June 28, 2011 (#864)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 28, 2011:

Silent Song -- Going, Going -- Gone!:

"World Managers Always Meet at the U.N.,
The OSCE Group Just Met Again,
Happy, Populations of First World in Plummet,
Worked on This for Years at Every Summit,
Their Answer is for Mass Immigrations
From China and India and Diverse Nations,
They Must Bring in Youth to Pay the Debts
Which Governments Incurred, Not Finished Yet,
We're Under Farm Management, No Pity or Graces,
It's No Accident They've Targeted Specific Races,
As They Ecstatically Say the West's in Decline,
Cheering the End of Yours and Mine"
© Alan Watt June 28, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 28, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on June the 28th 2011.  For newcomers, you should look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and help yourself to the hundreds of audios which are there for free download.  Thereís so many to choose from but at least, hopefully, youíll have an understanding of the system into which youíre born.  It truly is a system, a very well worked out and intricate system, many levels of it, of really herd management on the general public, with big plans for the future. Theyíve had big plans in the past, they have accomplished the past goals; weíre there now.  And theyíre going onto the next set of the goals and agendas.  Very old plan, as I say.  Itís hundreds of years old actually.  But certainly in the beginning of the 20th century they were churning out books for their own people to read of course, which are still available, where they talked about this, the proper society, the society that professionals and experts should design, and planned societies and all of that kind of stuff, planned population sizes, gender types, the whole lot, to serve the greater good, you understand.  So I hopefully by giving you all these audios and links and books to read you can find out what really runs the system and why things are happening as they happen, in your own lifetime, and the things that are still to happen that you will experience for sure.  Absolutely, definitely youíll experience them because these guys write the plans and they never change their minds; they always pull them off as they go along, come hell or high water.


Remember too, when youíre helping yourself to the audios you can help support me by going into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and seeing the books and disks Iíve got for sale, and purchase them because I donít bring on advertisers as guests.  And if I did that Iíd be sitting pretty fine, pretty good actually.  But Iím not.  Iím doing it the suicidal way and itís up to you if you want to...   It gives me a freer hand that way, you see.  Itís up to you if you want to support me.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  And Iím happy to say that Canada Post is back from being on strike.  Actually they were locked out by the government, in fact. They did a partial strike at first and then the government locked them about a week and a half or so, so weíre still waiting for the mail coming in and going out.  It started today apparently.  So it will take a while to clear up but at least itís moving again.  Remember, straight donations too are very, very welcome. Because as I said, I donít bring on advertisers really as guests; lots of shows do that, which is fine if itís a business or whatever.  This is not a business.  And it also gives me a freer hand to say things I want to say without being beholden to bunches of sponsors.  The ads you hear on this show are paid directly by advertisers to RBN, Republic Broadcasting Network, for the show.  It pays for their staff and equipment and their bills too, hopefully, to get this particular broadcast out.  Itís very vital itís done so.  I certainly thank them for doing it but Iíve got nothing to do with that and I donít get any cuts off it at all.  So itís up to you to keep me going.  And as I say, I can certainly go off and do other things if I have to do it.  Iím really thinking about it because times are getting tough as we all know.  Fewer folk help you out or donate and the dollarís worth almost nothing, scheduled to become even more nothingless shortly, with inflation rising.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix.  We do live in a dream, most of us, and weíre brought up to believe weíre in kind of a dream, not to really think about things too deeply.  Thereís no need to think about things in fact because whenever they give you a news program on something which should be important, they always get followed up by two experts that leave you in limbo, on opposite sides of the fence.  And thatís all by intention as well. 


Itís true what some philosophers have said in the past, that most people donít think through things, they actually learn by osmosis.  It kind of filters into your mind through little bits in movies and popular music and little headlines in newspapers.  It filters in there so you never really actually think through any particular program, it just arrives there one day.  Itís all components of course, from, as I say, many different sources.  But thatís how they get it into you.  And remember what Brzezinski said, we donít have to think much, and it will become even more so in the future, because the public expect the media to actually do their reasoning for them.† If the media tells you to worry about something you will worry.  If they mention something horrific, like radiation, and leave it at that, or say itís okay though, youíll be fine and youíll go out and play.  Thatís how simple it works.  We have been trained not to reason for ourselves.  Mind you, weíve all gone through the same school process and part of that intention too, was to stop you from reasoning for yourself. 


So itís very easy to control massive populations because everyone is the same and technically if they were all insane theyíd think they were all perfectly sane because they would all have the same opinions.  Thatís how we bounce our ideas off others around us and to see if they think the same way as we do. And then we say, well I must be sane because I got the same opinions as they have. But really weíre all in the dark like mushrooms as Iíve always said.  And there are big, massive organizations, well-funded by your tax money generally and by money from the big, big foundations.  The big foundations together collectively are called the private, or the parallel government, as Maggie Thatcher called it, and others have referred to it, made up of ex-Presidents and Prime Ministers who all know each other and can get the job done, as the Club of Rome has said because theyíre not responsible to the public anymore.  They can actually get high-level meetings done, ran through, and formats laid out and go ahead and actually get things moving within different countries Ė internationally of course Ė across the planet.  And this is ongoing all the time.  Thatís why you never see these guys fading away like Clinton or any of them. Theyíre all busy working behind the scenes as technocrats, they call them now; thatís what Brzezinski called them.  They are not responsible to any public, even though theyíre using millions and sometimes billions of your dollars to get their particular part of the job done. 


This is how the public are scammed all the time.  And if you mention it to what you think is your elected government they say, well we canít do anything about this organization because itís private.  And thatís it.  Quite easy isnít it?  The Club of Rome said, we are post-democratic and in democracy they can get nothing really done thereís too many competing factions.  And they make sure thereís lots of competing factions; theyíre always adding more and more factions to it all the time, a lot of crazy ones as well, just to make it more confusing.  Eventually they will use all of that to say, officially, that we canít go on with democracy, it just doesnít work anymore.  When it suits them theyíll come out with that, now that theyíve created so many factions. 


Now, Iíve talked about how this big system goes back for hundreds of years actually but you can find a lot of it around the time of Charles Darwin coming out, into very old books of course, if you can get your hands on them.  And to do with population and what types of society, or even people, should live on this planet.  And then they went into inferior types, superior types and all of that.  Itís quite easy for them to rationalize who are the superior types.  They believe they were self-evident, the ones whoíd come up through business, grabbed a hold of a lot of money, and maybe even led countries and were in business at the same time Ė because really thatís what you do when you lead a country, youíre in your own personal business Ė and you accumulate lots of cash, and hang on to it for a few generations by interbreeding with the right people.  Like Charles Darwinís family who only interbred for 5 generations with the Wedgwood family, for instance; thereís an example for you.  Theyíd all been at this for a long time, you see. 


So they looked at the common people and says, the reason that they canít improve themselves... it was nothing to do with the fact theyíre born in poverty and once youíre born in it you just canít get out of it, especially with no education or contacts. But they believe that they were what they would now call today, junk genes.  They believe all the evolution has come to pass, that can be, with this particular type of species and therefore the elite, those who have accumulated the cash and have got important positions, have power across the world, and their family members, should run the world instead.  Thatís what theyíve believed for a long, long, long time.  And theyíve been doing it too. 


Theyíre also terrified as well of having too many people. That was one of their prime worries at one point.  Youíve got to understand, these characters target populations.  Theyíve got lots of associations, some sound very benign, some sound awfully charitable in fact, to do with helping Ė itís always to do with helping you, and helping women across the world make choices, which means they go in with the United Nations using your tax money, in the umbrella organizations all working under them, and they basically sterilize them or give out free abortions consistently, but often they sterilize them too at the same time.  This went out with Kissinger a long time ago too, when he brought out his little policy on the greatest threat to the nation was overpopulation.  Most folk think he meant simply third world, but he did not.  And these boys put a lot of little secret laws into action.  You got to understand, they donít just talk about things. These people at the top DO IT.  They go ahead and do it.  


Youíll find people like Bertrand Russell who also was part of this global intelligentsia describing in his own books that they could actually sterilize people by the needle; thatís vaccinations.  You know, people are trusting, you see; weíre rather trusting.  Weíre trained to be trusting. And they always want to help us at the top, so hereís free flu shots or free this or free that.  The quickest way to basically sterilize you is straight into your body.  The water supply was another way to do it.  And then your food.  Well, theyíve gone for all of that.  Theyíve done all of that.  So weíre going down.  Not only sterilize you but make you a bit more dimmer, especially your ability to be aggressive when required.  You understand, being aggressive when required is a survival mechanism.  All animals have it; thatís why theyíre still around.  Even a rabbit, a mother rabbitís going to BITE you really bad if you put the hand down the hole where the babies are; she gets awfully aggressive.  But for the majority of the public, especially men, you cannot be aggressive anymore.  Itís a bad thing.  And thatís why theyíve been giving you your bisphenol A for about 100 years now.  They knew in the late 1890s what it did to males by testing it on the populations in London, England.  So thereís nothing new under the sun.  And thatís why they made drinking out of plastic bottles a fad.  They set the trends and all the people down below copy the fad because they canít think for themselves.


Anyway, during the Cold War an organization was set up and most people know it for really being a negotiating table, supposedly, between East and West.  It was an organization for security and cooperation in Europe.  Thatís what people know it for, but its biggest goal is depopulation.  Depopulation, not just of the third world, it was actually, mainly, of the first world countries.  These guys had big members there, members of the arts and entertainment of course, because thatís how they give you your culture.  Remember what the CEO of UNESCO said, the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization said too, and that was Julian Huxley, weíll create a society where basically it will be incredibly promiscuous and weíll take care of any problems, meaning abortion. So the great thing is theyíll have lots and lot of sex but they can produce no children; that would be ideal.  And Iíve read from his own book that very part of it that Iím just ad-libbing here.  He was a member of all these organizations. But back to this particular one Iíll put up tonight.  Iíll put the links up of all these articles at cuttingthroughthematrix.com at the end of the night. 


This organization now is going in and talking about basically demographics, they call it. What they mean is population ratios in all European and North American countries.  They were given the task before to implement all the different, especially through, again, womenís rights.  They actually meant they wanted to convince women to have abortions.  Thatís what they were really after.  And how itís really affected society and how the population rate has plummeted.  Plummeted.  And right down to the state where it might not even be recoverable for certain Ė letís call them what they are Ė theyíre races in Europe and elsewhere.  And theyíre very happy with that.  But they also say they can get lots of immigration in to take over and carry on paying off the debt. 


Now remember, letís get back to square one.  Weíre not dealing with fools here who do something, then say, my God weíre killing too many off.  And whatís a baby boomer anyway?  Baby boomer...  Weíve always had children.  Folk had more children before the baby boomers than ever before.  But you see, thatís when they decided to bring all of these things into effect, about the 1950s and onwards.  Claiming that yeah they wanted to depopulate but eventually there wouldnít be enough to pay off the national debts, which they knew they were going to incur with lots of wars.  They also knew they were going to bring in a welfare state as well.  They also knew that they were going to give DISincentives to marriage and having children by making it awfully expensive to do so.  This is all in their books.  They also had it planned too, that eventually when there were not enough of you and thereís too many elderly and not enough young folk to eventually take care of the elderly, mainly on an economic basis by the way.  See, all you are to them is an economic unit, paying taxes.  And taking a lot away into a health care system to take care of the elderly is not economically profitable for them.  You see, weíre being farmed.  Iíll get back to this same topic when I come back from this break.


Hi folks, Iím back and we're back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about just one of the MANY organizations working at the United Nations to do with all of us.  And they have a big agenda, an agenda which they never disclose to the general public or seldom do. And if they do the public canít actually read between the lines or listen to the little bits that are being said.  So tonight Iíll put up an article which has got a link to the video.  Itís put up by Sovereign Independent I think.  You can listen to 2 hours of it if you want, one of these so-called professionals, one after another.  Youíll notice most of these professionals, by the way, also work for governments in geopolitics.  Thatís the ones who work out future wars and taking down populations like Muslims.  They actually mention Muslims in this particular 2-hour video because they say theyíre 30 years behind the times.  Meaning they still believe in marriage, they have children and theyíre not playing the game of sterilization and abortion.  Thatís what they mean by that. 


So Iíll put this one up tonight and you can listen to it for yourself and listen to these. These are the well-paid lackeys of the ones who really control the world that youíll hear talking.  Well-paid lackeys, thatís what they are.  And they work for governments too; theyíre almost like freelancers for government but theyíre always working for their big masters above.  Youíll understand theyíre already internationalists if you hear them talking, and Iíll give you no more clues than that.  They actually mention too by the way, that there are organizations, separate organizations and private organizations and governments in Europe who are out sterilizing the populations.  They actually mention that part, for those who miss it.  Try not to miss it.  When you hear it, repeat that part over and over to yourself until you understand what theyíre saying. Because most of you wonít want to believe it and therefore you just toss it out of your minds afterwards.  Theyíve been at it for a long time.   Thatís why most in the Western world are going sterile.  Itís official policy.  And the next part of the policy is to flood... flood... theyíre talking about doubling and tripling immigration, even from China and India into Europe and America, to take over the fact that we canít have children and most people wonít get married anymore because theyíve been trained awfully well, their training has taken very well. And children cost money.  And it would interfere with their lifestyle of partying, you know.  So thatís what they want to do.  Iíll put this link up; as I say, you can watch it.  And save it and go over it a few times because you will hear the little quip here and there and they really mean what theyíre saying because these guys donít just sit and talk.  They bring out policy after these meetings and then they implement it through governments, quietly.  You see.  So Iíll put that one up.


Must Watch Ė Official Hearing on Population Studies (OSCE) - sovereignindependent.com


Iíll also bring up a RAND one.  Iíll give you a link to the RAND organization, this strange company thatís a nonprofit, charitable organization.  It works only for massive governments and incredibly large international corporations, making their policy.  The same company that had us as all numbers in their big machines during the Cold War because they ran a good part of the Cold War to do with what you would do personally in crisis situations. They do it for hospitals. They helped design the system to take down the British National Health system.  They helped do one for Obama where theyíre taking down the medical system of the USA; itís just simply not economically feasible anymore, you see.  And here they are again on population control. And they actually mention... Now, hereís going against the grain, of all the newspaper announcements from Ted Turner and all the usual ones:  Ah, thereís too many people.  Well no.  Thereís too many people theyíre claiming in third world countries, according to the RAND reports and so on, because weíve been plummeting everywhere else.  Anyway, the report, this one was 2004 they keep referring to.  Thereís also more recent reports, theyíre always going back to 2004.  And they published one of their first reports called...


Low Fertility and Population Ageing
Causes, Consequences, and Policy Options -


Now, they knew they would be bringing us down by deindustrialization long before that.  Meaning thereíd be a lot of people with no work.  And weíre only economically viable when weíre fit and healthy and working for the big system, you see.  And theyíve taken all our work away, again through signing the agreements with the World Trade Organization which benefits all international corporations by taking all the factories over to China.  Then youíre left with a lot of people with not much to do.  You see.  Anyway, here they go again.  And they talk about the fact that the population in the Western world had plummeted, as was intended by the way, through culture, training and education, abortion and the fact that once you train people to be awfully promiscuous they generally canít mate with anybody anyway to have a child of their own, and donít want to.  And they talk about that too, how itís economically expensive to have a child and they go through all the possible things they could do in this report for RAND to offset that, if they want to offset it.  Again, they go into, we can take in massive immigration from countries, especially India, China, the Asian countries, Far East as well.  So they go through the whole thing for you.  Itís quite a lengthy report. 


Iíll put that link up too, and you can look at it, for those who are really interested in whatís happening.  I mean, really, really interested in whatís happening. Thereís very few people Ė Iíll be honest with you Ė even in what they think of as the Patriot Movement, who really want to understand the whole big system.  Most simply grab the frightening news of today which is replaced by the frightening news of tomorrow.  Thatís just like addicted to frightening news.  You got to know whatís behind it to understand whatís happening and to give you any power at all.  Back with more after this.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix, talking about the big system when it trained us all of course not to have children and made it very expensive to have children, and actually taught a lot of women, they called them rugrats Ė that was a common term Ė so that they would despise children in a sense, as a way of holding them back from careers or having lots of boyfriends. 


Thatís all you had since the 60s onwards, is escalating promiscuity, exactly as was planned by the way.  They knew back in the 1920s and 30s with studies in special schools that were set up with Royal charters to do things to children that would be called perversions today, Bertrand Russell ran one of them, trying to get children to engage in sexual activity and become hooked on it before puberty.  He said this will work very well if we can encourage children to do this, theyíll never marry or very few of them will and if they do marry they wonít stay together for very long.  And itís been proven absolutely right.  So weíve been awfully good people, doing what weíre told to do, and what our masters wanted us to do, you know, the big shepherds at the top, the farmers.  And now that weíre plummeting like a stone and weíre supposed to compete with the rest of the world, there wonít be enough people left to compete even if we had any work to go to in the first place. 


They donít keep loose animals around if youíre not economically viable.  You understand?  Thatís what farmingís about.  And this is what all this is about too.  So they even talk in this RAND study here that they could increase mortality; in other words, the death rate.  Isnít that nice?  This has all been discussed at top levels.  And how do they do that?  Well, part of the thing you do is introduce new diseases.  Thatís easy enough too when youíve trained all the elderly to go for flu shots every year, next thing they know theyíre down with crippling diseases and pneumonia is killing them off like crazy afterwards.  Do you think itís all coincidence?  No.  This is the way it is, folks.  You donít tell the children, thatís all of you out there, across the whole world.  Donít tell the children the bad news.  Let them be happy to the very end. 


They also talk about ways they could even encourage fertility, which means they know theyíve already made us pretty well sterile.  So itís interesting.  They did all the studies on all the countries including North America and elsewhere too and how everyoneís been awfully good as an animal.  We rut like bunnies but we donít have any children.  So weíve been awfully good, a bit too good actually, and now lots of folk canít even have children.  One of the fastest growing industries and has been for quite a few years now happens to be infertility clinics.  So that should tell you right off the bat something has been done to most people.  And thereís lots of evidence and I could go on about this all night but I wonít, because Iíve done so many particular broadcasts before about this type of thing.† Watch the video and then look at the RAND PDF.  And for those who are serious and can retain memory and put things together and not just live for crisis after crisis then youíll have a better understanding of whatís happened and whatís intended to happen in the future.  Then when you see headlines in the paper theyíll make sense to you because itís all part of the plan.  Thatís how it is.


And of course, we get more and more about euthanasia; thatís part of the mortality.  Increasing the mortality rate, is euthanasia.  Theyíve slashed to the bone the health services in places like Britain, if you want to even call it a health service anymore.  Theyíre doing the same, by the way, in the US very quietly because Iím in touch with different people in different hospitals.  And they have been for a few years even before Obama came in, because heís just another figurehead as we go on with the same plan.  And eventually the US is going to cut back and cut back to a third world level, like Britain. 


Leading doctor: Should NHS spend millions keeping alive terminally ill patients for few weeks?

dailyrecord.co.uk / Jun 27 2011 / Ben Spencer


(Alan:  Now, I could change that heading and say, ďShould National Health Service spend millions keeping alive millions of terminally ill patients for a few weeks?Ē  You understand how they can just sway your whole first impression by omitting a word?  Because if itís spread amongst MILLIONS of people who are coming down with cancers, on queue by the way, because you can give them... weíve all had our flu shots and our polio shots and so on.  Where, you know, they put in cancer cells.  But this is the kind of story youíre going to get more and more of.) 


A LEADING doctor has questioned whether the cash-strapped NHS should continue to spend a fortune keeping terminally ill patients alive.


Dr Brian Keighley, chairman of the British Medical Association Scotland, said tens of thousands of pounds are spent on drugs to extend some cancer victims' lives by just weeks or months.  (A:  We spend MILLIONS of pounds each time they have a G20 meeting there every other year just so they can eat awfully well, get drunk and have lots of prostitutes.  BILLIONS in security, you know.  So letís toss that one out the window too.  What heís actually saying is youíre not economically viable, youíre not producing.  Thatís what theyíre really saying to you. Anyway, this prick goes on to say...)


He added: "We have to make a decision on some of the oncological treatments that have limited outcomes, remembering that 80 per cent of money is spent in the last three years of life.  (A:  Well, so what?  You see, people never ask the question, whatís our purpose of living in the first place?  Are we here to serve an economic system?  Theyíll tell you yes you are.  They just donít tell you through your school that your purpose OF LIVING is to serve the economic system.  Because youíre a farm animal.  And the farmers want to rake in a big profit every year.  Anyway he says...)


"They must be looked at critically. We have to keep development and innovation and keep pressing the boundaries against the ravages of terminal illness. 


Now, heís talking about people who paid in to the taxation systems their whole lives long.  Theyíve paid more taxes probably than anybody else in Europe or North America for that matter.  But now that theyíre old and they want them out of the work force too, by the way, to get the younger folk in, whatís left of the work force, and they donít want to spend any cash on them. They want to keep all the money that you spend in. In fact, they donít want you living for your pension; they want to take your pension. The Prime Minister already said in another article before, he said that, oh they just found spare pocket money to set up the communitarianism idea of decentralization, so many billions of pounds because of Ďunclaimedí money from elderly people.  Meaning they died off and hadnít claimed their pensions.  Weíre suckers!  We are!  Weíre such fools and suckers because weíve been trained to be.  And they train us to be egosyntonic and hedonistic so as that we wonít care what happens to others.  And when youíre young you donít... you donít... Iím great, Iíve got my own little circle, Iím fit and healthy, and Iím living in a sexual candy shop.  And thatís what you do with your life until you get a bit older.  Then you say, my God what a wasted life.  Now where do you go from there?  Then theyíve got big plans for you.  Whatís YOUR economic viability? ...to the big business they call your country?  Because thatís all your country is, is a corporation.  And youíre just a component in it.


So weíll see more and more articles of these characters, you know, specialists and experts coming out saying, ah, gee, we canít afford to keep people alive anymore.  But we can afford to spend billions going across the world sterilizing women in third world countries and giving them abortions.  Itís amazing how we can spend billions on wars that nobody wants... except the big corporations.  Astonishing isnít it?  BILLIONS on G20 meetings.  But when it comes to looking after your own people... no, you see, youíre not their people.  Youíd better understand that.  Theyíve never been your people at all.  [Alan chuckles.]  Thatís one of the big truths at the top. 


Now another one too is, Iíve always said behind charities lie a wealth of corruption because people, again because weíre nice people, we want to think that... ah, gee, people who help people are so nice, letís give them cash.  And the biggest scams forever have always been hidden behind charities.  Hereís an article here about...


Fukushima radiation fears: children near nuclear plant to be given monitors

(A:  ...to wear around their wrists.  Sounds awfully nice, right?  Itís a genuine article.)

guardian.co.uk / Justin McCurry in Tokyo guardian.co.uk, 28 June 2011


A Japanese schoolgirl walks past residents of Fukushima prefecture appealing for a halt to nuclear energy outside the Tepco annual shareholders' meeting in Tokyo.  (A:  Blah, blah-blah, blah-blah.)


Tens of thousands of children living near the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant are to be given personal radiation monitors, as concern grows over the long-term health effects of exposure to radiation. 


But then you jump to the next one.  Where does all the money come in to buy all these things, all this stuff, to help the children?  They love the children.  We love children donít we?  You understand, thereís more abortions in North America than thereís live children!  And here we are... we love children.  What a bunch of liars.  What hypocrites people are, eh?  And they think theyíre sane. 


Lady Gaga sued over Japanese charity scam

perthnow.com.au / Bang Showbiz June 27, 2011


(A:  You know, Lady Gaga, the whore that literally should be in a third-rate strip joint, but sheíll do anything for cash.  Mind you, sheís well managed by the people behind her who know exactly what theyíre doing.  And of course sheís a role model for all children to copy and some mums think itís awfully nice, you know, that the children dance to this stuff and act like prostitutes at the age of 3 and 4, by pole dancing.  No kidding, Iíve read the articles here.  Anyway...)


According to RadarOnline.com, a US$5 million ($4.78m) lawsuit has been filed against the Judas singer, claiming she scammed money from the sale of her We Pray for Japan wristbands.


The money is supposed to go to victims of the earthquake and tsunami which devastated Japan in March.


The superstar charged US$5 for the wristbands, $3.99 for shipping and handling and another sixty cents in taxes.


The lawsuit claims she inflated the costs, and kept the extra cash for herself.


"I'm suing Lady Gaga simply to hold her accountable for giving the money that she was raising for charity to the cause that she was trying to raise it for," says Ari Kresch, an attorney for 1-800-LAW-FIRM.


The attorneys claim they have contacted Gaga's representatives, who refused to disclose how much money is being "retained" by the star from the sales.


Alyson Oliver explained: "When you use your celebrity and your power as a musician to take money from people under false pretences, that's just wrong.


"When we tried to communicate with the defendants in this lawsuit, all we got was, ĎWell, some of the money is being retained, but we don't really know how muchí. That's the essence of the response we got.  (A:  They probably get these things for about 10 cents, 15 cents, these wristbands because theyíre mass produced, you know, mass produced.)


But charity is good, you understand, and these people are really nice people, you know. And that makes you feel better about the fact that theyíre enticing all young girls to behave and become what she portrays on television.  But as I say, itís not really her.  They could have picked a thousand or a million Gagas.  In the music industry itís the ones who come in TO MAKE YOU A STAR that are important. And thatís how they do it.  It doesnít matter if youíve got talent or not, they MAKE you a star.  They make you a star.  The star-makers they call them.  And you think the music industry has nothing to do with politics? EVERYTHING in the music industry is politics. 


The other night I talked about schools in Sweden, but elsewhere too, who have done away with the term Ďhimí and Ďherí because itís not gender neutral enough.  In the 70s every musician who wrote music was told that all they would ever do to get on, if you want anything sold, youíd have to write music and put in the words and so on, it had to be gender neutral.  You couldnít say Ďheí or Ďherí anymore.  And very few folk, in the public, ever stopped to question, gee they used to sing about Ďherí and Ďshe is beautifulí, and it suddenly all stopped.  And you could put it to anything.  It could be your dog or your cat, or anything at all.  That was all because a decision was made at the top by the star-makers.  And even during the punk rock and all the rest of it, it was all to do with socialism, pushing socialism, by the ones who ran all the groups.  Thatís all it was about.  By the ones who ran all the groups, because theyíre the culture industry.  They create the culture.  And they work with the United Nations and the previous groups that I just talked about on depopulation and so on.  Theyíre all connected.  All of them. 


Now, you canít win in this system; I keep telling people that itís not designed that you win.  Youíll do all the right things.  When the government does this youíll move to this and okay, Iíll put my money here.  And they grab it regardless, one way or another.  Itís not meant that you win because they have whole think tanks working on how to get everything from you.  And you think youíre smart and you say, okay, theyíre trying to get us into this interdependent system where weíll need everything... we need the system to live in.  For everything that we need, heat, fuel, clothing, food, everything, you must be interdependent.  Meaning youíre totally dependent on the system.  Thatís what they want, an interdependent world, living under the bosses.  And when you try to get off the grid and so on, hereís what they do to you.  This is from England...


Injunction to move by the end the of month

thisisdevon.co.uk / June 22, 2011 / Mid Devon Gazette


A COUPLE living an "off-grid" lifestyle say they face prison unless they move from their own land in Willand (A:  This is in Devon.) and return to an existence in the benefits trap.  (A:  Theyíd rather have you unemployed and on benefits, living on welfare.)


Stig and Dinah Mason bought Muxbeare Orchard (A:  An orchard, an old orchard.) after a sudden windfall allowed them to quit their impoverished lives on a Hertfordshire council estate two years ago.  (A:  They must have had a scratch-and-win or something, who knows, or maybe a will.)


​The Masons have transformed what they described as a derelict four-acre plot into a haven of self-sufficiency boasting a 400 sq meter allotment, a polytunnel and greenhouses to grow fruit and vegetables, chickens for egg production and an orchard they have regenerated (A:  It was an old orchard.) by planting around 14 new apple trees of various species.


The couple, who have two boys, aged eight and nine, (A:  Well, thatís another strike against them; theyíve got children as well, eh.) say because they moved onto the site in order to work the land, Mid Devon District Council is turfing them off as officers do not consider them to be conserving an agricultural area. (A:  So here you are trying to make a go of it, be independent, youíve been probably on welfare before, no work.  And you get a little bit of cash, you buy this place, and in comes, you know, the local government to kick you off your own land.  Because youíre not really conserving an agricultural area.  See, theyíve deemed all property for different purposes now.)


They faced magistrates on March 31 when they were served with an injunction to leave within 28 days from June 1.


Dinah, 35, who spent a year with her husband clearing four-foot high nettles and thistles which engulfed the four-acre site, said: "How anybody can say the orchard was being conserved before is beyond my comprehension."  (A:  It had probably been abandoned, you see, and just running wild.)


Dinah works while Stig, 34, as well as making sure the children get to school on time, tends to the land on a daily basis where peas, potatoes, garlic, strawberries, raspberries and various produce have been growing since 2009.


Vegetarians Stig and Dinah claim council officers offered them bed and breakfast accommodation (A:  In other words, get off your land and the council will give you bed and breakfast accommodation....) in Cullompton at taxpayers' expense and suggested they live on take aways, (A:  You know, that junk food that kills you off.) which are likely to cost around £20 for each family meal.  (A:  This is the lengths that government will go to rather than allow you to be INDEPENDENT, you understand?  Independence is not to be allowed. Thatís what all the mantras are about at the top, across the world.)


Dinah's income currently provides the family with everything they need which they cannot grow themselves but is unlikely to stretch to cover kennelling costs for their dog, Moo.


They say they currently receive no state hand-outs (A:  They donít want them.) but by giving up their "off grid" way of life, they fear they will end up in a council house, claiming housing and council tax benefits, as well as seeking grants to help pay for high utility bills.  (A:  Thatís how bad it is over there, folks.  You have to get help from the government to pay for the fuel so you can live through the winter or you die of the cold, like thousands of elderly do already. And now itís normal, accepted as being normal that 25,000 die off in a winter.  Again, kill off the elderly, you see.  You see how it all fits together?  Do you understand how it fits together?  I hope you really do.  I hope your minds are really working.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and thereís a caller there from Illinois, Frank.  Is Frank there?  Letís see if he is.


Frank:  Hi.  Good evening Mr Watt.  I really appreciate you taking my call and I know Iím short on time. But Iím a physician and I work in geriatric medicine through the northern part of Illinois and Indiana and I work primarily in nursing homes.  And I just wanted to verify a point you brought up.  I began to get very suspicious of these vaccines because every year, come September, October thereís a massive push to inoculate and vaccinate all the geriatric, all the folks in the nursing homes.  And thatís primarily what I do; I do geriatric nursing home care.  And then by Christmas time, January, we have the massive die-offs.  And Iím telling you, Iíve done this, Iíve been in this field for 15 years and I see this all the time.  And you really brought up an excellent point tonight.  I just wanted to thank you.  Iíve been trying to put this together.  You blame the holidays, you blame the winter and all this kind of thing. But in, like I said, the last couple of years some friends and I, weíve become very suspicious of vaccines, based on basically what had happened last year. But I just wanted to thank you so much. And keep keeping us informed and I hope you do a little more research and bring this up several more times on your show.  I really appreciate it. 


Alan:  Iíve actually got stuff on the web site from previous talks Iíve given, just on vaccines and all the evidence thatís been accumulated.  I noticed it myself years ago in Canada even because everywhere where the flu broke out, supposedly, it always began in geriatric nursing homes and then they would tell you it was carried out into the public by visitors.  They were the first ones always to get the flu shot, in the homes.  So if the thing prevents the flu, how are they coming down with pneumonias and dying off as soon as the darn thing is given?  I mean, this is an agenda.  Itís an agenda.  And then weíve already done the Salk vaccine, the fact that he knew, and actually I give a reference to an old film that was done, a documentary on Dr Salk.  He belonged to the American and British Eugenics Society.  Most of his papers were on depopulation, the need to reduce the population drastically.  And suddenly he became a hero, because he just changed his mind and wanted to help people with a vaccine for polio, and from then on people came down with all kinds of aging diseases.  Early arthritis, we never used to have juvenile arthritis like this.  And of course sterility too.  And of course the simian 40 virus that came in every polio shot; the only function it has is apparently is to cause cancers.  So it makes perfect sense a top eugenicist whose goal was depopulation would come out with something to help the people, just like the charities do.  [Alan chuckles.]


Frank:  And you have this information on your web site?  Iím relatively new to your show, so I...


Alan:  Yeah, Iíve got lots of this information and links too, to a lot of the talks.  I should still maybe have the link to the Dr Salk vaccine link where he talks himself and then his staff that worked with him talk about it, admitting they knew all these contaminants were already in the polio vaccine, but how they thought that the benefits outweighed the risks, even though they knew it would probably give people various diseases down the road.  So this is how they rationalize it to the public and to themselves.


Frank:  Incredible.  Itís so incredible.  Like I said, I canít thank you enough.  And this helps tremendously because Iíll go to your web site and do the research and check it out.  I hope you continue with the medical aspect of this because thereís so much going on and I could talk to you another time about this. 


Alan:  Well, Bertrand Russell who was a top member for the United Nations and depopulation too, said by means of injunctions and THE NEEDLE Ė the needle, he said Ė we shall reduce the population, he says, and create the proper kind of population we want, not too bright, etc, with the needle, thatís what he said, and the food. †The needle was his big one.  He was at top United Nations meetings.  Thanks for calling. 


BBC: Polio Vaccine Gave Cancer Causing Virus To Millions  - wiseupjournal.com / 07.01.2010


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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