June 14, 2011 (#854)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 14, 2011:

There's Massive World Slaughter to Standardize,
Planned Global Culture, Peace Based on Lies:

"They Say Booze, Drugs and Porn Does the Trick
In Escaping the Horror of Constant Conflict,
It's the DOD Plan to Bomb into Submission
Small Countries Who can't Fight Wars of Attrition,
After Devastation, in Flies UNESCO
With New School Curriculum Ensuring Young Minds Go
Along the Authorized Path of Indoctrination,
Where Anything Goes Without Discrimination,
For the Old Must Be Shattered to Bring in the New,
A Standardized Culture Run by the Few,
In This Grand Utopia, All Men Will Be Brothers,
Even Though Equal, Some More Equal Than Others,
There'll Be Promoted Fornication of Human with Beasts,
And Memory of Civilization All Be but Ceased,
Of the Haters of Humans There'll Be No One to Tell,
When Demons Rule and They've Brought Down Their Hell"
© Alan Watt June 14, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 14, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on the 14th of June 2011.  For newcomers, look into the web site cuttingthroughthematrix.com and help yourself to the audios which are there for free download.  Thereís hundred to choose from and hopefully by halfway through it maybe youíll get the idea of the big system and what it is and who runs it, that runs this world, the big big plan that youíre living through.  Your life is just a blip like your parentsí were a blip in time and big plans are made long, long before any of them are born, generations ago, just like a big business plan really.  And the futureís always brought in by those who hold the present, those who have the money and the power.  They donít plan to lose it so therefore they plan the future.  Quite simple really.  All you have to do is make sure that the educational system is on board with you, to make sure we all get the same indoctrination; there doesnít have to be any truth in it, or very little truth for that matter.  And youíve got to make sure that the media takes over, entertainment and so on, to reinforce all your indoctrination, so as youíll think everything is quite normal as you go through the world with perpetual wars and that kind of stuff going on. 


So help yourself to the audios and youíll find transcripts, too, in all the sites I have listed on the .com site in English and you can get transcripts in other languages if you go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu; help yourself to those too.  Remember too, that you are the audience that bring me to you.  Iím not commercialized; I could be certainly and I certainly have all the offers for it but Iíve gone the suicidal way, as I say.  Because Scotland, you see, is the patron saint of lost causes and thatís what Iím doing; Iím just chronicling the events as we go down the tubes.  For those who want to know whatís happening, thatís really what Iím here for, to show you how itís kind of done and why things happen, the big whys.  So you can buy the books and disks I have for sale at cuttingthroughthematrix.com and keep me going.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember too, straight donations are certainly most welcome.  Youíve got PayPal to order or donate and youíve got Money Gram and youíve got Western Union so make use of them too, as long as weíve got them. Eventually there will only be one system, Iím sure, for the whole world and everything will be electronic; thatís just the way itís designed to go. 


Now, what I do here on the broadcast is to try, as I say, to tie things together, to show you that itís not... itís kind of staggering in its size of the managerial global system that you have, the class of world managers that run the world today and the big corporations, all intertwined, interlaced and youíd be surprised to find that very few of these companies actually made it on their own up to that level, and so are some of the famous people that you know too, to do with the internet; they didnít make it themselves either.  Theyíre put out there as fronts.  You canít get up into the big boysí world unless they put the hand down, just like The Matrix as they pulled Neo out of the water after he was reborn again and pulled him up.  Thatís how you get up into the big system, after being tried and tested and found Ďtrueí as they say; meaning youíll keep your mouth shut, take the loot and do whatever youíre told.  Itís a corrupt system of course.  They donít see it as corrupt themselves.  They see us as really a peasant class, very stupid actually and they refer to us often in that manner.  So they have nothing really to worry about because the mainstream media is not there to keep you really informed about anything except what they want you to focus on.  We know that Brzezinski said the same thing years ago in one of his books, eventually the public will be unable to reason for themselves; they will expect the media to do it for them.  And they give you lots of trivia and stuff that you can do nothing about and thatís what your head really is full of most of the time.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and as I say, we chronicle things as we go through life because you eventually realize that anything thatís there for you to believe in, and thatís mainly your politicians and your governments and so on, really are so fake.  Theyíre not running the world at all and even Presidents and Prime Ministers are lucky to know a fraction of the staff near the top by the time theyíve finished their term; thereís hundreds and hundreds of names and all the rest of it, and departments, etc..  They have a whole panel of advisors, people who know the real score of whatís really going on and these are the guys who have been to their bosses, the ones who really run the world and they tell the Presidents and Prime Ministers what to do, what to sign, and how wealthy theyíll be once they leave office, when they get 25 or more directorships on various corporations and things like that and ghostwritten books churned out for them.  So thatís how itís really run.  And they donít mind that at the very, very top because money is nothing to them whatsoever.  These are the guys who are in charge of all money systems and central banking systems, and of course they can have it churned out by writing a check, just here, print out another few billion dollars; itís quite nothing at all.  You could do the same thing yourself if theyíd allow you to, but they wonít.  They donít like competition.


Thatís the key to it too, because really you have to go back into history to find out how corporations started, and to look at corporate law for instance, itís very, very amazing and detailed, and into it comes maritime law as well because even with the British East India Empire youíll find so many interesting things.  It was truly a corporation, international, because it was really partly owned by Britain at one point and by Holland as well, by the Royal families and all their minions of cousins; they had shares in these companies.  Then they split into the two separate companies.  Really, they forced trade upon the rest of the world.  They literally did go into countries and force them at the point of the cannon and if they didnít cooperate and trade with them theyíd blow them up.  And we know what happened of course with India... not with India, although they did similar things there too, but definitely with China.  If you didnít trade, like China, they just put masses of bails of pure opium on your shores every day and went back to their boats and sat and waited, and after a while there were so many people hooked that the place became dysfunctional.  And they got what they wanted, for quite some time. 


So many of the big players today are descended from the families that made their money, in fact, from the opium wars and other kinds of scenarios across the world; theyíve always been here.  So monopoly is very important to them.  And monopolists donít believe in competition; thatís the whole idea.  You must make sure that youíre in control of everything, that you own the resources, you own all the production.  You own everything and any competitor who comes along is not given the so-called Ė I donít know where they got it from Ė the British handshake of good-old-boys stuff and Ďfair contestí and all that.  Itís never existed.  They simply annihilated you one way or another.


And we know that US took over from Britain and became the most amazing leader for international corporations.  And weíre going along a plan, as I say, starting in London and then going into the US, and of course New York became the financial capital basically for an empire Ė thatís why they call it ĎThe Empire Stateí; it was designed to be.  They financed corporations across the globe and money flows back and forth like you would not believe.  So corporations donít like competition.  And of course we also know that from the same clique that formed... and thereís been quite a few different cliques of course, and many of them amalgamate.  Sometimes they start off at opposite ends of the board with each other but eventually they amalgamate, just like the Cecil Rhodes Foundation amalgamated with the Lord Alfred Milner Foundation to form the Royal Institute of International Affairs, which sounds very legitimate, doesnít it, Royal Institute; itís like the Federal Express. But they were given a royal charter to exist and their job was to take over ALL the resources of the whole planet, and that means everything including your water supply across the world and corporations would run everything that you need for living:  water, food, everything. 


Thatís what youíre going through now, is the end of the long, long planning stage, 100-odd years, for the last century, to get it all up and running for this century, the Century of Change where theyíd toss this idea of democracy out the window Ė after they used it mind you.  They use it like a shield, whenever they invade a country, to bring them Ďdemocracyí, but they toss it out the window back home.  Because thatís all it is, itís just a farce and a pretense, always was. 


You know, the big boys watched the revolutions in previous times with great interest because it could often mean their neck.  When they saw what happened in France for instance, and it got a bit carried away at times, they did not want that to happen elsewhere, especially in Britain.   So they thought, well, the best thing to do is to manage conflict.  And thatís what they do. They manage conflict.  Then they realized that they could actually change the future by getting conflicts started, creating the groups that would oppose each other, coming to agreements that would further their own cause at the top.  Thatís how itís run.  Thatís where we are today with the departments that manage conflict.  Youíll see them up at all the university sites and so on, then they go and work for the government. So thatís how you run the world, you make sure that itís your future that happens and not something that comes out of left field.  You manage it exactly to where you want it to come. 


Now, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, as it later became as I say, had an American branch, the Council on Foreign Relations, but they also, even under the Milner title and the All Souls College group Ė thatís where they met you see, lifelong members of All Souls College, the high members.  They planned literally the takeover of the entire world.  Not a new idea to them too because even when they had the British East India Company sailing its flag across the world, using a British navy to enforce its laws, they had different people like Francis Bacon and so on and people before him even talking about a Brytish Empire Ė  Brytish, he spelled it with a Ďyí then.  They believed that they would bring their system of government, or governance, across the whole planet using a type of free trade for the members that would come into it. But along with free trade came obedience to the home country and thatís still part of it yet, whether they like it or not, because most decisions are still made in London at very high levels and the US and everyone else follows suit. 


They also talked about setting up in areas that were hard to get into.  Even in Ireland, in fact, they set up their own little area in Ulster.  That would become a thorn in the side for the Irish for an awful long time by putting in people, who were basically foreigners, with different religion, different beliefs, but an absolute obedience to the Crown.  They said the same thing for Israel because Lord Storrs, as he was called, who was the Governor General for Palestine it was called then in the 1920s and 30s, said the same thing.  He said we have set up, by Jewish immigration, an Ulster in the Middle East.  In other words, something that was loyal to London and to the banking system and so on, and it would cause strife amongst those around them and at any time they could always call upon the British system, or the empire, to go to help them, and thatís the same technique they tried to use in Ireland as well. 


Youíve got to understand too, that they set up the system called communism because rather than allow something to come along that would take off and was not in their hands and cause mayhem, maybe do them all in, they decided to create something that would really fire up the imagination for the working man.  Rather than have him come up with a theory of his own, his own ideology and have a good leader, they gave us Karl Marx.  They also, of course, gave us communism.  Well documented, the whole history of communism, how the West financed it into existence, by Professor Antony Sutton.  Iíll put links up at the end of the broadcast tonight on some of the books you should get.  One of them is called Wall Street & the Bolshevik Revolution and another one too is called Wall Street & the Rise of Hitler.  The same people, the same group of people financed both sides, you see.  And we can clue that in from those writings and those books with Carroll Quigleyís writing, The Anglo-American Establishment, to match them together and youíll find out that that is right, because they were tremendously interested in how the soviet system was going.  It was the fastest way to bring up a new system, by literally slaughtering millions of people, get them out of the road, terrify everyone else, get a young generation, give them hard indoctrination and then use it as a big experimental camp basically which they would eventually use with the West. 


That also came out with the Reece Commission Ė Iíve gone through that before Ė and Senator Norman Dodd helped write a book about it called Foundations: Their Power and Influence.  He said that he was shocked when he found out... And the reason for the commission inquiry was to find out how these big multi-trillion-dollar foundations could be funding all these non-governmental organizations, mainly far-left wing.  Quigley even said that the Council on Foreign Relations was often mistaken for the communist party because their goals were basically the same.  Well if theyíre the same, they WERE the SAME.  Dodd was told by the head of, I think, the Ford Foundation that the purpose of the foundations was to SO DRASTICALLY and RADICALLY change the face and culture of America and the Western world that it could blend, eventually, peacefully, with the sovietized system, completely; that was education as well, and we have that today.  You have to pretty well be everything but a communist to get into university and to be accepted by students who have already had their early conditioning and certainly by the professors who are all pretty well communistic and Marxist in the way they view the world.  They call themselves Ďliberalsí, and thatís what Khrushchev called them too.  When he came over and he was asked about the Communist Party of America, he said, well, we donít call them communists in America, we call them liberals. And of course Iíve talked about what liberalization actually means and what its purpose is for.  Itís pretty well done it all by now.  The culture is gone.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix and just before I go to some callers thereís an article out from the ACLU, which is one of the far-left organizations that was set up, but they come out with good stuff too.  And it talks about the House, in May of course...


House Passes Authority for Worldwide War

Sam Milgrom, Washington Legislative Office / aclu.org / May 26th, 2011


The House just passed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), including a provision to authorize worldwide war, which has no expiration date (Alan:  Now, remember that article I read, oh, maybe a year ago, two years ago, on Perpetual War from the military magazine?  [ďConstant ConflictĒ Ė Ralph Peters / From Parameters, Summer 1997, pp. 4-14.]† Well Iíll maybe put that up tonight again too and let you see it, to show you itís just a big plan, you see; youíre living through a script.) and will allow this president ó and any future president ó to go to war anywhere in the world, at any time, without further congressional authorization. (A:  Hail Caesar, eh.  Itís all here.)  The new authorization wouldnít even require the president to show any threat to the national security of the United States. The American military could become the worldís cop (A:  It already is.), and could be sent into harmís way almost anywhere and everywhere around the globe.


Before the vote, the House debated an amendment that would have struck the worldwide war provision. That amendment was introduced by a bipartisan group of representatives: Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.), Rep. John Conyers (D-Mich.), Rep. Walter Jones (R-N.C.), Rep. Barbara Lee (D-Calif.), Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.), and Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas). Given the enormity of the proposed law, youíd expect the House to debate the amendment to strike it extensively, but thatís not what happened. (A:  They debated it for 20 minutes! And then they passed it but itís only in the first phase.  However, I donít think it makes much difference about what they say on paper these days to be honest with you and thatís just the way it is.)


Alan:  Now, thereís a long distance caller hanginí on there.  Is it Fabid from Saudi Arabia?  Hello?


Fabid:  Hello.  How are you Alan?  Iím a long-time listener and I admire everything you do and the information you provide. 


Alan:  Thanks.


Fabid:  I want to speak about the situation in the Arab world.  It is very worrying that whatís happening and what has happened for the last 200 years to the Arab world.† The Arab world is one nation, speaks the same language and has diverse religions, and it has the same history.  It has many things in common, the people of the Arab world.  But since the last 600 years we had 400 years of occupation by the Ottoman Empire which has tried to dissolve the Arab identity and dissolve the Arab language and replace it with the Turkish language, but that has failed.  And after the Ottoman Empire rule of the Arab world the colonial invasion of the Arab world and Britain and France and other European nations has taken pieces of the Arab world under its control.  And now we see far more dangerous things than occupation.  Since most of the Arab countries have got their independence 50 years ago there has been a lot of pieces of sand belonging to the Arab people and to the Arab countries, have been taken away by neighboring countries, such as Turkey which has taken more than half of Syria; nowadays Syria is a much smaller version of what Syria used to be.  And you have Iran which has taken the Ahwaz region in eastern Iraq which is 80% of Arab people.  And you see Palestine have been taken and vanished off the map by the Zionists.  You see Libya today being bombed, its infrastructure being destroyed for false reasons such as supporting rebels, armed rebels who are attacking military, civilians and other, who are backed by Al-Qaeda.  And many, many other things... destabilizing the Arab world.  So in my view, and I share this view with many other Arab people, that it is a war on humanity, of course.  No one denies it.  But I think thereís the big interest in the Arab world especially.  Iím not saying that they donít have their own agendas about other parts of the world but the Arab world has been targeted for centuries and centuries.  You see every country on its own, while the Arab people are one nation, you see 22.


Alan:  I tell you, hold on and weíll go into more of that when we come back from this break.


Hi folks, weíre back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix and Iíll go back to Fabid if heís on the phone.  Are you still there?


Fabid:  Yes, I am still here. 


Alan:  Yeah, please continue.


Fabid:  So as I was talking earlier, they are targeting anyone who speaks about Arab unity, in particular.  Because Arab unity means to them that this nation will gather its resources, gather its manpower, its wealth, and that goes against their agenda in divide and conquer.  The idea of Arab unity has many human sides.  You see the message of Arabism, the message of the Arab people is in fact a human message. Let me give you an example.  When the Arab civilization, at its best, the Arab land and the Arab universities were open to foreigners.  The Arab civilization has benefited the world.  The Arab civilization, the Arabs didnít have like conquering the world dreams and invading other countries.  Iím not saying that 100% of all the things in the Arab history are 100% right, but the general message, the general feeling in the Arab people is peace and for humanity.  We say we Arabs, Iím telling you like you are sitting in between us, like Arabs, we believe that our message, our final message is for humanity.  The first step starts with Arab unity and then ends with human benefit.  So this nation... and I respect all humankind.   I donít think that Arabs are better.  I donít think Arab... they are the same.  What Iím saying, this nation is supposed to have its role in the world and it is supposed to have its human beneficial role. 


Alan:  In fact, that was signed into the United Nations initially too.  The United Nations said that they would take all members in regardless of what kind of government they had, and that was written in ink and they all signed it, now theyíre turning on those same people because theyíre claiming that theyíre not democratic.  So in other words, theyíve broken their own laws at the United Nations.  They know this too.  And the Western world, unfortunately, is so ignorant of the history of the Arabian countries.   They donít even know that most of the philosophy that they read from the ancient Greeks was lost for a long time and we got it from the Arabian countries. They donít know that medicine right up into the 20th century was pretty well coming from very old Arab techniques and so on, even eye surgery.  I mean, theyíre very ignorant and of course Hollywood has done a great job in keeping them ignorant of this whole thing.


Fabid:  Yes.  So just to finalize my speech here, or my phone call, I just want to say that I believe in humanity.  I believe in even the people that are living in ignorance.  Once they know the real facts, the humanity within them, it will force them to do right things for all people.  They are depending on the ignorance of the people.  They build on the weakness in the world and the ignorance in the world.† If you confront them with facts they confront you with propaganda, feelings, emotions.  They donít...   So Arabia is a very worrying problem to me right now.  Iím originally from Syria, but Iím not worried.  Iím not worried about whatís going on in Syria because in my opinion itís all to take away the lights of the Libya issue.  The real issue is in Libya.† And I would say that a good part of the Arab world knows Muammar Gaddafi and supports him.  I personally do.  Thereís the one important issue; they say that he is the ruler for 42 years and stuff.  I know you are an educated person.  If you just research about the system in Libya, the system in Libya is one of a kind.  I personally didnít know until 2 months before the protests came in Libya, until 2 months. I am an Arab and well educated and I didnít know because the media has taken our minds off things like that.  So the system in Libya, it consists of local authority.  Every town, every neighborhood, the people of that neighborhood decide any issue they want and they apply it immediately.  They donít need... like if they want to build a school or modify a street, they donít have to take the issue to the higher people, and the higher people take it to the higher people, and their thing takes months and months to complete.  No, they decide, they make it.  Muammar Gaddafi has been a symbol of the revolution, to that.  So even the democratic countries that are talking about democracy and spreading democracy, they donít have that system.  In Syria we donít have that system.  In the United States, you donít have that system.  I believe that in Western countries there is a dictatorship through democracy.


Alan:  Youíre right on with that.  Youíre absolutely right on.  Absolutely, sure.  


Fabid:  People, you elect a congressman, for example.  This congressman is interested in you while you are supporting him, youíre putting your vote.  Once he enters the ruling place, or a ruling position, he forgets all about you and starts to worry about himself, his deals with others, his place, his...  So I see and I feel the suffering of Western people and Arab people and all of the people. 


Alan:  The whole world, right now, the whole world has a war on the world.


Fabid:  And let me tell you frankly Alan, that in Libya there is a stunning example and one of the things I am very, very sad about, besides the people that are being killed, without no rights, is the system itself.  It is a unique system in Libya itself.  I wish I could move to Libya just for that system.  I wish the system in Libya... Iím not talking about Muammar Gaddafi.  Maybe Muammar will die, no one knows.  Maybe anyone will come; I donít care about the persons.  I care about the kind of system.


Alan:  Well I do know their system, itís the one country thatís poured most of its money back into the populace and you get free schooling right up through university; it costs you nothing, for lodgings and board, your food and so on.  Medical care is all free; I mean, thatís amazing.† We donít even have that in the West here. 


Fabid:  Yeah, yeah.  Let me tell you just a little example about the things, it is astonishing in Libya.  You have 6 million people in Libya; thatís a relatively small number of people.  You have 50 universities, 50!  50 universities with the latest equipment, big campuses.  No one in Libya goes outside of Libya for work; everyone in the Arab world goes to the rich oil countries in the Gulf to work.  We have never seen one Libyan.  All the people from the Arab world go to work, in Libya.† And one thing else, Muammar, he is the one that transitioned Libya from this all-desert area.  They didnít have... they didnít know what the buildings was, when.... Thereís a funny story.  When he first built these buildings and introduced it to people, those people with the sheep and the goats they looked at the bathtub.  They didnít know what it was for so they put their sheep in it.  [laughing]  ...with their sheep in it.  Because it was a transitional move for Libya.  Also, everyone has a percentage in the oil of the country, and what can I say, thereís many, many things.


Alan:  But as you know, actually itís down to 49 universities because I read there that NATO just bombed one of them and flattened it.  [Deadly NATO raid hits Libyan university - presstv.ir / Jun 13, 2011]† So it is horrible whatís going on.  This was prepared long in advance, as Iím sure most people know, with the soft power revolutions theyíre teaching the students, bringing students in from other countries for this to make it appear as an internal revolution.  And they actually wanted this same Arab Spring nonsense, as they call it at the Pentagon, to continue through all the countries because itís the same agenda as Bush had with the New American Century where they named off the countries they wanted to take down and it was to end with Syria apparently.  So these guys are on the same course.  Thereís only one plan here, and I think the Americans themselves feel just as helpless about their governments.  In fact, theyíre frightened of their governments now. 


Fabid:  Yes.


Alan:  People are frightened of their government.  Canada just declared last week there, at the high court of Canada, that America was officially a police state.  And Britain is pretty well close behind it.  So we really are rushing to the bottom.  And Iíve said this for years, as they finish off the destruction of the Arab countries... See, they will not allow any different system than the one they have.  Theyíre standardizing this system across the entire planet and they donít care what it costs in life or anything else.  They have no care whatsoever.  And the people back home I think feel pretty well helpless. Their government is far too far removed from them.  The public have no say in this.  Itís not a democracy by any means whatsoever.  But itís terribly sad because I mean, the slaughtering that goes on makes me sick.  There are so many videos out now where the allied forces, that have sponsored Al-Qaeda and other rebels, just henchmen really, mercenaries for hire, and theyíve gone through whole towns and raped and slaughtered and itís just utterly sickening.  And how they can try to bring some glory out of that for this great new world order I do not know; youíd have to be very sick yourself to accept that.  But whatís so true, is that the public, as I say, are completely ignorant of the Arab countries.  They donít even know that Americaís first naval war was against Arabian countries, you know.  It was no sooner formed, as the US, and the first time they sent a fleet off was into the Gulf, in their history.  They donít even know that.  And they donít know about the British interventions there coming in to take over newspapers to start the gossip to get the strife going at the times of Lawrence.  And they havenít read The 7 Pillars of Wisdom where they basically decided after World War I to divide up these countries, on behalf of Britain, so that Britain would control all the oil and so on.  They have no idea at all; they have Hollywood, Hollywood, Hollywood...  Iíll put up tonight again that link to Hollywoodís defamation of the Arab countries; itís called Reel Bad Arabs. 


Reel Bad Arabs Ė videos.google.com

BBC: Science and Islam - youtube.com


And thatís all the people have seen their entire lives for generations is the same nonsense.  They donít see the cities, the first world country cities.  They donít see the universities. They donít see the hospitals.  They donít see the social services.  They see none of that whatsoever.  All they see is desert and people in the desert.   Thatís what they get shown.


Fabid:  The Arab countries in this recent Arab Spring... I donít call it Arab Spring.  Itís an Arab disaster.  Itís an Arab hell, itís an Arab whatever. 


Alan:  Itís fomented by the West.  Put it this way, the West is the one thatís watering the garden here. 


Fabid:  So they have a big agenda, but one of the things I always notice in movies, I watch a lot of American movies, everyone in the world is like pulled by this American cinema machine, or organization.  So what I see is very... I get very sad about it.  Let me tell you one thing, in the last year Iíve been in Scotland.  Iíve studied in Scotland, in Glasgow.  Are you from Scotland?


Alan:  A bit north, a bit north of Glasgow.


Fabid:  So Iíve been introduced to the Scottish, or the British community.  Thereís a lot of good, good sides of the British community I admire very much.  And they are nice people and they are friendly and Iíve benefited a lot from that visit from that year.  But the thing is that, what makes me sad is being the... and Iím sorry if what Iím going to say is going to be like hurtful to some people but I want to say whatís in my heart.  I really was sad to see the gay agenda being put in the community, in the television, in the schools, even in all movies, in all...   I know that itís a crime to say something about that issue in Britain or the USA.  It has become something of a legal issue.  You see, you canít really talk about that.  I am against that, not from a religious position.  That concerns me if I have something religious against that; that concerns me.  But what I am concerned, for the Western people, and then will follow us that...  What Iím concerned for the Western people is this is destroying the family mechanism. 


Alan:  Thatís the purpose.  That is the purpose.


Fabid:  Yes.  Iím sorry to, if I offend some people that think you should be with that agenda, you should be whatever is that.  I am saying my opinion honestly.  This is a disaster.  I mean, this is, this thing has not been into, has not been put into a personal choice just only.  If you want to be whatever you be, be, but keep that to yourself.


Alan:  It shouldnít be forced upon the public, but again the Pentagon helps fund a lot of these movies too.  Thanks for calling, and call again.  And Iíll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and just to add a little bit to what Fabid was talking about too, the whole world, the whole so-called civilized world has had a war on it for a long time and the masters of revolutions have been behind it because you donít realize youíve gone through the sexual revolution, umpteen different revolutions since and itís one thing after another. 


And you donít realize that, you see, you now are the counter-terrorists, the ones that the communists used to say they had to find the counter-terrorists there, the ones who were against the revolution.  Thatís where you are now.  You see, the ones that youíve been voting for belong to a different organization all together, all along, a third organization, and they were the ones behind all of these cultural changes.  And they did say that they would destroy the family unit; that was a prime plank of the Communist Manifesto.  The League of Nations said they would promote homosexuality primarily because theyíd have no children.  They didnít want offspring; they wanted to depopulate the world.  And that agendaís never changed when the United Nations took up the cudgel.  And weíre getting bashed into conformity along the way.  And as they rise it up too, to levels, children are so confused they donít know what they are and theyíre all being told to be as promiscuous as possible.  Iíve got an article here Iíll put up tonight too, itís about theyíre now teaching children, young girls in Britain, pole dancing at 3 years and younger. 


The classes where children as young as THREE learn to pole dance - dailymail.co.uk / 13th June 2011


Pole dancing for strippers...  and thatís okay?  Then you read another article there...


Children under six on anti-depressants - Elissa Doherty, Marianne Betts / dailytelegraph.com.au / May 30, 2011


Children under six on anti-depressants... and you wonder why.  You wonder why theyíre on anti-depressants?  And this is them starting life.  Weíve all been the causalities of a war.  Most folk donít even know itís been going on.  And this is the end of it.  Anyone who speaks out about it now, as I say, is a counter-terrorist; youíre against the great revolution, a counter-revolutionary.  Thatís a fact.  And the Arab world now, theyíre getting hammered because they will not have any other type of culture except the one thatís directed and lauded from the United Nations and the guys who run the United Nations, not the guys you hear in the newspapers, but the guys who set it up in the first place to bring all of this into being.  So the whole of society, the fabric of society, the glue that held it together, is to be totally annihilated to bring in the new.  Most of that in the first world countries has already happened.  And they donít even know that; theyíve adapted through it. 


So weíre going down so incredibly fast and the public havenít a clue.  They adapt and they adapt.  Theyíre amazed with all their toys.  Theyíre given nothing for real news, nothing for history and theyíre taught, too, to be unconcerned about bombing countries simply because the people that you think are different than yourselves... and youíd just be amazed to find out just how much, really, in common you have with them.  We all bleed, you know.  We all bleed.  And we all want the same things.  And theyíre being decimated by our tax money, across the whole Western world, because of a big global agenda that we arenít even consulted on and that most folk are completely ignorant of.  Itís disgusting to be alive today, you know. 


Eventually thereíll be a few so-called very primitive communities; they already have them by the way, of tribes living across the world.  Theyíll use them like museums like they did in Brave New World.  They might be the only safe places to go in the future, where no one will molest you, male or female, or children, you know.  Maybe theyíll be the only places left where they still have the glue that holds them together and has helped them survive this long.  Everything is to be destroyed to bring in the new; thatís what they say.  And God help us all. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.  And Clarence, Alex and Bill, maybe call back tomorrow.   Thanks very much.



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