July 14th, 2011 (#875)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 14th, 2011:

If You're Individualistic, You're the Last of a Kind,
The Masses Have Lost The Battle for The Mind:

"Government Debt, Carbon Taxes, Austerity Instituted,
This is Hell Introduced, Perceptions Convoluted,
Generations Come and Go with No "Why or What For"
Completely Ignorant They're the Target of War,
A War which Indoctrinates to Change Perception,
And Points to False Threats in Every Direction,
A War which Destroys the Culture of Survival,
Each Day Sees "New Normal's" Bizarre Arrival,
New Normals Acceptance is Demanded by Law,
You'd Better Readjust What You Know or Saw,
Eighty Percent of Public will Instinctually Comply,
Like Winston Hearing O'Brien Saying He could Fly,
The Scientists in Charge Know this Perfect Science
Controls Adaptees with Perfect Compliance"
© Alan Watt July 14th, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė July 14th, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on July 14th, 2011.  Remember, thereís always newcomers coming in, so I suggest they look into the website, cuttingthroughthematrix.com, and make use of it for as long as itís up there, because thereís hundreds of audios for download, where I try and really show you the big picture of this incredible system that runs the world, this superstructure thatís all above governments, and completely intertwined with big money lenders, the big international boys, and governments, NGOs, foundations, the various organizations which you all fund and you donít even know they exist.  And to show you that the plan that theyíre following, this austerity plan, and the controlled society, the planned society across the whole world, a United Society under a global government is all part of it too.  It was no secret at all.  H.G. Wells talked about it in the early 1900s.  He called it the Open Conspiracy.  Itís out there if you want to find it, itís just that the media wonít mention it to you, and how they bring in a kind of Socialist type system, but really run by the big fascists on the top.  And thatís exactly where weíre going today with authoritarian governments, and thatís from the Club of Rome as well.  Theyíre the think tank for the United Nations.  They said that democracy is too cumbersome.  Weíre now post-democratic.  Weíre now authoritarian.  And all you get now is laws coming down from the top backed by threats or eventually even brute force when required to get it through our thick heads that this is the new system, weíre the slaves, and you just obey.  Thatís the only purpose you have, pay and obey, as they redistribute the so-called wealth, your wealth across the whole world.  Not to third world countries, but to their own international corporations, which will rule over those third world countries.  Already do, in fact.  So, help yourself. 


Remember that youíre the audience that bring me to you, so you can help me by buying the books and discs that I have for sale at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And from the US to Canada, you can purchase using a personal check or an international postal money order from your post office.  You can also use PayPal to order.  Use the donation button youíll see on the .com site, and follow it with an email with name, address and order, and Iíll get it out to you.  And some people just send cash from the States.  And itís falling at one awful rate too right now.  And across the rest of the world, youíve got Western Union and Money Gram, and you also have PayPal, again.  And remember, straight donations are certainly, certainly welcome, as we all freefall through the big abyss of inflation, and hyperinflation, which will come too.


And itís amazing, isnít it, that big bankers apparently give you kind of credits, and then you just print cash up, and youíve got to pay them back in real estate basically, real goods. Itís a great con.  Itís gone on for a long time, hundreds of years, and central banks are part of it, because theyíre private banks.  For any country to have a private bank running it is just absolute stupidity, or else, high bribery I think, really, in the beginnings at least.  Thatís the way the system is run.  But these bankers as I say have funded the Communist societies.  They funded Hitler into being.  Thatís well documented with professors, even from some of the best universities in the States doing the research and documentation on it.  They prefer Socialism, these bankers, because they use the governments then to be the money collectors for the debts, from you.  And it doesnít cost the banks anything.  Your own governments will send out the guys to collect it from you.  Itís far better than lending cash to individuals and then sending in your heavies.  It costs money to hire heavies, you see, so the government has its own heavies and they steal everything youíve got if you canít pay.  Thatís the world that we call civilization that weíre supposedly spreading across the world.  Itís all perception management, you see.  Thatís what youíve been born into.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  In Australia thatís spearheading, well, at least the first country to officially go ahead with this great comic act about the carbon taxes, and a Fabian Socialist is in there right now, and thatís Julia Gillard.  And Iíll put up a link tonight where you see her doing a little PR stint through a store, and one of the people in the store asks her why sheís such a liar about the carbon taxes.  Because, of course, she said if she got in she wouldnít have carbon taxes.  And, have you ever wondered why liar is awfully close to lawyer?  Have you ever wondered why?  Thereís a reason for it, you know.  And youíll see her huffing and puffing, and she doesnít disagree, of course, because sheís caught red-handed.  She is a liar.  So, Iíll put that up tonight, and you can have a little chuckle at that for yourselves.  But we shouldnít be chuckling at all, when you know the agenda here, and, of course, the race to the bottom to see who gets there first in utter dire poverty in the countries that used to be first world countries.  Because this is what part of it is all about, you see.


And when this is going on too, thereís also another link to do with whoís going to benefit from all this carbon tax.  Now, we know that the United Nations is to get a massive chunk of it, and that was really part of it, because the UN is a front organization, for the big bankers that comprise the Royal Institute of International Affairs, the guys at the very top, and the Council on Foreign Relations for the US, same group.  So itís a complete front to do the Socialist takeover of the entire planet.  Theyíll say, no secret in it. Lots of their members have written their memoirs and outlined the whole plan, this socialized, organized system from birth to death, basically.  Youíll be monitored, used, and directed as to what you should do next or work at and all the rest of it.  Experts will run your lives from birth to death.  And thatís part of it.  And your only job, really, is to keep paying and paying and paying, until eventually theyíve got a society or a generation there who donít need payments at all.  Their duty, according to the Royal Institute of International Affairs, will be to serve the World State.  Thatís your duty.  You see?  Because all they want is your labor, you understand.  And this article here says:


Bonanza beckons for bankers, accountants, lawyers as change kicks in


This is about the CO2 in Australia.  Iíll put that link up as well.  So, bankers, accountants, lawyers, as always, benefit from the cons that they pull off.  Have you noticed that most of the politicians are lawyers now?  It tells you about who they really are, as far as Iím concerned.  It really does, when you do an in-depth study of what law actually is in itself. 


And as theyíre doing this, as I say, weíre plunging to the bottom, as designed.  Weíre on the roll down to the bottom.  And we have an article like this:


The Chairman of the US Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke


(Alan: Itís amazing how it rhymes with bank.  Ben Bernanke at the Bankie.  I mean itís quite, itís just amazing, but they give us these strange little deals all the time.)


Ben Bernanke arrives to testify before the US House Financial Services Committee on July 13, 2011 on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC.† US Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has warned of a global financial crisis if the American $14.3 trillion debt ceiling is not raised by August 2.


Bernanke also emphasized during a Wednesday testimony before the US House of Representative's Financial Services Committee that if the debt ceiling is not raised, the government would choose to stop extending benefits such as Social Security payments to US citizens to pay its creditors instead.


Now, thereís straightforward blackmail, a threat by a banker basically.  I mean, you canít get any more straightforward than that, because they know if they donít pay out the Social Security, and one day they wonít, at the right time, when they want this to happen, and there will be riots, immediate riots in the street.  They want it to happen down the road, but itís just not time just now.  Theyíll get their deal, theyíll get their extra cash as again, the US, the US that not so long ago was completely self-sufficient in manufacturing and lost it all through the World Trade Organizationís Treaty, as they handed all their factories over to China.  Itís now really borrowing cap in hand to these same little gnomes and getting further into debt, and the banker always rules.  Remember that.  If youíre borrowing than the lender always rules you.  And itís been like that for a while in the US.  And straightforward blackmail, though.  Straightforward blackmail.  Itís like saying Iíll put away these matches if you give us what we want.  Thatís really what heís telling you.  Incredible.  But, as I say, weíve got more taxes to go yet.  They havenít finished hammering the nails in.  Youíve got the carbon tax to come, the value added tax to come, because the whole world under this Socialist system must have value added tax.  No matter what they call it, itís GST they call it in Canada, but itís listed in Wikipedia even as a value added tax, because, again, thatís what the Royal Institute for International Affairs outlined for all the countries, and they started it with Britain years ago. 


And, as I say, the United Nations is hammering and hammering for a big chunk of this pie on this fake carbon.  Itís amazing.  Itís all balloons in the sky, isnít it?  Because we know that little periods of warming are followed years later, even when it starts cooling, thatís when the CO2 starts showing up in the atmosphere, because it all came out of the sea, you see.  And that was always taught up until, well, Rothschild basically came up with the idea of CO2 being a dangerous gas.  And you think Iím kidding, eh?  Hereís an article here.  It says:


How Edmund de Rothschild Managed to Let 179 Governments Pay Him for Grasping Up to 30% of the Earth


After Edmund de Rothschildís statement, without basis, at the 4th World Wilderness Congress in 1987, that CO2 is the cause of a non-existent global warming - and that combating it needs money


(A: Which is of course, all of your money.)


he founded the World Conservation Bank for this reason. In 1991 its name was changed to The Global Environment Facility (GEF).


(A: Very important organization for the whole planet.)


The purpose of this facility is to lend money to the poorest countries, printed by the IMF out of thin air, and with the guarantee of our governments.


(A: In other words, we as the citizenry are all put down as the guarantors.  We have to back it all and pay it off.  This is already a done deal.  It was done, back then.)


The facility takes wilderness areas with mineral riches as security. The GEF money is then to flow back to our governments as reimbursement for paid loans. I.e. We give away our tax money. For what? When a country cannot repay loans to the GEF it must give up a piece of its territory to the Rothschild banks (GEF, IMF, World Bank) - up to 30% of the Earth are meant. If land cannot be offered as collateral the country must starve


(A: And thatís what happened with Haiti, remember?)


(Haiti, Argentina and others). Rothschildís stroke of genius was that he had his GEF smuggled into the UN system at the Rio UN Summit in 1992 by his friend, Maurice Strong.


(A: Of Canada, whoís actually a puppet of Rockefeller.)


So now high-ranking ministerial officials from 179 countries are in the council of the bank - blessing Rothschild grabbing the world! This article brings interviews with a man who was a participant at the 4th World Wilderness Congress,


And I remember hearing that at the time.  I think he taped it in fact.  And Iíll put this link up as well.  You must read it.  You must see what this CO2 nonsense is all about.  It was started up by the private bankers, and especially Rothschild.  And it worked with the United Nations, because everything is to go through the United Nations after itís been through the Rothschild private bank, as Iíve said before.  Now, when youíve got 100% of the carbon taxes going through the Rothschild private bank in Switzerland, thatís an awful lot of interest that gathers even overnight.  Itís quite something.  Iíll put this link up.  And itís amazing when you read the other articles too, like Wikipedia, they donít even mention who started it up.  Theyíve just got organizations.  This is how things are done, isnít it?  And the GEF, the same organization, is also the ones behind creating your eco-villages in rural areas and so on.  And your communitarian projects in Britain, and elsewhere, and getting folk off the rural areas in Canada and other countries too.  Itís the same organization.  Do you understand that eventually all business will go through the United Nations, all world business and private business.  All food resources will go through the United Nations and they will redistribute it to the world in chunks and itís to be used for keeping your population down, because itís to be a quota system and you must find ways to fulfill your quota or reduce your quota, because you will be on rationing, believe you me.  And theyíll say, well, too many people, thatís your problem.  Even if these same characters were behind the mass immigration you see flooding in right now, which they are.  You canít win with these guys, you see.  Itís a plan.


You understand, thereís a war on the world.  Most folk donít know that.  They think itís just a little group here, a little group there.  No, thereís quite a big group here.  And with its own particular agenda, itís like a religion, you might say.  A very real religion.  And itís at war with the world.  And Socialism and all the isms that come out and fight each other that we all have to fund are all part of it, because you canít get change without conflict.  And you guide the outcome of the conflict into the United Nations with more powers and so on and so on.  So, Iíll put up these different links on it, and you can look them up for yourself.  And, as I say, Iíll put up even the Wiki link, Global Environment Facility.  It doesnít mention Rothschild at all, who came up with the CO2 Con, or when he mentioned it, 1987.  But, believe you me, when Rothschild speaks, you better pay attention, because they mean what they say.  And I read the article from the mainstream when he came out and he declared that he had backed Al Gore, and he said that the carbon taxes will go through his private bank in Switzerland.  So, this article here says:


The GEF has allocated $9.2 billion supplemented by more than $40 billion in co-financing for more than 2007 projects in more than 165 developing countries and countries with economies in transition.


(A: I like how they mean that as we fund them up, we go down.  It says:)


Through its small grants program the GEF has made also more than 12,000 small grants directly to nongovernmental and community organizations totally 495 million dollars. 


Thatís for their front army of nongovernmental organization Greenies.  Thatís what that means.  Back with more, after this break.  Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Itís just a mad, mad world from the outside, isnít it?  It isnít until you get inside it, that you realize thereís a method behind the madness.  And thatís what you do have.  An incredible method, an incredible system of, as I call it, conology.  Most things out there are conology.  Even to do with debt, to do with paying off debt, still conology, you have to go into it and find out that it was during Nixonís term that they finally took the last of the gold standard off the monetary system, and things skyrocketed from then.  And then when Congress borrows every year and the British Parliament borrows every year and everybody borrows every year, nobody asks, why are they borrowing in the first place?  If youíre a country with so many taxpayers and you have so many taxes on you, most of them are hidden, you know.  You donít even know that theyíre there.  Thereís purchases.  Thereís umpteen different purchase taxes in everything you buy, even candy bars, and they canít manage.  So they have to go outside and borrow from private banks supposedly.  This is the rubbish weíre told.  And then, when they fail to meet their budget or balance their budget and so on, what theyíre talking about is paying off just the interest on the debt.  The debt is not meant to be paid off.  The idea is to make sure that the lenders are always in control of your country.  All you have to do is make your payments, your minimum payments, basically on the debt.  Now theyíve got them into trillions of dollars.  Trillions of bucks, as they spread democracy across the world.  The same system, you see, across the world.  And get every other little country, under ďweíre here to help youĒ, into utter slavery.  This is the beauty of this system.  Itís so deceptive.  Study it a little bit and youíll find it out for yourself.  Thatís what it all is.  Itís all done under ďwe want to help peopleĒ, always. 


Now, the US is going into cyberspace now.  Under the whole space weaponry stuff, itís now into cyberspace.  And, of course, theyíve had all these other treaties at the United Nations that no one has intended to ever agree to in the first place, because even before they brought the treaties up theyíd already basically weaponized space.  Anyway, it says:


Deputy Defense Secretary William Lynn unveiled a new U.S. strategy on Thursday for protecting military computer networks, moving away from a passive defense toward treating cyberspace as an "operational domain" in which trained forces defend against attacks. Lynn, in a speech at the National Defense University at Fort McNair, said the Pentagon wanted to avoid militarizing cyberspace but at the same time secure strategic networks, both by threat of retaliation and by mounting an effective defense. "Our ability to identify and respond to a serious cyber attack is ... only part of the strategy."


I love when they talk about cyber attacks, because technically it involves also verbal attacks or written attacks.  In other words, freedom of speech.  Freedom of speech is what Iím trying to say, because thatís all part of it too.  Itís all taken as an attack.  And more and more weíre going into the arena where if youíre politically correct, you can say an awful lot and you can really put out the hate.  Those who are politically correct really do the hating.  Theyíre the ones who really do the hating.  But if you have any opposing point of view on anything, and youíre not PC, then youíll be simply wiped off the map, at least on your computer, and thatís the world weíre going into fast now.  Everything is moving in so many areas now so fast you canít keep up with it, because thereís too many departments to keep up with working full-time, 24 hours per day.  You canít do that, can you? 


Anyway, theyíre talking about the weaponizing of space and so on, and at the same time, Iíve got declassified articles on the US Airforce unmanned aircraft systems flight plan up to the year 2047, with their strategies and all their lovely expensive goodies that a bankrupt country is going to have to keep paying for in the future.  Probably buying them from China by then, mind you.  Itís quite an interesting little document with all their lovely drawings of the new types of drones that they want to bring out in the future, and fast deployment drones, and all the rest of it, and even backpack drones for the troops.  I can still remember when there were backpack drones for battlefield nukes going on.  That was the big thing years ago.  Now itís drones.  Again, itís the child in the candy shop and the bankers love the military because the military is always buying.  And when you look into the military-industrial complex, for instance, youíll find that itís the same big banks who own the corporations of these, that supply all these things to the military.  Quite fascinating that, isnít it?  They have the controlling shares in all the big ones, like General Electric and all the rest of them.  Itís the banks who own them, the big ones.  You know, the big ones that you bail out and suddenly recover.  The ones that had $36,000 plates with Obama at the dinner last week or so.  Those guys.  The guys who are getting it really tough. 


So Iíll put that link up as well, and you can see how wonderfully equal things are as we push equality across the world.  Hereís an article here.


How Globalism Has Destroyed Our Jobs, Businesses And National Wealth In 10 Easy Steps


As most Americans stand around waiting for the U.S. economy to return to "normal",


(A: Which will never happen and Bernanke said that himself.  He says:)


there is a never ending parade of jobs, businesses and wealth heading out of the United States.  The jobs and businesses that are leaving are gone for good and will not be coming back.  This is causing unemployment to soar and government debt to skyrocket but our politicians are doing nothing about it.  Instead, politicians from both parties keep insisting that they will solve all of our problems if we will just give them our votes.


(A: Itís all a con now, because youíre living through the last stage of this system.)


Meanwhile, American families continue to fill up their shopping carts with cheap plastic crap made on the other side of the world. 


And it is true.  You go to any garbage dump, even in the country, you can get a good look at some of these garbage dumps, and you see all these awful garish colors of the toys for children that lasted a day, stuff like that.  You know, even Walmart when they get bad shipments in, they donít ship it back for fixing.  They dump the whole lot, tractor trailers of this junk in the dump brand new.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix, and Iím talking about really how theyíre bringing the whole economy down, but this is all by intention.  They knew that long before.  Your top politicians all knew this long before they even signed the Free Trade Agreements and the NAFTA Agreements, and the World Trade Organization under the United Nations to basically enable all factories to move off to China, and to get paid to move by the taxpayer.  They would take up the burden and it would cost the ones who were moving nothing.  And many of them even had their factories built by the US taxpayers, the Canadian and the British and other ones, as they moved off to China.  That was part of the World Trade Organization Agreement.  Plus, you paid for any losses they claim they incurred if theyíd stayed in the States in those ten years, for a period of ten years.  And if they still had incurred losses or claimed to have incurred losses while they were in China, they can claim for another ten years.  Thereís a deal that you canít let go of.  Thatís what that is really.  And that was the deal.  That was to guarantee thereíd be nothing left in our countries that really lived on manufacture.  Manufacturing was all that you had.  Everything else was a spin-off or supporting manufacturing.  And what it left you with was a service economy, where the same stores are there, but only this time, youíre not passing machine parts around and all that kind of stuff.  You have no machinists to work anything.  No, no, you just import stuff from China, and it goes through three or four middlemen and then itís sold at the bottom.  Thatís what a service economy is.  It can only, itís like putting a dog in a swimming pool.  It can swim for a while, and eventually it canít get out and it just sinks.  Thatís what, and even Britain admitted that years ago when they talked about it becoming a service economy before the rest.  So, thereís not a single politician out there that doesnít know what itís all about and what their part in it was.  Nobody can claim innocence.  They all knew this.  They were all part of it, because this is the agenda.  Itís the agenda, you see.


And, as I say, all you have to do really is follow the Communist Manifesto and tell me how many planks in that Manifesto have been accomplished.  And then Iíll leave that little question mark above your heads for those who still live in Idiocracy.  Ponder the question for a while.  Also, see what the commonalities are.  Itís like a detective story.  Names, everything, just put the commonalities together.  What do they have in common, these top players.  You have to do that, because thatís how you do detective work.  Thereís an article here too:


ďLetís Arm The Mexican Drug Cartels With Thousands Of Guns And Continue To Leave The Border Completely Wide OpenĒ


How in the world are Americans living in the southwest United States supposed to sleep peacefully at night when the U.S. government has given thousands of guns to Mexican drug cartels and continues to leave the border completely wide open?  The brutality and viciousness of Mexican drug cartels is almost beyond description, and yet the U.S. government has armed them to the teeth and does next to nothing to stop their incursions into U.S. territory.  "Project Gunrunner" was supposed to be a U.S. government initiative to fight the flow of guns into Mexico.


(A: Remember I told you, you have to reverse everything 180 degrees.)


Instead, it has now come out that ATF agents were ordered to facilitate the acquisition of thousands of U.S. guns by Mexican drug cartels and then halt surveillance on where those guns where going.  One of these operations was known as "Fast and Furious" and the revelations that are now coming out have Congress in an uproar. 


(A: Really?  I think they go on an uproar if you cut their meal ticket, you know, their meal money every day.  But I donít see them going in an uproar about anything else.  Itís even poor acting actually, what you do see.)


If the full truth about what has been going on is revealed to the American people it is going to turn Washington D.C. upside down.


And this one goes on and on.  And you can read it for yourself as well.  Thereís so much now, that you just have to, if you havenít got it already you never will.  If you still think that things are happening by the day, and people are still just screwing up across the planet, just bureaucratic blunders and things like that, well, Iím sorry, I have no confidence in you.  I have no time to waste on you, because, you see, weíve left you all behind, light years ago.  Itís all in your face today. 


Jacques Attali, a top guy at the United Nations who did his, basically apprenticeship in France.  He was the real Prime Minister of France, as the number one advisor to about three different presidents.  When anybody came to France they asked to see Jacques Attali, not to see the president.  Heís now at the United Nations.  He wrote two books and one of them was about flooding America with Massive Immigration.  He says, this will happen.  And this was Winners and Losers in the Coming New World Order in the book called Millennium.  And he said, eventually most of the people in the United States will end up speaking Spanish.  Thatís the way itís forecast to be.  And when they say that, they mean it.  Itís to be.  Itís a must-be.  Thatís what heís telling you.  And he wrote another one too called A Brief History of the Future, and he continued with that same theme, but he also went to the rest of the world as well. 


And of course, we know, it didnít take a great mind to figure it all out, because Europe is already flooded with immigration and that also was the agenda to destroy, permanently destroy all existing cultures.  And remember, I read the article on the air from mainstream Britain where Tony Blair there, the Prime Minister of Britain at the time, his right-hand man, who would have taken over from him, in fact, came out and said that Blair had ordered him to up the quotas of immigration, open the floodgates from the most diverse countries of culture, to ensure that the British culture was utterly wiped off the map forever and could never be brought back again.  Another Fabian Socialist. 


Youíve got to understand what Fabian Socialism is.  It was the same technique as the Marxists.  They were very friendly with Marxists, and even H.G. Wells, one of the founders of it and Bernard Shaw said that they had papers right from the Kremlin.  The only difference they had and Trotsky and others had with them, where Trotsky was for immediate physical revolution, they were to do it the slow way, the Fabian way, and to do it through infiltrating and taking over the system from within and working with the big banking boys, who wanted the same agenda.  Itís all out there if you care to look for it.  And itís not through conspiracy sites, either. 


So, Iíll put these links up tonight, remember at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And another one I want to put up too is called ďThe Dirty Little War in Argentina.Ē  Declassified information, which is genuine, on Kissinger and his involvement in all the struggles in Latin America, and all of the slaughters and massacres in Latin America, that he was heavily, heavily involved in.  And some of the quips in it are quite something.  They show you the psychopathís mind, when he talked about they had to wipe out lots of people quickly, like villagers and so on.  And heíd advise them, if you can finish before Congress gets back, the better.  Little quips like that.  Thatís typical Kissinger.  So, itís well worth reading.  Iíll put that link up as well for you to have a look.  These guys are still in power.  I hope you understand that.  Forget the little front men, the little clowns that they put there for you to go for.  #1 is never the boss.  Never the boss.  Never has been the boss.  Itís the guy behind him thatís the boss.  Itís always that way. 


As I say, thereís so much going on, itís difficult for the average person to even keep up with whatís going on.  Most of them are so mind-bombed with the trivial stuff they put across.† You canít look at the trivia anymore.  Even the stuff thatís real, the stuff thatís real thatís affecting people.  What Iím talking about is the fallout from this so-called New World Order and all of its laws getting rammed down our throats.  Because youíre seeing the bottom, lowest, first casualties openly come out now, where they canít allow you to have a garden and stuff like that.  They send in SWAT teams.  But thatís one little thing.  Theyíre taking over entire, theyíre changing everything right now, so donít get stuck on something.


If you were in a battle and you were helping to organize that battle and run it, you canít stop to look at the little side casualties.  Youíll lose sight of whatís really coming your way.  People get stuck on things, and they get awfully emotionally involved and angry about things, and theyíre right to be angry, but youíve got to understand, something bigger above this has to be disposed of.  The system thatís causing it.   If a system is not working and it has never worked for the people, why would you retain the exact same system?   Why would you vote in the next person who is standing up for the status quo of the same system, keeping the same system?  Why on earth would you do it?


As these big boys at the top talk about restructuring, restructuring, restructuring, itís maybe time the people talked about restructuring.  On their terms.  And as I say, you donít pay off a neighborís debt or their rent if you canít afford your own rent.  And here you are getting told, oh, through binding treaties at the United Nations, youíve got trillions and trillions to pay to them now.  Really?  You know what you do with agreements?  You tear them up and you toss them out, because you canít afford your rent.  Thatís what you do.  Because you know whatís going to happen if you do start paying them.  Youíre on the street without a home.  You wonít have a country or anything, but then, that is the agenda, no more countries.  The eradication of the nation-state Lenin said.  It will just fade away.  And so will the generation that go down with it.  Theyíll just fade away, probably through starvation.  Thatís the world weíre in today.  And hereís an article here I should really put up first too.  It says:


The UN Conference on Sustainable Development has a number of objectives and themes.  You can find out more about these themes and how theyíre being addressed by the Earth Summit.


This is for Earth Summit 2012.  This is the biggie thatís coming up.  The 1992 one with Maurice Strong at the head, really is the one that affected all your lives already.  It started all the Greenies off, your garbage inspections, all that kind of stuff, and your funding to get rid of carbon etc, on behalf of his master and pal, Rothschild.  2012 is the big one.  Thatís when they want the collection cash on all the agreements youíve signed.  So Iíll give you a link to their own website, and they show you all the things that theyíre demanding at this meeting coming up.  And one of them is securing political commitment.  That means your governments must promise, never mind your nations or the people, you must promise to fulfill your commitments to the United Nations and all their departments on Greening.  And then thereís assessing progress, new and emerging challenges, the Green economy.  It must be Green, because Edmund de Rothschild said so.  Institutional Framework for Sustainable Development, and youíve got to understand what they mean by all of these terms that youíll parrot off without ever, ever knowing what it really, really, really means or pertains to.  And this article here too says:


With the Western nations continuing their downward economic spiral, the advocates of the United Nationsí redistributionist schemes also continue to exploit the environmental agenda in their effort to fundamentally alter the global economy to serve their own ends.


Despite the failure of the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference in December 2009 to achieve its goal of a treaty binding the industrialized world to an economic suicide pact, the "voluntary" agreements are still a threat to the West. The UN is engaged in an effort to use the imagined environmental crisis as the justification for a program of sweeping economic redistribution


(A: Of wealth, of course.)


that would shift trillions of dollars from the industrialized nations to the Third World. The UN is now demanding an ďinvestmentĒ of $1.9 trillion per year in ďgreen technologyĒ to meet the goals that the internationalists have set for the nations of the world. An AFP story entitled ďWorld needs $1.9tn a year for green technology: UNĒ sets forth the lament of an elite for whom ďreal moneyĒ is measured in tens of trillions of dollars:


"Over the next 40 years, $1.9 trillion (1.31 trillion euros) per year will be needed for incremental investments in green technologies," the UN Economic and Social Affairs body said in its annual survey.


"At least one-half, or $1.1 trillion per year, of the required investments will need to be made in developing countries to meet their rapidly increasing food and energy demands through the application of green technologies," it added. At the moment, "external financing currently available for green technology investments in developing countries is far from sufficient to meet the challenge," it assessed.


Over the last two years, climate change funds managed by World Bank


(A: Thatís a private bunch that call themselves the World Bank.)


disbursed about $20 billion,


(A: Thatís of your cash.)


a fraction of the sum necessary for developing countries to build up clean energy technologies, sustainable farming techniques and technologies that help cut non-biodegradable waste production.


(A: The only non-biodegradable waste production comes from the mouths of all these control freaks.  Thatís where it comes from.  And their head I think just manufactures it.  All the terms and ideas they come up with, which are all cons.  It says:)


Even though states agreed during a 2009 Copenhagen summit to spend $30 billion over 2010 to 2012 and $100 billion a year by 2020 in transfers to developing countries, these sums have not been realized.


In other words, the costly ďfeel goodĒ language adopted at Copenhagen ó though far from the crushing obligations a treaty would have imposed ó still means the World Bank and the United Nations will be playing the role of an international collection agency, metaphorically beating on the doors of various heads of state until they ďcough upĒ the demanded funds.


And thatís what the 2012 Earth Summit is demanding, that they go by treaty.  They sign it all, I promise to pay you all my slavesí cash for the future from here to infinity, basically.  Thatís what your leaders are going to do.  And itís not going to go to the Third World, itís going to go to the big international corporations that will end up owning and already do own the food supply of the Third World.  They own yours as well.  Quite something, eh.  What a world we live in.


Now, thereís callers on the line.  Is Ken from New York still there?


Ken: Yeah, how are you doing Mr. Watt?


Alan: Iím hanging on here. 


Ken: Yeah.  I actually work at an indoctrination center, otherwise known as a university, and what I find troubling is, I was born in the mid-seventies, but I realize that these students that work with me now, say anyone born after 1990, theyíre totally programmed differently from obviously what was taught two decades ago. And whatís so scary about it, is like, I was having a conversation with someone in regards with like you know, the whole Bernanke and Paul, with the whole gold stuff.  And they have the mindset where the Constitution is obsolete.  They donít mind being global citizens.  They donít mind, you know, being part of this collective.  Its crazy, but itís amazing how the educational system is working wonders, where the masses for the most part, and this [?] the elite, the rich kids that are going to [?] where, they donít care because they see themselves being, as like being benefited in the new system.


Alan: They have been totally trained, absolutely trained from birth.  Scientific indoctrination was what Bertrand Russell said they would do to them, until they couldnít even relate to any previous generation.


Ken: Yeah, and whatís so scary about it is you realize, like with the whole oldthink, is someone like me thatís not even forty years old yet, you realize that, okay, they were so successful like you know programming people less than twenty years younger than me, well, thereís no hope really if you canít basically, like if the ones, those that are left that are still sentient and see whatís wrong with the system, itís up to us to find those few that are willing to listen to us, to make them realize, hey, wake up.  Like, weíre headed for a disaster, you know.


Alan: Yes.  I know.  Hold on, and weíll come back after this break.  Itís a good topic.


Hi folks, weíre back and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  And is Ken still there from New York?


Ken: Yes, Iím still here.  Another thing is like this concept, thereís no sign of remorse anymore.  Like to me, it seems like living in New York City, you feel like thereís a freak show out here.  Itís like people that were once forty years ago seemed like mentally ill seem to have more rights than me.  You know what Iím saying.  Thatís another story.  Itís very frustrating to realize that this stuff is being done right in front of us.  People are too concerned about their little privileges or their little, like you know, just little stuff that keeps you busy: the LED TVs, the video games, the movies.  Like people will be lining up later on tonight to go see Harry Potter, and itís very serious whatís going on, but itís frustrating.  But yeah.  I mean, itís amazing how you can program each generation differently.† And thatís what I donít think people really understand. 


Alan: Itís a perfect science.  And it goes way back.  As I say, Beria, who was the NKVD head of the Soviet system back in 1934, at their world meeting of the Comintern, said it used to take 70 years to change a generationís opinion or morality in any even visible manner that would be seen at all.  He says, now we have it so perfected that with Pavlovian Indoctrination we can change each generation every four years.  In other words, the intake in kindergarten will be four years removed mentally, basically, with their ideas than the ones before it, so fast.  And thatís how theyíre using the same system here.  If you go into kindergarten now, theyíre being programmed for the changes theyíll see in their lifetime.  And theyíll accept it all, because theyíve been programmed already for it.  And the ones that will come in two years after them will be programmed ahead a little bit more.  Thatís the technique he was talking about, and thatís what Bertrand Russell said too. 


Russell says, we donít need, he says, we used to think Ė this is a British Lord talking, right, who belonged to the Macy Group as well Ė he said, we used to think weíd have to take the children from the parents at birth to indoctrinate one generation, or theyíd be contaminated with the parentsí thoughts.  Now, he says, weíve found with the intense scientific indoctrination, just four or five hours per day in school will be enough to totally negate any parental input.  Theyíll ignore their parents completely.  And that was back in the fifties he said that.  So this technique has been around for a while.  Itís perfected now. 


And as you say, the youngsters have never had it really hard.  Theyíve come out of college, school, university.  Things are still fairly cheap that theyíre into, all their electronic toys and entertainment.  Theyíre still cheap. Theyíve never really had to rough it and tough it in any way at all.  They canít see whatís coming down, and they have no clue that theyíre going to be affected themselves as we throw your cash and all your tax money off into this great black hole they call the third world.  They have no idea that itís going to affect them too.  Theyíre told itís going to be a wonderful world.  Itís going to be a beautiful, wonderful world, and they donít think theyíre going down with it. 


Ken: Well, thank you Mr. Watt.  Itís been a pleasure speaking to you.  I listen to you a lot.  Iíve got to try to contribute.  But yeah, I just wanted to let you know what I have seen first-hand.


Alan: Thanks for calling.


Ken: Well, you have a good evening.


Alan: You too.  And just to finish, Iíd like to put up a link too to the Royal Society.  Itís quite funny, because the Royal Society are back into Phrenology, where theyíre going to determine who are the bad guys by measuring their facial structure and how wide their face is and so on.  And I went into their own site at the Royal Society, and all the links to it theyíd already pulled because of complaints, but I found it on another site.  So Iíll put that up as well.  And you can have a little chuckle at that.  The guys who lead global warming debate, the Royal Society, that all the top scientists belong to, are back into studying our facial features, again, to see if weíre, you know, defective.  From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís Good Night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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