May 24, 2011 (#839)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 24, 2011:

Born Losers Can't Be Choosers:

"First World Nations Broke, Some Selling Off the Land,
Will Emerging Nations Reciprocate, Lending Us a Hand?
Will They Freely Give Taxes to Us, as We Did for Them,
In Order We May Compete and Rise Back Up Again,
Or are Workers the World Over to Be Their Own Salvation,
Competing to the Bottom of New World Order Plantation,
The Canyon Between Rich and Poor is So Very Wide,
You'd Need a Bloody Telescope to See the Other Side,
Some Yogis Say Your Body is a Home Your Spirit Leased,
With Compound Interest You Will Pay Long After You're Deceased"
© Alan Watt May 24, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 24, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 24th of May 2011.  Newcomers should look into the web site  You’ll find hundreds and hundreds of audios for free download.  Hopefully you’ll find shortcuts to understanding this incredibly big system that overlays government, it overarches government in fact, all governments.  It’s to bring in a kind of world system.  Only even then it’s only going to be temporary as they bring populations down and so on.  We’re living through a big, big business plan, far reaching, and so were your parents and grandparents before you.  They didn’t know, either, what was really going on.  And even the major wars were all part of this too, of course, because you can find traces of them being planned in the late 1800s against Germany by the Milner Group that became the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  So anyway, help yourself to those particular audios.  Remember too, all the sites listed there have transcripts of a lot of the talks for download and print up and you can pass them around to your friends.  Remember too, you are the audience who bring me to you, so if you buy the books and disks that I have for sale at then hopefully I can squeak along a little bit longer.  And things are heating up, as you well know, as the whole world is in a turmoil of change.  Change is good they say but they don’t tell you what they really mean by change.  They know what they mean by change.  Academia used it for the latter part of the 20th century, the coming Century of Change.  This is when all the big plans that had been long laid would come into fruition and be forced upon the public across the whole globe.  You’re living through it now.  So buy the books and disks and so on.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember too, straight donations are certainly, really appreciated. 


As I say, we’re really, like generations before us, we’re kept in the dark.  You’ll find Francis Bacon at one point gave really a kind of a résumé to the king, King James, hoping to get a better job, very much like Machiavelli.  They wrote résumés basically to show them how wise and cunning they were.  The whole idea was to really govern without the public ever knowing what government was really, really all about and what they were really up to, and that has never, ever changed.  It’s always been the way of it.  In the past of course, people use to have enough at one time, when their food was taken from them in the old feudal system.  When too much food was taken from them they’d have the occasional rebellion or uprising.  They found that democracy’s much better because you end up voting the present bunch out to get, hopefully, a better bunch in; therefore you don’t rebel.  That’s why they gave you democracy – and that’s the mocking part; that’s why they’ve got ‘moc’ in there as well, in democracy.  We’re always being mocked it seems because the real world is vastly different, at least the one that’s portrayed by the media.  The real world is vastly different from their portrayal, and you’re living through, as I say, the greatest changes that’s ever been planned and being forced upon peoples across the world. They call it a pragmatic system they’re bringing in.  That means that all the old kowtowing or at least the platitudes they used to give us to being humane and humanity, they’re out the window.  They’re now being very utilitarian and very pragmatic, as they say, to do with all forms of what they call governance, global governance.  And they have their world managers.  This is the Era of World Managers.  It’s been here for quite some time, and you’ll find articles published on that in fact, the Era of World Managers.  You should look into it because they have plans for you.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix.  I can remember years ago the Foreign Affairs Magazine, which is the exoteric – it’s not the esoteric, but exoteric – magazine put out by the Council on Foreign Relations.  They do give you a lot of truth in it.  They’ll tell you what they’re doing next sometimes or big plans that they have. And they’re never wrong as to what they’re working on and what they want to achieve.  You always see that they achieve their goals.  It was many, many years ago they actually talked about running around the American Constitution.  It was just an old fogey that just kept standing up and they had to keep trying to go straight through it. And what the guy said, this reporter for the CFR, he says instead of attacking it in the old-fashioned way, head on, basically through the court systems and so on and Supreme Court, he said, we’ll have to go around it.  And that’s what they’ve done.  Again, another big superstructure of laws until it’s buried and superseded basically, in a sense, by all the new ones that they just build, like massive spider webs... layer upon layer upon layer of spider webs.  That’s the tricks that they use across the world in every country to get around constitutions.  When they’re caught at it, of course, they always deny it and they always come up with ‘conspiracy theory’, something which they put out themselves to mock people who catch on to what’s happening. 


I can remember in 2005 on Canadian television the Council on Foreign Relations came out, as its own spokesman basically – generally you’ll see Council on Foreign Relations members advising someone, little clips at the bottom of the TV news, but seldom did they ever come out as a group themselves speaking on their own behalf.  And they did this time.  It was about the signing of part of the integration for the North American Union.  They were all for it.  They drafted it up they said, and I think Mr Manning was the spokesman for Canada at that time; he used to be second in command of Canada, next to Martin at one point I think.  Anyway, they came out on their own and said this has got to be done and they said it was modeled along the European guidelines and how good it would be for Canada and so on, and so a big trading bloc that would compete with not only China but Europe as well.  Once that came out there was a bit of a murmur amongst Canadians – and it takes a lot to get Canadians murmuring about anything.  But they noticed the murmur and they started to quieten it down afterwards.  But the agreement was signed and they said at the time, and it was Bush and Paul Martin and Fox that signed it at that time at Waco I think it was.  They said they would be signing agreements up to 2010 and they’d be complete by 2010


Well they have been signing it every year; it’s just that they haven’t been telling the general public what they’re signing.  And they have a whole bunch of terms, very much like...  See, they use the same techniques, because they run the United Nations, but as the United Nations does itself.  Because the United Nations, when they were going on about sustainable development and Agenda 21, once the public caught on to what they were up to they kept changing the names of it. So it’s the same with the American Union.  There’s a whole bunch of different terms they use, but they all mean union basically because that is the whole plan.  Anyway, WikiLeaks came out with some of this stuff too.  This article here says...



WikiLeaks: 'North American Initiative' no 'theory'

'Most believe the incremental approach most appropriate at this time' / May 21, 2011 / Bob Unruh


A document posted online by WikiLeaks reveals there were strategy discussions regarding the adoption of a "North American Union" – called the North American Initiative in this case (Alan:  See, that’s how they... so many different terms for the same thing.) – at the ambassadorial level in the United States government.


The concept of a North American Union largely has been ridiculed by many in government and media. The Wikipedia entry on North American Union calls it a "theoretical economic union" that has "been the subject of various conspiracy theories." (A:   That’s Wikipedia, and of course they run Wikipedia.  Try to get something up there that they don’t want and it’s pulled off immediately.)


However, WND (A:  World Net Daily.) has built an extensive library of reports that document progress toward the idea . . .  (A:  Anyway, when you scroll down there it says...)


The WikiLeaks document (A:  Not Wikipedia, but WikiLeaks document...) was uncovered by investigators with Americans for Legal Immigration, and the organization reports they "appear to confirm an incremental and covert plan within the highest levels of the American and Canadian governments to accomplish deeper 'North American Integration,' while keeping most average citizens in the dark and bypassing the constitutions of the existing three sovereign nations of America, Canada and Mexico."


ALIPAC spokesman William Gheen told WND, "This is the smoking gun. This is not conjecture. This is a high-ranking member of the U.S. government who created this document."  (A:   Actually, it was a whole pile of them that worked on this, ALL from the Council on Foreign Relations, because they admitted on the 2005 TV broadcast that they drafted it up for the leaders to sign.  A private organization does this for all of you?  And they get what they want?)


The document, from "a secret 2005 U.S. embassy cable from Ottawa signed by then-Ambassador Paul Cellucci," states:


An incremental and pragmatic package of tasks for a new North American Initiative (NAI) will likely gain the most support among Canadian policymakers. Our research leads us to conclude that such a package should tackle both 'security' and 'prosperity' goals. (A:   And that’s how they were trying to sell it to the public.  Oh, security, oh, 9/11, oh... and prosperity, everybody loves that word, prosperity, right.)  This fits the recommendations of Canadian economists who have assessed the options for continental integration. While in principle many of them support more ambitious integration goals, like a customs union/single market and/or single currency, most believe the incremental approach is most appropriate at this time, and all agree that it helps pave the way to these goals if and when North Americans choose to pursue them.  (A:   So that was from the Ambassador, Paul Cellucci.)


In the document, released April 28, Cellucci "expounds upon a well researched and refined plan to mostly replace the existing borders of sovereign nations with some kind of privacy-invading biometric 'security perimeter,' where the borders of the nations will still stand, but information will be exchanged on all citizens in the nations, thus creating a super state law enforcement effort to manage security," according to ALIPAC. (A:   Well, that’s happened already.  We’ve had that for a few years.  That was announced on Canadian news maybe 2 or 3 years ago, maybe 4, that they were exchanging all data of all their citizens with each other, already.)


ALIPAC's report said, "The document specifically states that Cellucci and his fellow conspirators fear the U.S. could wake up and secure the borders against contagious diseases and terrorism. He points out that financial interests in Canada fear U.S. attempts to protect citizens from terrorism or pandemics and could interfere with some financial interests in Canada."


The document states:


Even with zero tariffs (A:  And that was part of the whole deal they mentioned in 2005, that they’d both share, the 3 countries would share all their incoming tariffs from abroad, import duties.), our land borders have strong commercial effects. Some of these effects are positive (such as law enforcement and data gathering), so our governments may always want to keep some kind of land border in place... The risk that business will be obstructed at the border by discretionary U.S. actions, such as measures to defend against terrorism or infectious disease, in addition to growing congestion, have become major risks to the economy, inhibiting investment in Canada.


According to ALIPAC, "Here we have a man who has sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America and the people who pay his exorbitant salary and expenses with their hard earned taxes and who is taking the side of financial interests that cannot be bothered by dead Americans killed by Mexican flu pandemics and other diseases, rampaging armies of illegal alien marauders, or the lethal terrorists among them."


The organization warned, "The document is very clear about moving slowly and incrementally and not attempting to arouse public suspicions by making a big move all at once."   (A:   ...the exact same technique they used with the European Union, folks, by the same people, the same organization.  And this goes on for quite a bit, this article here.  I’ll put it up at at the end of the broadcast.)


But it’s no simple maybe or anything like that.  It’s actually been integrating for quite some time on many different levels, and the public have been kept in the dark and that’s the intention of it.  One day you’ll wake up and it’ll be just like the European Union.  Suddenly you’ve got a parliament that’s all standing for you and away it goes.  Then you get your own little Rompuy character who will be a little dictator.   And there you are. 


Now, it’s quite interesting too, another deal that we’re doing, for years, worldwide actually, but it was set up in France where they all met, all the big bureaucrats and politicians from across the world. They worked for years to get a deal going where countries, through the World Trade Organization could come into any country and get deals. The deals they wanted coming in were no restrictions on pay for labor and stuff like that.  And any country who said no you’ve got to pay a minimum wage and so on, could be fined millions or billions, and the country who was complaining would definitely win.  That has happened too.  We find that this idea of outsourcing, as they call it.... Outsourcing initially, for America and Canada, meant that all your factories and your work went abroad.  It wasn’t just telecom and so on and Bell Canada and all the other services that you use.  It was also your factories that moved across the waters.  Your tax money, under the agreement that they signed, paid for the factories to move across.  It paid their whole expenses, and for setting up factories in China, and also paying any losses incurred that the company said they would lose during a 10-year period, and actually they could claim 10 years for losses and then make it another 10 years if they still were making losses, according to themselves. 


You find this whole thing’s going around in a circle because now that everybody else is getting poorer and the dollar’s becoming worth diddly-squat, you’re finding the same companies coming back here to outsource stuff back to us.  This says...


Chinese Company Eyes Idaho / Originally in The Idaho Statesman, 12/31/2010 / Rocky Barker


As economic power shifts to Asia, Idaho's location makes it a prime site for an industrial foothold.


A Chinese national company (A:  Remember, the national company, it’s the People’s Liberation Army, that owns it all supposedly, in this wonderful communist system.) is interested in developing a 10,000- to 30,000-acre technology zone for industry, retail centers and homes south of the Boise Airport.  (A:  I’ll touch on that when I come back from this break.)


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and just talking about how thing go around as now the countries that we’re still paying money to, they build hospitals and roads and so on, through the World Trade Organization, because China is still not classed as a first world country yet, even though they’re the biggest income earners as far as cash going back to them for all the produce they sell across the world.  We’re still paying to help them up on their feet so to speak, and it’s interesting, now they’re outsourcing to the US.  It says...


Officials of the China National Machinery Industry Corp. have broached the idea — based on a concept popular in China today — to city and state leaders.


They are also interested in helping build and finance a fertilizer plant near American Falls, an idea company officials returned to Idaho this month to pursue.  (A:  Anyway, so there’s China going to bring some work into the US, maybe; we’ll see who they employ.)


There’s also another article here.  It’s interesting, it’s an article from Britain.  It says...


British workers are lazy and unwilling to go the extra mile, says Indian billionaire steel chief as he axes 1,500 jobs from UK factories / Daily Mail Reporter / 21st May 2011


• Ratan Tata (A:  Ratan Tata... what a name, Ratan Tata...)  criticises staff at Corus and Jaguar Land Rover

• 1,200 jobs go in Scunthorpe and 300 on Teesside


The Indian head of an international steel company has branded British workers 'lazy' and 'unwilling to go the extra mile', a day after his firm announced the axeing of 1,500 staff.


Businessman Ratan Tata (A:  They should say to him ta-ta, you know, like good-bye forever, eh?) said British managers did not compare favourably with their Indian counterparts, blasting staff he had met at Corus and Jaguar Land Rover, two companies Tata bought in recent years.


His comments came after his steel giant firm Tata announced the cutting of 1,500 posts from its three UK factories in economically deprived areas of England.


The Indian firm said it was proposing to close or mothball part of its Scunthorpe plant, putting at risk 1,200 jobs, as well as cutting 300 jobs at its sites on Teesside.


In an interview, Mr Tata said: 'It's a work ethic issue. In my experience, in both Corus and JLR, nobody is willing to go the extra mile, nobody.'


He told The Times that he had found staff unwilling to participate in meetings after 5pm if they had a train to catch home, even if he had flown in from India.


And he said it was impossible to get hold of workers from either firm at the weekends, starting from 3.30pm on Friday.


He added that in India, 'if you are in a crisis, if it means working to midnight, you would do it.'   (A:  Well you see, that’s the difference between India and the civilized countries, you see, because they fought for years and years to get the proper hours of work and time off and all the rest of it, Mr Tata.  So ta-ta to you.  Anyway, that’s what you got there.)


And once again, outsourcing again.  Because everybody’s broke now.  Here are more jobs coming from India again to Britain from other companies.  And even in the US as well.  It says...


Is this a taste of the future? Outsourcing goes full circle as Indian firms look to the U.S. for cheap labour

(A:  So there’s China doing it and now you’ve got India doing it.) / Daily Mail Reporter / 23rd May 2011


It's a frustration experienced by most people when they've made phone calls to large companies.


An unfamiliar voice answers the phone in a call centre hundreds of miles away where cheap labour is commonplace.  (A:  That’s Mr Tata’s land.)


But in a reversal of fortunes it now appears that large Indian companies are actually now themselves outsourcing - to U.S. shores.


Large corporations that have boomed in India amid the country's nimble economy . . . (A:  Now, let’s explain this ‘nimble economy.’  You see, when the World Trade Organization decides – and they decide when they’re going to bring a country up from third world – massive money from all the countries across the world, the first world countries, is put into it.  That means tax money, folks.  And they have World Trade Organization meetings where people are invited to go in and invest and they tell them where they’re going to build up a country; the UN tells them which countries they’re going to build up.  That means they match them sometimes dollar for dollar for investments.  So they can’t lose, you understand.  So these countries are not pulling themselves up by the bootstraps.  On the contrary, your tax money from all the countries across the world, that are so-called first world, are bumped in there – big cash – to make sure that they cannot fail.  Anyway, to get back to this article here...)  


Large corporations that have boomed in India amid the country's nimble economy have been drawn to the U.S. where unemployment has soared.


Struggling residents desperate for work are paid between $12 and $14 a hour to be stationed in tiny cubicles for long shifts of telesales work.


Once the employees are established, many are offered the chance to be flown to India themselves - the same tactic Western countries have done in India.


Experts said that (A:  Who’s the experts, eh?) the phenomenon, which could become more widespread in the coming years, is partly due to Indian workers demanding higher wages and higher living standards.  (A:  That’s probably 2 Rupees a day, you know.)


'The U.S. became the fastest-growing location for us last year. We expect that to continue this year,' Genpact chief executive V.N. 'Tiger' Tyagarajan said.


Joseph Vafi, an analyst at Jefferies & Co. in San Francisco told the Washington Post: 'What you have going on in India are salary hikes. As these companies get larger and larger, it just makes sense for them to do some hiring in the States.'


The Indian economy - boosted by a savings culture of large cash deposits (A:  That’s what I was talking about, through the UN, your cash money, and the World Trade Organization, and the Overseas Development Corporations that’s part of your government.) - has boomed and is this year predicted to outpace China.


Businesses around the world have targeted India - part of the 'BRIC' [Brazil, Russia, India, China.] emerging economies - for their global expansion.  (A:  We’re doing the same thing in India and Brazil and a few other countries.  All your tax money is making it happen, folks.  Because as I say, when tax money is going to back dollar-for-dollar for investment, you can’t fail.  Can’t fail.  It won’t happen.  Plus you don’t have to pay any pollution taxes for like 20 years; burn anything you want, stuff like that.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, we’re back and we’re Cutting Through The Matrix, just talking about all this outsourcing and re-outsourcing and full-circle outsourcing stuff as they build countries up using your tax cash, through the United Nations, World Trade Organization, and a whole bunch of corporations that are attached to your governments, since World War II under the UN, where they use your money to invest in so-called third world countries and bring them up to a first world status, as you plummet of course.  And they get no penalties laid upon them for work ethics or how they treat their employees, etc.  That’s the wonderful system we’re in now.  We were talking about India now outsourcing and it says here...


Around nine per cent of the work force is now estimated to be unemployed in the U.S. Massive debts have also seen harsh spending cuts.


Indian companies had previously used call centres at home, or shipped large numbers of local workers to the U.S. to work cheaply.  (A:  And they are allowed to do that, you see, you know.  It’s quite amazing.  See, under the World Trade Organization at the United Nations and under the NAFTA agreement for North America, and under the European one too, it says there, that there’s to be no restrictions on the free movement of goods and labor.  And LABOR, you see, so they can bring in their own people and pay them cheaply in your country, that kind of stuff like that.)


But a crackdown on visas by the Government combined with optimism in India has meant that fewer people want to leave. For Indian companies, it is just as efficient to open offices in America, where there are daily queues of people willing to work.


There is also a growing trend that companies want to have workers based in the countries where organisations have large customer bases, or wish to expand into. 


(A:  It’s interesting too, on the same page here, it’s got, Who Outsources the Most Jobs to the US?  Well, that character I was just mentioning previously, you know, the man who made his money by working hard and being thrifty, Mr Tata, and born in the right caste system, is the guy.  And who had been an awful nice character obviously.  It says...




1. Tata Consultancy Services

Tata Consultancy Service is based in Mumbai and had a turnover of $8bn in 2011. They employ more than 200,000 worldwide with a significant number of those, believed to be around 15,000 based as outsourced jobs in the U.S.  (A:  He’s one of these guys who puts his own people, treat them like slaves and move them all over the world.  This is how it’s done... under this new wonderful system, where the hard working and thrifty get ahead, you know.  That kind of nonsense.)


Interesting too, as we’re all going down the tubes, that the...


UK 'to send helicopters to Libya' / Press Association / May 23, 2011


(A:  And of course, they’re way over budget that they’re talking about too, for new warfare gizmos and gadgets, stuff that kills folk.  Anyway it says...)


Britain and France are to deploy attack helicopters in Libya in an effort to break the stalemate in the conflict, France's defence minister has said.


There was no immediate confirmation of Gerard Longuet's claim from the Ministry of Defence, but a spokesman said that "all options are being looked at".


Any use of attack helicopters such as the RAF's Apaches, which can hit small targets in built-up areas - such as besieged city Misrata - would represent a significant stepping-up of international military operations. 


So there they go again.  As we’re all going down the tubes, they’ve got to make sure, and it’s nothing to do, remember... You’ve got to understand, the people who rule all of these countries I’m mentioning don’t care about the countries themselves.  They’re internationalists.  We’ve been run by internationalists for a long time that belong to a very exclusive club.  They have their big world plan and all this bombing across the Middle East and so on is all part of the agenda to standardize the world into their one system that they will own and control and rule over.  It’s as simple as that.  Meanwhile, they’ll use patriotism when it suits them, and get flags waving, and once the little wars are over you’ll hear nothing but we’re global now, we’re global now, all over the news.  [Alan laughing.]  ...back and forth like a yo-yo.  I’ve watched this for years.  It’s so amazing.  It always works too. 


Another thing you’ve got too, and you’ve had this for many, many years, and it was mentioned in fact, in The American Ruling Class, the CFR’s little kind of spoof they put out there, where they actually tell you a lot of truths about themselves in the Council on Foreign Relations, where they say, if you want to get ahead in America you must become a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, where you can at least rub shoulders with the ruling elite, the dominant minority.  In that actual video they tell you, in fact, that you’ve got to start off in public service or else in one of the big corporations, the banking corporations preferably, and sometimes ping-pong back between government and banking, to get up there, to be accepted by them.  This article I’m about to read now is from Britain again.


'Corruption risk' of ex-ministers walking straight into top jobs warns damning report / Jason Groves / 17th May 2011


(A:  That’s what they do, you see.  You go into government, you meet all the lobbyists and you make deals for them, and then you walk out and you get a golden handshake, from the lobbyists, for passing laws that help them, and then they give you a lucrative job with themselves.)


Weak rules policing the way former ministers take up lucrative jobs in the private sector put Britain at ‘high risk of corruption’ (A:  That’s about 100 years, 200 years too late.), a damning report warned yesterday.


The study criticises the cosy system that is supposed to monitor the so-called ‘revolving door’ between government and big business.


It claims the rules – which have allowed a string of lucrative jobs for former ministers (A:  That’s politicians.) such as Tony Blair and Peter Mandelson to be simply rubberstamped – are so lax that they ‘undermine trust in government’.  (A:  I didn’t think there was any trust left.)


In addition, it shows more than half of all leading civil servants now take up well-paid jobs in the private sector after leaving Whitehall.  (A:  Because they get lobbied too, by the way.  They do an awful lot of stuff that you never, ever hear of.)


The report, by the respected campaign group Transparency International, warns that only a lifetime ban on lobbying might be enough to ease public concerns about the way ministers and officials in ‘high risk’ areas such as defence and health move seamlessly into top jobs.  (A:  I think it would take an awful lot more than that, and that will never happen anyway.)


Chandrashekhar Krishnan, of Transparency International, said: ‘The revolving door between government and business is spinning out of control.


‘There have been far too many cases of officials moving between the two in circumstances which suggest a serious conflict of interest. This has created an environment in which corruption risks are high.  (A:  It’s exactly the same across the world, and the same in the US too.  I mean, the Food and Drug Administration is made up basically of guys that just left Monsanto and stuff like that, then they go back to Monsanto.  One woman, in fact, that was at the head of it at one point, had been back and forth 5 times between Monsanto and then back into the Food and Drug Administration.  Not a bad deal, eh?)


‘We need a more robust system with greater transparency and tighter rules which can be properly enforced.’  (A:  Oh, good luck.)


The study highlights a string of cases where former ministers and civil servants have taken jobs in industries they were previously in charge of.  (A:  And that means they were heavily lobbied, you see, and that’s why they end up getting awfully rich when they leave.  They get a whole bunch of jobs on the boards of directors of companies, and they don’t even have to attend, cash just rolls in.)


It says there are real risks that a senior official or minister might favour a company ‘with a view to ingratiating himself or herself with that company and thus opening up a path to future employment’.  (A:  Well, it’s ALWAYS been like that, always been like that.)


'Cabs for hire': Former transport secretary Stephen Byers, former health secretary Patricia Hewitt and former defence secretary Geoff Hoon were suspended from the Parliamentary Labour Party for 'bringing it into disrepute'.  (A:  For the same kind of stuff.)


The findings were welcomed last night by Labour MP Paul Flynn, a member of the Commons public administration committee. He said: ‘The system of policing the revolving door is a scandal that is potentially worse than the expenses scandal (A:  By God that was a scandal too.) – and certainly more damaging to the country.’


Under the existing rules, ministers and top civil servants have to notify the Advisory Committee on Business Appointments (Acoba) of any new jobs taken up within two years of leaving office.  (A:  Well, if they’re wise they’ll just do it 2 years and a day, you know.  That’s how lawyers do things isn’t it?)


So corruption’s the norm and it’s been like that for an awful long time because we live in a monetary system and money always corrupts and those who are the most corrupted run after the most money.  That’s why they get to the top, the psychopathic types, and they’re called successful, as I say, for being awfully thrifty and hard working.  In reality it’s because they’re utterly ruthless getting up to the top and there’s nothing too low for them to stoop to that they won’t do to benefit themselves.  Nothing.  Nothing at all.  Nothing.  Zilch. 


And then in this wonderful new world order too, in the Activist Post is says...


10 Ways We Are Being Tracked, Traced, and Databased

Are technological advances infringing on our right to privacy? / July 10, 2010 / July 10, 2010


The war on terror is a worldwide endeavor that has spurred massive investment into the global surveillance industry (A:  I remember in the 80s reading that as the world became more globalized and basically all one, if you like, and this is major media.  It said that the major war industries would have to turn to some kind of surveillance system at home in order to keep the profits up.  Well, that’s exactly what they’ve done with the War on Terror.) - which now seems to be becoming a war on "liberty and privacy."  Given all of the new monitoring technology being implemented, the uproar over warrantless wiretaps now seems moot.  High-tech, first-world countries are being tracked, traced, and databased, literally around every corner.  Governments, aided by private companies, are gathering a mountain of information on average citizens who so far seem willing to trade liberty for supposed security.  (A:  You understand, if you have no freedom you have no security.)  Here are just some of the ways the matrix of data is being collected:


GPS -- Global positioning chips are now appearing in everything from U.S. passports, cell phones, to cars.  More common uses include tracking employees, and for all forms of private investigation.  Apple recently announced they are collecting the precise location of iPhone users via GPS for public viewing in addition to spying on users in other ways.


Internet -- Internet browsers are recording your every move forming detailed cookies on your activities.  The NSA has been exposed as having cookies on their site that don't expire until 2035.  (A:  They’ll be kind of stale by then, eh.)  Major search engines know where you surfed last summer, and online purchases are databased, supposedly for advertising and customer service uses.  IP addresses are collected and even made public.  Controversial websites can be flagged internally by government sites, as well as re-routing all traffic to block sites the government wants to censor. It has now been fully admitted that social networks provide NO privacy to users, while technologies for real-time social network monitoring are already being used.  The Cybersecurity Act attempts to legalize the collection and exploitation of your personal information.  Apple's iPhone also has browsing data recorded and stored.  All of this despite the overwhelming opposition to cybersurveillance by citizens.  (A:  Well, you don’t count do you?)


RFID  -- Forget your credit cards which are meticulously tracked, or the membership cards for things so insignificant as movie rentals which require your SSN.  Everyone has Costco, CVS, grocery-chain cards, and a wallet or purse full of many more.  (A:  I don’t.)  RFID  "proximity cards" take tracking to a new level in uses ranging from loyalty cards, student ID, physical access, and computer network access.  Latest developments include an RFID powder developed by Hitachi, for which the multitude of uses are endless -- perhaps including tracking hard currency so we can't even keep cash undetected. (A:  Well, that’s the point of it all.)  (Also see microchips below).


Traffic cameras (A:  ...of course.) -- License plate recognition (A:  ...and so on.  And of course they’re even going to put the boxes they’re using in Europe in all the American cars too.  You probably have to pay for it yourself if it’s an older car, if it’s not brand new, where they can GPS track you all the time.) has been used to remotely automate duties of the traffic police in the United States, but have been proven to have dual use in England such as to mark activists under the Terrorism Act.  Perhaps the most common use will be to raise money and shore up budget deficits via traffic violations, but uses may descend to such "Big Brother" tactics as monitors telling pedestrians not to litter as talking cameras already do in the UK.


Computer cameras and microphones -- The fact that laptops -- contributed by taxpayers -- spied on public school children (at home) is outrageous.  Years ago Google began officially to use computer "audio fingerprinting" for advertising uses.  They have admitted to working with the NSA (A:  Well, you see, everything is outsourced from the NSA.  All these corporations that you’re using, the browsers and all the rest, it’s all NSA.  It’s one big happy spider web, one big family.   That’s all it is.), the premier surveillance network in the world.  Private communications companies already have been exposed routing communications to the NSA.  Now, keyword tools -- typed and spoken -- link to the global security matrix.


Public sound surveillance -- This technology has come a long way from only being able to detect gunshots in public areas, to now listening in to whispers for dangerous "keywords." This technology has been launched in Europe to "monitor conversations" to detect "verbal aggression" in public places.  Sound Intelligence is the manufacturer of technology to analyze speech, and their website touts how it can easily be integrated into other systems.  (A:  And it’s true, too, in Britain if you stand in a doorway and have a chat with someone those cameras can also, with these massive boom microphones they’ve got, very powerful, hear everything that you whisper.)


Biometrics -- The most popular biometric authentication scheme employed for the last few years has been Iris Recognition. The main applications are entry control, ATMs and Government programs. Recently, network companies and governments have utilized biometric authentication including fingerprint analysis, iris recognition, voice recognition, or combinations of these for use in National identification cards.


DNA -- Blood from babies has been taken for all people under the age of 38.  In England, DNA was sent to secret databases from routine heel prick tests.  Several reports have revealed covert Pentagon databases of DNA for "terrorists" and now DNA from all American citizens is databased. (A:  Why do you think that is?  They were doing that way before... actually in conjunction with the Human Genome Project, because you see, eugenics is a big part of this, at least you’ll find that it will be down the road.  [Alan chuckles.]  You will... you will be actually notified according to your status on the chart.) 


Microchips -- Microsoft's HealthVault and VeriMed partnership is to create RFID implantable microchips.  Microchips for tracking our precious pets is becoming commonplace and serves to condition us to accept putting them in our children in the future.  The FDA has already approved this technology for humans and is marketing it as a medical miracle, again for our safety.


Facial recognition -- Anonymity in public is over.  (A:  It’s been over for years actually, years and years and years.)  Admittedly used at Obama's campaign events, sporting events, and most recently at the G8/G20 protests in Canada. This technology is also harvesting data from Facebook images and surely will be tied into the street "traffic" cameras.  (A:  That’s already done.)


All of this is leading to Predictive Behavior Technology (A:  Well, as I’ve said before, you cannot have total tyranny, you see, without everyone being totally predictable.  To be predictable they must have all your ongoing data in real time, as you upload it to all over the world, and all your fake friends, your ‘sockpuppet friends’ they call them.)


Anyway, it’s just amazing.  And then it goes on to talk about how you’re being fleeced by the banks, 10 Ways You’re Being Fleeced by the BanksThat’s a good one to read as well; quite interesting.  But we all know what they’re up to... we’re part of your community.  Our bank is part of your community.  Costco is part of your community.  Your local burger place is part of your community.  [Alan laughing.]   It’s amazing how it works, isn’t it?  It’s amazing how it works on the public.  And sometimes you’ve got to understand that they have you down pat... down pat. 


Thousands robbed of pensions nest-egg:

Workers misled into giving up gold-plated schemes / Becky Barrow / 23rd May 2011


Britain is on the brink of a pensions mis-selling scandal, with thousands of workers robbed of their nest-egg, experts warned yesterday.  (A:  Everything’s experts now, eh?)


Pensions Minister Steve Webb said workers were being bribed into leaving their generous pension schemes for a cheaper alternative.


He fears many workers are being cruelly misled into switching out of their gold-plated pension with the lure of cash bribes.  (A:  It’s also fear too.  Oh, you’ll lose the job and so on and you won’t get a pension.)


One pensions expert told the Mail that workers were being ‘shafted’.


Be wary: Pensions Minister Steve Webb said 'incentivised transfer' gave workers a lump sum but lost them huge amounts of money in the long run.  (A:  What a wonderful world with all these innocent and decent and honest collar-and-tie guys at the top running our lives, isn’t it?  They’re so good to us.  Back with more after this.)


Hi folks, we’re back Cutting Through The Matrix and just to end off tonight, it’s interesting too, again, talking about the caste system, that’s why Britain gets on so well with India.  It’s almost identical systems of a caste system, really; you have the untouchables at the bottom and you have the high Brahmans at the top.  And of course, the Brahmans interbreed, etc, and everyone must stay in their own category.  This article here is about how British Royalty, royalty, not just British of course, all the relatives across Europe that run it all at one time.


British royalty dined on human flesh

(but don't worry it was 300 years ago) (A:  That’s all right then.  I feel better.) / Fiona Macrae / 21st May 2011


They have long been famed for their love of lavish banquets and rich recipes.  But what is less well known is that the British royals also had a taste for human flesh.  (A:  I guess that’s when the King actually said, I feel like a bit of pheasant tonight.  And the master sergeant, of course being deaf with all those cannons and stuff, says, oh I think he wants a peasant, you know.  And that’s what probably started it off.)


A new book on medicinal cannibalism has revealed that possibly as recently as the end of the 18th century British royalty swallowed parts of the human body.


The author adds that this was not a practice reserved for monarchs but was widespread among the well-to-do in Europe.


Even as they denounced the barbaric cannibals of the New World, they applied, drank, or wore powdered Egyptian mummy, human fat, flesh, bone, blood, brains and skin.  (A:  And that’s what they wore just to make themselves look... I don’t know what they wanted to look like.)


Moss taken from the skulls of dead soldiers was even used as a cure for nosebleeds, according to Dr Richard Sugg at Durham University.


Dr Sugg said: 'The human body has been widely used as a therapeutic agent with the most popular treatments involving flesh, bone or blood.


'Cannibalism was found not only in the New World, as often believed, but also in Europe.


'One thing we are rarely taught at school yet is evidenced in literary and historic texts of the time is this: James I refused corpse medicine; Charles II made his own corpse medicine; and Charles I was made into corpse medicine.


'Along with Charles II, eminent users or prescribers included Francis I, Elizabeth I's surgeon John Banister, Elizabeth Grey, Countess of Kent, Robert Boyle, Thomas Willis, William III, and Queen Mary.'


The history of medicinal cannibalism, Dr Sugg argues, raised a number of important social questions.


He said: 'Medicinal cannibalism used the formidable weight of European science, publishing, trade networks and educated theory.  (A:  That was the science of the time, no different than today in pharmacology.  It’s just the same, you know, big money behind it.  It must be true, they all say it.)


'Whilst corpse medicine has sometimes been presented as a medieval therapy, it was at its height during the social and scientific revolutions of early-modern Britain.  (A:  The Rothschilds, actually, imported mummies from all over the Egypt, thousands of them.  And they put them into these mixtures for all kinds of stuff, with a bit of opium added, you know, so it definitely did something for you.  And they also sold it to farmers who’d plow them into their fields to give them that magic growing quality.)


'It survived well into the 18th century, and amongst the poor it lingered stubbornly on into the time of Queen Victoria.


'Quite apart from the question of cannibalism, the sourcing of body parts now looks highly unethical to us.


'In the heyday of medicinal cannibalism bodies or bones were routinely taken from Egyptian tombs and European graveyards. Not only that, but some way into the eighteenth century one of the biggest imports from Ireland into Britain was human skulls.   (A:  That was for all the Masonic lodges across England.)


'Whether or not all this was worse than the modern black market in human organs is difficult to say.'  (A:  ... they say.)


So there you go.  There you go, eh.  It just shows you they’ve always been bloodsuckers. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, it’s good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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