July 7th, 2011 (#870)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 7th, 2011:

Why Follow Actors who Memorize Diction,
In Order to Lead You into World of Fiction:

"Celebrities are Used by All Different Groups,
Because Public is Trained to Go for Looks
Of the Rich and Successful, They Must Know More
Than the Grovelling Followers Down on the Floor,
Oh Foolish Man, You Wish to Be Told
By All Your "Superiors" Who'll have You Sold,
Rather than Study, and Make Up Own Mind,
Then Set Out to Encourage Others to Find
That the Future's Been Told by Many an Author,
From the C.F.R., IMF with Big Cash in the Coffer,
They Calmly Lay Out Plans without Drama,
How They Pick Presidents, Like Front Man Obama,
And Have Them Sign All Sovereignty Away
As They Dream Totalitarian Dreams of the Day,
When Intellectuals and Science Rule from U.N.,
Over a Depopulated World of Modified Men"
© Alan Watt July 7th, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė July 7th, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on July 7th, 2011.  For newcomers, I always suggest you help yourselves to the audios, free audios, hundreds and hundreds of them, you can find at cuttingthroughthematrix.com, where I try and give you shortcuts to understanding this incredibly complex, massive superstructure around the world of corporations and foundations and private banks or moneylenders, you might call them, the ones that lend to nations.  And again, their clubs, their big clubs that they pull the big shots into that are going to be ruling over your lives, across the whole planet.  And weíve been international for a long time.  The United Nations was set up with that in mind to bring in a global government, although they couch it under governance today, but itís still government, and weíre well on our way.  So, help yourself to the audios and find out whoís behind it, where theyíre taking you.  It will explain a lot as to what youíve already experienced in life and the media havenít told you the reasons why things happen, the big reasons.  It will help you there.  And it will also show you whatís to come as well, because these guys tell you where theyíre going.  Itís just that most folk donít want to believe itís going to really be that bad.  And also, the mainstreamís job is not to really wake you up at all.  Itís meant to mislead you into trivia and things that politicians seem to be doing locally, that kind of stuff.  Remember too, all those sites you see listed on the .com site have transcripts in English of a lot of the talks for print up as well.  And you can go into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu for transcripts in other languages. 


Remember too that youíre the audience that bring me to you, so you can support me by buying the books and discs I have at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And from the US to Canada, you can still use a personal check or an international postal money order from your post office, or you can use cash, send cash, or PayPal.  And youíll find the donation button on the .com site, and what to do, and so on.  All you do is send the donation, and follow it up with an email with your name, address, and what you want, and Iíll get it out to you.  And remember, straight donations are awfully welcome these days.  Across the rest of the world, same thing, youíve got Western Union, Money Gram again, and PayPal to order, using the donation button, and again, straight donations are certainly welcome. 


And I get an idea too whatís happening across the world, just from that alone, because people just drop off with their purchases as their currency starts to inflate, meaning you get less purchasing power from it.  Everything is going up in price.  Your money is becoming worth less and less as theyíre devaluing basically all kinds of currencies, which is the big plan today, because, eventually, they still want to bring in a world currency and the United Nations was prattling on about that just the other day again, about having a much bigger say in global economics, as it was designed to do from its very outset. 


So weíre living through the changes.  Itís massive shake-ups across the world, cultures and everything have to go down the old toilet drain, because theyíre bringing in a new culture for the world, very politically correct.  And itís interesting too, they run all these formulas through computers to do with global warming, and even to do with how humans will behave.  And RAND have been doing that for about forty years, the RAND Corporation.  Thatís how they ran the Cold War, by feeding us as numbers through their machines to see how weíd all behave as they terrified us of imminent destruction that never ever came.  Theyíre doing the same thing with global warming and various other things, the coming food shortages which they can certainly bring on, because only five corporations own the worldís food supply today.  And itís not a pleasant future weíre looking at all, but Iíd rather know whatís coming rather than be oblivious and a silly fool that gets hit from behind with a train, a locomotive.  Iíll be back with more, after these messages.


Hi folks, weíre back and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  Itís a hard thing you know when people can set you up for a fall.  And we all think weíre so high and mighty and clever and weíre so up to date with whatís really going on that a clever manipulator truly can just pull the rug from under your feet and down you go.  And youíre really, really embarrassed.  Well, itís hard to tell people today, who have truly been dumbed down with their education system, although theyíve been taught on the other hand to feel awfully good about themselves.  All their studies say the same thing.  Theyíre coming out of university now, they can hardly read some of them, and yet they feel so good about themselves.  They really think theyíre the best in the world, and believe you me, theyíre going to fall flat on their faces when they come up against people who have studied from China for instance, and people who take it seriously.  Itís hard to get through to the general public whatís happening, because they all do believe theyíre really on top.  They live in countries with the most newscasters, radio stations, television stations that ever existed, and, of course, they truly believe that the media is there to do their reasoning for them.  Thatís what Brzezinski said in his book, Between Two Ages, that the public depend on the media to do their reasoning and their thinking for them. 


And itís interesting, because you see, the previous generations up until World War II were very suspicious of the media.  If you read a lot of old books and so on, they knew what it was all about.  They knew that private corporations would always spin the news, select the news even, and omit other news to keep you, you know, left wing, right wing, whatever it happened to be at the time.  So, itís amazing the job theyíve pulled across the whole world by giving us sort of daddy figures that you grow up with, and they never seem to die.  Theyíre always sitting in that chair after fifty face-lifts, because, you see, that is daddy to you.  I mean, heís got a nice voice.  They look you straight in the eye, apparently, and you donít see the dummy board that heís reading, and he appears to be awfully sincere, and all the media gives awards to him, so he must be awfully good.  And so, theyíre setting you up, you see, to truly believe everything that comes out of their mouths.  And every country has their own Dan Rather type character.  Thatís how itís done.


And yet, you go back into 1923 and the man who designed and worked with all presidents, a whole bunch of presidents, one after another, a man who helped designed the League of Nations and attended the first conference with Wilson at the age of 23ó23?ówho was already an expert, he must have been taught since the age of five probably, for this special task in life, was Bernays, and he said this in his own book.  This is the guy who gave you the consumer society.  He taught women to smoke and drink beer and behave rather raunchily we shall say.  He said, ďinvisible power is now in control of every aspect of American life.  Democracy is only a front for skillful wire pulling, tricks the new sciences of mental manipulation could place at the disposal of politicians and policy people for a price.Ē  And thatís already happened too.  And getting back to Brzezinski, he said, now the public really expect the media to do their reasoning for them.  Thatís how simple it is.  Weíve all been puffed up, you see.  Oh, weíre so intelligent and weíre First World Countries, and meanwhile, for many generations, theyíve taught you a lot of nonsense. 


Weíre actually pretty stupid.  Weíre far stupider than a lot of people in Africa.  They have to be streetwise just to survive.  But once you get a bit of the good life thatís now getting taken away from you, youíll still believe in the fiction that your government is there for you.  What a great trick, isnít it?  So simple in such a short span of time.


Now, I want to mention too the fact that most folk, again, will never believe that thereís chemtrails being sprayed above their heads every day.  Even when you show them, theyíll see them, and uh-huh, uh-huh, and theyíll make every excuse.  Theyíll squirm and everything else.  But, you see, they will not believe you, because, who are you?  Youíre nothing.  They need Dan Rather to come out publicly and tell them to be awfully, awfully concerned.  Thatís how you get them concerned.  They have to be told to be concerned, and tell them that theyíve been sprayed with noxious substances that donít bode any good for their health or even their way of thinking, because it will affect people eventually that way too.  It already has. 


And weíve seen this since the beginning of the daily spraying since 1998, weíve seen the skyrocketing of allergies.  Now allergies are normal.  And people who have never had allergies or even asthma in their life can get it in their forties now.  Thatís now normal too.  Everything has suddenly become normal, everything that didnít exist before.  And the medical staff go along with it too, and play the perplexed game, because they have no answers for it at all. And we also have the continuous bronchitis as well, and after heavy spraying you even have the metallic taste in your mouth sometimes.  Itís not really pleasant to go outside at all in that kind of spray.  This is worldwide. 


And Iíve got people who are pilots and other ones who are working in other departments of air companies, who go all over the world, and they tell me that the heaviest sprayings of all are going on over all major cities, across the whole world.  They do it the rural areas too, because they use the winds to travel over the towns and cities, etc, as well.  So, itís well planned, well organized, and yet such a thing on this massive scale is kept quiet from the public.  They will not discuss it at all. 


So, thereís a Chemtrail Rally, remember, in England.  Itís on the 9th of July in Duxford, Cambridgeshire, and it says here from this article:


Weíre being sprayed like vermin from the air yet our elected officials continue to deny this fact whilst our police officers turn away and ignore questions from concerned members of the public.


(Alan: By the way, the police are told that if anyone comes to them asking about the trails or pointing up at them, they have to just turn away and walk away.  That is policy.  It says:)


This is aerial spraying which is poisoning our breathable air and contaminating our planet on a wide scale including the food we eat and must be stopped with those who have perpetrated this crime against humanity brought to justice.


This is mass genocide on the public across the world which our politicians are ALL complicit in unless they act accordingly by first answering our questions as to what is being sprayed almost directly into our lungs and what they intend to do to stop it.


Now, Iíll just interject here and mention something else.  It was about 1995 or so, or í96, all the British Commonwealth countries and the US as well passed a little resolution that all politicians and their families and high-level bureaucrats and their families now had access to top military hospitals.  It wasnít explained why they were given this access.  It should also tell you the hospitals we have for us are not good enough for them.  Well, actually, I think itís all part of this thing too, because these guys are obviously getting their blood cleansed in some way or another at special facilities, so thatís part of it too. 


So, remember this Chemtrail Rally is the 9th of July in Duxford, Cambridgeshire England.  And hopefully, lots of people will turn up there and be able to pass out fliers and try and try to inform other people whatís going on.  Itís a sad thing, isnít it, when you look at those blank stares, and thereís folk coming out to see an air display, totally ignorant of anything in the world, and they look at you with those, you know, Ďno comprendeí eyes and that blank stare.  Where do you start with them?  Where do you start?  Even when their own children might be suffering now from sudden allergy onset or total allergy syndrome, itís hard to get through to them, because the media should be telling them this.  The media would tell them obviously.  Itís an honest system, the media.  And thatís how theyíre trained.  And thatís how the big boys can get away with it too. 


And also too, Iíve talked so many times from their own websites or articles or books from even the 1920s or later on depopulation, the need to depopulate most countries.  How could they do it?  Charles Galton Darwin in his book, The Next Million Years talked about various ways of poisoning us in the food. Well, they have put the GM food out there with lots of pesticides in it too.  And the water supply, well, we know our water supply if youíre on town supply at all is full of various things, not just the usual ones that are mentioned, but various other things as well.  Theyíve even talked about putting Lithium in it, no kidding, at world level meetings and maybe they have.  Also, Galton Darwin talked about using hormones and altering peopleís hormones.  That way too, he said, the women would become more masculine and the men would become more effeminate, but both actually would drop, their fertility rate would plummet.  And Iíve talked to guys before who are literally losing their sexual drive in their mid-twenties, or around before theyíre thirty years of age, that theyíre losing the drive.  They just begin to lose interest.  And hereís one on women now from mainstream.


'1 in 20 women' hit by early menopause: Doctors baffled at rising numbers of under-40s affected


(A: Women.  Most of them are in their thirties now.)


More than one in 20 women go through an early menopause which puts them at greater risk of heart attack, stroke and bone disease in later life, warn researchers.


Higher than expected numbers stop having periods before the age of 40 for no known medical reason, a study has found.


Around 6 per cent of women had an unexplained premature menopause, leaving them infertile at an early age.


This figure is much higher than previous estimates Ė dating back to the Eighties


(A: So, the agenda is working well, right.)


Ė of as low as 1 per cent.


A further 2 per cent had gone through an early menopause due to cancer treatment or surgery to remove the ovaries.


(A: And thatís skyrocketing too.)


Women from the lowest social class are almost three times as likely to experience menopause before the age of 40 than those from the highest social class.


(A: So, that would give you a link, again, with the weaponized food that youíre forced to eat at that level, because you canít afford the good stuff.  And it says.)


The study, at Imperial College London, is one of the most comprehensive to be carried out into premature menopause. In the UK, the average age of the menopause is 51 years, when womenís natural supply of oestrogen dwindles and ovaries run out of eggs. The lack of oestrogen means women lose their natural protection against heart disease and thinning bones.


Anyway, as I say, the agenda is well on its way when folk are becoming infertile in their thirties now.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix, and just to talk about too, about the computer, I said years ago the computer was put out there to do exactly what itís doing now.  I actually said it would be to collect all data and eventually control people, because everyone will be on it, and eventually youíll have to be on it by law that is.  In some countries they already have your own personal website put up by the government, so they can contact you just like Smith was in Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell.  Same idea.  Itís all here pretty well, and one day, you know, some bureaucrat will be filling your screen there with his face of her face and telling you what to do, right down to exercising as well, just like Eighty-Four.  Hereís an article here:


A patent filed by Microsoft reveals the company has voluntarily created software


(A: You see, Microsoft and all these companies are all part of the NSA.  The CIA, NSA, and MI6, and various other organizations all have legitimate companies.  Lots of front companies there, but they all belong to them, and theyíre out there for a purpose, of course.  And it isnít until the time passes on do you actually find out what their purpose is.  Well, we know what Microsoft is.  And Bill Gates was pushed from the top.  No one could get near him to sue him.  Every judge veered away from lawsuits because he was taking everyone elseís patents.  In other words he had a charmed life.  An extra-charmed life, obviously, and he was like Moses parting the water.  The lawsuits just parted before him, and he was put to the top.  And thatís how you create a star.  You see?  Same idea.  The right people behind you, big money, big power in the NSA and the CIA and youíre made a star.  So:)


A patent filed by Microsoft reveals the company has voluntarily created software that provides the Government and other agencies seeking to spy on you with the ability to easily intercept, re-route and record all forms of personal digital communications, including Skype calls which are directly named in the patent.

A patent filed by Microsoft seeks to give the company exclusive rights to intercept personal electronic communications and resend them directly to the Government and other agencies...


By filing the patent, Microsoft clearly shows they have voluntarily created the software, instead of waiting for a Government mandate to do so. The patent states that ďthe government or one of its agencies may need to monitor communicationsĒ and software acts as a ďrecording agentĒ that is able to silently record the communicationĒ.


(A: And it goes on and on.  And Iíll put this link up for you to go through and have a look yourself.  It says:)


A Gizmodo article on the patent points out that Microsoft appears to trying to patent Skype spying,


Skype is only one of the things they can do with this one in fact.  Itís packet-based and all the rest of it.  So, thatís what it goes to, the big boys, because you see, youíre not free, just like Iíll go back again and mention at the beginning of the show, the guy who gave you, Bernays, who helped give you the League of Nations with Wilson, President Wilson, and gave you the consumer society, he gave you a few wars as well, by the way, because he was a great propagandist, and he said that democracy is just a farce.  Itís a front for skillful people with the right kind of scientists behind them, thatís psychologists, now theyíre called neuroscientists, to manipulate the public, and itís worked awfully, awfully well.  And all these gadgets and gimmicks that are put out for you to grab up, all your sockpuppet friends, people who donít even exist really, itís generally computer generated.  They collect all your data, even your personal data, because you think youíre talking to a real person, all that stuff was designed years ago, and weíre just the fools who use them.  But Iím not, thank goodness for that.  And once Iím finished here, eventually Iíll just toss the computer out the window, because I will never be touching it again.  I really donít need it. 


Now, thereís callers on the line now.  Thereís Ben from Ontario whoís been hanging on from before the show started actually. Letís see if heís there.  Hello, Ben.  Hello?


Ben: Hi.  Thanks for taking my call.  My question has to do with controlled opposition within the Conspiracy/Truth Movement.  Are you familiar with Charlie Veitch from the Love Police?


Alan: No.  In fact, it was only yesterday someone sent me a link and I saw his picture for the first time, so I knew nothing about him.


Ben: Heís an activist who just changed his mind about 9/11.  And he mentioned that he was flown to New York to do a documentary about 9/11, and that he had a chance to talk to some structural engineers and physicists and what not, and he basically got his mind changed on the 9/11 situation.  And I heard you mention on an Alex Jones show that you were contacted by the Rockefeller people to do a talk at the World Citizenship organization.  So, Iím just wondering how pervasive that is within the community, conspiracy community. 


Alan: Iíll tell you, well, itís always been there actually.  The first thing to realize, itís always been there.  I mean, even Patriot Radio, going back as far as the Ď50s and Ď60s in the US, The Toronto Star had an article on it years ago, the history of it, and it was set up initially by the CIA during the Cold War.  And initially it was all Christian Radio.  They used Christianity as a front to whack the Communists you see and the propaganda from the Communism.  And personally, I donít think they ever gave it up, you know.  I mean, why would you give up something that was a great tool?  And when you read the works of Sunstein, who has come out to say they must divide the Patriot Community as well, by basically interfacing with them, and then divide them, then they havenít given up.  Theyíre actually doing that.  And they can also get hosts against hosts, for instance, thatís an old technique as well, and you get very confused.  And then they bring all kinds of, hold on actually, itís a quite interesting topic and weíll get into that when I come back from this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix, talking to Ben from Ontario about basically the shills you get inserted into the Patriot Community.  And celebrity status of course is one that you always tend to use, because people again are already conditioned to almost worship the stars in this day and age.  And if they say something, it seems to be more important, it must be more true than if your local plumber said the same thing.  And even though they know more on a particular topic than the plumber.  Maybe the plumber knows more.  But youíre asking about Veitch, who actually is an actor, isnít he?


Ben: No, heís an activist on YouTube.  Heís got his own channel.  And heís done a very good job of it, actually.  I was a follower of his, watching what heís been doing for quite a while, and he was right on top of the 9/11 Truth Movement.  And then, all of a sudden, out of the blue, he gets invited to do this documentary, heís in New York, and heís talking to different people, and heís completely changed his mind on his feelings for 9/11.  And I was just wondering, because I saw you on an Alex Jones interview, where you were at your house talking about how you were contacted by various organizations, and how they try to persuade people within the Truth Movement, I guess, to sort of join the dark side, so to speak.


Alan: Iíve actually had letters from some well-known, very well known characters, who have big followings, calling me comrade, by the way, and wonít you join us, comrade?  And I know that theyíre sent out there to literally obfuscate the whole movement by causing so much confusion, and half of them are chasing aliens and things like this.  And I know why theyíre inserted there and theyíre backed with big money.  Iíve also had one of the biggest shows that I have been on in the States, a late night one, had the host tell me off the air, if Iíd just go easy.  First he says, I can have you on every two weeks, youíre one of the best guests Iíve ever had, blah, blah, blah.  And then he said, if you could just go easy on the other guestís chatrooms.  They give you a special guest chatroom, where you meet the other guest, you know, just go easy on them.  I knew who he meant, because Iíd already exposed them as frauds.  And so, here you are.  Youíre faced with a chance of getting the biggest audience on the planet, and as long as you donít mention the BS thatís coming out of the mouths of the guys that are having you chase aliens and things.  So, that dropped right flat right there; I said, no, Iím not going to fool the public.  And a lot of folk would have taken the bait.  A lot of cash would roll in that way.


Ben: What about shows like Coast to Coast, that has a very large audience?  Thatís on mainstream airwaves? 


Alan: Now, remember, first and foremost, theyíre licensed under entertainment.  And under entertainment, mind you, they bring in the Patriot stuff, but then the next night youíll have the alien stuff, or an out of body experience, or Big Foot, or voices from Hell.  Do you understand what a Circus is?


Ben: Would you say that ultimately itís designed to make the Truth Movement look foolish in some sense then? 


Alan: If someone is listening to that, night after night, and if they come into it with an idea of whatís happening in the world, and they start to believe these characters who come on, on that show, you will be so muddied up in your brain, itís like a Circus.  Youíll have the little man, the dwarf there, youíll have the elephants standing up, you know, and the whole bit.  Do you understand what a Circus is?  Thereís a lot out there that are like that, and these are the Intelligence Circuses, so that, when you come on, and youíre saying nothing but the facts.  Youíre giving out facts, youíre quoting from books.  Youíre quoting from the RAND Corporation for the future, youíre quoting from the United Nations and big players.  The next night, in comes the guy who captured an alien and put it in his fridge, but it got away.  And so youíre lumped in, psychologically, youíre lumped in with all the rest of them as another kook.


Ben: Yeah, sorry, I have to interrupt, but Iíve noticed that with people who, you know, Iíve talked to people about 9/11 and certain other things, and when that pastor in the States was with this ĎEnd of the Worldí thing, everybody just automatically assumed that I believed the same thing.† And I didnít, obviously, you know.


Alan: Thatís correct.  And thatís what theyíll do.  When you start getting all people chasing aliens, or literally thinking that the royal family are turned into reptiles and bite folksí heads off and drink their blood, youíre in trouble.  Obviously something has gone wrong somewhere.  You know.  Youíve got to understand, youíll also have characters out there who are just raking in cash, you know.  But when you see them backed with big, big cash behind them, and lots of exposure, youíve got to understand that it takes a big machinery that launches you like that.  A big machinery to launch you to that level.  Very costly.


Ben: Okay. Well, thanks for taking my call, Alan.


Alan: Thanks for calling.  As I say, nothing is ever as it seems.  And you have to start using your own heads.  And if you donít find the aliens behind it in Bernaysí talks, or say, the likes of Bertrand Russell, a big player, who designed this part of the system that youíre living through now with all of its changes by the way, if you donít find all of these things in his books, then obviously itís a more recent invention, Iíd say.  Although itís more fascinating to go into fiction and chase fantasy.  And the politicians love it, because, you see, youíll never catch an alien to waterboard and get the truth out of.  So, everyone is looking for flying saucers and aliens, meanwhile the politicians are walking in every week and signing your sovereignty away.  And theyíre left alone.  Itís beautiful.  Now, weíll go to Sam from Toronto, as well, if Samís there.  Hello?


Sam: Yes.  Mr. Watt?† How are you doing today?  Thanks for having me on. I just wanted to get your opinion on this matter, which I basically have been studying or thinking about, Iím sure, just like you have for most of your life.  Hereís where thereís basically, this is where more opinion comes in. I wanted to get your fact on what do you think the agenda of the elite is in terms of their end purpose?  Is it more theosophical?  Do they take the theosophical direction how they stated in their, I guess in their books, about their belief system, how theyíre tied into the New Age Movement and all that, and how they believe an Anti-Christ or Maitreya or I donít know if youíve, well, obviously youíve heard of that.


Alan: Yeah, I know about them.


Sam: Do you think itís going to go that way, or are they just this slow, painful depopulation, I mean the globalization of finally over twenty-thirty years of getting everybody, or everybody in the world, all the countries under one rule, or the New World Order that they were talking about, or even under the face of the UN.  Or the way that theyíve been going at it with the G20, maybe itís the G50 next.  What Iím trying to say, which direction do you think itís going to go?


Alan: Well, now they donít have to worry too much about bringing you the Maitreya, etc, so much.  Theyíve done so many studies over the past few years, they realize weíve never been so dumb as we are now.  We really never have been so dumb.  Most folk question nothing at all.  They just accept everything thatís put down the pike from government.  And so theyíre on a roll.  Now, the depopulation they do want to speed up, so theyíre not going to be philosophical about it.  They will eventually, you know, start putting in, theyíve already put in school the fact that each mouth that comes into the world is going to take resources and breathe out CO2.  And youíve already had young girls come forward in the States asking to be sterilized to save the world.  But, in reality, theyíre going to step up the killing rate now. 


And thatís what, itís already here actually, because I talk to surgeons as well, and thereís so many new cancers just breaking out.  Theyíve never worked the same as old cancers.  These things literally grow to the size of a melon in a couple of days.  I mean, itís literally incredible.  So many that they canít even name anymore.  They donít even bother.  And itís been like that for about the last seven years.  So, weíre going down quickly now with this GM food, the water, this heavy, heavy spraying.  We even know that Monsanto put a patent out on seed, they said it would allow it to grow in highly aluminized soil, because aluminum is also part of the spray stuff that is coming down on us.  It kills most plants off.  So, theyíre speeding up that.  Rockefeller Foundation with the Lucky Gene Club, Oprah Winfrey, all the Big Boys, the multi-billionaires, got together.  I read it on the air from an article in mainstream.  They said, weíve got to step up the killing now.  Step it up.  Itís going too slow.  They said we must speed up the killing and depopulation process, instead of relying on the old method of going across the world pretending to help people, basically, by sterilizing them, they want to really spread it across the world very quickly, a kill rate.  The kill rate must be stepped up. 


So, this will happen.  Most folk wonít notice. Theyíll notice folk in the street dying off and think nothing of it, because weíre not connected with each other anymore.  So thatís already under way.  They donít really need some top guru to come along and tell us all wonderful things and say that heís a Maitreya or whatever, you know.  A Maitreya, remember, in the Hindu, simply means a master.  Thatís all it really means.  Not a messiah, but a master.  And technically, anyone that follows the religion, if they go high enough, can become a master.


Sam: Thanks for the info.  But, I mean, just looking around, I mean, all over the world, the world is at a tipping point.  All the mass riots in Europe, Asia, in Africa, the killing, the HIV.  I mean, it looks like itís going to tip over one of these days.


Alan: Well, hereís the thing here, because people donít realize, all the governments have been militarizing your police for the last thirty years now.  And if you go back into the writings of thirty years ago, and documentation for militaries and for governments, etc, thatís when they started putting all their little laws forward, starting with SWAT Teams, that would then become multi-jurisdictional task forces, like they have in Canada, where certain cops are allowed to go over to Iraq or Afghanistan, kick doors down and kill people, and get used to the idea.  Then they come back into the Special Forces, we have Special Forces in the police here.  And so, for thirty years theyíre building this up for the time they knew would come when they started inflating currency, destroying currencies, hyper-inflation, because itís all controlled.  The same guys that bring you inflation can declare out a window, like the Royal Family, tomorrow, itís now deflation, if they want to.  Money is a joke and a con that they simply use as a tool. 


So, we have to go into austerity, planned austerity.  They know the riots are coming, and itís coming in the States as well, but theyíve been preparing for thirty years, because the plan was made long before that to bring us to.  Theyíre working by plans that work in ten and fifty and twenty and thirty years for different parts of the agenda.  And weíre right on board now with the collapsing, the apparently collapsing countries, and weíll also have NATO, the NATO countries coming in and UN troops to help, in Canada for instance with restoring order, rationing the food, spreading the food out and so on.  Weíve had practices in Canada already.  Some of the bases here have had Russians working here for years, from Russia.  I talked to some of them once.  They were all officers.  And they were over here learning the civic laws of Canada.  Now, the civic laws are the ones that you use.  Theyíre acclimatizing foreigners who will be in charge of troops how far they can go with the civil rights and so on of other people in this country.  Weíve had Chinese troops here as well doing the same thing, officers, and all kinds of ones from the ex-Soviet Bloc.  So these things arenít done for fun.  Theyíre done for possibilities or probabilities as sometimes theyíll tell you.  So, nothing thatís happening today wasnít planned a long time ago. 


And they really want to get an awful lot done by 2012.  And 2010 to 2012 really was their target dates for bringing the United Nations up to its full power as a kind of leader in the global governance movement.  Thatís militarily, where they can just tell countries to go to war with other countries.  And thatís what Obama used as an excuse to go off to Libya, by the way, that the United Nations had given him authority.  He didnít have to use Congress.  And theyíre also to be brought up economically as well, in charge of the worldís economy.  And the UN, if you look at its own charter, they said eventually they will distribute the food to all the regions in the world.  So, youíre going to have food distribution and quotas given to each region, and that includes Canada as well, even if the stuff originally came from Canada, it must go to the UN authorities first.  Thatís all on the cards for the next few years.  By 2050, they hope to have it all done, a lot of us killed off, died off, or gone infertile and simply died off, and they hope to have their vastly reduced population and a global governance.  And then after that, they want to go into small city-states.  No more countries.  Theyíll have withered away, as Karl Marx said, and Lenin said, and theyíll just have these massive city-states.  Very high tech, with all the right kind of people in it.  The right genes.  And that literally is from their own writings, in various books Iíve read from the top guys.


Sam: Is it safe to say then, the legend of the Illuminati is the truth, how they formed in the late 1700s, how they wanted to take over the world.  Do you think it all goes to that, or do you think itís just a Romantic legend?


Alan: Itís been blown out of proportion, by again, Conspiracy Theorists, and again, generally the fake ones.  Do you understand that everyone who comes out of university belongs to the Alumni?  The Alumni, youíre illumined.  Youíre illumined, you see.  And then you have the Rite of Perfection, the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, the Rite of Perfection.  That means youíre also illumined, you know.  Some of them have the Rites of Illumination.  And so on, it means awake and bright.  However, thereís no doubt about it.  There are Cabals.  Thereís a Cabal for the banking business, international banking.  And they met in the 1700s, initially.  They were already the money lenders, and they formed their own clique to control the world via money and commerce, and the control of money through Central Banking, which is private banking.  Thatís one group, but they also work with the other groups as well for global dominance.  You have other ones, that literally are eugenicists.  They truly believe that specific races should survive and the rest should die off, like H.G. Wells, he used the same list as the economist, John Stewart Mill used in the 1700s, of peoples that would be allowed to go into the new, and the ones who should not be allowed to go into the New World because they were too inferior.  H.G. Wells came out with a book called A Modern Utopia.  You should read that one as well.  In the 1920s I think he wrote that, and pretty well, he goes through the whole thing, right down to how they get rid of the inferior types.  They thought of sterilizing them, and then they sterilized them, and let them just die off in old age.  So they didnít just kill you.  They sterilized you and let you live until you just died at a natural age, but you didnít produce any offspring.  So, a totally controlled society, with the right kind of people in it.  This stuff has been reiterated so many times by big players, and youíve got to remember that H.G. Wells was a front man for what became known as the Royal Institute for International Affairs or the CFR.  Thanks for calling.  Weíll be back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  And just before I go to the last caller, Iíll put the link up from the General Assembly at the United Nations, it says:


General Assembly Considers Strengthened Role of U.N. in Economic Global Governance


On the June 28th debate, panelists proposed giving the United Nations economic and social council power on economic issues similar to the Security Council and a stronger voice, visa vie the G20. 


So, basically, theyíre going to be basically ruling over the G20 now as well.  Thatís what that really means.  And Iíll put that link up for you tonight.  Another link too is:


Why Do the Police Have Tanks? The Strange and Dangerous Militarization of the US Police Force


They have helicopters, like Cobra helicopters and everything.  Theyíre putting tanks out now, and theyíre letting some of them be visible in some of the US states, because theyíre all prepared for whatís to come down the road.  As I say, theyíve been preparing for this for thirty years, every country has been.  And now, thereís Joe from Seattle on the line.  Are you there, Joe?


Joe: Is that Beer Drinkers and Hellraisers by Z.Z. Top youíre playing?


Alan: Thatís it.


Joe: Anyhow, thanks for having me on, Mr. Bennett. 


Alan: Itís Alan.  Itís Watt.


Joe: Given that weíre living under the Protocols of Zion, you know, I believe that, and I think thatís true, I was wondering your opinion, I would rather have you talk, than have the public listen to me, Iíd rather have your opinion.  What do you think about, first of all, Bobby Sands and second of all, Hezbollah?


Alan: Well, the fact is, the Protocols, strangely enough, regardless of whoever wrote it, the fact is that it certainly was a plan pretty well spot on.  Someone was awfully good at predicting what was going to happen, eh?  And much of it too was coming out at the same time, much of the similar stuff, again, was coming out from again recognized authors, like H.G. Wells, by the way, on this kind of future.  So, itís up to debate who actually penned the whole thing.  We could never ever prove it, regardless, but the fact is, this guy was awfully good at predicting what was coming down the pike for a totalitarian type society.  Where do you want to actually go with the Hezbollah?


Joe: Well, I mean, like the Protocols of Zion, thereís like this, not all Jews but certain factions of Jews are controlling the earth.  And I think that people that, you know, understand that.  I was wondering about, just about, okay, just as far as defense against that, like defense against that, I donít want to mention Germany, but I mean, Germany went to war with the Jews.  But itís like Bobby Sands, I would like your opinion on Bobby Sands style of resistance and also on Hezbollahís style.  Because, I mean, Hitler, Bobby Sands, and Hezbollah were all fighting the same entity which is like a corrupt, usury banking system.


Alan: Youíve got to understand, itís like what that previous caller was talking about there, how certain agencies were formed around the 1700s.  You already had an international Royal Family. Hereís dynasties who simply inherit their wealth.  They marry each other, intermarriage, hold on to power by doing so.  You also did have a high level Jewish cabal of international lenders that had risen up to the very top, because they controlled nationsí currencies, and the Rothschilds were one of the big families there.  And those same families today still lend to whole nations.  And they also held onto their money by intermarrying, especially within their own families.  You do have particular royal type families across the world, in all areas of controlling it.  You also have the same thing with those who control the major holdings in all the food industries across the world.  So, youíre looking at a club.  And thatís generally what people refer to when theyíre talking about the Illuminati.  From Hamish and myself, from Ontario Canada, itís good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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