June 21, 2011 (#859)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 21, 2011:

I Can Hear the Drumming of New System Coming:

"Corporate Takeover of Nations Already Startin',
Look at Acquisitions of Lockheed Martin,
They Run Canada's National Census and CCTVs,
Military Nuclear Bases to Bring World to its Knees,
We've ConAgra, Monsanto, ADM and Others,
Whose Modified Crops Make Cows Lose Udders,
Private Banks Rule Our Lives, Lend to Nations,
Bankrupt a Few, End Employed Occupations,
A New System's in Works to Be Implemented,
Called Slavery Inc., Ruled by the Demented"
© Alan Watt June 21, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 21, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on June the 21st 2011.  Thereís always newcomers coming in so I advise them to go into cuttingthroughthematrix.com where you can get a crash course in how this world is really run, the institutions, organizations, foundations that are all interlinked together that run the world, well above governments Ė they put governments in, in fact Ė and how they got to be where they are, and where theyíre going with it all, and what their whole objective is.  And itís not really that complicated.  Big money runs the whole show; a lot of it is yours of course, through taxes.  Thatís really your job.  Youíre farmed like vegetables and taxed; you pay for it all really.  Some of the big foundations match their tax write-offs with your tax dollar to make sure that youíre ruled in the proper way and that the whole of society is steered in the proper direction.  Thatís the way itís always really been.  So democracy is a farce, of course; we all know that.  Even politicians technically are a farce.  They are a front for these big boys above them who put them in power, tell them what their jobs are going to be, and that they better do it.  And of course theyíre all prepicked and selected long before the public get a chance to see their lovely faces on television to vote for.  So thatís really how the world is run.  People in-the-know have written books about it.  People who belong to the main organizations, like Professor Carroll Quigley, have actually written about it, like the Royal Institute of International Affairs which runs the British side, and also runs the whole of Europe now, by the way because theyíve got a council for Europe there, and they also run the US side via the Council on Foreign Relations.  Canada, Australia, New Zealand, all the old British Empire countries all have their departments which put their particular governments in power.  So whenever you jeer at whatever government is put in power, get off the left-wing and right-wing nonsense and realize this is what the big boys want right now.  Not you.  And itís never been you.


So help yourself to the audios; thereís hundreds to choose from.  Hopefully youíll get shortcuts to understanding this system.  You can order the books and disks I have for sale.  That will keep me going, hopefully, maybe; I donít know.  This is the suicidal way.  I donít bring on advertising, or advertisers as guests, or specialists as they call themselves, that generally sell you whatever theyíre selling at the end of their hour.  And thatís okay for those who do.  I donít have a family to feed.  Itís bad enough trying to feed myself.  Anyway, Iím doing it the suicidal way, I depend upon you to buy the books and disks and to support me through purchases.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  And straight cash too is okay.  Remember, straight donations are also very welcome in these so-called austere times, which is hyperinflation. 


We are going through fantastic changes.  Fantastic changes.  I remember Kissinger many years ago talking about this coming change for this part, this part of this new world order.  Itís been in existence for quite some time, but itís all in stages.  He likened it to the uprooting of all the peasantry of Europe into the industrial era by pushing them off the land, and forcing them off the land, taxing them off the land into these new brick cities basically which would be the manufacturing and industrial centers for quite some time. And even at that time you know, when they did all that and set up the manufacturing, they knew even then, they wrote books about it.  Economists at the time said how long it would probably last and then of the fallout of having all these people stuffed together in these cities and what theyíd have to do with them.  Weíre living through a script written a long time ago, and all the fallout is part of it.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and we know that the system weíre in now actually is really run by multinational corporations and speciality organizations and that was always the plan, as they talked about public/private ownership.  In other words, the public pay for everything, they pay for the building of everything and then they hand it over for peanuts to their big buddies and they use your tax money to keep maintaining whatever it is, roads, whatever, and they take all the profits away.  Thatís all they do is just take profits.  Itís quite a nice deal for public/private partnerships.  We know itís gone a lot further than that.  And remember too, Carroll Quigley who also was the historian for the Council on Foreign Relations said that eventually these CEOs of the corporations will be the new feudal overlords.  And thatís what youíre in; itís a form of feudalism. 


Chunks of countries are being sold off right now under the different guises but itís really feudalism.  Even China is moving in big time taking chunks of the US and bringing in Chinese to run it of course.  And the same thing in England too, parts are being sold off to international corporations especially around the seaside, where their docks are, things like that, and basically thatís their territory now.  And eventually that will be the end of nations.  There will be no nations eventually.  Weíll all be sold off in chunks.  Youíll have a few city-states around the world, as Jacques Attali said, and thatís the idea, high-tech city-states without all of you in them.  I hope you realize that. 


One of these big companies thatís got all of the deals, who are into observation of the societies through technology Ė spying in other words Ė is Lockheed Martin.  Of course, they are part of the big Military-Industrial Complex, always have been, since at least before World War II.  They are getting massive contracts from governments as they take over even the nuclear bomb bases.  And this one is from Scotland. 


Anger as US arms dealer takes over running of Scottish nuclear bomb base

heraldscotland.com / Rob Edwards Environment Editor / 29 May 2011


THE running of Britainís nuclear bomb base at Coulport on the Clyde is to be handed over to a consortium of multinational private firms led by the controversial US arms dealer, Lockheed Martin, the Sunday Herald can reveal.


Defence ministers in Westminster have decided that the highly sensitive job of managing more than 200 Trident nuclear warheads, and arming the Royal Navyís submarines with them, should be taken over by the group of companies within the next year.


The decision has been condemned by the SNP (Alan:  The Scottish National Party.), trades unionists and disarmament campaigners, who are demanding an urgent rethink. They describe it as a cost-saving, job-cutting ďkick in the teeth to the workforceĒ that will put nuclear safety at risk.


Up to 200 Coulport workers have been told that they will be seconded from the Ministry of Defence (MoD) to a newly formed private-sector consortium called ABL.  (A:  ABL... Abel.  Cain ate Abel, I do believe, because you could find no trace of him.)


ABL brings together AWE (A:  ...they love all these little things like that. AWE... awe.....) Ė which runs the Aldermaston nuclear weapons factory in Berkshire Ė Babcock, the British engineering company and US-owned Lockheed Martin Strategic Systems UK. AWE is itself a consortium involving Lockheed Martin; another big US firm, Jacobs Engineering; and the UK management privatisation company, Serco.


According to the MoDís detailed internal plan leaked to the Sunday Herald, ABL will be granted a contract to run Coulport for 15 years.  (A:  Theyíll probably renew it after that if thereís anything left of the planet, or anything left of Britain for that matter.)


There you are.  You see, big corporations, CEOs will be more powerful than Presidents and Prime Ministers, because really, these guys are running shows all over the planet.  And the guy, the CEO of Lockheed Martin certainly will be. And theyíre also of course responsible for so much of your CCTV cameras all over the place and making massive contracts on the fear industry called terrorism.  Then you go into this one here...


The Rational Argument, Lockheed Martin in the Canadian census

sandrafinley.ca / Jan 13, 2011


(A:  I mentioned that last time too. These are the guys who also get the Canadian census.  So the guys who are spying on you, collecting all the data, running atomic warfare plans and all the rest of it, and bases, are also the guys to do your census.)


Lockheed Martin was awarded census contracts by 2003 for the 2006 census.  Thousands of people protested then; more protested in 2006 during the census. 


Lockheed Martin was awarded contracts for the May 2011 census.


It is foolhardy to support the involvement of Lockheed Martin in the census through silence or inaction.  There is an informative, short interview with William Hartung, author of ďProphets of War: Lockheed Martin and the Making of the Military-Industrial ComplexĒ (A:  Iíll put this link up tonight, the page Iíve just read, and you can link off it to this other one too.) at http://finance.yahoo.com/tech-ticker/too-big-to-fail-lockheed-martins-got-their-fingers-everywhere-says-author-yftt_535769.html.   I cannot explain Lockheed Martin better than William Hartung, except that in the short time he canít address the weapons they manufacture which are in contravention of International and Canadian laws, their role at Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, etc..  Other postings on this blog can provide some of that elaboration. 


So here are guys that are involved in torture prison camps and all the rest of it across the world and selling weapons to potential foes down the road.  Thatís how they get wars going; they sell them in advance and then they go to war with them.  And here they are running so much of things, including your census, getting all the data, the personal data on you, your family and all the little things about you that they ask you nowadays.  So thatís the world youíre in, where CEOs really are the new feudal overlords.  Itís already here.  And this is just one organization.  Then, this one goes back a few years, 2001.


Lockheed Martin Radar And Display Air Traffic System Begins Operations In Prestwick, Scotland

lockheedmartin.com / LONDON, ENGLAND, November 20th, 2001


And itís advanced from there.  They want to take over the whole of the UKís National Air Traffic Services.  Iíll put that link up as well.  So theyíre into ALL of these things.  No doubt when they put the barbed wire around your little area that you canít move out of, in communitarianism, theyíll be in charge of electrifying the fences too, and putting the land mines in that will blow you up.  And you think Iím kidding.  Iím sure.  So thereís a good example of the new feudal corporate overlords. 


Iíve mentioned Rollerball before; it was quite an interesting movie done many years ago.  The whole idea of the movie was that the corporations ruled the world.  By then they had their corporate wars where they actually took what used to be continents to war with each other, because they owned the continents by then.  And the top one came out and eventually they wanted to, even through game shows, show and teach the public that team work was the only way to go and therefore individual athletes were told to basically throw the game... to show that teamwork was the best way to go.  Well worth seeing though.  Thereís another link too, to the corporate controlled nukes.  Iíll put that up too, from another site.  So many articles actually; itís just astonishing how things are going.


Corporate Controlled Nukes Ė continentsmith.blogspot.com / May 30, 2011


Now, thereís one too, on your food.  Your food is weaponized; I mentioned that years ago.  All your food is weaponized.  You have 2-tiered food today.  Actually, itís 3-tiered food but itís 2-tiered for most folk.  You have the rubbish you eat at the supermarkets which are all genetically modified vegetables, soaked in the heaviest pesticides, and they also are GM modified to produce their own pesticides as well.  So they make sure you get healthy doses Ė healthy for killing you off that is Ė of poisons.  And that is the plan, discussed at high levels many years ago: How do you bring the public down?... Iíve read them here on the air from some of the biggest players.  You either use their food, their water, you can inject them with inoculations, vaccines; itís very simple.  And you think theyíre not doing it?  Of course theyíre doing it.  They have taken these things very seriously.  And they donít wait for volunteers.  We have all the top big ones now at the United Nations coming out openly, and all their associates coming out openly, saying thereís too many people, too many people, weíve got to have rapid depopulation.  Anyway, most folk will never bring themselves to believe that people will actually do that to them.  Just like the folks who are getting bombed in Libya, huddling in their homes, Iím sure before all this happened, would never think that people from America or Britain or somewhere or France, would do that to them.  Thatís how it is.  Thatís the real world. 



Genetically Engineered Rice is a Trojan Horse:

 Misled by Bill Gates and Monsanto

foodconsumer.org / 06/21/2011 / Posted By Dr. Mercola | June 21 2011


The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has approved $20 million in new monies toward the development of "golden rice" (A:  Now, golden rice I remember was started off by Rockefeller.  There were articles that came out about it too, that it had very good properties for sterilizing people, at the time, in the mainstream.  So I guess theyíve jumped on the bandwagon.  And it says itís...) -- an untested, highly controversial GE (genetically engineered) crop that threatens biodiversity and risks bringing economic and ecological disaster to Asia's farms. 


Anyway, theyíre into this whole thing here. But itís really a big PR program as well by giving out so-called free rice to everyone; they hope theyíll stop using their own rice that theyíve been growing for centuries and theyíll start buying this stuff from them.  Then youíre dependent on them every year to buy the stuff, the rice, because the rice has the killer gene in it; in other words it wonít reproduce itself and the seed will be sterile.  Thatís a part of it too.  So it takes your freedoms away.  Theyíve done it all across the planet by gifts.  The United Nations has given so many gifts of so many thousands of tons of modified seed that theyíve literally finished off all the centuries and centuries of grafting one plant to another that they did for their own particular region.  Now theyíre totally dependent on Monsanto for their seed every year.  All the real seed, the stuff they were collecting went to special bases, as we well know, off the coast of Norway and other places Ė they have 3 of them Ė and thatís for the NEXT society, after we are all dead... which shouldnít be too long.  Iíll put this link up at cuttingthroughthematrix.com again and you can read it for yourself because itís too much to read tonight. 


Thereís also, about the web sites now, we know that big things are happening on the internet.  We know that, it says here...


Thousands of Aussie websites exposed in hack attack

Asher Moses and Ben Grubb / smh.com.au / June 17, 2011


Thousands of Australian websites are vulnerable to being taken over by hackers following a break-in at Australian domain registrar and web host Distribute.IT, security experts say.


It comes as the hacker group LulzSec followed up yesterday's attack on the CIA's website by today releasing 62,000 email addresses and passwords. (A:  So theyíve got all their data and itís put whole businesses out of business.  But it makes you wonder, whatís their goal?  Itís obviously, theyíre going to come forward and suggest something next, to give up more rights and freedoms, to make this safe for us obviously.  That will be whatís going to come out of this, isnít it?  We all know that.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and another site too, to do with the Aussie attack, it says...


4800 Aussie sites evaporate after hack

Asher Moses / smh.com.au / June 21, 2011


At least 4800 Australian websites have been lost with no chance of recovery following a break-in at Australian domain registrar and web host Distribute.IT.


The hack attack caused so much damage that four of the company's servers were "unrecoverable", the company said, leaving thousands of website owners in the lurch.  (A:  Thereís a lot of businesses out too.)


"The overall magnitude of the tragedy and the loss of our information and yours is simply incalculable; and we are distressed by the actions of the parties responsible for this reprehensible act," Distribute.IT said. 


So as I say, weíre going to find out what...  Again, you create the problem and then you offer the solution.  Itís quite simple.  Itís the dialectic.  Itís the Hegelian dialectics and itís going to be worse for people across the whole planet, Iím sure.  Theyíre talking about giving everyone with even a site an actual special ID card and a special code and all the rest of it too.  And no doubt thatís really what all this is really going to lead to.  They always do this kind of stuff.  Itís like terrorism; you canít have terrorism and literally have martial law across the planet when nothing is happening in the countries.  Youíve got to make something happen to validate your anti-terrorist rampage.  Thatís really what theyíve always done:  cause the problem and then blame the public and say weíve got to watch the public like a hawk now; they could be any one of you; it might be you and you donít know it yet.   So Iíll put these links up tonight too. 


Now, one article want to mention too, itís actually 3, but itís on Facebook.  It talks about...


Facebook - the CIA conspiracy

nzherald.co.nz / Matt Greenop / Aug 8, 2007


American Dad's conspiracy coverage could benefit from a flick through the Facebook.


Facebook has 20 million users worldwide, is worth billions of dollars and, if internet sources are to be believed, was started by the CIA.


The social networking phenomenon started as a way of American college students to keep in touch. (A:  Thatís what they told you of course.)  It is rapidly catching up with MySpace, and has left others like Bebo in its wake.


But there is a dark side to the success story that's been spreading across the blogosphere. A complex but riveting Big Brother-type conspiracy theory which links Facebook to the CIA and the US Department of Defence. (A:  Well actually thatís its real purpose.  It was started up for that.  People donít understand, the CIA have LOTS of legitimate business out there, lots and lots of them.  So does MI6 and MI5.  And itís all do to with collecting data and controlling data.)


The CIA is, though, using a Facebook group to recruit staff for its very sexy sounding National Clandestine Service.  (A:  And they put their job ads in there.) 


Some of the people on the board of Facebook now worked for the Military-Industrial Complex and for the Pentagon and so on.  So you can take your own viewpoints from it but thereís no doubt about it, thatís its purpose and even their front man that they give all the accolades to, the rags-to-riches story which they always give us in every century and every generation, he attends the big meetings of the big boys to do with world security.  And it says here in this article...


Leaving Facebook? You can try... but 'evil genius' social network won't make it easy - dailymail.co.uk / Daniel Bates / 17th June 2011


Behind FacebookóA New World Order Agenda? - adventofdeception.com


How to Delete Your Facebook Account - lifehacker.com /  Adam Dachis


Iíll put that up too.  Thatís from the Mail Online.  But for those who are wise enough to get out of it, Iíll put a link up too, where someone will tell you how to go through all the different moves and actually scrub everything clean.  And people should really do that, if they want any privacy.  A lot of the young ones are too far gone.  They enjoy it too much; they are addicted to it.  And their lives, what theyíll have of their lives that is, will be completely monitored in every single thing that they do.  And most of them are trained to accept that.  They think that privacy is a strange idea actually.


Alan:  Now, there are people on the telephones so Iíll go to Peter from Vancouver if heís there.  Hello Peter.


Peter:  Alan, Iíve got a couple of Canadiana questions for you.  Number one, what do you think of David Suzuki?  I know he believes in global warming so I donít really take him too seriously.


Alan:  David Suzuki is up on the web site.  When he studied genetics... heís a geneticist remember, first and foremost.  And heís up on the web site; Iíve got a link there and Iíll put it up tonight again.  I had it out last year or the year before. 


1972 clip of David Suzuki comparing humans to maggots - youtube.com


Youíll hear him when he was a young guy talking to maybe his first students and he said that people are just maggots, he said.  He says, mind you, in this system of maggots there are better types of maggots than others.  Heís a eugenicist plain and simple and thatís why he was picked up for his role, for the United Nations and the wildlife and humans-are-bad and all that.  Well, most humans are bad, not the special types, like him, special genes you know.  And the guy literally is the exact type they pick up for the front man image to present to the children, to get the children to like him and then he starts advising them, oh thereís too many people and especially too many people with the lower IQs that wonít be necessary in the future type of society, etc.  Thatís what itís all about.  Simple as that.


Peter:  My second question is about the Bank of Canada.  I know Mark Carney is from Goldman Sachs and he was at the recent Bilderberg meeting, but is the Bank of Canada, is that Canadaís own little Federal Reserve, or how do they... what is their role in everything? 


Alan:  Canada used to have a Bank of Canada.  Canada had, even during the Great Depression Canada was the only country in all of the developed nations that didnít have a problem.  Because the Bank of Canada was a real bank; the government had its own money coined, its own paper printed and they sold that to the banks.  So they already made a profit and so it paid for everything and then the banks lent it out, etc.  They also put it into public works and got the cash into the system that way too.  They came from all over, Britain, the US, during the Great Depression to find out why Canada was succeeding when they were all failing.  The video youíve got to see is called...


Oh Canada Movie - youtube.com


Iíll put the link up again tonight.  Where a student actually, he talks to ex-Prime Ministers who actually tell him why itís good that Canadians be covered in massive debt, how itís good for us to have so much debt, with the new system.  Because Pierre Trudeau destroyed the old system completely, but Iíll talk about that a little bit more when I come back from this break on that. 


Hi folks, Iím back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, talking to Peter from Vancouver about the Bank of Canada.  The CBC also did a documentary about the Bank of Canada quite some years ago and they showed you what it was and it was just really a floor in a building where your representative by the government meets the guys who are going to lend to Canada, the representatives of the lenders.  And thatís all it is today.  Itís simply a borrowing institution and thatís all itís come down to, as to what it used to be.  Canadian money now, your paper money is printed in Germany; has been for years.  Itís printed in Germany. 


Peter:  So theyíre just lending money to Canada like the Federal Reserve is in the United States?


Alan:  Itís much the same idea, the Federal Reserve, the only difference being is that we have a representative from the government appointed to meet with the lenders and they do the deals amongst them.   The Federal Reserve is much the same, the Federal Reserve is a private bank and that lends to the government. 


Peter:  You know the big 5 banks in Canada, they all have trillions in derivatives outstanding.  When this final collapse comes do you think all the banks in Canada will be wiped out? 


Alan:  For the public it will be; thereís always that for the public.  Some of the banks still have reserves, fractional gold reserves.  They did this over a period of years.  At one time they had to keep 90% gold and then it went down to 50% and then down to 11% and then 8%, so they can pay off their big boys, the big favorite clients.  For the rest of the public, though, there will be nothing.  Thatís why they even keep a small marginal reserve, in their main offices like Toronto.  They have little places in the cellar of their main banks where they actually have the gold bars.  Thatís the fractional reserve and that is for their high clientele, who really are given guarantees on their cash.  You are not given guarantees on your cash as an ordinary depositor. 


Peter:  Iím in the process now of cashing out my RSP and just converting it into precious metals because I think ours can just... it could be nationalized, the banks could be wiped out, thereíll be nothing left for the people.† Thereís a lot of things that could happen, therefore, do you think itís a good idea to cash out the RSP? 


Alan:  Sorry, what did you say, the last part?


Peter:  Do you think itís a good idea to cash out of the paper RSP and just put it into precious metals?


Alan:  Well, put it this way, all we can be sure of, because they keep doing it and they keep telling us theyíre going to do it, in the future, is weíre going into austerity.  Weíre in austerity actually; weíve got a lot more to go.  We have to redistribute more of our wealth yet across the planet through taxation.  Weíre also borrowing money and weíre now in a state of inflation; they call it quantitative easing Ė it doesnít sound so bad or scary as inflation.  Eventually it will go into hyperinflation.  So regardless, if youíve got money in your pensions you put in for a dollar, say 10 years ago, in another 10 yearsí time you might buy a penny caramel with it if youíre lucky.  Because thatís what youíll be able to... In other words, its purchasing power is going down, being devalued every year.  Youíre not gaining; itís going down every year.  So if you can get something that at least holds its value then good luck.  Why not? 


Peter:  Well, my RSP in in mining stocks but you know I think thereís a risk there too, of you know, those mines in faraway countries will nationalize their mines and you know.


Alan:  Yeah, that can happen as well.   It depends which ones, which mining companies; Rothschild is in the Queenís one in Australia; it might be safe there for a long time but anybody else, as you say, they can nationalize it and bingo itís gone. 


Peter:  Yeah.  Well, I really enjoy your show Alan.  Thanks a lot. 


Alan:  Yeah and Iíll put that link up for you for Oh Canada.  You have to get this disk because this student meets Martin, all these different guys.  He talks to other politicians who donít even understand how the money system works, as they pretend to run the country.  Martin actually tells you, itís great for Canada to be really covered and subdued in massive debt; itís good for us.


Peter:  And I was looking for that David Suzuki link because I want to throw that on my web site.


Alan:  Iíll put the link up tonight for you because the ordinary folk, mind you, being a good eugenicist, he actually says weíre all maggots, you know.


Peter:  Yeah.  Okay, thank you Alan.


Alan:  Right-o.  See, people are built up to be stars like Jacques Cousteau was picked up to be a star.  He was also a eugenicist and he also advocated something like, we need to kill off 240,000 people a day to save the world.  You know, save the fishes and all that, but kill off the people.  You know, Jacques Cousteauís brother was a Nazi, and Cousteau worked for the British side.  Thatís what they always do, one on one side and one on the other.  See, thereís a third group that runs the world you understand.  His brother ran the French Vichy Nazi papers during World War II.  Anyway, this is trivia that sticks in my brain. 


Michael from Chicago is there too.  Are you there Michael?


Michael:  Yes I am.  How you doiní Alan Watt?  You guys were just talking about the monetary system and I mean, it didnít dawn on me till today that I realized how farcical the monetary system is.† For instance, letís say the bank loans me $100,000.  And within 20 or 30 years I got to pay them back $200,000, with interest.† Where am I going to get the extra $100,000 for that, you know?† And I was watching the documentary, itís called Money 6.[?]   They were talking about how people are not poor because they donít want to work; itís because thereís a scarcity of money.  And because the person that gets a loan from a bank has to, you know, step on another personís foot in order to get that money, get the interest, in order to pay back that bank, and then that person has to step on another person.  So itís like a psychopathic system that weíre dealing with.


Alan:  It is.  Sure.


Michael:  ...the monetary system.† And itís not until people realize that, I mean itís not until we get out of the system, where people will actually prosper. 


Alan:  Absolutely.  The whole question of money has to be completely gone through the re-think tank, all together, because itís never stable, number one, so whatís the point in working for it and trying to save it when itís never stable?  You can save it all up and watch it crash or be devalued to a quarter of what it used to be Ė you can do all the right things Ė because itís not in your hands.  The power and decision making is in big bankersí hands as to what happens to the cash.  So itís never stable.  I donít see why they canít go back to the old system where every government literally produces its own money, and you could have something as simple like it used to be at one time.  In Britain you could live on 10 pounds a week at one point.  And the only reason it keeps going up is because they give you a wage raise every year, which weíre trained like Pavlovian rats to go for, and then everything goes up at the same time.  So it keeps going up and up and up and up.  And then youíve got what they call inflation as well, as they print too much, and thereís nothing to back it up.  So you cannot leave something so important into the hands of private banking.  Itís ridiculous.  Private banking is out for its own shareholders.   Not the ones who are depositing at the banks that they own, theyíre talking about their own shareholders, and they are a massive profit-making organization.  So itís complete racket from top to bottom.


Michael:  I mean, the bankers know that they will never get their money back, first of all, because they know they canít... the money that they lent and the interest that they get... I mean, they can get the money that they lent back but they know theyíll never get the interest back.  [Laughing.]† They will never get the interest back because they didnít create enough money in the first place in order for you to even pay them back in interest.  So itís not that itís our line of credit, itís our decision to even go to that bank, to get a loan from that bank that issued that line of credit, that actually expanded their book, as far as the bookkeeping.  If it wasnít for us they wouldnít have that balance in the first place. 


Alan:  Thatís right.  In fact, when you use your credit card or you go and borrow money, it literally is created out of thin air when they approve that deal.  Literally, they donít have it; itís just blips on a computer screen. They donít even have anything concrete to show you, you know.  And thatís the thing too.  You have to have money based on something.  But when itís outside of the handling of the people, or the banking, or your own country, when your own country isnít in charge of it, the printing and issuing of it, then private corporations are and they have no affiliation with any other country.  They have no particular view to one county over another.  They are out for massive profit.   They take all their depositorsí money, you know, and they give them back about 3% interest, if theyíre lucky, and they use that money while itís in the bank, and they will lend it out to third world countries at 30% interest. 


Michael:  I mean, Alan, before I go, Iíd like to tell you, like every day I usually go on my walks and you know today in particular I asked someone, where do you think money comes from?  And I actually asked quite a few people this question, and 9 out of the 10 times people would say, I donít know, why do you even care anyways, or itís not my job, you know.  And then I asked them, what is your job?  Iím an engineer.† And then I think in my head, like, were you born an engineer, you know.  [Caller laughs.]


Alan:  Exactly.  They become their jobs.  Mr Postman is Mr Postman and Iím an engineer so I donít need to know anything else.  [Alan laughing.]


Michael:  And then I would ask myself, okay, something so ubiquitous in our lives, money is everywhere.  I mean, you use money every single day.  You canít do anything without money.  You canít even have fun without money.


Alan:  You canít survive; you canít live and eat.


Michael:  We canít survive.† With money, which is so worthless, but you know, I was thinking in my head, like, but people do not want to understand where it came from.  People do not want to understand how itís even made or how itís even issued.


Alan:  What it is too, theyíve been trained by the occasional documentary on television, that itís too complicated to understand. And I keep telling people, when basic accounting and adding and subtracting becomes too complicated to understand then thereís a massive con game going on somewhere.  And thatís all it is.  Thatís all it is. 


Michael:  Itís very simple to understand!  Itís very simple.† I mean, I understand.  I understand stocks; I do some investing myself.  But itís so easy to understand and then when I talk to people theyíre like, no thatís too much, itís over my head... you know, why are you being so negative.  How am I being negative?  [Caller laughs.]


Alan:  Youíre watching countries across Europe there go bankrupt, one after another like dominoes, and that means that instantly whatever cash they have left is instantly devalued to maybe half of its worth and then your governmentís borrowing more money from the IMF or whoever, and then now youíre taxed into the ground paying off that loan that your government took.  I mean, this whole racket has to stop.  Itís a complete, I call it, the numbers racket.  Thatís all it is.  Itís a numbers con game.  And every country should be in charge of its own issuance and creation of money, and not farming it out to some private clubs, I call the big bankers. They have their own clubs. 


Michael:  And you must remember, at no interest!


Alan:  And no interest.  Absolutely. 


Michael:  No interest, right.  Because when you get interest that means someone else has to step on another personís foot in order to get that interest. 


Alan:  Of course.  And if you even take out a loan for about $10,000, or even $5,000, and pay the minimum, which they want you to pay the minimum, it will take you about 10-15 years to pay it off and youíve paid an extra $15,000.  [Alan laughing.] 


Michael:  Well, Alan, before I go, I mean, is there any hope?  Is there any... I mean, can we get these people out of this paradigm that we seem to find us in every single day?  Is there any hope?  I mean, do we need another Jesus in order to wake us up?  Do we need another Malcolm X or Martin Luther King or somebody, anybody, it doesnít matter who you are?  Does it take one person... because I mean...


Alan:  It will take something along that line or either every one realizing that they have to become their own champion.  Because, itís never in history, never in history have they got the entire population of any country united against a cause.  Because society has been purposely created to be so divisive, and you have groups and media catering to each division in society. And theyíve even got males split into males, and gay males, and this males, and other kinds, and transvestites.  I mean, goodness sake, they got so many different types now.  This is all deliberate to fragmentize society so they could never pull together in any common cause.  Man is against woman, and vice-versa.  Children against parents.  This was all decided they would do this.  So it would really take something that was not in their control, that really did come out of somewhere else, to cause a massive disturbance on this planet, which was out of their hands, for the public to start to really assert its authority for the very first time in an awful, awful long time.  Because we are under the tremendous scientific control right now, scientific socialism.  And the reason your friends donít want to even understand money is that theyíve been trained that they are not good enough to understand this complex thing, like adding and subtracting, and all the cons that go along with it.  Iím not kidding you.  Theyíve trained everybody, oh there are special people deal with all these big things; Iím supposed to be...


Michael:  Itís just addition and subtraction.  Thatís all it is!


Alan:  Yes.  But everyone has been trained that they are nothing, they are not good enough, special people come out of special wombs and they were put up above you to control society for you.  Thatís what weíre taught.  So it would take tremendous effort on everyoneís part, individually, and taking the raps as they come, because you will get punished for speaking out and doing the right things.  Thatís what it would take to stop this corrupt, utterly corrupt system.  Your politicians are not the bosses, you understand.  See, we are farmed.  It was Charles Forte that said this a long time ago.  He says, weíre farmed.  We are farmed.  And our purpose, you see, we donít produce vegetables, we produce tax money.† And the farmer wants your tax money.  And the farmer puts scarecrows in his field.   And for the working classes he puts a rough-looking, nasty-looking scarecrow, you see, over the vegetables. And for the yuppie type, the ones that think theyíre more intellectual and more cash, he gives them a scarecrow dressed in better gear, you see.  But one way or another, you see, thatís all the politicians are.  And we get them, for whatever particular vegetable patch you put yourself into they will give you the appropriate scarecrow, and thatís the politician.  Because the politicians are all preselected by the Council on Foreign Relations.† And they have been for 100 years!  So they make no decisions without the bosses above them, who are unelected, telling them what to do.  And again, Professor Carroll Quigley said that; he was the historian for this organization.  And he said, American hasnít had a free president who was not in the Council on Foreign Relations, even under its previous name, since the late 1800s.  Every single one on every side of every party has been a member of this GLOBALIST group, with its parent company in Britain which is the Royal Institute of International Affairs. 


Michael:  I mean, like I said, all politicians are basically, like that one caller once said, he said all politicians or democracy is, youíre basically voting in a dictator.† Youíre voting in a dictator everybody.


Alan:  Under democracy, if you look into the definition of democracy, it says itís the right of the people TO VOTE. But it also goes on, when you go into cases on democracy, and itís followed up in high court judgesí statements saying, that once you vote the people in they can do whatever they wish!  And you cannot recall them.  So youíre right.  Youíre voting in a dictator.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and weíll go to Fabid from Saudi Arabia if heís still there.  Hello?


Fabid:  Hello.  Yes, hello Alan.  Today I wanted to speak about another issue but I heard the last caller talking about the monetary system and what you said is very true.  Most of the people donít know when it comes to the monetary system.  You always see these people with the professional titles and specialists talking and determining for you.† And while in fact, it is pretty obvious.  Iíve seen a lot of your work and many things you say are very true, and no one else speaks about them, or few speak about them.  Which are the stealing of the mind of their own people and defending their sports.  And this is not only big industry but also a big agenda to take everyone, as far as important issues, and make them go like small children after a game.  After all, itís just a game.  Iím not against football but it has its boundaries.  Also, the worrying thing is, what are they doing on the family?† I always watch American shows, American movies.  I always see the techniques they are using to break down the family.  Using, on different levels.  One of the things is that they always show the parents like old school, and if your parents, youíre cool or good to hang out with [?].  Also, you see a lot of issues surrounding homosexuality.  And itís like a product.  Itís like selling a product. 


Alan:  It is selling a product.  Itís done exactly the same way.  Sure, it is. 


Fabid:  Yeah. Itís like advertising.  Itís done behind the doors, behind the curtains.  I donít know if you know but recent [audio breaking up] shows, beside all the negative effects of homosexuality, most of the people that are ready to betray their countries Ė thatís all researchers Ė are homosexuals.  And I heard recently these people, these gangs in Libya who are moving... every day you see videos on YouTube, they are homosexuals. 


Alan:  I actually read one site where I came across that actually.  In fact they have found homosexuals pretending to be lesbians on Facebook living in Libya and elsewhere, and theyíve found out that these guys are white men living in the States who they think work for the CIA, pretending theyíre females who are being victimized over in those countries to get the lesbian support in the US.  Itís astonishing but youíre quite right.  Theyíre using this to even try and get warfare going; over some supposed sexual preference they want to slaughter people.  ANY excuse will do to get the big agenda through.  But youíre quite right.  And also remember too, the top spies in Britain even during World War II and afterwards, Maclean, Philby, these were all homosexuals too; they were picked for that. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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