May 17, 2011 (#834)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 17, 2011:

Forward-Looking Psychopaths Grab and Plunder,
Racing to Finish-Line 'fore Old World Goes Under:

"Politicos and Lobbyists Chase the Lure
To Rake in Millions as the World Becomes Poor,
A New Feudal System Comes into View,
So Wealthy Plunderers Join "The Few",
Wealthy Middle Classes to Sustainable Village,
Homes Paid for by Position or Pillage,
City-Cramming for the Rest, Poor, Less Thrifty,
Where Population's to Half by 2050,
Austerity Means Tax and Fee is from Feudal,
So Only the Rich will Inhabit the Rural"
© Alan Watt May 17, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 17, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on May the 17th 2011.  Newcomers, I always suggest you look into  Youíll find hundreds of audios to download where I try to give you shortcuts to understanding this incredibly big system, into which you are all born in fact, and your parents were too and so were the grandparents and all the rest of it.  Itís been here for an awful long time.  A technique of controlling populations, giving them, really, fake realities, altering the realities when necessary too, for wars and different things, getting you global, getting you back to national again when you got the wars going, and then back to global again once the wars are over.  And sometimes you have wars going on and youíre both nationalistic and global at the same time.  So itís quite confusing but I show you how it all works, and itís all psychology of course.  Government employs an awful lot of psychologists and teams of think tanks all working together on every facet of human society, to make sure that we all go along and we think weíre informed but in actuality weíre kept in the dark. 


So help yourself to the audios.  Remember too, there are transcripts on every site listed on the .com site, transcripts for download in English and you can go into for transcripts in other languages.  Remember too, that you are the audience who bring me to you.  I donít bring on advertisers as guests and therefore I depend upon you to keep me just ticking along.  So you can buy the books and disks I have for sale at  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember, straight donations are very, very welcome indeed because things are getting tight all over, as Iím sure youíre all noticing too, as we go into austerity, inflation is going on, prices are going up everywhere.  In Canada here, weíre getting tax upon tax just added on to this harmonized sales tax.  I think they upped it 3 times already since they introduced it last fall and itís to go up again I think next month.  And then itís to get spread around on all items, not just a few but ALL items, just because itís a Value Added Tax really.  So thatís what weíre all about here. 


Hopefully youíll keep me going by listening, donating, and hopefully weíll understand the big picture as we all go through this incredibly complex system.  Itís not really so complex when you understand that money controls the whole globe; it makes the world go around, as they say.  It certainly makes their world go around, and yours too, because youíre dependent upon them to make sure the cash still flows.  And less and less will flow to the general public.  More will flow from the public to the big boys at the top through taxes and so on, with their big world agendas, big programs, the redistribution of wealth through the IMF and all these organizations as you get poorer and poorer.  And they put the money not to third world countries, or poor countries, but into their own big international corporations all over the planet, that might happen to be placed in third world countries.  Thatís how theyíve always done it.  Thatís why the rich get richer and the poor get poorer.  And weíre on a roll, of course, into austerity. Austerity is the big word.  People are forgetting all about it.  In fact, they adapt to it pretty well.  We adapt to everything.  Darwin was quite right, weíre the most adaptable species.  We adapt into airport searches and all these kind of things very quickly.  Weíll adapt pretty well to anything, right down to eating, oh, some gooey meat substitute theyíll eventually give you like Orwellís 1984.  And then thereíll even be people amongst the general public who will say itís really pretty good, I enjoy it.  You always get those ones, donít you?  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back and talking about austerity because austerity is something that was floated around; most folk have forgotten all about it.  Now itís just you hear about inflation and things like that.  They donít realize this is the big plan to cut us down to a post-consumerist society, where the extra cash in your pocket would be spend on essentials, bare essentials, and thatís what they were talking about at the Council on Foreign Relations and all the other global meetings they have, for a long time now.  They really mean what they say. 


Quigley was quite correct.  Itís a new FEUDAL system theyíve brought in, really.  We definitely are post-democratic and although they use a socialist front they always make sure theyíve got all their cheering NGOs, that really work for the same system and are paid by the same system through the parallel government of foundations, the multi-trillionaires.  Anyway, austerity means that youíre going to go down the hill into bare essentials.  Thereís an article on the Mail today and it says...


Pay gap returns to Victorian levels

as fat cats get 145 TIMES more than their workers / Becky Barrow / 17th May 2011


Average employee is paid £25,816, but the boss gets £3.75m.  (Alan: his take-home salary.)

Salaries of corporate elite are 'out of control', says commission.


A typical FTSE 100 executive enjoys a pay package of £3.75millionĖ 145 times more than their workers receive, a report reveals today.


The High Pay Commission goes on to criticise fat-cat bosses for their Ďout of controlí pay.  (A:  The reason theyíre all out of control today, on all levels, all levels, and through government and so on, is that they KNOW what kind of system theyíre bringing in, thatís why the politicians, thereís more crooks than ever all vying to get into politics, because they know whatís coming down the pike. They want to get in there.  Itís like that CFR report says, their own members must start off in the public sector, or private sector.  And they donít mean starting off working at a lathe or something in a factory. They mean working for the banking system.  They know what theyíre bringing down. They donít want to be down there with all the rest of you.  They want to be way above it with a very safe, secure monetary income and a big fat paycheck and a big fat bank account... because they know what theyíre bringing on the rest of you.)


The commissionís initial findings warn that income inequality has returned to levels not seen since Victorian England. 


(A:  And they give you a picture of course of a Victorian era.)  The great divide: The High Pay Commission warns that the majority of people are struggling while a tiny percentage enjoys an increasingly lavish lifestyle.


As a result, a tiny number of people are enjoying gold-plated pay packages while the majority of the country struggles to make ends meet.


The top 0.1 per cent of earners will see their pay rise to an estimated 14 per cent of total national income by 2030, according to the commission.


Its chairman, Deborah Hargreaves, said: ĎThe gap between pay of the general public and the corporate elite is widening rapidly.


ĎIt is out of control. We have to ask ourselves whether we are paying more and getting less.í   (A:  Well, do you have to ask about that?  [Alan laughing.]  We donít have much of a chance when you have to ask about that, eh?)


Asked what they think about executive pay, more than 70 per cent of adults told researchers that it makes this country Ďgrossly unequalí.  (A:  Well, thereís no equality in feudalism, donít you understand that?)


The rich get richer:


The pay gap between the bottom and the top of the corporate ladder has widened considerably in the past decade. In 1999, the boss typically earned 69 times their workerís salary.


By 2007 Ė the year the credit crunch struck Ė it peaked at 161 times. Despite the recession and banking crisis, it has narrowed only modestly.


The scale of the pay packages is eye-watering, with most of the winners working in the finance industry.  (A:  Well, they canít lose, can they?  They can plunder you, pretend theyíre bankrupt and get rewarded for pretending theyíre bankrupt.  Money just didnít go to money heaven, someoneís got the key to it somewhere donít they?)


At Barclays, for example, 231 people scooped a total pay pot, including long-term incentive plans, of £554million.  (A:  Thatís not bad for 231 people.)  This is an average of £2.4million each. By comparison, a typical nurse is paid around £27,000.  (A:  Of course, she wonít get a job anyway because there ainít no one going, as they slash the national health service.)


The report comes after Sir Richard Lambert, former director general of the CBI business lobby group, warned bosses of big firms that they risked being Ďtreated as aliensí.  (A:  Well they pretty well are, with the lifestyles that the folk canít imagine how they live, actually, or even how they view the world.  Thatís what Bertrand Russell talked about.  He said, eventually through their special training, through special schools, very, very expensive schools, he says, there will be a separate, not just a class but theyíll be like a different species to the rest of the public, with their world views and how they view everything.  Thatís happened already.  A long time ago actually.)


The High Pay Commission was set up in November to look at pay in the private sector. A final report will be published this autumn.


Thatís just the world as itís going.  Most folk will be happy all the way through it, until they canít eat anymore, as long as the TV keeps going and they can play their computer games.  And Iím not kidding about that because Iíve seen that before. When they were bringing Britain down and everybody was just losing their jobs, all the factories were just closing down one after another.  Every day on the news for months and months and even years, every night, and once that news was finished along came the usual comedies and so on, things you were familiar with, so things must be all right.  Even when Britain surpassed Sweden with suicides.  And it was because of unemployment not because it was cloudy weather.   Anyway, Iíll put this link up too and all these links Iíll mention tonight on 


Thereís also one called...


Kansas City austerity / Jim Mosquera - St. Louis Investing Examiner / January 30, 2011

(A:  Thereís a whole bunch of links on it about the US compared to other countries.)


USA grows at 1.8%, UK only 0.5% 

(A:  Thatís because the UK doesnít build as many bombs, because the only thing they produce now in the States are bombs and drones apparently, as far as I can see.) 

Lanny Hobson / April 28, 2011.


Despite rising fuel prices and a decrease in consumer confidence in the USA it was able to post growth at 1.8% (A:  What do percentages mean anyway?  Where do they dream this stuff up, eh?  So Iíll not bother reading this stuff; itís just rubbish.  Anyway, hereís another part of this article though.  It says...)


Welfare and benefits now surpass all tax revenues taken in by the government

Kenneth Schortgen Jr / April 21, 2011.


At a time when the US government now borrows nearly half of the total money used to fund its annual budget (A:  Can you believe that the US, of all countries, is borrowing HALF, from private banks, of the same ones that crashed, right, of the total money used to fund its annual budget; thatís not paying off the debt, by the way, or anything like that.  A balanced budget means youíve paid the INTEREST for the year.  Anyway...), a new report shows welfare and benefit payments made to the American people has surpassed the total amount of...  (A:  ...what?  You can read the rest of it yourself.  But it doesnít mention the fact that most of your cash is going to fund military.  Itís a world war going on, you know.  What do you think a world war is, eh?  Look at all the countries that took part in World War I and World War II and the Korean War.  And you have a world war going on, on many fronts including the economic front as they bring you all, across the whole planet, into a new system.  And folk really donít get it.  They only see little bits of it.  They donít understand itís a world war, to change the world.  Itís a global society.  So Iíll put that link up too.)


I touched on this the other night too, but you see, the whole idea of bringing you into trading blocs is just incredibly damaging to individual countries, that sign on through treaties to merge together like they did in Europe.  Iíve read so many articles of what Britain pays and other countries pay in the European Union, as they all share the debt.  Even for a few countries going down they all have to cash in and pay off the debt.  But the incredible salaries that they get too, these highfalutin royal wannabes Ė thatís what they are really, the same types of mentality Ė that become politicians in the EU, most of them are appointed, by the way, because itís a nondemocratic system.  I mentioned one about that Baroness, the Baroness whoís never been elected to any position in her life, she was appointed to the high commission there.  She was getting £335,000 a year.  For what?  For creating consensus amongst politicians.  Thatís her job.  Anyway, the


EU WANTS (A:  Britain for instance...) US TO PAY ITS £60,000 PENSIONS (A:  ...for these politicians.) /  April 25,2011  / Sara Dixon


BRITISH taxpayers will have to stump up £170million to pay for an above-inflation increase (A:  So itís a pension increase.) to European Union staff pensions.


It will give the average retired official an income of over £60,000 a year.  (A:  Thatís not too bad, is it?  ...for doing nothing?  ...for politicians, too, that canít make laws because theyíre not allowed to make laws; they can dicker about laws but they canít change them or put forth laws.  Itís all done in secret in a high cabinet above them.)


Thereís only one solution to get out of the mess, and I think everyone really knows it.  Thereís only one solution... because these characters at the top that push for this are religious followers of a doctrine. Theyíre fanatics.  And I think you all know what it is too.


Now the IMF's Crisis-Management Challenge, this is by the Council on Foreign Relations.  Itís interesting.  The Council on Foreign Relations was the first place that Bill Clinton had to go with his Monica Lewinsky affair, or distraction I call it.  Not to the American people but to the CFR.  Thatís where the real people who ARE America run their country; everybody must belong to that club.  Iíve mentioned that documentary put out by them; itís a kind of a quasi-comical documentary called The American Ruling Class: America rules the world but who rules America?  ...put out the year before the bank crash when they were riding high.  They put it out themselves as a kind of how-you-get-through-life and the-club-that-you-must-join is the Council on Foreign Relations, to be anybody and rub shoulders with anybody whoís anybody.  If youíre not a somebody, youíre a nobody, and thatís really how it is, isnít it?  So hereís the CFR with the...


IMF's Crisis-Management Challenge

Interviewee:  Steven Dunaway, Adjunct Senior Fellow for International Economics, CFR

Interviewer:  Jonathan Masters, Associate Staff Writer, / May 16, 2011


The arrest of IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn on charges of sexual assault has cast doubts over the future of the IMF and its role in the European debt crisis and the global economic recovery. (A:  Now, weíll touch on this because itís very important you understand what the IMF is all about and what itís doing now.  Back after this break.)


Hi folks, weíre back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about the International Monetary Fund.  Youíve got to go through the histories of these organizations, this big umbrella under the United Nations that emerged at the end of World War II, to understand, really, what itís all about.  Because theyíre private; itís just a collection of bankers under a guise, one way or another.  And the IMF is supposed to come in when countries have defaulted on debts or theyíre broke because they were literally screwed out of everything by the guys they made the deals with, the big bankers, the international bankers.  Itís worked out that way and they know darn well these third world countries cannot pay these debts back even when they give them to them.  And how they work it is, the IMF comes in as the big sorter out of the problem, and generally they get another change of government and put in some dictator or tyrant, lower the standards of living, make sure thereís lots of unemployed peasants on the go, and then they bring in the big international corporations, free business for everybody, no wage controls and so on.  And thatís what they do. 


Under the guise of charity or helping, itís always been a big, big con.  I donít think thereís anything out there, honestly, after Iíve really looked over everything, that says itís actually what it is and it does what it says it does.  I really havenít found it, even The Red Cross, by the way.  You have to go into every organization to find out, under the charade of helping.† The IMF has a horrific history of plundering nations and causing utter misery wherever they go.  And again, itís based on this socialist idea, which is really the bankersí idea, of spending your way out of depression.  FDR was all for this idea and they were all going with the Keynesian ideas on economics; of course John Maynard Keynes himself, who brought in this system, this present system of money and borrowing and the IMF and all the rest of them.  He said that part 2 would come down the road, not in his lifetime.  Well, this is what youíre going through now, because the IMF, through all the bankruptcies in countries and nations, are demanding the right to go in and do the bookkeeping now of every individual EX-sovereign nation Ė I call them ex-sovereign nations because no one is really sovereign anymore.  Theyíve all signed their way into this deal through treaties, too many treaties. 


Anyway, this article here goes on about Dominique Strauss-Kahn, which is a blip on the screen because really these guys are all the same.  And when you understand when they meet at the big world meetings, and Iíve even read from mainstream articles when they bring out all the high-class hookers, male and female, young too, it doesnít matter because you see, with diplomatic immunity thereís a different set of rules for these characters.  And your own police eventually have to sort out the prostitutes for them Ė Iím not kidding, you pay for all this, for these characters.  They have to sort out who theyíre going to bring in and whoís clean and all the rest of it.  All for these characters, after theyíve wined and dined and smoked their big cigars, what they might fancy for the night, you know, and itís all on your tab by the way.  This is what weíre calling this democracy?  Whoís kidding who?  Arrggh... I wish folk really understood what theyíre living in.  Again, itís great how techniques are drummed into you through repetition and words and so on, until you really canít really see around it and see whatís behind it, and see what it really is. 


Anyway, heís too-big-to-fail, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, obviously.  Theyíll either give this woman, this present, this latest woman that heís gone after, the offer that she canít refuse, which actually is two offers.  You either accept this cash or something nasty happens.  Anyway, itís causing a bit of kafuffle and he wonít lose one way or another.  Heís got so many private businesses on the go, thatís why he was over in New York in the first place.  He gets first dibs at the country thatís going to fail next.  And heís got his own private cash stashed in banks that are lending to the countries.  So itís inside information. This is how it all works in the real world.  So it says...


The affair may have a significant impact on short-term EU/IMF negotiations, particularly talks over Greek debt, but it will not substantively affect the organization's long-term reputation (A: a mass plunderer of the planet; I added that part on), says CFR's Steven Dunaway. This is a personal crisis, not an institutional problem, says Dunaway (A:  Theyíre all the same.  I added that part too.† I like adding parts to it just to let you get the message, because theyíre all plunderers.), but it may weaken the ability of Europeans pushing for a continental replacement should Strauss-Kahn resign. Dunaway asserts that "in order to avoid concerns over favoritism, it might benefit the Europeans not to have one of their own in this position."  (A:  I donít know where theyíll pick, maybe from Hong Kong or somewhere.  What does it matter?  Does it really matter at all where they pick them from?  Because you donít get up to that level without being an utterly ruthless, CLEVER psychopath.  You canít get up there without that.  Youíre competing with other ruthless psychopaths to get there.  I think a few years ago there was a book that came out, Is Your Boss a Psychopath?  I never read it because I know about psychopaths.  But these are the ones who get into top positions, and theyíre utterly ruthless.  And you know something about them too?  Itís like sexual perversion, they never change.  It doesnít matter how old they get, nothing declines; their ruthlessness and their perversions just persist, right to the bitter end.  And they canít leave the limelight because they love that kind of power they get over people.  They get off on it.  Itís a pretty heady thing, being pretty well untouchable.)


How large of a role has Strauss-Kahn played as the IMF chief over the past few years, particularly during the European debt crisis?  (A:  And I wonít read the rest of that rubbish because Iím sure theyíre just praising the guy for managing to put the countries under and getting part of the agenda through.  And the rest of it is just rubbish, because itís from the Council on Foreign Relations, the ones who said youíre going into a new feudal system. They had planned it a long time ago.  Back with more after this.)


Hi folks, weíre back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix and thereís a caller on the line, Dave from Colorado.  Are you there Dave?


Dave:  Good show, as usual.  I kind of wanted to comment on the banking situation and Strauss-Kahn.  I agree with what youíre saying.  I think this is another diversion because this could happen, this kind of situation happens all the time and it does.  And it could pop up in the news over and over again and the frank matter of it is, thereís nothing you can do about it because the system will continue. 


Alan:  Itíll continue and what they generally do is they give them a payoff, to the victim, as long as she retracts the statement, to keep his reputation nice and clean, once again.  Or else threaten her.  I mean, people are scared of this guy.  Even the French woman, too, the last one in France, whoís a reporter said that too, that he sends emails after he generally does his little work with them and says that, you know, youíre scared of me arenít you?  Which in itself is a threat.


Dave:  Right.  And thatís kind of a... how should I say it... a psychological ploy, because we shouldnít have to be afraid of these people.


Alan:  We shouldnít.   This is the whole thing with this reality.  We shouldnít be afraid of anything.  When people are afraid of their governments thereís something darned wrong somewhere.  My whole life long itís been like this, you know. 


Dave:  Yeah, I mean, people are afraid of making phone calls now.  And frankly, if youíre afraid of making phone calls then itís already over.  You shouldnít... donít worry about. 


Alan:  Absolutely.  I get people who will write to me, they wonít put their name on the letter; theyíre so scared.  And I think, what kind of world is this?  What kind of world...  Itís getting worse all the time.  And I think, what kind of world is this thatís coming around and people are already terrified to talk or speak. And meanwhile, mind you, the government has so much data on you that you canít sneak past them anyway; they know all about every one of us. 


Dave:  Yeah. Thereís no way of getting around it, folks.  I mean, not putting your name on a letter or not making a phone call is not going to make a difference either way because they can get you however way they want to.† Itís not about phone calls or emails.


Alan:  And not only that.  Every area, I read a report recently, it was a little bit of trivia, on Jack the Ripper.  And Scotland Yard in Britain still has the official secrets act on this case because it went right on up until the early 1900s.  What they donít want to disclose to the British public is that in London alone they had over 100,000 spies, paid people amongst the populations that gave back chatter to the cops.  And this is how theyíve always run the system.  And we do have them in our local areas; they donít want you to know that too. Theyíve had them here for years.  Every little village even has one or two in them, just like the Soviet Union was run.  So really, one way or another they know all about you.  [Alan laughing.]


Dave:  Oh, yeah.  Yes.  So folks, speak out because... or forever hold your peace.  Also, I wanted to ask you about the Vatican in terms of how does...  Do you know much about how the Vatican banking system works and how theyíre connected to The World Bank and the IMF? 


Alan:  Thatís an old relationship that theyíve had through that.  And youíve got to understand too, in Italy after World War II there was a group set up to make sure, because Italy was on the verge of going communist.  I mean, actually without this particular group it would have gone communist.  These characters, it was like a secret service.  They would even blow up things and blame it on the communists just to make people terrified of communism.  But they were involved in the Vatican bank.  That all came out, too, with the P2 lodge after one of their high members, actually the guy who ran the Vatican bank was found hung over a bridge in London, in a very Masonic fashion of course.  There have been some good documentaries put out about it, even from Italy itself, talking to his wife, the guy who was the Vatican banker, and lots of money had gone missing, millions and millions of dollars had gone missing into other areas which Iím sure were part of the secret service that kind of ran Italy, and still does run Italy today.


In God's Name: An Investigation Into the Murder of Pope John Paul I - David Yallop (Author)


God's Banker: An Account of the Life and Death of Roberto Calvi - Rupert Cornwell (Author)


But theyíve involved.  Of course, all the big banks at the top, you canít separate them all because they all lend to each other, you know, including the Rothschilds private bank.  Theyíre involved in it too, and Lazard Brothers, all the rest of them.  So itís difficult to separate them all from each other. Theyíre all in bed together. 


Dave:  So I guess, what, could you also tell me what are your thoughts about the whole idea of Vatican City being a religion, the only religion thatís considered a city-state within the United Nations?


Alan:  Itís an odd term too, state, isnít it? 


Dave:  Yeah, itís an odd term.


Alan:  Because everyone addresses and even Israel will address themselves as a state not a nation.  And of course, thatís how it was to be set up under this global governance system. Everyone was to be called a State according to the ones who set it up in the first place.  I think, really, as long as itís got a use for controlling millions of people theyíll leave it the way it is, because it still has a lot of power over the minds of people.  And some top players have actually said that, who arenít Catholics; they have said that they will need that, you know.  Theyíd love to do the same thing with the Muslim countries.  If people noticed recently, weíve been at war with nothing but Muslim countries for years now, and the UN is all for it.  Even though the UN charter and its treaties said that it will take in all the members at the time, they didnít have to be democratic or anything, there was no prejudice against different forms of government.  I mean, they had the Soviet Union in, too, at one time.  And now theyíve changed their minds.  Now theyíre only going to push democratic, democratic systems, what they call democratic across the world, or bomb you out of existence.  So itís a war on Islam, really.  Theyíd love, though, to get some high Muftis all together in a United Arab state system, and then bring in the liberalization of the system with democracy and the same parliamentary systems and borrowing from The World Bank, as we all do, and the IMF and all the rest of it.  Thatís really what they want to do with all the Islamic states. 


Dave:  Okay, and the last question; Iím sorry, I just want to pick your brain.  Does any of this all tie into what is called The Holy Grail, and what exactly is The Holy Grail?


Alan:  The Holy Grail has many levels, believe you me.  I call it The Holy Trail because itís a trail of different levels.  On one level, of course, the Holy Grail is the search, your own search, for yourself.  Itís your search for your soul.  Thatís your primary Holy Grail, the search for your own soul.  And of course, itís taken up, too, by a much, much older system; the Holy Grail is a much older story than the one that was given out as The Holy Grail.  Because every king, even a God for instance, had his cup bearer and a cup bearer is very, very important.  Even in Ireland thereís a special cup there; youíll read about it too in the Book of Kells, because eventually the cup they mention is in Ireland. 


Dave:  So what is the cup thatís mentioned in the Book of Kells, is it not the same chalice that Christ drank out of or is it different?


Alan:  Well, theyíll all say this.  Theyíll all say itís the same chalice that he drunk out of.  It also goes into... see, you understand, anything that happened in the past, a preexisting system of brotherhoods, will always take it over to their own advantage.  Itís done that so many times, even from the most ancient times right up to the present time. 


Dave:  Well okay, so what is it now, in the present?  What is the chalice now in the present time?


Alan:  Well, the chalice has kind of migrated into the New Age.  I think the IMF thinks it really is gold goblets, actually; they all use them at their big meetings and their world meetings.  The thing is, even in ancient times, or pre-Christian times, say, when brothers got together, you would go up, generally on the death of the brother, when his impending death was coming, it would be about the age of 33, for the 33rd degree you know.  And of course you always have 33 bones in the spine, and if you follow the spine upwards you come to Ďthe upper roomí which is the skull.  So the pre-wooden Holy Grail was literally the skull itself and thatís why they drunk out of a skull.  And in some of the Freemasons they still do it today, just for the hell of it I suppose, and it makes it more spooky, you know they love the spooky part to it as well, drinking out of a skull... as long as you donít pour it the wrong way or itíll pour out the eyeballs.  [Alan laughing.] 


Dave:  Yeah, you donít want to make a mess of things do you now?


Alan:  No, not over your nice little pinny that you wear, you know, and your nice white gloves.  You wonít make a mess of that. 


Dave:  Got to keep the gloves clean.


Alan:  Yes, absolutely.  Really, as I say, the search for your own soul is what itís all about and the connection to your soul, which means so much, for your connection to the deity, they say the deity itself.


Dave:  So basically what youíre saying is that we have our own deity and they have their own, and to them they have their own Holy Grail and we have ours. 


Alan:  They have more than that. They believe, see, under the sort of Gnostic teachings, which they go by, and thatís why they incorporate Hinduism and all the other ancient religions, theyíll incorporate parts of it, and theyíll also incorporate a lot of history, and so they always venerate Ďgreatí men as they call them, the ones who were conquerors, who ruled benevolently, like benevolent dictators.  And even to do with Solomon, ruling over a people, you know, so they try to emulate the ideas of Solomon, even though he had 300 wives, you know.  And thatís why too, that area was always into money and pharmacology because you see, in the ancient times, with all that dust floating around you get a brand new wife and sheíd say, not tonight dear I got a headache, so they really had to go into pharmacology in a big way.  Anyway, these guys literally have taken bits of all religions and bunged them all together and you become a God when you reach a certain level.  They believe that youíll get to God by breaking all the secrets of nature, which is science, and by becoming venerated above all men, and thatís why they love their ceremonies of veneration.  And you achieve a form of Godhood; youíve come as far as any human can come on the planet.  But within all of that they still have this idea of their own coming messiah one day, either made by man himself through science or by a supernatural means.  One or the other, it doesnít matter. 


Dave:  Okay, so, letís say the new world order comes into full fruition and therefore a new world religion will come into fruition, will that, will they want us to worship their God?


Alan:  People already are, in a sense.  See, you can worship a God... a God, remember, even in ancient times had many names. One God had many attributes, even in The Old Testament you have Jehovah and a whole bunch of names, and so did Ra and so did Osiris; these are all attributes of the God.  And so youíre already worshiping the greening whether you know it or not, you see.  Youíre worshipping austerity, living within nature as they call it, whether you know it or not.  And youíre going to become vegetarians whether you know it or not; itís being pushed from all angles.  And theyíve already said at the United Nations theyíll price meat out of sight, which theyíre already doing by the way, and they donít like all these cattle around giving off methane, etc, etc, etc.  Youíre already worshiping the deity or the attributes of the deity and eventually youíll have the deity brought forth at the right time, the actual deity itself, with all of its attributes when the time is right. 


Dave:  So is there any possible opposition to this?


Alan:  The opposition would have to come from people who...  Hereís the problem with people coming against a system like this.  Number one, they generally are oblivious of it.  Theyíre caught up in the regular media reports, you know. They canít see whatís behind it or whatís running the world.  They donít have eyes to see.  They see these big tables laid out and maybe one and a half trillion dollars spent for security and meals for the G20, but they canít see beyond that.  What are they actually looking at?  Youíre looking at a ceremony with its rituals.  Its pomp and its circumstance and its rituals, youíre seeing ancient rituals performed right in front of you.  The same with the Royal wedding, these are ancient rituals youíre watching and the people donít... they just wave flags and cheer them.  Itís like the peasants outside looking in the window and saying thank God someoneís eating well, Iím happy for them, you know.   Thatís how the public respond.  Youíre constantly shown rituals of a system, thatís not just coming into being, as Bush Sr. said.  Itís here, now.  Itís actually here now.  And the peasant now is looking through the window, which is now called a television box or a computer. 


Dave:  Okay.  So what if youíre one of the lucky few whoís able to recognize that you are observing a ritual going on?  Then what?


Alan:  Well then you must go on a higher search for yourself because you will not be able to change it.  When the mass of the people are unable to see or hear, really see what theyíre seeing and really hear what theyíre hearing, or even retain it, because itís ongoing.  Itís streamlined to them every day via TV or computer, all their updates, and theyíre adapting, as Darwin said, to every part of this new system.  And once youíve adapted itís easier to adapt to the next part and the next part and the next part.  The big kicker of course, across the world, was when people would give the children to security guards and be x-rayed and groped and all the rest of it, and their wives and themselves.  That was the big kicker to show you that there will be no resistance to it.  The resistance will only come when you have a rabble who are so damned poor and hungry theyíre simply rioting, and Iíve got articles from the big organizations who are talking about this coming and so on.  So thatís your problem with society, because at the moment you have a society thatís been given a little bit more goodies down through their lifetime than any previous generation:  cheap electronics, cheap news, cheap this, cheap that, cheap games and all the rest of it, lots of entertainment.  They have been subverted morally and spiritually, subverted, through all the movies and the games, etc, that theyíve been given.  The ancients said, and this is very true, that an immoral society cannot stand against anything.  They wonít stand together even and thatís where you are with whatís happened today.  Bezmenov said it very well, from the Soviet Union in the 1970s.  He says, then, by that time, the system of corruption had worked so well in the US that it was already over, because the people had adapted into corruption not knowing what corruption really was.  It was personal corruption.  When you give all your morality up to this new thing, because it titillates you, youíre now corrupt.  As I say, thatís why, really, rapes and things donít bother people anymore as they used to.  We used to be horrified.  I can remember when politicians, if they were caught at any kind of scandal would step down in shame.  That has never happened for the last 30-odd years. 


Dave:  No. I completely agree.  Iím just wondering how the individual, how itís possible for the individual to elevate himself above the group.


Alan:  I think you know when you arrive there.  When you know that when youíre in a group...  Now, all groups are controlled by a scientific technique.  And it happens naturally.  And then itís also managed from outside, but it happens naturally for us, through bonding.  And then it has its mandates, then you have tenets and now you know youíre just another group with tenets.  And you must agree with the group or youíre out.  Thatís group psychology.  Back with more after this.


Hi folks, weíre back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix and thereís Janet from London there; Iíll try and fit Janet in if sheís there.  Hello Janet?


Janet:  Yes, hello Alan.  Great to talk to you.  Iím originally from Derry in Northern Ireland.  I was just wondering what you make of the British Queenís visit to Ireland at this time.


Alan:  [Alan laughing.]  Well, itís an incredible rub in the face, isnít it?  in the age of austerity.  Sheís to be followed, by the way, by Obama; heís going over there too.  No kidding.  Heís claiming his great, great, great grandfather lived in a little county there.  But I know the Queen, too, is over there.  And theyíre literally scouring everybody, security.   The CIA and everybody is over there, with all this power, going through another country, to check out everybody and going around doors and everything, all for her visit to make sure sheís safe and happy and all the rest of it.  I mean, itís disgusting to watch this, a person with all this cash plundered, the plundering of centuries, coming into a country thatís known nothing but plunder under this particular rule.  [Alan laughing.]  Iím just astonished.


Janet:  What do you make of her laying a wreath at The Garden of Remembrance and wearing green?


Alan:  Well these characters, remember too, theyíll go through all kinds of rituals to try and gain favor with the few odd people here and there.† Itís such hypocrisy.  People always think of the Irish famine, and it wasnít really a famine, you know.  It was because the British government had agreed they needed Ireland as a breadbasket to feed mainly the British Commonwealth countries, where their troops were.  Iíve got so much history on all of this.  It was a forced starvation as they exported so much food out of the country, livestock and everything, it was just incredible.  Iíd love to see her talk about that; of course that wonít happen, ever.  Nothing astonishes me as these pageants go on and on and on and the media makes such great coverage of it, like she really cares, you know. 


Janet:  Yes.  And the official line is that the Irish people welcome her.  And I think unofficially thatís not the case.  My heart goes out to my people in Ireland and what theyíre going through.Theyíre a proud nation, you know, and itís very sad. 


Alan:  Yeah.  And literally theyíve been plundered from about the 1500s, literally plundered and never given a chance to ever achieve the goals that they could have achieved as a nation because of interference and domination.  Weíll never hear this come out of the mouths of these people who are at the top, the descendants of these crooks, you know.  And the horror that theyíve done down through the ages to these countries, that theyíve just sucked dry, just literally sucked dry.  People donít even know their histories.  People in Scotland donít even know that the Highland Clearances was a planned event to get all the highlanders out of there, that were always causing the English trouble.  And they put them all across the world.  They put them in boats, many of the boats sunk off the coast and were written about by relatives as they watched them all go down.  All the dirtiest, rottenest, cheapest boats that were obsolete and leaky were literally sinking off the coast.  And thousands and thousands of them went down that way. But they wanted to clear the highlands because Scotland was such a fiercely independent nation.  Thereís no such thing as a happy United Kingdom.  There never, ever, ever was.  It was all done by force and starvation and again, the force of money too, and crooks unfortunately. 


Janet:  Well, Alan, itís very good to hear someone saying it, telling it like it is. 


Alan:  Thatís how it really is.  Yeah.  That IS how is really is.


Janet:  Thanks for the work you do.  Weíre very grateful for that.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  Call again. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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