July 21st, 2011 (#880)
Alan Watt "Cutting Through The Matrix" LIVE on RBN:

Poem Copyright Alan Watt July 21st, 2011:

Lord of the World, Lord of the Sky,
Lord of War Wants You to Die:

"The United Nations, The Dirty Scoundrel,
Wants Control of Food via the Security Council,
It's Been Their Goal Since League of Nations,
Set Up by Monopolists of Counting Persuasions,
Fees, Green Panels, Licensing, All to Madden
Then Watch NATO Jets Bombing Your Garden,
Years Ago I Jested about Soviet Buffoonery,
Now the Individual is Submerged into a Community,
The Time Will Come when Some Must Dare,
For Food, Catch Rabbits in a Snare,
Some May Hear Whirring, Chilled to the Bone,
Then Blown to Pieces by a Killer Drone"
© Alan Watt July 21st, 2011

Poem & Dialogue Copyrighted Alan Watt – July 21st, 2011  (Exempting Music, Literary Quotes, and Callers' Comments)

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Hi folks, I’m Alan Watt and this is Cutting Through the Matrix on the 21st of July, 2011.  I always start off the broadcast by suggesting to newcomers to look into cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And you’ll find hundreds and hundreds of audios to download and listen to at your leisure, where I try and give you the shortcuts into the understanding of the massive system you’re born into.  And it really is full of incredible layers of deception, right down to even local governments, never mind your federal governments, but that’s how bad things really are.  And how, really, very rich people grabbed the whole kit and caboodle called the planet a long time ago, and brought in their interdependent world, as they like to call it themselves, which means that everyone else, who’s not up there deciding what the rest do, is interdependent for everything they need.  They’re totally dependent for their food, water, shelter, clothing, heat, everything.  That’s what it’s boiling down to.  That’s what they mean by interdependence.  And I show you how the big organizations, foundations, and the NGO armies they have and finance heavily, really are a parallel government.  And they themselves work alongside your national governments.  In fact, the United Nations, which all your national governments signed a long time ago, mandates that non-governmental organizations, unelected organizations, will help run your governments, right down to the local level.  And that’s why you’ve got all these Greenies on board today that you don’t elect in every single level of government that we have.  Anyway, look into that site.  You’ll find lots of information on it. 


And you’ll find that we’re just following a script.  That’s all we’re doing.  We’re following a script.  No point in getting really bent out of shape about it, because it’s been here for a long time, before you, your parents, your grandparents came along, it was on the go then, to bring in a form, a totalitarian form of world government, where the ordinary person simply can’t be trusted to do the right things, you know, the right things, like being austere and stuff like that.  So, we’re being conned into it by other means. 


Remember too, you’re the audience that bring me to you, so you can purchase the books and discs I have at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  And from the US to Canada, you can use a personal check or an international postal money order.  You can also send cash or use PayPal.  There’s a donation button on the .com site.  You can use that.  It tells you how to do it on the site, and you can follow it up with an email with name, address, and order, and I’ll get it out to you.  And across the rest of the world, same thing.  You’ve got, again, you’ve got PayPal, but you’ve also got Western Union or Money Gram.  And straight donations would certainly be appreciated, because I don’t bring on advertisers as guests.  If I did, I’d be rolling in the dough, as they say, and doing awfully well.  As it is, I’m not compromised.  I can say certain things, perhaps, because I’m not sponsored by advertisers.  And that makes me feel better to an extent, as well.  And the ads you hear on this show are really put out independently by the advertisers to RBN, and that pays for the airtime, this broadcast, it pays for their staff, equipment, and hopefully some of the bills at RBN as well, because it’s awfully expensive to do this kind of business indeed.  So, you can help me out as I say, by going into the website, and seeing what you want. 


Now, all I do here really on this broadcast is chronicle this system, as we go through the system.  I tell you always what’s coming up, because I knew what was coming up an awful long time ago, because I read some of their founding members of the League of Nations books, and that became the United Nations books, and I read their books as well.  And they told really, each other, because very few folks read these books, except their own kind and academics, they said what kind of world they would bring in and how they’d do it step by step, and the biggest resistance they would have would be for the ordinary people who still believed they had nations.  And they had to find substitutes for war, eventually, so they came up with terror, global warming and all that stuff.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back, Cutting Through the Matrix.  Now, the United Nations was set up, and I’ve gone through the history of the organizations that set up the United Nations, going as far back as the Cecil Rhodes Foundation with Lord Rothschild as its president, basically.  He took over from Rhodes.  And then they merged this group with the Milner group, Lord Alfred Milner, who was really a banking guy, who employed other banking guys.  Very elite types though, internationally known for lending money to nations.  And they formed the Royal Institute of International Affairs, and the other branches were to be called the Council on Foreign Relations.  It wouldn’t go down too well in the US if you said you were under the Royal Institute of International Affairs.  Maybe they wouldn’t mind today. I don’t think they’d mind so much, but that’s how much they’ve been changed. 


Anyway, the United Nations has the task of bringing the world under this particular order, which an elite sat and talked about an awful long time ago, where the world was too untidy.  There was just too many people mating up and marrying and having offspring and eugenics came into it too.  They said there was the wrong kind of offspring, and etc, etc.  Population control came into it.  The world they wanted to bring in was one where every one of the peasants was highly productive.  It was all to do with economics and production really.  And the Socialists got in on the act too, because the Socialists are part of the elite group of Fascists, whether you like it or not, that’s just the way it is.  All governmental systems are technically Fascist in their nature anyway. And they never, ever can remain honest for more than probably a month after they were born.  And I really believe that too.  So did Jefferson.  And they cannot help but want to keep things private or quiet from the public, and then they start to get specialists in to manage the public, and then they treat you like children, eventually, and they tell you nonsense.  Even when they’re bringing down populations, they’re bringing you into a world of austerity, supposedly, which means poverty, and all your money will be spent on simply surviving and paying fees, extra fees and extra taxes towards greening and all that rubbish.


That’s the world they’re bringing into today, and eventually you’ll have to go to even Green Committees, in your community.  You know, everything is “your community” now.  Your community this, your community.  You can’t get a thing through the mail now without “you are part of your community.”  And again, that’s part of it.  Communitarianism was the way that they said they’d go under Agenda 21, which is also the same as the Millennial Project at the United Nations.  It’s the Agenda for the 21st Century.  Eventually you won’t be able to even get married or mate or have an offspring without going in front of a panel, a Sovietized panel of straight-faced looking people, very, very dedicated, you might say, fanatical to their tasks, who will go over you with a fine-tooth comb and your whole genealogy too, and your future mate.  And they’ll give the okay whether you can or cannot breed.  And I’m kidding about this, because, as I say, they wrote about it at the beginning of the 20th Century, this was the system that they would eventually bring in.  And part of it too, and that’s why they loved the Communist idea, they dreamed it up, they’d give people the idea of Communism where they’d have the destruction of the family unit, and they’d have hyper-sex, a hyper-sexualized society, which eventually would have no bonding at all between male and female, just casually, like ships passing in the night, as they say.  That’s all there would be in society, and they would have no offspring, except the authorized ones.  Well, we’re pretty well here today, and people don’t really want offspring.  So, that’s why they have to bring in massive immigration to make up the numbers, supposedly to pay off the debt. 


Most folk don’t realize they’re born into a pre-existing debt.  And, as Jefferson said, a generation born into paying off a previous generation’s debt are really under slavery.  And he said, at the end of a generation, the debt incurred by a generation should be literally torn up and thrown away.  And it should be.  But it doesn’t do the bankers any good, because you see, money and power and economics is all about control.  Ultimate, total control over everyone.  And so they’ve got to keep this debt ball rolling, even though it’s all farcical to start with.  As I say, the United Nations also had to find ways to bring in this global society, knowing eventually they would run out of wars to fight.  And most wars you’ll see across the globe right now, have backing by one of the major powers, at least on one side, as they ethnically cleanse another group, with the approval of the UN.  You know they approve of it, because the UN sits back and whistles if there’s nothing in that country they actually want, because the UN is in private/public partnership.  It’s not even public, because the UN is a private company.  But they have all these other private organizations, including the military-industrial boys on board with them, and the oil cartels as well, who help to finance them heavily.  It’s a corrupt organization, but they sit and whistle in the wind, when places like Sri Lanka ethnically cleanse off the people from the North, and they do nothing about it at all.  However, went it comes to apparently four folk getting shot in Libya, they’re in there with the French jets and British and Americans, right off the bat, because there’s lots of oil there.  It’s a complete farce.  It’s about economics, as we well know, but they’ll never tell you that, because they want to pretend they’re the only good people on the planet.  They care about the whole world and the plants and people and all the rest of it, and children, as they watch them getting blasted to bits, as I say, in places like Sri Lanka. 


Anyway, here they are at it again.  You see, they need a substitute for war, because they’ll run out of wars eventually.  That’s why they also dreamed up the idea of global terrorism.  You see it worked.  It worked for Lenin and it worked for Stalin.  Once they had secured a form of a border around the Soviet Union, they had to find terror within, because there was none without.  So, they had to find terror within, and that’s why they had many, many years of purges and terrorism and gulags and mass shootings and millions disappeared, multi-millions of people disappeared.  So, we’re now in the same system, whether you like it or not, under the same propaganda in fact, actually.  Nothing changes.  Why change it when it works the first time.


And the UN is now going on about the climate change, which is just weather changes.  We’ve always had weather changes on the planet.  We’ve been here for an awful long time, and there’s seldom fifty years go by without a change one way or another, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth.  That’s the way it’s always been.  However their task now, is to try to train you that there’s actually a specific type of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, and it should always be exactly on, like clockwork all the time, and exactly the same as the last time, and of course, it’s never, ever been that way.  But that’s the image that they want to give you that something is happening, so they can take total control over all food supplies, and over all societies as well.  Remember, they are supposed to, according to their own charter, eventually dish out the food supplies of the world to the regions of the world as they want to call it, and they do call it, in fact, and they will give you quotas of food, and eventually, if your population claim is too big, that’s your problem.  You better take it down, or find a way to bring it down, because they’re not going to increase your quota.  And believe you me, after about two or three years of this stuff, anyway, they’ll start decreasing the quotas anyway, because they do want to bring the populations down.  They’ve said it so many times. 


Private organization, United Nations.  Nobody of the general public in any country got a chance to vote on it.  It was just rammed through as always, and every country signs treaties with them, as though they were an actual nation, but they’re not a nation.  They’re a private company, organization, a corporation, based in New York.  But here they go with the next change, because they’ve been talking about the coming famines and plagues and all the rest of it, if we don’t take all our shots.  And they want to take over all the food supply.


Climate change 'threatens peace', UN official warns


Climate change poses a major threat to future peace and security, a senior UN official has warned.


Achim Steiner from the UN Environment Programme said climate change would also "exponentially" increase the scale of natural disasters.


(Alan: Well, you see, again, most folk don’t realize that in an age of mass communication you instantly hear of natural disasters, which happen all the time, by the way.  And again, too, they always have. But now with instant communication it seems so close to you and you see it in vivid color and high definition and all the rest of it.)


His comments followed a UN declaration of famine in parts of Somalia.


Meanwhile, Russia rejected a Security Council statement backed by Western nations which asserted the link, but later agreed to a weaker text.


(A: Now, what is it they’re up to?)


The Russian envoy Alexander Pankin said he was skeptical about the implications of putting climate change on the security council's agenda.


(A: They want the security council, the guys who decide to send all of the, you know, bombing guys into countries and blow up civilians as they try to save them, in bits and pieces, they want the security council to take over literally the idea about food supplies of the world.  This is what it’s about.  It says:)


Security Council members finally agreed to a text which spoke of the "possible security implications" of climate change.


(A: You know, changes in weather.)


Mr Steiner warned that an increase in the frequency of natural disasters across the globe could prove a major challenge in the coming decades.


(A: And then again, it might not.  And it could not, because you see, they’re always just stirring up nonsense.  These are the same guys that said in the 60s that you’re going to get a coming Ice Age.  And we were all supposed to pay high taxes towards that.  It kind of fell flat though.  And they kept showing us the same little valley, saying there used to be a glacier here, but what they didn’t tell you was that was thousands and thousands of years ago.  Cons and tricks play the game, when it’s said with straight faces on television.  And it always will, I guess.)


He said recent crises, such as in Somalia, illustrate that "our capacity to handle these kinds of events is proving a challenge, particularly if they occur simultaneously and start affecting, for instance, global food markets, regional food security issues, displacing people, creating refugees across borders".


(A: And all that kind of stuff.  Well, that’s already been happening too, of course, because you see, the five agri-food businesses, again, backed by the United Nations, who are all pally with them, are really trying to go after all the food supplies of the planet, and they’ve done an awful good job.  And of course, Monsanto, all the boys are in on it with their GM poisons to bring down the populations.  It says:


 "Clearly the international community –


(A: It’s an interesting term too, international community.  I mean, most people out there don’t know anybody in it at the top, but here we are, the international community.)


 if the scenarios in climate change for the future come true - will face an exponential growth of these kinds of extreme events," he added.


Now, remember too, I read all the articles before, where they say we must create scary scenarios for the public or they’ll never listen to us, and all the rest of it.  So, I won’t bother putting that link up again, but this is the same con after con after con, as they try now to put NATO and all these guys over the food of the entire planet. 


Maybe you’ll be gardening one day, illegally, you know, in your little ten-by-ten garden, and you’ll see an F18 come over and poom, that’s you, kaputsky.  You know, because it was a forbidden garden.  You didn’t get a license for that and permission from the Greenies.  And you didn’t pay a watering license for the watering of a garden, either.  And you think I’m kidding, eh. 


Anyway, in Australia, where they’re trying to really go ahead with all the fresh air tax, I call it, because I said years ago that they’ll eventually tax you for breathing, and here we go, CO2. 


Sea-level rises are slowing, tidal gauge records show


Government advisor Phil Watson is pictured… (A: Blah, blah, blah.)


Watson has written a report stating that global warming is not affecting sea levels and that the rises are actually decelerating. 


(A: So, in other words, the sea is dropping.  It says that:)


ONE of Australia's foremost experts on the relationship between climate change


(A: Between weather changes. I’m going to stop using their nonsense, climate change.  Weather changes)


and sea levels has written a peer-reviewed paper concluding that rises in sea levels are "decelerating".


(A: I wonder if they ever went up at all.  It says:)


The analysis, by NSW principal coastal specialist Phil Watson, calls into question one of the key criteria for large-scale inundation around the Australian coast by 2100 -- the assumption of an accelerating rise in sea levels because of…


Well, changes in the weather, again.  Anyway, I’ll put this report up too, and it’s actually dropping, as you see.  Back with more, after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back and this is Cutting Through the Matrix.  And just before I leave this article.  It says that:


Climate change researcher Howard Brady, at Macquarie University, said yesterday the recent research meant sea levels rises accepted by the CSIRO were "already dead in the water as having no sound basis in probability".


(A: And down below it, it says too:)


"In a nutshell, this factual information


This is factual information using actual, you know, measuring poles which you do, they’re all measured, which is the only practical thing you can possibly do, are miles apart from the models.  You know, those special computers you get made to give you out.  They churn out these computers, just terrifying scenarios, that’s all they do, because there’s nothing fed into them based on fact.  So, I’ll put this link up tonight as well. 


And then, something coming close to you shortly.  The UN has got this massive, the World Health Organization under the United Nations has got this massive inoculation/vaccination program across the world, and they’ve already got all the first world going down sick, so they’ve got to get the rest of them in the Third World.  And I’ve read articles before where they admitted, last year I think it was, that they’d given polio vaccines, but it was the aerosol type or the stuff that you sniff or you spray, or the sugar ones as well.  They’d given them out in parts of Africa, and what happened was it turned into, by going through the bodes of the people, a live virus, it turned into a super-polio disease and now they can’t stop it.  But it doesn’t stop a good psychopath.  They keep at it.  And it says:


131 children vaccinated at gunpoint in Nsanje


About 131 children from Nsanje who fled into neighboring Mozambique during the anti measles vaccine a few months ago were vaccinated this week at gunpoint.


The children, belonging to Zion and Atumwi Churches were taken into Mozambique by their parents to hide them from officials fearing they might get vaccinated.


(A: They’ve got more sense than we have, you know.)


According to Dr Medison Matchaya District Health Officer for Nsanje, medics went to vaccine the children in Nsanje under police escort.


And anyway, some of these people don’t believe in the vaccines.  They believe that it makes you sick.  Well, I guess they watched us for long enough, and listened to Western Radio and watched the Western movies and have seen how sick we are, I guess.  And they don’t want it happening to them.  And they’re trying to save their children, because, after all, people like Bertrand Russell and others, who were again working with the UN, the Macy group, and many other groups, the Frankfurt School, said they would use different methods of bringing down the population and the IQ of the public.  He said, including the needle.  Never forget that part.  And if you think they wouldn’t do that than you don’t have a chance of surviving, because, you see, they have been doing it.  They have been doing it all along.  I’ve gone through the different histories of some of these vaccine makers, the heroes they give you, and they belong to eugenics societies, like Dr. Salk, for instance, and then he suddenly comes out, after saying that he wanted to drastically and radically reduce the population of the world, he comes out as a savior with polio vaccine, with over a hundred simian live viruses in each shot, including the Simian-40 virus which causes cancer.  That’s its only purpose. 


Because, after all, you see, if they came out and said, “look, we know best.  You’re all pretty stupid down there.”  This is the elite talking, of course.  “We’d like some volunteers, because there’s too many of you.  And we want to tidy up the world a bit.”  Nobody would step forward, except the awfully good, politically correct type.  They might go and volunteer themselves, and croak first to save the Earth.  Who knows?




Rothschild Australia and E3 International to take the lead in the global carbon trading market


(A: What a surprise, eh?)


Sydney, Australia - Rothschild Australia and E3 International are set to become key players in the international carbon credit trading market,


(A: What a gas, eh?)


an emerging commodity market that analysts estimate could be worth up to US$150 billion by 2012.


(A: Really, you don’t have to collect anything at all.  It’s all based on nonsense.  It’s a good magic act though.  And it’s better than compound interest, and stuff like that.  It’s far better.  And here they are raking in the cash, raking in the cash by trading this stuff, which they’ll get for free from the governments, by the way.  That’s how they did it in the EU.  They gave start-off free tickets, for trading this stuff amongst the top international corporations, just to kick it off, and they were actually getting profits by the end of the year.  Figure that out.  Figure out who won’t be getting a profit.  You know, the real ones that are going to pay for it.  And it says:)


In a move that will re-shape the fledgling emissions trading market, Rothschild Australia and E3 International today announced their intention to launch the Carbon Ring Consortium


(A: That’s Lord of the Rings here, eh?)


-- an investment vehicle that will provide companies in the Asia Pacific Region with an innovative way of learning about and understanding their risks in the new carbon market.


(A: They should call it the Black Market, after Carbon, really, shouldn’t they?)


The Carbon Ring Consortium is the first of its kind in the Asia-Pacific Region,


(A: And it’s no wonder.  Nobody was insane before.)


and is the first in a series of private investment vehicles that Carbon Ring Pty Ltd will launch in coming years.


And of course, they’re all tied in with Al Gore and his companies too that are just raking in the cash already, and of course, the Rothschilds with their private bank in Switzerland as well, from the other sides of the family.  So, there you go.  It’s on its way.  It was bad enough with the old king, I think it was King James, when he had the light tax, and you got taxed on your window panes, how many you had for light coming in the window.  So folk just bricked up their houses.  Back with more, after this break. 


Hi folks, I’m back, and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix.  I’ll also put a link up too at cuttingthroughthematrix.com.  I’ll put all these links up, in fact tonight on:


GREENOCIDE: Coming to a Town Near You…. SOON!


Where they’ve got the Green Cops out, etc.  I’ve seen it in Africa as well, because someone sent me a video, a documentary of a UN sponsored Green Agenda, and you see these guys dressed up in a bit kind of lighter green, combat green, olive green.  And they have long, long sticks about 4 ½, 5 foot long, and they’re bashing these peasants near their little straw huts for not being tidy enough and that kind of thing.  And this is sponsored by the United Nations.  And they’re really bashing on them.  They’re really thumping on them.  And sponsored by the United Nations.  And we say, “ah well, that’s over there, you know.  We’re different here.”  Yeah, we’re different here.  They’ll probably just tazer you and then bash your head in afterwards.  Anyway, that’s the wonderful world that we live in. 


And then, before I go to callers there.  This article here is from The Guardian, who is all for the Green science and all that.  Anyway, it says:


GM regulators chose ignorance over science


If you don't look before crossing roads you will, before long, be hit by a truck. Even if you do look but neglect to account for bends in the road, sooner or later you will still be hit by a truck.


Precaution is a simple lifesaving logic that some governments have attempted to codify as "the precautionary principle" to reduce the probability that new technologies and industrial products will later bite back. It is a logic, however, that many industries, scientists and (notably) the US government, vehemently oppose. Last month, however, came a salutary lesson in the value of looking at the science before one leaps.


In May, the journal Reproductive Toxicology published a paper that showed Canadian women now routinely have GM pesticides – called Bt toxins – present in their blood streams. 


(A: Now, remember, Canada was the unwitting test bed for this, because our government of Canada, this wonderful government, they admitted after it broke out from the British side, they had to come out and admit it, that they’d secretly been testing all the GM food on the Canadian population for at least ten years before it broke out in Britain, the news broke out in Britain, because the government had made, as they said in the newspapers at the time, secret deals with Monsanto and others to test it out.  So, there you are.  That’s what we are to them.  We’re just nothing at all.  We’re just guinea pigs.  We’re rats in a cage.  And so it breaks out first in Canada, naturally.  So, the women in Canada now:)


routinely have GM pesticides – called Bt toxins – present in their blood streams.


So, too, do 80% of their unborn babies.


(A: That’s why they’re awfully quiet in Canada.  A few beers, you know, and some awful television, and they’re very happy people)


Presumably, they acquired the toxins by eating GM corn or from livestock fed on it.


(A: It’s more than corn.  They were putting this in everything, by the way.  Because I passed lots of the GM fields at the time, and I took photographs of them, because I wondered what all these, it would say test beds and little numbers on them, and it certainly wasn’t corn they were growing.  It says:)


By itself, this result does not prove that any harm has occurred


(A: Of course not, we’re just, you know, walking poisonous lumps of whatever.)


–  though it is hardly reassuring. And, as the first experiment of its kind, it needs repeating.


(A: Well, let’s try another population.)


What it does definitively prove, however, is equally important: the remarkable complacency of the global safety regulators of GM crops who have argued that this was impossible.


(A: Well, that’s rubbish, because, you see, they knew darn well what they were going to do.  They used them as guinea pigs.  They knew what would happen too. They tested all this stuff on animals long, long, long, many years before hand.) 


Finding Bt toxins in human blood highlights two particular regulatory decisions that illustrate this complacency. Regulators first decided to rely on a simple model of a human gut (a test tube, actually) to convince themselves that Bt toxins are completely broken down during digestion. They then chose to assume that this proved Bt toxins


(A: I like the assumed part.)


would never reach human organs. This led to their second crucial decision, which was not to require meaningful toxicological tests on Bt toxins.


(A: I’ll add at all.)


The flaws in their reasoning stand starkly exposed by the Reproductive Toxicology paper. Not only have simple blood tests apparently demolished what regulators have long argued – that Bt toxins are not absorbed – but the paper also illustrates how easy it would have been for regulators to check their test-tube assumptions.


(A: They knew darn well it was going to be kept and that it would go into the organs of the body and into the cellular structure of every human being that ate it.  They weaponize your food.  Food, water, and injections is what the boys said before.  Food, water, and injections.  That’s what Galton Darwin says.  He said in the 1950s, the physicist, who worked on the Manhattan project, another relative of Charles and the Galton family.  And he, in his book, The Next Million Years, said, we have the techniques ready to make them sterile, diseased, whatever.  The only problem is should we put it in their water supply, in their food, or give it to them through injection.  Well, it’s all three, folks. It’s all three.)


These failings are not merely a question of regulators disregarding the precautionary principle. What is rarely appreciated is that the precautionary principle is also good science. As Karl Popper first argued in the 1930s, science proceeds largely by testing hypotheses against data.


(A: And it’s supposed to be repeatedly tested against the data.)


Refusing to test a hypothesis was not entertained by Popper as a serious scientific choice. To actively choose ignorance – which is effectively what these regulators have been doing – is neither good science nor good regulation.


But I’ll tell you what it does.  It kills us off a lot faster, doesn’t it?  Doesn’t it, eh?  And then after reading this one, this article here, how the women are going down.  Oh, by the way, Charles Galton Darwin also says they would alter the hormones of the male and the female.  They said that would make the men awful placid, and it might make the women more aggressive, though.  Interesting, eh.  But of course, that’s all coincidence for the coincidence theorists out there.  And after reading this article, here we are.  The next article:


Why ARE young women hitting the menopause? Research reveals their fertile years could be shorter than feared – as these women discovered...


(A: Then it gives you the usual, sort of soap opera introduction.)


Sitting in her GP’s surgery, Lindsey Foots had no idea of the bombshell that was about to destroy her cherished dreams. ‘My GP was quite blunt,’ recalls the marketing professional from Urmston in Manchester. ‘I think he was as shocked as me.


‘He told me that results from my blood tests showed that, at just 33, I was post-menopausal. If I wanted to bear a child, my only hope was now IVF, because my ovaries were no longer producing eggs.’ 


Now, let me think again.  They’ve weaponized your food.  It’s in the fetus.  It’s all through your system, including your endocrine system and reproductive systems.  And we have other guys at the United Nations who worked with the United Nations like Charles Galton Darwin, a physicist, with his big Nobel Prize and all that, or Pulitzer or whatever else he got there, the slaughtering prize for creating atom bombs.  Anyway, he talks about methods of killing off the people and using hormones to alter their behavior and so on, which also will alter, of course, your menopause and all the rest of it too.  But that’s all coincidence for you people out there.  No one would do that.  You see, all the bad guys are in history books from the past, and in the last few years, maybe a handful, we’ve just suddenly evolved into a superior species of understanding.  Boy, I tell you, has the propaganda done a number on you, if you believe that. 


Now, I’ll go to the phone calls now and there’s Bob from Texas on the line.  Are you there, Bob? Hello, Bob.


Bob: Hello, Alan.  You said so many things.  I start out with one thing, and then you go on.  I’m going to touch on the last thing you said.  I know a scientist that works at the Indy-Anderson Cancer Research in Texas.  He was telling me about sea turtles.  They were monitoring sea turtles, these huge sea turtles in a tank.  And they were curious as to why these male sea turtles were turning, you know, having female characteristics.  They were growing breasts and so forth.  They were doing all sorts of tests, and they found out that it was the lining of the tank that was, it had some sort of plastic lining.


Alan: It’s Bisphenol-A, they have that.  They put the Bisphenol-A now in the lining inside beer cans as well, just to make sure the guys get good doses of it.


Bob: And they were actually, these male sea turtles, he told me.  I was telling him about chemtrails, and he was having a hard time understanding and then I was showing them to him.  And so, you know, I don’t know, bless his heart, he’s a young man, and he’s trying hard to get, to be, you know, to do a worthy cause.  But anyway, I had to touch on that, real quick.  And then also too, I live in a rural area.  I work in a rural area.  I talk politics a lot, because it’s in me, I can’t help it, you know.  I see these absurdities going on.  You know, I hold it, and I try to do it in the most appropriate way, without being offensive to my employer and so forth.  But, anyway, it always, and I live in a very conservative area, and you now, people see the taxations and so forth, and they comment on it, but what I think is very strange is, is conservative as everything is, they will always say, yeah, but there’s too many people on the planet.  And so it’s like they’re being, they’re being indoctrinated with this.  And I said, you’re not counting the people that are being genocided or have been genocide.  You’re not counting the people, you’re not counting the cancer rates that are being doubled.  And when I tell them that, they start, ah, like a light goes on.  I said, how many people have you known that have had cancer.  You know?  Anyway, your comments. 


Alan: Well, it’s true, they’ve been at this for an awful, awful long time.  I mean, for instance, the plastics, and the bisphenol-A and the others, phthalates as well that they use in plastic.  They understood what it did to, especially the male fetus, between eight and twelve weeks in the womb in pregnancy.  He would never really be a true man again, and probably be sterile or partially sterile, and that’s been proven now.  Most young men today have only about less than a quarter of actually functioning sperm, even at the age of 21 or 18.  They knew that back in the 1890s by the way.  The 1890s.  That’s as far back as they knew it.


Bob: Yeah, The Shape of Things to Come is a very interesting book to read.  And you know, climate, climate changes.  I agree, there are anomalies and so forth, but I think they’re tweaking it through, you know, through HAARP, and didn’t the Air Force say that they wanted to own the weather.  You know.  And does not weather control food supplies?  You know.


Alan: Oh, drought or famine.  Absolutely, that’s your food.  That’s what they said in the treaty at the United Nations back in the 1970s to do with weather warfare.  They said, we can make earthquakes, we can create droughts, we can create floods, we can guide in hurricanes. 


Bob: I’ve seen photos.  I saw an actual photo of antenna banks for miles and miles from someone, from Russia.  Soviet Russia, okay.  And this was back in the early sixties, late fifties, early sixties.  And these were photos, okay, now.  And they were trying to control the weather then by sending, the Soviets were trying to do that by sending radio frequencies in the atmosphere at that time.  Well, what do you think they’re doing now?


Alan: Oh, yeah.  The first time they came out here was in the early 70s and Montreal, Canada, picked it up, all the Ham Radio enthusiasts couldn’t get on a particular frequency.  They were getting total jamming by the Woodpecker sound.  And I’ve got it here.  I’ve got tapes here.  They’re still using it.  I can pick it up every day now, twenty-four hours a day on short-wave radio.  And it sounds exactly the same as it did when CNS did a broadcast from the seventies on this very topic.  It’s exactly the same sound.  They’re bombing us twenty-four hours a day with it now.


Bob: And that’s why I know that there are solar flares and that causes interference, but I also do know that they can cause interference with whatever games that they’re playing with the atmosphere.


Alan: Well, you have to go into, even, they released under the freedom of information act, the letters of Teller.  Teller, who helped create the H-Bomb, and he worked at the Pentagon.  And you’ll find it out, if you look.  I’ve got them here somewhere.  He also advocated spraying the air, high altitude spraying, he said, with metallic particles, aluminum oxide.


Bob: I’ve got an interesting article at Aerospace that talks about, magazine, that talks about, a nice little caption, Shape of Things to Come, with a blimp.  And you know, they’re saying it’s marketing.  Okay, you’re going to fly a big blimp with some big marketing print.  Oh, that’s going to make me buy a certain film, or that’s going to make me buy a certain tire.  Now, come on.  Bologna.  That’s such a cover, you know.


Alan: Of course it’s a cover.  But if you go back, as I say, you’ll find that Teller advocated spraying, and we’ve had that daily now since 1998, across the world, these terrible sprays of aluminum oxide, barium and other metallic particles.  He said we can use this electromagnetic frequency, which is HAARP, along with it, and it will make it far more powerful; it will go right across the entire nation.


Bob: And everyone is sleepy, and there’s not a night that goes by that your throat, my throat, has been, you know, how can you have a rough, sore throat for years on end?


Alan: I know.  And they know this in the medical associations, because since 1998, first it was anti-histamines skyrocketed.  And then bronchial dilatators skyrocketed.  All breathing problems.  And then antibiotics for bronchitis skyrocketed.  Constant, recurring antibiotics, and then, you had the UN coming out and saying, oh, we’ve got a strange thing of massive, sudden increase in asthma.  And asthmatics now can be any age at all.  Before it was just young people.  Now, people in their forties and fifties are coming down with it for the first time.  You can’t breathe the poisons in.  But you know, I watched this spraying pretty well daily, and of course they’re using the HAARP on top of it, because I pick it up on the short-wave. So, they are doing what Teller wanted.  It was a big project at the Pentagon at the time, and they are using it today.  And of course, the UN is aware of it.  Yeah, the UN is aware of it, and the UN is playing it out under, “my God, the weather is changing.  My god, we’ve got to save ourselves.  Give us more power.”  You know.


Bob: They’re tweaking it.  You know, they’re calling it climate change, but they’re tweaking it.  They’re causing the climate change, you know, through that.


Alan: Yes.  Absolutely.


Bob: And then they control people’s minds through this sort of thing.  And to hear people sit here and say, oh, there are too many people on the planet, well they don’t realize how many people have been exterminated. 


Alan: Exterminated, and, when you look at the official figures, from all the census from different countries, our population has been plummeting.  Very few children are being born.  Every country in the West says, even with mass immigration they’re not sure they can stabilize the population.  We’ve dropped so much.


Bob: And one quick comment, Alan.  You know, I saw a police officer and he was from a total, and he was from the coast, okay, from our region.  Okay.  And he was wearing military, plain olive drab uniform, Rockport police, city police, filling up at a gas station in San Marcos, TX, and a 9mm glock strapped on his hip.  And I’m looking at that, and I said Cheryl, look at that.  I said, this guy is, he’s miles away from his jurisdiction.  He’s strapped down with this, and what’s he doing here looking like someone fresh out of an army camp.  And he was driving a city cop car, and she goes, well he must be in transit or whatever.  Yeah, I’m sure, but that is weird.  Okay.  That looked very militaristic to me. 


Alan: Yes, it is.


Bob: So, anyway, God Bless, and thanks for taking my call, and I’m hanging in there bro. 


Alan: Okay, you hang in.  Talk to you again.  Back after this break.


Hi folks, we’re back, and we’re Cutting Through the Matrix.  And just before I go to Mike in Texas, I’ll mention too, another link I’ll put up tonight, it’s the ideal Utopia that the Green bunch want, that the eugenicists want.  It’s:


Welcome to Utopia, Greening, Sustainability and Austerity.


And they actually have a model they’re basing it on in photographs, and I’ll put them up tonight to show you the ideal state of austerity, and greening, and sustainability.  Don’t forget to look at it too.  Now, we’ll go to Mike in Texas, if he’s still there.


Mike: Hey, I’m the fellow that’s been writing you, corresponding with you recently.  I told you about that Global Executive MBA program that I’m in, in Texas now.  It’s good to speak with you finally.  It’s funny, I’ve had so much of an education involuntarily actually.  My son was harmed from immunizations.  He’s nine now, completely disabled.  I worked across the street from police headquarters in Manhattan, for fifteen years, was there for 9/11.  The group I was in, we helped rebuild the telecommunications infrastructure for all of downtown Manhattan.  And the funny thing is, we were told we could park wherever.  Normally the parking is paid for, or they issue tickets like crazy.  Well, they kept issuing us tickets, even though we were there with special placards in our windows, and they said, don’t worry, the town and the government will take care of it for you.  And all of a sudden, you know, a year and a half after we were finished rebuilding the telecom infrastructure, they started towing all of our vehicles and said, who promised you that?  And telling us that we all owed thousands in parking summonses. 


They had the police, I’m not sure if you remember, but the New York City Police, their union, they argued they didn’t like the deal that they had, so they went on strike and they shut down all of midtown Manhattan, Times Square.  When we in the phone company had a strike, right across the street from them, they come out with the riot gear and the police on horses, and tell us if we step off the sidewalk they’re going to crack our heads in.  So, this is the wonderful police we had to deal with.


Alan: Isn’t that something.


Mike: Yeah.  Hey, you mentioned something.  I know you said you couldn’t do Tolkien justice in a short program, but it’s funny, in highschool, I was enamored with the novels.  I read them over and over again, and did a paper on good versus evil, and actually my English teacher was from England, Mrs. Hunt and she said, interesting this idea you bring up that, you know, evil in the books, Tolkien’s books, they are actually self-defeating their purpose, because they’re destroying the earth.  And even their own creatures and themselves.  Their own loyal folks won’t make it.  So, when you look at that today, with all the spraying and, you know, even with the seed vaults that they’re saving, these thirteen families, and whoever they choose to be able to stick around, their end game, don’t they know that they’re destroying the earth for themselves or is their science so advanced that we don’t know how they’re going to clean things up.  If they get rid of all of us, they’re still going to have this poisoned planet on their hands.


Alan: They will to an extent, but I’ll tell you another thing too.  Science is so far ahead, I’m talking about maybe centuries, the high sciences, than the public are taught.  And even professors are kept in the dark, and it’s been like this for an awful long time was well.  They used to call science the underground stream, in Newton’s day.  And he belonged to the ancient societies, of course, that passed on knowledge, because knowledge was power.  And they said eventually they’d have power over all the kings and queens and governments of the earth and science would rule, but it would have to be kept secret from the general population.  Well, they passed that stage an awful long time ago.  And they can, certainly, there’s a lot they can do, I’m sure with other chemicals, to neutralize the damage they’ve already done.  And they also have good parts of the globe they can go and live in for a thousand years if they want to, as it comes back to normal.  They know this.  They’ve gone through scenarios like this.  How long could they last?  Where would they live?  Underground even.  All of these things are looked into, in the high, high levels, because survival of the top elite, that’s the most important.  Their own survival is all-important.  We’re just passing along and serving them on the way.  Thanks for calling.  From Hamish and myself in Ontario, Canada, it’s good night, and may your god or your gods go with you.



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