June 8, 2011 (#850)

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"New Normal" Opinions Designed for Minions:

"You'd Think We'd Been Living in the Region of Andromeda,
Coming Home, The Earth's Changed, All Due to Formula,
People Believe Anything if Stated by Authority,
Institutionalized Repetition, Creates Opinion of Majority,
Formulas are Called Toolkits, Used in Education,
Guaranteeing Enquiring Minds Turn to Vegetation,
Sequence Presentation, Music Ominous and Pleasant,
Timed to Video Segments, Convinces Lowly Peasant
Of Anything and Everything Masters Wish Believed,
Behaviourists Designed Technique Before You Were Conceived"
© Alan Watt June 8, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 8, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on June the 8th 2011.  For newcomers, look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Youíll find hundreds of audios for free download where hopefully I can show you the shortcuts to understanding this massive system that youíre born into, the reality of it, way above the media level Ė the mediaís there to keep you stuck in Ďthe middleí; thatís what Ďmediaí means; it never helps you to get to the top of understanding Ė and to show you how this world systemís been in existence for a long time, this global system, this big massive organization of foundations, international bankers, and various other NGOs, etc, all combined together, working with the United Nations as well, to bring in their global society.  Thereís no conspiracy about it; theyíve published enough material on this for the last 100 years and weíre living through the big changes they expected for the 21st century.  Thatís why they called the 21st century; they said it would be the Century of Change, and they meant the changes that were planned to happen to bring it truly global.  So youíre living through the chaos now and thereís a lot more to come unfortunately as we go through the big transitions into the new society, and be taught, really, that itís a new authoritarian society.  If you havenít noticed, thatís exactly what it is.  They said theyíd do away with democracy, although theyíd use the term democracy, being the hypocrites they are, when they go off to bring democracy to other countries, by force. 


Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you so you can help me out as well by buying the books and disks I have for sale at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  And straight donations, really, are very, very welcome in these austere inflationary times.  Itís a tough way to do it, this way, because I donít bring on advertisers as guests, or people who pretend theyíre celebrities, or you pretend they are. Iíve always said, youíre as well as getting your plumber on or a carpenter on to give their view of the world because they know more than the average celebrity of whatís happening in the world.  So I donít follow celebrities at all and therefore I donít bring people on as guests as well, who are really there to sell things.  So itís up to you to keep me going.  Itís a different way to do it.  Itís a suicidal way of course, many have failed before, but if you like this information itís up to you to keep it coming out there.  Because one day Iíll go off the air like so many have done in the past and itís just bye-bye, ta-ta and thatís that.... you know, thatís that; things are getting pretty tough these days. 


Now, this new world order is well recorded; weíve had presidents talk about it, in the open.  They never discuss fully what it means but generally we get the bits and pieces to piece it together through the various foundations that all work to bring about global governance as they like to call it.  And lots of information can be gleaned from the United Nationís own web site, and all the organizations that are under it, this umbrella of organizations, non-governmental organizations and so on. So thereís a vast amount of information really out there.  Plus the histories alone, put out by the founders of some of these big foundations, as to their goals; youíll find that in their memoirs, if you bother to read them.  Itís always been the same agenda. They donít like democracy.  As I say, they like an authoritarian, expert ruled society.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix.  Quite a few years back, in France it was, for I think 2 years, the World Trade Organization set up itself an office there and a meeting hall and every country under the United Nations sent members over.  The whole idea was to go into other countries and purchase land and start businesses up, but use your own laws and so on to do it.  You didnít have to go by the countryís rules, laws or minimum wages and so on. And people, I guess, read these articles at the time thinking... they thought nothing about them.  But the fact is, when they start selling off your country to foreign nations, or corporations, are you a country anymore?  I mean, isnít your country supposed to be your country, I mean, complete that is, you know. 


We find the big boys themselves that are looking for new hedge funds, new ways out of their troubles, all the big banking boys are encouraging corporations to invest in land-grabbing basically.  This article is about whatís happening in Africa by US universities.  These universities are stinking rich because of the money that they charge the students; of course, they work too with the banks that give the loans, and itís just a big money grab.  This article here says...


US universities in Africa 'land grab'

Institutions including Harvard and Vanderbilt reportedly use hedge funds to buy land in deals that may force farmers out

John Vidal and Claire Provost / guardian.co.uk / 8 June 2011


Harvard and other major American universities are working through British hedge funds and European financial speculators to buy or lease vast areas of African farmland in deals, some of which may force many thousands of people off their land, according to a new study.  (Alan:  Itís always a new study, you notice, eh?  Thatís how they always end things now.)


Researchers say foreign investors are profiting from "land grabs" that often fail to deliver the promised benefits of jobs and economic development, and can lead to environmental and social problems in the poorest countries in the world.


The new report on land acquisitions in seven African countries suggests that Harvard, Vanderbilt and many other US colleges with large endowment funds have invested heavily in African land in the past few years. Much of the money is said to be channelled through London-based Emergent asset management, which runs one of Africa's largest land acquisition funds, run by former JP Morgan and Goldman Sachs currency dealers.  (A:  Well who else, eh?)


Researchers at the California-based Oakland Institute think that Emergent's clients in the US may have invested up to $500m in some of the most fertile land in the expectation of making 25% returns.  (A:  They are buying up very fertile land, because you see, the elite for the future will be getting non-GMO stuff, not soaked in pesticides either.  Thatís going to be really valuable, really really valuable.)


Emergent said the deals were handled responsibly.  (A:  Of course they will say that and so on.  We bring jobs, ya-da, ya-da, ya, you know, half a dozen jobs or something.)   


Chinese and Middle Eastern firms have previously been identified as "grabbing" large tracts of land in developing countries to grow cheap food for home populations, but western funds are behind many of the biggest deals, says the Oakland institute, an advocacy research group.


The company that manages Harvard's investment funds declined to comment.  (A:  Then it goes on to say here...)


Oakland said investors overstated the benefits of the deals for the communities involved. "Companies have been able to create complex layers of companies and subsidiaries (A:  Thatís what theyíve always done.  You have to go through a whole bunch of names to find out who really owns it.) to avert the gaze of weak regulatory authorities. Analysis of the contracts reveal that many of the deals will provide few jobs and will force many thousands of people off the land," said Anuradha Mittal, Oakland's director.  (A:  And you should see the size of the chunks theyíre grabbing, for peanuts!  Itís just astonishing.  Anyway, it goes into Tanzania and their deals there.)


In Tanzania, the memorandum of understanding between the local government and US-based farm development corporation AgriSol Energy, which is working with Iowa University, stipulates that the two main locations Ė Katumba and Mishamo Ė for their project are refugee settlements holding as many as 162,000 people that will have to be closed (A:  The people will have to be moved off the land...) before the $700m project can start. The refugees have been farming this land for 40 years.


In Ethiopia, a process of "villagisation" by the government is moving tens of thousands of people from traditional lands into new centres while big land deals are being struck with international companies.


The largest land deal in South Sudan, where as much as 9% of the land is said by Norwegian analysts to have been bought in the last few years, was negotiated between a Texas-based firm, Nile Trading (A:  Iíve heard that before.) and Development and a local co-operative run by absent chiefs. The 49-year lease of 400,000 hectares (A:  400,000 hectares!) of central Equatoria for around $25,000 (£15,000) (A:  Thereís a stinking deal for you, eh?  400,000 hectares for $25,000!) allows the company to exploit all natural resources including oil and timber. The company, headed by former US Ambassador (A:  Well again, jobs for the boys, eh?) Howard Eugene Douglas, says it intends to apply for UN-backed carbon credits that could provide it with millions of pounds a year in revenues. 


So theyíre buying these huge, massive chunks and of course they can grow their great food for themselves but they can also put a lot of it down for carbon credits thatíll go through Mr Rothschildís private bank for the world, and of course the funding all comes from the taxpayers of the planet.  What a scam, eh?!  What a scam.  But this goes on and on and on; itís quite a long article here.  Iíll put this up to show you whatís happening.  And itís another way too, to get rid of countries.  Just buy chunks up, call it what you want, and itís owned by so-and-so, a private company.  Again, itís the new system.  Itís non-national.  Itís really a feudal system where corporations rule the planet.  So thatís that one there. 


Then we go to Australia.  Interesting this, because at Rio Tinto, which I think was Rothschild owned, and the Queen of England as well, a big mining, massive mining company.


Rio to double Pilbara driverless fleet

wabusinessnews.com.au / 8-June-11 /  AAP


Rio Tinto is planning to double its fleet of driverless haul trucks (A:  This is a novelty... driverless haul trucks; you donít need drivers now.) and to deploy them at the Pilbara's largest mine site, Yandicoogina, after a two-year trial performed "well above expectations".


Rio says it will deploy 10 trucks by next April for all haulage requirements in the Yandicoogina junction south east pit, moving high grade, low grade and waste material from multiple loading units.


The autonomous trucks will begin dumping ore for the first time, a major step in the evolution of the project towards full operational deployment.


"It will be the first operational deployment of this technology in Australia, or anywhere on this scale," Pilbara operations president Greg Lilleyman said in a statement.


So itís just amazing too, how as the companies get more and more profits they need less and less workers, and not even drivers now, isnít it?   Itís quite, quite something indeed.  An article by Bernanke, the guy whoís the bankie, he says here... itís a very vague article.  It says...


Bernanke tells Dimon no rule-impact study done

(A:  So, heís telling a no rule impact study done on credit, you see.)

marketwatch.com / Steve Goldstein JPM / June 7, 2011


WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) -- Responding to a question and detailed list of new rules from J.P. Morgan Chase Chief Executive Jamie Dimon, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said no comprehensive study of the new rules on credit has been conducted. (A:  So theyíve given new rules across the board on credit now for all businesses and everything but they havenít given us anything else about it.  And heís telling here that thereís no comprehensive study overlooking it, in other words, deciphering all these new rules.  Well, they will have it done for themselves but itís not for the public obviously.)  "It's been the most comprehensive financial reform since the 1930s, we don't have quantitative tools to do that," Bernanke said. "There is going to be some trade-off here," he said, adding the rules could be tweaked later. (A:  Iím sure they will tweak them to their own benefit.  It always ends up tweaking to their own benefit, isnít it?)


And as the economy really plummets, and thereís people in the States that call me quite often and they travel all over the US and fly too, some of them drive because of their work.  And everywhere theyíre going now in the cities theyíre seeing shops everywhere just boarded up and out of business.  Of course a lot of places, too, thereís great human habitations, homes, that no one is living in now because they all went bankrupt.  Itís incredible whatís happening.  Iíve always wondered, this, because when you read about the major wars, the country always told the public they were broke before the wars; they were dead broke.  In fact, in the Depression it went right up until World War II started and suddenly they get all this cash to go off to war.  Isnít it amazing?  And the same thingís happening now.  Theyíve got more wars going across the planet than ever before and theyíve all got cash to throw at it.  I think it was costing Britain† £60 million a week just to bomb Libya and stuff like that.  So itís just amazing when they claim to the public that theyíre bankrupt and they have no cash to help the public and they slash everything at home, here they are slaughtering abroad, grabbing the oil fields, for the private companies, and weíre paying for it all.  Ah, what a democracy we have, eh?  This lovely democracy, this term democracy, itís so wonderful. 


Now of course, I guess this is maybe part of Bernankeís new rules.  It says...


A little over the top?: SWAT team launch dawn raid on family home to collect unpaid student loans

dailymail.co.uk / Daily Mail Reporter / 8th June 2011


A father was dragged from his home and handcuffed in front of his children by a SWAT team looking for his estranged wife - to collect her unpaid student loans.


A stunned Kenneth Wright had his front door kicked in by the raiding party at 6 am yesterday (A:  And this is what they do, like the KGB hit you between 3am and 6am, when youíre kind of confused and tired and all that, and drag you out of bed.) before being dragged onto his front porch, handcuffed and led to a police car with his three children.


He says he was then detained for six hours while officers looked for his wife - who no longer lives at the house.  (A:  It took them 6 hours to go through the house, eh?)


Mr Wright was later told by Stockton police that the order to send in the SWAT team came from The U.S. Department of Education (A:  So now, again, these big boys who are financed, theyíre getting their carbon pits and sinks across the planet, and easy deals, cheap loans and all the rest of it, and cheap buy-outs, are also telling the cops what to do.  Back to debtorís prison, you see, and they want their cash, you see.) who were looking for his estranged wife to collect defaulted loan payments.


Speaking to ABC News 10, a visibly shaken Mr Wright described what happened when he was woken by a banging on his front door.


He said: 'I look out of my window and I see 15 police officers. (A:  They do that now; they call it overwhelming force.  Everything they come out to now is overwhelming force.  That article where a little boy broke a window with his football, they had helicopters and these armored vehicles after him and everything, hunting him down.  Overwhelming force, you see.  To show you, to tell you to be VERY, VERY AFRAID, and get used to it, always be very afraid.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, weíre back and Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article about the SWAT teams now collecting for the banks for defaulted loans for educational purposes.  Anyway, this Mr Wright says here...


Speaking to ABC News 10, a visibly shaken Mr Wright described what happened when he was woken by a banging on his front door.† He said: 'I look out of my window and I see 15 police officers.† Dressed in his boxer shorts, Mr Wright says he rushed downstairs and was about to open the door when it was kicked open.† An officer then grabbed him by the neck before dragging him out onto the front lawn.† His 3, 7, and 11-year-old children were also removed by officers and put in a waiting police car.† 'He had his knee on my back (A:  This is what they do now.  They put their knee in your back; you see it in all the movies so they copy it.) and I had no idea why they were there,' Mr Wright said.† 'They put me in handcuffs in that hot patrol car for six hours, traumatising my kids.'


The Department for Education refused to comment on the incident, saying they would not do so until the case was closed. †They did however confirm that their Office of the Inspector General had issued the search warrant.† The office has its own branch of federal agents that carry out search warrants and investigations.† Mr Wright is now trying to get compensation for the destroyed door.  (A:  Iíd go for more than that if I was him.)


Speaking to ABC, he demonstrated that although the door had been patched up, the handle no longer worked.  (A:  They use battering rams on them.  I remember seeing them raid a house on a documentary once and the woman who was in it, supposedly in the house, was just walking back from groceries and as theyíre battering on the door with this battering ram.  Sheís standing there trying to tell them, hereís the keys, and she was handing the keys to them and they just threw her off the porch and carried on battering it down.  They want to look like the movies, you see, these steroid children they have nowadays.  They have no necks either, have you noticed that?  No necks at all.)


He said: 'They busted down my door for this.


'It wasn't even me.


'All I want is an apology for me and my kids and for them to get me a new door.'† He added: 'People who have student loans, pay your bills, take care of your credit.


'If you don't believe me, this could be you one morning 6 o'clock.'


And his wife wasnít living there anymore, you see.  So thatís what happens and this is meant to get everyone very, very afraid.  When the police are now, really, the collection agents for debtorís prison, and on behalf of the big banks of course, and whatís new?  Whatís new about it?  Quite something, eh?


Now, Iíve warned people so many times, the computer was not given there for your benefit.  Before you were GIVEN the computer the whole course of the computer was laid down by those who were going to use it to bring in this world society where theyíd dominate you, by observing you and knowing everything about you.  Thatís the purpose of it.  And Iíve warned people about Facebook and all the other ones that they give you out free, who come out every so often and tell you that theyíre collecting all this data and handing it to authorities, for a fair price of course; they all work together.  Personally I think theyíre all part of the NSA, just different branches, just private branches, thatís all.  And...


Facebook Changes Privacy Settings to Enable Facial Recognition

(A:  They didnít tell the public of course.)

hardocp.com / June 07, 2011


Facebook has changed your privacy settings to enable facial recognition by default and half the internet is up in arms over it. (A:  Is it really?)  Is this really a big deal to you or is it a non-issue?


If for any reason you don't want your name to be suggested, you will be able to disable suggested tags in your Privacy Settings. Your name will no longer be suggested in photo tags, though friends can still tag you manually.


And it goes on about, as I say, they simply... This is only one of many articles on it, that they did this by.  They keep changing their own rules.  They can do that.  They own it, right?  Thatís what you sign on to do, that they own it all and they can collect all that data on you.  And the heads of these little organizations like Facebook and so on, just happen to go to the global meetings now, and you canít catch on?  You canít catch on?  Well thatís pretty tough... pretty tough. 


And talking about the scams to do with carbon and believe you me, the big corporations are going to get an awful lot richer, an awful awful lot richer with this.  This is why the big corporations are on board for the carbon schemes.  Itís not going to cost them anything.  Theyíre going to profit off it.  And Australia, being one of the most radical countries now, as far as its government goes, has been chosen obviously to lead the world, by a dictatorial Prime Minister, to go ahead with all the carbon schemes.  And eventually it will come down to you, to the person; youíll be paying it all.  Guess what theyíve come up with now?  Killing a camel to earn a carbon credit...


Australia poised to allow camel cull

ft.com / June 7, 2011 / Pilita Clark in London


Killing a camel to earn a carbon credit may seem a curious way to tackle climate change, but one countryís poised to allow investors to do precisely that. The camel culling plan is one of the first to arise under the Australian governmentís new carbon farming initiative, a scheme that lets farmers or investor claim carbon credits if they can show they have cut greenhouse gas emissions.  (A:  First the camels and then what?  You?  You maybe?  Hmm?  I thought it was joke at first but itís not.)


Iíve also talked about the massive push now for... You understand, weíre all classed as economic units.  Thatís your only purpose in this system is to serve the system, work in it, and obey all the laws, be good, be good, thatís means doing everything youíre told to do, pay taxes, and purchase things now and then, be a consumer to an extent although thatís dying off; eventually it will all go to carbon taxes and so on, all your excess money.  Also, as theyíre slashing back health systems across, basically, the world now, itís because theyíve come to the decision a long time ago, and itís far easier to help you die, and cheaper, than to keep you alive.  And anyone 60 or over, eventually youíre going to get asked, do you want to die, rather than live; youíre going to be offered this.† And Iíll read about this when I come back from this break.


Hi folks, Iím back Cutting Through The Matrix and just before I take the callers, as I say, Iím talking about assisted suicide.  Because you see, the big boys at the top, they say itís more expensive to keep you alive.  After you hit 60 youíre going to have different illnesses, you might last another 30 years, with these illnesses, but they donít want to have to put the cash out on you.  They want all the cash that you paid in for your insurance and all the rest of it, and your pensions, to go to them.  In fact, theyíve already admitted in Britain for instance, that the starting-up project money for the communitarian idea is coming from all these unclaimed bank accounts; that means folk who have died off generally or been killed off by the National Health system. So theyíre really promoting this as an alternative.  And Iíve always said, you cannot Ė it doesnít matter how you feel about this Ė you can never give this power to the State because the State has a political agenda and a social agenda. And itís nothing to do with your demise in a painless fashion.  Itís to do with economics.  And you cannot give that power to them.† It says here...


Terry Pratchett film to show an assisted death

The last moments of a terminally ill man who travelled to an assisted suicide clinic to end his life will be shown in a documentary presented by the bestĖselling author Sir Terry Pratchett.  (A:  So the BBCís become the rah-rah leader for this assisted suicide, but of course they work for the government, since they get paid by them.)

telegraph.co.uk /  Andy Bloxham / 15 Apr 2011


Viewers of the BBC2 show will see the writer, whose Discworld series of books have sold millions of copies worldwide, at the Dignitas clinic in Switzerland (A:  Itís an ad for this clinic too of course.) with the 71 yearĖold motor neurone disease sufferer, named only as Peter.  (A:  So it goes on about how heís going through all this and heís suffered motor neurone disease for years and so on and so on.)


Dr Peter Saunders, director of the charity Care Not Killing, criticised the BBC's decision to broadcast the programme, saying it was acting "like a cheerleader for legalising assisted suicide".   (A:  But thatís what they do.  Theyíre owned by the government.)


He said: "It is regrettable that a man's death will be shown on screen but we are also concerned that this documentary will not be balanced. Given Sir Terry Pratchett's position, the fear is that it will show all the supposed benefits of assisted death with very little redress."


And it wonít go into the fact, as I say, that the governmentís all happy because all that pension cash then they can snaffle.  And if youíve got insurance policies for health care and all that, they grab that too.  And thatís what itís all about, economics.  Economics... and who should live and who should die.  Whatís your value to your community, will be eventually put on a questionnaire that you will be handed one day.  What is your value?  Why are you so important to your community?  Thatís what George Bernard Shaw said.  Iíve put up the link so many times, where you hear him discussing it, for the Fabian Society which is just a branch of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which runs the left wing.  And he said, eventually the people will have to come to us and ask; weíll ask them, why should we keep you alive?  ...even if youíre fit.  Iím not kidding about that.  Also I understand too, on some long-running soap in Britain too, they showed recently a series where someoneís gay lover was dying and the guy puts a pillow over his face and kills him out of compassion, or maybe itís some new kinky way of enjoying themselves. 


Anyway, Iíll go to the callers now.  Thereís Carlo from Atlanta on the line.  Are you there Carlo?


Carlo:  Yes, I am.  Hi.  Thank you for taking my call.  I recently spent 2 Ĺ weeks with my family and friends in Germany and it was quite an interesting trip.  Since you were speaking of economics today, more than half of my friends are not working in their original training anymore, you know, the one they did an apprenticeship for.  And all of those are working in government jobs, getting paid very little and barely scraping by.  And they donít seem to think anything of it.  They just think itís normal. 


Alan:  You adapt a bit at a time, a bit at a time, and you think itís normal, simply because no one tells you that it is not normal.


Carlo:  Yeah, exactly.  And also a new normal Iíve noticed, when it came to language, was the use of the word Ďfriendí.  I have noticed in the States and in Germany that a lot of people now specify what type of friend theyíre talking about, like you know, the Facebook friends.  You can be strangers and have friends with strangers now by a click of a button.  So it means less now than it used to, I think. 


Alan:  Yes, and plus a lot of the friends arenít even real.  Theyíre called sockpuppets, put out by the intelligence services to collect data on you.  And they can interact with you too.   And youíll never know that youíre actually talking to a computer. 


Carlo:  Oh, I didnít even think about that.  Thatís interesting as well.  And also, one thing Iíve noticed, it was on my first day when I was there, until I left, was that on television, magazines, Iíve heard the word Ďcarbon neutralí.  It was everywhere, really interesting.  Also, none of my friends and family used the word so I think they must have just started this parroting campaign for the public.† Itís very interesting. 


Alan:  And also, the carbon neutral term, you got to understand, that to be carbon neutral would mean weíre all dead. 


Carlo:  Yeah.  Donít exhale. 


Alan:  Because literally, carbon dioxide, we breathe it out all the time.   And we are carbon-based life forms.  So literally, itís a target which canít be reached unless they kill us all off.  Thatís the only way they can be carbon neutral.  Even then itís going to go on with grass and all the rest of it, and plants giving off CO2 and so on.  And the sea gives it off all the time when it warms up.  So I mean, itís just an incredible farce weíre living, and it is a farce.  But literally, when you understand, and youíve lived long enough, and youíve seen enough farces go through, they can pull it off, no problem.  They can make the public, with enough propaganda, believe anything at all.  And thatís what Bertrand Russell said.  He said, eventually it will be hoped that anybody will be able to convince anybody else of anything, given sufficient funding by the government.  And thatís happening right now.  An utter farce, yeah.


Carlo:  Very true.  I also noticed a lot of chemtrails in my hometown and also I spent 4 days in southern Germany in Bavaria hiking in the mountains.  And every now and then when I was sitting with my friends and family, I just looked up and I was like, oh what is this, does anyone notice these streaks across the sky?  And there was no reaction.† But one interesting experience I had was, I hiked up a mountain, it was about 6,600 feet, sitting up there enjoying a lunch, and within 2 hours I counted over a dozen chemtrails, which all came from a central point up north and they fanned out across the sky.  It looked quite incredible.  And you know, people just, as usual, went on with their business and didnít even look up into the sky and notice.


Alan:  Again, you see, the public have been trained not to think Ė and I mean that Ė not to think at all.  Thatís an artificial man weíre talking about here.  Itís something, again, that the elite had hoped for for so many years, that the public would be unable to think without an expert coming out and saying, this is what this is, look at it and think about it.  If they tell you to think about it we will.  I mean, they give us nonsense sometimes to think about.  Look at the media itself everyday; thatís the rubbish they give you to think about, generally trivia.  And people will chat about the trivia.  And thatís what Brzezinski said in his own book too.  He said, eventually the public will be Ė meaning training them.  He said, eventually the public will be unable to think for themselves; all theyíll be able to do is to repeat what theyíve heard on the previous dayís news.  In other words, if theyíre not told about something... He also said, theyíll expect the media to do their reasoning for them.  And they do.  They do.  If the media tells them, oh, panic about this, they will panic.  And if the media tells them, donít worry about radiation and weíre not going to talk about it anymore, then neither will the general public.  Thatís how theyíre all conditioned.  Youíre looking at completely scientifically indoctrinated people Ė scientific indoctrination Ė they cannot think for themselves or reason for themselves.  But if the media tells them to panic about something or worry about something, they will do what theyíre told; they will start worrying about it, because the media told them.


Carlo:  Absolutely.  And thereís an interesting dynamic when it comes to speech that Iíve noticed back home in Germany.  A lot of my friends made fun of me when I was speaking German, for using what they called old German words which now have been replaced with English words because, you know, English, itís so hip and great, so people adapted.  I mean Iíve only been gone from Germany for 9 years and the language has changed a lot, a lot more English words. And at the same time I have noticed a lot of younger people now are really getting back to learning the local dialects.  And youíre from Europe; you know how diverse the dialects are.  So you have both sides going on right now and it was very interesting to observe.


Alan:  Well again, the bigwigs many, many years ago said that English was to be made the common language of the planet for commercial reasons.  And thatís what theyíve been pushing ever since.  And of course most people in Britain and America, Canada, they donít realize that students across most of the countries across the world get maybe 4 years of English, as a mandatory course. 


Carlo:  Yeah.  Itís now mandatory in Germany to learn English when youíre 8 years old.  I started when I was 10.  Another thing, the green movement, itís, you know, a big, big thing back home.  Iíve learned, if you have solar panels on your house on the roof and thereís a fire in your house, the firefighters will not extinguish the fire because there could be some sort of problem or effect on the electrical grid.  So if youíre trying to be green your house will burn down if you have a fire because the firefighters are not extinguishing it.  [Caller laughing]


Alan:  Wow.  Well, thatís interesting.  Thatís another disincentive.


Carlo:  Iíve seen solar panels everywhere.  The government is subsidizing them.  I have seen, especially on the way down to Bavaria, farmers who have covered their entire barns with solar panels.  Theyíre everywhere.  I donít want to take up too much time so you can get to some more callers.  It was really good talking to you and thank you for taking my call.  Thank you for what you do.  And I will now get off the phone and listen to the rest of the broadcast. 


Alan:  Oh, thanks for the call.  Thatís interesting.  And now weíll go to Mike from Chicago, if Mikeís there. 


Mike:  Hello.  How you doing Alan Watt?


Alan:  Iím hanginí on with my fingernails here.


Mike:  I heard you talk about dehumanization earlier and I was watching The View, I think it was yesterday, and they were just talking about how, oh itís okay that if youíre over 65, you should die and you know, you already lived long enough.  I was like, I was thinking to myself just how incredibly sad it is that people will actually believe that, oh we need to save money, the government needs to save money so why donít we just kill you, so, you know, we can give the teacher or whatever government official more money.  And I was thinking to myself, man, how sad; we are our own enemies.  Donít you think?


Alan:  And theyíre training the public. You understand, again, itís a very clever technique, though, a very old technique too, where you can actually pick the victim, select the victim and train the victim to eventually agree with you.  Now, youíll find in abuse situations, thatís what happens to the abused; theyíll often agree with the abuser.  Oh, you had to do that to me because...  And itís the same technique they use in torture, across the world, our great forces there.  Itís the same technique where eventually the abused starts to identify with the goals of the abuser.  Thatís what theyíre training us to do, through media, movies, newsreels, soap operas even in Britain, and training the public, Well I guess itís true you know, I should move over and make room for someone else to come in thatís maybe more important than me.  And thatís what theyíre training the public to do.  And Iím kidding you not, they can do it, given time and technique, because itís scientific technique and itís a special understanding of not just the language but how to put the words together, with the proper visual and auditory, to literally hypnotize the person whoís listening.  They call them toolkits in teaching, by the way.  You can train a whole classroom of children to believe the most horrible thing if you go through the step-by-step formula of the toolkits which are supplied to them. 


Mike:  And Alan, what I realize is, they use certain words.  They use positive words.  Itís kind of like neuro-linguistic programming.† Have you read the book The Rhetoric and the Poetic of Aristotle?


Alan:  Yeah.


Mike:  Well I was reading it; I just recently finished the book.  And neuro-linguistic programming, thousands and thousands of years ago they were using that... thatís what Aristotle was talking about in his book.


Alan:  And Aristotle was trained alongside Plato and Plato shows you the technique.  Because all youíre reading when you read Plato is the technique itself, where he gives you these fictitious encounters with people and heíll lead you off with a premise, to get your response, and then heíll counter your response by saying, but if thatís the case, isnít this so. And then he gets you to agree and then leads you on to the next part until you agree as well.  And before you know it, something you were completely opposed to initially, youíve agreed through logic.  Itís almost like a legalism; youíve kind of signed your name with each agreement youíve made to him, until you have no choice but to agree with the final solution.  And thatís what they do.


Mike:  Just how, in Plato, like you said, in The Republic, they were talking about justice and injustice and they were talking about how the injustice are the people who cannot agree on a certain goal but the justice people are the people that can agree on a certain goal.  But what he was trying to imply was that the justice people are the elites because they can agree on killing off 95% of the population, they can agree on putting vaccines in certain types of GMO foods, in our foods.† And since we constantly fight against each other we are the injustice.


Alan:  Yes. And what they also said too, was really, thereís never justice as the public perceive it; thereís only the appearance of justice.


Mike:  Right.  And before I go I have one more question for you.  Have you read the book by Rene Dubos, he worked for the Rockefeller... not Rockefeller Foundation.  He knew Rockefeller and he wrote a book called Sub Human and Animal.  Have you read that book?


Alan:  No. 


Mike:  Well, he wrote this book about, I think 30-40 years ago, in 1968.  He talks about the process on how the dehumanization of human beings will go through, and he was talking about how computers and basically what we see now, back in 1968, before even the first, you know, personal computer came out.


Alan:  Thatís right. In fact, they had the whole world society set up before that. They took their information really from a guy called Wiener who came out with cybernetics; it was a book called Cybernetics.  The navigator in other words, how to steer all of society using scientific techniques into the proper conditioned responses you want them all to have.  Thatís what they all copied, and he copied that too.  Thanks for calling and Iíll be back after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix and weíre going to Frank from North Carolina, if heís there.  Are you there Frank?


Frank:  Yes I am, Alan.  Thanks for taking my call.  Itís an honor to speak to you; Iím a first time caller.  You were a big part of my awakening back in 2006.  I think I heard you just by happenstance one night on Coast to Coast with George Noory.  Iím glad I did because I probably spent thousands of hours in the interim listening to you and being deprogrammed from my indoctrination in the military and all of that.  You were a big part of my awakening from the false left/right paradigm.  I have so many questions Iíd love to ask you but I know Iíve only got a few minutes.  Can you say anything about any type of physical surveillance or harassment or intimidation you may have had, in recent years; I know you mentioned something about that years ago. 


Alan: Oh, yeah.  I mean, quite a few years back, itís the most crazy thing.  I had the brake lines cut in my car; that was one thing that happened.  I backed out of the driveway and I put the brakes on as I went across the road and ended up in a ditch on the other side.  And they were both, the front brakes, clean cut where you have the rubberoid flexible hose.  It was about 2 weeks before that, or after, I canít remember, before or after that, it was back in the late 90s, I had just got off a talk show with someone, with a host, either that or I was still on with the host and just after the show finished, and a helicopter came over.  This was at night, in the pitch black, and the next thing I knew, it was in the winter too, the wood stove, the doors bust wide open, a flame shot across the roof, and the whole chimney went up in fire.  I ran outside with a hose, which I kept inside luckily or it would have frozen, and I got up onto the roof and the chopper was still there; there was actually 2 of them.  The chopper was right above the house and I couldnít see any markings on it at all.  They didnít have their lights flashing either.  And it just casually drifted; I could have touched the skid on it as it was leaving.  And I think they dropped something down the chimney, no kidding, like a phosphorous grenade or something like that, because it was a devil to get out.  It was like a Roman candle, looking at it, a fireworks Roman candle, these white flames shooting up.  And after about 25 minutes of literally pouring this water down with a hose, I went down to the bottom where the scoop is, where you take out the ash.† By the way, that chimney had been cleaned that day, that morning, so there was nothing in it to go on fire.  And there was this white powder there, this grayish powder, when it dried white and burst into flame again outside.  So that had to be phosphorous in it; thatís how phosphorous reacts.  So that happened too.  And various other things have happened as well, really weird, odd things have happened pretty frequently in fact.  I stayed near a tower once, one of these big cell phone towers, and one night the window pane was vibrating.  I called up the communications authorities for Canada, the guy said it was impossible.  I says, well itís not only vibrating, I says, this room feels warm, and other people who had come into it said the same thing.  Well he did come out, with all his meters and gadgetry.  And I said, Iím between two cell towers, both on the horizon.  He tested his meter, he was just huffing and puffing like this was going to be silly, and he got shocked with the reading that was coming from it.  He says, not only was he getting a massively high reading, he said, theyíre not allowed to put out this kind of power.  I got out of that place rather sharpish as well.  So yeah, you do get these odd things happening, in series often, one thing after another, a form of harassment.  Phone in again when weíve got more time, near the beginning of the show and we might be able to discuss more. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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