July 20th, 2011 (#879)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 20th, 2011:

Freedom is the Right to Say 2+2=4:

"It's Coming Fast, Listen, You Can Tell,
The Smothering of the Liberty Bell,
Political Correctness, Unelected Panels,
Diverting All Life Through Slavery Channels,
Commissars of Greening Living Off Gratuity,
Appoint Themselves Over 'Your Community',
Straight-Faced Priests of the Ecology,
Institutionalized by Money, Mass-Psychology,
Madness Promoted, Military Precision,
We'll All Be Subjected to Green Inquisition,
Behind the Mask of All Insanity,
Green Heroes Groomed to Hate Humanity,
From Those on the Fringe They Select
'To Perfect All That was Left Imperfect' "
© Alan Watt July 20th, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt Ė July 20th, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, Iím Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on July the 20th, 2011.  I always get this over with at the beginning of the broadcast, and that is to look into the website cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  You will find hundreds of audios to download for free, where hopefully some of you will get a shortcut to understanding the big system youíre born into.  Itís not something thatís just happening now and taking over.  It happened a long time ago, and your parents didnít know it, or your grandparents either.   We all accept as normal the system into which youíre born at that particular time, because everyone around you of your own age group accepts it as well.  And itís as simple as that.  But weíre definitely managed by a much higher authority than just governments and so on.  You have a superstructure, a super-government across the world that doesnít really have to be elected at all, although they do put politicians in your local central governments.  And they plan the future, and basically, in a sense, we are farmed, because weíre owned.  Youíre owned if youíre born into a system of debt, which is supposedly brought on by previous generations, and Jefferson said that himself.  If youíre born into a system of debt, technically youíre a slave, therefore you cannot have that system.  You should annul the debt with the end of each generation.  Just tear it up and thatís that.  Otherwise it goes on forever, which as we see it does indeed go on forever. 


Now, remember too that youíre the audience that bring me to you.  I donít bring on advertisers.  The ads on this show that you hear are paid directly by advertisers, which pays RBN for the broadcast of this show and pays for their staff and their equipment and hopefully some of their bills as well.  And you can help me with mine by looking into the website, as I say, cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And you could buy the books and discs that I have for sale.  And from the US to Canada, you can use a personal check or an international postal money order, or you can send cash, or you can use PayPal.  Just go in, use the donation button, on PayPal, and follow it up with an email with your name, address, and order, and Iíll get it out to you.  Across the world, itís the same story.  Youíve got Western Union and Money Gram, and you can also use PayPal to order.  And remember, straight donations are certainly welcome in these awfully austere times.  Itís austere for some, but not for those we see on television of all different kinds, but thatís the system weíre going into. 


Weíre being upgraded into the next part of the system and I said years ago, the hardest thing youíll have to do going through all the changes is to hang on to your sanity.  And believe you me, if you think things are crazy now, youíve got a good ways to go, because you are literally going in and partly are in the Orwellian World, where if the big boss, the big torturer man, OíBrien says to you, like Nineteen Eighty-Four, in Orwellís book, if I say I can fly, Winston, then I can fly.  In other words, you better say it too.  And if he puts five fingers up and he asks you how many is there, you better say what he wants to hear, you know.  If you say two and two is four, you get the electric shock.  Because, you see, youíre not allowed to draw your own conclusions anymore on anything at all.  Youíre supposed to believe in climate change and carbon footprints and all this rubbish, this new terminology theyíve dreamt up, as though it were a religion and you better start spouting it if you want to get ahead, otherwise youíre going to be smashed, because itís already institutionalized through all society from the top and itís coming down to the bottom as well.  You better believe in all the new ideals that they bring through to do with various, various multi kinds now of gender, etc.  You better just keep your opinions quiet to yourself, or say again, you know, how many fingers OíBrien puts up, just tell them what they want to hear, because thatís the system that youíre already in.  Youíre forbidden to have any opinion that youíve come to by drawing your own conclusions.  Back with more after this break. 


Hi folks, weíre back and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  Iím saying that sanity is something that youíve got to hold on to.  Itís a personal thing.  And of course, you should really just hang on to it as a personal thing and keep quiet most of the time to be honest with you, because you donít want to start telling your relatives what you think anymore, because theyíll think youíre a kook.  Because most folk will adapt into the new system and every part of the new system through techniques which are used through all media, movies, and so on.  They donít think consciously through an idea and come to a conclusion.  They do it through osmosis, like Jacques Ellul said.  And thatís how they form their opinions.  Theyíre formed for them in other words, to be good people, you understand.  Good people are very tolerant of everything.  And theyíre so tolerant really that now they can take their clothes off and get scanned at the same time in some airports, etc.  Thatís how tolerant they are.  And eventually theyíll be on their hands and knees being even more tolerant, the way itís going, because thatís really the intention of it all, to debase every person until they have no idea at all of their rights as a person or even respect for themselves.  Thatís the bottom line as we go through all of the things that are happening. 


You know, for the last year or so, in some big cities in the States, the cops put tables down the stairs in subways and just stood around them.  Just chatting away.  All that was on them was their usual coffee and donut bags and so on.  And people would just pass them, you see, like animals.  Thatís how they train animals.  Donít spook the animals.  And youíd see them, and youíd get used to them, but theyíd never bother you.  And then, eventually, one day, at one station and another station theyíll grab the occasional young woman and dump her stuff out on the table in plain view of everyone to see.  And the rest go by thinking, ďwell, that wasnít me.  Iím okay.Ē  And then itís out of their head before you know it.  And then it becomes routine, you see.  And thatís how you train animals.  And really, my beef with everything is that I resent being trained like an animal for nefarious purposes, but regardless, we should not be trained like animals at all. 


We have never ever had what they call transparent government.  It doesnít exist.  It will never exist.  In fact, government itself cannot be transparent in anything because itís utterly corrupt.  And thatís the nature of government.  All these things Iím talking about with transparency and corruption in government were talked about thousands of years ago, because even the ancient historians had gone through Democracies and Communism and forms of Fascism.  Ancient China had forms of Fascism about 3,000 years ago.  They tried Communism then too, and a form of Socialism as well.  And itís all in their history books.  And, but for most of us here, weíre all learning about it supposedly for the first time.  Itís the multi-first time for all of us, whether you know it or not.  So, it always ends up the same way.  You have a coterie who run the banking system, a coterie who run all commerce and decide who can buy and sell.  Thatís already done under the guise of Free Trade, which is the opposite.  They decide which corporations will trade and who wonít be allowed to compete with them.  Thatís what all these things are about.  And so, you should really resent the fact that youíre used like an animal.


And I got so sickened today just looking through the Canada Greening Programs to do with the cities.  Theyíve all got their big webpages up that are paid for by the taxpayer, and all the usual people that youíre so used to on television, Suzuki, the guy who actually is up on youtube calling people maggots.  Weíre all maggots, he says.  Well, you are, not him of course.  But he did say that there were special classes of maggots.  The higher maggots were better types than the lower maggots.  And this is the guy whoís in charge of Vancouver to help it ďGo GreenĒ as they say.  In other words, a Soviet-style bureau of unelected people will now decide whether you can build a house, live in a house, sell a house, have a business, not have a business and so on and so on and so on.  I hope you really see all of this for what it really, really is.  Donít be misled by their terminology and their rubbish, their neologisms that they came up with for ďcarbon footprintsĒ and stuff like that.  The only time I saw a carbon footprint was a chimney sweep walking away after their job.  Thatís when you get a carbon footprint.  But this is the rubbish theyíre drumming into you and as far as the Greening goes, go back to the Club of Rome.  Itís on my website.  I might pull it up tonight, again, and let you see their own statement in their own book. They were the think tank for the United Nations and they basically said, to paraphrase them, they said: on looking for a way to unite mankind, basically under a global system, we came up with the idea of global warming and famine, etc; that would fit the bill.  Thatís the words they used.  That would fit the bill.  Then you take Gorbachev who said, ďWe.Ē  Earlier in his own book he said that he was an atheist, so hereís this atheist saying, ďWe.  We.Ē  Heís talking about the high guys in ecology and so on. He says, We are creating a new religion for the new society.  And he says, It must be based on a form of earth worship.


And here you are Green, Green, Green.  Every store has got Green.  Weíre going Green.  Even your bookstores have gone Green.  What on Earth does that mean?  You know?  Covered in fungus or something? because nothing is changing.  Itís the same books, but theyíre all, you know, cashing in on the terminology, because they also know, at least their public relations departments in Madison Avenue know that the public donít think too much.  Isnít that sad to say, but itís so true.  We donít think too much at all.  But yeah, itís been an awful day.  So, I wonít even bother putting up the links to Canada going Green, etc.  This nonsense to rip you off for more dollars for a small clique again, at the top, really gets under your skin at times.  And thatís all itís really about, more control over the general population.  Everything is about control.  Everything.  And big bucks, until youíll pay, eventually youíll pay all your income, you understand, to the World State.  Thatís what the Royal Institute of International Affairs said from its very beginning.  The ideal citizenry would be born to serve the World State.  And other writers, who belong to the same organization and other organizations, because many of them were interlinked with each other with the same members, talked about eventually giving you credits and not money.  And youíll all be given the same amount of credits, at the bottom level of course.  And you canít save them up.  Theyíll be gone, starting at the same number every Monday or whatever.  And if youíre bad, and youíve broken a social taboo, and thatís, in other words, if youíve been politically incorrect on something, then theyíll withhold your credits for a punishment.  And thatís how you punish the animals, you see.


Itís coming down to that too, because thereís more behind all of these bank crashes, and the manipulation, and the constant drama, itís a soap opera drama.  Oh, my goodness, if I donít get enough money to run the States and borrow more money, well, weíll have riots in the streets and so on.  This is all drama for something else folks, for something else.  Because, letís be honest, if it was rational at all, a country the size of the US should not be borrowing anything from anybody, number one, and with the tax base that youíve got there.  And number two, if it hasnít worked in the past, and youíre over your eyes in debt, why would you borrow more?  Itís not meant to be rational.  Thereís always another reason for all of this, because debt means control over the people, and it means a small number of people will live incredibly well.  These are the ones who are managing the debt, or they are really managing it for their own sense.  Others would say theyíre mismanaging it.  No, theyíre managing it very well.  Thatís their function, is to manage the debt and make sure it keeps going, and compound interest.  And I was thinking today too, about the nonsense, suddenly out of nowhere, at some year gone by, you get these corporations that come out who grade banks.  You know, they put a grading, a rating on them.  And suddenly theyíre experts.


This is straight out of the books of Bernays, because thatís what he came up with, to do with Pharma.  He says, weíll tell the people that these pills are good for them, and weíll get a little vacant office somewhere, a telephone, weíll hire a woman to sit there and answer the phone, and itís going to be the headquarters of the National or International Blah-Blah-Blah of Scientists for Blah-Blah-Blah, and that worked very well.  And thatís how Big Pharma and a lot of these corporations could sell their junky pills for so much money, because no one else could come up and say or dispute it.  Yeah, thereís a little office there.  Thereís a woman sitting in it.  And then they would get scientists to come up and sign their name on to it, to look good in the press, you see.  Lots of big promotion.  And these guys, in the contracts, didnít even have to turn up.  Just put their names on it, and they got a cut every month from the income. 


Itís the same thing with these money-rating boys too, like Moodyís and so on.  Letís be honest, how come all the big banks who plundered the US and good parts of the world too didnít get downgraded?  They still have this high triple-A status, etc, even though they supposedly lost everything, including the bed sheets, but, no, theyíre still up there like a 5-star hotel.  And the other countries across the world, Third World ones are downgraded.  And then the IMF goes in, thatís what their job is, to help them.  By helping them theyíre giving them 35% and 40% interest rate, because theyíre the lowest guys on the totem pole at the IMF.  Thatís their job then.  Once the other boys have finished them off and gutted a country, in goes the IMF to help them, because no one else is going to lend them cash, so youíve got the loan sharks going in at the end.  And then these loan sharks end up running the country and telling them what to do and how to live.


This is reality.  This is reality, so forget the terminology they use.  Forget all the so-called official titles these people have, and see them for what they are.  You see, all cons depend on distortion of perception. All of them depend on distorting the victimís perceptions.  And youíre born into a system where the cons are already up and running.  We watch G20s meeting like a bunch of Roman Emperors for goodness sake, costing billions of dollars for a love-in and a big fest, and a go with the whores that they hire.  And they do, itís in the paper, they actually hire prostitutes, male and female, because, as they said in the Canadian papers, these people from other countries are used to this kind of thing.  Well, itís against the laws of Canada.  Wait a minute here.  Ah, but theyíve got diplomatic immunity.  Well, why is the taxpayer paying for these prostitutes and so on?  Itís a big racket.  A big con.  And itís time that people started to see it for what it is, because if we donít, hell is here.  Youíve already stepped into the rim of hell.  And youíve the middle to go to.  This is daily stuff now.  Our whole minds are being managed, and most folk accept it.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just basically blowing off some steam about reality, because most folk donít know what reality is anymore.  And the more they use the terminology thatís handed out to you to swap in conversation, then the more you will swap it in conversation. Remember, Iíve gone through the whole series of history, even in the 20th Century, to do with the nonsense about the climate debate, because before they wanted total power over all the world, because of the coming Ice Age, and then, of course, a few years later, well the Ice Age wasnít complying, so they dreamed up global warming.  The Club of Rome pretty well admitted that.  They did admit it, in fact, in their own books.  And theyíre the premier think tank for the United Nations.  That was their job, to find an excuse to basically bring in Totalitarianism, Austerity, demolish all the factories that were left and all the rest of it to bring you back to a primal state, basically.  You understand, if youíre in a primal state you wonít be surviving for very long whatsoever.  And as I say, theyíre going full-steam ahead with it, because eventually, all your money, just like a credit system of Bertrand Russell, all your money is going to go back to governments in all its levels and all of its appointed committees of nongovernmental organizations that sit on all councils now, to pay for their big fat paychecks, so that they can order you about all the more too.  Youíll have nothing left by the end of it, and thatís where theyíre heading.  And this is what they really mean by austerity. 


Youíve got to understand that youíre dealing with people who always lie to us.  I can remember hearing a South African talking, in old South Africa, talking about black people, and he says, ďyou canít tell them the truth.Ē He says, ďyouíve got to talk to them like children.  They donít understand.Ē  And it hit me right away, thatís exactly how governments talk to us.  They talk to us as though weíre children.  We get nonsensical stories, childlike stories for reasons why things are going.  I liked the old days better when politicians would give a little smirk when they said something, a little sneer, and that was their giveaway that, yeah, he knows heís fooling you, and weíd all know heís fooling us too.  You donít even get that anymore. Youíve got these Sovietized staring bland faces at you, thatís ready to go at you with a SWAT Team if you say anything about the anti-terrorism nonsense thatís going on across the world and how theyíve turned us all upside down into scared little rabbits.  Thatís what youíve got today.  We donít get smirks and sneers anymore.  We just get these bared teeth and grunts.  And thatís what itís come down to because we allow it to happen. 


And people never question the system theyíre in, because theyíre constantly told like Bertrand Russell said, and he was a big player in designing this system that youíre presently in.  He said, the people will think their system is fine, and that life is just fine, and that theyíre all very happy.  He says, theyíll believe it because their government will constantly tell them so.  And thatís what you hear.  Weíre spreading democracy across the world.  Well, define democracy.  Go on.  Go and have a look and define what democracy is, because most of you donít even know. 


Do you understand?  Youíd have no debt at all if you even had what they called in ancient Greece, the plebian vote.  That means that all those who want to live off of your cash or labor would have to ask you if it was okay if they could buy the latest weaponry that theyíre going to hit you with.  And you had the right to say no, and then they couldnít do it.  Weíre watching the military put in its Christmas list every week now, across the world, and weíre watching the same thing with the police, who are all militarized, wearing combat gear.  And I said last night, what do you think combat gear means?  That means theyíre not policemen anymore.  You donít, policemen donít wear, only soldiers wear combat gear.  You see?  People canít think.  They cannot think for themselves. 


And Iíve often said, itís a pity thereís not a little planet off somewhere, outside of NASAís reach, that those with a bit of insight could just go off and live in peace on their own and get away from the rest, because thereís a symbiotic relationship between the masses who are quite happily ruled and the elite who rule them.  That is a fact.  Thereís no doubt about it.  Thereís a symbiotic relationship.  And thereís ones in-between, who neither want to rule over them nor want to belong to the rulers.  And they should leave a place aside for them. 


Now, thereís some callers.  Thereís Darren there, who phoned I think yesterday, whoís originally from Ireland.  Are you there, Darren?


Darren: Hi, Alan.  Howís it going?


Alan: Not too bad. 


Darren: Crazy, crazy world.† I recently read a book by Nicholas Carr called Shallows.  I donít know if youíve heard of it.  Itís about the history of the internet and reading.  And in his book, he talks about how, he goes into the history of reading, how reading itself created people to go into a form of linear toss, and how the internet nowadays is creating people to go into a scattered type of brain toss.  Itís funny, because, in his book, he does go back into the history of reading, but he also goes into articles that were published in the 17-up to the 1800s, on I guess it was predictive programming.  People were saying, I have one here, I canít remember who by, but he said in his paper, I think it was in the 1800s, he said that in the future people will have more devices called indispensables, where theyíll be able to plug it into their head and have all their movies, books, and music all in one and be able to kind of zone out of the world.  Itís just amazing, because heís basically nearly talking about the ipod. 


Alan: Who was this?  What was this author?


Darren: Nicholas Carr.


Alan: And also youíll find that too, in the writings of H.G. Wells, where he was talking, H.G. Wells is known for his fictional work, but heís not so well known for his multitude of works of nonfiction to do with Fabian Socialism.  He called it the world brain, that everyone would be tapped into an intelligence system called the world brain for all information on what to do and all the rest of it.  That was back in the 1920s.  So, itís the same thing.  Hold on and weíll be back after this break.


Hi folks, weíre back, Cutting Through the Matrix, and Darren.  I donít know if youíve ever looked into the construction of language and even the ancient sciences they knew.  They used to have orators.  And orators at one time, even before they were putting out what they called books at the time, you had to learn everything through memory.  All your lessons in school went into your brain and not down on paper at one point in ancient times.  And orators, very much like a bard in Ireland or Scotland, they could go on for weeks and weeks reciting the history of the peoples and so on, and even individuals in different families.  They could go on for weeks and weeks, it was all in memory.  And the ancient Greeks bemoaned when writing became normal in their schooling for the upper elite, and they said it would make folk more easily, basically fooled, because they hadnít used their own brain through memorization, logic, and the science of oratory.  So, that became true eventually.  The youngsters were very easy to persuade through writings, written by famous people.  Just tell them theyíre famous and theyíll follow it, just like today.  And eventually of course, now itís come down to computers where the computer will do your spelling and everything else for you.  So, this is a technique.


How you string words together, and the ancients knew this, would bring the person to the conclusion.  And you could often trap a person into coming to that conclusion by getting them to agree.  This same technique that was used in ancient times is still used by top salesmen today, where theyíll ask you a question.  And the idea is to get you to say yes as many times as possible on irrelevancies, until they ask you if you want this item.  Because they understand, by the time youíve said yes so many times, you feel almost a bit absurd by saying no.  Youíre beginning to like the person because he seems to have so much in common with you.  Well, itís the same with the structure of language in all politics, and the way things are written in magazines.  They will guide you to the conclusion that they want you to have.  A lot of it is done by omission of other facts.  That happens all the time.  Itís easy to do that actually by simply omitting facts, and give you part of the story, than to give you the whole story and then try to skew it.  So, these are all techniques that are standard.  Theyíve been standard my whole life long.  And of course, itís been practiced especially, as I say, in the UK and different countries for well over two hundred years, this particular science.


Darren: I do remember, in the book, he actually said, before reading came along, people used to just memorize simply by listening, and when the book came in, peopleís memories changed again.  So even the books were like a construction to control people, I presume.  And I just have one quick question, two quick ones.  Thereís so much I want to ask you.  Iím thinking about learning the Gaelic language.  It was taught badly in school.  Because I know itís differently, itís kind of like backwards in a sense to the English language.† I donít know, like what would you think about that?


Alan: Thereís no doubt itís well worth it, because people donít understand history, and they donít understand that history is always clouded over, and they donít understand that what killed Ireland off and millions of the people was not lack of potatoes, because during that famine period, supposed famine, they had the largest crops theyíd ever had.  It was because they were being forced to take all the cattle off, by British troops to feed the troops across the empire at that time.  They were exporting more than theyíd ever done in their time.  But the people didnít own the land.  It had been taken over and taken from them.  Ethnic cleansing was going on.  And even when they went into school too, they were punished severely if they tried to speak their own language.  The same happened in Scotland after 1746.  And if you wore even your family tartan you could be hung on the spot, or if they heard you speaking Gaelic, youíd be hung as well.  And that was kept in force for about ten or fifteen years.  Ethnic cleansing has been done over and over by those boys that live in London and their descendents.  And weíve got to understand that.  Now, Nova Scotia still has I think a university that teaches the Gaelic.  And itís more pure Gaelic than even the few that are left in Scotland speak probably.  And itís done in a proper course function until itís easy to understand and get through it.


Darren: I do know that the language, even the Gaelic language has been diluted, because thereís actually, such as Old Gaelic, and then thereís neo-Gaelic. 


Alan: Thatís right.


Darren: And one last question.  The Beatles.  I was trying to, I was listening to some of your stuff before, and I know you were that you were talking about Theo Adorno owning the rights to their songs.  But just the Beatles.  If you can just give me a quick analogy on them, Iíll let you go.  But thanks again, Alan.


Alan: Well, youíve got to understand that the Beatles came along as a phenomena, and they were built up immediately as stars.  When you see that machinery going into work, from someone youíve never heard of before, then you understand itís a must-be.  I call them must-beís, by any industry.  And you do the same thing with science.  Einstein was an idiot, classed as an idiot at school, but the guys behind him wanted him to become a star, so they made him a star through the media.  He always talked about politics, and he never read anything off his own particular lectures or papers.  Itís the same thing with the Beatles.  Theo Adorno that belonged to the Frankfurt School came over to change the culture of the Western World.  That was part of the function of the Frankfurt School, from Germany, by studying the techniques that were already in use for advertising and then used those techniques to turn it into the system they wanted to do.  Now, Theo Adorno was a good friend of the Queen.  He was also in at the London Philharmonic Orchestra.  He understood music perfectly.  But he owned, the strange mystery is, he owned the Beatlesí songs, the rights to all of their songs up until he died.  And no one has ever got to the bottom of that.  And then when he did die, Michael Jackson put in a bid for them and so did Paul McCartney.  Jackson won out.  And then just to show there was no hard feelings, they actually did a song together, Jackson and Paul McCartney at the time, to show there was no hard feelings.  But then when Jackson died, I just heard or saw in one of the newspapers that his collections of songs, including the Beatles songs would be going up for sale.  I donít know who bought them after that. 


Youíve got to understand, thereís a big industry behind the ones they make stars.  Thereís always a political and social agenda.  Mainly a social agenda, which really is political.  And thatís whatís been done.  Iíve gone through the whole industry.  Iíve watched it change the societies, and I know that what you see is not what is behind music at all.  You can get anybody today and make them into a star, once you go through all the various machinery of a recording studio.  It doesnít matter if they go flat or sharp, the computer will straighten it all out for you.  Anybody can be made into a star.  And all you have today is straight social engineering through all music.  Straight.  And itís been like that for quite a long time actually.  Thanks for calling.


Now, thereís Carlton from New York hanging on.  Are you there Carlton?  Hello?


Carlton: Hey, whatís up Mr. Watt?  How are you doing?


Alan: Iím hanging in here too.  And Iím trying to withstand the thunder that never comes is the weather Iíve got right now. Itís been threatening for a week to thunder, and itís kind of like the Tropics right now.


Carlton: Yeah, itís the same thing down here too.  My question, because I listened to you last night, and you were talking about, you read the writings from Charles Galton.† You know who Iím talking about.  And Iíve also heard you speak about how Malthus had world population control meetings and they already, they singled out Aborigines, Africans, and Native Americans, as people that just couldnít work within their system.


Alan: The economic system.


Carlton: Right.  And also, I do also know that even before the Europeans even probably thought about going to Africa to get slaves, the Arabs and the Chinese were doing it before, before the Europeans did it.  My question is this.  What is it about the African people that it seems like this system just hates so much?  Because I mean, is it just that you demonize the people because you want the natural resources of the land?  Or is it just that theyíre staunch racists?  Like, and I know even how the Irish, the Ireland people, they said that theyíre basically just as bad as the Africans.  So, what is it about African people, because even in this country, eugenics was pretty much formed to get rid of black folks.  So, like, why is that?


Alan: You have to go into black history.  And thereís a professor in the US who went through especially in the US the history, that he didnít know himself, until just an odd question was asked of him one day and he delved into it.  And he was shocked to find out who were bringing the slaves in from Africa into the US and had been for an awful long time.  And he got into some controversy over it, but the fact is he was right.  He was using known facts and so on, and you can look him up, Professor Tony Martin.  Heíll give you the reasons why.  Thereís a religious reason behind this as well, you understand.  And heíll tell you what the religious reason is in the video that youíll find on one of his lectures there.  Also, you understand, you can go way back into even Egyptís time, and they liked the Nubian slaves as well, because they were tall and strong, and they were a good shock troops really for an army.  So, basically, the African will definitely stand up, and hereís the history of this US too, theyíll stand up to temperatures and so on.


Hereís the history of America.  The first slaves into America and what we term the US, were actually white.  And they were called indentured servants.  And the King of England at the time wanted to get people to immigrate.  They didnít last too long if they were really working very, very hard.  So, they came up with an idea of creating what they called Justices of the Peace.  These are like Junior Judges, that would try you one on one and thereís no court as such.  And then they brought in cotton from India, etc, put thousands out of work.  And people would steal a loaf of bread and that was you.  You were off to serve your time in the Americas.  And the redneck terminology came really from the burning of the skin on the back of the neck, because you were always stooped over picking in fields.  And it actually came from red shanks.  Red shanks was the first term they used, because they had knee britches on.  They had no stockings.  And then they changed it to red necks.  But they didnít last long.  The whites didnít last that long.  Theyíd tried it already with American Indians in force.  And the American Indians, of course, were cunning enough to try and get out or escape, or the ones that couldnít just died off.  So, the whites died off too. And then they thought they could bring over the black slave.  And Rothschild, by the way, of London, I read an article recently, it was from one of the main TV stations over there, and the press agents.  And they said that theyíd found old ledgers of the slave trade, via London, to the Americas.  And the Rothschilds had been the biggest importers using their trade mechanisms and shipping routes and so on, to get slaves into Africa.  And of course, then they apologized for it and said that theyíve given a lot of money since there to charity. 


However, youíve got to understand thereís much, much more to this than meets the eye.  Slaves were very expensive even at that time, but the black slave would last much, much longer than any other kind of slave.  He was far fitter.  He was healthier, more muscular, and thatís the main reason.  He was economically viable in other words to ship over, and youíd get a few years of work out of him.  That was the idea. 


Carlton: Well, thatís basically the only thing that was on my mind.  I just wanted your perspective on that.  But can you give me that name one more time. You said, Tony, what was it again? 


Alan: It was Professor Tony Martin.


Carlton: Martin.  All right.  Iím going to look that up.


Alan: And heís got some very good videos up there at university giving lectures on this very topic.  And heíll fill a lot of the blanks in for you in fact. 


Carlton: And I actually, you talked about Africa for the Chinese yesterday.  And Iíve got a friend from, a white friend of mine, I got a book from a white friend of mine actually called The Destruction of Black Civilization.  This is by Chancellor Williams.  And he actually goes into how the sub-Saharan slave trade with the Arabs and the Chinese before the Europeans even ever went over there, but itís just Iím thinking maybe you demonize a people before you take over their land to justify taking it over.


Alan: Absolutely.  Youíre absolutely right.  Itís still going on today in some countries.  Thereís one in particular that you canít talk about much.  Weíve watched them slaughter the people, because theyíre classed as inferior and awful and untrustworthy and all the rest of it.  Same techniques as theyíve used on the American Indians and the blacks and so on.  You always demonize them so it doesnít seem like theyíre really slaughtering real people.


Carlton: And then they do the same thing on a small scale like with certain neighborhoods and groups of people and things of that nature now.† I understand, like you said.  But itís, I donít know, this world is crazy, like you just said.  Itís funny though.  You said earlier that you were in hell. I just told my minister aunt, earlier today, the same thing.  I was like Iím not worried about dying and going to hell because weíre living through it right now. 


Alan: Absolutely.


Carlton: But Iíll holler at you Mr. Watt.  Thanks for taking my call.


Alan: Thanks for calling.  And now thereís John from New York City on the line.  Are you there John?


John: Hello.† Cool.  Iím on the air.  I feel that thereís an esoteric science to manage the people because I was seeing as you put it the Tel-Levi-Sion, and on one of your shows, you were talking about how people are becoming less humanized through networking sites, for example Facebook.  And I was watching this commercial and the commercial was basically this girl saying, ďMy grandparents are getting old.  And you know that old people get anti-social.  So I got them a Facebook.Ē  And Iím just looking at this, like give me a break.


Alan: Thatís amazing, thatís amazing targeting a whole people, basically.


John: And because of your show, Iíve been learning words like indoctrinated, conditioning, and things like that.  So, the conditioned, indoctrinated mind, theyíll just take it as, oh, yeah, thatís how youíve got to do it.


Alan: Well, have you noticed though, John, that in all movies for the last twenty-odd years, whenever you see an elderly person, itís like elderly people donít exist in most movies.  If you do see them at all, theyíre bent stupid on sticks, and theyíre senile.  Have you noticed that?  You donít see normal elderly people.


John: In this one movie, I forgot the name, it was about angels or something, the only old person there turned out to be some mind-possessed demon crazy lady.  Just not even a normal person.  And when someone comes up to me and they talk about, oh, can I get your Facebook, and I tell them, I donít have a Facebook, they give me this bizarre reaction, as if I came from Venus or something.


Alan: Oh, thereís no doubt about it.  Theyíre demonized, and itís no coincidence now that weíve had 20-odd years of demonizing elderly, maybe even thirty in the movies.  I mean, everybody in the movies now, you get doctors at twenty in the movies, you know.  Everybody is about twenty years old.  And nothing beyond that.  But the fact is, theyíre bringing in the idea of euthanasia now, big time.  And this is all part of it too.  ďWell, itís not really killing people, see their life is over.Ē  And eventually panels will be the ones who decide when your life is over for you, for the Greening purposes, and for austerity and saving the planet.  Thanks for calling.  Back after this.


Hi folks, weíre back, and weíre Cutting Through the Matrix.  Just a point before I go on to the next caller.  And it just hit me there during the music that part of the definition of genocide and genocidal techniques is the abolition of the personís language.  You should remember that as well.  Now, weíll go to Lee in Oregon, if Lee is there. 


Lee: Hi Alan.† Yeah, I just, I find it funny that weíre being bombarded by this Green Religion, Green Culture.  And it comes from the top and these corporations.  And these are the very people that use plastic and paper products all day long, 24-7.  And they refuse to use a different material. 


Alan: Yes.  And even at the last Copenhagen meeting, when you saw the list of the big corporations that were all there, the oil companies, all of them are on board with this.  The very people youíd think would be afraid of it, no, no.  Theyíre not afraid of it at all, because itís got a different purpose than we all think.  Itís to control all of us.  And to get massive profits out of us as they double or triple and eventually quadruple the price of oil, etc, and give us less.


Lee: And weíve been so brainwashed to put one piece of trash here in this box.  A piece of plastic here in that box.


Alan: Iíll tell you a little story on that, by the way.  I knew a multi-millionaire, quite a few years back in Ontario, and I was in his house at the time, this big house, and a guy came for a business deal, and he was trying to sell him on the idea of the coming recyclable plastic idea.  He says, the government is going to use the peopleís tax money to fund it all.  He says itís going to be free, weíll get our buildings for free and everything else, under the guise of recycling.  He says, then the government will spend the cash to train the public to recycle it for us, so we donít have to hire people going through garbage dumps.  See, theyíve trained us like animals for private corporations that get all their materials for free.  We sort it all out and all the rest of it.


Lee: Itís absurd.  I mean, weíre being told to do someone elseís bidding.  Why are we the ones that have to recycle when we donít create, we donít create the material.  We donít make plastic.  We donít make paper. 


Alan: Thatís right.  And why should we also if we do?  Weíre forced to use these things.  But if we do use them, why arenít they paying us for getting the stuff back, us sorting it all for them for free, and then us paying the tax money for the garbage guys to take it to their factories for free.


Lee: Yeah, why am I not being paid to recycle their materials?† Itís absurd.  And you were talking about Hell earlier.  Weíre not just living in a hell right now.  Weíre living in a homosexual hell.  And Iíll give you an example.  In the state of California, they just signed a bill, mandating homosexual history.  Itís called gay accomplishments history.  And get this.  Thereís no opt out for it.  Thereís no exceptions.  Everybody has to learn this in public school.† Thereís no option.  And you know what.  Not a peep from parents out here.  Not a peep.


Alan: No, itís a same across the globe now.  Everybody has had so many years of it, now theyíre afraid to say anything in case they get fined.  Because school now has nothing to do with preparing you to survive in life.  Itís preparing you in social engineering so as you will fit into the new society.  And thatís all itís about today.  Thatís really all itís about actually today.


Lee: Yeah, but the thing that gets me, no religious leaders are stepping out.


Alan: No, no.  Theyíre a bunch of, religion really today is just a sideshow, itís a circus sideshow, especially in America.  Iím not talking about everyone, but most folk who are truly religious stay in their own homes.  They donít go anywhere anymore to meet with.  So, theyíre out.  The Catholic Church has had it.  Theyíre full of homosexuals, so, thatís the way it is.  Thanks for calling.  From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, itís good night and may your god or your gods go with you.



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