July 11th, 2011 (#872)
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Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 11th, 2011:

You'll Be Compliant Under Jolly Green Giant:

"Down Through Centuries the Elite have Toyed
With Ways to See All Culture Destroyed,
Religion, Family, Native Hyper-Acuity,
Could Be Eliminated with Science and Promiscuity
Taught in Schools and TV Promotions,
Would Detract from All Daily Devotions,
Broken, Public Reduced to PC-Parroting Fools,
Corporations Would Take Over Power to Rule
And Claim Ownership of All Means of Survival,
Hail "Green" Corporate Overlords, NWO's Arrival"
© Alan Watt July 11th, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – July 11th, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on July 11th, 2011.  For newcomers, I always suggest you look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com, and you’ll find hundreds of audios to choose from, where hopefully you’ll find the big superstructural system that surrounds this planet.  It’s been in place for a long time.  It’s above all governments.  They put the main characters in government into power across the world.  They run the banking system, the sciences.  They run pretty well everything, basically, because, in a sense, we’re living in the past.  And all the plans for where you are today were made a hundred years ago, in fact, to do with taking over all energy resources and getting a very subservient population, and even bringing them back to serfdom, all discussed over a hundred years ago, and published in books, but, of course, no one wants to read the old books anymore, so it must be a brand new idea that’s come along.  No, it takes a long time to plan all this and implement it, and get agreement and consensus on it, across the world, and that’s why we’re rushing ahead now.  It’s not because they’re getting fast with their agreements, it’s because they signed them an awful long time ago.  Now it’s implementation time.  So, help yourself to the audios.  I mention different books and authors who have been involved in this big movement and planning it and implementing it.  And you should try and get a hold of them, even from your libraries, if you still have any.  And you don’t have to buy these books, remember.


And remember too, you’re the audience that bring me to you, so you can buy my books and discs that I have for sale at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And hopefully that will keep me chugging along a little bit longer.  And from the US to Canada, you can use a personal check, still.  You can also use an international postal money order, or you can send cash, or use PayPal.  You’ll find a button on the .com site for PayPal, how to do it, how to order.  Then after you’ve sent it off, the donation, just simply send an email with your name, address, and order, and I’ll get it out to you as fast as I can.  And the same across the rest of the world.  You’re left with Western Union, Money Gram, and PayPal once again.  Remember, straight donations are really, really well accepted, especially at this time of austerity, inflation, or quantitative easing, as they like to call it, but it’s all the same thing.  We’re going down, and the world has been planned to take us down for an awful long time. 


I can remember even reading old books with politicians in Britain, with their clubs across the sea in America, where they literally wanted to bring in a serfdom, a new serfdom.  And people like H.G. Wells that was a front man for this particular group, who ran basically the finances of the planet at that time, he talked about all of the stuff that’s coming in today, almost a hundred years ago in his various books, both fiction and non-fiction.  Lots of non-fiction books too.  People don’t read those ones.  He came out with it too, using eugenics, a form of Socialism, run by an elite intelligentsia across the world.  You know, the better kind who know how you should be living.  And he even talked about solar power and wind power would be the way they would run this wonderful utopia, after they had basically sterilized all the unfit that would die off, and leave all the rest of the world, this nice green, big world, lots of space for the elite to have their little treks around, etc.  All discussed a long, long time ago.  You’ll find it too at the big meetings they had as well in eugenics societies, which by the way are still on the go.  Some of them changed their name.  And if you go into their sites, you’ll find out, that’s what they still are.  And they pay tribute to the early pioneers of eugenics and this authorized class distinction, you might call it. 


So we’re living, as I say, in the past.  And that’s a hard thing for people to get their heads around.  They think things are happening by the day.  They get articles dished out to them across the internet from mainstream, to make you believe that things are just happening today by this politician, that politician, or clubs or groups of politicians.  Nothing is further from the truth.  You’re living through a script.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix, and talking about how you’re living through a script as I say.  And this is how the world is run.  It’s run in stages.  You find that at the United Nations.  Go into any one of their particular areas at the United Nations, and they’ll have ten year, fifty-year plans, hundred year plans for different projects.  The Soviet system had exactly the same on the go with their ten year plans and fifty year plans.  And we are actually the same across the whole world now.  It’s been like that for an awful long time.  And part of this plan of course was for the Century of Change. 


This is the Century of Change.  Academia talked about this amongst themselves for about forty years before the year 2000 came along.  And the Century of Change was to bring in this wonderful liberal, they called it liberal, and greening type society, where again intelligentsia would rule over the lessers, as it should be.  They think that’s how it should really be, they believe.  And they’d also bring in a form of fairness, where they would redistribute the wealth of the countries that had a little bit more to the countries that didn’t.


And, of course, it’s a big lie, of course, because we know the cash goes to international corporations across the world, because that’s who really helps run that part of it.  Everyone who earns a paycheck basically is considered wealthy, and more and more taxes will be coming off to pay your deficits and to pay for this cash we spread across the rest of the world under the guise of helping the poor.  And, as I say, at the top, the eugenicists at the top, believe you me, don’t give a darn about the poor, and in fact, if they had their way, they’d eliminate them completely, and that’s what George Bernard Shaw talked about in the early 20th Century.  I talked before, I put the link up as well, where you’ll actually see and hear him advocating the Fabian Socialist system that was to be worldwide, long before the Nazis came along.  And he was a contemporary of Lenin and Stalin.  And he even advocated getting a gas that would painlessly kill all the useless eaters, you know the kind they couldn’t use, because everyone in his system he claimed, had to have a function in society.  And if you didn’t have a function, they had no use for you.


Well, guess what?  We’re post-consumer as a society.  We’re post-industrial.  We’re all part of a service economy, because the same big money brokers decided to pull China up by its bootstraps and make it the manufacturer for the world.  Same idea, strangely enough, as Lenin talked about, and even Marx before him.  They talked about centralizing all manufacturing in one place.  And the Council on Foreign Relations in 1938 at their world meeting with the Royal Institute of International Affairs, they held in Australia that year, talked about the same thing.  They’d eventually bring China up to be a superpower.  This is before World War II.  And all the top bankers were there.  All their names are in the back of the book.  And all the speakers are there too, talking about bringing in a form of World Socialism.  And some of them called it Communism.  Some of them called it Socialism.  It doesn’t really matter you see.  All groups basically are run by a small elite, who believe they are elite, and better than you.  And that’s what they’ve been training us for a hundred years.  More so since about 1960 onwards, as they rose science up to take the place of all natural rights or even religious rites. 


Science was to become the new god.  And Bertrand Russell said, “We’ll train them like animals.”  And they obviously knew it worked before at some period in history, because you can train the people to listen to experts, so that they’ll be unsure of making any decision on their own without the opinion of an expert.  And that’s all you get.  If they get a bit of rain coming in the weather forecast, there’s somebody standing with an umbrella telling you how to prepare for the rain.  I mean, that’s how bad it is today.  We’re all dumbed down and stupefied.  And on top of that, we’ve had the massive onslaught of inoculations, the majority of which, if not all of them, are totally unnecessary and actually detrimental to your health, which they’re well aware of as well.  We might touch on that tonight, as well.


Most of the inoculations you get today, and the vaccines you get today are grown on human fetal tissue.  I hope you realize that.  Whether you know it or not, you’re a cannibal thanks to science.  And there’s nothing more horrible to me than science itself as a master.  Bertrand Russell himself said if there was to be a dictatorship of the world, he would rather have a scientific dictatorship.  He said it would be absolutely crushing in its way it would organize things.  It would not compromise on anything.  And we’re seeing that today, with all the rubbish, the big magic con.  And it’s a con.  And they all know this is a con at the top, this global warming stuff.  It’s all rubbish, but it’s to change the world.  That’s the purpose of it.  And to take over all energy supplies, including the rain that falls on you.  It won’t be yours anymore.  You’ll have to pay for that.  And taxation. 


It’s to maintain a small elite of experts, running the planet, on behalf of the big international bankers, and to make all policy concerning everything in life.  Everything, whether you’ll have a child or whether you will not have a child.  Whether you can pick your own partner or not.  All of that is part of the Fabian Socialist system.  And all you have to do is go into the Fabian Society.  Buy a few books from the past.  And you’ll see that what I’m talking about was written about in great detail at big meetings that they had, and still have today, since the last few prime ministers of Britain have all been Fabian Socialists, members of it, and Australia as well. 


And talking about Australia, we know that this Julia Jillard or Gillard as they call her, who apparently is a self-proclaimed genius.  She’s going to finish off Beethoven’s unfinished symphonies, apparently, in her spare time, and add to the rest of the theories of Einstein and his quantum physics.  Anyway, she’s the one who has decided that they’re going to be the trial for the world to get the ball rolling on behalf of Lord Rothschild, who did, and I read it on the air from the mainstream, he was the guy who came out a couple of years ago and said all carbon taxes will go through their private bank, the family bank in Switzerland.  It’s not a bad deal, and you rake in a lot of interest, even overnight, and trillions of bucks, obviously.  Anyway, Julia Gillard, it says here, gave a big speech about the new taxes for carbon.  And this is an article here, it’s from Anthony Watt, from Watts Up With That?  He’s been watching this for a long time, this carbon nonsense.


In a nutshell, from what I can see, the majority of Australians are pissed, and she’s toast, partly because she lied about it before taking office, partly due to the fact it is being implemented as a deficit from the get-go. Oh and then there’s the fact that it won’t make a bit of difference to the temperature, and will be nullified by China.


(Alan: Because China is unrestricted in its pollution anyway, but it’s not what’s causing it.   We don’t have this global warming; we’ve been cooling for years.  Cooling.  They are doing geo-engineering.  They’ve been doing that for many years now.  I’ll touch on that tonight too, where they actually admit if they were to go ahead and do it, it could cause catastrophic changes in weather conditions and the health of the public.  Anyway, this article here says:)


Apparently, the way it is structured (A: The carbon tax), it looks “Almost bordering on a bribe”


Angry Australians have vowed to vote Prime Minister Julia Gillard from office at the next election after the controversial carbon tax announcement.


She was put in to office, in other words, to get this whole thing rammed through, because out of it all comes the fact that you’ll have no power over any property that you think you own anymore, whatsoever.  She’s bringing in carbon taxes for all vehicles.  You have to get annual testing as well.  And no doubt, there will be a steady tax on how much they claim is coming out of that car, tacked on to the year’s taxes.  And you’re going to get rationing of all power, as you well know.  And the reason that power, you think about it, if all these companies, which all go to the top IBM meetings, because IBM is out with Smart Planet, as you well know.  All the top corporations on the planet must go to the IBM meeting, because they’re all involved in this takeover together.  They’re all part and parcel of it.  So, when you see them all gathering at IBM for Smart Planet, they all want to get a good share of the pie, the world pie, since they’ll be owning and controlling all energy resources.  Now, obviously it will be detrimental to a corporation or a company to start rationing power.  You think, well, they won’t get enough cash, they’ll be losing.  No, they’re not.  That’s why everything is tripling and quadrupling, all the prices of all energy, because they want the same profits.  Energy is going to be the new gold, beyond gold even.  It’s platinum.  Even the guys that own the water supplies of the planet.  This is the new currency. 


So, I’ll put this link up from Watts Up With That? on Australia to show you what’s coming elsewhere.  It’s also got a PDF which I’ll put up as well.  And you can look at the whole darn thing for yourself, to show you, it’s actually by an intergovernmental panel, which means that all parties, left-wing, right-wing, up, down, whatever, they’re all part and parcel of the same system.  There never has been any difference in parties in your entire lifetime. 


Now, to do with the vaccines, I’ll also put one up by Dr. Mercola.  It talks about autism for instance as one instance, never mind all the other physical problems you get with injections too, and he goes into one of the latest studies by a top virologist and person who deals with autism, finding that there’s a DNA link to the Measles, Mumps, and Rubella vaccine, because they’re putting in the fetal tissue.  They have been for years, actually, and that’s what they grow the viruses on and the bacteriums on as well, and that’s what they inject right into you, somebody else, parts of somebody else’s baby.


We’re pretty disgusting creatures now.  Do you understand?  I can say that and no one is shocked.  Do you understand how dumbed down we have become, and how degenerate we’ve become by the whole culture industry?  And we should be screaming our heads off.  They never make a move at the top until they’ve destroyed any opposition.  That means even cultural opposition or religious opposition, or any other opposition.  They make sure they eliminate it all, and then they can announce something and it’s just a kind of yawn.  And that’s it.  They’re making money off.  Do you understand, we are the currency as well.  All of us are the real currency.  When we’re alive, we pay and pay and pay and pay to keep a massive elite going.  And then, when you’re dead, they chop your body parts up, sell them off.  When you abort a child, they charge the public for that and then they make vaccines out of it.  You call this civilization?  Back with more, after this.


Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt.  We’re Cutting Through the Matrix.  And it’s interesting, as I say, we’re so dumbed down.  There’s lots of sex and everything of course.  It’s drummed into you as soon as you go to kindergarten these days.  And then you’ve got a whole variety to choose from as well, and promoted at that too, but regardless of that, you’re brought up with absolute nonsense to even entertain yourselves with.  There’s no such thing as entertainment anymore.  There’s definitely no clean entertainment.  Even the things you think are fairly safe are not, because they’re loaded with politically correct updates, and little gems all tucked in there.  That’s what it’s for.  The culture industry is an essential part of guiding society.  It’s as essential as the mainstream media, which is there to deceive you.  And Plato talked about it an awful long time ago.  He talked about the fact that nothing from the grassroots people could come out and be allowed to survive, because it could upset the plans of those in power, those who already ruled.  It might overturn them in some strange way which they couldn’t figure out until it happened.  And therefore, all culture was approved and created and basically promoted from the top down.  That’s what we live in today.  It’s exactly the same thing.  And he even talked about the use of music, stage drama, now it’s movies of course, and how the people emulate the dramas.  They’ll dress like them.  So, the fashion industry, he called it an industry by the way, the fashion industry was involved as well, and that’s how you control the people, who mimic what they see. 


That’s a word you’ll come up across often in the writings of Russell and all the top Socialists that work on behalf of this world elite.  He was one of the world’s elite.  He was a lord.  Lord Bertrand Russell.  He believed in it truly, that they should rule the world, being far more intelligent than the animals they’d created.  And they can.  They can make you an animal.  They certainly can make us behave like animals, and we’re supposed to cheer when we see it on television.  However, here’s an article here.


Half of school students don't know they live in a democracy


(A: Well, it doesn’t surprise you, does it?  It says:)


High school students will be taught the Australian system of government after a survey revealed more than half have no idea they live in a democracy - or even know what it means.


That’s fairly standard across the world today, because, you see, the whole idea was to do away with the idea of voting at all, and just accepting that you’re governed.  That was what governance is all about.  And part of your new governance, and you’ll see it all through the IBM site, and all the big corporations’ sites, is IBM’s governance policies.  They’re all part of the new governance system.  And all it takes is one generation to grow up in that, and they think it’s all quite normal.  Voting will never enter their head.  It won’t matter to them if they’ve got lots of entertainment. 


And, I’ll also put up the article here, it was from last year.  A Smarter Planet, from IBM.  It’s got a good little runoff here as this guy sells it to the whole panel there, and all the other corporations that must attend.  If you’re anybody at all in the corporate world, you must attend IBM.  It’s a leader.  It’s been authorized as a leader for all of this networking and Smart Grid across the world, all that kind of stuff.  It says Samuel J. Palmisano was the guy who gave it.


Without question, governors—and CEOs—must be laser-focused on near-term issues, as we face a severe fiscal crisis. Everyone understands that we confront a historic challenge.


(A: Think about all this.  They’re talking about the New World Order, you see.)


But the key question is: What do we do?


The answer depends on how you understand the present moment.


(A: This is in the US.)


If you think this is a cyclical economic slump, then you ride out the storm—cut costs across the board. Spread the pain. Get through it.


(A: He’s telling you it’s not that at all. It’s not going to come back.)


If you believe the crisis was not cyclical, but caused by gross imbalances in our system, then you may drive a reform agenda—more regulation and oversight, a rebalancing of who pays and who benefits.


(A: Well, the public pays and the crooks benefit.)


But if you believe that this is a turning point, not only in the state of our United States, but in the context of what's happening across the world,


(A: See, he’s going global with it.)


then you take a different approach.


This is what I believe, and what I would like to talk about with you today.


And what he gives you is the sales pitch, the sales pitch of interdependence, the greening, the global warming, and how they must manage it all, worldwide, and get above and beyond this idea of nation-state status and so on.  And how we must go along with China, our great pals China, in fact copy a lot of their ways.  And we all know what that means, the ones who have done any studies at all.  Here’s IBM, the guys who would stamp people in prison camps in Nazi Germany.  They’re the guys who came up with numbering people, and using simplified computer system of the punch cards of the day.  They’ve always been in the business running the world on behalf of the elite, and here they are today.  As I say, whenever they have their big world meetings, every, every corporation must attend it.  It’s like law.  Or they’d be left behind and left out in the cold. 


Now, another article too.  It’s called


The great green land grab


(A: It’s talking about charities and the con, as we’re all told to be austere – meaning, poor – and cut back on all energy use.  It says:)


Fancy your own swath of rainforest or snow-capped peak? From Britain to Botswana, the Philippines to Patagonia, there is an explosion of individuals, charities, even billionaire financiers buying up vast areas of land in the name of protecting environments. But is private ownership the way to save them?


(A: So John Vidal goes into this and he mentions who a lot of these characters are that are just buying up some of the top farmlands as well.  It says,)


The founder of CNN, Ted Turner,


(A: Well, we all know about Ted Turner)


does not own 2m acres in Patagonia, as we said in the article below. He is the biggest landowner in North America, but his holdings in Patagonia amount to a little over 128,000 acres.


(A: It says all you have to do is click and you’ve bought:)


10 sq cm of rainforest for a few pennies on the net.


They’re showing you how the corporations and the charities are in on this big deal, and they also get their dollar matched for dollar by you, the taxpayer.  Back with more, after this.


HI folks, we’re back, and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix, talking about the cons that are going on under the name of conservation, carbon sinks, and all the rest of it, and all the charities and the big multi-millionaires and billionaires are in on the act, as they get cash back from government, pretending they’re carbon sinks, etc.  Anyway, this is a very good article.  It goes through the different corporations and so-called, so-called charities that are buying up whole countries almost, and then trying to run the darn countries.  Brazil for instance is trying to tell them to stay out, because they’re supposed to be a sovereign nation, and here’s all these charities coming in, and buying up their forests and all the rest of it, and it says here too, it’s having a tremendous impact on not only the people, but on the animals too.  And even the Pygmies in one area, who are now living in squalor outside the towns, as they were kicked off the land after it was bought over by the foreigners that were going to save it.  So, you see, it’s a pity they were not classed as animals, they’d have more rights then, because, under the Earth Charter from our wonderful Maurice Strong, all the animals, insects and everything else have rights, but people have none at all, unless you’re very special people, you understand, like Maurice himself, special genes.  He came out of a special womb, like all the rest of them, apparently.


Here’s what’s happening to the ordinary people:


Energy bills 'to double in five years' as customers are hit by switch to green power


(A: I hate this term, green power.  Have you ever seen green power?  Hmm?  I haven’t.)


Energy bills are likely to double within five years as the Government drives a move to green power and building nuclear power stations, it is claimed.


(A: This is in the UK, but it’s to be worldwide, as we’re going the same way in every country across the globe, since we’ve all signed on to the same agreements.  And it says:)


The transformation is predicted to cost the nation £200billion,


(A: Well, that will be about times four, because they always put it down to about a quarter of what it will actually cost.)


which will be passed on to consumers in the form of higher bills.


The Government will put in place minimum price guarantees, higher than the normal market price, for the electricity generated by new wind farms and nuclear power stations.


Do you understand that our money, our money is being set up to build these very inefficient small plants, basically, that cannot power enough to keep the present population going.  We’re paying for a small elite and their future, when they survive and we’re all dead.  Do you understand that?  I hope you understand what’s really going on here.  That’s what it’s for.  They know the ideal population, which consists of themselves and their own families and so on, but not all of you.  And our tax money, our labor, are willing to work and build all the darn things for them.  That’s all we have to do.  Then our purpose is over.  You wait and see.  You wait and see.  But I’ll put this link up too to show you.  And it’s from Britain, but it’s an example of what’s happening across the world.  And, as you’ve all noticed, when you have no work left, because you gave it all to China through the World Trade Organization, via your politicians that were all bribed and in on the act, you’re still going to have to pay all these higher taxes.  They’re just ruthless.  That’s what Russell said.  The scientific dictatorship will be ruthless.  And that’s what we’re going to get.


And again, getting back to IBM.  I’ll put another one or two links on that, from their own site, and you can see how they’re mapping the whole, the world has already been mapped for a worldwide electrical grid system.  And when you go into it further and further, you’ll see the rolling brownouts, blackouts and rationing of power is the way of the future.  You also know too that it’s the way of riots as everything goes down the tubes, and that’s why you’ve seen all the nonsense since 2001.  Remember the Century of Change?  It really started in 2001.  That’s when the Century really started.  And we saw the change happen all right.  A Pearl Harbor event they said they would need to kick this all off, and bingo, they get what they want.  Just by luck, of course, and now you’re living in a police state across the world.  The same police state across the entire planet.  Because they know there’s going to be riots with food shortages.  They’ve told us about the coming food shortages.  Even though the populations in the Western countries are plummeting.  And they say even with immigration they can’t keep it up to a sustainable level.  But to you listen to all the greenies that come out with, you know, science fiction statistics, it’s overpopulated.  No, no, it’s not overpopulated at all.  And I’ve read on this show all the different articles from Departments of Population, even the United Nations’ own one, where they admit that, that we’re plummeting in most of the Western countries.  And then it says:


IBM expands Global IUN Coalition. 


IBM has said that two new utilities have joined the Global Intelligent Utility Network (IUN) Coalition,


(A: That’s what they’re calling this Smart Grid across the planet.)


a group of utility companies designed to further the adoption of smarter energy grids around the world.


(A: So, by the way, your present consumption and your present taxes that are being added on to utility bills are to help to build the rest of this grid across the rest of the world.  Do you understand?)


The two utilities include TEPCO from Japan, and KEPCO from Korea. The coalition now collectively serves approximately 150 million energy customers worldwide.


Supposedly they’re going to, and that’s why China, I mentioned that China now is being guarded, its corporation that’s mining in Afghanistan, is being guarded by the courtesy of the US taxpayers, because the military are guarding this massive venture into Afghanistan for copper, because, you see, they’re getting the contracts to build this grid across the entire planet, under water, everywhere.  They got the job for it.  Isn’t that nice, the US military?  The American citizenry that joins the military are the most gracious people on the planet, for helping everybody else, including the elite, but never themselves.  Never themselves.  They get little tin stars, that’s it.  So, here they are guarding China’s and China is still a Communist country supposedly.  Everything belongs to the state.  And here they are, using their own troops to guard the Chinese corporations that are mining.  They can’t even give the jobs to US workers, eh, for mining.  Oh well.


I’m also putting up too, the World Economic Social Survey.  It says:


World Economic and Social Survey 2011:

The Great Green Technological Transformation


(A: It’s from the World Economic Forum.  It’s WEF they call it.  If you say it backwards, it’s for the few.  And it says:)


Enormous improvements in human welfare have taken place over the past two centuries, but these have been unevenly distributed and have come at a lasting cost of degradation of our natural environment.


(A: So, helping the poor is destroying the planet.)


At the same time, we cannot stop the engines of growth, because much more economic progress is still needed in order for people in developing countries to have a decent living.


(A: We have to pay for all this decent living.  Do we have it here?)


But using the traditional environmentally irresponsible development paths is no longer defensible. To meet both the objectives of conquering poverty and protecting the environment, the World Economic and Social Survey 2011 calls for a complete transformation of technology on which human economic activity is based.


The "great green technological transformation" that the Survey champions will have to be completed in the next 30 to 40 years, that is, twice as fast as it took to accomplish previous major technological transitions. Because of the limited time frame, Governments will need to play a much more active and stimulating role to accelerate the green energy transformation.


(A: So we’re going to go crashing into it, obviously.)


The Survey details new policy directions and major investments in developing and scaling up clean energy technologies, sustainable farming and forestry techniques, climate proofing of infrastructure and reducing non-bio-degradable waste production.


Do you understand, if all these politicians and all these special groups stopped having their conferences, do you know the CO2 you’d save?  Do you understand?  Because it’s all hot air.  Do you understand?  That’s all you’re hearing is rubbish.  Rubbish.  All based on rubbish, that man is the cause of global warming, even though they understand that the planet has been cooling for years.  It doesn’t matter.  Reality doesn’t matter.  This agenda has an ulterior purpose.  It’s a must-be.  It’s chiseled in stone purpose.  And no facts are going to stand up against it at all, regardless of where they come from, or what they be.  That’s just fact. 


And again, across Europe, they’re putting up all energy, electricity.  The gas companies too, for North Sea Gas, they’ve whacked 200 pounds on your energy bill on top of the other crippling green taxes.  I’ll put that up as well for you to see. And I’ll also put up, as I say, the ones on the vaccine, because it’s rather interesting when you go through it all.  And Watts Up With That?  with Carbon Sunday, the Madness in Australia, with the PDF from the government, where you’ll see this intergovernmental panel, with all different parties.  They were all in on this act, before she even got into office.  This was the agenda, before she got into office.  Quite something, isn’t it?


Now, I’ll go to the callers now, and there’s Daniel from the UK hanging on there.  Are you there, Daniel?


Daniel: Yeah, hello there.  You often quote Bertrand Russell, and I’m reading his book, The Scientific Outlook, and I have a question for you, but it ties in with something he says in his book.  I was wondering if you would mind if I read a few lines from his book, and then asked you the question. 


Alan: Sure, go ahead.


Daniel: Well, it’s in the Scientific Outlook.  He says, “Science first taught us to create machines; it is now teaching us by Mendelian breeding and experimental embryology to create new plants and animals. There can be little doubt that similar methods will before long give us power, within wide limits, to create new human individuals differing in predetermined ways from the individuals produced by unaided nature. And by means of psychological and economic technique it is becoming possible to create societies as artificial as the steam engine, and as different from anything that would grow up of its own accord without deliberate intention on the part of human agents.”  Now, I was going to ask you, I would say that’s very ominous.  But what, what’s their end goal in that context?  I mean, the question is, if they were to get their way, without any opposition, and you were to come back to earth in say two hundred, three hundred years, what would you expect to see?


Alan: Well, literally you will see what his pal said, H.G. Wells.  You will see their utopia.  This is what they hope for, their utopia, where they can create special people for special jobs, because all of these guys talk about Plato continuously, because Plato wrote the book, the Republic, where he said, we the elite should rule the world.  We should create special people, like tall folk, interbreed them and to get tall people just to pick apples, for instance.  Small squat people just for doing mining.  Purpose-made people for special tasks.  Well, that’s the same thing, which is going on today.  It’s rampaging ahead, in fact.  And I’m sure they’ve done lots of experiments they’ve either chopped up afterwards or disposed of in some other way, but regardless, they have done the experiments.  They can do it, if they want to.


Daniel: So, obviously, there’s somewhere behind closed doors they’re doing all this cloning of people and mixing the genes and all this horrible, horrific experiments.


Alan: And they actually admit that.  They admit that, although they say they only keep them for a few months, etc, and then they destroy them.  Well, they’re utter liars at the top, because science ain’t going to destroy anything, and the power behind science, and the money behind it is going to utilize whatever they can, and I’m sure they’ve grown full-size humans.  I remember years ago reading official surveys from their own sites, and they talked about the fact they could grow a kidney or a complete clone if they wanted to, for replacement parts, and they knew which genes to switch on.  They can actually switch on growth genes, just like a switch.  You have them in your brain.  And they could grow the thing in a week to full size and then stop the growth.  So, it would grow up to full size in a week and they could stop any more growth.  They had all that years ago. So, they haven’t stopped with that, obviously.  The thing is now though, can they create, what they’re after is more obedient, but efficient type characters, who don’t need entertainment.  They don’t need to be amused or indoctrinated through amusement.  They’ll be kind of emotionally bland, in fact, but they’ll be very efficient.  And even more efficient with what you have to feed them, even less than they are now.  That kind of stuff.  They’re looking for total efficiency in the kind of slave or drone population.


Daniel: Yeah.  I understand.  And also, I read The Prince by Machiavelli and what was interesting was that Machiavelli was actually a critic of mercenaries, wasn’t he, and there’s a page in there, where it’s incredible, the parallels between what he said 500 years ago and what’s actually happening today, because he was actually quite a vehement critic of mercenaries for all the reasons that people have stated today.  They’re disloyal.  You can’t trust them.  And he cited many countries that had fallen because of their over-reliance on mercenaries and how bad they are.  And I thought that was quite ironic, really, because of the use of mercenaries today in the same context that he was criticizing.


Alan: Yes.  He was criticizing it too, mind you, because at that time he was so well known for his deviousness that his résumé you might say, that’s really a résumé that they would give to kings, was so well known that he couldn’t get a job.  So he hated all the ones who had got a job, all the advisors.  Today they call them advisors.  And it’s the same kind of bunch though, how do we fool the people and never allow them to know what’s really going on. 


There’s one famous quote I’ve mentioned before when Bush was in.  And one of his top advisors said to the press, it was in the mainstream.  He said, look, we give you your reality, and then you print into the media what that reality is, and when you’re doing that, we’ll be giving you another reality, and that will become your reality, and we’ll just go on giving you new realities all the time.  That’s a fact.  That’s what they actually do.  We’re never told the truth about anything, because they’re shepherds at the top.  You don’t spook the public, who literally think they’re in a democracy.  So you have to lie to them, and just gradually herd them into the pen that you want them to go into.  And it’s only once they’re in the pen they kind of wake up and say, hey, what’s going on?  Well, that’s how we’re managed, just like animals.


Daniel: And do you think that George Gurdjieff is worth looking into?


Alan: Oh, Gurdjieff, again, is partly Rosicrucian, partly other esoteric systems as well that he claimed he belonged too, as he grew up in Russia.  It’s kind of like a man’s journey through life, even experiences that he’ll have, even if he doesn’t join these societies, what he sees, observes about humanity in itself.  But he does, of course, say the obvious, which is basically that all rulership is crooked.  And technically, the nearest group in the planet, the nearest that actually sees that are anarchists.  That all government is crooked, and therefore, you cannot have government.  Technically that’s it.  The only problem with anarchism is studies have shown, and this is true even with the free love movement and the hippies in the communes, they’re all equal until the dominant characters stand up and start taking over.  Well that happens in every group.  You have to let the dominant character stand up, and once you realize this is the psychopath, you get rid of them.  That’s what you have to do, right away.


Daniel: Well, this is exactly it, because that’s one fundamental flaw with humans.  I mean, humans have got a defect, haven’t we, really?  There’s a bit of a defect.  There’s always the psychopaths, and no matter what system we have, there’s always going to be, like you say, the people that go for the power.  And I can’t describe that in any other way than a defect in the brain, because some people have got it and some people haven’t.  Isn’t it?


Alan: Most folk are followers.  And this is what they’ve always known at the top, that most folk will always choose to follow rather than lead themselves.  The only true leader you can have is one who doesn’t want to be.  And that’s a fact as well.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And we’ll go to, we’ll try Dave from Arizona if he’s still there.  Are you still there, Dave?  Is Dave there from Arizona?


Dave: Yeah, Alan, I’m here.


Alan: Okay, go ahead.


Dave: Yeah, I was hearing what you were talking about today, and it kind of struck me what you were saying about Brazil and the taking of property and the CO2, the carbon taxes.  And I guess what I’ve come to realize is that this whole thing is one giant land grab.


Alan: It’s land and all energy, and future energy too. 


Dave: And what I’ve come to the conclusion is that we are living, we are living The Animal Farm.  We are the animals and we are living on someone else’s farm.  We’re working their farm for them.


Alan: And at the end of Animal Farm, the pigs, on behalf of the animals, are having a party with the humans, that they kicked off before, and the humans were the farmers, and the farmers thanked the pigs and congratulated them.  They said, we’ve been trying to get the animals to work for nothing all our lives, and you’ve done it all here.  Congratulations.  So, that is it.  You’ve got to go into the Royal Institute of International Affairs and the Milner Group, the history that Carroll Quigley talked about, being the historian for them.  Their job was to take over the entire world’s resources.  That was all energy, minerals, politics, all systems, and bring it into a world system where, of course, they themselves, the top guys who were already multi-trillionaires, even in the early 1900s, they would take it over, and they would be in charge of everything that you need to live.  And that’s what they mean by sustainability.  They will have everything that you need to sustain yourself. And under the guise of carbon, this is the latest con they’ve dreamed up.  Nothing else worked before it.  War, simply going to war didn’t work.  And they tried lots of that.  This is the cheapest way to do it for them.  We pay for it all, actually, and the whole world is coming under one system which they will own, via different corporations.  You’ll have one company that will be in charge of the entire energy grid for the planet for electricity.  One company will be in charge of all gas supplies for the world.  One in charge of all food supplies to the world.  One in charge of all water supplies to the world.  Etc, etc.  Exactly as Milner, Lord Alfred Milner, and the boys in Cecil Rhodes foundation, when they joined with the Royal Institute of International Affairs/Council on Foreign Relations, exactly as they planned all that time ago, and it’s the same boys who are pushing it today.


Dave: Yeah.  And I think even all these natural disasters and these excursions in the Middle East, they’re nothing but power consolidations.


Alan: They are power consolidations, absolutely.  And again, this idea.  They even have foundations out there, these big, tax-free trillionaire foundations that do nothing but create consensus amongst all countries on all of these different topics.  And that’s all they do. They lobby governments, day in and day out, across the entire planet, for consensus.  Be on board.  If you’re on board with us, we’ll make sure your political career will go up and up and up.  And that’s the nature of government. 


Dave: Exactly.  Also the noble lie is something that is being perpetrated once again.  And it’s a product of modern philosophy.  And real philosophy is being killed.


Alan: That’s right.  Absolutely.  Thanks for calling in.  From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, it’s Good Night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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