June 29, 2011 (#865)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 29, 2011:

We're All at Harm from Owners of Farm:

"Free-Love, Gender, Cultural, Scientific Revolutions,
Worked Out in Detail by Ancient Resolutions,
Laid Down by "Wise Men" Who Already Owned
Most of the World because of Money They Loaned,
To Change Social Norms They Noted and Marked It,
Seeing People as Cattle They Trained Them for Market,
Some for Wars, Some to Labour, Some for Experimentation,
All to Be Implemented without Hesitation,
Multitudes of Think-Tanks Each Assigned its Duty,
Radically Altering Society to Bring in More Booty,
Each Generation Indoctrinated, No Mercy to Pleas,
Until Nature's Been Turned 180 Degrees"
© Alan Watt June 29, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - June 29, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on June the 29th 2011.  For newcomers, look into the web site cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Youíll find hundreds and hundreds of audios to choose from where hopefully you get shortcuts.† Itíll save you a lot of time, a lot of your life in fact, if you understand youíre born into a system that preexisted your parents even and your grandparents, under a big plan, working on a big plan towards a Brave New World scenario.  Youíre going through the big part of it today, as the major changes....  Up to this was the build up to it, the gradual changes, getting you all ready for the global society.  But now youíre going through the radical changes as they even try to alter our perceptions on what gender is and all the rest of it.  So Iíll give you, as I say, a lot of links in those audios, and books as well, to big players who helped design this present system that youíre going through.  Some of them are actually coming forward today for the first time.  Theyíve been on the go for about 50-60 years some of them, big think tanks, foundations, organizations, very quiet, and theyíre coming forward more and more.  Because they know the public are so mind bombed with so much data overload they donít really care too much, especially if the media tells them not to worry about anything, or tells them to worry about something else which is trivial.  Thatís how youíre directed in your thoughts. 


So help yourself to the audios.  Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you.  If you want to hear more of this particular type of information you can help me by buying the books and disks that I have for sale at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  All those sites listed there, by the way, have transcripts in English for print up, a lot of the talks Iíve given, not all of them though.  Go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu if you want transcripts in other languages.  So if you want to keep me going, as I say, buy the books and disks.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  And remember, straight donations are certainly very, very welcome.  Because as we all know and weíre living through it, the dollar is becoming pretty worthless as prices go up and up and up.  And thatís called inflation; thatís how they like to call it. Theyíre also calling it quantitative easing; it sounds better than inflation.  Inflation brings back memories of all the old black and white pictures weíve seen of the Great Depression.  Weíre actually way beyond the Great Depression with unemployment already.  And of course itís designed, itís designed as I say, to go a lot further and get a lot worse. 


Youíre living through a script, a script planned a long time ago, lots of other scripts involved, theyíre working together with a central head to bring in this Brave New World.  Because technically weíre all farmed, for those who have decided long ago that they were the most special and best to rule the rest of the world, being after all incredibly rich and coming off good stock as they like to call it.  And the lesser stock are the junk genes; thatís all of you out there who have been keeping the ones at the top living in luxury for an awful long time.  But farmers donít like excess animals around when the marketís down.  They tend to get rid of them.  And believe you me, the boys at the top have not been idle there either.  Theyíve been getting rid of a lot of us since about the 1950s with designed cancers and various other things via food, inoculations and your water supply.  So they donít sit and just twiddle their thumbs and toss around ideas at the top.  They actually implement the plans and after all, who wants to volunteer to be euthanized or sterilized and come down with cancer when you hit about 30?  They wonít get any volunteers, except for a few crazy ones, so they implement it by stealth.  After all, theyíve got the power do to it.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix and as Iíve mentioned so many times before, youíre living through a script.  And I hope you really do understand that by now.  Youíre living through a planned script.  I used to be fascinated when I was young to read the communist plans, the Soviet Union plans I should say, really, for the soviet empire.  And how they had five year plans to get one part of it achieved, and 10 year plans, 15 year plans, even 50 year plans and beyond.  What struck me too, was when you went into the United Nations you had the same kind of things going on, all these big, big plans. 


Now, the United Nations, remember, that most folk take for granted, is a private institution.  And this private institution basically got all governments to sign on to it, by law basically, signing all of you down along with the country of course, as they signed on to the laws of the United Nations and the stated goals of the United Nations.  And believe you me, this awful organization is running most aspects of your lives, right down to population reduction, inoculations Ė mandatory Ė etc, for all children, all that kind of stuff.  But also to do with the kind of children they want raised, all the gender nonsense weíre hearing today of what is gender anyway, etc, etc.  All come from the United Nations including all the building codes around the whole planet, whether itís electrical, plumbing or anything else.  It all comes from there.  Because you see, they were set up to be a world government, and not a democratic world government.  Thereís nothing democratic about it.  YOU donít get to vote for the United Nations.  And your relatives or ancestors who were alive at the time when it was created, didnít get a vote either, for even the creation of it.  Itís a private organization. 


That was the way that they decided it, a long time ago, the big boys at the top, the big bankers and the elite.  They decided that democracy wouldnít work.  They didnít like it very much.  It was too messy.  They couldnít get their big plans through, to enrich themselves even more.  So theyíd give you what would appear to be democracy, a con of democracy, to keep us all quiet and happy while they rushed ahead and got things done.  So the system that weíre now in is really post-democratic; they say that themselves.  We never really had democracy by any means at all. 


Part of this big plan too, was to get a world order in, as I say.  Iíve gone through the history of the setting up of the League of Nations and then the United Nations and it all stemmed from London, of course, an idea that came out of the British Empire, for the globe, Commonwealth of Nations as they like to call it; they still call it today the Commonwealth of Nations.  Thatís where the elite steal all the commonersí wealth.  Weíre supposed to be happy and wave flags about it. Anyway, the Milner Group that helped form, along with the Rhodes Foundation, they helped form the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and the Council on Foreign Relations on the American side, decided they wanted to use the British model, since they already owned a good part of the world for a global empire, and eventually bring in a form of world government. 


Remember too, the Milner Group were comprised mainly of international money lenders.  Thatís who Milner was.  He was part of that system.  He was on the head of so many different banks and big insurance companies, Barclays, all these companies, and so were all of the other members.  And theyíd all gone to the right school as well, in London to bring this about.  They were very secretive. They helped to foment wars. And even their official historian, Carroll Quigley, releases some of that in his book The Anglo-American Establishment and his other book, Tragedy and Hope.  So these guys literally were all for creating conflict and then guiding the conflict; thatís why they have departments of conflict resolution, they call it, on board with the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  Through conflict they could guide the conflict and then bring in a new society.  Because you see, war has many aspects and one of the big aspects, apart from changing the economy and looting countries, is also to change societies.  They wanted to standardize all societies across the world with a common culture eventually.  And weíre pretty well there today.


You canít go from, say, London to across Africa without seeing children with the t-shirts on, the sneakers on, sometimes the hats on backwards, because theyíre getting old tapes to listen to and that kind of stuff.  Hollywood is everywhere too and the decision to make Hollywood the culture creator for the world was taken in Britain in the 1960s when the Royal Institute of International Affairs had their global meeting to see if the British film studios would lead the world by putting out particular types of movies, or should they leave it to Hollywood.  And they decided at that meeting to give it to Hollywood to be the culture creator.  And America then would also lead the world in the music which would go along with it too, to change culture step by step by step.  The fashion industry is already under basically a capstone; they all follow the ones at the top to make sure that we all follow the right fashions, which is simply to do with how much flesh is going to be revealed and in what areas, etc.  Thatís really what it is. 


So they all work together to create the culture for a whole planet and everyone follows suit.  They wanted to bring in a society where promiscuity would lead to demands for abortion because of the fallout from it.  They wanted to also stop bonding between people so they wouldnít get married and they wouldnít want children, and thatís been awfully successful.  Weíre down to almost irreplaceable levels now across Europe, by the way Ė for folk who donít know that Ė even though other organizations are still at it, asking for more funding to bring the population down even further.  Weíre actually dropping below sustainable levels.  Thatís why theyíre saying at big meetings like the OECD I mentioned yesterday, theyíve got to maybe double or triple the immigration from other countries especially the Far East, theyíre saying, to replace the populations across the whole of Europe, and America, by the way, and Canada too


So itís working to plan.  This is what they wanted. They wanted to eradicate what they called those races Ė long ago by the way, they called them races before it was politically incorrect Ė to obliterate those races that could be aggressive or dominant and so on.  And of course they were talking mainly about the people in Britain at that time, it was the white people, and America as well.  So theyíve been awfully successful at it. 


Youíll read in even the science fiction books, that really program you in predictive programming Ė they put an idea in your head so that when it happens itís kind of familiar to you, you donít realize youíre already programmed through fiction for the new to come along, and accept.  Arthur C Clarke in his book 3001 Ė and thereís 2001 and 2010.  In 3001 he talks about this particular blend that would be left at the end of the ones who came through the big purge where they killed off all the lesser beings.  And the mixtures that were desirable from the different races combined.  So thereís nothing new under the sun, itís just that most folk prefer to watch more fiction without studying the fiction or even understanding who designed it, where did the money come from, why this particular route that itís going, and why youíre left with this thought.  Regardless of what they do, by the way, you always think itís a wonderful ending, isnít it?  And of course if it happened in reality and you were really sane it would not be a wonderful ending at all, to most of these movies. 


We also know too, that a long, long time ago part of this group, which was called Technocracy, they wanted to get a substitute for cash and they decided that the way of the future would be to value all energy... ALL energy, now that theyíve put in CO2 there with it as well Ė but all energy.  FDR was all for this, by the way.  Iíll put up a link tonight on some of the history of this.


Carbon Currency: A New Beginning for Technocracy? - augustreview.com / Patrick Wood / Jan 26, 2010

It goes back to the 1930s when the bigwigs got together and saw a world where they could tax all electricity, all fuel, all everything and that would become a form of currency in itself.  Getting back to that too, thereís an article here on something that says one thing but obviously means another.  We know theyíve integrated the systems, the electrical grids across America, thatís Canada and the States, at the same time.  We know, I know for a fact, just by observing whatís been happening here, if you get the slightest thunder clap a few miles away the whole darn grid goes down for hours.  Because theyíre putting in a lot of, not the old more robust type units to stop the tripping happening.  These things are so darn sensitive anything trips them and the whole lines go down.  So theyíre using cheaper components obviously to put it all together, in this great North American power grid system.  This article here says...


Appliance disruptions feared in power grid test

cbsnews.com / June 27, 2011


(AP)  WASHINGTON - A yearlong experiment with America's electric grid could mess up traffic lights, security systems and some computers - and make plug-in clocks and appliances like programmable coffeemakers run up to 20 minutes fast.  (Alan:  This is the rubbish theyíre telling you.  Thereís something else behind this because you see, youíve never really had a completely standard grid.   Some places get 110 volts, some will get 120, some 130, even in rural areas, but the equipment that youíre using generally is able to cope with the variability without losing any time or anything else. The only trouble youíll get is when they drop the voltage and the current down to a certain level and then appliances with motors, etc, overheat and burn out, which might be more of what theyíre really meaning here.  Theyíre trying to say youíre just going to lose some time, but weíll never get told the real story.)


"A lot of people are going to have things break and they're not going to know why," said Demetrios Matsakis, head of the time service department at the U.S. Naval Observatory, one of two official timekeeping agencies in the federal government.


Since 1930, electric clocks have kept time based on the rate of the electrical current that powers them. If the current slips off its usual rate, clocks run a little fast or slow. Power companies now take steps to correct it and keep the frequency of the current - and the time - as precise as possible.


The group that oversees the U.S. power grid (A:  Now, who is the group that oversees the US power grid?  The GROUP, right.) is proposing an experiment that would allow more frequency variation than it does now without corrections, according to a company presentation obtained by The Associated Press.


Officials say they want to try this to make the power supply more reliable, save money and reduce what may be needless efforts. (A:  What efforts are they talking about?)  The test is tentatively set to start in mid-July, but that could change.


Tweaking the power grid's frequency is expensive and takes a lot of effort, said Joe McClelland, head of electric reliability for the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.


"Is anyone using the grid to keep track of time?" McClelland said. "Let's see if anyone complains if we eliminate it."  (A:  Eliminate what?  The grid or time?  [Alan chuckles.]  Anyway...)


No one is quite sure what will be affected. (A:  This is rubbish too.  Itís obviously getting us ready for something, something else.  Is it rolling brownouts perhaps?  Because they certainly cut you down by half voltage.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, weíre back Cutting Through The Matrix.  It seems too, that the first part of Obamaís new health care system, which was based, itís to be based on the British system, which is slashed to the bone by the way, for those who donít know how it really works over there.  Theyíre actually advising you to get euthanized in Britain, openly now.  From the top people in the National Health Service are saying, you know, itís costing too much to keep these people alive.  Well, this is the one that Obama wants to bring in to the United States.  Itís not the old British system from say the 70s which worked pretty good. This is the completely slashed to the bone system.  And they used, again, the RAND Corporation to do the studies to find the one that they wanted to emulate and they came up with the British system. So Iíll put this link up too. 


Obama wins first appeals court healthcare ruling

reuters.com / By Jeremy Pelofsky and James Vicini / WASHINGTON | Jun 29, 2011


WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A U.S. appeals court on Wednesday upheld President Barack Obama's signature healthcare law, handing a victory to the White House by ruling Congress had the power to require that Americans buy insurance.  (A:  So youíve got to buy insurance for a system that really isnít there.  Thatís what youíll find in Britain too.  Thatís not bad, eh?  Itís not really there at all.   Itís good on paper mind you, when you read all the glossy stuff.  And thatís really how itís going.) 


We live in absolute nonsense today.  Itís almost a madhouse and itís all really worked out because weíre all living on the computer today.  Most folk donít even live in the real world.  Theyíre tweeting all over the place and on the phone all the time and they canít think for themselves whatsoever.  Their friends are all somewhere out in the ether; they never really meet them.  And lots of them arenít even real anyway; theyíre sockpuppets put out by government.  So thatís how mad the people are and thatís why youíre getting these fast changes now.  Because they know most folk are technically quite mad.  Theyíre all doing the same thing at once.  Theyíre all doing the same things, exactly, so they think theyíre sane:  Iím doing what everybody else is doing.  So they think theyíre sane but theyíre actually quite mad.  And thatís a fact.  There is a form of madness; you can be technically mad and still survive in society collectively. 


Another one Iím putting up tonight too, is...


Confusing teens (A:  Again...) about their gender: (A:  This is the same one I put up before.) the radical new French high school curriculum

lifesitenews.com / Jeanne Smits, Paris correspondent / May 26, 2011


How itís really being put in there, what is gender anyway.† And theyíre still going back to this old Marxist stuff and Pavlovian stuff; you are because mummy dressed you that way and thatís why you are that way, and all that rubbish, utter tripe that theyíre forcing down everyoneís heads, as they recreate the world in the way that THEY want it to be recreated.  They want the farm animals to behave in a different way today. 


Iíll also put up a link too, itís about eugenics and population.  It says...


Carousel Redux: The Euthanasia Coaster

noonehastodietomorrow.com / Amy de Miceli / 06-27-2011


Logan's Run brought to life the idea that living 30 years was plenty. (A:  I mentioned that years ago.  You should get Loganís Run.  It was a good predictive programming movie to do with the earth running out of all resources, by the way, and the ancients decided to put all the young folk into domes underground.  Theyíd live to 30.  Theyíll have a good, happy life; again, very promiscuous and they wouldnít reproduce at all because it was all done in test tubes.  For everyone that was killed off at 30, then a new baby would be born and thatís how they kept the figures constant.  It was quite a good movie to watch.  Anyway it says...)


Today designer Julijonas Urbonas has created something very similar, the "euthanasia coaster" and he describes it as an elegant and euphoric way to take the life of a human being. The very 'Humane' death coaster will drop you and spin you until your brain loses oxygen, "a legal indicator of death in many jurisdictions." (A:  I mean, this is all in the mainstream because youíre getting taught now that itís not too bad to go and get your brains blown out.)  The ride lifts you half a kilometer to the top, there you can decide when to push the 'FALL button' and then its vision loss, confusion, and then your dead body will loop a few more times to ensure that this was indeed your final ride. Urbonas speculates about the future use of his euthanasia machine and he thinks it can be used either for overpopulation, or "if your life becomes too long." (A:  That means youíre taxed to the gills and youíve had enough.)  Although itís unclear whether he sees this "too long" scenario as a voluntary coaster ride or more of a mandatory one. 


Iíve got another link to it too, a better link perhaps, more information in it, where he says they could actually make one that would take about 24 at a time and it would be more efficient than Auschwitz was ever supposed to be.† [http://www.julijonasurbonas.lt/p/euthanasia-coaster/]† And it will be real; thatís for sure.  You can go and feel it and see it and try it if you want.  And at the very end they can replace it with new bodies very quickly, like a magazine for a gun basically:  just put new bodies in there and let them die off and bring them down and clear them out again.  That way they could reduce the population rather quickly.  And of course itís all meant to be some kind of joke to the average person, the way itís presented. But believe you me, itís all affecting the way that you think about things.  Because you donít think about things; you bring in information through osmosis.  You donít think through things or ask even why these articles are getting mainstream attention or who funds morons like this character here?  Because someone is funding him.  And then youíll find out whoís funding him, youíll find what theyíre connected to and itís, again, population reduction and all the usual stuff. 


Now Iím going to give you an example of how your emotions are used against you, and quite naturally too, because we have natural emotions to do with certain things.  Some of them weíre not allowed to be disgusted at anymore; we can get imprisoned for retaliating in fact.  However, other things are allowed.  And weíre still repugnant to see how animals can be mistreated and killed for food.  It says...


Dutch move to ban slaughter of livestock which hasn't been stunned

theaustralian.com.au / From: AP June 29, 2011


(A:  And that sounds, oh, thatís, oh Ė thereís your headline Ė thatís terrible. Thatís awful.)


The Dutch parliament has passed a bill banning the slaughter of livestock without stunning it first, removing an exemption that has allowed Jews and Muslims to butcher animals according to their centuries-old dietary rules.   (A:  Well believe you me, one of the groups will still get along with that.  Letís go into the real story and why theyíre doing this, after this break.)


Hi folks, weíre back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix, reading an article about how Holland has passed a bill to ban the slaughter of livestock without stunning it first.  Remember too, we have to go into a vegetarian world. Thatís on the books; theyíve said that for 40 years.  Toffler said it in his book too, The Third Wave.  That was part of it, he said, weíre bringing in a vegetarian society, and it must be so.  Theyíve said the same thing for years.  The elite will still have their venison, etc, from all the private farms they have scattered across the planet.  But you will not be eating any meat whatsoever. 


Now remember too, the whole point of this thing in Holland, itís not because they care any more about animals, believe you me, or in Australia either where they have the same problem.  Itís nothing to do with that.  Itís the fact that theyíre bringing in and mandating you eat this genetically grown meat in tanks.  And Holland is the country it all started in.  Theyíve got all the massive funding from all different countries Ė itís tax money basically Ė going to these big corporations in Holland to make sure that they can expand their tanks and sell you this flabby awful kind of scientifically-designed, goodness-knows-what kind of meat that theyíre selling.  And theyíve got it in the meat chain now.  In Britain theyíve got to buy this stuff.  And of course the initial stuff, theyíre just making it into hamburger because itís got no tone to it or anything else.  Itís literally artificially grown. And this is the real reason behind it.  Not because these guys love animals, believe you me.  Thatís the real reason behind it. But they use your emotions to go against the meat and all the rest of it until most of you will be stuck on Monsantoís GM food and youíll die off rather quickly.  So thatís all thatís about, perceptions again, and emotions.  They use it to the utmost on all of us


Google forced to change privacy practices after report the search giant publicizes the home addresses of Wi-Fi users

dailymail.co.uk / By Daily Mail Reporter / 28th June 2011


Theyíre selling them off.  Iíll put that one up at cuttingthroughthematrix.com at the end of the night.  And also...


Hacker Data Release Reveals Feds Domestic Spy Program Has Grown Far Beyond Our Wildest Nightmares

blog.alexanderhiggins.com / Posted by Alexander Higgins - June 24, 2011


Government data leaked by hackers reveal US government domestic spy program has grown far beyond our wildest nightmare, with Government operatives spying on our every move, in every imaginable aspect of our lives, both online and offline(A:  And Iíll put this article up for you to see for yourselves.)


All the big boys are in there, the FBI and private organizations and companies and so on.  And another one too, that ties in with it...


How anything you've EVER said on the internet could be seen by employers as Feds approve firm that dishes dirt on applicants

dailymail.co.uk / Fiona Roberts / 27th June 2011


So they have all your data now, and remember it was all going to be kept confidential, etc.  Well now theyíre selling it off to all employers. And they can get EVERY SINGLE email, all your little talks that you put out there, given to them, which they pay for of course, to these corporations.  Iíve told you before, you got to remember what youíre talking about, who youíre talking to, at all times, and never say anything that you shouldnít say, obviously, because you have no idea where itís all going to go.  I did a long time ago because I knew why they gave the folk the computer in the first place because Iíd read their books. 


A picture says a thousand words and Iíd like to talk about perceptions and perception management and how youíve all been trained to perceive everything in a certain way.  If you see a guy on the road, a highwayman for instance, with a gun pointing at your car and you stop, youíre going to get robbed and youíre angry about it.  If a policeman has been told to up his ante that week and get extra tickets out there to please the bosses, which they do, they have quotas.  Hereís a guy in a uniform looking rather mean, with a gun, and he wants you to pay up or else.  Itís the same thing!  Extortion is extortion.  An extortion racket is an extortion racket.  Itís all perception management.  And thatís how you train animals.  This article here is from Veterans Today, that ties in with that because itís a set of photographs.  Iíll let you come to your own conclusions.  It says...


Photo Horrors: 3rd Reich v. Gaza

veteranstoday.com / Tuesday, June 28th, 2011 / Gordon Duff


Germany 1940 (A:   ...on the one side...)  -  Israel 2009 (A:   ...on the other.)


Have a look at the photographs and see if you can see any difference at all.


Alan:  Now, weíll go to the phones now and thereís Vince from DC if heís on the line.  Are you there Vince?


Vince:  Hi Alan.  I just will get straight to the point.  I wanted to talk about the spraying.  And basically, that there is sort of a lot of misinformation.  Based on, from what Iíve been reading, is that the spray is not actually just barium and aluminum salts.  It actually is a synthetic biological organism.  Youíre breathing this in and it gets in your blood.  And the guy that produced the documentary, Aerosol Crimes, Clifford Carnicom, has basically discovered that this spray is ending up in everybodyís blood basically.   Thatís really sort of frightening and an unpleasant prospect.  But for anyone interested you can go to carnicom.com.  It has all his research papers up there.


Alan:  Well, what youíll always find is that whatever you are coming across today as news, whenever you see something like geo-engineers want to geo-engineer the planet, itís already been done for many years.  If they say theyíre thinking of adding something to the spray, that theyíre going to do in the future, youíll find they already did it years ago.  And we have the present group getting us acclimatized to the idea of geo-engineering even though they started in 1998, DAILY spraying of the planet.  Theyíre talking about adding sulfur to it now as well.  And I had yellow puddles again this year; it looks like latex paint, literally.  And Iím not kidding you too.  Geo-engineering is meant to cause either flooding or drought depending on the spray that they use.  And here theyíve just literally washed out the breadbasket of North America; I hope people realize thatís what weather warfare is all about.  Out all the way to Manitoba theyíve been getting flooded and the same in the breadbasket of the US at the same time.  So thatís why they can say with confidence that thereís going to be food crisis coming on.  But youíre right too.  Now another thing theyíre talking about in geoengineering was, we think weíve just found out it isnít just particles of dirt or whatever in the atmosphere that causes the ice to form around it and cause the initial rain, etc.  Weíve now found that certain bacterium do it.  So youíre right.  When theyíre telling you this, well, theyíre putting bacterium in it as well and they have been probably for years.  And everyoneís come down at all times with these strange bronchitic infections.  Part of it is probably due to a bacterial infection that sets in.  And part of it is definitely due to the fact that you cannot breathe in barium, aluminum oxide and various other compounds, or sulfur either, without massive irritation of the mucosal lining of your lungs, and then of course bacteria really get going once that mucosal lining breaks down.  And youíve got this repetitive bronchitis, thatís now the new normal by the way, across the world.  Itís the new normal and everyoneís adapting to it and medicine adapts to it very quickly and they tell you to take more antihistamines and give you antibiotics, etc.  So youíre quite right.  Weíre being dosed.  They know, and even when they tell you, oh if we were going to geo-engineer the world there could be severe consequences.  Well, they know the consequences.  Theyíve been studying us going down the hill since 1998. They know exactly what it causes.  They know how the death rateís going up with it too.  And itís bang on target as far as Iím concerned.  And of course, theyíre never going to admit to it. Even the ones whoíve tried to get admissions out of them, like the politician in Sudbury, Ontario, who was told by the Department of Defence politician, they donít have to answer that question because itís a matter of national security.  So thatís what it is, yeah.


Vince:  I just want to say one more thing.  Yeah, I agree absolutely that it has big purposes, the weather warfare, but I also think that it has something to do with the transhumanism or, you know, genetic engineering and affecting humans.


Alan:  Oh, itís affecting us.  Hereís what they said too, in the treaties they signed at the United Nations since the 70s by the way, ongoing.  They could also affect the moods of human beings, make us very depressed, euphoric or lethargic.  Everyoneís tired, youíll notice.  Everyone whoís heavily sprayed gets tired and your mind is sluggish.  And of course, weíre not living up to our optimum levels of thought or ability or creativity or whatever and this is all the side effects of it.  So they can also pacify the people during times of crisis with it as well, and Iím sure weíre all being pacified.  People are not reacting to the news thatís even getting thrown at them with the proper responses; theyíre not reacting at all. 


Vince:  I agree.  The last thing Iíll say before I go is that the sort of, I guess, this pathogen or whatever thatís ending up in everyoneís blood, you can actually rinse your mouth out with red wine, which contains, you know, these sort of aromatic compounds from plants.  You can actually see these filaments just come out, come out... massive amounts of filaments coming out of your gums.  And if you put them under the microscope the filaments match the stuff in the air.  But actually, you actually have a fair amount of this material in your body.


Alan:  Are you talking about the little tubules that are coming out like Morgellons stuff?


Vince:  Yeah.


Alan:  Well, itís interesting too, that one of the articles I have here was to do with the military when they first came out with the polymer idea, spraying the air with polymer.  They created these particular little nano-size tubules and inside the tubules, the idea was for warfare purposes at the time going back to the 1950s, and Teller, who invented the H-bomb was the guy who was given this project.  And these little tubules were to contain the virus or the bacterium that they were going to bring down on the enemy target. So itís an old technology.  Itís old stuff, well tried and tested over different areas of especially Britain.  They were testing Britain in the 60s and 70s with this stuff, without telling the public of course, and measuring it and measuring the health effects too. So theyíve experimented.  Weíre not under experimentation anymore.  This is the real thing.  This is war on the public.  And youíre right, unfortunately, weíre getting absolutely full of chemicals, these little tubules as theyíre called.  Iíve said years ago too, thereís no complaints department here.  Thatís the worst of it.  WHO do you complain to?  WHO?  They all say, oh we donít know anything about that, you know; how crazy; weíre not doing that.  Even though you look up every single day, in a rural area, and thereís about 50 trails across the sky every morning. 


Vince:  Yeah, I even looked up non NATO country members and I can find photographs in Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina of the spraying and the only place Iíve seen no spraying was when I was in Egypt about a year ago.  But that might have just been the two weeks that I was there, you know. 


Alan:  I know people in Air Canada and a few other companies who are always on the go across the planet and they say itís worst over all the big cities across the planet now.   Itís everywhere across the planet now. 


Vince:  I think so too.  Okay, well Iíll let you get back to the show.  Thanks.


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  As I say, whereís the complaints department?  You understand, pleading with the monsters at the top is not going to stop them.  I hope everyone understands that.  I hope you really understand what Iím saying.  Now, weíll go to Glen in Philly if heís there.  Hello Glen.


Glen:  Hello Alan.  Good evening.  I wanted to give a little feedback on the story about electricity regulation changes you mentioned.† When youíre dealing with alternating current thereís 3 different elements.  Thereís the voltage, thereís the available current, and thereís the frequency.  And what theyíre going to stop regulating or carefully checking is the frequency of the current. So while itís true that many devices can tolerate a certain range of voltage, which is electrical pressure Ė sort of analogous to water that pushes Ė current is drawn and then the frequency is whatís going to throw things off.  So strictly anything with an AC motor, an AC motor is like an old type clock, especially anything with AC motors.  Now, anything that uses, you know, a transformer that rectifies the current and puts it out as DC, that should be okay.  Or a lot of devices, especially things that draw small amounts of current and have chips on them, those can tolerate that sort of thing, again, especially if theyíre using DC.   So now they can sell you, as this stuff gets out of kilter, they can sell you a whole new generation device with all these little do-dads in it that they want, you know.


Alan:  Thatís what I was thinking too, refrigerators and everything.


Glen:  Yeah, especially anything with AC motors, thatíll stress the heck out of them.  But anyway, thatís about all.  Actually, on the health front, I told you this a while back and I havenít contacted you directly about it.† I personally have had great success in the past 2 years with remediating certain health problems with nutrient supplements, relatively straightforward stuff that can be purchased directly at like a discount store or a drug store.  And I will write to you about this because, in case you want to procure some of it.  But some of it is, you know, pretty straightforward, pretty basic and I got rid of a lot of aches and pains and now Iím starting to get the upper hand on fatigue so I will email you about that.


Alan:  Okay. 


Glen:  Thank you sir.  Have a good night. 


Alan:  Thanks for calling.  Itís true, you got to supplement yourself because the rubbish youíre getting even from the vegetables, never mind the spraying, but the rubbish youíre getting from the vegetables now, these things are completely altered.  Iíd hardly call them food anymore at all.  Now, thereís Dave from London there.  Are you there Dave?


Dave:  Hi Alan.  How are you?


Alan:  Not too bad. 


Dave:  Okay then.  Iíll just try and be as quick as possible.  I think the Dutch thing is going to start some sort of, itís the Hegelian dialectic, in my opinion.† Because, you know what I mean, itís going to start some violence.  And I donít know whether you know about the Bradford 2001 riots that occurred in Bradford, something like that where thereís that going on.  So it kind of reminds me of the Protestant/Catholic thing they have now.  Itís like a new paradigm; itís probably Muslims and non-Muslims fighting each other.


Alan:  And it will also be vegetarians, who are fanatics, and all greenies fighting people who want to eat meat too. 


Dave:  Yeah.† I wanted to ask a question about Protestantism.  Whatís the evidence to show that Protestantism came out of Rosicrucianism, because I can see the links between the Cathars and the Rosicrucians, but I canít see the links between the Protestantism and Rosicrucianism.  Are they kind of... whatís the evidence for that?


Alan:  Well, the evidence, if you go into the Bogomils and the Cathars, theyíre both the same peoples in different areas in Europe, and how they actually tried to infiltrate and take over the church actually, but with a new spin on it of course, a form of Gnosticism.  And really, when you check the same teachings that they had youíd find that they match up precisely with Rosicrucianism.  Plus Martin Luther himself, look at his family crest; itís the rose and cross; itís Rosicrucianism.


Dave:  Thatís the same as the Tudors, right?  The Tudors had...


Alan:  The Tudors had the red rose as well and the Lancasters had the white rose.  So youíll find, really, it was definitely born out of that.  There was a big movement to back Luther as well, a big movement behind him, very powerful and wealthy too.  Thanks for calling.  Iíll be back with more after this.


Hi folks, weíre back.  This is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Thereís Rita from Colorado on the line there.  Are you there Rita?


Rita:  Hi, how are you Alan?


Alan:  Not too bad.


Rita:  I just wanted to thank you very much, like Iíve been listening to your program.  I just graduated from college and your program and resources have really facilitated my education.  So thank you very much. 


Alan:  Itís been a pleasure to do.


Rita:  I just want to talk about my experiences in college.  It was just, it was the weirdest thing because I was in the humanities so, you know, we would read a lot, a lot of stuff that you talk about, especially like with the cultural production and all that, Adorno, the whole Frankfurt School, all those guys.  And it is just so weird because I mean, we would be in the classroom and youíd be reading from the horseís mouth, you know, the whole plan and then, you know, we would match it with a section, you know, like advertising, television, magazines, internet policies and laws.  And even in the classroom thereíd be people who just wouldnít get it, like just not believe it.  Once you would step outside the classroom and you were talking about it outside of this theoretical frame, people would be like, nah, nah, thatís just conspiracy, thatís just...  I would notice like 3 types of things.  It would be either youíd ask people who would be like, no, no, and say, thatís just conspiracy, that would never happen.   Even though they were reading it from the horseís mouth every day.† Or you would have people who were apparently, I would say in the liberal camp.  So it would be, you know, people would be thinking that theyíre fighting something but theyíre actually falling into the program.† Especially like with feminism or whatever, and they would just totally be falling into the system anyways.  Like, our population problem, we really need to adjust this, and like we really need to go green and like bring about positive social change.  But theyíd be doing the same script, you know.


Alan:  Thatís right. 


Rita:  Or like youíd meet people, or, I would meet people who Iíd be like, is this a spy?  [Caller giggles.] †You know, like, you... and it was just, it was such... it was a horrible experience for me, the college, because you know I wanted to have fun and like do the college thing, but Iíd be learning this and then I would just go... I would always be so confused.  Because I didnít know who was who.  I didnít know who really knew what.  I didnít know who my professors really were. It was just so strange, you know.


Alan:  Yes.  And thereís a lot of paranoia.  Iím getting a lot of emails from people in university now to talk about paranoia and how even professors set up little groups against other members of the groups.† What they donít know is these are authorized experiments, social experiments where theyíll seem to ostracize a person, who will not be told why, and theyíre taught to spy on them and report on them.  And this is so fascinating to see that the professors are actually using these experiments, without permission, on particular subjects and making them ultra-paranoid throughout their whole experience in college.


Rita:  Yeah, it was the most bizarre experience and it was so frustrating too, because I would want to get involved in things, you know, like take some action, but I just didnít know like which group was which.  I didnít know who was really behind it, what were the front groups, you know.  It was just so bizarre.  And you know, I want to continue studying this whole cultural production thing.  You know, like the entertainment industry, I just really didnít like, you know... as a young person just really trying to heal from this whole, you know, upbringing Iíve had.  Because I was thinking about it and I was, you know, like television and movies and all this stuff has raised me more than my own family.  You know?


Alan:  Yes.  Exactly.  Youíve said it right there, right on the button.  They have raised you more than your own family.  Thatís what Bertrand Russell said too, the state shall take over all the functions of the family, including giving them their values.  Well, the TV did it for them.


Rita:  Yeah, and itís just, you know, just to really come to terms with that and you know, try to disconnect from all the indoctrination and then but still relate to my peer group, and like still function.  And itís very strange.  You know, like I just find myself in a very strange place. 


Alan:  Itís a very strange place and Iíll tell you, it will take some courage on your own part to find yourself.  Because thatís really what itís all about, is finding yourself and shedding the indoctrination, even if those around you do not shed theirs; theyíre quite comfortable with it.  Itís much easier than thinking for yourself, is to keep wearing the same indoctrination.  So you can... But Iíll tell you, thereís no prize greater than finding yourself and having your mind working the way itís supposed to work and discerning for itself whatís true, false, and right and wrong for you.  Thereís no greater prize than that.


Rita:  Yeah, and Iím just taking this time now in the summer to just read and like still listening to your show, but it was just weird because everything on your program we would read in class and we would talk about in class.  And you know, it makes me think that itís definitely like the TV and all their genetic whatever has definitely done a great job because people really are just not responding.  And I donít know whatís going through their head but like youíd be reading it and people would just say, no, not thatís not true.  I remember when I was like a kid... and then itís also interesting how like rebellion, they even named a niche for those who have like a rebellious leaning.  And like so they have a little bubble for you to go into.  You know.


Alan:  They have.  They literally do. They have a little compartment for every kind of personality out there.


Rita:  And everythingís been crafted into like a marketing thing where, like, yeah, youíre rebellious, you have this look and you say these types of things.  And you know, I tell people, like, what do you think, like, Facebook and Twitter and these internet sites are doing?  Like theyíre profiling you and trying to figure out what else can they see, you know, theyíre looking into your predisposition and like constantly feeding you something to keep you going in a certain direction.  You know. 


Alan:  Yes.  But I tell you, thanks for calling in, because weíve actually gone over the time with the radio and the music didnít come in.  But I hope you call again and keep us filled in and how youíre doing with your experiences. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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