May 31, 2011 (#844)

Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:


Poem Copyright Alan Watt May 31, 2011:

The Authoritarian "Big Society",
Real Terror-Causing Anxiety:

"The Formula Recycled Around Again,
It's Never Failed Since Don't Know When,
"Change is Good" for Those in Control
Who Use the Formula to Destroy the Soul,
Cybernetics Sees Humans as Organized Clusters,
Awaiting Reorganization by Master Who Musters
All the Energies into a Planned Society,
Run by "Experts" of Control-Freak Variety,
They Study Their Victims, The Glue That Binds,
Then Destroy the Family, Leave Old Culture Behind,
New Borg-Like System Pushed by the Elect,
This Wasteland They Will Call --- Perfect"
© Alan Watt May 31, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - May 31, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)
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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 31st of May 2011.  For newcomers, you should look into the web site  Youíll find hundreds of audios Iíve put up there over the years where you can hopefully get shortcuts to understanding this massive superstructure of a system, which overrides the whole planet and all its governments, controls all of these things.  I try to show you the organizations and foundations that run it, who created it, who planned it all, who are still planning it all for the next 50-100 years, actually I think itís even longer than that, long-term projections, and how they basically use the general media to keep us busy, distracted, as we go through our very short-lived lives.  And it truly is short, you know; itís a blink of an eye, really.  Foundations with tenets to fulfill can establish themselves for 200 years and employing, using, working, retiring and employing again, for generations, to make sure they can get what they want, and theyíre not answerable to the general public either.  Theyíre also tax-free foundations that hire armies of NGOs and give them awfully good pension plans and stuff like that. So thatís how the world is really run. So help yourself to the audios.  You can also get transcripts of the talks Iíve given for print up; they all carry transcripts in English.  Go into if you want transcripts in other languages.  Remember too, you are the audience who bring me to you.  If you buy the books and disks that I have for sale at hopefully I can go on a little bit longer.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Straight donations, too, are awfully welcome indeed. 


In this time of, really, inflation, as prices go out of sight for just the ordinary commodities and itís basically that we are going into austerity, which is poverty really, and itís planned that way.  Many big writers mentioned this back in the 1920s or even earlier, this big world plan would eventually, by using the tax base of the wealthier countries they would bring up some of the poorer countries and establish a sort of happy equilibrium across the planet.  Once thatís happened of course, your standard of living would fall in the first world countries.  Also at the United Nations they have said for years, oh we canít give everybody this same standard of living that 1980s America had, 1970s America; we can only support 2 billion of the whole planet like that, the rest will have to live in abject poverty.  So thatís where we are today.  Weíre to go down into the paddy fields, if you get a permit, and perhaps grow a few grains of rice.  But thatís where itís all going and itís planned that way. 


The brighter ones, mind you, the ones who do awfully well in school and who get scholarships, will be hired by the world authorities, because we have a world managerial class.  You also have a United Nations University, for those who didnít know about it.  And they can get taught their global stuff and get put in charge of a continent or two, or a region as theyíll call it then, and do pretty well for themselves and they wonít think about those theyíve left at the bottom.  Because itís just the way it goes in human nature.  Weíre awfully good at justifying what we do as long as weíre okay; as they say, Iím alright Jack.  Thatís the reality of the world we live in.   And what weíre living through right now, apart from the redistribution of wealth thatís been going on since the banks crashed across the planet, the Marxian tenet and plank, then weíre also going through this amalgamation of different areas into standardized regions.  The Middle East of course, is to go under one as well.  Karl Marx talked about this in some of his writings and many others since have talked about this conglomeration across the planet of amalgamated regions, big trading blocs.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and as I say, weíre in for the long haul and weíve been in for the long haul for quite some time actually, itís just that people didnít really realize it yet.  People are strange that way.  They always think that somethingís going to happen and suddenly you get over it.  And they donít realize that you have a big, big plan on the go, since 9/11 of course, the time of really shock and awe for the whole planet, because all governments went into action with the same anti-terrorism laws, at the exact same time.† The same laws... how can you do that?  Thatís not coincidence.  That takes years of planning and bureaucracies traveling back and forth and all of that stuff.  So you know that it was all planned this way to get the system into a post-democratic system, exactly as the Club of Rome have been saying for years.  They said, democracy would have to go because it was too cumbersome, too many competing parties and individual groups all fighting for different things and so on, and they couldnít get the big job done.  The big job of course is the world order, as itís known basically to most people, the world order thatís coming into view is a collectivization of society.   Thatís why you have collective action too, with the United Nations. 


The United Nations was created to really run the worldís military and go into any country Ė this is it on paper of course; and itís not the real reason, of course.  They always give you a good reason but not the real reason.  But it was supposed to go into countries that were mistreating their own people.  And they couldnít really get them all on board at any time, in any one war, against any one enemy, until, really, now.  Theyíve got pretty well most of the countries on board and they all participate in slaughtering some other little country where big internationalists want their resources. 


So thatís what weíre living through today.  And itís difficult for most people to believe because theyíre not like this themselves; thatís why psychopaths get away with what they do.  And we do have clubs of psychopaths.  They do find each other.  And they can get along with each other with a bit of competition of course.  They also have arbitrators too when they get too heady and too much into quarreling amongst themselves, because theyíre not supposed to let it be known to the public about their little feuds that they have.  Theyíre supposed to be presented as one happy family with Presidents and Prime Ministers all shaking hands and playing golf, that kind of stuff, all kind of nice.  Nothing is really further from the truth.  Psychopaths are very competitive and power is something, as I say, the ordinary person generally is not addicted to. 

You sometimes find the ordinary person addicted to some kind of game, where they feel powerful in the game, and itís all fictitious and it doesnít harm anybody. But you get the same kind of character and put him in a suit and tie and get him into the right organization like the Council on Foreign Relations, scoot him up the ladder there and then you stand back and watch him go to play.  And the power motive is very, very important to them.  Whatís interesting too, itís very similar to pedophiles and sex deviants.  With age they donít really lose it.  They donít lose that urge to dominate, you know.  Even into their 80s or whatever, theyíre still very aggressive.  Big players.  Tremendous egos.  Theyíre definitely abnormal; thereís no doubt about it. 


Iíve often pondered that very question.  Is it abnormality that is called progress?  Because weíre led by abnormal people, really, psychopathic people with no empathy at all. And by the way, theyíre trying to get the word Ďevilí down the memory hole.  Some big philosopher in one of the, I donít know if it was Cambridge or Oxford, had written a book Ė I wouldnít buy the darn thing Ė but heís trying to basically stand up for psychopaths and say that, they just lack empathy for people and that they shouldnít be called so evil.  You know, people who do water-boarding and signing documents to slaughter lots of folk, they shouldnít be regarded as evil.  Well, I ainít going to apologize for the fact Iíll always call them evil regardless of what some silly philosopher talks about, or PhD or whatever he is. 


Because they are evil people.  And they do run the world.  And they are the best con men youíll ever get.  From the salesman that comes door-to-door to the ones at the top, theyíre all basically con men.  Theyíre like a creature that can analyze you and feel nothing, except a vague interest in why you respond the way you do emotionally and in different ways to situations, and they emulate that and then they reflect it back to you.  In fact, they make awfully good actors.  If you look at the categories of psychopaths, the hysterical attention-seeking psychopath is lumped in with the politician; theyíre both psychopaths of the same kind of order... which is quite interesting.  So thatís really what runs the world.  And of course they must reward themselves terribly, terribly well, for being psychopaths, because their ego is of prime importance to them.  Even when theyíre caught doing something crazy, or even the ones who murder and are caught in the middle of it, will always rationalize why they murdered the person, and be very indignant when theyíre accused of doing it for lust, greed or whatever.  Theyíll still try and rationalize it, so sillily, to the listeners and onlookers.  So itís just the way they are.  However, weíre run by them.


In primitive tribes you canít get that because when someone shows abnormality like that and you know that heís not going to do his little term in the hut Ė not the office but the hut Ė at least the local people can get rid of them rather sharpish and quickly and easily.  He doesnít have an army of course to defend him, a private army, because he doesnít have money Ė you need money to get mercenaries, which are just private armies Ė to guard you.  And we find that all down through what they call Ďcivilizationí.  Civilization, technically, I think personally, has always been run by psychopaths.  Thatís my opinion, after reading lots and lots of history.  Even reading other psychopaths, who put glory upon the ones who tried to get world orders in their own day like Alexander The Great, you know.  Youíll see all these writers and teachers in university lectures saying how wonderful this guy was and he conquered here and he conquered there and he slaughtered here and he grabbed this and grabbed that, and all the way to India.  And weíre supposed to really believe this is a wonderful thing.  Was it?  Why was it so darned wonderful?  Just because he kept winning all the time?  Is it a football match or what?  But this is the way itís presented in school, these guys are just wonderful.  The same with Napoleon, you know.  Napoleon is the same kind of character.  The one thing about Napoleon, he left a lot of memoirs about himself, and glorified himself, naturally.  But he had a sharp, easily understandable mind in some ways.  He was very cool, cool because psychopaths do NOT tolerate frustration.  They canít tolerate frustration.  They must get things done immediately.  And theyíre masters at manipulating everyone else around them to do what they want them to do.  Masters at it.  In fact, lots of them will do it willingly, very, very willingly indeed. 


As I say, history is all wrong in that respect.  Civilization truly is brutal, as ancient philosophers used to say, because they slaughter their way into places and then force the supposedly superior culture upon them and the money system and the debt system and the borrowing system Ė and theyíre always in league with bankers, of course.  So civilization, money, bankers, all of that go together.  You canít even get a class who have not much to do unless you have a monetary system so they can sit on little Greek islands in togas and chat about things like atoms.  Thousands of years ago, this is what weíre told anyway, they had an atomist club, they called them.  They just knew that matter wasnít really solid and that these little things whirred about in space.  You canít get a leisure class who are into intellectual pursuits unless you have a slave society basically, and cash. 


So anyway, weíre still apparently on the road to progress, and progress and civilization go together; theyíre part of the same group, or mob, system.  People have often said to me too, well what other system can you have?  I always answer, well you know Iíve seen enough people who live in different situations in different nations and countries, and the person who perhaps lives in the outskirts of Borneo, one of the islands of Borneo, theyíre probably happier than we are, because they donít have debt, they donít have taxation. They can build their little hut house anywhere they want to; itís a pretty good climate.  Thereís lot of wild boar and stuff around to hunt.  They can fish.  And theyíre self-sufficient.  They donít have all... they donít know anything about Einstein or any of this kind of nonsense; they donít have to.  I often say, do we either for that matter?  And they donít have all these massive wars going on.  The most they have for a war is a tribal skirmish, which is more cuts and bruises once in a blue moon than anything else.  Itís better than dropping atomic bombs or phosphorous bombs over entire areas and burning women and children and men up.  Thatís what I think anyway.  Thatís my personal opinion.  Plus, life has far more meaning to them, because in whatever spiritual way they are Ė it doesnít matter what it is Ė theyíre far more in tune with nature than weíll ever be, as we sit in front of our computers and pay our electric bills and all the rest of it.  Life has meaning to them, lots of meaning.  They also venerate the elderly, and take care of them without a National Health Service.  And they build each otherís huts, by the way.  When someone needs a place, you donít run off for a permit and pay off engineers and pay off fees left, right and center before you can build it.  You just go and do it and thatís all there is to it.  It doesnít cost them a penny, and they have a nice meal at the end of the day. 


So I never criticize so-called primitive cultures, as the elite call them themselves, you know the psychopathic elite that run this system of civilization. They always talk about primitive cultures and arrested civilizations, what they mean by that is that they canít get them into this monetary system and working 8 to 5, or 8 to 6, or whatever it happens to be and get a paycheck at the end of the week.  The people are really not interested, at all.  Theyíve never gone beyond the tools they can make themselves, which is wonderful because theyíre not dependent on any outside force or private corporation to supply anything they need.  Everyone else in the civilization IS completely dependent, for spare parts, for everything, and that kind of thing. 


Anyway, thatís my little rant off the top of my head there because Iím just pondering that today.  Apart from that too, in these little communities they have a better form, a truer form of democracy than weíll ever know, because everyone can speak.  Everyone has a speak, and a say.  Together, by the way.  Not phoning away halfway across the world to some European Parliament, or some place in the Americas when they put the American parliament up for the Americas.  Youíre right there and you can say whatever you want, and you do take a vote, because everyone that the vote is going to concern must be present.  So if it concerns you, youíve got to be present.  And here we are bombing some other countries out of existence to bring them in.  It makes me sick!  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and thereís a caller hanginí on from Scotland there.  Itís Mark from Dundee.  Are you there Mark?


Mark:  Good morning, Alan.  How you keepiní? 


Alan:  Not too bad.


Mark:  Good, good.  Howís things in Canada?


Alan: † Iím just waiting for a thunderstorm to break here; itís getting pretty overcast.


Mark:  Itís quite warm here, actually, I have to say, but itís quite temperate weather anyway.  Firstly, as all callers say, well done Alan.  Itís brilliant listening to you, because of course itís just fantastic listening to you, encyclopedic knowledge and telling us whatís going on left, right and center.  The reason why I called up was just to say, as you were talking earlier on about Borneo and saying about how wonderful it must be just to be able to go out there and, you know, live how you want to live and build your house and farm your crops.  Itís a case of when I look around in Scotland today and not just in Scotland, but America or England or Wales or Ireland. But I look and I see that, you know, we have no culture anymore.  And itís interesting, that I say, because I say to lots of Scottish people, I say, you know, what is it that really defines you as a Scotsman?  Because, you know, you eat curry, you drink foreign beers in the bar, you listen to American music, you watch American programs; and you know if I asked you, you know, what happened on the 9th of September back in 1513, you wouldnít be able to tell me it was about the Flodden Fields and the thing is itís a case of, this is something that you know all Scots and as you know yourself, because I know youíre certainly well versed up on Scottish history.  But most Scotsmen, and I can certainly say English and Welsh and Irish, havenít got a clue about their own culture because theyíre living as globalists in a globalist society.† Itís a case that, you know, they just... it kind of like really saddens me Alan, because I think, you know youíre taking your nationality from the fact that youíre born here, but yet all these rampant nationalists all over England, and the BNP for example, one of them, I think you know, youíll continue this kind of charade, this false crusade of life, continuing to believe that you are who you are, but yet you know, youíll go down there and eat your curry at the weekend and drink your foreign beers in the bar and youíll do nothing at all to promote your own culture, but youíll continue believing you are something youíre not. 


Alan:  And theyíre absolutely ignorant of their own culture.  And itís not their own fault because, as I said before, after 1746 you were forbidden to speak the Gaelic for instance in Scotland, on pain of death, after the rebellion, you know.  The same with wearing the kilt too, you couldnít wear the kilt unless you joined the British army, and then they sent you abroad.  And then after that of course, they basically, from London again, they demanded that you put in an education system in; Orwellís memory hole, all the history went down the memory hole.  Even when I went through school too, I had to look into it.  I said, this isnít what I was reading in the libraries, the old libraries.  The history that was getting taught at school, whole chunks were just missing there.  And when I read the originals I thought, my God thereís a rich history here.  But then I found, of course, not only the Frankfurt School and the Macy groups and all the rest of it, and John Dewey that came from, again, Frankfurt group, they said that they would literally eradicate all the bad bits in history so as the people wouldnít be angry at other peoples anymore.  And thatís what theyíve done.  He also said, we shall shower them with global news.  Now, most of the news you get now is from somewhere over in India or somewhere else and it really doesnít affect you in your own little area, whatís happening in your life, but youíre bombarded with global news.  In fact, often itís hard to find out whatís really happening locally. 


Mark:  You know, itís actually quite amazing because you know, I lived in London, you know, probably like yourself Alan, Iím a musician like yourself.  I remember listening to some of your old shows and listening to this young lady who spoke up, talking about how, you know, sheíd eventually found out the truth and she realized that sheíd been lied to all her life.  And itís a huge... itís a massive hit that hits you when you realize, you know, Iíve been lied to.  You know, you think, what am I going to do?  Of course, to me it was kind of like I experienced a, how I can classify, the KŁbler-Ross model, where you go through the 5 stages of grief.  And when I look at the situation, you know Iíve come back to Dundee now.  I left Dundee back in 1993, a population of over 200,000 people; itís now a population of 140,000; thereís high unemployment.  The city is full of smack heads, you know, people high on drugs.  And you know, just to kind of move on as well, just like what you said in the past about certain things about, you know people have talked in the past Ė Iíve listened to your show quite a lot now.  But theyíve spoken about, you know, moralities and immoralities.  And Iím kind of like thinking, you know Iíve come back to Dundee.  Iíve come and Iíve seen the way people are and I think, you know, as youíve spoken about intergenerational sex and youíve spoken about the booze.  And I think about the fact of, you know weíre leaving ourselves in a situation where weíve already accepted, you know as much as Iím not prejudiced to anybody, but weíve accepted a homosexual society.  And itís a of case thinking is that once you let a taboo into society then you canít stand on any moral high ground, and defend, because you have created an immoral society which means simply, you know, youíve allowed homosexuality, and listen, get ready for pedophilia, get ready for cannibalism, get ready for necrophilia, get ready for incest, you know, get ready for every single bad things thatís come, thatís going to come.  You know.


Alan:  Well, weíre already eating, as I say, in certain foods there are molecules from aborted fetuses and stuff, for flavor enhancement.  And just like China, theyíre taking the whole fetus, but eventually weíll get there, I guess with austerity.  However, what they call it at the top, itís a technique, and itís called the institutionalization of culture and new topics into society.  You hear this at the United Nations all the time.  They said that they would institutionalize the greening program.  So it wouldnít matter what you were teaching in any kind of class in school, you have to start off with the greening and how it would affect the feminist program and this program and that program, and then get on with your actual lecture on whatever it happens to be.  They already do that, by the way, in universities in the US.  Itís so politically correct that itís incredible to even get a lecture across without having to go through this rigamarole of pointing out every single minority group first and how itís going to affect them, and then get on with the actual deal.  [Alan laughing.]


Mark:  Can I ask you quickly, I donít want to take up your time, you know Iím calling from Scotland, but you know itís wonderful to listen to you because, as many people have spoken to you in the past who said, you know, talking to you and listening to you, itís as if, you know you feel, itís as if... Itís like, just to kind of like quote George Carlin, you know, when youíre born you get a ticket to the freak show, you know, and if youíre born in America you get a front row seat. But it is that case that when people listen to yourself, Alan, we do kind of like feel like weíre not going mad because there are other people who are understanding whatís going on in life.


Alan:  Absolutely.  You got to know thereís other folk out there thinking like you.† Thanks for calling.  Iíll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and thereís Paul from Australia hanginí on there too.  Are you there Paul?


Paul:  Yes, Alan, thank you so much for taking my call.  Itís a great honor to be on your show Cutting Through The Matrix. 


Alan:  Yeah, thanks for calling.


Paul:  Youíre welcome.  Yes, a couple of comments.  I love your information.  I believe it to be 100% accurate, absolutely.  And a couple of comments, is that, you know these powers that be think they might have all the power and authority and all the money in the world but you know, I love it when theyíll get their payback, you know.  And how many people realize this, that, you know, Armageddon, you know that infamous...  I think thatís probably the most looked-up thing besides the anti-Christ on Google, wouldnít it be, Alan?  That you know, whoís the anti-Christ and what will Armageddon be like, you know doom and gloom.  But I found out from, like from the research and stuff like that, that Armageddon is an actual place called Armegeddo.  Did you know that, itís an actual...


Alan:  Itís the plains of Megiddo there too.


Paul:  Thatís right.  And all it is, is that when Satan and his dominions get over to there, with an army, there is not even one fire triggered, pulled, because simply from the brightness of his coming of Jesus Christ.  You know, simply from the brightness of his coming, wipes them all out, and thereís not even a punch pulled, just from the brightness of his coming.  But before that, though, you know that they also, that 200 million army thatís supposed to be going around the world killing people? 


Alan:  Well, I think it already is, isnít it?  [Alan laughing.]


Paul:  Probably.  [Caller laughing.]  Probably.  But you know what that actually is?  Itís not Russia or China.  And it sounds plausible, that, I know it sounds crazy, but itís like that movie Reign of Fire where a whole lot of dragons from the great abyss, from the bottomless pit, opens up, what that is, is actual dragons, thatís where the whole fire comes from.  Itís not from a nuclear fallout, but itís from actual dragons flying around...


Alan:  I thought that came from the Rothschildís vault under their private residence.  [Alan laughing.]


Paul:  [Caller laughing.]  Yep.  Yep.  Probably, probably.  I just wanted to say that, man.  I appreciate that very much.  Thank you.  Thank you.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  And thereís Dave from Arizona hanginí on.  Are you there Dave?


Dave:  Alan, I just had a few comments about the other caller before the last one, and were talking about homosexuality and how itís kind of permeated our culture.  I think thereís a kind of a division in the patriot society and the freedom movement as to how they should view human sexuality and homosexuality.  And I donít think itís a small issue because people need to realize that in a way sex is politics. 


Alan:  Sex is politics in a sense.  It depends, again, what stance you take, the Freudian or what; he always talks about libido.  What is true is that the psychopaths at the top certainly have a lot of that and they donít care what theyíre going to sleep with or whatever it is theyíre doing.  But the fact is, itís a power thing with them.  With homosexuality, itís not like homosexuals just suddenly appeared.  What it is, again, itís institutionalization of homosexuality in the culture, and that means itís been promoted from the top down.  And anything promoted from the top down always has a different purpose, even when theyíre using different groups as well.  I tell people that, beware of any group you happen to join or actually even put yourself in recognition with because youíre generally being used for something else.  I can remember back in 2000, the international censorsí committee boards met together Ė each country has its censorship committee for supposedly television and good viewing and so on.  They met, and they published it in the newspapers in Canada and the States.  And one professor in the States stood up, and I think wrote an article a couple of days later; he must have attended it.  And one professor in Toronto did the same thing.  They were identical.  They were like handouts.  What they said was, now that weíve won the rights for homosexual TV viewing and so on, it will be promoted more and more and more.  But the guys didnít stop there.  What was really shocking was he said, we must now push the envelope, he says, and really push for bestiality and intergenerational sex.  When you understand thereís a different agenda behind all of this, to utterly bring society down until you have no idea of what any kind of normality is, never mind affection or love or anything else, this is an attempt to utterly destroy society. Remember what theyíve always said, to bring in a new world order theyíd have to destroy ALL that had gone before.  And that primarily meant all values that had helped people down through many, many centuries, theyíd have to be eradicated in order to rule each individual on the planet. 


Dave:  And using homosexuality as a tool is like the oldest trick in the book.  I mean, thereís no civilization that has been able to survive a kind of, the infiltration of homosexuality.  If you look through history thereís no... the Romans.


Alan:  What you do get, there are definitely clues when a society is going down the hill.  And apart from the massive corruption youíll see at the top, and I could read all night, if I had all night, just on the corruption in governments, just from todayís news from all over the planet.  You also get the massive lavish, incredible lavish banquets they attend, blowing billions of dollars, of your cash. And you also get, again, the incredible promiscuity, of all kinds, in the open, out in the open.  Thereís another guy done in New York, after Strauss-Kahn was done, just today, a guy who was the ex-chairman of the Bank of Egypt, for the same thing.  This is the way they view anybody around them, it doesnít matter if itís a child, a boy, a girl, whatever.  Itís power, you see.  So when all of these things are pushed to the top... Now, by the same understanding, if you want to bring society down, you follow the same basic rules of how previous civilizations collapsed, Greece, Rome and so on.  And therefore the different groups that rose to the top in prominence will be promoted now at the same time to bring down the present society, to go into the new. So theyíre using all the different groups, and giving them lots of funding, and lots of media attention, and lots of political correctness, indoctrination amongst everybody else, which of course agitates everyone else, thatís the intention of it.  And itís in your face right now.  So if you understand the formula that countries go along, as theyíre going down, or nations, or empires go down, you simply follow the same formula and promote it and youíll also have the big collapse at the bottom... at the top, you know, and the bottom. 


Dave:  Thatís the problem, though, isnít it?  People donít think there actually IS a formula that...


Alan:  Professor Carroll Quigley gave some of his top lectures on this very formula.  And he should know, he was teaching basically the whole foreign office for the whole of the United States.  He was the man who went in and told them about all different cultures, history, philosophies, and how they rise and how they fall.  And he always did it through formulas, and he went through that whole formula of how nations and empires collapse:  watch out for this, this, this and this, again, the rise of new age type, or paganistic religions will be promoted.  Well, everything youíll notice today is promoted from the top, again, down.   Not from the bottom up.  Itís from the top down.  So people are deliberately bringing down all cultures to recreate everything from new, once this collapses completely.  Eventually you wonít be able to make judgment upon anything; and Iíve said before, pedophilia itself will eventually disappear from the books because itíll be so acceptable.  Thereís already been court cases in a few countries where judges have ruled in favor, and said, well the girl was precocious, she understood, had her sex education lessons at school, she was only 11 or 12 but so what?  Theyíre already going on that route.  And I guarantee you, it wonít be very long before you wonít hear of pedophilia anymore.  Thereíll just be intergenerational love, they call it.  Thereís even TV programs out like that.


Dave:  They already have a new name for pedophilia.  Itís called the TSA. 


Alan:  Oh, absolutely.  That is part of it too.  Even x-raying everybody as well.† What you do with a prisoner, you understand, and torture, is to humiliate your subject.  By taking away their shoelaces, their belt, theyíre holding up their pants Ė thatís how they started doing it, remember, with the TSA.  Thatís how you first started.  All the guys had to go through holding their pants up and feeling like a prisoner.  And now theyíre going further and x-raying you, and of course with a little flick of the filter they see you in the flesh basically, naked.  And weíre being taught as a society to accept all of this. And by the way, everything is timed in this takedown system, perfectly timed, perfectly, because theyíre constantly taking polls, through the internet and so on, on the pulse of the public.  And they know weíre degraded enough now, with enough porno TV shows; most TV shows and movies now have porn in them in some way or another, lots of suggestions if they donít have that.  So weíre already contaminated Ė as the Soviets called it, the system, by the way, because they helped introduce it Ė to such an extent weíll accept more and more with each time.  And we do.  So they know they can push the next step and the next step and theyíre training the public, yeah so what if weíre watching you naked, etc, going through scanners, and your wife naked or your child naked, so what?  And youíre accepting it. So we adapt very quickly.  And the only time you can nip something in the bud is IMMEDIATELY when itís being raised to get passed, or within one month after passing.  Thatís the only time you have to go full-steam with all youíve got to eradicate that law.  And itís too late, after that we adapt. 


Dave:  Yeah, we have.  I mean, Iíve been wondering why people havenít really.... I mean, here and there of course, but in general people are accepting the TSA.† And the reason why is because we have been conditioned through television, pedophilia, homosexuality, we hear it every single day.


Alan:  In 40-50 years of movies getting worse and worse and worse.  [Alan chuckles.]


Dave:  Oh, yeah.  And like, now on TV, like homosexuality is just like, itís just normal everyday behavior that you see when you go into Starbucks.  Itís acceptable.  So people have already been degraded.  They donít even know it.  They donít even know that theyíve been degraded.  Itís just, they hear the word.  I mean, how often did you hear the word pedophilia in the 50s or in the 60s, and child molestation?


Alan:  Thatís right.  In fact, it was very rare to even find one because they didnít last long in the community.  [Alan laughing.]


Dave:  Oh, yeah, I mean, people... people, they just, you just couldnít get away with it... and everybody knew it.  You just couldnít get away with it.  There are certain cultures now that are still like that.  If youíre found doing something like that, you just, you wonít get away with it, either by the local community or the cops. 


Alan:  Thatís right.  And the local communities, too, at one time said nothing; it didnít matter if there was an investigation.  Not a single person in the community would say a darn thing.  Not a thing.  I can guarantee you on that.  And thereís lots of deep crevices here and there in mountainous areas where they just simply disappeared, and that was the end of your problem.


Dave:  Yeah, well, I donít know where else to take it from here, but thanks for taking my call, Alan.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. 


Dave:  Bye.


Alan:  Yeah.  So everything, as I say... even Plato said the same thing.  He said, if you understand how cultures have been manipulated and dominated in the past, he says, if you know the formulas you can reproduce it again.  You can make the public do anything you want.  And I believe thatís true.  Iíve seen it.  Iíve witnessed it in my own lifetime.  And they gave us the permissive lifestyles in the 60s, rock and roll.  They tried it in the 20s, it didnít work, because they had the jazz, they made booze cans sexy because under prohibition, they had miniskirts, the whole lot, but they couldnít take care of the unwanted children, they didnít have the open abortion system, didnít have penicillin for venereal disease.  So they brought the same thing back in the 60s, exact same system with just a different kind of music, meant for the young, miniskirts, rock and roll and drugs.  Then they started with the open abortion and the pill at the same time.  They got it right that time.  And by the way, that was planned.  That was planned by the same boys who brought you international revolutionary parties, because they talked about it in their own manuals.  Their own manuals talked about that, that system, how they would do that. 


And theyíve donít it very, very well.  Because the destruction of the family unit was imperative, to get it all through, across the world.  Family units stand together and will stand up against tyranny.  Even the smallest families all come together; theyíll yell out in court.  Itís much better to have nobody turning up at court, just the person themselves, and then the big boy with the wig on and the dress talks down to you, and thatís it.  This is all strategy.  And again, itís been perfectly documented and itís been perfectly worked out, in my lifetime.  Not by what you think are guys wearing uniforms, but by suits and ties.  And conservatives, liberals, democrats and all the other funny names they give the pretense of the groups, the pretending groups that are conflicting with each other, because theyíre all elected at the top.  Before we see faces to elect, theyíre all elected at the top by the Council on Foreign Relations and the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  Thatís what Carroll Quigley said himself.  Thatís across the whole British Empire and the US as well.  And believe you me, there still is the old British Empire, the Commonwealth of Nations they call it now.  Exact.  Theyíre all identical. And the Monarch, the Monarch is at the head of all government, still today.  And thatís where all the laws and this stuff comes down from. 


Theyíve even made movies too. Someone told me about a Nicole Kidman movie where her husband dies or something and he comes back as a child, and she ends up in the bath with him because heís the reincarnation of her hubby.  Stuff like this, you see.  And that was out within a year or two years of that international censorship committee, where they all met together to push the envelope for the next phase.  I watched a sci-fi series someone sent me and it had everything in it, homosexuality, lesbianism, everything, but it was gradually introduced over this long-term series. First they get you Ė thereís only two or three different systems they use to make a movie or a story and theyíre all pretty much the same.  You always see people in trouble, who bond with each other, the group, whether itís cops or whatever.  So they use this bunch on a little spaceship, like Star Trek, and different creatures; you could even bring bestiality into it because of some of the creatures.  ALL the messages were in that whole series, every single one of them was in that whole series.  And people donít turn it off because they get hooked initially, and theyíre not too bad and theyíre not cursing and swearing and using all the language.  And once youíre caught on it you want to know what the next series, whatís going to happen, will they live, will they survive... theyíre getting chased by all these strange creatures.  And in between it all is the stories of, as I say, bestiality, lesbianism, homosexuality, and you could even bring in pedophilia into one of the scenes as well.  So THATíS how youíre trained, without knowing it, mainly through fiction and then through school. 


Itís interesting, the guys who started up the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations because they had a group called The Kindergarten.  And these guys were the youngest members of these banking families, by the way, international money lenders.  They took young recruits in, but they called it The Kindergarten.  And they also said, they had to start up REAL kindergartens, to retrain each generation into the next level of the changes.  So you must get them very young and sure enough, you walk into any kindergarten Ė itís been like this for years now Ė thereís the big picture of the globe on the wall, and how global we all are, and all the rest of it.  And thatís where you start it.  Thatís also where you start having them go through these machines to detect metal on their bodies; thatís training them for the life that they will grow up into.  Youíll notice, the younger ones donít complain going through these scanners so much as the older ones, because they have done it their whole school life.  Theyíve gone through these metal detectors and so on; it doesnít bother them.  Giving all their data out instantly, it doesnít bother them because they think privacy is some kind of strange obsolete ideal.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and it just put me in mind of the Frankfurt Group, one of the Marxist groups.  Theyíre still running, basically, the music industry today, and the entertainment industry, movies, etc.  And lots of people in the entertainment industry are still devotees of this particular group, who vowed, again, to destroy society as it existed, by literally manipulating all of the culture, and once again, institutionalizing into the culture.  That means by mandate, through education, etc, all the terminology and the particular programs theyíd want to be pushed forward, which theyíve been awfully successful at.  You canít watch entertainment today without...  If you canít study it as a director would study a movie, and say now what is he trying to actually really show here, with every scene, then youíre gone, youíre being programmed.  You will identify with the characters and then characters do something like this or that and then youíll say, well the character wasnít that bad, Iím kind of surprised, but I want to see how it ends.  No.  Youíre being programmed, because now you will start to modify your behavior by watching these.  And thatís how it goes.  Thatís literally how it goes.  Very easy to do. 


That Frankfurt Group, Iíve told you before, if you want to read people who really understood how, and they were given full permission by the President of the United States by the way because they merged with the Macy Group after World War II, gave them permission to change and dominate American culture, along with Bernays and worked with him too.  You have to go into Theo Adorno and Theo Adorno said, we shall know when weíre at the end of the total destruction Ė he hated the existing society of marriage and bonding and stuff like that.  He wanted, he believed the State should be, really, totalitarian and rule every single individual. But he said Ė we shall know when weíre there, when we have necrophilia, becomes the norm.  Necrophilia!  And then they give you characters like Lady Gaga, a kind of third-class pole dancer, who does what sheís told, well managed of course, lots of PR and Iím sure sheís told everything to say, if she can talk at all that is, in the magazines.  And sheís appearing with these corpses that are going around now for ART displays, you know plasticized corpses from China, as we get dehumanized and dehumanized.  Itís not by chance.  NOTHING THAT HAPPENS IN THE CULTURE INDUSTRY IS BY CHANCE.  Nothing.  Nothing.  Zilch.  Zilch. 


It was the same even long before that, when they brought in the artists, to give you the various Picasso types, schizophrenic paintings worth stacks of cash for a few scrawls, you know.  Again, it was to, they literally said, they had to destroy everything that humanity thought was beautiful.  Destroy it.  So they brought out experts and we all are trained to believe experts.  And some guy is up there telling you, oh thereís the nose down at the chin, the whole bit, and itís going for millions of bucks, and how wonderful this is and how it portrays this, that and all this rubbish.  And people just follow it, like the king has no clothes, no one wants to yell this is a piece of trash.  Thatís how itís done.  Weíre so easily managed by culture professionals.  And then when they institutionalize it in school, and actually give degrees for folk to teach this tripe, you know, to make it more legitimate by giving a degree to it.  What utter tripe is that?  Hmm?  Art professors?  Really? 


YOU are your own champion.  YOU are the guardian of your own mind.  YOU have a right to decide whatís right and wrong for yourself.  And if something is wrong donít be cowed, say so. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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