July 1st, 2011 (#867)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 1st, 2011:

Snake Coiled Round Stump of World Tree,

Squeezes the Life From You and Me:

"What's at the Head of the Great Snake,
Coiled Round the Tree, Make No Mistake,
There is a Society Which Does Steer
The Many Fronts Which Public Fear,
Such Fronts Fight or Work in Collusion,
To Keep the Public in Confusion,
Over Time Faces Change Atop It,
Retiring with Great Bags of Profit,
While Generations Pass Leaving Sweat,
Compounding Interest on Fraud of Debt,
No Relaxing Here for the Soul,
Debt Crisis is the Means of Control,
Babylon's Tower Rebuilding, What a Curse,
Man's Slavery Due to Power of Purse,
All Money is Swindle, All is Fake,
Keeps All in Bondage to the Snake"
© Alan Watt July 1st, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė July 1st, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on July 1st, 2011. For newcomers, look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  Youíll find hundreds and hundreds of audios there for free download, where youíll perhaps get an understanding of the big picture of this system, this massive one system that already overlays all governments across the planet.  Itís been in existence a long time.  Itís a parallel government, you might call it, itís a world government, and how itís really pulling all the strings through various treaties, through the United Nations to bring us all together into one system.  And eventually all the countries will fade away in a sense, because theyíll be selling parts of them all off. Youíre under regions already, in fact, under the United Nations.  And they donít even call you nations now, they call you states.  And thatís even getting torn up into regions, and then of course there will just be massive city-states, super-city-states, according to some of the top players at the United Nations itself.  So, help yourself to those audios. 


Remember too, youíre the audience that bring me to you, so you can help me by buying the books and discs I have for sale at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And from the US to Canada, you can still use a personal check or an international postal money order, or you can send cash, or you can use PayPal.  Youíll find a button for PayPal on the .com site, and you can also get instructions on how to order the books.  After youíve sent the donation, you can send an email with name, address, and order and Iíll get it out to you.  Remember too, straight donations are very, very welcome.  And across the world, youíve got Western Union, Money Gram, and then you have PayPal again.  And again, once again, straight donations are certainly, certainly welcome. 


Very few folk understand this system that weíre going through.  They donít understand the history of it, the organizations that have been involved for hundreds of years to bring this world into this new system, all the various sciences that are working together too, using all your universities too, to bring it into being, in fact, even programming each generation of what they call world managers from the top universities to see things in the proper way, the way that theyíre supposed to, to serve their masters.  And they do.  Theyíre very well trained.  And they come out, and they become the new managerial class over the general population.  You always go for universities.  For the rest of the public of course, youíre shoved into kindergarten, and youíre given your early indoctrination there.  And once youíre into school, they can give you many, many more indoctrinations, to make sure youíre prepared for the planned changes which you will experience as you grow up.  And youíll take them for granted because somehow it seems inevitable.  Youíve already had the basic programming instilled there, a familiarity with it, regardless of what it happens to be.  And thatís how perfect the system is.  Thatís not a new technique.  Beria talked about it at the Comintern Meeting in Soviet Russia in 1934.  They already had it planned down to a very good level at that time, where they could upgrade society every five years or five intakes, put it that way, of children.  Thatís how they progressed it and did all their planning for their fifty and hundred year plans. 


So we have the same system working in the West, and very few people know it.  You canít even look at a cartoon for children today without getting programmed into environmentalism, adults are bad, they ruined the planet, and all of this kind of propaganda.  And thatís all it is, propaganda.  And most folk read novels.  They watch the cartoons.  They donít understand that the department of culture which every country has, by the way, pays the writers and producers to do this kind of work, as long as they put in the proper politically correct updates for everyone, and thatís how it works.  Some countries, their so-called artists and revered novelists live on grants from governments.  And thatís no lie at all.


What is this big system?  Well, you wonít like it.  The austerity part was planned a long time ago too, including the breakup of the nations.  Weíre going through both parts right now.  And Iíll talk about this a little bit later, when I come back from this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And on this broadcast, and all the broadcasts I do, I try not just to give you the latest scary news, because, you see, scary news is dished out every day.  And itís forgotten the following day, as they give you more scary news.  And thatís part of the control as well.  Itís really a matter of picking and choosing what really is relevant to the big agenda.  And there are so many tragic stories too, of people getting killed with policemen and so on, that yeah, you like to talk about them, but you could fill whole talks with them, and nothing happens anyway.  It doesnít matter on the big scale of things.  Itís all a matter of conditioning us all that weíre under authoritarian systems now.  And itís to get a lot worse.  Itís to get a lot worse.  Iím not just guessing, or a gloom and doomer.  Iím just stating that because Iíve read all the big boysí reports, and believe you me, the state of employment or unemployment they want to bring us all down to means itís going to be awfully, awfully bad.  It canít be any other way.  And this cover term, austerity, when they had the planned bank crash, and then the planned bailout, and it gave them the excuse to ram austerity down the publicís throats for bailing out the bankers with their tax money.  Thatís the reward you get, you see, when you live at the bottom of the heap, like the masses, because Iíve said before so many times, technically, weíre farmed. 


And I can remember reading John Stewart Mill and then his sonís books on economics.  And they were into demographics too, because population was one of their main areas of study.  You canít do economics without understanding population shifts and immigration, that type of thing.  And you canít do it either unless you bring in sociology and anthropology even because John Stewart Mill and others were listing every ethnic group on the planet; their weak points, their strong points, what they could be used for, what they were of no use for, and that kind of stuff.  And itís quite surprising, all that time ago, they had all the different peoples marked down for special uses for specific lengths of time. 


Itís interesting too, even going back to Charles Darwin for instance, and you find that Charles Darwin wasnít just the little guy who was running after butterflies and that kind of nonsense.  He was actually well involved in politics, as they all are.  And he wrote books too about who should be sent out to rule over other countries.  And remember, he was on the go at the time when this shady group that eventually called themselves the Milner Group, the precursor of the Milner Group were on the go too to do with the British Empire that would rule the world, at least for a while, and how the elite themselves would rake all the benefits in, which they always do, even today, even through bank crashes.  He said too that eventually China, can you imagine saying this in the 1800s.  Eventually, he says, we could use China to get the Africans working in Africa; theyíre much more disciplined and theyíd be good overseers.  And here we are today watching China move across in mainstream media across Africa doing just that.  Itís quite something.  And you think youíre just drifting along, down through time reacting, like politicians are reacting to the situations that come out of the blue.  Nothing is further from the truth.  And if you understood even the amount of years of planning that went into amalgamating for instance Europe, the European Union, long before they even got to start with the first lies about it, this economic association and trade association, it must have taken them fifty years or more just to do the planning stage. 


And thatís how youíre run.  The world is run like a big script.  And the people, weíre farmed.  Weíre part of the economic system.  Countries really are businesses.  Collectively youíre a business and your country is a corporation.  And weíre watching the corporations amalgamate.  Weíre watching other ones buy up parts of other companies, other nations.  And this of course is the new feudal system that Professor Carroll Quigley said was deemed to come in, and weíre living through it.  And of course, like all big things, it takes a tremendous shake-up.  And again, all the tragedies that go along with it too, the unemployment, the massive suicide rate amongst youngsters who have nothing left to hold on to, which was also predicted back in the Ď30s and Ď40s by Huxleyís brother, Julian, Julian Huxley, who worked at UNESCO for the United Nations.  He said, once we have brought in the atheized society, massive promiscuity but no breeding, he said, there will be a lot of fallout amongst people because theyíll have no religion to fall back on, no meaning for life.  But thatís just something that we have to go through. 


And so, thereís nothing happening, literally nothing happening today that wasnít planned an awful long time ago.  And thatís what you have to catch on to.  Your media is controlled.  Itís an essential part of governing your mind.  And therefore it does an awfully good job, by keeping you distracted, updating your programming, always giving you your thoughts for the day, and your opinions on any particular topic.  They make sure you get the right opinions, the authorized opinions, and you will parrot them perfectly well.


Now, we know, getting back into the awful media, that really the day that they started bombing Libya for instance, we know that all news on Japan pretty well ceased that same day, across all the media.  We know theyíre all in collusion, and they all take orders.  Iíll put a link up tonight, where you can see some of the emails that passed in Britain, at the high levels of government to do with keeping it all quiet from the public, and keeping us in the dark, putting out counter stories, telling us that radiation was safe, etc, which they did do.  And youíll see how it really works.  This is your so-called free press.  Theyíre free to print any lies they want on behalf of their masters.


And, you know, the US hasnít a clue whatís coming down.  You havenít a clue in the US whatís coming down your way because youíve had the highest standard of living on the planet for such a long time, only, only because the US was essential because of the massive tax base that it had to fund all the wars and to fund other countries to come up through the World Trade Organization to a higher standard from a Third World standard to a Second or First.  Itís your tax money thatís doing it.  Itís your tax money that funds most of the United Nationsí massive bureaucracy, bigger than any government combined, a whole bunch of them combined.  And the US supplies the bodies that go off with the weaponry to blow up other bodies and they get nothing back in return themselves, of course, and thatís always been the way.  Before then, Britain was used for it, until they were utterly bankrupted by the time of World War I.  It took them 100 years to pay off the last of the interest on the cost of World War I.  A hundred years. 


And the way that the US is borrowing right now, and they are borrowing like crazy to finance these wars, not for their own benefit, by the way, but this article here says, US Military Air-conditioning Bill for Iraq and Afghanistan every year is $20 Billion.  Thatís for air-conditioning on the bases.  $20 Billion per year for just that alone, eh?  And because itís such a big tax base people think, well, that wonít affect me.  Oh, yeah?  Itís all going to come home one day.  And your prices which are artificially kept low, if you compare them to the rest of the world and Europe, eventually have to go sky-high to match the rest of the world.  Think about it.  And then you have a massive debt on top of it.  The big boys, who encouraged it, of course, wonít be paying anything like that.  But youíll all be suffering with it, as you play, as you play your days away, and go into fiction, and try to be happy.  The same technique has been used, as I say, in Britain and other countries before you for centuries.  For centuries.


Again, John Stewart Mill said too, some peoples, he said, can struggle through the worst conditions, to do with economics of course, and you can transplant them across the world, and theyíll still work in equally unpleasant conditions on a low income, low food ration, that type of thing, but theyíre so happy.  And itís true.  Some cultures are just so happy.  Itís in their genes, I guess.  And theyíre awfully good workers, and thatís the kind that they like.  Everyoneís been used in turn up until now. 


And Iíve mentioned too, during this week about the rubbish to do with thereís too many people in the world, too many people in the world.  And Iíve given you the Rand official reports.  And the main organization for the United Nations, telling you that the populations in the Western World and elsewhere, even Australia, the domestic populations have been plummeting, absolutely plummeting.  And itís only through immigration that theyíve managed to keep them up at all.  Now, you think about it.  These same guys that go back to the 1700s that were doing economics in population, it was already a science, why do you think, why do you think during the post-World War II era they kept harping on about the Baby Boomers?  Oh, there will be too many Baby Boomers, which there werenít actually.  And they say now we need massive immigration to pay off the national debts of all the countries.  Thatís the excuse theyíre using.  But why would they tell the domestic populations to go out and rut like rabbits, as I say, and that literally is the term that has been used at the top, as long as they didnít have any children?  Encourage feminism, and encourage even pre-pubertal sex as Russell said, so that they wouldnít bond and wouldnít get married and have no children.  That was the whole idea of it.  Why would they play that on the populations of Europe?  And then, now, now theyíre saying, oh, weíve got to bring in more immigration.  I mean, do you think they didnít see that coming? 


Donít you understand thereís many forms of warfare?  Thereís economic warfare.  Thatís one of the biggest ones.  And the embargos even in warfare too, where they can cut everything coming into or out of a country, so they canít survive financially.  Many forms of economic warfare too, just done through the main banks of yours.  Itís not your banks of course.  The central banks are not yours, as we all know, but they themselves can inflate or deflate the currency at any time at all and the cost of living goes sky high.  Itís even too expensive to hire people on.  People get laid off and you have massive unemployment.  Population control is one of the biggest ones.  Why would you bring down the domestic populations when it was already in the charts a hundred-odd years ago theyíd have to bring in massive immigration?  Who do they want to wipe out?  Because thatís what itís used for.  It was all discussed, well over a hundred years ago.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just talking about how so many things come into this idea of warfare.  Very old ideas, of course, always used.  During World War II, they had all of the displaced persons.  They had a pretty good average of how many displaced persons there would be in Germany at the end, and what countries would be given the chore of bringing them all in and settling them in and paying for it too.  And itís never changed.  If you want people to move, of course, you also create wars around their own homelands and out they come.  And if you want them to come to certain countries, you make sure that they have the best welfare systems in the world.  Britain, for instance has been advertising pretty well itís got the best welfare system in the world, especially for newly arrived immigrants, even illegals; it doesnít matter.  And thirty years ago they were printing that in mainstream newspapers in Britain, that people were coming from all over Europe and elsewhere because they had the best welfare system.  So, naturally youíd go there, right?  Youíd all do the same.  This article here says:


UK population grew by half a million last year - the fastest rate for half a century


(Alan: It doesnít say the best rate, but it says the fastest rate for half a century.  For well over half a century theyíve been telling you to have no children.  Right?  Thatís been the message.  And be good.  Donít have children.  Thereís too many people in the world.  And the British folk were awfully good, just like every other people that were told the same thing by the governments.  And then the women were given incentives not to have children, and to go out and get a career and etc.  This is the technique thatís used.  It says.)


Britain's population leapt by almost half a million last year, the biggest jump in half a century.


The 470,000 increase was driven by near-record levels of immigration and a rise in birthrates that was itself partly a result of growing numbers of immigrant mothers.


So thereís now 62.3 million people in Britain.  And itís shot up, even all through the Labour government.  And we know that when Blair was in, his second in command, the guy that would have taken over from him, said in the mainstream, and I read it on the air, that he was told to open the floodgates to Britain, because they werenít having enough children to pay off the national debt.  And he also said, and Thatcher said the same thing before, before Blair said it.  Itís the same agenda, regardless of party, you understand.  This is what you must understand.  There are no parties as such.  They put a show on, and they do a good talk, but what they actually do is completely different from what they say.  And Blair also said he wanted to so drastically alter the face of Britain and its culture forever that the people could never go back to being what they thought was the old British system.  And thatís been achieved. 


And then you look into Ireland too, and if you were to take the first headline, most folk just read the headlines and think, ďOh, my God.  Britain has got a high birthrate.Ē  No, itís not high.  Itís been the highest for fifty years.


Ireland's birth rate is highest in EU


(A: The whole of Europe.  But then you read on, and it says:)


New data from the Economic and Social Research Institute shows that over 76,000 births were registered in 2009, giving the country the highest birth rate of any country in the EU per head of population.


France was just behind Ireland with a rate of 2.0 while Hungary, Latvia and Portugal had the lowest rates that year.


(A: Do you understand, when you hit two, youíre not at replacement levels.  Youíre under replacement levels.  And it says here:)


The ESRI says the fertility rate now stands at a level required


(A: Now stands at a level required)


for the long-term replacement of the population in the absence of any net inward migration.


(A: But then you scroll down again.  It says:)


The ESRI says almost 24% of the births were to mothers born outside Ireland.


So itís immigration again.  All planned a long, long time ago.  Everyone is used in turn, including the immigrants too.  When their turn is up, timeís up, theyíve done what was planned for them to do, theyíll start plummeting as well.  Everyoneís used in turn.  Remember what I said before, how John Stewart Mill had every group listed for their high qualities, their low qualities, how to manage them even, their temperaments and that kind of thing.  It was from his ideas in fact that he actually said, and Wells said the same thing, theyíd have to get rid of the American Indians, and the Irish, and the Scots, because they kept revolting against injustice.  And of course, the whole plan was to create injustice.  Interesting isnít it?  Itís all coincidence for you, isnít it?  Iím sure itís all coincidence. 


Thatís what youíre living through.  A big long-term agenda.  Thereís Northumbria.  Now you think if youíre born in a country, who can possibly own the water?  And we know darn well theyíve privatized the water system in most countries years ago.  I can remember in Britain when it was a bunch of guys in the House of Commons, politicians, who brought forth the bill on behalf of a bunch of the House of Lords, and they got the water privatization act through, and then those same politicians immediately left Parliament when it was passed and formed the first company to own the water supply.  Thatís the cons that go on.


And it takes permission, you understand, from a higher authority to get that con going.  Otherwise that higher authority would have them all in chains or at the bottom of the River Thames or wherever it happened to be.


Northumbrian Water shares edged up 4.3p (1 per cent) to 420p this morning as it confirmed Chinese group Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings has signaled takeover intentions.


Cheung Kong is owned by Li Ka-shing, Hong Kong's richest man, and analysts have said a bid could value the British utility group at up to £2.6billion.  


Everything is for profit now.  Remember, I told you years ago, everything that you need to live, the basics, food, shelter, water, heat, clothing, is going to be out of sight shortly.  Thatís the big plan, owned by private feudal systems.  Back to the feudal system of Carroll Quigley.  Thatís what he was talking about, folks.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back.  This is Cutting Through the Matrix.  And just before I go to callers, every country has a society or an agency that deals just with population, but theyíre part of an international society, all dealing with demographics, eugenics, etc, because thatís really whatís also combined with it, eugenics.  And this one for Britain, one of them for Britain, one of the biggest ones is, Iíll put this up tonight too, all these links at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  It says:  


The Population Investigation Committee: its history and influence over the last 75 years


The Population Investigation Committee, a small independent research group,


(A: Small independent research group.  You see?  Thatís why nothing came out in the news about them.)


was founded in 1936 and since World War II has been housed at the London School of Economics.


(A: Well, where else would they put it?)


Prof. Sir Tony Wrigley, Chairman of the Population Investigation Committee 1984-1991 chaired an afternoon symposium to celebrate the launch of the historical archives of the PIC at the Wellcome Collection


(A: The linkís on the page too.)


Conference Centre on Friday 18 February 2011.


(A: It says some of the history of it too.  And it says:)


The Population Investigation Committee (PIC) was founded amid considerable controversy surrounding eugenics, birth control, and even the study of population itself.


(A: They actually took your sociological group, the family histories, they could predict what kind of worker theyíd get out of the next bunch of stock.  And they actually called them stock, by the way.  It says.)


Through the study of demography, its founders, A. M. Carr-Saunders and C. P. Blacker, sought to realise a means of improving the human race 


(A: Which they generally call in their own writings, stock.)


that was more consistent with contemporary scientific, social and political values. In their appointment of David Glass, however, the work of the PIC would also reflect the 'political arithmetic' of the great critic of eugenics, Lancelot Hogben. In this paper I will explore this tension between the ideals of social justice, efficiency and improvement as reflected in the demographic surveys of the PIC.


In other words, if youíre a farmer, you want to understand and be sure of getting the right kind of stock for the right kind of work.  Doesnít eat too much but gives a lot of beef off or something like that, before it gets slaughtered.  I mean, that literally is what itís all about.  Economics.  You see?  And itís always been about economics.  Thatís what the human race are.  Itís about economics.  Nations as I say are corporations.  Theyíre farmers at the top.  You are the stock.  And youíre the soldiers as well when need be to.  And a soldier gets nothing out of the whole deal except little tin medals. 


Eugenics is a big, big part of it all.  It has never died away.  And it never will die away.  Itís completely intertwined.  Itís an integral part of economic studies.  You must know your population types for the type of system youíre bringing in.  And theyíre bringing in specific types of people from certain countries to make sure that theyíll have no problems down the road when it gets even worse.  Now, Iíll go to the callers now, and thereís Cedric from Chicago, if heís there.


Cedric: I just wanted your insight on a couple of things.  One, I read an article where they were doing federal funding for a Chicago high school.  And they sent people out to get the students to come to school, and then they also would call.  And then in the article they said it was modeled after ConStat a New York City police system program that requires precinct commanders to analyze and answer weekly crime statistics.  The second one I want your opinion on is I noticed too they said that Wall Street was pushing the lobbyists for all those gay marriages.  And they have some insurance that they were going to sell them.  And also they said that the people who were getting hired the most were homosexuals in law firms and government agencies were leading the pack.  I wanted to know what you think about that.


Alan: Oh, thereís no doubt itís a policy.  Thereís a definite policy.  Itís been pushed for years.  And itís politically correct at the very top levels.  So much so that in levels of even local governments and city governments.  Theyíre so out of touch with the general population, because theyíre always upgrading themselves first.  You always upgrade the managerial class before you upgrade the rest of the peasantry.  And theyíre so politically correct.  After the big G20 meeting in Toronto for instance, because the cops were absolutely brutal and hated afterwards, still are today for what happened at the G20 and the brutality they showed and the hatred they showed towards the general public.  You could see them charging in as though they were charging to kill them.  And to cheer up the public, Queenís Park, thatís like the provincial government, decided to bring in, to cheer up the public a week later the ĎDikes on Bikes Paradeí.  That was going to cheer up the general public.  I mean, absolutely crazy idea to cheer up.  Why would the general public be so concerned, so happy to have the dikes on bikes parade after they almost got massacred at the G20 meeting?  I mean, thatís how out of whack they are.  This is an agenda.  And we find way back in the writings of the people involved in setting up the League of Nations, they said they would encourage homosexuality because they wanted to literally get rid of the domestic populations basically.  And they wouldnít breed.  That was the idea.  And so they said everything that promotes not having children would be pushed to the forefront, and thatís definitely part of the big massive agenda. 


The problem is, youíve got the silent majority, and you understand, the silent majority form a symbiosis with the rulers over them.  The rulers canít do without the majority, the silent majority, and the silent majority apparently cannot do without the rulers.  Theyíll accept any kind of system thatís forced upon them.  Theyíll pay any amount of taxes that are forced down upon them.  Theyíll get sent off to war, when theyíre told to go and theyíll go.  They get nothing out of it themselves, and thatís what they call democracy.  Thatís why they like the term democracy.  So, when a tiny minority, or a small minority will brave the storm and come out and say ďthis is wrong, weíre not happy with it.Ē  Theyíll say, ďwell, whatís wrong with you?  All the rest of them accept this.Ē  The same thing with Homeland Security and all the airport scanners.  ďWhatís wrong with you?  Everybody else is going through here quite happily.Ē  Thatís the silent majority. 


But youíre quite right.  All of this stuff is getting promoted through the schooling system.  Thereís a lot of suicides now of young people who literally are so confused about everything and never mind their gender now, getting forced upon them.  If youíd just let them grow up theyíd be fine.  Theyíd know who they are.  But now theyíre getting told thereís something wrong with you if you havenít tried this with another guy.  And counselors will actually talk to you about it that way.  And then the peer group, the ones who pretend theyíre on the avant-garde and on the cutting edge, ďOh, I tried it.  Havenít you?Ē  And then youíre the outsider.  Youíre the only person thatís doing the normal thing, normal being whatís happened for thousands of years.  Nature doesnít care, you understand.  Nature only cares if youíre productive, meaning passing on your own species.  That will not change, you know.


Cedric: One more thing.  They also said that a lot of places have started saying that if you were on unemployment or unemployed for a certain amount of time, they were telling people, donít apply.  Also, they said that a young black population in Washington D.C. and Baltimore had Hepatitis C and AIDS to [?] 25.  What do you think about that?


Alan: Yes, oh, absolutely.  These things were engineered.  Thereís no doubt they were engineered to get rid of specific population groups.  And thatís old stuff, because, the British papers from Porton Downs, a reporter went into Porton Downs.  Thatís the biggest warfare establishment in Britain for bacterial and viral warfare.  It has been all through World War II to the present time.  Actually they just moved.  Anyway, this reporter from one of the big newspapers put a full page on it.  And he said, he couldnít believe he was sitting there, this was in the 70s by the way, and he said these scientists were having their breakfast in the canteen, talking about the race specific and ethnic specific viruses that they already had.  They were so perfect, they could go through a whole nation in a week from coast to coast.  And then they could actually program them only to multiply so many times and then go inert and die off.  Thatís how far advanced they were back in the 70s.  And the guy was allowed to publish this stuff in the newspaper.  So they can target any particular group they want.  Youíre absolutely right.  And theyíre doing it.  They are doing it with the Hepatitis C and the AIDS and all the rest of it.


Itís interesting too that the original AIDS was different from the present HIV as they call it.  The original AIDS brought, it was mainly homosexuals, it was all homosexuals down, except for the ones who were sharing needles or the ones who had transfusions.  It brought them down. Literally, within a year they were dead, from diagnosis to then.  It was about one year.  And they had different symptoms than the HIV that they have today.  The present HIV has been widely debated, initially, and then the government slammed down on people who were top scientists who said this is not a disease, the HIV is different from the AIDS.  They claimed the HIV was actually a harmless virus, itís a passenger virus that people are often born with.  And that wasnít the cause of it.  But the medications that theyíre giving them, once theyíre diagnosed, kill off their immune system.  Remember these medications were put out there initially for cancer victims to literally kill off the next generation of all cells that were trying to renew themselves hoping to kill the cancer as well, but it was killing off the patients.  So, they said, what are we going to do with this drug now that weíve made it all?  Well, they said, weíll give it to the AIDS patients.  Now, that destroys their immune system, and they go down quickly.  So, thereís a lot of things that just donít make sense.  When things donít make sense in a logical fashion, thereís another agenda behind it.


And the same thing with Hepatitis as well.  That was fairly rare back in the 70s, and now itís just so incredibly virile.  Itís altered.  Theyíve all been weaponized, basically. 


Cedric: Okay.  All right.  Thanks, Alan.


Alan: Thanks for calling.  And weíll try Justin in Florida if heís there.  Is Justin there? 


Justin: Hi, Alan.  I was reading here in the first book of Kings, in the 14th verse, it says, ďNow the weight of gold that came to Solomon in one year was six hundred threescore and six talents of gold.Ē  And you know, I was looking through my Bible, because, you know, I used to go to church a lot, and I used to do that.  Except, I noticed some really odd things about God that really didnít make sense, but like, you know, just how he tells people to kill and he tells people not to kill, and itís just like, you know.  I just didnít get it.  But I saw this number here in Kings and thatís the same dumber of the beast that everyone talks about, right.  So, you know, I know the Freemasons are obsessed like with Solomonís Temple.  What exactly is the connection there, because like the beast is bad and the temple is good.  Is that just showing like the good is in the bad too?† The bad in the good, sorry.


Alan: In one thought system youíre right in one form.  In Masonry, definitely, where they talk about the head above, the head below.  The head below is the penis, which is base.  It runs on base instinct.  The head above runs on intellect.  They also say that man, the black and white squares too.  You can travel through your life on that chessboard there, and youíll hit the dark phases and the up phases, but you should also know what youíve contributed by your own decision making to your own occurrences that eventually affect you down through your life; you bring on your own problems to an extent.


Youíre right with the Old Testament.  I mean, youíve got to understand too, that it was written much later than claimed.  Much, much later.  Because you find even, I think even Abraham, when his wife died and he took her to the mountain and so on, and he paid so many shekels for it.  Well, they didnít have the shekel until about 800 BC, and so they didnít have any coinage at all until 800 BC. Before that, you simply weighed out the gold.  So, thereís a lot of nonsense.  It was written much, much later.  And it does depict a deity, of course, as you know.  Even in Genesis, itís talking about Eden and the river flows through it and flows out of it, and then it says there was lots of gold and onyx as well.  Now, why would a deity, a Creator care about gold being outside there?  You know, thatís a manís thing.  Thatís the greed.  Thatís the merchantsí thing.  Thatís not what a Creator would be on about.  So, you understand, when people write a religion, they tend to project humanityís own nature onto their deity.  Thatís what they do.  And you will see in the Old Testament too, itís very interesting, thereís an exoteric and an esoteric.  Itís written in both fashions in the one.  Youíll find on the one hand, you have someone who lays down laws.  Laws are, they say, what runs the whole system. 


And on the other hand, youíll find a deity that will sometimes break the laws that he would force upon man, because he blesses Jacob for stealing the birthright of his brother.  So, I mean, Jacob dressed up like the hairy guy, by a sheepskin cloth or something, very Masonic, of course, by putting it on his chest.  His dad was blind, and he had to pass on the birthright by putting the hand on the head and doing something else with the other hand, which is not the thigh, by the way, and you get the blessing.  And, of course, Jacob lied.  And god blessed him for it.  So, I guess god must bless the streetwise guy as long as itís done with cunning.  You understand?  And thatís what Masons say themselves, that they like something, theyíll allow something to pass if a scheme has been brought out and forced through cunning and craft, as they say. 


So itís very contradictory in a sense.  If you look at the Old Testament, and then again, even Moses didnít get to see the Promised Land, after, you know, supposedly leading all the people through, because he struck a rock with his staff to get water for the people who were dying of thirst.  And god cursed him for that.  God told him not to do it.  So, you have a picture of an old man, whoís going a big senile and heís got temper tantrums.  He needs a course in rehabilitation somewhere for his anger management as far as Iím concerned.


On the other hand, the Old Testament gives you the rules to survive as a people.  Thatís what itís for.  Nothing else.  A people to survive like in a time capsule, down through time, only with their own survival in mind.  In the Old Testament, it gives you the rules on how to do it.  Slavery is okay.  Lots of things are okay, as long as you follow these particular rules.  And then you combine it with the Talmud which goes into it in much more detail, and itís really meant for survival of one people and nothing else.  Thatís really what itís for.


Justin: Yeah.  Thatís exactly what the elite want, you know.


Alan: And itís really something, because most people donít understand really what it is.  Theyíve been taught a different version of it.  Theyíre never told about Talmudic thought, which is the predominant thought in all Judaism, today, for instance, is Talmudic thought.  And the rabbis of wisdom, or philosopher rabbis, you might call them, are the ones who wrote the two versions of the Talmud, the Babylonian and the Palestinian.  Thatís what you have to study if you want to understand what itís about.  But I understand them.  They want to survive.  I understand that.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  And I donít know if Joseph is still on the line.  Is he?


Justin: Yeah, Iím still here.


Alan: I understand your confusion, when you read this.  And Masonry, of course, was founded basically out of a sect of Judaism.  And thatís why they adopted all of the Old Testament stuff, although Albert Pike himself from the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, which as I say is not Scottish, itís from the Grand Orient of France, he said himself, we could have just as easily had picked Nimrod as an example instead of Solomon and used the principles of building on the tower, etc, but technically they did.  So, youíve always had secret societies as I say, and youíll find them in all organizations where thereís money and power involved.  You also find it in religion, all religions.  And, as I say, in Judaism you have the latent form.  Itís called the Bnai Brith, Sons of the Covenant.  And then, of course, you have a gentile wing of it as well.  And youíll find even in some of the Arab countries, they still go by the Old Assassins, as itís often called or Hashashins, is the real name of it, where they had used some of their top holy men to raise orphans actually, initially, train them that this was utopia on a hilltop, gave them everything that they wanted and a great education, and then sent them off to be advisors for top personnel and kings across the world and princes.  And they could lie dormant, like a sleeper, for twenty years until the order came to kill the top man.  And they would just do it.† So, youíve always had these organizations.  Today theyíre all linked together, of course, and all very, very wealthy.  And often they will use the ragtag army of lower religious followers as pawns in the game, who donít know whatís going on at the top.  They donít know thereís other agendas going on at the top level.  You have elitism in all groups.  When you get money, and people living off the rest of the people, they like to say, those are my sheep, you know.  I feed off these sheep here.  And thatís what religion really is for today. 


Christianity came along and it was basically an evangelical system done through trying to persuade people initially to join, but it also was trying to break the bonds of a priestly class, because, if you take the writings of Jesus, he says, you know, you donít need a priest, basically.  You can go off and pray to God yourself.  That was a revelation in those days.  And that was basically a terrorist act by saying that in those days.  But it also gave hope to everybody who was nothing, a nobody.  No one thought of themselves as poor individuals, Iím a poor individual.  You just belong to a low class.  And for the first time, he says, thereís a deity that cares about you.  So, it was the antithesis of Judaism at that time, and thatís why he came into conflict, of course, with the rabbis.  And the rabbis themselves came out of Babylon.  There was no rabbis before that.  There was only the temple priests, descendents of Aaron, and the rabbis were a brotherhood when they first came out of Babylon, who despised and looked down upon the ordinary Jewish people even.  So, thereís so much to it thatís not given to the public, or even to the general followers; they donít even know whatís running them from the top.


And it will never change.  That will never change as far as I can see.  Even, I noticed too with all the slurs that were put on for instance, Monckton that went to Australia to do with the nonsense of carbon.  Heís a very good talker.  And the radical environmentalists were basically calling him like a Holocaust denier, basically, smearing him, and a Nazi, because he was against the environmental program, at least the ones they were pushing.  Thatís a religion.  And Gorbachev said, he said, we shall create an environmental movement like a religion, he says, that weíll base on a form of Earth Worship.  It has been done.  Religion is awfully useful for those who know how to manipulate it.  Thanks for calling.  From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



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