July 18th, 2011 (#877)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 18th, 2011:

The People Need to Understand Greed:

"There's a Kind of Infection Throughout the Lands
Which Takes All Reality Into its Hands,
It Controls All Money Lending and Debt,
Once in the Hole - Out, You'll Never Get,
It Rules All Governments, Gives a Show
Of Pretended Conflict for Those in the Know,
It Runs the Military and Industrial Corporations,
Sending Millions of Souls to Repatriations,
It Plunders the Planet, Divides the Spoils,
Taxes Every Weary Body that Toils,
It Runs the Media, Trivia, Fact or Fiction,
And Education, Hence Minimal Diction,
This Infection to its Host is Killin'
We Need a Course of Penicillin"
© Alan Watt July 18th, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė July 18th, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 18th of July 2011.  I always suggest newcomers to come into cuttingthroughthematrix.com, and youíll find hundreds of audios to download for free, where hopefully youíll get an understanding of the big system which runs this world.  Itís way above politics, although it puts politicians into place, but itís way above them.  Itís above all national interests.  Itís international.  Itís already up and running, and they have many fronts working under the biggest front, which is the United Nations.  And if you go through all these audios, hopefully youíll get an understanding of how it was set up, what its goals are, and how theyíve done it so quietly, basically, and got the whole world to accept them as a legal entity.  The United Nations is a private organization.  We should remember that at all times.  And so are all of the other groups associated with it.  So, weíre run really by private corporations in this Brave New World that weíre really going through today. 


While youíre on the website too, remember, youíre the audience that bring me to you.  So you can purchase the books and discs I have on cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And from the US to Canada, remember, you can still use a personal check or international postal money order, or you can send cash, or you can use PayPal.  Youíll find a donation button on the .com site.  Use that.  It tells you how to do it.  And follow it up with an email with name, address, and order, and Iíll get it out to you.  Across the rest of the world, youíve still got Western Union, Money Gram, and again PayPal to order, using the donation button.  And remember too, straight donations would be certainly appreciated during these so-called austere times that weíre going through. 


And believe you me, we have no idea, I do, I have a pretty good idea where itís supposed to take us all, the whole world in chaos very shortly.  And out of the chaos will come the new world order system of even more bureaucracy and authoritarianism, right down to everything that you do from morning till night, basically.  Thatís what itís all about.  Itís totalitarian, itís tyrannical.  And those at the top say itís actually legal, since they make the laws, and theyíre crazy about laws.  They have laws for everything.  And weíre seeing that happen in some countries before they hit the rest of the world.  Britain is the flagship.  Iíve always said that.  Whatever they accept in Britain, and can be made to accept, they can use that across the world, the same technique, and theyíll accept it too.  Sad but true. 


And thatís where we are today with it.  Your reality, your very reality is made up for you.  The things you accept as normal are only normal because itís always been that way in your lifetime, which is not very long.  And if your parents canít warn you that thereís a lot of bogus stuff out there, especially news, and newscasting systems and networks, then the youngster wonít have an idea.  Theyíll take it all as quite natural, and theyíll believe what theyíre told both from the media and at school as well.  And history is always changing as they give new versions of it all the time.  You have to go into the educational system, and the history of the educational system, find the big players, find out what schools they came from, like the Frankfurt School and other ones, and youíll find out that they said theyíd eventually eliminate the past altogether for one generation.  Thatís all it would take.  And they would have no past at all.  They wouldnít know their peopleís history.  In fact, there would be no peoples anymore.  Weíll all be one sort of mishmash of a new type of system, a new kind of creature, but youíll still have a small elite running the show, as you always have had.  The same elite, actually, running the show and benefiting from this new system theyíre bringing in. 


So weíre going through the hard task now of trying to adjust, obviously, as they bring in global pricing on food, eventually food rationing, they keep telling us.  That will come from the website of the Royal Institute of International Affairs at Chatham House.  Itís right on their website, fifteen, sixteen years theyíve been working on this.  So, get ready.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  And thereís a long distance hanging on the line there, already, from Ireland.  Thatís Darren.  Are you there Darren?


Darren: Hi, Alan.


Alan: Yes.† How are you doing?


Darren: Iíve listened to you for a few years now, and I just have a quick few things to say.  Iíve been reading a book on the Irish Harp emblem.  It was a striking thing that hit me out when I was reading the book.  It was like the ancient Dagda, who used to play the harp, and it said in the book, when he played the harp it caused the four seasons to pass over the earth.† Now, I know you always talk about HAARP and it being like the HAARP control mechanism, and like all modern agencies always use ancient symbols and ancient wording.  So, Iím wondering, do you think there could be any connection there?


Alan: What we do know is in all cultures, even Greece, they had their special deity for music as well, who could charm anyone from a raging fit into a passive creature, and vice versa.  We also know that these guys at the top, they love their little anachronisms they create and make up for themselves.  Itís like NATO.  NATO is Aton backwards, which is the sun god of ancient Egypt.  And even their insignia is a stylized swastika, and people donít even notice it.  They play these jokes on us on all things, so thereís no doubt about it.  Theyíve taken a lot of the past and brought it up to the present time as well.  And if you go into other cultures, they all have amazing stories to do with music.  Thereís no doubt about it.


Darren: Iíve noticed when I was reading into the ancient history of Ireland, and at the time when Cromwell invaded the harp musician was illegal.  And thatís why the harp today is only a neo-reconstruction of what the old harp was.† And another thing.  Iím actually over in America.  Itís my first time in America.  Iím only here for the summer, and Iíve noticed that psychologically, America is like nearly five or ten years ahead psychologically of what Iíd say Ireland is.  I mean, I work in a bar over here, and I see like, I see a lot of people come in like, you know forty year olds and fifty years olds acting like teenagers, and everyone I know here is getting married at an older age, or just so many older people who are not married.  And it just really struck me and kind of hit home that I guess Iím going to have to expect that now in a few years time when my generation gets older back home. 


Alan: Youíre the second one in the last couple of weeks from outside the US thatís told me the exact same thing. Thatís the first thing they notice, how theyíre perpetual teenagers.  And they try to dress like them, act like them, and they donít really acquire any wisdom as they go along.


Darren: Itís so degraded.  Itís shocking. 


Alan: Yes.  Thatís what the other person said too. 


Darren: And another thing.  I know in your old stuff you go into a lot of history of the agenda, and you go in specifically into the wording of the English language, and what Iíve realized is that words are really symbols and the more you look into it the more you can interpret from the symbols, because, I guess, thatís why they gave you symbols in the past, being like of higher orders.  You could interpret it in a higher meaning of things.  And I guess thatís what words are because.


Alan: Words, even the letters, even the letters are actually constructs.  Theyíre a construction, a building, and every letter has its own significance as well, outside of what youíre taught in school.  They certainly teach them in a lot of the high Masonic Lodges, I mean very high ones.


Darren: Iíll ask you one last question.  The oak, what is the symbolism of the oak, because I know Ireland at one time was called Hibernia and that was basically I think a translation of the Oak people.  I know in Irish culture, and even Scottish culture, the oak tree is of very big significance.  And itís just been kind of pondering on my mind for a while, so.  Thatís the last question.


Alan: It goes back into ancient mythology, and again, itís hard to get history from mythology, vice versa, because like today, everything was spun by those in control.  But we know that a people came into Ireland, even through Spain, and they called them the Hibernians.  And they supposedly became the Irish people, but their history went right back into ancient times, and some say even to the Middle East.  And one of the places was a place called Oak in ancient tongues.  Thatís one of the legends to do with it.  Another one came in from the old legend of Jeremiah, of course, that gave his daughter as a bride to the king of Ireland at one point as well, ancient Ireland.  And they brought that tongue with them as well.  And even the Scots, they say came from the same scattered group.  And of course this ties in with the old tribes and so on.  A lot of preachers today make big money in the States over this whole legend of the disappearing tribes.  But we know North of Jerusalem, there was a definite tribe that had brightly colored clothing, very much like Jacobís many-colored clothing.  It was like a tartan you might say.  And they loved drinking, by the way, these people.  So it has a lot of tie-ins with a certain people.  So, thereís no doubt about it, what weíve got for history is only the little bits that pass into legend.  A lot gets lost.  We donít get the complete picture.  Weíve never really been given the whole story on all of it as to where it all came from, but thereís too many legends.  What we do know is that the first Christian priests that came into Ireland, actually came from Egypt, and they brought in what we now call the Celtic Cross with them, and the same design patterns you only find in Egypt and nowhere else.


Darren: Well, I do know that, I do know, there was a documentary on our national TV over here, and they were saying that St. Patrick was not the first person to bring Christianity into Ireland.† And most people donít know St. Patrick was not even from Ireland.  As you always go into about the slave boys who were captured at a young age in your old stuff, and it was like he was presumed captured from Wales at the time.


Alan: Thatís right. 


Darren: And itís striking how.  And another thing that caught me out, I was reading, I actually sent you that book in an email, if you wanted to have a read of it yourself, but in that book, they were talking about when Ireland became a so-called free state they were trying to come up with a presidential seal, and were going to put the harp on the blue background, the white & blue background, and there was a huge objection to it, because King Henry was the one I think who pushed the harp on his coat of arms.  But they changed the name from the royal blue to St. Patrickís blue.  So, itís just amazing how wording can just change someoneís whole perception on how they see things.  But, thanks very much, Alan.  Iíll get off the line; itís a pleasure talking to you.


Alan: Thanks for calling.  But it is fascinating, the whole ancient past is fascinating.  And where people came from is fascinating.  And believe you me, we havenít even got a fraction of any real history of even older times, even to do with the standing stones that theyíve got all over the place, some of them even older than Stonehenge or the people that lived in them.  And I used to, as a hobby, I used to dig them up myself when I found them, up in the highlands, and on no maps.  They were on no maps at all, but you would see them.  And literally, itís when you looked over, say a firth of where the water comes in from the sea, youíd look over a firth, and thereís mountains in the background, nothing had changed in thousands of years in some of these spots.  And so you could actually see it as these people actually lived on the hillsides and what they saw as a view, but we know nothing about them.  Mankind is far, far older, Iím talking about intelligent mankind, is far older than weíre taught.  And thereís probably a very good reason for that as well. 


Getting back to our reality today even, reality today is given to us by what they call media moguls.  And if you go into some of the talks Iíve given before about the history of the Royal Institute of International Affairs, also called the Council on Foreign Relations, the guys who really help shape your mind and give you your opinions in fact by the media, who own the media.  Iím talking about massive conglomerates of media.  They take whole nations to war, at least psychologically by telling you these guys are bad, or whatever, and we believe it all, and we just sort of go around our daily business, and get on with it.  And then you find out that they have other purposes for owning the media.  It isnít just to get stinking rich.  Thatís the least of it all.  Itís really to control all news.  News is your reality.  What weíre seeing today is so disgusting, the way that governments are now talking down to people by basic lies.  The kind of lies you would give to children.  You know, theyíre too young to know any better, so just lie to them.  And thatís how weíre treated today by the governments via the media.  And no one in the media, youíll notice, will stand up and say this is absolute bunkum and garbage, letís toss this out and letís get the real reasons why this is happening.  It doesnít happen because the media is all totally controlled.  Massive conglomerates, and again, the Royal Institute of International Affairs went into that whole area.  Early on in the beginning they said theyíd have to control the media, all of the media, and they do. 


Now, we know about Rupert Murdoch and the media, which again is the same media, which he controls is going on about a few hacked phone calls to 9/11 victims and 7/7 victims as they were grieving people, etc.  No, thatís not what the real thing was.  This guy has been hacking phones since he started with the help of an intelligence agency.  I hope you realize that.  The reason this man became so rich and powerful like the other ones before him, and the other ones in Canada here too, and in the States, is because they blackmail people by the information they acquire by hacking into their phone calls.  And they make their friends.  I mean, Murdoch himself, Rupert Murdoch took Tony Blair on about twenty-six trips in his private jet.  This guy whoís supposed to be representing Britain, and yet everything had to come through the Murdoch empire.  You have to go into the guyís history.  You have to go into his whole lineage in fact, to find out where his motives come from, and who made him what he is.  Thousands of folk have been blackmailed.  How many politicians are blackmailed too?  Thatís how you control people and governments.  Back with more, after this. 


Hi folks, weíre back and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  Talking about the big moguls that give you your reality.  The ones that keep you distracted with trivia. The ones that push basically porno on you, even through their newspapers and their rags, and they also own television companies as well, just to further make sure that you get your daily dose of degradation.  These are the guys who will also get you all riled up for war against whatever country they happen to choose, theyíll lie to you like crazy.  Theyíre all on board together, because this is an intelligence operation.  Youíve got to understand that.  Media and media moguls are part of intelligence services, if you want to call them services.  And some of them donít even belong to the country that the media is involved in.  And that goes for Murdoch too. 


Now, Murdoch, interestingly enough, his daughter, I think it was, his daughter married the grandnephew of Freud and Bernays.  The guys, again, who gave America their modern culture.  And this particular Freud is also one of the biggest advisors to every single politician or leader that comes into Parliament.  Heís been there for generations now, and he sways all their opinion, everything.  All their campaigns, he does it all for them.  How to get the public to believe this, believe that, he does it for them.  Same small group of people, intermarried, giving you your reality, bringing you wars, getting you all on board for it so you donít complain.  And meanwhile, they give you a little bit of what you think is entertainment that further indoctrinates you into more degradation which you will emulate, because thatís how people do things.  Plato talked about it over two thousand years ago.  Two thousand three hundred years ago, he talked about how the public emulate what they see on the stage, and how music, once again, should be licensed, he said, because it could be used, basically as a form of weaponization.  He said that it can effect the young and make them go one way or another.  Well, the guys who run the world certainly know that, because they also own the music industry, generally speaking too.  They make stars.  They make the stars fall when necessary, but they certainly make them. 


And many of them too are in the business of creating your scientific stars.  Iíve gone through that before to do with how literally a group in the US, who mainly were formed from US intelligence services, started up the system that the Unabomber went after.  He was going to be part of them.  He was a professor too.  And he didnít want the system they were bringing in.  He said it would be a hell.   And thatís what we have.  Weíre bringing in a technological, scientific hell through observation.  Through no privacy whatsoever.  Right down to guarding your thoughts.  Thatís wrong.  When you have to guard your thoughts because you cannot speak your mind about anything, something is vastly wrong.  And weíre under that.  Weíre here.  Weíre already here, and itís only going to get worse.  So, tonight, Iíll put up a link or too on Murdoch, and how again theyíre spinning it and trying to make it seem like only a few people he hacked into.  No, this guy literally was in bed with generation after generation of politicians of all parties.  All of them.  He even offered Tony Blair a job running one of his main newspaper outfits too, worth millions every year.  And these are the guys that tell your politicians what to do.  Theyíre the only guys, like Murdoch, that can get private meetings every week with guys like Cameron, for instance, thatís supposedly running Britain today.  Itís disgusting what weíre seeing. 


Itís no different from the Hollinger Corporation that was running, with Conrad Black, who got knighted again as a Lord.  And then he got into trouble.  He fell from grace.  He and Barbara Walters and Kissinger and others, the ones that you saw on your nightly news in the US, belonged, they were shareholders, the big shareholders, the top shareholders in the Hollinger Corporation, that ran all that media side of it too.  So, thereís no such thing.  Whenever you read anything, be very careful, because thereís no such thing as a free press out there.  Itís all out there with an agenda.  And how itís done is simply from newspaper to newspaper, youíll see the same terms, catch phrases, etc, just like Ďweapons of mass destructioní.  It doesnít matter how many times you can blow it out of the sky, they keep coming out with the same stuff.  Thatís what they did at the time.  Now, itís global warming and climate change and carbon pollution.  And it doesnít matter how many scientists oppose this, and again, blow it out of the sky, itís an agenda.  It doesnít matter.  Itís not meant to make sense.  Thatís why you can blow it out of the sky.  Itís an agenda for a different purpose, and youíve got to understand whatís happening today, because these looters of the planet, and this conglomeration, you might say, World Inc. have pretty well sewn up the bag.  And they own the money supply of the planet.  Theyíre pushing for the IMF to be basically the carpetbagger dishing out cash to different countries, getting you into massive debt.  Theyíre already doing it.  And they want everything to be centralized through the World Bank and the Bank for International Settlements that Professor Carroll Quigley talked about was their goal in the book, Tragedy and Hope, and the Anglo-American Establishment.  And he should certainly know, since he was the authorized historian for this secretive bunch that now rule the world.  Now, thereís another caller, Bob from Texas hanging on the line there.  Iíll try and take Bob.  Hello? Is Bob there?


Bob: Hello, Alan.† Itís good to hear from you.  You know, all of this, it just seems like the world is getting crazier and crazier.  And you know, I saw something today, a young man, where I work.  I happened to have prison planet on the computer, he brought it up, but there was an article and a video of the San Francisco police accused of shooting a teenager.  Have you seen that?


Alan: No, not that one. 


Bob: It was very disturbing.


Alan: I saw the link today, but I didnít actually see the video.


Bob: Oh, God.  If you see the video, it is so disturbing, and you know, can I talk to you after the break? 


Alan: Yeah.  Hang on and weíll get back to that when this break is over.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix, talking to Bob from Texas.  Are you still there, Bob?


Bob: Yes, Iím still here, Alan.  Thank you.


Alan: Yeah, go ahead.


Bob: I just, you know, I had to call because it was so upsetting to see this, and to see such a police state that is forming right before everyoneís eyes and nobody sees it.  Years ago, this would have been plastered all over the media.  And now, itís just, you know, nothing.  And this thing too, on the Murdoch issue about this reporter found dead and no foul play.  I donít believe that.† I believe the man knows a whole bunch of stuff, and thatís why he was found dead. 


Alan: And itís also a warning to others in the network not to blow the whistle.


Bob: Yeah.  But when I wee this thing, this police state thing coming down here and the way, they were all surrounding this guy.  He was in the throes of death, you know, in the video, and they still had their weapons pointed at him and it is hideous.  I just, you know, Iím appalled. 


Alan: Do you understand?  Do you understand whatís happening?  Hereís the thing.  You see, through all the movies and the blood and guts in the movies that youíll see, and the CSI where youíre nothing but an animal, they just chop you up like chopped liver, youíve been dehumanized and people are adapting to this, quickly. 


Bob: Thatís what they want, and they want to put the videos out so youíll see the death.  And itís horrendous.  You know.  I just, itís so, youíre right.  Itís animalistic is what it is.  Thatís what theyíre trying to portray.


Alan: The whole idea is, you see, weíre in a Totalitarian system and everyone must be predictable.  Everyone must get their share of fear by watching the same entertainment even and the horror movies that theyíre putting out, just routinely now.  Blood and guts everywhere.  And the saviors are always the guys in the black outfits and the armor plating. 


Bob: Yeah, and the no face and the masks and so forth.


Alan: These are the heroes, and therefore theyíre training you to be on the one hand terrified of them, and on the other hand to be utterly obedient to them, because theyíre not even tolerating what they call insolence now.  Theyíre killing you for being insolent.  And that happened a couple of weeks ago with a young guy.  They walked into a guyís home a couple of weeks ago there, a young fellow, who had been arguing with his mom, and the guy just drew his gun out, and the young guy says, you canít come in here without a warrant, and so he was insolent, you see.  And the cop just shot him in the head, right there.


Bob: Jesus.  I donít know what to say.  Iím just, you know, it was very upsetting, and I just had to call and you know, and I donít know.† I went with Alex Jones, I met him for the first time, I went down there.  He was having a march on the TSA anti-groping bill, and Ron Paul said, if people are not appalled by this, you know, this intrusion into privacy, he said, heís almost to the point where, I donít know what else.


Alan: This is the key.  I mean, Darwin said it too, and all the psychologists picked up on it, the ones who worked for the warfare departments, that man is the most adaptable species on the planet.  And we can be trained so easily and quickly from one norm to the next norm, so quickly.  Weíve adapted to the horror.  Weíre adapting even quicker to the horror now as it comes down.  The cops have got the message too that they will not be prosecuted.  We know that.  Itís partly for them as well to know that they will not be touched.  And itís happening in every country.  And people are not horrified by anything anymore.  And this is almost the end.  A country like this, a people like that cannot stand, you understand.  It will not last.  It cannot stand.


Bob: Are you familiar with the movie, Night of the Living Dead?


Alan: Yeah.


Bob: And you know, that too, that is almost a predictable thing. The only sane person that saw everything that was going on, well, he was insane.  And it was almost like the movie was saying, if you look at it, watch it, itís like, hey, go along, get along there bud. 


Alan: Thatís right.


Bob: You know, if you donít go along and get along, then, you know, weíre going to strap you in a straightjacket.


Alan: Yeah.  Weíll tazer you to death, slowly, or whatever.  Or maybe water-board you before we do it.


Bob: How is it that some people see, even being involved in the system, being a part of the system, why is it that some people can see that or break away from that programming and while others donít?  I donít get that. 


Alan: Partly, I think itís because we have been dumbed down and inoculated and the IQ has dropped by the way, officially.  They say itís dropped about ten points since about twenty years ago.  So, what caused it to drop?  You donít drop an IQ.  Thatís something thatís innate within you.  You can be illiterate and have a high IQ.  Anyway, itís happened.  Plus, people have been conditioned their whole life long with movies for about thirty years now, of the guys in black uniforms from SWAT teams now to armies, and so on.  And weíve been conditioned through, itís almost in every darn movie that you watch now. 


Bob: Exactly.  And the political.  But then itís like, I was conditioned, but then, you know I had an awakening.  So, itís like, how did that happen, and the only thing that I can figure is there has to be something greater that comes into your spirit that awakens you and says, look at the reality.  Look at reality, whatís happening.  Thatís the only way it can happen.  But then, you canít help, itís like, you canít help but not say anything.  My wife says, well, you know, keep it down, donít say anything.  Hey man.  You know, da, da, da.  And then itís like, but thereís something inside you like, you know, if you see something thatís absurd you have to, you know, Iím sorry, this is insane.


Alan: Thatís right.


Bob: You know, thereís planes flying over us, and thereís crap being blown in the air, and cancer rates have doubled in the last ten years, and autism, you never even heard of it.  I barely heard of it when I was a kid in school.  Now itís everywhere.  Jesus, help us.  You know.  Anyway, Alan, Iím sorry, Iím going on.


Alan: But itís true. You get to a stage where, and I call it, when life is not enough.  Youíre asking all the right questions, and youíre either going to crash or pull up out of a nosedive.  And thatís really when you wake up.  Thatís what does it.  When life itself, as itís given to you and shown to you is not enough.  You know itís bogus.  And you have to find out the truth from then on.  And my God, itís a hell of a journey.


Bob: Yeah.  And then you just see the police state growing.  Itís just growing, growing.  And so, okay, it doesnít touch you.  It doesnít touch me personally now, where Iím at, whatever, thatís not the point.  Itís touching someone.  Have sympathy for humanity.


Alan: You understand, thatís the key to it.  Weíve lost contact with, you see, self-preservation isnít just an individual thing.  Thatís part of it.  Itís also a collective thing.  When you donít stand up for people getting hurt somewhere else, then believe you me, youíve lost your humanity, and no one is going to stand up for you when itís your turn to get hurt.  Now, the Soviet system was the big experimental laboratory for all of this.  And a lot of the characters who worked for the Soviet Union are now over in politics in different countries in all parties.  And backed by the World Bank and all the usual characters.  And theyíre using it here on us.  They know itís a better scientific indoctrination weíre getting towards this police state than they had in the Soviet Union, but weíre getting the same basic techniques as well, which is fear and terror.  And when you see a cop now, youíre...


Bob: Fear keeps a lot of people from saying stuff too.


Alan: Oh, absolutely.


Bob: It kept me at bay for years.


Alan: Political correctness was devised by the Frankfurt School.  It came over.  They escaped Nazi Germany before it became Nazi Germany.  And they set up in New York and in London.  And they coined the term political correctness.  And they said, theyíll silence all their enemies by making them feel guilty when they bring up topics.  And theyíll train the rest of the population to turn on them.  And thatís the techniques thatís used today, where youíre not allowed to ask questions even.  If a child asks certain questions they can be put in prison for asking the questions, by law.  So, weíve got to realize, when weíre being told to shut up and donít think, then wait a minute here.  Whose country is this anyway?  I mean, whose country is this?  And what country do we want it to be?  We better understand, because the guys who are controlling this know darn well what kind of country theyíre making it into. 


Bob: Yeah.  What kind of country they want so that they can manipulate it even more.† And if they could see themselves, you know, they will take it inch by inch, mile by mile, acre by acre, and then finally, there will be nothing for them.


Alan: Yes.  And I think it was Alexander Solzhenitsyn said the same thing.  He says, the technique, in the early days Ė it was for the NKVD that became the KGB basically Ė was for the NKVD to come in about three oíclock in the morning, smash down a neighborís door, drag them all out in their nightclothes onto the street.  Turn out all the other residents in the street.  That was the law, to make sure that they all saw it happening, to strike terror into the fear of all the neighbors.  Now, generally, there was only two to four NKVD guys came to arrest people.  And at first he said, the people said, oh, they must have done something wrong.  Thatís what we think too.  Oh, they must have done something wrong.  But what theyíre doing, theyíre just picking anybody at random to make sure the whole street now was terrified and will do what theyíre told and kowtow and all the rest of it.  And he said, at that time, thatís the very point youíve got to stop it is when it starts.  He said we the citizenry could have grabbed axes, we could have grabbed pick handles and disposed of these hooligans he says, right off the bat, right at the very beginning, because once it starts, once it starts, it becomes routine and we adapt to it until you wonít care if your neighbor is pulled off one day, and theyíre all screaming in the middle of the night.  You wonít care. 


Bob: Theyíre programmed.  Itís just like Nineteen Eighty-Four George Orwell. 


Alan: Yes, absolutely. 


Bob: Everything is so normal.


Alan: That is right.


Bob: Well Alan, I appreciate your time, and I did drop a donation, and looking forward to the Ancient Religions 1.


Alan: Okay.  Thanks very much.


Bob: God Bless you.  And, I sure do appreciate you, man. 


Alan: Well, you hang in there.  I know itís tough, but hang in there none the less.


Bob: Thank you so much. 


Alan: Bye now.


And thereís George in Pennsylvania on the line.  Are you there, George?


George: Mr. Watt, how do you do tonight?


Alan: Oh, not too bad.


George: Yes, youíre always not too bad.  Are you ever well?


Alan: I donít think you can be really well today, if youíve had a whole bunch of inoculations.  Put it this way, Iím as good probably as I can feel, as I can imagine Iím supposed to be.


George: Well, I had actually called you last time, I believe it was the tenth of May, and I was telling you I had read Brave New World in high school, and you had recommended to me that evening to read the follow up, Brave New World Revisited, which I did.  Now, the shocking things that were written in that book, aside, what I found really shocking is, to get this book, I went to the free library here in Philadelphia.  And they only had two copies of this book.  One was a reference.  And the other, that you can take from the library, as opposed to the reference book, which when I picked up I could tell it had never been touched by human hands since it had been put on the shelves.  And that to me was shocking.  And in the book, there are many things that he said by which I was appalled, and other things I agreed with, such as when he was quoting the philosopher Eric Fromm and how living in a city is incompatible with sanity.  And things of that nature.  I growing up in a city have observed this quietly by watching my peers and neighbors, and even my own family for that matter.† But I wanted to thank you for being, I donít think enough people let you know this, that you are a wonderful teacher in that you donít just give opinions or facts, you tell us where to look.  I once had a chemistry teacher who said, the difference between an intelligent person and an unintelligent person is the intelligent person knows where to look. You, Mr. Watt, are a great teacher who shows us where to look.  And when we look into those things we can find other things to look into, for instance, Iíve been researching this Eric Fromm philosopher since reading Revisited.  With Revisted, you know, it almost seemed like Aldous Huxley was almost like, almost as if he couldnít make up his mind, of whether the problem was the solution to the problem. Itís very, is there, am I right or am I wrong?  Or is there like a certain amount of level of doublespeak in this book?


Alan: Thereís always like doublespeak, because, I mean, these guys attend world meetings, and I mean Fromm certainly did.  He wanted globalism.  And so, on the one hand, theyíre attending a peer group one day, where theyíre planning all of this and the kind of society they will create or destroy.  And the next day theyíre on television having a casual conversation, it seems casual, and theyíre guarding what they say, because now theyíre talking to the general public who are the targets of their plans.  So, they have to, they speak with a forked tongue, put it that way.  And they all do that.  Itís a technique.


George: Thatís exactly what I thought while reading the book, matter of factly.  If you recall, also on the tenth, when I spoke to you, I was endeavoring to defend police officers as a whole, not particularly that psychotic in Seattle, but I had used the word refute.  That was my mistake as opposed to addressing the situation of police officers across America.  Now, as you suggested, I watched that video and obviously that man is a crazy lunatic, as is the entire Seattle Police Department.  All I was endeavoring to say was that not all police are corrupt.  For instance, my local beat cop, who is a dying breed, and he even admits this to me. 


Alan: Oh, they know it.  They know it.


George: Yeah, I used the wrong word, and the whole conversation went sideways, and I wanted to apologize for that.


Alan: Thatís all right.


George: That was the result, I think, of my over-surfing earlier that day. 


Alan: I remember, it was back about ten, maybe twelve years ago, on the application forms that they gave out for police officers in the US and elsewhere.  It actually stated on it they didnít want terribly intelligent police officers anymore.


George: Yeah, which is why I also have to be careful, because who knows whoís listening, if they know the beat cop Iím speaking of, they might turn around and transfer him.† Something like that.


Alan: Thatís what you have now.


George: And you know, he says this himself.  George, we beat cops who know everyone in the neighborhood, weíre a dying breed.  They donít want us.


Alan: Thatís right.  And they donít want them talking to the public anymore, because you see, theyíve militarized the police. 


George: He is a fellow citizen, and everyone else on the avenue.


Alan: See, theyíve militarized the police and when you see some of the lectures theyíre given, theyíve made the police very paranoid.  Number one, they make it into a real tough brotherhood, just like the military.  They use bonding techniques that they use for the military, in police forces now, and they do view the public as something different and apart from themselves.  And thatís the step towards basically, even ethnic cleansing, basically.  Thatís a step you go towards that, when you start seeing others differently from yourself.  And thatís drummed into them now.  In other countries, like Britain, the police sit, sometimes they have purges on the motorways, sometimes forty cars involved, forty cop cars, and they prey on the drivers.  Theyíre predators.  They go in for the kill.  They get high on it too.


George: May I hold on the line, I wanted to say one other thing.


Alan: Iíve got two more to try to get in, in five minutes, so maybe next week.


Hi folks, weíre back and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  And just before I go to Ted, I should mention too that Animal Farm, the book, Animal Farm is a must-read as well, especially the part where the leaders supposedly of the animalsí revolution, little pigs, scurry up in the middle of the night with ladders and change the ends of lines in the constitution, just by adding a word or deleting a word, completely reversing its meaning.  It was so clever.  That should be a lesson to us all.  Now, weíll go to Ted from New York City, as well, if heís still there.   Hello, Ted?


Ted: Hey Alan.† I just have one question about Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Richard OíBrien, did he literally just come up with this through his creative genius or was this kind of like maybe foundation funded or sort of elitist intrigue behind the creation of this show, the Rocky Horror Picture Show?


Alan: Well, thereís very little out there that doesnít get funding to do with, look how many the Pentagon have funded, itís astonishing, how many movies theyíve churned out there.  So you have Pentagon intelligence agencies working with Hollywood all the time.  And again, this particular one, I think this one youíre meaning, he was on about transvestites and Meatloaf and so on.  But yeah, they do get funding for it to do an agenda.  Thereís no doubt about it.  Youíll also get government funding as well, because again, youíre promoting whatís called radical change.  And every government that signed on at the United Nations, many, many years ago, have a fund set by for culture creation, thatís called, just simply, the Department of Culture.  You apply to them, and theyíll send you a form.  And theyíll say, whatís your group, whatís your NGO, whatever, and theyíll say that you must accept this cash only for pushing radical change in society.  So, youíve got to understand your own government money is being spent in these movies, to change the way that you think and behave, or your children.


Ted: Thank you, so much. 


Alan: Thanks for calling.


Ted: Okay, Alan.  Bye.


Alan: Thatís the reality of it.  You have no idea of the amount of cash, as I say, I said to another show I was on today, I think every novelist in Canada gets a grant from the government for putting the radical agenda into their novels.  And you can live quite comfortably your whole life long; you get lots of publicity through the mainstream media too.  Thatís guaranteed, as long as youíre pushing the agenda of radical change.  Now, radical change means upsetting all that was to bring in all that is new.  And thatís literally a complete reversal, upheaval of all tradition and in every aspect of life all together.  Thatís what that means.  And your own governments are signed on to it.  Thatís why whatever becomes politically correct in one country, is politically correct all around the world at the same time.  Itís coordinated through the United Nations.  And itís pushed on everyone by executive order or Order in Council as itís called in other countries, and thatís that.  Weíre conditioned through fiction, as I say, as Plato said.  He said even the fashion industry was involved in ancient Greece.  He called it the fashion industry in his own books, in the translation.  And you mimic what you see on stage.  The children will definitely mimic what they see on stage, and music, the right kind of music can have the right effect on the youngsters and change their attitudes as well.  So, this is nothing new.  And what he said too, what has worked in one era, if you know the formula, can be reintroduced in any other era and it will work just the same.  Itís happening today.  Itís all science.  From Hamish and myself from Ontario, Canada, itís good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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