May 16, 2011 (#833)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 16, 2011:

Austerity Goal is On A Roll:

"Taxes and Fees Applied with Severity,
Are the Methods to Drive Peoples to Austerity,
We're in Post-Consumerism, the U.N. Says,
Disposable Income to Be Less and Less,
See the Despair of People Hoping
That It Won't Be Too Bad, Frantically Voting
For THE ONE, Like the Movies, Riding into Town
And Punishing the Wicked with a Dead-Pan Frown,
But Military Precision and Corporate Schemes
Will Ensure THE ONE is All in Your Dreams,
Once Castle Walls Were the Retreat of the Nasties
Who Brought Death, Famine, Plagues of Taxes"
© Alan Watt May 16, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 16, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on May the 16th 2011.  Newcomers look into the web site and help yourself to the audios you’ll find there.  You’ll also find a list of other sites I’ve got; these are all the official sites.  They all carry transcripts of the talks, a lot of the talks – not all of them, but a lot of them – and you can print them up and pass them around to your friends as well.  If you want transcripts in other languages go into and help yourself from the variety offered there.  Also remember too, that you are the audience who bring me to you, so if you want to hear more of this, this kind of alternate information, where I try to fill in all the background behind the stories that you get – that’s what they are, they’re stories really; lots of them are really children’s stories they call news.  I fill in the background because your mind is... you’re given your perceptions generally by omission; they give you half of a story and they omit the rest of it.  And of course you’re left with thinking about the desired conclusion, which is the one they lead you to; you have no option but to go to it with half the information missing.  So I try and fill it all in for you to make your own minds up and get a better perspective of what they’re talking about.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember too, straight donations are very, very welcome.


As you all know, we’re going into austerity.  Austerity is done by the power of the purse and many writings in the past said eventually, towards the end of this Marxist type system with the fascists on top running it all, they’d bring out the power of the purse to get what they wanted to happen.  That included Agenda 21, of course, where they would price gasoline off the market until only the very rich could drive at all, because eventually, in Agenda 21, they said they want essential vehicles only on the roads; that’s the ones authorized by government.  So you’ll be very much like the Soviet Union which was the model, and the big limos would drive around there on the empty streets, knocking people off the road, if they were walking on it that is.  The ordinary folk just had to take the buses or bicycle or whatever, or shanks pony it, as they say, to wherever they were going.  That’s the system they’re bringing in called austerity.   There has never been a time in history where we’ve been ruled by so many Neros and kings basically, at least people living kingly lifestyles, like the G20 do at all their amazing meetings they have and go through billions of your dollars in security and another billion or so on all the food that they eat and expensive, very rare champagnes and wines and so on.   And we pay for all of that because you see, we’re not in a democratic system after all.  We never really were.  The Club of Rome, one of the main think tanks for the United Nations, have pretty well verified that in their own web site.  We’re post-democratic.  democracy, they say, just doesn’t work, you see.  Too many people all vying for power, and they can get nothing done with the big agenda, and the big agenda must go forward.  Therefore there’s a parallel government, that Margaret Thatcher called it when she retired from supposedly being Prime Minister, joined the House of Lords.  She belonged to the parallel government where ex-politicians, ex-leaders of governments, and bureaucrats too, at the top positions, all knew each other and belonged to an organization which was not responsible to the public – they’re not voted in – and they could get the big jobs done, the big building-the-world jobs done.  That’s the Council on Foreign Relations in the US, Royal Institute of International Affairs for Britain, and they have their department for International Affairs for, of course, the European Union now too.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and the articles that I mention tonight, I’ll put the links up, remember, at after the broadcast.  Hopefully you’ll go through them and pick up some of the PDFs and so on that I mention.  PDFs are very important, from the big organizations like the United Nations, because they’re far more explicit in the world they’re bringing in for you, as opposed to the articles put in newspapers about the United Nations.  Better getting it from the horse’s mouth yourself and you can see what they’re up to. 


They’re very confident of course because they know they have the biggest, richest people on the planet backing them and they have the parallel government, again, with the foundations with trillions of dollars and their massive armies of non-governmental organizations that pretend they’re nonpolitical as they push through political agendas across the whole planet.   So they’re not answerable to the public and they get what they want, always.  It’s pretty well institutionalized in government now to deal with NGOs as a special group, as opposed to a citizen or even a citizens’ group from an area complaining about their local waterworks or something. No, they’ll listen to the NGOs because they’ve got special status.  We live in an age, isn’t it, where you have special people with special status.  There’s lots of different tiers of them.  It’s very Marxist of course but it was designed to be that way too, because that’s the way they want to control you.  It’s much easier to do it through a form of what they pretend is socialism to get you to go along with everything, via law. 


Last week I mentioned the RIO Earth Summit, the second one is coming up in 2012, the Earth Summit 2012.  They call it The RIO+20, for 20 years between the two.  Of course from the RIO I read off all the different agendas that came out of that including all the carbon stuff and ya-da, ya-da, ya, and Agenda 21 and sustainable development and on it went, into austerity too, which must come with it.  I’ve also read articles in the past from members of this group that said there must never be another America, another US, in fact, the best thing, they said, is to deindustrialize the US completely and literally demolish all the old factories that are standing and so on.  Just get rid of all traces of it and bring you back to basically the Stone Age I suppose. And these guys are radical enough in their views to do it.  Of course they themselves won’t suffer.  They see themselves as being above all that. They’re up in this sort of world managerial class, you understand.  You know, the ones who’ll get invited to the G20 for their big expensive meals and stuff. 


So anyway, I’ll put a link up tonight on the Earth Summit 2012.  It’s got “Vision, Cooperation, Transformation”... the usual rubbish; they always get a slogan to go with it.  Like Lenin said, we’ll win by slogans, and smear tactics. Anyway, it says...


Earth Summit 2012: Vision, Cooperation, Transformation


Stakeholder Forum has set up this site as an information hub to provide updates, background information and analysis towards Rio+20. It is intended this site will also act as a platform to connect organisations (Alan:  That’s all your NGOs and foundations.) and stakeholders interested in engaging in the preparatory process. Here you will find ways to get involved in the lead up to the Summit and support global efforts towards achieving sustainable development.


Fantastic.  None of this goes through your politicians does it?  I mean, they never come out bringing these kinds of things up when you vote them in.  It was the same with NAFTA and the Free Trade Agreement before that for uniting the Americas.  It’s always jobs and schooling and stuff like that, and pensions they talk about, health care, as they demolish anything that used to work.  But they never talk about these big, big things like this do they?  Or the G20 itself, which is now really a supergovernment in itself.  We don’t vote for the G20, we simply have to obey it, we’re told.  Anyway, I’ll put up the link for the Earth Summit 2012 and if you scroll down you’ll find also their PDF which you can download from their site as well.  And you should keep up with this stuff because it tells you where you’re going.  Now the Summit itself is nothing more than a big rah-rah and a love-in for all the NGOs, the thousands of NGO groups that are flown over, by your tax money as well.  They’ve even got your tax money paying so they can go over and pretend they’re the big cheering crowd for all these changes to come in.  It’s just astonishing, again, how things have really changed.  They even mention, in fact, by the way, that they’ve got all this institutionalized into governments now.  So they’re part of... they see themselves as part of government, and technically they are.  They’re all appendages of government; they’re institutionalized. But they want their agendas institutionalized.


Well, for those who don’t know what that means, it means that every course, just like all the other politically correct courses that are out there, they must be brought up at the beginning of every lecture in university, at the beginning.  Regardless of whatever you’re going to teach you must bring up the feminism and all the other stuff, all the -isms, to show you that you’re very liberal and you’re a good little Marxist professor or whatever.  Then it’s okay.  Then you can maybe get on with what you’re talking about.  It’s the same thing too.  So that’s going to be institutionalized in your universities, like a religion, if it’s not already, and with government too.  And that’s how they do it.  It’s a religion they’re building up. They’re using religious tactics to create this new religion of greening the world and having you all serve it basically.  See, before the Council on Foreign Relations that came up with all these ideas, AND the United Nations, and created it all, they wanted everyone to be born in the future to serve the world state.  That would be your function; you would serve the world state.  And this way you’re going to do it regardless under the greening and austerity and all the rest of it, survivability measures.  One way or another they always get what they want. 


So download the PDF and go through it, for those who are really serious.  Most folk are not serious.  You know that too.  There’s so much data thrown at you every day, a lot of it titillating and gossipy and all the rest of it, but it really doesn’t change anything.  And to really find out the things that are changing what’s going on, they’re kind of dry and they’re boring, they’re non-sexy, and people don’t want to read it.  Or if they do they’ll glance over a paragraph or so, then forget it.  They’re always going to go back to it but they never do, then they forget all about it.  They delete it from their memory, because how much can you hold in your one brain?  As you’re getting hit with hundreds and hundreds of new items every day?  You’ve got to be discerning in what you think about and what you allow into your head, and what you want to retain.  So remember, look into that one.


Now, under austerity measures, they’ve just announced in Britain, and Britain’s got an awful record every year now of thousands of people dying in their homes every year because they can’t afford the heating fuel.  That’s now normalized into society.  Again, that’s institutionalized into normalcy into society.  Of course Britain’s been hammered and plundered like crazy with all the debts.  Now they’ve got to pay off other countries’ debts because they made this deal; and I hate saying Britain because that’s not Britain.  Britain is a corporation; it’s not the people.  The people in parliament really serve the corporation.  They’re now a subcorporation of a European corporation so they’ve got to now pay off the debts of other failing countries.  What a great deal, isn’t it, for the bankers, that your debts will always be paid off.  Now you can give out MORE massive loans knowing it’s going to all go under, eventually, with compound interest, and they’re guaranteed payment by the rest of them having to bail out one or two countries or whatever.  These are the cons that are worked out at the top.  So this article here is from the BBC and it says...


Quarter of households predicted to turn off heating / 13 May 2011  / By Brian Milligan


Rising fuel bills may force a quarter of homes to turn off their heating at some point next winter, a price comparison site claims.


Uswitch says that last winter, an estimated 20% of people it surveyed had regularly turned off their heating.


And it predicts that with fuel tariffs expected to rise, the number will be higher this year.


The Bank of England said this week that gas prices (A:  That’s heating gas.) could rise by 15% later this year, and electricity by 10%.


(A:  So it’s like a religion now.  There’s nothing left, you see, except hope that some God is going to help you.  It says...)

'Pray for a mild winter' 

(A:  What nonsense, eh, ‘pray for a mild winter’... when you’re getting sprayed every darned day to bring on different kinds of weather.)


Uswitch said that a survey of almost 1,600 of its customers carried out in January had indicated that 20% of them had turned their heating off regularly in order to save money last winter.


The firm's spokesman Ann Robinson, the former chairman of Energywatch, says: "This time it's going to be a minimum of 25%."


(A:  The Bank of England says it’s going to be worse...)  If the Bank of England's predictions are true, she calculates that the average British household will have to find an extra £148 over the next year.  (A:  ...for this.)


There’s another article here too by the way, that they’ve got to pay, it’s going to hit them with £160 extra this year just to pay for the INCREASE on the European Union’s politicians’ pensions this year too.  So it’s just amazing, they’re just putting these... Well, what are taxpayers for, eh? the new feudal system.  This is what taxpayers are for, just plunder them; that’s what they are.  I don’t know what they think they are.  I mean, what do they really think they are? Are we going to get something back from all of this?  What age or era or planet are they on?  Never mind memory, if they have any memory at all. 


EU WANTS US TO PAY ITS £60,000 PENSIONS - / April 25,2011 / By Sara Dixon


This article here, too, is from Australia I think it is.  It says, from the Daily Telegraph...


Truss slams carbon tax ahead of rally / May 15, 2011 / From: AAP


A TAX on carbon won’t work because it won’t lower the temperature of the globe, says National Party member Warren Truss.  (A:  Well, isn’t that the truth, eh.  What, are you going to thrown money in the air?  Maybe it will cut down the sunshine by putting a blanket of dollars across the sky, eh.)


Speaking on Network Ten’s Meet the Press program, the federal member for Wide Bay is attending an anti-carbon tax rally at Port Macquarie, on the NSW mid-north coast, this afternoon.


“Australians are very angry, very angry about the increased cost (the carbon tax) will bring to their living, they are also concerned about the loss of Australian jobs,” he said.


Flyers promoting the rally do not accept the science that carbon dioxide is a global warming gas, or that people can do much to stop climate change.


“Obviously the climate has been changing for a long, long time (A:  It’s always changing.), there are more people on the earth now than ever, so that clearly has an influence,” Mr Truss said.


“However, it is quite obvious that a tax on Australians will not lower the temperature of the globe.  (A:  And ain’t that the truth, eh.  But it doesn’t matter.  Any con will do.  Just get a slogan or two, and a mantra, and just keep saying it and people will follow and... okay, I got to pay carbons taxes, eh...  That’s all it takes, you know.  It doesn’t take much persuasion these days.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and a few years ago I mentioned and read bits out of a book that’s called Political Ponerology.  It was about psychopaths and psychopathy and how their minds work basically.  I’ve explained psychopaths in pretty deep detail in the past, on how they basically are pure ego and how they study people, from even early childhood. They don’t feel emotions as you do. They have no empathy for others. They feel emotions when it comes to themselves and how happy they are or sad or horny even, because they don’t have qualms about normal emotional issues at all.  They actually say that they enjoy sex better than other people because they have no inhibitions whatsoever.  No guilt complexes, nothing.  Nothing stands in their way.  That goes for raping people too of course.


We know that they get up into high positions in business and banking and politics. Our whole history is much of the same kind of stuff as Dominique Strauss-Kahn, of course, with his latest adventure.  If it happened in France you would never have heard of it; most folk would never have heard of it because he’s a top socialist.  He’s actually being groomed to be the next takeover for the socialist party in France.  They’re very, very socialist.  They cover up things like this, like rapes and so on.  But he’s got a long history of doing the same thing and you’ve got to understand the world that these top psychopaths live in. 


Now, Dominique Strauss-Kahn is the head of the International Monetary Fund.  He gets very aggressive when interviewed about certain policies they’ve had in the past.  He’ll become very aggressive with the interviewer if they touch on the fact that they’ll actually plunder countries, the IMF.  They get them into debt first, plunder the country, they’ll get their own generals in there, create martial law, to make it safe for business, devalue the currency, and then they bring in all the big international corporations to use slave labor.  They’ve done this all across the planet.  So everything that goes under the guise of helping, under the UN umbrella even though it’s all private organizations, including the banks here and the IMF, are really plunderers.  He’s well named Dominique, you know, for dominating, because that’s his whole personality.  And they get off on dominating people.  But when you’re at that kind of level and you go to the high world-level meetings of things, I’ve read on the air before from mainstream articles to do with the G20s and different ones, how every country including Canada, lovely little pristine Canada, loves to... they put on, basically, whores for them, male or female, young and old, because no laws apply to these guys, having diplomatic immunity generally.  And you the taxpayer funds all of this. 


It’s just astonishing, and disgusting, when you understand what you really live under and the hypocrisy of it all.  They see the little people down below as, really, like termites.  That’s all we are, little termites or ants at the bottom.  Characters like this guy, Dominique here, think nothing of... they’re getting fed prostitutes all the time, by countries on visits, like Royal visits they get.  So when they grab maids or whatever and rape them it’s no big deal to them.  They think it’s their right.  And they’ll rationalize it.  Psychopaths rationalize whatever they do.  Whatever it is, killing millions, whatever, through revolutions, they can rationalize it all.  Plundering the public through austerity, they’ll rationalize that as well. They live very well, you see.  Anyway, this says...


Court Documents Provide Graphic Description

 Of Alleged Strauss-Kahn Attacks

(A:  Again, this is the latest one that’s coming to light.  Many more will come forward now because they were all threatened in the past with really nasty things if they did.  The women, and guys too, are very afraid of these people.  They mean business, and they have the power to have you bumped off, disposed of, whatever, you know.  That’s the real world.  That’s the REAL world, forget all this court stuff, you know.  Anyway, this happened in the States where he came over on private business, probably trying to see how much money he scammed off all the bailouts for himself in his private accounts; that’s just my opinion.  It says...) / May. 16 2011 / AGUSTINO FONTEVECCHIA


Court documents reveal that IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn faces seven charges including criminal sexual acts in the first degree, attempted rape, sexual abuse, and unlawful imprisonment.  Strauss-Kahn’s legal team, led by hot-shot defense attorney Benjamin Brafman, will have to present their case in the next hearing, scheduled for Friday May 20.  After having confirmation of the charges, the board of the IMF held an “informal meeting to discuss the situation.”


The recently leaked documents provide a detailed account of the prosecution’s case against the French-born managing director of the IMF.  The official document puts the alleged attack at “about 12:00” on May 14, as constituted by Detective Steven Lane of Special Victims Squad.


In a pretty graphic description of the situation, Strauss-Kahn is said to have (A:  He dragged this woman down a corridor and into the bedroom, eh.)  “engaged in oral sexual conduct (A:  ...and then he buggered her as well...) and anal sexual conduct” by forcible compulsion.  After shutting the door to prevent the 32-year-old Sofitel maid to escape, the IMF chief is accused of having:


grabbed the informant’s breasts without consent; attempted to pull down informant’s pantyhose and forcibly grabbed informant’s vaginal area; forcibly made contact with his penis and informant’s mouth twice; and was able to accomplish the above acts by using actual physical force.


According to the FT, the criminal sexual act charge, which counts as a violent felony, carries a maximum sentence of 25 years in prison (A:  Well that will never happen with this guy; he’s too powerful.  He’s got too many friends, you know, too many associations, clubs and lodges he belongs to.); Strauss-Kahn was charged with two such counts.  Attempted rape carries a maximum sentence of up to 15 years in prison, and sexual abuse is punishable by up to seven years in prison.  (A:  I’ll put up more of these links tonight too, after the broadcast.  Back with more after this.)


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix.  Just to touch, too, on the White House releasing a statement on the Strauss-Kahn situation... 


The White House also released a statement on the Strauss-Kahn situation, expressing their confidence that the institution of (A:  ...the international plunder fund, sorry...) the IMF remained fully functional.  “We obviously won’t comment on a legal matter,” . . .


No, not where this is concerned, they won’t, because you see, he’s a very important guy and the IMF has a big, big job as it takes over the bookkeeping of all countries across the Europe and elsewhere.  That’s what it’s supposed to do now, come up to its high position, and they really don’t need these characters doing what they do, generally do in private, with paid you-know-what, paid for by the taxpayer, in big meetings.  They don’t like that sneaking into the papers at all.  You’d be surprised just exactly what goes on.  You’d be awfully, awfully surprised.  Under this cloak of respectability is an awful lot of slime, an awful lot of slime across the board, and it’s always really been that way.  Because the psychopaths rise to the top and this is how they behave.  That’s it, simple as that.  So I’ll put these links up from different newspapers and so on and you can read them for yourself.  What can you say?  He’ll probably get off with it. 


Dominique Strauss-Kahn to face fresh sex assault complaint Willsher/16 May 2011


Is A Deluge Of Latent Rape Accusations Against Strauss-Kahn Imminent? -Tyler Durden/ 05/15/2011




Coalition commits Britain to legally binding emission cuts

(A:  So now Britain has to legally try to match these emission cuts that they promised about.)

Chris Huhne will announce a long-term programme that will put Britain at the forefront of the battle against climate change / Toby Helm and Robin McKie / 14 May 2011


(A:  The people there should just put their rags on now and sell their clothes for some cash and spend it on things they need, maybe for heating or something, because there’s not much left for them, really, over there.)


Cabinet ministers have agreed a far-reaching, legally binding "green deal" that will commit the UK to two decades (A:  ...20 years...) of drastic cuts in carbon emissions. (A:  Well, there will be no cars on the road.  This is the idea, though, this is Agenda 21.)  The package will require sweeping changes to domestic life, transport and business and will place Britain at the forefront of the global battle against climate change.  (A:  It’s kind of like going into the ocean with a sword, trying to bash back the waves, you know, when the tide’s coming in, because it’s all rubbish.  It’s all rubbish to start with.  But it’ll do... it’ll do for what want, what they REALLY want out of this.)


The deal was hammered out after tense arguments between ministers who had disagreed over whether the ambitious plans to switch to more green energy were affordable. (A:  Well, it’s already... the consensus is it’s not affordable.  This green stuff doesn’t deliver anywhere near what it’s supposed to.  In fact, it costs more to run the darn things than they get back, so it’s pointless.) 


So anyway, they’ve come to the agreements, of course.  It was a must-be deal and now the country has to commit to cutting back on everything and everything and everything, and everything else.  Good-bye Britain.  Mind you, they’re not really Britain anymore, they’re going to get carved up into different sections and join with other countries.  Then a generation will be brought up in school with no history of a Britain, or an England, or a Scotland, Ireland or a Wales ever, ever again, and it will be done quite easily and smoothly and slickly. 


Years ago people talked about the infiltration of the US by Marxism. And there’s no pretense about it, Marxism is alive and well in every single university across the United States, and Canada too for that matter.  People were right. They were booed, they were hissed of course because the Marxists made sure there was lots of followers who would boo and hiss when anybody mentioned what was going on.  Of course a few authors came out a long time ago about this strange system.  Quigley even talks about them and says, we’re often mistaken for communists, what we do, what we plan and push, at the Council on Foreign Relations, because really the agenda’s the same. They wanted a socialist type communist bureaucracy to run the public in a communistic fashion.  It’s far more efficient. They yell and you obey, or else you’re off to Siberia.  But the fascists at the top would rule of course, the very rich men of the world.  Rockefeller himself touched on that, how they, bankers and the intellectuals would run the show, rather than leaving it to the auto-determination of individual sovereign nations.  And they’ve done it all through treaties and all the rest of it.  From a military magazine, Stand-To it’s called. 


Stand-To!  n.  Procedures prior to the first light to enhance unit security. 

A daily compendium of news, information and context for Army leader navigation.


The United States Army Exchange Program with People's Liberation Army (PLA) of China

STAND-TO! Edition: Monday, May 16, 2011/


What it is, really, it’s an exchange basis for troops, Chinese troops.  It’s the People’s Liberation Army coming into the US to be trained and US ones going over there to be trained.  For the new world order, you understand, where it’s all going to be lovely and green and awfully poor, and they’re going to really need these armies to bash the folk into compliance and stop them rioting when things get bad, which eventually you’ll get to that.  They’ll even know the exact... the exact... they’ll have graphs made out, I’m sure of it, where they’ll know the exact point at which they push them over the line and then the rag-tag armies, that really are unorganized – it’s just riots really – will break out. And they’ll need the armies, and they’ll need lots of help too so China will definitely be involved in it.  Even the CFR’s own books in the 1930s, that predicted this would happen, talked about bringing China in.  So it’s really a PR piece to show you how well they’re even exchanging music and troops and their laws and all the rest of it.  They’ve got to teach them the laws because when they come in to manage you they’ve got to know what your kind of laws are all about too, rather than just bash off the head and plasticize you, hang you on a wire and sell you off as one of these wired corpses that they do.  Anyway, things will come as they come and that’s all there is about it. 


And we are so demoralized now nothing shocks us.  I mean, at one time even the talk of rape itself was bad enough.  But when you get bigwigs like that dragging people down corridors and raping them, it should really get people very indignant and angry and so on.  It doesn’t.  It doesn’t because everyone’s degraded now.  We’ve been degraded generation by generation from really the 50s onwards, in an increasing pace in fact, until sex is in every movie that you see, I think even in cartoons now, until we think nothing about anything at all.  You’ve all watched sado-masochistic movies; they tuck them in here, there and everywhere, whether you recognize what you’re watching or not.  You’re being trained to, oh well, yawn, yawn.  Even abortion, nothing shocks the public anymore, that’s why more and more of it can be done actually.  Now you’ve got...


Schools arrange secret abortions

IMOGEN NEALE  / 15/05/2011 / (A:  From New Zealand.)


Schools are helping teenage girls keep abortions secret from their parents. Imogen Neale reports.  (A:  Now, I think other countries in the West have been doing that for years actually.  So New Zealand’s eventually caught up.  Then, it gives you the fact that...)


A MOTHER is angry her 16-year-old daughter had a secret abortion arranged by a school counsellor. 


And the whole idea of school and socialization of schools was to really bind the students to the teachers who wouldn’t be terribly old by the way; they’ve tried to get rid of the older teachers, so that they can bind with people they can more identify with.  And that separates them more from the parents, as they degrade the parents anyway through all their lectures and their movies and comedies and everything else.  It goes through an actual abortion that happened and how it works and so on. And how literally the parents have no rights whatsoever, exactly what Bertrand Russell talked about in his various books back in the 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s, that the state would take over all MORAL instruction.  And by that he didn’t mean that they’d teach them to be good, you know good, that word good, because morality itself is completely flexible.  Anything can be... whatever is authorized by the state is moral, you understand.  And it’s a new morality they’ve given them, to break ties with the old, the old past you see, where you had a society that you could walk around pretty safely wherever you happened to be.  That’s gone these days.  And the state would bring them up, give them their new morals, and they would get it via their teachers and so on, whom they would trust and bond with and that’s already happened; so much so, lots of them have sex with their own teachers.   That’s now common too, we don’t think much about that either.  It’s so common; it’s yawn-yawn time once more. 


Now, you might think, too, and I mentioned it before, that ALL the Facebook programs out there, all the other programs, MySpace, they all work with the NSA, if not directly funded and started up by them in fact, and I think it’s the latter, personally.  Just like all the free scans you get, free virusware, all that kind of stuff, you don’t get that kind of stuff free.  It takes a lot of money and brainpower and work to give you all that stuff free.  And we all know, of course, they’re selling your information, but mainly it’s to get all your own personal data, as you update it, and put it into your own little virtual you at the Pentagon where they can run programs with the virtual you, knowing your personality and how you’ll respond to all situations.  They probably even know the breaking point, cash-wise, that you’ll break at when you don’t have enough cash to live on.  I’m not kidding, these programs actually run.  Here’s...


Eli Pariser: Beware online "filter bubbles"


It says, you either have Java Script turned off or you have an old version... oh, that’s for me; that’s for my information.  I don’t use Java at all.  Anyway, he goes through a talk on video and there’s also an audio.  You don’t need to watch the video; you can get an MP3 download as well from this link I’m going to put up at the end of the broadcast.  He goes through how this actually works.  He mentioned himself that on his Facebook, you know, this with-it guy has the Facebook as well, and he had conservative and liberals, apparently people can even bring their politics into it.  So these friends, you know, these fantastic fake friends that you all have, he noticed eventually one day he got up and the two conservative friends, because the rest were all liberal, had just disappeared.  Then he went into it more and more and he found out that Google and different organizations and Facebook were simply reading your profile, your own profile, and eliminating what they didn’t want you to have or to look at.  They were also filtering the news that was sent to you and not giving you a choice of looking at everything; they are selecting the stuff that they want you to... that will suit your personality.  It’s quite an interesting talk. 


It kind of ties in with a CBC show that was done over this weekend to do with these sockpuppets.  Sockpuppets, of course, are literally computer programs that look at your personality profile, it’s all done through algorithms, and then they create artificial friends for you; you won’t know they’re not real.  And they bombard you with artificial friends, who will extract more information from you, because you will agree with lots of what they say.  And it’s all done by computer.  I’ll put that link up for you to have a gander at, as they say, a gander. 


Spark 148 – May 15 & 18, 2011 / Stealth Social Marketing -


I guess this is the Air Force’s idea of austerity, because I think they’re going to take the pilots out of the planes and give them maybe rocket-propelled broomsticks.  And this article is genuine; it’s from The Washington Times.


Air Force witchcraft

Political correctness casts a spell on the armed forces / May 5, 2011


Tech. Sgt. Brandon Longcrier uses white sage to consecrate a Pagan worship area on the hill overlooking the Cadet Chapel and the Visitor Center at the Air Force Academy just after sunrise on the winter solstice, Dec. 21, 2009. Sergeant Longcrier is the Pagan lay leader at the Academy.  (A:  They give you the official photographs and all the rest of it.) (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sgt. Don Branum)


The U.S. military's success in Pakistan this week proved the importance of maintaining a team focused on accomplishing dangerous missions. Others on the left prefer to look upon the armed forces as a playground to experiment with fringe ideas. Take the Air Force Academy which reportedly held a ceremony on Tuesday to dedicate a pile of rocks in the academy's "worship area for followers of Earth-centered religions."  (A:  I guess we’ll be bombing folk who are not green eventually too, you know.)


This is a space cadets (A:  [Alan laughing.] cadets... it may be a bit of that too.) can use to perform rituals if they happen to be witches, warlocks and tree-worshipers. Overlooking the visitor center, the stone circle is designed for the benefit of a handful of those claiming to be Wiccans or Druids.


In a February 2010 article published on the academy's website, the superintendent explained the pagan altar was required by regulations. "The United States Air Force remains neutral regarding religious beliefs and will not officially endorse nor disapprove any faith belief or absence of belief," wrote Lt. Gen. Mike C. Gould.  (A:  Hmm...) "The Earth-centered spirituality group that meets at the Air Force Academy falls within the definition of religion as defined in the United States Air Force Instruction 36-2706."  (A:  And they give you the manual number.)


All of the actual Wiccans and Druids died out hundreds of years ago. (A:  Hundreds, it was actually thousands of years ago that the Druids went out.)  The religions of the barbaric tribes of Europe faded away as the Roman conquest brought civilization to the region. Teachings once handed down by oral tradition were entirely forgotten over time. Around the 1950s, fringe leftists enamored by the concept of worshipping the Earth adopted the ancient labels and pretended to follow the old ways. (A:  They weren’t, by the way, fringe leftist.  They were actually put out by the Frankfurt School that saw that they could actually put a lot of laws through which would lead up to the greening agenda and so on by creating a religion for people who were not too wise, just blind followers, and make it exciting for the youth, you know, maybe the occasional sacrifice here and there.  Anyway...)  They just left out the inconvenient bits, like human sacrifice. "They have likenesses of immense size, the limbs of which are composed of wicker, that they fill with living men," (A:  That’s the Wicker Man.  The old movie Wicker Man you should see, by the way; I’m talking about the old version that was done.  They go through a lot of the pagan worship of some of the old sects and it has the Wicker Man at the end where they actually put people inside, along with the animals, and burn it as an offering to the sun God, the sun deity.) wrote Julius Caesar, describing a Druid ceremony.  (A:  He got that from Tacitus who was his historian; he sent him over there.  He was quite fascinated by the Druid ceremonies.)  "After these are set on fire, the men inside perish in the flames."  (A:  They probably weren’t terribly green people there, you know, and probably that was their punishment.)


To ensure no modern-day Druid misses out on important ceremonies, the Air Force maintains a multifaith calendar. Last year, "Lammas" fell on August 8. "This is one of the eight major High Days of the Druid and Wiccan calendar," the document noted. "High Day observances include evening prayer vigils and ritual dances. Wiccans and Druids (any Neo Pagans) on evening work shifts may request time off for High Day observances."


The Air Force is not alone in pandering. At Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland on Wednesday, the Army hosted a live-fire demonstration of its new M855A1 ammunition which boasts an "environmentally-friendly projectile."  (A:  I wonder if it cleans off all the body parts as it splatters them all over the, generally it’s the desert.)  The new copper-tipped round gives military brass the opportunity to brag to members of Congress that they are "doing something" to heal the planet while waging war. (A:  I guess that’s putting depleted uranium across the place too.)  This opens an interesting question: Did SEAL Team Six use "green bullets" to take down Osama bin Laden, or will the Navy have to offset the carbon footprint of its highly successful mission?  (A:  Actually it was a complete fraud as we well know.)


Anyway, this is how crazy things are now.  They’ve had them in Canada too, for years, little Wiccan ceremonies.  And Wiccanism is quite the thing; I mean really, the enticement of sex and I guess that’s okay in this day and age because anything goes. That’s how down we’ve come to.  And of course an immoral society cannot stand for long; you’re ruled very easily by a tiny minority at the top.  And that’s the history, again, of Paganism, easily ruled by tyrants.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix.  Now, in this global system that’s coming in of course, some countries are ahead of others.  And Britain is always the flagship for bringing all the new things we’ve all to adopt very quickly.  They do the trials in Britain because they’re very passive.  I think Sir Thomas More said that; he says, they’re not prone to rebellion.  They obey their masters very well. 


Anyway, this article here is about what must be done to bring the world into play.  Because you see, they’re not happy enough with all the other freebies they get and all the taxes they get, at say the EU, the Economic Union, or the United Nations.  They want basically, they call it, a Value Added Tax which they brought into Britain first and now it’s across the whole of Europe.  It started, of course, oh it’s okay, it will only be on expensive things that you don’t need, like luxury goods.  That’s how they introduced it.  Of course they lied, and that’s what politician are there for.  That’s what they’re picked for and psychopaths lie very easily; it’s second nature.  Anyway, they eventually put it on everything right across the board and it’s up over 20% in some countries, sometimes 25% in others, for every purchase that you make, on any item.  So to join this world community you must have a Value Added Tax.  Brian Mulroney brought it in in Canada after they shouted down the Value Added Tax.  He just changed the name into GST, General Sales Tax.  The same thing, it’s still a Value Added Tax.  It IS the Value Added Tax.  Then last year they harmonized it; they love these nice neural sounding things better, you know, put in there, like harmony, like a barbershop harmony; it sounds good.  It’s a positive word.  We all like harmony don’t we?  Really, it’s a combined tax now with your provincial sales tax, that’s like a state’s sales tax, combined with it.  It says...


HST has been vastly oversold in B.C., report finds

ROD MICKLEBURGH / / May 5, 2011


In a finely balanced study released Wednesday, the panel said the 12-per-cent tax is already adding hundreds of millions of extra dollars to the treasury, contrary to the government’s initial prediction that tax breaks and rebates would balance off new tax revenue from the HST.  (A:  So they lied again.  What do you expect though?  Then they’ll lie about that and lie about everything else.)


“That hasn’t happened,” the panel said. “The HST (A:  ...or Value Added Tax, or harmonized sales tax...)  is raising more revenue … than was predicted.  (A:  This is just for British Columbia.  It’s across Canada now.)


“With each passing year, the HST will continue raising more revenue … because it taxes a broader base of goods and services.”  (A:  So they’re telling you right out, eventually it’s going to be on everything that you buy.)


As a result, the panel warned that killing the HST (A:  So because it’s getting too much in and way more than they said it would have and all the rest of it, they say, oh but we can’t really kill the HST...) and returning to separate provincial and federal sales taxes would cost the government more than half a billion dollars in the first year.  (A:  Well, it would be far better losing that than what you’re going to be paying in 2 or 3 years time when they put it across the board on everything.  Why not just kill it right now?  They say, oh...)


That will imperil public services and delay a balanced budget by at least a year, the panel said.  (A:  Well, they cook the books anyway so what’s the difference?  They can make the budget whatever they want.  They never manage to pay anything ON the debt, just on the interest.)


HST proponents, including the Liberal government, argue that reduced taxes paid by businesses under the new tax system will generate economic growth and create jobs.  (A:  Just like Britain, look at the mess that’s in.)


The panel agreed, but termed the extent of economic improvement expected by 2020 under the HST “important – albeit modest,” with a higher growth rate of 1.1 per cent.  (A:  That’s really how it’s going to help the people, by 1.1%.  But loot everybody by hundreds of percentages.  [Alan chuckles.] What a joke!  And any real job growth will be minimum, they said, minimum, or modest.)


Plundered again, eh!  Governments are the problem, folks, but you keep voting.


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 


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