July 13th, 2011 (#874)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 13th, 2011:

Book's a Bore When You've Read it Before:

"Oh Dear, Bad News Incessant, Day-to-Day,
But Bear in Mind Events Planned that Way,
We're Living in a Script Previously Written
By Big Money Boys Who are Power Smitten,
Their Technique is Non-Linear, Very Confusing,
Then Left Fights with Right, Very Amusing,
The Conflict Ends with Deals to Compromise
As Laws and Constitution Vanish Before Eyes,
Yes, Conflict is Necessary for Big Change,
Then Lawmakers Come to Re-Arrange,
Throwing All that had Worked Out the Door,
And Just to Complicate Matters More,
They Create Multi-Layered Gov. Positions,
With Bureaucrats Making All Decisions"
© Alan Watt July 13th, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė July 13th, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on July 13th, 2011.  I always suggest to newcomers to look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com and help yourself to all the available audios which are there for free download.  Remember too, every site that you see listed on the .com site, all the other sites I have listed there, all have the transcripts in English for print-up as well. And, if you want transcripts in other languages, look into alanwattsentientsentinel.eu, and youíll find a variety to choose from there. 


Remember too, you are the audience that bring me to you.  I donít bring on advertisers as guests, and therefore itís up to the audience to support me and keep me going, if they like what Iím saying.  And you can do so by buying the books and discs I have for sale at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And from the US to Canada, remember, you can still use a personal check.  You can send cash.  And you can also use PayPal to order.  Use the donation button youíll see on the .com site, and follow it with an email, with your name, address and order, and Iíll get it out to you.  Remember, straight donations are certainly welcome as well.  And across of the rest of the world, youíve got Western Union, Money Gram, and again, PayPal as well. 


And as I say, donations are certainly, certainly welcome, because, I was just in town today, and every time I go in there, everything has shot up in price.  And they say that Canadaís dollar now is soaring because of the extracting oil out of Alberta, from the oil sands projects they call them, and therefore the dollar is up, and the US dollar is way down low.  And when you actually exchange dollar for dollar, the US dollar in Canadian terms is worth now, after the bank transaction, you get about 89 cents out of it, if youíre lucky, and itís valued at 93 cents, but they take a few cents off for the transaction.  So, the US dollar is really low.  Itís meant to be low, because itís all been geared and engineered this way, right now by the guys that are in charge of the system.  Itís really falling, but they havenít got anywhere near the prices in the stores as they have in Canada.  Weíve had it for years, this inflation, and high, high prices and a value added tax system on top of it, which they call GST, but itís value added tax nonetheless, and itís going up all the time.  So everything goes sky high, and the food here is incredibly expensive, even the junk food.  Iím talking about the stuff you get in grocery stores.  Itís absolutely terrible.  Itís almost twice the price of what you get in the US.  So, when they hit the US big time, with the so-called depression, and thatís what it is, weíre in a depression now, a brought on, manipulated, planned depression, God help you all.  Thatís all I can say, because youíre not used to it at all, but itís coming your way. 


Thatís what the big boys want.  Youíve done your job, youíve almost finished up, tidied up the world for the big boys that want to own it, and all the resources in it, and, of course, thatís when they take away the floor from underneath your feet back home.  Iíve said that for years, and thatís exactly what the big boys are doing.  We know who they are.  Their names are all out there.  They head all the big international organizations under the United Nations umbrella.  They head the Council on Foreign Relations, the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  They are also the heads of the World Bank, the Bank for International Settlements, the Bank for Resettlement or Reconstruction they call it.  All the top banks that really flow the money across the world, thatís what theyíre all in charge of.  Because, you see, itís one big clique that run the whole show.  And they plan this world and its future as you would plan a military long-term battle strategy.  Thatís how perfect it is.  Theyíve made no bones about the world they want to bring in, and the biggest trick was to make folk think that capitalists were fighting communists, when the top capitalists were the bankers themselves who funded communism.  Back with more, after this break. 


Hi folks, Iím back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  As I say, prices are really going really high.  Itís meant to go high, of course.  Itís all planned.  Everything thatís happening today is planned that way.  Everything that happened yesterday was planned that way too.  And whatís to come is planned that way as well. You donít hire supposedly the best people in the world in their areas or specialties and have the world simply screw up and country after country fall apart because they just didnít get their sums right at school.  You know.  It doesnít happen.  Whatever happens is meant to happen that way, and it just all falls into this global world system, where the IMF is to come up to its proper role in the world, where it manages every countryís books, basically, it does its bookkeeping for them.  Thatís part of the reason they were set up in the first place at the Bretton Woods Agreement, Part I and Part II.  Part II is to happen now.  This is all happening now. 


And, isnít it amazing too, that weíre going into this Age of Austerity, meaning poverty. And weíve got the same little creatures coming out, like Geithner and other ones telling you that youíre going to go through the worst things youíve ever experienced in your entire life with this depression thatís upon us, etc, etc.  This is all planned, as I say.  And theyíve talked about it for many, many, many years.  Weíve heard how much of the so-called far left hated the lifestyles of America especially, and really wanted to destroy them, in fact, for that reason.  And you have no further to look than people in your own Congress, because thatís generally where they make their homes. Thatís really whatís happened there.  Britainís gone through the same thing with years of the Labor Party that actually is on TV.  I might try that link again, the Socialist International.  I noticed too, youíve got seventy-odd members of that in Congress right now, from their own partyís website, admitting theyíre all members of the Socialist International.  And they also call them Socialists of America.  Itís the same group.  And the ones in Britain, youíll see Tony Blair, Brown, and a whole bunch of previous Prime Ministers, standing on stage singing the Red Flag, weíll keep the Red Flag flying high.  And people havenít a clue what happens in their own country.


And, of course, the Socialist idea is to keep borrowing money until youíre absolutely bankrupt, and thatís why they create a massive welfare state and mayhem and put small businesses out of business, to get rid of them all.  Their job is to create the mayhem. Thatís the whole idea of it.  And generally what they do after that is bring in the right wing, and their job is to cut everything to the bone to save everything and make you hate them as well.  So, they work together, the left wing and the right wing, to bring in the new system.  And the system is to be called Austerity.  Prices are going to go sky high, as I say, especially in the US, where theyíve been kept kind of artificially low, only because they need the US army to finish off its job.  Thatís what itís there for.  Thatís why the US was created in fact.  They donít know it yet.  One day theyíll be told by the people who did it, at least the descendents.  However the US is finishing off the rest of the world using the tax base at home, and building big bases across the planet, all over the entire planet, that will last a hundred years, a hundred and fifty years in the future, but it wonít be the US thatís staffing them.  By then itís supposed to be China that takes over from the US.  And thereís even stirrings about that now.  Itís almost time for China, in fact, theyíre telling them to step up and share in the global responsibility.  By that they mean policing the world.  And the guy that youíll find talking about that, fifty-odd years ago was at Oxford University, a professor, Arnold Toynbee, who actually made speeches about it, that the US would take over from Britain, already had, and how it would police the world for a while, how it would have a few depressions towards the end, financial depressions because of the cost, then it would fall, and then China would take over.


So, weíre right on track.  As I say, youíll find your life really is just part of a script, and every major event that happens in the world is part of that same script.  Itís all a formula.  Itís all connected.  Itís not all mayhem.  If you look at each individual area that seems to be mayhem, itís not at all when you put them all together.  This is the big old plan.  And this is the world thatís been brought into view right now, and weíre living through it.  And, unfortunately, as one of them, I think it was a Rothschild, said at the time at one of the old meetings of the World Bank, he said, this is the generation that are cannon fodder for this agenda.  Well, youíre going to find out, believe you me, just how much he means; he was telling the truth.  We are going to be cannon fodder, because weíll be lucky to buy a carrot shortly with the prices, not that you want it, because theyíve already poisoned it as G.M. 


So, anyway, thatís the world we live in.  And I said in 2001, the hardest thing youíll have to do going through all these massive changes that you will see coming where wrong is turned into right and right is turned into wrong.  Everything is upside down.  Everything is the opposite of what it sounds like.  The hardest thing will be to hold on to your sanity, as you go through it all.  And that truly is what itís all about.  I was noticing even a report from the Canadian Parliament today, where they said, I think it was 27 million perhaps people donít vote in Canada.  Itís bigger than that actually.  They were thinking of passing a law to make everyone vote, just like Australia.  But it wasnít because people didnít believe in politics.  Itís just that they had no interest.  No kidding.  They have no interest.  Theyíve been trained to be good little Socialists, you see.  A Socialist believes that there are special people who come out of special wombs, who are above you, that just happen to be there to make sure, like Santa Claus that everything is going to go okay in your life.  And theyíre trained, and they donít interest themselves in whatís going on.  Theyíve got lots of sports, watching television.  And they can still afford their beer.  And theyíre given terrible, itís actually like Idiocracy the movie.  Thatís the kind of stuff they churn out on television for entertainment to them.  And Iím sad to say it works.  They know very little about anything.  Theyíre all very nice people, but they know very little about anything, and they care even less.  And that was one of the intentions of a Scientific Socialism, was to train the public not to be involved, not even to take notice of whatís going on.  Itís too complicated for you to understand.  Just donít take part in it.  Donít follow it.  Itís out of your hands.  Let the professionals handle it all. 


Isnít it amazing that weíve watched every country, I can remember for instance when they were uniting Europe and denying it at the same time, because they lied for many years about it to the publics.  And they said when they started giving people the vote, and everybody voted against it of course, for about three times in a row, but they got it rammed down their throats anyway, they actually said, oh, youíll be left behind.  There was a massive campaign on television, all countries had the same ads on.  Oh, if you donít join the EU, youíll be left behind.  You had this idea of this big gold pot, you know, full of cash, kind of sailing across the water, and youíre swimming, trying to catch up to it.  Youíll be left behind.  That was the impression they were giving you.  Look at them now.  Look at them now that theyíve literally decimated every country in Europe, financially.  The bankers have plundered them with the World Bank, and the IMF, and all the other ones.  And now itís bad enough that you have to try.  You canít afford fuel in the winter, so a lot, a good percentage will die every winter.  Thatís taken as normal now.  Another new normal.  I noticed the mainstream is picking up that term I use, the new normal.  Iíve noticed it in quite a few different major publications.  Anyway, thatís the new normal, and we all accept that, because if you survive then youíre okay, and youíre Okay Jack.  Thatís all you care about, you see.  Weíre all separate from everyone else now.


So, you notice, as I say, thatís whatís happened.  And the bankers laugh all the way to the banks.  When they fail, supposedly fail, and we canít find where the cash went, they know where it went.  We help to bail them out by giving the equivalent amount that they lost.  And then theyíre out giving dinners to each other again, like the Royal Scottish Bank.  Thatís mainly owned by the British government now.  About 80-odd percent of the shares are owned by the British government.  Theyíre all out giving themselves $800 lunches now, as people are starving back in Britain.  So, anyway, itís bad enough when you have to bail out yourself, but here you are bailing out other countries as well.  What a beautiful deal.  Itís kind of like you canít pay your rent, but youíre being forced to pay your neighborís across the street there.  Isnít this craziness?  Isnít this madness? 


This is the war.   See, one of the biggest forms and most successful forms of warfare ever is economic warfare, and you have to understand that.  Weíve had it drummed into our heads that the main form of warfare is bombs and bullets.  No, the biggest form of warfare, and the most stealth type warfare is economic warfare.  Itís a whole branch of the military that deals with economic warfare.  Massive branch of it.  And it gets the top sociologists in and the top psychologists in, and ethnologists, and everything else.  Every other ologist comes in there.  And they figure out what will happen psychically to the people, and how many, they can actually work out in pretty good detail by knowing all the census data, incomes of every one, how many families will go down and bust up because they canít afford to live anymore.  Arguments start and so on.  How many children theyíll have to take into Childrenís Aid and the state will bring up.  Theyíre pretty well perfect now in all their facts as they go through this warfare, just like you would look upon an enemy and look for certain types of casualties.  Itís the same thing.


And itís not intended to get out of it, you understand.  I mean, Geithner said the other day too, this is the long haul for the US.  That means this is not going to stop in your lifetime.  Itís to get worse and worse and worse in your lifetime.  Youíre not going to see any so-called recovery.  And people hear these terms getting used and they still donít quite get it, or they donít want to believe it.  ďWell, I hear him saying that, but he doesnít really mean it.Ē  Itís a plan.  And Geithner and the rest of them are just the little gnomes of Zurich, you know, that they put in front of you, that have much bigger bosses above them to come out like kings almost and declare on a stage something to you.  And everyone holds their breath, and all the writers hold their breath, and all the reporters hold their breath until he makes a statement.  And depending on the statement that he makes in this hushed tone, youíre either happy or very sad, you know.  Greenspan was awfully good at that.  He used to walk out just like royalty all the time, and total silence, and heíd tell the economy to cool it.  Thatís all heíd say, cool it.  And away heíd go, like King of the Earth.  King of the World.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  Every aspect of your life is pretty well a con game.  And in fact, even the culture, even what you emulate is a con game, because you donít even know what youíre emulating or why or whoís behind it and why they want you to copy and imitate them, the stars, etc, your music people.  You just simply do it.  You emulate them all into utter madness.  And thereís always a plan behind it.  It isnít just to make you happy.  In fact, itís far from to make you happy.  Temporary happiness at the time is nothing at all.  Itís the end goal theyíre after, and itís been awfully successful as they decimate one society after another.  You canít bring in a world society with a common culture for instance, even in one area without destroying that culture, utterly and completely, until they forget they even had it.  And most of the young ones today donít know their past at all.  They have no attachment to the past or the past culture whatsoever.  Theyíve already been successfully divided from every other era.  And their culture is completely different, the one thatís been given to them for their era.  Itís completely different.  And theyíre easily managed and swayed, because basically theyíre hedonistic.  Theyíve been taught to be hedonistic, and thatís what they wanted back in the 1950s.  They said if we can create a hedonistic society, and very narcissistic, each person will only care about themselves.  And those kind of people will never unite against anything, never mind stand up against it.  So, thatís all whatís happening. 


Meanwhile too, weíre going through this awful geo-engineering thatís been going on steadily since 1998.  Itís not just to do with changing weather patterns, although thatís definitely a big part of it, but itís also to do with basically affecting you as well, because they use HAARP alongside of it.  And you should go into the archives section at cuttingthroughthematrix.com, where Iíve done extensive talks on all, from their own books and so on, like Teller, who was the H-Bomb guy, who was also involved in geo-engineering for warfare purposes, using metallic particles along with magnetic frequencies, ELF, and we call it the HAARP technologies today.  And how that could literally make a population, continentwide, very placid or aggressive, or even put them to sleep if necessary, and this is old, old stuff, and theyíre actually using all of that today.  Theyíre testing it all out, and actually, itís not even testing anymore.  Itís routine daily spraying for the last umpteen years, and youíve got standardized weather over vast areas now.  Very standardized weather.  When itís pouring here, itís often pouring in New York.  Itís definitely pouring out as far as Saskatchewan for instance, and the food belts are getting hammered right now, which ties right in with this strange prediction of the coming food shortages.  They just knew it was going to happen. 


So, remember, as I say, whatever you look at, whatever part you look at is so incredibly complex in the amount of data available.  This is what really is amazing, that you could spend half your lifetime just looking at the different organizations, and all of their writings to do with the United Nations.  Every single department and sub-departments, because they were set up to rule the world.  And literally, you could read no newspaper from now on and youíd know whatís definitely going on far better than youíd ever get from the media by reading their own material from the sites at the United Nations.  And then you go into all these big banking institutes and you think, well, again, they must have some kind of real, formal rule over them by governments.  No, no.  No, not at all.  These banks basically are a global government combined together with the United Nations.  Itís just astonishing.  And they have it all out there that mankind must be thinned out.  Mankind must be annihilated basically to save the old planet.  Anthropogenic global warming is caused by man, etc, etc, etc, and we must go Green, yadda, yadda, yah.  And what youíre getting at the United Nations right now is the whole structural system.  Itís already set up, actually, to take care of every part of living on the planet.  Every section of society, everything that you need from all energies, food, all resources, etc, will come through the United Nations.  Your carbon taxes, all of that is to come through the United Nations organization.  And maybe tomorrow Iíll go into that in more detail, because thereís so much detail, literally, as I say, you could spend half your life, maybe even your whole life, just going through all of the departments, and all of the announcements and pronouncements and writings theyíve churned out by the millions over the last few years. 


Now, tonight Iíll put up a link to The Regulation of Geoengineering, which is the Fifth Report of Session 2009-10 era.  And they go through, without admitting theyíre actually doing it, well, once in a while theyíll say weíve actually tested this here and there, but they donít say theyíre actually doing it on a daily basis, but it does go into what theyíd like to add to these mixes; apart from the aluminum, they want to put sulfur in as well.  And sulfur, as you know, is highly, itís highly, itís a high irritant in your bronchial systems, and of course it will get into your bloodstream as well.  But they want to add this stuff to it as well, to supposedly cut down on the sunshine.  Well you know weíve been cooling for about twelve years now, maybe more, and they want to block out the sun, itís not good for us.  Itís not good for the plants, itís not good for anything else, especially when theyíre blocking it out with all these poisons as well.  But this is what they want to do, is to keep a kind of perpetual layer over the entire planet; something the ancients talked about even in biblical times, a world that was covered in clouds.  Quite interesting, eh?  They can repeat the same thing.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Iíll also put up a link tonight to do with basically the Smart Meters and the electromagnetic frequency problem weíve got across the globe now from someone whoís supposedly up in the actual field itself, and she does a good job on giving you a rundown on how this stuff affects you, signs and symptoms of even cordless phones, including Smart Meters, as I say too, or being too near the cellphone towers.  Theyíre very common now.  Even the CBC had a radio program out on people whoíd survived this for a few years and managed to still live and got out of this big apartment building.  Same symptoms I can see on this site here too.  This one here is from Mercola video library, so Iíll put this link up as well, and you can look at that. 


Also, youíll always hear the Greenies that are well paid, well funded by the big foundations that are just fronts for the bankers, and theyíre always on about too many people, too many people, too many people.  And I kept giving out the census reports across the world to show you that even the United Nations says weíre plummeting in the West, even as they shout thereís too many people.  Anyway, this is the doublethink they get you into as well.  And it really does put people in a bind.  They canít figure it out.  Why are half the experts saying this and then half of them saying that?  Well, you understand, itís to put you in the middle.  When youíre in the middle you generally switch off from the whole topic.  Hereís an article here and itís from the AP press.  It says:


Census: Share of Children in U.S. Hits Low


Children now make up less of America's population than ever before, even with a boost from immigrant families.


(Alan: Thatís exactly what they said in Britain too.)


And when this generation grows up, it will become a shrinking work force that will have to support the nation's expanding elderly population


(A: Thatís exactly what they said in Britain too, because they were trying to say, ďwell, we canít handle this aging population.  Itís too expensive.  We should euthanize them.Ē  Thereís always a reason even when they expose the truth, you know.  Anyway, it says.)


óeven as the government strains to cut spending for health care, pensions and much else.


The latest 2010 Census data show that children of immigrants make up one in four people under 18, and are now the fastest-growing segment of the nation's youth, an indication that both legal and illegal immigrants as well as minority births are lifting the nation's population.


Currently, the share of children in the U.S. is 24%, falling below the previous low of 26% in 1990. The share is projected to slip further, to 23% by 2050, even as the percentage of people 65 and older is expected to jump from 13% today to roughly 20% by 2050 due to the aging of


(A: And hereís this utter rubbish, this term theyíve drummed into us)


baby boomers and beyond.


What theyíre trying to say is, the last bunch that actually had children.  Because, you see, thereís more aborted now in the US than are actually born.  Itís the trendy thing to do.  Then itís made into make-up and stuff like that to get wrinkles out of your skin and fetal tissue is put in for your viruses in your vaccines and stuff like that.  And meanwhile theyíve got so-called music stars, like girls, who are just onstage kissing each other.  What do you expect?  Theyíre not having children, eh.  Is that a surprise?  Now the same census pretty well is up on the Wall Street Journal as well, and Iíll put that up too. 


And also, the big plan too was to create, remember, big trading blocs.  And if they had problems within trading blocs that wouldnít quite comply, theyíd create sub-trading blocs that would eventually merge with the major trading blocs.  So hereís Putin in Russia.  It says:


Putin:† Eurasian Economic Union by 2013


The Eurasian Economic Union ó a new stage of integration of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan ó will be effective as early as 2013, Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said Tuesday.


"We are hoping to sign as early as next year a declaration about the formation of the Eurasian Economic Union, which can and must start operating as early as 2013," Putin told journalists on the sidelines of the Customs Union Business Forum.


So theyíll eventually merge in with the big one anyway, and same with America too.† With this present depression that weíve been told will last for the rest of our lives, by the way, and get worse, the Council on Foreign Relations is still chatting away there about using this to their advantage, to do with integration for the Americas.† Clever sods, eh, they never miss a trick.† And:


Middle classes are Britain's new homeless:


(A: So this is what youíve got to look forward to, America, because theyíve had this for years, this socialist system.)


State safety nets are gone


(A: Apparently.  I donít know what safety nets they ever had for them, but theyíre gone anyway.  So:)


Britain faces an "unprecedented and escalating" housing crisis, charities warned yesterday, with middle-class families at greater risk of homelessness than at any point in the past century.


Geoff Hawkins, chief executive of the housing charity Chapter 1, said the problem was no longer confined to the stereotype of rough sleepers rehabilitating from lifelong addictions, but now includes victims of recession who do not qualify for appropriate help.


Why do they keep calling it recession?  Itís a depression.  So, it gives you the figures of itís up 23% on the previous year, and itís going up and up and up.  So, things are going to plan, as I say.  Nothing is happening by chance, itís all going to plan.  Itís the way itís meant to go.


Iím also putting up a YouTube video on executive order 13575 in the US, Rural Councils.  It was on Fox News apparently on July the 4th.  And itís to do with Agenda 21 being forced onto the rural areas under the Homeland Security regime.  I remember reading it at the time, and I thought, that sounds awfully like Agenda 21, because theyíre going after farmers and all the rest of it.  Now theyíre all under governmental strict supervision in anything that they do.  And anything that they donít do by the new rules theyíre off their land basically. 


Good news is Monsanto, thatís really screwed India, really good, thanks to Edmund de Rothschild whoís been buying up chunks of India for years now, after he helped crash the economy, and then he bought all the farms up for peanuts.  Itís a standard technique of his, and his predecessors too.  And then he put in the GM food, along with Monsanto, the seed.


Monsanto official Beaten by farmers in India over Failed GMO Bt Cotton Seeds


We have reported in the past an alarming suicide rate among farmers in India


(A: And it was true.  They were going under like crazy thanks to that lovely Rothschild, who was buying up the land.  It says:)


that is connected to the failure of American GMO (genetically modified organism) cotton seeds.


Monsanto, the U.S. company responsible for Agent Orange, a cancer-causing chemical sprayed on the jungles of Vietnam, is now in the GMO food and seed business.


(A: So even they see whatís going on.  As Iíve said for years, would you trust, when they get the top scientists across the world that are involved in bio-warfare and chemical warfare to make your food for Godís sake?  Canít you wisen up whatís going on?  Huh?  Canít you?  Or are we really in the movie Idiocracy?  I think itís the latter.)


Monsanto stands accused of having an international monopoly of the notorious bio-engineered Bt cotton seeds.


(A: And youíve got to go back every year and buy their darn seeds, which keep going up and up and up, so theyíre now the master over your land, for goodness sake.  Itís a clever technique, though.  Theyíre awfully good at it, these boys, eh.  They either become masters over your money, masters over your food, masters over everything pretty well, isnít it?  Old techniques, indeed.)


Advocates for the agricultural industry say they never dreamed of the tragedy to come, when a 2005 decision was announced to allow the seeds in India.


Now an agrarian crisis has hit Maharashtra itself thanks to the Monsanto program.


What happened was whole bunches of fields simply didnít grow at all, and theyíre all broke.  And then they found out in India too, theyíre really survivors in India.  Corruption runs well, and thatís why they survive.  And they found that theyíre using Monsanto packets as well and stuffing them full of ordinary seed.  So at least the folk are getting ordinary seed that will probably grow.  But the Monsanto stuff isnít.  Anyway, this guy came out from Monsanto, and the locals beat him up.  And they have more sense I think than we have.  What else can I add to that? 


New Zealand apparently is being sucked in with Australia now with the carbon scheme.  So, I guess the whole Eastern, Far East Bloc, basically, will be under the one system shortly, except for China.  Theyíre exempt, and they can keep exempting themselves every twenty-five years according to the charter they signed with the WTO and all the other UN organizations.  So, anyway, New Zealand is going to get sucked in with them to pay this crazy carbon tax.  Do you know who came out with that carbon tax idea in the first place, and I read it on the air?  It was Edmund de Rothschild.  And he came up, actually it was in í87, 1987 with the idea with carbon.  Weíll blame man for putting too much carbon into the atmosphere, and weíll say that itís causing global warming.  And at that time, at this big world conference he says, then it will go through, weíll have to make them pay a tax on it, and he says, weíll have to pump the stuff all the way up to the North Pole, to get rid of the stuff.  No kidding, this was in 1987.  The same guy who advocated putting it through his own bank, all the taxes for the whole world would go through his bank.  Heís now changed the name of it to throw you off, but itís still his bank.  Itís now under the United Nations.  Thatís how far back they came up with this scheme, and now weíre living through it.  These guys, whenever they open their mouths, they mean what they say and they get what they want.  They always get what they want.  Always. 


So, theyíve got a finger in every pie, it seems.  Your food supply, with Monsanto and all the rest of them across the world.  Theyíre raking in the carbon taxes and an awful lot more to come when youíre all paying them personally.  And theyíre running all your cash systems across the world, doing all the bookkeeping and jigging the books.  And people still canít really figure out why theyíre doing it.  Is it a genetic thing with them?  They just canít stop it.  Is it?  No, itís worse than that.  Itís a big organization behind it, very well inbred too, I should say. 


Now, the police now, theyíre also demanding that they get logs kept by the internet providers for their own use on everyone.  They canít be left in the cold.  You know, all these departments now, theyíre all jealous of each other.  They all want to be like the ones at the top, and the cops are down kind of at the bottom level.  So they want total access to all internet as well, not just the limited stuff theyíve had so far. And this article here says.


Law enforcement representatives are planning to endorse a proposed federal law that would require Internet service providers to store logs about their customers for 18 months, CNET has learned.


The National Sheriffs' Association


(A: Isnít it amazing.  As soon as you put a uniform on somebody, theyíre now an association, theyíre national, so now theyíre one big advocacy group, eh, for their own rights.)


will say it "strongly supports" mandatory data retention during Tuesday's U.S. House of Representatives hearing on the topic.


Michael Brown, sheriff in Bedford County, Va., and a board member and executive committee member of the National Sheriffs' Association, is planning to argue that a new law is necessary because Internet providers do not store customer records long enough.


At least the stuff that theyíve got access to.  So, they want to know all your data as well.  Well, everybody else is watching you, why not them too, eh.  It must get awful boring on the roads at night with that little computer in your car, and you canít really watch much except the occasional speeder. 


And Iíve mentioned before, and Iíll put this link up again too, about all the organizations that get instant access to all media, and always come out with the scary news about the weather, right before the global meetings.  And Iíll put that up again too.  Whereas the Club of Rome came up with the idea.  This is a quote from their own book, actually.  It says,


ďThe common enemy of humanity is man.Ē 


(A: They were told to come up with an enemy to the planet, so that they could tax the planet.)


ďIn searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill.Ē 


(A: Would fit the bill.  They tried aliens and everything else, but this would fit the bill.)


ďAll these dangers are caused by human intervention, and it is only through changed attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome.  The real enemy then, is humanity itself." 


(A: And that was the Club of Rome, the premier environmental think tank and consultants to the United Nations.  And then from Professor Stephen Schneider, whoís the Stanford Professor of Climatology, and heís the lead author of many of the fake IPCC reports, he says:


"We need to get some broad based support, to capture the public's imagination...

So we have to offer up scary scenarios,


(A: He means invent, folks, to offer up scary scenarios:)


make simplified, dramatic statements and make little mention of any doubts...


(A: Always make sure that you know what youíre talking about.)


Each of us has to decide what the right balance is between being effective and being honest."


(A: In other words, lying.  Timothy Wirth, President of the United Nations Foundation:)


"We've got to ride this global warming issue.  Even if the theory of global warming is wrong, we will be doing the right thing in terms of economic and environmental policy."- Timothy Wirth, President of the UN Foundation


(A: And then, Christine Stewart from Canada.  Sheís a former Minister of the Environment.)


"No matter if the science of global warming is all phony...climate change provides the greatest opportunity to bring about justice and equality in the world."


(A: What she meant by that was, you know, distribution of wealth across the world, one of the Communist Manifestoís planks.  Read the Communist Manifesto, youíll understand whatís going on.  And Professor Chris Folland, he says:)


ďThe data doesn't matter. We're not basing our recommendations on the data. We're basing them on the climate models.Ē


(A: You see, the real data as facts is tested manually as well, with measuring sticks to see if the sea is rising and stuff.  Theyíre using the climate models, and thatís good enough for them.  And, Dr. David Frame from Oxford University says:)


The models are convenient fictions that provide something very useful.


(A: Yeah, a good con.  Theyíre telling you the truth.  And Al Gore, of course:)


"I believe it is appropriate to have an 'over-representation' of the facts on how dangerous it is, as a predicate for opening up the audience."


In other words, terrify them first.  Right?  An over-representation.  Terrify them first.  This is the guy that said that if we were all standing on an island it would capsize.  He thinks islands must float.  This guy is an idiot.  And it goes on and on and on.  Iíll put that link up again tonight.  You can go through that and have a good laugh, or a good scare, however you take it for yourselves.  Thatís how the world is truly run.  Now, weíll go to the phones now.  And thereís David from California hanging on there.  Are you there, David?  Hello, David.


David:  Hello, Alan.† Yeah, thanks for taking my call.  My question is regarding the story of the Lord of the Rings.  And Iíve heard that Tolkien was a member of the Rosicrucian Order.  Iím not sure if thatís true.  And some of the occult meaning of the book, I was wondering what you thought about the esoteric meaning of the Lord of the Rings and if the races in the book represent actual human races, and what you think the ring represents.


Alan: Thereís a whole bunch of meanings to it, and it would take all night to tell you them and to be fair to you, and tell you it properly. But Tolkien took his stuff very seriously.  One of the famous poets in fact was his best friend, and he even snapped at him many times when he even mispronounced the words he was coming up with.  If you understand language, and you understand what the name of the creature, the Gollum was, it actually means Golem, which is an artificial slave, youíll understand who the Lords are and the Rings of Power theyíre talking about.  Back with more, after this.


Hi folks, weíre back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  Now, sometimes they ask questions there and itís not even fair to give an answer because you canít give a one-sentence answer to something that you can give lectures on.  It doesnít do me any good.  It doesnít do the caller, the questioner any good either.  Theyíve got to know the whole thing if you do an indepth thing.  Itís certainly an interesting topic, but maybe thatís more for a different time.  Weíll try Bob from Texas if heís still there.  Are you there, Bob?  Hello, Bob.


Bob: Hey, Alan.  Good to hear you.  Hey, listen, I donít have much time here, but you know, Iíve been reading The Shape of Things to Come, and man, I tell you what, I guess itís a supposed work of fiction, and if itís written fiction, itís like itís got to be the sorriest fiction novel ever written in the world, because it looks like heís giving a message more in this than anything else.† But, I mean, I was looking in here, and it even talks about the destruction of Freemasonry on pages, gosh, I had it written down here, man, your shows are so informative, I canít keep up with all of it.


Alan: Theyíd destroy all the other Freemasonry, but he also says, we shall have the Freemasonry, we shall be a Brotherhood of Freemasonry of the Air.  Scientists would be the only ones allowed.


Bob: Yeah.  It talks about the flimsy Cathedrals and the protective guild, it says the beautiful Gothic Cathedrals, the medieval Freemasons who built those flimsy but quite beautiful Gothic Cathedrals, they had a tradition of protective guild.  And then it says, their horizons were below that level of intelligence.  You know, I see it as, I donít know, to me, from what Iíve seen, Masons I know, theyíre all good folks and everything, they donít really know the full scope.


Alan: What theyíre doing.


Bob: You know what Iím saying?


Alan: The lower ones know nothing at all, except, they do get extra perks that other folk donít get.  Thatís all they do know, really. 


Bob: Is it being like a protective guild, basically, is what he was saying.


Alan: Yeah, they do get themselves off. 


Bob: Yeah. You were talking about China.  Theyíve got oil leases down here, south of us, just 50 miles south.  And thereís a big oil boom going on, but just right above us, weíre like, thereís nothing.  And unless the Chinese have, itís like China, theyíve got the leases and theyíre making all the money. 


Alan: Theyíre making all the money.  Theyíre also buying up Europe and parts of the States.  And back in the 1930s, the CFR at the global meeting said, when the US ceases to be the policemen of the world, China will take over.  And this is what youíre seeing now.  It was designed this way.


Bob: NPR, I just heard on my way home, they were talking about, they were downplaying, you know, he was there and he says their World Trade Center was nothing, and he said, you know, if theyíre going to take over the world, this is nothing.  It was like he was downplaying that.  But when you look and see what theyíre doing, itís another story. 


Alan: Well, even the tar sands out west of Canada, massive project, you know, lots of oil getting extracted.  Itís a Chinese company that took over that contract as well. 


Bob: And we are, weíre promoting that.  We had an admiral there consulting with their military and theyíre supposed to be a military threat.


Alan: I know.  And donít forget the Panama Canal that was given to them as well. See, weíll build them, and pay for it, their own World Trade Center.  Weíll pay for it, donít worry.


Bob: And then someone is saying that, you know, they donít care about politics.  Thatís whatís happening to me at work.  You know, I donít care anything about politics.


Alan: I know.


Bob: Anyway, God bless.


Alan: Thanks for calling.  Itís such a short hour, everything just flies in.  For the rest that held on too, thereís Scott and Kyle, maybe you can call in again tomorrow, but thanks for calling.  From Hamish and myself, from Ontario, Canada, itís good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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