June 3rd, 2011 (#847)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 3rd, 2011:

Elitists Moan for a World All Their Own:

"The History of Eugenics Interesting to Peruse,
Beginning with Theories of Thomas Malthus,
He Suggested Methods of Culling the Herd,
This Snobbish Economist, Mathematical Nerd,
His Flow-Chart Predictions Were All Proven Wrong,
Yet This Doomsday Prophet is the Hero to Throng
Of Darwin's Elitists at United Nations,
"Sustainability" the Mantra of Parasitical Occupations,
They Believe the World's for Most Highly Evolved,
Same Old Class War of Malthus Unsolved,
Or is It -- The People, Once Strong, Hardy, Virile,
In Forty Years Have Gone Soft and Sterile,
Well-Funded Groups Lobbied for Abortion,
The Married, Vilified by Cultural Distortion,
Pharma and Surgery, "Heroes of Liberation",
Bloodily Purging "Excess" Human Constipation,
Elitists Know Their Goal will Be Achieved Soon,
A Pristine Planet with Lots of Room"
© Alan Watt June 3rd, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė June 3rd, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on Friday the 3rd of June, 2011.  For newcomers, look into the website, cuttingthroughthematrix.com and help yourself to the audios which are there for free download.  Thereís hundreds to choose from.  Hopefully it will give you an understanding of this massive, massive system, this superstructure around the world, all interlocking, that really is above all governments.  It intertwines with them, of course.  In fact it puts them in place, but it really orders them.  And this is the system thatís been going on for an awful long time, planned long, long before you were born, or your parents or your grandparents.  And the big members of it at the time wrote in their own memoirs how this system would come to be, this world government, and how weíd have an ordered kind of Socialist society.  They picked Socialism because itís the most ordered, itís the fastest way to get order amongst the public using psychology and the social sciences to indoctrinate children, and then perpetual augmentation all down through your life to reinforce it all.  So, thatís been done. 


And weíre born into this system, we think itís normal, our parents think itís normal, and they donít warn you, so therefore, like any other mammal we think itís all quite natural and what other system could there possibly be?  No one has an idea that itís all planned that way.  The fashion designs for the generations, the movies that youíll watch, the topics that will be popular, itís all given to you by culture creators at the very top to bring in this world order.  And of course the big banking system, the international boys behind it too, prefer socialism.  They donít like individualism at all.  Individualism has always been a problem down through the ages, and the United Nations itself has said that individualism is its biggest enemy.  So, thatís why youíre going into the collective society.  And thatís why you all have to agree on the same topics in groupthink and all the rest of it.  So, as I say, go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com, help yourself. 


Remember too, you can buy the books and discs I have for sale.  And from the US to Canada, you can still use a personal check or an international postal money order from your post office.  Cash is fine.  And remember too that PayPal can be sent.  Send the donation.  You see the donation button on the .com site, and follow it up with an email with name, address, and order, and Iíll get it out to you.  Across the world, Western Union, Money Gram, and PayPal.  Thatís what youíve got to use there.  Remember too, all the sites listed on the .com site have transcripts in English for print-up, and you can go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts in other languages. 


And this massive superstructure as I say, it seems like itís impossible when you havenít heard about it before.  It isnít until you go into the United Nations and read the books of the members who set up the United Nations and what their goals and dreams happen to be that youíll find out what itís really all about.  Youíll find your governments, since it was set up have been signing treaty after treaty, many every single year, not only on the financial scale and system and side, but also on the sociological side.  And under the guise of Socialism and human rights, etc, theyíre actually promoting various causes for the type of World Society which they hope to bring, well, actually, itís actually here already as you can probably tell by all the topics that come out on the mainstream media, which again, is all part of this indoctrination system. 


The last thing you are supposed to do is to go off and study yourself, and decide which books to study, interpret them yourself.  You donít need a professor to tell you what some guy wrote in the past.  If you can read the book yourself, why do you need the professor?  Well, the professor is there to make sure that you come away understanding it the way that he wants you to understand it, which is the way that he was taught to understand it.  And itís the same with anything else that you read.  I used to wonder why they had seminaries for Christianity for instance, because you can all read the book, the only book they can by.  So, why do you need someone to interpret to see it this way and that way?  Oh, he really meant this.† Back after this break.


(Commercial Break)


Hi, folks, weíre back and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix, and just talking about the big system, the big superstructure and how it interlaces with other parts of its own system.  You think there are so many different independent organizations, social organizations in the world, and youíll find theyíre all connected together working along the same direction towards this world government.  And theyíre all connected at the hub, which is of course the United Nations.  Youíll find that, as I say, if you go into all the organizations under the United Nations, youíll find out who they are.  And look at the contributors too, the private corporations that contribute to the United Nations.  Itís a tax write-off, of course, but it comes along with the social agendas that they push, as well.  All the big boys are in on the same thing.  Every country is being standardized into the one global system.  And most of the public are unaware of it.  They still think theyíre living in Britain.  They still think theyíre living in Canada, the US and elsewhere, but theyíre really living under a global system.  Weíve been under it for quite some time.  And even Obama is using the excuse to go off to war, saying the UN gave him permission.  So, the UN, of course, for many, many years claimed that its members were supposed to go off to war when they chose the target, the actual United Nations itself, its military wing, and they could never get all the members on board until recently.  And so, now thatís a great excuse to go off to war:  Well, the UN told us so, and that gets presidents and prime ministers kind of off the hook as far as the public are concerned, like, oh, well, what can you do.


Now, tonight I was going to touch on the United Nations and a couple of different areas, because theyíre always in the news, and they have been since the Bosnian conflict, in fact, almost daily.  Theyíve made sure that you hear the United Nations coming across the media in one of its organizations, one of its many organizations, all the time.  So weíre used to hearing about them.  Before that, it was just once in a blue moon you heard about them.  Now theyíre up to full source so we all hear about them.  And all the political agendas come from them.  Your building codes come from them.  Tonight Iím putting up a PDF.  Itís called International Property Maintenance Code.  If you didnít know there was an International Property Maintenance Code, well, now you do, because weíve all been under it for quite some time, from your plumbing, electrical supplies, to how you can build, where you can build and everything else.  Itís all done through that.  Your government rubber stamps it and puts it into its own building codes.  But now theyíve got maintenance as well.  And the idea of this maintenance too is, especially if youíre rural, especially, but also in towns, is to do with updating all the standards that youíll have to go by.  You could put a brand new septic tank in for instance one year, and it could be obsolete if they upgrade it two years later.  And itís all meant to wear you out until you canít afford to live anymore and you move into the slums in the city, because thatís Agenda 21 weíre talking about, and itís all here. 


Now, thereís also an article here I want to read about, and itís called, An Organic Fairytale.  Itís about perceptions.  Weíve all heard about organic and GM food, genetically modified food, and we donít understand that our words are constantly being changed for us to alter our perceptions.  If you didnít alter your perception, what was the food that you were used to having all along until it was not GM?  It was just normal food.  It was called normal.  But if you were to say normal food and GM food, it would be kind of against GM food.  So they changed it and called it Organic, you see.  So normal food is now called Organic.  And of course, itís priced out of sight.  It wasnít before, but now itís priced out of sight so only wealthier folk can afford it.  And weíre supposed to all eat the GM stuff, the rotten stuff thatís being pushed on us, because, as I say, weíll all come down with cancers and various other things.  If the insects wonít eat this stuff, neither should you.  If theyíre dosing it with insecticide, which is a poison, and the plants soak up the poison, why are you eating it?  When you find out that all the tests they did on the GM foods caused cancers of the stomach and intestines of other mammals, why on earth are you eating it?  And why isnít it your governments telling you about this?  Well, they want you to eat it, because itís part of depopulation.  And this is no paranoia.  Iíve read all the articles from the United Nations, and they have a Department of Population, which is Population Control.  And they want the population to come down drastically.  Well, how are you going to do it?  Are you going to ask for volunteers?  Of course not.  They just step up their inoculation programs that will sterilize you and give you the food that kills you. 


Now, hereís an article here for instance.  Itís on bowel cancer.  Bowel cancer at one time was incredibly rare.  In the 1970s for instance, they used to list the countries that had hardly any cases of bowel cancer at all.  Scotland was one of them.  Once the food became really processed and big agri-businesses came in, and of course, they wouldnít use the normal fertilizers, again, normal is the word.  They started using chemicals, really leftovers from the war industry, and things looked like spuds, they looked like turnips, they looked like food, however, they donít have the nourishment in them.  They grow big, but they donít have all the things that you need to live on, plus, they contain all these carcinogenic chemicals.  So, hereís an article here, as I say, about bowel cancer.  And this is incredible, really.  And this is from ABC News.  It says here:


Bowel cancer's alarming rise in young people


The science suggests that heavy drinking, lack of fibre, obesity and smoking are all leading causes of genetic abnormalities that could lead to bowel cancer.


(Alan: Now, itís nonsense, because these guys at the top know that fewer folk are smoking today than ever before.  And meanwhile, the cancers are going sky high, because they wonít tell you the real cause of it, which is GM food.  It says:)


Australian oncologists are warning that young people are developing bowel cancer at alarming rates.


(A: That was unheard of before for young people:)


Figures collated by Bowel Cancer Australia over the past 20 years reveal the number of bowel cancer cases found in people aged between 20 to 34 has risen 64 per cent.


(A: 64 percent in twenty years.)


Surgeons say (A: Hereís again, of course the usual stuff.) heavy drinking and obesity could be triggering genetic abnormalities and they are calling on the Government to help promote awareness of the disease.


(A: As I say, itís not that.  You know, they were always heavy, young people have always been heavy drinkers, until they grow up, if they manage to survive that long.  Anyway:)


Specialist surgeon Professor Graham Newstead says cases in people under 35 are not as rare as they once were.


He says the rates of bowel cancer in young age groups are growing at such a fast rate that cancer experts are now urging a new policy approach to catching the disease early.


(A: This is something you should start inspecting people in their 60s for.  And now itís under 35.)


Professor Newstead says it could be the result of a number of reasons.


(A: But he wonít tell you the real reasons.  And they know what the real reasons are.  And he says.)


"In the younger group (A: And heís being very cautious) we think this is occurring because of a combination of genetic and environmental factors and these are true increases in what we've been experiencing in the past,"


(A: And it gives you an example of someone, a 24-year-old woman who was rushed to hospital, had a stillborn child, and then when they were looking in there, she was informed she had bowel cancer after they took out, gave her a complete hysterectomy as well.  As I say, younger and younger people are getting it.  Thereís even teenagers getting it now.  And it says:)


"One of the doctors that had performed the sigmoidoscopy came to tell us and she said: 'Look, I'm not an expert on cancer but I think that you might need to prepare yourself because we think it could be cancer'."


(Heís meaning of the bowel as well now.) 


"We thought that that couldn't possibly be what it is but then two days later, when the biopsy results came back, it was stage-four bowel cancer which had already spread to my liver and my lymph nodes."


Ö Newstead says leading scientists are still trying to understand exactly what it is that triggers the disease in young people.


(A: Well, whatís changed?  When you didnít have it before, and it skyrocketed in 20 years, what has changed in the environment?  And, of course, what you do know is what causes cancer.  Definitely established.  The first one, of course, is radiation.  That will definitely mutate cells into abnormal cells.  The second one are certain chemicals that shouldnít be present in the body.  Thatís why they give you radiation and poisonous chemicals when youíve got cancer.  Thatís to finish you off.  Anyway, it says here:)


"We discharge the lining cells from our intestine every 10 days, so our bowel motions contain a lot of dead cells and every one of those cells has to be replicated and there are squillions of them," he said.


"They all replicate perfectly but just sometimes one cell doesn't.


Well, when a 60% increase is happening, then something has happened in your intake of something.  And of course, what has changed in your intake?  We know itís the GM food.  The stuff not only is designed to create its own pesticides, itís also able to withstand the heaviest doses of sprayed on herbicides as well. Itís soaked up by the plant into its cells, and then you eat it.  Itís quite simple.  Itís quite simple.  But that is all governmentsí policies.  They must promote this GM stuff, because itís part of the big agenda.  And you must, thatís all youíll get eventually, if youíre just one of the ordinary people.  And the so-called organic, which is normal food, is reserved for the ones at the top, and your politicians.  They all get their little ration card to get them into the club.  So, really, thatís really what theyíre talking about here. 


And getting back to the Organic Fairy Tale.  This is an article from the Sovereign Independent.  And it says:


"Organic is a fraud. Organic is normal food or food that has NOT been deliberately debased by eugenicists for the purpose of making consumers sterile, sick and dumb. Dump the term organic and label everything else unfit for human consumption, it is unnatural.


Monsanto staff, the European Royal Family Mafia and their governments, the banksters and the American senate eat real food;


And thatís true.  Even Tony Blair, when he was trying to foist it off on the British public, it leaked out that he mandated that the big massive, they call it a cafeteria, itís like the Ritz, for the politicians to eat in, in parliament, would still get organic food, or normal food, for themselves, of course.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about the so-called organic food, which is really just natural food, thatís what it really means and we have to call it natural food, then opposed to GM food, modified food, Genetically Modified food would be a nasty thing in our perceptions, and thatís why they like to change this lingo to confuse us, so we donít think about it, what theyíre really actually saying.  Anyway, this article here goes on to say:


Monsanto staff, the European Royal Family Mafia and their governments, the banksters and the American senate eat real food;


(A: And thatís very, very true.  They do eat the real stuff.  It says:)


Since the second world war was upgraded and sent underground, food has been used as a weapon by these creeps on the general population to prevent people from waking up to the existence of their attackers.


The genocidal-maniacs use their media prostitutes to lie about the population bomb,


(A: Oh, population bomb.  Theyíve been saying that since the 1950s, even though the populations of the Western World were plummeting and are still plummeting by the way.  Thatís why they bring in so many immigrants, and theyíre saying that in the major media.  At least theyíre saying that now.  It doesnít matter.  Itís after the fact.  And the ones that exist now donít want children.  They want to be perpetual teenagers and single.  Anyway, it says:)


baby boomers, optimum population, overpopulation, family planning, abortion, euthanasia; the same old worn out mantra chanted over and over again to try to make us believe we should either exterminate ourselves or make it acceptable for others to do it for us.


The only reason for immigration is that, for a time thanks to controlled sterility, there were not enough western slaves to pay off the national debt to the banksters.


(A: And thatís what Maggie Thatcher admitted to.)


So the puppet governments dissolved the borders to allow foreign slaves to flood in and fill the gap. This scam of overpopulation was concocted to justify eugenics through the poisoning of our food. Of course, we the sheep on the farm are the last to be told about this culling.


Well, we always get nice, smiley faces when theyíre doing the most awful things, and thatís how reality is presented to the general population.  And Iíll put these links up, remember, at the end of the night at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And Iíll try and grab, thereís Alan from Scotland.  Thereís a long distance call, hanging on there.  Are you there, Alan?  Hello.


Adam: Itís Adam, actually.  Itís obviously the Scottish accent thatís confused them.


Alan: Itís confused them, okay. Thatís right.


Adam: Yeah.  Itís always a pleasure to speak to you, Alan, as usual.  And Iíve got a question on the hierarchy of this elite.  And itís obvious that thereís certain elite thatís running the show.  Thereís absolutely no doubt about that as far as Iím concerned.  And anyone thatís not conditioned can see that.  Iíve got a question on the hierarchy of the elite.  Do you think that the top of this elite is the heads of these world banking families?


Alan: Theyíre definitely closer to the top, and you can find evidence that in Frankfurt for instance, in the 1700s, then later in the 1800s, the top bankers there and moneylenders for the nations did have a club, and they had their meetings.  They elected their own chairmen by themselves and so on.  And they did decide the future naturally, because they dealt with all economies. They were deciding the future then of countries and deliberating who they should fund for war, if this country lost could they pay back their debts and so on.  Well, itís never really changed.  So, whenever you get economics and money and borrowing, youíre always going to have the same bunch at the top.  And they definitely are interbred though.  Thereís no doubt about it.  And if theyíre not the top, theyíre much closer to it.  They have to be.  Thereís so much perfect coordination between all the factors that create society as we know it today, and shape the generations that are coming out of university now, with all their greening.  They truly are fanatical now.  Theyíre been radicalized, and theyíre all ready for the collectivist society and the total socialist system.  So, itís so perfect, thereís definitely a big hierarchy, but thereís also so many think tanks working at the top, and each think tank has its own specialist area, and then they all come together at the United Nations in all the different departments and then all the countries sign the agreements and put it into law, all from education to everything, from economics to education.  So, itís so incredibly vast.  Youíll never know exactly whoís behind it. 


Sometimes they give little clues away about the clubs that are higher up there.  Prince Charles has called himself at one time, mind you, a lot of crazy things as well, but no surprise from him, but he did say he belonged, he was one of the Olympians.  Now, the Olympians, as you know, were the gods of ancient Greece.  And they used the Olympian Club as a very high membership society that certainly has a lot of input in running the world, even today.  These are very rich families, very old genealogies, and theyíre definitely up there, but perhaps not at the top of the tree, but theyíre closer to it.  I donít think youíll ever see the real people in public.  Theyíll be incredibly rich.  Every top politician or prime minister or president will know their names, but I donít think youíll ever find their names in the newspapers.  They donít work.  They donít work; they make suggestions.  And all their little minions beneath them run to it and make sure things are done, but they never actually give orders as such.  When you see a Rockefeller attending world meetings, heís still working. So, even though heís high on the hog, and heís pushing all the Socialist Agendas, Transhumanism, everything, Transsexualism, the whole lot, kit and caboodle, heís still a worker, basically.  So, you can imagine how these guys at the top really are. 


Adam: Yeah.  Well, that seems to be the case.  And any time you see any United Nations or any kind of think tanks, thereís always the same, as far as I can see, the same families that are controlling that, but obviously I donít know exactly.  As you said, itís probably very difficult to determine that.  The more in the shadows, the more powerful they probably are.


Alan: The big trick as well is to follow both lineages, the male lineage and the female lineage.  And thatís what confuses us.  Not to them, because they have their own little clubs that have their lineages and keep it all in order for them.  Theyíd all know who they are.  You have to get both lineages to find out exactly who they are.  And any name changes at all, as well.  And they can also adopt certain ones into their families, as the Rothschilds have done as well.  Hang on, Iíll be back after this break.


(Commercial Break)


Alan: Hi folks, weíre back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  Is Adam still on the line, from Scotland?  Is he still there?


Adam: Iím still here.


Alan: I was going to say too, another thing to notice too.  Scotland, youíd be surprised at the amount of people that have come out of Scotland and done a lot of meddling with this world order.  The University of Aberdeen has always been one of the leading universities for Communism and Socialism for the world.  You know.  And the whole idea of solidarity was invented by those guys.  And then you find this other odd thing too is that, you know that the Royal Family in London, they always have their cup bearers and special bearers for this and so on.  Well, itís always been a Scotsman, the Campbell family, Lord Campbell, who have been in charge of the Great Seal of England, they carry the Great Seal of England for the English.  No one has ever explained this strange relationship of certain families, and even from countries that you think are outside of the main country, there are actually characters in places like Scotland that have more power than most of the English.  Itís never, ever been explained.


Adam: Absolutely, Alan.  As far as I can see, for such a small country, the amount of corruption in this country over the years is incredible.  For the size of the country, itís obviously tied in big time to the elite families of the day.  Thereís no doubt about that.  But obviously the working class, obviously theyíre not aware of that.


Alan: Theyíre not aware at all.  They donít even know in Argyllshire where the Campbells are, thatís Lord Campbell again, you have these Templar Graves all over the place, because when they escaped from France, thatís where they went. So, the Knights Templars were big.  Of course, they were the big bankers of their day.  And thatís where the word cheque comes from.  They gave out the first cheques back in the 11th Century and 12th Centuries, they gave out cheques in lieu of money, and because they planned like the Exchequer, that was a chessboard outside, a chequerboard outside in the City of London, thatís where they did all their financial arrangements, debts, and profit and so on.  And thatís why they called it a cheque.  And thatís why we spell it in Britain differently from America (cheque / check).  Itís actually from chequer, chequerboard.  So, they settled in the highlands there, in the Western Highlands, and they always took the sides of a United Britain.  They always went against all the rest of the Scots, the Lord Campbells.  So, itís interesting that.  Theyíre definitely way up high in the tree there, and intermarried with a lot of other foreign bigwigs in other countries as well.  And Scotland also gave them the Bank of England, you know.  It was a Scotsman that came down from Callandar and created the whole idea of the Bank of England.  And then of course, they just sat and waited until Rothschild came along and took it over, but a Scotsman set it up for them.  And then another Scotsman was sent over to France, and that created the French Bubble by doing the same thing there, by creating a Bank for France as well.  So, thereís always been this amazing secret society stuff within Scotland.  The Knights Templar, then later on, down through the years, you have the Masons coming forward, of course, and itís definitely all tied together somehow.


Adam: Thatís incredible.  I realized most of that, but I didnít realize about the Cheque part.  Thatís incredible actually that it originated here.


Alan: Thatís where it originated.  The Templars used to take in the gold, the gold coin and so on.  They even had the treasury of England.  They were in charge of taking it in their own little special place where they guarded it.  And you could go to the Middle East, theyíd give you a cheque, literally a cheque, because, as I say, they did it on an open-air chessboard.  It was a big thing. They used poles and pushed these chequers along with the black and white squares, and theyíd give you a cheque and say, thatís where your money is now, symbolizing their vault.  And theyíd give you a cheque in lieu and you took it to the Middle East, and then you cashed it in there.


Adam: Thatís incredible.  I had no idea that was the case.  I had absolutely no idea. 


Alan: And thatís why youíve got the Chancellor of the Exchequer.  And the English donít know it.  The English donít know it, but I mean, theyíve never asked why the actual English flag is actually the Red Cross.  Thatís the Templar Cross.


Adam: Actually, I had absolutely no idea that was the case, to be honest with you.  I have one more quick question, Alan, if thatís okay, and then Iíll take the answer off the air, and itís to do with the Scottish Freemasonry.† Iíve read some books.  I donít know if theyíre true or misinformation or disinformation or downright lies, but Iíve heard that the Knights Templar, the ones who were obviously cast out of France, come over to Scotland and established the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry.  We know itís not really Scottish, we know that, but is that how it formed, and also, is the 33rd degree really the highest rank?  Obviously it is in the public point of view, but is that really the highest rank?


Alan: No.  The Scottish Rite of Freemasonry isnít Scottish. It actually was given a charter by the Grand Orient Lodge of France.  France, mind you, was given their charter by the English Grand Lodge.  It really came from France.  And it was a more atheistic system than the English Lodge.  Theyíre all pals together, of course, but it was atheistic and it was definitely Socialistic or Communistic in its whole from the very beginning.  Benjamin Franklin was a member of it.  They called it the Scottish Rite of Freemasons, and it didnít start off in Scotland either.  The French sent a guy over to the USA and he ended up in Charleston, South Carolina, and eventually they created the Lodge there, and Albert Pike took it over, the actual Great Lodge for the Scottish Rite of Freemasons.  And they spread it across the world from the USA.  Itís not Scottish at all.  In fact, a lot of the Scots are actually members of the English Grand Lodge.


Adam: Yeah, I know that for a fact, actually.  Yeah, thatís true.  Thatís incredible.  I donít know actually what books to read and what books not to read, because thereís so much disinformation and actual lies as well.  I donít know what to read to be honest with you.


Alan: Thereís so much tripe put out there.  I mean, modern Freemasonry broke out in the 1700s.  Now, thereís always been the Secret Societies, all down through the ages.  Whenever you get rich men coming together, they always make their little societies secret, because they get rich by doing other folk in and profiting off of misadventure or wars or things.  So, they create secret societies.  We do know that the Templars were in Scotland by the evidence that was left behind especially in Argyllshire, with the Templar Graves and so on.  And itís even thought that they went over to Americas, which I wouldnít be surprised if thatís true.  But they never did find their treasure.  They had their own fleet of ships when they sailed out of France, and Philip the Fair was after them, of course, because they were taking over massive landed estates. When knights died off, they would send out their emissaries to try to talk to the widow and she would often sign over the lands to the Templars.  They were taking over huge chunks of Scandinavia, Scotland, England, and the rest of Europe, and paying no taxes.  And financially they were becoming an incredibly powerful force to be reckoned with.  Their symbol, when they went on the sea changed when they were cast out of France to the skull and bones, the pirate flag.


Adam: Thatís incredible.  Absolutely incredible.


Alan: You have to be careful, as I say.  Remember too, whatever Masons will put out themselves, even in their own books, theyíll have multiple meanings and often a lot of lies in it themselves, because the true secrets of Masonry are kept in higher Freemasonry.  They donít care about the low stuff.  The higher Freemasons, why do you think itís so secretive?   You know.  If theyíre really a charitable institution why do you have to have secrets kept from the public?  Well, charity is just a front, but what you do know is it helps you get up the ladder.  And every darn politician in Britain generally is a member of Freemasonry.  It gets them up there and then they can start scamming off the public purse, and nobody will cliep on them, because they stand up.  Theyíre vowed to stand up for a brother, even in a court.  So, you have these born liars, basically, or at least initiated liars, put it that way, and they run the darn system from top to bottom.  And you pretty well have to be a member almost in Scotland to get anywhere in the system.


Adam: Absolutely, Alan.  Youíve nailed it again.  I will certainly look into a lot more on that.  As I say, I canít read too much, because thereís so much disinformation.


Alan: Iíll try and put a link up tonight to a series that was put out in Britain, itís on the internet I think, on Freemasonry.  And it shows you.  Youíll see all the scams that they pull on all the different county councils and so on, and itís just amazing.  And the cops too. 


Adam: Fantastic.  I would appreciate that.  Thanks very much for your help, Alan, as usual.  And itís a pleasure speaking to you.


Alan: Thanks for calling.  And then thereís Glen from Philadelphia.  Are you there, Glen?


Glen: Good evening, Alan.  Iím afraid I have a bit of a contradiction for you, on the organic issue.  The term organic has to do more with the way a crop is cultivated rather than its genetic makeup.  So, theoretically, you could have a genetically modified crop or seed.


Alan: I know where youíre going with this, because, again, theyíve further muddied it, itís true.  Because it says organic doesnít mean it hasnít been GM tampered with.


Glen: Precisely, precisely. 


Alan: Before, in the beginning, of course, it really meant pure, normal, but then again, they started to introduce the GM and says, okay, but we havenít used any pesticides on it.  Now, in fact, now theyíre even allowed to useÖ


Glen: Typically, historically organic means that it uses natural sources of fertilizer for nitrogen and nutrients rather than chemically created and pesticides and stuff like that. 


Alan: Thatís right. 


Glen: So, thatís the purest, you know.  In other words, it wasnít adulterated with chemical fertilizers and pesticides.  But here in the US, itís a bit of a joke anyway, because all these food stores have ever-increasing sections of organic food, but according to the Food and Drug Administration, the food can be like 75% non-organic and 25% organic, and they can still use the word. 


Alan: I know.  They changed it a year ago, or a year and a half ago.  I noticed that.  You know, Prince Charles has his own, he has about twenty-five farms with thousands of acres across Britain.


Glen: And he owns most of Archer Daniels Midland.


Alan: Thatís right.  And then you have the Weston family too that are into Monsanto, Lord Weston, and these characters have planned, theyíve taken over the whole worldís food supply and promoting GM stuff for us.  But they do have their own private farms across the planet, and their own dairy herds and beef herds.  Theyíve even shown you on television, on BBC, where they send the Royal Chef up before a big party, and he picks out the Royal Angus there, and decides which ones are going to be killed.  And these things, theyíve never touched anything that is genetically modified whatsoever.  Itís just astonishing. 


Glen: But you know what?  Theyíre not so invulnerable, because when the radiation falls from the sky onto their grazing lands, theyíre going to be in a pickle just as well.


Alan: Well, theyíre already a bit deformed if youíve noticed.  Iíd hate to see them in a few years time. 


Glen: Yeah, exactly.  Well, you know, anyway, they have a tendency to mess themselves up with their stupid eugenics anyway.  But, on a different note, real quick, before I leave.  I heard an interesting tidbit on another radio program tonight.  Supposedly, and this is a recent development, the Chinese have divested themselves of 97% of their T-bills, American T-bills.  Which, that could have some profound economic implications. 


Alan: It will, unless theyíve sold them to some other country.  You see, Japan used to hold them all.  Japan for oh, thirty years, really held the American debt, and this is how they played the game.  Itís a game, way above the publicís knowledge.  And then, of course, when they built China up, they decided theyíd give it to China instead, and they would hold on to it.  But if itís moving around, itís probably going off to India, and Brazil, and elsewhere, where the money is pumped in through the UN, and all the big corporations right now, because the big powers that be have chosen those countries to be the up-and-coming nations of the future.  So, it will be getting moved around in this massive, again, chessboard of money and, you know, they know what theyíre doing.  Absolutely.  The UN is constantly talking about World Government, even in that article with all the quotes I put up yesterday, you hear the bigwigs saying, we must have World Government.  We must have World Government, you know, the mantra.  And thatís what it was designed to be anyway, and one of the guys who set up the charter for the United Nations was a man, Escott Reid.  In Toronto he worked with Lester Pearson, along with Alger Hiss.  They drafted up the charter.  They were all Communists.  In his book, A Canadian Diplomat at the United Nations, he says, our plan from the outset is to create a world government, he said.  And he said, it will be a Socialist Form.  And he mentions collectivism and so on throughout his book as well.  So, from the very onset it was designed to be a World Government, and weíre going through the big phases right now, as we all suffer into austerity, and our money gets pumped across the world, because they did follow the Sovietized system of redistribution of wealth, according to Karl Marx.  So, weíre going through all that, right now.  And your redistribution of wealth is actually going to the corporations that are building up these countries, like Brazil and India, and elsewhere.


Glen: Wow.  Well, in the long-run, they have to be deceived before they become deceivers, and theyíre going to find out in the long-run that their buddy Lucifer is going to end up stabbing them in the back just as well, so.


Alan: Well, I think, they also say that God helps those that help themselves.  And I think thatís something that most Christians should start to learn once again, by example.  They canít sit back and wait, if theyíre following someone who was a guy of action.  Theyíve got to stand up and start condemning for a change, publicly condemning whatís going on, rather than waiting for it all to be sorted out for them.  So, they have the tongues, they have the ability to do so, and certainly have, thatís the one thing theyíre terrified at the top of, and thatís why thereís been such an attack against religion, is people often will put up with absolute hell and chaos, but you attack their beliefs and theyíll fight wars over it.  Thatís why religions have been under the gun, through all the movies, all the books put out for generations now.


Glen: Well, Jefferson put that in the Declaration of Independence.  The people are inclined to suffer abuses while theyíre sufferable, but there will come a breaking point.  But people should be prepared.  I mean, if you do open your mouth, and if you do make a stand, well, the price may be death, and one should simply count the cost before entering into that fight.  How many times have we seen whistleblowers killed, you know.  Sometimes you have to pay the price for speaking the truth, and it has to get to the point where the person is finally willing to do that.


Alan: Well, itís actually the same as Gandhi.  What Gandhi actually said, he said that everyone who knows whatís right must stand up expecting to be killed, expecting to be killed.  He says, that was what his real movement was all about.  He thought lots of them were going to be massacred.  Some of them were.  And he said, those who canít face that prospect can do a more peaceful protest.  But, he says, the rest of us must be prepared to be killed.  And thatís what his real message was.  It wasnít all pacifist.  It was just the opposite, in fact.


Glen: I know youíre not a Christian per se, but I am.  So, Jesus said, donít fear those who can kill the body and having done so...


Alan: Kill the soul.


Glen: ...can do nothing more.† But fear he who can cast body and soul into hell.


Alan: Thatís right.  They can destroy the soul.  We can give our own soul up as far as Iím concerned.  You see it in the eyes of people all around you.  Youíll see it in countries that have already been devastated by wars and famine and all the rest of the stuff thatís forced upon them from outside.  Youíll see that.  And itís a form of destroying the soul.  And these guys at the top, believe you me, are awfully good at it.† However, itís up to everyone to stand up and be counted, because youíre all going into the same corner.  Weíre all getting put into the same corner here.  And when youíre ready to do something about it, youíll be either too weak or sick or starved to do anything at all.  And thatís why everyone is being entertained into this corner here.  Everything is wonderful, according to the news and lots of entertainment.  But no.  The reality is, weíre going to get really put into the corner in a big, bad way shortly.  And thereís already people suffering across the world because of this new world order. All the first world countries have to go down, I mean plummet down.  Plummet down into poverty.  And itís not going to be pleasant, you know. 


Glen: One may not be standing when one is counted, because, in the long run, these guys are going to do a head count only.


Alan: They want to kill us anyway.  Remember that.  They want to kill us anyway.  And theyíve said so.  At that last Lucky Gene Club they actually said that, weíve had gradual depopulation Ė theyíre talking about sterility by the way, thatís what they mean by that Ė now we want rapid depopulation; and this is what theyíre after now.  Back with more, after this break.


(Commercial Break)


Hi folks, weíre back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just before I go to Kay in California, Iíll just mention to Adam in Scotland there, that the Scottish Rite of Freemasons, which really was from France, the Grand Lodge of France, Grand Orient Lodge, they set up in Charleston, South Carolina, on the 32nd degree.  Thatís why they put it there.  33rd Degree is an honorary title.  32nd degree is generally the higher ones.  They also call it the Rite of Perfection, by the way, for those who donít know.


So, is Kay from California on the line there?


Kay: Hi, Alan.


Alan: Hello.  Yes.


Kay: Okay, so, itís nice to talk to you.  I hardly ever get to listen to you live, so this is nice.  I have a couple of questions.  One is, you had mentioned long ago, like, maybe as much as six or seven months ago, something about Eleanor Roosevelt, that she had written somewhere that she admired Pavlov.  And, I was wondering if you could tell me, say again, what book that was from. 


Alan: It was one of her own books she wrote herself, a biography.  And it was just inside the front cover, she had the genealogical tree of her family lineage, showing that the Roosevelts were connected to the Schacht family that funded Hitler, initially.  Also, she went into her trip to Russia and she went to see her favorite person, that was Pavlov, and how, under his system, the school system heíd introduced there, using Behaviorism and Social Engineering basically, the children were so well-behaved.  I canít remember the actual title.  I do have it somewhere in a box in the basement, amongst a thousand others, but I might try and get ahold of it.


Kay: I might be able to get that at a bookstore or online, at Amazon or something like that, do you think?


Alan: Yes.  I donít think she wrote that many books, actually, so you could always look it up and see whatís out there and what the titles are.  And it should tell you about her trip to Russia.  That will give you the clue which one to buy.


Kay: Okay.  And then I had a couple of questions.  I know thereís a little time, so, Iíll be quick.  The other question is, on these things that are going on in the world, lots of animals dying, and you know, suddenly and that sort of thing, washing up on shore, the birds, falling out, etc.  Has anyone noticed or mentioned that it appears to be, to me, at least, DNA specific.  Itís only, it seems to be like one kind of bird, or one kind of fish, or has anyone noticed that, or am I off the track, do you think?


Alan: Well, Iíve heard a hundred different sides of this, even from specialists in fisheries, and they go on about the increased types of a specific types at certain times of the year, etc, etc, and sometimes itís common, etc, etc, etc.  However, with the birds, we do know that the HAARP technology does, it also does it with whales too, by the way, anything that tracks through.  Theyíve got tiny magnetites in their brain basically, and thatís how they guide themselves to where theyíre going.  And the HAARP technologies theyíre using now in weather warfare, definitely interfered with them.  It took many years, and I was saying it for years, that the technology that was guiding the submarines was ELF, electromagnetic frequency pulses they were using for submarines, and we always saw the whales and dolphins beaching themselves when these things were in use.  And the military kept denying any responsibility; they put out disinfo.  It could be a virus in the brain and so on, putting their guidance system off.  It was actually all of this system to guide the underwater submarines into base and so on.  Thatís what was doing it.  The fish were literally and the mammals were literally following the beams and right onto the land, trying to get to where the source was.  So, thatís an established fact now.  Thereís so much going on now with the high sciences, honestly, weíll never get admissions until maybe twenty years down the road, and by that time, weíll all be chipped and we wonít care anyway.† Thanks for calling.


Kay: Okay, thank you.


Alan: From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, itís good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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