June 20, 2011 (#858)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 20, 2011:

Socialism -- Communism is a Pose by Any Other Name:

"Agenda 21, International Socialism by Stealth,
As per Communist Manifesto, Redistribution of Wealth,
Countries Amalgamated via U.N. Signings,
And We're Told to Adapt, No More Whinings,
Social Engineering Used on Every Level,
Experts Prattle Pseudo-Science to Dispel
All Resistance, Even Things Disgusting,
You'll Come to Love Big Brother and Be Trusting,
Proper Adaptation Leaves You Less Inhibited,
Fit to Join the Collective, Imagination Unlimited"
© Alan Watt June 20, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 20, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on June the 20th 2011.  Newcomers look into the web site cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Youíll find hundreds of audios to download for free where I take you through this big system, which overlays the systems the media talks about, in other words the parallel government, the REAL government that runs the world, and how theyíve shaped your minds, theyíve trained you to expect changes that are already planned to come and how you will adapt to them as you go through your lives.  Itís quite simple really.  Itís very big mind you, and well organized and well funded because itís owned by the guys who literally pull money out of thin air so thereís no problem in getting the cash to hire all the think tanks that deal with every aspect of your life, across the whole planet.  Thatís for everybody.  Quite the feat, mind you, but theyíve been at it for an awful long time.  So help yourself to the audios.  As I say, Iíll give you shortcuts to understanding this big system and how literally your mind is not your own.  Youíre conditioned to believe in certain things and to have opinions which are given to you and you donít even know how come you arrived at those conclusions.  Generally itís because everyone else comes to the same conclusions, because theyíre presented to you by people in authority, either teachers or university teachers or professors, or theyíre promoted via the media or movies even; everything is part of the propaganda spiel.


Remember too, that you are the audience that bring me to you so you can help me out by buying the books and disks I have for sale at cuttingthroughthematrix.com [Order and donation options listed above.]  Remember, straight donations are certainly welcome in these times of increasing austerity.  And weíre only the brink, really, of austerity because theyíve an awful long way to go with us yet when you read all of their great big plans of redistributing the worldís wealth into their own corporations which they plant overseas and call them third world countries; thatís really where the cash is going, not to the people. 


You see, this was planned long before you were born.  It was planned before your parents were born and it goes way back into the centuries.  Youíll see lots of books coming out of course in the 1800s, apart from Karl Marx himself.  You can see Gramsciís books too, that really had a big impact on communism, or world socialism.  And youíll find that the banks loved this idea because you see, itís far better to get everyone in debt and have the governments chase you up for the cash, via taxation; guarantees the banksí payments, much better than loaning to individuals and then sending your own private heavies out door to door to collect the cash.  Thatís why they love socialism.  And also itís because they can get an ordered society worldwide, a global society.  That works very, very well. 


And thereís lots of advocates for it who get well rewarded.  And you notice that even in the communist system too, that the guys in the Politburo literally, it came out after the wall went down, they lived in just as high a lifestyle as their equivalent bureaucrats across the seas in other countries.  So they do very well for themselves and when moneyís involved, believe you me, when the dollar talks morality walks, and itís always been that way, always will be that way.  Psychopaths love it too because they smell the wind before anyone else does Ė they know which way itís blowing Ė and they hop on board and get to the top. They donít bother with moral qualms of right and wrong, as long as theyíre on the winning team.  And Iíve met lots of people whoíve admitted to me that theyíd rather join the winning team, it doesnít matter who it happens to be, for their own personal survival.  And thatís the way the world really is.  Thereís no lack of people willing to do the dirty work if theyíre well rewarded for doing so and they donít suffer personally.  To them itís very pragmatic a choice and very sensible to them and theyíll rationalize it to you.  Just the same as anybody after any big massacre saying, well I was only doing my job by shooting those people because I was told to do it by a superior.  And the same thing is used when they take down countries, as theyíre taking them down now.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  Last week I talked about Agenda 21, at least I touched on it, because itís impacting everyoneís lives whether they know it or not.  The whole Big Society idea in Britain is all part of Agenda 21 where the federal governments pretend to decentralize power down to the local level but in reality theyíre bringing you back to a new feudal system.  And your little area will be where youíre confined eventually, if youíre not one of the special people.  And youíll have to work in a collective basically.  Thatís what itís about, collectivism. 


Youíll have a representative whoíll be supplied to you, by Common Purpose generally if youíre in Britain; every country has their own group already formed and funded by the big boys.  And they will go off to The World Bank to borrow money for your little area and youíre all put down basically as the guys who have to pay it all back.  Also at the same time mind you, you will still be paying more taxes than ever to the federal government.  They arenít going to make it cheaper taxes and say well youíre managing yourselves now so you donít need this department and that department.  No.  Those departments may vanish, apparently in the federal level, but the cash that you must pay, your governments wonít because now theyíve decided to give all that cash to supposed third world countries via the new helping the countries out, all their different policies to help, or redistribute the wealth they actually call it now, which is straight from the Communist Manifesto, as we all know, I think, the ones that listen to this broadcast. 


So thereís an article tonight and Iím going to put this up on cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Itís about Agenda 21 again and it talks about national suicide.  It starts off from the American point of view with the Constitution...



newswithviews.com / Marilyn M. Barnewall / June 19, 2011


As you read this article, keep these words in mind:

ďNo State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto law, or Law impairing the obligation of Contracts, or grant any Title of Nobility.Ē -Article 1, Section 10, The United States Constitution.  (Alan:  Itís amazing too how many Presidents and people like Kissinger have been given titles of nobility from Britain and no one really cares about that anymore do they?)


That Section of the Constitution prevents membership of states, cities and counties in an organization called International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives (ICLEI) (A:  Thatís the ICLEI I talked about last week.)Ö but Iíll bet many readers of this article live in a city, town, or county that belongs to ICLEI because ICLEI has more than 600 active members throughout the United States. Those members are cities, counties, and states, not individuals(A:  Then itís got a little link here where you can look up your own county or state to see if youíre actually a member of it; youíll find that you probably are.)


If your state is spending your tax dollars to violate Article 1, Section 10 of the Constitution to pay for membership in ICLEI, you need to do something about it. The Constitution says no state should enter into an alliance with a group devoted to supporting international policies unfriendly to America.


Many readers have not yet heard of Agenda 21, also known as Sustainable Development, though NewsWithViews.com columnists Tom DeWeese and Dr. Michael Coffman, two of the nationís journalistic experts on the topic, write of it. In a recent article, DeWeese provided some quotes of individuals involved with ICLEI. This should explain ICLEIís philosophy quite clearly: 


And of course I read some of them last week where theyíre talking about tearing down all construction, tear up the dams and get rid of all your industry and so on and bring it back to wilderness and stuff like that.  Itís quite a lengthy article.  It talks about the upcoming Rio.  Thatís a very important meeting, again, by this private organization run by, at least headed by Maurice Strong of Canada who is a little lackey-boy of the Rockefellers; thatís who picked him up and made him who he is.  They are the ones who brought you, basically, sustainability, Agenda 21, and gave animals and insects more rights than humans.  In fact, humans have no rights, according to them, at all.  And so the part 2 of the Earth Charter comes up in 2011.  Thatís going to be quite the international sock to everybodyís jaw when it comes out because your governments will all sign it automatically because theyíre all in on it, you see.  All of them are in on this international agenda: sustainability, depopulation, eventually mandatory sterilization Ė thatís for those who are still fertile.  Most of us are already going the other way with the injections weíve all been given plus the food weíre forced to eat. 


Now, whatís coming for the world has to be looked at from where it really all starts.  They always use Britain as the flagship and this sustainability also impacts all the schooling system.  This article here is about what you can expect in the US, Canada and across the planet.  It says...


A shock to the (education) system:

Free schools to open six days a week, 51 WEEKS a year

Daily Mail / 20 June 2011


(A:  And they give an example here of Norwich, England.  It says...)


The Norwich Free School will only close for a week at Christmas and for bank holidays.  Pupils are required to stay as late as 8pm at one free school.  Up to twenty free schools opening in September with 100 more expected next year. 


So remember, your little community is to pay for your own schools and the teachers and the staff can set their own wages as well Ė thatís awfully nice of them Ė and their own times that they will teach, even if itís up, I guess, to midnight; thereís no laws against it. 


Powers granted by Mr Gove to free schools and academies last year let them set their own pay, conditions and term dates, and would allow them to radically alter the traditional school timetable.


When you really look through the article, what it is, really is what I read last week too, to do with socialism.  Where Bertrand Russell talked about it and he said that eventually the state will take over all the roles and functions that the parent used to do Ė he meant including raising the child before it goes to school, and we have all that in place, plus all the evening time that you would call quality time now.  The state will give them their values, up to 8pm at least, and maybe later, right through the weekend as well if need be. And that is the new society. This is the new society, to get one generation utterly divorced, again, from the last generation, which was divorced from the previous one.  Theyíre really doing it in jumps of about 5 years now; itís very, very quick, however quickly they can raise the new crop and indoctrinate them into the system.  Beria talked about that at the Comintern meeting in 1934 in Soviet Russia.  He said, it used to take 70 years to make a major change in culture across any country, and he says, now we can do it in about 5 years; he says, 3-5 years because of the intensive scientific indoctrination that we give them.  And that is so true now. People donít know it but this is the way itís done.  Itís not very difficult when you understand it.  They prepare every kindergarten class, for instance, every year just a step ahead of the one prior to them.  Itís that simple. 


Now, Iíve mentioned before too, that countries under the World Trade Organization that have to be brought up to the top are done so by your tax money; thatís what makes it happen.  Itís not because theyíre harder working or any of that.  Brazil, China... China itself didnít bring itself up by the bootstraps at all.  They were funded up to the top and through the World Trade Organization and the GATT Treaty.  We funded all the factories to move to China after we trained for years their engineers that would run those factories and design things over there.  We funded all the private corporations to up and move; we paid for their moving and their set up in China.  Under the treaty too, we also funded any losses to them that they claimed they might have suffered in a 10 year period until they started making what they said was the required profit, and that could be extended as well.  Thatís how you raise countries up to the top, by getting the cheapest labor, anywhere in the world, tax-free for 10 years by the way for them, and theyíre guaranteed to take off and become number one.  You must have manufacturing to be number one in a monied society, or a profit-making society.  You got to have manufacturing; everything else spins off of that.  In a service economy, which we are today, basically weíre being serviced all right Ė thereís different meanings for being serviced, we certainly are Ė and weíre just dishing out our tax money across the world, and the redistribution of wealth, which really goes to keep these big corporations going and setting up in third world countries.  So...


Emerging powers' takeover speeds up

nzherald.co.nz /  Jamie Gray / Jun 18, 2011


China could overtake the US in the size of its domestic banking sectors by around 2023. (A:  I think itís already there.)


The global financial crisis will hasten an economic changing of the guard, putting China and India at the top of the world banking industry, according to international consultancy PricewaterhouseCoopers.


PWC, in its report "Banking 2050" (A:  They always go up to 2050, even the RAND Corporation.), says the accelerating shift in economic power from the developed to emerging economies is dramatically changing the banking industry.


"The emerging economies' banking sectors are expected to outgrow those in the developed economies by an even greater margin than we projected before the financial crisis," it says.


By 2050, the leading "E7" emerging economies - China, India, Brazil, Russia, Mexico, Indonesia and Turkey - could have domestic banking assets and profits that exceed those in the G7 group of leading developed countries by around 50 per cent, PWC says. The G7 countries are the United States, Japan, Germany, Britain, France, Italy and Canada.


China could overtake the US in the size of its domestic banking sectors by around 2023, PWC says.


"India has particularly strong long-term growth potential and our projections suggest it could become the third-largest domestic banking sector by 2050 after China and the US, but ahead of Japan, the UK and Germany."


Brazil could also rise strongly over this period, PWC says. 


Well, these are all the countries we are putting our money in, through all the United Nations agendas to bring them up, all these different countries, and with tax-free services and so on for 10 years, no taxation for a business, and cheap, cheap labor.  You can imagine, thereís going to be nothing left at all in the so-called first world countries.  And that is the agenda.  Theyíre not stupid at the top.  You know, long before they signed the World Trade Organization, the GATT Treaty, they debated everything, all the impacts it would have on the Western economies.  They knew as we turned into a service economy, just passing things around that we import; thatís what it is.  And they knew how long it would last; you can only paddle so long before you start drowning.  And they knew that the balance of trade is incredible; everything comes in and nothing much goes out, except debt and payments on debt.  Thatís what we live in today.  Theyíre not stupid at the top.  They planned to bring all the countries down.  Theyíve been doing it for a while.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  I want to touch tonight too, on the internet of course.  We all know theyíre closing in the internet and eventually youíll have nothing but wonderful shows on sustainability and greening and all those kinds of lovely things, and how we must share everything with everyone across the world, and go into austerity, and be happy doing it, knowing weíre helping some big international corporation.  So just before this all comes to a head of course, we try to get as much information out as we can.  But theyíre now going after people who link to sites in Britain and in the US as well. 


British Student Faces Extradition to the US for Linking to Copyrighted Material

zeropaid.com / Drew Wilson June 16, 2011


Itís about a fella, a student I guess, he had a site called TVShack and the US court has put in an extradition order to have him put over to the US, to be trialed, for linking to a site that was copyrighted.  Absolute craziness, but thatís how they start these things.  It seems so trivial and silly but thatís how they start all these laws taking off and believe you me, Iíve watched enough silly and trivial things being passed into law my whole life that nothing surprises me at all.  And they seem to be serious about it so theyíre raising public awareness, too, by articles like this.  Thatís part of the reason theyíve done this, to this boy, is to make us all aware now and to put us all on tender hooks and scared to link and do things or say things.  And of course if you put up a site where anyone can put anything in you really are putting your neck on the chopping block.  Thatís really a message for everyone else as well, anyone whoís doing that, obviously. 


And then Iíd like to mention too, just before I go to the callers, to do with European schools.  They have elitist schools now.  I mentioned the United Nations have their own school, and universities, generally for the offspring of bureaucrats in the United Nations.  They breed their own world managers in other words.  And that was talked about long ago before they even created the United Nations, when they had the League of Nations, that they wanted to do that, the perfect environment for authoritarian, basically, bureaucrats, would be to have offspring brought up in the homes of bureaucrats working for the League of Nations.  Well they actually have it for the United Nations now.  Well they also have it too, for Europe, for the bloc for Europe.  It says...


Elite European Schools: how the eurocrats' kids get the gravy  and you pay for it

synonblog.dailymail.co.uk / 4 June 2011


Thanks to ĎJDFí for taking the time to post a comment Ė and for asking about the elite European Schools for the sons and daughters of eurocrats, which I mentioned in the previous post about the luxurious lives of the European Commission staff. This will fill you in a bit:


The schools are located in the most fashionable neighbourhoods of Brussels, Frankfurt, Luxembourg and other cities across the Continent (A:  ...European schools, from their web sites.  And they actually have some in Britain too, but theyíre moving to Brussels as well.)  where there are significant numbers of eurocrats, and at Culham in Oxfordshire (which is being wound-down as a European School and turned into an academy).


The schools offer an aggressively ĎEuropeaní education from nursery level through secondary level, meant to produce children who are Ė and this is their founding mission statement (A:  This is all mixed up, this article here, at least the program it came through on is.) -- Ďin mind Europeans, schooled and ready to complete and consolidate the work of their fathers before them, to bring into being a united and thriving Europe.í 


Iíll put this article up tonight as well; maybe you have a better program to download it than me because itís all mixed up here.  It gives you the gist of what itís all about.  They literally breed their class of world managers.  This is the time, by the way, they have said officially, that weíre living under the world managers.  Youíll see these little articles with titles like that, they mean what they say so take it to heart and believe it. 


Alan:  Now, thereís Tristan from Toronto hanginí on the line.  Are you there Tristan?


Tristan:  Hi.  Hey Alan, howís it going?


Alan:  Not bad.


Tristan:  Thank you very much.  I always listen to your show now and itís like someone teaching you how to fish instead of someone fishing for me, so I really appreciate your work.  I caught your last show on Friday I believe it was, and you were mentioning the underground history of American schooling so I started, like you know, I found the book online, the author; he couldnít even publish so he just put it online for free.† And reading through the book, itís just amazing how you go through your own life and you pick out little stuff from your memory.† I was born here in Canada but then I went back, my parents moved back to Trinidad and I ended up being raised there from the ages of 2 to 5 I guess, 4, for those two years.  Oh no, sorry... to 6.  And when I came back up here one of the first things they tried to do when I came into grade one was they tried to send me back into kindergarten.† Which is always interesting because you know, like, all these kids did in kindergarten was play and sing songs and look at pictures all day.† And by that time, in Trinidad schooling, at age 4 youíre already counting to 100, you know, you already know how to read, draw, math, times tables, everything.  So my mom stood up to them and said no, heís 6 years old, heís going into grade one and that was it.  And the first day of school, you go in, youíre excited and you realize that the kids who just came from kindergarten can barely spell.  Like, barely, you know, barely have a thought in their head.  And they would, you know, ask you, Tristan, spell Ďtheyí, and you know, t-h-e-y; okay, go play in the corner, you know, donít think anymore.  You stop thinking.  So you know, time passes and one of the things he mentioned in the book was how they have extended the age of childhood.† I remember when I was younger, I was about 8 years old, and my brother taught me how to ride a bike.  There was no training wheels, you know.  You got on the bike and you learned how to ride it.  You scraped your legs, you know, you fell, you cleaned it up.


Alan:  I tell you, hold on and weíll come back after this and let you continue. 


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix talking to Tristan from Toronto.  Are you still there Tristan?


Tristan:  Yeah.  Iím still here. 


Alan:  Yeah, continue.


Tristan:  So when I was 8 years old, you know, my brother taught me how to ride a bike and you know, a couple scrapes the first few times but I guess within Iíd say a couple hours I pretty much learned how to ride a bike.† So fast-forward now and my brotherís married, or was married, and he has a daughter, my niece Larissa.  And when she was 7 years old, 2 years ago, he started to teach her how to ride a bike but this time there was the training wheels.† So training wheels, learn how to ride a bike, whole summer.


Alan:  And you got a helmet too and elbow pads, and [Alan laughing.]


Tristan:  ...and the knee pads, the elbow pads, and all the safety measures. †And go through the whole summer with the training wheels, at the end of the summer she didnít know how to ride a bike.† 8 years old, same thing again.  Itís like, you know, as Einstein said almost.  It like, you know, if you do the same thing again and again expecting different results youíre legally insane or something, or scientifically insane.


Alan:  Itís like the computer, you go in a loop round and round and round.† Iíve seen people going round in loops for ages.  [Alan laughing.]


Tristan:  Yeah, it was like, same thing.  Full summer with the training wheels, at the end of the summer they took it off, she couldnít ride the bike.  So this year, they are, you know, getting the bike out and I just said to him, like, you know what?  Take off the training wheels, when she comes over tell her they flew away, make up some story, just tell her thereís no training wheels and just set her to ride the bike.  Sheís going fall.  You taught me; how long did it take me?  You know, itís like I almost said, you know, itís eugenics, you know, itís in the genes, right?  You know, like, if I could do it in 30 minutes, and hour, two hours, sheíll be able to do it.  By the end of the day she could ride the bike.† Plain and simple.


Alan:  Youíre taught in this system that you need support.  Youíre taught that you need support all through your life.  And weíre getting taught that in every age group now.  You need support your whole life long, because youíre just not clever enough to understand the big things in life so you need help to get you along through life, but experts must guide you the whole way.  [Alan laughing.] 


Tristan:  For the most part, yeah, thatís exactly what it is.  Thatís how it is.  You know, itís like my mom sits here and watches TV and I keep telling her, why are you watching this garbage, this Dr Phil and Dr Oz and Oprah?† And itís like these people, I think one of the shows was a lady came on, she was having anxiety attacks in the middle of her house, she was in the safest place.  She has a gun, she has mace, she has all these, you know, her husband buys her all these things, because heís a truck driver so he has to go.  She wants him to quit his job, that way she could feel safer.  You know, I just looked at it, 3 seconds, Iím like, she needs to stop watching TV; whatever the horror shows that sheís watching, she needs to turn off the TV.† I go out and get something to drink and come back out, my mom says, you know guess what?  I was like, what?  It was the horror shows.  Iím like, come on man, do you need to go on Dr Phil to figure these things out?† Like, this is the world we live in.


Alan:  Well, again, Bertrand Russell said, we shall train the public to be unable to think for themselves, and eventually women will be unable to change their own babyís diaper without expert opinion.  And they have done that in my lifetime; I saw it happening.  I lived through it.


Tristan:  And it just gets worse and worse.  Like, I hang out with my cousinís friends and they are about 10 years younger than me.  And I have memories of when I was, came back to Canada, 6 years old, you know like, itís clear as...  I can remember, I used to splash in the toilet bowl; like whenever my parents went to bed I would jump out of my crib and go in the toilet bowl and splash around and play. These kids can barely remember what happened 5 years ago.  Itís unbelievable.  And theyíre like, how do you remember these things?  Iím like, I donít know, you know. 


Alan:  Well, they have a short-term memory now; thereís no doubt about it.


Tristan:  You know what?  Itís funny reading this book because I never made it past grade 10; I just couldnít stand it.  I mean, I went to grade 11 but I was so sick of school and it pretty much goes into like this.  We were studying American history and there was always big talk about American history was so exciting.  So the first two days in class weíre talking about these things and Iím just bored to tears.  And I just stopped going to the class after that.  I just said, forget this stuff.  So every single day I would go home and read the textbook that they had.  And then came back, like after a month of skipping school and oh, itís the terrible thing. I came back, you know, they finally caught me; I was caught.  And dragged me back into the classroom and I came back in and the teacher started insulting me.  He was one of my basketball coaches, but you know, he thought it was his right to insult me. He was like, oh I hope you do good on the test, donít fail now. And you know, the whole school, or the whole classroom was laughing at my expense, and took the test and I got 75%.  And I beat out I think it was 60% of the kids who were in school, or in that class for the whole duration.


Alan:  You understand, itís nothing to do with what theyíre teaching you.  Itís the way that youíre supposed to feel about it, not the information.


Tristan:  Thatís in the book as well.  Yeah.


Alan:  Thatís right.  And thatís what the whole thing is.  Thatís why they want the teacher who knows, sheís read the toolkit:  this is the impression you want to leave in the childrenís mind.  An impression is to do with feelings, and so itís the emotion thatís attached to it and itís got to be the right direction.  And thatís really what itís all about.  Thatís why they want you there in school.


Tristan:  Yeah, itís to make you feel hollow and empty.


Alan:  Thatís right.  Thanks for calling, and Gatto also has a book which you can buy as well. 


Tristan:  Okay.  Do you know what itís called?


Alan:  [The Underground History of American Education], by John Taylor Gatto, youíll find it out there, a big thick book.


Tristan:  Yeah.  Youíre doing great work and please keep it up and I hope you can keep doing this as long as possible because some people really need this.


Alan:  Yes, thereís no doubt about it, especially nowadays where weíre like a rocket ship going through the changes. 


Tristan:  Exactly. 


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  And now weíll go to Fabid in Saudi Arabia if heís on the line.  I hope heís got a better line this time.  Hello?


Fabid:  Hello.  How are you Alan? 


Alan:  Iím not too bad.


Fabid:  I wanted to continue some of the things that I spoke in my last call.  I wanted to go to the issue about the relationship between Iran and the United States.  You see all this hype in the media about the nuclear program with Iran and the constant threats from the United States to Iran, and back and forth.† And there are many reasons that make me to believe that this is just a play, and behind the curtain... there are real great [?].  Because you see, when Iraq started to develop a nuclear program even, for not war but for energy.  They instantly, it was instantly hit by Israeli planes and was destroyed. 


Alan:  I remember that.


Fabid:  It was for peaceful things, for peaceful tasks.  It wasnít meant to be for war and creating bombs and stuff.  So you see, Iran, it has been many years about initiating its nuclear program, have been many years since they started. And you see all this nonsense, threat and all this media fooling the people to believe that thereís a real danger and Iran is under threat.  And let me assure you, Iran is the number two ally to America after Israel.  You see, the United States and Iran have a hand [?] to share the Arab world.  The US has its share and Iran also has its goals in the region.† One example of that, Iran, when the Iraqi/Iran war happened, Iran went to Israel to make its weapons and fight Iraq.  So that gives you a pretty good picture about the relationship between Iran and Israel.  Also, Iran has supported all the so-called Arab revolutions knowing, knowing that they were created by an American propaganda, an American conspiracy.   Knowing all that, when they should advise the Arab people, they were these things.  Itís a game.  Itís a play.† But no that didnít happen [?].


Alan:  Well what youíve got too, is see, Britain started it all off, as you know, a long time ago.  This idea that theyíd use called Ďbalance of powerí they called it.  And their idea at one time was they would take the weaker party that was going to war with a bigger party or more powerful party, and theyíd fund the weaker party in the hope that theyíd take both of themselves down.  And this is what they meant by balance of power.  And once someone won, whichever one would win, they then would become allies, for a while, as long as they didnít get too big, and if they did theyíd stir up war with another party that would take down the latter party. This is what they did for centuries, this balance of power, to make sure.† What theyíve also said too, at the United Nations, is they do not want emerging countries, or nations, in some preexisting states as they call them.  They donít want them to rise up to a more powerful level.   The US has said the same thing, especially with Kissinger.  Theyíre very selective in who they are going to allow to come up to the top, obviously. 


Fabid:  Yes.  You know, in Iraq there has been many things going under the lies.  One of the things is when the United States attacked Iraq, the United States has its toll of murdering innocent people in Iraq, but no one speaks about the role of Iran in Iraq.  Do you know that nearly 800,000 people... has bled [?]... especially to Iran by its militias and Iran has played a big role in turning Shias against Sunnis with the United States in Iraq.  At the same time you see Iran playing to Arab people in Palestine, saying we want to fight Palestine... we want to fight Israel, we want to return the home for the Palestinian people.  Thatís all just a big lie and itís all happening with secret agendas, secret...


Alan:  You know, thatís the weakest point.  Thatís the weakest point in all those countries, though, is that even 100 years ago when Britain sent in its first spies Ė its main spies not the first ones but the main ones Ė even Lawrence said the same thing.  It was so easy for any big power to come in and finance and get the different factions fighting each other; that was their Achillesí heel.  He said it was so easy to do and that they could stir up trouble at any time.  The hardest thing... the hardest thing was getting the Arabs to unite at all together for a common enemy.  It was the hardest things you could possibly do, so it was much easier to keep them fighting each other.  And of course the big powers moved in and they gained wonderfully through the whole 20th century from all the oil and everything else.  So youíll see it again too.  Theyíll keep using the same Achillesí heel that hasnít healed and theyíll keep at that too and have everyone fighting each other once again.


Fabid:  Iím sorry, Alan, if Iím taking much of the time you can stop me at any time. 


Alan:  Thatís okay. 


Fabid:  One other thing is, if you ask anyone in the world... in the Arab world there is a percentage awakening to this issue.  If you should ask anyone in the world about Saddam Hussein they will tell you the following lines.  He was a dictator.  He mass murdered his people.   Or at least, at least they would say he was good at the beginning and he turned bad.  Let me just tell you what most of the Arab people, the Arab street thinks, and thatís not my opinion, at all.  They consider Saddam a martyr and a great man who built Iraq.  And if you ask them why they present you with many facts about Iraq before it was invaded, and during the time of the building of Saddam.  First of all, all of the things that have been said about Saddam, about mass murdering and WMDs has been just a big lie and even the things in LBJ [?] case that he was convicted of, it happened at the time of the, at the end of the Iraq war and in fact the records show, the records showed later, these villages that was supposedly hit by Saddam with chemical weapons were actually hit by Iran when she invaded that part of Iraq. 


Alan:  Whatís interesting too, it has to be said as well, that Rumsfeld at that time was sent over by the US and he was selling the weaponry to both sides.  Thereís some good videos up there with the footage on it, of Rumsfeld shaking hands with Saddam and they were doing their business deals there and then he was going to the other side and doing exactly the same. Again, that balance of power idea.  Everything was set up in advance and Saddam definitely was their ally as long as he was keeping the peace in that area. But now is the time for the next part of the agenda which is the total takeover and so they got him out of the way; thatís as simple as that. 


Fabid:  They supported him because they wanted to destroy both Iraq and Iran.† You see, Iran is not an enemy.  Itís neighboring to the Arab people, since centuries and centuries.  But we look forward to a good relationship with everyone in the world. But Iím just pointing out the current issues, whoís involved in what...


Alan:  Hold on and weíll come back after this break.  Hold on.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix just finishing up here with Fabid whoís talking about the state of Iran and how things are going in that direction too.  Are you still there Fabid?  Hello?  I guess heís gone.  Is Clarence there?


Clarence:  Hi.  Itís good to speak with you.  I wanted to ask you about the movie...  Well, actually in general, Iíll just start off because thereís not much time, about Stanley Kubrick.  You know, his name obviously, itís cube-brick.


Alan:  Yeah, I know. 


Clarence:  Is that a coincidence?† Right.  What do you think about the true nature of his demise? 


Alan: Well, he certainly was a player up in the supposed occult side of things.  He understood the inner nature of humans as well, which is a different field all together even beyond psychology.  He certainly also wanted to go further with what he was up to, to do with some of the movies he made, like Eyes Wide Shut.  He had a lot more to add to that but it was all cut out and he wanted to keep it in; there was a big argument of course.  And we know he did 2001, a very, very important movie made after Arthur C Clarkeís novel, 2001.  Because 2001 was the year that the new world order was going to kick off, you understand.  The whole idea of 2001: The Space Odyssey was an allegory of something else altogether; it was nothing to do with space.  It had nothing to do with space, nothing at all.  If you even see it starting off youíll see itís all about evolution, superior types coming out of evolution.  Even in the first part of 2001, look at the groundscape, look at the symbols of the broken branches of trees, the serpents and so on; all the occult symbols are there.  Thereís even a plateau of a pyramid with the top off of it, the capstone off, if you see it.


Clarence:  What do you think about this Alan?  What do you think about, it was a computer that did September 11th?  Do you think thatís part of the allegory?  They say in the movie that they thought it was a germ outbreak, on the colony.  You know, maybe that was kind of like a wink-wink, their original plan was a germ outbreak but they just pulled out all the stops.  Maybe it was a computer, you know, in part ways, you know.


Alan:  Well, they certainly have used computer technology to the utmost, in even making the movies.  I mean, Kubrick was implicated in even doing the moon hoax because he was working already with that technology and 2001, it was really ahead of its time; it was very realistic at the time.  Of course, thatís when man went to the moon supposedly in that little washing machine covered in tinfoil.  So it was often thought that he was brought in to actually work on the moon landing as well, which was actually filmed.† I can remember Chief Dan George, he was a good actor, who came out at the time and the BBC showed it, they interviewed him.  He says do you really believe manís on the moon?  And he said no.   He says I saw a set in Hollywood, he says, exactly like that; I think thatís what it is, he says.  And everybody laughed at him, everybody laughed at this guy; he was a Canadian Indian, you know.  I think heís absolutely right on.  2010 of course was the follow-up to it where a new sun Ė itís another allegory Ė would be born, in the sky, a second one, meaning a second phase of a new world order.  And 3001 is when the utopians have their utopia and all the culling off of the inferior types has already happened; you have to read that book as well.  Kubrick definitely was up there in the occultic side of things.  You get lots of symbols in his movies, which are enjoyable if you understand them, and most folk donít of course.  Thanks for calling. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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