June 16th, 2011 (#856)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 16th, 2011:

Destroy Each Nation by Degradation:

"There's a Lifelong Script for Each Generation,
Of Indoctrination and to Know Your Station,
Obedience to Authority, Work, Consume, Tax,
Wars Scheduled, Bank Crashes, Never Relax,
Modern Marriage is Doomed, Don't get Fond,
A Promiscuous Society Cannot Bond,
Your Culture's in Flux, Tomorrow Brings
A New Script by Those Who Pull the Strings,
Karl Rove said "We Give You Your Reality",
Now Anything Goes, Even Bestiality,
And Beast You'll Be when Through With You,
Then Whip-Man Barks and You Just Do"
© Alan Watt June 16th, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė June 16th, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 16th of June, 2011.  I always advise new listeners, and there are always, every night new listeners coming in, as the word gets around over the years, very slowly, but it gets there, I advise them to go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and to help themselves to all the free audios that are available for download.  And there are literally hundreds up there now, maybe over, I donít know how many, maybe a thousand even.  I try and show you shortcuts to understanding the system youíre born into, so that when you start, if you ever do really wake up, and are prepared to shed all previous convictions and freefall as I call it, into finding the truth, then hopefully Iíll show you some of the shortcuts to understanding the big system and why it is the way that it is today, this world, where itís going, where itís been, who designed it, who are still designing the future, and itís not so complicated as you might think.  You donít have to run off into aliens doing it because man couldnít do it.  Man certainly can do it, and actually has been doing it for an awful long time.  And thatís the big trick, itís done in secrecy and itís run from the top down to get the perfect kind of society that they want at the top.  Eugenics, the educational system, everything is involved in this to make sure that you donít really wake up to this.  Youíre supposed to think that everything is quite normal, and weíre just evolving along in some strange manner towards some futuristic system, where weíll just all be chipped in the brain and be quite happy afterwards, thatís what youíre meant to think right now.  In fact youíre not really meant to think too much at all for yourselves, itís discouraged.


So, remember too that you can support me by buying the books and discs Iíve got for sale on the website, and from the US to Canada, you can use a personal check or cash, or you can send a PayPal, use the donation button on the .com site, and follow it with an email with name, address, and order, and Iíll get it out to you.  Across the rest of the world, youíve got PayPal again, and youíve also got Western Union and Money Gram, and straight donations, remember are very, very welcome.  I meant to say too in the US, you can use the international postal money orders as well from your post office. 


We are living in such an amazing time.  Weíre going through the big transitional phase that they talked about in the 1800s.  And I mean that.  In the 1800s the big founders of industry, massive industry talked about the kind of society that they wanted for the 20th century.  They talked about global empire. They talked about standardization of the world, because they thought upon the lines of the mass man.  The man was a cog in the machine, basically, thatís how they saw everyone with a place, and you had to have a place or you have no function at all.  And thatís why Socialism came up too, and George Bernard Shaw and all the rest of them thought Eugenics should come into it, the fittest should be encouraged to breed, and those who are less fit discouraged or sterilized. And that was for the Socialist philosophy of the Fabian Society which is still part of the big structure today.  Itís a very, very important part of it in fact.  And thatís really the lines that weíre going along, for the 21st Century. 


They knew that if they accomplished their goals in the 20th Century, the 21st Century would be the Century that theyíd bring in their Utopia, the one theyíd planned for a long time, global empire, truly global empire, a standardization of the entire planet into one system, thatís banking, politics, everything, all standardized into the one system, and the reduction of the unfit, again.  And thereís no problem with the unfit.  Theyíve been taught not to breed actually.  In the civilized countries they donít want children.  And of course, the other countries will follow suit over the next hundred years.  And a lot of them are already doing it.  The ones who have emigrated to Britain and elsewhere from Third World Countries are already following that route.  They go for the material goods rather than have children.  So, it will take a little while, but theyíll get exactly what they want in the future if we allow it.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Over the years Iíve talked about the Eugenics program, and given a bit of its history, and Iíve shown too, as I say, that the education system across the Western World was borrowed from the German system, really.  And then you had the Frankfurt school coming over too, later on, and adding to it.  And John Dewey before that even came along.  The idea was to work on behalf of the already established rich elite of those countries and to make sure that a society would serve them.  Therefore they would train the society from school onwards, and that really is the purpose of schooling.  And no further basically.  And they really were very, very blunt about it in the early days, about what exactly they were after in education.  They didnít have so much public relations experts coming in to camouflage it and soften it, and make it sound awfully nice.  They were very, very blunt about it too.  Eugenics has always been at the top of the program. 


And theyíve tried many other means of getting Eugenics through.  I mean, they used to do it quite openly in the United States, in fact, theyíd literally sterilize what they call the feeble or those who werenít quite up to what they regarded as being par.  And there was mandatory sterilization; in front of a judge, and he decided, and that was it, off you went.  And that happened right up until the 70s in some of the US States.  In Nuremberg trials, in fact, the Nazis brought that up, that it was the American methods that they actually copied, and thatís where they got it from, from the Rockefeller Institute.  They were admirers of them, and their methods too.  So, the Germans took all the blame for Eugenics but in reality they were copying London, because a lot of the stuff came out of London, to do with the future society, and the United States as well. 


Last night I also mentioned that they also were all for the Communist plan.  Isnít it odd, you would think, that all these elite people would be for the Communist plan, because it truly was a big laboratory where the government yelled and you jumped.  It was as simple as that, you see.  It wasnít democratic, you just did what you were told, so they could do whatever they wanted to with the populations, and they did. And they used the Pavlovian techniques in school to make sure the children were properly indoctrinated with all their conditioned responses and so on.  And we know, of course, since then, that the Western banks did fund the Soviet system, all through its entire existence, in fact.  So, you always find this, that when youíre given an enemy, be very, very, very careful, very careful.  Never believe propaganda.  England used to be called ďPerfidious England.Ē  Napoleon used to say that quite often, because it would create an ally and use that ally, and then dump the ally, and then turn around and kill him, very, very commonly.  And now weíre seeing the same techniques used by the US today with its various allies.  Suddenly, Al Qaeda the enemy is Al Qaeda the good guy.  And even before he was the enemy he was the good guy too.  So, itís back and forth and back and forth.  And all those guys who lose their lives fighting in these organizations never really know the real goal.  They never, theyíre given basic propaganda, very simplistic.  And they never know the real goal of those who are pulling all the strings at the top. 


So, when you go through the Communist Manifesto, and what the elite actually wanted for the rest of the public, the masses, as they called them, they talked about the destruction of the family unit.  It was very important.  Still is today.  And it doesnít matter if itís rightwing/leftwing, the same bureaucracies are still in position in governments, and they continue doing their jobs.  Russell, Bertrand Russell, a very important guy, who helped design the system that we have lived through up until now, and actually into a good part of this century, because he talked about where it would all go, because he sat on the boards that planned it all, the culture creators, the educational systems as well.  And he says it one of his quotes, he says: ďIt seems for the good or evil that the family as a unit should more and more fade away, leaving no group to interpose its authority between the individual and the state.ď And thatís what I said last night.  The goal is always to remove all those around you.  Itís generally family members who will stand up for you, and in front of you, and alongside you, against the state.  Well, most folk donít have that anymore, so thatís been accomplished.


He says: ďleaving no group to interpose its authority between the individual and the state.  This does not apply so much to the well to do,Ē thatís your wealthy class, ďwho may continue to employ special nurseries, special schools and special doctors, and all the mechanism of private enterprise.  But for wage earners, the cost of such individualism is prohibitive.  Where the children are concerned, it is inevitable that any functions no longer performed by the parent must come to be undertaken by the state.Ē


And remember, I said at the beginning, even Lenin said the same thing.  Weíll start them off as services, like childcare services, child welfare services and all, and then theyíll become authorities.  Well, thatís what you have folks.  Long-term planning, and you donít even know that, how it all started. 


He says, ďAs regards to the immense majority, therefore, the choice lies not between parental care and the care of experts selected by the parents, but between the parents and the state.Ē


So the state is your boss.  They come in on behalf of the child and decide whatís right for them, wrong for them, and all the rest of it.  Weíre not dealing with fools at the top.  Weíre dealing with very clever individuals, who are also specially tutored in this Machiavellian art of ruling the populations. 


And Iíve got a few links actually tonight Iíll put up, but anyway, one of them is to do with John Taylor Gatto, who has done excellent work on giving a history of especially the American, but not just the American, educational system.  Theyíre all the same, and the whole British Empire was the same too.  Still is today.  And he gives you again the real reasons for education.  He goes through on them.  This is an audio MP3.  And he actually goes through a lot of the history, the names of the people who introduced things along, especially in the United States, and what their intentions were, and how itís worked out since then.  He names all the big foundations involved and what they were after as well, and what the big corporations were after.  Because, youíll always notice when they say, oh, my goodness, school is failing, what are we doing, and then throw more money at it.  But they also have meetings with government, the educational system, big business, corporations, to see what big business wants, and various other special branches, and then they decide what the perfect worker should be, or the perfect citizen should be, and what kind of culture theyíll have and all the rest of it. 


Another little quote too, itís worth remembering, is Bernays on crystallizing public opinion.  Now, he gave the US and the Western World its consumer society.  That was part of his job.  Again, a very interesting guy, a nephew of Freud, who obviously had been taught since early childhood this particular art, because, Wilson took him off, President Wilson took him off when they started up the League of Nations, he took him off to France with him, and I think he was only 22 or 23 at the time, already a public relations or propaganda expert.  He also was used by many presidents afterwards to help alter, change and tweak up the kind of culture that they were giving to the US citizenry, and he was very good at it.  He was a man who could start wars and actually did start one.  He says, ďInvisible Power.Ē  This is from a master of it, now.  ďInvisible power is now in control of every aspect of American life.  Democracy is only a front for skillful wire pulling tricks.  The new sciences of mental manipulation could place at the disposal of politicians and policy people for a price.Ē  So, democracy is a front, he says, for skillful wire pulling.  And they use tricks, and they use sciences of mental manipulation.  Now itís called neuroscience, and it places at the disposal of politicians and policy makers.  These sciences are given to them for a price.  Thatís what he said.  That was 1923, for those who think that weíre just evolving down some strange road where crises just come out of the blue, and politicians work all night, feverishly, mind you, because they worry about you so much, to fix the problems, as the media would have you believe. 


And itís quite fascinating, as I say, thereís so many quotes I could go on with, but thereís no real point, is there?  Because most folk now wonít read, you know.  They will not read.  Theyíll watch a video, and in a video, itís just like television or a movie, thereís only so little you can put into it.  Thereís not a lot you can really put in there, and generally, they found this out too, people cannot remember very much from all these videos that they watch.  They donít remember much at all.  Where books are different.  You can put it down, you can pick it up when you want to, you can continue, you can go to sleep on a subject and wake up in the morning and itís crystallized in your mind, so itís far, far better.


Someone also has put down a little bit of the dumbing down process of America.  And itís not just America, itís the Western World as I say, in a sort of chronological paper trail, he calls it.  And he only starts in the 1930s, but he says:


The Chamber of Commerce plans for the United Nations.


(Alan: They actually drew up plans for the United Nations in the 1930s.)


Regional government.


(A: Which is getting implemented right now, was drawn up in the 1930s.

School vouchers too were put in as well to get the women out to work and all the rest of it.)


In 1932, William Foster, Chairman of the United States Communist Party put out his book called Towards a Soviet America.


(A: And he had it published.)


It calls for everything that has since been implemented in the nations schools, including the establishment of the US Department of Education.


(A: Along with the Rockefeller Foundation too, mind you, because they were all for that.)


In 1934, the Carnegie Corp plans to change Americaís free economic system to socialism, collectivism, in the New Order.  They pilot an eight year study using outcome based education. (A: 1934)


In 1942, Time Magazine published an article revealing plans for the Federal Council of Churches to implement a world government.


In 1945, the United Nations is created by a majority of Communists.


(A: And thatís true, all the top guys who helped draft its charter were Communists, and quite a few Canadians too were on the board of that, alongside Alger Hiss, who was eventually proven Communist, like a member of the party.)


1953, Congress set up the Congressional investigation of tax-exempt foundations.  Geither, president of the Ford Foundation tells Norman Dodd the foundations receive directions from White House in regards to using tax exempt moneys to change America, so they can be comfortably merged with the Soviet Union.


1953.  Back with more, after this.


Hi folks, Iím back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  And just going through some of the various laws that were put out across the US, and the rest of the world too, because really, everything happens at the same time.  I noticed that many years ago, the laws they passed in Britain, to do with especially education, were passed in the US at the same time, as they kept trying these new systems or adding to the new types of systems of manipulation for the minds of the children, including making it less important to know the subjects, but more important to know how you felt about the subjects, literally, and thatís whatís happened today. And even recent studies have shown that the US students get their degrees, but they canít compete with foreign students because the foreign students had a far better education, and they took their education far, far more seriously.  But the American students did feel awfully good about themselves, awfully, awfully good, and they were very confident that they really were the top of the world, until they had to try and compete with others from outside in other countries.  Thatís when the shock came. 


So, itís manipulation for the perfect society, as I say.  And they wanted this type of society, today, maybe twenty-five years ago.  Thatís why they bred a generation to be the way that they are.  And they bred the generation before that to be the way they were too.  And the free love generation and all the rest of it.  Itís all from culture creation at the top, coupled with the schooling system.  Entertainment and schooling does all that you need with children and youngsters.  Very, very effective. 


Now, thereís a caller from, I guess itís Saudi Arabia on the line, Hadib, if heís there.  Are you there?


Hadib: Hello?


Alan: Yes, go ahead. 


Hadib: Yes.  Hello, Alan.  I was interested in some of the topics I was talking about two days ago, the last time.  And I wanted to shed some light about the Iranian and American relationship.


Alan: Iíll tell you, Hadib, could you try and call back, maybe.  The line is terrible.  Itís so muffled I canít understand a word youíre saying.  Try another line.


Hadib: Okay.


Alan: As I say, too, weíre all given the culture for our times.  And itís not to serve ourselves, although we think it is, of course, quite naturally.  We think, every generation thinks itís their time.  In fact, theyíre taught to believe that. You know, my generation, as the old song goes.  And each one thinks theyíre better than the previous one.  And they have nothing to base it on.  Nothing at all to base it on, except the propaganda thatís a very vague propaganda.  But itís propaganda drummed into them, through, again, the music industry, the movies, and through their schooling as well.  Because, really, when you look at the old educational systems, even the ones in the 19th Century, the tests that children at seven were taking, they couldnít pass them today when theyíre fifteen or sixteen.  They couldnít pass them today.  And they really think theyíre well educated.  And they feel awfully good about themselves.  And again, thatís all the sociological interference with specialism coming into the system, and they are the perfect citizens.  They donít know very much.  Theyíre taught to go out and have fun, which they do.  And if you wanted to really control every stage, and this is what they talked about in the Soviet system too.  They could control every stage of a personís lifespan.  What do babies do?  What do children do at the checkout counter?  They want all the candies there, so the merchants always stuff the candies at the checkout counter, because everyone is passing through the cue.  And no one wants to get held up with all the tutters at the back, if you hold them up, all the tisk-tisks, because that child is screaming their head off and they want that candy.  So, they put them there, knowing darn well the child will go for them, and theyíll generally get the candy just to get peace, and out they go.  If you put that same child there in with a whole bunch of candy on the floor, it will eat the stuff until itís sick.  Thatís how it will do it.  It will just keep eating until itís sick, as everyone has probably witnessed at some time or another, or tried. 


And itís the same thing with teenagers.  When the hormones first kick in, and you have already given them a culture of sex, sex, sex, with music television, thatís all you see.  Thatís all itís about, in fact.  And all kinds of sex too, augmented by their sexual education, which is really promotion at school.  Then theyíre in candy land because sex is so easy and free today, theyíll go for it.  So, overindulgence in everything is the name of the game.  And then of course, they donít realize that theyíre not going to bond with anybody throughout their lifetime.  And it will never dawn on them that their whole lifestyle was planned by people much, much older than themselves, and a long time ago.  And they literally are behaving the way that these octogenarians and others have planned them to be. Quite something, isnít it?


As I say, same thing with the troops too. Dumb them down.  Give them video movies from the military for twenty-five years to play with.  Turn them loose on people who generally canít fight back with the same equipment.  Guess what happens.  Back with more, after this.


Alan: Hi folks, weíre back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  And thereís another caller on the line.  Itís Frank from North Carolina.  Are you there Frank?  Hello?


Frank: Something you said reminded me of a question that Iíve had for some time.  And when I first thought of it, I was like, why havenít I really given this much thought before, and why havenít I really heard much about it?  You were talking about how the West, like us here in America, how weíve been dumbed down and everything, but how come the Third World, the Muslim world seems to be so ignorant, say for example about 9/11.  They all seem to buy into the propaganda, the official narrative of what happened, and I see all these spokesmen, like here locally. Any time thereís something in the news about some Muslim or whatever, someone related to the Muslim religion is involved in this or that.  They always bring out the spokesmen.  And they always go with the official narrative and say, well, itís not all of us that are doing that.  But I mean, itís so easy to see that the person was set up.  But anyway, maybe Iím not asking the question that good, but you know what Iím talking about.


Alan: Well, people again too, look for the authorized leaders.  Thatís the problem again, in society, the authorized leaders.  And itís more so in some cultures than others.  Personally, I think itís probably across the board in this day and age.  Everyone believes in the authorized leader.  Thereís a book that was called Straight and Crooked Thinking.  Itís an excellent book to read.  It tells you why we do this, and how you could basically get a tramp on a soap box in London in the park, giving his oration, and getting booed and jeered by the crowd, but you dress him up in a good suit, give some propaganda in the newspapers, call him a genius, heís going to come to the London Palladium and give a lecture, and theyíll all turn up there and applaud him, all the upper class and all the rest of it.  Itís all appearances and perception, and the way weíre trained in the day and age to believe in experts, you see.  And so, you always have authorized spokespeople too.  The problem within the Middle East itself is you have so many factions, outside factions, running different groups.  And a lot of them, you donít even know, the followers donít generally know.  Youíve got Britain with its own groups there.  Youíve got the US with its groups there and funding as well.  And youíve got Israel with its groups there; in fact a lot of the stuff coming out from the Muslim countries, comes actually out from Israel.  They have a station up, and you think itís Arab sites and talks but itís actually coming from Israel, Israel run.  And The Guardian did a big article on this particular group.  Most of the images we get from those countries, come through the Israeli TV corporation.  Itís linked with the Mossad.  However, as I say, you canít really believe what you see on television anymore, because Iíve seen people give lectures live and Iíve seen what the TV will cut out of them, until theyíll select sentences, put them out of context, and youíve got a completely different story at the end of it.  So, thereís very little you can believe coming from television.


Frank: Okay, thank you, Alan.


Alan: Thatís the truth of it.  You donít understand that television is so incredibly manipulated and manipulative.  Thatís its purpose, in fact.  It wasnít put out there to entertain you, just entertain you, at all.  Just like the internet is not there to entertain you.  Itís there to change you and to standardize you as well.  And we see it working very well with the young, again, who donít know.  Theyíre not wise enough to mistrust and be wary of things.  And theyíre putting their whole life up on Facebook, their whole life, their daily activity, everything they do is up on Facebook.  Itís not there just for entertainment.  And television was the greatest tool of all.  There was a dictator in South America that the US helped put back in power, and he said we had two great tools, he says, fantastic weaponry and a great television propaganda system.  Itís so important.  But yeah, they can take anything out of context whatsoever and make a person appear to be live, talking and saying the opposite of what heís actually trying to say by chopping pieces out of it.  Itís quite easy to do.  And Iíve watched it many, many times, the same trick being pulled.  So, thereís nothing out there, as I say, that you can take at face value.  And Iíll try and find that one from The Guardian to show you the manipulation of a lot of what you think is Arabian news coming out, and itís not Arabian at all. 


Now, the TSA, itís amazing too, and here we are back home, and weíre under this constant fear because of perpetual war, perpetual terrorism for as long as youíre going to live now, folks.  I hope you understand that.  Thatís the agenda.  You see, they knew before 9/11 happened they were going to have perpetual war, because they already had that list drawn up of all those countries to be taken out.  And they published the list through their New American Century group.  And, of course, Bush belonged to that, and Wolfowitz, Cheney, Rumsfeld, all these guys, they belonged to that group, published that list, and youíre finding Obama is simply continuing the same list.  And eventually you will have problems, because people will get ticked off at all these bombings going on across the world, and a lot of immigrants too.  And you will get problems.  So, back in the 90s, they knew they would have to radicalize the people at home, get them under a permanent terrorism alert, basically, and train them to obey, obey, obey. 


They put a movie out in í98.  It was called Siege.  I never watched it at the time.  I looked at the back cover and it was a video at that time, videotape, VHS, and it told me all I needed to know.  I thought, thereís big names in this movie, and itís about martial law in the US, and it will probably go through the whole scenario that weíll get down the road.  And sure enough, it did.  I only saw it recently.  And it did go through all the stuff that you have seen happen, including having them at the top saying, oh, weíve got to, you know, just bypass the Constitution and bring in martial law here to keep us all safe.  All that stuff is all in that movie called Siege.  Predictive programming par-excellence.  Everything is in there.  Everything.  1998 it was done. 


So, you understand, weíre living through a script, as I say.  A long-term business plan.  Itís the Century of Change, and by God, havenít they changed it all.  In the US, itís so bad now.  I mean, the picture that the outside world gets of the US is a police state, and itís been called a police state even by federal judges in Canada.  It takes a lot to penetrate their skulls at that level, through the brandy, you know, the mist of brandy and stuff.  However, it gets through there eventually.  And itís a police state.  And the people are adapting to it, as the folk at the top know theyíll adapt to it.  And itís to get worse and worse and worse, until youíre as well as having you door open and having a federal agent living in your home, because eventually youíre going to get an awful lot of visits.  Everyone will as a part of routine inspections, and thatís what youíre going to get folks.  Thatís the goal.  No privacy.  Theyíve said it to you.  You can have no privacy in this New World Order.


Hereís the TSA now, conducting a security exercise.  And it says:


The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) and several federal, state and local agencies will participate in a scheduled exercise designed to enhance security in the Ohio-West Virginia area. TSA has partnered with local law enforcement to conduct thousands of similar operations from coast to coast. This is a scheduled operation, not related to a specific threat.


The exercise will cover approximately 5,000 square miles throughout Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia. The participating teams are composed of a variety of TSA assets


(A: Itís all the stuff from the CIA, oh, assets, theyíre all assets now, eh.)


including federal air marshals, canine teams, inspectors and bomb appraisal officers. They will be joined by state and local law enforcement officials to supplement existing resources, provide detection and response capabilities. The exercise will utilize multiple airborne assets,


(A: As well. Thereís assets, again.)


including Blackhawk helicopters and fixed wing aircraft as well as waterborne and surface teams.


This is an all-out war at home exercise.  And Iíll put these links up too, as I say, at the end of the evening for you to peruse at your own leisure.  But you understand, this is madness.  Itís planned madness.  It appears to be mad at the bottom to a lot of people who donít understand the reasons for it.  They know it stinks, but they donít know the whys of it all.  It appears mad, but itís not mad.  Thereís an incredible intelligence governing all this apparent chaos, because itís training everyone, perpetual terrorism from now on.  Thatís what theyíre telling you.  Itís never going to go back to anything that existed before.  Never.  I hope you realize that.  And as youíre adapting, youíre allowing it all to happen.  Itís going to get worse and worse and worse. 


And again, you know, I get so many articles sent here from the US to do with police brutality and killing folk.  And again, looking in at the US, if thatís all you saw, you would never want to visit there.  You would never want to visit, because it seems so dangerous.  The police are dangerous.  Thatís the impression you get.  And tonight, Iíll put up a video where a police officer executes a man.  The cop went into his home.  And the guy told him that he needed a warrant.  The cop pulled a gun to his head in front of his fellow officer, who testified this is what happened, and told him he didnít need a warrant, and then called him probably the MF word, you know.  Itís in all the movies.  Thatís where we learn all our language, from the movies, Hollywood, and then he killed the guy.  Shot his dog first, of course.  They always love to shoot your dog first, just to make you really suffer before you, you know, blow up.  What would you do if a guy shot your dog?  You know what youíre going to do.  You know. 


And you know, in this crazy world, where all the elite have always been involved in the opium trade, and thereís a long history of the opium trade, too long to tell here, and you can all find it yourselves easy, if you look for it, on the big families that literally set up to take over China.  And China was occupied, at least a good part of the Eastern seaboard was occupied by Britain, America, and France, and a couple of other countries, under the auspices of trading.  Really it was all about getting the opium trade going and getting all the other goods out of China at the time too.  China didnít want to trade with the world, and they were forced to trade.  And, you know thousands of bales of pure opium were dumped for weeks on the shores to get the people all hooked.  And, believe you me, they were dirt poor, and like all dirt-poor people, you want escapism, and they supply it, just like they do in the inner cities of the cities today in the West.  They do the same trick there.  They make sure the drugs flow in, and people can forget their misery for a little while.  This article says:


No this isn't Afghanistan: Stunning field of opium poppies that is actually in DORSET


(A: In England.  So, it depends who you are.  You see, if you were to grow a little cannabis, you might get a SWAT team in.  They might come and kill you.  But, depending on who you are, you could be allowed to grow a field of opium poppies.  It says:)


Sweeping through this field of poppies, gardener Hannah Taylor enjoys a remarkable display of the flowers in a field in Dorset today.


(A: Isnít that nice.)


The striking display of colour was on show at an estate owned by a Conservative MP Richard Drax who has given up his land to grow the flowers for the NHS.


(A: Iím sure thatís what itís all about, isnít it.  He just likes people so much he wants to give them drugs.)


And the hot dry spring, alongside the weekend downpour has resulted in the bumper blooming of the crop, which will now be turned into morphine.


Mr Draxís estate is one of more than 30 sites across the country where the opium poppies, which are more commonly associated with Afghanistan, are now being grown.


A pharmaceutical company will then harvest the poppy heads in order to produce the pain-killing drugs.


Once the poppy heads are taken and dried the seed pods inside are processed and turned into morphine and codeine.


And it goes on and on and on.  So, you understand, thereís altruistic purposes for doing the same stuff, you know, as youíre basically killing other people for at the same time.  So, weíre living in, you see, this is the real world where the elite can do what they want.  Do you understand?  Itís the real.  Itís always been this way.  Itís all.  Youíve been trained not to believe that.  Thatís how it is.  Thatís how it really is.  Do you think none of this stuff is going to end up on the streets?  Can you imagine the amount of money involved in fields of this size? 


And in Britain, too, as the culture goes down the hill, and thereís not much left of the culture now, itís such a milieu, a mosaic of so many bits and pieces of cultures, plus you have the criminal element working big time, even more so since the economy is going down the tubes, never to return.  Hereís a girl of 15 whoís sold off to a french-fry shop, a chip shop they call it, workers by a gang for £100 gasoline money.  Thereís a lot of this stuff going on now too.  It says:


A married man sold a 15-year-old girl to restaurant workers for sex so he could buy petrol to get home, a court heard yesterday.


Tanveer Ahmed, known as ĎTí to the young children he groomed, arranged for three men to have sex with the youngster for £100, the court was told.


He pocketed the cash to put fuel in his car and pay off gambling debts.


The 39-year-old is one of nine Asian men on trial for 55 separate charges Ė which include trafficking, grooming and rape Ė against teenage girls aged 13 to 16 between 2007 and 2009.


(A: Now, guess what the girls got in return for this.  They were groomed, specially for sex, you now.  And it says:)


The seven teenage girls, all from Telford, Shropshire, were said to have been Ďenticed and ensnaredí into a destructive world by offers of drugs,


(A: Thatís what they wanted, drugs.  These young children wanted drugs.)


alcohol and top-ups on their mobile phones.


(A: Thatís your modern world for you, eh.  Just like the sci-fi movies had it years ago.  Itís all here.  Clever guys, those sci-fi writers, eh.  It says:)


The girls Ďbelieved themselves to be loved and in love with some of the mení but were described by their abusers as Ď******* slagsí


You can fill it in yourself.  Again, youíll get it from Hollywood.  Thereís not a sentence that goes by without the word in it nowadays.  So, anyway, thatís how things are going as the state brings you down and down and down.  And I always say this too, you understand, itís like a farmer owning a cow, and then he breaks its legs one by one, and once itís on the ground, he points to the cow and kicks it because it canít get up.  You see, all the destruction within society was deliberate, absolutely deliberately created, and Tony Blairís, the guy who was the assistant to the prime minister came out in mainstream and said that.  The idea was to flood Britain with diverse cultures, very rapidly in large numbers so that the culture of Britain would be destroyed and could never be resurrected again.  That was mainstream media.  I read it here on the air when it happened, when it came out, that article.  And itís happening elsewhere too.  And the whole world is to get this treatment until no old culture that was self-sufficient could ever re-form itself and be self-sufficient again.  Thatís the plan.  And the chaos you have with prostitution and drugs, thatís just again, you canít make the omelet without breaking eggs, as the big boys say. 


Iíll also put up a video tonight where an eleven year old exposes Monsanto.  He does a good little spiel on stage, and tells Monsanto where they can shove it.  Heís got his stuff down quite pat, so itís pretty good to watch. 


And then thereís hackers take down a CIA site, so weíre told.  I donít know if itís true or not.  This is the claim, anyway.  It says:


a new hacking group have taken down a CIA website. 


Now, it will be interesting to see what comes out of this, or did the CIA simply say that to get new laws through.  Who knows.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix, and talking about a hacking group.  They call themselves LulzSec, itís called.  And apparently they have a big following on the Twitter.  150,000 apparently.  And theyíve hacked different companies, the US Senate and various other organizations, Sony, and this is what weíre told, anyway, and theyíve gone after a CIA site as well, and hacked that.  And it seems kind of out in the open.  I thought hackers were generally pretty quiet guys who kept secrets, and who kept very secretive in fact because of what they were up to.  Iím just wondering what will come out of this.  It says:


LulzSec hacks come after Austrian banks, government departments and other organizations were forced to upgrade their security rapidly, following a breech of security provider RSA.  The RSA breech resulted in a break in at Defense Contractor, Lockheed Martin. 


Well, these are the guys who run now the missiles in Britain, now.  Theyíre privatizing the nuclear missiles.  Lockheed Martin now is in charge of them all. Itís just amazing.  They also run all the airports now too for their radio scanner guys and all that kind of stuff.  So, theyíre doing very, very well for themselves, Lockheed Martin.  And then Sony as well were also hit, and various other ones too.  So, it will be interesting to see what laws will be drawn up, or what theyíll tell us will be safer, which is probably going to be the cloud as they all push us into the cloud.  Weíll wait and see what comes out of this particular group and where the government takes it.  Even if theyíre genuine, if theyíre genuine the government will say we can use this as an opportunity and push us all into the Cloud, no doubt.  And then weíll get all our special IDs and all the rest of it, before we can use a computer, because thatís where itís all going. 


And also too, itís interesting how, it says:


A fire in Nebraska's Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant briefly knocked out the cooling process for spent nuclear fuel rods, ProPublica reports.


(A: It happened on June the 7th.  Weíre just finding out about it now, thanks to the media being quiet.  And it says:)


and knocked out cooling for approximately 90 minutes. After 88 hours, the cooling pool would boil dry and highly radioactive materials would be exposed.


(A: Well, even for 90 minutes it would superheat the water and they probably dumped it in the river that goes right past there.  Itís flooding too.  Plus theyíve got a fire in the basement.  So, they kept that quiet for a week there.)


On June 6th, the Federal Administration Aviation (FAA) issued a directive banning aircraft from entering the airspace within a two-mile radius of the plant.


(A: I guess they were scared it was going to blow, or it was already giving off radiation.  It says:)


"No pilots may operate an aircraft in the areas covered by this NOTAM," referring to the "notice to airmen," effective immediately.


Since last week, the plant has been under a "notification of unusual event" classification, because of the rising Missouri River. That is the lowest level of emergency alert.


(A: Lowest it says.  It went high. It went up to level 4.)


The OPPD claims the FAA closed airspace over the plant because of the Missouri River flooding. But the FAA ban specifically lists the Fort Calhoun Nuclear Power Plant as the location for the flight ban.


So, I havenít heard any more since then.  Itís all weíve been told, the plant got kind of flooded because the Missouri had flooded its banks.  And thereís actually pictures up there, youíll see it flooding around the plant itself.  And then they had the fire in the basement.  Thatís all theyíre telling us.  And if the water was out for a while, no doubt, they have to ditch it off like they do in Toronto or I should say in Lake Ontario.  The Pickering Plant just dumps it in the lake and thatís all there is to it.  And they tell us itís quite safe.  What a strange world we live in, eh, where nothing is what it seems to be.  And truth isnít just stranger than fiction.  Truth is the hardest thing youíll ever get your hands on.  And if you do, youíre often then a very dangerous person.  You might not last long.  From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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