June 30th, 2011 (#866)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt June 30th, 2011:

Screw the Peasant, His Nature Stays Pleasant:

"I've Said it Before, I'll Say it With Brevity,
You Will Despise The Age of Austerity,
Where Everyone of Every Race
Will Be Forced to "Know Their Place",
No Leeway for Eccentricity,
Massive "Energy" Taxes on Electricity,
Every Purchase from Every Shop
Will Have Carbon Tax Tacked On to Top,
The Plan for This Con Hatched Years Ago,
Written in Stone as Shortly You'll Know,
Tax Addicts in Government to Roll in Cash,
Minus Cut for Elites' Own Personal Stash"
© Alan Watt June 30th, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė June 30th, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 30th of June, 2011.  Newcomers, I always suggest you look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and help yourself to the audios which are there for free download.  Thereís an awful lot to choose from.  And hopefully, by the time youíre finished, youíll have read a lot of books I suggest.  Youíll also understand the big system that overlays all the governmental systems on the planet in fact.  Theyíre a superstructure around the whole planet, all the private foundations, private organizations, that are incredibly well funded by the foundations, which usually are owned by international corporations or international money lenders as opposed to just straight bankers.  And youíll find out that the world is literally planned in advance, the future that each generation will live through.  And how weíre even trained to expect the big changes they have planned for you.  Weíre trained that way, not to expect too much, as you go into austerity. Iím sure thatís how theyíre training all the children even going into kindergarten right now.  And theyíve been doing this for an awful long time.  If you want to hold on to power, you must always plan the future, otherwise youíre liable to lose it.  So, the big boys, who have been here for an awful long time, make sure that every generation knows its place, and is trained to know its place, and will behave in exactly the manner that theyíve been indoctrinated to behave in.  And itís quite an art, really.  But then, thatís no problem when you have hundreds of think tanks working on every single problem, and finding solutions to the problems, how to overcome problems.  Before they even move one piece on the chessboard they plan it like a war, just like the same strategy as a war. 


So, help yourself to those audios.  Remember too, youíre the audience that bring me to you, so you can purchase the books and discs I have for sale at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And, from the US to Canada, remember, you can use a personal check.  You can also use an international postal money order, or you can use PayPal.  Youíll find the donation button on the .com site, and you can follow it up with an email with name, address, and order, and Iíll get it out to you.  Now, Canada Post has been on strike.  Theyíre back again, but it will take them a week or so to get back up to speed, with their backlog and all the rest of it, but at least theyíre back to work, so hopefully the mail will start getting through now.  Across the rest of the world, youíve got Western Union, Money Gram, and again, PayPal to order using the donation button.  And straight donations really are very welcome.  It doesnít matter how small it is, even if it was regular, it would all certainly help, cumulatively.


I talk on this broadcast about the history and the future of the organizations that have planned our future, as they planned your parents before you, and your grandparents, and even before that too.  Because, as I say, itís a very old system of organization.  It even was set up long before you had the term democracy.  And, when democracy came along, personally, I think they gave it to the people, knowing theyíd always give you the leaders and the party members to vote for.  So it would be a big front to keep you from rebelling every four or five years as the landlords came around and took all your cattle and sheep away, or whatever else it happened to be in the 1700s.  They knew all this was coming up. 


They watched what was going on in France, and they said, itís not going to happen anywhere else, so weíll give them this fake thing called democracy, where the politicians would pretend to serve the people, but in actuality, theyíll all be well chosen in advance, and none of them can step out of line.  They canít step out of line at all.  Theyíre on the party, you see.  So, whatever the head guy says is the party, and they go along.  Theyíre just like seals at the circus that used to stand up on little boxes and clap their front fins.  Thatís what the party is.  They clap for their leader, and the leader is given his marching orders before heís even put in there as the leader by those who own him.  And itís the same across most of the world today. 


And weíll talk about what theyíve got planned for us as we go back into the second part of this show, after this break, I should say.  Talk to you in a minute. 


Hi folks, weíre back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  As I mentioned earlier there, this system we have is bogus, as we well know.  The big boys, the bankers themselves prefer whatís now called Socialism to work with, because Socialism is really a control freak mechanism to invade everyoneís lives.  They believe in behaviorism and creating the perfect citizen, worker, whatever it happens to be, by starting on the very young at school through Behaviorism and scientific education, as Bertrand Russell called it.  Scientific indoctrination.  Once that indoctrination has taken, very few can escape it and realize theyíve been conned, because it has shaped their minds.  Itís shaped their likes and dislikes.  And it has even instilled in them what theyíll rebel against, even, including other people with different points of view.  And this again what they were all about with the various behaviorists down through time, Skinner and Watson and all these different guys. 


And weíll find that bankers love Socialism, because theyíre always borrowing.  Itís really a boon for the bankers, because these governments are always borrowing from the private money boys.  And we know money is a con.  Itís a control mechanism.  Itís replaced barter.  Itís replaced everything else.  And you need money to survive.  Not food or anything else.  You need money to buy the food.  And thatís the system that Socialism brings in, where everyone is interdependent on the system to survive.  All tyrants down through the ages, before they thought of the term even, Socialism, sent out spies to try and mine the data on every single individual, because the totalitarian system means that everyone must be absolutely predictable.  So, today we have that system in place through the internet and various other means as well.  And we see the totalitarian features coming in as well, where children are really being given all their values by the state, exactly as the big boys who brought this system in said they would do a long time ago in very old books, and Iíve mentioned so many on these broadcasts, Iíve lost count of them all. 


Itís happened.  And of course the media takes over and entertainment.  Thereís actually more indoctrination through entertainment for every generation, to make them very predictable again.  And even the whole scam of banking, even when these bankers donít really give gold or anything you can weigh or measure to governments, they just give them permission to just print up more money, basically, but then the government has got to pay them back in real assets.  Whether it be gold or real estate, it doesnít really matter to the big boys.  The big boys canít lose that way, you see.  But then again too, when it comes to collecting cash off the people, the government then collects the cash on behalf of the international bankers.  And thatís why they love Socialism so much.  It works very well.


Now, weíre going into the ďAge of AusterityĒ is what weíve been told so many times.  This was planned, again, a long time ago.  Because even people like Toynbee talked about this in the Ď40s and the Ď30s, even, where we would go through these different phases.  The sexual revolution would have to come along, and that came along later, sure enough to end the family unit, knowing that women who had lots of partners wouldnít basically mate with anybody for any length of time, and have the children.  That was their goal.  Each one of these guys has said separately, independently that eventually the state will be able to talk down to each individual without family members or anyone else being in the way.  Thatís what they always wanted, and thatís what Orwell put in his book, Nineteen Eighty-Four, that very scenario. 


And weíve gone through other revolutions too, and part of it is also to destroy, at this stage of the game, to destroy what it is to be a man or a woman, to cause tremendous confusion, and to actually systematize it in the system itself, and thatís already happened through the schooling system.  Oh, you havenít tried that, maybe thereís something wrong with you.  Would you like to see a counselor or a therapist?  Etc, etc.  Until youíve got really screwed up children who will try anything that comes along, just be one of the group, then theyíll be awfully good, as the teachers would say.  And weíve already got that generation here.  Weíre also being bioengineered, reengineered, through the food, inoculations, all the phthalates, etc, in the plastics, and bisphenol-As and various other things which are deliberately put in there, because it effeminizes the male and turns off his hormones, basically switches them off, and he doesnít develop properly after that.  When the women get too much of the same things they become more mannish, in fact, and they put a lot of weight on as well, and they can become more aggressive. 


Iíve lived through a lot of this.  Iíve watched it all, knowing what was happening as society was going through it.  And, believe you me, it was a lonely life, knowing what was going on, because I had read all the books, and you canít really tell many people who take all of their reality from the nightly news.  And thatís where most folk are today, as we go through the next changes.


Now, austerity literally is to come down into a system of socialism that was talked about back in the Ď30s.  They had Technocracy, and then there was even Technocracy Inc and a few other spin-offs of them too, where eventually all things that were traded or sold would be measured in energy units.  And this is where we are today with carbon credits.  Carbon credits is simply the new term for the same thing.  How much energy did it take to make that item?  And how much carbon did it put off?  And some magician sticks his finger out the window and comes back in with an answer.  And thatís literally how itís done.  Itís a big con.  We all know itís a con, but itís going to really tax us all into the grave, pretty well; although we wonít get the grave anymore.  They want to pour us in the back garden through green goo that theyíve created to get rid of us all.  And this is strange too, even talking like this, because Iím talking fact, isnít it.  Itís not even science fiction.  Iíve read the articles here. 


Anyway, in Australia, where theyíre really trying to catch up with Britain, and even go a step further with the new ultra-feminist and Fabian Socialist government theyíve got in there.  Absolutely dedicated to their tasks.  Theyíre telling Australians, who have already had the carbon taxes passed, the first part of it passed, that Australians must work harder.  And this is from the guy whoís in charge of the Treasury or the Central Bank as they call them.  It says:


Dr Parkinson says Australia cannot rely on the mining boom alone.


Treasury Secretary Martin Parkinson is warning Australians face declining living standards if they do not work harder.


In a strongly worded speech in Melbourne last night, Dr Parkinson blamed what he called populist media campaigns for undermining bipartisan support for reform.


(Alan: Now, you understand, when they use words like reform, theyíre meaning turning you upside down.  You know, change is good, but nobody asks what the changes are before they vote these prunes in.  Anyway:)


The Treasury Secretary said Australia could not rely on the mining boom to prop up the economy and if productivity was not improved, incomes would take a dive.


(A: Well, theyíre going to take a dive anyway, because youíre in austerity, and youíre also going to have to pay all these carbon taxes, which, once theyíre on the books, of course, like any other law, they start quadrupling before the year is out and it goes on from there.)


Parkinson also warned the countryís national interest depended on foreign investment. 


(A: Thatís the other part of interdependence, you have to sell off or give off a lot of your national interests in areas and parts of your land to foreign investment.  If you refuse them under the World Trade Organization, if you refuse a country coming in because they want to bring in their own workers, which they often do now, if you refuse them, because they pay them less money and so on, then you get fined by the WTO, millions and millions of dollars which comes from the taxpayers purse.  It says:)


The Greens, independent Senator Nick Xenophon (A: Strange name, eh, Xenophonic) are calling for a review of the rules governing overseas investment in Australian farmland.


(A: You see, a lot of foreigners want to buy over the farmland too.  Then youíre really kaputsky.  Do you understand, what weíre going through now is the end of certain peoples and certain cultures.  Very deliberate too, which again, was written about back in the Ď20s and Ď30s.  And itís happening as they planned.  It says:)


But Dr Parkinson said that discouraging capital from legitimate foreign sources could harm the countryís potential wealth. 


So anyway, thatís one article on Australia.  And then you go into this one by everyone knows of Lord Christopher Monckton, whoís the only guy who had a few pieces upstairs in his head, who took on all of the real nutcases, well paid nutcases, mind you, on global warming and the carbon issue and all the rest of it, and he beat them all. 


Controversial climate change sceptic Lord Christopher Monckton says Australia will be tossed into the Third World if it succumbs to what he calls the federal government's socialist agenda.


Lord Monckton lashed out at both the "hypocrisy" of the Australian media and the federal government's "socialism" after speaking at a mining conference in Perth. (A: Australia.)


Although he did not deny climate change was happening, Lord Monckton told the Association of Mining and Exploration Companies (AMEC) the cost of reducing the effects of global warming far outweighed the cost of the possible damage.


He said the mining industry was essentially being hit with two carbon taxes, with the Minerals Resource Rent Tax aimed at the most energy intensive companies.


"It's very clear the Gillard government needs money because socialism is expensive,"


(A: Thatís what I was telling you.  They love socialism.  The bankers love it.)


the adviser to former British prime minister Margaret Thatcher told reporters.


"Great damage will be done to your economy if you go down the road of a carbon tax and the MRRT. Both of those are disasters in the making and will drive Australia into the Third World."


But even before Lord Monckton took to the stage to address mining executives, he had courted controversy, with academics attempting


(A: Academics, eh.  Professors)


attempting to have him pulled from a university speaking engagement.


(A: Thereís how one-sided this is, in a Free Society, isnít it, with these fanatics who are raking in the cash, who see themselves getting a lot richer by all these grants from carbon that theyíre going to get.  By the way, most of these guys who helped supposedly convince the prime minister Ė she didnít need any convincing Ė about the carbon being the problem, which it isnít, took to the hills, basically, when they were getting threatened by the public, because they knew damn well these guys were behind it so that theyíd get all these massive grants.  They literally went into hiding.  That was in the papers too.  And it says:)


About 50 Australian academics urged the University of Notre Dame to cancel his lecture which is being sponsored by mining magnate Gina Rinehart.


And Iíll talk a little bit more about this when I come back, because itís awfully important, because weíre all going to get the same laws rammed down our throats very shortly.  Back after a moment.


Hi folks, weíre back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  Reading an article about Lord Monkton, who got harangued in Australia, by all those who are going to make a lot, personally, make a lot of cash off the carbon taxes.  Itís great how your values are shaped by your income, isnít it?  Anyway, he got harangued at Notre Dame by fifty academics who didnít want to hear him.  And what his answer to that was, he says:


he was not fazed by the push but said that if it involved only 50 academics then Australian academia "is in a better state than many parts of the world".


(A: Because in most parts of the world now, theyíre all getting payoffs and grants and all the rest of it to push absolute lies.  Anyway, it says when you scroll further down here:)


On Thursday Lord Monckton once again apologised to the federal government's climate change adviser Ross Garnaut, who he last week called a fascist and associated with Adolf Hitler.


However, he too said he was owed an apology from the Australian media for comparing him to a Holocaust denier.


(A: I wonder if they called him heterosexual too.  All those nasty words you know, and things like that, you know what Iím saying.)


He said one journalist had written in a column that climate change sceptics should be gassed.


Do you understand the fanatics and greedy bar stewards, you know, that are going to profit off of this?  And theyíre getting so angry at anybody that can take away all this massive money thatís going to make them awfully rich, as they skimp everything off the ordinary folk, the poor folk.  Do you understand, theyíve tried for years to get new taxes through for simply having you exist.  Thatcher tried the head tax.  Well, this is even better.  They call it the carbon tax.  They dress it up in a scientific garb, so it must be true, right?  And everyone is kind of confused.  They canít see it for what it is.  Itís just the same thing.  Itís a tax for living, for existing.  Are these Greenies attacking all the rabbits and making them pay up as well, and the elephants, etc?  Oh, I donít think so.  Just us apparently, but itís all to do with massive, massive money and controlling your entire way of life.  And to go even further, this is from Australia too.


Carbon tax comp for medical equipment users


The  Federal Government's much awaited carbon tax compensation package will include an additional payment to 110,000 households that rely on essential medical equipment at home.


(A: Theyíre housebound and they need equipment to live.)


These people have high electricity costs due to their use of equipment, such as a dialysis machine or other life support devices at home.


They will receive a special annual cash payment that will fully cover the average price increase of electricity


What about the rest of the public?  Do you understand how these hypocrites do this kind of stuff?  Oh, look how good we are.  We care about the elderly.  Theyíre trying to kill us all off by offering us euthanasia, for Godís sake.  Utter hypocrites.  Utter hypocrites.  Disgusting, arenít they?  Do you understand, as I say, if anything is dressed in a scientific garb, weíve all been trained too, to kowtow and cow down to these guys in white coats.  If itís scientific it must be awfully good.  You have no idea how messed up hospitals are.  How many mistakes are made on every single day by these great professionals, who are there because they love the people, as they charge you billions of bucks for everything.  You know what Iím saying?  You know, these great altruistic people, who generally say, Iím going to be a lawyer or a doctor, you know, because thatís where the cash is. 


Anyway, organs of those killed by euthanasia, are now being sold on the market by these wonderful ghouls, these ghoulish parasites.  Do you understand?  As I said, weíre getting farmed.  Do you understand that?  And after youíre dead, theyíre still making cash off you.  This is the modern world of progress they call it.  They call this progress by the way. 


Doctors are impressed by the superior condition of lungs taken from people who killed by lethal injection compared to those extracted from those killed in accidents.


Surgeons in Leuven between 2007 and 2009 successfully transplanted four pairs of lungs from people who died from euthanasia.


Cancer victims cannot be donors so the cases involved one person with an Ďunbearable mental disorderí


(A: So, I guess, there you go again, get the mental ones first, you know.  They canít speak up for themselves.)


and the other three people suffering from Ďa debilitating benign disease such as a neurological or muscular disorderí. All of the donors had given their consent.


(A: Well, they wonít know if theyíve given it or not, actually, especially the ones with mental problems.  And most folk donít even know if theyíve signed something along their lives or they havenít.  And often theyíre completely ignoring it anyway, and just telling you, well, they did.)


The cases were detailed in a report in a medical journal called Applied Cardiopulmonary Pathophysiology.


The authors of the study, Initial Experience with Transplantation of Lungs Recovered From Donors After Euthanasia, insisted that doctors were acting strictly within Belgian guidelines on euthanasia, which was legalised in 2002.


They reveal how Ďdonors were admitted to the hospital a few hours before the planned euthanasia procedureí.


ĎA central venous line was placed in a room adjacent to the operating room,í said the report by D. Van Raemdonck et al, a team of surgeons from Leuven.


ĎDonors were heparinised (A: Thatís an anticoagulant thatís put into their blood basically.) immediately before a cocktail of drugs was given by the treating physician who agreed to perform the euthanasia.


ĎThe patient was announced dead (A: So they killed them on the spot.) on cardiorespiratory criteria by three independent physicians


So, that makes murder okay.  Isnít it?  When youíve got three independent physicians who are all going to get big paychecks off these, selling these lungs here.  What a world.  See it for what it is, eh.  Try.  Back after this break.


Hi folks, Iím back, Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about the ghouls that are in the organ transplant business.  And it is a massive business.  A very, very expensive business.  And well paid for the guys involved.  And it says here too:


Dr Peter Saunders, of Care Not Killing, an umbrella group of more than 50 British medical, disability and religious charities opposed to euthanasia, said he was shocked by the report.


ĎI was amazed at how nonchalantly the issue was dealt with as if killing patients and then harvesting their organs was the most natural thing in the world,í he said.


ĎGiven that half of all euthanasia cases in Belgium are involuntary it must be only a matter of time before the organs are taken from patients who are euthanised without their consent.


(A: That happens quite often in Holland that started it off.  And they even killed a nun there, and she certainly didnít give her permission to be knocked off.)


ĎThe matter of fact way the retrieval process is described in the paper is particularly chilling and shows the degree of collaboration that is necessary between the euthanasia team and the transplant surgeons Ė prep them for theatre next to the operating room, then kill them and wheel them in for organ retrieval. All in a dayís work in Brave New Belgium.í


Again, itís coming to a place near you, if itís not already there.  Generally it is already there, you just donít know about it.  And thereís a lot of cash for these.  Itís generally old fat men, especially in the States and Canada, who get done it in the US, because I know transplant surgeons and what goes on.  And they fly around in private jets to harvest organs from people who are not dead yet, and big bucks are getting paid to them by the very wealthy, extremely wealthy, very elderly, fat fellows who end up getting the transplants.  So, thatís the way it is.


By the way, one of them was telling me that itís never been so good for them, for this particular line of business in the US, because there are so many young Americans committing suicide, itís staggering.  And the transplant surgeons all get to know each other from different parts of the States, because when thereís a fresh, itís not a kill yet, but someone is dying or theyíre called brain-dead now, you donít have to be dead, they all meet each other.  One comes for the kidneys, one comes for the liver, one comes for the heart and lungs and so on.  So they all get to know each other very well.  But thatís a fact too.  Business is booming.  So many young suicide cases that are utterly confused, almost schizoid by the system that theyíre getting born into nowadays, and confused by gender and all the rest of it.  And business is booming. 


So, there you go.  Thatís our Brave New World.  Itís all here.  And on top of that youíre going to get taxed for every breath that you take.  Youíre going to get taxed just for existing, and for using that little bit of electricity.  And by the way, last night, I mentioned this big test thatís going to go on in the US and maybe into Canada, to do with the Smart Grid.  And thatís what it is.  Lots of you have already had your Smart Meters put in, and you donít realize you already have your Smart Chips in all the little items that you buy for people who have washing machines or any electrical appliance in fact has a Smart Chip that communicates to the darn meter, and then it sends it off through three different ways to the suppliers, and they can actually tell what youíre using at that time, and give you little warnings if youíre using too much electricity.  And thatís how theyíre going to bring the big carbon taxes in, or energy taxes.  Itís one and the same thing, in most of the world, through your electricity meter.  Believe you me, thatís the way that theyíve chosen. 


Itís much easier, isnít it?  Just divert them off what it really is and call it something else, and they wonít figure it out, because most folk need to be told how to figure things out nowadays.  And thatís a sad truth, very sad truth.  Meanwhile, as they jack up the gasoline prices, this article here says:


The American Petroleum Institute (API) said last week that U.S. oil supplies rose to the highest levels in 31 years for the month of May. In the EIA report for May 27th crude oil in inventory rose to 373.8 million barrels and a level not seen since mid 2009. Before 2009 you have to go back to 1990 for a higher inventory number.


So, there you go.  Itís the highest in 31 years and the prices are sky-high.  So whoís rolling in the cash there, I wonder?  Now, thereís a caller on the line, Steve, from Texas.  Are you there, Steve?


Steve: Yeah, Iím here.  Good evening.


Alan: How are you doing?


Steve: Iím doing good.  I wanted to touch on something you mentioned earlier.  It was something that was on my mind earlier today, and Iím glad that you brought it up on your show, the destruction of the family system and the union.  And Iíve been awake Iíd say on my journey for the truth, Iíd say about four years now.  I listened to your show when I was in college, my sophomore year.  And thereís one thing that Iíve noticed that Iím finding really difficult, that Iím finding out who I am, and identifying myself and breaking away from the norms.  Itís very difficult for me to, Iíd say, to date, Iím twenty-six, and I find it very hard to date young women in this era or generation.  Theyíre all conditioned by the Bad Girlís Club on television, and the Real Housewives, and things of that nature, and itís really hard to communicate with them and I guess bond with them.  Particularly, when you start, and they ask me what are my beliefs and how do I feel about government, and certain things like that.  I know when they ask those questions that it may be a deal breaker, because I donít support the government system, and voting and things of that nature, or organized religion as the way that they practice Christianity here.  Especially in the South, being African American, the African American women are very, I would say they believe in Jesus and thatís their savior and what not.  Iím not knocking anyone who believes that.  But I just find it kind of hard that they practice with so much paganism that goes against what the Bible teaches, you know.  And itís difficult for me to date.  And I can see that this was all done on purpose, because I had dreams, you know, of marrying someone and having a real big family, you know, but thereís one thing I noticed about what the young women these days are.  Theyíre all concerned about themselves.  They donít want to have children.  And if they have children, they donít want to breastfeed.  And then you read certain articles where scientists in Japan are having cows that produce human breast milk.  You know, everything seems to be so coordinated, you know. 


Alan: Well thatís just it.  They cannot think for themselves.  They think they are thinking for themselves, but actually what theyíre doing is simply regurgitating their indoctrinations through all the talk shows theyíve watched and Oprah and all the rest of it, and all the magazines that theyíve read too.  And theyíre scared of having children on the one hand.  They also want to be free and easy on the other, and be able to go single for a while, enjoying themselves.  And then on the other hand too, theyíre afraid of having children because of the financial burden.  So they all want a rich guy.  And another part of it is too, as you say, that theyíre scared of breast-feeding and stuff like that, because all the TV shows tell them their breasts will drop, etc, and so on.  They want to be sex symbols for their entire lives.  And youíre finding women now in their sixties dressed like the young females on music television.  Theyíre all looking the same now, youíll notice.  You donít grow up any more.  You just stay a perpetual teenager until youíre sixty or seventy.  Thatís what they are.  So youíre dealing really with irrationality, and you cannot deal with an indoctrinated irrationality.  Itís very difficult, as I say.  And most women too, who are educated too, have gone through university, they go for the weekend bars, and they have guys for the night, and itís just one after another.  They say that thatís the way they like it.  Once they hit about thirty-five, forty, they look for a guy to settle with.  By that time, they canít really get along with anybody, and itís an odd thing for them to have to share part of their life, so it doesnít last long at all.  So, theyíve effectively destroyed what should be the family unit in America, Britain, and elsewhere.  This was a worldwide agenda, remember.


Steve: Yes, yes.  I mean, because Iíve noticed, traditionally, you know, black people used to have large families.  But now, I see, everyone wants to fit in and have 2.5 children, and they donít want to have large families, you know.  And it just baffles me that you know, the television has raised us so much, definitely, you know, television.  And you talk to them, and they ask you questions, well, how do you feel about government?  And you try to explain to them how, you know, we all, for some reason we all still want to believe that you know Obama was put here to save America. Especially to save the African American community.  You know, they played a real good number on us with that one, Alan.  You know.† You critique, you critique him, and itís oh, you know, give him a chance.  You know, we finally have a black person there.  Our piece of the pie is finally here.  Donít, you know, donít be an Uncle Tom, and just give him time, donít criticize him.  Itís like, well, you know, how can you have Secretary Gates in the administration whoís following the same foreign policies as Bush, but heís different?† You try to talk to them, and itís like, well, give him time.  You know, the white man had his time, and itís the black manís time.  Itís like, itís not about race.  If heís following the same agenda, then he doesnít support you.  They just donít get it.


Alan: See, nobody, I donít care what they put in, if they want to put a pygmy in, it would make no darn difference, because youíre putting a guy into the same system, whoís obviously sworn to uphold the same monetary system, the same federal reserve, private banks, and all the rest.  The same system thatís crashed you, plundered you all this time, he wants to stand up for.  So, you cannot put anybody in, I donít care who they are, unless they literally have said beforehand, and promised you, and put it in blood or something for the people to prove it, that he is going to change the system, and heís going to just dismantle all these unworkable systems.  Why go put another guy in to keep standing.  I mean, Obama showed where he was when the banks plundered the public, and then he rewarded them all, by massive payoffs from the taxpayer to get back on their feet again.  I mean, he showed he was one of their boys.  You know.


Steve: Exactly.  And Gates, or Geithner came out and said theyíre going to have to start taxing small businesses now that theyíre going to austerity measures.


Alan: Thatís right.  We canít let government shrink, he says, so weíre going to have to tax small businesses even harder.  Part of this whole World Order system is to eliminate all small businesses.  Thatís part of it.  There will be only massive corporations and all their subsidiaries.  Thatís all there will be.  That was planned even before I was born.  Iíve read books on it, actually.


Steve: Alan, one more question.  I want to sneak one in to you.  When I go with my friends sometimes, you know, Iím still trying to break away from the conditioning, but sometimes they ask me to go out with them, and I donít want to seem distant or like Iím trying to pull away from them.  I am.  I know eventually I will have to.  But when we go out to nightclubs and we are looking at the young women or whatever, Iíve noticed what the young women are attracted to.  Theyíre attracted to guys who are thugs, but they look, they have effeminate attitudes.  So theyíre thuggish, but theyíre effeminate.  They have on the super tight skinny pants that look like leotards.  Itís like, heís a thug, he has the tattoos, but heís kind of feminine.  You know, like, what is that about?


Alan: That was also part of it, of the effeminization of the male and the bisphenol-A and so on.  And studies were done back in the early 1900s on bisphenol-A.  They knew in the 1890s that if women, if they put it in womenís cosmetics that the child, the male child, will not develop to be a full, masculine type male.  So thatís why they put it in all the plastics for us to, and made fads of it too.  Anyway, theyíre not giving off the same pheromones they used to.  Neither are a lot of the women either, by the way.  And itís the pheromones, itís not just the little clues that you get and cues that you get from eye contact, body language, thereís actually other things and other processes involved.  But they want this kind of effeminized male, because they were told they want an understanding, compassionate man.  You know, not bursting into tears every five minutes, but not far from it.  So they want it all.  They want something that doesnít really exist.  Or maybe theyíre making it exist these days or getting close to it.  But theyíre never happy eventually, because in their mind, they also want the big football star whoís rugged and tough and so on.  So they can never be made to be happy, these women, and theyíll never stay with one guy for any length of time, whether heís effeminate or not.


Steve: Well, thank you for your time, Alan.  Thank you for all you do.  You made a very good point last night with the young lady that was in college, you know.  Thereís nothing more gratifying than finding out who you are.  I mean, thatís what Iím doing right now.  And like I say, itís painful, but at the end of the day, when you finally figure out who you are, you find yourself.  Thereís nothing more rewarding. So, I thank you for what you do.


Alan: Thanks for calling.  And itís so true.  Itís a relief when itís all thrown off, and you understand the world as it really is.  Itís a massive relief and you donít have to play the game anymore.  And thereís Dan from Los Angeles on the phone line too.  Are you there, Dan?


Dan: Yeah, Iím here, Alan.  Hi.  Wow, that last call was just heartbreaking.  And I think I experience a lot of those same conditions about, you know, the bonding mechanism being broken.  Itís very sad.  But I have a big question for you.  Iíve been meaning to ask you this question for a while.  Letís say, you know, suppose everything goes right for these people, and you know, they depopulate, and they move the next iteration of the United Nations to Jerusalem and they rebuild Solomonís Temple, and they kill the red heifer, when everything is right and they get everything that they want, and then theyíre standing in the middle of this dead red heifer, I mean, what do they, what do they think is going to happen? 


Alan: Well, itís supposed to be pure, number one.  It has to be a pure with no blemish, you understand.† I guess they think, you understand, there are certain groups, all involved in this New World Order.  And what this caller is talking about is the big Judaic involvement too.


Dan: Yeah, and Freemasonry as well.


Alan: And Freemasonry, yeah. 


Dan: They all base their temple on this Solomonís temple.  All Masonic temples are based on Solomonís Temple. 


Alan: The Big Lodge.  The Big Lodge is actually in Israel now, and they bring their heads from all over the world to go to the Big Lodge, the Big Grand Lodge in Israel now.


Dan: Yeah, right.  I mean, all of this mumbo jumbo.


Alan: And the cops, as well.


Dan: For I donít know, this kind of.  I just donít know.  What do they think is going to happen?


Alan: Itís an odd thing.  In the Judaic sect, which is heavily involved, at least at the top levels, itís the same as everything else.  Youíve always got the ones down below who havenít a clue whatís going on.  Theyíre quite happy to belong to a group, certainly, but the ones at the top, who are kind of fanatical, believe that God went away a long time ago.  And their job intergenerationally is to be active in working towards God.  And they call themselves an active religion, you understand.  Every generation must be active.  You donít sit back.† Every other generation around them, or every religion around them is always based on something that happened in the past and itís all done and over.  In Judaism, itís an active religion, and they really have a class distinction amongst them of the ones at the top, an aristocracy, they truly believe that theyíll find God again when theyíve accomplished all their missions that were laid out for them to accomplish.  And then God will return and rule this world as a kind of new Jerusalem, worldwide. 


Dan: I just, you know, all of this stuff for something so ridiculous.


Alan: Well, I saw a documentary, and there are some rabbis, ultra-orthodox rabbis, who bring groups of children and their parents up to the Temple Mount every year.  And they canít go into it now and do this sacrifice, but they take a goat with them.  And they cut the throat of the goat.  It has to be bled, you see.  And you see this poor goat.  By the way, there was no stunning for this goat.  Theyíre talking about stunning everything now and banning beef because theyíre not stunning some of them.  There was no stunning for this poor goat.  And you saw the look on the faces of these young children, looking at this goat as it got dizzy and then sank to its knees and the blood is pouring out.  And I thought, what a way to condition children. 


Dan: Yeah, I know.  Itís horrific.  Itís ridiculous.  And you know, Iíve run into these Satan people, you know, my whole life, you know, through the music industry and my background and everything.  And boy, you get to these blood rituals, and itís just like, what are you doing?  Why are you killing this cow?  I mean, does this all come down to just killing a cow?


Alan: Well, as I say, itís to do with the format.  Itís legalism, and theyíve got to go through all this formatic stuff before it can happen.  But thereís no doubt about it.  Thereís a heavy aristocratic Jewish influence at the top of this, interbred with all the rest of them too.  And they definitely want Israel to have a high place in this system.  Iíll give a couple of links to Wolfowitz after.  Theyíre very interesting.  Itíll show you what I mean.  Back, after this.


Hi folks, weíre back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  And what people donít realize too is that the US is following the exact same plan with Obama as the front man as when they had Bush for the front man.  And it was run under the New American Century Doctrine, which was really headed by Wolfowitz, and itís actually called the Wolfowitz Doctrine.  And Iíll give you links tonight where you can look it up for yourselves, and see how they planned the whole future with all the countries theyíd have to take down in the Middle East, which theyíre doing now.  They published initially in I think it was Planning Guidance for 1994, and then they rewrote it again in about í98 or so, because it was just too cutting.  Anyway, there was Wolfowitz, and heís quite the character.  Heís a member of the AIPAC committee, the big Jewish organization for Israel, and here heís up there at the top of the US Defense Department making policy on the Middle East.  I think thereís a conflict of interest there.  And of course, he brought on board Richard Perle and all the other boys who, again, have conflict of interest and special designs for the whole Middle East. 


And you should read them to realize that what Obama is doing is the exact same policy, under Biden.  And they want to finish off all the countries that have an actual culture in those areas.  And it says in their own writings to take the resources.  That actually call it whatís in American interests.  Theyíre talking about the resources for the Big Oil Boys, etc.  And thatís what they mean by it.  Quite calmly laid out in the whole policy that they set out there.  And also, the USís leadership role within the New World Order.  Thatís what they came out and called it too, after Bush Sr. called it the same thing.  And how they would maintain mechanisms for deterring potential competitors.  That means Third World countries getting up to a higher level of living from even aspiring to a larger regional or global role.  All of that was there.  The right to go into countries and demolish them, if need be, if they stopped supplying America with what American corporations were plundering or wanted, or whatever, had for years.  Just the right to go to war.  And weíre on the same policy today.  It hasnít changed.  It hasnít changed.


What Iím saying to you, every Arab in every Arab nation will know this stuff, who runs America at the top.  You canít really deny it when they write it out themselves and say so.  So, Iíll put up Wolfowitz for a start, and youíll see all the links to different people heís involved with.  Look up their histories for yourselves.  And thereís definitely conflicts of interest, no doubt at all.  And about the demographics and so on, bringing down the populations in those countries, and plundering them, taking them over.  Written way back in the 90s.  Right into Syria as well, eventually.  So, weíre living through a script.  And it has to be, the questions have to be asked as to why this is all happening now, and itís so disgusting.  Itís so disgusting.  Itís like that fellow from Texas who called a couple of callers ago too.  They thought Obama was going to do a great thing for the first time, for American blacks or Africans.  Well, he is.  Heís giving them more jobs in the military in the front lines of the countries heís going over and conquering.  Thatís what heís doing with them.  So, heís one of their boys.  What can I tell you?  Heís one of their boys. 


And you know, youíll never find the truth out about Obama, his parentage or anything, until maybe twenty years in the future.  Just like you wonít get Tony Blair from Britain either.  Thatís how itís done.  Thatís how itís always done.  Theyíre just front men for the same ongoing system.  Why would you keep voting for a guy whoís promising to uphold the same system?  From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



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