June 22, 2011 (#860)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 22, 2011:

Eugenics, You'll Find, Also Indoctrinates the Mind,
When Properly Damaged, Victims Easily Managed:

"Eugenics is Alive and Well, Forced Depopulation,
The GM Foods Shorten Life and Cause Sterilization,
Those Who are "Fittest" can Afford Organic Food,
Unwashed Mass Have No Choice but Eat What isn't Good,
And All Governments are On Board to Push GM Killer,
Full Well Knowing What it Does, Like Plot from a Chiller,
Disney Raised Believers, The Timid and Naive,
Say "No-One Would Do That", So Easy to Deceive,
Ignorance is Bliss They Say, Lambs to the Slaughter,
Ensuring Same Ignorance Instilled in Son or Daughter,
Trained to Accept Everything, Ordered to Adapt,
Even in the Abattoir, They Know Not They are Trapped"
© Alan Watt June 22, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 22, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on June 22nd 2011.  For newcomers to this broadcast you should look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and help yourself to the audios which are available for free download.  Thereís lot of them there and hopefully by the time youíre finished Ė and it will take you some time by the way, and actually checked everything for yourselves of what Iím talking about, from the original sources Ė youíll have the shortcuts to understanding the big system which is a superstructure around the world.  Itís above governments.  It puts governments into power and certainly the ones that you think are the Presidents and Prime Ministers, across the world.  They run the financial systems, globally too.  Youíll understand where they want to go with you, where your culture comes from, how itís going to be changed in the future to suit the next part of the agenda.  Theyíve been doing this little game for an awful long time, helped by the media which is awfully nice to them by omitting what theyíre really up to. Because the mediaís also owned by them, by the way, and of course most journalists today, the big journalists are members of the Council on Foreign Relations, and their bosses certainly are.  Thatís how youíre controlled.  Itís really by omission in all the stories youíre getting so that you donít relate them to other stories and put things together for yourselves.  So I try to do that for you. 


You can help me to keep going too by purchasing the books and disks that I have for sale at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  And remember, straight donations are very, very welcome as we plummet down the hill and the dollar loses its purchasing power.  In other words, they call it inflation.  In other words, your dollar can purchase less each time you go out to use it; thatís what inflation really means.  And again, straight donations are certainly welcome. 


Now, as I said last night, this part of the new world order that weíre going through is just a stage.  Itís an ongoing new world order, you understand.  In fact, they talked about it in the early 1900s; this was the new world order.  At that time they already had set the stage for at least a couple of world wars and they hoped that would bring the countries to their knees so that they would give up their nationalism, and the big corporate boys would take over and privatize everything and sell off the countries piece by piece until they hoped eventually there would be no memory of nations, having a generation with no memory of nations.  Well it took them that long to get to where they are now actually; they hoped to have achieved that at the end of World War II.  And now they are selling off pieces of counties piecemeal and eventually they will raise a generation that will have no memory, especially from schooling, on what was before. 


That was also what John Dewey who helped set up the American educational system suggested, that all dissidence from the past, all anger from the past of people to people would have to be eliminated, so all history would have to go down the memory hole.  And they have actually done that today with young students who really donít care about history whatsoever; itís too much fun on the net.  And for the older ones of course, as they always work it so well, theyíre dying off so they canít pass it on.  And they also went through all the different revolutions.  You understand, youíre post-revolutionary today; all the revolutions took place in the 20th century.  That was the throwing out of everybodyís constitution, across the planet basically, by the globalists, and replacing it all with politically-correct new norms.  So if you understand whatís happening youíre a counter-revolutionary, exactly what Stalin was chasing after when the Bolshevists took over.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about post-revolutionaries because post-revolutionaries are reactionaries as they call them, react to the fact their countries have been taken over.  And as I say, thatís what the people in Russia did when the Bolsheviks took over and then the Bolsheviks went on a hunting spree to find them all and kill them off, by the millions, continuously, right down to when the Berlin wall came down basically. 


Thatís a socialist society.  Thatís what they call socialism.  We tend to refer to the communists as communists because the end result of communism was to be a utopia where theyíd bred out all the unfit, you see, because they were actually socialists.  It was the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics; thatís what they called it, you see.  Other people in the West called them communists but it was socialist.  The socialists who run the countries in the West now try to pretend they are distant, or distance, that theyíve got a distance from the communist agenda but itís the same group.  Theyíre a better, kinder socialist, you know. 


You understand, we are now post-revolutionary and we are reactionary.  We are the reactionaries because we understand how it was before, plus we understand whatís happened up until now.  And one other guy who understood this set himself on fire and I meant to read this for quite a few days because he was protesting many parts of this new system where even the judiciary doesnít go by law anymore.  It goes by a second set of books.  What it really goes by is policies, new policies, you see, as opposed to law.  And judges get sent off to get their lectures every so often, from feminism, they must go to lectures from child care workers and so on and so on, to always vote in their favor.  And thatís the whole idea.  So itís policy more than anything else, whereas on the books actually nothing has changed, but that doesnít help the victims. 


And Iíve said before, that one of the socialistsí main goals... and the socialists, by the way, are backed by the big banks.  If you donít believe me look into the beginnings of the Fabian Society when one of the richest men in America went over with his wife to Britain to help start up and fund the Fabian Society which is the British socialist society that even Tony Blair is a member of and the Prime Minister of Australia.   So why would a guy like that, incredibly wealthy person, owned banks across the planet, go off to do this kind of thing?  Well, itís because they like socialism.  As I say, itís far better having nations all disciplined, regulated by officialdom and bureaucracy, which the taxpayer all pays for by the way, and then you lend to the country and then the country must send out the heavies to get the cash back from the public Ė taxation; it saves the big bankers doing it.  So thatís why they love socialism, a planned society where people donít revolt.  They like peace and quiet and a public that just keeps paying up when theyíre told to dish out more.  Socialism brings that in.  Itís an authoritarian society, you see.


Anyway, this guy in New Hampshire, he sets himself alight to protest Americaís decline.  And Iíll also put up the original article as well from the New Hampshire paper, with the whole of this long, long explanation in a letter the man put in it, because he did his homework for about 20 years apparently.  He did his homework to find out all of these laws and he said they are not running on law at all, they are running on policies.  Anyway, itís so near to fatherís day, thatís why I think he did it too.  What happened basically is that he was in the military, one of his children were acting up, in those days you could give them a slap, and the mother, who already was in touch with social worker for a child that was, I donít know if it was autistic or whatever, mentioned it to one of them and the next thing he knew he was out of the house, his wife was separated from him.  And his wife wanted to see him but wasnít allowed to by the social workers, the children were taken away and he ended up living in poverty with about 90% of his wages garnished all of those years.  And his wife also couldnít live in a very good lifestyle either, by the time there were finished.  So he was telling how they take over your entire life, all of these agencies, which are private by the way, they are private agencies, funded, again, by the taxpayer.  It says...


New Hampshire man lights himself on fire to protest Americaís decline

sovereignindependent.com / Simon Black  / June 20, 2011


Late last week, Thomas James Ball reached his breaking point. Driven to desperation by a system that bankrupted him and destroyed his family, Ball walked up to the main door of the Keene County, New Hampshire courthouse, doused himself with gasoline, and lit himself ablaze.


Hardly anyone seems to have noticed.


Conversely, when a 26-year old Tunisian man lit himself on fire a few months ago after police confiscated the fruits and vegetables he had been selling without a proper permit, it launched a wave of revolution across the Middle East.  (Alan:  So weíre told, you see.  In other words, the media can make you think one way or another about any particular item, even if theyíre similar.)


People were shocked into taking actionÖ protests and riots swept the region and one regime after another crumbled.  (A:  Well, thereís a lot more to it than that because they planned those regimes and the Arab Spring a few years ago.)


Rather than sparking an ďAmerican springĒ and shocking US citizens into taking their country back, though, Mr. Ballís act of self-immolation seems to have been largely ignored. There has been scant coverage (and scant is being extremely generous) of Mr. Ball in the mainstream media, and what little coverage there is generally discredits the man as a troublemaker.


This is how the systemís gatekeepers have been so adroit at maintaining the status quoĖ by suppressing dissent, marginalizing the detractors, and distracting the populace with meaningless, irrelevant drivel.


Mr. Ball left behind a lengthy missive prior to his suicide, which covers a range of topics from political corruption to why the family court system in America is utterly disgraceful. He was, to put it mildly, a staunch advocate of violent change, and itís clear he hoped a great deal of others would follow in his footsteps to literally burn the system down. 


Thatís what he advocated actually.  He said itís over for America and if they donít know it, itís over, and itís been run from the top down.  So he literally advocated burning all the buildings down where the big men who oversaw it all sat.  As I say, Iíll find the other article, the original one from New Hampshire and you can read it all for yourself. Itís quite lengthy but the man certainly did his homework on the judicial system and he shows you how much conology is involved in what you think the political system and the judicial system actually is, plus the money thatís involved too.  Thereís always massive money involved.  So itís interesting too, the stateís motto is Ďlive free or dieí and Ball chose the latter, because youíre not allowed to life free.  Iíll put that up tonight with the original as well; this is from the Independent and you can read it for yourselves. 


Also, people donít understand their own histories as Iíve said before, because the winners always write the histories.  And one thing thatís never mentioned in schools at all in places like Scotland is the Highland Clearances where literally the boys in London wanted the highlands cleared, literally, of all peoples.  They tried to foment some revolutions.  Eventually there was a revolution; a handful of clans only joined it, but that was enough to give them the excuse to clear the highlands.  And they took well over 120-130 years to clear the highlands, by deporting all of its peoples.  Of course thatís kind of gone from history as one of these nasty little things that was just a misunderstanding, you know. 


And in Ireland it was the same too, because in Ireland people think that the Irish famine was due to a potato blight from a ship that landed from the States into an Irish harbor and then dropped off the rest of the spuds in England Ė funny that England never got the blight.  Anyway, it was nothing to do with that at all.  It was because Ireland was already picked, because of its lush farmland and its fantastic cattle raising, to be the breadbasket to supply the British troops across the empire.  And the troops went in, the different regiments, and they slaughtered people if they wouldnít give up their cattle and so on.  And they were all set on board ships for months and months and months and shipped abroad.  So the food was actually shipped out of the country, in fact when you go into the books of the period there was more food shipped out of Ireland than ever before and there was nothing left for the ordinary people to live on.  Thatís what they call the Irish famine. 


Iíll put a link up to that tonight to give you some of the history [irishholocaust.org], for those who want to read it at all, and itís got links to the rest of the site.  Itís well worth it to understand how history is totally nonsense.   And we should know that too, because weíre living through history since 9/11 Ė you must know that Ė whatís all happened and all the consequences donít justify the actual events themselves, even though they are very scammy too.  Weíre living through history but we know itís official, the official policy is ya-da, ya-da, ya.  We all know the official policy and thatís going to be the official history forever amen.  Thatís how itís done.  Itís always been done that way. 


And itís interesting to, to even look at some of the articles that were published a long time ago by chief players to do with Ireland for instance.  I mean, Francis Bacon was one of the guys who was an advisor to Royalty and he says...


ďWe shall reclaim them from their barbarous mannersÖ(A:  This is the Irish.)...populate plant and make civil all the provinces of that kingdom ..as we are persuaded that it is one of the chief causes for which God hath brought us to the Imperial Crown of these KingdomsĒ.   (A:  So he thought it would be a great breadbasket even back then; they always knew that.)


Then John Winthrop said this in 1660:


. . .they enclose no land, neither have they any settled habitation, nor any tame cattle to improve the land by, and so have no other but a natural right to those countries.


So thatís how they validated taking it over by force, over many centuries.  Itís interesting thatís the same argument of course they used for taking the land off the American Indians.  Then it says here, this is from Sir Joseph Banks, on Bengal in India.  He says...


The latest posterity will wonder how their ancestors were able to exist without them and revere the names of their British conquerors to whom they will be indebted for the abolition of famine. 


Thatís what he said.  I like Jonathan Swift myself, because he was also in the British parliament and talking about the Irish and when he was asked about them he says, ďLet them eat their children.Ē  It sounds just like the eugenicists today, doesnít it, and the guys at, you know, all these world United Nations organizations.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix. Now, we know the internet is going down and itís to be policed and putting filters on in different countries.  Australia was one of the first ones to start it off; I might touch on more of that tonight with Australia.  And Britain and other countries are following suit.  But Ireland, again, has been hit first of all.  It says...


300 Irish Internet Users Wrongfully Receive First Strike Notices

zeropaid.com / Written By Drew Wilson / June 17, 2011


False accusations have long been a subject for those sceptical of a three strikes law. Given the complexity of tying an IP address to a subscriber is much too complicated for any form of automated system, it should come as no surprise for sceptics to find out that people are wrongfully receiving notices for copyright infringement. 


Then it goes on to tell you how it works and all the rest of it, and the companies that are actually agreeing to go along with this three strikes law.  Then it goes on to tell you how anyone can highjack your IP address and how anyone on Wi-Fi can have it whacked as well and someone else will use it.  They even mention here that they even tried with copyright infringement, on printers.  Eventually, you understand, you are going to have cops coming into your home, on a routine basis. Everybody will get cops coming into their home to go through your computer and your printer and all the rest of this stuff, and your whole house searched to see if you have copied anything at all that supposedly was a copyright infringement.  So I mean, I know the whole agenda so Iím not going to even get hung up on it, on the start of it.  And you can train the public to do anything, as you know today, especially the young ones. They donít mind having no privacy at all, apparently.  In fact, theyíre only too happy to put everything that theyíre doing daily up on Facebook and MySpace so they will think nothing of it at all. 


Now, another thing they are doing too, is what Iíve said for years.  The easiest way to keep people off the roads, which is the big plan by the way, of the rural areas, is to simply put the prices up so much especially with gasoline, or petrol as they call it in some countries, and you canít drive anymore.  Then your wife will say, we should move into the city and eventually youíll have no option but to do so.  So theyíve jacked it up in Britain, especially in Scotland.  This is from the Herald Scotland and it says that...


Cost will stop rural drivers visiting family

heraldscotland.com / DAMIEN HENDERSON Transport Correspondent / 22 Jun 2011


(A:  It will stop a lot getting to work as well.)


NEARLY one-third of drivers in rural areas say they would be forced to stop visiting family and friends if the cost of fuel continued to rise, a survey by the RAC (A:  The Royal Automobile Corporation.) found.


Its annual report on motoring today highlights the impact of soaring petrol and diesel prices, revealing almost half of drivers are cutting back on long-distance journeys for financial reasons.  (A:  ...which the governments all know.  I read an article on one... I donít know if it was Motherís Day or whoeverís day it was, and it was a long weekend not long ago, and the government says, well at least it will keep most the people off the road with the high cost of gasoline.  So they wanted this.  This goes on to say...)


However, the impact has been greatest in the countryside, where drivers said they have no alternative to using the car in order to make essential journeys, the motoring organisation found. If fuel costs continued to go up, 31% of rural drivers said they would give up visiting family and friends, compared to 26% of those in urban areas.


A similar division emerged in driversí ability to use their car less: 86% of those surveyed in rural areas said this would be ďvery difficultĒ compared to 69% in cities.


The RAC said the report illustrated the ďpolarisedĒ effect of high fuel prices on urban and rural areas.


Now, Agenda 21 goes right through the whole thing of de-ruralization and eventually, they said at the United Nations, it would only be about 3% left on the rural areas and those folk would be very, very wealthy people.  In other words, it will be the high bureaucrats, just like the Soviet system had, who will get to live in the rural areas.  So weíre well on track to how itís supposed to go and the power of the purse of course is the easiest way to do it, along with legislation.  Quite simple isnít it, to run people?  They donít seem to question much, and most folk donít question much.


15 million Britons - that's one in four of us Ė are listed on new national police database

(A:  Isnít this wonderful?  Isnít this wonderful? 

The land of hope and glory, they used to sing.  [Alan laughing.])

dailymail.co.uk / Chris Greenwood / 17th June 2011


A quarter of the population will have their names logged on a new national police database.


Due to go live next week, the Police National Database is being loaded with up to 15million records of criminals, suspects and victims.


Created in the wake of the Soham murders of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman in 2002, it is hoped the database will stop criminals like killer caretaker Ian Huntley slipping through the net.  (A:  Now thatís utter rubbish.   Itís for the whole population eventually, and it will go to the whole population.  Theyíre also privatizing, basically, a form, a new form, of really a British based FBI type system, American type system for the police with all these different departments working together, the same as the US do.  Again, to stop all of the criminal gangs they said.  Thatís a different article but it ties in with this one.)


But it is feared that ordinary members of the public could find their personal details are logged alongside those of murderers, rapists and burglars.


One critic said chief constables must give a Ďcast iron guaranteeí that the names of the innocent will not be stored on the database. 


Now, Curtis who puts a lot of documentaries out in Britain has already done one, and another guy did another one, on people whoíve had their names put on mistakenly on databases. And even though they tell them itís off itís never off.  And they canít even get jobs.  Even youngsters whoíve never left school and could not have been the adult that committed the crime.  It doesnít matter.  Thatís stuck on the database for the rest of your natural existence.  And thatís the world that theyíre bringing in.  Itís all by design as you well know.  I hope you all understand that.  A totalitarian society must have all the information daily on everybody, to make sure youíre not changing your habits, to find out why youíre changing your habits.  YOU must be predictable.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix.  Now, Iíve mentioned before that at the Nuremberg trial... and people donít even know the history of the Nuremberg Trial and how literally Bernays was involved in that, again, and a whole bunch of his friends in Hollywood were asked to come in and set up this trial to portray forever to the public this was a black and white issue and to show the guys, the Nazis, as the bad guys and the white guys were all the judges, etc.  Black and white, simple as that. 


Of course nothing was further from the truth because when any of them tried to talk the internal tapes were kept in private collections; youíre not allowed to see them.  Thereís been I think one person managed to put some of it up, but when asked about eugenics and sterilization and the killing off of the unfit, the Germans said that they copied the British and American system of socialism.  And people donít realize that, that Cold Spring Harbor was one of the first places they set up in New York to study... it was actually set up with the help of the cattle farms association, to use those same eugenical techniques to breed perfect people and kill off the ones, just like animals, that just werenít up to par.  And that went on for many, many years.  The Rockefeller Foundation took it over and it lasted many, many years.  However, this article here is about the victims of forced sterilization in the US, which again, Hitler was copying.  It says here...


Victims of NC forced sterilization program tell their stories

Elaine Riddick was raped by a neighbor and became pregnant at age 12 in 1968. A year later, the North Carolina Eugenics Board ordered her to be sterilized.

wral.com / 6/21/11


(A:  Now, Iíve given previous exposťs on this particular one but this is a more recent update.)


Raleigh, N.C. ó Several victims of North Carolina's nearly five-decade-long forced sterilization program testified Wednesday to a board deciding how to compensate people whose ability to have children was taken away from them in the name of improving society.  (A:  Again, through this legal system, that that guy set himself on fire for, going through a new policy rather than law, you see.)


Nearly 3,000 of the roughly 7,600 North Carolinians sterilized between 1929 and 1975 are still alive. The Eugenics Task Force is considering whether they should be given money or other types of assistance.  (A:  And it gives you examples of different people who were given sterilization, some as young as 13 years.  One of them says, she says...)


Elaine Riddick said she was sterilized in 1968 at age 13, a year after being raped by a neighbor and giving birth.


"They cut me open like I was a hog," a sobbing Riddick said. "My body was too young for what they did."


Other victims said they were lied to about the purpose of the surgery.  (A:  The same technique, by the way, the umbrella organizations that work under the auspices of the United Nations and go abroad and do all the sterilizations abroad, like they did in Peru and other places.  I read the articles on the air, thousands were sterilized.  They told the women that this was a temporary thing and could be reversed.  Same lies.)


Mary Frances Smith-English said a physician laughed at her when she told him she was getting married and wanted the procedure reversed. Her doctors told her a few years earlier that the procedure was a way for her not to worry about birth control, she said.


"When you go through something like that, you don't get over it," Smith-English said.


Charles Holt wept quietly as Melissa Hyatt, a woman who adopted him as her father, related his sterilization experience. Holt was institutionalized at the Murdoch Developmental Center in Butner as a teen and was told he could get out and return home if he underwent a surgery.  (A:  Thereís blackmail for you; you can go home as long as we can do this little surgery on you.)


"Charles has the ability to be a great father, but that ability was taken away from him at an early age," Hyatt said, adding that the experience led to Holt's drinking problem.


Thirty-three states (A:  ...in the US...) adopted eugenics programs in the early 1900s out of a belief that humanity could evolve (A:  Again, hereís evolution, you see.) and society be improved (A:  ...improvement of the stock...) by breeding out undesirable characteristics.  (A:  That system, youíd better believe, is ALIVE AND WELL and all your DNAís been checked, your family histories have all been checked.  Believe you me, they know who they want and who they donít want in the coming society.  I hope you understand that.  And youíre helping them, you know, with your friends on Facebook and all that rubbish.)


Most states and other countries abandoned such efforts after World War II because of similarities with Nazi Germany's programs for racial purity. North Carolina's eugenics program expanded, however, with sterilizations peaking in the 1950s and early 1960s.


Rationalization ranged from protecting the potential offspring of mentally disabled parents to improving the overall health and intellectual competence of the human race.


North Carolina had the most open-ended law in the country, allowing doctors and social workers (A:  Here you go again.) to refer people living at home (A:  Just like social workers refer people in school: I think heís maybe ADHD, you know, and he asks questions all the time, so letís get some drugs into him.  Same thing.  If you canít kill them off or sterilize them just shrink their brain; thatís what the drugs do.) to the state Eugenics Board for possible sterilization. In other states, people had to be either institutionalized or jailed before they could be sterilized.


Most of the victims were mental health patients, prisoners, poor or people the state deemed to be promiscuous. (A:  Imagine in this day and age, eh?)  Roughly 85 percent were women or girls, some as young as 10. 


So it gives you more and more different victims here and so on, and what went on. And youíd better believe itís ALIVE AND WELL... only they want to bring down MOST of the useless eaters now; thatís the ones who have never quite made the multi-millionaire class. And I am not kidding about that too, because thatís one of the criteria of being the fit today, is to get up into the well monied class, hold onto it for at least 3 generations and then your offspring are fit to join them and get in on the real agenda, to go on in the future, with their own progeny.


Now, Iíve got to laugh too, at some of the exposťs and trivia and rubbish the media puts out, and so much of it too.  This article here is as though suddenly theyíve just discovered that pop-porn, like music-porn will...


Why this pop-porn will damage a generation of children

dailymail.co.uk / Mike Stock / 21st June 2011


(A:  Like now... after itís all done.  [Alan laughing.]  Theyíve just noticed, eh?)


Mike Stock, of legendary 80s songwriting trio Stock, Aitken and Waterman, is worried about the sexual imagery and innuendos in modern pop.  (A:  Everybodyís grown up with it, you know.)


The recent final of Britainís Got Talent was broadcast at 7.30 pm on a Saturday evening, featured two finalists who were 11 and 12 years old, and was watched by millions of children of about the same age or even younger.


Yet the producers still thought it appropriate that the guest-star Nicole Scherzinger, formerly of the raunchy band the Pussycat Dolls, was dressed in a knicker-skimming mini-dress, bumping and grinding her hips suggestively through her latest hit, while singing ĎCome on baby, put your hands on my body...right thereí.  (A:  Well, thereís a lot worse out there for the last 25-odd years, believe you me.  But theyíve just noticed this.  Theyíve JUST noticed it, eh.  Ha-ha!)


Her whispering ĎI like it dirtyí seemed as unsurprising as it was superfluous, and was, suffice to say, wholly inappropriate for the programmeís family audience. 


I love this kind of stuff, when they have this indignancy... about 30 years too late [Alan laughing.] because they have.  I mean, the whole intention was to raise a generation of massive promiscuity, as Julian Huxley said, way back in the 50s by the way, when he was CEO of UNESCO and also the head of Family Planning for abortions all over the planet at the same time.  He says, itís okay as long as they donít have children.  But they wonít bond if they have lots of partners.  Iíve gone through many of the article from the bigwigs about that too.  So as I say, this kind of article is kind of fluff when they go on about it in this day and age. 


And I have to mention this article that I just touched on last night; I didnít get a chance to read it.  Iíve mentioned before how every group is used.  Thatís why they love groups.  And some of the top socialists have said that, help to create groups of all kinds.  The Tavistock Institute in fact, one of its main jobs, which it started off very early when it came into the US in the 1930s, was to try and get revolution going but they said there wasnít enough suffering in the US to get the crowds, the vast majority of people to revolt.  So what they said, weíll create groups, even gender differences and sub-gender differences, etc, etc, and eventually weíll bring all these ones together for certain protests and so on.  And thatís why they really pushed for the gay and lesbian groups and all the rest of it, so they could all use them.  And also to blur the lines of what any kind of normalcy could be because gays and lesbians traditionally donít have children.  I mean, I can remember when the first lesbian marches through Britain were going on, demanding womenís rights, you know.  And they were dressed in dungarees and boots!  And they were kind of tubby looking.  And I asked as a child, I says, why are lesbians, who donít really like men, standing up for the womenís rights?  Why arenít the women standing up for their rights?  Why would lesbians?  Well, this was all funded of course by the big organizations like Tavistock and of course by your government money because you got to have radical protests for radical changes to get grants.  And all your countries that signed on at the end of World War II at the United Nations accepted that deal.  Only one agenda folks. 


So this guy, hereís a guy, a white guy impersonating a lesbian bloggers.  It says...


White Men Impersonating Lesbian Bloggers Want Everything But Burdens

alternet.org / June 16, 2011


In the media business, we frequently use the maxim ďthree makes a trend.Ē So far I havenít heard about another white heterosexual man passing as, say, a Syrian lesbian or deaf lesbian mother of two, but Iím sure one will emerge in the next 10 minutes. In the meantimeófor you folks who have been too busy being a member of a systematically oppressed groupóallow me to recap.


On February 19th, shortly before Syriaís Arab Spring uprisings began, an American-born Syrian lesbian named Amina Abdullah Araf launched ďA Gay Girl in Damascus.Ē (A:  Apparently it was a popular site.  The whole idea was to get everybody so enraged, all the groups enraged in the Western world, the gays and lesbians, that theyíd tell their governments, yeah go and bomb them, go and bomb them, theyíre persecuting people over there.Araf had been posting comments and debating Middle Eastern politics online for years (A:  Now remember, thereís more to the story, because this so called heterosexual man, which I kind of query, but the fact is he also could speak fluent the language as well.  He probably was CIA.), but created her own space at the urging of Paula Brooks, co-founder of the news site ďLez Get Real.Ē  (A:  So hereís this guy working with Lez Get Real...)


Arafís blog featured her erotic poetry and her coming-out storyórisky material since homosexuality is illegal in Syria. She also spread news of the governmentís brutal crackdown on protestors, prompting Time.com to call her ďan honest and reflective voice of the revolution.Ē In late April, Araf claimed that Syrian security forces visited her fatherís home and accused her of ďconspiring against the state,Ē ďurging armed uprising,Ē and ďworking with foreign elements.Ē Subsequent posts found Araf ďgoing underground,Ē although she was still able to ďencourage other women in Syria to be more upfrontĒ via an email interview with cbsnews.com. (A:  So she was on all major media, right.)  Last week, a cousin posted a dramatic account of Arafís abduction by three armed men. Like the rest of ďGay Girl in Damascus,Ē that entry is now unavailable to the public.  (A:  Because itís all bogus.  [Alan laughing.])


Because theyíre human beings, members of the LBGT and progressive blogosphere took to Twitter, Facebook and petition sites demanding information and protection for Araf. Days later, the bloggerís ďCatfishĒ-style caper unraveled due to skeptical tweets from an NPR reporter; news of fake photos on Arafís Facebook page; and an unnerving interview with a Montreal woman ďArafĒ had seduced via Facebook. (A:  [Alan laughing.])  On Sunday, The Washington Post revealed ďArafĒ to be Tom MacMaster, a white 40-year-old from Virginia who was raised a Mennonite and attends a graduate program at the University of Edinburgh.


At this point, MacMaster should have just said, ďIíve come down with a terrible case of white, male privilege. Please medicate me.Ē


Instead, in the first of several pseudo-apologies, he revealed his dreams of a fiction career:


ďEver since I was a child, Iíve wanted to write fiction but, when my first attempts met with universal rejection (A:  ...which means itís rubbish.), I took a more serious look at my own work and I realized that I could not write conversation in a natural way nor could I convincingly write characters who werenít me. (A:  ďI got to be me,Ē right?)  I tried to get better and did various exercises (such as simply copying overheard conversations). Eventually, I would set up a number of profiles on dating sites with identities that were not my own as ways of interacting with real people in conversation but with a different personality than my own.  (A:  In other words, he was acting as woman and stuff like that.)


(A:  And he wanted some...) Some Middle East romanticizing:


But in reality, of course, it was to get all the different groups protesting governments and getting them to get in there to help these poor guys, or people, or women, or whatever, that were being persecuted.  See how it works.  Every group is used.  EVERY group is used.  They love groups in socialism.  They just love them.


And now, Monsanto, Monsanto...  Itís bad enough weíre getting sprayed to death, because now weather manipulation is a perfect daily science thatís used.  Itís perfect in its daily use. Weíve had it steadily now since 1998 on a daily basis, across the world, often more heavy across cities according to people I know in different air companies.  You can smell this stuff; you can taste it sometimes.  And of course, theyíre causing rain and so on.  In fact, theyíre flooding out parts of Canada right now, especially the breadbasket.  I understand the same thingís happening in the US; very late planting their seeds.  Then today they are flooding us again.  The aircraft are still busy up above, spraying away.  So they will bring on the food shortage, but regardless...


Scientists warn of link between dangerous new pathogen and Monsantoís Roundup

foodfreedom.wordpress.com / February 20, 2011  /  Rady Ananda


(A:  This is ANOTHER exposť on the SAME, what theyíve already found out.)


A plant pathologist experienced in protecting against biological warfare recently warned the USDA of a new, self-replicating, micro-fungal virus-sized organism which may be causing spontaneous abortions in livestock, sudden death syndrome in Monsantoís Roundup Ready soy, and wilt in Monsantoís RR corn.  (A:  What does it do to humans, eh?  Weíre mammals too.)


Dr. Don M. Huber, who coordinates the Emergent Diseases and Pathogens committee of the American Phytopathological Society, as part of the USDA National Plant Disease Recovery System, warned Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack that this pathogen threatens the US food and feed supply and can lead to the collapse of the US corn and soy export markets.  Likewise, deregulation of GE alfalfa ďcould be a calamity,Ē he noted in his letter (reproduced in full below).  (A:  So the whole letterís here.)


On January 27, Vilsack gave blanket approval to all genetically modified alfalfa. Following orders from President Obama, he also removed buffer zone requirements. (A:  That means they can plant them all next to all organically grown stuff and so on, without telling anybody else itís there.  So it blows across and contaminates everything.)  This is seen as a deliberate move to contaminate natural crops and destroy the organic meat and dairy industry which relies on GM-free alfalfa. Such genetic contamination will give the biotech industry complete control over the nationís fourth largest crop. It will also ease the transition to using GE-alfalfa as a biofuel.


ďMy letter to Secretary Vilsack was a request to allocate necessary resources to understand potential nutrient-disease interactions before making (in my opinion) an essentially irreversible decision on deregulation of RR alfalfa,Ē Huber told Food Freedom in an email.


But, he cautions:


ďAlthough the organism has been associated with infertility (A:  Isnít that wonderful?  Itís all coincidence you understand, for the ones who still want to use Facebook and MySpace.) and spontaneous abortions in animals (A:  And no doubt people too.), associations are not always evidence of cause in all cases and do not indicate what the predisposing conditions might be. These need to be established through thorough investigation which requires a commitment of resources.  (A:  Now, itís against the law for any other corporation, rather than the ones with the patents on these seeds, to do the investigations and testing on them. So itís all their own way.  This is an agenda, folks.  Itís working very well. People are tired, sick and got lots of cancers.  Depopulation, and theyíre sterile too.  Back with more after this.)


Hi folks, weíre back and Cutting Through The Matrix and Iím going to go to the callers now, but just before it Iíll put another link up tonight.  Itís called...


Pennsylvania County Rejects Agenda 21

Kelly Holt / The New American Magazine / 24 March 2011


And they went through the ICLEI membership, International Council of Local Environment Initiatives; thatís the guys working Agenda 21 on all your councils.  Theyíve got them pretty well out.  So Iíll put that link up too.  You should all follow suit, by the way, and get these sods out of there.


Alan:  Now weíll go to Brandon in California if heís still there.  Are you there Brandon?


Brandon:  Hi Alan.  How are you tonight? 


Alan:  Not too bad.  Iím shrinking actually with all the rain.


Brandon:  Yeah.   That might be helping out a little bit.  I just wanted to make a quick comment about the separation between the older generations and the younger generations like mine.  A lot of the people that I work with that are younger, like my age, when weíll have an older person come up to us and explain to us how, what it was like for them, how it was to grow up in their time, a lot of people they donít want to hear it. They donít... they feel like itís rubbish; they feel like thereís no reason to listen to them.  But I do take the time to listen and I hear these like outrageous things, about how homosexuality wasnít even talked about, let alone on television or in magazines or movies.  Or there was a lady who had an extended family, a large family, and she said she couldnít get on the bus with her kids without people telling her to get on birth control.† Without people telling her you need to stop and think about what youíre doing to the planet and how we canít support all these. And this was in the 50s, 60s.  And no one wants to listen to how slowly weíre being trained to not listen to that, like that was then, this is now.


Alan:  See, back then it doesnít matter if you were heterosexual or whatever, the fact is, whatever people did in their own bedrooms, nobody cared about, as long as they were not doing it in the street.  I mean, thatís all you care about.  So why itís been raised up to a special category, and this is the whole thing.  Itís special categories and of course special hiring and special everything.  And this is not democracy, believe you me.


Brandon:  No.  And itís just, it astonished me that they had so much of this.  And from reading the books youíve showed us, showed me about, or watching some of the talks youíve had and lectures from other people, hearing about their plans and their agenda, and then hearing how it was worked out through that generation, and then no one wants to hear it.  Not anybody of my age group cares. And you see it on television, you see it in magazines:  these old people, old geezers, what do they know, you know, we need to put them away, put them in a home, things like that.


Alan:  Thatís right.  And that has been, literally, officially discussed, the fact that they would destroy the relationship between the younger and the elder, and they would...  They actually fire lots of teachers once they were hitting about 35 and got younger and younger ones so the children would identify more with the younger teachers. And part of their toolkits was too, to ridicule the previous societies so that they would never listen. In fact, one of the slogans they had for the communist party in the States, or it was really called it the Socialist party but they call it communist, was donít believe anybody over 30.


Brandon:  Yeah.  And nowadays I see it in my generation; thereís a huge premium on younger teachers.  A lot of the kids I went to high school with are becoming teachers at an earlier and earlier age.  I know back when I was younger I would see people trying to do it and they wouldnít be teachers until their 30s.  Now I know people who are younger than me, 24, 23, who are teachers now.† And itís astonishing to see that.  And you see... and I seen it through kindergarten when my teachers, when I was younger, were old, much older than I was, much older than my parents for that matter. And now when Iíve gone back to school for different events or different things, I see these teachers are younger, younger, or as young as me and itís really crazy.


Alan:  Well thatís also what Stalin said.  He said, the first ones that you must take care of are the teachers and the police and the military.  And he said, with the teachers, he said, they are the managers for the next generation so they must be perfectly conditioned themselves first, then the older ones must be put out of the business.  So itís the same policy.


Brandon:  Well thanks for taking my call Alan.  Have a good night.


Alan:  Thanks for calling. For the rest, Larry, Dan and Mike, please call back tomorrow; maybe Iíll see you then. 


From Hamish and myself from a very wet and sprayed Ontario, Canada, where Iíve got yellow puddles by the way, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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