July 8th, 2011 (#871)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 8th, 2011:

Science Your Master, Cradle to Grave,
Creates the World's Most Perfect Slave:

"Science is Santa, The Messiah, Our God,
Showering Goodies, P.C, Cell Phone, iPod,
Why it Brings the Whole Big World Together,
You're Never Alone in the Sun or Bad Weather,
Without the Net, My, You'd have to Rehearse
On How to Interact with Real People, Converse,
Your Mind Would Need Exercise, Never Been Used,
The Shock of Reality Might Leave You Confused,
Lack of Trivial Data Could Drive You Mad,
Thinking Feels Strange, Frightening and Sad,
On the Other Hand, Think of the Learning to Do,
Finding Your Gadgets were Spying On You,
You're Typed, Categorized, Completely Predictable,
You Could Be Charged with Something Indictable,
It Seems Santa's Technology is Weaponized,
And the Truth is Orwellian-Speak for Lies"
© Alan Watt July 8th, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė July 8th, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on July 8th, 2011.  For newcomers, you should look into the website, cuttingthroughthematrix.com and help yourself to the audios that are there for free download.  Thereís hundreds and hundreds to choose from.  And hopefully, by the time youíre finished if you can manage to finish them and stay sane, youíll have a bigger understanding of the system youíre born into, a system that literally grabs you when youíre very young, indoctrinates you in such a way that youíre not supposed to ever really take notice of whatís happening around you in this great big world.  And itís to keep you dumb and stupid basically for the rest of your life.  It literally is like that.  Everything is done in stealth and itís done.  Itís incredible the big meetings you come across, even on the internet, and just go over what theyíre talking about.  Itís all in the open, really, if you really want to go and find it.  Hopefully by going into the sites youíll find the links and foundations and the articles and the big think tanks that Iíve put up there over the years, that literally discuss your future without you knowing about it.  And that means everything thatís going to happen on every major level in your entire life, because they plan the future and make it happen.


And remember too, youíre the audience that bring me to you, so you can support me by buying the books and discs I have for sale at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And from the US to Canada, you can still use a personal check or an international postal money order.  Or you can also use cash, send cash.  Or you can use PayPal.  Youíll find the donation button on the .com site.  Follow it up by an email with your name, address, and order, and Iíll get it out to you.  Across the rest of the world, youíve got Western Union, Money Gram, and PayPal again, for the same thing.  Remember, straight donations are certainly welcome as well.


And, as I said there at the start, youíre surprised how much data is actually out there.  Itís knowing where to look and getting away from all the fun stuff on the internet.  Thatís what most folk are into it for.  And the mainstream wonít tell you anything about it at all.† When they touch on any think-tank, they generally give you a spun version, definitely a censored version, and they donít tell you what things are really, really about at all.  And thatís their job, because the media doesnít have any obligation to tell you the truth on anything.  Theyíre private businesses.  And the high court in the US actually had a case from journalists from I think it was Fox that gave them a contract.  They werenít allowed to print their whole story, because it mentioned Monsanto, who was a big sponsor of course, too.  And they took it all the way to the Supreme Court, and the judge says, well, the news has no obligation to tell the truth.  And most folk are kind of stunned by that.  They have begun to believe, and they have believed, that the media is an appendage to their brain that does their reasoning for them.  And unfortunately, that is so now.  Theyíve all been trained that way.  Why would they lie to you?  Right?  Why would any, why would even Mr. Mansbridge in Canada lie to you?  Heís been there your whole life long.  And he tells you the truth, right? 


But thatís the way it is.  Weíre so easily taken care of, because these sciences existed long before you were born.  Theyíve been around for an awful long time, and the whole thing is to be based on trust, basically.  Weíre taught to trust the people and governments that shaft us, over and over again.  And thatís why people keep voting in desperation that eventually somehow, some strange how, theyíll get some party in that will actually be good to them, and do what you think theyíre there for, instead of kowtowing to the corporations, taking their bribes, and then joining the corporations once theyíre out of politics.  So, thatís the way it really is. 


Democracy is a front.  Bernays said that too.  He said itís a farce.  Basically the sciences to control the mind were developed early on, even in his time, the early 20th century.  And he said these guys, these scientists were for hire to the highest bidder in politics to control the publicís mind.  Back with more, after this break. 


Hi, folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And remember too, those in England, youíve got the Chemtrail Rally on the 9th of July in Duxford, Cambridgeshire.  And hopefully a lot of people will turn up to that, because itís the only way you can get through to people, and you can get them to look up and explain what on Earth theyíre actually looking at, which isnít blue sky, thatís for sure.  Itís all this incredible spraying thatís been going on for years now.  And itís to do with HAARP modification.  Itís also to do with weather manipulation.  And itís also to do, Iím sure, with all the side effects it has on our health, because lots of folk are sick with this now.


And I noticed the other day too, that NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric research bunch have given a new normal apparently for the weather.  Theyíve actually said that.  Itís a new normal.  And so theyíve come up with a whole new normal of weather and temperatures and all the rest of it.  And they actually called it a new normal.  Well, Iím not surprised, because they know whatís going on.  They said, oh, the planet is continuing to heat up, even though all the data from all the other associations says itís not.  But I guess with the new normal one, when they updated it, they put it through a special computer, it will probably show as warming.  But they said, itís not warming everywhere across the countries, only in certain places, and mainly at night too.  Thatís when they spray so heavy, of course, it kind of traps the heat in. 


Anyway, thatís the Disneyland weíre living in today.  High sciences are so far ahead of anything you can imagine, and none of live you live in a democracy where representatives are supposed to be responsible to you, none of us do.  This is a world agenda, a world course, and every politician across the entire planet has been picked and selected by one small organization, well, one large organization, really, now, to be who they are, your prime ministers and presidents.  Itís been like that for a long time.  And theyíre on board with bringing in this tyrannical, totalitarian New World Order they talk about, because, you see, to be totally tyrannical and safe at the top, then everyone else must be totally predictable.  Thatís all your data, all of the time, where you are at any particular time they want to find out, they can find out instantly, and then they can breathe a sigh of relief and thatís how itís really done.  This is the worst tyranny of all.  This is what people talked about back in the Ď50s in think tanks.  They had a lot to do with the society today.  They planned it, the parts that youíre going through now; the destruction of the family, the massive promiscuity theyíd promote.  Some of them were British Lords, like Lord Bertrand Russell.  He talked about this too.  The Huxleys, Julian Huxley of UNESCO at the United Nations, they talked about the whole scenario weíre going through right now, right down to the massive promiscuity that would be promoted and in your face to everyone, via entertainment.  As long as they didnít have children, that was the main thing, it would be fine.  It would destroy whatís left of the family unit, and then government could literally talk down to each individual with no one to stand around and stand up for them.  Thatís been awfully successful to date. 


But the spraying is so bad, and I get so sick, walking out there on a sunny morning, and then you see all the trails above you, and your heart sinks again, and sure enough, by noon, itís covered in this gray eggshell mush, across, and you actually see them still at it too.  Even when rain clouds break up and start breaking up, youíll see the trails right above them meshing all across the sky.  Now, Iím not in the flight line, the path of any major air route, so itís no difference where I am.  Itís just the same thing here too. 


Now, as I say, at least these Chemtrail Rallies are trying to promote awareness.  Itís not an easy thing to do, because people are conditioned.  They expect the media to tell them.  They really count on the media to tell them whatís wrong, what to think about, what to worry about, what to be happy about, and the social indoctrination has been so good.  Thatís what Lord Bertrand Russell said.  He said that eventually people, and Brzezinski said the same thing, that eventually people will come to expect the media to do their reasoning for them, and they actually do.  Theyíre perpetual children, you see.  And Russell did say that if thereís going to be a tyranny, like a tyranny of masters, he says, I prefer it would be a tyranny of the scientists; and thatís what youíre in today.  That was the agenda.  He belonged to every international think-tank there was to bring this all into being.  


And, Iíve got to laugh too.  Iíve mentioned so many times of how, in your life, if you live long enough, youíll see this con game going on across the world, where governments use the taxpayer, and they get them all excited about getting either a gas supply or their own water supplies, electricity supplies, and you fund all these big projects, same with roads too.  Itís all from the public purse, meaning your tax money, and theyíll say itís yours. It belongs to either a region or a province or a state or the feds or whoever, but itís the peopleís, you see.  And once itís served its purpose for long enough, and theyíve soaked you, then they sell it off for peanuts.  Thatís standard, all through, all across the whole planet, this con game, it goes on.  It saves the guys getting the startup money, the private companies to start it up on their own.  Itís a lot of cash.  But through the deals, and wheeling and dealing and the big agenda, and the right clubs, of course, where the politicians and these businesses attend, they make their little deals.  And hereís one here too.  It says:


OTTAWA - The Conservative government has sold its Candu nuclear reactor business


(Alan: This is one of the biggest ones on the planet.)


the Candu nuclear reactor business to Montreal-based SNC-Lavalin for a paltry $15 million,


(A: Candu has built them all over the planet.  It says:)


effectively writing off tens of billions of dollars Canadians have invested in the Crown corporation over the past 60 years. 


Well, this is pretty standard, isnít it?  Writing off tens of billions of dollars, and then they get it for fifteen mill.  And, by the way, they still, once they take over the Canadian taxpayers still have to pay for the cleanup and all the rest of it, and all the maintenance of it as well.  Beautiful deals, eh.  Beautiful deals.  Anyway, thatís pretty standard across the world, as I say. 


And isnít it amazing too, you canít look anywhere, any news article without energy suddenly going up across the world at the same time.  Thatís gas, water, even water, and electricity, everything is going up at the same time, because itís the agenda, isnít it, in this time of austerity, as well.  And it says:


Millions face energy price hikes


From the Press Association


Millions of households will see their utility bills break the £100 a month barrier after British Gas announced price hikes of up to 24%.


Some nine million customers will be hit when the supplier raises gas and electricity prices by an average of 18 per cent and 16 per cent respectively from August 18.


And in Canada, of course, we know too that places like Ontario, this company that took over, again, when they privatized our electric company that was ours too, of course, and they got it for peanuts as well, said that theyíre going to raise the rates 8% per year for the next five years.  Itís wonderful, isnít it?  Itís wonderful being a little peon at the bottom. 


And then you look at the Smart Meters. I want to talk about the Smart Meters too.  Thereís a couple of sites that are complaining about the Smart Meters.  Theyíre trying to get everyone to sign on to this petition.  One is the US and Canada.  One is Canada only.  Iíll put them both up, because thereís a lot of stuff about the Smart Meter you really have to find out about.  Itís not what you think.  And it never has been about what you think it is.  Itís nothing to do with helping you or train you like a little Pavlovís dog to watch your electric supply.  Itís a spy.  Thatís its prime purpose is to spy on you.  Itís part of Homeland Security, folks.  And Iíll put a video up tonight as well, at cuttingthroughthematrix.com and you can link to it, and see this for yourself.  Itís a very short one but itís very well done.  And this guy says it like it is.  Itís actually a spy.  Itís a spy.  Itís got so much potential to know whatís going on in your house at all times through different means, to see what youíre using, how long youíre using it for.  The cops have already raided homes where they suspect thereís maybe marijuana growing, you know, or having a small business, a quiet little business on the go.  And itís already getting used for things like that. 


Itís got a lot more potential than that as well.  It can actually, I know for a fact, they can actually use the Israeli method of bouncing radio waves around inside the house and actually they can put it up on a screen as to where you actually are, what youíre doing.  Youíre walking around.  Are you dressed, undressed, whatever.  It has that in it too.  Itís a complete spy.  And thatís the purpose of this so-called Smart Meter.  Itís part of Homeland Security.  And you should get rid of them, if you have them.  Itís got Wi-Fi, using the Microwave frequency as well.  Lots of folk donít like it.  They get sick.  And these characters gave nobody a choice.  They just stuck them in.  And itís time we unstuck them and got them back to what they were, or simply go off the grid altogether.  Get yourself a little generator or something.  This is disgusting the way the public are being treated today, and itís only because they allow themselves to be treated this way.


The problem out there, as Iíve always said, thereís a mass of the public thatís called the quiet majority, and then thereís the elite, you see.  And they form a symbiosis.  The elite need the mass, the silent majority, so that they can always say to the ones that are not in the silent majority, well, theyíve all accepted it, whatís your problem?  Thatís what they mean by democracy.  And the mob needs the elite to tell them what to do.  They like Big Brother.  They like to be told what to do.  And they like the reassuring words, weíre keeping you safe, you know, as you got machine guns pointed all over the place.  Thatís keeping you awfully safe, and treating you like a cow going through a fence or something, or going down the little pathway to get branded.  I mean, thatís a lot of people out there, and lots of people will love Socialism and Big Brother.  Iíve said that for years. 


I might even put up that site again tonight.  I read it a few weeks ago, to do with all the quotes from the bigwigs themselves at the various climate change conferences, all the big foundation characters who say they give out scary scenarios, always at this time of year before their big meetings of impending doom and gloom.  If we donít give up all our rights and start fighting global warming, climate change, and so on and so on.  Iíll put that one up again, because they do this.  And you have them admitting themselves.  It doesnít matter if itís true or false, as long as we can, you know, make a more equal society across the world.  It doesnít matter if they terrify us.  Thatís okay.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix, and talking about how they hype up every so often before these big global meetings, as they ask for more cash for their climate change nonsense.  They always put out scary scenarios.  And thatís what they actually admit themselves.  And Iíll put that site up where you can see the different characters and what they say.  And they actually say, we give them scary scenarios, itís the only way theyíll listen to us.  Well, hereís an article here:


Australian kids are living in climate of fear


Scaring the kids ... Shannon Kolbe, Vanessa Paterson, Tracey Kypreos,


(A: Etc.  Itís a whole bunch of them there, these school children.  Theyíre all terrified.)


PRIMARY school children are being terrified by lessons claiming climate change will bring "death, injury and destruction" to the world unless they take action.

On the eve of Prime Minister Julia Gillard's carbon tax package announcement,


(A: Can you believe the carbon tax?  Have you ever seen a package of carbon?)


psychologists and scientists said the lessons were alarmist, created unneeded anxiety among school children and endangered their mental health.


Climate change as a "Doomsday scenario" is being taught in classrooms across Australia.


(A: And Canada and everywhere else around the planet, actually.)


Resource material produced by the Gillard government for primary school teachers and students states climate change will cause "devastating disasters".


(A: Itís amazing, you know, all down through the ages, when a comet was coming along, you know some fortune teller would tell the king, oh, thereís a comet.  Oh, portents of doom and gloom.  And then heíd tax the people to save them, and theyíd all give their cash up, and then of course the thing would pass by anyway.  Nothing really changes.  Only now itís science.  Itís not occult forces out there now, itís science, you know, science is the big guy, the god.  Thatís the new god, you see, science.  It says:)


"As well as their terrible impact on people, animals and ecosystems they cause billions of dollars worth of damage to homes and other buildings," the material says.

Australian National University's Centre for the Public Awareness of Science director Dr Sue Stocklmayer said climate change had been portrayed as "Doomsday scenarios with no way out".


And you can read this for yourself.† Iíll put it up on cuttingthroughthematrix.com.† I also want to go in tonight, just before I take the callers, and touch on something which is really interesting.† One of them is to do with the police; itís an article that says why do the police basically look like the military.


Why Do the Police Have Tanks? The Strange and Dangerous Militarization of the US Police Force


Itís been going on for thirty years.  Exactly as I said last night, because they knew a long time ago they were going to bring this phase in today, unemployment.  They knew they were going to sign all the factories over to China and actually pay for them to move.  And there would be massive unemployment, and then you go into austerity.  That was planned long before you were born, but they also planned to take over the slack of the casualties of the unemployed scenarios and peoples and nations, who would get rather upset, especially when theyíre told now theyíre going to be meatless and everything else too.  You canít get meat shortly.  Thatís the way theyíre going to go, and you wonít be very happy.  Your backs will be to the wall, so what do they do?  They create a massive army and still call them the police force.  They both look the same now.  Oneís got a black outfit and their boots and their machine guns and their armor on, and the other one has generally got green or camo.  So, if you canít see that theyíre one and the same thing, then tough luck, I donít hold much promise out for you.


I also wanted to touch on this one here.† Iím going to put two links up tonight, awfully important, to show you how Homeland Security is a worldwide organization.  And one of them is called HIDE.  It says:


Homeland Security, Biometric Identification & Personal Detection Ethics


This is an amazing site.  It shows you all where your cash is going, where your cash is going into for all this research and development, private companies.  Literally, itís got 4D videos and spatio-temporal modelling of real-world events from video streams.  This is for street activity and so on. 


Unobtrusive authentication using activity related and soft biometrics


(A: They have all kinds of biometrics in here.  All the ones to do with gesture, gesticulations in crowds.  They pick you out and then theyíll go for you and come and get you, etc.  Itís amazing.  Analyzing social interactions at a distance.  Youíre getting analyzed all the time in this system, and itís a massive amount of articles in here with all the links to them.)


Autonomous production of images based on distributed sensing


(A: Distributed sensing.)


The Ethics of Information Warfare: Risks, Rights and Responsibilities


Itís even got all the biometrics in there, and even genome projects come into it too, because somehow or another, theyíre going to sense your damn genes as well, as they can see you in a crowd.  This is how far ahead they actually are.  So, Iíll put this up tonight: Homeland Security, Biometric Identification & Personal Detection Ethics.  Theyíve got meetings worldwide going on all the time.  Itís astonishing.  And another one that goes along with it too, and itís to do with their databases.  Homeland Security, Biometric Identification & Personal Detection Ethics.  Itís got all their databases too, with all the organizations working, even accelerate trust in digital life organization, and itís also accelerating trust in people.  Get the schmucks that are going to get watched to be happy getting watched, using psychology and neuro-ethicists, etc.  A fantastic, fantastic, amazing amount of stuff thatís in here. 


Do you want to live in this kind of world?  You understand, this is a must-be.  Thereís going to be no arguing with these boys.  Itís already implemented.  And they did it all by stealth and lies, and thereís no way theyíre going to change their minds.  I canít see any politician coming up in the future and saying, Iím going to abolish all this.  I cannot see it.  It will not happen.  So now weíre left with the problems what to do about it.  Because weíre paying for our own chains and manacles and sensors, all the clothing sensors and everything.† Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back.  This is Cutting Through the Matrix.  Last week I touched on the suicide rates in the US soaring, and how itís a bonanza for the body parts industry, you know the parasites that come along.† Well, why not?  Weíre just meat, you see.  Weíre cattle.  And right after weíre dead we can still make a profit for somebody too.  And when you go into hospital today, you donít know if the surgeon is looking at sizing you up to see how much money heís going to make off you, or if heís going to save your life.  It depends which way the balance goes.  More money to let you die and just chop you up and sell off bits and pieces across the planet.  Iím not kidding you.  You know, Iím saying things like this, itís like something out of sci-fi, but the sci-fi time is here.  Itís already here.  Itís been here for a while.  And so the suicide rate is up in the US, naturally, because all the work has been taken out of the country, and hereís one in Europe.


Economic slump linked with soaring suicide rates in Europe


Itís well detailed.  Itís even in the Lancet Journal for the medical establishment too.  And it just proves what we always know.  It goes sky-high when folk are living in a nihilistic system, where they see no future whatsoever.  They just keep reiterating the studies over and over again, because you see, weíre the most studied species on the whole planet.  Forget all this nature stuff, and how does this ant work, and all that stuff.  No, we are the most studied species on the planet.  We always have been.  Now, Iíll go to the callers now, and thereís Justin in Florida.  Are you there, Justin?


Justin: Hello.  How are you doing, Alan.  Iím a recently awake person.  Iíve only been truly awake for Iíd say about a month now.  And I called in about a week ago, and I was asking you about,† the Masons and Solomonís Temple, and you mentioned the Chessboard, how thereís the white squares and the black squares, and I got to thinking about that, and I just wanted to run this observation by you, you know, and youíll see how straight or crooked my thinking really is.  So you have a chessboard, and like, I mean, it just relates to the whole, you know, like the system that we live in, because you have the chessboard, you have the white spaces and the black spaces, white being the good, you know, good decisions that you make, you know.  And the black being, you know the bad or the evil.  And then you have like the pawns, on the board, and the pawns are just the regular people, just you and me.


Alan: Thatís the general public.  The pawns are the general public.


Justin: Above them you have the king and queen, and theyíre the government, and you have the bishops, which is the church, and then you have the knights, which is the military.  And then you have the rooks which are like the fortified castles, like the White House or the Pentagon, stuff like that.  And then behind them, you have the player who moves the pieces.  And the player who moves the pieces is the elite.  Itís the unseen hand, the people behind the curtains who move around the pieces.  And then, like you have one side against another.  You have one country, you know, thatís one side of the chessboard, or nation or whatever.  And you have another one at the end, you have another unseen hand over there and itís moving those pieces.  And at the end, a lot of people die, a lot of buildings get destroyed, except the two people playing the game are unaffected and they walk away shaking hands.


Alan: What they actually do, literally, in strategy, itís warfare strategy too, is the main players will plan every move before they touch any piece at all.  They plan every move in advance, before they even touch, even the responses.  The main thing is the responses to each move.  What will that response to this move be, if I move now, and thatís how they plan society.  If we do this to the public, how will they respond?  And they break it down into categories, because they have all the types that we are.  We join groups and so on.  This group will come up with this plan.  Theyíll retaliate.  This group is more moderate, they can be easily managed, etc, etc.  Then they put their front men out there.  When they do move the piece, they put their own front men out to lead the different groups.  And they lead them in circles.  And thatís why we never get anything done.  This is an old strategy, a very old strategy.


Justin: Itís really brilliant, when you think about it.  Like, I wish that we would globalize ourselves in a way, like to counteract them.  Another thing I wanted to run by you, is I have a theory, I donít know how sound it is, but here it goes.  Iím the only person in my family whoís awake.  And I try to talk to my parents.  I try to talk to my brothers, my sisters, and my aunts and uncles.  And absolutely everybody in my family thinks Iím nuts.  And I know Iím not nuts.  Like I know that I know the truth, and Iím trying to, you know, just to talk to them about it, not really like convert them.  Iím also the only person in my family who has, I have Type 1 Diabetes.  Iím the only member of my family who has that.  And I was wondering, like everyone in my family has their inoculations.  Everybody has their immunizations, their updated shots, you know.  And I was just wondering if maybe like my inoculation, you know, went into my pancreas and messed up my immune system instead of going to my brain and making me accept all of their crazy ideas.


Alan: Itís possible.


Justin: Am I on at all, or is that kind of?


Alan: Itís very possible.  They have found laboratory-made viruses from the vaccines; you can identify even what labs they come from.  They patent them, you see, and theyíve found the viruses in the gut of people.  And sure enough, in the pancreas some of them end up being diabetic, instead of it going all the way to the brain and causing the usual fever that the doctor is told is quite normal.  Yeah, youíre going to have a fever in the brain for the child.  Donít worry.  Well, when you get a fever, and you get inflammation of the brain, you see, cells die.  Thatís normal in any inflammation and your baby should not be having that inflammation in its brain.  Nothing normal about it.  But thatís how, theyíve trained all the doctors the same way.  Theyíve been through the same machine, the same sausage machine, and all they can do is spew out the same sausage to the public.  Thereís no doubt about it, autism at one time was extremely rare.  I think it was one in 140-odd thousand.  And then around the sixties, suddenly this new type came in, speeding up into the seventies, with more and more inoculations given to even younger and younger babies, until itís so darn common now.  Itís just pretty well normal to have umpteen different children in the street thatís got a degree of autism in one form or another, from the very severe autism to attention deficit.  These are all variations of the same problem.  So, itís now a new normal.  And nobody is mystified by it.  No one is saying, oh, my goodness, whatís going on?  No, no.  This is the agenda.  And again, remember what Bertrand Russell said, by ways of their food, their water, and by the use of the needle, the needle Ė and he was at all the top think-tanks discussing all this stuff Ė we shall get the perfect society to control.  So, itís all been done basically.  Thatís the reality. Itís not pleasant.  This is hell.  Weíre in hell, as far as Iím concerned.  This is hell right here.


Justin: Yeah, we really are.  And you know, when you wake up and you realize it, and itís just mind-blowing, except at the same time like youíre free because you know the truth.  And one last thing before I go, is that thereís actually a movie called, I think itís Repo-Men, or Repo or something like that.  Itís actually about an agency that takes peopleís organs.


Alan: Thatís right.  If you havenít paid your payments up, because you kind of rent them, then they come and get them back off you again. 


Justin: Yeah.  I remember seeing the trailer when I was still asleep, and I thought, oh, thatís kind of a strange movie.  Now that you mention that, you know, earlier in your talk, it just makes a lot of sense.


Alan: Thereís more horrific things going on here than you could ever imagine.  Ever imagine.  Itís the same when your insurance runs out in the US.  It doesnít matter whatís wrong with you.  Theyíre all calling you by your first name until the last penny is withdrawn from your insurance, and then youíre kicked on the street.  You know, thatís it. 


Justin: Yeah, and everyone aspires to be doctors.


Alan: Thatís the real system that youíre living in.  Itís hell.


Justin: Well, thank you for taking my call.


Alan: Thanks for calling.  And it was John from New York City, whoís back again.  John?  Are you there?


John: Hello.  Okay, cool, Iím on the air.  Hi, Alan.  I would first like to say that I went on your website, cuttingthroughthematrix.com, and I love your guitar music.  Itís beautiful.  And also, I would like to talk about this thing that happened to me when I was, I canít remember the age well, I can just remember that I was under fifteen, because all throughout high school and junior high school, I didnít remember this thing until I heard about certain things on radio shows and youtube or what not.  So, I was about ten or twelve around that age, and I look into the mirror, and I look at my eyes, and my pupils are vertical like a snake.  And, Iím warm-blooded, and my eyes look like as if it was a cold-blooded animal.  So, Iím just in this quest, until the day that I drop dead, is what does that mean, because Iím not the smartest person in the world.  I at least know 1% that thatís not human.


Alan: This only happened once though, right?


John: Yes.  It just happened one time.


Alan: Well, Iíll tell you.  Youíll get odd things happening in life, very odd things happening.  Iíve had strange things happen in life.  And when I canít get an answer to it, Iíll put it in a box with a question mark and leave it there.  Most folk jump and try to get an excuse for it, or try to rationalize it, or whateverís popular they try to jump in.


John: Thanks a lot.


Alan: Iíll tell you whatís odd though.  What Iíve studied into in my lifetime, there have been so many tests done on unsuspecting members of the public.  I mean multi-thousands of them, still going on by the way, using advanced technologies that can literally give you odd, weird experiences.  Iíve got lots of people who are quite rational and sane too, who have had them as well, different ones.  When you go into for instance, the CIA and the fact that they hired multi-thousands of prostitutes through the fifties and sixties and into the seventies, to bring home Johns and give them different combinations of drugs, all filmed for the CIA.  Why would they even need so many, never mind why are they doing it in the first place?  Do you understand?  And then they have Nick Begich comes out, of course, talking about the machines that the CIA had back in the 1950s that they could point at a person, and it would actually work in the auditory nerves of the brain, and you would hear music or a voice in the middle of your skull.  Now, just the same thing, they can also go into the visual cortex and give you something happening there too.  Youíll never know if youíve been chosen for part of an experiment.  And they want normal people, just average people that they pick on to see what your responses to it will be, you know.


John: And also, Alan, I throughout my young life, because Iím just twenty years old, Iíve experienced things, for example, Iím just in my room, for example, Iím reading a book, for example, just a book on Bushido, because I love to read about its lectures and principles and things like that.  And Iím just reading a book, and the light switch in my light, in my room, just clicks off.  Just clicked like as if someone physically clicked it off.  And this other time, I was in my room, and Iíve spoken, and Iíve met a, because Iím a DJ, Iím also a musician.  Iím a turntable-ist.  I met this girl, and she said, oh, you should meet my mom, sheís a healer.  And I asked her a couple of questions about this thing.  I was in my room, and a ball of light came into my room, and this is when I was trying to fall asleep.  There were no lights, and the ball of light wasnít luminous, it didnít light up the room, it was just plain white, like some kind of matte color, just plain white.  And it just appeared for five, six, seven seconds, and disappeared.  And this healer, she said that there are these things called orbs.


Alan: Thatís a popular thing, but just to mention where they come from, if you look at Bill Cooperís video.


John: Oh, Bill Cooper!  Oh, Iím getting excited.  Iím sorry. 


Alan: Yeah.  Go to Bill Cooperís video.  He used to take parties down to Area 51 and when he talks to the woman and the man who owned the inn there, itís called The Little Alien, now all the high-tech stuff for the military, the very hush-hush stuff, the very advanced stuff is tested down there.  They said, thatís when it all started, this ball of light stuff, and it says, a ball of light came through their steel door.  They were sitting at the bar, when everyone had gone to bed, and it seemed to be intelligent, like it was looking around in a sense.  It came near them, went away, and so on.  And thatís when it started.  Now, they do have technologies, they do have technologies today, and you will find, you will find behind most things that happen today, that there are really advanced technologies which they havenít disclosed to the public. Theyíre maybe a hundred, two hundred years ahead of what the public get told.


John: Alan, Iím just at the end of the book, of William Cooperís book, Behold the Pale Horse, Iím just at the end.  And the stuff about the UFOs just captivates me, because, since I was little, I would just always fantasize about space and just ponder into looking at pictures of nebulas.  And I had a dream that I was in my room.


Alan: Iíll tell you, Iíll have to go now and try to get two more people in though, John.


John: Oh, okay.


Alan: As I say, donít worry about these things.  Youíll generally find, as I say, itís very high sciences that are on the go.  And lots of people have been tested, unknowingly, with a lot of this kind of stuff.  Thanks for calling.  Now, thereís Adam from Scotland hanging on long distance.  Iíll try and get Adam in.


Adam: Hello.  Hi, Alan.  Thanks for taking my call.


Alan: Itís no problem.


Adam: And Iíve got a comment and a question actually, if thatís okay.  My comment is one of the ones you certainly know about.  Youíve been talking about it for a long time.  Itís to do with the control of history.  And Iíve got obviously, I was in school, secondary school studying higher history about ten, eleven years ago, and this is how basically I started thinking there was something wrong with the world.  Itís to do with this techno war weíve got on.  Weíre obviously taught the normal, textbook nonsense that weíre taught, believe this or you fail basically.  And I had a question at one point to do with it.  It was to do with how did Hitler manage to get to that stage.  Because, obviously weíre told that Germany was in dire straits at that point, and then suddenly a man, an Austrian man came up to run the show for Germany.  And then, supposedly Germany, obviously, was probably the second biggest power in the world at that point just behind America.  And I asked, how did that actually happen.  How did Adolf Hitler get to that stage?  You know that I actually asked three history teachers and every single one of them said that was not relevant.


Alan: I know.  Itís amazing, isnít it?  Millions of people die because of this, the war industry gets awfully rich, but itís irrelevant as to how a guy could walk in, in a few short years, have built a country in the middle of a depression into the most powerful army in the world.


Adam: Absolutely, Alan.  I said that.  I said, obviously we know what happened in the second World War.  It was an absolute disaster.  I was in naivety at that point, and I thought, right. 


Alan: Well, hold on, and weíll go into that when I come back.  Thatís quite interesting. 


Hi folks, weíre back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix, talking to Adam from Scotland about how did Hitler get to where he was so darn quickly, from a country that literally was so heavily penalized by the League of Nations and the Treaty of Versailles that they were dead broke, and whatever they did earn was taken off them for reparations to pay to every other country that had fought against them in World War I.  And I think Anthony Sutton probably is the best historian who goes over this.  He was a professor of history, and he wrote about Wall Street and The Rise of Hitler.  He was the first guy to go into it seriously and get all the connections.  All the big American banks were for Hitler.  They were funding him, just as they funded the Bolsheviks for the Communist Revolution in Russia, same banks.  And some of them eventually were charged with trading with the enemy and given a slap on the wrist.  George Bushís, I think it was his grandpa, was involved in that with the Harriman-Brown Bank of New York as well.  All the big bankers were involved, and so was, it came out during the trials that they tried to hush up at Nuremberg too, because all these big banks, all the big international corporations we know so well today, same ones on the go, ITT and all the rest of them.  They formed an umbrella corporation in Germany, IG Farben they called it, and that created Hitlerís war machine in a very short space of time by the massive money they poured in and experts and scientists they brought over.  That came out.  Thereís a great book, itís called The Crimes and Punishment of IG Farben.  IG Farben even, all the companies from the US, Britain and elsewhere, sent lawyers over to Nuremberg to try and get the guys off with it before they said too much about what their involvement was with Hitler.  And they did bribe their way through a lot of it, mind you, and get a lot of them off, but some of them did go to prison. 


Another one too was a banker, the Schacht family, who was related to FDR.  So, itís just astonishing how all the same characters that we know so well today that are bringing in this totalitarian system of international corporations and banks are the same ones that set up Hitler, and they also set up the Bolshevik Revolution and funded them into existence, and put their factories in Russia afterwards as well, just as they did in Germany.  I mean, ITT, I think they were making the Focke-Wulf Fighter Aircraft for Germany.  GM was in there, General Motors.  Ford.  So itís all the same boys again.  And all the big chemical companies were involved, DuPont, all the rest of them.  Theyíre all on the go today.  Theyíre bringing in their Third version I guess of totalitarianism.  This is the world order.  And they learned a lot from the Bolshevik or Communist one, and the Nazi system as well.  And now theyíre doing it perfectly well now.


Adam: Absolutely, Alan.  I just thought as you were saying that, obviously, Prescott Bush, he was actually officially done under trading with the enemies act, obviously funneling funds to the Nazi Party via the Union Banking Corporation.  He was actually done for conspiracy.


Alan: Yeah, but it was a slap on the wrist, as they always do.  Anybody who was anybody as a corporation was heavily involved.  Remember, Hitler too was Time-Life Man of the Year in the 1930s twice, as the guy who was going to succeed the most in the future.  Thatís what they said.  So, heís Time-Life, everybody loved him initially.  And they funded him to the hilt.  All the big corporations were in it.  As I say, that book The Crimes and Punishment of IG Farben, a must-read, that will tell you all the corporations involved, the names of the people involved, and at the end, of course, Suttonís book as well, Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler.  Itís a must-read.  Thanks for calling. And maybe Rita can call again next time.  From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



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