June 24th, 2011 (#862)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 24th, 2011:

United Nations -- Their Methods Betray,
The All-Encompassing Fabian Way:

"Unelected Officialdom, The U.N. Disguised,
Working with Local Governments, Not Surprised,
For its Mandate is Clear, To Rule Over the World,
Look at the Symbology of Flag Unfurled,
Victorious Oak Leaves Around Globe They've Won,
Most are Oblivious That it's Even Begun,
Waging War Since Inception to Rule the Mind,
Scientific Indoctrination You Will Find,
Creates the Army of Global Believers
And Regimented, Demented CO2 Deceivers,
They've Been Waging War on Your Very Soul,
Complete Domination Their Ultimate Goal"
© Alan Watt June 24th, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė June 24th, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on June the 24th, 2011.  For newcomers, look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Youíll find hundreds of audios for free download, and hopefully, it will give you a pathway and shortcuts to understanding this big system that youíre born into.  Your parents were and grandparents as well.  They didnít know any better than most folk today, that thereís a big superstructure around the world, tying it together, pulling it together, weaving it together, and really the whole intention is to design a system worldwide of basically plebeians who simply do what theyíre told and theyíre ordered around.  They live in little sustainable communities.  Theyíll be taxed to the gills.  Slaves if you like, under any other name, and thatís really what youíre into today.  Scientifically indoctrinated, of course.  Lots of information on that and books from people who have been involved in this organization over the past.  And thatís the system theyíre bringing in, through stealth.  So, help yourself to understanding the big foundations, organizations that work together to make it all happen by going into the site. 


And remember too, that you are the audience that bring me to you, so you can help me just keep going along by buying the books and discs at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And from the US to Canada, remember, you can still use a personal check, you can use an international postal money order from your post office.  You can send cash.  You can also use PayPal.  Youíll find a donation button on the .com site, and how to order, and follow it up with an email with the order, with your name, address, etc, on it.  And across the world, youíve got the same thing.  Youíve got Western Union, Money Gram, and you have PayPal to order.  And remember straight donations are also really welcome, because, as I say, weíre going through these austere times as they like to call it.


Itís amazing how weíre tricked with simple changes in terminology and folk go along in their usual way, and television comes on with their favorite programs as always, so things must be quite normal.  And they have no idea of all these, itís almost like beavers all around them cutting down the trees, or the place where they live, as they bring in a brand new system.  All these organizations, NGOs, all working together, heavily funded, with their own pension schemes, big salaries and grandiose titles, all working under the auspices of the United Nations.  And itís amazing.  Itís truly amazing when you see how many of these organizations are in existence.  Socialist in nature, because thatís what the big bankers prefer, and the bankers are at the top of all this.  They prefer a society where the citizenry is truly controlled, and thereís no possibility of backlash or rebellion ever going to happen.  Thatís really what they really think. 


If they keep the public occupied with trivia, lots of sex, and electronic gadgets to play their whole life away with, then they wonít bother about the big things that are happening to them, or to their children, or to the people around them.  And weíre isolated really.  Weíre becoming isolated with the internet, and thatís one of the functions they said it would do.  People would become isolated as they actually thought they had more friends, which are generally sockpuppets, in other words, artificial friends created by computers, and DARPA and the Pentagon, and other big agencies.  What a world, and what a plan. 


And, as I say, itís not imagination, itís not paranoia, itís fact, because you can trace their plans going way back to even before the United Nations was set up, when they called it the League of Nations.  One of the prime agendas of the League of Nations, right off the bat was population control, across the world.  Number two was mandatory inoculation for all diseases across the globe.  Well, that second one really fulfilled the first one, because inoculations have really sterilized an awful lot of people, killed off a lot of other ones too, and dumbed everybody down.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix, and talking about really how groups, even in the late 1800s thought about taking over the world.  Eugenics was at a peak at that time, openly.  And they even had magazines for the perfect American families for the Eugenics Society, which meant everybody else was imperfect, obviously.  And their idea was that the perfect should rule the imperfect.  Those with money, wealth, a bit of good looks, etc, should rule over the rest of them.  Very blatant about it too.  And of course the big guys who were sent into the US to become exceptionally wealthy to run the US.  By that, I mean people like Rockefeller family.  They certainly had acquired lots of cash by that time, and they were given the task, really of helping to implement a lot of the agendas that came along with the League of Nations, and then the United Nations, where, again, the fit should rule the unfit.  They should start culling off the unfit, and make a perfect Utopia for themselves based on Darwinís various theories and also to do with, again, lots of racism and the fact that they mentioned even early on the industrial era would eventually come to an end, and what are they going to do with all these useless eaters.  Thatís their words for it, for us, actually, and how theyíd manage the public during the takedown. 


It had to be done by stealth and by good-sounding goals for instance, like sustainability, things like that; in other words, population reduction.  The public were always to be given the positive terms for it, not the negative terms for it.  And theyíve been awfully good at that.  I mentioned during the week, I had a link Iíll put up again tonight, and itís about basically the ICLEI, International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives, which is the international organization.  And this is from I think the Mercury in Pennsylvania, 24th of March, 2011.  Itís good the people are understanding the sustainability and carbon taxes are coming to your local county even.  And thatís the same across the whole world, especially Britain as they go into Communitarianism.  You canít build without permission, etc.  And you arenít asking permission just from your planning departments, your planning departments are being overseen by these private organizations that sound awfully official.  Theyíre actually very private organizations to do with sustainability, and they always generally give you the no.  No, you canít build there, you canít do this, you canít do that.  And itís going to cost you too, way more if youíre allowed to build than it would ever do naturally.


The Mercury, March 8, reported that Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, will be letting its membership in ICLEI (International Council of Local Environmental Initiatives), lapse due to constituent pressure and dislike for ICLEIís message, Agenda 21.


(Alan: Thatís the thing that came up with Maurice Strong, again, a private organization, that drafted up the Earth Charter.  So, a private organization drafted up the Earth Charter, which is going to be renewed and updated next year, by the way, and affect everyone across the whole planet, again this private organization that Rockefeller really is the boss of, at least thatís one of the ones under his umbrella.)


Montgomery County commissioners learned what that meant at a recent meeting held in the county seat, Norristown, when local residents, Maggie Roddin and Ruth Miller charged the county commissioners with ďbeing in league with the U.N. to promote that organizationís global warming agenda.Ē


Montgomery, and surrounding counties, including neighboring Philadelphia County, joined in 2007 for, like many other communities, ďthe purpose of buying software to calculate the countyís carbon footprint.


(A: Each county has to buy this ICLEIís program thatís supposed to estimate your carbon footprint, and then youíre going to pay taxes on that to the United Nations.)


ICLEIís mission is to help local governments achieve Ďglobal sustainability,í according to the organizationís charter.Ē Edmond, Oklahoma joined for the same reason but the city recently rejected its membership, partly because local residents learned that a cityís agreement to that same charter places the city under the jurisdiction of the ICLEI.


(A: And as I say, itís non-democratic.  Thereís nothing about the United Nations umbrella organizations thatís democratic.  You donít vote them in.  Do you understand?  And therefore they can do what they want once you make them an official body over you, or accept it even.)


At the Norristown meeting, Commissioner Joseph Hoeffel, amused at Roddinís and Millerís allegations, said, ďThe only thing I laugh at is absurd allegations that the county has a treaty with the United Nations or a treaty with a foreign government.Ē


(A: Theyíre utter liars, you see.  And Mr. Joseph Hoeffel is a complete liar, because if you go into the ICLEIís own website, and Iíll put that up, it gives you a link to their history, and they were founded in the United Nations.  So the guy knows it perfectly well, but thatís nothing new.  These guys have to lie, because they have nothing else to fall back on.  Itís true what youíre saying; they must lie.  It says:)


But across the country, in Edmond, a grassroots effort, Govern Edmond Locally (GEL) came up against the same denials from its city officials. GEL found it quite easy to connect ICLEI membership with the United Nations and has issued its ď3 Click Challenge,Ē


(A: The link is on here, by the way.)


available on its website, to warn residents of the U.N. connection. Residents of other cities already embroiled with Agenda 21, or in those communities considering it, find the easy to understand Challenge a useful tool in combating the misinformation circulating about sustainability by making the connection in three mouse clicks.


In spite of Commissioner Hoeffelís claims of no U.N. affiliation,


(A: His nose is awful long, by the way.)


the website of Montgomery County, which received $6.2 million in stimulus funds, reveals that

Öthe Greenprint plan found on the countyís website, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change,


(A: Thatís Pachauri at the United Nations, the bunch of mobsters there.)


formed by the U.N. in 1988 to study global climate change, ďprovides broad evidence that global climate change is a reality,


(A: This is what they say on their own website.)


and that human activity


(A: You see, itís your fault, you see.)


appears to be altering the climate by increasing atmospheric levels of greenhouse gases.


(A: So they were on board with that, this ICLEI, back in the 90s, because they were going to make that basically the buzzword, sustainability and carbon taxes, and itís your fault.)


Sustainability sounds warm and fuzzy but when residents find that their cities are signing on to a U.N. scheme, they are successfully fighting back. Miller told the commissioners, ďI am here today to be the voice of residents of Montgomery County, who I am certain are unaware that their county government has signed a treaty with the United Nations to reach global sustainability goals.Ē


(A: That also means population reductions, folks.  You better understand that.)


The Mercury noted that the Roddin and Miller have spoken out at past meetings about the UN agenda to slowly erode property rights.


(A: Absolutely.  No private property is part of their charter.)


Miller continued, ďThe United Nations is creating a global governance framework right under our noses and you, as County Commissioners are in a position to stop it.Ē


According to local activist Mark Affleck, ďMaggie Roddin has a radio show and has been instrumental, if not responsible for, getting the word out about the dangers of ICLEI and Agenda 21. Her work, along with Ruth Millerís, demonstrates what can happen if a few people get involved. Thereís more to do, but these two have been pretty much alone in battling Agenda 21 in this area.Ē


County Policy Chief Steve Nelson said Wednesday that the membership had expired.

The New American has been leading the way in educating readers about Agenda 21 and sustainability.


(A: And they mention:)


William F. Jasper authored Your Hometown & the United Nationsí Agenda 21 last month, about the dangers posed to local communities. Understanding of this issue is important to defending your city, and prompted Tom DeWeese, American Policy Center to pen an article about effective opposition, How To Fight Back Against Sustainable Development.


And the links are on this page that Iíll put up tonight, and you can look it up for yourselves.  And you should get involved, because they mean business, these private organizations, and you really are going to pay through the nose for every part of their agenda, right down to them eventually telling you if you can even get married, or can you have a child, and all of that.  They really love Chinaís policies, by the way, because itís the same group running it.  And China is run by these outside organizations, if you didnít know that.


And then, Iím also putting up tonight, a link to the British government, the same thing.  It says here:


Government unveils sustainable development presumption


The government has published its proposed wording for the new presumption in favour of sustainable development.


(A: Run by the same group, by the way, ICLEI, in Britain and elsewhere, itís international.)


 The presumption will be central to both the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) and the Governmentís planning reforms.


At this juncture, ministers are not consulting on the text: that stage will come when the draft NPPF is published next month.


Communities and Local Government has stressed that the presumption should be "at the heart of the planning system, which should be central to the approach taken to both plan-making and decision-taking".


And itís all to do with planning authorities, local, etc, etc, etc.  Same stuff across the whole world, because thatís the sneaky United Nations for you.  They always go international.  They donít tell you that theyíve got it next-door as well, in neighboring countries, and you have to think itís some just private organization trying to help you locally.  Thatís what youíre made to think.  And also, Iím going into an article.  Itís about, again, the US, and thereís another place that kind of dropped membership.  It says:


Supervisors drop ICLEI membership but renew grant commitment


(A: And that was June the 10th, 2011.  This is from Charlottesville Tomorrow:)


After a lengthy public hearing, a divided Albemarle Board of Supervisors voted late Wednesday to end the countyís membership in a nonprofit organization that provides software and technical advice to communities seeking to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


The vote came immediately after a unanimous vote to continue the countyís participation in a $1 million regional sustainability planning grant being administered by the Thomas Jefferson Planning District Commission.


The county joined ICLEI (A: There you go again.) in late 2007 after the board adopted a resolution to join the Cool Counties initiative to pursue reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the county as a whole. ICLEI provided software that developed reports tracking progress toward the goal.


(A: You know the special computers that the United Nations uses with the IPCC.  Theyíre made to always give you bad news.  And it says:)


Supervisor Kenneth C. Boyd said he wanted to continue to monitor the countyís own emissions, but not those of the community as a whole.


(A: See, they want to tax you individually.  And it all goes to the United Nations Communist Party.  You know.)


ďItís not our place as government to dictate to our citizens how they should live or not live,Ē Boyd said.


Absolutely.  And again, they get the same lies here from this one saying they have nothing to do with the United Nations.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix, and reading about the ICLEI, this organization at the United Nations, who really are spearheading the whole idea towards carbon taxation on a personal level.  You canít build outside your heavily dense cluster of the city.  All of that, all to do with Agenda 21.  And it says here that, hereís from the guy who runs it, of course, the guy who works for this organization.  Again, like the last article I read, too, with the usual lies:


ďItís not a part of the United Nations. Itís not supported by the U.N. and itís not governed by the U.N.,Ē Rooker said.


(A: I bet he rakes in.  He should be called Raker.)


ďWe have a tool that staff says is helpful, is inexpensive and that cannot be replaced by anything else thatís out there.Ē


(A: Because itís specially made to always give you bad readings and high readings.  Thatís why.)


The board voted 4-2 to withdraw membership, with Mallek and Rooker voting against.


(A: Well, of course.  Theyíre voting for their jobs.)


The software will remain on Albemarleís computers, but the county will not be able to receive technical support or updates.


(A: Now, as I say, they all say, yeah, weíre nothing to do with the United Nations.  You go right into the ICLEIís website, which Iím on right now, and it says:)


ICLEI was conceived in 1989 when 35 local government leaders from Canada


(A: Of course, in Canada.  Itís a big leader for Communism.)


and the USA met with a leading atmospheric scientist to discuss the depletion of the ozone layer.


(A: It was the ozone layer at that time.  We were all going to get fried, you know, because of the ozone layer.)


They pledged to establish local laws to phase out chemicals that deplete the Earth's ozone layer.


(A: Remember what they said, and I read them all last week too.  They plan to dismantle all, all factories, all industry in these countries, the United States and Canada.  Thatís what the top guys have said.  So they use any excuse to do it.)


Larry Agran, Mayor of Irvine, California, USA and Jeb Brugmann imagined an agency that could coordinate local government responses to global environmental problems.


Under the auspices of the Center for Innovative Diplomacy, Jeb Brugmann consulted with local government officials from more than 20 countries to measure support. The concept was endorsed by the former International Union of Local Authorities (IULA) and an agreement was endorsed with the UN Environment Programme to host the founding congress.


(A: So, it was founded in the United Nations, it tells you on their own website.)


More than 200 local governments from 43 countries participated in the World Congress on 5-9 September, 1990, at the United Nations headquarters in New York. The four-day proceedings concluded with the adoption of the Charter and the appointment of an interim Executive Committee. Sir John Chatfield was elected to serve as the first ICLEI Chair and Jeb Brugmann, as ICLEI's first Secretary General.


These are the only ones that use this terminology, Secretary General.  So, they actually started up one of their top offices in Toronto, Canada as their headquarters, and then they moved it to Germany.  So, Iíll put this link up as well, to see how the liars lie when theyíre caught red-handed.  They continue to lie.  What else can they do?  They canít tell the truth.  They canít do it.  And then to cap it off too, now that thereís more counties getting aware of whatís going on and the big agenda.  Hereís an article here from 22nd of June:


President Obama signed his 86th executive order (13575) on June 9, which established the White House Rural Council (WHRC).


(A: Itís another part of it, you see.  They just change the terminology.)


According to The Blaze, the Executive Order seems to be in line with the United Nations radical Agenda 21, as it is designed ďto begin taking control over almost all aspects of the lives of 16 percent of the American people.Ē (A: Itís a lot more than that.)


Evidence of this can be found in Section One of the Executive Order, which reads:


Section 1. Policy. Sixteen percent of the American population lives in rural counties. Strong, sustainable rural communities are essential to winning the future and ensuring American competitiveness in the years ahead.


All the lovely stuff, you know, food supply, fiber, energy, safeguard natural resources, etc, etc, etc, but itís part of Agenda 21, signed in by executive order by Obama, who takes a dollar from you and gives you a penny back, and he says, ďChange is Good.Ē 


Anyway, weíll go to the callers now.  I think thereís Thomas from Sweden on the line, and weíll talk to Thomas.  Hello, Thomas.


Thomas: Hello.  How are you?


Alan: Oh, hanging in with the skin of my nails, as they say.


Thomas: Sure, okay.  Anyway, so I have some questions here about relativism or thoughts, rather.  I went to a party tonight, and we had a conversation about humanity and animals.  And I claimed that humans are superior to animals and that we have a higher worth than animals, and I got so shut down.  And people are eager to claim that they are animals, and that, you know, like a squirrel has more worth than a baby and such.  And itís astounding that people can be eager to lower themselves to the level of being a monkey or something like that.


Alan: Well, theyíve all seen Jungle Book, you see, and they identify with cartoons.  Theyíve been brought up with cartoons and Walt Disney.  And I can remember seeing that silly one years ago, when I was a child, the one to do with Bambi.  You know, it was the deer and the rabbit, and they all talked English strangely enough, and they all had human characteristics, and emotions and etc.  But what these ones at the top, and theyíve all been brainwashed into this, and sustainability.  Theyíve had it their whole life, through schooling, college, and university.  And they canít remember most of it consciously.  Itís the subconscious parts that make themselves felt.  And it comes out in conversation.  So, they canít really verbalize it very well.  But even if you were to take the Darwinist view of everything is interdependent and so on.  We all evolved apparently from things that swam in the sea and all this stuff, even if you were to take that point of view, which they also use at the United Nations.  They use all kinds of points of view.  Even if you were take that, then you as a distinct animal have a right to live the way that you want to live.  You donít tell a turtle how to live, you know.  Hold on, Iíll be back in a minute, and weíll discuss this further.


Hi folks, weíre back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking to Thomas from Sweden, whoís talking about how the Swedes, like every other nation thatís been brainwashed really, see their place in existence, really.  It was given to them, because most folk donít think through anything.  They learn by osmosis.  Things just sort of drift into your brain from a hundred directions, generally all the same message, and thatís how you get your thoughts and your opinions.  And most folk arenít aware of how it even happened.  Are you still there, Tom?


Tom: Iím still here, Alan.


Alan: Yeah.  So, go ahead with, add to that.


Tom: Yeah.  I have loads of questions and thoughts about all these kinds of.  Like, I used to watch Transformers growing up as a kid and stuff like that, and what I would think of now is that the machines had more human characteristics and high moral standards than the humans did in the show, and things like that.  And then, where was I going with this.  The whole thing that this evolution theory and all that, that people are sort of eager to be looked upon as an animal.  And I told them today, you know, if you see yourself as an animal, you will be treated as such by those who are in the place to rule over you.  Right?


Alan: Yes.


Tom: Yeah.  And I think itís just horrible.  And itís so hard to have just a normal talk in conversation because you get shut down straight away.


Alan: They have conditioned a whole generation, thereís no doubt about it.  I was sent a cartoons a few years ago that were made for three year old children and upwards.  And sustainability, and humans were bad were all through every single cartoon.  And again, the public, and the mums, if they have any parents at all, generally stick them in front of the television to make sure they get their early indoctrination.  And that is the first indoctrination theyíre getting.  And itís done a story form.  The sympathy comes out.  So, when you put out a lie, you must attach it with an emotive response.  You must embed emotion with the lie, and youíll never change their mind after that.  Animals are good, and they love each other.  Well, tell that to a bear thatís finishing off the remains of a deer that the wolves have killed.  You know, thatís the reality of life.


Tom: Yeah.  I mean, nature is cruel without any kind of remorse and stuff like that.  But what made me think of this is that I study acting and drama in Sweden, and when Iím on stage, itís so easy to keep the audience mesmerized by the illusion.  You know, if you know how to do the illusion, itís so easy to hypnotize the audience and just put whatever lie you feel like.


Alan: Thatís right.


Tom: And yeah.  And Iíve done this during plays, doing Shakespeare, and doing improvisation and stuff like that, and then I talk to the audience afterwards, and what do you think about this and this and this.  And they all love it.  And then I ask why, because I lied up on stage.  You know.  Thatís when it dawned on me.  And I donít know if I want to be part of that whole acting community anymore, because it just seems that most of the messages just ruins people.  And if I want to stay in that profession, I want to do something that encourages people to think for themselves.


Alan: Itís very hard to do, because youíre well aware, Iím sure, that most countries give grants out from their governments to promote the politically correct novels into stage plays, etc.  And thatís really what itís all about.  It has been for an awful long time, for radical change.  And you must incorporate the changes in your play, and again, attach it with emotional responses, plus, what theyíve always known, and itís so true.  Most of your conditioning, your perfect conditioning, comes from fiction, because, as youíre on stage, as you say, you hypnotize them.  You have a willing audience who have given up their firewall, their own personal firewall, because they think theyíre being entertained.  And therefore you can get right through.  Thereís no firewall there to stop anything from going right into their minds.  And theyíll always associate the scenes and the politically correct scenes that they see with someone being hurt or beaten up or something.  And thatís how you change the emotions.


Tom: Yeah, and thatís also the thing, that if you donít get grants from the state you will starve as an actor, so youíre sort of in a hard dilemma if you want to live on it.  But you were in the music business, right, so you must have been, like what made you leave the business?


Alan: Oh, it was a bunch of things, really, and I saw it all.  I mean, I saw it all.  And I saw the drugs, and I saw the ones who were supplying the drugs, you know, and Iím talking about wheelbarrows at parties.  I saw the cops stay away from the big boys, you know, and actually guarding them to make sure the wrong people didnít get in.  I mean, I knew the whole thing was staged, and it was definitely protected on a very high level.  And of course, I also saw the changes in the late 70s, especially, when they started bringing in and promoting certain types of groups that were more female looking than guys and under the guise of rock, you know.  And I knew darn well that it was all intended to change the gender roles, etc, etc.  And thatís really what it was really about, all together.  It was to start changing gender roles and what a man should be.  And eventually, and also too it was to make you think that men never mature.  Theyíre stuck in leather pants, you know, with their crotch sticking out for ever and ever.  They never grow up.  So, that was all promoted from the top.  And itís the same in acting too.  To get the grants even in Canada for acting and stage plays, you must have all the politically correct things involved, and itís called, you must be for radical change.  Now, no one ever says to you, oh the government has ordered that these radical changes are to take part into society, but it filters in through different means as to what they mean by it.  And itís lesbian, itís gay, itís this, itís all these different causes that come into.  Now, thatís got nothing to do as far as Iím concerned with being truly entertained in its purest form.  Entertainment should lift your mind up above all these things and transpose you, again, to celebrate the fact that you are a human being.


Tom: Exactly.  And now the messages are like you should feel guilty for being alive because youíre taking up space and resources.† Thatís the sort of conditioning and thoughts you get.  And itís so hard to reach out to people and tell them that you have a worth, youíre sentient.  I mean, you have an ability to create and encourage people to do the same and live in community and have fellowship.  But now, I feel like people are more attached to their iPhones and iPods and what not than having a conversation.  I mean, if you go on a train, it feels like youíre cattle plugged into some network.  When you walk through the train car, people are just looking at their iPods and they have the earphones on.  Itís a really scary picture when you really take time to look at it. 


Alan: You know, they knew this in the 1960s, what they were going to do, because Marshall McLuhan, who was a professor in Canada, and then he went to work for the States, he talked about how the electronics field, when weíre all talking to each other through the ether-net, as he called it, you know, through the ether itself, how people will think that theyíre being more attached to communities across the planet, and people across the planet, but in reality theyíre really becoming, theyíre being taught to be socially isolated.  And theyíve done studies now, of course, which means itís on track.  Thatís why they do these studies, to make sure itís working, that youngsters now have a hard time actually interacting with real, live people anymore.  They canít even look you in the eye.† So theyíre uncomfortable.  Theyíre very uncomfortable because they havenít been taught and grown up to learn these abilities to interact normally with people in the flesh.


Tom: Yeah, I know, and I think itís so disgusting that they aim at kids and youngsters like that.  I mean, I woke up a year ago.  Iím twenty-six now.  And Iím going through all these emotions of rage and disappointment, depression, and I have a real hard time keeping hopes up, when you realize how fooled youíve been, you know. 


Alan: Well, look at the amount of organized indoctrination thatís all around you from all the traditional sources that you think are all separate, independent, helping you to become a full human being.  In reality, theyíve all got an agenda.  Theyíre all working together to make sure they create the kind of humans that they want to have in this little utopia of theirs.


Tom: Exactly.  And itís just so mind boggling that why not take all this time and resource and just lift humanity up instead of destroying it.


Alan: And then again, hereís the other thing too.  Now, Iíve always said this.  Thereís nothing democratic in this system of an elite oligarchy at the top, deciding how you shall think, what youíll think about, how youíll behave, and how youíll be.  Thereís nothing democratic.  What gives them the right to decide how you will be or where you will build your house, or how you will live or anything else?  You understand, theyíve trained the public not to think for themselves.  Youíre too inferior to think for yourselves.  And that was intentional too.  They wrote about this again, back in the 1920s with Bertrand Russell and others saying that weíll bring them in until they can do nothing for themselves except through the advice of experts.  Now, what gave them the right to do that?  Because you have as much of a right when you come into this world to decide how youíre going to live as one of these guys at the top.  Theyíre no better than you, at all.  So, why on earth do they have status?  Well, you see, itís because the big banking industry is all part of this and everything runs on money, as you well know. 


And thatís how they implement it all down through the system, but really, Iíve never heard, like I say, Iíve got lots of green turtles around here, because of the swamps and the lakes and so on.  Iíve never seen them in a confab deciding whoís inferior amongst them, and whoís superior, and that the inferior should listen and obey the superior.  That doesnít happen in nature.  And man is no different, as I say in nature.  We have the right as distinct, unique individuals as weíre born to decide our own future, personally.  And government now is so incredibly top heavy with all of its agencies now, that itís terrifying.  Even the Ministry of Conservation now have uniforms in Canada, and handguns strapped to them.  I mean, this is the Ministry of Conservation?  Are they going to shoot you if they see you putting a fence post up?  You know.  I mean, whatís it all coming down to?  This is intimidating the people down below into obeyance.  And thatís the impression you get when you see a guy wearing a handgun and heís got a little badge on his arm, you know.


Tom: Yeah, exactly.  And another thing is that I was traveling in Asia for two years, and when I got back, all these sort of TSA type guards have increased a lot.  And we had this so-called terrorist attack in 2010 in Sweden.  And then they had this sort of security check on the subway for your safety.  You know, itís always in the guise of safety.  And you know that.  And itís so scary.  And I donít really know.  As an awake person, when you canít reach out to people, what are you supposed to do and how are we supposed to keep our hopes up?  Itís so depressing when you think of it.


Alan: Yeah, it is, because the conditioning on most people, when you see them, and they canít look you in the eye, or they think youíre crazy, itís because their conditioning has taken perfectly on them.  And youíre looking at conditioned robots really.  And theyíll turn on you too.  At the right time, theyíll turn on you.  Thatís perfect conditioning.  The ones who are awake generally have always been awake, or theyíve known something was wrong, and they canít be conditioned quite the same way. But youíre in amongst most people where the conditioning has worked perfectly.  And thatís the problem.


Iíve always said the elite have a symbiosis amongst the masses of people, the general mass of people, because the masses always look towards government to solve problems, even if itís a fake problem put out by the government.  They immediately run to them, help us, save us, you know.  And thereís only very few people in between, in the middle who donít want to be stinking rich and rule everyone elseís lives for them, and they donít want to belong to the general mob that just goes and watches all the porn on their internet all day long, or ball games or whatever.  So, itís a small group really who donít belong into either camp, thatís the problem. Because, as I say, the masses have a symbiotic relationship with the elite.  And eventually, when they get all their agendas through, the elite will turn around and say, we couldnít have done it without you, to the masses. 


Tom: Yeah, and thatís such a, I think itís disgusting.  Thereís no other word for it, itís just utterly disgusting, you know.


Alan: It is.  And itís very depressing, until you realize that you might be surprised how many of those in between who are not brainwashed or conditioned and who donít seek personal power, can still have a voice and start changing things around.  And thatís the only hope that we have is to postpone it at least long enough theyíll either wither away, or theyíll come out with an even heavier hand, but thatís when even the masses start to see it and know something is wrong, when the heavy hand of the monster comes upon them.  And thatís what it might take.  Stall them long enough.† You see, timetables, according to those that the top, cannot be stalled. If you can stall their timetables they get awfully angry and they start using force.  And force, at least the use of force, terrifies the public into maybe even waking up a little bit.  And thatís all we can really hope for, because itís too perfect.  Itís been here too long, this system.


Tom: But we cannot use violence and force trying.


Alan: Theyíre so perfectly good at getting us to kill each other or fight each other.  This has been their strategy for centuries and itís a perfect art of how to get it all going.  We canít use that at all.  But by the same token, we have to make sure that the elite donít come out with the heavy hand and start using open force on the general public.  Hereís the thing too.  They have been using force, or at least deadly intentions on the general public, because they know how theyíve been dumbing us down.  They know.† When they rob your mind itís the same as killing you.  And when they inject things into you too, that make autism bloom, and it also makes everyone quite a few points lower on the IQ scale, makes us all sick so that weíll die off early, infertile, etc, they are physically, literally, this is a targeting, this is a murder, a murderous rampage has been going on for a long time, under the usual covert actions of the United Nations that always deny what theyíre doing.  One of the top players in this, who wrote about it, who taught Rhodes Scholars back in the forties and thirties, internationalists again, who spoke by the way, he made a great speech in Sweden, was Toynbee.  There were two Toynbees, father and son, and one took over from the other.  They literally taught the Rhodes Scholars for internationalism and to penetrate all governments and push them towards internationalism.  He said, we always deny with our mouths what our hands are doing.  And that was to become the mantra for every organization within the United Nations.  We always deny with our mouths what our hands are doing.  And thatís still their strategy today. 


Tom: Yeah, my drama teachers always say that.  That the face lies and the body speaks truth or something like that.  But, I mean, growing up in school, they start with this showing you videos with actors in monkey suits and theyíre telling you, yeah, this is how humanity was back in the day.  And then I ask the teacher, but they are actors in monkey suits.  Thatís not proof of evolution.  And then you just get the answer, well, itís been proven.  And then I ask, well, whereís the proof.


Alan: Yeah.  I love that phrase, itís been proven.  Itís like the climate, oh, itís proven.  Thatís it.  Thatís all there is to it.  No debate, thatís it.


Tom: Yeah, exactly.  Itís proven.  And but, Iím like, you take my time, Iím a student, I have a right to know the truth, right?  So, show me the proof.  And they refuse.


Alan: They refuse because they havenít got any evidence of things still evolving and half-apes half-men coming out of the jungle today, which they should be coming out of if evolution is true. We should have them in all stages of transition.  We have none, no.  It simply isnít there.  Again, remember too, they use these arguments for a different agenda.  The whole point of it is to make you go into subservience to their wisdom.  Thatís the whole point of it.  Any lie will do.  Any lie will do.  Thanks for calling, and Iíll be back after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And just before I go to the next caller, one of the main CBC, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, lifers I call them, they work there for life, Rex Murphy, at least heís come out now and questioned this whole climate science bogus stuff.  So, itís the first time a mainstreamer has come out in Canada on the mainstream and said anything about it.  So Iíll put a link up to him tonight, as well.  Now, weíll go to Bill from Idaho, if heís there. 


Bill: Bless you, Alan.† Good evening, Alan.


Alan: Good evening.


Bill: Nice to hear you.  You know, it was such, you know, calls from other histories that youíve had and instructional observations that you always project, you know, itís compelling considering one of your favorites would be doing 9 Pacific this evening on the Communitarian Review.  And thatís all thanks to your excellent working as usual.  Sometimes itís just not enough to see it in action, but see the ultimate effects.  In regards to this situation with Mr. Steele, where he portends even deeper that the Church prayer, because they cannot, they cannot, even after Jim and Jerry had done so well in regard to the Schofield discussion, there was no, absolutely no, totally moribund, even within the Patriot Community, I feel so very badly for some to have to.  But I was wondering, could you give me your insight, or maybe we should get you to come down and visit with all the folks and give some instructionals some time, when youíre tired of the [?] life.  But there was a book that was done so many years ago, as well as one other, I was going to ask in regard to so many other authors, McDowells, Daniel, I think it explains the situation in Romans, and it has only gotten progressively more fixed and worse.† [Callerís audio not clear.]†


Alan: Weíve got to understand that so many publications of the Bible, especially in the 20th century, had political agendas behind them.  And Schofield, of course, was picked up by Rockefeller Foundation, the guy who created the World Council of Churches.  Every facet of society they took over, you understand, the Rockefeller, with incredible wealth that was funneled through them to NGOs and organizations.  They created heroes, again.  They always give you heroes.  Theyíre very good at giving us heroes.  And, of course, Schofield was put up there to alter Christianity, into a more accepting stance to do with other religions, etc.  And it was from really there that they pushed out Judeo Christianity, which, until then, had been at loggerheads, because Christianity was really at loggerheads with the old pharisaical type of Judaism, and law, etc, and speciality, exclusiveness to saving just one people.  So, Schofield was sent out and well funded to put out this particular Bible to change everything, and then again to promote a different version of the end times, to make Christians sit back thinking, ďweíve got nothing to do with it.  Weíve just got to let it happen, itís all Godís will.Ē  And that was a way of getting them out of the advocacy business.  Just sit back, itís all Godís will, and every group has been tampered with, the Christians especially.  Now youíve got Christians for environmental sustainability, all funded by the same groups, same organizers, same foundations.  The World Council of Churches with Rockefeller at the head, first president at that time, has done a lot of damage, absolutely, but it was all intentional.  Thanks for calling.  From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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