May 25, 2011 (#840)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:


Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 25, 2011:

How Easily They Play Us, In This Age of Planned Chaos:

"Crisis and Terror Levels, All this Consternation,
We're in Training and Adapting to Behaviour Modification,
Keeping You Safe, The Oldest Play Used by Psychopaths,
There's a Big Club They Belong To, Brandy & Belly-Laughs,
So Easy to Re-Shape the World, Direct the Way it's Going,
Using Terror and Austerity On a Public Never Knowing,
The Big Club Owns the Banks, In Control of Media,
A Sci-Fi Weapons Arsenal, Tax-Funded via Academia,
There's Total War on Your Body, A War on Your Mind,
Courtesy of the Psycho Club, The Richest Inbred Kind"
© Alan Watt May 25, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 25, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on May the 25th 2011.  For newcomers, look into  Youíll find hundreds of audios there for download where I try to give you shortcuts to understanding this big system youíre born into, which really is a massive superstructure around the world, above all governments, tying them all together.  I try and show you the big organizations that really run the show, at least the ones that were known to us, the public at the bottom, and to show you where itís all going, how itís done, and so on, and what their goals are.  So help yourself to the audios.  Remember too, all the sites listed on the .com site have transcripts of a lot of the talks for print up in English and if you want transcripts in other languages go into for the variety offered; youíll see that listed also on the .com site.  So help yourselves, thereís a lot there to learn, an awful lot to learn actually.  Weíre still going through the biggest changes the worldís seen for an awful long time.  Remember too, Iím really dependent upon you the listeners to keep me going, so itís up to you the listeners to buy the books and disks I have for sale at  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember, straight donations are definitely well appreciated.  And I know itís getting bad across the world now because people really drop off.  Here and there in Europe they email to tell me just how things are going and how bad itís getting for them.  Lots of people are losing jobs and with the cost of living theyíre really scratching along. 


This is sign of the times.  Itís meant to go this way.  Itís planned austerity, just after the planned bank crash of course.  And weíre being trained like animals Ė itís basic animal training Ė that your disposable income wonít be spent on things you donít really need, but you want, anymore.  Your disposable income will all be going to the necessities of life.  Thatís what austerity is all about.  So everything will be high prices, fees, and high taxes for everything, just to get along.  That is the planned world that weíre going into now under the guise of oh my God weíre all broke and we have to all be poor


Itís amazing too, the UN keeps pumping out the same incredibly increasing statistics of the immense gap between the tiny minority of stinking rich people and the vast majority of dirt poor people and how itís always getting wider and wider and wider.  And now theyíre telling us, at the top, I think it is the top 1/10th of the 1% at the top are massively outdistancing all the rest of them behind them.  So you got to be in-the-know, you understand, to make money in this world.  Itís not a matter of going out there, like youíre trained at school, to grab the carrot and just make it all your own; unless youíve got good psychopathic traits and an ability to get on with the other psychopaths, which means being very manipulative of course, you arenít going to get very far in life at all.  Ordinary folk canít really do that because they donít like putting other people under on the way up, but itís no problem to the psychopath.  The whole system is a psychopathic system they have given to the rest of the normal people and they call it competition.  Weíre trained from school to compete, compete, compete and of course youíre living through the end product of it now. They donít need us all today.  Most folk will die of cancer.  We know that.  It was introduced a long time ago, but theyíre stepping it up with all their foods, etc.  Iíll talk about that later on in the broadcast tonight.  Back with more after these messages.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix.  You know, some people cannot fail, though.  I doesnít matter what they do in life, depending again on the status that you have in society and how many friends youíve got in high places.  Anyway, Strauss-Kahn of course, we all know about his little escapade that heís been accused of, which doesnít surprise me because that kind of stuff is the norm for these guys.  They generally are so well protected by other guys who clean up behind them, like Bill Clinton was of course, that it doesnít make the media.  He was caught apparently and now heís charged with rape.  It says...


Lawmakers Concerned About Ex-IMF Director's 'Golden Parachute' / Judson Berger / May 24, 2011


The former head of the International Monetary Fund accused of sexually assaulting a New York hotel maid will receive a $250,000 severance payment -- paid in part courtesy of the American taxpayer -- unless U.S. lawmakers can stop the "golden parachute" from landing in the French politician's bank account.  (Alan:  Now, thatís nothing to what heíll really get because this guy also will have his own private investments and being the head of the IMF he knows where to invest, because the IMF really is a big huge massive business under the United Nations.  They have annual conferences, sometimes biannual conferences. They tell all the people who come and who attend where to invest their money because the UN will be forcing all of us to invest our money into up-and-coming, emerging nations and they match it dollar for dollar, again, using your tax money.  So heís got his own little dibs on all of that.)


The IMF claims it has no discretion in the matter of Dominique Strauss-Khan, who was already pulling down nearly $500,000 (A:  And thatís not including his expenses.) as managing director when he resigned after being arrested in New York. The one-time severance, along with a much smaller annual pension, was part of his contract. 


But considering the heavy financial stake the United States has in the global lender, some lawmakers are trying to exert pressure on an organization that has come under increased scrutiny over how its vast international resources are being used. 


Well, itís just more corruption.  You have to really dig into the IMF and see what theyíre really up to because they have literally put in dictators across the world, and displaced others, and turned countries into military regimes, basically like weíre living under now across the first world countries under the guise of terror.  They then of course make the workers incredibly, give them incredibly low wages and then they invite all the big boys, the big international corporations, to come in with their businesses.  Thatís how the IMF operates.  Itís quite the story when you really dig into it.  Nothing is ever as it seems to be, especially when it pretends itís there to help people.  Nothing in this world is what it appears to be.


Also, we know all about the carrying on in Japan with Fukushima reactors, which are still melting down apparently Ė they say it will melt down for maybe a few years.  However, we know that the future world theyíre bringing into being will definitely be phasing out nuclear along the way and those countries with small populations, and very wealthy countries, will do it probably first.  Switzerland is going ahead being the first one.  It says...


Swiss officials: Let's close all our nuclear plants

Opposition leader says Japan crisis 'has entirely changed the energy debate' / The Associated Press / 5/25/2011


BERN, Switzerland ó The Swiss Cabinet on Wednesday called for the decommissioning of the country's five nuclear power reactors and new energy sources to replace them.  (A:  Now mind you, the Swiss have a lot of hydro powered ones, a lot of mountainous country and rivers and so on so theyíll probably just build more of them.)


The recommendation by the seven-member Federal Council will be debated in parliament, which is expected to make a final decision next month. If approved, the reactors would go offline between 2019 and 2034 (A:  Another long-term business plan, eh?) after they reach their average lifespan of 50 years, unless their use could be safely extended for a few more years. (A:  So they are the ones to kick it off and other countries will probably follow suit because after all, by the time they want to decommission these things thereíll be very few of us around really.  The idea is that we all die off around 2030 to 2050.)


I was wanting to talk tonight about behaviorism.  Behaviorism is one of the biggest tools used by the elite on us.  Of course, thatís why they allowed, really, deviant characters to experiment with babies and do terrible things that normally youíd be locked up for.  When you see these guys doing these things you know theyíre being protected by those who own the government. And I really mean that.  The governments are owned, and not by the people.  Because guys like BF Skinner, and others, and Simpson too, did incredible work, dropping babies on to tables and things and picking them up by the heels and dropping them again and terrifying them, to see if they could modify behavior and use Pavlovian responses to create fear responses, etc.  What they found too, and Skinner did put it out pretty well and clearly, he said that you alter peopleís behavior by altering anything in their environment.  This is the key to how youíre all being upgraded, yourselves, by technology. 


Anything, even the radio, when the radio was introduced that changed peopleís behavior; theyíd sit around and listen to shows every day, their favorite shows. The BBC was expert at that.  Right from the beginning theyíd give, they were the ones who discovered the serial, the daily serial, so youíd have to tune in the next day to find out how the hero managed to get back up on the cliff that he was hanging off of the night before.  So it changed your behavior and people would scramble around and hear it.  Then television took over.  They started with youngsters, the Saturday serials, to make sure theyíd tune in every Saturday, modifying everyoneís behavior.  Apart from the fact you mimic what you see, and itís a great tool for reconditioning you into political correctness and giving you ideas, which really are not yours at all but they will become your ideas because experts format this stuff to be put across in a certain way, that generally omits half of the rest of the truth. 


Now, since 9/11 weíve been living in police states pretty well across the world.  A police state is ideal, believe you me, for changing and altering peopleís behavior.  You can start off with cameras of course, and that also alters your behavior.  Everyone behaves differently when they know theyíre being watched all the time, than when theyíre being spontaneous and free. So it takes away that sense of freedom and spontaneity that you have walking along a street when cameras are there every 20 feet watching what youíre doing, facial recognition, and listening to what you say.  This is a disgusting thing to have foisted upon the world under a terrorist guise, but it is terrorism.  Itís terrorism by the state on the general public.  And as they build up this immense police state itís going to get worse and worse and worse, and it is getting worse, by the way, as the bully boys, you see, stop remembering that theyíre supposed to be police first and servants to the people, and employed by the people.  The message really is, itís loud and clear, that governments are not there to be responsible to the people.  Thatís the message loud and clear.  And most folk donít even think of it because theyíve already accepted that, that government is somehow the big boss.† Government is an idea.  Government is nothing but an idea and you must consent to it, and you must consent to whatever they do.  Well, whenís the last time that happened?  When has anybody listened to anything that you want?  Because weíre not living under any kind of democracy, you understand.  Not whatsoever.  Weíre being trained further into this fear-driven Pavlovian response trick.  The idea is to make us all incredibly subservient for the worst things that are designed and planned to come down in the near future, because they havenít stopped, believe you me, with austerity and poverty and all the rest of the things theyíre going to bring down.  They havenít stopped at all. 


Hereís an article here to show you how crazy it gets, and it does get crazier.  Youíll see incredible things over the next few years as all these special teams with all their toys, who are really just military forces with nothing to do, respond to ridiculous situations.  This article is from Britain. 


Operation kickabout: Two policemen, a patrol car, the force helicopter and thermal imaging equipment... all to find boy who kicked his ball into a greenhouse / Daily Mail Reporter / 26th May 2011 [article altered overnight, previously this...]


Heavy-handed police scrambled helicopter to hunt school boy whose soccer ball broke a greenhouse window and now he faces lifelong criminal record. 


Tom Clarke accidentally kicked a ball over a garden fence, smashing a window pane in a greenhouse.  (A: they sent off a helicopter.  They probably had big machine guns on it too, just like the ones you saw them mowing down those people in the Middle East that time and laughing about it.)


He faces a lifelong criminal record after a police helicopter and a riot van were scrambled to hunt him down when he accidentally kicked a football at a greenhouse.  (A:  Can you imagine the effect it has on a child?  Thatís what happens when youíre a child.  Everyoneís experienced it, kicking the balls around, going over someoneís fence and once in a blue moon somebodyís window would go.  Nobody sent out choppers and cops in riot vans after you.  Can you imagine the effect it would have on you, and the terror it would strike?  And thatís what itís meant to do, strike terror into everyone.)


Tom Clarke was horrified when he mis-kicked the ball and it looped over a garden fence and smashed a greenhouse window pane. 


Just 30 minutes later a police helicopter was spotted hovering above the house, using thermal imaging cameras to search for him. 


Two patrol cars and a riot van were also dispatched to search nearby gardens in Chalgrove, Oxfordshire on foot. 


A pair of uniformed officers eventually tracked Tom down and he apologized to the greenhouse owner.  (A:  Can you imagine?  They could have shot him.  Once these guys get their blood up, because all theyíre trained to do is hunt, hunt the masses, hunt the masses, you know, the poverty-stricken masses, then they see you all the same, it doesnít matter what age you are. And theyíre trigger-happy.)


Days later Thames Valley Police sent a letter to Tomís father telling him his son had accepted responsibility for criminal damage.  (A:  [Alan chuckles.])


The incident is not a conviction but would be informally recorded for future reference and could count against him by future employers carrying out enhanced CRB checks.  (A:  Your background checks.  Donít be a boy... in this world. They donít like boys anymore.  They donít like them at all.  Donít climb trees. Donít fall out of trees. Donít do anything that boys do.  Donít speak out at school, theyíll drug you.  The message is loud and clear.  Loud and clear.  God help us all.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about behavior modification, because thatís what it is.  You see, you didnít have cameras and you didnít have helicopters hovering over smashed greenhouses and stuff like that when I was young.  If they were, you literally just wouldnít go out; youíd stay inside and be terrified to go out, because it creates terror in the public and thatís what itís intended to do.  Thatís what you do.  You put black-clad uniformed characters with machine guns outside and cameras to change your behavior and make you timid and frightened, and yes massa; thatís what you learn to say very quickly.  Thatís what itís about. 


Now, the same idea here as the TSA in the US. 


Transport police get green light to carry (A:  ...itís submachine guns...) guns on trains and Tubes in response to 'terrorism threat' 

(A:  This is in the UK.  Again, more terror for the public.  Put something in their environment which wasnít there before and they will adapt and change to it.  This is what Iím trying to tell you.) / By Daily Mail Reporter / 25th May 2011


Armed teams of British Transport Police are to patrol the railways and London Underground to counter the terrorist threat - currently at its second highest level.  (A:  Utter tripe!  Tripe and rubbish!  Tripe and tripe and rubbish.  ...second highest level... even all these levels, you see, are part of your training of fear.  Thatís what itís all about.)


Until now BTP officers have not carried weapons but today Transport Secretary Philip Hammond announced that the force would have its own armed capability.


He said armed BTP officers would be 'deployed as appropriate in response to the terrorism threat level at any given time'.


Armed police are already a regular sight at airports across the UK.


Armed police from other forces sometimes patrol stations and trains and the current threat level is severe meaning an attack is 'highly likely'.  (A:  Yeah, yeah... wolf, wolf, wolf.  Anyway, thatís where itís going with all of this.  Training you, training the public, putting something in your environment that was not there before, because who feels comfortable around these creeps?  Hmm?  Who?  Who feels comfortable around these creeps?)


Now, Iíll also put up a link tonight on YouTube and youíll hear one of these characters, one of these creeps talk about it and how, well I guess you know we probably need it and blah, blah, blah... as he rationalizes his job.  


Militarisation of British Transport Police (24May11) -

Talking about, I was going to say Genghis Khan, but itís Strauss-Kahn again, and how they get all their payoffs from other ways.  And heíll probably get off with what heís doing anyway, or his charge, and heíll get boosted up to be head of The World Bank or something like that because theyíll always look after their own at the top.  This is an article thatís kind of a repeat of previous studies that have been done in Britain and the US, because itís the same across the rest of the world.


Members of Congress Get Abnormally High Returns From Their Stocks / 05/25/11


Members of the House of Representatives considerably outperform the stock market in their personal investments, according to a new academic study. 


Four university researchers examined 16,000 common stock transactions made by approximately 300 House representatives from 1985 to 2001, and found what they call "significant positive abnormal returns," (A:  Theyíre just lucky.) with portfolios based on congressional trades beating the market by about 6 percent annually.


What's their secret? The report speculates, but does not conclude, it could have something to do with the ability members of Congress have to trade on non-public information or to vote their own pocketbooks -- or both. (A:  Itís called insider knowledge, right.)


A study of senators by the same team of researchers five years ago found members of the higher chamber even better at beating the market -- outperforming it by about 10 percent, an amount the academics said was "both economically large and statistically significant."


"Being one of 435, as opposed to one of 100, is likely to result in a significant dilution of power relative to members of the Senate," the researchers wrote.


The researchers, Alan J. Ziobrowski of Georgia State University, James W. Boyd of Lindenwood University, Ping Cheng of Florida Atlantic University and Brigitte J. Ziobrowski of Augusta State University, noted that the circumstances are ripe for abuse.  (A:  Well, theyíve been abusing it all along, eh.  Itís insider knowledge.  I can remember even Maggie Thatcher, her husband Dennis, little Dennis, I think he was a real estate lawyer and it just so happened at that time they were building all these underground shelters, for the big bombing that never came of course, all across Britain and right up into Scotland even, right around Loch Lomond.  Dennis just happened to get the word, before anybody else did and heíd buy up the land and then the government would ask for it, at 10 times the price, and thatís how they made their extra cash.  You know, inside knowledge.  This is pretty common stuff.)


At the same time, House rules don't require them to divest themselves of common stocks when they assume office, don't prevent them from trading freely while in office -- and don't require them to recuse themselves from votes that could affect their own interests.


The House ethics manual (A:  ...which probably nobodyís read.) clearly states that "all Members, officers, and employees are prohibited from improperly using their official positions for personal gain" (A:  [Alan laughing.] Theyíd all be out the door, eh, if that was the case.) and members must disclose their holdings annually.  (A:  So thatís enough of that tripe there, because thatís how it is, really.  Itís tripe, isnít it?  We all know whatís going on.  We all know whatís going on because itís always been that way.  Always.  Always been that way.)


Now, I mentioned the other day too, from the Activist Post, about surveillance and thereís another article too, about...


How Close Are We to a Nano-based Surveillance State? / Feb 21, 2011 / Michael Edwards


In the span of just three years, we have seen drone surveillance become openly operational on American soil.  (A:  Itís going across Canada too, by the way, the borders.)


In 2007, Texas reporters first filmed a predator drone test being conducted by the local police department in tandem with Homeland Security.  (A:  Iíll read some of the rest of this article when I come back after this break.)


Hi folks, weíre back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix and it is a matrix indeed but you can punch your way through it and find out whatís really happening and know where itís all going and know where not to go to perhaps.  Anyway, talking about predator drones and, again, more training, something in the sky, something else that didnít exist before in your environment and your behavior will be modified.  And thatís the whole technique being used to train the public for all the bad times that are planned to come.  It says...


And in 2009, it was revealed that an operation was underway to use predator drones inland over major cities, far from "border control" functions.  This year it has been announced that not only will drone operations fly over the Mexican border, but the United States and Canada are partnering to cover 900 miles of the northern border as well.  (A:  And thatís rubbish, folks, because theyíve already had them flying inland, way beyond the border; from the US as well, theyíre flying them from the Great Lakes too, from boats.)


Now that the precedent has been set to employ drones over non-combat areas, the military is further revealing the technology of miniaturization that they currently have at their disposal.  As drone expert, P.W. Singer said, "At this point, it doesn't really matter if you are against the technology, because it's coming." (A:  And thatís how they talk to you now, isnít it?  With your tax money thatís paying for it all.  [Alan chuckles.]) According to Singer, "The miniaturization of drones is where it really gets interesting.  You can use these things anywhere, put them anyplace, and the target will never even know they're being watched.(A:  Well, guess who are all the targets?  Hmm?)


So what exactly is on the horizon?


The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) funds military tech development through the private sector with defense contractors such as Lockheed Martin, Boeing, and Honeywell.  It was Honeywell that introduced the T-Hawk micro drone -- now purchased by Miami-Dade county for use in the metro area -- which weighs all of 16 pounds and can fly in any direction.  However, this is not so "micro" compared to the latest spy drone to be revealed: the Nano Hummingbird, produced by AeroVironment. The video below illustrates the capabilities of this 19g vehicle:  (A:  So you can actually watch the video yourself.)


This mimicking of nature heralds a range of science fiction nightmare scenarios, but the name of this vehicle, "nano", is what should spark a red alert.  Because, in fact, DARPA and their contractors are working on true nano surveillance that will have biological components . . . and applications.


Here are some surveillance and detection concepts already in operation, or under development (keeping in mind that what is revealed in the public domain is often quite far behind the reality):  (A:  Iíd say very, very far behind the reality.)


A group of smaller surveillance drones called NAV (nano air vehicles) or MAV (micro air vehicles) already have been commissioned:  mapleseed drones; sparrow drones by 2015, dragonfly drones to fly in swarms by 2030 (A:  I guess thatís to pick up all the carcasses when weíre dying off of starvation.), and eventually a housefly drone.  (A:  Oh, thatíll be good for carrying disease.)  And if the reconstruction of nature doesn't pan out, nature itself can be hijacked using electrical impulses to create cyborg surveillance insects being studied at major universities.  (A:  Courtesy, once again, of grants from your tax money.)


Nano sensors for use in agriculture that measure crops and environmental conditions.  (A:  Thatíll be to make sure thereís enough pesticides in them to kill you.)


Bomb-sniffing plants using rewired DNA to detect explosives and biological agents. 


"Smart Dust" motes that wirelessly transmit data on temperature, light, and movement (this can also be used in currency to track cash).


Nano-based RFID barcodes that can be embedded into any material for tracking of all products . . . and people.


Devices to detect molecules, enzymes, proteins and genetic markers -- opening up the door for race-specific bioweapons (A:  Thatís a big deal, this, by the way.  Theyíve already got the list of races they want to bump off.), as mentioned in the Project For a New American Century's policy paper Rebuilding America's Defenses.


There are countless ways that we are already tracked in our daily lives, which has acclimatized us to the next steps underway.  (A:  You are being trained by all these things in your environment.  And this goes on quite a bit so you should read this article for yourselves.  Itís quite a good bit of data to absorb.)


Alan:  Now, Iíll go to the phones and thereís Willis hanging on there from Idaho.  Are you there Willis?


Willis:  I am, Alan.  All I can say about those drones is, I was born with a shotgun in my hand.  Iíve shot more pheasants with one hand than most people have ever seen.  I surely hope I get a chance to take one of those out.  I really... I do.  I think about it a lot.  I just canít wait to see one.  But the reason that Iím calling is I just was super impressed to tell you that your work is so important and what you do is so important.  Iíve been doing this for 20 years myself trying to wake people up.  We have those moments and those days when we ask why are we doing this and what are we doing?  I just want to tell you that what you do is so important.  It inspires us to keep going.  And when you have those down days, please keep it up.  Please, when youíre thinking, you know, you get down in the dumps and whatever, STAY... stay brother, stay.  We love ya.  Youíre so important and thank you, from all of us, for what you do.


Alan:  Thanks. Thanks for calling.  That was well appreciated.  Because I certainly do get in the dumps too.  And my days arenít so good and hot either.  Iíd warn you, though, if you ever shoot something flying overhead and put it in the frying pan, thatís when youíll find out what kind of bird it really is.  So be very careful.  [Alan chuckles.]


Now, I was going to talk, too, about the state of this world and how itís going.  Weíre kept, again, in the dark at the bottom level of reality.  We see things in the movies, and the movies are all about predictive programming, ALL about predictive programming.  There are only about 4 main storylines and they swap them back and forth and mix them together to make sure that you get hooked.  Youíre the hero, youíre following the hero, and the woman that used to follow the heroine, but sometimes it changes these days.  Then once youíre hooked into it all the PC messages come into it as well.  And we forget that at the top here, itís never been different from ancient times to the present with the behavior of those at the top and how they go to a different set of rules.  Iíve talked before about the G20 meetings in Canada and elsewhere and the G8 meetings too.  Iíve talked to reporters who attended some of them and saw the lines up of prostitutes being interviewed, very high class ones, expensive ones, to attend, male and female, all the ages by the way; they have no restrictions.  In other words, what Iím telling you is, at the top, all these people that you are taught to respect are no different from Caligula basically.  Theyíre no different.  They live the same lifestyle.  The laws and rules are made for you, otherwise youíd have chaos in society, utter chaos.  And they canít have that because youíre supposed to produce and consume, and at least produce; now itís just all producing and giving out.  Regardless, they live the same lifestyles and itís often shocking when you see what they do, for little gifts for each other.  Hereís one for salesmen. 


German insurer Munich Re held orgy for salesmen

Stephen Evans / / 20 May 2011


One of the biggest insurance companies in the world held a party for salesmen where they were rewarded with the services of prostitutes.  (A:  Well, thereís nothing so special about that, but it gets better.)


Munich Re is the world's biggest re-insurer - in other words, the company acts as an insurance company for other insurance companies.  (A:  Itís amazing all these cons that go on isnít it?)


One of its divisions, Ergo, told the BBC that the party had taken place to reward salesmen in 2007.   (A:  They probably have them every year.)


A spokesman said the people who organised it had since left.  (A:  Yeah, sure.)


The gathering was held at a thermal baths in the Hungarian capital Budapest as a reward to particularly successful salesmen.


(A:  And they got...) 'Whatever they liked'.


There were about 100 guests and 20 prostitutes were hired.


A German business newspaper said the prostitutes had worn colour-coded arm-bands designating their availability, and the women had their arms stamped after each service rendered.  (A:  Can you believe this?)


According to Handelsblatt, quoting an unnamed participant, guests were able to take the women to four-poster beds at the spa "and do whatever they liked". 


By the way, when they had this for the, I think it was the G8, or maybe the G20 in England in London, the reporter who went through there said that they actually had a hotel, a massive hotel booked and they took out all the beds and put in these big heart-shaped beds for all these lovely leaders of the world to, you know, romp about in with all the prostitutes which your tax money paid for.  You donít know what itís really like, do you?  You really donít.  When they get up there and say vote for me, Iím all for you, Iím just like you...  You just donít know do you?  Really donít.


And I talked earlier about the fact that the Ministry of Defence in Britain and the US Department of Defense both hired think tanks to project the next 50-60 years or so.  Theyíre both identical; theyíre in my archives section and you should go through them because they give you the future.  Even down to the population that would suddenly drop around 2030 or so, thatís when weíre all crammed in cities, probably due to plagues they said; it could be starvation on the other hand.  And weíre seeing all the articles coming out now, oh the coming food shortages and rationing will come out too.  And you think itís all just happening the way theyíre telling you.  When 5 agri-businesses now own the entire food of the planet, they can cause it at any time they wish.  And theyíre using, of course, nothing but GM food for you lot, not for the ones at the top; they all have their special farms.  Once you get up into the right club, you see, youíre given your little ticket, your little real ration ticket where you get real food and you donít get any of the GM stuff loaded with its pesticides, which kill you with cancers and various other things but mainly cancers.  Thatís why they know that everyone will die of cancer, except themselves. 


Pesticide exposure linked to lower IQ in children

By Tannith Cattermole / May 9, 2011 /


(A:  Thatís another thing they wanted too.  They donít want a bright population during this particular period, as weíre all supposed to go down the tubes.  They want them to be pretty dull, pretty stupid, easily entertained, and so they give them lots of cheap entertainment.  This is one of the tricks that theyíre definitely using, of course, is to dumb you down as best they can.)


Three recent studies have found that children exposed to organophosphates (OPs) in the womb have a lower IQ at seven years than those that have not.


The results of three recent studies (A:  ...THREE recent studies...) have found that children exposed to organophosphates (OPs) in the womb have a lower IQ at seven years than those that have not. Indoor use of two OPs (chlorpyrifos and diazinon) known to be neurotoxicants (A:  Theyíre actually toxic to the nerves in your brain, the actual cells themselves.) have been phased out over the past decade because of health risks, however they are still approved for use in agricultural pesticides and are widely used on food crops. Increasingly scientists are finding that prenatal exposure to pesticides may lead to later health impacts.  (A:  So of course they know all this stuff at the top.  Theyíre perfectly aware of all that theyíre doing to us.  Perfectly aware.)


Then another article...


GM (A:  Genetically modified.) food toxins found in the blood of 93% of unborn babies

Sean Poulter / / 20th May 2011


Toxins implanted into GM food crops to kill pests are reaching the bloodstreams of women and unborn babies, alarming research has revealed.  (A:  This is one of the exposťs that you get in the papers. These are legalities, to let you know, and when you say nothing and you donít get up and riot about it, then youíve acquiesced, and legally youíve acquiesced to poison yourself and your children.  No kidding. Thatís a legal precedent.)


A landmark study found 93 per cent of blood samples taken from pregnant women and 80 per cent from umbilical cords tested positive for traces of the chemicals.


Millions of acres in North and South America are planted with GM corn containing the toxins, which is fed in vast quantities to farm livestock around the world Ė including Britain.


However, it is now clear the toxins designed to kill crop pests are reaching humans and babies in the womb Ė apparently through food.  (A:  Well of course it is.  Theyíre really clever, eh?)


It is not known what, if any, harm this causes (A:  [Alan laughing.] They know itís neurotoxic, right.) but there is speculation it could lead to allergies, miscarriage, abnormalities or even cancer. 


So itís guaranteed to cause these problems, but more importantly, you have a definite drop in IQ as well as the last article I mentioned there.  This is all known.  This was known... itís known that this stuff would do this BEFORE they put it on the market.  They test everything for years in the labs on animals and secretly on humans in certain areas too.  But of course, thatís conspiracy thinking, theyíd never do that. The same guys that gave you the fake 9/11 terror and terror, terror ever since, and thatís what it is, perpetual war and perpetual terrorism to train you... theyíd never do that to you.  The same guys that are always up there preaching every year at world summits, oh we got to drastically reduce the population... theyíd never do that to you would they?  Of course they wouldnít.  No.  Theyíre decent guys who go home to, well, their parties with the prostitutes.  [Alan laughing.] Wake up, eh.  Wake up! 


Another article here too, this is actually from 2009 but it was interesting because I mentioned EMP a few times.  Thatís electromagnetic pulse, which is also in the same frequencies as youíre using all your wireless stuff, your computers and so on.  It says...


Researchers developing portable E-Bomb / Paul Evans / April 22, 2009


HPM bombs (A:  This is for bombs.) use an enormous electromagnetic radio pulse to disable computers, electronics, vehicles, guided missiles and communications.


High-power microwave (HPM) bombs that use an enormous electromagnetic radio pulse to disable computers, electronics, vehicles, guided missiles and communications while leaving people and structures unharmed have been under investigation in research labs for a number of years. Until recently these weapons have been impractically large at over 3.5 meters long, but researchers at Texas Tech University have now built a self powered device with U.S. Army funding that measures 15 cm in diameter and only 1.5 meters long, making it small enough to be considered portable. 


Now, the reason Iím reading this one is because you see, it leaked out that underneath the parliament of Britain they also have one there.  They said that they could knock out all communications under a terrorist threat.  They said unfortunately it would also kill anybody with a pacemaker within about 50 miles radius.  [Alan laughing.] No kidding.  No kidding.  Itís amazing.  Whenever you read something theyíve had it for many, many, many years.  And again, itís all funded by your tax money, isnít it, all this stuff, thatís eventually used on you.  Itís really quite something. 


Now, another article here is a little bit different.  You see, Canadians are awfully politically correct.  Theyíre so laid back, they even watch silly, silly comedies, the same comedies for years.  They like sameness, you see, thatís part of the comediesí attraction; itís the sameness of the familiar faces coming back.  Thatís how they get downloaded with all the PC stuff.  They love to be on the avant-garde, you know, of all changes of political correctness.  They just love it.  It says...


A Canadian couple has decided to keep the sex of their child secret, in an attempt to raise a genderless child (A:  Isnít that wonderful?) /  Rhys Blakely From: The Times / May 25, 2011


IT IS usually the first thing that proud parents reveal to the world about their new offspring. But a Canadian couple has sparked controversy by deciding to keep the sex (A:  ...which is really the gender...) of their baby secret as part of an attempt to raise a "genderless child".   (A:  If you notice too by the way, all these top models theyíre pushing out in front of the runway this year, most of them are actually men dressed as women.  Big hullaballoo in all the fashion magazines about it and how wonderful it all is.)


Kathy Witterick, 38, and David Stocker, 39, who live in Toronto, believe that a child's sex should not determine his or her place in the world.  (A:  They keep substituting Ďsexí for gender, donít they?  Iíll read some more of this to let you know how wonderful it is in Canada, as weíre in the avant-garde.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and I let that guitar wail a bit there because... I must be doing something right or wrong tonight because the company, XplorNet just dropped my satellite feed.  So thatís how it goes actually.  And it does go that way when you touch on certain topics.  However, I was reading about this article where youíve got PC parents of course who are not going to disclose the gender of their baby.  You get all the PC nonsense coming from them; Iíll let you read this article for yourself. 


Are these the most PC parents in the world? The couple raising a 'genderless baby'... to protect his (or her) right to choice - / By Daily Mail Reporter / 25th May 2011


There are actually 2 articles on them; one from Australia but itís on Canadians and how they bring up their own child and stuff, and how they dress them up in different colors, pink and blue, which they can swap, etc, and all of that. And I think really itís a little scheme theyíve got, because they know itís going to be hard to get work in the future and the way things are going in Music Television who knows what itís going to be in about 16 years time.  So this child is going to make a killing being, well, ...something.  Thatís the idea, something... whatever.  [Alan laughing.]  So thatís what itís all about in this age of androgyny, a very old plan again, to utterly eliminate and destroy all that was to bring in all that will be.  As the top Masons always say, all that was left imperfect will be made perfect.  So thatís the kind of world weíre living in today.  And itís all an agenda.  All this indoctrination is funded, again, with your tax money.  Itís all decided at very high levels and put down to the school boards who must promote all this stuff.  And nothing happens by chance. 


You think youíre simply evolving down through time and things come and go as they please.  No.  NOTHING... nothing comes from the grassroots.  Everything, all behavior is promoted from the top down, even the behavior for a whole generation to grow up on video games where they just kill and they want to be the guys who win, and the only ones who apparently win in all these games are the guys wearing all the black-clad suits and the big machine guns, because they want these characters for this particular time to control all of you and all the things that have to come down the pike.  And they donít care a darn about laws or constitutions or anything else.  Not a darn.  Theyíre treating life like a video game and youíre just the prey and they are the predator.  Thatís extremely obvious, extremely obvious today. 


People are terrified to talk back to these goons.  Someone from the US just today emailed me, he rushed through into one of the subways I think it was, he had the ticket and the whole thing, and one of these goons came after him.  He showed him the ticket, etc, etc, and the goon told him to quieten down, he says heís going to give him a ticket for being insolent.  Being insolent?  What kind of crime... what crime is that, being insolent?  to a black-clad goon with a machine gun?  Hmm?  This is the world that you are allowing to come into being, because the longer itís here the more everyone adapts to it.  That means itís going to be here forEVER.  Do you really want that?  Do you REALLY want that?  I think itís time people reclaimed their rights and realize too, that government and all its agencies are supposed to be there to serve THEM, the people.  And youíd better make a move on it all because itís going down quick, as you all know. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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