in ancient Egypt, and even the system of Nimrod.  Nimrod was the guy who wore the mottled fur around his neck; it was white with black spots, like the Royalties do today.  He sat, too, on a raised dais, a sort of form of pyramid.  And everybody that you’ll see around that throne is standing in the same positions you’ll see carved in the old steles of ancient Egypt and elsewhere in the Middle East.  So you’re watching and you’re wondering, what on earth is that... they’re doing this in England, what’s that got to do with the English?  It’s got nothing to do with the English.  So this is a very secretive society. Everything must be done properly; they don’t make it up on the spot, you’ll stand here with this big scepter and you’ll hand it to so-and-so.  This is all from ancient books.  You’re watching the dominance of an ancient system, still worked through to take over the world today.


Jacob:  Alright.  Well I won’t take any more of your time.  Cheers, mate.  Keep up the good work then.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  And we’ve got Anthony from New York City as well, if Anthony is there. 


Anthony:  I’m here.  Hi.  Thanks a lot Alan.  I had a question.  You spoke about population reduction today on the program and I just have a question about the Georgia Guidestones.  And apparently they have ten laws, all of each are written in English, Swahili, Spanish, Hindi, Hebrew, Arabic, Chinese and Russian.  And you also spoke about, with the previous caller, about the ancient orders, they also have some languages here also in Babylonian, Classical Greek, Sanskrit and ancient Egyptian.  Did those ancient orders speak those languages and did they have their secret brotherhood in those time periods and in those cultures?  And can you just expound upon the ten laws here, that seems like a mockery of the Ten Commandments, on the Georgia Guidestones. 


Alan:  They’ve always used their own ancient languages in the very high orders amongst themselves.  Because obviously even if someone could spy on you, which there’s obviously no hope of doing with the security that they have, but in case anybody did they wouldn’t know what they were talking about basically.  It’s also a symbol of all of the ancient brotherhoods coming together, because they were all one brotherhood in ancient times; it doesn’t matter what language they spoke.  So they’d have high lodges in every city-state which were actually countries in those days, so they came down through the ages. They actually were scattered at one point, thousands of years ago, they admit that themselves.  There are psalms that were taken out of the Old Testament for Christians which are still available in the Jewish text where it talks about them and how they had their own particular ceremonies.  They went underground, meaning inside caves or down under the earth for these ceremonies.  They had these forms of orgies, the kind that you saw in one of The Matrix movies where they were going to have this kind of strange dance, very, very paganistic sexual dance; that was all symbolic of that ancient system.  Anyway, it says eventually that they pushed so far taking over countries and peoples and so on, that the people rebelled when they found out what they were up to – they give Nimrod as an example – and they hunted them down all over the deserts; wherever they found them they killed them.  When they started up again these guys obviously used the same old passwords and symbols and handshakes and waves and winks and nods and so on, and the way that they stand with their feet.  Even Isaiah talks about it in one verse, where they stand and wink, you know.  So you’ll find that they’ve come down through time, rebuilding that which was lost, as they claim.  And what was lost was their complete domination of an ancient world, all trade, all banking, all armies, all everything, where most of the people were being turned into slaves in all their city-states.  That was how they ran Greece.  That’s how they ran Rome.  That’s how they’re running the world. 


People don’t realize that they’re just wage slaves and now you don’t need a slave master to throw a rag at you or a pair of sandals once in a while.  You buy it yourself with the little you’re left over.  So we’re not as poor as those ancient ones but we’re getting to that stage. We will get to that stage by the time they’re done.  And they plan the futures, they say. They represent the Gods, the God of the World.  The God of the World blesses you in all your endeavors.  You want power, fame, fortune, you join the brotherhood and they’ll make sure that you’ll get it, if you serve them in a certain direction.  So he’s a Demiurgos, as I say, the bad tempered God, the one who can be nice at one minute, bad the next.  Again, he’s got the two hands; he’s got the olive branch and he’s got the symbol of the arrows in the other.  That’s the symbol of Manasseh as well, a long history to Manasseh who they claim was the descendants of Joseph not the other tribes. That’s why they use the Egyptian symbology so much in the US for instance.  That’s why Rothschild has that on his crest as well.  So it’s a long, long story. But if you go into the history of ephod, an ephod as well was an eye, it could also be called a basket but it was also an eye, in ancient Hebrew and Aramaic.  And you’ll find the verse in Isaiah where they talk about those that... be careful of those who wink and stand with their feet squared, basically, together, as they do in the military, in Britain for instance.  That’s why they call it square bashing too, and the way that you stand at attention.... Aten was the God at that time.  So it’s interesting.  It all ties together.  It can’t be refuted.  And yet it’s nothing you can take into a court of law because the law is also their system; the legal system is theirs too.  And they are recreating that which they lost, which is their total dominance over the world, to run the world the way that they themselves, being high intellectuals as they believe they are, have the right to rule it.  And they use democracy as a front, which is such a joke because we have no rights at all in democracy. 


Anthony:  Can you go into the Georgia Guidestones and explain what is it, what is the reason for those ten laws, and who put it there and...


Alan:  Well, we know that a Mason definitely put it there, or a Rosicrucian.  Even the name that was given supposedly on the county records of the guy who purchased that little bit of land there and so on, was, again, I think Christian Rosencrutz they used, from the Rosy Cross, you know.  So that’s obviously Masonic.  The true Rosy Cross, there’s two in the US; one’s the fake, one’s the real one.  They do believe the same things I’ve just been telling you, that the super-intelligent have the right, and those who are rich and powerful and who have not married out of lust but allowed the priests to match them up with the proper women of the right qualities, and that’s very important; in fact the gene often comes through the female lineage, not the male.  They say that they want to reduce the population down to their manageable level that they wanted in ancient times, and recreate the ancient times where they would live high on the hog in their big marble cities, and the few peasants will simply farm the land.  That’s what they claim.  I’ll speak a bit more when I come back from this break on that.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking to Anthony from New York who was talking about the Georgia Guidestones.  There’s no doubt about it.  They’ve been defaced already by folk who have woken up and rather objected to the fact that these guys want to kill them off, and quite rightly so.  The ten laws, again, go back to very ancient times.  On the one hand it’s a symbol of hermaphroditic systems, or power, left brain/right brain, all the rest of it, male/female.  The one is the male and of course they don’t like females too much except for the gene they carry and their ability to reproduce, from their own sperm obviously.  The zero is the female.  And if you read it backwards too, from ten, it’s the net; they love the world net, they’ve got lots to do with net, Poseidon and so on.  So they’ve given it a lot of symbology there for their own to read, their own ones to read. 


I think most of these Guidestones stand on four pillars or so that’s traditional at least.  And the four pillars are four squared, that means perfected, the perfect ashlar basically is four squared and all Masons are said to be ashlars; they become perfectly squared on all sides.  In other words, they’re not just normal anymore, normal and ignorant or profane, like a rolling stone, right, they become squared and perfected by the system and the lodge.  That’s what that means too, all those who have been perfected will survive, the other ones will be destroyed by what they call the law of nature and the fittest should go on.  You’ll find this traditionally through all, if you know how to read Freemasonic writing you’ll find it through all their talks.


They’re very seductive by the way, as they try.... all these books are written with two systems combined into one.  One is exoteric, one is esoteric.  The exoteric can tend to put you to sleep.  The esoteric, if you keep awake you’ll see the thread of what they’re actually saying, almost between the lines, as they guide your mind.  And it captures some people and they become willing recruits.  So when you read their stuff you have to be awfully, awfully careful not to be trapped by it.  Because they will use a lot of truths and then combine it with their very careful spin that they’ve worked out over thousands of years to be very successful, and then you’re gone.  You’ll be one of theirs, on a low level obviously because you won’t have the right genealogy.


So these guys all claim to be at least 3rd generation of perfect breeding; that means their wives were picked for them.  The son goes higher than the father.  The grandson goes even higher; he can start off at a very high degree at a much younger age, and taught, he’s the perfect one that they’re after, the 3rd generation of perfect breeding.  So it’s a very, very old system.  It’s in your face, of course.  Jacques Cousteau and all these guys, the guys who love nature and wanted to kill off the public, all belong to the same organization. 


As I say, each branch of it is a specialized branch in its own area.  So you have Rosicrucianism.  You have general Freemasonry.  Again, look to see what parallel it’s on; it’s very important, they love the 33rd degree as well.  You’ll see that’s where they dropped the bomb on Japan was on the 33rd degree parallel.  They love that one so much, for the 33rd degree because that’s where the sun goes down, you see; it rises on the 30th and then sets on the 33rd.  So they give you these stories of your ‘illumined period’ and you have to achieve lots of things by the time you’re 30 to at least 33. For the lower Masons they can get their 32nd degree and a little badge and a little gold watch to wear and all that stuff.  But that’s the lower Masonry; they are the lower lodge as Albert Pike called them.  The lesser lodge, they’re basically a front, as most people in religions are a front for a higher system and don’t know it.  The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry is not Scottish.  You speak it and you’ve got Seraphim; Seraphim is the higher order of angels. 


That’s it for tonight folks.  From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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