June 15, 2011 (#855)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 15, 2011:

Scientific Revolution  Called Evolutionary,
Those Who Know Truth, Counter-Revolutionary:

"Old Systems to Be Destroyed, Say Global Elect,
"Rebuilding All That was Left in a World Imperfect",
There's Order Behind Chaos and Much Planning,
Transitions Cause Casualties but Pain is Damning,
The State Takes the Roles Once Made by the Family,
Rules are Rigid but "Necessary for Harmony",
Young are Preoccupied with Electronic Ritual,
Intrigued by Dimensions Unreal but Virtual,
Those Sane with Memory Find System Repugnant,
Classed as Counter-Revolutionary, Dangerous, Insurgent"
© Alan Watt June 15, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 15, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on June the 15th 2011.  For newcomers I always suggest you look into the web site cuttingthroughthematrix.com and youíll find hundreds and hundreds of audios to choose from where, if you listen to them Ė it doesnít matter what order you listen to them in either Ė I try to patch together the big system for you, to give you shortcuts to understanding this complex, megalithic monster thatís called the new world order, this vast chain of interlocking corporations, foundations, the PARALLEL GOVERNMENT as they call it Ė ex-prime ministers, ex-presidents, high-level bureaucrats Ė all working together to bring in this system.  Sociologists, everybodyís in there, psychologists, the whole lot, because you see, youíve had the war waged on you an awful long time.  Most of the thoughts that you have were given to you by them and most of the things that youíre into, as they say these days, were given to you as well, from your music, to fashions, to lifestyles, preferences and every other thing under the sun.  Thatís how controlled your system is because thereís been a war waged on you for an awful long time, even long before you were born.  The trick is never to come out straightforwardly and admit it on television, just print books about it from those involved, in their memoirs.  Thatís okay; thatís pretty safe because most people donít read their boring memoirs, but they tell you where theyíre taking the world, have been for well over 100 years and weíre well on the way now today. 


So as I say, look in there and remember too, that all those audios are free.  You can get transcripts too, to download on all the sites in English and you can get transcripts in other languages if you go into alanwattsentientsentinel.euYou can buy the books and disks I have for sale.  That will hopefully make me go on for a little bit more time in the future and that will make me go along because as I say, I donít take money from advertisers.  So if you want to order the books and disks [Order and donation options listed above.], and remember, straight donations are certainly, certainly welcome, as we go through this inflationary time, which they call Ďquantitative easingí which sound like a guy, a banker with a case of wind and indigestion, raising off his seat.  Anyway... 


This is the world youíre going through.  Itís Orwellian.  Itís even post-Orwellian.  Itís into Brave New World as the two systems really are merged together.  Interesting to see that Huxley and Orwell knew each other very well; in fact, Huxley taught, at one point, Orwell in university.  And they discussed, for the rest of their lives, at least as long as Orwell lived, through mail and correspondence the type of system that would come in.  And would they use the Orwellian system first, would they use the Huxlian system of Fabian type movements in changing societies, culture, or would they use them both together?  Well weíre seeing both together being used as weíre now, really, under a totalitarian system.  The court of Canada has actually said that, the high court, they called the US a police state, which should be obvious to everybody living in the US.  And at the same time the cultureís been changed out of all recognition, intergenerationally starting, really speeding up Iíd say in the 60s; it was already on the go by big movements from the top down, because thatís how all culture is created.  Itís authorized from the top and then promoted through all the means they give you what you think is your culture; thatís your music, your entertainment, the movies, even the novels you read.  They all get cash kickbacks from government grants to add all the PC updates and they wrap it into their stories; theyíve always done this by the way.  And thatís how you get your opinions.  If you canít free-fall youíll never wake up into the truth; that means giving up things which you once held dearly.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Everything in your generation has been planned out long before you were born, including the fashions and just how far the culture would have gone into high promiscuity and various other areas too, and how it would be taught as being quite normal, and eventually the public come to accept it as being normal, and then how that would affect the next generation, what kind of next generation they wanted to have.  Thatís how far in advance they plan everything out, including the planned society, the big society they sometimes call it, where everyone across the planet will live in their new feudal little areas Ė and I mean feudal because thatís how itís set up. 


CEOs now are really the bosses; theyíre the new feudal overlords.  Thatís what Professor Carroll Quigley said himself and he should know since he was part of the organization in the US side that helped set all this up.  He belonged to all the right, big associations.  And youíll notice yourself now that thereís no difference between Prime Ministers, Presidents, and CEOs of corporations.  They are trained the same way.  Their managers behind them manage them the same way.  And their advisors too.  They treat the country like one big giant corporation.  And thatís what itís all about.  Weíve really always been that way, since your country IS a corporation.  Itís down in law as a corporation and our purpose apparently is to serve, at present, the nation that you happen to be born into, and how much youíll produce in your lifetime and consume in your lifetime, and how much taxes youíll pay and that kind of thing.  Thatís what itís all really about.  Theyíre simply moving into selling off chunks of the world eventually because nations must be all forgotten about.  Even their very names one day will bring a quizzical look to whoeverís there in Brave New World.  Theyíll wonder what youíre talking about when you talk about the US, or England, or Britain, or the UK, or France.  Thatís really the long-term strategy and goals that they have.


The Council on Foreign Relations have put out articles on this many years ago in fact.  And youíll find it in the Department of Defense projection for the next 50 years too, where they talk about the fading away of nation states, exactly the same as the communists said by the way, that the nation state would wither away.  And people canít put things together because they expect the media to do their reasoning for them, as Brzezinski said, and if the media doesnít put it together for you than neither will you.  Thatís how youíre taught; youíre not really to reason things through and wonder about them.  So itís interesting that theyíve talked about bringing in a vegetarian society, so many times.  Alvin Toffler, of course, in one of his books, The Third Way, which was the merging of capitalism and communism together into the same system, which youíre in now by the way.  Youíre managed by a kind of communistic bureaucracy and in a dictatorial style too.  Itís post-democratic.  Itís authoritarian. 


Britainís gone full-steam ahead, being the flagship that everyone else must copy, with their communitarian areas, Agenda 21, and all of that stuff.  So weíve all to follow that.  And a vegetarian society is what Toffler says:  it must be vegetarian.  And it will be vegetarian.  So meat has to go by the wayside.  This has been tried by countries before.  India, the Brahmans of India ran countries for an awful long time very successfully because the people were fed very little, even in the vegetable arena, and if you were stuck on a particularly restricted diet you can maybe just work but you wonít be terribly bright, certainly not energetic enough to do too much thinking or to figure your way out of your situation.  So food, again, remember, has always been used as a weapon and plus we have it all weaponized as well because itís all GM and heavily laden with pesticides to bring us all down even faster. 


Youíve got to understand, when they set up the precursor of the United Nations it was called the League of Nations.  They waited until they created World War I to bring that in because people were still very nationalistic.  They didnít want to give up their nationís sovereign status.  They thought that World War I would actually make us all bow down and say, oh God weíve got to stop all this mayhem and get some peace, so give up your sovereignty.  That was written about by HG Wells who was a propagandist for the Milner Group at that time.  That became the Royal Institute of International Affairs, or Council on Foreign Relations.   They talked about, from the late 1800s, how they wanted to create a big war with Germany that would do this and then they could bring in this debating arena at the League of Nations; that blossomed into the United Nations.  Even when it was the League of Nations one of their mandates was to inoculate the entire planet.  They wanted everyone inoculated.  And if you skip to Bertrand Russell who was a member of the Macy group and other top think tanks for the whole planet, very prominent think tanks, the Frankfurt Institute and others, and who also, it was admitted, he was also working for MI5 since World War II.  Well he was very precise in his books because he knew the kind of society that he and his friends had all planned.  And really, if you want to know why you are in the mess that weíre in today, you follow his books because theyíre written in two ways, one for the people who think, well heís got a good point there, and theyíll all say theyíre awfully good points and youíll agree with him.  But heís also talking quietly to the elite who already rule you as well.  He didnít use crystal balls to bring in the future.  He was in on the top think tanks of the planet backed by the biggest bankers on the planet to make it all happen.


They talked about, at the League of Nations, the distribution of food across the world, eventually they would have the right.  Well, eventually with World War II and again, they hoped we would give up all our rights then and give up the nation state status, theyíd eventually run us in the proper way we should be run, where experts would guide us down through time and alter us as we go along to suit the purposes of the dominant minority, as they called them, those who own the real power via money and wealthy long lineage families.  So vegetarianism is prime in it too.  And here is an email that comes from a sales engineer in the farming industry.  It says...


Iím a sales engineer and deal with manufacturing in industry in eastern Washington State, eastern Oregon, Idaho and Montana.  As you know, the only manufacturing we have left here is stuff thatís too expensive to ship in from China. But itís not looking good, as most of my equipment manufacturing customers are hurting for orders because nobody has the capital here, except the Fortune 500, to purchase large equipment anymore.  On the coming food shortages, (Alan:  ...which the Council on Foreign Relations have a whole section of their think tanks working on, for the last 16 years, because they planned it that way.)† Iím already seeing the buildup as the big agri-businesses (Conagra, ADM, etc.) are cutting back their fields even with record food prices.  Grant County in eastern Washington is the largest potato-producing county in the nation and this year Conagra, which is also Lamb Weston Company, is cutting back their potato fields 25% from last year.  They donít publish this data but plant managers and supervisors Iíve talked to have divulged that to me.  (A:  So they got to, again, withhold food and up the prices, make it scarce.)  The other big move underway is that all my mom-and-pop food processors are getting regulated out of business.  The EPA and OSHA have ramped up lately to go after every one of the small family-owned businesses.  Every time Iím in a Lambs Weston or ADM plant I see major violations but nothing is ever done; the same gearbox leaking oil into the production line is there when I come back 6 months later.  My small producer customers, however, are paying massive fines on things as stupid as having the wrong color of lever on a valve.  (A:  And thatís how they did it in Britain too.  They persecute, basically the government persecutes the small business, the small mom-and-pop stores and so on, and producers, and the big boys get off with it.  And thatís not by chance because even during Thatcherís reign, her top advisor said, the future weíre bringing in will be international corporations only, there will be no small private businesses eventually along the way.)  Also here in my small orchardists in the Yakima and Wenatchee valley, theyíre burning their cherry and apple orchards out as the taxes on the land is so atrocious itís no longer viable to farm anymore.  Theyíre selling the land off to developers and putting in cheap low-income apartment complexes.  Thereís also a major push by the greenies to remove our dam system that provides crucial irrigation waters to hundreds of thousands of acres of cropland.  (A:  See, the greenies are all NGOs funded by the foundations; theyíre political arms of the foundations.)  All because itís hurting the salmon, even though we had an all-time record salmon run last year.  (A:  So reality and facts donít matter when thereís an agenda underway.  And thatís where a lot of folk get lost.  They donít know thereís an agenda underway.  Thereís always a reason behind what youíre given for what happens.)


Iíve mentioned before too, that this society they talked about bringing in would be the totally controlled society. They were writing about this, remember, way back in the times of Aldous Huxley and Brave New World.  They knew the society they would bring in where they would monitor everyone, cradle-to-grave, and eventually get down to the genes itself to make the proper kind of slave class.  And they have been doing that, by the way.  Theyíve actually been doing that.  Theyíre way beyond what youíd ever imagine in the weapons industries, and Iím talking about literally inoculations, injections targeting specific parts of the brain.  Anyway, you canít tell people who have already adapted.  And thatís the beauty of a Fabian approach, which is intergenerational, is that each generation adapts into their system quite quickly and easily because they think itís normal, itís the only system theyíve known, and their parents canít tell them, or wonít tell them, or donít know whatís going on so they have no reason to tell them anything.  They think itís all quite normal and things are just crazy, and they just go crazy, and politicians try to fix the crazy parts and all that.


The internet, as I say, and Brzezinski touched on this, without using the terms, of a communications system that would shortly be brought into the public, and this is in the 70s.  He said, it would connect everyone in a new format, a new way, but it would be of great use to the authorities in managing the people themselves.  And of course, heís talking about the internet.  And it was developed, remember, for the military initially; they used it for many, many years.  The public think they just started selling it to them for their own amusement and enjoyment; thatís how people are. They donít think, wait a minute here, whoís behind it, whoís funding it, why are they giving us this kind of stuff?  And we know where we are today.  It didnít take them long to go from, oh weíre here to amuse you, to the real intention, to survey you, daily.  Iíll be back with more about this after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix talking about the internet and its real purpose. Iíve done it so many times I wonít go over it all again.  Iíve talked about, for instance, they have a virtual you at the Pentagon.  I read the mainstream articles and the articles from the Pentagon on that very thing, where they take all your daily data and they add it to your persona and they do little tests on the virtual you to see how youíd react in different situations.  Now, this article here is talking about The Cloud and everyone is talking about The Cloud too, because all governments are promoting The Cloud.  Weíve all to go into this big cloud, you see.  It says...


No Privacy on Amazonís Cloud Drive

zdnet.com / Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols / March 29, 2011


Who couldnít love the idea of the new Amazon Cloud Drive? You get at least 5GBs of free cloud-based storage, and its trivial to get 20GBs of free storage on Amazon Cloud Drive. Used in concert with the Amazon Cloud Player you get a fine cloud-based music player that can be used either from a Web browser or on Android tablets with the Amazon MP3 App. The new Amazon consumer cloud service also works well. Itís just too bad that you have to give up all privacy to use it.  (A:  Then it tells you what to read and itís in the article they have there.)


Donít believe me? Read the Amazon Cloud Drive Terms of Use for yourself. In particular, take a glance at: Section 5.2:


ď5.2 Our Right to Access Your Files. You give us the right to access, retain, use and disclose your account information and Your Files: to provide you with technical support and address technical issues (A:  I love how they always do that... itís to HELP you, eh?  Itís to help you.); to investigate compliance with the terms of this Agreement, enforce the terms of this Agreement and protect the Service and its users from fraud or security threats; or as we determine is necessary to provide the Service or comply with applicable lawĒ


Wow. Amazon can do pretty much anything they want with your files. Like say let the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) inspect your music files for any signs that you havenít pay full price for them. You remember the RIAA; theyíre the ones who want $75-trillion from LimeWire for allowing 11,000 songs to be illegally shared. 


And it goes on about it too, and really how itís all going and how it is.  It should be no news really at all to those who know what the computer is all for.  They couldnít bring in this totalitarian system without the computerized system, and you all using it like crazy and yapping away on your phones and Twittering away about the slightest detail in your life.  Thatís what they want; they add it to your persona and play their little games on your virtual you.  You must be predictable, you see, to live in a totalitarian society or the masters donít feel safe.  Thatís what itís about.


Alan:  Now, thereís Mark hanginí on from Germany.  Iíll take Mark now if heís there.


Mark:  Hi.  First of all I wanted to thank you for your great work that you do and I wanted to tell the listeners that I bought your books and that they are great and they should get them.  But thereís a topic I wanted to talk about.  My intention is not to scare people with this but thereís some information on the net now that the elite are planning a terror attack at the Berlin Olympic Stadium where the World Soccer Championships, of the women, will be held during the 26th of June 2011.  If your listeners already know, these guys have to tell you what they do before they do it.† Same thing like they did before 9/11, in a lot of movies like Terminator II and so, there they showed you the date for example, before they did the bombing, to predictively program the masses. 


Alan:  And they actually do that. Thereís so many movies that came out with 911 in it before 9/11 happened; itís just astonishing. 


Mark:  Exactly.  There is a song by Leonard Cohen called First We Take Manhattan, Then We Take Berlin.† And thatís the plan, I think.  This is just one example people have found.  There has been found many clues and hints about this in advertisements and movements about this date, and even the exact timing when they will do this.† The movies are Knowing, Tron Legacy, Unknown Identity, The Simpsons, The Sum of all Fears, etc, etc.  There is a German site about this, about the topic, where they collect all the stuff about this bombing that... Iím not saying that it will happen but it is very probable it seems. 


Alan:  Well, even just the fact that they can go ahead and treat it as though there is going to be one, is getting us so used to these announcements, in fact, that eventually weíll take them all for granted.  So thereís psychology behind it as well.  We know thereís psychology behind it from the top and we know that various neuroscientists, lots of neuroscientists now theyíre calling them, work with governments to put in predictive programming.  And of course, they work with Hollywood; theyíve always worked with Hollywood.  Hollywood has put out books even about Hollywood and the military and their relationship down through time, you know.  Theyíve always worked with Hollywood to get little bits put in.  I was amazed at how many movies came out with 9/11.  One of them was even a truck going under a bridge that said 9 foot 11 inches high.  I mean, just before the bombing happened.  And again, even the movie The Patriot, the rocker chair was 9 pounds 11 ounces.  Itís just on and on.† It creates a kind of schizophrenia in the mind of the person.† They know itís illogical if they still believe itís just a movie but at the same time part of them is giving them a warning that something else is going on here, as they tinker with our brains.  Thanks for calling.  Iíll be back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  I can remember when the Human Genome Project was suddenly announced to the world, a world that was oblivious of the fact that scientists had been collecting blood samples and tissue samples of people around the whole planet for many, many years and working out the different race-specific types and all the other kinds of things that come with it:  disease prone, what diseases are you prone to, all that kind of stuff.  And out of that too, we had the biowarfare industry working with them Ė they all work together obviously, just like the last article I read there about The Cloud and all the various big servers that youíre using.  Theyíre all part of the Military Industrial Complex and CIA, NSA and all the rest of them. 


Well, itís the same in any field at all to do with science. They all work together, like conglomerates really, because they all must work towards the same plan.  And itís not difficult to do when you make sure that the right CEOs are put in charge of corporations and that kind of stuff, and the same with the military too; they get their orders from the same guys that train the CEOs for the big corporations.  Many of their officers are trained by lecturing by professors in speciality, and running the army like a CEO would run any other business.  And years ago they talked about Ďthe God space in the brain.í  The God space they called it at the time. And they found, again, through EMRI, electro magnetic resonance imaging, they could light up certain parts of the brain.  Depending on what you were looking at or thinking about, or doing even a mathematical equation, different parts of the brain would light up.  And they found out that people who were religious, when they were reading their holy books or parts of their holy books, a certain part of the brain would light up.  And thatís what they called it then, the God area, the God box and the different names they had for it at the time. 


It isnít until you go into what, for instance, the World Health Organization has already done. And Iíve talked about this before, where they have given free tetanus shots to North African women, and Indian women too, which sterilized them.  It really acts like a carrier to an agent to the ovaries and sterilized these women.  That was admitted too.  And they just didnít know how 30 different laboratories that made these vaccines in Europe, 30 independent, separate, ALL were contaminated with the same substance. They just didnít know; it was a big surprise and of course thereís no inquiry to find out why.  Well, we know why.  Itís because this was the formula, they all had the same formula and this was the intention. They have done awful terrible things to the public and you cannot get through to those who still live in their conditioned reality. They refuse to believe that these kinds of things are done to the public. 


Iíve read too, about the full-page article in a British newspaper where a reporter was allowed in, back in the 70s or 80s, mid 70s I think it was, into Porton Downs Military Bacterial and Viral Warfare establishment.  The guy was shocked to listen to the scientists say that they already had the race-specific viruses, ethnic-specific viruses, etc, and of course, this kind of leads into the same kind of area.  Theyíre so far ahead at the top.  Remember, all military planning is secret.   You have to keep it secret.  It was the same during the Cold War and even before the Cold War.  They didnít tell their own public what they were working on and what they were testing because then it would get out to their enemies too.  And itís even more so today since the public are the enemy.  And we are the target.  Anyway, we know that the fertility has plummeted in the West.  We have all these articles that Iíve read on this particular broadcast about inoculations and what they can do with them and what they have done with them, and the food too, bisphenol A and lots of other things, to make sure that youíre pretty well infertile by the time youíre about 35, at the max.  And itís actually dropping all the time now. 


Also, here is the thing about religion. Religion has always been a bane to those in control because, and theyíve said this too, that only religion itself, when people are true believers, will they stand up and fight for a cause.  Anything else you can pretty well get away with.  You can starve them to death, you can do whatever you want and they wonít do a darn thing except murmur to themselves as theyíre dying. But when it comes to religion, theyíll stand up.  And itís always been, as I say, a bane to those at the top.  And theyíve gone into many ways to destroy religion; lots of funding has gone into destroying religions, ridiculing it too.  And of course, nowadays too, when theyíre taking in ministers and priests from the same general population, thatís already contaminated as Bezmenov would say, then you expect to get these scandals with sex in the paper anyway, because theyíre from the general population.  Same in the police force and everything else, and the military, a debauched contaminated generation.


But this goes a step further.  I had this come across the desk a few times to do with a virus that they are saying would destroy religion.  Itís not really to destroy religion, itís to target the area of the brain, which lights up, as I said Ė and theyíve known that for 30-odd years at least Ė that part of the brain.  And remember too, itís quite easy to target because different parts of the brain will use different enzymes to uptake certain things to that part of the brain, so you could really target very specifically the area that you want to destroy, knock out, or even using epigenetics they call it; they can switch it off, like a switch.  This article here, The Department of Defense, and it is from the Department of Defense, and youíll hear this guy talking to military officers, discuss a nasty eugenics plan.


Leaked Pentagon Video Ė DOD Officials Discuss Eliminating Islam Religion By Using Virus And Vaccine To Manipulate DNA

blog.alexanderhiggins.com / Alexander Higgins / June 13, 2011


DOD Officials Discuss A Nasty Eugenics Plan Ė Release a Virus And Use The Vaccine For The Virus To Alter The DNA Of Those Vaccinated To Remove The God Gene And Rid Iraq and Afghanistan of The Islam (A:  ...people, or...) Religion. 


Now, just change the terms, because you think theyíd never use this on all of you?  Youíve been on this stuff your whole life long.  How many inoculations have you had?  How many inoculations does a child at the age of 10 have already in them?  How many people ran off for the flu vaccine? each time they say, oh panic, panic, weíve got a killer flu... and nothing happens... except those who get the shot generally get sick.  And people donít think any more about it.  Oh, well, they just screwed up again.  We prefer believing they just keep screwing up all the time, donít we?  Anyway, Iíll put this link up for the video and youíll hear this guy prattling on about it. But as I say, itís really to destroy that part of the brain, or switch it off.  In epigenetics as they call it, they can switch off areas of the brain and thatís been well proven by now.  They can switch them on and off.


And it says basically that theyíve found this part of the brain that it occupies which is switched on, and he says we can release a virus.  And then they come up, again, through the World Health Organization probably, with a vaccine thatís going to help you against this virus, you know, and he actually says, we could call it a flu virus.  Interesting too, this character whoís talking also says, weíve all had our shot, weíve all been through this ourselves.  And you wonder about society in general?  You notice they donít really care much about anything thatís happening?  You think nothingís happened to specific parts of their brains too?  They really are; somethingís wrong with them.  They should be taking to the streets with banners and massive protests and so on, about whatís going on, with the planned austerity coming, the scandals of the banks looting them, the scandals of the government working with the banks to loot you further, and the wars all across the planet, the money that theyíre demanding off you through taxes, and then theyíre telling you to live in austerity... and nothingís happening.  Itís just quiet.  Why is that?  People used to complain when gasoline went up 5 cents, and protest about these things.  Not anymore.  They protest about nothing.  They donít even complain... thatís the scary part! 


So if you think your brain hasnít been targeted, think again.  Bertrand Russell, remember, who worked for these top groups, the Macy group for instance was authorized by the President... by the President... to drastically, radically alter the culture of the US, to bring in this whole what you now think of as a liberalization agenda.  To also destroy the family unit, that was part of it.  And theyíve been awfully successful on that havenít they?  But Russell also said, by means of diet, thereís your GM food and your pesticides and all the rest of it, injections, thereís all your free shots, oh youíre going to die if you donít get the shot, injections and injunctions, thatís all your laws passed from above, the government will create the kind of being they want


People like Russell didnít talk off the top of their head in fantasy land.  They did not use crystal balls or consult mediums.  They were in on top planning committees, like the Frankfurt Institute, that gave you your culture; they gave your parents their culture before you came along.  And they CAN target parts of the brain.  Whether itís that they are going after a gene, I doubt it, but thereís certainly a whole bunch of genes they can actually identify that comprise that area and knock them out or switch them off.  And donít think for an instant they wouldnít, they havenít done that already, across the world, especially starting with all of you.  Donít think for a minute they havenít tried it, and done it.  Of course they have.


Interesting too, I talked about how the plan was to eventually eradicate all sexual barriers too, and Russell was in on that one too, with the Frankfurt Institute.  The Frankfurt Institute, Theo Adorno was one of the top guys there.  He said eventually we wonít be happy until not only weíve destroyed the family unit and made all kinds of sex acceptable, and actually promotable Ė theyíd promote it.  He said, we wonít be happy until we have absolute NECROPHILIA in society... to destroy all that was to bring in the new.  And Russell also wrote a book about morals and the family and how they would destroy the family unit Ė and he had an experimental school to try this out, as early as the 1920s.  And he was promoting prepubertal sex in children to see if once they grew up they would stay with a partner or bond with a partner, or would they be unable to bond for any length of time with a partner.  And of course, he found the latter.  This is what they were after, it would work, so thatís why theyíve been promoting it like crazy, speeding up from the 70s to the present time. 


And you see these studies coming across, all your life, that carry on the studies and the statistics to see if itís working.


Women who lost their virginity as teenagers are 'more likely to divorce', says new study (A:  And they always give you these little studies in doublespeak, because if you scroll down it will say...)

dailymail.co.uk / Daily Mail Reporter / 16th June 2011


The study showed if a young woman wanted to lose her virginity as a teenager, there was no direct link to a marital split later in life.  (A:  And yet the headline is, ďWomen who lost their virginity as teenagers are 'more likely to divorce', says new studyĒ. 


Women who lost their virginity as young teenagers are more likely to divorce - especially if it was unwanted, according to new research.


The University of Iowa study shows that 31 per cent of women who had sex for the first time as teens divorced within five years, and 47 per cent within 10 years.  (A:  And it goes on and on and on.  Iíll let you read it yourself, as it contradicts itself in many different places.)


Of course what theyíre really doing is getting massive grants, across the world, all the universities get these grants, to make sure itís going to plan.  Because, as I say, Russell and other specially selected schools were given royal permission to do this, stuff that was pedophilia in its day, because they did adult/child sex as well by the way. They would have been hung but no, they were given royal charters to test all this out, to bring in this kind of society. Because you know Russell said himself, he talked about eventually this would eliminate the family unit, all this promiscuity.  It would completely eliminate the family unit and they wouldnít have to worry about anyone standing between government and the individual, that government could talk to you as the individual, no one is going to stand around you and help you.  And he wrote that in one of his books too. 

Anyway, for those who care these days... lots of folk are so messed up because they have so much data overload they canít pick out whatís relevant and whatís not relevant.  And Iíve always likened this to the rats in the laboratory.  Weíre rats, you see.  They breed rats for specific DNA types and for specific reasons for specific tests.  And weíre much the same as that way.  We have the potential to be intelligent but they make sure weíre not intelligent; weíre kept in the dark most of the time.  And all the daily news that comes across your desk and even the names of politicians, eventually you learn not to take notice of them because it doesnít matter what the faces are or the names are anymore.  Theyíre just standing in as a face to push through a particular part of the agenda; theyíre already selected.  And after this guy or woman there will be another one to take their place pushing it further.  Youíre living through a script, you see.  Weíre like rats, as I say, and all we do...  Most patriot radio, all it does is my God, what are they doing to us, are they going to inject us today... like the rats, you see.  Are they going to gas us today, are they going to inject something else into us and cut us apart while we all watch, and that kind of stuff.  Thatís all we do.  Itís all chit-chat.  Because unless action is taken nothingís going to happen.  Itís just mice or rats all along, for the whole of your life saying, oh my God, look what theyíre doing to us now.  What power do the rats in the cage have?  Hmm?  They got to get out of the cage before they can start making any moves to help themselves.  Think about it. 


Thereís nothing I could tell you that the elite havenít already thought about through their multitude of think tanks that plan even the cultural changes, and what will the repercussions be, who will object, how can we overcome the objections?  They do all of this before they start the first move.  And even now I see the rifts in society, because of the early indoctrinations.  People cannot get along, even in religion.  In certain Christian religions they have so many splits, over trivialities, they could never come together to fight anything.  And theyíll hang on to those splits without ever questioning, who created those splits in the first place?  Remember, divide and conquer is the way you do things.  But theyíll hang on to them dearly until they die.  They might even kill for them, for a certain belief in a certain little part of something.  They could never come together to fight anything. 


Iíve always said, if you truly want truth you have to free-fall.  Itís like jumping out a plane without a parachute.  You donít know whatís going to happen.  You donít know if youíll come through this.  You donít know where youíre going to land and how youíll be when you land.  But thatís the only honest way that you can get through to understanding truth.  If youíre not willing to do that, then donít even ask for truth.  What youíre really asking for, if you donít want to jump out, is: what can I believe but still keep my present convictions at the same time?  How can I do this?  Thatís what youíre looking for, your comfort zones.  If a truth is a truth it will stand up to anything. 


And we live in schizophrenia; I understand how people are because we do live in schizophrenia.  Weíve gone through the farce to get the carbon credits on the table and thatís what all the global warming nonsense was about.  And now theyíre telling us today, oh my God, thereís going to be a mini ice age coming along.


Earth may be headed into a mini Ice Age within a decade (A:  ....ohhh...)

Physicists say (A:  ...you know the guys with white coats, the new priesthood.  Theyíre never wrong are they?)  sunspot cycle is 'going into hibernation'

theregister.co.uk / Lewis Page / 14th June 2011


What may be the science story of the century is breaking this evening, as heavyweight US solar physicists announce that the Sun appears to be headed into a lengthy spell of low activity, which could mean that the Earth Ė far from facing a global warming problem Ė is actually headed into a mini Ice Age.  (A:  Now, in the 60s and 70s they were putting out books saying the coming ICE AGE.  And it didnít comply, nature didnít comply so they changed it to global warming.  Because remember, these are just FRONTS to get an agenda through.  And they were awfully successful about it.  And now they are telling us weíre going into an ice age, the SUN is now the number one terrorist.  Weíve got to give up all our rights, so as our saviors can save us from it.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, weíre back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about how the sun apparently is going to be an awful enemy to us because itís going to stop its sunspots and all that and weíll go into an ice age and oh my God.  And in the meantime itís going to give us more sunspots.  Thereís your doublethink again, to really make sure youíre utterly confused and to get you ready for the real story.  The real story is that, it says here...


'Controlled' power cuts likely as Sun storm threatens national grid

independent.co.uk / Steve Connor, Science Editor, in Boulder, Colorado / 13 June 2011


Officials in Britain and the United States are preparing to make controlled power cuts to their national electricity supplies in response to a warning of a possible powerful solar storm hitting the Earth. In an interview with The Independent, Thomas Bogdan, director of the US Space Weather Prediction Centre (A:  Thatís where they use special dedicated computers that give you outrageous scenarios of disasters, then they sell them to Hollywood for disaster movies; it always gives them good lines, you see.), said that controlled power "outages" will protect the National Electricity Grids against damage which could take months or even years to repair should a large solar storm collide with the Earth without any precautions being taken.  (A:  Hasnít happened so far, of course, but apparently all these things... weíre just in a terrorist age of things, terrorism, terrorism everywhere.  And letís be honest too, if weíre going into a mini ice age shouldnít we start pumping CO2 into the atmosphere, if they claim that causes warming, so as that when it hits us weíll be nice and warm rather than freezing cold?  You understand, itís all nonsense.  Itís all rubbish for political reasons, the redistribution of wealth, by taking cash off you through another guise.  Getting you used to living austerely, because youíre going to be peasants, real true peasants, you already are as far as theyíre concerned, but you got to get down to the real peasant feudal level, you see, as they cut back on your electricity grids for the future.  Theyíve been doing it, tests in Europe for years on this thing, rolling brownouts they call them, and we have to get them here as well.  I had one here last week actually, and you know itís a brownout when the voltage cuts down to just a few volts.  It doesnít go completely dead; thereís always a few volts there.  Canít use it for anything, but you know itís a brownout, a big test.  So anyway it says...)


Dr Bogdan is in close discussions with scientists in the UK Met Office (A:  You know, the guys who are helping the university there give out all the lies on the emails.  So we should really believe them.) to set up a second space weather prediction centre in Britain to co-ordinate a global response to a threat viewed seriously by both the US and UK governments.


And this will cost us big bucks too, but itís not the real reason, as I say.  Itís to go into the big budgets, the big black budgets where they work with high-tech security, for better security, to look at YOU and watch you and monitor you and all the rest of it.  Thatís where all the cash goes for all these bogus programs.  Thatís what they were putting up there in Reaganís day, all in preparation, before they gave you the cell phones, so as they could monitor you all.  Theyíre always way ahead of what they give you.  Better to set up the system first, and itís all sitting up in space already.  Then when you give them the phones and so on, yeah they can monitor you and watch you and do lots of things about you.  And you donít even know whatís happening.  They donít wait for things to happen with their plans.  They plan.  Planning means you get everything set up in advance.  The biggest thing to set up in advance is your mind.  We must all get the same propaganda at the same time, over and over, because as Russell said and others said too, repetition is essential.  Weíre now living in a world of perpetual terrorism, it seems.  And whatís really happened, it means that, you see, the countries of the West have all gone through their revolutions, cultural revolutions, social revolutions, sexual revolutions, the rock revolutions, the drug culture revolutions, the whole lot. And you see, if youíve still got a head and a brain with you, youíre a counter-revolutionary.  You just donít get it.  Your governments are not your governments at all.  And you didnít even notice the changeover, a long time ago. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you.



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