July 6, 2011 (#869)

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Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 6, 2011:

Moneylenders Make the World Go Around,
Lackey Politicos Drive Us Into Ground:

"For Bankers World Domination is Their Goal,
Taking Money from Nations to Throw in Black Hole,
We're Interdependent and Neighbour's Sorrow
To Be Fixed by Your Cash which You Will Borrow,
In Reality it's a Con, All This Legislation,
To Convince the Slaves that No Nation
Can Be Self-Sufficient with Produce and Consumption,
And No Politician Will have Enough Gumption
To Make a Stand for Honest Cash,
We're Ruled by Moneylenders Who Use the Lash"
© Alan Watt July 6, 2011


Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt - July 6, 2011 (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks.  I am Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through The Matrix on July the 6th 2011.  I always suggest for newcomers that come into the show, to go into the web site cuttingthroughthematrix.com and youíll find hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of audios for free download.  I try and give you at least a shortcut, really, a path to the understanding this big, complex system which is loosely called the new world order, at least the big boys always use that term, publicly now, and to show you how itís all organized, this superstructure above all governments, that run the governments, worldwide.  Weíre already in it.  Weíve been under a global system for an awful long time.  And how finance at the top runs it all through foundations and non-governmental organizations, public/private partnerships and so on, which literally sell out your governments.  So you cannot be sovereign and go into public/private partnerships at all.† Anyway, I show you the big names involved, the books to read, if you can get them from your library especially, if you still have libraries left that is; people have never used them enough even when they were widely available and now theyíre trying to close them all down and leave you with this net, which eventually is to be censored as well.  Itís already being censored in many aspects as well; Iíve noticed that myself trying to get into some sites.  So anyway, I try and give you the shortcuts, as I say, and hopefully you understand how long this agendaís been going on, what they actually want to bring about in this world, this big socialist world system where weíre trained like Pavlovís dogs to be what they want us to be basically and youíll be assigned school-to-work jobs and youíll be given what youíre going to be for the rest of your life basically.  And thatís only one part of it.  Eventually they want to clone the workers that theyíll need, not as many as they have today of course.  They want to reduce population for this wonderful rewilding project across the planet so they can go hunting their animals, the big boys, as they stop you eating meat.  Actually they love hunting.  They really do love hunting; itís always been in their blood you might say. 


Remember, you can also support me too by buying the books and disks I have at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  [Order and donation options listed above.]  Lately Canada Post has been in upheaval because of a strike they had; it didnít last long, but theyíre dragging their heels basically on delivery right now because the workers lost pretty well everything that they demanded and they were forced back to work by a law in parliament.  So theyíre not really playing the game. Still, mail is starting to roll in now, very slowly, and itís supposed to speed up next week; weíll wait and see and hopefully Iíll get a lot more done then, and receive more, and get more out. 


Getting back to this world order, I mean itís so overwhelming.  Itís every aspect that you could possibly imagine of government, which they call governance because itís worldwide.  No independent country exists anymore, really, except the ones weíre bombing out of existence.  Because the whole planetís being standardized into the same global system under the front group called the United Nations, which is in itself set up to be a supergovernment.  It was always designed to be this, and the League of Nations before it, that came in at the end of World War I was its precursor with the exact same agenda.  That means taking over the entire worldís food supply, rationing it into regions as they call it, and then again, training everyone for their specialized jobs and if they want you to be a plumber all youíll be taught at school is basic arithmetic and plumbing, and nothing else.  Keep you in ignorance of everything else, and thatís the whole idea of it.  That way youíre easier to manage when you donít know very much at all, about the great big world out yonder.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back and this is Cutting Through The Matrix.  Youíll find in the system that everything is interlinked and all parties are interlinked into the same system.  And they work the dialectic, and thatís what itís called, the dialectic.  Because the average person, if you were to live a full life that is, you would eventually, hopefully catch on that youíre always given a choice of two, this way or that way.  With everything, even television reporting when they have guests on, they always bring on two other guests to quiz the first one and itís this way or that way, and youíre given two opinions, really, or assessments, and that becomes your assessment and opinion for life.  Thatís how simple we are. 


The big boys at the top truly understand this.  And rather than have revolutions every 4 or 5 years, as they used to sometimes have sporadically in different places across Europe in the days of feudalism, they decided to give us this thing called democracy and pretend that we won it ourselves.  It was very, very good because it stopped people revolting every 5 years or so.  And what you do in democracy is you always vote the last party out, youíre so sick of them.  And thatís all youíre really doing.  Youíre not really voting a new one in, you just want rid of the last bunch and you hope, you know, the simple people hope that these ones will somehow remedy all the problems.  Then you find out, my God theyíre just as bad as the last lot. And it doesnít matter if itís called left wing or right wing, as I say; the two wings are attached to the same bird, this thing called democracy.  The real body that runs it is always behind the shield; thatís why theyíve always got a shield in front, so you donít really see whoís pulling the strings for both of the wings. 


Thatís the system that you live in.  Itís very simple.  Itís worked awfully well.  And thereís never been such a thing as democracy.  Never, ever been such a thing as democracy.  And try to find even a stable definition of it; it doesnít exist.  Because itís elastic; it keeps stretching every few years with more and more things added to it.  And itís never stable, therefore you cannot have a stable life.  Thatís obvious.  No generation has had peace since democracy was invented.  Youíre either in a financial crash with massive debts to pay off because the bankers plunder you...  The bankers do this at least twice a century; thatís their history.  In the 1800s they did it a few times more, because they had more leeway.  Even in the late 1870s, 3 men in the US crashed the economy 3 times towards the late 1800s.  Everyone knew who they were; it was published in the papers, which these guys owned.  And they got away with it too; they plundered pensions and everything. 


And the laws are never changed after crashes to prevent it happening again.  Because you see, itís the bankerís system.  I mean the big international banker system that runs the world.  Itís always been that way.  Money runs the whole world.  Money, as the old song goes, money makes the world go around.  And itís their world.  And if you understand it, there are people who have been around for thousands of years who have done nothing but lend money and figure out economies of whole countries and how they could get more and more profit off those countries, and how they could use those countries in times of debt, when the countries owed money to the bankers, make deals with them and get them to invade other countries.  Thatís how empires were built.  They just simply collected countries in debt and then had the armies go off and fight to standardize the world.  In the ancient times even the Phoenicians did this too.  They had a silver standard; silver was the first currency when it was eventually minted around 800BC.  They wanted a certain weight of it and they tried to standardize it across the ancient world by different means, some of them very tricky and also by war, by the way. 


So money makes the world go around and I think no country actually prints its own money anymore except the ones that are getting bombed, again.  The key is that central banking and private banking become the so-called legal banks for your country.  Theyíre private.  Itís so crazy.  How can you have a system that obviously is meant to be NON-private?  Thatís your country, your nation.  I mean, you are all part of it, supposedly.  And yet they give the thing that runs it all to private bankers.  Well you tell me if youíve got a real nation or not because you canít have them both coexisting; itís impossible.  Many wars have been fought; many people have been assassinated down through the ages when theyíve tried to produce their own cash.  Again, this is all arts and techniques of war and making sure that things go the bankersí way.  Old, old story, lots of history behind it.  And Iím sure most of you probably know it all by now, how it works.  But this is the thing, I donít care what they call it, democracy, new world order, whatever, new internationalism, itís all the same agenda.  Itís all the same agenda with the same boys going off into the new system that ran the old system.  Same families. 


Now, money, as I say, is never stable either.  When you go into all of the kinds of taxes that they collect itís just astronomical.  Governments, they say, theyíve never got enough.  And they have whole panels dreaming up new ideas, out of science fiction, to get new ways to soak you. Because you see, you are the cattle.  You are the cattle; thatís all you are.  Youíre being farmed, as I say, and your produce is taken off you.  When your labor is taken off you, you understand, by force if necessary, and with no recompense whatsoever, no paycheck for your labor, thatís called slavery.  And money is simply the product of your labor.  And when itís taken off you youíre in slavery.  I hope you understand that.  Even the ancients talked about this exact thing. 


So itís interesting that weíre quite happy to go along with slavery because these days you see, they donít need so many guys with whips employed by your owner to whip you into shape, as long as youíre left enough to play yourselves and youíve got lots of cheap junk and electronics to play with nowadays.  And youíre kept very immature as well, by the way, because thatís how youíve been trained since childhood, is to remain a perpetual child.  When you hit the teenage years and your hormones kick in, they keep that lasting now till youíre about 60.  People literally cannot grow up anymore.  And thatís all designed that way. 


Getting back to the taxes, itís incredible when you tally all of the taxes up.  Local and provincial or state taxes and then federal taxes and now weíve got international taxes to the United Nations too, through various means.  Now theyíre even taxing the air we breathe, under this guise of carbon taxes and stuff like that.  I mean, it goes on and on and we accept it like the fools that we are.  We moo to each other like good cattle complaining the grass is a bit tough to chew, but we carry on chewing the cud regardless.  Pretty disgusting isnít it? But thatís what youíre reduced to.  And as I say, every country now has to bring in the Value Added Tax.  That is the agenda.  The guys who gave you this new world order, which was the Royal Institute of International Affairs, made up of bankers, international bankers, that also have a branch in the US called Council on Foreign Relations, they said in their early writings theyíd have to bring in a form of Value Added Tax across the globe, under different guises.  It doesnít matter what name they give it in your country, itís the same thing.  Itís a tax on everything that you purchase.  And itís a tax even on your electricity bill; itís a tax on everything.  Value Added Tax.  And you get nothing back from it whatsoever.


But itís never enough.  As I say, they have to go into carbon taxes now and energy taxes and all the rest of it, like Technocracy Inc. said back in the 1930s, another front group for the same bunch Iíve just mentioned.  Almost everything out there thatís of official status belongs to this one group.  And they have branches across the world in every country, running their country. All the journalists belong to it.  All the newspaper owners across the world belong to this group.  The Royal Society that gives you your bogus science on warming also belong to it.  Everything belongs to it.  And this is running the world and they call it democracy... when you have no say in anything whatsoever.  Again, the people never, ever stop and retaliate until their backs are against the wall. 


And you know thereís many planned crashes coming by the way, and theyíre also stepping up the spraying, the aerial spraying and the weather modification, which theyíll turn around and blame on global warming and carbon and itís your fault for doing it.  And using high sciences they can convince you of anything today.  And they count on your disbelief.  Most folk, when you point out the spraying, thereís the jets spraying these massive trails that just donít disappear...  And theyíre coughing all the time too now, everyoneís got these massive coughs and they canít get rid of it.   And you talk to any pharmacist theyíll tell you the same thing too:  since about 1998 their biggest sellers are antibiotics for constant reinfections of the bronchial tubes, and antihistamines, because everyone now has got problems with their sinuses, nasal congestion, and bronchial congestion and so on.  So they know this at the top, however weíre not supposed to know it at the bottom, and they call you a crazy if you happen to point out the truth.  Even though some governments have touched on the subject when questioned by other politicians, like Canada, where the Department of Defence Minister stood up and says, well we donít have to answer that question, about spraying the skies, and he says, for reasons of national security.  And thatís democracy for you.  So they can poison you for reasons of national security.


High sciences, the Wizard of Oz, the guy behind the curtain with the big, massive voice that scares you all to hell, throws thunder bolts and everything at you, and lightning bolts, and itís just a little guy behind the curtain talking into a microphone with amplifiers and pulling the strings and doing magic acts.  Thatís what we have today under the guise of global warming.  Even though on the west coast in the States and Canada theyíre out skiing the mountains because theyíve got great snow right now, in the middle of summer, but they can still wear a t-shirt so they feel kind of summery when theyíre skiing down the slopes.  Thatís the ones that can afford it, mainly government workers and employees, like in the federal and local levels. 


Meanwhile weíre watching all the countries go down.  Itís amazing too that apart from not being able to manage your own countryís finances, because you donít even know whatís going on, and how much money theyíre throwing abroad under a different guises like the OECD, whether itís the Economic Overseas Development Corporation, which has been since 1945 throwing your cash across the planet, not to people but to their own corporations. What a wonderful clique this is, isnít it?  This is the real world we live in.  And everyone will go and vote the next time.  Idiots!   Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back and this is Cutting Through The Matrix and talking about debt and so on.  Itís bad enough when your own country...  Can we even say, our own country, anymore?  Can we even say that?  Weíll just joke about it and pretend itís our own country.  When your own country canít even balance its own books, and never has, by design of course.  Because the whole idea in this system is slavery by debt and to get every country under the big boys who are actually picked to be your Presidents and Prime Ministers who all belong to the CFR by the way, and that was Professor Carroll Quigley that said that.  Then they know the game and the game is to keep you in perpetual debt.  But not only canít you manage that youíve also got to manage now this international thing, so when one country goes down youíve got to also throw money, you got to borrow money actually from The World Bank and then throw it at these other countries, supposedly, these black holes, and then you have to pay off the debt that you borrowed to give away.  And you pay for it all.  Thereís only one you, you know.  Every one of you out there, thereís only one of each of you.  Youíve all to pay for that through taxes, more taxes and increased taxes and bogus taxes.  And no one says a darn thing about it.


And they go and vote for the same system, because whoever is presented to you is always going to stand up for the same.  Why would you keep voting for the same system that has never benefitted the people?  Never.  Why?  No one comes in and says, if we get in weíre going to abolish this central bank system and print our own cash.  No one says that.  Mind you, they wouldnít live long if they did.  But no oneís tried.  Nobody will.  Because the ones who are presented to you, as I say, are all picked and members of the Council on Foreign Relations in the US and the same in Canada, its version of the same thing, and Australia, New Zealand, India, Britain, and the Royal Institute of International Affairs at the very top. 


So these boys, as I say, they planned this an awful long time ago. They wrote about it in their own writings, in their own books.  Quigley, who was a member, was an historian for the group, and he wrote about it in Tragedy and Hope and The Anglo-American Establishment.  And if you havenít read them then youíll understand nothing of whatís happening today, because they said at the very beginning what they planned to do and to bring the whole world into one international order.  And of course, they didnít believe in democracy for the people, but they did believe in the con of democracy theyíd teach the people to believe in.  And every main person thatís of a celebrity status of any kind is a member of the CFR in the States, and elsewhere.  Itís astonishing.


Then the IMF comes in when you canít pay.  It does your books.  It was designed to do that eventually because they want the same global outfit lending money from The World Bank and then the IMF is to come in and audit your own books, and then do austerity measures.  Thatís whatís happening across the whole of Europe.  Itís to happen to the States eventually and everywhere else because they will have no independent government at all.  Thatís what they want.  Itís designed that way.   And thatís why Presidents and Prime Ministers across the so-called free world are borrowing like crazy right now, to make sure that the IMF is eventually called in to do all their bookkeeping for them and say, oh dear, dear, we didnít really want this, of course, the liars that they are.  But thatís exactly what they want to happen because that is the agenda.  And the United Nations, this front group for these same bankers, will be technically in charge of the whole planet and thatís energy across the whole world. Thatís individual taxation, regional taxation because thereís no more nations when they come in, and health care which is always slashed to the bone when the IMF comes in.  Thatís why in Yugoslavia and Bosnia after all the battles there, the tuberculosis rate just skyrocketed.  The same across different parts of Africa when the IMF comes in because they slash your health care to the bone and stop giving out medications, and TB and other diseases skyrocket.  Wonderful.  Thatís what weíve got to look forward to. 


Anyway, Iíll stop complaining here and go onto, again, another black hole, because you see, you expect, even if youíre a customer, to spend money and get something back for what youíre paying for, donít you?  But itís no problem for governments to throw billions at countries and it goes down black holes.  Itís like when the banks crashed on schedule, as they were meant to do, to bring in austerity measures, when they all crashed at the same time they lost nothing.  They said, all the money went to money heaven; that was in the national papers.  Money heaven...  Well guess who had the keys, eh.  Because they didnít lose anything.  There were real businesses behind that, real little engineering shops, millions of them, and things like that across the world; they got it alright. And then they were bailed out too, supposedly for their losses, by us, many times over, into this black hole.  Some of them are still getting bailed out.  And now youíve got to bail out countries across the world, these black holes.  Remember the black holes, it sucks everything through it. 


Portugal's debt is downgraded to junk status by Moody's 

(Alan:  Thatís all it takes is a declaration, isnít it?

 A declaration by somebody youíll never meet, in Moodys.)

bbc.co.uk / 5 July 2011


The credit ratings agency Moody's Investors Service has downgraded Portugal's debt to junk status.  (A:  Now thereís an ad for you, right.  I mean, as soon as the investors hear this, on the stock market, thatís it. They pull everything out and it does go down; itís a self-fulfilling prophecy.) 


The agency said there was a growing risk the country would need a second bail-out before it was ready to borrow money from financial markets again.


Moody's was concerned that if there was a second bail-out, private lenders might have to contribute.  (A:  No kidding.  Itís about time some of them did, isnít it?)


Portugal's government said Moody's had not taken into account the strong backing for austerity measures.  (A:  Austerity is poverty, folks.  Get used to it; itís coming your way soon.  Back with more after this break.)


Hi folks, weíre back and weíre Cutting Through The Matrix.  Remember too, as I say, as far back as Karl Marx, he talked about trading blocs where Europe would be united.  Then there was to be an integrated Americas.  We already are integrated in many, many ways. Donít let the border fool you in any way because we have integrated our laws even down to import duties from other countries.  Weíre sharing all the cash and weíre sharing different kinds of taxes now too.  So much so that some of the high-level bureaucrats in the federal governments can apply for jobs on the other side of the border in equivalent positions, just transferring each other. Theyíre sharing all their security computers with every citizenís information on it; nothing is withheld.  So theyíre just doing it by the back door basically, a bit at a time, the good Fabian way.  And weíre being totally combined. So thatís Europe, North America... and North America is eventually to be, way down the road, combined with all of Latin America.  Of course we already have the Pacific Rim region, a particular group now forming its own kind of government too, the same idea. 


Karl Marx just had a lucky guess, I guess.  And then the bankers took it up in the late 1800s, the Milner Group and the Cecil Rhodes Foundation with Lord Rothschild.  And here we are today going through all of this mayhem as it all comes together.  Long-term planning, intergenerational, quite easy if you have foundations working on it because foundations have their tenets, their system, this is what they exist for, hereís our tenets, we have to get this united by 100 years.  And they hire, retire, and hire and retire a couple, two or three generations until they get it done.  Thatís their only goal.  So you understand, we live very brief lives here and we expect what we start to do to be finished in our lifetime.  You donít understand that these big boys can do it for centuries if need be to get what they want by using foundations.


Now Iíve mentioned too, about predictive programming.  Itís very, very important.  Youíve had it all your lives, from your cartoons all through your movies, and youíll get them right to your grave in fact.  Predictive programming is to always reinforce ideas theyíre putting out as popular until you start to accept the behavior, different behaviors, different changes in culture and society.  And you will even behave that way sometimes, especially if you think youíre the odd one out, eventually.  You want to belong to your peer group.  And it works very well with the young especially because they really desperately want to belong to their peer group, so theyíre heavily indoctrinated.


Now, Coronation Street was the premiere one run by Tavistock, ongoing series since about the 1960s, still running today.  I once watched a program, a documentary on all the staff they have employed for one series:  psychologists, social workers, psychiatrists, marriage counselors, multicultural experts and so on. Because you see, they gave you all the multicultural hassles on this fictional show before it all happened, to show you how to behave when it actually affected you, and before they flooded the country to destroy the culture that already existed.  And people behave in the same situations when it actually happened in their lives, they behave just like the actors.  Oh, yeah, they did this, they were kind of understanding and so on and so on. And thatís how itís done.  And we know whatís popular today and hereís an article from Britain.  It says...


What HAVE they done to Corrie?  (A:  Thatís Coronation Street.)

Is it true that the lives of heterosexual Mancunians (A:  Thatís like Manchester.) are haplessly intertwined with transvestites, transsexuals, teenage lesbians and a horde of homosexuals across the age range  (A:  Because you see, if you watch Coronation Street youíd think that everybody now is in one these groups here.)

dailymail.co.uk / 6th July 2011 / BRIAN SEWELL


For fully half a century, Coronation Street has formed the nationís view of Lancashire. (A:  Actually the whole country.)  Life is gritty; men are tough; in their devious ways women have achieved equality ó if not downright dominance (A:  Itís actually dominance because they taught the women how to dominate the men.) ó and society is sterlingly working-class.   (A:  Then it goes through a bit more chat.)


Today, however, the soap that was once pure Salford, that took the paintings of  L. S. Lowry and brought them to life on TV, that fortified the great divide between the noble North and the soft and silly South of England, has departed from reality. Squalor, grime and poverty have been replaced by shoddy, tinsel-edged glamour. 


Then it goes into gay, lesbian, transsexual characters, that seem to make up the whole street now, of all ages.  Then it goes into the writers too, how many of them are actually in that particular class of people, or decided to be, and they want to promote their culture, using everyone elseís tax money.  So anyway, thatís how.  Iíll put this link up too at cuttingthroughthematrix.com at the end of the night.  Itís in everything that you watch now, anyway.  It doesnít matter what you watch, even if itís a one-off movie youíre going to get it in there somewhere too.  And this is the way of the future.  The total end, the destruction of the family unit, totally.  And once thatís happened, of course, one group will run the whole planet, when youíre all completely dysfunctional.  Thatís part of the agenda. 


As theyíre doing this of course, in wonderful Britain, thatís probably taxed into the ground and the most taxed country on the planet; Canada I think is second, it says...


Pension age 'will have to rise to 70 because of Labour's reckless borrowing binge'

dailymail.co.uk / Hugo Duncan / 6th July 2011


Socialism is wonderful because the banks love it.  And whenever socialism comes in they always just borrow like crazy to create a massive welfare state and then tax everybody else into the grave, even the ones who are poor.  So itís just amazing.  And of course, what they want you to do now is simply die off before you can collect your pension, then they can spend that cash on your little, creating little community areas, etc. Thatís where the cash comes from, folk who havenít collected their pensions because theyíve been worn out and theyíve died on the way to retirement.  Iíll put that link up as well. 


And this beauty from Australia...


Carbon price to be announced on Sunday

abc.net.au / Jul 5, 2011


(A:  Because they had been given the lead for the carbon taxes on the general public, starting of course with corporations but bringing it down to the individual.  Because you see, in Technocracy, again, part of the Royal Institute of International Affairs idea, back in the 1930s, ALL energy is to be taxed that you consume.  If you buy a chocolate bar youíll pay for some accountantís estimate of how much energy was used in the making of that bar, and its wrapper, and everything else, and transportation to the store.  So it says...)


The Federal Government plans to announce how much polluters will pay for carbon this Sunday.  (A:  See, Ďpollutersí is a negative word.  Itís like urban Ďsprawlí... sprawl... like something thatís sprawled out all over the floor.  The same idea.  Polluters will pay for carbon this Sunday...)


Prime Minister Julia Gillard says the Government's Multi-Party Climate Change Committee has made considerable progress in recent weeks.  (A:   I heard they also took over from the Vatican in the Middle Ages and Julia Gillard has also figured out how many angels actually stood on the head of a pin. Sheís so good she can actually work out carbon taxes.  Anyway...)


She says the committee will continue to meet this week, but she expects the final details will be resolved before Sunday's announcement around midday.


"A carbon price is an important reform that will create incentives to lower Australia's carbon pollution at the lowest cost to the economy," she said in a statement. (A:  What a liar. What a liar, eh?  As you pay cash itís going to be better for the consumer and the economy, eh?)


So Iíll put that one up as well.  And thereís also another beauty that came out of Australia, now that Fabian Socialism is really in power.  Itís been in power for a few parties before her but sheís got a lot to prove here, more than you can imagine.  This is South Australia...


Government charges employed teens to stay at home

Sarah Martin From: The Advertiser / adelaidenow.com.au / July 7, 2011


CHILDREN as young as 16 will have to pay 15 per cent of their incomes to the State Government under changes to rent charges for people in public housing.


Housing SA has advised public housing tenants that any child living at home will have their income assessed from September this year and will be required to pay rent from November.  (A:  Pay rent!)


For young people between the ages of 16 and 20 the amount will be 15 per cent of their income, and for those over 20, 25 per cent will be charged. Study allowances, such as Austudy or Youth Allowance, will also be considered as income and added to rent hikes.


The rules will result in a dramatic change to how children in public housing are treated. Currently, children under the age of 20 add just $5 a week to a family's rent.  (A:  And now you have to pay it to the government, that owns them.)


Thatís socialism for you.† Again, itís just an example of where youíre all heading if you keep your mouth shut.  I hope you all understand that.  This is across the world.  When they set up a place like Australia to bring in carbon taxes theyíre making it a flagship for the world.  Britain generally does all the other parts of the flagship and comes out with the first things on things.  And weíve all to follow in putting their community areas, communitarianism as they call it today, and theyíve got a whole bunch of...  Iím going to do a show just on the ones in the US alone.  Theyíve disguised it so well under so many different names, Canada as well.  Habitat for Humanity is one of the big ones.  Itís Agenda 21 from the United Nations for those who donít know what it is.  What a world, eh?  What a world weíre living in.  Most folk donít even know whatís going on.  But they can tell you whoís in Coronation Street, no doubt. 


Alan:  Now thereís a caller thatís been hanging on the line there.  Iíll try and get them in here.  Thereís Billy from North Carolina.  Are you there?


Billy:  Yes, sir.  How you doing?


Alan:  Not too bad. 


Billy:  I had a couple of questions.  You had stated a while back for your listeners to really pay attention to something that you may say because you can go astray yourself.  I wanted to ask you, because you got on... when you end the show you say, may your God or Gods go with you.† And I was wanting to know exactly, my question one is, do you serve a God or Gods?  Because Iím a man of Christian background and with the almanac that I read teaches us that we should have only one God.† So by me following you I want to know that, if Iím on a right path of listening to your teachings or your doctrine.  And also the reason why I say that is because thereís a lot of things I have questions about.  Because in Mathew 13:11, itís a lot thatís in here that says a lot of people donít understand because the mysteries are given to those that are conditioned to this reading.  And so I was wanting to know exactly where is Mr Alan Watt and what is his faith or religious background, if at all.


Alan:  Well, Iíll tell you.  Iíll give you an answer to that and thatís none of your business.  Thereís an answer for you.  Because Iíll tell you why.  I talk to people from ALL kinds of faiths.  Do you?


Billy:  I donít talk to all people from all walks of faith, and I didnít mean to offend you, sir.  Just wanting to know because you did open up the door for that and like I said, I apologize. 


Alan:  So you wouldnít say to someone whoís a different faith than you, may your Gods go with you, if thatís what they believe in?


Billy:  Okay. Okay. 


Alan:  Isnít that what you call a bigot?


Billy:  Excuse me?


Alan:  Isnít that what a bigot is?  Didnít Jesus talk to the Samaritans?


Billy:  Yes.  Yes. 


Alan:  Okay, thatís the end of the story then, isnít it?  Now Iíll go to the next caller.  Thatís Larry from Louisiana.


Larry:  Okay.  You know, you can see how mankindís societies go up and down throughout history.  Do you think that they become more technologically advanced every time they go up?  Or have you seen any evidence that thereís a possibility that the technology we see today has been seen in ancient times and maybe even more advanced and Iíll give you three examples.  One is their great cities lying under the Atlantic Ocean.  Two is the wooly mammoth frozen in its tracks so quickly his guts didnít even bloat and heís chewing daisies; it was a tropical climate.  Three is the Petrified Forest in the Mohave Desert; the trees appear to have fallen all at once and laying right where they fell and the moss is growing on the south side of the trees, and they say that moss grows on the north side of the trees today due to magnetic north. 


Alan:  Yeah, so whatís the question?


Billy:  The question is, is there a possibility that mankind, as we see technology today, is it possible that in ancient times theyíve been to this level and even beyond?


Alan:  Well, I think theyíve been up to a high level; I have no doubt at all.  What youíre talking about is the changes in the North and South Pole.   And where the wooly mammoths were, by the way, that was where the equator used to go through at one time.  And you find that by magnetites in the ground, because when lava comes up or even if the earth is scorched, youíll find that magnetites will tend to set, just like they set in cement, it will set in the direction of north and south, at that period.  And we know now that the equator used to go up through Siberia at one point and thatís where those mammoths were found in the early 1900s expedition into that area, just after the Bolshevik Revolution I think.


Billy:  Okay.  So if there were these great earth changes in the past, then you just living and being here, that means your ancestors made it through these great changes, correct?


Alan:  Well, I wouldnít be surprised.  I wouldnít be surprised at all.  And if you go into the religions, see, in ancient times, the way that weíre given it today, itís very hard to tell myth and religion from fact, because very few folk wrote about anything and the ones that did generally were priests who wanted to see it their way. But in India they talk about histories that go back into millions of years.  They even talked about a scientific age, where they called the Gods, the Gods were simply high scientists, you know.  And they said these Gods had literally experimented with humans at one point millions of years ago; it was up near the Black Sea in fact.  And they said that where the Black Sea is today was a valley.  And they created different kinds of humans; they mixed humans with animals, just like theyíre doing today by the way.  Isnít that amazing?


Billy:  Genetic engineering just as today, thatís right. 


Alan:  And what they said was, they got to such a stage that the humans, or these partly humans started to eat each other, so they had to stop the experiment by flooding that valley.  And then National Geographic put out a magazine a few years ago and they went down into the valley with a Japanese submarine, with a mini sub, and sure enough, they found these ancient dwellings down near the bottom along both sides of that valley.  So it was a valley at one time after all.  So I donít see why mankind could not have been around millions of years ago and come through many catastrophes, depending on where they were in the world at that time and where the catastrophe happened to be. 


Billy:  Very good, Alan.  Now, most people will say thereís only one God, this is on the religion thing.  Oh yeah, thereís only one God.  Then read the first line of their 10 Commandments, have no other Gods, in the plural, before me.  Thank you, Alan. 


Alan:  Thank you for calling. 


And thatís true enough.  I mean, the Jehovah God was really a latecomer and that would never have been put down there as a commandment from God if there were not other Gods around.  And itís so unfortunate that people get mixed up with a religion that technically was made for one specific ethnic people; thatís why there has been a battle up to this present day.  Because many Jews take it as a terrible offense thinking that someone stole their religion.  And they have their own function to go through, their own agenda, because itís an active religion, and they work it into being in every generation.  And I can understand why theyíre offended, someone pinched their deity, and basically their coming messiah, and they also pinched their Old Testament as well.  So theyíre not too happy about that.  And why would a commandment, if there are no other Gods there you wouldnít even mention it; they would just say, worship me, the one God.  Back with more after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back and we are Cutting Through The Matrix and Iím going to go to another caller but Iíd just like to mention this other... itís from Wikipedia actually.  Itís a...


List of countries by energy consumption per capita - wikipedia.org


And youíll see how theyíve got it all worked out in advance and out of that will come your energy taxes, carbon taxes and all the rest of it.  Iíll put this link up as well.  Itís quite interesting how things are really rampaging ahead.   Thereís also one to do with internet legislation.  Itís...


Congress prepares repressive Internet legislation - rt.com / 6 July, 2011


Who theyíre going to take off and who they want, giving themselves the ability to do so.  Iíll put this link up as well, and go through it tonight. So thereís just too much to say in an hour, but as I say, Iíd like to have said a lot more, thereís so many more articles here thatís really going to affect you. 


Alan:  Iíll go to Frank from North Carolina if heís there.


Frank:  Yes, thank you for taking by call.  I called in to make a comment and see what you thought about some of my observations and thoughts on the police and military and even people in the news media, particularly these people that make their living off reading teleprompters and lying.  But to the caller, the previous caller in North Carolina, I know where heís coming from.  And I run across that a lot.  They have this litmus test about where you are coming from in your faith and whatnot.  I would just like to say this and you donít need to comment on it, but I come from a Christian background myself.  Iím 45 and I can tell you, Iíve heard more lies from Christians and Christian leaders on television and everything else.  Theyíre the biggest liars in the world.  So if youíre going to say, well if Alan doesnít come from a Christian faith or whatever that I canít believe him... I mean, it doesnít make any sense.  Itís not logical because Christians lie all the time.  They look the other way at facts, facts that might, you know, affect their own credibility and whatnot.  They support wars that are based on lies, and try and say that Jesus is behind it and weíre fighting for Jesus and God, when they know that the facts show... I mean, just even common sense.  Anyway, Iím done on that subject. But as far as the police and the military, is there anything that the average typical cop or... and I know itís probably worse the higher you go up in rank. But is there anything that the cop, the average cop and military person out on the street in the coming days and weeks and months and years ahead, is there anything that they wonít do if theyíre given some type of a plausible, reasonable explanation?


Alan:  Thereís nothing.  No.  History proves it because all you have to do is to go through the wars that we know of, especially in the late 1800s and then into the 1900s and then the 20th century, into the present time.  And even when the Germans came in to France and Holland, different countries, they simply told the police to go about their business.  They added a whole bunch of new laws so that the cops could go out and round up people as well, and they obeyed every single one.  Not one country chickened out.  Not one country opposed it.  The cops always go along with the winners, because they always get more out of it for themselves personally.  And theyíll do whatever they are told to do; they will do.


Frank:  So basically, a cop in any given place and time, say in America today, that cop, he wanted to be a cop for a particular reason; a lot of it I assume is probably because itís a power trip.  If you put them in any other environment, no matter if it was an openly tyrannical place, they would also do as theyíre told there. They donít care.  They will abide by whatever rules are set before them. 


Alan:  Absolutely.  As I say, theyíve already proven that in different countries and different wars, especially throughout the 20th century and even into the present century.  So theyíre not your cops at all, and there are many psychopathic personalities in the police forces; studies have been done on them.  And they will do what theyíre told as long as they personally can benefit and stay on the winning team.  Thanks for calling. 


From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your God or your Gods GO with you. 



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