May 20th, 2011 (#837)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 20th, 2011:

The Way it Is, Just Big Biz:

"The Rich Man has Always Joined Organizations
Which Manipulate Nations Under Shady Relations,
Were They Self-Made These Pillars of Wealth,
Or Risen to Riches by Lodges of Stealth?
The Latter is True for Societies of Power,
Can Be Found in Old Rome or Round Babylon's Tower,
Power Allows No Free Competition,
Lackey Governments Make Licensing Decision,
Monopoly-Bribes-Secrecy, Works Very Well,
Media Hides Plundering as Peoples Bombed to Hell"
© Alan Watt May 20th, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė May 20th, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on May the 20th, 2011.  For newcomers, look into the website,, and youíll find lots and lots of audios for free download, where hopefully I can show you some shortcuts to understanding this big system that youíre born into, which we call the global society.  Itís got many different names, of course, New World Order.  Itís an ongoing process, really marked out in five, ten, fifteen, twenty, and fifty year periods.  Even a hundred year period for various things to be accomplished, and youíre simply living through the script, the big, big script, the big business plan.  And every major thing that happens, including the wars that are going on now, are all part of that.  They were set up an awful long time ago, many years ago, and it was a must-be as they call it.  On a certain date weíll hit these countries.  Weíll blame them for this and that and so on, and plunder their oil, etc., and then give them a thing called democracy thatís something to do with elastic bands, because it stretches with its meanings all the time from generation to generation, so help yourself to the audios.  Remember too, all those sites listed there on the .com site, have transcripts of a lot of the talks for download for free as well for print-up, and youíll find other languages too, for print up of the talks at  So, help yourself. 


And remember too, youíre the audience that bring me to you, so you can help me go onwards for a little while, by helping to buy the books and discs I have for sale at  And youíll find out how to do it there too, on the site.  From the US to Canada, you can use a personal check or an international postal money order.  You can also use, send cash, and you can use PayPal to order, using the donation button.  Just follow it up with an email, name, address, and order, and Iíll get it out to you.  Across the world, youíve got Western Union, Money Gram, and youíve also got PayPal again to order, using the donation button.  Remember too, straight donations are certainly, certainly appreciated, because things are getting awfully tight. Each time I go to the post office, the prices have gone up again, and so has this GST and Harmonized sales tax idea, thatís kind of like a Value Added Tax that they have in Canada now.  Itís gone up four or five times since they introduced it last, late last fall, just as the winter was coming on. 


And, I try, as I say, on this particular broadcast to show you some of the details or histories behind what you hear on the news, because your minds are shaped to perceive things in the way that your masters want you to perceive them, and it keeps you dull and stupid and living in the present, which means that youíre really believing the fact that countries just attack countries out of nowhere, and things happen suddenly, and it never dawns on you that big organizations, like the Council on Foreign Relations, have written books about the coming conflicts.  Theyíve been working on them for maybe twenty-five, fifty years or more, even with the time scales on them too, and the time scales are also for global amalgamation of different parts, of currencies, international currencies, under the IMF and so on.  Weíre living, literally, through a script.  And it gets awfully boring, once youíve read a lot of their books, and their own press releases, or their own magazines.  You get rather fed up, really, just going through all this nonsense, as the media attempt to try and persuade you that things are just becoming a crisis at this moment, over this particular thing, and nothing is further from the truth.  Nothing short of an asteroid hitting the planet, really, believe you me, even that theyíve tried to cover.  Nothing happens by chance in the world on any large scale, whatsoever.  Nothing, nothing whatsoever happens by chance.  Everything is expected by those who help plan them, and you must always be shaped to go through the world believing that everything is a big accident, and we just stumble down through time, politicians try and deal with the accidents as they happen.  And I hope I can break the spell of that nonsense by adding the other side of the story.  Back with more, after this. 


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix, and thereís someone on the phone from Scotland, so Iíll take it, since itís a long-distance call, very expensive.  Itís Adam.  Are you there, Adam?  Are you there?


Adam: Hi, Alan.† Basically, I thank you for what youíve been doing for us, and Iíve been a long-time listener, many years.  This is the first time Iíve called in.  And youíre actually one of the very few people on earth I can actually listen to.  And itís an absolute pleasure to speak to you, Alan.  Iíve actually, Iíve got some questions, if itís okay to ask.  One is to do, basically, as far as my research is concerned, the Big Boys, as we say, they seem to have been in control for a long, long time.  As far as Iím concerned the Rothschilds of America, the founding of America, basically, and they basically funded both sides of the American Civil War.


Alan: Thatís right.  They did.


Adam: Frankly, I donít understand.  It doesnít make any sense to me.  Why would they allow basically the American Constitution?


Alan: Iíll tell you what it was.  America was built with a mission.  And even in some Masonic writings, they talk about that.  It was built for a purpose.  And actually, in other writings too, they touch in more depth on why it was built.  It was built to be a shining, the knight on the shining white horse for the world.  They couldnít use Britain as an example to take to lead the world into this new type of world society, because Britain had plundered a good part of the planet.  Theyíd plundered their own people, you know, the ones who ruled it from London.  And they couldnít use France either, because that was colonizing all over the world too, or most of the countries of Europe.  So they had to create a brand new one that the public of the world wouldnít suspect, theyíd look up to as an example to try and follow.  And it was a good cover, a very good cover.  For a long time people really thought America was very different.  They did give Americans way more freedom than any other country, for a while.  If youíve noticed, theyíve taken it all away from them again.  But they built up the US to be a leader of this particular Revolutionary movement.  And you find too, Benjamin Franklin was also borrowing money from the Rothschilds of the French group.  They were funding the Civil War.  And at the same time as he was the diplomat or the foreign, he was a Kissinger of his day for America, he was over in London, heíd visit London during the American Revolutionary War, and heíd go to operas.  And no one ever bothered him.  Never stopped him.  Never said, oh, look who it is, weíll just keep him here, you know.  So, you know damn well by looking over history that there was a lot going on. 


America was to be a brand new nation with supposedly no nasty past, you see, that the other nations would follow.  And that was the idea of it.


Adam: Absolutely.  What Iíve been observing myself Alan, and Iíve listened to your show for many years and I think youíre fantastic, to be honest with you, Alan.  Youíre one of the very few people actually on Earth I can listen to right now, and thatís obviously not corrupt.  But also that confused me at the time because obviously the Big Boys are absolutely majorly involved in funding both sides in the Civil War, and obviously behind the creation of America, as you say.  That absolutely confused me at the time, that theyíd allow the American people to have what, not great freedom but more freedom generally than anyone else did.  Iím just very, very surprised that they actually allowed the American Constitution.† Obviously that was just a front.


Alan: It was a front, because literally, most of the guys, you know, who helped put that Constitution together were lawyers, and they were far better educated than guys are today.  They could read Latin and Greek and all the rest of it.  They knew the histories.  They knew the politics going back through the ages.  They knew the different systems, and thatís why they decided, they said theyíd pick on the Roman system, the ancient Roman system, and they called it the Senate and so on, and the White House, etc, copying Rome and a Republican form of government.  In reality too, they had a mission for America.  As I say, some Freemasons have written books on it.  Americaís Secret Destiny is one.  It was to lead the world into this whole new system.  Really, the US too, theyíve been given an incredible mind job to do with culture creation.  Because if you ever see the movie, itís called Hollywoodism: A Home of Their Own, the big makers of the Hollywood image makers admit, and youíll hear it from the top peopleís mouths, themselves, the families, the Warner Brothers, all those guys.  ďWe gave America their Culture.Ē  And they eradicated the reality of factory farms across the US.  They gave them the cowboy image, that everybody was a cowboy at one time, and thatís nonsense.  They had factory towns, just like Britain, with their own tokens that the boss gave you, and you had to spend it in the factory shop and pay your rent from it.  So, they have no idea of that.  The only real freedom the U.S. was given was between, a little bit between the two World Wars, and then they had the Great Depression, and after World War II, from about 1950 to about 1970, and then the economy started going down.  Thatís when they had their little heyday for being an American with more freedoms, rights, the cops left you alone, pretty well, and you could accumulate some cash and buy a home.  Now itís all gone.


Adam: Yeah.  Was that basically an illusion then for people outside the United States to think, oh, this is the place to go?† This is a free country, all of that was an illusion?† Was that just like an illusion for people to follow?


Alan: It pretty well is.  I was looking, if you look at the Wiki page for the amount of bureaucrats that the US had in 1912, and now compared to today, and how much of the gross domestic product they soak up with their pensions and their funds and this, itís just incredible.  Itís almost like the Soviet Union. 


Adam: Absolutely.  Certainly today, obviously, as far as Iím concerned, theyíre trying everything to destroy the American Constitution.


Alan: Yes, they are.


Adam: I think that seems to be the only kind of freedom any nation has got, isnít it?


Alan: Well, the thing is too, in Britain, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, remember that was started up by the Milner group and the Rhodes group, and they said theyíd build America up, and theyíd get a pan-American alliance, which weíre in now, by the way, you know, a pan-American alliance, with Britain.  And thatís why Britain always goes to war when the US goes to war.  We always go to war together. And that was part of that alliance.  Maggie Thatcher called it the special relationship we have.  And so, the idea was to...


Adam: She was also a person when she was out of power, actually saying there was a parallel government.


Alan: Thatís what she said.  And she mentioned, she actually mentioned that a few times in her talks.


Adam: Itís incredible.  I actually spoke to my friend today and told him about this, you know, and actually he was not even remotely interested.


Alan: Most folk are not, because theyíre dumbed down, and theyíre exactly what the masters want them to be.  And theyíve also made the choice.  They donít really want anything thatís, you see, a long time ago, Britain too have had the same treatment on our minds.  Bertrand Russell said back in the 30s, weíll give them a culture where theyíre ego-syntonic, and ego-centric.  They wonít want to hear bad news thatís negative.  Theyíll chase happy news, no matter how trivial it is, but theyíll avoid bad news.  And theyíve trained them to be like that, and thatís why they donít want to.  They have chosen not to know.


Adam: Absolutely.  Thatís the way it seems to be anyway, you know.  Obviously a lot of people today think that culture has just evolved naturally, but as soon as you look at the guys behind the scenes, the Big Boys are behind this.  They can create their own groups, as you say yourself, and they seem to be encouraging it.  People today think itís just some natural evolution, that thatís how human beings are.


Alan: Thereís nothing further from that at all.  Nothing further.


Adam: What I think myself, it seems an absolute certainty these guys have planned this a long time ago.


Alan: A long, long time ago.  They plan in centuries, literally centuries.  Right down, right down to when they said theyíd start degrading the culture, promoting promiscuity, single parent family homes, and then even the lesbian and homosexual marriages.  And they were talking about that, when theyíd introduce it, back in the 1950s for the guys in the CFR and so on.  They knew exactly the time table it would take to bring it all down.  And these are all planks of the Communist Manifesto.  And of course, you have all these other groups too, that came in from Germany; they flooded in, when Hitler came in, to escape.  And they set up their schools here, the Frankfurt School and so on, who had a lot to do with the creation of culture.  They still do, with all your entertainment; by the way, all those guys that you see, producers and writers, are all trained by the same Frankfurt School theology.


Adam: Thatís what I find the most significant, because most of my friends that I speak to today think that the way they are today, and they live for the weekend basically.  Everything is just looking forward to the weekend, to drink, party, and all the girls.  To me, Iíve actually asked them this question myself, and they seem to think thatís a natural evolution, that human beings are like that, naturally.† They actually compared it to animals, obviously animals wonít stick to the same partner though.


Alan: Well, thatís what they promote, of course, in psychology now, to try to validate it.  But itís not true at all, because you go into the most primitive cultures, and even that series I mentioned before, called The Tribe, or Tribes, the BBC series, it shows you every so-called primitive culture they went into, there was always a man and a woman, and their home or their hut, or whatever.  It was always a man and a woman, because thatís nature.  We are not like other animals.  Thereís even certain birds that stay together, you know, male and female, for life.  So no, this is the rubbish that theyíve been pumping into folkís heads, thinking youíre polygamous, basically.  And again, Julian Huxley also said too, at UNESCO, he said that we shall create a society, very promiscuous where they can basically rut like animals, as long as they donít actually bond together and stay together and have children.  They didnít want children.  So, weíre living in that stage now, you know.


Adam: It seems to be, Alan.  Obviously, you left Scotland, I donít know when it was, but Iím actually planning to leave Glasgow at the end of the year because itís dead, as far as Iím concerned, everyone is a zombie as far as Iím concerned.  Iím only twenty-six myself, and even friends who Iíve known my entire life have absolutely no interest, even capability it seems to me to understand anything thatís going on.† I actually tried to tell them.


Alan: Do you want to hold on until after the break there?  Thatís the music coming in, so hold on.


(Commercial Break)


Alan: Hi folks, weíre back.  And weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  And is Adam still on the line?


Adam: Hi, Alan.


Alan: Yes.  Youíre still there.  I was going to say to you, itís a good idea to get out while you can, because, really I get so much information coming in here about Scotland and the rest of Britain, and it really is not good.  Even today in the paper, one of the top politicians is saying that the British public still donít understand how bad itís going to get.  Itís been bad enough for the last forty years, so I mean, how bad do you want it.  Itís going to be more and more bureaucracy, going to the dole, getting cash, getting through all their layers and layers of departments.  I mean, who needs that?  Who needs a life like that?  You donít need that, no.


Adam: Alan, itís incredible.  Obviously, you left probably not early enough.  To be honest, you know, Iím only twenty-six and Iíve had it with this country to be honest with you, you know.  Even my friends who Iíve known for years, I tell them that all these parties, I can prove it, Alan, actually, Iíve got evidence to prove it as well, all these parties are controlled.  Thereís hundreds of guys above these parties.  Even after you say that to them, they still go back the next day and vote.  Itís just terrible.


Alan: I know.  I know.  Itís disgusting.


Adam: It doesnít matter what I say to them, they still vote.  They donít get it.  It doesnít matter what I say to them, or anything I do, they still vote.  Theyíre still buying into the same system thatís corrupt.


Alan: Yeah.  The same system.


Adam: Buying into the same system that the Big Boys at the top own.  Itís absolutely, itís incredible. 


Alan: It is.  And I call them the walking dead, because they are the perfectly conditioned.  Their conditioning has worked perfectly on them.  And you canít be around them, it drives you nuts.  And they donít want to hearÖ


Adam: Alan, itís terrible.  It really is terrible.† Iíve actually not watched the actual television for maybe four of five years.  I know itís just incredible.† I actually watched it a couple of days ago there, and itís almost like a circus.  It really is.


Alan: It is.  It is a circus.


Adam: Itís almost beyond belief. 


Alan: Yes, and itís getting degraded.


Adam: Mundane nonsense of the highest order, Alan.  Thereís actually fully-grown adults, forty and fifty, that tune into that and debate it.  They not only watch it, they actually talk about it the next day, as well, passionately talk about it.† They talk about the X-Factor, itís unbelievable.  Theyíre actually passionately debating who won on X-Factor, or what do you think of this guy on X-Factor?  Itís unbelievable. 


Alan: Yeah, they live in fantasy.


Adam: Not a single, independent thought in their entire brain.  


Alan: No, they donít.


Adam: Itís incredible.


Alan: And thatís perfect psychology thatís worked on them their whole lives long, and thatís the end result you see, right there.  And you canít beat that.  You canít beat it.  They enjoy it.  And theyíll continue for the rest of their lives just chatting about it.  So, youíve got to try and get out, as I say and make some kind of life in a country where itís not as bad yet, you know. 


Adam: Yeah, well, this is as bad as youíll probably get, to be honest with you, I canít imagine it being any worse, as far as naivety is involved, you know.  And itís not even, itís not a case of the people are unintelligent.  Itís not a case of that.  Itís just sheer ignorance.  Itís ignorance.  I mean, I know intelligent people who still buy into it.  Itís not just intelligence.  Itís actual, itís ignorance.† They donít understand.  No matter what you present them, evidence you present them, oh, this is absolute nonsense.  They still buy into it.  They laugh it away, they just, they donít get it.


Alan: Itís conditioned ignorance.  Itís conditioned into them.  And theyíll never believe that theyíre being lied to.  They want to believe the truth, you know.  And even though thereís no evidence that the truth has ever been there, or itís been real, or itís helped them in any way whatsoever, they still hope too things wonít get any worse.  Now, how bad can it get?  Itís bad enough as it is.  So you can imagine how bad itís going to get, you know.


Adam: Alan, as far as theyíre concerned, theyíre fine.  As long as they get a 50 pence wage increase on their wages every month, theyíre tidy.  I mean, they donít see the big picture.  I mean, they donít, as you said a couple of weeks ago, itís their selves theyíre interested in.  If it doesnít affect them personally, theyíre not interested.


Alan: Theyíre narcissistic.  Thatís what theyíve turned into. 


Adam: Alan, thatís the way it is in Glasgow, in Scotland as a whole.  Itís done, as far as Iím concerned.† I mean, as far as I can see, itís done.


Alan: Itís done.


Adam: Thereís no hope, as far as I can see.


Alan: Well, personally, I think youíre right.  I think youíre right.  They havenít even woken up that they just emerged into a European Union, which nobody wanted.  And now youíve got this super-Soviet system lording over you, thatís already told you that theyíre going to demand more billions off you every year.  So, I mean, itís going to go up and up and up until youíre left with nothing.


Adam: Exactly.  Itís almost presented in the media as something you should do, theyíll accept it.  Theyíll accept it.  Iíve seen it personally, Alan.  I see it every single day.  It happens.  Itís incredible.  Absolutely incredible.  I must admit, Alan, itís a privilege speaking to you, and on your program, because youíre one of the very few people actually I can listen to.  I really enjoy your show. Itís not just your own radio station, itís also the other radio stations youíve been a guest on as well.† I just think youíre so knowledgeable, and youíre an extremely decent human being as well.  I know youíve had offers from the Big Boys, you know, and I know it would be very easy to take that.  Most people would.


Alan: I know they would.


Adam: Obviously, youíre a decent human being that just doesnít accept that.  You know, I think you should be very proud of yourself, Alan.


Alan: Well, you do what you can.  If you canít be true to yourself, you canít be true to anything.  And thatís it. 


Adam: Yeah, well, a lot of people.  A decent human being should be like yourself, but most people, they donít have the traits, they donít have decent human traits anymore.  It just seems to, it doesnít seem to be there anymore.  People donít have those traits anymore.  They sell out instantly.† I can see that every single day, Alan.  Iím only twenty-six from Glasgow, and I can see that.† But I think itís an absolute privilege Alan, to speak to you.  Obviously Iíve been listening to you for years.


Alan: Well, you hang in there and make your plans and get out when you can. 


Adam: Yeah.  Alan, you did the right leaving years ago.  Iím only leaving now, but you left years ago.  You obviously seen it before everybody else.


Alan: I did.  I saw it.


Adam: As far as Iím concerned, Alan, itís finished.  This country is finished.


Alan: Yeah, it is.


Adam: I mean, thereís no hope.  I know a lot of people like to think thereís always is hope.  I donít think there is hope.


Alan: Thereís not.  Youíre living through a script there and itís going to get worse.  So, get out while you can.  Thanks for calling and call again.


Adam: Thanks.


Alan: Back after this break.


(Commercial break)


Alan: Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And thereís Jesse from New York on the phone too.  Are you there Jesse?


Jesse: Yeah, Iím here.


Alan: Yes, go ahead.


Jesse: Thanks for taking my call.  I just wanted to tell you.  I was watching a documentary about Las Vegas the other night, and they were going on about all the casinos, and how the casinos had so many backups, about their power, and about how the greatest sin would be for the casino to run out of power and shut down.  But then, at the same time, I think about Fukushima, and how the money junkies didnít even care if the thing went out of power, and God forbid, the backup generators went out, and the whole thing like ruined the Earth.  Like, itís amazing.  Do you have any comments about that?


Alan: Well, the casinos, we know how they run.  Thereís been some excellent documentaries on them, and how they have multiple systems in place too, so the house never loses.  One of the best ones I saw was a movie called Casino, in fact, and it goes through, how all, everything is really rigged, etc, etc.


Jesse: But itís not even, itís not even about the money, itís about the fact that the whole, the casino could never close down, because if it closed down then the money junkies couldnít be making money.  Do you understand what Iím saying, but then, but then in a nuclear facility, where if it shut down and if it went critical, like the whole world would be in trouble.  Itís not a big deal, because theyíre not making money off of it.  Itís amazing. 


Alan: Well, theyíve gone to an awful lot of length to try and cover up, of course, what happened at Fukushima.  Weíre still hearing nonsense about them trying to still cool the different reactors and so on, as theyíre still melting down, of course.  But, youíre right too.  You have this atomic agency, worldwide, they donít want to see bad news coming out of any of them, because thereís so much money tied up in them too.  And power of any kind is power over people, not just the money itself.  And weíre all stuck on this thing called power.  And theyíve made sure, for a long time that this is the only power youíre going to get, is from nuclear energy.  So, they must cover themselves up as best they can, and pretend that everything is just hunky-dory and this mess that you see of the power plants is just a temporary little thing that will soon be fixed.  Power is power.  And we know too that General Electric is heavily involved in those plants, in fact they bought them from General Electric.  And we know the Mark 1s really were not even fit to start working.  The guys who designed them, in America, left before they were put up and installed.  They said they were not safe enough, so the actual designers said that themselves, and they quit, before they even built the first one.


Jesse: I totally agree, but if they were the ones designing the casinos, they couldnít ever shut down, because they wouldnít be making money.  You know, theyíd be fired.  But, because itís not that big a deal, itís just a nuclear power plant and itís no big deal.  Itís amazing to me.


Alan: The only thing is though, when one goes down, itís a message or itís a black mark against the whole nuclear industry, you see.  And thatís why worldwide, theyíre trying, theyíre giving them all the cover they can or covering it up as best they can, because theyíre really all in bed together as a massive worldwide industry.  And in fact, many of the shareholders too, in these private companies are the same shareholders across the world.  So, they canít let it go down or fail or come under too much criticism, either.


Jesse: Yeah.  GE is the same company that owns MSNBC and Comcast.  Itís all, theyíre all in bed together.


Alan: And the military-industrial complex.  Theyíre up there with Goldman Sachs and all the rest of them.


Jesse: Itís really amazing.  Itís hard to wrap your mind around. 


Alan: Well, this is globalism too, as they call it, globalism.  So, the big boys must stick together, because they own stuff across the whole planet now.  And again, itís the resources. 


Jesse: Itís an amazing excuse to get the Green Agenda through too.


Alan: Right on cue, too.  Thatís what even got me.  Itís right on cue, not too long after, really, the Copenhagen Agreements and so on, for Greening and solar and all the rest of it.  It was right on.  You couldnít have wished for a better thing happening for the Greenies.  It was their dream come true.  And of course, the same guys with the big shares in nuclear also have the big shares in getting the grants for wind and solar and all the rest of it.  Itís the same boys running both sides, you see.


Jesse: And of course, the second the earthquake hit, you know they knew that the nuclear power might get hurt, so they bet against it.  Itís all money.  It all ties back to money, right.


Alan: Money, absolutely.  Always.  Always, it doesnít matter whatís happening in the world, itís always to do with money.  Same with war.  War is to do with economic reasons, nothing to do with what they tell you.


Jesse: Yeah.  I mean, by the time they tell you it, itís already in place and itís already there.


Alan: Itís there.† And it was planned probably for years before they started.


Jesse: For years.  Tens of years, at least.


Alan: Thanks for calling.  And Iíll try the next.


Jesse: Thanks a lot.


Alan: Thereís Mike from Chicago there too.  Are you there Mike?


Mike: Yes, I am, Alan.† How are you doing?


Alan: Not too bad.


Mike: Alan Watt, it seems like the more educated you are, like the more degrees, like Bachelors degree, Masters degree, like those type of people I talk to, and I try to break, you know, get them out of their conditioning, it seems like, like itís almost impossible to get them out, but the more uneducated you are, I would say, like my cousin, heís been in and out of the prison system, and like it was so easy to break him out of conditioning.  Like he knew everything already.  He knew about the so-called New World Order.  He knew like the trick, like the prison-industrial complex, the military-industrial complex.  And I was like, I knew why, but people that they say are smart are actually dumb. 


Alan: Iíve actually read studies, I think last year, or the year before, from some of the big psychological institutes that help to brainwash us all.  They actually released a study, and they said, the more educated classes are the easiest to upgrade in their political correctness, you know, because they donít want to, no one wants to stand out from the group as being the odd one out.  Theyíre more adaptive, and theyíre more group orientated, and so whatever ridiculous nonsense is given to them as being politically correct, they will immediately all adapt at once.  So, they said the higher educated were easier, easier to control, and update with the political correctness and the agenda. 


Mike: I mean, and it doesnít help that they so far get paid the most, and well, not anymore, because as soon as they get out of college, they wonít be able to find a job, I mean decent.


Alan: Oh, Iíve got an article here today about the college scam and it shows you the incredible money theyíre paying into colleges.  Itís called the biggest scam.  And few of them get jobs, you know.


Mike: I mean, the only reason itís so much is because the government subsidizes the education, which means the colleges know that theyíre going to get paid.  The more people that actually go into it, like supply and demand.  The more people that need a supply, the price goes up instantly.  But I mean, I knew, I knew from the get-go what these, what my high-school councilors were doing and the guidance councilors.  They all wanted you to go to college and what not.  And I knew I couldnít pay for it, so I was like I might as well go to a decent community college or work.  And I feel like that system was much better for me, because, now I look at my peers and they like, they have at least $80,000, $100,000 in debt.  I mean, basically a mortgage.  They might as well have gotten a loan to buy, to start a business, you know.


Alan: Thatís right.


Mike: And I have a question, this about like history.  Do you know anything about the ancient Moors?  The Moors, like when they invaded Spain, and like I think around 710, Tyreek, and I heard about the Moors, that they, I think they, the Europeans, I think they got the technology to build the Cathedrals from the Moors, because of the Architecture.  Is that true?


Alan: Well, the Moors were way ahead with making the domes, the big high domes that you see, and far better in their construction methods as well.  So, thereís no doubt about that.  They were ahead of all that present-day type building.  Eventually even the Normans copied a lot of their styles too.


Mike: Why is that?  One reason, I was told, was that they were able to translate the ancient texts of the Greeks, and I guess the Egyptians. 


Alan: What it was actually, it was called the age of gathering intelligence, they called it.  Many of the high Moors, very rich men, it was traditional in those days, they would send emissaries across the whole world, literally, to Greece.  And their whole thing was to get all the information of the world, and intelligence of the world, and all the sciences and medicine, architecture, and all the different sciences, and they brought it back.  So, they were way ahead of all the other countries for centuries because of that, that particular age of intelligence.  And they spared no money.  They were so addicted to new things and new ideas that they just spent an awful lot of money with emissaries, across the whole world.  And right up until about the 1800s, in fact, into the early 1900s, most of the medicine they were using in the West all came from that Moorish period, even the surgery for cataracts came from that period too.


Mike: Well, Alan, what I find kind of weird is that at the same time that the Moors, you know, were very popular and a very rich culture, it was the same time that you had the Dark Ages.  And it was like night and day.  The Dark Ages then south of the Dark Ages youíd see advancing technology, and medicine, and youíd have libraries.  Youíve got Timbuktu, and all types, and not only that, do you think the Sassanids or the Black Nobility still had their hands within that culture, and do you think they just wanted to bring that culture up while they were reorganizing I guess?


Alan: Thereís no doubt that they were in amongst them, actually, in Spain especially.  We find out some of the high religious leaders of other religions were based in Spain at the same time and they thrived very well too.  And many of them moved out and became the moneylenders for the world, and they moved, of course.  Itís interesting.  I always think of ancient Phoenicia, and the Phoenicians, as I said, were really a Greek term for the Canaanites.  And they had fleets all over the world, and so on.  And they lent, they lent their fleets out to other countries sometimes, even their warships.  When the Knights Templars came along as well, and they had their big invasions of the Middle East, to go to the so-called Holy Land, they were now in Venice, basically, and they ran their projects from there.  And even Knights Templars had to hire ships from them too, because, again, theyíd never change their ways.  They were always moneylenders and ship owners and trade route runners and so on.  So, youíll see a common thread of these people down through history, going along with each new wave of armies that come along, or peoples that come along, but always profiting along the way, because they held commerce, trade, etc, and money, power, so they certainly were there in Spain at that time too.


Mike: But how come, how come the Moors, since they were so advanced, how come they did not, I guess, the Illuminati I might say, today.


Alan; Well thereís a branch of them that became the Hassassins as they call them.  Itís really a bastardization of ďhashish,Ē because, the Old Man of the Mountain, it was well-known, well written about, thereís a book called The Assassins, you should get a hold of it, it gives you the history, where even Omar Khayyam, his best friend was actually the founder of this particular sect.  And they would get young men, orphans, and they would bring them up high up in these mountain wonderful areas, in big palatial surroundings, give them an education.  They gave them hashish galore and women, if they wanted them too.  And they trained them to be emissaries, and then advisors to other people across different nations, and they ruled, really, like Kissinger types across different nations.  And yet, whenever they got the order, even twenty years from then, they would turn round and kill the guy they were working for, the person who was the lord of the area or whatever.  And everybody feared them.  They were terrified of them.  And then, of course, the Old Man in the Mountain, had it so well established by the 11th century and 12th centuries that the Knights Templars met them, and the Templars put on a jousting show to show them how superior they were, knocking guys off horses, and the Old Man in the Mountain says, if you think thatís power, watch this.  And he says to a hundred of his students, he says, walk over the edge of the cliff, and they all did.  And then he ordered another bunch, walk over the edge.  And the Knights Templars quickly got the message.  They could not fight people like this.  They eventually moved to Afghanistan at that time and still held sway for an awful long time.  And then we find again that the leaders went down to other countries around Jordan area and different places like that.  So, itís still on the go, yet, but thereís still a high Masonic order, they now call it a Masonic order, but they derive from the Hassasins, that particular group.


Mike: Like, do you think these people, like these people, you would never see these people.  Like, they have never put themselves up on TV or on the newspaper, like these are like the people, like, you could probably like walk, like see them on the street, but youíd never know that they had their hands in everything, like, because I always thought like the number one person in the Illuminati probably doesnít ever show his face.† And like I always thought about that.


Alan: Thereís an old saying.  Itís like they used it too, the bombs, for Japan in World War II.  It was Little Boy and Fat Man.  And they were going to have a third one called Lazy Boy.  And how it runs at the top, is that the true bosses do not work at all, so they donít ever have to appear in public.  And so theyíre the Lazy Boys, you see.  Theyíre also the Fat Men.  And the second Fat Man is the one who goes round the Lodges, they collect intelligence, keep it all together. Theyíre the little Fat Men.  Thatís what they call them.


Mike: Could they be like your next-door neighbor and youíd never know it?


Alan: They wouldnít live near you.  No, they do live in very luxurious surroundings in nice faraway places, generally.  (Chuckle)  Yeah.  Thanks for calling.  Iíll be back after this break.


(Commercial Break)


Alan: Hi, folks, weíre back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  And just to finish off, just a few stories.  One is about the US Treasury.  It says ďTreasury Prepares To Plunder Another $45 Billion From Retirement Funds As It Issues $110 Billion More Debt Next WeekĒ, and itís just going on and on and on, as they spend, spend, spend; Britainís exactly the same.  The same mess too, ďCost to UK of action in Libya 'reaches £100míĒ.  And it will be a lot more than that too.  And it says:


When the campaign began, Chancellor George Osborne said the cost of British involvement in Libya would be "modest" when compared to Afghanistan.


At the time, he estimated it would cost "in the order of tens of millions of pounds, not hundreds of millions".


Well, weíre into the hundreds of millions of pounds now.  And also two links Iím going to put up tonight are about the hedge funds now into the food markets and Goldman Sachs involved as well in this too, in the derivatives market, theyíre putting food up, in derivatives, betting on bad crops next year and all this stuff.  And of course, youíre global as well now, so thereís no protectionism and making sure that you feed your own people anymore.  The coming food crisis is going to be manipulated.  Iíll put these up.  Itís already been manipulated, actually.  Iíll put this up tonight, as well. 


And another one too on new weaponry too, which really talk about mimicking the human brain, the article is a bit misleading, itís from the electronics news, because the reality is to make folk confused on the battlefield, and even people in towns and cities.  They can alter your thought processes, put you off what you were thinking at all, into some other direction, or simply knock you out.  And Iíll put that link up as well.  But this is the world weíre in today.  Itís a global society.  Peasants are peasants the world over.  To the elite, they donít care if theyíre Chinese, British, American, Canadian, Australian, New Zealand, Indian, Chinese, or whatever.  Weíre in a global society and the elite have one big club, joined with China, the Chinese elite and the elite of India and elsewhere.  Thatís been done an awful long time ago, and really most people now are basically expendable.  Theyíve told us.  They told us theyíre bringing us into a post-consumer society, into an age of austerity, and then you get hammered with, ďoh, thereís just simply too many of you today.  We donít really need you anymore,Ē and of course, the coming food crisis, which the Council on Foreign Relations have been working on for the last fifteen years with a special think tank dedicated to it, long before they told you about this in the papers, they were already working on it, because they know what theyíre planning in the future, and the future always comes around.  Weíre in it now. 


And the food is going up and up and up, and disposable income, as Iíve said for years, would eventually go all to paying fees and taxes, just to stay, and basic things like food, just to stay alive.  It wonít be very good food either.  The stuff youíre eating now is generally junk from the supermarket.  Terrible stuff.  Thereís not enough to even keep you healthy, the way theyíve raised the animals and what theyíve fed them too, with their GMO.  And another article is about Monsanto, how the Food and Drug Administration have given Monsanto the go-ahead to be their own police, basically, and just turn the reports in and theyíll rubber-stamp them.  No independent investigations as to the poisoning of the plants, the soil, or anything else.  So, they want us simply to die off.  And of course, the Big Boys themselves, once you join the elite, you see, and you weasel your way up into them, they give you a little special card, so that you get access to the real food, that doesnít get radiated too, from stuff from outside.  Itís grown underneath different things, even underground, a lot of it too, or from special farms that donít use artificial anything whatsoever.  Thatís what itís all about.  And the rich and the poor, winners and losers in the coming New World Order.  Thatís what Jacques Attali said, and he should know, since he was one of the top guys in the United Nations.  Still is today. 


From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, itís Good Night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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US Treasury to Plunder More from Retirement Funds

Cost to UK of Libya Reaches 100 Million Pounds

Hedge Fund Corps. Buying up Farms

Goldman Sachs, Inflation and the Food Crisis

"New" Weapons System to Mimic Human Brain

US FDA to Allow Monsanto to do Own Environmental Impact Studies


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